April 10, 2013 - Msg 93098: OK, here's my dad's after-war story...He was drafted while in his senior year of highschool and taken before graduation (into the Navy). His school principal graduated him, though, and he picked up his diploma when he came back from the war. He went to college for a year in Brownwood, Texas but a met a pretty girl there at the skating rink and they began dating. She became pregnant so they married, so no more college and he went to work as a laborer (forgot what he did)...they were living in Fort Worth at that time. They soon had two little boys and by the time the boys were 2 and 3, they were divorced. Dad kept the boys to raise with his mother's help and moved to Corpus Christi and took a job in an aluminum plant. He met and married my mom, had my sister and me and continued to work at the plant for 35 years, along with working as municiple judge and mayor of the small town we moved to. His sons moved to california where their mom lived to attend college but St. Susan and I stayed in the area. End of story. ;) More than you wanted to know, wasn't it? One interesting fact that I may have mentioned before is that my mom was living on the same street as my dad before they met and his first glimpse of her was with her tail end sticking out of a trash can while she was looking for a cigarette butt. What can i say, I have a classy family. ;) One look at that caboose and dad knew that was the girl for him, and seeing her face only sealed the deal...she was a beauty with jet black curls and lovely brown eyes. Even at 86 she is still pretty with her soft, silver hair.

Gosh, John Masters, I am really sorry to hear about your struggles. I pray that things will improve for you and your family. Come around when you can, and when you can't we understand.

G-F...I remember service stations very fondly because of the dreamboat who worked at the Texaco station in town...my first crush. I was only 5 but he was that dreamy. :)

Praying for little Toye Starr...please let us know how she is doing, Ro.

Asa, please share your stories about your parents. I would dearly love to hear them. I had a dear friend who's parents immigrated from Ireland with nothing but the clothes on their backs and they ended up with great success. Sorry about your back...try to relax and not think about what you can't do anything about...TAGS helps. :) Erin is doing ok. The only time she feels dizzy is when she lays down and turns to the left, so its managable. Sean is doing fair..I think the dose of medicine he is on needs to be increased because it seems to run out before 24 hours is up but we can increase it. The good thing about this doctor is that he requires a monthly visit from his patients, which is good when you are dealing with these kinds of meds. Right now Sean is just really wanting to get a job and knows in order to be able to handle the stress, he has to have his anxiety under control. We are getting there. Yesterday he spent hours working on his math skills, counting money, etc. He wants to get a job a subway but is nervous about counting the register. His dyslexia makes counting money tricky. While we can look at 8 quarters on the table and know immediately that it is 2 dollars, his brain doesn't work that way. He has to count every quarter individually and he has such a struggle he gets down on himself. He is working on focusing on his positives and finds ways to accomplish what he can to feel that sense of accomplishment. He is really good at some things, but math just isn't one of them!
Thanks for asking about the kids, Asa. Kind of you. Hope your family is doing ok. How are the grandkids?


April 10, 2013 - Msg 93099: Good morning, porch! John Masters, it's good to hear from you, but am sorry to hear that you're having such a hard time. Please know that we're praying for you, and will understand when you're absent, but will be happy to see you whenever you feel like coming around.

Boo, your family history reminds me of some of my dad's family. I think mentioned one sister who had been married five times, with a couple of "temporaries" thrown in as well. I guess no family, and no person, is perfect. Every closet has a skeleton, I suppose. None of us is worthy, which is why Christ came.

Asa, I'm so sorry your back is giving you fits. Boy, can I empathize with that! Rest, ice and a little ibuprofen - that's about all you can do right now. You might try alternating the ice with brief periods of heat, to bring more circulation into the area. Might help - might not.

Thank you all so much for your concern for my little friend. Toye Starr is fine this morning. She fidgeted and fretted for about an hour after we went to bed, then finally got up against me real close and settled down and went to sleep. I slept in an uncomfortable position most of the night to avoid disturbing her, once she got comfortable. She woke up this morning, her usual little bouncy, sassy self, and ate her breakfast as soon as it hit her dish. Every toy on the floor (there are about twenty) has been picked up and tossed around, and her little plumy tail is waving like a flag. Yesterday that little flag was at half-mast. In other words, she's fine. Thank you, Lord.

Well, TAGS is on, so guess I'll go watch it, and eat a little something. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 10, 2013 - Msg 93100: Oh, it's 43 here this morning, skies like lead, intermittent rain squalls, and a cold wind blowing. What happened to Spring??? --Romeena

April 10, 2013 - Msg 93101: Glad to hear Toye Starr is back to her sassy self! :)


April 10, 2013 - Msg 93102: Asa, Your kin weren't from Eckmandwyke England were they? So that makes you a Englister?
a real bobbydazzler!

Boo, that wasn't you who was hitting on me as a kid working at my Dads station was it? The girls like a guy in "uniform" yes my Dad did make me wear one I even had the patches to go with it..
"Be sure with Pure" Did you guys have Pure oil. Stations out your way? I think they were mostly back East. I'm sure TOM remembers them, later they wer bought out by Union Oil of California better known as Union 76. I'll tell some gas station attendant "stories" later...


April 10, 2013 - Msg 93103: Good Wednesday Porch, just sitting a spell.

