January 01, 2013 - Msg 91814: Happy 2013 Porch family!! Hope everyone has a wonderful safe and prosperous year! Love and prayers to you all-Salty Dog

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91815: Happy New Year folks!

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91816: I hope all have a wonderful 2013. -- Floyd

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91817: Sorry for all the posts but I was making sure the "archives" were reset for the new 2013 entries. Folks...this is the 13th year for the "new" front porch here at tagsrwc.com. The 13th year really starts in May but wow...13 years! That's BIG!

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91818: Thanks, Floyd...Happy New Year to you and your's, friend! :)

Well, its after midnight and wanted to drop in to say Happy New Year to my porch family. Hope your evening was wonderful. We had such fun with some of our friends! It was just great. Only had a handful and it was just right. We stuffed ourselves with lasagna and apple pie, played a game of pictionary and I laughed so hard I nearly had a "urinary accident"! Boy, it was just one of those evening that you laugh and laugh...such funny stories told and great fellowship with some of my favorite people. Wish you all could have been here, too...that would have made it just perfect. :)


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91819: Happy New Year all.
Thanks for all you do in keeping the porch alive and well Floyd.

Hey Salty Dog. Glad to read your Dad is getting stronger. I had to lol at your gravy / pumpkin pie analogy. That pretty much described mine. :)

Anyone watching the T.Z. marathon on SciFi? Lots of Mayberry characters on those shows. Fun to watch.

Boo, you crack me up. I'm glad you had such a good night and was able to laugh without restraint.

Well my prayers for each and everyone of you this new year. May His spirit be with us, and may we live our lives in such a manner that will welcome it.


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91820: Amen, Asa. :)

I watched some of the TZ marathon. I wish they would do another one of those TAGS marathons like they used to do on TBS or WGN (forget which)...they used to show TAGS for 24 hours straight.


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91821:
Morning porch family....rainy here in SC on this New Year Day.

Floyd.....13 years....wow...thanks for giving us a place we can unwind and be with special friends!

Love and prayers

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91822: Good morning, porch! And it is a good morning. It's chilly, gray and rainy here, but it's still a good morning. "This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." These gray and rainy days now will lead to warm and sunny days with lots of flowers in a short time.

My trees are full of birds. No leaves, so every bird is visible. Squirrels too, but right now I'm amazed at the number of fat, fluffed up doves. There must be at least two dozen, maybe more. I see they've eaten all the corn I put out, so will put out some more. They loved that cracked corn! I think I've got some sunflower seed as well. I'll put some of that out and see if I can attract some cardinals. I know it will bring the squirrels! I'm going to have to put more crushed granite down between the stones on the pathway. It lasts less than two years, and I finally figured out where it goes. The birds, especially pigeons, eat it! I saw a big flock of them one day, just working that pathway over. Apparently they eat the crushed granite, and it lodges in their gizzards, where it grinds up the seeds they eat. Who knew? Amazing!

Well, better get my black-eyed peas to cooking. I bought fresh-shelled ones, not dried, so they'll cook in a couple of hours. Just realized I only have a little bit of milk, so will have to find a convenience store that's open and get some more. I'll need it for the cornbread. Or - I can use buttermilk (I always have that on hand) and add a dash of soda. Yeah, that'll work! Good, now I don't have to leave the house.

Blessings and peace be with each of you in this new year. I'm so grateful for your friendship. --Romeena

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91823: You making Hoppin' John, Ro?? Save me some!

Happy New Year's, Y'all! May 2013 be a wonderful year full of blessings for us all.

possum ON TOP of a rock

(You see THAT, Goober-Fife??) Ha ha

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91824: "Big Daddy loves his hoppin' john!"...(name that movie).

Our weather sounds like your's, Ro, and I love it!

Happy New Year, Possum. :)

I to got bed around 2am, woke up at 7-something, went back to bed and slept till nearly 12! I feel like a spring chicken! ;) well...sort of. I think I will begin to tackle the christmas decorations...ug.

I am just now having my raisin bran and first cup of coffee and we'll see what I feel like doing after that. No big plans for new year's day. We will not be eating hoppin' john, but leftover lasagna. :)


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91825: Possum, I caught that! Good on ya, I hope 2013 will be a better one than "12" for all of us..

There you guys go again this year talking about that John guy hoppin' aroung all over the place. He must have been some kin to Ernest T Bass with all that hoppin' around..
No wonder you have to make him something to eat,
a guy can get pretty hungry doing all that hopping, just ask Barney when he was giving Otis his soberiety test. haha..

I thought last year that dish sounded good so I'll put it on my cooking bucket list for 2013.
(Maybe Asa & I can join forces and make ya'll some?)Ok, I know what you all are thinking...A guy from Ohio & a guy from Utah yea, that'll work!
We just may suprise ya, "back-off man",we watch the FOOD Channel!..haha
But for this New Years I have to stick with the saurkraut thing :(

Happy New Year from "Goober the Fife"

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91826: I Forgot...Boo? Woke up like a "Spring Chicken?" That must have been some "Amazing" lasagna you made yesterday! ;)....

