July 17, 2013 - Msg 94182: Howard Butt...and all these years i thought his name was Hubert! LOL...as if Butt wasn't bad enough. I remember when the HEB stores were dry but boy, do they sell alot of alcohol now, especially the one Sean works in, since it is the last grocery stop before heading to the beach. I think I've heard of the ranch you mentioned, but never have seen it. There is a huge, sprawling home on Ocean Drive in Corpus that once belonged to the old man Butt. I don't know who owns it now, but it is kept up pretty well...has servant/guest quarters, tennis courts and all.

Thanks, Asa, Sean seemed alittle better last night but is still complaining with his throat. I think he is run down from working every day in this terrible heat. Maybe once he gets some good rest he will be better. He is scheduled to work today at 6pm.

We got a little rain shower this morning, sure is nice.


July 17, 2013 - Msg 94183: Boo, You did such a good job sweeping, no one wanted to get it cluttered. Hey ya better get Sean some of that throat spray for his sore throat, mee-they, mee-they I-O-U, I-O-U..You don't want him to get a enflamed uvula now do ya?
Not sure if they sell it at the HEB stores or you may have to have Elinore Poultis mix him up a batch, just tell her to go easy on the allspice he's still a youngster....

REV, wipe the butter off your chin. I think you are at your high-water mark on Lobsters...


July 17, 2013 - Msg 94184: P.S. Hey SPOT it's been REAL hot around here this week, how about sending me a Frosted Orange? G-F

July 17, 2013 - Msg 94185: Hi All
G F it ben to hot here this week but we did git some rain last night and to night ..


July 17, 2013 - Msg 94186: Just finished cleaning the kitchen at 9:30 and I'm tired. I am feeling like I need a good cry right now...just so tired of feeling so tired. I will try to get to bed early tonight.

Wonder where Ro is?...maybe she is cleaning out those junk drawers and throwing away those egg dying wire things.. ;)


July 18, 2013 - Msg 94187:
Hi all. Just stopping by for a quick hello tonight. We were blessed with two evenings in a row of much-needed rain.
BTW, my dad is still doing well. It has now been
a year since his stroke and fall, and it is short
of miraculous that he's still with us.
God's blessings,

July 18, 2013 - Msg 94188: As stated before MDC your Dad is a WW2 Vet and is from the greatest generation. That is why he still going strong. I'm Just sayin'....

And as Alvin Straight (The Straight Story)said: I've fought in trenches in WW 2 why should I be afraid of a Iowa cornfield!


July 18, 2013 - Msg 94189: Howdy, porch. I dropped by this morning, was trying to leave a note, and must have hit something I didn't mean to hit, and the porch just went away. I didn't have time to start over, so went on my way.

Well, today is the day. I'm going to the title company in an hour or so, to complete the closing on the restructure of my home loan. That will free me from all debt except the loan, will escrow the taxes and insur@nce (which were paid separately before) and the payment will be a little less than it has been, all thanks to a much lower interest rate. Much needed relief!

Got to run - will drop back by this evening. --Romeena

July 18, 2013 - Msg 94190: Ready to R-U-N-N-O-F-T to Mayberry in July in Mt. Airy. Hold down the Fort and Act like Somebody!
Full report when I get back....


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94191:
"Let not your hearts be troubled," sleep well friends. (:

July 19, 2013 - Msg 94192: Have fun and safe travels for you G-F. You gonna stay in that corner room at the "Y"? Be sure to write.


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94193:
ASA- he may write to us about them peek-a-boo blouses! haha
Top of the morning to you all! Phx finally got a weather break...only to be 101 today instead of the streak of 110s that we've been having.
Have a good day. Prayers for all,

July 19, 2013 - Msg 94194: Good morning, porch! It's beautiful here today, clear skies, light breeze, 88° at 11:30, will probably make the upper 90s by afternoon. Not too bad for July. The dragonflies seem to like it. Remember that beautiful dark orange one with the copper filigree wings that graces my pond every year? Well, there are four of them out there today! I have on occasion seen two, but have never seen four at one time. They are the prettiest things! Useful, too. They dart around all over the yard, eating mosquitoes!

