January 25, 2013 - Msg 92194:
BOO-All this talk of sleet and snow by other porchsters! Wow!
Here's a little song for the rest of us like you and me to get us in the mood...
Prayers all,

January 26, 2013 - Msg 92195: Or if the cold weather and snow are getting you down try this one....


January 26, 2013 - Msg 92196: It's cold and snowy where I am also, but the roads are clear. My grandsons ages five and two are visiting today, we're making chocolate chip cookies. I took the five year old to the grocery store with me and we came home with 'Ravens' t-shirts....it's amazing what a five year can find in a grocery store! My daughter is re-cooping from major surgery so we plan on taking her some cookies.....she lives across the street from me which makes it easy for me to go over and pamper her.

January 26, 2013 - Msg 92197: Good to see you Frankie...sounds like you are staying busy. Its a blessing that you live closeby so you can help out with the grandsons. :) Hope your daughter recovers without a hitch.

The weather is like spring here...still 80 and sunny...just right for a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. Erin had a basketball game this morning so we drug ourselves out of bed early for that. They lost but gave it a good fight. :)

Please remember Sean in your prayers. he is down another 7 lbs since he weighed a week ago.


January 26, 2013 - Msg 92198: Calling all porch friends....come out and play!!


January 26, 2013 - Msg 92199: Come out and Play?...Pin the tail on the Donkey? (I really don't think Thelma Lou would like that one)! Rhode Island Red Rover (Bernie's favorite). Kick the can (except most of us have more cans than kick, & can't run away anymore)...maybe we can just take turns on your porch swing? And sing the song "Glory Days" by Springsteen instead?


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92200:
Sitting on the front porch swing by Dolly Parton,
but cue it to 4:00...
Nite all,

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92201:
I found an even better one from an old Disney movie...it's got REV on guitar, RO and Possum in their rockers, Boo and Bruce in their rockers,
Frankie against the rail, and mdc, asa, g-f, auh20, maudie and others just sittin' around (:...

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92202: Morning Gang!...back at work to keep the Church lights on!....Hey Boo,MDC,G-F,Frankie,Rev....will someone bring me a breakfast plate?...SPOT

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92203: Good morning my porch friends, and good Sabbath.

I'll bring ya some vittles Spot. What you craving?

Hey MDC, yer Dolly link sure didn't look like Dolly. lol

Boo, Sean will be in my prayers my friend, bless his heart.

Frankie, Prayers for your Daughter to get better quick from her surgery. Glad she lives so close so you can tend to her. Both my Daughters live within 5 minutes of us, and for that I am grateful.

When I got up this morning I could hear water dribbling down the rain gutter just outside our master bathroom. Checked the temp to see it was 34 degrees. Nice, real nice for 5 in the A.M.

Well I think I'm gonna try my hand at some french toast this morning. Never made it before, but it looks pretty straight forward. I'll give Spot the first batch and see how he fares. :)


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92204: Nice clip MDC...Haley Mills looks less than impressed to be there. Never saw this clip before.

SPOT...How abouts some biscuits & gravey? Made alot, so I'll bring ya a sack...sept it might get a little messy..Or I can put it in the blender and make ya a B&G smoothie!
Man, I may have just come up with a new "on the go" breakfast idea for Dunkin Donuts..B&G with wheels! (the sausage may be hard to get thru the straw) So i'll work on it....

Boo, How's Sean doing? Brings back memories of what we went thru with Step-Son, so I feel for ya sister...


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92205: HaHa, Asa are you say'in SPOT will eat anything? Try a little cinnamon & vanilla in your batter, it gives it a extra twang...G-F

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92206: Asa, check this out, You'll never go to another basketball game again!...G-F


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92207: Good morning, porch! All this breakfast talk is making me hungry, but guess I'll wait until I get to SS - we always have donuts. G-F, sometimes I like a tiny dash of nutmeg in the French toast batter too. Doesn't take much, just a shake or so from a shaker can, or a couple of "scrapes" if you're grating fresh. I love nutmeg - I've even been known to put some in mac and cheese.

One of my new little low-voltage lights out back wasn't working last night. Drat! I don't know if a bulb has already blown, or if a squirrel has been messing with the wire. Could be either one. Low-voltage is so easy to install, can pretty much go anywhere, and so much cheaper in every way than line power, but it can be hard to keep it going. It's rainy today, so I'm not going to investigate right now, but tomorrow I'll see what's going on.

Well, gotta run. Don't want to be late for preachin'. Our pastor is really preaching the Word here lately. He always does, and is never as dry as dust, but here lately he's really been digging deep. We are blessed to have him.

Have a wonderful, restful Sabbath, friends! --Romeena

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92208: HAHAHAHA G-F. It kinda did my heart good to see them big old tough players ducking and falling over trying to get away from that flying mouse. I feel vindicated! And I agree, Haley Mills didn't seem like she was having the time of her life in that clip. Maybe she had gotten a haircut earlier and some of them little hairs was making her back itch. Just a thought.

