April 01, 2013 - Msg 92971: Hi All.
MDC I have to popin from time -time if not some one will A P D out on me.


April 01, 2013 - Msg 92972: That's because we don't want to lose track of you, Mr. Tom. We need you!

Boo, please do share that casserole recipe. I'm having the bunco group here on the 12th, and am wondering what to serve. That might be just the thing. I'm thinking I'll make that maple/chocolate bacon for an appetizer, and peach cobbler for dessert, if I can find some of the mix. Dollar General, G-F? We have them. I'll check it out.

My friend Ted was here today, and worked all day. Got a lot done. He changed out a rheostat on my fireplace spots, and installed more low-voltage line, this time down both sides of the house. Then we put eight fixtures together. Ted did six, while I did two of them (he's a little faster at it than I am) and installed them on the new line. I now have light all around the house. Then, and this is a biggie, he built the PVC frames for the bird guards for the pond. He just made them fit the form of the pond, and stretched netting over them and secured it with zipties. It works beautifully. They're not all that noticeable, in fact they're almost invisible from the house. Up close of course, you can see them but they're not a problem. They're feather light, so I can just pick them up and set them aside to allow for maintenance, and if I'm having company (like for bunco) I'll just sit them over in the passage between the house and the fence. The girls always arrive early and spend a little time out back before we settle in and start playing. The flowers should be in full swing by the 12th, the yard will be pretty, and my fish will be safe in their happy little home, and will be so pretty for everyone to see. Ted is such a nice guy, and we always have a lot of fun when he's working here. Lots of laughter and good conversation.

Well, guess I'll go clean up and see about a little dinner. I brought some of that turkey home from Eloise's yesterday, and I'll open a can of some veggie, and I have some pickled beets someone gave me - sounds like supper to me! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

April 01, 2013 - Msg 92973: Ro, I will get the recipe from St. Susan by tomorrow and share it in the next day or two. I may not be on the porch much tomorrow. I have the MRI in the morning and then have shopping to do. Tomorrow is Sean's birthday (can't believe my boy is 18!), so I have to make preparations for his birthday supper tomorrow night and make him a ice cream cake. last year I made one for him and he thought it was the best thing he had ever had and talk about simple. All you do is line a baking pan with ice cream sandwiches, top with softened ice cream (we used vanilla), top that with fudge sauce, then a layer of coolwhip, then repeat with more ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, fudge sauce and coolwhip...cover with plastic wrap and freeze. It is some seriously good stuff...not so good for you, though.

Ro, I am sure glad you have Ted to help you with your yard, etc. What a good friend to have!

I am feeling pretty good today..not as tired as yesterday after all those carbs! Bruce and Sean went to a men's bible study at the church this evening and Bruce will be hungry when he gets home (he went straight from work), so I had better get in the kitchen and get his dinner finished.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92974: Well good sweep TOM !..hey Boo,Rev,Asa,possum,MDC...happy birthday Sean...wow 18..grown man!..well here at work all night...gona go back and reade the mail...back in a bit...SPOT

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92975:
RO, your backyard always sounds like such a treasa'. My wife does most of the "green thumb" work at our house, and I just cut the grass! ha
BOO- I'll even try that recipe!
Will be praying that the MRI goes well.
Jesus loves you!

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92976: Howdy, porch. Yes, Boo, Ted is a blessing. My David does a lot around here, within his scope of expertise, but that leans toward fixing my car, and he replaced a faulty motherboard in my fridge - things like that. Ted does electrical work, and just about anything related to repair or remodeling around the house. I've known him about fourteen years now, and trust him completely. He's about the age of my oldest son, so we relate well. We're very comfortable with each other, and have some really good conversations. He has been known to stop by here around noon to "check on" something, and will bring his lunch in with him and stay to eat it in my sunroom. He is one of about three people outside my family who have the codes to get in the house when I'm not here. He's a good guy, and I'm proud to have him as my friend.

God has provided for me so generously in that respect. I know I've mentioned this before, but there is a host of people who help me around here, and I'm grateful for them. They're paid, of course. They should be. However, they all push the pencil very lightly, and in the case of Joe and Ted, they'll often do small things and refuse pay at the time, just saying "I'll add it in next time", but they never do. I never have to resort to "Angie's List" or the phone book to find appropriate help. I have my own list, each one capable, trustworthy and fair. All were referrals from friends, and I pass those referrals on whenever I can, to help the guys out.

Eddie, the lawn care man, is the only one who came without a referral, but there was no question in my mind. He was doing several other lawns on the street, and when the neighbor who had been doing mine moved away, I needed someone. I was considering asking one of Eddie's customers about him, but before I could do it, God stepped in. A small limb had fallen onto my garage roof, and I had dragged a ladder over to see if I could reach the limb without actually getting on the roof. I couldn't, and was debating whether to go on and climb up there (I hate roofs). Eddie was across the street, saw me and figured out what I was doing. He came trotting up my driveway, hollering "Missus, don't you go up that ladder!" He got the limb down, and informed me that his father would have come back from heaven to "whup" him if he had let a lady climb up on a roof. That did it for me. I asked him if he had time to take on another yard job, and he said he surely did. So, he's been mowing and edging this big old yard now for about fourteen years. He does a nice job, and I trust him. He "borrows" a tool now and then, but it always comes home.

