February 05, 2013 - Msg 92335: Yes, Ro, that kind of came to my thinking this morning (about my symptoms). Hmm.. we'll see if it keeps it up. I feel very stress-free and relaxed...not consiously anxious about anything. Strange. Thank you for those prayers...it means the world, and please let us know as soon as you hear any results (concerning your daughter in law).


February 05, 2013 - Msg 92336:
Good sweep BOO!!! (:

February 05, 2013 - Msg 92337: Thanks...ya'll come out and play now... :(


February 05, 2013 - Msg 92338: We don't wanna get the porch dirty Boo. :)


February 05, 2013 - Msg 92339: Not until... I do my homework, clean out the garage,take out the ashes,brush my teeth,rake the leaves,walk the dog,go over my spelling words (3) times (w/no mistakes) Mom's rule..Then I can come out for 15 mins.

It sounds like the old days to me....G-F

February 05, 2013 - Msg 92340: Gosh, G-F, your mom must be a regular Simon Legree!


February 05, 2013 - Msg 92341:
Howdy porch family.....Been very busy on this end of the porch. Been missing rocking with you folks but as always, you're in my prayers.

I'll be back in the recording studio tomorrow working on a new cd to be released this summer. It's going to be very busy over the next month working on the project and still doing my concert dates. But God is good!

You all have a great night and I'll check in whenever I can.
Love and prayers to all my porch family!

February 05, 2013 - Msg 92342: Hope all goes well with the CD, REV. Love and prayers to you, too. Been missin' ya around here.


February 05, 2013 - Msg 92343: One more thing...I have talked to you about Michelle before..she is the girl that was in rehab that I tried to help 3 or 4 years ago. She was 18 then, daddy was dead from drugs, mom dead from aids and she was alone in the world. I tried to help her but I guess after being through so much abuse, living on the streets, and such, she is so broken. I couldn't fix her but I tried to help. Things have never really worked out for her. She calls now and then from Houston just to hear a comforting voice. She never asks for anything but I know I am the only person that she has in this world. I grew to love her and it hurts that she struggles on, making poor decisions many times, getting in and out of trouble, alone in the world. She falls in with the wrong people out of desperation and loneliness. I want to rescue her and have tried in the past but it just doesn't work out. She called me today and had been in jail, is on probabtion, and living in a shelter. I feel so sorry for her that it really hurts sometimes. I know she's not my child but to know that you are the only loving person in someone's life, no matter how messed up they are, is so sad. Please say a prayer for Michelle for me. What chance does she have in this life except for God somehow changing her thinking and healing her damage?


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92344: Good evening, porch. Boo, I will certainly pray for Michelle, and for you as you struggle with how, or whether, to try to help her. It sounds to me as though she needs professional help, but whatever, I will pray that the Lord will intervene and put whtever it is that she needs in her path, available to her.

Folks, it gives me immeasurable joy to tell you that prayer does indeed work. Brittney got the results back on the biopsy that was done last week, on the lesion that looked so suspicious, and even brought an "it doesn't look good" from the doctor. Somewhere along the way, something happened, because the biopsy report came back as "benign." It's not melanoma. It's not any other form of cancer, either. It's just a "skin thing." Thank you, Lord, thank you!

David is in Denver on business, and he called me this evening after work, as he often does. He'll just call to chat, bless his little heart. Tonight, we spent nearly two hours on the phone, with him walking me through various procedures on my new smart phone. That thing is a vast mysterious land for me - like a computer in some ways, but with some very significant differences in many other ways. It may take me some time, but I'll get there.

Well, I'm off to bed. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

February 06, 2013 - Msg 92345: Wonderful news Ro. Praises to the Lord. :)

Boo, you are such a kind hearted soul. It is so hard to see children like Michelle, and how they are strugging to get their lives straight. They did not have the blessing of learning things as children, and therefore are seemingly doomed before even starting. But with the Lord, no one need be lossed forever. He can mend the most wounded spirit. All we can do is try to point them in that direction, and try to keep them focused their. It sounds like you do that for Michelle. Good on you.

Good luck with the new CD Rev. I know you will do great with it. Your head and your heart are in the right place.

I better get going I reckon. Got tome stuff done today.
Prayers for all.


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92346: Lossed? How about lost. :)


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92347: Good morning, porch. Well said, Asa, very well said. I was thinking along the same lines. That girl had the misfortune to be born to parents who, for whatever reason in their own background, appear to be brainless and clueless, and that child hit adulthood with absolutely no tools to work with. That is so sad. She's helpless unless she's willing to let God take control and guide her choices. If she won't do that, then she'll continue to make bad choices and the future is grim.

Boo, that's what I see as the best thing you can do for her, along with prayer. You can continue to advise her, direct her thoughts toward God, and unfailingly insist that she seek His will. Beyond that, for your own sake, remember that you're not responsible for the result, you just deliver the mail. When my postman, Ron, drops my electric bill in my mail slot, he has done all he can do. He gave me the thing that lets me know what I need to do if I want power in my home. If I choose to ignore it, and my power is turned off, that's my problem, not his.