I'll have to try that Cinnamon vanilla and nutmeg for next time. I had already cooked it and consumed it before I read those ideas. Sounds good. Ro, I had some scalloped taters at a catered lunch last week that had nut meg in them. Real good. I can see where just a touch of that could be good on french toast.

Ro, what kind of bulbs are your low voltage lamps? Regular incadescent? I agree, that low voltage lighting is pretty cool, inddor and out.

Well I better get cleaned up for Preachin my own self.

Prayers for all.


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92209: Asa, very simple French toast recipe.....go to the frozen food section in your store and buy frozen french toast sticks, any brand is good and they are simple to prepare.

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92210: It's even got ole Blue!! (:
Good Sabbath

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92211:
Oops, dont know what happened to Dolly.
Somehow it copied winter wonderland again.
Like Frankie's recipe for frech toast! ha
The porch song is taken "out of context". Haley Mills character was not too keen on being there
for which you'd have to see the whole movie for!
(Does that have a deeper meaning?) (:

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92212: Frankie...How are we gonna learn Asa how to cook if we give him short-cuts?..haha

MDC..I hope Burl don't blow his silent whistle..Blue?..here boy,..Blue...
Haley had a Frosty the Snowman complex?

Asa, I saw the "Batmobile" sold for 4.2 million hopefully the new owner ain't skeered of no BATS!


January 27, 2013 - Msg 92213: G-F you have to start with the simple stuff when learning to cook....then you branch out. Mr. Frankie is an excellent cook and I'm the baker. We are empty nesters and have down scaled the way we cook. We buy baked chicken and it's enough for at least three meals. Bob Evans real mashed potatoes are excellent and we add a salad (the bagged kind). Friday night is Subway for turkey and Black Forest ham with all the veggies. All this food talk has made me hungry..

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92214: Howdy, porch! Back from preachin', and I'm sure glad I went. Our pastor has started a study in Daniel (prophecies) and he's really on it. As I've said, we are blessed to have him.

Asa, I think most of the low-voltage bulbs are halogen, but I bought some xenon bulbs to serve as replacements. The man at Lowe's told me they would work. I guess we'll see. I do have some Malibu fixtures out front, and they're incandescent. It's easy to tell, because the light is softer, more yellow. The halogen bulbs throw a cold, white light. Not as cold and blue/white as LED, but more so than incandescent. The whole thing is very confusing. It's too bad they don't standardize things like that. Christmas lights are another annoyance. Bulbs from one string of twinkles won't fit the sockets from another, etc. You buy a string of lights, it has two or three replacement bulbs with it, but when those are gone, you can never find bulbs that will fit. Makes me crazy. There should be a standard, like there is in medicine. An IV line from any manufacturer will fit the needle hub of any old IV needle. The point of any suction syringe will fit the port of any tube that might need suction. It all fits, as it should. In an emergency, you don't need to be running around trying to find the right brand so that something will work. I sure do wish everything was like that.

Well, I think I'm going to make myself a big glass of tea, get Toye Starr in my lap, and watch some TV, and just take it easy for the remainder of this Sabbath day. We've got 70, cloudy, breezy, but no rain. Had a sprinkle this morning, but that's all. A good day for relaxing! Blessings, y'all. --Romeena

January 27, 2013 - Msg 92215: Ro, great to hear about your pastor! Enjoy it! Can you believe we are having and actual revival at our church this week...the first one in probably 10 years. It was great tonight. I am hoping we can do one every year like we used to in "the olden days".

Well, it looks like Sean has come down with the flu that Bruce and i had so we won't be going to the stomach doc in Houston tomorrow. I will have to call and cancel and get another appointment, hopefully soon....Lord's will be done.


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92216: French toast sounds real good, Asa. I can't remember the last time I had that.

Well, we got some of that freezing rain we were talking about before. Don't think it is enough to freeze over the sidewalks though.

If I could step up on the soapbox for a moment, friends. One thing that has been getting under my saddle, and I have noticed is being used more and more, especially in commercials but also in a lot of "reality shows", is the usage of "other" words in place of curse words.
For example, the one commercial, I think it is for cookies, where the mom exclaims, "Shut the front door!" No, she is not saying that to tell her kids to shut the door, but is expressing how she can't believe how great the cookies are. If you don't understand the curse word I am referring to, it is usually said to something like, "Shut the **** up!"
If you still don't understand the curse word I am referring to, consider yourselves lucky, and well-taught by your parents.

Another one for some booking site(to book hotels and such) uses the same manner of curse word, only with "-ing" on the end, such as, "You got it booking right!" And "It doesn't get any booking better than this."

Tv shows, you have "Pawn Stars" and "Hardcore Pawn". Gee, I wonder what word "pawn" is taking the place of.

I am getting really tired of this kind of thing. And these commercials come on at all times of the day, when kids are up. It's bad enough they come on at all.
Personally, I will not be using/buying ANY product or service from ANY company that decides to use these debased form of advertisements. They may help the company gain some publicity, but they also gain bad publicity.

