February 10, 2013 - Msg 92407: Oh, I forgot, Asa did you know it is the year of the snake? Suppose you're scared of snakes too?
Now if yo was MDC you'd have something to be scared of, those Diamond Backs in his parts are nothin to mess with! And I don't mean the baseball team....G-F

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92408: Morning Asa. I made a big batch of chickin-n-dumplins to take to church. We are having the quaterly pot-luck and business meeting after church. Enjoy the chinese food. I think if I had to pick an absolute favortite ethnic food, it would certainly be chinese...even over Mexican. I particularly like anything with the sweet garlic sauce.. (unless it contains seafood), and I just love those little egg rolls with the red plum sauce. I made some chinese style green beans the other day and they were so good. I stir fried them with a little butter and a few cloves of chopped garlic until they were crisp-tender, added a little soy sauce and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar and cooked that up for a few minutes. When I was ready to serve it I sprinkled it with some slivered almonds. I could have just eaten that alone as a meal...really good.

Better get moving and finish up the dumplings so i can get to preachin'!


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92409: Oh, and morning G-F...thanks for sweeping.


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92410: Speaking of baseball that was called a "clean sweep"!.....g-f (Spring training IS just around the corner) :)

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92411: L

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92412: I think I'll visit Boo's Church this week..The Amenities after church sounds really good!.g-f

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92413: Hey G-F, Maybe seeings how it's a business meeting lunch, we better wear our suits. You know what they say, you gotta go to Mt. Pilot if you wanna good suit. We should have time to get their and then over to Boo's church for lunch.

Boo, did you get that recipe for the green beans out of the newspaper? Ain't that what Aunt Bee was gonna make for Andy?

I'm almost ashamed to say this but I never have had chicken and dumplings that I can recall. Sounds good.

I ain't skeered of no snakes G-F. I wouldn't take one out to lunch, but I ain't skeered of em.


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92414: Man shall not live on lunch alone, Asa and G-F. ;)

I am glad we don't have those rattlesnakes like you people in the more Southern states do. I would not want to run into one of those. I did come upon a garter snake once on one of my bike rides which reared up like he thought he was a spitting cobra. Weirdest thing I ever saw... for a garter snake.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92415: Well, my goodness...I knew my green been stir-fry sounded familiar! It must have been the one Bee made for Andy. TAGS even invades my subconsious. ;) Asa, I can't believe you never had chicken and dumplins! Lands sake, Honey! Chicken and dumplings are one of those things that can be really good...or really bad and tasteless, depending on who's doin' the cooking. I would share my recipe but I don't measure anything..just do it from years of practice. Ro might be able to give you a lesson on it. I know some folks make them in the crockpot but I don't have much luck with them unless I do them on the stove top.

Good one Sterling (about lunch). :) I am one of those unusual women who don't seem to have a natural aversion to snakes. Kinda like tv dinners, "I like 'em"...not the poisonous ones, though.

Preachin' was good. Pastor read from Acts about Stephen being the first martyr. He reminded us of the importance of praying for our brothers and sisters in the world who are being persecuted. I needed the reminder.

Think I will relax for a bit.


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92416: Asa, I can't find my salt & pepper suit, and I don't want to go unadorned, so I better stay home. I'm sure the sermon wasn't dry as dust or Boo's Chicken'n & dumplings were not like wallpaper paste! Brother I can't believe you never had chicken'n dumplings...Try them at Cracker Barrel first. Theirs are pretty good, before you try to make them on your own.

Boo, Never measure anything? You are my kinda cook...Me either, It drives Mrs. G-F Nuts! I have a pretty good eye for those things..Maybe my lateral thinking helps me in my cooking too?


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92417: Watch it G F becaues BOO sil may be listing and will mak something out of this hehe

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92418: Thanks TOM..haha Let me make it clear I said her dumplings were NOT like wallpaper paste so I don't get in trouble with the sponsors..hehe


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92419: Now G-F, you didn't need the old salt and pepper. It was a church luncheon. You wasn't going to be doing the dip or nothing like that. Just a regular old plain brown suit would work. So C.B. has good dumplings huh? I'll have to give them a try one of these days.

Hope Romeena is doing ok. She hasn't poked in today.

That's something I've noticed with all you good cookers. Y'all just seem to have that special know how of what to put in your dishes, and how much, and even when to do it. I declare I think it's intuitive (is that how you spell that) and can't be learned by us cookless wanna bees. I always admire it when Ro talks about throwing this that or the other together and making a meal out of it. One of the better cooks I knew was like that. He would make fantastic meals at work and I'd ask him the recipe and he'd say "well I really don't have one. Just threw a bit of this and that in there". Heck, half the time I think he was just getting rid of stuff from his fridge before it went bad. But boy, he would bring in some dandy lunches at work sometimes.


February 10, 2013 - Msg 92420: Good evening, porch! Been a busy day. First, church, then to lunch with "the girls", home for a short while, then over to Eloise's with the family. Then to Carrabba's for dinner, then back to Eloise's, then home. Good pasta meal at Carrabbas, but could only eat about half. I brought the rest home, will make a good lunch tomorrow.