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91827: And another thing...Good luck to SPOT & REV on the bowl game today, Georgia Bulldogs. Bet SPOT's Doghouse is jumpin' today....

January 01, 2013 - Msg 91828: Hot diggity dog, Y'all are gonna be proud of me. I threw some taters in the oven to bake and thought I'd sure like to try some kind of appetizer to feed folks. So I got on youtube and typed in "deviled eggs" and got a lot of good ideas. So I just made up a batch, mixed in some mayo, mustard, dill weed, and someones secret ingredient, a pinch of sugar. Topped em off with some paprika. Well I tried one and by golly I gotta say I like em. :) I hope the kids do. I know, for you real cooks this is a yawner, but for me I feel like I just threw the winning touchdown in the superbowl. Well maybe not that good, but pretty darn fine. :)

Boo, you still feeling spring chickenish this afternoon, or was that just a morning phenomenon?

G-F. Yea buddy. Lets hook up and fix some of them hoppin johns. I'm king of the kitchen right now. :)


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91829: I didn't feel that "amazing" G-F. I think that spring chicken thing was a morning phenomenon, like Asa said. I will now navigate myself to the couch for a snooze...

Oh, and I am very proud of you for venturing into some culinary exploration, Asa. Congratulations on your achievment!


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91830: Atta boy Asa! EGGactillioso! knew ya had it in ya! Before ya know it you will be having a cookin' show via that Skyp thing....REV & SPOT are happy campers now that their Dogs won.

Boo, Since the "left-over" lasagna didn't work for you maybe ya should have gone with the "Hoppin John" and it could have had ya hoppin' all day? Maybe the lasagna only works on the day it's made?

Romeenna, I think the word is out...You're wildlife are audition'n for the Jay Leno Show! You better get that Video camera back out...


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91831: Hey Asa, Click on this link ya can't go wrong! (Maybe only on the pickles)....


January 01, 2013 - Msg 91832:
Happy New Year to all! May the Lord be with us every step of the way!
Well, today is also the 150th Annv. of the Emancipation Proclamation!! I'm sure that G-F can tell us what THAT was all about! ha
Or you can check out Barn's explanation:
Prayers for all, love ya,

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91833: Why don't you tell us about the Emancipation Proclamation, MDC?...heehee

I had one of those Mayberry things happen yesterday in Walmart and I thought of you all. I was in the produce section when I spotted this man...not just some ordinary man, but a very good-looking cowboy of a man. My eyes wanted to "peruse" the man, but my Lord whispered, "No, no.."..and what do you think my mental reply was? That's right..."Aw, can't I even look at the purdy man?". No kidding, that was the first thing that came to mind! HAHA I quickly moved on to the ground meat section to peruse that.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Day!


January 02, 2013 - Msg 91834:
Howdy porch family....late here on this end of the porch but wanted to check in real quick before hitting the sack.

Asa....man you've become a full fledged chef now:) They sound good.

G-F....I'm a Falcon and Braves fan with Spot but when it comes to college I'm a Gamec@ck.....By the way we whipped those Dogs again this year...just don't tell Spot...lol But I was pulling for them in the bowl game. My Gamec@cks won their bowl game today as well. Hey did you enjoy your sauerkraut and sausage tonight?

Boo...you are too funny.

Well it's night night time
Love and prayers

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91835: Happy New Year everyone! Asa your deviled eggs sound good, I haven't made them since Easter. I like to add a little horseradish to mine and sweet pickle relish. Big Maude I plan on heading to Rogersville in the Spring, I''m getting a little 'homesick'.

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91836:
HI all! Well, leave it to the DC crowd to "avoid" one fiscal cliff, but create three more in the process!!! Geesh, I'm hoppin' mad at the whole lot of 'em! I already wrote about 10 of them. Hope no black SUVs show up at my house! ha Well, I guess I'll just take Asa's advice,and pull down my pants and slide on the ice! ha (prayin' the whole time, of course)
YUP, REV, good game yesterday.
Well, AZ Cards are cleaning house. Will be interesting to see how the dust finally settles.
BOO- too funny! I could comment on that last part, but I aint gonna touch it! haha
God bless,

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91837:
Question: For those of you who may have looked at the youtube clip of Barney, what is that object mounted on the wall next to the light switch just as Barn opens the back door?? Any thoughts? Thx,

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91838: Good morning, porch! I was up until after three last night, and slept straight through until almost eleven! I had David and Brittney and the boys, and Brittney's sister and her family, and Eloise's husband, Jerry, here most of the day. Eloise didn't get here until after ten last night. Her brother in Amarillo had a stroke, and she had been out there. The flights were all messed up due to a broken plane, so she was several hours late getting out of there. Anyway, we had a good meal around two, with sausage and chicken legs done on the grill by David, and I had cooked blackeyed peas and rice (yes, hoppin' John!) and made mac and cheese and cornbread, and we all had a good meal.