It is good to see everyone, sorry about your troubles John Masters. keep coming back to your porch family for added support.

been busy over on my end of the porch. Seems like
lots has been going around here.

Patrick will finish up his school co-op in 2 weeks and then will move back to TN Tech University in Cookeville to finish up his last year of college. Beth will finish her freshman college year in early May and then hopefully she will find something to do this summer. We keep encouraging her to find a job but she is resistant. Beth is a good student and has never given us a speck of trouble but she is VERY introverted and prefers to be in the background of things. I think a job would be good for her in that respect.

well, hope everyone is doing ok.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

April 10, 2013 - Msg 93104: TOM..Indians got beat by the Yankees 14-1 you are RIGHT there is NO hope for Cleveland sports! I'll watch the kids little league games there is more action.

Rommena, My buddy has a Basset Hound he said Arrf Arrff,Woof,Woof...Translated to.."Glad Tory Starr is doing ok! See even the 4 legged porchsters look out for each other in prayers...haha

Yep, that G-F is a real study....


April 10, 2013 - Msg 93105: Hi All.
G F some day Cleveland will have it day of a wining team.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93106: Good evening, porch. Well, now that my anger and frustration have subsided a little, I'll tell you what I learned today. You'll remember that my tax return for 2011 was not accepted because someone had already filed one, using my name, SS# and DOB. I was told to wait six months before even checking on it. Well, it has been six months, so I called today, and learned that absolutely nothing has been done. It seems that they didn't receive my "Affidavit of Identity Theft", which they wrote and requested that I send. They didn't receive it because I never received the request, and anyway, my CPA filed that little document when he re-filed my return, in paper form, so they have it, they just don't know it. When I told that to the agent today, she hesitated a minute and replied - now get this - "Oh, I'll bet it went to the person who filed the other return. When the address is different on a return from the one on the previous returns, sometimes they just do an address change, and that would populate your entire record, so you'd better send in a change of address, to change it back to your real address." Huh? They know that, and still they expected me to receive a letter they sent out, requesting a form which they already had? This would be our tax dollars at work, folks.

Now, here's the clincher. In checking my files, she asked me if I had gotten this year's refund yet. I asked her how I could have gotten that, since I haven't filed this year's return yet. Oh, she says, well somebody did! Yep, they did it again. They honored another thief's return and sent them money, and now when I do file, that will be tied up for a couple of years, like my 2011 return. I asked her what happened to the "flag" I was told would be placed on my file, indicating it was to be processed by hand, not through the computer. She didn't know. I guess it blew down.

Needless to say, I'm pretty disgusted by the whole thing (translation: furious) but it does no good. I wrote my congress person, but that will do no good either. This couldn't come at a worse time, since I'm on half pay right now, and was really counting on that money. Also, I'm working on a re-do on my home loan, to get the interest rate down, and I have no official 2011 tax return to show them. I only have a copy of what we sent, but that could be forged for all they know. It seems they pull a "transcript" from the IRS, and when they do, they'll get a copy of the crook's return, not mine. My thoughts at this moment toward that scumbag are something less than Christian, to put it mildly.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 11, 2013 - Msg 93107: Good morning all.

Romeena, I'm so sorry for all that mess you're dealing with. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for you. And these are the same bozo's that will be running our health care. We are so screwed. I pray that things will get resolved soon for you Ro. And I am so glad Toye Starr is recovered and doing better.

Good to see you Big Maude. Sounds like your young-uns are doing well. That's always a blessing, ain't it?

G-F, Nope, my kin is from North Umberland and the Dales. I'm the only one in my family that was born on American soil, so I guess I'm a first generation American, and darn proud of it. But we seem to have lost our way I'm afraid. I'm reminded of a few months ago one night when our power went out. I had left my flash light out in the garage. So I had to go out there to retrieve it. Going so slow, stumbling in the pitch black, bumping into things, turning when I should have been going straight. The elation I felt when I finally found the work bench. Then groping around and finally finding the flashlight. And then turning it on, and being able to see more clearly back into the house. We are seemingly in the dark right now, because we have lost the Light. We are groping, stumbling and bumbling along, turning when we ought to be going straight, and bumping our shin and stubbing our toes along the way. I pray we might soon find that Light to lead us and guide us again, before we walk off a cliff.

Prayers for you and four our Nation.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93108: Four our Nation?
I'm surprised I didn't type Fore our Nation.
How about FOR our Nation. :)


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93109: Amen Asa that was put so beautifully and our nation definitely needs our prayers.

Can't begin to imagine your frustration Ro but praying that it will be resolved ASAP

Prayer for safety for all porchesters that have been or will be going through the storms going across the country.

God Bless everyone on our porch and please Bless Our Nation...may revival start with me!


Barney: A dog can't get struck by lightning. you know why? 'Cause he's too close to the ground. See, lightning strikes tall things. Now if they were giraffes out there in the field, now then we'd have trouble.

April 11, 2013 - Msg 93110: Before we walk off a cliff or into the septic hole...I think it's the hole, because things are really beginning to stink. You said it right, Asa.

Ro, that is so upsetting. Makes me mad! How inept that department must be, and to be responsible for something so important. Worst part is, they hold the cards and there isn't anything we can do about it that amounts to much. I'll be praying for a miracle.