Thanks for letting me share that. I have just been seeing more and more of those types of euphemisms used in ads and shows, to the point that it is getting concerning to me.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92217: Good on ya Sterling, It's good to get your boxers in a bunch over these things. You see the whole idea is to "desensitive" us so it seems "normal" to hear and say that. That is why I rarely watch network TV. I'm not being a prude, but I can control what trash is thrown out to me...Thanks to the remote control,

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92218: oops! forgot to sign it...G-F

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92219:
Morning Folks

Asa-We got that freezing rain you were talking about, a nasty bit of driving this morning.

GF-Did you folks have the freezing rain?

Sterling-I have noticed what you mentioned above. But...on the other side of that I can remember, when I was growing up, my parents would not let us say things like "galdarnit" or "gosh darn it" or any derivative there of. Maybe, we could get away with "shoot" but never in front of the grandparents.


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92220: Good morning, porch. Sterling, I had not noticed that, but there's a good reason. I just never watch commercials. I decide what I'm going to watch, determine how long it is, and pause the thing for the necessary amount of time, usually about a quarter of the length of the program. Then I go away, tidy the kitchen, write an email, whatever. When I return, I can buzz through the commercials. and only watch my chosen programming. On the rare occasions where I don't get to do that, I just keep the remote handy and "mute" the commercials. I don't need them screaming at me, especially if they're pulling a stunt like that. There are a few commercials that I actually enjoy, like the little gecko, and I'll watch those, but the others all get zapped in one way or another.

By the way - would you believe that a local Ford dealership actually paid for and ran a thirty-minute commercial last week? It wasn't even listed as "paid programming" - it just started out as a commercial and ran for thirty minutes. Needless to say, I didn't watch it, but out of curiosity, I kept switching back to it every few minutes, and there it was. Guess where? Yep, one of my favorite channels, MeTV. It was supposed to be one of my good old reruns, but it was that dumb commercial. Do they honestly think anyone sat for a half hour and watched a car dealership commercial? Good grief!

As for the desensitization, that's an old ploy that, unfortunately, works very well, and is extremely hard to defend against. I remember, when I was about eight, receiving a birthday card from my SS teacher. One line was "Gee, I hope your birthday is ...". She had crossed out the "Gee." Sounds a bit extreme, I know, but it made an impression on me. Not that I don't use the expression, but I do remember a teacher who would not. She was true to her convictions. We use things like that every day. "My gosh!" Can someone please tell me what our "gosh" is? Obviously, it's a placeholder for the Lord's name, but it's acceptable to us. I once caught myself correcting an overly-dramatic small grandchild who had declared "Oh, my ---", and I steered him to "gosh." We even have the very annoying "OMG!" used by so many these days, not just in texting, but people actually say it - just the three letters. Like fingernails on a blackboard! Little by little, inch by inch, all respect and reverence is being taken away, and like the frog in the cook pot, we don't even know it's happening.

One night several years ago, at work, a nurse I knew fairly well was angry about something, and kept throwing the name of Jesus Christ around as an expletive. That has always really set my teeth on edge! I tried at first to ignore it, but it was difficult, as it was just the two of us at the desk. She kept it up, and finally, on an impulse, I turned to her and said, "Oh, do you know Him too? He's my best friend!" She stammered a bit, then asked me what I meant. I just said, "Well, you use His name so often that I thought you must know Him like I do. Do you?" She had the grace to blush, and apologized very sweetly, and I don't think I ever heard her use that name in that way again. Yes, we continued to get along well, and over the years, became very good working friends. We knew each other's strengths, and made a good team. She retired last year, and I missed her!

Well, guess I'd better get dressed. I'm due at PT in an hour. Blessings, all! --Romeena

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92221: Yep Auh2o, plenty of h2o falling in both liquid & frozen forms...Slip sliding away,..I think Paul Simon wrote a song about that, not sure if it was ice he was talking about or not...


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92222: I had a long post ready and I accidentally hit the control button and it disappeared! Oh well. I wasn't saying anything different than anyone else. I am discouraged by the stuff on TV, too, so i do what Ro does alot..I record onto the DVR and then forward past the commercials.

Trying to catch up on the chores after the weekend and needed a break. Hope you are all having a good day. It is too warm here for my liking. We have had the a/c going for a week now. It is humid and in the 80's. I am beginning to wonder if it will get cold again at all this winter. The clover is already breaking out down here!


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92223: Boo...Save me some of those 4 leaf ones for St.Patty's Day...G-F....

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92224: Hi All.
Nice day just some rain and warm up .
I hate the new way thing are don ?
Like wine you called to refill you med and it say no refills are there and you no that the Doc called thim in?


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92225: Good evening, porch. Mr. Tom, I know what you mean. That happens to me all the time. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for those refill orders to go through.

It's 79, cloudy, humid and we have thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow. OK by me. We could use the rain. Today was a fun day. Two of my favorite folks were here most of the day - Joe and Ted. Joe was putting crushed granite in the spaces between the stones in the old pathway, and in a new little extension that divides a flowerbed. It looks great! He also finished pruning the roses. There are so many, about 40 in all, it takes time.

