January 15, 2013 - Msg 92044: Boy Ro, that description of the cat and the sprinklers really made me smile. hehe


January 15, 2013 - Msg 92045: Clean sweep! :) I thought I should sweep of some of the snow that is blowing up on the porch.


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92046:
RO- I love the promos for PM. The lady screaming from the witness stand...I don't know! ha
Maude (and all) we actually had some black ice on our roads today. Very unusual for this area, but tonight is our 5th night in a row with freezing temps, some peoples water pipes bursting etc. One guy turning into a dealership slid and hit a $70,000 corvette! ouch!
Good sweep Boo, especially in your condition! ha
Glad things are better for Sean. How did Erin like the concert?
God bless,

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92047: Morning gang...still rain here in Ga...good sweep boo...ok....back in just a bit....breakfast?...SPOT

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92048: Boo - thanks for being a Casey Angel!
MDC - thanks for being a Casey Angel!


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92049: Ro - got your card but it went to the mother in laws house. New address post office box 221 osgood Indiana four seven zero three seven


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92050: Now that I am on a big computer - Boo, I am so glad that you have doc you can talk to and talk to Sean. Casey is still a bit afraid to tell his doc about pain, etc. He thinks he is bothering the doc with questions. I continue to pray for both you and Sean. I know what you are kind of going through and it ain't easy. Wish there was more I could do for you!

We only have cold here in Indiana. No snow or ice and sooooo thankful.

Be a blessing to someone today!


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92051:
Hey Folks

Boo glad to hear the doctor visit went well. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Romeena-The local weather guy has been mentioning Dallas quite a bit recently. He says the weather here and the weather in Dallas has been nearly a match for the last few days. That doesn't happen often.


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92052: Thanks, everyone. I appreciate those prayers and kind words more than you know. I have a feeling we are on the road to Sean doing much better.

Wow, MDC...freezing temps for five days? I don't think that has ever happened here where I live. We have a day or two...maybe three but not five. Strange weather for your neck of the woods. It has been what I consider to be cold here for south texas. Cold and wet but not cold enough for ice or snow. The sun is out today for the first time in days so it will probably be in the 60's and perfect today. Hey, sorry, but I didn't understand the comment about "PM"?

So true about the weather where you are and Dallas, Auh2o...I've surely never heard that before! Wow...I'll bet those Dallas folks are about to freeze to death.

Well, poor Bruce has my flu now and he looks miserable...slumped in his recliner with his eyes closed, honking and coughing. He looks like he has it worse than I did.

Well, better get to the chores. I am feeling better this morning than I have in almost 2 weeks!


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92053: PM = Perry Mason.

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92054: Thank you - I was wondering what that meant to? hm

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92055: I got the magazines, Charlotte Tucker. Thanks! My family will enjoy seeing them as well, so thank you for sending two copies. --Romeena

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92056:
HM- my pleasure.

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92057:
If you want to read about the poor dude who skidded on the PHX ICE into a Corvette, see if this link works..
No one was hurt, just some pride and a very expensive new car!!!

MDC (:

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92058: MDC, Phoenix + Ice? that's like having Mr. Magoo drive in a NASCAR race in Talladega, they just don't mix!..Hey MDC, I'll get ya a good deal on a New Corvette it may need a LITTLE work..haha


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92059: Did Charlotte Tucker make an appearance that I didn't know about?? I have been missing her!


January 16, 2013 - Msg 92060: Evening Porch,

Howdy Doo to you all! Last night I watched the episode Opie's Charity and think how they say how do you do is just so sweet. I think we need to bring it back. :)

G-F, I wish I had the $ to buy Hostess!! My children would be thrilled.
Boo, I'm so glad that you are finding the right people for Sean. What a relief!
Auh20, I hope your daughter's tests turn out okay.
Romeena, I love your animal stories. We have a squirrel nest in our back yard. It's fun to watch them!
MDC, we may get some ice as well, but it's not as crazy as PHX getting ice.
Homemaker, did you move?
Charlotte Tucker and Emma, it's nice of y'all to stop by!
Spot, has work been crazy because of the rain?

Y'all take care!

January 16, 2013 - Msg 92061: "Nice, real nice." (:

January 17, 2013 - Msg 92062: Romeena & Boo..Here's one for you "Texas Girls"...I think it will be the next "Battle Cry" since "Remember the Alamo" is what I'm thinking...G-F..


January 17, 2013 - Msg 92063: Hahaha! Good one, G-F. Pretty much sums it up, I think. I sincerely hope it will never come to that, but it could. So far, I don't really disagree with the proposals that our fearless leader has made. I'm not sure just why any private citizen would need an assault rifle, or a multi-shot magazine, but I fear the first steps will lead to more and more aggressive action. I guess we'll see.

