December 19, 2012 - Msg 91579: Good evening, porch. Just passing by on my way to the ironing board. Got to be up a little earlier in the morning, as it's a PT day.

Boo, please don't let her rope you back in. It sounds like you're determined, and I'm glad. Oh yes, she'll trot out that old weapon and call your Christianity into question if you stand your ground. It's an old favorite, and it works very well, because most Christians fear doing anything that would appear to reflect negatively on our Lord, and the world knows it. In this case, you have forgiven the woman, but you are not required to lie down like a rug and let her continue to abuse you and cause strife in your family. Simply tell her that she's forgiven, but it's going to take time before you can trust her again. She'll have to do some growing up and prove that she's willing to do her part too, by controlling her mouth and her behavior.

MDC, how does your dad feel about adult incontinence protection, at least at night? Just don't call them diapers! For my dad, we just referred to them as padded underwear, and he consented to wear them. Sure saved a lot of laundry, not to mention a ruined mattress.

Well, I'm off to bed. Toye Starr is standing here, staring at me and heaving tiny sighs. She can't get up on the bed without my help, so she's letting me know - it's time! --Romeena

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91580: I just can't stand going to bed and leaving a mess in the house, or on the porch either, so I swept up. Toye Starr dusted the lower parts of the rockers, she can't reach very high. --Romeena

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91581: Thanks for sweeping. I thought I was going to have to do it. ;) We are going to stand our ground, Ro. Right now, Bruce is insisting that I not contact or respond to her email. He knows his sister and from the tone of the email, he knows she is trying to engage us in conversation about the subject. Not sure how sincere she is and he doesn't even want to risk communication with her right now. I will honor that. I guess we will see how sincere she is when she realizes that she isn't getting the response she wants from us. She is the type that will want to dictate what response we should have and persecute us if it isn't the one she thinks we should have toward her. As I said before, she is always the victim and not someone you want to deal's like running on a treadmill and never getting anywhere.


December 19, 2012 - Msg 91582: Romeena, That Toye Starr is a "work horse"! She keeps the lower parts of the rockers so clean and is a superior guard dog...I think she will get extra doggie treats from Santa in her stocking for sure!....G-F

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91583: ...THE BIG FREEZE...Sometimes even at Christmas time ya have to put the "Freeze" out there!
Jack Frost will be nipping at her nose before it's over that's what I'm thinking...
"Nipping is the key word here..ha"


December 19, 2012 - Msg 91584: Morning porch, cold this morning and a frosty one at that! made it to work and getting settled in for long day.

BOO good advice from Romeena and the others, give them the big Freeze. Prayers continue for your family and Sean.

I think we actually have our Christmas shopping
finished and thanks to Beth most of it is wrapped and ready. Now, I have to make out my menus and grocery shopping list. Looks like I will be doing Christmas Eve at my house with my brother, sister in law , my Mom. Mr. Maude and Beth. Patrick is going to his girlfriends family for a while that evening. Then, I will do a Christmas morning breakfast for Mr. Maude's brothers. They will spend the day with is and then have a early supper and then back to Knoxville they go. seems like a lot of cooking but not too bad I guess.

Thanks for sweeping Ro and give that puppy and treat for her hard work.

Everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91585: Morning porch, cold this morning and a frosty one at that! made it to work and getting settled in for long day.

BOO good advice from Romeena and the others, give them the big Freeze. Prayers continue for your family and Sean.

I think we actually have our Christmas shopping
finished and thanks to Beth most of it is wrapped and ready. Now, I have to make out my menus and grocery shopping list. Looks like I will be doing Christmas Eve at my house with my brother, sister in law , my Mom. Mr. Maude and Beth. Patrick is going to his girlfriends family for a while that evening. Then, I will do a Christmas morning breakfast for Mr. Maude's brothers. They will spend the day with is and then have a early supper and then back to Knoxville they go. seems like a lot of cooking but not too bad I guess.

Thanks for sweeping Ro and give that puppy and treat for her hard work.

Everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91586: Good morning, porch. Maude, I see that little delay in the posting tricked you, too. It almost got me, but somebody else had mentioned it earlier, so I just waited until this morning, and sure enough, there was my post about sweeping. Wonder what causes that?