Ted put in a second transformer in the back yard. There's one out front,and there was one in the back as well, but it wasn't big enough to handle some new lighting I wanted to put in. So I got a 600W transformer and he put it in the "wayback", behind the arbor. Then he ran a total of 250 ft of 12/2 wire from it, going east and west, so now I have low-voltage wire around the entire perimeter of the yard, as well as running through the beds in the middle and around the pond. I had found some 35W "wall-wash" fixtures, which really throw a lot of light, and they were cheap. He put two of them on the west fence, and three across the back, in addition to the two line-power fixtures that are already back there. So now, as I sit here at my big old window, I can see the whole yard, and anything or anybody that might be out there. The center of the yard is not illuminated, other than with pretty little puddles of light here and there, with boulders illuminated and such, but the fences are all washed with light. That lighted backdrop would silhouette anything that moved. Makes me feel a whole lot safer. As an added bonus, it looks really, really pretty!

I have hyacinths up and blooming, and a few early daffodils have emerged. They'll bloom in a few days, if we don't get a freeze. It's still too early for bedding plants - the garden centers don't have them yet - but it won't be long now. I'm ready! Spring is coming, and I will be a happy puppy.

For all you folks living in the frozen country, I have to admit, I think it would be fun sometimes, and I envy you your definite seasons, just a little. Here we don't have Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. We have HOT, Not Quite so Hot, A Little Chilly, and Getting Warmer.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some grub. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92226: Hi.
RomeenaIt was called in back in Nov embre what 5 refills on thim and here it the end of January .
That just two money and I have three money to go on thim .


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92227: Ro, your yard sounds delightful.
I spent the day dealing with snow. We got a solid foot of a wet heavy snow last night, and another wave tonight is supposed to bring 6 inches more. The storm broke the inversion at least, but I'm done with winter. Been a rough one and it ain't done by a long shot.

Sterling, I appreciate your post and your thoughts. I know the exact commercial you are talking about and have felt the same way. I've have seen a commercial for liquid plumber of all things, and the suggestive nature of it is just sad. I know, folks will call me prudish. That's fine by me. I'm gonna call evil evil and that's the way it is.

Well I'm gonna crawl off to bed. 10 hours at work and then come home to clear off the driveway, and get to do it all over again tomorrow. Oh boy!


January 28, 2013 - Msg 92228: Storms coming here tomorrow and Bad wed...hey Romeena ,Boo,G-F,asa TOM,auh20 and all...early wk for me in the morning...whose cooking?...SPOT

January 28, 2013 - Msg 92229: Boy, Ro you described Texas weather perfectly. Can you believe they are predicting 89 degrees here tomorrow? Yuck.

Sorry you are dealing with all that wet snow, Asa. Its got to be hard when you have to be out in it so much.

Speaking of commercials, Sean and I just had our socks shocked off by a commercial showing Joan Rivers kissing a lesbian woman. Good grief.

Managed to get to revival meeting tonight and was so happy to see that most of the pews are still filled. I love my sweet church family.

I also love my porch family. I want to tell you that sometimes I am busy and it seems like my life is so full of people and needs to fill but I always try to take the time to check in and say hello to you all because I care about you and you are my friends.

Better get off here and spend some time with the family. Love ya!


January 29, 2013 - Msg 92230: I don't think you are a prude, Asa. You just have morals and good sense. And I know the commercial you are talking about.

Boo, I used to like Joan Rivers. I thought she was a really funny lady. Then she started doing all this trashy stuff, and went a little overboard on the plastic surgery.
Did I say "a little"?
Have any of you ever seen the movie, "Brazil"? It was written by one of the Monty Python boys in the 80's I believe, and in it some people have procedures done on their faces to make themselves look "beautiful and young" but which actually makes them look simply freakish. I mention it because the people who have all this plastic surgery today look like the people in that movie; their faces and eyes all stretched.
Well, I haven't seen that movie since the 80's(or 90's as I may have rented it on videotape), but I remember the way those people looked.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92231: I have to add something weird(Like don't I always?!). But I am seeing lightning flashes and hearing thunder right now.
Not unheard of, but weird for Wisconsin, in January. Next thing you know we are going to get earthquakes.

Good night, porch friends.

-Sterling Holobyte

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92232: Good evening, porch. Sterling, I have no problem with people who want to improve their appearance, and I understand that sometimes it goes beyond vanity and becomes almost a business necessity, in some cases. However, as you said, when someone goes overboard, it becomes just pitiful. There's a recognized condition, called "body dysmorphic disorder" which drives some people to pursue more and more surgery, trying to achieve some "look" that even they can't really describe. They can never be satisfied, there will always be some other "fix" they'll want done. It's sad.

Hmmm. I wonder if I have "yard dysmorphic disorder"? I'm always fiddling with the yard, adding lights, or a new flowerbed, moving a rosebush here or there, just all sorts of things. As Joe told me today, if I bring in one more rosebush, I'm going to have to move, because I've run out of dirt.