Then David became concerned because the ice dispenser on my fridge wasn't working. It has been on the fritz for a week or so, but I didn't mention it to him. I wanted him to just relax and have a peaceful day. It's kinda hard not to notice though, when the ice is sitting in the sink in a big old bowl. So, he and Jerry (Frick and Frack) went to work. They pulled both motherboards out of the thing (I didn't even know a fridge had motherboards, but they do - two of them, a big one and a little one.) Jerry had his voltage meter with him, so they checked it out and determined the problem was with the bigger one. David ordered the part online, and will come back and install it when it arrives. Saved me probably $250 in a service call. What would I do without that boy? Anyway, all of that took a long time, thus I was up very late, but no complaints here!

MDC, to answer your question - I'm about 95% sure the object in question is a match dispenser. Most households in my childhood had one, and always in the kitchen. Most of the stoves were gas, and the pilot lights didn't work half the time. A box of big "kitchen matches" would be placed inside that metal box, and the cover pulled up slightly so that the matches could be accessed at the bottom. If you'll notice, there's an open area along the side of the object. This gave access to the strike area that's found on the side of the match box. My stars! I had never noticed that thing, and boy, does it bring back memories. I haven't seen one of those match holders in many years. I'm going to watch at flea markets, and if I find one, I'm going to buy it and put it in my kitchen! Thank you for alerting us to it.

Well, a friend is on her way over, bringing her little dog for a playdate with Toye Starr, who will not be terribly impressed. Unless it's one of the family dogs, she views any canine visitors as interlopers and will probably attach herself to my ankle and give him the big freeze. Brat.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91839: Yep, MDC I concur with Romeena it being a match dispencer. We had like it filled with "Ohio Blue Tip" matches. It was right next to the "salt box" Mom had.

Hey Toyre Starr....."INTERLOPERS"...**BIG FREEZE** Tell Mom just don't blow the whistle or you will attack!! Get em' Blue.....G-F

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91840: That's right, G-F. Trust me, you really don't want to be attacked by Toye Starr. She'll bite your toe right off! Uh, well, she'd nip at it, anyway.

I think it was great that the set designers actually put that match dispenser in the Taylor's kitchen. It would have been more authentic if it had been near the stove, rather than by the back door, but since the stove is very rarely seen on the show, and you never see the wall that is presumably behind it, I suppose there was nowhere to put the thing. Anyway, thanks for the memory! --Romeena

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91841: I never cease to be surprised at the resourcefulness and adaptations of nature. I have (cover your eyes, Asa, for this part) a bat house on top of a pole in my back yard. I never got any bats in it, I'm sorry to say, but it's still there. It's open at the bottom, and otherwise solid-walled, except for some very narrow slits here and there - for ventilation, I presume. Over the years squirrels have investigated it thoroughly, but found it unsuitable for nesting, since it has no floor. Well, things have changed. There's a tall, skinny juniper growing just a couple of feet away, one of those pencil-thin junipers that grow into a tall spire and are such lovely accents in the landscape. Somehow, in a windstorm or something, one of the upward-growing limbs on the juniper has gotten snagged on the bat house, and is growing up inside of it. It would be easy to bend the tree over a bit and dislodge the limb, but I'm not going to do it. A mama squirrel was really investigating it just now, left and returned, so I think she's interested. With that limb growing slantwise across the interior of the box, she should be able to haul enough trash in there to make a very suitable nest. She's welcome to it. Who would have thought, when Joe and I planted that little six-foot juniper several years ago, that it would grow to be nearly twenty feet tall, and would provide the foundation for a squirrel nest in a bat house? Weird! Nature is quirky, and I love that.

Well, my friend has come and gone, taking with her my collection of "The Carol Burnett Show" DVDs. She'll treat them kindly, and will return them. Her little canine companion, Newman, and Toye Starr mostly just eyed each other, and to our great surprise, they "traded Moms" for much of the duration of the visit. Newman came and sat in my lap, and Toye Starr just looked a little offended and went and cuddled up with Beverly. Newman is an adorable little cream-colored Chihuahua mix, very calm and laid back, and very affectionate. Bev got him at the shelter, and she really won the prize. He's a great little guy, and looked very dashing in a navy turtleneck sweater! In over-all size, he doesn't look that much bigger than Toye Starr, but he's solid as a rock, and weighs about ten pounds. Very nice little dog.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91842: Evening porch, what a day back to work! Busy,

Stopped on the way home and brought home a 6 inch subway Sandwhiches. I am home alone (except for Belle) so I thought that was a good and easy supper. Now, I will pull out my work laptop and catch up on some work paperwork.

Hey, Frankie come on home in the spring. The big city of Rogersville will be happy to see you!

Ya'll be have now ya hear.

Big Maude

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91843:
Howdy porch family.....been a really nice day here today. Got a lot done and packed for my up coming tour.

MDC....you mentioned your Cards cleaning house....I think a lot of that is going on around the league (baseball and football). Come to think of it....wish that would happen in the White House:)

Maude....I like Subway as well, but I have started getting my sub on their flat bread....it is really good.

Ro....I remember my grandmother had a match dispenser next to her stove as well. I was just a little fellow. I had forgotten all about that...wow...good memories.

G-F...."Toye Starr the attack dog".....yea right...lol.....now she might kiss you to death....but attack....don't think so:)

Well gang you all have a good night and be sure to give Jesus a big hug tonight in your prayers!
Love and prayers

January 02, 2013 - Msg 91844:
Thanks for the explanation of the "thing" by the back door.
I cant recall us ever having one in my childhood home, but since i now know what it is i looked it up and found this website, so RO, feast your eyes! They are a bit pricey, but neat to see.