Asa, about the cooking - I suppose part of it could be intuition, but a small part. Mostly it's many years of just standing at the stove and cooking, and not being afraid to experiment. Let's say I have a bit of leftover roast, or a couple of pork chops, or part of a chicken. I'd start some water boiling for noodles (always on hand.) Add the noodles and lower the heat, letting them simmer slowly. I would put some butter in a skillet, and rough-chop an onion into it, and let it start to soften. Meantime, I'd dice up the meat and add it to the onion, so it would heat through. When the noodles are done, drain them and dump in with the meat and onion, mixing well, and let it continue to cook in the butter and onion-y juice in the skillet. If there are leftover veggies in the fridge, add them in. Let it all heat, and add whatever seasonings you like. I usually put a little steak sauce in mine, stir it through, let it sit a minute to blend, and serve. You can do the same thing without noodles, just dice up a couple of potatoes - or more, depending on how many you need to feed - and brown them a little along with the onion, then add the meat and veggies. Makes a really good one-dish meal. That's what I mean by experimenting. It won't always be award-winning delicious, but it will be pretty darned good about 95% of the time. Just jump in and try it!

Well, Hyacinth Bucket (it's Boo-kay) is coming on, so guess I'll go watch her. She is so funny! Blessings, all! --Romeena

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92421: Oh, I should have said, if you're using potatoes as your starchy filler - once you have them browned a bit, add about a fourth cup of water, turn the heat to low, cover and let it cook for 5-10 minutes, so the potatoes get done. Then proceed with the meat and veggies. Scrape any browned buts off the bottom of the pan and stir them in. Use a flat-edge wooden scraper if you're using a non-stick skillet. --Romeena

February 10, 2013 - Msg 92422: Er, uh, that's browned BITS. Sorry! (blushing!) --Romeena

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92423:
Morning Porch

We managed to sidestep the storm over the weekend. We, maybe, got 7 inches of snow, no wind, no ice. We got shellacked the weekend before. Which answered the question, if a bunch of hillbillies have a snow storm does it make a sound? Nope.

Asa-Romeena's right, just jump in an have some fun cooking. If everything goes sideways, order pizza.


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92424: That sounds pretty good, Ro. I would do alot more experimenting if my family wasn't so picky. I like alot of different things...lots of veggies of different sorts but not them.

I've never seen Hyacinth Bucket. As I have mentioned before, I love to watch Downton Abbey but the episode last night left me with a creepy feeling..not the usual, enjoyable Downton Abbey. Just as most programs, they have finally gotten down to focusing on a homos#xual character in the show and the story line is just very sad...depressing, really. I don't know if I will continue to watch, simply because I like to watch television to be entertained or educated, not depressed.

Its cool and cloudy her in south texas today and I am loving it.

We had a little setback with sean yesterday. When he was on the prozac before, he had some disturbing side effects a few times that I had forgotten about and it happened yesterday. He was eating out with friends yesterday and suddenly his nose began bleeding...alot. He went to the restroom and began feeling dizzy and threw up. Now he won't take the Prozac again and we have to see the doctor about something else. Its discouraging because it was working so well and he was finally happy and eating again. Please pray we will hit on a med that will work without causing this problem.

Better get moving...

Glad you didn't get "shellacked" this weekend, Auh2o. :)


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92425: Good morning, porch! I got up this morning having a big old argument with arthritis, and therefore I made an executive decision. I'm not going to therapy this morning, though it might help a little. It's cold and damp outside, and I'm going to stay inside where it's warm, and putter around with putting the Christmas stuff away. Yes, I confess, it's all still up. I just haven't felt motivated to put it away, and my body rebels at the thought anyway, so it's still there. I don't really care. It's pretty and I enjoy it, and the date on the calendar doesn't matter that much to me. However, people are starting to look at me funny, so guess it's time.

I got the mantel board cleared off, which was no small task. Did you know that the "mantel" is actually the brick or stone face of a fireplace, and what is generally referred to as the "mantel" is actually properly called the "mantel board", or often "mantelpiece", especially in the South. The salty old stonemason who built my fireplace indignantly corrected me one day, as he was building the mantel board into the stone face of the fireplace, and I used the term "mantel."

At least 25 little soft, adorable plush snowmen were on the mantel board, of all sizes and descriptions. I love them. I had Annalee elves perched all over the stones of the fireplace, and they're now in zippy bags and put in drawers. There is still enough stuff sitting around to take me the rest of today to deal with it. Then I have to pack my ceramic Nativity and put it in the space on my closet shelf that's reserved for that alone, where it is in no danger of being broken. I cleaned, fired, and stained all 28 pieces of it myself many years ago. There's at least a hundred hours of work in that display, probably more, and I guard it carefully.