Yep, God has provided me with a whole lot of folks to help me maintain this place. As if that weren't enough, the church maintains a roster of men (mostly deacons) who have various skills, and any of the widows in the congregation who have a need are encouraged to call the church and request help. Some of my friends have done this, and report that excellent work was done, and of course, there's no charge for labor. Some of the women don't have children to help them, and can't afford to pay for work done. In extreme cases, the church has even paid for any materials needed. I've never called, and by God's grace I never will, but it's nice to know it's there if I need it.

Well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is another "fun day" - Joe and Jorge are coming to plant those twelve flats of posies. I'll do a little weeding alongside, but they'll do the planting.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92977: I think I confused Ted with Joe somehow..anyway, glad you have all the help you need and then some. :)

Having my cup of coffee and about to watch the weather report. Right now it is warm and very humid out. I see some clouds that look like rain and that would be awesome.

Got to get dressed and ready to go for the MRI. Hope I don't get claustrophobic! ;) Talk to you all later.

Thanks for you prayers, MDC (and everyone else).


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92978: Boo, just keep your eyes closed while you're in the machine. It helps. --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92979: Boo, I can understand your confusion. I mention them both often, I know. Here's the distinctions - Joe does landscaping, planting, pond stuff, sprinkler system stuff, pretty much anything outside that isn't electrical. Ted does inside stuff, painting and repairs, building things and the electrical stuff outside. Sometimes the division is hard to make. For example, Joe could have built the bird guard - he works with PVC all the time with the sprinklers he installs, and he's creative. However, so is Ted, and he was available.

I hope things go well for you today. --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92980: Morning Porch buddies. Hope the day finds you all well and happy.

Boo, Prayers for the MRI to go well and for the results to come back good. I'm afraid they'd have to put me to sleep to get me in an MRI. Two things I can't stand. Bats, and confined spaces. But that's just me. I have no doubt you'll be a trooper and get through it with no problemo.

It sure is good to have that help Ro, and the added bonus of help being available through your church if need be. I get asked on occasion to help folks in my church with home repair type issues and deem it an honor to help out.

I bet Goober Fife gets asked a bit also.

Speaking of such, I better go do some things they pay me to do instead of sitting here talking about it. :)

Happy Birthday to Sean.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92981: Asa, Yes I do...I think it say's Handy across my head...
Also don't think you will be getting a MRI machine in the mail from me...That's above my pay grade...;) That phobia you will have to deal with on your own...
Just sitting at my desk and eatin my bean soup for lunch that I made yesterday....

Hope everything goes ok for you today Boo....


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92982: I'm not a fan of confined spaces either, but I can handle an MRI. Not comfortably, but I do it. I guess we do what we have to do. Of course, now that I have a pacemaker I can no longer have an MRI, but a CT is closed in also. Not as much as they used to be, the enclosed space is much shorter, but still, it's not comfortable. I just try to close my eyes, concentrate on being very still, and think about something else. Or pray! That works too.

It's a funny day here. The temp is 71, but looking outside, it looks like it would be much colder. The sky is a leaden bowl overhead, the wind is blowing, and it just looks, well - cold! Surprising when I walk outside and it's warm.

I don't know if Joe is going to make it today, to plant my flowers. He had another job this morning, and was going to come here when they finished that one, but he says they've had intermittent showers that have slowed them down, so he may not make it today. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

I just wish I could get out there and do it myself. Only about four years ago, I planted at least twelve flats all by myself. I surely can't do that now, doggone it. I could probably plant one flat before I had to quit, but that wouldn't help much. There are twelve of the silly things out there! No matter, it will get done.

My little hummer just came by for a drink of sugar water. He's so delicate, with a tiny gray body and a black head and neck. At least that's what I see on this cloudy day. On a sunny day, he may be sporting a lot of colors. Light makes a big difference in the appearance of a hummingbird. Cute little thing!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92983: Well as it turns out, my head was sticking out of the tube so feeling confined wasn't an issue. It did take quite awhile and I had to have an IV so they could inject a contrast medium. They also made me hold my breath until I thought my lungs would burst and I had to repeat it about 15 times! If thats not bad enough, they put these headphones on my ears that played classic rock..ZZ Top, Van Halen, Queen, etc, and I hated it. I know it was to help drown out the noise made by the machine, but I would have preferred the machine...especially when the first song I had to suffer through was a very loud "B@lls to the Wall". Oh well, its over. I was a little nervous after because the guy had asked me a lot of questions before and then after the procedure he looked kind of puzzled and asked me if I had ever had pelvic surgery? I haven't so of course I left wondering what on earth they saw in there!

Well, went Sean is spending some time with St. Susan today and will be back later for his birthday dinner. I want to just go back to bed for the rest of the day. Its one of those dreary, cloudy days.