Hang in there, Boo. You know what? If your SIL treats other people the way she treats her family, she's probably a very lonely person. If you stand your ground and refuse to take it anymore, it's possible (remotely) that she'll think about it and work on changing. Not likely, I know, but it could happen. If it does, you will have done her a tremendous favor. It sounds like a learned behavior though - acquired from her mother. Gonna be hard to change. Still, to protect yourself and your own family, you've got to do it. It's sad, but it happens.

I have a first cousin who has completely alienated himself from the entire family. He was always an annoying, impulsive kid, and he had a mean streak besides. He has two younger brothers and a little sister, and he was always doing things to hurt them, and would then threaten to hurt them more if they told. As an adult, he would say stupid, insulting things to people and then feign surprise and shock when they got angry. He was too touchy-feely with the women in the family and we all stayed out of his way. He made his biggest mistake when he caught me unaware and tried to wrap me in a big, too-friendly hug, but Dale saw him. He grabbed him by the collar, backed him up against the wall and told him, "If you ever put your hands on her again, I will put you on your back and you will not get up for a very long time, and when you do, you will need a lot of help." It never happened again, at least not to me. One by one, he wore out his welcome with the family. His little sister was the lone hold-out, but a few years back, she told him not to come around anymore. So now we don't even know where he is - in Pennsylvania was the last we knew. It's sad, because he's 75, three times divorced, his kids (five of them, I think) want nothing to do with him, the whole family has cut him off, and I'm not sure he even understands why. I feel sorry for him, and I would feed him if he was hungry, but I will not let him back into my life, to embarrass me and everyone else with his behavior. If he changes his behavior, he's welcome. Folks, I'm not talking about just annoying stuff. I'm talking about rude, crude comments and things that can provoke people into behaving badly themselves. Dale's reaction was controlled, but somebody else might have just busted him, instead of serving warning.

So -- sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. There are rules for behavior in polite society, and in families, and they exist for a reason. They're the thing that helps everything go smoothly, that helps everyone feel safe and valued, the filter that stops us from saying something hurtful, and later we're glad we didn't say it. When someone doesn't understand this, or doesn't abide by the guidelines, they become "toxic" and other people get hurt. So, sometimes those people have to be controlled, if they refuse to control themselves. Sad, but true. This is scriptural. Romans 16:17 says "Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them." That's pretty clear. Of course, Paul is speaking here to a church that was being torn up by people preaching false doctrine, causing arguments and hurting people, but it's just a small step to apply that to someone who is trying to tear up and hurt a family.

Well, I think I've beaten that topic to death, so I'll stop. Much to do today, then tomorrow Eloise and I are going to Fredericksburg to see Travis in his stage play about the 1940s. Should be fun! Toye Starr is going along, so she'll have to have a bath this afternoon, poor puppy. She hates it! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91587:
RO, actually he wears them day and night since his fall and stroke in July, (and we refer to them as "briefs") but the problem recently is that during the night he subconsiously pulls out his "thing" from the side. We have been trying some snugger (is that a word?) brands, but so far no luck, so we bought bed pads.
Things went pretty good, but my brother's comment today was "maybe about once a month I'll try to do this."
OK, new subject! ha
Anyone ever notice that the turkey on the Christmas ep is a plastic prop? I may have mentioned this last year, but there is no "weight" to it if you watch andy handle it,
and then once on the table it is bumped, and it moves right over! haha
"How'd them roller skates get in there?"

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91588:

Set the timer "slide" to about 10:00 to see the "turkey" and tell me what you think?

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91589: I think that turkey sat in the oven too long and got all dried out! --Romeena

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91590: I'm thinking it's the same turkey "Uncle Eddie's" wife made for the Griswolds Christmas dinner all bark and no bite, except they don't cut it. Least it LOOKS better then the chicken Andy tried to make for he & Opie's dinner..

What's up with the delay on the posting? Better have the boys down at the lab check it out, Or maybe Sarah needs some "Red Bull" to perk her up. She's not a spring chicken anymore ya know, and the Col.Harvey's elixer is getting harder to find these days..ToooToo Tootsie TooToo!


December 19, 2012 - Msg 91591: MDC...I always wondered about you being Mr. Darlings Cousin...I FOUND THE ANSWER! Now it makes sence...You have a Aussie blood line.
Good-on-ya,mate! You're kin came from down under. Can you throw a boomerang too?...