MAUDE, your "busy" reminded me of barn's "busy, busy, busy" comment when Andy caught him sleeping in the back room! ha Hope your boss didnt hide your shoes! ha
So how was the new year's eve party at O'Malleys?

If anyone has PH's email, could you drop him a line, he usually checks in more than he has lately. Thanks.
REV- all the best for a great Jesus filled trip!!!
Pax et bonum,

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91845: MDC, I'd never noticed the matchbox holder on the wall either, but I'll be looking for it in the b and w eps from now on.My parents still have one sitting on their mantle. I guess in the colored ones when the back door moved, so did the matchbox holder. Asa, deviled eggs sound good. But around here we cant have a dinner without em. I like to throw a handful of bacon bits into mine before filling them. Speaking of cooking, a dear internet friend of mine from Louisiana sent me a true cajun cookbook. And I cant wait to dive into that for some new recipes. If I start talking like they do on swamp people just overlook it.

Lol at toy starr attacking, thats too cute. My lil girl will growl like she's big and bad, and wag her tail at the same time. Guess I better go get some supper rustled up. Ya'll have a good afternoon--Salty Dog

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91846:
"Barney, you're gettin' all steamed up over this. Why don't you just
take the rest of the day off? Go on over to the drug store and have a nice
lunch. The business man's special is a hollered out tomato stuffed with
avacoder and raisins. It's good too! Then top things off with a lemon
phosphate and you're right in business... Take a walk on over to the Grand,
watch 'em change the marquee... Well you always enjoyed that!"

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91847: Good afternoon, folks! MDC, thanks for that trip down memory lane. Some of those match holders looked very familiar. Ours was cream-colored, as I recall, and had little flowers stenciled on it. I'm definitely going to warch for one at garage sales and flea markets. I want one!

Oh yes, Toye Starr thinks she's a Rottweiler. My kids will call me when they're coming over, so they don't take me by surprise, but Starr doesn't get the memo. So, when the garage door goes up and she hears noise at the kitchen door, you should see her. She jumps up, growling deep in her tiny chest, and walks all stiff-legged toward the door, little hips squared off and chest pushed forward, for all the world as if she was going to just rip somebody's throat out. Never mind that she's 7 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder. By standing on her tippy-toes, she can put her front paws on my knee, but it's a stretch. It's just hilarious. On the occasions when the alarm has been tripped, she's my biggest concern. She's trying to get in front of me, barking and growling. If there was an intruder there, they would just kick her in the head, like a burglar did to my friend's little beagle. So, I've decided the next time there's an alert, I'm going to toss her in the closet and shut the door, for her own protection. Attack dog? She thinks so!

Well, gotta run. Blessings, friends. Oh, I'll email PH. It's not like him to stay away this long. --Romeena

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91848: Fairly quiet day here on the porch. I have just been hanging around the house doing laundry, mostly. It has been very cool here all day and I have a fire going in the fireplace.

Getting ready to start fixing some supper. Bruce had to go to his mom's house to help her figure out (again) how to send an email. She has to be shown over and over due to her dementia but she is so hearing impaired that it is hard to communicate with her on the phone. If she was able to use email it would be so helpful. She has been mad at poor Bruce again and he is working on detaching himself, emotionally from the situation. When she gets out of hand, he just excuses himself and leaves. SIL is not giving up the fight easily. the BIG FREEZE is making her mad. She is talking about moving down here to our area and that will be a really bad thing. She is sending emails to Bruce's brother trying to cause trouble, warning that she "knows things about us" and threatening to "tell". I guess it doesn't get more immature than that. If she is set on revenge, though, she will try. I don't have any skeletons in my closet but she will make some up if she has to. I will continue with the big freeze and leave it in the Lord's hands. She does this sort of thing to people for revenge. She did it recently to her son's in-laws. Talk about leaving a trail of destruction. I want to forget about it and never think about it again, but I know it is going to rear it head now and then since she is a family member.

I have all the decorations packed up and just need someone to carry them upstairs to store them. It feels good to have the place clutter-free.


January 03, 2013 - Msg 91849: Good Thursday evening porch! Just having a sit and rock spell. Even though I will of only worked 2 1/2 days this week, I feel like it has been a loooong week. I will be ready for the week end.

BOO: remember the Big Freeze. Stick to your guns about that.

Beth comes home tomorrow night. Hopefully, she has had a god week and enjoyed her college youth conference and time away.

Lets have a snack: warm chocolate brownies and ice cold milk.

Big Maude

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91850: Hey Asa... Make us some food!..


January 03, 2013 - Msg 91851: Thanks, Maude. I am sticking to my guns.


January 03, 2013 - Msg 91852: Where'd you get that video of Asa, #91850??


January 03, 2013 - Msg 91853: Good evening, porch. I sent an email to PH. Hope he responds soon. It's not like him to stay away so long.

