December 13, 2012 - Msg 91500: Glad I could make you cry, Possum (how strange does that sound?). ;) (((HUGS)))

Ro, I seriously doubt Vicki would try to come over. My darling, darling, brother-in-law called to tell me his Christmas present to me is that he is going to have my mother-in-law to his house for Christmas. She is angry with me right now because Bruce mentioned to her that I was probably not going to cook a big Christmas dinner this year (she went so far as to tell him she was angry with me because of it). The good news is, I don't care. I stopped caring about a year ago and its a great feeling! ;) She about came unglued over the news that I wasn't making her a big dinner this year and Bruce reminded her that I have cooked every holiday meal for her for 5 years now. He is not playing along with her. He told her we were hosting 2 different parties here at the house in the next 2 weeks and we want to relax and enjoy Christmas. It's so hard for me to even fathom that she wouldn't be more understanding and realize that this will be our first Christmas without dad and we should and will spend it as we feel best for our family and she can spend it with her other son. I think this will be a peaceful, restful time with my family and we need drama is going to be happening here at my house or at St. susan's this year. Bruce will protect us from that. You asked if I thought Vicki's son would meet the task. I seriously doubt it, but maybe he will surprise me. He is the youngest and is the one that is most easily intimidated by her. Her other 2 set limits. This younger son does have some issues with his mom, though. During the time that the divorce of his parents, Vicki went to her in-laws, where her son was staying and held a gun to his head and threatened to shoot him to get back at her husband. So, we aren't talking about a normal person here and there is no telling what she is capable of. He might even be a little afraid of her. Terrible dysfunction there and has been for many years. Anyway, I am very relieved to not have to be involved in any of it. I will pray for them, but I can't fix them.

Gosh, I hope your little dog gets better soon, Maude.

TOM, I will be praying for you. Remember that your porch family is will be with you in spirit.


December 14, 2012 - Msg 91501: Hey Boo...Here's the answer to cooking a BIG Christmas Dinner for the M-I-L....Upgrade from the 8 piece box from KFC to a whole bucket that would qualify as a BIG dinner ;) problem solved!
Easy clean up and you can send her home early!
Sometimes there is just a easy answer to life's problems, ya just have to spin it in a different direction..Or jusk ask Dr. Goober-Fife...hehe

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91502: G F it a job, the jok are not that fun.

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91503: I thought it was funny, G-F. :) I am happy that she is going to be invited to one of her other kid's homes for dinner (for the first time since her husband passed 5 years ago). Unfortunately, MIL is one of those toxic individuals, like sis-in-law. It is hard to find someone (even family) that is willing to spend a day with her. Sad, but as Bruce says, she made her own bed and pushed everyone away with her meanness and manipulation, and now she is reaping the consequences. When a woman is 80 years old its sad to see. It is all so strange to me. My family has never been like that. Everyone gets along pretty well and no one is ever out to deliberately deceive and cause pain. There is a long history of it in Bruce's family so it has been passed on through generations.

Got alot done yesterday, thankfully, with Bruce's help. I can relax a little and enjoy the day now before I have to start doing a little baking. Just the last minute stuff to do, like getting out the christmas glasses and giving them a rinse, lighting candles, putting out the desserts and making the coffee. For now, I take it easy. :)


December 14, 2012 - Msg 91504:
Hi friends, have been hearing a bit about the tragedy in CT. What are we coming to? Lord help us, please!

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91505: My heart is hurting so much. I certainly don't feel like having a party here tonight. I feel this tragedy as though it happened in my own family...just sick. Praying for the families.


December 14, 2012 - Msg 91506: So,so sad. God Bless all affected by the CT shooting.

possum under a rock

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91507: Sad, sad, sad. Pitiful and sad. I cannot imagine anyone doing anything like that. I have to say this, and I hope I won't be misunderstood - considering what he did, and all those little children murdered, it may be a blessing that his own mother did not survive it. Can you imagine what her life would be like now? I just can't think of anything more awful than to know that one of my children was responsible for anything like that. I would not want to live. How could you go on? He must have been a terribly sick, mentally tortured individual.

And now, Mayor Bloomberg is already cranking up his trumpet, to campaign for tougher gun laws again. As though gun laws would have kept that young man from doing what he did. As trite as it may be, the slogan is so true - when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. They will always find a way to get them. Making them illegal will only open the door to a big blackmarket industry in guns. Law-abiding people won't have them, but the crazies and the criminals will. Drugs are illegal, but the addicts have them. Underage drinking is illegal, but kids do it. Driving without a license is illegal, but people do it. Laws do not guarantee good behavior. They simply give us a tool to remove those who disobey. I have to say, if some school employee, or a teacher, had had a handgun in their possession, there is a possibility they could have taken that young man down and reduced the number of victims. Pitiful. Sad and pitiful. Prayers for all involved. --Romkeena

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91508: I agree...Sad Day :( Prayers to all of the families, also to Police, EMS and all the others that had to respond..