Personally, I've never had any cosmetic surgery done, but might be tempted to try the "Lifestyle Lift" if I could afford it, which I can't. I have a close friend who had that procedure about eight years ago, and she looks terrific. From day one, she never looked like she had had surgery, she just looked rested, and younger. I think the key is that they don't try to take decades off your appearance, they just do a little tweaking here and there, so you don't ever have that "scared" look. Or scary, as the case may be. You would never look at my friend and say "oh, she's had work done", because it just doesn't look like it. As for me, I guess I'll just keep on getting more sags and droops, until I can't see out anymore, and then I'll just start wearing a really tight ponytail.

Mr. Tom, I think it's time to call the doctor and make sure they called that prescription refill in. They may have, and it got lost, so they need to do it again. I know, it's annoying, but it's people, and people make mistakes.

Well, guess I'll toddle off to bed. Toye Starr is harrumphing around in here, clearly trying to tell me that it's time to call it a day. I don't know why I'm such a night owl, but I always have been, since childhood. My parents used to get so tired of telling me to go to bed, turn out the light, close the book and turn off the flashlight, etc. I was absolutely forbidden to have a candle in my room, and I knew they meant it, so I didn't, but it was tempting. Now it's not books so much, but I have the TV on all night. I fall asleep watching TV. That started after Dale passed. Sleep came very hard for a long time, and TV helped. Well, have a good night, everyone. --Romeena

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92233: Romeena, Sounds like a landscaping compelsion to me. Look at it this way,you are bringing beauty to the world one plant at a time is what I'm thinking! That is why all the birds and all the squirrels come from all over to experiance your beautiful spot.
Tell Joe if he runs out of dirt I'll send ya some of my Ohio dirt it's pretty good for growing.

Boo Send Me & TOM some of that 89 degree yuk we could use it..Right TOM?

Asa...10hrs of work, come home and shovel 12" of snow..."It's a fun day" as Andy would say....

G-F..."Having the time of his life"....

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92234: I've never seen that movie, STerling but sounds interesting! ha...I have been noticing that Dr. Phil's wife is starting to look strangely "stretched" and liposuctioned. ;) Hey, if I had as much money as she has, I would have cosmetic surgery...some lipo on my face and chin and a chin tuck, for sure...oh, and belly lipo for sure....If i didn't chicken out. I am askeered of anesthesia.

Ro, I don't think you have "yard dysmorphic disorer" but maybe a tendency to hoard all things having to do with landscaping. ;) heehee PS-funny about the ponytail!

Wish I could send you this 89 degree weather, G-F..for sure. It is warm but the wind is crazy..it's just howling out there. Go figure? We are expecting a small front this evening that will lessen the humidity but it will still be in the 70's. I am ready for some cold so I can use my fireplace again.

Well, I have a sad prayer request. Bruce's cousin Eric killed himself yesterday. He was a fairly young man, maybe 40 and had a broken heart from a lost love. He drove to work and shot himself. He was a very nice person and I really liked Eric. Please pray for his mother, Marilyn. They will be creamating Eric and scattering his ashes near where he lived in Colorado in the next few days.


January 29, 2013 - Msg 92235:
Sterling, Boo, etc...I think the whole shock commercial thing started in the 70s with that shampoo commercial. I think you all know what I mean where the lady is in the shampoo aisle of a store. Then the superbowl kept pushing the envelope with all their commercials.. godaddy stuff etc. Best way to counter it is to write to the sponsor!!
BOO- we just had 3 days of rain and I think it is heading your way!
Dad is still doing pretty darn good these days.

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92236: I'm not sure which commercial you are talking about MDC, but please don't explain. ha I wish that rain were heading our way. the weatherman says by the time gets all the way to south texas it won't be much and we need it so badly. Glad to hear your dad is doing so well!

We are beginning to have some more trouble with sister in law. She has still not moved on and is trying to cause a little trouble. I am hanging on the big freeze but its hard. Part of me wants to really set her straight but I know it wouldn't do any good. It goes against my nature to just not involve myself but I have to stay with it. Hard to do sometimes!

Better go get some chores done.


January 29, 2013 - Msg 92237: I just received some happy correspondance from a dear friend. I have mentioned my friend Alan, who is a presbyterian minister who's wife left him about a year ago. Well, he has been seeing a dear friend of mine named, Teresa over the last month and it sounds like things are going very well between them. He is going to be coming down in March and staying with us a few days for a visit. I am looking forward to it. He has been through so very much and I want him to be happy. Teresa is one of the sweetest Christians I know. I'm so happy for them. :) Just wanted to pass that on.


January 29, 2013 - Msg 92238: So Sad Boo about Bruce's cousin, So much sorrow these days...Prayers for his Mother..

On a lighter note thanks for some of your heat, got to the 50's today...