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91592:
Wow GF, maybe i got me some Nathan Tibbs in me too! ha

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91593:
Howdy porch family....Trust you all had a great day today! My wife and I finished up our Christmas shopping today....thank the

Also finally got my Christmas cards mailed out....SORRY I'm late but you'll get them before CHRISTmas:)

I leave out in the morning so I won't be back on until Sunday. Got a busy weekend.....Ya'll behave while I'm gone and keep that eggnog to a's for sipping!

Love and prayers!

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91594: Good evening, porch. We've got a little storm going on here, lots of wind and some rain. Of course, when more than five drops of rain hit those lighted deer in my backyard, it trips the GFI (I've griped about this before, I know) and knocks out everything in the back yard, including the pond pumps. The only thing working is the low-voltage line, and so many of those bulbs are burned out, that there's not much on. Wow, those low-voltage bulbs are pricey! Of course, part of the roofline lights are plugged into a circuit out back, so they're out too. Also, since I have one lighted deer out front, he tripped his circuit and most of my twinkles are out. It's beginning to look like the Grinch's house around here. I hope it dries up by morning, so I can reset everything before I leave for Fredericksburg. Otherwise, my house will look pretty funny until Saturday night. Oh well, that's not what Christmas is about anyway, so I don't care.

I mailed my cards this morning too, folks. Guess I'm just lazy. Some of you are pretty awesome, getting them done so early. I suppose I'm just not a very disciplined person.

You know what? Maybe I'm just used to having the fence floods and other lights on out back, but without them, it looks as black as the inside of a wolf back there. One of the low-voltage lights is beside the pond. I'm glad it's there, because otherwise, it would be easy to fall in the thing! I'd never go out there without a flashlight. There's a street light on the pole that sits on the property line between my house and Angie's, but one of my trees has almost engulfed it, so it doesn't help much. That tree is still holding a lot of its leaves - I think it's the light and warmth from the street light. It's the first to leaf out in the spring, and the last to let go in the fall. It usually has leaves up into January. Weird tree. It's just a cottonwood, but it's pretty, and it shades the arbor.

Well, Perry Mason will be on soon, and I can't miss that. Those eyes!! So like my Dale's. Have a restful night, everyone. --Romeena

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91595: Boo, Incase you feel yourself getting weak and the freeze is thawing out...You may need to call help in, you can always rely on a Bat,Man he can stop them from Rob'in your joy. Check out this link:

Always trying to help G-F....

December 19, 2012 - Msg 91596: Very well said, Ro. You are a wise woman. Hope you have a wonderful time in Fredricksburg. Tell your girls I said "Hey" if you think of it. Are they both still in Fredricksburg?

MDC, your post made me feel sad. You know I always try to find the humor in everything but it's so tough to see our once strong and independent dad's having to wear diapers. Thankfully, your Dad has family that loves and respects him. You're a good son. PS- those bedpads can come in real handy...good to have around when it comes to incontinence because those diapers don't always do the job overnight.

Looking forward to your cards, Ro and REV.

Asa, I received your card today and I loved it. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I will take your word for it, concerning Cousin Eddy. ;)

Long day. St. Susan called me this morning, begging for some help bagging gifts for her organization. My job was to put together 40+ bags and 40+ stockings for the kids at the drug rehab. It ended up taking alot longer than I thought, and susan and I ended up at walmart buying more. It is so worth the effort it takes, though, because those kids appreciate it so much and many of them won't receive anything else this Christmas.

Time to head to bed...another full day tomorrow.


December 19, 2012 - Msg 91597: PS-Maude, thank you for your prayers for Sean..means so much.


December 20, 2012 - Msg 91598: Thanks for that "big freeze" reminder, G-F...funny... :)

Well, off to do the shopping for our Christmas open house tomorrow evening. It is finally cool outside and windy...feels more like Christmas! Off i go...


December 20, 2012 - Msg 91599: no christmas for you BOO

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91600: No christmas for BOO.

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91601: Hi All.
Where is everyone, stomr have you all down?


December 20, 2012 - Msg 91602: Who's the christmas nazi (remember the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld)? LOL


December 20, 2012 - Msg 91603: LOL @ the soup nazi! Let's not get started on Seineld again!