Be back later.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92984: Happy birthday Sean!..the big 18..remember when my son turned 18...whew..well hey Boo,Romeena,Rev,Possum,asa,G-F and all...here at work all night...then one more 8 hr shift tomorrow and off 10 days camping at lake....ok...whose gona bring me supper?....prayers...SPOT

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92985: Will somebody hand me a towel? Joe and Jorge showed up, and just as they got most of the flowers emptied out of their little plastic pots and placed where they were to be planted, it started to rain. Not hard, but it was steady. We just stayed with it. I let them do the planting, and I wandered around pulling weeds and planting some lily bulbs I had ordered. We all got soaked, and very muddy. My hair is still dripping and my clothes are wet, and I'm about to go get in a hot shower! Nothing else that must be done today, so I'm going to cuddle my little canine companion, maybe have a cup of herbal tea, and watch some TAGS. All in all, it's been a fun day and it's not over yet.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92986: Oops!
There, all fixed. --Romeena

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92987: Sean is 18?? Wow,the time sure flies! Happy Birthday to Sean!!
Hope everybody is doing good. Busy at work with all the Spring Break travelers,but other than that,can't complain. I'm a happy possum these days!
Sorry I don't make it to the Porch that often-gonna try to do better! Love to all!

possum under a rock

April 02, 2013 - Msg 92988: Yep..sean is already 18. I know its hard to believe. Those critters grow up so fast and we grow old just as quickly. ;)

Possum so glad to hear you are a happy possum these day! Come around more often and share the happiness with us.

Sounds like a great afternoon to me, Ro. I still have cooking to do and need to go check on my newest chickens. They are probably due for some more chick feed and some water by now.

I tried to take a little catnap but never could fall asleep so I guess I will have a cup of coffee.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92989: Ro, allow me to be the first to say it... Yer all wet! :)

I didn't post it earlier, not sure why, but today is my and Mrs. Asa 35th year of marriage. Time sure does move right along, don't it?

Great to see you Possum. We hope you can join in more soon. We need you, just as Romeena told Tom we need him.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92990: That's right, Asa, we do need Possum. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage! Lord give you at least 35 more.


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92991: That's right Possum, Ya need to get out from under that rock more often and give the world a study...

Good on ya Asa, 35yrs. 5 more then you will have 40 and 7 more you'll have 42...so on & so on, and by Ernest T's math....25+25=50! Now if we can just get ya do work on your sentences!....

REV...How ya doing Buddy? Thought I'd do a sound-off check on ya...No feedback, good modulation!

Boo, I think if they could have played better music for you or at least good Old 14-A...


April 02, 2013 - Msg 92992: Been thinking about REV, too. Hope he checks in soon.


April 03, 2013 - Msg 92993: Hi All.
Nice warm day about 50 today and by this weekend in the 60!

When God is welcome in your home,
oh, what a haven it will be,
for family is so special-
of this I'm sure you will agree!
A mother is more nurturing
and a father truly cares;
a son and daughter more obedient
when a family lifts their hearts in prayer.
A sister is more fun to share with
and a brother stands by when you're in need;
a family blossoms like a garden
when love is in each seed.
There seems to be plenty of healthy laughter
and many a listening ear;
when a family yields to God's great love,
he'll guide through every fear.
So extend your hands heavenward
and ask God to come inside,
for if you bend unto His Holy Will
in your home and heart He will abide.


April 03, 2013 - Msg 92994: Good morning, porch! Would you believe it's 48 here today, gray, cold and rainy? I don't mind. With all those newly-planted flowers in the ground, some cool "resting" weather is just what they need. Also, my irises are just a sea of fat buds, and I'm happy for them to have a couple of sunless days too. That way, they won't peak too soon. I want them to be top-notch on the 12th, when my bunco group is here. Yep, rain and cool weather makes for a prettier Spring.

Asa, congratulations on 35 years! I pray that God will give you many more, and that your dear wife's health will stabilize so you can both enjoy those years.

Possum, I'm so glad to hear that you're a happy possum these days. No surprise, I think you, and we, knew that you would be, once you took the steps you needed to take. I tend to think in pictures, and turn them into words, so here's what I see. Out back, beneath a pear tree, I have a white spirea shrub. There are two others in another location, which are blooming wildly. The one beneath the pear tree had a few scattered blooms, and was obviously trying to be happy, but not doing too well. Some limbs from the pear tree had grown down over it, too close, smothering it, and invading its space. They weren't letting it be what it needed to be, just kept interfering with it. So, I asked Rumaldo to prune that tree and get it away from the spirea. Well, you should see it now! Even in these few days since the pruning, it has raised its head, sent out the beginnings of new canes, and has burst into bloom. It's not quite what it can be yet, but give it time. Next year it will be fabulous! I can see your life in that shrub, dear Possum. Once the controlling, interfering negative influence was removed, you're starting to bloom again. It will only get better! Maybe we should call you Blossom Possum. I'm so happy for you, love.

Boo, please wish Sean a happy birthday for me. He probably doesn't remember me, but I remember him. He was a sweet, kind, polite little boy, and I'm sure he's going to make a very fine man.

REV, check in when you can, my friend. We're concerned, and praying for you.

Now I've got to find something warm to wear, and head out to North Irving for physical therapy. I'm so tired of it, but I know it helps. Did I tell you about how I removed and rehung the hummer feeder? It hangs from the eaves of the house, above a couple of boulders, and the only way to reach it is to stand on the rocks. Well, I just stepped up there, got the feeder, and when it was full, I brought it back out, stepped up on the rocks again and stood there quite comfortably and hung the feeder back up. Then I just stepped down, onto the flowerbed curb, and didn't give it a thought. Later I realized what I had done, and remembered that three months ago, I couldn't have done that. I'd have needed something to hold onto for balance. So I guess I'm making progress. Therefore, off I go. Blessings! --Romeena

April 03, 2013 - Msg 92995: Beautiful poem, Tom. Thank you so much. --Romeena

April 03, 2013 - Msg 92996: Yes, thank you for the poem, TOM.