Boo the Matchmaker...I think there is a TAGS episode about that.....G-F

January 29, 2013 - Msg 92239:
BOO- maybe it's time to take SIL out to the woodshed! Yup, we got us a real good old fashioned woodshed out back! ha

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92240: Well, she may need a woodshed but I'm not the one to take her. ;) She is really trying to stir things up and has now made her older sister, Linda, the target for her hatred. Poor Linda contacted me upset yesterday because sis-in-law (Vicki) had posted some uglies on facebook for the world to see. She called her on it and it wasn't pretty. Sis-in-law is making up things, literally, calling us liars and generally trying to get a reaction from us and all because she asked us to go tell Bruce's mom about her nephew Eric dying. She wanted someone to tell her mom in person and we agreed to do that. I phoned Bruce and asked him to go by and see his mom after he got off work...I thought it would be better coming from him than from me. A short time later his mom called and said Vicki had called her to tell her about Eric. The next day Vicki posted on facebook that she was mad because we couldn't drive three minutes to tell her mom about Eric dying. We don't move fast enough to suit her. She is trying to hang on to some sort of control but trying to bully us in a sense. I think it is her way of trying to get us to break our silence and engage here in her drama. I'm not playing her game, though. She is just making herself look less credible. Linda is worried about what people with think about us but I told her that my reputation is God's business and that character is not hard to see. Anyone who knows us, knows that we aren't liars. I will just continue to do what is right and leave the rest to Him. I'm not going to let it ruin my day, that's for sure. One thing i can say is that going through this with her has been a big lesson in life and I can even say i rejoice in being put to the test by it. I have learned so much from it...things I really needed to learn. Someday I will share some of that with you. Thanks for your prayers and support. You all have helped me to get to this point.

Well, have to finish the coffee and take mom-in-law to the dr's office this morning.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92241: Oh, and you are welcome for the heat, G-F. we finally got a front last night and it is 50 here right now and feels great! I guess we exchanged some weather or something. :)


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92242: Change in the weather...60 degrees now 20 by afternoon..Our Ohio motto is: "Don't like the weather stick around it will change in a min."
Auh2o...Warning HIGH winds comming you're way,hold on to you hats! Hope Mr. Schwamp stays indoors today....


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92243: Storms and torandos moving across us...prayers...SPOT

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92244: Hey All.
Boo I will keep prayer for and maybe God will true on a light for SIL.
G F it 50 degrees now 68 degees this afternoon.
but we have a cold front camming what rain and high wind.
SPOT stay self from that bad storm.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92245: MESSAGE: Good morning, porch! Boo, I'm so sorry to hear about the young man taking his life. Is he the same one you told us about some time back, that you were so worried about, when he had the unhappy love situation? It's always so sad when someone chooses suicide. I don't judge them though, because when Dale died I found depths of despair I didn't know were possible. Regarding your situation with your SIL, please keep doing what you're doing. Do NOT respond to her, because she'll just take whatever you do or say and twist it around to use against you. The truth lies in your last sentence above. "Have to finish the coffee and take mom-in-law to the dr's office this morning." If you and Bruce are so unwilling to do a simple thing for his mom, then why isn't SIL taking her to the doctor this morning, instead of you? No, she wasn't concerned about you not telling her the news, the truth is, she was scared you were going to beat her to it, so she ran over there as fast as she could! I can only imagine how self-important she felt as she relayed that juicy tale. Boo, do NOT worry about what anyone thinks when they read her little nasty notes. The ones who matter won't believe it, and the ones who would believe it don't matter. Forget it, and continue to refuse to engage her. In so doing, you'll drive her absolutely nuts! Don't you just love the way that works out? (heehee) She'll be like a naughty toddler, acting out, trying to get her parents' attention through bad behavior. You ARE dealing with a very immature person, you know. Yesterday, it reached 80 here, and finally when I started for bed last night, it was 79 in this house. Too warm to sleep very well, so I turned the a/c on for the first time in about three weeks. I set it on 77, just enough to cool things down a bit, and with a ceiling fan I was comfortable. Well, I woke up this morning shivering, with Toye Starr curled in a tiny ball, as close to me as she could get. Her little feet were icy! Yep, it's now 40 outside, and was 71 in here. I switched back to the furnace, set it at 74, enough to warm things a little. Actually, with my thermostat located behind the living room TV and all its accompanying boxes and gadgets, the thermostat registers 2 warmer than the rest of the house actually is. Thus, a setting of 74 makes it 72 in the house. Once I figured that out, it's easy to compensate for it. Well, have to go to PT this morning, so guess I'd better get dressed and head on over there. I've about had enough of this. I can't see that there's any more improvement - I think I've about hit a point where that's as good as it's going to get. My ins#rance and medicare both quit paying over a month ago, but the doc who supervises the place told me to just keep coming, there would be no charge. I really appreciated that, but I really am getting tired of it. Once I go back to work, it won't be possible, and that's coming up pretty soon, I guess. Prayers are needed, friends, as I've got some decisions to make. Thanks! --Romeena

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92246: Good grief! Here's what happened - I got the big white censor page because of "ins@rance" (I hadn't made the substitution). I remember some of you saying that when you use the back button it takes away the whole thing (didn't used to do that!) so I got smart and copied it, then hit the back button. It brought me back to the comments box, which was blank, so I pasted what I had saved.