Asa, do you by any chance like to watch "Downton Abbey"?? I used to like it but they ended the season with the worst bloody episode, yet...killing off a favorite character (again). I was gobsmacked and will, perchance, never watch the series again...unless I am having tea and singing Hail to the Queen. ;)

Better get ready...have that endometrial biopsy today.

If you would, please send up a prayer for a little 6 month old baby in our congregation that was born with a heart defect and the surgery yesterday didn't go well. She is on life support right now. Her name is Faith and her parents really need prayer, too. Thanks.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93111: Forgot to say "hey" to Maude! Can't believe Patrick is going to be in his last year of college already. Wow! time does fly. Before you know it, maude, you are going to be holding grandkids on your knee. Don't worry about Beth, she is still young and things will work out. Some of our kids just need a little extra time to spread their wings.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93112: Well, here I am again. Where is everyone else? :) I had my biopsy this morning and while it was no picnic, it wasn't so bad. Ro, the doc showed me how big the cyst is and it is somewhere between a large cantaloupe and a soccer ball! She said it is pushing everything over to one side so I should be feeling pretty good once its out. Problem is that because of the size of it, I will have to have an abdominal hysterectomy, which is not easy and requires a longer recovery time. She told me I wouldn't be able to do any lifting or housework for 6 weeks! Yikes..better start training the kids to take up the slack now. I have to try and remember to take my iron everyday, too.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93113: Good afternoon, porch. I'm still grumbling about the tax thing, but have settled down a little bit. It's just so frustrating, and makes me dream of doing things to the perpetrator that would not be very nice, and I don't like to feel that way. Then I think about the family of that little baby you mentioned, Boo, and I realize I really don't have a very bad problem. I've been through that one, losing a grandchild, and I can verify that it's about the worst thing I can imagine. Seeing my son and sweet DIL go through the agony of watching their baby die was beyond awful. Prayers for that little one, and her family. Faith. What a sweet name.

Boo, I'm glad the biopsy wasn't too terrible, and as for the surgery, take heart, dear girl. You'll do fine. Yes, an open hyst is harder than a closed one, but from what I've seen in recent years at work, it's a lot easier than it was even ten years ago. Our patients usually go home the next day, or certainly the day after that, and they're in good shape. As for the six weeks of recovery, take it, and milk it for all it's worth!! You've earned it. Let the family fend for themselves, and wait on you. It will be good for them. This will offer some good experiences for Erin.

Well, got to get busy. This house still looks like the city dump, and bunco is tomorrow night. I did get my groceries bought though. When I tried to print the letter to my senator, I found my ink was low, so had to go get some. While I was out, I just got the groceries too. Now I don't have to leave the house tomorrow. I'm going to make your chicken casserole, but instead of buying and cooking chicken breasts, I just got two of those big roasted chickens from Kroger, and will use them. Saved a big step!

Oh! For dessert, I'm going to make something my Robbi told me about last night. You empty one box of Angel Food cake mix in a bowl, and add a can of pineapple tidbits, in juice, not syrup. Stir it up, pour into a buttered 9x13 pan and bake. How easy is that? She said it's just wonderful, very light and spongy, and full of pineapple. Sounds like a winner to me! I'm all about doing easy things. I got some cream to whip to top it with, of course. Got to have whipped cream!

OK, now I'm really gone. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 11, 2013 - Msg 93114: Hi All.
Rom get a lawer to take to the ris for you.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93115: Yes Ro, what you had to go through losing a grandchild and being a support to your son and his wife at a time like that must have been horribly painful. There will always be people who are hurting and struggling more than we are but having said that, you have a right to be upset about what has happened to you. If you are mad, your feeling are valid and should be felt..then you will be able to let them go and give the results over to God. He cares about what you are feeling and it is important to him (and to us). I will continue to pray for you.

Thanks for the encouragement concerning the hyst, Ro. It has been over 10 years since I cared for a hyst patient and she was a real whiney little diva. I don't expect it will be so bad, I just wish I wasn't carrying this extra weight..it will make things harder.

Good luck with the chicken casserole. I made it the other day and I wanted to tell you that I thought it needed a little more liquid. I added extra soup and sour cream and just a little milk to it. You will be able to tell when you get it all together if it needs more or not. That pineapple dessert sounds good.

Better go finish dinner. Erin was asking for chicken and dumplings so I have to get the chicken out of the crock pot and get them made.
Today is such a beautiful day here! In the 60's and sunny! Erin is with St. Susan so Sean and I took a drive to Rockport and looked around in some second hand stores and ate lunch. We drove north to a little old town and found some OLD wood frame houses that were probably built in the early 1900's. I couldn't help but get out and look through the old windows. They didn't even have bathrooms they were so old! I love looking at old houses. It was a really nice afternoon.


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93116: I have some questions for you, Ro, and will want to talk with you in the coming weeks but I will do so by email, to spare the men on the porch. ;)


April 11, 2013 - Msg 93117: Anytime, Boo. No problem. You're right, a lot depends on the individual patient. I remember one night that I had an open hyst patient and a closed hyst, in rooms side by side. Both had been done that day. The closed hyst was putting on quite a show, much moaning and carrying on, you'd have thought she was dying. The open hyst was up and walking in the halls, standing at the desk joking with us, acting like she had just had a hangnail trimmed. Go figure. Attitude has a lot to do with it. You're right, extra weight makes any surgery a bit harder, but my drama queen with the closed hyst would have had to stand in the same place twice to make a shadow, and the open hyst, who was walking in the halls, was about thirty pounds overweight.

Now, about that casserole - I fried about half a pound of bacon this evening, will crumble it into the casserole. Also, I thought I'd drain a can of green beans and put them in it, and maybe toast some slivered almonds and put them in as well. Gosh, by the time I get through messing with it, you won't even recognize it. That's how I cook, though. I start with a recipe that's known to be good, then I play with it and add stuff. Usually turns out pretty well.

Well, back to work. I'm still trying to get the house clean. I'm about to give out though, and just go to bed. Blessings! --Romeena

April 11, 2013 - Msg 93118: Interesting how people respond differently in those situations. Working in labor and delivery i saw it all the time. Some folks sailed through labor like it was a day in the park and others would be threatening to die at 1 cm. I think attitude and maturity have alot to do with it, and being at peace. Pain escalates where there is fear.

That casserole sounds fierce! Let me know how it turns out. I wish I could help you with your cleaning; I certainly would if I could.


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93119:
RO, can you find out the address of the perp, and get the police involved, or file a lawsuit,
or see an ID theft lawyer, as Tom suggested? Just some thoughts.
Also, email PH, he always has good thoughts on such things.
Remember when I told you that the only way I finally solved and IRS problem that we had
was to go to IRS office and talk to someone in PERSON?
Well, maybe it's time for THAT! Otherwise, I have a feeling that this will drag on for YEARS! What do they care, they refunded SOMEONE, and have put you on the far back burner!
Also to ALL: I will probably be leaving facebook soon, as I have now heard that FB is allowing the IRS get past your password to your acct!! They are looking for things like vaca photos, etc, when you claim you arent making much etc. This is really getting bad, and rights and
privacy being totally invaded by IRS!!
- I hope and pray our FLOYD is doing better.
- Maude, glad you checked in.
- Asa, I hear you 100 percent. I'm afraid God has aleady pulled back his hand from over America. If marriage of 6000 years continues with the current snowball of decay, then we will all be like Lots in sodom, waiting on the Lord
to act. Matt. 24:32 says to hold out til the end.
My prayers are with you and all.

On the lighter side, I saw a color TAGS ep today
and was pleasantly surprised, as it was a pretty good one.!

Prayers friends, Jesus is Lord!

April 12, 2013 - Msg 93120: Good Friday morning dears.

Wow Boo, you know how to grow a cyst! My prayers for your surgery and recovery. And I agree with Ro. You allow yourself ample time to recover and let your family serve you. It'll do you all some good I bet. Allow you to get some much deserved rest, and allow them the opportunity to serve you and a greater appreciation of all you do. My prayers in your behalf. And prayers for that little one in your Church. How sad that must be to see such a little one suffer so.

Ro, maybe you need to change your dependents on your withholding so that you owe money at years end. It would be interesting to see which one of you they would then go after to get it. Just a thought. Might work, but probably not in your favor.

Went back to work yesterday, and I'm already glad it's Friday. Got this misery in my back, and it stinks I tell ya! But could be worse so I'll just hush up about it.

How's your Dad doing MDC? Well I hope.

Better get moving, albeit slow.

Prayers for all.


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93121: Good morning, all. Thanks for your concern, and suggestions. Unfortunately, I don't think there's much I can do about the tax thing. Getting a lawyer would cost a lot of money, which I don't have, and I'm not sure there would be much they could do. The IRS will not release the perp's address, because as yet, they have not proven to themselves that he is not me! They know it, they verbally acknowledge it to me, but until it has been legally resolved, it appears to them that he or she is the legal taxpayer. As the agent told me, "We have no doubt that a scam has taken place, and it will be easy to prove that you're who you say you are, once we get down to your case." That's the problem - there are thousands upon thousands of these cases, and I'm way down in the stack, so to speak. No, I think the best thing is to let my CPA continue to work on it, to call them myself frequently and nag the heck out of them, and hope that my congressman will be willing to look into it. What a mess.

Well, got to get busy. I've still got to dust and vacuum the living room, vacuum the kitchen, dust and vacuum the office, bake a cake and make the casserole, and shower, wash my hair and get dressed. It's 10:00 now, the girls arrive at 6:30, so I'd better get busy. There was a time I could have knocked all of that out by 3:00, but these days, I'm moving quite a bit slower. Oh well, I'm still moving, and I'm grateful for that. Dressing will mean pulling on some jeans and a t-shirt, so that part is easy. My hair is easy too, I just wash it, mousse it a bit, and push it into place and let it dry. Easy-breezy. I'm going to finish the cleaning first, then get my shower, then get the cooking done. Yep, that'll work. Finish the cleaning, shower, cook. That's the plan. See you folks later! --Romeena

April 12, 2013 - Msg 93122: For the love of Mike, DO IT ROMEENA
Finish the cleaning!
Get a shower!
Get the cooking done!


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93123:
RO- I may have also mentioned to you that we had been trying to get my dad some VA benefits for FOUR years, only to be continually told that his case was "pending." Finally, my retired Marine Corps Colonel brother went down ther in person, told the "agent" that he, my brother, was running for congress in 2014, and that benefits for veterans would be his top priority, THE NEXT DAY he got a text from the guy saying that my dad's benefits would start immediately!!! Go figure that one out. You are in the RIGHT, and
with the government, the squeaky wheel DOES get the grease, IF you know how to squeak... you're disabled, you're on reduced salary, you are who you say you are (as in look guy, i'm stand here right inhat in sam heck is going on front of you) , I need action NOW, it's MY money, etc etc, etc. Just do it!
OK...on to the little tyrant, kim jun un!
What the heck is that little perp up to now?
I need a good tags line! ha
Prayers for BOO and all,

April 12, 2013 - Msg 93124: I see where the comd Jonathan Winters has pass away R I P
Prayer for his family.


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93125: Yep, Asa...I know how to grow a cyst! hahaha...I referred to my cyst as a soccer ball to one of my friends and they said, "Good thing you found it before it grew into a beach ball!"...pretty funny.

Whoa, Ro! Sounds like you will be tuckered out before the fun begins. Pace yourself, for the love of Mike. ;)

Sorry you back is giving you trouble, Asa. Hope you are feeling fine soon, and thanks for the encouragement concerning my upcoming surgery. I think it could be a good experience for all. I am going to have to invest in a tablet or something I can take with me to the hospital so I can talk to my friends on the porch and facebook. I could take a break from electronics, but why should I? ;)

Thanks for the prayers, MDC.

Onward...I am trying to do laundry with a pain in my left kidney. It woke me all through the night last night and I thought, 'I had BETTER NOT have a kidney stone!'..the pain isn't bad enough, though. Hopefully I will be back to full function by tomorrow.


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93126: Romeena...I think MDC just came up with THE solution to your IRS problem. If you read his post #23123...The solution is "ROMMENA FOR COGRESS 2014" You're campaign slogan is..."Just be glad I don't run down the alley and holler FISH"! Or just plain old.."NIP IT IN THE BUD" Then when I retire I'll move to Texas and have you be my Congress person.."We want Rommenna, We want Romeena!!
Thanks MDC for today's material...Maybe they will hire us for the Leno show when he leaves...

Whoever coined the weather this year as bi-polar sure hit the nail on the head, it is 40 degrees now after having 80 earlier in the week, Just plain CRAZY!..
(I think it was Maude?)


April 12, 2013 - Msg 93127: how about "CONGRESS" instead of COGRESS..gf

April 12, 2013 - Msg 93128:
To paraphrase Barney, I'll be throwing all my support toward Romeena."
Thelma Lou: Barney, did you vote for yourself? ha

April 12, 2013 - Msg 93129: Howdy, porch. The storm has passed, we had a lot of fun, everyone is gone. Eloise got here around 4 and helped me with the last minute stuff. Everyone should have a friend like her. The casserole was a big hit, absolutely scrumptious. I just hope I can do it again, as I'm not really sure what I did. I just started tossing stuff in. Seriously, using the roasted chicken from the supermarket was a big help, and made it soooo good. Everyone loved it, and wanted the recipe. I gave them the basic recipe, then rattled off the stuff I did to it. Anyway, it was very good. Oh, the cake was a hit too. I've never made anything that easy - about like pouring a glass of tea! Nothing to it, and it was very, very good.

On the tax ID theft thing, I did call the police last year, the first time it happened. They said it was not their jurisdiction, that it was between me and the IRS. As for suing, whom would I sue? No, there's just really not much I can do but wait for the IRS to work their way down through the thousands of cases like mine. As they said, when they finally pull my return out of the pile, there will likely be no question of my identity, and I'll get my money. The only reason I wrote my congressman is to try to get them to move a little faster, perhaps try to locate mine and get it processed. I'm sure everyone feels the same way, however, so am not sure how much good that's going to do. At least it keeps me busy while I'm waiting.

As far as the perp is concerned, he'd better be very glad I can't get my hands on him. If I could, I would probably leave some marks that would smart for a good long time. I'd like to pound several knobs on his head. Lying and stealing are two things I can't stand, and he's done both, with never a thought to the hardship he's causing someone else. He's probably not even aware, but if he is, he doesn't care. Likely he thinks he's just getting money from the government, and doesn't realize it's blocking someone else from getting what's rightfully theirs. I'd like to call him stupid, but then I remember - he's got money, and I can't get mine. So, who looks stupid now, Sheriff?

Well, I'm going to put this very weary body into bed and forget all this stuff until tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Blessings! --Romeena

April 13, 2013 - Msg 93130: Glad the casserole was a hit, Ro! Next time I am going to try it with the roasted chicken from the store.


April 13, 2013 - Msg 93131: Morning all

Glad the party went well and your food was a hit Romeena. You sound like so many good cooks I know when I ask for a recipe for something they cooked. They look a bit bewildered and say well I just added a dash of this and a dollup of that, and a sprinkle of this I had leftover. I know there is a lot of science in cooking, but there is a lot of intuitivness as well.