Boo, it must be terribly hard to stick with the freeze, especially with your SIL trying to involve other family members. We all know that you're doing the right thing. However, if it comes to the point where you can't continue, and you have to confront her, do not do it without witnesses. Lots of them. If she persists in her threats to "tell", you may have to just sit her down in the presence of those to whom she's threatening to tell her tale, and just invite her to go ahead. In other words, put up or shut up. "You have something you want to tell about us, so tell it." She will, of course, stammer around and try to make something up, but she won't fool anyone. Prayers for you and Bruce, my friend.

Incidentally, Bruce is doing the very best thing, by just removing himself from the situation when his mom gets out of hand. My dad never got abusive, but sometimes I'd see his frustration level rising when he couldn't understand something I was trying to explain, like how to use the remote for his TV. So, before he got too upset, I'd just tell him I needed to take care of something, and would leave. Maybe I'd just go stand outside for a few minutes, or sometimes I'd actually go home, but I always contacted him in a short time, made no mention of the situation, and he would be fine. Dementia from any cause is so frustrating for the caregivers, because reason is gone, and the normal connections with the person are often broken. I can remember looking into my dad's eyes, and I couldn't see "him" there, just an emptiness. Then, at times, there would be a shift and there he would be. It was in those moments that we could connect, converse, share a joke or a memory, like old times. It was well and truly said that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. Got PT in the morning, so have to get up fairly early. Toye Starr and I tend to stay up late and sleep late, but not on PT mornings. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 03, 2013 - Msg 91854:
AUH20--saw your FB pic of the snow on the gas grill! wow! Thank God for Phx, AZ! haha
Ya all have a great evening. I invited an FB friend to stop by here, so if she does, ya all act like somebody and be nice to her! thx.

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91855: Ro, I am finding it easier to stick with the big freeze than to get involved with her drama. I have a feeling I know what she might be thinking...I think I mentioned this...about 5 years ago, she was in our home sitting with the kids while Bruce and I went somewhere, and she read some of my private email while she was there. She read some correspondance between my friend Keith (the friend who shared the drub rehab ministry with me) and I, which was perfectly innocent and above board, but her sick mind contrived some sort of nonsense about us having an affair (ridiculous) and she said something to my mother in law about it. Well, telling my mother in law something is like putting it in the paper. When it got back to me, via Bruce, I can't even tell you how I felt. If you have ever been a victim of malicious gossip, you have an idea. I set them straight, but with minds like that, you never really know if they believe the truth or prefer to believe a lie. That is something I have learned about these two individuals, they don't like me so they prefer to believe the lie. It makes them feel better about themselves. Yes, there are really people like that out there...petty, jealous, unloving individuals. It took me awhile to really understand it and stop making excuses for them, but it is what it is. Sister in law, Vicki is jealous of anyone that is doing well in life. She and her ex-husband were always in a mess and expecting everyone to bail them out of everything. Because Bruce has done well in life and been a good person, they absolutley couldn't stand him for it. I have seen this in action for over 20 years. Some of the vile things that used to get back to us that they had said about us were so ugly. I used to just drive myself crazy trying to figure out why they would do such things but now I know it is what they are and it has nothing to do with me. I can let all of that go. Its not my problem and it never was. Its a good feeling to finally come to that point and be able to move on. I trust the Lord and pray against malicious gossip and threats. I try to keep in mind that when you are on the right path and you love the Lord, you will have problems with people who are bent on destruction. Jesus said it himself, beware when all men speak well of you...

Well, woke up with a cough and congestion but feel fine otherwise. Hope it stays that way...St. Susan and I have to take mom for a dr's appointment this morning and that is a task in itself. With mom's phobia about getting out of the house and falling it isn't easy. She needs to go, though, poor thing.

Better finish the coffee and get moving.


January 04, 2013 - Msg 91856: Boo, Have Asa make ya some breakfast..haha #91850 G-F

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91857: Well I dunno G-F. I think the monkey can outshine me in the kitchen. lol

Hang in there Boo. You are doing the right thing by giving her the freeze. I'm sure she will amp up her tactics to try and get you to bite, but once she realises you're not gonna play, it will take all the fun out of it and she'll move on to where she can get a response. I have known people like that. Haven't a clue what makes the tick, and have gotten to the point I really don't care. Life is to short to be involved in such childishness.

MDC, I thought y'all was gonna get Andy Reid, but it looks like he may become one of John Masrers fellers in Kansas City. I may be wrong, but I thought Bidwell was to quick to pull the plug on Whisenhut. Yes, they had a miserable season, and yes, he has not done well in finding a replacement for Warner, but I think he's a good coach. But whatta I know? :)
Salty Dog, sure nice to see you posting more. Hope your Dad is still improving.


January 04, 2013 - Msg 91858: Good morning, porch! It's chilly here, at 41, but it predicted to get colder, with rain and freezing for later in the day. Our little group is supposed to lay bunco tonight - don't know, we might move it to next Friday. I'm not afraid of it, but a couple of the women are, and wouldn't leave their homes if there was a hint of ice. Whatever - I'll vote with the majority, doesn't matter to me.

Boo, you are doing exactly the right thing. I'm not advocating confronting her, not at all. The freeze is the way to go. I'm just saying to be prepared, and be ready to invite her to do her worst, if she should start her little "I know something" song in front of a group. Alone, just walk away from her. Do the same in a group as long as you can, but know that you can call her hand at any point and leave her looking like an idiot. You don't have to deny or disprove anything she says. The lie will sound like exactly what it is - a lie. You can just tell her you won't dignify the lie with an argument, and tell the group that anyone who wishes to believe her is free to do so. Then walk away. The only supporters she'll find are people just like her (MIL), and who cares what they think? And - of course neither she nor your MIL actually believe any of that, they only wish it were true. As you said, it would make them feel better about themselves, but in their hearts, they know it's a lie. Poor things.

Well, gotta run. I'm off to PT - haven't been in nearly two weeks, guess I'd better go. Blessings, all! --Romeena

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91859: Good points, Asa and Ro. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

It is pretty chilly here, too for the third day in a row. I am enjoying it but I have to say I am realizing it must be hard for folks in the north who have freezing temps week after week. I feel like my feet have been cold for days. I have been putting the heating pad on them when I go to bed at night (always remembering to turn it off before I go to sleep, of course).


January 04, 2013 - Msg 91860: Hey, Boo. Have you tried one of those grain-filled bags that you heat in the microwave? I have a couple of them and they're wonderful. I made little flannel "nightshirts" for mine - softer, removable and washable. Anyway, with those bags, you don't have to remember to turn anything off, and you can burrow your toes into them, very cozy. Toye Starr enjoys it too.

PT was rough today. Arthritis is camped in every joint and just won't move out. The guys got me moving pretty well though, and it does make it less painful. Again, I'm so grateful that it's just the annoying kind, not the crippling rheumatoid variety.

I've got the plumber coming this afternoon. I went into the front hall bathroom yesterday to run some water in the sink and tub. The P-traps dry out and sewer gas can get into the house if I don't do that every week or so, since that bathroom is only used when I have guests. In the tub, I saw evidence that dirty water had backed up in it. That means there's a partial blockage in the line going to the street, so when I shower in my bathroom on the back of the house, it backs up into the tub. This happens about once a year, and I just call Mark and he comes and routs that line out. It's little roots that make their way in through tiny cracks in the pipe, and then just go wild and make big old tangles. The only permanent fix is to replace the whole line, or push PVC through the existing pipe. Either way, it would cost about $1100, according to Mark, and would make a terrible mess in my yard. There's a big flowerbed sitting right over the path of that line. So, at $85 about once a year, I'm going to just keep cleaning it out when it needs it. That was Mark's suggestion too. As he said, "I can take a big chunk of your money and tear your yard to shreds, or I can keep coming out to visit once a year for $85 and we're both happy." Good man, that Mark.

The squirrels are having a big old hoedown in my back yard! I never saw such antics. They are so agile and acrobatic, I just love watching them. I've counted six, but there may be more. They're hard to count when they're dashing around everywhere. I've got tulip bulbs to plant, and this year, to keep my little fuzzy friends out of them, I think I'm going to try sprinkling cayenne pepper on the ground where I plant them. I'll let you know if it works - I've heard that it does.

Well, I'm off to find some lunch. Got some interesting leftovers in the fridge, so it shouldn't be too hard. Blessings! --Romeena

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91861:
BOO- reminds me of a TAGS episode...hmmm,what was that now... ha

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91862:
RO-yes I saw on the news of big freeze over texas. Be careful out there.
ASA-lots of local stuff regarding Wiz that didnt make national news. He really had a meltdown this season. But the owners werent quick enuf to grab Reid whiltst they could. Now they are looking at Denver's McCoy. The plot thickens.
God's blessings,

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91863: Well Boo, Look at it this way..Us up North can take the cold, and you guys down South can take the heat...So I guess if ya live ON the M/D line you're just right I guess...Just a thought too, maybe send the inlaws out to Auh2o's neck of the woods and they canexperiance a real "BIG FREEZE"!
I'm sure he can find a summer cabin out in the boonies that nobody uses until summertime. Problem solved!...


Somebody send me some VICK'S, my head is about to explode! ( A Big blast of air..)

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91864: VICKS...its about time somebody said it.


January 04, 2013 - Msg 91865: Happy Friday porch! Went tonworknthis morning,, the to the dreaded Wal Mart, then home. Been mopping, vacuuming, washing clothes and even ironed a couple shirts .

It's 4 pm now so I just sat down and found aTAGS on TV Land! A Feud is a Feud! Love that episode.

Supper is going to be: baked spaghetti, salad and bread sticks. Come over and get some.

BOO: how is Sean doing? I have been wondering about him.

Prayers and blessings.

Big Maude

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91866: Big Maude...Just watch out for the Wal-Martians you never know just what ya might run into..G-F.

VICKS!! HELP!!....

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91867: Sean seems to be doing better, thanks Maude. He is still have a stomach ache everyday but not all day anymore and still some anxiety but not what it was a few weeks ago. :) I'll be over for the spaghetti...save me some...