Two busy little squirrels are playing tag on the tree nearest my window. I love to watch them, they're so agile and fearless. They're so funny when they first leave the nest boxes - they cling to the tree like velcro, move very slowly, and sometimes just freeze in place and their mama has to literally make them move. In a couple of days, though, they're scampering around on the trees like experts. Amazing.

Well, I'd better get busy. My kitchen is a disaster area, gotta get it cleaned up. I hate a dirty kitchen, and I've let mine get dirty. The problem is the dishwasher. I keep the kitchen very neat until the dishwasher gets full and I run it. I absolutely hate emptying the thing and putting the dishes away, so when it's full of clean dishes, I tend to just sit things down in the sink or on the counter, for "later." Sometimes it takes two days for "later" to arrive. That's where I am now. Gotta do it, though. I'm going to meet Brittney, my DIL, for lunch and tag-team the boys. I'll bring them home with me, as she and David have a "date" night planned. He's taking her to dinner and a movie tonight. The boys have baseball practice, so I'll take them to that and bring them back here for the night. That's always fun. Hudson is quiet, and tends to keep his nose in his games, but Landry is a chatterbox, and is so funny. He's curious and interested in everything. He likes projects, so we may work on a jigsaw puzzle, or make cookies or something. I firmly believe boys should know how to cook. Both of my sons are very good in the kitchen, and do about half of the cooking in their own homes.

Well, away I go. Peace, and blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 19, 2013 - Msg 94195: I know what you mean, Ro..putting the dishes up from the dishwasher is one of my most un-favorite tasks so I am cultivating Erin to do it. She doesn't complain anymore. :) With four of us living here, though, it has to be run everyday. Good for you for teaching those boys to cook! I learned the value of that after my surgery.

Well, have to go take Sean to the doctor. He has been feeling really terrible and coughing up some terrible stuff already..pain in his chest...I am hoping its not pneumonia.


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94196: PS-Have fun with those grandkids, Ro...I hope you are teaching them to appreciate TAGS. :)


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94197: Forgot to add that I have been preparing okra for the freezer. Bruce has been bringing is some beautiful okra from the garden the last couple of days. It took it awhile to get here but once it was time to start harvesting, wow, lots of the stuff and it grows so quickly. Now if my cantaloupes would get ready! yum! They are about the size of a softball and still green. Hope they are ripe and sweet soon.


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94198: Hi All.
Did some one say cantaloupes, I well right there for some!


July 19, 2013 - Msg 94199: Howdy, porch. So, Mr.TOM, you like cantaloupe too? I love the things! Here in Texas, the very best ones are from around Pecos, Texas, and are labeled "Pecos." They're always big, the flesh is dark orange, and very, very sweet, with a heavy musky flavor. So good! Pecos cantaloupes are hard to come by, though. Mostly they get sold locally and never make it to shipment, but sometimes you get lucky. It's something about the potassium salts that are present in the soil in that area, that makes the melons so sweet.

Well, I just heard from Brittney. The boys' baseball stuff got canceled due to a thunderstorm, so I guess we'll just hang out here tonight. Suits me. I really wasn't anxious to go sit in the heat for two hours, but I would have. Now we can have some fun. Maybe I'll make them some ice cream.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 20, 2013 - Msg 94200: Ro, about all Pecos is good for is growing cantaloupes. Have you ever been there? I broke down there once on the way to New Mexico. My suburban literally rolled into the walmart parking lot there and died. It was in July, I think, and talk about HOT! We had to put the car in the shop there and stay in the only motel that was still in business and it was a dirty Motel 6. Not a good experience. They got the car going again but as we were going up the mountain to Cloudcroft, we started having problems again and ended up having to put it back in the shop in New Mexico. It was a pain but Cloudcroft was wonderful, as always, and about 60 degrees up there in the middle of the day. Love that place.

