November 30, 2012 - Msg 91305:
Also good is the Little House Christmas movie.
Well, I need to hit the ironing board.

November 30, 2012 - Msg 91306: Good evening, porch! Possum, I don't think you've flipped. That's a favorite quote of mine, in spite of the colorful language. That was Elizabeth Walton's response to a question posed to her, when she was feeling stepped-on because one of the older girls had called her that name. Her wise mother used the question to make her think about it and realize that just being called a name by someone didn't make it so. Actually, I borrowed it and used the same technique with my youngest daughter, when she was feeling abused by her older siblings. She wasn't, but she thought she was. They, on the other hand, were pretty fed up with her grubby little-girl self appearing every time they had friends over, and trying to join in, despite her knobby, scabby knees and play-dirty clothing. Kids!

Well, I talked with an IRS rep today, and learned that it could indeed be months, even a year, before I will see my income tax refund. The lady was very patient and sympathetic, but even in my state of frustration, I can understand that they can't control this, and that the delay is unavoidable. They have thousands of cases to process. She told me there have been a lot of arrests and convictions, but they're hard to get because these people are on the move. She said any one of the perpetrators can be responsible for hundreds of thefts, and the penalties are severe if they're caught, but they're very hard to catch. Look for a PIN to come into use in the next two years or so, as a weapon to fight this crime wave. She said they are hoping to implement it nationwide by 2013. Some states are already trialing the idea. That should work, unless they hack the IRS records and steal the PINs as well as the other identifiers. That number won't be used anywhere else, so other than hacking the IRS, they won't be able to get it. That's all fine, but it doesn't help me right now. I guess I'm going to have to borrow against an insur@nce policy in order to ride over this mess. I'm at the point now of having my credit at risk, unless I get some cash in here pretty quick. Thank the good Lord I do have that policy, and it does allow me to borrow against it. I've got $8k in property taxes due soon, so I'll just cover that too. I hate to do that, I'd rather leave that policy intact for my kids, but I have no choice right now.

Well, Ted made my little rolling platform for the tree, and tried to take no money for it - said we'd "catch it later." Ha! I haven't come to that yet, so I made him take the money now. I know him - "later" would never come. I don't operate that way, though. When I hire someone to do something for me, they deserve to be paid. Anyway, it's really neat! I can roll that big old tree around like a baby buggy. Sure will save my back!

Lucy, my tree was pre-lit too, but some of the strings of lights had burned out. Not just bulbs, but the whole string - the bulbs were all black inside. Must have taken a power surge or something, maybe a fuse failed, I don't know. I replaced two strings on the main body of the tree, and I picked up the top section today from the people who re-wired it for me. So, tomorrow, I'm good to go, with the fun part - putting on the ornaments. I've got some that are 75 years old, because they were on my mom's tree before I was born! You can bet they're stored very carefully.

OK, I'm off to the ironing board. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91307:

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91308:
Above is a working link to the cop story. I just realized that the other one did not work. Hey to RO who sneaked in there.

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91309: Wish I could watch it with you, too Possum. Hey, maybe we can agree on a date and time and both watch it at the same time. :)

Finally got the tree in the house and decorated. It looks pretty...its a nice fresh tree and smells wonderful. We put lots and lots of little colored lights on it and the usual ornaments..I put some icesicles on it for the kid's sake. They like it that way. I posted a pic on facebook.

Better get to's late.


December 01, 2012 - Msg 91310: Hey Romeena, What do ya think about this idea..Just tell the IRS that you're not going to pay ANY income tax until you receive your last years refund...I bet the check would be at your door in days not weeks or months..
That's what I'm thinking...

I think I'll put up my tree tody. I have an "Official" Charlie Brown Tree complete with the 1 red orniment I love it! It hollers out the simplicity of Christmas. But Mrs. G-F still likes to put up the Pencil Fir tree. No live ones she can't handle the smell. :(
This year I have a "Mayberry Tree" I made, check it out I posted a picture of it on the imayberry site.
Possum flipped out? Who could tell, possums some times flip over it's part of their act..

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91311: waaiting for the new up date list for I can due cards.
G F hope

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91312: Yep TOM, Romeena has my info. G-F...

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91313: HEY TOM.....Just incase you get homesick for Cleveland in the winter...

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91314: Good morning, porch! G-F, I like your idea with the taxes, but unfortunately, they already have my money. Automatic deduction at work, you know. Not much I can do about it. No, my quarrel is not really with the IRS, it's with the scummy thief who carried out this little scheme.

I just did a little mousing around, and found a site for "Earned Income Credit." The site has a calculator where you can see how much you could qualify for. According to that, someone filing as "single", with earned income of $10,000 for the year, and claiming 3 dependent children, would receive a refund of $4,511. The maximum you can claim is 3 dependent children, fortunately. Otherwise, these people would claim a dozen kids and get a six-figure refund! Also, they haven't necessarily worked anywhere. You can pull a W-2 form off the internet, fill it out with made-up amounts, and file it along with your made-up tax return. Oh, it's a fine scheme, and it apparently works very well. I think the IRS is just as interested as we are in stopping it, because they are paying out huge sums of money to these people and have received zero in taxes from them. That agent I spoke to yesterday said these people file hundreds of returns. That being the case, if my thief filed a hundred returns, using something like $10k as their "earned income", they would have received nearly half a million in refunds, and I can't get mine. Oh yes. If I could get my hands on them, I'd like to smack them so hard that the impact would be felt unto the third and the fourth generation! I can't stand a liar or a thief, and these people are both. They are a total waste of space and oxygen.

Hahaha! Mrs. G-F can't stand the "smell"? She must have allergies. To me, it's not a "smell", it's a "fragrance", pure and simple, and I love it. Remember, I'm the one who goes to the tree lot and walks around inhaling the fragrance. I would have nothing but fresh trees for so many years, until the year I just couldn't find "my" tree. After three days of looking, my overly-patient and indulgent husband very gently suggested we just get an artificial tree for that year, and promised I didn't have to use it again if I didn't like it. You see, I was very partial to Austrian pines, they're hard to find, and that year the one lot that carried them let me down. The owner was very upset, but his cutters had sheared the dozen or so Austrians they had, and they all looked like they had been stamped out of a cookie cutter. Terrible! Well anyway, I finally agreed, and found my big solid white tree. It was obviously fake, but I vowed to make it beautiful. I would not expect it to pretend to be real, but it could still be beautiful, and it was. No fragrance, but no dropped needles, no fire hazard, and no big mess getting it out of the house in January. So, I used that tree that year, and the next, and the summer after that, in 1996, I lost my DH. Well, no way was I going to scout the tree lots without him, so I continued to use the big white tree. I used it until 2010, when nearly half of the lights failed all at once, and my son pointed out how the tree had yellowed with age, and insisted on buying me a new one. So that's the one I'm using now. My daughter Robbi took the old one, and will use it lovingly for several more years. She loves to rescue old things, patch them up and give them new life. She used an old tree of my mother's for many years, until it finally just crumbled! I'm so glad she took my tree, because I don't think I could have made myself just put it out on the curb for the trucks. Too many memories there.

Well, gotta run. Several errands, and then this evening I'm going to finish that tree! I haven't hung a single ornament, and there are hundreds! I'd love to have a fire in the fireplace while I work, but guess I won't. It's 63 outside! I'll put on a Christmas movie though, put a red bow around Toye Starr's neck, and she will be my little elf/helper, and we'll get it done.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91315: OK, Tom. I'll get that list out in the next day or so. Last call for anyone who wishes to be on the Christmas card list, or who wishes for any reason, to be removed. --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91316: Ro, Austrian Pines? You would love my yard then. I have a half dozen of them and boy they are purty. A very "woodsy" look to them. But land sakes do they ever produce pine cones. Tons of them. Wish I could figure out a way to do something productive with them. I'd be rich.

Rainy and mid 50's here today. Very nice for us for December. Maybe we are going to have a mild winter, but we do need snow in the mountains.

Better get doing something.


December 01, 2012 - Msg 91317: Thank you Sweetheart ROM.
G F- keep all the lake snow there !
That hit here just as bad as it did there .


December 01, 2012 - Msg 91318: Ro, I wish it was in the 60's here! It is in the 80s and humid so it feels like 90. There is no real end in sight. I hate it (as you all know by now). What I wouldn't give to be in Colorado.

Bruce is out sweating, putting the Christmas lights on the house.

Asa, if I were you, I would revert back to my childhood and make some decorations out of some of those pine cones. Just put on a little Elmer's glue and sprinkle with some silver glitter...let dry and put in a pretty bowl on your coffee table.
As you can imagine, we seldom see a pine cone around here. :(


December 01, 2012 - Msg 91319: Yes Romeena no pine fragrances @ G-F's, but I do use a glade plug-in "Christmas Cookie" that does'nt seem to bother her. I DO like the Holiday smells!! They sure smell better than Napalm in the morning..ha

Looks like SPOT & REV's "Dogs" are taking an early lead against those "Bama" boys!

John Masters...WHAT's going wrong with your KC Chiefs?? So sad that fella sure must have been fighting some Demons..$ can't buy happiness..

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91320: Sorry wrong info on the game those Bama boys bounced back while I was on the porch 10-7 at the Half. Bama leads...

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91321: Oh, Asa! You have Austrian pines in your yard? What a treat! How big are they? The ones I used to get for Christmas trees were usually about 8 feet tall. I bought them from a man named Sandone, who had a huge tree lot in north Dallas every year, usually in the same location. He was a fixture around here, even listed in the phone book. Once in a while, you might find an Austrian pine on some other lot, but not often. Tony Sandone always had a dozen or so, and he would call me when they arrived. We would go over that evening, and he'd have the Austrians taken off the truck and untied and shaken out, and I'd get first pick. We had a first-name relationship, and he took care of me, because I bought a tree every year for years.

His trees were marked in the wild, with instructions not to shear them. All the others, the Scotch pines, even the firs and spruces, were sheared to "shape" them. Result - they all looked exactly alike, and had these hard, stubby cut-off branch ends sticking out. Terrible! The Austrians were left natural, with limbs not all that symmetrical, but soft and curving, and no blunt ends. So beautiful! One year I chose a tree that had two crowns - the trunk forked about two feet from the top, so there were two spires on top. We would have them flocked, and Tony used a white flocking that looked exactly like snow. The lights against that white flocking, and the glittering ornaments, and the natural, individual characteristics of the trees - just so pretty. They were a bit pricey, but Dale and I had long ago made an agreement. We didn't exchange gifts with each other. Instead, he bought my tree, that was his gift to me. Then he said that what I did with it, how I decorated it, was my gift to him. Hey, it worked for us!

Anyway, the day we went to get my tree, and Tony had them untied and we saw a row of perfect little rubber-stamp trees - I could have cried. Tony was terribly upset, and even showed me the tag on them that said they were not to be sheared. I think someone probably lost a job over that mishap, as Tony was pretty mad, and it was obvious negligence. Anyway, that's when I got my first artificial tree. My goodness. Austrian pines in your yard! Can you imagine how envious I am? Enjoy them, my friend. They are beautiful trees, with their long, relatively soft needles and graceful branches. I'm afraid I'd have to fill them with lights, to give them attention at Christmas.

Well, back to my tree decorating. Blessings! --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91322: Wwll well...the dogs gave bama a run for their money....just a tip short.hey Ro,G-F...asa,mdc,Tom , Boo and all....Falcons 11 and 1 ...go birds! ar work all last weekend work for a month...well let me read the archives....SPOT

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91323: OK, folks - as I said, this is last call for the snail mail address list. If you're not on it and want to be, tell me now. If you are on it and don't want to be, tell me now. On Monday, I'll email that address file to everyone on the list. If you're not on it, you won't receive it. If you are on it, you will. I realize there are some who aren't visiting often and won't see these notices. To them, all I can say is - I'm sorry. You were on the list once, and I won't remove anyone unless they ask me to do so.

The names on the list right now are:

Possum Mavis
Spot REV
Mayberry Deputy Salty Dog
Tom Homemaker
New Neighbor Lucy
Boo Romeena
Big Maude Pappa Bear
Kentucky Girl Mrs, Wiley
Asa Goober Fife

If you don't see your name, and you want to be on the list, send me your info now.

Blessings! --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91324:
Well, sorry. They were supposed to appear in two columns, but I guess the porch closed the gaps. I'll re-enter them, and put dashes to hold the spaces.

Mayberry Deputy-------Salty Dog
New Neighbor----------Lucy
Big Maude-------------Pappa Bear
Kentucky Girl---------Mrs. Wiley

There, that should do it. Oh, and I turned off the "bold" for ya, Spot. --Romeena

December 01, 2012 - Msg 91325:
"He's making violent love to me mother!" (:

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91326: Ha! That line sure seems like an oddity, doesn't it? I'm sure we read more into it than was intended.

Thanks for putting that list together for us Romeena. You're kind behind the eyes. As far as my Autrian Pines, I'd say the largest is close to 20 feet tall. It was the biggest of all the ones we planted here almost 12 years ago. The others are 12 to 15 feet tall. My only concern is they don't have a very deep root system and are prone to being uprooted in big wind storms. I worry about that sometimes. But they sure are pretty to look at.
Gosh, looking at that list I see a few names on there I sure miss seeing here. I hope and pray they are all doing well.

Well G-F, sad indeed about the going ons in K.C. indeed. I'm a bit surprised they are going to play today. I would have thought they might have postponed it for a day or two.

Boo, If I could afford the shipping charges, I'd send you a ton of pine cones. It's just been the last few years they've been producing them. Maybe I can paint them with gold paint and sell them on e-bay. Or chop them up real fine, and find a Doctor to tell folks they are good for you, and make a cereal out of them. "Pine Cone Crunch" Hmmm, might work. :)

We have a combined birthday party today for my Daughter, a Grand Daughter, and a Grand Son. They all have a birthday within a week of each other.

Well better start getting ready for preaching. I imagine they'll talk about sin today.

Prayers for all.


December 02, 2012 - Msg 91327: Oh, my! Asa, it would be awful to lose one of those beautiful trees! Would it be possible to brace them somehow when a storm is coming? Even just some 2x4s, with the end padded so it doesn't de-bark the tree - maybe the end could be wedged against a strong lateral branch and jammed into the ground, on the downwind side of the tree? Might work - yeah, but it might not.

My neighbor across the street has three plain old pine trees in his front yard, near the street. He's a weird piece of work, and I would never go in his yard to gather them, nor would I ask him for them, but when some fall in the street, which a LOT of them do, I don't mind picking them up. They're pretty, and I have at times just put a big basket decorated with ribbon on the porch, and filled it with plain pine cones. Looks right pretty! The squirrels think so too, and by Christmas have usually emptied my basket, the little rascals. Would you believe one year when I went to plant a mum in a big old pot, I found a huge, whole pine cone buried in that pot? The thing was about eight inches long. I had no idea squirrels would bury something like that. It had to be nearly as big as the squirrel! I'd love to have watched that little operation.

Well, I'm off to preaching. Our pastor has been doing a study in Daniel, about faith in the face of adversity. Timely, and very well done. One thing for sure, Bro. Ken is never "dry as dust."

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91328: Ro, do the austrian pines have the long, sharp needles? I am not sure which they are...I googled them and saw some pictures but it isn't a tree that looks familiar to me. I can't remember the name of the tree we got this year but it sure smells good...I think its a douglas fir.

Asa, I think we have had that "making love" conversation in the past over that line from Its a Wonderful Life. I think "making love" must have referred to just plain making out in the old days or we wouldn't have heard a line like that. It makes us raise our eyebrows nowadays, though. I am sometimes surprised at the things I hear/see on some of the really old Turner Classic movies..back in the 20's and 30's. The way the women dressed was often questionable. I have also seen out-right nudity in films in the 20's. I was watching "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert the other day and thought is was a pretty s#xy film for back then....full of s#exual enuendo. Sometimes we like to think of the old days as "squeeky clean" but things have been the same since Eve bit the apple, I guess. ;)

Better get ready for preachin'...need to prop my eyes open. I took the kids looking at some Christmas lights and ended up staying up too late.


December 02, 2012 - Msg 91329: Well Romeena will be waiting for the list!...Good Sunday to all....had some TV preaching.....had to wk last night so I got up at about 1...back at 6pm tonight...last weekend for a while...lets pot luch early tonight before my work...I will bring the Fried Chicken and a jar of pickeled peppers.....and thanks for the bold stop Romeena...SPOT

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91330: test...

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91331: Howdy, porch! I'm back from church, and from lunch with friends. Good preaching, good friends, good food. You just can't beat a deal like that.

Boo, the Austrian pines do have long needles, and I suppose their tips are sharp, but they're more pliable than the short-needle evergreens, so they don't tear your hands up while decorating, like most of the trees do. They bend, instead of standing their ground and stabbing you.

I've chased several links, trying to find a good picture of the kind of trees I used to get, and can't find one. The trees they show are all more mature, much more bushy and rounded. A young tree has more of a Christmas tree shape, and there is space between each ring of branches, so they're very easy to decorate.

It sure doesn't feel much like Christmas around here. It was 82 according to my car, on the way home. I have roses and geraniums, snapdragons and impatiens blooming, as well as a couple of azaleas, an iris, some Gerbera daisies, and of course, lots of mums. Very weird.

Well, I feel a nap coming on. I think I'll curl up with my little Starr and snooze a bit, then get up and get that tree decorated. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91332: Yep, it was in the mid 80's here today and will be all week, I think. :(

Went to hear Handel's Messiah today and it was not what it usually is. It was in a large church and it seems like people just are so inconsiderate these days...wondering in late, getting up from their seats frequently, babies and small children screaming and crying, using cell about distracting. I finally went up to the balcony, which I noticed, many elderly ladies did the same thing. Only then could I get any peace and quiet. Crazy. I hate to sound like such a Scrooge, but it is really hard to enjoy something like that when there is so much going on around you. I remember when everyone was so respectful of The Messiah that they were in a reverant mood. You would think, being in a church, people would have been more aware of not bothering people around them, but it just wasn't the case. Oh well...


December 02, 2012 - Msg 91333: Boo, I agree. So far, because we have two services - a "traditional" one and a "contemporary" one, I haven't seen as much of that. The traditional service is attended mostly by the older folks (including me) at my church, and there is still a pretty good level of decorum observed. Folks dress casually, coats and ties for men are strictly optional, and we women are in slacks as often as not, but everyone is neat and dressed modestly - nothing "hanging out." The other service is louder in general, people are dressed like they were making a quick run to the corner store, and as you said, there is a lot of traipsing in and out, especially by the younger set. Our pastor is not above making a request for phones to be turned off, however, so that isn't much of a problem. It's hard to believe that such a request could even be needed. I remember when the physicians in our congregation carried beepers and set them on vibrate, rather than have a beep interrupt a service. Now people have to be reminded not to let their bloomin' phone ring, or sit there and talk or text on it!! In church, yet.

And I agree. During "The Messiah"?? A work that has long been almost revered, as one of the most beautiful religious musical works ever written? If you think it's impressive to listen to, just try being in the choir that's singing it. I've done that, back in the day when I had a passable voice, and it will earn your respect, believe me. You feel like you're a thread in a beautiful tapestry, all woven together with other threads to complete a perfect, beautiful picture. It's humbling. I don't sing anymore, but now when I sit and listen to that magnificent work, I would no more fiddle with a phone, or get up and walk around, or whisper to a neighbor, than I would attempt to fly. I sit mesmerized, usually with tears trying to escape and fall, and I walk away when it's over, feeling like I've received a personal blessing.

Like you, I don't wish to sound judgmental, and I realize that often people will attend something like that, who aren't necessarily "church-wise", and I also realize that clothing choices are subject to the influence of previous experience. No church experience? Wear anything! Better judgment will come in time, we would hope. Still, even if someone has no frame of reference regarding church customs, you'd think anyone with a brain cell working would know that in a church sanctuary, with a large group of people singing their hearts out, presenting something that would obviously take weeks of preparation, and others sitting there paying close attention - that it would not be smart to be yakking on the phone!

I recall a Christmas Pageant presentation many years ago at my church, and a young couple had brought their baby, around a year old. That child began to scream with the first notes from the orchestra, and didn't stop. Through about twenty minutes of the opening act, he screamed. Not cried - he screamed, bellowed, bawled, shrieked, whatever you want to call it. An usher went to them and made them aware that we had a nursery open, but they refused. Finally, in desperation, the pastor took advantage of a break for a scenery change, and announced, from the front, that there was a nursery open, staffed by very experienced people, and that perhaps any infants who weren't happy with the performance would be happier there. Those thick-headed parents got up, huffed out with their screaming kid, and left, all insulted. Fortunately, the audience managed to refrain from applauding as they left. We learned later that they had considered the pastor's remarks "rude" and stated they wouldn't return. Well, that was up to them. There were 650 people in that sanctuary, who had planned that night as part of their Christmas observance, and it was being ruined by the hysterical offspring of two inconsiderate people. Hard to understand.

Well, back to the tree. It's going slowly, would probably go faster if I didn't keep stopping to do something else. Blessings! --Romeena

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91334: Well Ro, at the beginning of the performance there was a very cute little blond boy of about 3 directly in front of me and I thought he was well behaved. I enjoyed watching him playing and then he would look at me and we would smile at each other and he pointed to the lights above us and whispered "hot" cute, but his mom took him out after about 20 minutes. There was a little girl on my pew who did the crying and screaming thing until she fell asleep. What bothered me most was not the children, though. After the little boy in front of me left, a woman with two older children came late to the performance, shoved her large frame and her two children into the space ahead of me that was only big enough for two. She then took out her phone and started recording the performance but instead of letting it just record, she kept turning it off and on and each time she did, you could hear a rather loud beep from the phone. I really wanted to tell her to please knock it off. If I were to come into a performance of the Messiah late, I would sit in the back to avoid disturbing others. There were at least 10 pews open in the back, but she had to cram herself, her kids and her camera into the pew in front of me. Oh well...guess it could have been worse.

That is pretty crazy about the parents of the child who was screaming during the Christmas Pageant at your church. I would never dream of doing that. What would be the point? The child was miserable and so was everyone else. Crazy. Luckily, I don't remember anything like that ever happening at my church. I do remember years ago, at a Christmas Eve service, the pastor's little boy was about 3. His Dad was in the pulpit giving a short sermon and in the statement he was making he said something like, "We were without hope, but.." and about as soon as the word "but" was out of his mouth, his little boy shouted, "Butt! You're not supposed to say Butt!!". hehe...pretty funny.



December 02, 2012 - Msg 91335:
Happy 1st Sunday of Advent to those whom observe such. Our pastor gave a wonderful talk, even brought up the illustration of the Greek god J@nus, and how he is depicted looking both backwards and forwards; and how WE can look both back to Christ's first coming, and forward to his second coming! Thank you Jesus for that Blessed Hope!
ME-TV did a tribute to larry hagman tonight with 4 shows of I Dream of Jeanie. (You know, our manicurist!) ha Anyways, one ep had Jerry Quarry playing himself. Anyone here remember that name from sports past?
Got all my house decs up today! 82 here however. Sure would like to see some cool weather.
"Of course I like her, she's a peach."

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91336: Clarence Oddbody AS II

December 02, 2012 - Msg 91337: Dang, I really hate it when it is hotter in Corpus Christi than in Phoenix! Grrr...

Glad you got your decorations up, MDC.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91338: "He was a big, bulging man...." (name that movie)


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91339: You know what, Boo? I think I know that woman. She sounds like the same one who drives a car the size of a houseboat, and who will cram that big old blunderbuss into a small space between other cars, and will dig holes in the door of the other car when she hauls her big old self out of her own car. All this when there is a whole empty lot available to her, about three spaces down the line. I've never figured that out.

My family and my friends laugh at me, and call me neurotic, because I refuse to park my car where my doors will be scratched. That's why my eight-year-old car looks like new. I will park as far out on the lot as necessary to get away from the other cars. It's safer too, because I can see all around my car when I return. Anyway, many times I've returned to my car, only to find that someone who is afflicted with the flocking syndrome has very neatly parked right beside me, ten spaces away from everyone else, but snuggled right up next to my car. Go figure. Makes me so mad. It's like they just can't stand to see a lone car, out of place, all by itself, so they try to bring me into the flock, so to speak, by parking next to me.

I may have told this before, but here goes. About twelve years ago, I had taken my dad to lunch on a Sunday, and we chose a restaurant that's located in a large shopping center, where just about everything else was closed. I let Daddy off at the door, then went far out on the lot, away from the restaurant patrons' cars, and parked on an end space. I was at least 75 feet from anything else, and there were literally hundreds of parking spaces available. Well, when I returned to my car, a battered, rusty old van was parked next to the driver's side, about a foot away from the door. It had to be deliberate. I had to get in on the passenger side. Once in, I locked the doors and sat there fuming for a minute, then remembered the screwdriver in the glove box. I put my window down, drove the screwdriver into the van's door a couple of times, wrote a note on a scrap of paper telling the van's driver just how ignorant he was, and rolled it up and poked it into one of the holes. Then I went and picked up my dad and went home. I probably shouldn't have done it, but I'm still not sorry, and I would do it again. Shame on me, I guess.

Well, I'm off to bed. Blessings, all! --Romeena

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91340: I hear ya Boo on the Christmas programs...You should have been with me last night.. I went to my Grandaughter's "Christmas Extravaganza" recital for her ballet class. I don't want to sound like a "prude" but most of the show was made up of "BELLY DANCERS!" what's up with that!
Her teacher has ballet,& dance students but belly dancers is quite extream for a Christmas show..What was bad alot of the girls had more belly than dance, but I won't go there! I have a belly but I know better than to dance with it.
Sorry for that vision....
Her part was very cute, actually they were dressed like angels and did a very cute routine.
Is it just me or did I miss the memo about belly dancing being "politically correct" now for Christmas...Sorry for the rant..

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91341: Hello Porch - sorry I miss more than I hit. We don't have internet access at home right now so I use the library or where-ever I can find.

Many of you know of Casey's ongoing battle with his feet (Mueller Weiss Syndrome). His feet are literally disintegrating inside due to to arthritis. Please continue to pray for him. We are facing yet our third surgery on his feet this next year. That will be 3 surgeries within 4 years. Recovery time is 3-4 months in a wheelchair or crutches. This is a rare condition that usually only affects one foot - he has it in both feet.

We are hanging in there.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91342: Really, G-F? Belly dancers? I can't imagine such a thing, especially in a child's recital, if it was supposed to be a "Christmas Extravaganza." Now, in one of my church's Christmas Pageant presentations, we had six "harem girls" dancing that year (a pretty tame dance, by the way) but they were part of the scene with Herod, where he interviews the Wise Men and instructs them to report back to him, and were intended to underscore the decadence of the man. But in a children's program? Bad taste, if you ask me. (You didn't, but I said it anyway.) Giving the dance teacher a little slack, maybe she just wanted to showcase all the forms of dancing she teaches. Fine, but just make it a recital, don't drag Christmas into it, with children doing such dances.

homemaker, it's good to see you. I'm so sorry about Casey's troubles. I did a little reading on that syndrome, and it's plain that it can be a really serious problem, with lots of pain and disability. Certainly he will be in my prayers.

Well, gotta run. I have to go to PT, and afterward to the ophthalmologist. I think I may have a little low-grade infection in my eye. It keeps watering, the lids feel scratchy, and it's very slightly reddened. I'd think it was an allergy, but I really don't have any allergies, and it's only affecting one eye. An allergy would not be that selective. So, off I go. Later today, when I get home, I'll be getting that Christmas card list out to those of you who are waiting for it. Hang on, Tom, I'll get it done, I promise! Blessings, all! --Romeena

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91343: I forgot to say Thank You to all of you praying for Casey. There are a few of you who pop up on facebook and I appreciate you reminding my of my roots at the Taylor front porch. Blessings and peace to you all!!


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91344: Thanks Romeena, Glad you agree, very bad taste! Then it's not just me ha!..

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91345: Hi All,
ROM- Maybe your eye watre because dist is init?
HM prayer that everything go o k for us all.
Will thing are not to good my brother is in the hospin icu blooding inside and on top of that he have a bad heart!
Stepdad is not feeling good, every blone is starting to luckup on him and fall everytime he git up.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91346: Romeena?!! Vandalism?!! In the words of Andy, "I never woulda thought it of ya"...HAHAHA! Too funny.

Belly dancing children in a Christmas pageant...well, gotta admit it's original. It is surprising that little ones are learning to belly dance. I should look up the orgin of it, but I am thinking it orginated in brothels. Merry Christmas. Shazaam.

Sorry to hear about Casey, HM. Bless his heart. Prayers.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91347: Great to see you Homemaker, and prayers for Casey.

Boo, that "big bulging man" was cousin Eddy.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91348: Right, Asa!



December 03, 2012 - Msg 91349: "Clark, her eyes are frozen..."

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91350: Boo...Mostly the older girls were the belly dancers...The younger girls actually did more appropreate dances...G-F

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91351: Hi.
G F-someone say that is a big sinkhold south of Cleveland about 60 miles and in about 3-4 day you well have a bad earthquake.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91352: Could someone lend me some VICKS!

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91353: Here TOM is the link on that sink hole you were asking about it's in Dover about 20min. south of Canton......


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91354: Interesting! That sinkhole in Ohio kinda makes me think of the one in Washington, where all our tax money goes. Oh, the comedians are going to have a field day with this one. Maybe I'll break down and watch Leno tonight, at least the opening monologue. Poor Ohio. Payback is tough, isn't it?

I saw the eye doc, and he said I do indeed have an allergy. A mild one, but an allergy nevertheless. Surprise to me, because I've never had a problem with allergies. He gave me some eyedrops, and said they'll knock it out quickly, and after I finish a short initial course, I can just use them whenever I feel like I need them. It already feels better.

Well, let me at that tree. I'd love to finish that monster tonight, and get my living room put back together like it belongs. It looks like a garage sale exploded right now. I have waaaay yonder too much Christmas stuff. I hope I can get my girls to go through it and take some of it home with them. OK, I'm off to decorate. Blessings! --Romeena

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91355: HaHa Romeena, I think you are on the right track with that one. Since Ohio was a "swing" state for the current President we saw more of him during the election than his wife did..ha
Now let's see if he sends Federal $'s to fill it up! Ohio? where's Ohio?....We'll just send them a few shovels that should do them!
(You're right there is enough dirt in DC to fill it up for sure!)
Just a F.Y.I. I think you met the Hinkley's on the cruise? Dover is where they are from...About an hour Southwest from me...G-F....

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91356:
Howdy porch's turned summer here in SC. And the ladybugs are everywhere. Some how they get in the house and they are all over the windows and doors.

Ny weekend in Jax, FL went really good. One of the nights that I was free, a couple down there took us out to look at the Christmas lights and man do they have some very nice communities decorated. Some of the communities have the whole block lit up. You can't tell where one yard stops and the other one starts.

You all have a good night and a very blessed day tomorrow.
Love and prayers

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91357: Yep, still in the 80's with mosquitoes here in south texas.


December 03, 2012 - Msg 91358: Hey, Boo, maybe you should try catching some of those skeeters. Just fit them with tiny antlers, and put some jingle bells on them. Then you'd know when they were headed your way and could escape them! Hey, it might work!

Ladybugs, REV? Now? They're such weird little critters. Every year, we have an invasion of them in one of our hospital rooms. Always the same room, and they appear by the thousands. No one knows how they're entering, and why they choose that particular room. When I'm there, I stand by with a sheet of paper to scoop them up, and a plastic bag to put them in, and I bring home as many as I can. My co-workers think I'm nutty, saving bugs like that, but they just don't understand how helpful ladybugs are! I do the same when a baby lizard makes its way in on some flowers or something. I catch them and bring them home. Some of the nurses are ridiculous, telling me the little lizard will "sting" me or some such. They can't understand how I can capture one, or why I'd want to take it home. Maybe where those girls are from, lizards do "sting", but I doubt it. I think they're just big sissies.

OK, back to my tree. Just needed a little TAGS break. --Romeena

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91359: Well HEY gang...back here at work for the night shift!..Hey Romeena,Possum,Asa,Boo...HOT here in ga...can you beliece 75 today?...sweating putting up lights on the dog house!...Homemaker praying for Caseying for sure...Hard...Tom praying for your stepdad also...well let me get logged in here for the night....prayers porch...back in just a bit...SPOT

December 03, 2012 - Msg 91360: Can you believe 85 if I didn't get enough hot weather this past summer.


December 04, 2012 - Msg 91361:
GF-now that is indeed a "shovel-ready" job! haha

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91362:
RO- sort of like the swallows returning to Capistrano! (:

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91363:
SPOT's taking us all to Waffle House in the AM!!

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91364:
"Ben, that bench is county property!"

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91365: Good one Boo! "shovel-ready" bah-da-bing!!...
What? The new supply of bats arn't working??
I still have about 6 more that I was holding for Asa...
Romeena, I bet you really BUG your co-workers..bah-da-bing!!
Have a good day...hey,hey,hey!!...G-F...

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91366: Morning all.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HAZEL! She's in her 40's and doesn't mind admitting it. lol

Ladybugs. Cute little critters and Ro is right, great for the garden. I believe they love aphids don't they Ro?

No bats for me G-F. I plan on holding on to my sanity for a spell longer, thank you very much. :)

Boo, 85? That would be hard to deal with. Our temps here have been fantastic thus far. We had a storm front come in a few weeks ago that brought snow and cold, but then it cleared out and warmed up again and has just been beautiful. 60's in the day, 30's at night. But they say by the weekend it's supposed to change. In fact next weeks afternoon highs will be lucky to get over freezing. So here we go. Better get me a whaaambulance cause you know how I like to whine.

Better get rolling.
Prayers for all.


December 04, 2012 - Msg 91367: Hi All.
Asa your warme front came here last week we was in the high of 50-60 and today we are going hit 70 and at down in the 20-30.
But nowwe are going to get back to wint like.
ROM how is your eye doing today?
G F-how it thing going there has the city fall apart?


December 04, 2012 - Msg 91368: Well Asa, if I can whine about the heat, you can whine about the cold. It is supposed to cool just a little today and be in the high 70's to 80 tomorrow but that's about it.

Here's a quote for you, Asa:
"I love it here. You don't have to put on your coat to go to the bathroom and your house is always parked in the same place."


December 04, 2012 - Msg 91369:
Morning porch a busy day today. Going to meet with my daughter to help do a few things then donating blood this afternoon.

Asa... you're right about what the ladybugs feed on (aphids) and yes they are cute little buggers and are great for gardens.....but....they have become overwhelming around here. Skunks are cute but don't want them in my It's so many of them, not in the garden but the house. And if you mess with them they spit out yellow blood that will stain your walls, etc.. They come out about 2 or 3 times each year here.
OK...enough of my complaining:)

You all have a Jesus filled day.....remember Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91370: Good morning, porch! I'm up and at 'em, which is a surprise considering I didn't go to bed until after four this morning. I was working on that infernal tree. More lights have gone out. I'm am one mad old lady, and it's about to get ugly around here. That dadburn tree was expensive. My son bought it for me in 2010, and it was a beautiful sight that year. In 2011, I had to replace a string of lights. My first warning. This year, I had no fewer than three strings out. You'll recall that I took the top section back to the store - a good 25 mile drive each way as it's way over in Plano - and they restrung that part for me. I replaced two strings on the main body of the tree. Last night, I started putting ornaments on, have probably 75 or so in place on what will be the back of the tree. Suddenly I realized I was looking at another string of "out" lights, with the bulbs all blackened. No, my little gun won't fix that. This should not be happening. I have a call in for the store manager now, and I had better get an answer. I've never been this late in December getting my tree up, it's usually done by the end of November. I am not a happy camper at the moment, but it will all work out.

Good news! The Christmas card list went out this morning. Three have been returned to me so far, from homemaker, Ky girl, and Mayberry Deputy. Apparently the email addresses I have for you are no longer working. If you want to correct them, just email me and I'll pick it up.

Well, gotta run. Eloise is coming over in a little while with a wreath that needs a big bow, and I have lots of ribbon, and am a fairly decent bow-maker, so we'll solve that little problem. Then I guess I'll tackle that miserable tree again. This is getting to be a chore, and it shouldn't be that way. Putting up the tree is one of my joys of the whole year, and this year has definitely not been fun so far. But - it will get better. Blessings! --Romeena

December 04, 2012 - Msg 91371: "Yellow blood", REV? What kind of ladybugs do you have?? The ones around here are the typical little red and black spotted, round little things, the kind you see in cartoons and such. I've never noticed them spitting anything out, and I've scooped a zillion of them off the walls in that "haunted" room at the hospital. I just take a sheet of paper and start at the bottom of the wall and work my way up, flat edge of the paper against the wall, and it scrapes them off by the dozens. Then I funnel them into a plastic bag, and take them home.

And boy, do they ever love aphids! When I can't find a free supply, I buy them at the garden center. They're cheaper than sprays, and of course, are completely organic. I have a climbing rose on the side of my garage, and it was heavily infested with aphids, as were all the rosebushes in the rose island in the back yard. I went up to John's and bought a quart of ladybugs. I stopped at the climber and just shook out a few into the bush, maybe 50 or so, and took the rest to the rose island. The next morning, I could not find one single aphid on that climber. They had picked it clean. Couldn't find a ladybug either. Once they've cleared all the aphids, they move on, the little ingrates. You'd think they'd stay around and stand guard, but they don't. They seek greener pastures once they've eaten all you have to offer. They're amazing little things.

Well, moving right along.... --Romeena