January 04, 2013 - Msg 91868: Well happy New Late New Year Porch.just been working here..yall on FB check out new profile pic...went to a new years day Mug Bogg....big deal aroung the redneck parts....raining and a mess!...Hey Maude,Romeena,Rev,Boo,Mdc,possum...gona get mid 50"s here tomorrow..hey G-F,asa and all....here at work till 6am...slow right now...fixing to on pay some bills...back when I read the archives....prayers,,,SPOT

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91869:
Hello gang.....made down to the Tampa area safely. Get a little rest tomorrow before kicking off this tour. Think I'll start by putting on some TAGS dvds. Can't beat that:)

Love and prayers to all my porch family!

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91870:
Oopps..."Made it down to the Tampa.... (Why is it you always see mistakes after you post...lol)

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91871: Good evening, porch! Just got home from playing bunco, had a lot of fun, many laughs, great time with good friends. What a deal!

I heard from PH. He's okay, just been very busy with a project that has consumed all of his time and requires his concentration. He'll be back as soon as he can relax and be his usual self. I think he's just very, very tired.

Well, a small, fluffy white sprite is demanding my attention, so perhaps I'd better go cuddle her before she digs a hole in my knee with her tiny paws. I do love the little thing! --Romeena

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91872: Sweet dreams

January 04, 2013 - Msg 91873:
I was watching Perry Mason last night, and who should be on there but tags own Fed Boone and the undertaker, what's-his-name! Also, they used the name Remshaw throughout the show! So i got some tags and some Mason!
Gotta like Me-TV.

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91874: That's what I enjoy about the Twighlight Zone shows MDC. It's like a TAGS reunion seeing all them actors in different roles.

Boo, we are stuck in a temperature inversion here. Typical for this area this time of year, and it stinks! We have a large high pressure dome sitting over us, and it's like a lid on a pot. Being surrounded by mountains, all the cold air in the valley just sits here and freezes us. We have not had a day over 25 degree's all week, and the lows have been single digit. Along with all the cold, all the pollutants stick around also. So it gets nasty air. Our air quality right now is horrible. I hate the inversions. I don't mind regular winter weather, but I hate inversions!

Sorry you are delaing with arthritis Ro. I have a touch of that, and I know it will get worse as I get older. Oh well, all pert of life I reckon. With age comes wisdom, ..... and aches and pains. :)

Better get. Gotta take the Mrs. up for her monthly infusion. I plug in my TAGS dvd's in my portable player and watch them while she's getting "juiced" up. Usually takes an hour or so, so I get at least a couple of episodes in.

Be careful down there in Florida Rev. And have a good time.

Wildcard weekend is here. The 2nd season begins! :)


January 05, 2013 - Msg 91875: Happy Saturday porch, kinda a lazy Saturday for ole Maude.
Beth came home from her college youth conference lady night.
Said she had a good time.

I have a big ole crock pot of 15 bean soup with a ham bone and some chopped up spiral sliced ham. I am making some
Mexican corn bread to go with it. Ya'll plan on coming over for supper. Made some toll house cookies and some peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses on top last night so we can have those for dessert!

A beautiful sunny day here, not too cold.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91876: ASA-have you tried glucosamine-condroton? It helps me quite a bit.

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91877:
Maude, that sure sounds delicioso! I'll be there about 6! (:

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91878: Maude...Pretty stingy on the beans for the soup, only 15 beans? Hopefully ya put alot of ham in it, I'll just fill up on the cornbread & cookies!


January 05, 2013 - Msg 91879: Mercy sakes Maude, that sounds delicious. I just love ham and beans and cornbread.

I have not tried that glucosamine stuff MDC. It helps does it?

Watched a few TAGS while waiting for the wife including my favorite, "Man in a hurry". Great episode.


January 05, 2013 - Msg 91880: Sure does sound good, Maude. I made a big pot of beef veggie soup yesterday and simmered it for hours. Hot dog! it was good! I also made some sweet corn muffins. I am very glad I made it because I have the crud today..feeling kind of miserable with this cough and dragged-out feeling.

Asa, I watched some TAGS yesterday while I was making my soup and sitting in front of the fire. I saw the "Stranger in Town" ep.


January 05, 2013 - Msg 91881:
Howdy porch family....wow it was really warm here today in Florida. I was setting up and doing a sound check and had a sweat pop out.

Asa....yep I'm ready for the 2nd season to start with the Wildcard. Should be some good ones.

Maude....sure could use some of that soup here on the road. Think you could ship some UPS? And you can just dip the ham and broth for me cause G-F is going pout if he doesn't get a few of those 15 beans! :)

Boo...hope you're feeling better soon...Prayers

I better get going....You all have a good night.
Love and prayers

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91882: Boo, I'm sorry you're ailing. Get better soon. In regards to the "Stranger in town" episode, don't that stranger got one ear that kinda sticks out there aways? Just the one though. Wonder what causes that?

A sweat Rev? A sweat? Boy I won't see any of that stuff for a couple of months I reckon. We got up to a balmy 14 here today.

Sure been quiet on the porch today. Everyone must be eating Maudes beans. That means tomorrow will be noisy. :)

Well good news and bad news. Good news I tried making gravy tonight. The bad news.... it was terrible. I fried up a couple of hamburgers and then made a roux at least I can spell it right now), but it has a nasty "floury" taste to it. I took it easy with the flour this time. Just added water. Is that were I messed up? I was trying to do brown gravy. That's why I didn't add milk. Any thoughts cooks?