I have another question, and I hope someone can enlighten me. I occasionally watch those "hogger" shows. You know, the ones where people set out to trap wild hogs and get them off some rancher's land or whatever. It's really a serious problem, and it's getting worse every day. We have a thriving wild hog population on the edge of Irving, and they have invaded the landfill. The city says there are literally hundreds of them that swarm over the landfill at night. These things aren't cuddly little piglets, these are huge, snorting, tusk-bearing feral hogs, and they're extremely dangerous, as well as destructive. Occasionally they come into neighborhoods in the south part of town, and root up people's yards, causing a lot of damage. They are now all over the U.S., including Hawaii.

Now here comes my question. Why do the hunters seek to trap the critters? I was watching a show from Hawaii, and the statement was made that when they caught the particular hogs they were after they would "relocate them to a remote area on the island." Why? They're just going to breed, and quickly migrate right back to where they were, only in much greater numbers. Why don't they just shoot the things and be done with them? They are known to carry TB, anthrax and a host of other diseases, so if they get into a stock pond they contaminate it and it's no longer usable for watering livestock. My idea of control would be to shoot them on sight, pile them up and burn the carcasses to limit the spread of disease. I can understand that we can't have citizens shooting at every dark shape that moves in their backyard at night, but why can't we have teams of trained people who seek and destroy these dangerous animals? Here in Irving, it's well-known that they den up in the Trinity River bottom to the south and east of town during the day. So send in hunters, with dogs, and rout the things out and shoot them. You all know that I'm an animal advocate, and abhor cruelty in any form, but these things are monstrous, dangerous and prolific. Something has to be done, and after watching some of these "take 'em alive" shows, I think the hogs suffer more during capture, and a quick bullet in their brain would be a kindness. The hogs get pretty beat up, and the dogs are often injured as well.

Well, that's my question. Anybody got any answers? --Romeena

January 17, 2013 - Msg 92064: Romeena, You know my lateral thinking....I'm thinking "MORE BACON".... problem solved!!
(BLM's) Bacon Lettuce & Matter's for everyone!


January 17, 2013 - Msg 92065: As to How? I think Aunt Bee's method..string a wire across the road and herd them in that direction..Pffftt!...Just like the WW2 movie she saw....G-F..

January 17, 2013 - Msg 92066: We have to make sure the Lettuce & Tomato farmers and Bread makers are on board. (Mayo or Mircale Whip makers are optional, since there is such a debate as to the condements...That topic has already been debated to here on the porch.
(Sorta like Congress...split decision!)


January 17, 2013 - Msg 92067: Hey Ro, as for the assault weapon issue, and the way I see it: Maybe someone is ex-military and just likes and is used to that style of weapon; or maybe they are a gun enthusiast who likes and collects all sorts of firearms; maybe they live in a high-crime area with drug gangs and whatnot and want to protect their business. Or, and this may be the reason the people in power now want to limit, or even abolish, the people's right to bear arms, they believe in the second amendment and the reasons for that amendment, including having a defense if the government decides to trade our freedom for tyranny, and we seem to be ambling down that road already. The reasons are diverse.
One of the main reasons is because we live in America and we CAN do it. There are plenty of disgusting and vile things that irresponsible people are allowed to do in this country simply because they "like it". So why is it different if you are a responsible person and you like guns?

That's a good question about the "hogs". Maybe they don't shoot them because a lot of people do like animals, and I don't think by shooting them they would be able to have a show much longer if people would create an uproar over it.
Then again, I do remember that one show in the swamps where they would shoot alligators. But then again again, in that show, they would shoot them and sell them, so it is a business. Maybe that is a little more palatable than if they were just shooting them and burning them.

But I remember that even Steve Irwin didn't have much good to say about the feral hogs in Australia, and he tends to love ALL animals, but he even seemed to not be too against their being controlled by shooting them.

Funny you should mention wild hogs in Hawaii. My father-in-law kept a pet wild hog in a pen there. It apparently was pretty docile though, because after my FIL died, the hog reportedly got cast on the show "Lost". I didn't watch that show when it was on, so I haven't seen his scenes yet. But if you watch the later episodes and you see a credit for someone/-thing named "Nala", that's him(don't know if they acknowledge pigs in the credits).

Sterling Holobyte

January 17, 2013 - Msg 92068: Liked the song, G-F! :)

Well, as a law-abiding citizen of the US, I think I should have the right to own any style of gun I choose. You just never know...the day may come when you need something "stronger". I was watching something on CNN about a city in southern California (forget which one) that had to lay off law enforcement officers because they couldn't affor enough officers to protect the citizens. I think it was the mayor who got bashed for telling the citizens, "Load your guns". Well now, when the day comes that the states can't afford enough officers to ensure the safety of the citizens, the citizens don't need to be sitting ducks without protection. Throw in the drug-induced zombie state of some addicts in the city, and you have a disaster waiting to happen. Seriously, there is a real problem that is spreading and is going to be a threat to everyone in time. Last month, we had two different people in public places that were attacked and bitten by two different guys on some kind of drug that turned them into cannibalistic monsters. One victim was a child, just walking in a scenic area by the water. He was with his dad and this lunatic ran up and bit a chunk out of the kid. We are going to see more of this sort of thing these people who are under the effects of these drugs are like super-humans and don't feel pain when attacked. Some keep coming at you after being shot several times. As terrible as these public shooting are, now is not the time to disarm law-abiding citizens.