Serenity NOW!

ha ha ha

possum under a rock

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91604: I got sidetracked by the "soup nazi" comment- wanted to add that Floyd has done a lovely job on this year's Christmas Card. Very nice sentiment. Thanks, Floyd and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

possum again

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91605:
Yes indeed possum, I just saw his video card too.
Very nice.
Folks, it is on the imayberry home page, and a great tribute! Thanks Allan Floyd!
Also, for those of you who bought 100 watt bulbs before 2012, be sure to get your 75 watt incandescent bulbs before 2013!! They are next on the stupid meter to go byebye! Our food store had good GE ones on clearance, so I now have my stash! ha
God's blessings and prayers,

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91606: test

December 20, 2012 - Msg 91607:
possum-How about the "airing of grievances" during festivus? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tom-Hey, nope the storm hasn't made it here quite yet. We're in line for about a 12-18 inches of snow but it ain't here right now. I think it arrives tomorrow.

Boo-Some of the things we are dealing with here are anxiety, stomach pain. There is much more going on too but battling anxiety is like fighting a ghost.

G-F you folks buried in snow yet?


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91608: G F keep the snow there in your city.


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91609: Thank you all for the sweet Christmas cards I've received. I got mine mailed out this week. I know I've not been here like I should but I do think of you all so much. It's been over 10 years now since I first found this place, and just like then I do still love to come here to relax and get my mind off the stuff going on everywhere else. Even the colors here are relaxing to look at. I hope and pray you are all doing well these days. Love and prayers to all of you-Salty Dog

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91610: Salty Dog.... I sure miss you here. Good to see you. I hope you are doing well.


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91611: I'm glad some of you have already seen my online Christmas card and enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it yet, drop by and it's right there at the top of the pages. Merry Christmas! - - Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91612: there's a direct link to the card. - Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91613: Yep, Auh2o The snow is on the way O'l Lake Erie she is cranking up the snow machine! Should be your way buy tomorrow...Hunker down there Buddy!
Also your words to Boo are sooo true, "Like fighting a ghost" alot of folks here in this world need to have a call into the "Ghost Busters" I'm just say'in.
Faith is the best "Ghost Buster" I know.

Yes TOM, I called Dick Goddard this morning and told him to keep his snow up there in Cleveland, WVA TOM does not want it!!

Well gang it's 7:00a.m. here on Goobs end of the porch and I'm still here, so I guess the Myan's were wrong...As Mayor Pike said: "We tried to tell them didn't we"...Yep, only God knows the time and day..Wonder what causes that? It's called FAITH in God! Those knuckleheads better get right, the time is near, but not today...

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91614: I'm going to look into the "post delay" issue you guys have mentioned. I *believe* it is going to be a browser caching issue and doing refreshes of the browser manually should help you but I'm going to see if I can fix it so that isn't an issue. --Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91615: Well...I've done all I can this morning...I'll check more tonight. Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91616: Be careful under there Floyd. There is spiders under there. I know if I was a spider, that's where I would go. Or worse yet... BATS! (shudder)


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91617: It is a caching issue for sure. I'm just not sure that I can make it re-read every time the page loads. It's acting like there's a ~5 minute cache on the page. I see the change on the file on the server but the browser isn't always pulling the "new" page content back so it can be seen by us here on the Porch.

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91618:
Morning Folks

G-F Our snow is sneaking in a little early I guess. It's coming down pretty good here.

Asa & Hazel did either of you get hit by that big storm?

Tom you hanging in there buddy? It gets dark for all of us from time to time. But the light always follows. Merry Christmas Tom.


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91619: Thanks Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91620: Thanks Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91621: No snow here,of course, but it is kind of cold.

I made the mistake of taking a little sleeping pill last night to make sure I slept well and now I am drowsy and its after 10am! I helped bag up toys last night for my sister's organization and worked for hours and hours so I knew I needed some good rest. The crazy dog kept waking me up through the night, barking like a fiend. Oh well, maybe I can catch a nap somewhere today. I still have some cleaning and baking to do for our open house tonight. Wish me luck.


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91622: Hi Aii.
Thank You everyone I'm doing o k.
just going to take some time for ME.
G F yiur snow is coming .



December 21, 2012 - Msg 91623: Floyd, you're a peach a real peach of a fella!

Yep, TOM the snow has started, it's gettin real slickity out there....

As Sgt. Carter used to say: "Romeena" I can't hear you!" Hope you're ok....

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91624:
Floyd, you're a PRINCE! Isn't he a prince?! And he didnt even have to deal with miss Grayson! ha

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91625: We'll see if I'm a prince AFTER I get it fixed. ha ha. I'm trying so at least there is that.