Well, Sean had some sort of reaction to the antibiotic last night so I was up late. After he took it his heart started pounding out of his chest...turns out that is a potential side effect and the drug has caused fatal arrythmias in some people (rare, but enough to make me a little nervous). The drug has a half-life of 11 to 14 hours, so it won't be out of his system for awhile. He is sleeping and seems ok now. I won't be giving it to him again.

It was one of those nights for me..didn't sleep much but will take a nap later. Better finish the coffee..


July 20, 2013 - Msg 94201: Just a check in...Storms here in Ga..power out everywhere...broke poles....im about tired of this raid and storms...ok...back to work...nood food...SPOT

July 20, 2013 - Msg 94202: Good evening, porch! Yep, Boo, Pecos is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It's on about the same latitude as Dallas, but higher and much drier. It's hot, and there's not much there but sand and cantaloupes. Gooood cantaloupes!

Poor Sean! He does have his challenges with medications, doesn't he? That must have been pretty scary when he reacted like that to the antibiotic. So did the doc order him a different one?

The boys and I stayed up until 3:30 last night, just talking. I love to get them started, and then just listen to what they have to say. They have some funny notions at times, and at other times, they just blow me away with their insight and understanding. Good kids. We slept late this morning, of course, and when they woke up, I made them some pancakes. Those disappeared pretty quick. They're good, so I'm not surprised. I use a buttermilk pancake recipe that I got from my mom's sister, and they're delish. Yummy, too. Real butter on them, and several syrups to choose from, and it makes a good breakfast. Very easy, too.

I went to dinner with Dave and Brittney, and passed the boys over to them. Eloise and Jerry went also, and Eloise's other daughter and her husband, their kids and a grandchild. The little granddaughter is a pistol. Three years old, highly opinionated, very articulate, and with a chili-pepper temper. Her mother told us that yesterday morning, as she was trying to get the child ready for day care, she was urging her to decide which of two choices she wanted for breakfast. The little girl said "ummm" several times, and her mother told her to hurry and make up her mind. At that point, Miss Thing laid her hand against her forehead, in a gesture of exasperation, and announced "Oh! I just don't have time for this!" I'm not sure how her mother responded, but I know I'd have been in a heap, laughing my head off.

Well, I'm ready for bed. Those boys wore me out last night and today. Toye Starr is a bit ragged as well. They played with her until she finally retreated under the bed to catch her breath, then came out for more.

Blessings, friends! --Rkomeena

July 20, 2013 - Msg 94203: I've just got to shorten my fingernails. "Rkomeena?" I fail to see how long fingernails produced that, but it's the only excuse I have, and I'm sticking to it. --Romeena

July 21, 2013 - Msg 94204: Better not get em to short Romeena. Gotta leave a little something there for scratching don't you know.

Prayer for a good Sabbath for everyone. Hard to think summer is halfway over already. But that's the case. My garden looks like it's a month behind on everything. My first planting of corn just didn't take for whatever reason, so I replanted all but one section. It all came up, but right about now when I'd be harvesting my first planting, I'm no where close to it. My hope is it will come on before the first frosts hit in the Fall.

Well best get ready for preachin'. Hope you and Sean are feeling better today Boo. Not fun to be sick for sure.


July 21, 2013 - Msg 94205: Ro, Sean is doing so well we are just going to skip the antibiotics...never should have started them in the first place. Sean hasn't had an antibiotic since he was very little because I was always the kind of mom that didn't want my kids filled up with antibiotics they didn't need. I gave in this time because he wanted to get back to work so badly.

Well, Bruce and I have the sniffles today and not feeling great but certainly not as terrible as Sean. I am wondering if it will get alot worse or if Sean just had a whopper of a case because he was run down. I am getting plenty of rest today and drinking fluids.