I'm with you, Ro. If these wild hogs are as much of a threat as they say, why not euthanize? Letting them go somewhere else is no longterm solution.

Great to see you, Sterling. Don't be such a stranger!


January 17, 2013 - Msg 92069: Wow, that's scary about the dad with his kid. I have even thought of this when I was walking with Noah, and running through my head what I would do should someone try to do that. Isn't it crazy that we even have to think about this kind of stuff?!

-Sterling Holobyte

January 17, 2013 - Msg 92070: Hi, porch! Well, your points regarding the assault weapons are well taken. I know that when I was considering getting my handgun, my police officer friend recommended the Judge, because he said "it will stop a zombie." He was referring, of course, to the drug-crazed people who will indeed keep on coming after taking several bullets. They feel no pain, and will keep coming at you until their heart stops and/or their brain ceases to function. The Judge will do that. Four .45 slugs to the chest should do the job, and that's what it fires with each shot. (Lord, what a thought!) It is terrible that we have to think about things like this, but we do. Also, apparently some assailants are now wearing body armor, so you'd better have a weapon that will do the job. A little .22 pistol will have no effect.

Still, on the subject of assault rifles and such - as I said, your points are valid. However, where does it end? Should a household be armed with a bazooka, or the guns that spray a hundred or more slugs with one pull of the trigger? I agree absolutely that citizens should be able to defend themselves against all comers, up to and including our own government. Now before anyone gets all fired up and declares that couldn't happen here, think again. It has happened all over the world, and it is the ultimate naiveté to think it cannot happen here. Our government is doing a lot of things we never thought would happen, and it ain't over yet, folks.

In all fairness, our fearless leader has not said he plans to take our guns. In fact, he has flatly denied it. I wish I could find that reassuring, but I don't. Our current administration has done nothing to inspire me to trust it. I fear that a ban on assault weapons will be the beginning of that proverbial slippery slope, but the question remains - just what do we permit? Grenade launchers? I wish I were smarter, because I do not have answers. I do, however, have the Judge.

Guns are not our problem, it's the sick people behind some of them. They are the problem. Until we fix our drug problem (they're illegal, you know, but addicts still have them) and also fix our broken attitude toward mental health, we will continue to have trouble with people doing bad things with guns. Making them illegal will do nothing but create a black market for guns, just like there was a black market for booze back in the days of prohibition. Anyone who wanted it could get it, and organized crime grew obscenely wealthy in the black market. It won't be any different with guns. Law-abiding citizens won't have them, but criminals will. A mentally disturbed person, like Lanza, will find a way. If he couldn't have gotten a gun, I shudder to think what he might have used as a substitute. You can get the instructions for making an IED online, did you know that? Also, any student with a passing grade in chemistry can probably just invent one, if he thinks about it. Scary stuff!

Well, now that I've cheered everyone up, I think I'll go watch Perry Mason. Blessings, y'all! --Romeena

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92071: Here at work and snow moving this way....whew...got crews here on stand by...they say black ice in the morning.....bring food...SPOT

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92072:
AUNT BEE: Did you like the white beans you had for supper?
ANDY: Um huh.
AUNT B: Well, you didn't say anything.
ANDY: Well, I ate four bowls. It that ain't a tribute to white beans, I don't know what is.
AUNT B: Well.
ANDY: Eatin' speaks louder than words.
AUNT B: You know, your education was worth every penny.

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92073:
Morning Folks

Well...the January thaw is a distant memory. It was 6 degrees this morning. The old snow was a crunching. We got a little snow last night, I think about 5 inches.

Boo & Romeena-The wild hogs thing just seems crazy to me. My brother in South Florida says they have a bunch there also.

As for the assault weapons discussion, I gotta admit I'm a little hypocritical on it. I think if a law abiding citizen wants any legal weapon he or she should be able to own one. However, I'm not sure I'd want a neighbor owning one.

Spot-More snow for you folks? Wow.

Romeena-"Guns are not our problem, it's the sick people behind some of them. They are the problem." That is so true.


January 18, 2013 - Msg 92074: It is something to really think about and chew on, I guess. Like you said, Auh2o, if you have some crazy neighbor with one of those weapons, it could be real threat. I just finished reading a book about the Puritans in England and the persecution they endured to live their faith. Those people were completely at the mercy of whatever whim the King had in mind. Tyranny is not just history, its a real threat in this world. Its hard to find the middle, rational ground sometimes, between freaking out and being too radical about changes, and realizing that some are needed. I don't know where I stand, exactly. As far as the zombies are concerned, I guess it would be a pretty rare thing to have happen to you. I figure in a city the size of Corpus Christi...not sure the population, probably 600,000...only two drug-induced zombie attacks is probably better than the national average in cities. ;) It feels so crazy to even have to write something like that!