Then comes the tree. Oh, groan. It can come down in a day, if I work steadily. Usually Eloise comes over and helps me with it, but I'd like to give her a break this year. She has one of those slimline trees - up in two hours, down in one hour - but still she will put in a whole afternoon helping me with mine. I think this year I'll surprise her. Mine is definitely not a quick project. It takes me two full days to put it up, and at least a day to get it down. Sure is pretty while it's there, though, if I do say so myself.

Asa, did I ever tell y'all the story of my big catfish dinner project? If not, one of these days I will. It might help you not to be so hard on yourself about your cooking. Blessings! --Romeena

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92426: I remember that catfish story, Ro... :)

I am seriously thinking about finally buying an artificial tree for next christmas. I have always had a real tree and it has been part of our christmas tradition to go pick out a tree together, but it has not been much fun the last couple of years. The kids get bored..and there is lots of, "C'mon, Dad! That one is fine!"...and then there are all the pine needles and the tree always dries up early and starts to look sick. The only thought I hate about an artificial, is the thought of lugging it up and down the stairs to the attic storage. It sure would be nice, though to just be able to pop up your tree with lights already on it. Of course, if you have a real tree, you can put thousands of lights on it and cover it with icesicles, which is fun. Oh well, I have some time to ponder on it and make a decision. :)

Better get myself to the laundry room and put some clothes in the washer.


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92427: I just got back from the store...buying some valentines for the family. Can you believe I found a Hallmark valentine's card with a big donkey on the front that looks like my Thelma Lou? It will be perfect for Bruce!! HAHA... I found a cute Snoopy card for mom, too, and got her a Russell Stover's heart. In my way of thinking, Valentine's day is not just for lovers, but for everyone we love. :) Wish I could send a big Valentine to all of YOU! Maybe I will surprise you all with a Valentine poem on Thursday...IF I can.

MDC, I went by Whataburger and got lunch for me and the kids. I ate one of the junior size A1 burgers and it was really good. Are you planning to do anything special for Valentine's Day...maybe take Cecile out for a nice dinner somewhere (not Whataburger, of course). ;)


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92428: Hey Boo and gang!...rain here ...days of it...got to get some chores done and whose gona cook tonight?....SPOT

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92429:
Boo- We will indeed be going out, but not sure yet as to the where. (:
Been away a couple days because it looks like we
are going to move my dad to a "group Home" where he
will get more care. He has been declining again tho i
didnt really bring it up here lately.
He will get more personalized care there.
Patient to caregiver ratio much beeter too!
Looks like we will do it this wekkend.
Prayers appreciated as I send them up for Sean and all.
God bless,

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92430: I wish you could pick out something for my wife as well, Boo. I have to confess, I hate Valentine's Day. It is my least favorite holiday.

Wow Ro, and I thought we were late putting the Christmas stuff away a couple weeks after New Years. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92431: You two snuck in on me there MDC and Spot.

Spot, how about we just send out for pizza tonight?

MDC, my prayers are with you with what you are going through.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92432: OK Sterling...I got your wife a pinapple skinner...I hope she likes it. ;) I'm sorry you don't like Valentine's Day. You can be our Valentine here on the porch if you want. <3

I've got some leftover chicken and dumplings if you want them, SPOT.

MDC, I am sorry your dad is not doing as well. I know it is hard for him to move into a new place at his age but sounds like it is needed. I'm so glad you are there to watch over him and get him the care he needs. You're such a good son.


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92433: Boo, what is a A1 burger? Is it one of those kind that are cooked hard just like A1 liked them?..


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92434: Howdy, porch! MDC, my prayers are with you, as you try to find the best care you can for your dad. Sounds like you've hit on a good solution. It's hard to know what to do sometimes, and then you're sometimes faced with the folks who haven't experienced it yet, and are full of advice, such as "Why don't you just move your dad in with you? You're a nurse, who could take care of him better than you can?" Boy, that one hurt. It made me feel like a terrible daughter, but I knew several truths, that those folks didn't understand. First, my dad was mobile, but confused and disoriented from Alzheimer's. I would have had to remain awake 24/7 to keep him from wandering, or trying to cook, or whatever. Second, I still had to work, as I do now. I could not have left him alone, so how would that have been done? Third, my dad would NEVER have permitted me to give him the personal care that he would eventually require. I think he would have awakened from a coma if necessary, if I had tried. So, Twelve Oaks was the only solution, and it worked well. I think he was pretty happy there, and he got good care. It was only in the last three months or so that he actually required hands-on care. Prior to that, he managed pretty well, with a little supervision.