Well said about Blossom Possum, Ro. :) I will tell Sean Happy Birthday from you. Of course her remembers you and hears me talk about you often enough. Yes, he is turning into a fine young man and I am proud of him. He is worrying about me right now, which I just hate but I don't know how to help it. Remember Sean in your prayers, please. Hopefully we will hear something today so we can know one way or the other.

Ro, Susan sent me that recipe for the casserole and I will share it on her in a bit.


April 03, 2013 - Msg 92997: OK, here's that recipe for the chicken casserole. It serves 4 so you might want to double it if you are taking it to Bunco, Ro.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 T oil
6oz. package of egg noodles
1 (10.75 oz) can of cream of chicken soup
1 (10.75 oz) can of cream of mushroom soup
1 cup of sour cream
1 cups of colby jack cheese, shredded
1 sleeve of Ritz crackers, crumbled
1/2 cup of butter

1) Preheat oven to 350. Add oil to skillet and cook ckicken until fully cooked, cut into bite-size pieces and set aside.
2) Cook noodles and drain. In large bowl, mix together soups and sour cream. Add in noodles and chicken, stir. Put into a lightly greased baking dish.
3) Melt butter and stir in crushed crackers. Top casserole with the colby jack cheese, then top with the cracker crumb and butter mixture. Bake for 30 minutes.


April 03, 2013 - Msg 92998: Wow! That looks delicious. I will be making it for bunco for sure, but will need to triple it, as there are twelve of us. If it makes a bit too much, and there is some left over - oh well. Guess I'd just have to eat it the next day. Darn!

Just got back from rehab, and an appointment with my cardiologist. He says I'm doing fine, no concerns, no changes in routine or meds. Sounds good to me!

Well, guess I'd better unload the car. I made a much-needed stop at the grocery store too. It was getting a little skimpy around here. When I start making meals out of odd combinations of canned stuff, I know it's time to go to the store. I guess it's good that I'm not a picky eater. Whatever is in the pantry, I'll eat. It may not necessarily go together, but as my dad always said, it doesn't matter what I eat today, I'm going to eat again tomorrow. He was right.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 03, 2013 - Msg 92999:
That is so cool, and you almost catch up with me! ha
SPOT and All- BBall on Spot's turf this weekend!!
Keep the lights on in the arena spotty.
POSSUM- so good to see you come by. I love your neat FB postings also.
BOO- I just copied and pasted your recipe to a word doc. Aint Al Gore's invention sumthin'! ha
TOM- wonderful words! I pray that our country continues to embrace such faith!
Take care friends, prayers,

April 03, 2013 - Msg 93000:
Hello porch family....sorry for being away for a while but things have been very busy.

Guys thanks again for all your prayers and concerns. Things are doing so much better....matter of fact a huge load has been lifted off my back.

Asa....congrats to you and your wife brother! That's great!

Boo...continued prayers that you get a good report from the MRI.

Ro...that's good news on your cardio app....Praise God!

Spot....our Braves looked good for the first game.

Happy Birthday to Sean!

You all have a good night.
Love and prayers

April 03, 2013 - Msg 93001: REV, Good to see ya pop in for a minute, that load lifted feeling you felt, It was the Lord taking it from you! Sometimes he loans you a brace, and when we let go and let God....He takes it right off of you. But we keep trying to take it back, I know that's what I keep doing. Why must we be such slow learners? I think that is why we are called Humans....God said: Huu Man! Those folks are stubborn.... Romeena...Blossom Possum, That was GREAT! How fitting..From Possum under a rock to Possum on top of the rock to Blossom Possum, such a fitting transition..... MDC... Been meaning to ask you how your Dad is adjusting to his new digs? Hopefully he finds someone to talk about the "Glory Flying Days" with. I love to hear those guys talk...They are National Treasures for sure!


April 03, 2013 - Msg 93002: Wonderful news, REV. We serve a mighty God, and He is good, all the time.

My cardiologist said my heart was doing fine, better than it was two year ago. He commented that for someone with the long list of "ailments" I have - diabetes, arthritis, cardiac issues, back and neck surgery, eight other surgeries, cancer history, etc. - I'm in remarkably good health. I told him that my kids have said the same thing, and have nicknamed me "Timex" because I just keep on ticking. He got a big laugh out of that. I really like him. I've known him over thirty years, first met him when he came to our hospital pretty much right out of his internships. He's nice, kind and talented and I dread the day he retires.

We got some good rain this evening, and more is predicted. I'm so glad. We really need it, and my little newly-planted posies are just soaking it up! I thought of one more place for a low-voltage line just now. That huge and beautiful cedar stump that Rumaldo brought to me is just asking to be illuminated. I have rough-hewn rocks on and around it, one is hollowed out as a birdbath and the others have flowers in them now. To put a small spotlight at the base of that stump, pointed upward, would really be pretty. It's just about fifteen feet from some existing line, and I think I have some leftover wire in the garage. Next time Ted drops by, I think I'll ask him to do that. Bless his sweet heart!