An over-simplification perhaps, but to my very literal mind, it makes it easier to understand. So, if Michelle chooses to ignore the messages about the potential power of God, and elects not to keep it turned on, you are not responsible for that. We are called to be witnesses, not to work miracles. The only way we can be held accountable is if we don't share the Word, and you do that, all the time, and have done it with Michelle. Now it's up to her.

Well, gotta run out to PT. Guess that's going to go on for a while longer. I'm tired of it, but they're not charging me or my insur@nce, and the doc thinks it's helping, so off I go. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 06, 2013 - Msg 92348: Well, now you've done gone and made me shed a tear, Ro! So very happy to hear about Brittney's good news. :):) That makes my day.
By the way, that boy of your's is bird in this world!

Thank you for the kind words and wisdom, Asa and Ro. You are both such clear, wise voices of love to your porch family.

Feeling better today...didn't wake up sick in the night so things are looking up. Its funny how nausea always makes me think of pregnancy and then this few seconds of panic, that maybe..just maybe...ha...better not be or I'm suing the doctor!

I've been enjoying the week, otherwise. My friend I mentioned the other day, who is the presbyterian minister (Alan) has been staying with us a few days and he is pretty fun. He is one of those super-smart, VERY educated, and kind of nerdy guys...the kind that like star trek..you know the type! hehe...Right now he has his laptop out working on next week's sermon but he can't seem to help from stopping to talk every few minutes. He also spends alot of time playing jazz guitar, which is cool. I have enjoyed that.

Here's a funny "farm story" for ya. Now you have to picture Alan..nice-looking, clean-cut, city-type. He went out on the back porch to sit and talk with someone on the phone, but he didn't know old Thelma Lou the donkey was out. I'm inside at the sink and I can see him sitting out there because he's facing me...then Thelma Lou appears...coming up slowly behind him and he doesn't have a clue...I'm watching...she come closer, and being the kind of imp I am sometimes, I don't give any sort of warning...she inches closer...closer...her big, dripping donkey nose getting closer and closer to his head...he suspects nothing...she inches up behind him until finally her nose is next to his face, and ah!!...he is suprised by a big gray nose nuzzling his neck. HAHAHA It was so funny to see! wish you could have been there. I figured he would jump up or something but I watched as he never missed a beat in his conversation, and his arm reached behind him to give the donkey's neck a scratch. When the dogs saw it, here they came wanting to be pet too. Poor Alan. He just acted like there was nothing to it and pet them until they decided they had enough and went back to their naps in the sun. Pretty cool to watch. There is certainly nothing stuffy about my seminary teacher/phd minister friend. He's one of us, now...(maniacal laughter...).

I am still in the process of reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and am very near the end. I think i will go finish it once and for all. I can't believe I never read it before.


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92349: Hey...Julie (Boo) wants someone to come out and play!


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92350: What we gona play?...crazy weather in the south...67 here today...we can play anything outside here....SPOT

February 06, 2013 - Msg 92351: How about hopscotch, SPOT?

The weather is rainy and abotu 70 here today..I'm enjoying it, but I won't enjoy the mosquitoes in few days.


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92352: abotu?

February 06, 2013 - Msg 92353: Did Alan have lipstick marks on his face from Thelma Lou? Just like Barney? eeeh haaaaw!
Did Bernie jump up and give him a "peck" on the cheek too? ;)...Tell Alan it puts a whole new meaning to playing the field...He better go back to the city before he gets himself in trouble.
Hey Boo, it abotu 34 degrees here today....
Watch out for those boosquitoes, better hang up those bat's I sent ya so you can swing on you're porch....


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92354: Hey Boo, Next time Alan gets kissed on the jaw by a woman, and he gets asked how he likes it, he can say it was better than a mules nose. (Well in this case a donkeys nose, but close enough) That is unless the kiss wasn't as nice, then maybe he should just say nothing. :)


February 06, 2013 - Msg 92355: Boy, cats are dumb. What a dumb cat! Old Shamu, my neighbor's wretched old fat cat, came through my yard a few minutes ago. Now, it's quite dark out, but I have lights in the yard, and the cat is black and white, so he shows up beautifully. I turned the computer monitor off so he couldn't see me, and watched as he picked his way across the yard to - of all places - my fish pond! He perched his fat self on the little bridge, and was clearly waiting for a fish to come within paw's reach. Fortunately, they were down in the deep part, sleeping (do fish sleep? I wonder.) and he couldn't reach them. I promise you, if he ever gets a fish out of that pond, he and I are going to have a very serious confrontation. I didn't raise those pretty little babies to be a snack for some fat cat. Fighting off that miserable bird is bad enough.