Boo, I know I've told the story of how I made the transition from real tree to artificial, and believe me, I understand how hard that decision is. I really fought it, and it was only through Dale's diplomacy (we can get a real one next year if you want to) that I finally gave in. I have to tell you, I'm so glad I did. The trees today are beautiful, very hard to distinguish from real (except mine, which is snow white) and you named all the practical reasons. I think you'll be glad you did it. As for wrestling it into the attic, if you can avoid doing that, don't do it. The intense heat will age the tree terribly, and the lights suffer as well. Get one that has hinged limbs, so they can be pushed upright and tied in place, then wrap the whole thing in a sheet and tie it again. It will get down to a bundle that will fit in the far end of a closet very nicely, and the tree will last for years. In the taller ones, the top comes off in a separate section. Mine fits into a pillow case. If the fun has worn off the real tree thing, and it eventually does for all of us, I think, then go for the artificial tree and enjoy it. Oh, and the fire hazard is reduced to almost nothing - that was a plus for me, especially after our neighbor's tree caught fire one year and could have killed them all.

Well, see you all later. --Romeena

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92435: Evening porch, just rocking for a minute while I am waiting on the washing machine to finish the cycle. I had a good long post all typed in and ready to hit the post your comments button and then " poof" it disappeared. Not sure what happened but I just didn't 't have the recall to start over. I had wondered if the Count wasn't behind it.

Been busy at work and at home as well. Our weather has been kind of bipolary lately. Cold, snowy and icy and then
55 to 60 degrees other days. Rain moving in tonight and tomorrow.

BOO : I too am an artificial tree convert. It actually happened
Because Mr. Maude is allergic to live trees. Our tree has lasted 23 Years and still looks pretty good. We have made it a family affair to unbox it and put it together and the we decorate as well.

Dinner menu: hot dogs with homemade chili, curly fries, SLAW. Brownies for desert. Tea to drink.

Wel, my washing machine just buzzed so guess that is my cue
To get going.

Prayers and blessings

Big Maude

February 11, 2013 - Msg 92436: I'll remember that, Ro, thanks. You and Maude may have convinced me. :)


February 11, 2013 - Msg 92437: Check this one out gang I think you will like it!!...


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92438:
Very cool GF. That was filmed in Mt. Airy. I recognize it from photos that pappabear sent me from mayberry Days.
BTW, the 16th is Pappabear's birthday!
Happy birthday pappabear.
RO- he has a new address, just dropped the PO box
and now has a street address which I will email to you for the list.
If any of you would like to see the place where dad is going, see the link below.
AUH20 will like the name of it!! (:

It is only 4 years old, and the couple who owns it
is very loving, and the caregivers are as well.
We took dad there two times last week for two hour visits, and are "easing" him into it, for as RO said, sometimes changes like this do not go well, but we are trying all suggestions from people, and
also doing lots of prayer, Pope or no Pope! (:
See, I retire, and EVERYbody wants to retire! ha

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92439: and good to see big Maude. Prayers for all in the northeast!

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92440: oh, and pitchers and catchers have reported!

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92441: Good morning all.

My prayers go out for Sean and for MDC's Dad. And for your families as well.

Bi-polar weather Big Maude, I like that term. I wish we could get some of that here. Cold cold cold here. Oh well, spring is getting closer with each passing day. I think.

Romeena, I hope you're feeling better today. I'm feeling that arthritis more and more, and it just stinks. But what are you gonna do? Just gotta grin and bear it huh? Or is it grin and bare it. Oh well, you get the idea.
I saw this posted at another Mayberry board and thought it was kinda funny.
Jobs listed on Floyd's bulliten Board:
Falcon Keeper
Night Watchman at Icehouse
Ladies softball coach

I better get going or there will be one up there for Bank Guard.
Prayers for all.


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92442: Why did the pope resign?


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92443: He wants to be a Methodist.....

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92444: MDC I want to retire too.. I have 38yrs in but Mrs. G-F say's NO!....

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92445: Brrrr! It's cold here this morning. It's 48, which isn't all that cold, but it's raining and just looks so cold. The house is really chilly, but will soon warm up. I pushed the thermostat up a couple of degrees, and that will likely be enough.

Drat! I have a doctor's appointment this morning, and will have to go out in this mess. Wish I didn't have to. I've got a little mole on my chest that has suddenly gotten larger, puffy and itches a lot. Not being completely stupid, I'm going to have it checked. It's probably nothing, but in case it's something it shouldn't be, I don't intend to give it a head start.

Boo, as I understand it, the Pope resigned because of his advancing age and declining health and strength. I got the impression he might be having some doubts about his ability to properly fulfill his responsibilities. I admire him for that. I wish some of our Supreme Court justices would be so conscientious. Apparently this hasn't happened in several hundred years, but I've often wondered what would happen, with all the power and influence the pope has, if he became senile and unable to make good decisions? It took a wise and strong man to resign like he did, before such a thing happened.

Well, guess I'd better get dressed and brave the cold and the rain and go see what the latest barnacle is or isn't. Blessings! --Romeena

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92446:
Morning porch family....thanks for keeping my rocker dusted off here lately. Been so busy but it's been a good busy:)

The new cd is coming along really good....a lot of long hours though.

Ro....I agree with you about the Pope.....it took a wise and strong man to make that call. I think it also says to us all that NO man on earth is infallible and perfect. We all have weaknesses and it's wise to be able to be able and willing to recognize them.