Well, back to my chair. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 04, 2013 - Msg 93003: So good to hear that your burden lifted, REV. We were pretty concerned for you. Thank you for the birthday wishes for Sean, and for your prayers. You are loved.

Well, Erin started with the vertigo again yesterday. She has an appointment with the ENT doc on the 8th. I need a vacation. ;)

For now I will settle for a good night's sleep (hopefully).


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93004: Good morning porch pals. Hope the new day finds you all happy, healthy, and hungry cause Goober Fife is buying breakfast for us all, bless his heart.

Boo, hope you got a good nights sleep dear. That always helps when life is busy.

Boy Romeena, when you recite all yer ailments like that, you have gone through your fair share of trials. And yet look at you. Still active, still happy, still going strong. You're an inspiration to us all.

Rev, so glad your situation has improved my friend. Hang in there.

Thank you all for the anniversary congrats. Time sure fly's when you are having a good time I guess.

Supposed to be in the mid 70's here today, but then a wet and colder weekend is due. But we need some rain. And that's all it's supposed to do. Snow above 5,000 ft, and we are just under 5,000 ft on the valley. So we may see a dusting of it. Sure looks pretty on the spring flowers and greening up grass and tree's.

Guess I best go see if I can get this body moving. Sure been dealing with a lot of aches and pains in my joints as of late. I'm thinking this allapurinol I'm taking is the culprit. May have to nip it in the bud.

Prayers for all for a safe and good day.


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93005: Thanks, Asa, I did get a very good night's sleep. Sorry you are dealing with the aches and pains. Maybe when the weather gets warmer it will feel better. If you need to nip it, for the love of Mike, nip it! ;)


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93006: Good morning, porch! Would you believe it's 44 here, cloudy and rainy. Brrrr! I had to switch back to heat yesterday. Poor little Toye Starr was walking around here, shaking and shivering, poor baby. It's colder on the floor where she is, and it was cold enough to me, so I can imagine how she felt. At just 4 1/2 lbs, she doesn't have much insulation to keep her warm, either. So, the heat is back on. Asa, I can't believe you're warmer in Utah than we are in Texas!

Yes, Asa, it is quite a list, I guess, but most of it is more annoying than anything else. The cancer thing was in 1979, so I no longer feel threatened by it. There was a new primary in 2003, but it was almost microscopic, and no threat. The cardiac issues are probably the most serious, and they seem to be stable and well-controlled, in fact have improved a bit. The diabetes is under control, and the arthritis is just inconvenient and annoying. Believe me, I count my blessings. So many others have so much more to deal with than I do. As you say, I'm active, I'm happy, and I do pretty much anything I want to do. I just can't do some things for extended periods of time, but at least I can do them. Maybe I can't work in the yard all day like I used to, but I can still do it in short periods, and for that, I'm grateful. God is good.

Got to run. Our SS class is taking snacks to the elementary school we support, for the teachers' work-day. This is the school where I was doing the reading buddy thing for a while, and some of the class is still doing it. It was just that the class I was assigned to really wasn't appropriate for it, and the teacher always seemed like she was having to adjust a lot of things to allow for me being there, so I just stopped it. Anyway, I've got to run my snacks up to the school and leave them off.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 04, 2013 - Msg 93007: Got the results from the MRI and no cancer. I do have a 16cm cyst, though, which would explain of some the discomfort. ;) I have to have an endometrial biopsy next week because there is a thickening of the uterine lining (common in women my age), but that's ok. Thank you for the prayers. :)


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93008: Wonderful news Boo. Praise the Lord it's not cancer. Good news Thursday!


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93009: Hey, Boo, that's great news, that there's no cancer. A 16cm cyst? Wow! That's a big one, more than 6 inches. Did they possibly mean to say 16mm? Even that would be a significantly large cyst. At this point, let me just throw in this thought. If you're all finished with having kids, it would not be a bad idea at all to just get that factory removed. No more cysts, you remove the possibility of at least three kinds of cancer, and the only change in the way you feel is an improvement. It was the easiest thing I ever did, stayed one night in the hospital, came home the next day and could have whipped wildcats. There's a little more to it if they have to use an open approach, but I didn't require that. Well, it's something to think about, and to discuss with your doctor.

I asked Ted if he would run some line over to the stump/birdbath and he said he would, thought it was a good idea. It will be pretty. I've got about 45 feet of leftover wire, and it will only take about ten feet of it. We may angle over and put a small spotlight on a big old boulder that sits out in the yard. It's shaped like a chaise lounge, and there's a beautyberry bush behind the taller end of it, so it would be a natural for a small light. I'll see what Ted thinks when he's here. If any of you have ever visited my blog site, there's a picture there of my yard, taken years ago before a lot of stuff was there, but you can see the rock. It's a pretty thing. Weighs 1100 pounds, and was a booger-bear to get in the yard, but it's there now, and is a real conversation starter. I remember when we moved it back there, Joe said "Now you decide where you want it for sure, because once we drop it off this dolly, we are NOT picking it up again! Wherever it lands, that's where it stays." Can't say I blame him.