Unfortunately, when you do that, you lose the paragraphing. That's why my post is all in one big tangled mess up there. I was only seeing the last of it, so didn't realize it. Next time I'll know to go back through and re-paragraph. It makes things so much easier to read! --Romeena

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92247: Prayers for Eric's loved ones, Boo. So sad..
Staying under my rock today- like Spotty mentioned,storms are rolling in today/tonight. Weird weather!
Y'all stay safe-love to all!
possum under a rock

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92248: Thanks, Possum...good to see you on the porch.

I think you have sis-in-law pegged, Ro. Bruce's older sister Linda just told me that she has had enough of the abuse, too, and has chosen the big freeze. She showed the latest correspondance and hate-speech to her husband and he told her to block her from her facebook and have no communication with her, which she did. Linda has decided to leave it in God's hands and pray. By the way, sis-in-law (Vicki) lives in Killeen and is doing very little to move on with her life so she can contribute to the needs of her mother. Recently, she took her mom's car back to Killeen with her and made it her own, even though my mom-in-law has few assets. She is a taker, not a giver, but looks for ways to put down the ones who are doing something...maybe to make herself feel better because she can't get her own life together. After she left our home, she moved in with the only remaining friends who would take her in...an older pastor in Killeen and his wife. The goal being to get her some counseling, make her finish her online coding classes and eventually be self-sufficient. It was only supposed to take several months, but that has turned into years and still she has no job, and hasn't finished her schooling. She has very few friends and has isolated herself from most family members. I am hoping and praying that she will somehow come to her senses and realize before it is too late and she is completely alone. At this point, she is with the last people who will take her in besides her mother. Her children refused to take her in and have little to do with her because of the destruction she causes. Its sad really, but nobody can reason with her so all you can do is protect yourself and your family. My main concern is that my mother-in-law told her she could come down here and live with her until she finishes her classes and that may put me in a position of having to deal with her on some level...maybe not...we'll have to wait and see. If her current friends finally have enough and ask her to leave, she will down here and move in with mom-in-law. I guess that might be a good thing in one way...she can deal with mom-in-law herself and see how hard that can be firsthand. I think she knows and that the last thing she will probably do is move back in with her mom...she has said as much before. She prefers to try to run things through intimidation from her comfortable position in Killeen. Well, good luck to her.

Ro, I have never mentioned the man who took his life. I had only met him once and that was 4 or 5 years ago.

Ro, I am sorry about your situation...will pray for you and the decisions you need to make.

Ro, St. Susan just called frantic and told me she found a baby squirrel that fell out of its nest...its about 2 inches long and she is beside herself. I instructed her to warm it up and put it back where she found it to see if the mom will come and get it. She is watching it now. If mom doesn't come back for it, I will try to find a wildlife rehabilitator in our area. mercy.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92249: Think I said "Ro" enough times???!


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92250: Ro, Ro, Ro, your boat..... oh man, see what you started Boo? :) So sorry to read about the fellow who took his own life. Such a sad waste, And so many left behind that are devastated by it usually. I pray for healing for all touched by it. And for you and your continued problems with the SIL. What a pain she sounds like.

Ro, I will pray for you my dear,that you will heal, but also that things may work out so that you can retire. I do worry about you working, and know that the shifts are long and tiring. Not sure if you need to for financial reasons, or you just want to stay active or what. But I'd sure love for you to be able to retire and enjoy life. Tell ya what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna pray for the Lords will to be done in the matter, and for you to be lead by his will, knowing that's the case. Sound good? That way you can't go wrong. :)

We have had almost 3 feet of new snow since last Sunday night. I sure hope it's done for a while. Supposed to start clearing up tonight. We need a breather. Man and equipment is taking a beating on this one.

Prayers for all.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92251: I'll join you in that prayer,Asa. Hope things get better,Ro.
I tell you,something is terribly wrong in this world when a good church going Christian woman can get gunned down in her own yard. Just found out that a friend of mine was shot & killed this morning in her yard. So tragic.. prayers for Janice's family and loved ones,please. Thanks,y'all.

possum again

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92252: You have such a sweet way of expressing yourself, Asa. You are just precious. :) I will pray the same way you are praying for "Ro-Ro".

Sorry about all the snow. :(


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92253: I didn't see you, Possum. so very sorry about your friend. Prayers for you and Janice's family.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92254: By the way, St. Susan just called and said mama squirrel came and got baby squirrel. Susan was watching and said mama squirrel was kind of rough and picked him up by the neck and hauled him back to the nest! haha All's well that ends well!


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92255: Oh Boo, you're so kind. Thanks for the compliment. :)

Possum, I am so sorry to read that about your friend, Janice. Prayers for all concerned. How are you doing? We don't see you near enough.