You all have a great day today and be sure to shine HIS Light on others you meet!
Love and prayers!

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92447:
I think I got hung up on the "to be able" button above...lol

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92448:
MAUDie, did you try to hit the "back arrow"
when you loist the post? Sometimes the post will
re-appear in the Comments box.
ASA, praying about your dizziness. Did you ask the doctor
about it? Perhaps your oxygen count is low,
and you need to get on some. Just sayin'.
Thanks for all your concerns, will keep you
posted about dad.

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92449: Hi, porch. Just got back from the dermatologist. She didn't think that "thing" on my chest was anything to worry about, but removed it anyway and will send it in for biopsy. She has a magic touch. With all the surgeries I've had, countless IV starts, whatever - the thing I dread (and not much else) is the little lidocaine stick to deaden an area. Well, this doc has an unbelievable touch. I just barely felt it. I'm really impressed.

You know, REV, you brought up something I've always wondered about. I know that officially, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, the Pope is infallible. I also know that some followers believe that, some don't. What I've always wondered, though - once a man is elected and assumes the mantle of Pope, how does he feel about it? I'm sure most men who get to the point of electability would have been well-schooled in that doctrine, and would believe it. Then - when he suddenly finds himself in the Vatican, wearing the robe and all, does he miraculously feel infallible? Or does he secretly think, "Hmm, I'm still just me, but I don't dare tell anyone that." My guess is that most, if not all, would find themselves feeling extremely humbled by the whole thing, and would spend a lot of time praying that God would keep them from making a mistake. Perhaps this Pope felt signs of cognitive weakness in himself, causing him to doubt his infallibility even more, so he chose to resign. As you said, REV, that took a lot of wisdom and strength, to make that choice, and it confirms in my mind that a good choice was made when he was elected.

Now for some lunch! --Romeena

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92450: Sounds like a good report so far, Ro. You know, lidocaine sticks don't bother me but I have found out that often times the lidocaine is about as or more uncomfortable than the procedure itself (like with IVs). I had some skin tags removed once and after getting shot with the lidocaine on some, I told her to forget it and just cut them off without it...no difference in level of discomfort.

Well...Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I thought it might be fun to share memories of our first love, or how we met and fell in love with our spouses. What do ya think? I know some of your stories already but not most.


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92451: If you must know Boo & the Gang...Mrs.G-F worked at a Funeral Home and each year they sponsored the "Hot Air Balloon" event at the local Carnation Days Festival, where dozens of hot air balloons would launch. Her Boss would let one of the staff take a ride, it happened her co-worker got the ride that year. So I made a huge banner for her to unroll as she went up in the air, complete with 50' streamers. When the baloon got high enough she let it unroll with my marriage proposal on it. It was a huge crowd we got alot of applause as I gave her the ring. We were even on the front page of the newspaper with a story of how we met. Bet you guys didn't think I had it in me now did you? After almost 16yrs she still puts up with me. Mainly because I cook..
is what I'm thinking ..haha The rest is history!

Ain't braggin, but it was one of my better ideas.


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92452: Wow...well, you romantic guy you! Good work, G-F!


February 12, 2013 - Msg 92453:
RO, Rev and others, our discussions here have always been very respectful, and so, as I THINK I am the only Catholic on here, I'd just like to clear up the "infallible" issue which is often
very misunderstood. First, such a thing only comes after MUCH discussion and prayer for intersession of the Holy Spirit, and it is ONLY about matters of doctrine, such as the basic tenents of the church, like the virgin birth,the trinity, etc. In fact, the last time it was used was to declare the immaculate conception, and that
was declared about 70 years ago, with no such "infallible" declarations since.
All the heirarcy must be in agreement. The pope cannot just say "I am now speaking infallibly." Rather after all of the above, he then declares that the following doctrine, after much prayer, discussion, etc, is believed to be truth. Here is
a good point:
"Christ instructed the Church to preach everything he taught (Matt. 28:1920) and promised the protection of the Holy Spirit to "guide you into all the truth" (John 16:13). That mandate and that promise guarantee the Church will never fall away from His teachings (Matt. 16:18, 1 Tim. 3:15), even if individual Catholics might."
For example, the Episcopal churh has recently strayed in many ways, especially in the "lifestyle" of many of its clergy being ordained. The pope could never do such a declaration because of all the channels and discussions about that doctrine. Now I admit the the priest abuse scandals were absolutely sickening, but we must also realize that out of 50,000 priests in the US, only about 500 were named by victims and convicted, so you can do the math on that. 49,500 good ones.
I hope that helps a bit. Like many Christian organizations, such as the Southern Baptist Convention, much scrutiny and discussion takes place before an answer on morals is given.
In a way, the pope's "infallibility" is just a way of reiterating a moral truth.