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91626: Okay....I did a change on the server....but will it work? --Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91627: I think it's working! You guys will have to let me know if it works for you but it worked on that last post and hopefully on this one by me.

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91628: Y'all let me know how it works for far as the "posts don't show up after I post" goes. I think I've got it. --Floyd

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91629: Here goes, Floyd..


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91630: Yep, you fixed it. Thanks! :)


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91631: Floyd....Go out for a long one and do a post pattern and I'll throw it to ya...G-F...

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91632: Ohhhh, not that kind of post? Ya meant a "porch post". I get it now.... I may have gray hair but I ain't stupid..ha..G-F

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91633: G-F, I ran and ran but you never passed the ball. :( Sounds like it's working better for you folks now. MERRY CHRISTMAS...if y'all missed my online Christmas card, here's the link


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91634: Evening porch, stopping by for a minute before bedtime. It's been a busy day. Started out with a visit to the dentist office for a general cleaning, then to the bank, the mall and then to
Wal Mart. I must of been crazy to go there this afternoon... what a mad house.

Tonight we have been celebrating Patrick's 22nd Birthday. Out for Mexican with him and his girlfriend and one of his close friends. Then back home for cookie cake. Pretty low key celebration.

It has been cold and snowy on my end of the porch today. The wind has blown all day making it feel much colder. Hopefully, I can stay inside tomorrow and just enjoy being home.

Prayers for everyone: Sean, Boo and all.
Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas cards. I am sad that some folks are getting away from not sending out cards. Seems like that is a tradition that makes me feel like it is truly Christmas.

Bedtime snack : cold milk and chocolate chip cookie cake.
Prayers and blessings

Big Maude

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91635: Big Maude, I'm with ya sister I had to go to W-M today too...Way Crazy the Wall-Martians were out in full force...G-F

December 21, 2012 - Msg 91636: Dear Fellow Mayberrians...You folks have become like family, in the spirit of Mayberry, I ask that you check out the link I posted below, Ann Curry from NBC has started a pay-it forward movement called 26acts-of-kindness as a way for those who want a way to show kindness to others and a way to remember those lost in the Conn. shooting.
We have alot of folks here on the porch who do these things for others already, and you know who you are. Maybe this is a way that we can show others the Spirt of Mayberry and join in.
What'a ya think? we have GREAT folks here!!
check out the link:

Maybe Floyd can put it out on the pod-casts & imayberry site too. (kindness should not be limited to Christmas time) I'm just saying...


December 21, 2012 - Msg 91637: Thank you for those prayers, Maude...they mean so much. I know what you mean about the cards. I didn't send or receive cards last year and it was a mistake. It has been such a joy to walk out to the mailbox each day in anticipation of a Christmas greeting. I love it. :)

Merry Christmas to you and your's, too Floyd.

I am exhausted but very happy. Today was tough day getting ready for our open house tonight, but let me tell you, I had a wonderful, wonderful time. It was very special...surrounded by some of my most beloved church friends. So many laughs, loving smiles and hugs. We sang christmas carols while someone played the piano and we had two who played the guitar (one very badly, which was funny, and one very well, which was so enjoyable). I just don't know how the evening could have been more special. The house was glowing with so many lights and it was cold enough to put a nice fire in the fireplace. What an evening! Certainly worth the hard work. :)

Maybe I will share more tomorrow..think now that I am in my pjs and nice warm robe, I will put my feet up and look at the fire.


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91638:
Very cool Boo, glad all went well.
Maudie, hope that food didnt lay to heavy on yer chest!
G-B, each year I do 12 days of mayberry, making a few changes each year, so here goes...

On the 12th day of Christmas, TAGS gave to me...
12 Jeff Pruitt Prospects,
11 tipsy ladies,
10 quarts of pickles,
9 carp a leapin',
8 Tucker spark plugs,
7 calls to Juanita,
6 singin' Darlings,
4 merry men,
3 baby birds,
2 fun girls,
and a sheriff with his de-pu-ty!!

:) MDC parney poo

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91639: MDC, Your education was worth every penny..You must have gotten your talents from you great great Aussie singing Cousin, Mick "Crocodile" Darling. "Good on ya mate!"....

Boo, Did ya have Chestnuts roasting over the open fire too? Sounds like a perfect evening.