Ro, I think I may have mentioned this before, but Bruce was showing me some info the government sent to its employees about these synthetic drugs like "bath salts" that everyone is talking about. There are many others like it that can be made at home from just purchasing items from the local store. These are cheap, easy to obtain and very dangerous because of their effect on the brain of the users. I can't share all of the info here on the porch but the government is seeing it as a real threat to the inner cities, especially. Its talked about like one would talk about war. What stradegy do you use against something like that when you can't afford enough police officers to protect the citizens and the drug problem gets worse? I really wonder what the future will hold.

I guess I see the need for some kind of gun laws, but all I can think is that the only thing that can really turn the tide in this country is the revival of true Christianity...repentance and regeneration for THIS generation. How much time are we spending in prayer for God to bring about a change? I am not praying enough, I know that. I read somewhere that the average Christian spends less than 5 minutes a day in prayer. I know with me, it varies, but I know I need to pray more. On that note...maybe I will get off here and do just that. :)


January 18, 2013 - Msg 92075: Hahaha! Auh2o, I guess that makes me a hypocrite as well, because I pretty much feel the same way. I know my gun is secured when it needs to be, and I know I don't panic and start shooting when there is a perceived threat. I still have the recording of that conversation with the ADT agent. However, I have a neighbor that I'm not so sure about! She's a good soul, but a bit spooky. I don't know if she has a gun, but I would never approach her house at night without phoning her first. Of course, that's a pretty good practice with anyone, anytime.

As for the wild hogs, I have heard that sometimes when they're captured or killed, they're delivered to a slaughterhouse, but I don't think I'd want to eat one. In the first place, that meat is going to be pretty rank. I don't mind a gamey taste, up to a point, but those critters are going to be downright nasty with it. Also, they are known to carry several diseases, and I just don't think I'd care to chance it. I like bacon as well as the next "infidel", but I'd prefer that it be derived from a hog whose credentials are well-known. I've seen some of those feral hogs, and I'd as soon eat a prehistoric monster.

Well, Joe and Jorge just arrived to finish up in the back yard, and I've got to go to PT as well, so guess I'd better get off this porch. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92076: Boo, you're right, of course. As Christians, we don't pray enough, and that's a big part of the problem. Prayer accomplishes so many things. I don't think it's a matter of us changing God's mind with our prayers. He's in control, ultimately, after all. It's a matter of getting our hearts and minds aligned with His, and getting our attitudes right.

As for the growing drug culture, I do believe that will eventually be our downfall, if we don't get it under control. Drugs have been illegal for decades, yet we still have drugs and drug addicts. The problem is growing, and we can't seem to handle it. And make no mistake, alcohol is just another drug. It's legal, it's "pretty" (all those colorful drinks with their little doodads, and specialized glassware, etc.) and it's quite socially acceptable. In fact, in some circles, refusing it is not acceptable! Yes, it's an important part of many people's lives. It also kills. More people are killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents every year than are killed by gunfire, and many of the gunshot deaths are alcohol-fueled. Oh, it's a knotty problem, and we're not going to solve it here. I just know that banning handguns is not the answer. The problem lies much deeper than that. --Romeena

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92077:
Boo-In your book, does it mention a Rev John Lathrop or Lothropp?
He was a great grandfather of mine. He was arrested Bishop of London William Laud.
This fella. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lothropp


January 18, 2013 - Msg 92078:
RO, BOO-then again, the Word does say that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much, so let's keep it up! (:
The gun thing is a tough issue. There are currently many, many laws regarding such.
There are also many laws about child seats, but when a child dies because he wasnt properly strapped into one, where is the outcry then?
Well, you all have a great evening!
"watch your language, there's ladies present." (:

January 18, 2013 - Msg 92079: Hey porch, just stopping in for a minute. We have had nasty weather on my end of the porch the past couple days. It rained for about 3 dsys and then yesterday it quickly turned to a heavy wet snow dropping about. 4-6 inches. It was terrible driving conditions. I was stranded in a parking lot waiting on my son to come get me. So many cars were slipping and sliding and blocking my way home. Guess I waited about 2 and 1/2 hours. Our power was off from about 4 yesterday until 8 pm tonight. Anyway spent some time today reading Neal Browers first volume of Mayberry 101. Very fun and interesting.

Well everyone have a good night.

Prayers. And blessings.

Big Maude

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92080:
Maude-That heavy wet snow is just horrible to drive in.

MDC-You still having a bit of a cold spell?


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92081: Maude, Sorry for your bad weather, usually I give auh2o a heads up on storms since he is close to my longitude and to the East. You being South & West I can't help much...Sorry!
Usually your rain tracks from the south of us and turns to snow when it gets here. My best advice as a Yankee, Low & Slow...(not to be confused with low & lonely)haha. We have alot of Gilley Walker types up here, speed,speed,speed and they think they can still drive as fast as they do on a dry day..
They think they are(_______)[fill in favorite NASCAR driver.] Since I don't know who your driver is I'll let you fill in the blank and then I'll be safe!