And now to BOO's request...you guessed it, we met in CHURCH! ha I'll explain more later. That's amore! (:

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92454:
MDC.....Thank you so much for that explanation. Very well stated. And please know that my comment was not in anyway downing the doctrine of "infallibility". I just made the statement thinking of how so often people see leaders (not just in the Catholic Church) as "higher than sin". I see this a lot in the "tv preacher" circle. I have friends that place some of these tv preachers on a "throne" and many times it's because the preacher paints himself to be "throne worthy". Again I'm certainly not placing the Pope in that category.....as I posted, I truly believe it took a very wise and honorable man to make the decision that he made. Thanks brother!

Everyone have a good night and a very blessed day tomorrow!
Love and prayers

February 12, 2013 - Msg 92455:
Thanks REV!

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92456: Thank you for that explanation, MDC. I'll admit, I really had no clear concept of the meaning of "infallibility". However, in my own defense, I must say that my understanding of it was based primarily on things I had been told by Catholic friends and relatives, which now leads me to believe they might not have clearly understood it, either. What you have said here makes sense to me, and is really no different than the expectation in my own Baptist Church, the expectaton that my pastor will pray and seek God's guidance before he stands before us to preach a sermon on a Sunday morning. I do have a question, though. Why was it necessary for the Pope to declare the immaculate conception of Christ? It was already so declared in the scripture. I'm going to take that to mean that the Pope was affirming and declaring that the church really believes, accepts and supports that teaching? I choose not to take it to mean that he had decided it was so, as though the concept had been in question. I realize I'm splitting hairs here, and it's probably just a matter of semantics, but it could be a tripping point for some. For me, if the scripture says it, as far as I'm concerned, that settles it, whether anyone else says so or not. However, I still get a little thrill when my pastor lays his hand on his open Bible and says "This is what the Lord said, and it is so." That little affirmation, that encouragement to believe, is important, and I think that's what you're talking about.

As for the TV preachers, in my opinion, most of them are a blight upon the land, a stumbling-block to those who are seeking God, and God will deal with them. REV, I love that first track on your last CD - where the TV/radio preacher said "Send me your money, and I'll be sure to pray." Yep, God will deal with them, and they get no money from me.

As for how I met my sweetheart - I think I've told that story before. Love at first sight is indeed possible, and it happened to me, at age 17. Just 17, and the flame never went out.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92457: I remember your story well, Ro. "One of the great romances of all time"...isn't that what Barney said about Andy and Sharon DeSpain?

It was love at first sight for me when I met Bruce, too. I've told that story before, though. :)

Well, had one of those tough evenings with Sean last night. I think we were up to 3am. The Prozac is getting out of his system and the anxiety has returned with a vengeance. Thankfully, we see the doctor tomorrow.

I had a nice visit with my mom yesterday. I took her a valentine since i won't see her again until Friday. She was very happy to get the Russell Stover's candy. We sat and visited for over an hour and I know she enjoys that more than anything. Her memory is still so sharp to be 86 and she can discuss things from the past that I don't remember. Last night she was telling me about the time I was about 8 months old and she had put my playpen on the porch on a nice spring day. St. Susan was 5 at the time and she was watching over me while mom was doing some chores inside. Mom came out to check on us and said we were nowhere to be found. Mom panicked, thinking someone had grabbed us and then she saw Susan coming down the sidewalk with me in tow. She was carrying me the best she could with my feet nearly dragging the ground and I was laughing. Susan had managed to get me out of the playpen, drag me down the street to visit with one of her friends and dragged me back home again! That kid. ;)

I slept in this morning and am finally having my first cup of coffee. Now to help Erin with her schoolwork.


February 13, 2013 - Msg 92458: rain rain go away come to Georgia another day....hey Boo,Rev,asa,possum,Romeena,MDC....whats for supper?....SPOT

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92459: FISH

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92460: Good afternoon, porch. Who's that in the alley, hollerin' "fish"?

Just got home from PT, picked up some tacos and took them by Eloise's house for lunch. We just wanted something light, since today is her birthday and we're all going to Dakota's for dinner tonight. I tried a new taco place - pretty good, maybe a bit better than Taco Bell. They still don't have the tacos I've been trying to find, though. The only place I've ever gotten them is in San Antonio. I call them puffy tacos, but they're not those little puffed-up, balloon things that they break the top open and put the filling inside. The ones I want are a folded over taco, but the shell isn't crunchy. It's about 1/3" thick, and soft, lightly crunchy on the outside. It's a bit like a cornmeal pancake, folded over and stuffed with taco meat and lettuce and tomatoes. They're delicious, but nobody around here makes them, and they act like you're asking for hummingbird tongues or something equally foreign if you try to describe them. Frustrating.

Where is Mr. Tom? Check in, friend. We miss you. Are you okay?