I kept watching, and finally, he got up and ambled over toward a tree that holds two squirrel houses. Just as he put his paws on the trunk, about to climb up, I turned on that sprinkler zone. Nailed him! Got him good! He totally lost his feline dignity and scrambled down the fence line, headed for home, running through water all the way. So, once more, I sent him home wet and mad, but he'll be back. And I'll be watching! Dumb cat. Boy, what a dumb cat! --Romeena

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92356:
Hey BOO, I like StarTrek! ha
Sterling, I have now set my home page to duckduckgo!
Thanks for the tip. I like Google being out of my life! (:
I believe that you and I are cut of the same cloth!
I just finished a long letter to the whitehouse
telling our king that his policies will NEVER
be accepted by at least 50 percent of this country. I also sent my "open letter" to 63 newspapers across the country! I am a firm believer in ole Ben Franklin's statement, "those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
REV- good to heare that another CD is forthcoming!!

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92357:
Hey folks. I accidentally discovered a video over at YouTube that first shocked me when I began to view it. But by the end of the video, I started to laugh when I realized that this was meant to be satire to demonstrate just how difficult it can be to be politically correct at times. Watch the entire 2 minute video at the link below.

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92358:
Boo, isn't it a bit ironic that I posted that video link shortly after you mentioned that you are reading Uncle Tom's Cabin?

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92359: Good for you, MDC! You're a good citizen. By the way, I like star trek, too, but only the original star trek.

That was a strange coincidence, PH. I am just a few page away from finishing UTC but couldn't stay awake any longer last night. I will have to finish it today. Such a good book.

Feeling sick to my stomach again today and sipping some tea with vinegar. I don't know if I mentioned that vinegar is very soothing to the stomach if you are experiencing nausea. Sounds like it wouldn't be since it is an acid, but it really helps me.


February 07, 2013 - Msg 92360: MDC..63 letters? Man your fingers sure must be tired! Were they 63 cases of malfeasance?..haha
Duckduckgo? Do you need one of those "Duck" callers from those guys on TV to get it to work?

Romeena, I thought "cat fishing" was one of those computer terms for those people who pose as someone else on the internet? Did he have his little "Eagle eye Annie" pole too? The sprinkler trick was a good one!...
If that does'nt work you may have to get your Daisy Red Ryder BB gun out of storage and put a "Eagle Eye Romeena" shot on his posterior is what I'm thinking...


February 07, 2013 - Msg 92361: Good morning, porch! It's beautiful here today, 61 with high, gauzy clouds and a light breeze. Makes me want to get outside and get my hands in the dirt! I've got hyacinths blooming, and some of my tulips are already poking their noses out of the ground. It's too early for them, but there they are. I'm wondering if we planted them deeply enough. They'll be okay if we don't get a freeze, but it's early February and anything is possible. We've actually had snow in March in the past.

Oh, G-F, my war with Shamu is an ongoing battle. I'd never do anything to hurt him, but I take great delight in puncturing his cattitude balloon now and then. It's not just him, though he's the most frequent and persistent visitor. I water any cat that dares come into my back yard. I've worked hard, and gone to some expense, to make my yard a haven for wildlife. It's a certified backyard wildlife habitat, and I have the yard sign from the National Wildlife Federation that says so. Since I've gone to such lengths to attract wildlife, you can bet I'm not going to permit a predator to stroll through here like he was at a buffet dinner.

"The Dallas Morning News" ran an article a few days ago, spotlighting the carnage created by cats in America. It's partly feral cats, of course, but also all the Fluffies and Bootsies of the nation, when Mama lets them out. The toll among songbirds runs into the billions each year, not to mention small mammals. No, they don't just catch mice. Squirrels, bunnies, whatever. It doesn't matter. If they can snag it with a claw, and get their jaws around its throat, they'll kill it. Then they probably drag the grisly little prize home to mom. Yuck. Now don't misunderstand me - I like cats. I really do, but there are certain aspects of their nature that I don't like. They're only doing what they're programmed to do, I know, but it doesn't have to happen.

If my neighbor were to let her mastiff, Hailey, out to wander the neighborhood, somebody would call Animal Control in a heartbeat. Sweet, lazy old Hailey wouldn't bite a biscuit, and if a squirrel walked up and slapped her, she'd go home with her feelings hurt, but she's a dog, and dogs aren't supposed to wander. Cats, on the other hand, are permitted license to slaughter our birds, catch the lizards that eat insects, raid nests and murder baby squirrels, and trust me, they can have rabies just like a dog can. So why the double standard? I don't get it.

David and Brittney have two cats (siblings), and they live indoors. They were raised in the house from tiny kittens, they don't know any different, and if you left the door open, they'd sit inside and be thankful they didn't have to go out in the heat. They get along fine with Bentley, the dog, and they confine their predation to the occasional cricket. They're not going to get run over, or chewed up in a fight, or contract diseases from encounters with feral cats, or bring fleas into the house. It just makes sense to me that if we're going to domesticate cats, then we should finish the job.