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92256: Good evening, friends. You are all so sweet, and I don't know what I'd do without you. Asa, your prayers are spot on, and just what I need. Yes, I do need to work. I'd love to retire, but can't make it on Social Security and the rents. Rental property, unless you have a LOT of it, isn't what you'd think. The margin of profit on it, after paying taxes, ins@rance and normal repairs, is about 50% of the rent. Then if repairs are excessive, as I've experienced, or (God forbid) if the house sits empty, there may be no income at all. In fact, on one occasion, one house was empty for nine months, after $7k in repairs, and the taxes and ins@rance marched right along. It took two years for that house to be in the black again. So, it's risky to even count on the rental income. Downsizing sounds like a good idea, but is not really an option, for reasons I won't detail here - too long. So - bottom line - I need a supplemental income. I don't mind working, but I'd just really love it if there was something I could do from home. I thought about medical transcription, but the voice-recognition software has just about killed that field. I have a friend who did that for years, and she's looking for another job right now. So - as you said, I'm just praying for God's will to be done. He knows my needs, even better than I do.

Boo, I didn't realize that SIL lived in Killeen, for cryin' out loud! From that distance, she still manages to keep everyone upset? Boy, she's talented! Shame on her. She's like the guy who wants to tell everyone else what crop to plant, when and how to do it, but has never had dirt under his nails. Forget her. She's bad news with feet.

Hooray for St. Susan, for watching over the little squirrel. I could have promised you that the mom would come for him, providing she hadn't been hit by a car or something. And yes, they do handle the babies roughly, or so it appears, and they do carry them by the neck. When the babies get a little bigger, and would be dragging the ground, they roll them up, tuck their tail in, and pick up the resulting furry ball and carry it off. I think I described that for you all once, after witnessing a mama move her entire brood.

Possum, that's just terrible about your friend. Does anyone know why it happened? That's really scary.

Well, guess I'll go make a sandwich. I got some more of that good rare roast beef. Sure makes a great sandwich. Blessings, everyone. I thank God for each of you. --Romeena

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92257: Hey folks. I just saw a brief news story involving Jim Nabors (also known as Gomer Pyle). I was shocked when I read it. You can view it at http://tinyurl.com/alld5hk

from Poor Horatio

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92258: You're welcome, Asa. :)

"Bad news with feet"...haha...that's pretty good...and accurate, Ro. Yes, Susan was mighty happy when mama squirrel came back for "Chester" (she already named him). I figured she would come back because Susan told me that she saw the mom near the baby but the dogs were out and chased her away. She got the dogs in and brought the baby in and called me in tears...her first words, "Julie, I'm in big trouble!".. She was so worried about the sweet little thing. I told her I was almost sure the mama would come and get him if she would be patient and just keep an eye out for cats. Well, now she knows what to do if it happens again. :)

Hey there, PH, good to see you. I am going to watch the story you posted on Jim Nabors now...


January 30, 2013 - Msg 92259:
ASA- your education was worth every penny! I too will agree with you in that prayer. RO- could you possibly sell one of the rentals and use that to supplement your income? Just a thought.
There is also something called a reverse mortgage which may be worth a look-see.
Prayers also for the tragic events mentioned.
BOO-that is one problem with FB and other social media. In in Phx, kids "bully" other kids now over FB etc! Also, I would be afraid that SIL would not care for her mother at all. I'd try to keep her out of there as well.
SPOT, possum, etc heard of your storms on the news.
I hope REV and MAUDE, TOM, KY GIRL and others in that area are OK.
PH- good to see you again. I had my suspisions for a long time, but that is kinda a shocker to read it!
Prayers for all,

January 30, 2013 - Msg 92260: Good evening, porch. Regarding the story about Jim Nabors, I don't think that's exactly news. Back when he had his liver transplant, years ago, everyone was saying then that he had AIDS, which was not true. He did look like an AIDS patient at the time, but he wasn't. He had a dying liver, the result of a form of hepatitis, thought to have been contracted from a tainted blood transfusion. Well, I could wish that this story wasn't true, but I know it is, and I can't change it. He probably wouldn't want to. All I can say is, I'm not his judge, and do not wish to be. He is a supremely talented man - just listen to him sing "O Holy Night"! He has a beautifully clear, strong, rich voice and I love to hear him sing. He's also a fine comic actor, and has a lot of dramatic talent as well. He has given us all some lovely moments through his singing and acting, and for that I thank him. I do not understand his lifestyle, and based on my understanding of scripture and the evidence of nature, I can't condone it, but again, I'm not his judge. I wish him well.

As I sit here at this window and look out over the back yard, it really does look pretty. Even more important, I can see back there! I feel a great deal safer with the lights on back there, and they're nearly all low-voltage, so very cheap to operate. There are about twenty little fixtures that need new bulbs, and once I get them done, it will be quite bright out there. Now that I've discovered that I can get the bulbs so much cheaper on Amazon, I'll keep up with those little guys a bit better. If I was a prowler, I'd avoid this yard!

Well, "Perry Mason" is on, so guess I'll go watch it. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena