May 16, 2013 - Msg 93525: Good morning, porch. I figured I'd better stop by, knowing how you folks tend to worry. Would you believe Robbi and I slept through the whole thing, didn't even know it was all happening until we saw it on TV this morning? Nothing happened right here, there are no limbs down or anything, no damage, but it's not over. The air is heavy, the skies are like lead, and there's not a bit of breeze stirring. Bird traffic is almost nil, and I don't see a single squirrel. That's usually a pretty clear warning of things to come.

Granbury, which seemed to get hit pretty hard, is about 70 miles from me. It's southwest of Ft. Worth, and I'm way east of Ft. Worth, right on the edge of Dallas. I'm so sorry for those who suffered so much loss, especially the families that lost someone.

Boo, I'm glad you're feeling better physically. You're tough and resilient, and you and Bruce will make it through this rough patch. God has a way of providing. I'm finding the news reports to be fairly encouraging. I think our fearless leader has stepped in it this time. The Benghazi thing, and now this IRS debacle, both are heating up more and more, and he's got some explaining to do. I'm not sure I'd want to see him ousted, because then we'd have Giggling Joe, but maybe it will force our barely-elected leader to straighten up a little bit and act like somebody. Let's pray so.

SMH, I love the Hillbillies! It got silly at times, especially with the gorilla that did housework, but it was still funny. It was always nice when Flatt and Scruggs came by, and you got some pretty good bluegrass music now and then. I like the Munsters too, and I even liked Gilligan. My taste doesn't run to much refinement, I guess. I do love classical music and good theater, but for plain old evening TV, I'll take campy and funny every time.

Well, Robbi is in there making breakfast, guess I'll go help, though she'll probably chase me out. She likes to cook alone. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

May 16, 2013 - Msg 93526: I couldn't resist sweeping. Guess that storm blew some leaves in, so I swept them off. Dried everyone's rocker too, they were kinda wet. --Romeena

May 16, 2013 - Msg 93527: MDC Check this one out, it is on her newest C/D....


May 16, 2013 - Msg 93528: Sorry SMHB Forgot to include you on the above post...Enjoy, Anyone who had a hard working GrandDaddy would enjoy it...(From her new Gospel album) "Sunday Morning Singing"....

TOM, yep those Indians won again yesterday but as I said before we'll see if they are still in the hunt come Sepetember..

Romeena glad to hear you did not have the bad weather lastnight, it looked bad on the radar screen.

G-F Again....

May 16, 2013 - Msg 93529: Well, Robbi left about noon, heading home. I'm really going to miss her. We've had fun, or at least I have. She was up here doing contract work, and worked very hard every day, but in the evenings we relaxed, had good meals and a lot of fun. It's hard to imagine when your children are small, and yo9u have all the responsibility and the work, but it does get better. Eventually, they're adults, the parent/child relationship blurs and you just become good friends. They're no longer needy, self-centered kids (as they all are) but they become responsible adults, and best of all, they're people you like. You'll always love them because they're your children, but it's really fun when you can like them as well. --Romeena

May 16, 2013 - Msg 93530: Hi
ROME did you two have a good time as she work there?
I had to see the Doc yesterday for my copd and wind he take me blood p it was 200/100 it never ran that high be for? so he up me pill for it
but every thing was fine.
So now he want me to have a chest x r and blood work be for I go back in two week/


May 16, 2013 - Msg 93531: Hey Mr. TOM With that 100,000 mile check-up, does the Doc throw in a free tire rotation too haha!

I just got my TV Land's all time top 10 list DVD I got on e-bay. Think I'll give it a watch....


May 16, 2013 - Msg 93532: SMH, I have to take this opportunity to brag on my Sean just a little bit. He has been taking such good care of his mama. Just thinking about the young man he has become brings tears to my eyes. He loves the Lord and, although he has learning disabilities that inhibited him academically, the Lord has gifted him with a huge dose of smarts and common sense..well beyond his 18 years. He is very mature is many ways. He has a great grasp on what really matters in life and is always about lending a helping hand to someone. Last week, twice he left in the morning to help an elderly man who works for the salvation army. The man is going through cancer treatments and was having trouble unloading food to the food pantry, so Sean steps right up to lend a hand. Tonight he has been at my sister's church helping them paint the sanctuary. He is quite a guy and I am a very blessed mother. He has had many struggles with his disabilities, as my porch family knows, but the many prayers offered in his behalf have brought us through. Ok, I'm finished. :)

I'm sorry Robbi had to go home, Ro. It must have been wonderful having her there. You and Toye Starr must both miss her. Wish I lived nearby, I would make a pan of cashew fudge and we could have a TAGS marathon. :)

TOM, do you have a way to monitor it at home? I wonder if it is that high when you are at home. Mine is always a little high in the doc's office and nice and low here at home. Glad the good doc gave you something..that is pretty high. Prayers for your health and your test results. I am glad you are going and getting things taken care of.


May 16, 2013 - Msg 93533: t

May 17, 2013 - Msg 93534: Goos morning porch...FRIDAY!...back in just a bit...breakfast?...SPOT

May 17, 2013 - Msg 93535: Morning Dears....Off work today, think I'll go to the flea mkt. (Who want's some fleas?) I'm getting low, time to refleall my tank...Hey SPOT, stop by, they serve Breakfast there I'll get ya some biscuit's & gravy pretty good there except the cook is a little stingy with the sausage!

Boo? Why not brag on your Son a little? When you bring 'em up right, and they show you the results why not let your Sonshine...It shows the kind of MAN you have raised...They say you can judge the heart of a man by the way they treat their Mother. I'm just sayin'..But I believe it to be true.. G-F....

May 17, 2013 - Msg 93536: Good morning friends. I hope and pray you all have a wonderful Friday and a good weekend.

Boo, I echo G-F's comments about you bragging on your young-uns. Not a thing in the world wrong with that. You have raised a fine son. Now you get to enjoy the harvest a bit if you will. I loved the comments Romeena made concerning her relationship with Robbie and the rest of her kids. It really is a blessing to see them grow and mature and make good choices. And of course not all the choices they make when they get older is always good, but you have to learn to lay off and let them deal with it. Maybe offer gentle nudges along the way. It's all part of the growing process we all have to experience. So brag on I say.

G-F, I typically don't like my main dish concealed in a heavy sauce, but there are exceptions to all rules, and biscuits and gravy is one of those exceptions. Load me up.

Tom, you make sure you listen to your Doctor and do what he tells you. If he prescribes medicine, be sure you take it. You don't wanna mess around with high blood pressure buddy. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Prayers for your co-worker Maudie. I hope the tests come back negative for him.

Well, back on the roof I go.
BTW Ro, I have employed the dummy stat procedure before. Pretty amazing. Believe it or not, where I work I find the fellers working out in the shop to be giggers whinners about temps than the office ladies for the most part. But it only takes one with a big mouth to make it miserable. Nothing I hate worse than a temp. sensitive pesron on a crying jag. :)

Prayes for all.


May 17, 2013 - Msg 93537: Whoops, that's supposed to be "Bigger whiners". Not sure what a "gigger" is. :)


May 17, 2013 - Msg 93538: Oh, man...did ya'll have to mention biscuits and gravy?! One of my all time favorite things to eat and I only have it about twice a year. I wish I could have the biscuits and gravy my dear, departed grandma used to make. Wow...heaven on a biscuit.

Thanks G-F and Asa, for the encouragement. I am proud of Sean. I will ask your prayers again, though, as his Tourette symptoms seem to have returned in the form of verbal tic..kind of a grunting noise that is driving him crazy..mostly in the evening when he is tired and most stressed. Sometimes the medicine that controls his anxiety disorder causes the tics to worsen so it is tough. He is doing well for the most part, though, and thankfully is able to eat again. He is maintaining his weight at about 210. A year ago he weighed 250. He feels alot better at this weight so I am glad he isn't gaining.

I understand what you and Ro mean, Asa. Sean is finally at the age where we really enjoy each other's company. I have had to be careful because he makes me laugh so much and in my present state, that is painful! ;) Good for the lungs, though. I warned him right before my surgery that he had better not make me laugh afterward, and he didn't. He didn't talk much, either. He has been keeping things up around the house, doing the laundry and looking out after me just fine.

I am feeling pretty fine today. Had to take some pain medicine early this morning, but feeling much better. Some incisional pain, but I would describe it as mild most of the time. I am so thankful! No hot flashes anymore, no mood swings, emotional breakdowns and they tell me I am still nice, so it's all good. ;)

If I didn't mention earlier, prayers for your friend, Maudie. That can be so scary...Lord be with him and give him peace.

Asa, don't hate me because I am a temp sensitive person on a crying jag! It gets so hot in south texas!


May 17, 2013 - Msg 93539: Asa, A gigger is what ya do when ya go frog hunting...thus frog giggin'....Just so ya know there is such a word....G-F..

May 17, 2013 - Msg 93540: Biscuits and gravy, frog giggin....brings back memories of growing up in TN. My brother did the frog giggin, he would bring the frog legs home and I remember them moving in the pan while they cooked. Mr. Flint is home from the hospital after the knee replacement, he's doing pain which is great but he is running me ragged, change my ice pack, bring me my cell phone, prop my leg up higher, check my head, does it feel warm, adjust the A/C it feels cold in here, he's a keeper though.

May 17, 2013 - Msg 93541: Glad Mr. Flint is recovering well Frankie. Sounds like he's keeping you hopping.

G-F, So them that go gigging are called giggers huh? I never knew that, but often wondered.

Boo, I would never be hating you. Legitimate griping about temps don't bother me. It's those folks in the summer who are in a 74 degree building crying because it's soooo hot in there, or if it's 70 in that same building in the winter crying because it's freezing cold in here. I've heard for almost 30 years and it gets old. Gee, I sound like an old crank don't I? I guess you can tell what I've been hearing all week. LOL


May 17, 2013 - Msg 93542: Hehe...too funny, Frankie. Men are tough patients. Very glad your hubby is doing so well. :)

I understand Asa, its impossible to please everyone all the time when it comes to climate. :)

Been a real good day today. I took a ride into town to take Erin to her appointment. Sean did the driving so I didn't have to do anything but sit. It was great to get out and about a little. I'm sure I will sleep well tonight.


May 17, 2013 - Msg 93543: Evening Porch!
How is everyone doing?

Boo, it's good to brag on your baby! Sean sounds like a great kid that you raised right. I'm glad you're feeling well!
Frankie, I hope Mr. Flint heals quickly and doesn't run you ragged in the process. My husband has been running himself out by doing my job while trying to find a job.
G-F, I hope you had a nice day off. I love flea markets and antique malls. My Muzzie, grandmother, was an antiques dealer for 50 years before she got Alzheimer's and put into assisted living. You never know what you're going to find! :)
Asa, I can't believe you didn't know what giggin' is! Are you not a fan of Duck Dynasty? They talk about frog gigging on that show.
Mr. Tom, you'd best be taking care of yourself!
Spot, we are finally getting some normal temperatures.
PH, do you know anywhere on YouTube that I can watch TAGS season 4+?
Romeena, still no birds in my birdhouse. They'll go to the balcony rail and eat the seed, but have yet to fly a few inches up to the house. Any ideas?

I'm laying here watching season 1 of Gilmore Girls why the boys watch a gross manly movie. Itook pain meds so I assume I'll be asleep soon. If not then I think Opie and The Birdman will be the the episode I listen to tonight.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

May 18, 2013 - Msg 93544:
Hi All, sounds like porchsters and loved ones are "on the mend." Praise the Lord.
I was watching Gunsmoke today on ME-TV, and our tags Helen played a nun. So funny because "central casting" was spot-on. Played this nun who was impatient and demanding! haha
SPOT, REV, did you hear about the soldier who surprized his daughter at the Braves game! Very cool.
I'm cold, I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm hot! ha
Prayers for all,

May 18, 2013 - Msg 93545: Asa, Let's call the Waaabulance for you! Wait... he's one of my kind and he RIGHT so I retract the Waaa'ing! Also what do ya do to please workers who are on both ends of the spectrum? The young girls who are cold and the older ones who are having "HOT" flashes? You do what Romeena shared, you put (2) "Special" thermostats the wall for them ;)*****
But, the draw back is everyone will want you to "Specialize" on them too...HVAC work is not for whimps, You also need a degree in Human Nature sorta like that Sigmund Freed guy...haha
Yea, if Old Siggie were still around we'd be ok..
He'd have enough work with G-F to keep him busy,
He's a NUT!...(I think I just shot myself in the foot!)


May 18, 2013 - Msg 93546: Hey G-F, Did you hear about the feller who ran a hot water line to his terlit? He started having hot flushes. :)


May 18, 2013 - Msg 93547: Good morning, porch! Well, I see by this morning's activity that it's gonna be one of those days. I declare, you boys are a sight! But I love you.

Boo, I'm so glad you're doing so well. Not surprised, but very happy. And you just keep on bragging on Sean. You got a legal right. He backs up everything you say about him, so you're not bragging, you're stating facts.

Tom, you take care of yourself. I didn't know you had COPD. No wonder you hate the heat so much. It's harder for you to breathe when it's hot, isn't it? And you take good care of that blood pressure - that's nothing to mess around with.

It's a pretty day here, about 75, slightly hazy sky, but the sun is shining. Little bit of breeze. It's a great day for watching kid baseball, and that's where Eloise and I are headed in a little while. Hudson has two games back to back. He's going to be a tired little ball player, but he loves every minute of it. He's our catcher, the one who looks like a transformer in his catcher's gear. He's nine, about five feet tall and built much more solidly than his brother. Landry is tall and lanky, just looks like a pitcher (and he is) and Hud is bigger-boned and solid. He's not fat, just solid. He's a scary sight in that gear. The other teams think so, too, because he's a very good catcher. He's like a wall. It's very rare for a ball to get past him and he sometimes goes through a whole game without allowing even one player to steal home. At his age, it's pretty common for players to steal home while some skinny little catcher is scrambling to retrieve a missed catch, but that doesn't happen to Hud.

Well, enough bragging. Guess I'll hit the shower. Toye Starr will pout when she realizes I'm leaving, but she'll get over it. Actually, I could take her to these two games, the park permits it, but I don't know what we'll be doing afterward. Probably going somewhere for dinner, and she can't go there. I'll be glad when the US catches up to Europe in that regard, and pets are more welcome than they are now. A well-behaved little dog, lying quietly in a carrier, is preferable to someone's screeching, sneezing, coughing, snotty-nosed little kid with a dirty diaper, especially when they're at the next table. You know I love kids, but sometimes, enough is enough. Oh well. It is what it is, and Toye Starr must remain at home. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 18, 2013 - Msg 93548: Boo, Just finished watching a Animal Rescue segment from your end of the porch they rescued a baby dolphin which was washed ashore on Mustang Island. Looked like a neat place to wander around?


May 18, 2013 - Msg 93549: Happy Saturday, Porch!

Quick drop in to say Hi to Boo,MDC,GF,Rev.,TOM,Ro,Asa,Maude and everyone in between!

Health and Best to you all!

John Masters

May 18, 2013 - Msg 93550: Hey JM!,MDC,Rev,Tom,asa and all....well working tonight...(by choose...OT)..yea...Race fans its raining on our plans...hope it clears up...hey Mavis...well let me get logged in and read the archives...prayers...SPOT (yer talking dog of this her poarch)

May 18, 2013 - Msg 93551: Hey, that's neat, G-F. Mustang Island is near us. I seldom go there just because we aren't really beach people, but it is a nice beach. We have seen some dolphins while riding the ferry to Mustang island. I could be mistaken, but I am thinking Ro's daughter was married there last year...or was it Padre Island, Ro?

Well, it is really beginning to feel like summer here in south texas. Heat index was 100 today. I am praying for an end to this drought!

"Hey" to John Masters!

Thanks, Ro, I am doing better. Some days are better than others but I have been amazed at how well I feel already. :) I hope Hud won his game.


May 19, 2013 - Msg 93552: Hi, all. It was hot here today, in the low 90s. Eloise and I went to Hudson's ball games. The first one was fun, very nice ballpark, shaded bleachers, and with a bit of a breeze, it was pleasant. They won that one, walked away with it, at 15-4. The second game was at a different field, a tiny neighborhood thing with only one diamond, and open bleachers. Hot, hot, hot! It's sort of down in a little low area, so not much breeze. We sat in the car and watched the first couple of innings, then came home. I don't know the final score, but they were down by two runs when we left. It was just too hot to stay, and we couldn't see all that well from the car anyway.

Did I tell you what happened at Landry's game last weekend? Landry pitches, and in the top of the first inning, the opposing pitcher was a very big, lanky kid, looked like a good pitcher, and was, but seemed to be a bit too impressed with himself. However, Landry got a hit off of him, and it didn't please the boy. Then in the bottom of the inning, with Landry pitching, when that kid came up to bat, Landry struck him out. Apparently he didn't like being struck out by the opposing pitcher, because he banged the end of his bat on the ground real hard, then flung it aside, stomped over to the dugout, mouthing off for all to hear. He yanked his helmet off, threw it across the dugout, almost hitting another kid. He stomped through to the end of the dugout, and grabbed the fencing at the end and shook it. The whole time he was mouthing off. The coach left the field to go tend to him, but he was too late. The kid's mother got there first, ordered him out of the dugout, told him to get his gear, and took him home. Good thing, because the coach told our coach he was planning to throw him out of the game, which would have suspended him for a while, possibly the rest of the tournament. As it was, he just let the kid's mom tend to it, and the boy would play again. He really threw a hissy fit, just a big old tantrum, and it was a good lesson for all the boys. They got to see what bad sportsmanlike conduct looks like, and they saw that it has consequences. I'll bet that boy will think twice before he does that again.

Boo,I'm glad to hear that Sean is handling the breakup with his girlfriend so well. It sounds like it needed to happen. He needs a calm, supportive girl, not a controller, or one who throws tantrums. He doesn't deserve that.

Yes, I think Robbi's wedding was on Mustang island. I find that whole area very confusing, and I never know whether I'm in Port A, or Aransas Pass, or on which island. I'm pretty certain it was Mustang though, because I know we drove a long way around to get there, as Amanda said the wait to get on the ferry could be a couple of hours. Wherever we were, it was beautiful.

Well, I'm beat to the socks, and heading for the ironing board. This will be the first time I've been in bed before midnight in a long time. Maybe I'll get enough sleep for a change. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93553: Romeena, While watching the kid Landry struck out have his fit, I know you were thinking about the "Spoiled Kid" episode weren't ya? His coach should have told him..."Just don't get your clothes dirty"...Or, "That's good exercise for your lungs"! Hopefully his Mama picked him up to take him home for some "woodshed time-out".
Unless they are from Austin, then she took him home to ride his motorcycle, and to buy him another video game! They have different rules over there in Austin don't ya know....I'm just say'in. But here's the thing Ro, right from the start the kid should have known with a name like "Landry" it was not going to be a easy at-bat...I'mm just sayy'in!

As for not knowing which which Island your on? Well on "Mustang" island everyone drives a "64" Mustang convertible don't ya know!...

G-F---MDP...(Mayberry Doctor of Philosophy)

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93554: Also, SPOT better have a few extra fuses ready today, a lot of bad storms in your area....

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93555: Well, I am glad the boy who showed poor sportsmanship had a mother who took things in hand. These days its not uncommon to see a mom take up for her son, no matter how deplorable his behavior. Good for her.

Ro, if you had to wait for the ferry, it was Mustang island. Of course, the beach just goes on and on until you get to Padre Island, so who knows? It depends on how far down the beach you traveled. I know the names are a little confusing...Aransas Pass..Port Aransas... I never go over there in the summer or during spring break because of the ferry lines. During the week it isn't always so bad but on the weekends, forget it.

Well, I am feeling pretty good this morning. Not quite up to going to preaching, mostly because there is a bad stomach bug going around and I think I need to give myself some more time before facing any "bugs". Can you imagine having to throw up after abdominal surgery?! No fun. I was feeling tired and kind of achey yesterday. Seems that's how it works, a few really good days followed by a not-as-good one. Not complaining, though. I am very happy with the way things have gone.


May 19, 2013 - Msg 93556: A good Sunday to you, folks!

Here's some tea, sweetened and un, with cups next to the pitchers. I hope you're doing well!

Have a great day!

John Masters

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93557:
If Helen of Troy launched a 1000 ships; then Helen of Tags launched a 1000 tirades. teehee (:

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93558: Good Sabbath Everyone!

It has been busy on my end of the porch so I haven't been able to stop by...I am officially unemployed until tomorrow morning when I start my new job.

Spent Friday with my boys and Connie...enjoyed some lunch at Cheddar's...not sure if it is a national chain or not but similar to O'Charley's or a Chili's...picked up a nice bat for my younger son Daelan who plays catcher too. He is playing his last year of 7/8 coach pitch and will move to 9/10 kid pitch baseball this Fall. Good little catcher and has garnered the nick name "The Babe" for his play as a batter.

My oldest son is our pitcher...he was the starting pitcher for his Middle School team this year and we have their team banquet this afternoon. He will start his 13/14 Dixie youth season this next week which will be his last Dixie Youth season as he starts high school baseball next spring as a freshman...can't believe he will be in High School next year.

Glad to hear you are still improving BOO and you keep bragging on your have something to be proud and it shows just how much you care about them.

Prayers for Lucy to continue her recovery and prayers for TOM and Frankie husband.

I know you will miss Robbi RO as you seem to have the same relationship with her that Connie has with her Mom...the respect of the Parent/Child is there but also too the best friend type of relationship is present.

Well better go...gotta ready for the baseball banquet and then return home for ptiching practice with Dalton before dark...I tell you with two boy's playing ball we are either at the park playing ball...practicing ball or washing uniforms...but we wouldn't trade a minute of it!

Blessings and prayers for everyone!

ANDY: Let her go off somewhere else... gig some other frog.

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93559: Smokey, Just as long as you don't have to umpire too, that can be tricky just ask Andy...

TOM,..Those Indians won again today! 6-0 to the Mariners they have won 17 of their last 21!
I think they brought Rocky Calavito back to play for them.. G-F....

May 19, 2013 - Msg 93560: Concert tonight under the stars...(:

May 20, 2013 - Msg 93561: Looks like it might rain though....(:

May 20, 2013 - Msg 93562: Lots of storm damage here in Ga...busy here at work trying to get lights on...need food...SPOT

May 20, 2013 - Msg 93563: I really enjoyed hearing about your family, SMH! Sounds like you have a great couple of boys there. :)

Don't mind telling you all that yesterday was not a good day. I was exhausted all day but already today is feeling much better. That's the way it goes. I have my follow-up appointment with the doc tomorrow.


May 20, 2013 - Msg 93564: Morning Porch.
Sorry you had a bad day yesterday Boo, but glad you are doing better today. I pray your follow-up goes well and the Doc says you're good to go.

Stay dry Spot. Lot's of bad storms going on out there. Gotta a buddy in Oklamoma who was dodging tornados last night. Guess it's that time of the year.

Praying for the new job to be a good fit SMH. I'm sure that's a bit of a challange to change jobs. But I'm sure you have been lead to do the right thing.

Well our 90's of last week are a memory. It's 50 this morning and already am hearing complaints of being cold. I told ya so! :)

Prayers for all my buddies.


May 20, 2013 - Msg 93565: Hi All
Asa going to send you the 75 90 deg weather we are going to have all week'
G-F so fare good for Indians , but the all star is the half way of the season!
SMH good luck on the new job.


May 20, 2013 - Msg 93566:
Hey Folks

Just wanted to say Hey.

Hope to get back in the swing of things here on the Porch. I miss it. But since my daughter's ailment things on this porch have been...a bit uneven.

I just haven't been online much the last few months.

Peace & Prayers friends.

May 20, 2013 - Msg 93567: Good morning, porch, and a special howdy to you, auh2o. You have been missed, my friend. How is your daughter? Please let us know - we care.

Boo, did you have staples, or did they use Dermabond? If you had staples, I presume they're out by now. If they're not, boy, are you ever going to feel better when they're removed! Sounds like you're well on the mend, though. Another week or so, and you'll be top-notch.

Not much to tell around here. My plumerias are leafing out, since we got them out of the garage and into the light of day. It was a bit dicey at first, because we had that little cold snap, and they can just faint and fall over at anything much below 40, but they did fine. I just noticed a gorgeous purple iris blooming. It's late for it, but I'm sure glad to see it. Any spot of color just delights my eyes, and what a beautiful thing it is! The oakleaf hydrangea on the back fence is loaded with big white pannicles of blooms. They'll gradually turn pink, then red, then russet-red, and finally will darken to a rich mahogany brown along about late August, and at the same time the leaves will start turning a purplish-red. Interesting plant, always something new developing. It was one of Joe's suggestions, and I've learned to trust him. He knows his stuff.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. I've got some whole-grain bread, some cheese and some very tasty tomatoes. Sounds like toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches to me. Maybe I'll slice a sweet onion very thin and put on it too. Wish I had some bacon, but it will be good anyway. A couple of those open sandwiches and a glass of tea, and I'm all set.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

May 20, 2013 - Msg 93568: Romeena...Remember who you are talking about.. Staples,Dermabond? Nawww, Boo's tough, they just used cammo duct tape..She was such a good patient they gave her a Duck Dynasty duck caller for being so tough! honk,honk!


May 20, 2013 - Msg 93569: Wonderful to see you, Auh2o, but very sorry to hear that daughter is still struggling. My prayers for you and your family.

Ro, I didn't have staples. She put a kind of stitch inside and left the ends out with loops on them. Tomorrow they will cut the loops and pull the one long stitch out. I'm not sure what you call it but all I know is my incision, which is about 10 inches long, has been no trouble and very little discomfort. :) No duct tape, G-F, but i guess it coulda worked. ;)

I am so sorry to hear about the terrible tornado in Oklahoma. Poor folks in its path! Pray for them.


May 20, 2013 - Msg 93570: Well Gang tis the Season, Sitting in my rocker tonight on my front porch studying on the up coming mosquito season. Unlike Boo & Asa, I'm not scared of bats or their eggs. So I have decided if ya can't beat em' join em' I am researching on building "Bat Houses" for them, as long as they do their job eating all those pesky mosquitos! I may give it a try...So they can quit hiding behind my shutters and p00ping on my porch...

Prayers to all the folks in Oklahoma....


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93571:
My goodness, prayers indeed for Oklahoma!!
Unbelieveable. Lord please be with them all.

May 21, 2013 - Msg 93572: Just quick post...prayers for Oklahoma....SPOT

May 21, 2013 - Msg 93573: Indeed prayers for all those affected by those terrible storms.

Good to see you auh2o, and prayers for yor Daughter and your family friend.

Hope you had a better day yesterday Boo. I have to go in tomorrow for a TEE and then for a CAT scan, and then Thursday I have the ablation done. Prayers are appreciated. I'm a terrible patient. (Not a problem one, just as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs) :)

Prayers for all.


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93574: I understand, Asa...praying for you. I know you will be just fine and the Lord will be with you every minute. :)


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93575: Hey Porchsters!
Just checking in and saying hello. What happened in OK was devastating. No porch friends live there, right?

I'm dealing with lots of nerve pain in my toes, but otherwise I'm ok.

Y'all take care of yourselves. I'll check in soon. Continued prayers for OK and porch family.


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93576: I can't think of any porch friends in OK, Lucy. Sorry to hear about your nerve pain. That must be very uncomfortable but i guess its a good sign.


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93577: Hello Porch...just dropping by for a moment...prayers for everyone in OK...we are getting the storms this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow but nothing like those poor people out west...God Bless each one of them!

New job is going well other than issues with getting everything set up and everything I need to do my job...on the lighter side they gave me a new Lenovo Laptop to use with fingerprint scan to login instead of using user id and passwords. Pretty neat technology!

Prayers for AUH20 and daughter; continued prayers for recovery with BOO and LUCY.

Prayers and Blessings for Everyone...take care in these storms!

BRISCOE DARLING: How 'bout "Don't Hit Your Grandma with a Great Big Stick"?
CHARLENE DARLING: No, Paw, That one makes me cry!

May 21, 2013 - Msg 93578:
Yes...Prayers for the folks in OK. My goodness!

Lucy-John Maters is from that neck of the woods, I believe he is in Missouri. I know it's not OK but close.

Thanks for the prayers friends. I have thought about this Porch often during the last year and a half, hard to believe it's been that long.

Asa-Prayers for you buddy. You long tailed cat you.

SMH-I don't believe we've been introduced, good to meet you.

GF-We used to have an enclosed porch but bats would still find a way to get in there. When there were 3 or 4 of them flying around in circles in there eating bugs it looked a battle in the Tunderdome.


May 21, 2013 - Msg 93579:
AUH20---SMH is Smokey Mt Hillbilly. He has been here before in the past, but just dusted off his rocker again recently.
Prayers for ASA.
I hope all are doing well, all things considered!

May 21, 2013 - Msg 93580: Good evening, porch. We got some serious rain this afternoon, not much thunder or lightning, just lots of rain. I'm so glad. We really needed it, and probably still do. It takes more than one good storm to break a drought.

I think my rain sensor on my sprinkler system isn't working. I just looked out back, and Zone 4 was merrily throwing water on the east fence flowerbeds! Naturally, I grabbed the remote and shut it off. Glad I didn't have to go outside to the control box to do it. That little remote thingy that Joe gave me is worth its weight in gold.

LaRue and I didn't have to stay for the afternoon with our friend, as her daughter arrived. So, we visited for a little while, left the food we had taken for their dinner, and came home. I almost got home before the rain started, but not quite. Oh well, the car got washed off, and there was no hail, so no harm done.

auh2o, it really is good to have you back on the porch. Now there are a few others I wish would come home. Maybe they will.

Well, guess I'll go round up some dinner. I'm not very hungry, maybe just a salad or something. I've got about a third of a good cantaloupe in there, maybe I'll chunk it up with some cottage cheese. That's a good combination - if you've never tried it, you should. The melon needs to be a good one, though. If it doesn't have much taste, it's pretty blah. This one is sweet and flavorful, and with the cottage cheese, it's really good.

Later, taters. --Romeena

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93581: That sounds really good, Ro...cantaloupe and cottage cheese. I love them both.

Had my follow up appointment with the doc today and all was fine. She removed the stitch from the incision and it feels better now. Been a good day but I'm ready for bed.

Thanks for those prayers, SMH. Glad the new job is going well. :)

Glad you are back, Auh2o. We will take you when we can get you. I think I understand something of what you must be going through. I am concerned and will continue to pray. Please contact me through a private message on facebook if you need to talk or have a specific prayer need. I care.


May 22, 2013 - Msg 93582:
Morning Folks

Boy, has Oklahoma done us proud or what! Strong people.

MDC-Thanks. Smokey Mt Hillbilly I know. I should have been able to figure SMH from that.

Romeena & Boo thanks again.

Boo-And thanks for the kind offer I may take you up on that.

I not sure if I have ever mentioned what my daughters diagnosis was. In December of 2011 we were told she had Guillain-Barre syndrome. On Dec 23rd she said she was having tingling her feet and hands and by Christmas morning I was rushing her to the Emergency Room. She was becoming "paralyzed." She couldn't stand, both legs, both hands, both feet, and both arms. All of that took place within two days. She also was having trouble with her sight. She could see but she only read for a few minutes at a time. She was in a local hospital for almost 3 weeks. I don't mean to be writing a book here but things are slowly returning to normal.

Take care today Asa.


May 22, 2013 - Msg 93583: Thanks for the prayers all. Really will lean on them today and tomorrow.
Auh2o, I didn't know exactly what was wrng with you Daughter. But I am glad she is improving and pray that will continue. I believe Andy Griffith suffered with that for a time after TAGS ended. But he seemed to recover well and went on to become Ben Matlock. I pray your Daughter will likewise fully recover and that your family will be blessed and strengthend in your trials.

Boo, so glad to hear your getting better everyday. Just don't over do it.

Well I better get. Gotta be there in 45 minutes.

Prayers for all.


May 22, 2013 - Msg 93584:
Lucy, TAGS episodes are getting harder to view on the internet for free. Although not every episode is available at the same time, you can view various TAGS season 4+ episodes at
And here in Canada, I'm more restricted at viewing many free programs than when I'm in the USA.

Boo, glad to learn your operation was a success and that you are recuperating. But one thing puzzles me. How was the surgeon able to remove a "bigger than a soccer ball" cyst through a "10 inches long" incision? Did she dissect it before removing it?

auh2o, so sorry to learn that your daughter's health issue has been keeping you from The Front Porch. People around here can be therapeutic, and it sounds like that is what you need at this difficult time in your life. Even if you have nothing to post, just sit back and read like I often do.

Finally, unlike me, I know some of you are active on Facebook. I know there are multiple Facebook pages devoted to The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) and Mayberry. When you mention that you posted something, do you all post at the same TAGS Facebook page?

from Poor Horatio

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93585: Good morning, porch! It's just beautiful here this morning. After the storms of yesterday afternoon, the skies are clear, and everything is so green it almost hurts your eyes! I think my grass grew two inches since yesterday. Nothing does it like rain.

Hey, PH. Good to see you. To answer your question about that big cyst, those things are malleable. They're not generally solid, so could probably be brought through an even smaller incision. I imagine the surgeon made the incision that big to provide a clear field for other work that was done. While I never actually worked in the OR, I've observed a lot of surgeries, and it's absolutely fascinating. I had one surgeon friend whom I suspect of trying to recruit me for the OR, because he was always inviting me to observe an unusual procedure. He would place me right beside the field, and I could see every detail. I'm not a queasy person, fortunately, but it's so interesting, that I think even if I was, I would have been too fascinated to be sick.

Auh2o, thanks for letting us know what's bothering your daughter. Guillain-Barre syndrome is indeed frightening, but fortunately, it usually runs its course, then goes away. In many cases, it recedes in reverse order to its progression. As with your daughter, it usually starts in the far extremities (fingers and toes) and gradually progresses toward the body's core. It can stop at any point, or it can go so far as to paralyze the chest muscles, so the patient requires assistance to breathe. Once it has reached its stopping point, it will begin to gradually recede, until the first areas to go numb will become the last areas to clear up, and then it's gone. As Asa said, Andy Griffith had it, and got over it. Eloise's other daughter (not my DIL) had it as well. She was very sick for a while, totally unable to walk, but she's perfectly fine now. It's a strange syndrome. The resolution seems so slow, and you get discouraged, but one fine day you realize the patient is fully recovered.

Well, gotta run. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93586: Hello Fellow Porchesters!

It has not been a good day for me...woke up at 3:00 AM with a migraine headache and all the side effects that come with that; took some pain relieve meds and then walked the floor, laid on the couch, would lay down in the bed again and continued the is routine until time to go to work.

Thankfully the Lord heard my gave me some relief and I was able to come to work at 7:30 AM today as I could not miss work on just my third day; I do feel some better, Thank you Jesus, but I still have a mild headache which may not go away until I can get home and lay down again.

Hey Auh2o...Thank you for the Welcome back and continued prayers for your daughter's recovery...that had to be a scary time for you and her.

Hello to MDC, ASA, PH good to see you on the porch and prayers for a wonderful day for you!

Excited that your recovery is going well BOO and Lucy I hope and pray that you continue your recovery!

Hey RO we had the rain late last night and early this morning...our tomatoe and pepper plants are standing tall this morning and our cucumbers and squash are peeking their heads out of the ground too...the hibiscus plants, wedding bells and petunias are blooming beautifully today after the rain. One question...our wedding bell plants have all had white blooms but we discoverd some red blooms this morning which are absolutely beautiful among the white the wedding bell plants come in different colors or do the blooms change color?

Well I better get with it... a lot to learn but so far I am really enjoying and I truly believe that God has put me where I needed to be!

Anybody have special plans for this Memorial Day weekend? We have ball games starting Friday thru Monday so we will be either at the ball park or church and we want to try to squeeze in a cook out with family somewhere in there...

Prayers and Blessings for everyone..especially those in OK...some mighty good God fearin' folks there!

GOOBER: Floyd made the diagnosis.
ANDY: Floyd, what do you know about whiplash?
FLOYD: What do you mean? A barber does a lot of work around the back of the neck

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93587: Good to see ya PH! I asked the doc if is was hard to get the cyst out and she said it was. The way she described it was that it was pliable, not taught, and filled with fluid, somewhat like a big water balloon, so I guess with some effort she was able to squeeze it out of the 10 inch incision. She may have aspirated some of the fluid from it, too. I didn't ask if she did. While she said the thing was as big or bigger than a soccer ball, I sounds like it wasn't actually round, but more elongated and lay across the front of my abdominal cavity. This is probably more than you wanted to know but I know you are a man of details and interested in things. :)

Yesterday after my visit, I gave the doc a hug and told her thank you and she said, "You are the best patient ever. Before we started the surgery you said, 'Before I go under, I just want to thank all of you for everything'. Your mama raised you right!"...what is funny is that I told her I have no recollection of ever saying that! ha I am glad I was nice to everyone even if i don't remember it at all. I know some of the meds they give you during surgery or after, will take your memory so I guess that explains it.

Yes, Ro is right about G-B syndrome. Very scary when it happens but in time, it usually leaves and stays gone. I had a friend who had it when she was pregnant...not that was scary. She was fine after a season, though. Crazy syndrome...very strange. Must have been absolutely terrifying for you and your wife so see it happen to your young daughter. Prayers continue for a full recovery.

PH, to answer you about facebook. I think I have one TAGS group that I am a part of but I seldom leave comments on it.

Hang in there Asa..its going to be ok. Praying! :)


May 22, 2013 - Msg 93588: Oh hey there SMH..we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry about your headache. I have had a few of them and they are terrible. Glad you could go to work.
No special memorial plans for me. I will just be hanging out here at the house, I'm sure.
Thanks for your prayers for my recovery. :)


May 22, 2013 - Msg 93589: Good Wednesday Porch, posting from work. just finished my lunch and waiting for my next appointment to show up.

Glad you are doing well Boo.
Hope your headaches continues to go away SMH.

prayers for the folks in Oklahoma. such a sad thing for all the families. I have watched some of the news coverage and it just leaves me with such sadness but also makes me realize that most folks have the courage to rebuild and move forward and are just thankful to be alive.

Patrick leaves today for his summer oollege session. makes me sad but at the same time proud and happy that he has learned most of the basic things he needs from Mr. Maude and Me to live on his own. I am guessing he may not really ever be back home to live permanently after he graduates next May. :(

continue to pray for my friend as he has not eard from his biopsy.

dinner menu: grilled chicken, green beans, baked potatoes. chocolate layer cake for dessert, tea or lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93590: Hi from Frankie's rehab, Mr. Flint is doing great and we are on a schedule everyday for his PT. He gets his staples out on May 29th. which happens to be our anniversary. I'm catching up on reading the post, prayers for everyone in need. Maude it is sad when our children leave for college, when my daughter went I cried and cried and wouldn't open the door to her room for weeks. Romeena did the IRS finally come thru for you? I'd better go it's time for Mr. Flint afternoon PT.

May 22, 2013 - Msg 93591: Hi folks,
Wanted to jump in and tell you a funny little thing that happened last night. We have a robin which has taken up residence above our front porch light(if you can call it a porch; it's just a little alcove). It is right outside the door, and the reason she made her nest there I guess is because we rarely go out the front door since we can't park out front on our side of the street anyway, and the other side is usually filled with the neighbor's cars.
Anyhow, when I go out to get the mail in the box right off the porch the robin will fly off into the small trees in our yard, squawking like crazy at me. One time I even had the dad robin squawking at me as well. I figured sometime they must get used to me being there and figure out that I am not going to serve up their little ones over easy some morning, but they haven't yet.

Anyway, last night at about 12 a.m. I realized I had forgotten to get the mail, so I opened up the door, fully expecting the robin to fly off and start yelling at me again. I looked over at the nest to see the mom robin(or the dad, who can tell?) still sitting there, glaring at me with a look like, "Are you crazy? You're getting the mail now? Do you know what time it is?!!"
It was the funniest thing!
The robin stayed like that for a while until I opened the mailbox and started back inside, then proceeded to fly over into the tree again for another round of bawling me out. This time I think it was deserved though, poor robin, trying to get her/his sleep.

Auh2o, glad your daughter is recovering. That condition sounds like a scary thing.

Ro, I meant to comment about your IRS troubles before, but I never did. But I am glad you are finally getting things worked out and will be getting your refund(s?).
One question though, you didn't happen to mention on your returns anything about the Tea Party or being a Conservative, did you? The way things are with these clowns in power today, it seems like that could account for some of your troubles. ;)

Have a good day all!
-Sterling Holobyte