Yep, Best bet is to hunker down & read Neal's book it's a good one. I have mine signed by alot of the stars and writers + Neal signed it for me too. (Nice guy!)

Romeena, "Bacon Gone Wild" never thought of that angle before, I'll have to give that a study..

I'm up REAL early this morning,had sump pump problems, thank goodness I have a alarm on it and Mrs. G-F is "nocturnal" so she woke me up to fix it...I guess her sleepless nights came in handy today :)


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92082: I love bacon!..ok good morning gang!..hey asa,boo,possum,Rev,G-F,auh2o,MDC,Big Maude,Lucy,Romeena,sterling,Hm and all...well breakfast is at McDonalds...I know...I know....just get the hot cakes and sausage...it aint that bad....peace....gona try to keep the lights on today...SPOT

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92083: Ro, I had wild hog meat once years ago. It didn't taste gamey, really, but I didn't like it and it was tough. I would never try it again...those nasty things are full of parasites and who knows what else.

No, Auh2o, I don't recall the name of your great grandfather but that is really interesting! The book was a kind of historical fiction about part of the life of John Bunyon. I really enjoyed reading about Lathrop in that link. I loved the quote concerning him: "He was a man of humble and broken heart spirit lively in dispensation of the Word of God, studious of peace, furnished with Godly contentment, willing to spend and be spent for the cause of the church of Christ." {Huntington, 1884}

Be careful out there, Maude. :)

Right, MDC...keep up the prayers.

Sorry about your pump problems, G-F. Hope you work things out soon. Do you need to "Call the man"?

Well, better finish the coffee and get dressed. I have to take Erin to her opening ceremony for basketball, and of course it is too early on Saturday morning...groan.


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92084: Boo, Being a handy person, "I am the MAN"!haha ;)
I had just bought a spare pump a week ago knowing how much my 2 pumps have been running. I was "ready" and had it done in 15min. So I guess that makes me a "Minute Man?"......
Told Mrs.G-F..."Who's your Daddy!" she would not get service that fast anywhere...haha (I think the Goobs stock went up today?)...A Home Cooked Meal is in store for me?...ha (Just as long as I cook it!)...That girl, I got her spoiled...

Asa, a Good Maintenance man is Always prepared and has a back-up plan for most disasters Right?


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92085: Good morning porch pals. Glad the weekend made it. Been a long one for me. Finally got this gout flare under control... I hope. Romeena, I take Colcrys for it. I think that's a derivative of the stuff you mentioned.

G-F, What a joy to wake up to, sump pump issues. But better that than a flooded basement. Hope you got it resolved and got some more shut eye.

I guess it pays to be tough with your dealings sometimes. I have been having issues with my DISH reciever for about 6 months. came to a head on Monday. I was grouchy anyway with a aching ankle (I'm a onery patient) and the stupid satellite started acting up. So I called the help line again, and told them I was tired of this. Well after going through all their little checks that had me do (for the umpteenth time) they decided my reciever was "obsolete" and they would send out a tech to replace it. Then told me there would be a $95.00 service charge for this service. I counted to ten (maybe 20) and said "well if that's the case, never mind. Just cancell my service" Well I was then transfered to a customer service person who wanted to know why I was doing that. I told her their "service on this problem was unacceptable, and I was tired of fighting it". She got my info and said "You've been a loyal customer for 16 years, we don't want to lose your business". Anyway, when all was said and done, they will be here tomorrow to replace both recievers to upgraded ones, and actually lowered my monthly bill by almost 10 bucks a month. In the end, it all came out pretty good. And I kept my cool. Never got mad, but firmly stated I wasn't happy and was ready to change horses. Well hopefully all ends well. They durn well better be done before the games start tomorrow afternnon. :)

Boo, you all better? That flu bug is hitting everyone at work. I got a shot. I sure hope it is effective.

All this talk concerning the gun chatter is interesting. I was watching the "Factor" the other night on FOX, and there is someone who had found out where some of the more vocal anti gun folks live. He then went to their homes and asked them if they would be willing to install this sign on their property. The small sign simply said "This is a gun free home". Not one was willing to do it. I think that speaks volumes. It reminds me of a number of years ago. Rosie O'Donnel was a major anti gun voice, going around and spouting off about the evils of gun ownership. And then it was discovered her body guard carried a gun. The hypocrisy is sickening. I remeber reading somewhere (it may have even been here) "When seconds count, the Police are just moments away". This is not an indicment of our fine lawmen and women. But does illustrate the need for protection. It's a mad crazy world, and it's just goint to get worse. Enacting more gun laws is like Goober-Fife changing a light bulb in his bedroom because his sump pump quit working. It might make him feel good to be doing something, but doesn't touch the problem at hand. That problem again being a complete breakdown of our moral fabric in this nation, and our turning away from God. Anyway, that's my NSHO. Sorry G-F. I just inserted you in there for analogy, not saying you are inept at sump pump repair buddy. :)

Well enough of my ramblings. Prayers for all.


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92086: Well you snuck in on me G-F. Yes, good to have a back up indeed. Problems always seem to hit in the middle of the night when no sores are open. Yer ept G-F. :)


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92087: Stores, not sores. HAHAHAHA


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92088: Good morning, porch! Asa, your experience with the Dish people is a perfect illustration of a principle that I learned (finally) years ago. It's simple. "Don't get mad, just stay cool." It will work almost every time. You kept your cool, calmly stated your case, and politely requested cancellation when their solution wasn't acceptable. It's far more effective than getting into an argument with them, and leaves you looking like a good guy. Besides, that behavior is much more befitting of a Christian than being nasty. It's a win-win!

You fellers keep talking about sump pumps. I have one in a catch-basin outside my house, which pumps out water that drains via pipes from my back yard. The pumps you appear to be talking about are located in your basement? Your basement would flood without them? Like the house Andy was considering buying, and the kid told his dad he was sailing a boat in the basement? You mean to tell me you can actually have water standing in your basement now and then? That's a very scary thought, and conjures up images of mold, dank odors, rotting timbers, bugs and swamp monsters. Please explain!

Well, I gotta run. Eloise and I are going to watch Landry and Hudson play basketball at their church. The church participates in the "Upward Basketball" program, David coaches a team, and it should be fun. Upward Basketball is designed to attract kids who are unchurched, give them exposure to the sport in a wholesome environment, and give the church folks a window into their lives and a chance to discover their needs. My church participates as well, and it's a lot of fun. They have tournaments among the participating churches, a lot of friendly rivalry, and most churches have been able to identify and help families in need.

Oh my! A flock of doves just came in - there must be at least thirty of them out there. They're picking up the last little crumbs of old cereal that I put out, and are checking out the new birdbath. Nobody's bathing, but they're drinking from it. They're such beautiful birds.

Well, guess I'd better get out of this ratty old gown and clean up a bit. Got to pick Eloise up in an hour. Poor Toye Starr will have to stay home. She will not be a happy puppy, but she'll get over it. Blessings! --Romeena

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92089: Thanks Romeena. I'm not sure if G-F was speaking of his basement. I have one in mine for a "just in case" senerio. It is in a sump basin well below the basement floor level and is designed to kick on well before the water would get into the living area. But when I built the house back in 2000 I had a drain installed under the house that connects to a large land drain near by to hopefully eliminate any issues. Plus my land is on one of the higher areas in the County and is on nice sandy loam soil, so it drains nice, one of the reasons I chose this site to build on. So in 13 years I have not even seen water in my sump. And hope I never do. But it's nice to have the means to pump it out if need be, hopefully before if gets into the basement.


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92090: Yeah Asa, I remember when Rosie(the "queen of nice" Ha ha!) ambushed Tom Selleck on her talk show because he supported the NRA.

Asa, when I read the first part of your post about satellite I was going to suggest you do what I did and make your own HD antenna, but you seem to have worked it out quite in your favor. Good for you! And I like the way you handled it.

- Sterling Holobyte

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92091: Yep, My sump pumps catches the rain & melting snow. Around here we put a drain pipe along the footer before water gets to the basement, and yes if it goes out I do get flooded which has happened twice when the power was off for a long time. I have to pump it to the storm sewer at the front of my property because I'm about level to the street. But the Goob is not just a furnace fighter, I fight rain water too. My basement is always dry so I'm "winning", I did get smart and purchased a small generator that will handle the pumps during a rainy power outage.
Asa, I put my pumps on a seperate circuits just incase the breaker to the pumps trip, then I can still change my light bulb in the bedroom haha.. That was a good one!!


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92092: Well, that's a load off my mind! I hadn't realized that the sump pumps would be in a basin, below grade, but that makes sense. Here I had visions of little mice swimming about in the basement, wearing tiny water wings! Of course, you realize that almost no one in this part of the country has a basement. They're about as scarce as hen's teeth. My parents lived in Battle Creek for a couple of year though, and they had a basement there. It was really quite nice, all finished out - large playroom, an office, and a guest bedroom with a bath. Really quite cozy.

As for Rosie O'Donnell, I can't stand her, never could. She's all mouth, no brains, and no class. I couldn't care less what she thinks about anything. As abrasive and annoying as she is, she probably needs a bodyguard, and of course they would be armed. I'd guess that 100% of the other anti-gun voices either employ an armed guard, or have protection of their own. You think old Mayor Bloomberg doesn't have a gun? Ha! Tell me another one. If he doesn't, then he's dumber than I thought he was.

Well, just got home from the Upward Basketball thing. The boys played well, and it was a lot of fun. There is some real talent among those kids. One of these days, we'll see some of them on the college courts, or in the pro lineups. I hope so, but most of all, I hope we see them grow up to be honorable, God-fearing men, raising families of their own and teaching them to love the Lord.

Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92093: My goodness! How did I do that? Sorry, Floyd. --Romeena

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92094: Sump pump??...I never even heard of such a thing. Here on the Texas coast, we are at sea level and there are no basements. Not alot of flooding, though..the sand just kind of sucks up most of the water.

I am feeling better, thanks Asa...not 100% and still get pretty tired but day by day I am gaining back my strength.

I'm feeling just a little down tonight. I really thought this med they put Sean on was going to help, and maybe it still will, but he is having some side effects now that are disturbing and he is having trouble sleeping at night. I will have to call the doc on Monday and let him know about the symptoms he is having...he started having facial pain and muscle tension in his face, which is becoming painful. Strange, but it is a possible side effect of the med, darn it. This is how it has been for so many years now, I get my hopes up a little for some relief and then something else happens. I have been working on distancing myself, emotionally from Sean's problems. I can't keep going and help him and care for everyone else unless I do. I am just trying to mentally "let go" and give the pain to God. I am trying to carry to much of it myself. I still don't have an appointment for him for the stomach doc and our dr's office says they are trying but having trouble getting an appointment. In the meanwhile, Sean is still suffering and it is wearing on us. I know I have to put my trust in the Lord and have faith. He has gotten us through so much and he won't abandon His work now.

Ro, Erin had her first BB game tonight. They don't have Upwards here (wish they did) but we put her in the local youth BB league. She won her first game tonight 16 to 4 so she was pretty excited. She really well for the first game.


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92095:
Boo-I gotta tell ya, sometimes it seems like we're on the same road with our children. We may be going to different destinations but the journey is similar.

I have found this comforting, a few times. http://theresurgence.com/2012/02/26/if-only

Peace friend,

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92096: Romeena...Mice swimming around with little water wings..Only us "lateral" thinkers would have thought of that vision..haha!


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92097: "Lateral thinkers"? Is that what it's called? Strange. My dear husband just said I was weird. I think I like your assessment better. I have always questioned things. I try to visualize actually what happens when something occurs. Today, at the basketball games, every time that ear-splitting horn would sound at the end of a period, I found myself wondering how it works. I'm still wondering, because no one could give me an answer. I asked Eloise how it works, and she laughed and said she had no idea. David overheard me, and informed me that it sounded in response to an electrical impulse sent when the timekeeper pushed a button. Or something like that. Anyway, that didn't answer my question. I already knew that part, for cryin' out loud. I want to know what makes the sound. How does it do it? For example, when you ring a bell, like a church bell, the sound is made when the clapper strikes the inside of the bell housing. Now that, I can understand. However, when my alarm clock buzzes, or that miserable horn sounds in the gym, what exactly is taking place? What produces the sound? People sitting around us were turning to look at me like I had two heads, but I think it's a legitimate question. Oh well. Like I said, Dale said I was weird, my dad would get frustrated trying to explain things, and everyone else just thinks I'm either dumb or nuts or both. I really don't care, I think I'm just curious.

Boo, I do so wish someone could come up with an answer for Sean, because it would in effect be an answer for the whole family. Prayers continue, my friend.

Well, I think I'll hit the hay. I'm pretty tired tonight, and preachin' will come early in the morning. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 19, 2013 - Msg 92098: Thank you Auh2o...I added that to my favorites list. While I am very sorry to know that you are on the same road as us, it is somehow a comfort to know someone else understands. My prayers for you and your family.

Thank you, Ro. Tonight is just one of those really tough nights. I am feeling it in the pit of my stomach and I just can't seem to stop the tears. Its like something is inside of my clawing my insides, trying to hold on...something I need to let go of is not wanting to give up easily. I do feel so sad for my son. Tomorrow will be a better day. Thank God there are times of relief.


January 19, 2013 - Msg 92099: Hello Friends

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92100: I wish I could say something to make things better, Boo.
But I can only guess at how it is for you; what you are going through.
Tomorrow is Sunday, which hopefully is a day of relief and hope for you. You will be going somewhere tomorrow where there will be people who can sympathize with you and help you should you want it, or if you want to leave it totally in God's hands alone you will be in a perfect place to rest on His everlasting arms. Remember, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."
Praise Him and ask Him. You know He will never leave you.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92101: Morning sterling!..and all back at eork to keep the lights on for Church!....all I can say is GO Falcons....Rise UP...today is the day for my birds....back in just a bit....where yall wana eat?...SPOT

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92102: Good morning, everyone. And hello to you, #92099, whoever you may be. Are you just passin' through town, or might you be looking for a friendly place to be? You're welcome here in our little corner of Mayberry.

I just saw a squirrel with his little backside in the air, and dirt flying, as he was digging up a newly-planted tulip bulb! The little marauders will get every one of my bulbs if I don't stop them. I think I'll try a dusting of cayenne pepper this year. It doesn't harm them, but they don't like it. The little rascals! I put out feed for them all the time, you'd think they'd leave my bulbs alone, but they don't. Bulb-snatchers! That's what they are. Bulb-snatchers!