December 14, 2012 - Msg 91509: That, of course, is me --Romeena. I don't know who that other person is who keeps signing her name to my posts. --Romeena

December 14, 2012 - Msg 91510:
I agree Romeena.

I wonder how many of the "ban guns" crowd would want Prohibition back. I think drunk driver kill about 10,000 people a year.


December 14, 2012 - Msg 91511: Evening Porch. Taking a minute to rock with everyone tonight.

Prayers for the families in CT. What a senseless tragedy.
Prayers continuenfor Tom as well.

I left home about 8:30 this morning and got home after 6pm.
Lots of errands and shopping. Tired to the bone tonight.

Beth and I did get to visit Belle this afternoon for a few minutes. The vet tech set us up in an exam room and brought her out of the icu/ recovery area. She is doing much better. Slowly coming off the IV and they are starting to introduce some bland solid dog food to her. She hasn't had any gastrointestinal issues in the past 24 hours which is good. She was so excited to see us. The vet tech said she may get to come home tomorrow if she continues to do well. If not then Monday for sure.

Well, I have a load of laundry in the washer and one in the
Dryer and something just beeped so I better see what is done.

Everyone have a good night.

Big Maude

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91512:
Prayers for the families in CT....So sad! are so right......More laws are not going to effect anyone except the law abiding citizen. Criminals could care less about another law.....that's why they are called criminals.

God help this nation and the un-Godly that is trying to run this country.
Love and prayers for all the porch family!

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91513: Good evening, porch. Good question, auh2o. Not very many, I would imagine, but your point is spot on. Same issue, different focus. I think it's also interesting to note that if it weren't for the effects of alcohol, there would probably be far fewer shootings. It wouldn't be a factor in something like the CT shooting, but in a large percentage of individual killings, the shooter is drunk or impaired to some degree. Yet, teetotaler that I am, I would not want to see prohibition brought back, because it just doesn't work. Gun control will not work, for the very same reasons. Now I would like to see some effort to keep the automatic and semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of people who do not need them - i.e., the general public. Hunters don't need them, I don't need one, the guy down the street doesn't need one. They are appropriate for the military and for law enforcement, but nobody else needs something that will just keep shooting like that. I know, they'll still get them, but any effort that removes even some of them would help a little. But a total gun ban? Nope. Leave defense to the police? Sure - call them. They'll come, and I'll be glad to see them when they arrive, but they don't live on my doorstep. Meantime, as someone said, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Therefore, I will remain armed. If that had not been Robbi and Richard in my house on Friday night, but had been an intruder instead, I was ready and would have taken him down.

It has been gratifying to see the response across the nation. Spontaneous prayer vigils, churches opening their doors for people to come in and pray, newscasters making prayerful references. Here, out in Frisco, just north of Dallas, the local high school had a heavily-attended prayer vigil, with candles lit, and prayers and hymns sung. When things get tough, people still turn to the One, the only One, who can provide any hope and comfort. I like to stay in touch all the time, so when something hits me hard, I can just turn and reach for my Lord's hand, and don't feel that I have to introduce myself. It's likely that out of all those families involved, some are not acquainted with God, and I cannot imagine how lost and alone they must feel right now. I pray that they'll seek Him, because if they do, they'll find Him.

Please keep praying for those families. Many of them will be going home to wrapped gifts beneath their tree, and the intended recipient is gone. Dear Lord, how hard that would be. Those poor people! I just cannot imagine. God help them! --Romeena

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91514: I was talking to Bruce about it and he said that if evil people want to do harm, they will find a way to do it. If that guy had not had access to guns, he might have put a bomb in his truck and ran it into the school, killing and maiming even more children. There is no way to protect that many children 100% of the time in any school. If evil is intent on striking, it will find a way to strike and it might be something worse that shooting people with guns. The answer, in my opinion, is to start at the source of the problem...people need to turn back to God in this country.


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91515: Well said, Boo, very well said. And Bruce is right. He's absolutely right. My dad often said that you can't legislate morality. So true. You stated the answer clearly. --Romeena

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91516: Hi All.

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91517:
Morning porch family....Me and little Jake sitting her all huggy this morning...My little buddy:)

Boo....very true at what Bruce said and you are so right that the only hope for this country is turn back to God....period!

Ro....I like what your dad said...."you can't legislate morality"...and that's a fact. And as long as this nation continues to turn away from God...we are going to see these things happening no matter how many laws are passed!

Everyone have a very blessed weekend.
Love and prayers

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91518:
Morning all. Not to minimize what happened at all, but just to try to help us all, how about we mention our favorite Christmas carols?
Mine are Oh Holy Night, just love that song, and on the other end, Jingle Bells.
Hope you are all doing OK. It is on 55 here today in AZ.
HI to Tom, Maudie, and all.
AUH20...I'm the Steve who just joined you on FB.

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91519: Good afternoon porch, just stopping by to let you know Miss Belle was discharged home this morning. She is one happy doggie. A pretty restricted special diet for 2 weeks and the gradually to her normal dog food. Just took her for a little stroll around the block and she seems okay. Thanks for asking about her and for your prayers.

Chicken tortilla soup for supper if your interested! Dinner at 6!

Prayers and blessings.
Big Maude

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91520: That's great Maude!

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91521: Yaay Big Maude. Belle is home and feeling better. Wonderful news. And that chicken tarantula soup sounds good. :)

Well I sure can't add anything to what you have all said on yesterdays horrible day. My deepest prayers go out to the families involved. Lord have mercy on this nation.


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91522: Yippee! Belle's home! Thanks for letting us know, Maudie. So glad she's okay. --Romeena

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91523: MDC, it was in the 80's here and very muggy today...yuck. Glad you are having nice weather, though. I think my favorite Christmas song is called "Rose of Bethlehem" probably never heard of it. I will try to find it on Youtube and post a link here. I love Oh Holy Night because of its amazing lyrics, too.

Maude I am very happy to hear the Belle is home. :)


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91524: By the way, I received your lovely Christmas card today, Maude. Thank you. :)


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91525: Here's that link to the song I mentioned:

hope it works...I don't always have much luck posting these things.


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91526: Well, it says video unavailable. Oh well. MDC you can find it easily on youtube. Just put in Rose of Bethlehem by Selah.


December 15, 2012 - Msg 91527:
Howdy porch family....A day out with my wife and dinner afterward. glad Belle is home and all happy!

MDC.....I probably would have to say "Away In A Manger" is one of my favorites. Another song that I truly love but most people have never heard of is a song that a good friend of mine (John Berry) recorded some years ago called "My Heart Is Bethlehem" A great song with a great message and of course John does a fantastic job on vocals.

Well gang I better get off of here. You all have a great night!
Love and prayers

December 15, 2012 - Msg 91528: Good evening, porch! My favorite Christmas song? Wow, that's a hard one. I love them all. "Silent Night", of course - is everyone's favorite, I suppose. It's so simple and sweet. I think, though - the one that stirs me the most is "That Night". It's not exactly a carol, it's more an anthem, and was used several times in my church's Christmas pageants over the years. It's part of a cantata by Ronn Huff, entitled "Unto Us a Child is Born." I think I've posted the words here in the past. It's just such a stirring, emotional song, and of course, I have many memories wrapped up in that song. It was used as the entry of the Kings in the pageants, and I can see Dale, in his regal robes, walking slowly toward the manger, and reaching the little family just as the last crashing notes of the song echoed through the church. Pictures that are engraved on my heart forever. The first Christmas after his death, one evening my doorbell rang, and when I answered, the church choir was standing on my lawn. They sang a couple of carols, then proceeded into "That Night", and I stood there in tears as they sang. I'll never forget it. As hard as it was for me, it was beautiful, and such a loving and thoughtful thing for them to do. That song will always be very special to me.

Well, guess I'd better get after addressing my cards. Haven't done that yet! Time is passing so quickly, and I'm so slow. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91529: Such a sweet and poignant story, Ro.

I am happy to be going to preachin' today. It has been a trying week and I really need it. Hope you all have a blessed day.


December 16, 2012 - Msg 91530: Amen Boo. I hope all Churches today will be full of people. We desperatley need the Lord and people need to realize that and seek after Him.

MDC, My favorite is also Oh Holy Night. I love that song.


December 16, 2012 - Msg 91531: Of the more modern day Christmas songs, this has to be my favorite-hope y'all like it too.

possum under a rock

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91532: Romeena, Dr. Goober-Fife has what you need just in case you eat to much over the Holidays!

Asa, I'm with you on your song favorite "O Holy Night" it get's my goosed bumps a raise'in...