Well, I was up late last night, then got up early this morning, so I think I feel a nap coming on. Just an hour or so, and I'll be much better company this evening. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92461:
RO- could you talking about a "chalupa" that Taco Bell sells?
I saw on the news today that a Lutheran minister
on the streets of LA put up a sign saying "Ashes to Go." He would put them on anyone passing by who wanted them. Too funny, but as he said, he was "bringing church to the people" so i guess we cant argue with that.
RO-Yes, you got it! We all speak of the "infallible Word of God" and when the pope speaks "infallibly" he is asserting that a truth contained in the Bible as True! I know it sounds a little weird, but it is a way of saying (in the vernacular)..."that this is what we believe to be true, and we AINT backing down from it." (: And I admit that many Catholics dont quite get it, but I was in seminary for a few years, which taught which reinforced a lot of such.
BOO- back in 1974, I was single and teaching school, but also taking some classes at ASU at night. Lived near the campus back then.
Well, one Sunday morning I spotted an empty
section of pew next to a cool lookin' chick!
(Hey, in those days, it was I'm a MAN first, and Church was "second." :) This was at a church near the campus. I struck up a conversation following the service, and the rest is history!
I got her phone number, and we were off to the races, and I asked her to marry me about 5 months later! Been "runnin'" with her ever since! I know Helen dont like that term! ha
Prayers continue for Sean, Atlanta, and all.

February 13, 2013 - Msg 92462: That's "taught AND reinforced" Nite

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92463: Thanks for sharing your story, MDC. Nice that you met in church, and even if you were a "man first", the Lord blessed you with a good woman. :)

Thanks for those prayers for Sean. He is doing better tonight because I gave him one of the pills for anxiety that the doc prescribed...it worked wonders. We will see the phych doc tomorrow afternoon.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day here in south texas today! Cool and sunny..around 60 degrees, but really chilly tonight (in the 40's...cold for Texans).

Better hit the ironing board!


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92464: Happy Valentines Day everyone.

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92465: Roses are Red Violets are Blue, Goober Fife say's...."HOW DO YOU DO!".

Roses are Red, Bee's make Honey, Goober Fife Tried to be Funny!.....


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92466: Roses are red
Violets are blue
Wish I had the skills
To make this rhyme for you. :)


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92467: Happy Valentines Day Porch! Hope everyone has a great day filled with lots of love, flowers, candy hearts and chocolate!

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92468: roses are red violets are blueand so are yuo.
Isaw a little brid today and he say to say HAPPY ANNIERSARY TO Mr.& Mrs LUCY

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92469: Happy Valentine's Day to my porch buddies. I was just remembering Valentine's Day as a child. Remember having parties at school, where everyone exchanged those little valentine's? The teacher always gave all the students a box of those little "conversation hearts" with the little sayings on them. I didn't like the green or purple ones. Fun times. ;)

I think I will fry up some deer for Bruce tonight...nothing says "love" for Bruce like fried deer steak...and mac and cheese...and asparagus (his favorite meal). Leg of lamb is NOT his favorite dish and he doesn't like tv dinners. ;)

Last night I told him not to bring home any candy. He usually buys me one of those boxes of chocolate but I don't need to be tempted by all that sugar. Flowers are fine...but no candy. There, I said it and I'm not taking it back. ;)

Better get up and get something done around here.


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92470: Roses are red, violets are blue. I love TAGS, and I love you (all). (Sorry, it's the best I could do.)

Jerry took the family to Dakota's last night for Eloise's birthday (she's 70 now) and what a meal we had! Dakota's is a very cool place in the heart of downtown Dallas. It's all beneath the city! You drive up to this very small structure just back from the curb and a valet takes your car. You enter the little building, which is actually just an elevator wearing a brick overcoat. Out the back of the elevator, you look down into the outdoor section of the dining room, a quarry-like area, with a lighted waterfall at the back and beautifully-laid tables around a firepit. So pretty, but much too cold last night. When you get off the elevator, you're in the foyer to the main restaurant, all of which is under the street and in the basement of an adjoining building. Very beautifully decorated, with an experienced and friendly wait staff, and the food is amazing. Also very pricey, as you would imagine. I've only been there once before, on my 70th birthday, when David and Brittney took me and the family there. I'll probably have to wait until I'm 80 to go again, but it's worth the wait. The food is wonderful! I had a ribeye steak, and it was done precisely the way I like it. Buttery garlic mashed potatoes and a perfectly dressed lettuce wedge completed the meal, and it was so good!

It's beautiful here today. It's 44 right now, but expected to get up around 60. Clear as a bell, no wind, and really pretty. It's still too early to start putting in bedding plants, but I'm just itching to get into the dirt. I have lots of hyacinths blooming, daffodils are starting to open, several early irises are sporting big fat buds and one has opened. The windflowers (anemones) are opening - I have red and purple ones - and they're so pretty. They came up from some little bulbs I ordered from an ad in the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes thing. I get tulip bulbs from them as well, and they usually do just fine. I have snapdragons, especially in one bed, that are just bursting with buds and in a couple of weeks should be so very pretty. I'll get more when they're available. I think I'm going to go heavily on snaps this year, because they reseed and come back. Pansies are pretty, and I'll plant some, but they faint as soon as it gets hot, and they don't reseed. Every snapdragon out there is a come-back from the ones I planted last year. Lots of bang for the buck from those little beauties - and they come in such beautiful colors these days!