Boo, with all the reality shows on tv anymore, maybe we could do one on you, and your recovery. Show Bruce trying to clean, Erin cooking, Sean vacuuming, and you recling in bed, hoping the house doesn't burn down around you. I even have a name for it. Cystless in San Antonio. What do think? Got possibilities? ;)

Well this dumb back of mine is all tied up in knots. I hate it. I get onery as an old bear when it flares up on me, and that's where I am right now. A mean onery old bear. Grrrrr!

Supposed to snow here later today, and for the next few days. Just as well. I can't be doing any yard work anyway. We had a feller here that works for UDOT (Transportaion Dept.) who's job is to go out and check for avalanche areas that may impact roadways. He got caught in one the other night and it killed him. So very sad. We seem to lose a number of skiers and snowmobilers every winter in avalanches. First time I know of when a worker was killed. So very sad. He was only in his 30's.

Well I better go get some ice on this back. I prefer heat, but ics seems to work better.

Prayers for all.


April 13, 2013 - Msg 93132: Asa, Ya try and ya try, and whatta ya get? "Backaches" nothin but "Backaches!" Grrrr!

Romeena, Sounds like if you had McGee & Abby from NCIS your case would be solved in 1 episode. They are pretty handy with those computer things. Just don't ask Jethro Gibbs cause he would just shoot the computer, then we could not get your posts and recipes.
But being an Air Force wife maybe they have their own group to handle things.


April 13, 2013 - Msg 93133: Good morning, porch! Asa, I'm so sorry your back is still giving you fits. Believe me, I know how that feels, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, let alone a good friend. And yes, it does make you cranky and grouchy! Try alternating a little heat with the ice. Sometimes that helps. So sad about the man killed in the avalanche. That's just awful!

The party was fun, and everyone had a good time. They walked through the back yard, and believe me, there's plenty to see out there right now. The irises are in full swing. Eloise and I cut ten yesterday and divided them into two vases on the table - so pretty. Now, as I look out my window right now, I couldn't begin to count the blooms I can see, but there must be at least a hundred and fifty or more. There are some in the front yard too, but I can't see them right now. They're all in big clumps - a white clump, a yellow one, purple, a rusty orange, purple and white, a lavender so pale it's almost silver, and a pink that's the color of the inside of a seashell. Little Grapette has at least twenty buds, all set to open. I can hardly wait. That little thing is so fragrant that it's just a delight. The big lemon yellow one was one that we cut to bring in, and I discovered what a wonderful fragrance it has. It smells like sweet lemon! Delightful. The fun thing is, the clumps are so profuse that when I cut some to bring inside, you can't even tell they're gone from the yard.

The rose island is a sea of buds as well. There are two or three flowers, but in a week, it's going to be a riot. The little crescent bed, the newest addition, is full of snapdragons and is just spectacular. I planted snaps in the big island as well, along with petunias, and they're coming on, but the snaps in the crescent bed are returns from last year, so they had a head start, and are big husky plants, just loaded with flowers and are so pretty. I've got mixed colors in there, and with the curved shape of the bed, it looks like a piece broke off from a rainbow and fell to earth! Flowers are such happy little things, I can hear their little voices singing, like children, when I walk by them. I remember that I put a little entry on this subject in my little old blog a while back - maybe you'd enjoy it. The best thing in it is the link to a video of flowers unfolding. Just so beautiful! Check it out, if you wish. http://romeena-viewsfrommywindow.blogspot.com/

Well, I'd better get away from this window and get dressed. Got to pick David up from DFW in a little over an hour. He's coming home from Chicago, and I think this finishes up his traveling for a while. I know he's tired of it! Then the boys have baseball games this afternoon, so I'll pick up Eloise and away we'll go! I love those kid baseball games. It has been fun, from the early years, when they sat and played in the dirt, oblivious to the ball whizzing past their head, to the way they play today. I'm amazed that nine and eleven-year-old boys can play so well, but they do. They make impossible catches. I couldn't catch a baseball if I had a mitt the size of Vermont, but they rarely miss.

Well, off I go. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 13, 2013 - Msg 93134: Oh Asa! You crack me up. My reality show would have to be "Cystless in Corpus Christi," though. If I were Ro it would be "Cystless in San Antonio". ;) Very sorry to hear about your back and about your co-woker dying. So sad.

Ro, you yard sounds so pretty. I would love to be able to bring fresh flowers into the house that way. I adore freshly cut flowers in the house. Bruce is going to be starting the garden again soon. We are starting late but should still be ok. I am going to try to get out there and help with the planting before my surgery. Its the oddest thing, and suppose its the prayers, but I have had no pain in my side for the last two weeks. Usually it gives me some real trouble during this time of the month, but not a bit. I can bend at the waist and pick things up from the floor without a twinge. I think it would be good therapy to get out there and get my hands into some soil, especially with the nice weather we have been having. I cant wait to get some fresh tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn and okra! Howdy Doody! That's good eatin', there. I am hopefully going to make fresh tomato and marinara sauce and can it. There's nothing like the real thing...the jar stuff can't compare.

Went to town today and got a book from the book store called, "Is it Me or is it My Hormones?"...ha...tells ya how to eat and what supplements to take to help deal with things at my age.

Bruce told me something so funny this morning. He said that yesterday at the bible study they have for men at work, he told the guys to pray for me and my upcoming surgery. He said two of the guys looked at each other with a frown and then came over to him and one of them said, "If your wife is having a total hysterectomy, we need to pray for you"....Bruce laughed and they said, "No, we are serious. Both of our wifes had them it was was h#ll for a year and a half. You are gonna need prayer". HAHAHA...too funny. Bruce needs to be afraid...very afraid.

Better go do some more laundry because it's how I roll. ;)


April 13, 2013 - Msg 93135: "wives" not wifes...good grief.


April 13, 2013 - Msg 93136: Hey gang...gosh been camping all week...boating fishing...great week...rain one night but fine...back here at work...hey Boo,Rev,Romeena,asa hope that back gets better...hey G-F,mdc...well let me get logged in here Race is about to start...go Jr..got him in the race pool...prayers...SPOT

April 13, 2013 - Msg 93137:
Good golf tourney there! (:

April 13, 2013 - Msg 93138: this porch can used three room 1)waiting room for everyone to sit, 2) hosp room for everyone who can used it and 3) a prayer room for everyone to send up thim.


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93139:
Racing in Texas this weekend!
RO- regarding your aches and pains etc, we all
know that you're in your 40s and thatyou admit it, and that the peroxide is for garglin,.! haha
BOO- that was a pretty good one! Poor Bruce! ha
Where my dad is now, one of the 10 residents just turned 99. His daughter asked him how he felt he was doing, and he said, "Just don't buy me any green bananas!" ha
TOM- very funny! And maybe we could play Let's make a Deal!. (:
God's blessings to all,

April 14, 2013 - Msg 93140: o k so we can used a game room and a 65"tv


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93141: Morning Porch Pals.

Here's a little spirit booster to start your day.


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93142: Now THAT made me smile! Very, very cool. :) :)

Better get ready for preachin...


PS-So funny about the green bananas, PH!

April 14, 2013 - Msg 93143: Good Sabbath porch, hope all is well today.

Woke up this morning. Got ready to take a shower and found out our water was off! Not sure why but not even a triclkle from any faucet . So no Sunday school or preachin' for us this morning. 2 hours later their is a little water but not much water pressure at all. Hopefully, it will improve as the day goes on.

BOO: sorry you are facing surgery but you will feel. Sooo much better. I felt better almost immediately after my surgery and have never regretted it.

Everyone have a good day.

Prayers and blessings,

Big Maude

April 14, 2013 - Msg 93144: Atta Boy Asa, Good on ya for this post! It shows when ya got it you got it! God Bless her...You go girl!...I think her dance card it full tonight..

TOM..I agree..GREAT idea as long as we DO NOT have the TV set on a Indians game, we should watch the Braves or D-Back's instead. No Yankees games either. The NASCAR races too. Romeena gets to watch HGTV, Boo Animal planet, BIG Maude Food channel. Possum gets to watch her new reality show:.."Leave it to Possum!" with her co-star Eddie Rascal...REV can write the theme song.
Count me in....


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93145: Hi
Boy G F the season just start it and you crying about your Cleveland Indians.


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93146: Thanks for the encouragement, Maude! I'm sure I'll be fine but am just a little concerned about the kind of incision it might take to remove this big cyst. It is really encouraging to hear from people like you who have been through it and have good things to say. It probably sounds crazy to some but I am looking forward to having it done and over with. I have had cysts and trouble off and on for 20 years now. I have been very lucky, though, because I have had very little pain with mine. Now and then the pain is severe but never lasts long. Some people suffer much worse with them.

Interesting morning in church. It was a good service and I felt God, people! :) Mom-in-law's phone (which is always in the high volume mode and plays some loud gypsy tune) start ringing during the sermon, though, and boy was it loud. We were all sitting in the 2nd row, too. The phone was in her pocket and it took awhile to get to it so the preacher just stood there and said, "we'll wait just a minute"... The people (including visitors) on the front row ahead of us were laughing! It is always something...and that is just one of the things she did that drew attention to her this morning. I could go on and on with the shananigans but I'll spare you. Poor thing is losing it in a hurry. She had lunch with us and when we went to take her home she said, "Bruce would you come in for a minute and put ink in my microwave?"....of course she meant her printer but you should have seen the look on Bruce's face. Priceless. She had just put him through a grueling 30 minutes of asking him to give her his truck so she could drive again. You may remember that her children finally had to take her car and keep her from driving to save her own life over a year ago (after a few accidents). It's a challenge.

Having company again later...Bruce's brother Richard, and his wife Mona. I always enjoy their company and i always make cookies when they are coming because Mona loves cookies. Last night I made Oatmeal chocolate chip. I have to stay away from them and it isn't easy because they are amazing!

Made fajita tacos for lunch and I put the fajita meat in the crock pot to slow cook after I fried it. Fajita can be tough but boy, this melted in your mouth. So good on a taco and one of the less expensive meats. I just bought skirt steak and marinated it overnight. I highly suggest, ASA! Just slice up some onion and fry it with a little butter in the skillet, put it in a crock pot, then fry up the flank steak and add it to the crock pot and slow cook on low for several hours. The day before, I sliced the steak into thin slices and marinated it in some oil, lemon juice, garic salt, and some soy sauce (but you might prefer worchestershire sauce)...I added some of that while it was cooking. After you fry it up, put it in the crock pot with the onions and add about a cup of water just to keep it from getting too dry. After it cooks for a few hours and gets tender, it is just perfect on a tortilla with a little salsa, cheese, sour cream and lettuce and tomato. Try it sometime.

I think I will go sit on the porch swing for a big...beautiful day here today...not so windy as it has been. Wish you could all join me. :)


April 14, 2013 - Msg 93147: Rain rain gang...well back at work...My Braves are now 11 and 1....best record in baseball Rev!...hey Romeena,Boo and all...ok...bush here ...back in just a bit...any leftovers?...SPOT

April 14, 2013 - Msg 93148:
ASA- how did you post that here?

April 15, 2013 - Msg 93149: Morning all.
It's a snowy monday on my porch. Hard to believe it's mid April with this stuff. Oh well, it is what it is I reckon.

MDC, A friend had posted that youtube vid on another board I visit. I right clicked on it and copied the URL and then pasted it here. I was surprised that it showed up the way it did. I figured it would just be a link. But I'm as ept on computers as I am in the kitchen. Anything good that might result is purely accidental.

Speaking of such, thanks for the recipe Boo. I really do appreciate all your ideas and helps. Yesterday I was mixing up some oat bran muffin mix, and thought to myself, "self, these are pretty good, but some crunch in them would make them better". So I grabbed a bag of crushed walnuts I had sitting on the pantry shelf and threw some of those in, just to try. Wow, talk about making a difference. Amazing what it did to liven up a muffin. Problem is, they being oat bran, and me eating a few of them, well, lets just say it was an active afternoon yesterday. ;) I will try your dish Boo. It sounds delicious. My biggest problem right now is making sure I pick up the ingrdiants I need when I go shopping. I tend to get the things I need on a regular basis and forget the other things. Or when I do remember to make a list, and then remember to take it with me (I have gone to the trouble of making a list several times and then left it on the kitchen table by accident) I struggle tring to find where these items are located in the store, and then getting the right stuff sometimes is a challange. Which brings me to this question, how is it there are 4,000 different brands and types of toothpaste out there? Has anyone else noticed that? My goodness. Seems like there is an over abundance of "toothpaste designers" in the world. lol

Hope you got your water back on Maude. You on a municipal system, or your own private well?

Back is feeling a bit better this morning. So I hope it's on the mend. Just hope this snow don't get carried away, or they will have to carry me away. Big Maude's description of "bi-polar weather" was spot on.

Prayers for all for a good and safe day.


April 15, 2013 - Msg 93150: Sorry you are dealing with snow in April, Asa. Its going to be 80 here today its really windy, which gets annoying.

Glad to here you are "thinking outside the box" when you cook. Adding those nuts was a good idea. I would add nuts to ALOT of things if my family would eat them. Darn it, they just don't like the things that I like and I mostly cook for them. I know what you mean about the shopping. I still leave the list at home now and then and stand there in the store trying to remember what on earth I have to get. One thing I can suggest is to go to www.pioneerwoman.com website. On her site she has a link that tells what items are good to keep stocked in the pantry and freezer to try to avoid too many trips to the store. Of course she has an enormous pantry and feezer but some good ideas about what to have on hand. She lives in the middle of nowhere and can't make quick trips to the store.

Ah...toothpaste. Crazy, isn't it? I just go for the cheapest I can find. It all works the same way...you brush, you spit. How fancy does it need to be? And how about toothbrushes?! Crazy expensive. I buy the multi-pacs in the store brand.

Better get on with the day...laundry to do and have to take mom to her doc's appointment to get he back on her blood thinners. Mom in law just called to tell me she is sick and throwing up again so she may need some help, too. Better kick myself in the backside and get something done.


April 15, 2013 - Msg 93151: Hi All.
Just a gray day going to rain off and day .
We build our future plans and hopes
Upon the transient life,
And then once the bubble bursts,
Our day is filled with strife.
Could we not learn to trust in Him,
Seek what He knows is best;
Commit our ways unto His care,
Trust Him for daily rest.
What blessing will await us!
He grants what is the best


April 15, 2013 - Msg 93152: Just wanted to stop by the porch and say a big HELLO to all my porch family. It hs been a while since I have been on the porch rocking, what with all the hospice care and nursing I have been doing, haven't even been home much. Seems like more epople want to be in their own homes when they are transported into Glory! And it is with much humility that I am the one many have chosen to walk that final journey with.
I know I have missed a lot on the porch, but there was never a day go by that one or more of you wwere in my heart and mind. Always a prayer went up. Is it ok if I rejoin the porch family? I promise I won't be gone that long again!! ~ New Neighbor

April 15, 2013 - Msg 93153: Hey New Neighbor. So good to see you back in your rocker where you belong. Hope you and yours are fine and dandy. How's them young-uns doing? Courtney, Grace?

Watching all the stuff going on at the Boston Marathon. Oh man, here we go again. Prayers for all who have and are being impacted by this.