Well, see you folks later. I think I'll cut some irises and bring them in. Blessings! --Romeena

April 04, 2013 - Msg 93010: I don't know, Ro...I know i have had this thing for years!LOL...hopefully she meant 16mm although she was reading from the report when she said 16 cms and I said, "What!!! no way!!"...or something like that. She didn't correct herself. Could have been a mistake when it was trascribed I guess. I know I heard her say centimeters cause it really got my attention alright. Could also explain why the guy that did the MRI kept looking at me funny after and asked, "are you having pain??"...ha. I feel exactly as you do about removing the plumbing. I am going to see if my doc will do it. i see her next week. I wonder, though, if the cyst really is big, would there be more to the surgery. Guess we'll see. I would love to have a hysterectomy...tomorrow! :) Speaking of cysts..there is an OLD picture on the wall in the OR where I used to work, that was taken in about 1900, of a team of docs removing a huge cyst from a woman's abdomen...I think it weighed close to 100 lbs or something. Can you imagine why it took her so long to go to the doctor? LOL

Better get some chores done...big cyst or not.

Thanks Asa. :)


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93011: Good grief! You'd think it would have ruptured before it got that big! The poor woman! And yes,I can imagine why it took her so long to see the doctor. She was probably married to some thick-headed clod that wouldn't allow her to go.

Something similar happened to the mother of a friend of mine. Her husband was an uneducated, backward old goat who wouldn't let any of the family see a doctor or dentist. He eked out a living as a blacksmith in the small town where they lived near San Antonio, but was so obnoxious and rude that people only hired him when they couldn't find anyone else. He only allowed one light bulb to be on at any given time in their home, and my friend was almost bitten by a snake one night when she went into the dark kitchen for a drink of water.

Anyway, his wife developed breast cancer, and he wouldn't let her see a doctor, said she was just whining and there was nothing wrong. When my friend finally found out about it, the thing had ulcerated and was far advanced. She put her mother in her car and took her to the doctor, with her father standing in the road yelling that he wouldn't pay for it. Of course, there was little they could do by then, and her mother died a few months later.

Now here's the clincher. Not too long after that, the old man had a gall bladder attack, and called my friend to come and take him to the ER, because he was in so much pain and was scared to death. My friend refused, because she knew the attacks would come and go, and she wanted to teach him something. Eventually, she did take him, after several more attacks and abject begging on his part. As I recall, he had surgery and did well, naturally. So, maybe the woman you saw in the picture had a stupid old man like that to contend with.

I wish everyone could have a man like I had. When I announced, along about treatment #18 out of 24, that I was through letting them make me sick, and wasn't going anymore, I met with a very large obstacle in the form of my husband. He said simply, "You're going. You are not going to quit now. You can walk in, or I can carry you in, but you're going. Take your choice." I knew he meant it, and I chose to walk in, of course. And so, 34 years later, I'm still here. Lord, I do miss that man!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 04, 2013 - Msg 93012: Wow...that was some mean guy! Sounds like no love in that heart at all. He probably just thought of his wife as a maid and his property. So sad for the woman, and to end up like that end the end. Horrible...sounds like he needed a lesson and your friend was tough enough to give it to him.

I had a patient once who had advanced breast cancer that was to the point that you couldn't believe she was actually still living. She was only 40 and had been in some kind of strange denial and refused to see a doctor. Even at that stage she refused to allow a mastectomy. Horrible to be held captive to that kind of fear, I'm sure. Facing the truth is just too hard for some, I guess. It is scary but the alternative is so much scarier in some cases.

Yes, Ro, that man of your's was something special and I, personally, am grateful to him for keeping my friend on the road to getting well. :) Can you imagine how hard that must have been for him to do? Wow. Bless his soul. It makes me so happy to know that one day the two of you will be reunited...no doubt.

Better finish dinner...just went out to check on the chicks and they are fine. When I went into the coop to see about the adult chickens, Bernie was acting funny like he thought I was a threat. It seemed he was trying to keep me away from the eggs. Maybe the hens are trying to set on them or something. I hope he doesn't turn mean on me now.


Barney: "...and you can tell the mayor to put that in his smipe and poke it!"

April 04, 2013 - Msg 93013: oops...I meant "tell the governor, not the mayor.."!


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93014: Boo, Sounds like it's time to hang up a Colonel Sander's Chicken bucket in the hen house just to keep Bernie in line...
Praises on your good news...


April 04, 2013 - Msg 93015:
ASA- you come up with some pretty good lines...maybe you could run for sheriff of Greendale! ha Or G-F may try for the job!
BOO and RO-- your conversations can be quite interesting! I wish my "plumbing" would work better than it does these days, but as ASA says about the aches and pains, I guess that is part of it too!
After many years of dealing with bad lighting in our garage, I installed 4 florescent fixtures today. Got the "natural light" tubes, and man,
one could do surgery in there now! ha
It's like being across from Kenny Roger's Roasters if any of you know what I mean by that!
God bless,

April 05, 2013 - Msg 93016:
I heard on the radio the other day that the most played "oldie" song is NOT a beatles or stones or even an elvis song, but this one...


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93017: Hahaha! Sorry, MDC, but that's how it is when two nurses get in conversation. If you think our posted conversations are interesting, you should listen in sometime when nurses are actually conversing, like in the break room. You'd probably faint.

As for things not functioning "these days", my father had us all laughing one day in the doctor's office. I was in there with him, because at that time, Daddy's Alzheimer's was pretty far along, and he couldn't remember to ask questions, or remember anything the doctor said. Anyway, the doc asked him how he was feeling, and Daddy answered, "Pretty good, considering that most of my favorite parts have either fallen out, don't work, hurt or leak." I thought the doctor was going to choke, he was laughing so hard, and the nurse just left the room. But that was just my dad. He kept his off-beat sense of humor until the very end. On his last conscious day, four days before he died, he had me and Brittney and David in stitches, laughing at the things he said. He knew it, too. It was all deliberate, he knew he was making us laugh.

Boo, if Bernie is getting protective, one or more of the hens may indeed be getting "broody." If you have to start chasing them off the nest to get the eggs, then that's their plan. You'll have to decide whether to let them set or not. If you leave them alone, they'll let the eggs accumulate in the nest until they have about ten, then they'll quit laying and start staying on the nest. If you try to reach under them to see if there are eggs, you'll get pecked for sure. Bernie may stand guard for them, too. After about three weeks, you'll suddenly have a flock of tiny puffballs - just too cute! You probably know all of this, but I'm having fun reminiscing from my childhood and teen years. I think the only thing that might be just a tiny bit cuter than a baby chick would be a baby duck. Their little bills are just precious, about the size of your pinky fingernail. Oh dear, I should have never left the country.

Well, I'm off to bed. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 05, 2013 - Msg 93018: All I can say about that video, MDC, is....groovy man. Who would have known it would be the most played oldie song?

Ro, I don't really know anything about hatching chicks. My hens have never tried to sit on the eggs, I don't think. Everytime I have ever gone out there the eggs were just sitting alone. I'm not going to let them hatch any of the eggs, though. I don't want to end up with more chickens than I need and possibly another rooster.

Yesterday evening was so beautiful here...so cool and dry..perfect spring weather so I sat out by the coop for awhile and just watched the chickens. I was giving them some old bread and noticed that Bernie would let the hens eat before he did. He always does that. He is such a good rooster...very protective and you should see him walking around so proud. He holds his head up high and struts around the coop and when he is huge. If you have never seen a full-grown Jersey Giant rooster, you just can't imagine how big they can get. He's a beauty and certainly big enough to scare the wits of our dogs. You couldn't force them into the coop if you wanted to. Smart dogs. ;)


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93019: Good Friday morning porch.

HA! Boo, your dog story reminds me of our former puppy Sammy. He was a minature Doxie. And he thought he was a pretty tough dude. One morning I had let him out to go do his duty. Well the neighbors chickens had got loose and one of them was in our back yard. It had just slipped behind my shed as Sammy came out the back door. He saw it and of course took off running after it with his big old deep bark, and me hollering at him to stop, but he wasn't about to let no predator invade the back yard. He runs around the back of the shed, and I'm waiting to hear all you know what to break loose. Then all of a sudden I hear yelping and howling, and here comes Sammy running back from behind the shed with the chicken in hot pursuit, Sammy all the while yelping. He ran to me and I picked him up. That stopped the chicken, and she turned around and walked away. Of course then Sammy, now knowing his life is no longer in danger, begins barking again in his manly barks, and struggling to get loose from me, although I could see he wasn't trying to hard. lol Poor Sammy. He got brought down a notch or two that day.

Well MDC, I sure like that song, although it's not in my top 10. One of my all time favorite older songs is a Father-Daughter duet. Frank and Nancy Sinatra singing "Something Stupid". Maybe not my favorite, but in the top three. :)

That's some wonderful stories about your Dad and about your Dale Romeena. I always enjoy reading them.

Better get going. Got rain today, so I reckon I'll be doing indoor stuff.... I hope.

Prayers for all.


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93020: MDC, Is your garage lite up like Clark Griswolds house? Now you can cancel that appointment with the optometrist...All your neighbors are now singing.."I see the light"..ha
FLASHBACK! The Turtles...Have not heard that one for a looong time thanks for the memory.

Today makes 16yrs for Mrs.G-F & I, we are not up there with Asa but for these days it's pretty good. She likes the Red Lobster, so I think I'll take her there...No "Special" at the diner today.
Were talking fish & shrimp! And mayber even desert too...I liked that rendition of that line from Barney when he was making up with Thelma Lou.


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93021: Too funny, Asa! Those weinie dogs are something else. I have had a couple of them and i know. :)

Happy Anniversary to you and the mrs. G-F!


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93022: Happy Annivesary G-F and Mrs. G-F. Red Lobster sounds very good to me too. You just be sure and be nice if she orders you a plate of snails. :)

Boo, I believe I've told that sammy story here before. Heck, probably told it more than once. Oh well. It gets better with every telling ;)


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93023: Hahaha! Asa, that's a great story, had me laughing for sure! You know, one good thing about some of us not being spring chickens anymore, if one of us forgets and tells a story more than once, it doesn't matter, because most of the rest of us don't remember it anyway, and those who do just smile and let it go. Don'tcha love it!! Anyway, I remember Sammy, but I don't remember hearing that story. Very funny!

Thanks, Asa. I like to reminisce and tell stories about my folks, and my Dale. I couldn't do it for a while after they passed, but now I can, and I find comfort in it. It keeps them "real" to me.

Happy anniversary, G-F. You take that dear girl to Red Lobster, and let her get soup AND salad if she wants it. And no sharing desserts. She gets one of her own!

Well, got a couple of errands to run. Guess I'd better saddle up and go get it over with. It's all drop off or pick up, so Toye Starr can go with me. Bless her little heart, she just loves to ride along. She enjoys going in with me too, where it's allowed. I take her into the garden center, and Lowe's always makes her welcome. I'd take her into the grocery store if they'd let me, but of course, they won't. I don't understand that, other than knowing that if I took her in, somebody else would walk in with an attack dog. As far as hygiene is concerned, she's cleaner than a lot of the runny-nosed kids I see putting their grubby little hands all over the fruit and veggies. Oh well. Hush, grouchy old lady. Blessings, friends! --Romeena.

April 05, 2013 - Msg 93024: That's true, Ro..sometimes when ya'll tell a story I think, 'Hmm..that sounds kind of familiar but I really don't remember the whole story'. ;) When you've been hanging around the porch as long as some of us, you can't help but repeat stories.

Ro, I do always like hearing your family memories. What i would really like you to share more about is your life growing up in San Antonio. I know you lived in the country, had a horse and chickens, had great parents, when to the drive-in, married early...what else can you share?? :)

Went to meet Bruce in corpus so he and Erin could play some golf this afternoon. Because of the budget, he has to take a half day off to avoid any overtime. Sheesh. Worked out, though...Erin was so excited to be playing golf with her Dad. Sean and I went bed shopping for him. He needs a new bed and we thought it would be a good thing to get him for his birthday gift. I think we found the one he wants but will run it by Bruce first. We did fine a nice headboard and bedframe and bought that but the mattress is the most important part. After shopping we went to my favorite local mexican food place and had a late lunch. Man, was it ever good! Isn't it neat when your kids get grown enough to be fun to hang out with? Sean and I laugh till we cry when we do things together. Its like being back in high school again.

Such a beautiful day here today. I just put Ollie on the chain and let the chickens out to forage for bugs. They acted like they had died and gone to heaven.

I think I will leave the clean dishes in the dishwasher for now, forget about the laundry and curl up with a good book (or a Kindle, rather) and enjoy the afternoon. I have my bedroom windows open to the fresh north breeze and want to enjoy it. :)


April 05, 2013 - Msg 93025: Boo, you're very kind. I can't imagine anyone being interested in my "life story", but you're sweet to ask. There's really not much to tell. I grew up in a family of fun-loving, kind people, all with a great sense of humor, and a straight-on approach to life. I can't think of anything better. We had the occasional oddball, a couple of alcoholics, and one delightful aunt who was married five times and two or three "temporaries" in between marriages. She was fun, funny, earthy and probably not a very good influence on me, but I loved her. Think Auntie Mame without money. I had two other aunts who were like second mothers to me, and were very good influences. On various occasions, we shared homes with them for a time, and it was wonderful. They taught me much about cooking and just about life. I loved them both.

My dad's mother had a third-grade education, bore eleven children and raised eight of them, never had a checkbook and couldn't drive a car, but she was precious to me, a saint in my eyes. She taught me patience and forbearance, much of it learned in retrospect after she passed.

They were a rollicking, hearty bunch who loved to have fun and could find fun in any situation. Poor as Job's turkey until I was about ten, and then things got better. One of these days, I'll tell you some stories from my childhood. In fact, I think we should all share things like that. No particular subject, just something that you think about, that makes you feel good when you remember it. --Romeena

April 05, 2013 - Msg 93026: Ro, when I have a beloved friend, I am very interested in their life story. :) Thank you so much for sharing. I agree completely...we should all share our story(ies). I have shared alot of my childhood stories and unfortunately my memory is gettng bad enough that I'm not sure what I have share. Of course, I guess if any of us repeats ourselves, no harm done...just keep scrolling, right? ;)

Since it's springtime how about a springtime memory? We had a big back yard in the little cracker box house we lived in when I was in grade school. My dad wasn't poor but just about! We lived in a small rented house but that back yard was grand, and in the spring clover would sprout on every inch of it, it seemed. Oh, the smell of that fresh clover! It would grow high, too, and we had so many blissful hours of rolling in that stuff. I can remember laying there with my eyes closed on a warm afternoon and such smelling it! Best smell in the world. Nothing much takes me back to my childhood like getting a whif of freshly cut clover. They should bottle that smell.

Well, Bernie and the girls were out for hours today and here they came..escaped from the back fence and taking over the back porch. Bernie caught site of me through the windows and came running as fast as his legs would carry him...it sure looked funny. When he sees Big Mama through the back window, he knows she usually has a treat nearby. When it was time to put them back in the coop, I just grabbed a bread bag and shook it and the clan literally ran behind me to get back to the coop for bread. Crazy things. Bernie was behaving himself today. No signs of meanness at all. Maybe he was just having a bad day yesterday.

Bruce and I watche Mildren Pierce tonight on TCM. Love that movie. What a bratty kid her daughter was. She got her's in the end, though.

Wonder what everyone else is doing this Friday night?