I heard from Mr. Tom. He's okay, just feeling a little lonely and blue since his stepdad passed, and just wanting a little "alone" time. I understand that. He'll be back before long, I'm sure.

Well, better run. I have a few errands to take care of, and Joe is at one of my rentals repairing the sprinkler system. Maybe I'll take him a hamburger! --Romeena

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92471: Hey, is that you, Mr. Tom?? I was just talking about you, and now here you are! I'm glad you decided to come back. --Romeena

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92472: Romeena, If I thought I EVER had a chance to get Mrs. G-F on a cruise, Mayberry one or other wise. I can FORGET it now with the one breaking down at sea. I'm SURE she'll hold true to her claim to never getting on a ship.
(Wonder if each passenger was given a "ship in a bottle") To help make up for the discomfort.


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92473:
Happy Valentine's Day to all the porch family!
Love and prayers

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92474:
I heard they were all also tearing strips of newspaper GF- ha But man, what a cruise from you know where!
Happy St Valentine's Day to you all!
Don't no one run up an alley and holler fish!
It'll just ruin the whole day. (:

February 14, 2013 - Msg 92475: Good evening everyone...hope you are well and blessed.

It was a busy day for me but a good one. Sean saw the doc and he changed his meds and put him on a type of folic acid daily that is supposed to work wonders on anxiety and depression. I will let you know if it works.

On the way to the doc, Sean and I were nearly in a very serious accident that I still can't believe we avoided...it was the Lord and his angels, I'm certain. We were on the expressway, where the traffic was moving fast and plenty of it. I was in the middle of three lanes and a woman in a big Ford F250 suddenly came into my lane. She was moving really fast and must not have been paying attention...she was trying to avoid a collision with someone and over she came. I saw her in time to apply enough of the brake to get over into the other lane and thankfully, there wasn't a car there. It all happened in a second but we came close to hitting the concrete divider on the left side and came only inches from her hittin us. I knew immediately that the Lord had protected us..the timing was perfect. I was a very, very happy camper! The Lord is good and the outcome could have been a very dire one. Poor Sean was a little shook up but I was thanking Jesus! ha

Bruce brought home some roses and a sweet card so i fixed his favorite meal. It would be a really great evening but I have a bad headache coming on. I guess i will get to bed. Blessing to all my porch buddies, and a big Happy Valentine's Day.


February 14, 2013 - Msg 92476: Good evening, porch. I just got home from my friend LaRue's house. She has a Valentine's Day party every year for all of us "widder ladies". Everyone brings a salad or dessert. and believe me, there was some good food there. She had a big pot of soup made and some cornbread, so if anyone went home hungry, it was their own fault.

There were about thirty of us there. Pretty sobering, to look around that room and realize that all of us were widows. I've known most of the women for nearly forty years, and knew their husbands. Two of them had been widowed twice in that period of time. One was a new widow, just a few months, and she was having a hard time with it. How well I remember those days. We just all tried to support her the best way we could, and we did get a few smiles out of her. I can remembering thinking that my face would surely crack if I smiled. Still, I'd force it, and the smile was more of a grimace. Terrible time, but it does get better, eventually.

Boo, that new med sounds good. I hope it works out. Folic acid? That's new to me, in that application, but if it helps, it will be wonderful.

The roads can be scary, can't they? Yesterday on my way over to Eloise's house, the traffic on the highway through town was very heavy, and slow, moving at about 35 in a 60 mph zone. I was in the far right lane, about to take an exit ramp, and happened to glance in the mirror. Here came a big SUV, blowing through on the shoulder, doing at least 60, and my exit ramp was cutting right across his path. I braked, scaring the driver behind me, and held my lane until the SUV made his exit, then was able at the last minute to exit as well. He cut off several cars on the access road, and blew through a light that was turning red on the intersection below the highway. You'd have thought his tail was on fire.

A couple of years ago, on the highway coming home from San Antonio, there was a lot of construction, traffic was slow and people were getting impatient. There's always at least one who thinks his destination is more important than everyone else's, and sure enough, here he came. It was a pickup, driving on the gravelly shoulder, throwing rocks on every car he passed, and making gestures out the window at anyone who honked at him. I keep my side mirrors turned outward more than most people, because it gives me an excellent view of what's coming up behind me, so I had seen him coming for a very long way. I waited until he was about fifty feet behind me, then flipped my right turn signal on, and at the same time swung my car out to the right for a second, then right back in. He saw me, and reacted before he realized I had cut back in. He cut out to the right, and ran his truck right into the weedy field outside the shoulder. Believe me, he was making all sorts of gestures then, as he sat in that field. I wanted to do the same thing to the SUV, but there was no nice soft field for him to run into, he'd have run through the guardrails and fallen down onto the access road below, so I didn't. Dumb driver.

Well, guess I'll go watch Perry Mason. Blessings, friends! --Romeena