OK, that's the end of my rant. Maybe someday I'll tell you how I really feel! Hahaha! --Romeena

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92362:
Good for the BSA, at least for now, as they have postponed disscussion! I have also written to them to stand their ground as a private organization. Gladd was the group pressuring them.
Prayers continue for all.

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92363: This is a trouble check.

February 07, 2013 - Msg 92364:
Gomer: "What time's the gold truck comin' through?"
Andy: "Barney!!!"
Barney: "Well he's a deputy! He had to know!"
Andy: "I told you not to tell it!"
Gomer: "Oh, Barney didn't tell me. I got it from Laura Lee Hobbs up at the dime

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92365: Hey, MDC, I guess we are "cut from the same cloth" in more ways than one. I like Star Trek as well. I watched pretty much all of the series. Mostly The Next Generation, The Original Series, and Deep Space Nine. The others I watched off and on. Voyager more on than off, but I will tell you, there were so many incarnations of Star Trek back then that even I started to get weary of them. And that newest one, the pre-quel series, I hardly ever watched. I watched the first episode, but when they had the captain(I think) making out with the Vulcan girl, that was enough for me. I realized that Star Trek sure had changed.

Romeena, true what you said about cats. They are just allowed to roam anywhere. I still remember my brother's cat that was declawed, but it still managed to go out, catch and kill a bird. I was kinda impressed with that. Nothing against birds, mind you. Well, crows I'm not too fond of, ever since I saw that one killing the baby bunnies in our front yard. Darn bird.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92366:
"Scotty, I suggest that you beam me up" (:

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92367: Well Sterling, I hear them crows have got foul mouths. Or was it hawks? Anyway, none of us are perfect. lol

Ro, couldn't agree more with your rant about cats roaming. I have nothing against cats, but I do think it's unfair that a dog allowed to roam would be picked up quick by animal control, but a cat roaming is not an issue. Where's the justice? Maybe the dogs need to march on Washington, demanding equal rights! No justice, no peace! Then start howling away! That would learn em. :)

Glad it's Friday. Not been feeling great this week. Ro or Boo, I am dealing with some serious dizziness when I look up, or down, or even just move my head qucik. I've got a bit of a head cold or something going on. You reckon it's an inner ear thing? And what would be best to take for it? It makes me sick to my stomach when it does it. Thanks for any help you can offer me.


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92368: Asa, STAY OFF THE LADDERS! Let the young one do the climbing..they need to pay their dues too!

SH & MDC "Beam me up Scotty,"...."There is no intellegent life down here!" That was the episode where they went back in time and landed in Washington DC..I'm sure I remembered that one!


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92369: Good morning, porch. Asa, I hope you will listen to G-F, and stay off the ladders for now. That just makes good sense. As for what's causing your dizziness, it could very well be an inner-ear thing, especially if you have a cold. Of course, there are other things it could be, but as a very respected physician friend used to say - "when you hear hoofbeats, think horses first, not zebras." Using that logic, I'd think inner-ear first, and go with that. See a doctor, who will probably prescribe something to dry up the fluid in your ears. If that doesn't work, then the doc will already be on board with what's happening and can pursue it further. But STAY OFF LADDERS or any place where you could fall.

Regarding the "tracking" of our activities that takes place - here's one thing I don't mind at all. My grocery store, as most do these days, issues a "preferred customer" card, which gets you a discount on a lot of things sold in the store. I know, it's all manipulated, but still, without the card, you pay the higher price. I usually end up with at least $15 knocked off my grocery bill. In addition, I've now started receiving packages of coupons in the mail, with very decent discounts, like $2 off any $10 spent in the meat department. It can be combined purchases. The best part is, every single coupon in the stack, and there are twenty, is for something I use and buy frequently. I'll use every one of them. I added it up, and will save $21.50 when I use the coupons. The ones in the paper and such are usually for something I don't buy, but these are all targeted to me specifically, based on my purchasing history, which they can track because I use that card. So they're watching what groceries I buy. Who cares? Let 'em watch. I don't mind them knowing I use Viva paper towels, and I can use that $21.50!

Well, off I go to physical therapy. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92370: Sterling, Captain Kirk was the biggest make-out person in a thousand solar systems! He always had his lips on some alien or human creature. ;)

Sis-in-law trying to cause more trouble. Really trying not to get upset over it and leave it in god's hands. Now she is going to her kids and their spouses and telling them some nonsense about us accusing her of something...who knows what? I haven't talked to her in over a month. It is just a form of retaliation but I am sticking with the BIG FREEZE but she keeps trying to make a moulage out of everything! ha

Better go make sure Erin is staying on track with her schoolwork. Having company for dinner so need do a little straightening up and get started on making the sauce for my lasagna...ya'll know what the secret is, don't ya?