I could easily make a case for crawling back into my warm bed this morning, and not going to church, but I recognize the voice of the tempter, and am not going to do it. Once I get moving, I'll be glad I did. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92103: Ha, Bulb snatchers. I love it Romeena. Well done I say. And no mice in my basement with water wings on. No indeed. Mice are right up there with bats in my book. Bats minus the wings.

Good luck to your Falcons Spot and Rev. Should be a good game, but would be hard to beat last weeks game for drama for sure.

Hey Sterling, I reckon you need an HD TV to get your antenea to work. I

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92104: Dang fat fingers. Must have mashed the wrong key. Anyway, Is that right Sterling? I'm to the point of still desiring to cut the satellite. I really don't watch that much television, so it hardly seems worth it. But what little I do, I usually dvr it and watch it later so I can zip through the commercials. That I would miss majorly. So we will see. The DISH fellow is here right now upgrading things. Feel bad for him. Sunday morning. It's 10 degree's out there, and he's on the roof installing a new satellie dish. Oh well, better him than me, right? :)

Boo, I can tell you are just worn down with your concerns for Sean. Hang in there and stay close to the Lord. He will see you through this and every other trial you will face. And remember, he will not put more on your plate than you can handle. Like steel is refined, we all go through that refinement process. You will come through it stronger and better, of that I have no doubt.

Well I guess I'm staying home from preachin. Gotta be here while the repair guy is here. I was hoping it was just gonna be a slap two new recievers in and be done. But it looks like it's a bigger deal than that.

Prayers for all.


January 20, 2013 - Msg 92105: Asa, You had to "Call the Man?" Some of us "Old School" folks have troble with those electronal things, Why is that?? I pride myself at being able to fix most anything that breaks down at my house, but when it comes to the computer and smart phones, and other electronal things, man that's just another language! I think Barney needed to write a book "Electronal Marvals for Dummies". But then again Asa, Let's see it's 10 degrees, and the guy is on your roof w/snow on it,..So who's the Dummie now Asa!..

With age comes wisdom is what I'm thinking!! Right?

Romeena, I can vision you now, sitting on the bottom step of a basement with your "Bull Horn" yelling Stroke!, Stroke!, Stroke! to you're little mouse friends..haha
"Now is the time for all good mice to come to the aide of your coach!"...Maybe Barney will loan you his whistle, Remember it has a new pea in it too!...

Spot I'll help cheer for your "Birds" for you up this way....

G-F... "Where's REV? have'nt check in for awhile.

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92106: "SHAKEDOWN!" (:

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92107: Happy Sunday porch! Been tp preachin' and then we took my Mom out to lunch to celebrate her 82nd birthday .

Back home for a restful afternoon. Blue skies and sunny on my end of the porch. Much of the snow has melted away but still cold outside.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day .
Big Maude

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92108: My "little mouse friends"? Ha! They're not my friends. I'll admit, I don't want to hurt them. Remember, I'm the one who systematically trapped six big wood rats in a humane trap, and took them one by one to a wooded area a couple of miles away and released them. They were outside, raiding my bird feeders, and I didn't want them to get any ideas about coming inside. I couldn't set a snap trap either. First, I hate them. Second, I might have caught a squirrel and then I would have been very seriously upset. So, trap and release seemed the best thing to do.

Asa, I do the same thing with the TV. I tune in something I want to watch, then go do something else for a while, and go back to it, rewind, and then buzz through the commercials. I seldom even see a commercial anymore, though there are a few I actually like. The little Gecko, for one. I like his latest, where he gets all dramatic and emotes over his flat tire. He is so funny! I wish they'd come up with a little girlfriend for him. That would be so cute.

Well, guess I'll go assemble my new yard lights. I liked that little light I put in the back yard last week so much that I got two more for the back, and one for the front. They're low voltage, but they put out quite a bit of light, and look so pretty when positioned over a focal point, such as a grouping of boulders. Ted will come in a day or so and position the low voltage line for me, but I'll have the fixtures already put together.

Happy Sabbath, everyone. Get some rest! --Romeena

January 20, 2013 - Msg 92109: Thanks for the very kind and wise words, Sterling and Asa. You all are really somethin'..you know that? :)

Today was a better day so we will rejoice in that and take one day at a time. Sean was able to eat the supper I fixed and he drank a "Boost" this evening. That's probably all we will get down him today but maybe tomorrow will be better.

The weather here was just beautiful today, Asa. I think the high was 71 and it was sunny. You would have loved it. Its near 8pm and I was just out sitting on the porch swing and its about 58...perfect!

Well, I ventured out to walmart to get some things we needed and I was pretty shocked at the prices. They have taken another jump here. The meat prices were really outrageous, and I'm talking about ground beef, nothing extravagant. I don't know how some people are managing to feed their families. I guess alot of folks are living off mac and cheese and beans...which aren't so cheap these days, either. Crazy.

I think I will go get a shower and watch a little TV on my DVR, with which I can forward past commercials. :) :)