Also Romeena,...? "Time is passing so quickly, and I'm so slow?".. What's the problem? You are just following the Preachers Sermon..What's you're Hurry? Maybe after this week we should all gather at the Gazabo and sing of all the blessings Christ has given us and pray for All those who are in pain for whatever this reason this Season...I'll even get under there with those spiders to make it happen Asa, will ya help me?


December 16, 2012 - Msg 91533: Sorry correction, whatever THE reason this Season

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91534:
I forgot about another neat one and forgot about
youtube again,... but this is called Joseph's Song by Michael Card. It is Joseph speaking just after the birth, and all emotion that is within him. Very neat song.
Hope your Sabbath is blessed,

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91535:
sorry, that one has an ad first. mdc

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91536:
Try this one...much better

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91537: Wow. Beautiful songs, both of them. Thanks, friends. --Romeena

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91538: Wow gang just got back from working OT 12hrs today...gosh good to be blessed with the OT right here at Christmas....ok....let me read...SPOT

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91539: Wow Spot and Rev. 34-0? Your boys silenced some critics today.


December 16, 2012 - Msg 91540:
Howdy porch family.....quick check in.

Asa....yep the Falcon's showed out....They meant business:)

You all have a good day tomorrow. I'll be away all day in the studio with some musician friends so I'll be back Tuesday.

Love and prayers

December 16, 2012 - Msg 91541: Well, I feel just exhausted today. Today is a tough day for Sean and I just don't know what to do anymore. We are seeing his dr again, hopefully tomorrow. Please pray we can get some answers. He continues to deal with nausea and stomach pain everyday, though some days are worse than others, and he only eats one meal a day, mostly...sometimes a little more. He tells me he is miserable all the time and that his life has been h@ll for the last year. The doctors don't seem to the have the answers and the anxiety disorder just gets worse. My heart breaks for him, I am frustrated and don't know where to turn next. It is so hard to watch your child suffer and not be able to help them. Thanks for the support and prayers.



December 17, 2012 - Msg 91542: Good Morning Porch pals.

Boo, I am so sorry that Sean is having such a hard time right now. And I pray for him, for you, and for your family, that you might find something to assist you in treating him appropriatly. I can tell by your post how this is weighing on you. But I know you are a Godly woman, and Bruce is a Godly man, and that He will lead you to where you need to go. Lean on the Lord and he will direct you Boo. And try to get rid of the periphial stuff going on around you that consumes your time but doesn't enhance your life. Anyway, that's my thoughts. I do pray you can get this resolved.

Romeena, I know you love to watch the movie Christmas Carol, my favorite, but have you ever read the story? I make it a point to read it every year, and just love it. Dickens was a delight.

Well my wife's laptop computer crashed... literally. My dumb dog (this morning he is dumb) Barney, snagged the power cord as he was running out of the bedroom, and pulled it right off the bed and smashed on the floor. So I am going to buy her a new one this morning. Her computer is about all she has to keep her occupied. That's 500 bucks I didn't need to spend right now. Oh well, such is life.

Prayers for all to have a good Monday.


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91543: Good Monday morning porch, a rainy dreary day on my the porch. It would have been a good day to sleep in and catch up on stuff at home. Although I am rarely caught up at home....

Prayers for Sean and Boo. I know how hard this is on him and on the family. hopefully, the doctor will have some answers.

Thanks for all the Christmas cards! Makes my day to go to the mail box and all those cards. My kids can't believe that folks I never officially
met would send Christmas cards. I keep telling them that I have met them in a Mayberry kinda way!

Ya'll have a good day.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91544: Asa, I can hear you from clear across the country, when the dog broke the laptop you yelled

Boo, Prayers for your Son, this time of the year is really hard on alot of folks, now with the school shooting it just adds more fuel to the fire,is he feeling the sorrows of that situation?

Just a F.Y.I. Floyd said last night he is posting this years Christmas Card from he and his family...They are really neat!! We got to see it on the pod-cast last night...


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91545: Thank you, Asa. I certainly am trying to take your advice, in fact, I unloaded a toxic sister-in-law and a mother-in-law this week. :) Mom-in-law is mad at us after spending time with SIL, which I fully expected and that gives me a wonderful little reprieve this Christmas. Yay!

I feel those prayers you are all praying for us. In fact, I am already getting some answers and guidance. It started when my pastor asked me to be in charge of the cakewalk at our Christmas fest this past Saturday. I kind of scratched my head on that one because I didn't even know how to run a cakewalk and the ladies who normally do it are still around. When he asked me, I agreed and soon a woman named Lisa contacted me to say she would help. She jumped in and did the hard stuff because she and her mom had done that particular job on several occasions. I ended up having a really good time without having to stress about anything. Well, I really didn't know this woman even though she has been a member of the church for a few years now so I was glad to get to know her. It turns out she also has a son with Tourette's and many of the same problems as Sean, but he is now 27 and doing pretty well. Her son had a severe case and learning disabilities like Sean. It was like hearing my own story as she shared. I couldn't believe that the Lord had brought 2 women into my life in the past month who have been through what I am going through and came through it, although with a few scars. :) Their boys are both now in their 20's and independant..praise the Lord. Lisa suggested a phychiatrist in our area who specializes in Tourette's and related problems. I sent her an email yesterday asking for the doc's info and telling her that it has been a rough day with Sean. She sent me back a great reply with some great advice, which I took. She is someone who knows exactly what I am going through and she went through it as a single parent. I went out today to do my grocery shopping, then on the way home, as I was alone, I allowed my guard to come down and let myself feel the pain. I had a good cry, came home and called the phychiatrist's office and made an appointment for Sean for Jan 15th. I will take him to see the family doctor tomorrow to see if we can get a little something to calm his anxiety in the meanwhile and get us through the holidays. He already woke up this morning sick and had to take some phenergan (the last one). Anyway, thank you for those prayers and for the encouragement. Oh, and one other answer to prayer..there is a very sweet woman in our church who has already raised her children and she and her husband are retired. She is one of the deacon's wives who came to the party on Friday. She asked how I was and I told her it had been a rough week but we were ok. She asked if she could pray for me, and she did before she left. Her prayer was so perfect and heartfelt, and afterward she shared some very sweet and encouraging words with me that I really needed to hear. It was such an obvious contrast from the verbal beating I had taken from my sister-in-law this week. It just was so healing to the soul. She told me to please call her if I need someone to talk to or if I need her to pray for us. It meant so much, and I will call her. I see the Lord reaching out to us through the love of his children (including all of you) and it is such a comfort. Thanks again.


PS- To answer your question, G-F, I know Sean watched some of the news coverage of the shooting but I can't see that it really effected him strongly. Of course it could have something to do with the added anxiety I have seen in him over the past couple of days...hard to say.


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91546: Boo...(2) Inlaws (0)..Way to go girl!!

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91547:
Boo, have you tried something as simple as Imodium?

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91548: Boo, I'm so glad you've got someone close to you who has been through the same trials, because they can offer help that we simply cannot. We can pray, and we're concerned, but there's no substitute for experience. Let those folks help you. One of these days, you'll be where they are, and you will be able to help someone else. It all evens out.

As for the toxic MIL and SIL, you don't need that. I think the time has come for you to just turn them off, tune them out, and walk away. Frankly, I would tell them bluntly that they are a toxic influence, and you just simply can't afford to deal with them right now, since you prefer to focus on happy things. Tell them that they can't come over or call, unless they are sure they can drop the negativity and the spite, and play nice. Do not be drawn into a discussion with them. State your case, tell them you're sorry it has come to this point, but you just simply can't afford them anymore. Then make it stick. Don't take their calls, and don't answer the door, unless they're willing to promise good behavior. If they do, then welcome them, but at the first snarky word, show them the door. You've got to protect yourself and your family. Sad, but true.

I stopped at a Tom Thumb grocery store after PT this morning, to get some more Christmas cards. I got in the express line, and then realized it wasn't moving. Nothing was. Seems the power to the registers was out. It never occurred to anyone to unlock a register manually (maybe they can't?), get a calculator and do it the old-fashioned way. No one told us anything. I waited a few minutes, then stepped out of line, walked up to the astonished checker and said, "I've got $19 worth of cards here. The tax will be about $1.60. Here's $21. There should be change - drop it in that little collection box over there. Thank you." And I picked up my cards and walked out, leaving the checker saying "but, but, but" and the rest of the people in line were laughing and starting to mob the checkstand! I'm a troublemaker, I suppose, but I don't care. A supermerket like that should have a contingency plan in place, and not leave fifteen people standing in line, with no explanation or any idea of what was being done.

Well, I've got eleven women coming over tonight to wrap the gifts we've purchased for the family we're trying to help. I promised them some soup and hot rolls, and they're bringing snacky, dippy things and sweets. I'm going to cheat on the soup, and I'll guarantee that some of them will ask me for the recipe. I've done it before, and someone always does. I'll put two cans of the crispy-sweet whole kernel corn in a big pot, and stir in a carton of sour cream. Meanwhile, in a skillet, I'll saute a chopped onion in some butter, add some finely chopped celery, and will chop up a grilled chicken breast I had in the freezer and heat it with the onion and celery. I'll add that to the corn and sour cream, then I'll add three big cans of Campbell's Chicken Corn Chowder soup. I'll heat that through, and add at least two cups of shredded cheddar cheese, and a generous dash of Tabasco. Let it all simmer gently, stirring now and then so it doesn't stick. It makes the richest, most delicious soup you can imagine, and the hardest part is chopping the veggies. Really good! Asa, this is something you can do easily. I'll admit, it's not exactly fat-free, but nothing good ever is.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91549:
Also Boo, it seems like big events that happen seem to get him really anxious, like the shooting. Perhaps that could be pursued.
I am no phy., only get my info from a quarter magazine, but I am praying!
Maude, this mystery of the cyber Maybery is really something else!! (:

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91550: Just popping in to say "Hey!" and to tell Goober-Fife that I LOVED my Christmas card!! Made me smile-Big time!
Y'all have a good evening!
possum under a rock

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91551: LOVED the Christmas card, Goober- Fife!! Thank you!

possum under a rock

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91552: Thanks,, I never thought of Imodium. I thought it was for diarrhea. Do you think it might be good for nausea?

Thanks for the advice and concern, Ro. I am right with ya. No turning back now.

Gotta run..the kids want me to watch the latest "Ice Age" movie with them.


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91553: I got your card today, Possum, thanks! I also got a card from Pappa Bear and Mrs. Wiley. :)


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91554:
Howdy porch family....just got home from a long day in studio. It was good seeing everyone but boy was it a long day. Gonna hit the bed now!
Love and prayers for all

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91555: Boo, I think what Romeena is trying to say is....

Possum, I'm glad ya liked it! As I told others you weren't expecting a "Normal" card from G-F were you? (at least ya didn't get a "Bat" one!;) I got yours today too, Thank ya much...

Romeena, Funny check-out line story. I like to give them change,like if it is $2.52 I give them a five and 2 pennies it's sorta sad that they really don't know what to do unless the machine tells them what to do...I have to say...I get 2 ones + 2 quarters and we are even...


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91556: Big freeze already in progress,'s like the ice age around here. ;)


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91557: Back at work to keep the lights on....such mild weather here...rain also...Boo .lets hit waffle house in the morning....see all there....SPOT

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91558: Porch,

I'm running late with the cards this year! They should be outburst Wednesday. This year is whiz zing by too fast for me. Are y'all through with your shopping and baking? I've not done a lick! Hopefully Kohls will have another sale this week. :)

Tom, I just saw your post in the archives. I'm so sorry about your stepdad. You're in my prayers.

I need to hit the ironing board. Up in 6 hours! I hope y'all have a wonderful day tomorrow.


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91559: Ok SPOT...Waffle House in the morning. I'll bring the paper.

I know how you feel, Lucy. I still have some shopping to do, but just a little. We tried to keep it simple this year and not over-buy for the kids. I have done no baking and won't do alot. We have a get-together on Friday but I won't be doing alot of cooking, just snack foods. I have not even decided what to do about Christmas dinner! I still have shopping to do for that.


December 17, 2012 - Msg 91560: Well heay Local Lucy!...Hey Romeena,Rev,possun,asa,MDC....ok...still getting settled in here at work....few outages going on...SPOT

December 17, 2012 - Msg 91561: Boo - my heart breaks for you and Sean. I feel your frustration from so far away. Prayers for you and Sean. Mom's tend to get the brunt of the pain forecast.

Still shaking my head over the deaths in CT. Planning funerals when what should be a great time in their lives.

Blessings to all. May you each be a blessing to an angel unaware.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91562: Thank you, Hm.

We are on our way to see the family doc this morning. I will let you all know how it goes.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91563: Good morning, porch! It's a beautiful morning, chilly at 44, but bright and sunny. It will warm up. The sky is a particularly lovely shade of blue, like a white kitten's eyes. My sycamore tree is still holding its leaves, but they're changing color, sort of a greeny-gold right now, and they're striking, against that blue.

What a wonderful time we had last night! You'll remember that I was hosting a "wrapping party", to wrap the gifts my SS class had gotten for the little family we're sponsoring for Christmas. The dad is out of work, the mom isn't in the best of health, and there are three children. The mom has a subtle form of dwarfism, and there's a 4-yr old girl who seems to have it as well. Then there's a kindergarten age boy, and a 9 yr old girl. We've been taking up money for the last three or four weeks every Sunday, and had over $300 to spend. We sent two designated shoppers out to spend it, armed with the kids' wish/need list. Well, I wasn't sure that $300 was going to go very far with three kids, and buy some groceries as well. So, I went out last week and bought a school uniform for the older girl, a coat for the little girl, and some underwear for everyone. (Grandmas always buy underwsear.) Evidently, I wasn't the only one with doubts, because when those women started arriving last night, they could hardly make it through the door. Everyone was carrying big sacks of stuff - toys, clothes, books, you name it. I never saw so much stuff! I had set up four wrapping stations - two in the dining room, one in the kitchen and one in the sunroom. Everyone brought paper and gift bags, I supplied scissors (I have a bunch - found a good sale) and there was tape everywhere.

I had made that soup, and everyone brought something as well. We had tiny sandwiches, some dips, a cheese ball, and lots of sweets. After we ate and I loaded the dishwasher, they started wrapping! By that time, I was pretty tired, and it was clear they needed no help, so I just got in my big chair in the den, where I could see everyone but the sunroom crew, and just enjoyed the show. I had carols playing in the background, but you couldn't hear them over the laughter and conversation. I was watching angels at work, friends. This group of women is like no other. Mention a need, and they're on it! None are wealthy, but they always have enough to share.

As everyone was leaving, suddenly there was a young woman I didn't know, standing in my kitchen. She was about five-foot-nothing, and had a charming smile. She had seen everyone coming out of the house, so she stopped to get directions. Turns out she's a Baptist missionary from Romania (our class sponsors a Romanian missionary, has for years) and she's home on leave. She was trying to find an address on my street. We helped her locate it, then the girls loaded her up with a big plate of goodies from the table, invited her to visit our class, and sent her on her way. She said, "This was a God thing. I saw the lighted cross and the 'Keep Christ in Christmas' sign, and figured this was a good place to stop. It was!" You just never know.

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening, made all the sweeter because I've known most of these women for so many years. You just can't get any better than Christian friends. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91564:
Morning porch family.....still chilly here today but the rain is gone for now.

Spot....did you get those outages all fixed up?

Ro....that is such a neat story about the missionary coming to your house. And I know that family you all are giving gifts to for Christmas will be so blessed! And the great thing about it all is, I know that you all are just as much blessed giving it as they are receiving it.

Well I guess I better go see if I can round-up a ham sammich for lunch:)
You all have a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91565: I love your porch stories Ro - especially this one. I love when Christmas angels come together. Thanks for sharing this.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91566:
I don't know what's going on but this is the second time in a few days that I had my post ready to send and when I hit send, it doesn't post. That is so.....grrrr

Ro....neat story about the missionary. And I know that the family you buying for Christmas will be so blessed! And the wonderful thing is, I know that you all will be just as blessed as they are by doing it!

Love and prayers

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91567:
Well now I see that it did post....that's crazy

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91568: Hi All.
Im doing fine for now.
Will thing had stop going crazy here family stop comming to see me.
It going to be backlike it was no one come to vist.
Holiday will be like the same not a thing.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91569: TOM...Just stay connected to the porch during the Holidays we will chew the beans with ya, I might even sing....No, I take that back I can't sing a lick....G-F...

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91570: Mine did the same thing REV

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91571: We love ya Tom. Hang in there buddy. Sorry you are going through this right now.

Neat story indeed Romeena. Christmas is so special. Rev liked it so much he posted twice. :)

Prayers continue for Boo and Sean and family.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91572: Gosh, I really loved your description of your evening, Ro. Thanks so much for sharing it! It makes me happy to think of you having an evening like that with your dear friends and sisters. :) How great its going to be for the family when they are the recipients of your generosity.

REV, there seems to be some sort of delay on my end of the porch since yesterday. The post shows up later, but not when I post it.

Well, our dr says he wants to send sean to a "gastric motility" specialist in Houston. He has sent 4 or 5 pts to him over since 1996 and they have had good improvement. He thinks Sean might have a problem with the nerves in the intestinal tract that could be causing his nausea and such over the past year. We will see. He said there are some tests they can do to find out and there is a med to treat the problem, though I can't remember the name of it. The doctor specialist prescribes some strict dietary rules, that if followed, along with the medication will work. We'll see if they can help Sean. Living with nausea every day for a year is wearing on him. Sometimes it is worse than other times but it is always there. He ate a sandwich today so far, which is good and we will see if he can eat again tonight. He is always the worst in the morning and in the evening so he usually has his meal in the afternoon each day. Thank you for the prayers, I think we may be onto something, hopefully.

So glad you are doing ok, TOM.

Asa, I think that is why Christmas is the best time of the seems there are so many opportunities to be someone's "angel". :)


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91573: Boo, When a person gets the "Big Freeze" in Texas that must be REALLY serious! It's not like a normal Big Freeze, it's kinda like a Big Freeze on steriods! That's what I'm thinking...
Glad to hear Dr. wants to sent Sean to a specialist, let me know what he says. Mrs. G-F has been fighting the same problem for some time, alot of the same frustrations you guys are feeling. They can't pinpoint her problem either.

The common thread is the anxiety and nerves that causes the problems is what I think, and not what she eats. She seldom leaves the house because of what Might happen. hang in there!
...Remember...THE BIG FREEZE.. Don't cave in..

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91574: Good evening, porch! I'm glad you enjoyed the story of the events of last evening. Sometimes I wonder, because I get wound up and run on and on, but you all are always so kind about it. Every word I said about my SS class is true. They hear of a need, and they're on it. Pat, our teacher, never hesitates to commit us to a new project, even without presenting it to us, because she knows we'll do it. It helps that we're a large class - about thirty in attendance on any given Sunday, so the load is well-shared. As I said, none of us are wealthy, and a few live pretty close to the bone, but all are generous.

We have an old brown leather zippered envelope that circulates each Sunday, and everyone puts in what they can, if they can. No one is keeping score. Out of what we collect, we send various amounts to four different missionaries. In two cases, we're their sole support. Apparently, in rural Romania, $35 goes a long way. This is done year-round, every month. In addition, Pat is always finding these extra little projects, like our Christmas family, for us to tackle. There is strength in numbers, each one does what she can, and it is enough. God is good, and He provides.

Boo, I really pray that this new doc will have some answers for Sean. I'm so sorry that he has to go through this. This has probably been discussed before, but you know my leaky memory - have you explored the gluten thing? My neighbor's daughter was having very similar problems, had been for years, and finally went on a gluten-free diet, problems disappeared, lost 50 pounds, and feels wonderful.

Mr. Tom, you are not alone. Though you can't see us, we are here, and thinking of you. Not only that, but of course God is near you as well. We can't see Him either, not in tangible form, but we can see Him in the good that happens all around us. Try very hard not to give in to any negative thoughts, Tom. Talk to God, He hears. We may not understand why our lives unfold in the way that they do, but God does. He has His reasons, and someday, we'll understand. Share a smile with someone every day. You never know when just that simple thing will lift someone else's spirits.

Well, guess I'll go warm up some leftover soup. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91575: I had to chuckle when you said, "don't cave in" G-F. We received an email from sis-in-law asking for our forgivness and saying she was wrong, while in the same email trying to tell us how we should be doing things. In this case it is not a matter of forgivness; we have already forgiven her. There have been other times in the past that she has asked our forgiveness for what she has done to us and we always gave it...we aren't mad and we aren't holding a grudge, but we are sticking to our decision to end communication with her and prevent her from hurting this family any further. She won't understand this, and will begin to cry "You call yourself a Christian?!" but I don't really care. I'll just leave her in God's hands.

G-F, I am sorry to hear of your wife's struggles. I will certainly keep you updated on any information we obtain. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we can find an answer for the both of them?

I know what you mean, Ro. Sometimes I just have to share things with all of you but in the back of my mind I am wondering if I am boring everyone to tears. Everyone is always so gracious and would never let on. :)

Ro, back when Sean was sick before, we tried the gluten free thing and it didn't seem to make any difference. I expect that the specialist might recommend that for his patients, though.


December 18, 2012 - Msg 91576: Shakedown!

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91577:
Boo, if you see the rehab girls before Christmas, please
let them know that people are praying for them!
Well, we tried an experiment tonight, dad is staying overnight with my older brother at his house, with the idea of just giving him some different "scenery" for a night. Hope it goes well, as he has been voiding each night in bed
at the facility. Thanks for all your prayers since July!
For those on FB, I posted a family photo taken 50 years ago today (according to the written date on the back!)
love ya all, MDC

December 18, 2012 - Msg 91578: MDC, I can picture you laughing at the thought of your dad "voiding" tonight in your brother's bed. ;) Hope he stays dry and all goes well. I will look for that family photo.

I see some of the girls from the rehab each week in church now, MDC. They are now allowing some of them to attend church activities and services. Its a blessing.