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92371: Boo, I think you need to give her a facial moulage out of hot grits & oatmeal...Get it??haha


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92372: Maybe not HOT, but at least a warm one...G-F

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92373: True about Kirk, Boo. Though generally all they showed with him basically was smooching, a lot different from what the newer shows "show".

Ro, that is one thing that still bothers me, no matter how benign their tracking of our activities may seem on the surface, it is still "tracking" of our private lives. But for a few bucks we allow it. Granted, it is easier to forgive such practices in a terrible economy. But how far will we go? And where will it end?

I still remember back in my youth, hearing about how the anti-christ will cause everyone, rich and poor, to not be able to buy or sell unless they bear the mark of the beast. Back then I thought, how could that ever happen? We Americans, especially, love our freedom and right to privacy, so we would never allow someone to do that to us, right?
Then came the internet, and cell phones, and organizers, then tablets, and then smart phones, texting, etc. And I would see people with their little cell phones attached to their ears, and hear about people who say they simply "can't live" without their devices and phones, which now are much more than simply phones. For many of these people, they are their lives now, and their lives revolve around these devices.
Then you begin to see how dependent people are on their "gadgets", and how they now even buy and sell with those gadgets. Then you put two and two together, and you remember what God said the anti-christ would do. And you no longer wonder how people would ever let that happen, or what freedoms they would give up, all for the convenience they are now enjoying while being a slave to it.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92374: Sorry to be such a downer, btw. Or an upper. I guess it depends on how you look at it. :)


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92375: Well, Sterling, eschatology has never been one of my strong points. I have many questions, I guess. Like everyone else, I hope the Lord will just get me out of here before the going gets really rough, but not sure what the future holds for the church, except to know that the Lord promises victory and eternal life. :)

Sterling, remember the episode in star trek when Kirk was "forced" to kiss Lt. Uhura?...it was very controversial in the 60's for a white man to kiss a black woman, even on TV.


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92376: You lost me, Boo. "Eschatology"? I had to look that one up. Your education was worth every penny. :)

Yes, I remember that episode. Though I never knew it was controversial until someone told me it was.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92377: Good afternoon, porch! Sterling, I understand your point of view, and do not disagree. I share your concerns, especially when it comes to the question of where it is all leading. I think at some point I'll have to draw my little line in the sand, but I['m not quite there yet. Frankly, I don't care if somebody up in cyberland knows what I bought for dinner tonight. The state of my health is well know to my doctor and everyone in his group, my hospital and everyone with access to my records, my pharmacist who dispenses my medications, and my insur@nce company, who pays for it all, not to mention the government, through Medicare's records. There is nothing I can do about that. If I was traveling to some destination where I'd rather not be tracked, I'd probably pay cash for my gas rather than using a card. However, I don't care who knows where I go, because I have nothing to hide. I'm glad OnStar will know where I am if my airbag deploys in an accident, or if I push the panic button for whatever reason.

As for the activities of the anti-Christ, unless I'm mistaken, taking the "mark of the beast" will involve renouncing Christ and declaring allegiance to the anti-Christ instead. None of the "tracking" that surrounds me has involved that as yet. I'm aware that there could be an unexpected turn around the next corner, especially given the geo-political climate and smoke-and-mirrors behavior of some of our "leaders" today. Still, that renunciation is something I will never do, so I guess that's where I'll draw that line, if I haven't had occasion to do it before then.

I agree, many people are way overly-involved with their phones. I can't see joining those ranks, myself. At this moment, new and intriguing though my phone is, I'm not sure where it is. It should be in my purse, but I think it's on the table in the sunroom, where I left it this morning. I think that, among other things, it's rude to sit and play with a phone when in the company of others. Either converse and be a part of the group, or go home and play with your phone. If I find myself being drawn into that vortex, I'll lock the silly thing up. It's a convenience, yes, but I plan to continue to own it, not allow it to own me.

Well, enough of that. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92378: The one time I don't proofread, and just look at the typos! Sorry - but you can read through them, I guess. Obviously, I meant "well-known", and the others are just finger-nail snags. --Romeena

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92379: I'm sorry, Sterling, I just didn't think. I don't throw big words around on purpose. ;)

I wanted to say thanks to you who have prayed for Sean. He is doing so much better. His appetite is coming back and the anxiety has all but gone away and it is such a relief. He has really done some growing over these past months and I think we have finally found an interest for him to study at the community college. He seems to be really smart at automotives...knows about all there is to know about a car engine, the diagnostics involved...knows every car model and things about every car you can think of. Remember how when he was little he had the vacume obsession and by the time he was 3 he could tell you the names of about every vacume made...it is all part of the way his Tourette syndrome brain works. Its kind of like how Autistic kids often are savants at something...its just the way their brains work. Also, Sean has a really beautiful singing voice. Now that his voice is getting deeper, it is just beautiful. I was in the kitchen today and I heard him singing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" from the other room and I just stood there and cried. The voice quality, especially in the lower registers was amazing. I am going to have to find a voice coach for him. After all the suffering...now, the gifts are becoming apparent and God is doing something special for Sean. Thanks so much for your prayes and encouragement, porch family. :)


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92380: Romeena, I am not sure about the renouncing Christ bit, since anti-christ will set himself up AS Christ, with miracles and everything. It is just a question of being deceived in to thinking he is Christ, and many will be deceived. Not that you would be, mind you. And with your faith and knowledge of the scriptures, I don't think you would be. But Satan is a clever being, and he will use everything in this world to lower people's defenses. And I have no reason to doubt that he will use our ever-increasing dependence on our multi-media devices, as well as the as-yet seemingly innocuous convenience tracker programs, against us and to his advantage. But I repeat myself, and you already addressed this issue and where you are with it. It is just that the "little stuff" is what adds up to when that "unexpected turn around the next corner" happens, making it harder and harder to resist the "change" for people whose defenses have been lowered through years and years of accepting the "little stuff".
Now, I am not saying that I am totally "tracker free". I don't live in a survivalist camp out in the woods somewhere, and I do have a credit/debit card issued by our credit union, which I use for the convenience of it. I just pray that God will continue to make me a skeptic in this world and allow me the discernment to know the bad stuff when it happens.

I am glad Sean is doing better, Boo. I love that he is using his gifts to praise God. You should be very proud, and blessed.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92381: Thank you Sterling! :)


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92382: "Santa Lucia...Santa LU-CI-AA" (:

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92383:
"And Peter stated firmly, 'Lord, I will never deny thee!'"

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92384: Sterling, I totally get where you're coming from. I've said for years, and sometimes on this forum, that the devil doesn't do anything openly, or in big jumps, he always does it in tiny increments. That's what makes him so dangerous, and that's exactly what's behind the moral decline in this country today. Things are done wide-open and accepted today that would have provoked horrified reactions even a generation ago.

I do, however, have a somewhat different take on the anti-Christ thing, or maybe we're saying the same thing, just stating it differently. I am definitely no Bible scholar, and don't claim to understand all that's in the book of Revelation. Who does? I do believe, however, that it teaches that the anti-Christ will appear as a man, and will offer solutions to the problems the world is experiencing in his time. He will then proceed to set up his political reign, one-world government, and will begin to demand total allegiance from the population, including the acceptance of "his mark" as a symbol of that allegiance.

None of this coincides with the prophecies concerning the Second Coming of Christ. He will suddenly appear at the sound of heavenly trumpets, the skies will open, and He will be seen, visible to all, descending to earth. There will be no mistake regarding His identity, and everyone will know Him for who He is. Therefore, I can't believe that anyone with even a smidgen of Bible knowledge, or even without it, will be able to confuse the two. The behavior of the anti-Christ will give him away, if nothing else. There will be nothing loving or "Christ-like" about him. Perhaps so at first, but that mask will soon slip. I believe that children of God will be able to almost smell the evil about him. Unbelievers will be deceived, it's true, but I don't think they'll think he's Christ. After all, unbelievers don't believe in Christ as our Savior, so why would they think that? They'll just see him as "a savior", not The Savior. There's a difference.


February 08, 2013 - Msg 92385:
RO, since we are having a bit of a "moulage-ick" discussion, let me just add my 2 cents if OK.
Look how quickly things are changing with just the "healthcare act". This brazen admin has basically told the Catholic Church to shape up or ship out regarding the the whole birth control issue. That is scary stuff!
Do we ALL realize how arrogant this admin is?
Government by executive orders, and telling the other two branches "too bad, I'm gonna do it" is just the vanguard of what these next 4 years have in store. I would like to email you the letter that I just sent to the whitehouse,
but will do so only if OK with you.
Sorry for this "break" from Mayberry, but those
sweet days are dimming fast in our present world.
Lord be with us all!
OK, I'll follow up with a good mayberry quote.

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92386:
FLOYD: Oh, no. He wouldn't have gone there. You know what they charge for
things in the big city.
ANDY: Yeah, Floyd. An arm and a leg.
FLOYD: An arm and a leg.....an arm and a leg! Say! That's funny. An arm and a leg,
I want to remember that one. Did you hear that on TV?

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92387: Howdy, Masked Singer. Why not come out of the bushes and join us here on the porch? To respond to your quote - I would remind that Peter's denial was short-lived. He soon bitterly repented his momentary lapse into fear and doubt and self-preservation, and went on to preach and spread the word, at a time when it was even more dangerous than before the crucifixion, and was finally martyred for his Lord. --Romeena

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92388: No, MDC, based on the questionable statistics from the election, it would appear that we don't ALL recognize the arrogance of the current administration. I say questionable, because when reports come in from all over the country of county voting records indicating that more than 100% of the registered voters actually voted, there's something wrong. Absolutely it's wrong to be telling the Catholic Church, or any other faith-based group, doctor, hospital, nurse or anyone else that they have to support abortion on demand. The whole thing stinks. I'll never forget Pelosi standing there, looking like a spooked horse, and stating "Let's just pass the thing so we can see what's in it, hahaha!" The pill would be a little bit easier to swallow of all the Washington Elite were to be under the plan like the rest of us, but of course, they're not. They could vote to bring in witch doctors. There would be nothing we could do about it, and they wouldn't care, because they wouldn't have to be attended by them. That's one thing that needs to change, but it won't, because guess who would have to propose and vote for the change!! We are in a big mess, folks, and we're going to be a long time coming out of it, if we ever do. There are times I'm glad I'm old, but then I think of my grandkids. Lord help us! --Romeena

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92389: Point taken about the Savior and the "savior", Romeena, but I don't think that all who are deceived will be unbelievers, but some 'baby' or misguided believers will be as well, and they will think he is Christ. Some other unbelievers may finally believe after they see what he can do, though they will be believing in the wrong Christ, obviously. This is a discussion we could have forever, I guess. Or at least, until the Rapture. ;)

Folks, I need to ask for your prayers. My sister-in-law passed out at work today and fractured her skull. She was airlifted to another hospital, and my wife is on her way to stay with her. Nobody knows yet why she collapsed, but my wife thinks it may be the new medication that her sister had just started taking, and was causing her problems. She was coherent for a little while but then had a seisure, and there is bleeding inside. She has three kids, one not that much younger than Kai, and I really feel for them. Her sister is not a believer, I don't think. At least, she never goes to church and sees no reason to go or to teach her children, so the prayers are even more important. When her daughter, the one closest to Kai's age would stay over at our house, she would join us when Kai and I would say our bedtime prayers(this was when Kai was younger - Kai says her own prayers now), and she also would come to church with us, so she does have the interest. I just wish her family did. Especially now. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92390: Seizure, sorry.


Thanks for the quote, MDC. I have been watching a lot of TAGS on Youtube lately. It is nice to see a good show like that in times like these.

February 08, 2013 - Msg 92391: Wow...praying for your sis-in-law Sterling. Please let us know when you hear something.


February 09, 2013 - Msg 92392: Thanks Boo.

I just talked to my wife, and she says her sister is a little more coherent now. The doctor thinks that the fluid near the top of her brain may just be absorbed, but they are going to do a CAT-scan at around 6am to see if there is any other bleeding. And if there is, they may have to do surgery. I just pray it doesn't come to that.

Night all.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92393: I forgot to say that I am thankful to the Lord that she is at least in a more stable condition. I don't know how I could forget that.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92394: Absolutely, Sterling, prayers for your SIL and family, for healing, both physical and spiritual.

I think you're right that some immature Christians may be deceived by the advent of the anti-christ. That's why those of us who have had the advantage of being taught and discipled and taught how to discern, must accept the responsibility of teaching, discipling and mentoring the young Christians with whom we come in contact. My son David has accepted the responsibility of teaching a Sunday School class of young adults, most of them about ten years younger than he is, and many of them very new Christians. He takes it very seriously, studies and prepares carefully, and encourages questions. From what I hear, they get into some lively discussions, which is good, because it starts everyone digging into the Word and finding a lot of nuggets on their own.

I also agree that we will not arrive at the answers here on this porch, or likely anywhere else. It's in the Book, and our time is best spent studying and developing our spiritual muscles so we can follow what we find there. The best part is, for those of us who have read it through to the end, we already know that our side wins! Satan can read too, he has read the Book, and he knows the outcome. That's why he's so active and vicious right now - he's pulling out all the stops, trying to change the outcome, but it won't work. We may lose some battles, but our God will win the war. --Romeena

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92395: It would be very easy to forget to tell us that, Sterling, but I'd bet a cookie that you haven't forgotten to tell the Lord, and that's what counts.

Boo, I'm so glad to hear some good news regarding Sean. He has been through it, along with your whole family. When one member is hurting, the whole family feels it. As for your SIL, just keep on ignoring her attempts to get your attention, because that's all it is. A cry for attention. Just don't reward her bad behavior by responding to it, but if she settles down and tries to make nice, then respond positively. Maybe, like a puppy in training, she'll get the idea. Hang in there! --Romeena

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92396: Good morning Porch.

First to Boo, that's great news about Sean. I'm so glad to read he is doing so much better. I know how concerned you have been for him. PTL.

Sterling, I'll be sure to include your SIL in my prayers, and pray that surgery will not be needed.

Really been enjoying the discussion on the anti-christ. I guess my thoughts are that it's imperative that we study the Word, pray, ponder, and seek out the Lord. And live our lives in such a manner that we will have His spirit to be with us always, to guide us, direct us, and lead us. Without it, I believe we are all at risk of being decieved. But with His spirit, we will be blessed to know what path to follow.

Hope auh2o is doing ok with all the snow. Looks like a doosey of a storm.

Speaking of storms, I better go fire up my snow blower. We got a few inches last night. Looks to be a light fluffy snow though. Those types are not so bad to deal with.


February 09, 2013 - Msg 92397: Asa...Snow blower is ok..Just stay off any ladders..G-F...
i before e except after c in chicken..I forget that one too sometimes...haha

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92398: Thanks Ro and Asa. :)

How's the dizziness, Asa?


February 09, 2013 - Msg 92399: Hi all,
The CAT-Scan didn't show any more bleeding, and SIL is out of ICU, thank the Lord!
Thank you all for your prayers!
I believe that God is giving her another chance, hopefully she will think more about her eternity now. I know my wife made sure she brought along her bible, so maybe she read to her sister from that and something stuck.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92400: Well said, Asa, I believe you summed up and put the final period to our discussion very nicely. I'm sure we all agree. Thank you.

Sterling, that's great news about your SIL. I will continue to pray for her recovery, and for her heart to be open to the word of God.

Asa, how goes the dizziness? Please, promise us that you'll stay off of any ladders until the situation is resolved. Be careful, please. You are so dear to us all.

It's 50 here today, but feels colder. The skies look like pewter, and there's a brisk wind blowing. It just looks cold, and it is, when you step outside. I went out back to put some shriveling blueberries and some pizza crusts out for the squirrels and birds, and it was pretty nippy out there. Of course, I was in my nightgown, an old worn-thin one that stops at my knees, so that chilly breeze soon sent me back in the house! I think Toye Starr and I will just stick around the house today, maybe watch a little TAGS, and just cuddle. She loves days like that, and so do I. I may even light a few candles, just for the ambiance. I have zillions, people have given them to me and I've bought some, and I love candles. I don't burn them often though, I'm always saving them for an "occasion", and that's ridiculous. I should use them, and I think I will.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. --Romeena

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92401:
Prayers for Sterling's SIL, and for asa too!
APB for BIG MAUDE. Hope she is not caught in the nor-easter that is coming! Same with AUH20 and asa. Batten down the hatches!
Oh, and I forgot to say thank the Lord for the
good outcome in Alabama!
God's blessings to all,

February 09, 2013 - Msg 92402: Burn those candles, Ro...but carefully. ;)

Great news, Sterling. Thank you for the update.


February 09, 2013 - Msg 92403: Romeena, All those candles, does that make you the Keeper of the Flame?...
We had a dry sunny day today cold but no snow, I think every body and their brother were out and about today.... No, they did not have to be brothers, they could be cousins too!
I agree with MDC where are Maude & Possum too? Wonder if she's on a Man Hunt? No,No, No, she's been there done that! I think she' rolling with the "Fun Girls" these days?...I'm just say'in...


February 09, 2013 - Msg 92404: Exactillioso! (:

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92405: Morning gang. Good Sabbath to all. Up early this morning. Not sure why. Just fell awake I guess.

You're so sweet Ro. I do try and limit my ladder climbing when I get this dizziness. It does seem to be getting better I believe. I try not to look up very fast, or bend over very fast. Those are the two things that seem to make it worse.

Sterling, so glad your SIL is doing better. Them head injuries can linger for a while. When I slipped and smacked my head a few years back, I really got a bad concussion. That's when I started having the dizziness issues. I also dealt with severe mood changes and fatique. And I found I struggle still to remember words at times. And sometimes I repeat myself. Oh yea, and sometimes I repeat myself. :)

Well our snow didn't add up to much. Just a couple of inches, and it got up to 35 degrees in the afternoon, so most of it melted off the driveway by itself. (I love my south facing house). We still have a solid 2 feet on the lawn, so I wont be getting my grass ready for summer for a while. But the days are getting longer, and slowly warmer. I do love this time of year, knowing spring is just around the corner seems to take a bit of the bite out of winter for me.

How's your Dad doing MDC? Hope he is well.

Boo, what you making for Sunday dinner. I declare I gain weight just reading about them fine dinners you make. I was gonna throw a roast in the crock pot today, but my Daughter had me over for dinner last night to celebrate the Chinese new year. They bought a ton of stuff from a chinese resteraunt we like, and now I have a lot of left overs she gave me. No egg-foo-yung though. I like saying it, but not really eating it so much. lol

Hope y'all have a blessed Sabbath.


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92406: Asa, Did ya have one of those "Chinese Turkey's"?
Hope you remembered to wack off the head....
Fraa,rarr,rarr,rarr,rah! Good thing she gave ya leftovers cause you'll be hungry again in a 1/2hr
You fortune cookie read: "Wise man climb no ladders!"....

I think I'll go up to the hospital and losen the bolts on the wheel chairs today, after I fight with the Wall-Martians first..It'a a FUN day...