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91640: MDC, During the Christmas Season it reminds me of some of my favorite Carols:
Carol Burnett
Carol Brady
Carol King
Carol Channing
Carol O'Conner
Carol Kane Just to name a few.....G-F

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91641: No, G-F...I have never even seen a chestnut down here in south texas. It was a very nice evening. I am still smiling about it. It was mostly Bruce and my sunday school class that attended. We are a close-knit group that have been together for years..quite a mix of people from various backgrounds, mentally and physically handicapped, elderly, young, various cultures...a great and interesting mix of folks. I didn't get to bed until 2 am and the kitchen needs alot of work today. I woke up too early, as usual but i think I will try to sneak back to be for awhile. This evening is the toy distribution and christmas festival for my sister's charity organization and I can't wait!! This year I was asked to be a greeter/keeper of the door to usher folks in and make conversations...sort of a hostess, I guess, which is exactly where I wanted to be. I will tell ya'll all about it tonight or in the morning. There is alot to do but it is so much fun. Wish you could all be there! I have to say that this Christmas Season, I have enjoyed getting involved and working hard where there was a need. It's been good. :)

Better go rest while i can.

How about we share some more christmas memories between now and Christmas? Its kind of a tradition with us. I will try to come up with something I haven't shared...which is really hard to to. ;)


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91642: Hi.
SPOT Miss by three days of becoming a Cristmas baby HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a good one


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91643: Happy Birthday SPOT.. Have a great day!

Big Maude

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91644:

Carol-ine Kennedy fa a la la la la la la

Happy Birthday Spot!


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91645: Boo, Maybe we need to call on your Texas Rangers we have not heard from Romeena for awhile.

auh2o How much snow did you end up with? We only got a couple of inches I think TOM's hex kept the snow up in Cleveland where it belongs! Thanks TOM....Also, I did forget about Ms.Kennedy. (Is that how it is sung in Baahston?)

Happy Birthday SPOT, I'll pick ya up & we'll go to the Varsity for lunch..."Whata ya have?"

Boo, No chestnuts in Texas? Not many yule logs only ferrel hogs..maybe just roast a hog instead!

G-F again...


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91646:
Howdy porch family....Cold here in SC!.....or at least cold for us:) must have been one of Miss Crump's prize student with all your smarts:) And thanks for the video card....Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a great day brother!

Going out to spend the day with wife and daughter....looking forward to it:)

Love and prayers

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91647:
Wasn't there a Carol Merral, or something like that, in a game show back in the 70's?

G-F So, far about 7 inches of snow.

Rev- Have great day with the family. Is there anything better?


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91648: merry christmas everyone and thanks for all the lovely thoughts. thanks floyd for all you do to keepmayberry alive. happy birthday spot. great seeing so many wonderful friends on line. i will try and drop by more often in 2014. other than snow and cold new on this end of the porch.happy birthday on december 26. mdc. pappa bear

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91649: floyd just checked out your christmas card and it was awsome . i thought the ending was inspiring. pappa bear

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91650: I'm glad you guys are enjoying

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91651: The Christmas card.... - Floyd

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91652: Hi All.
Just to thank you all for being there in my time of sad it.
and thank you for the card too!


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91653: Happy Birthday to Spotty,our favorite talking dog!
Party at O'Malley's tonight!

possum under a rock

P.S. Loved your 12 days rendition, MDC! And thanks,Floyd-that was aggravating me!

December 22, 2012 - Msg 91654: G-F, Romeena has been in Fredricksburg visiting family, and I imagine they are keeping her busy.

Alright, Possum. Party at O'Malley's. You cook the burgers and I'll bring Al.


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91655: I'll bring my bongo's..... and tool belt. :)


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91656: And the toolbelt?....I just got a little shiver...


December 22, 2012 - Msg 91657: Thanks Boo, It was unlike Romeena not to post, I must have missed when she said she was going away...Asa I think O'Malley's got a fireplace, not a furnace, so what ya need a tool belt for? (Just for showing off?) We will just say a good HVAC man is always prepaired Ok? ;) and leave it at that. What goes on at O'Malley's stays at O'Malleys! You squeal and Al gets it!!....

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91658:
"You're gettin' to me." (:

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91659:
Thanks pappabear, pipeman, & colt, I werent named Steven fer nuthin', ya know! ha

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91660: Ha ha! You made me laugh, G-F, favorite "Carols".