January 05, 2013 - Msg 91883:
Asa....I nearly spit my gum out when I read your post....."That maens tomorrow will be noisy"

January 05, 2013 - Msg 91884:
Hey Folks

Asa-Thanks for the heads-up concerning Maude's beans. I love to cook but gravy has never been one of my strong points. But, I've always done the 2 tablespoons of fat, 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 cup of liquid.

Romeena-Thanks for checking in on PH. I think of him, G-F, Tom and myself sharing a little bit of the same Porch, geographically that is.

Our winter has been very white and easy so far. I just checked the local ski resort and it says we've had 54 inches this season.

I'm gonna try something. I'm post a link to one of my facebook albums. If someone without FB could click on it, I think they'll be able to view the pictures even if they don't have a FB account. I think. The pictures are from our backyard.

Peace & Prayers,

January 06, 2013 - Msg 91885: Good evening my family, I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. I cracked up at the little rascals video that someone posted, then of course that lead to finding the one where spanky kept saying he wished cotton was a monkey that's just a classic right there. My hubby and I have said that to each other for years. Asa, I hope your cooking didn't wind you up swinging around on the ceiling fan. Calling for frozen mixed bag stuff tonight in other words, they dont know whats gonna happen. So hopefully we'll still get to go to preachin in the morning. Prayers for all the sickly ones tonight. My daddy is doing better, but still trying to do too much too soon. But he dont listen to nobody so what do you do? 15 bean soup sounds goood. Thats what we had on new years day. Better than just plain old black eyed peas. and I think it still counts since theres peas in the mix right? We finally finished up the last two dinners this weekend for the holidays. I think it either made 12 or 14 total since Thanksgiving. I'm going on a diet come Tuesday, cause Monday's no good anyways. Ya'll have a good evening and act like somebody and no pulling horse hairs outta yer suits at church! Love and prayers--Salty Dog

January 06, 2013 - Msg 91886: Asa, if the gravy tasted "floury" then you didn't cook the roux long enough. I always cook it, while stirring it for at least 2 minutes. Instead of using water in your gravy, try beef or chicken broth and if you don't have that, you can dissolve a couple of beef bullion cubes in a cup of water. Now that I am thinking of it, there used to be a gravy recipe on the Lipton onion soup box that I tried once and it was pretty good. Don't get discouraged, it takes trial and erro and plenty of practice. Auh2o has the ratio right. Use about equal parts of fat and flour...and here is a good tip for ya...got to www.pioneerwoman.com and do a search for her recipe for gravy. It is easy to follow and you can actually watch her make it.

Thanks for the prayers, REV. I am feeling a little better this evening.


January 06, 2013 - Msg 91887: Well, I take that back...there is not a video of the gravy-making on that site but the recipe is there.


January 06, 2013 - Msg 91888: Good evening, porch. Just got home from Eloise's house - she had cooked a pot roast and veggies and had the family over. Sure was good, and had a nice visit with David and Brittney, and of course, the boys. Good times.

auh2o, it was a good try, but it didn't work, at least not for me. I'm not on Facebook, so welcomed the chance, but it just took me to a site that asked me to log in. Sooner or later, I guess I'll have to give in and get on the thing, but I just haven't done it yet.

Asa, I'm not sure you could get a decent-tasting gravy from the drippings from a couple of burgers, especially not if you used water. You'd want to let that flour brown pretty well, or you will definitely get a "floury" taste, but with water? I doubt it will work. You could probably make a fairly decent milk gravy that way, though. When I make brown gravy, I do use water, but the whole process is different. You would have a lot of drippings in the pan, from a roast, and since it wouldn't all be fat, but would include juices from the meat, you wouldn't start with a roux. You would just shake some flour and water, or maybe corn starch and water, in a jar and slowly add it to the simmering liquid, stirring it in as you add it. It will slowly thicken the juices in the pan and you have brown gravy. Flour would give you a very opaque gravy, corn starch would make a somewhat clearer gravy, not quite so starchy-looking. No doubt about it, gravy is tough. Keep trying though, and one fine day it will turn out to be delicious, and you'll wonder why it was ever difficult.

REV, where in Florida are you? Anywhere near Mt. Dora? That's where my oldest son and his wife live, but I think I've told you that. You enjoy that beautiful weather, you hear?

I tell you, that David of mine is a treashuh. My fridge was on the fritz. It was making ice and everything, but the icemaker wouldn't dispense, and neither would the water. It was like the switch was just dead. David pulled the small motherboard that's in the door and tested it. OK. Then he pulled the main one that's on the back of the fridge, and it had a spot that didn't register on the voltage meter. (I don't understand much of this, but some of you probably do.) So, he ordered the board, it arrived today, and he came and installed it, and now it works perfectly. The board was $179. If I had called a repairman, he would have added at least 50% to the cost of the part, then added labor charges, so David probably saved me about $200-$250. Bless his sweet little heart!

Well, guess I'll turn in. Preachin' at 9:15, and I plan to be there. Gotta find my dangly earrings, though. --Romeena