Nice to see you, pappabear!

Liked the Christmas card, Floyd, thanks!

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas.
And with Christmas right around the corner, I made a little animation done to one of my favorite Christmas carols(no, G-F, not THAT kind of Carol) if you'd like to check it out. Here is the link:

-Sterling Holobyte

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91661: Very sweet, Sterling...thank you for sharing it with us. A very Merry Christmas to you and your's! ((HUG))

Yes, G-F, what happened at O'Malley's is staying at O'Malley's. I read a funny quote yesterday that said, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what happens around here spreads like wildfire!"...hehe I'll just say that Asa has been working on his "routine" and floor show was the best yet.

Thanks for bringing the "squeezins" G-F (and the hard cider).

The toy distrubution went well last night. The weather was just right...not hot or cold for those waiting in line. I saw ALOT of really cute little ones who were very excited about seein Santa and getting their pictures taken with him. It was a fun night.

I only had the time to take one picture at the event and I posted it on facebook. I also posted a few pictures of our Christmas open house on Friday, for those of you who are on facebook. Check them out. :)

Better get ready for preachin'!


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91662: Very sweet, Sterling...thank you for sharing it with us. A very Merry Christmas to you and your's! ((HUG))

Yes, G-F, what happened at O'Malley's is staying at O'Malley's. I read a funny quote yesterday that said, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but what happens around here spreads like wildfire!"...hehe I'll just say that Asa has been working on his "routine" and floor show was the best yet.

Thanks for bringing the "squeezins" G-F (and the hard cider).

The toy distrubution went well last night. The weather was just right...not hot or cold for those waiting in line. I saw ALOT of really cute little ones who were very excited about seein Santa and getting their pictures taken with him. It was a fun night.

I only had the time to take one picture at the event and I posted it on facebook. I also posted a few pictures of our Christmas open house on Friday, for those of you who are on facebook. Check them out. :)

Better get ready for preachin'!


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91663: oh-oh...i only pressed the post button once...hope there isn't another glitch for Floyd.


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91664: oh-oh...i only pressed the post button once...hope there isn't another glitch for Floyd.


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91665: yep, looks like there is...

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91666: Boo, you still under the influence of them there spirits? LOL


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91667: Boo, Shhh, it was apple juice! ;) we just won't tell that to Barney, the only buzz he got was when that fly kept flying around his ear.
I never saw a tool belt used that way before,
what's Asa going to do with all those dollar bills he got? I thought that pocket was suppose to hold his nails....

As for those burgers..I like 'em hard, but I think Maude burnt them to a crisp..But I hear that burnt burgers gives ya a good singing voice.
Who said that? I think I'll ask Johnnie Paul Jason, if chewing tar is good for your teeth burnt burgers HAS to be good for your singing voice.

Ernest T's rendering of Old Aunt Mirah was pretty good, Only if he would learn how to enter a room he might have a chance with Romeena, if not he better watch out, the story on the street is that Romeena is pack'in and I don't mean a bag of samiches! I'm just say'in...not starting rumors or anything.

That Lydia, I really think she was doing some chit-chating (I always thought she didn't like to chit-chat) I guess a party at O'Malleys will bring the chit-chat out of the best of 'em...

I think I'll go and soak my feet again, Sally plum wore me out with all that dance'in and I don't even dance...Wonder what causes that?

How many bananas did Floyd eat last night? You would have thought he would have eaten some of Howards spagetti with the "secret" ingredent in it. What was that green stuff in the sauce? Good thing every one ate first! Seems like the party really got rolling after that, I'm just say'in. I guess everyone just liked Howard's spagetti, that's what I'm thinkin!


December 23, 2012 - Msg 91668: good morning porch. prayers for all in we are having family get togetherhen half way thru i will visit the flower ladies machine. i wonder if they will buy national over croded in livin g room day? and mdc birth day may have missed christmas bt my oldest daughter was born on christmas day. how about watching andy episode about ben weavers christmas. catch you later. pappa bearut u

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91669:
We'll deputize the whole lot! (:

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91670: its cold and a cold wind. anyone want to help me paint the outside of the house and green picket fence today? when my guests arrive today expecting to eat and open presents i think i will hand them a gift wrapped paint brush and a gallon of paint. ha. or maybe spagetti from clara, howard gomer special recxiepe. i bet andy didnt want any spagetti for six months. ha. pappa bear

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91671: sounds like i know how to throw a party eh? pappa bear

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91672: Evening porch! Just thought I would rock for afew minutes.
It's raining again and chilly on my end of the porch.

Spent the afternoon getting some food ready for Christmas Eve. I made a cheese ball, sausage balls, some dip for crackers and some savory crackers as well. I have my ham ready for sandwhiches, chicken salad, chips, dip for chips.
Also a pumpkin pie, a berry pie and cookies. Soo if anybody wants to drop my you are welcome at Ole Maude's.

Good to see everyone, hey to pappardelle bear, G -F, Asa, MDC, BOO, SPOT, Sterling and all.

Prayers for my pastor. He was finishing up his sermon this morning and passed out. Apparently his blood sugary bottomed out and down he went. He wasn't feeling well to begin with as the creeping crud is running rampant in our church. Lots of our regular folks sick today.

Prayers all around.

Big Maude

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91673: Good evening, porch! Just finished reading, and it looks like everyone has been having a really good time while I was gone. I missed Asa and his tool belt routine. Wonder if he'll do an encore? I missed pappa bear's party too, and it sounds like it was a humdinger.

Sterling, your animation is very nice! How did you do that?? Your education was worth every penny.

Floyd, your family's Christmas Card, as always, is awesome. Thank you, and thank you for fixing our glitches, and for everything else that you do.

Big Maude, I'm sure someone in the church knew what to do for the pastor when he lost consciousness. Just for the record, for anyone here who might not know - when a diabetic passes out like that, or even is just behaving strangely and can't seem to think straight, they need sugar! It's also remotely possible that their sugar level is too high, but don't let that stop you from giving them some sugar. High sugar levels come on gradually, and rarely result in a sudden reaction like that, and even if that is the case, a little more sugar won't hurt, it's not immediately life-threatening. Low blood sugar can be! The thing to do is get something sweet into them ASAP. If they're conscious, give them a sweet soda or some fruit juice. If they're not, turn their head to one side and put some straight sugar into their mouth, into a cheek pocket if you can. Absorption will start immediately, and you should see improvement in a couple of minutes. If a blood-sugar device is available, check their sugar level immediately, and again about ten minutes after giving them the sugar. If it's still below 70, give them another spoonful of sugar, or more of the juice or soda, and check again in another ten minutes. You want it above 70, and holding there. It will probably get up over 100 after the sweet stuff, but that's okay. Nobody ever died directly because of a high sugar level, unless it was off the charts, like over 600, and even then it isn't immediate. However, people can die in a few minutes when their sugar goes low enough. Under 30 will barely sustain life, and then not for long without brain damage. All of my family knows what to do for me, including my young grandsons. Well, not the five-year-old, but the rest of them do.

Eloise and I had a wonderful time in Fredericksburg, saw little Trip (5 yrs old) in his Christmas program, then saw my 18 yr old grandson in a musical play presented by the Fredericksburg Theater Company. Folks, that boy can sing!! It was a tribute to the 40s, the Big Band era, and it was just wonderful. I was so proud of him. He had a couple of duet parts, and a solo, and was in the back-up for every other song. He did a great job, and I was so proud of him. We had a lot of fun, laughed until our sides were sore at the antics of the kids - all the grandkids are fun, and funny, and just a joy to be around. Good kids, no pouting or teenage snottiness, just fun to be with. God is so good.

We got home last night, then this morning, Eloise and Jerry and I went to church with David and Brittney and witnessed the baptism of both Landry and Hudson. Both had made a profession of faith a few weeks ago, and have been counseled both by their parents and by the pastor, and they were ready for baptism. I have never had a prouder moment. Again, God is good.

Blessings, all, and Merry Christmas!! --Romeena

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91674: Blessings!

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91675: Hi porch friends! Just wanted to stop by to wish everybody merry Christmas and Happy new Year!God Bless you all!-ky girl

December 23, 2012 - Msg 91676: Wow! I am so happy for you and your family, Ro. Very happy to hear about Landry and Hudson's baptism.

Glad you had a good time in Fredricksburg, too. :) Very good advice about how to help diabetics with dangerously low blood sugar.

Its been a good day...preachin', out to eat at my favorite little cafe, and then a drive in the country with Bruce. When I got home, I worked on some food for Christmas so i can just heat up somethings and not have so much work to do tomorrow. Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve already!