Thanks for the get well wishes, Asa. I thought about you this morning when I turned on the TV and the Christmas Vacation movie was on!..in July? I watched a few minutes of it but I have just about gotten bored with it after seeing it so many times. I think you and I are going to have to try to watch more Christmas movies this year so we can have a better "quote-a-thon". :)

Last night Bruce and I were discussing buying a used camper. We never seem to go anywhere or take the kids on trips and they are growing up so fast. Sean will probably be wanting to leave the nest in a couple of years and Erin turns 12 this summer. Traveling and motel expenses are difficult right now but it doesn't cost so much to stay in an RV park or state parks. Pulling it very far would cost plenty but there are so many neat places within our state that we could get to in a day or less. Anyone have camper experience to share? There is a great little lake park about an hour from us that we like to go to but we always go for the day and come home but I have always wanted to stay a night or so because it is a lovely place with lots of green grass and trees, some good fishing too, it seems. They rent the little cabins but they are almost 100 dollars a night but to stay in your RV is only about 20 dollars a night. I know if we had one we would take advantage of things like that to just get away as a family. My cousin that just came down from Michigan a few weeks ago pulled their RV down with them and stayed at different RV parks along the way. They took quite an extended vacation and even went to Florida before coming here. He said it was very affordable. His wife has arthritis and doesn't work and he has a 13 dollar an hour job so they have a very tight budget but were able to do it. They have been happy with their decision to buy a used camper.

Asa, our corn didn't do well, either and Bruce just pulled it up yesterday...we planted it far too late. Our green beans never did anything either. We had tons of cucumbers and okra...the broccoli is just starting to get ready and our cantaloupes are coming! :)

Do you know I woke up from a nap thinking about something I had not thought of since I was a child. Do any of your remember Delaware Punch? Seems like we got that alot at school parties and such. It was a dark red concentrate that was in a bottle with a striped label. You added water to it. I used to love it but I don't even think they make it anymore.


July 21, 2013 - Msg 94206: Howdy, porch! Hey, Boo. I'm glad Sean is feeling better, but don't you and Bruce go getting sick now. Liquids and rest, that's the ticket, and I agree completely that we tend to overmedicate our kids, and it's not a good idea. Yes, I remember Delaware Punch very well. I always liked it. I did a quick Google, and there are several links there to tell you where you can get it, so apparently it's still around.

Hey, I found some Pecos cantaloupes at the Tom Thumb store here. I overheard a friend at lunch after church talking about finding some, and she told me where she got them, so I went by the store on the way home. They smell strongly like cantaloupe, so I'm hoping they're good.

We got a big old rainstorm yesterday afternoon, and it looks like another one brewing right now. I hope so. We need all we can get.

OK, I'm headed for my big old chair. Toye Starr is ready for a nap, and will not settle anywhere but in my lap, or on the back of the chair behind my head. If she doesn't get that nap, she gets a little huffy and lets me know she's not happy. Spoiled little thing. --Romeena

July 21, 2013 - Msg 94207:
HI ALL! Well, my computer died. I have a 5 year old Dell laptop, it started acting up a few days ago, so I did a back up. Finally yesterday it wouldnt let me past the Windows area. Like if i clicked on my document folder, that little spinning ball just spun ad infinitum. So I took it to the Geek Squad yesterday. The hard drive is shot, and they will use my back up to re-lad a new one. I'm also changing it from Vista to windows7. Today I am writing from the library.
All is well here otherwise. We have also been getting much-needed rain.
Boo, prayers for you and yours! I do good with antibiotics, especially with my sinus infections.
Sometimes it's the only thing that clears them up. If the sinus inf gets real bad it actually starts affecting my brain! I can get little panic attacks, VERY weird dreams etc.
BOO-by "camper" do you mean one mounted on a pick-up, or the trailer style? just dont do any funny business in it or Barney will give you a wild ride! ha
Was Deleware Punch made by Hawaiian Punch?
Also, do they still make HI-C drinks?
Great golf tourney today.
Gods blessings on this Sabbath,

July 21, 2013 - Msg 94208: PS--a few porchsters' birthdays coming up...


July 21, 2013 - Msg 94210: Heee's BACK! Just got back from our Mayberry in July in Mt.Airy. Wow what a great time! We all did stuff together during the day and got back to the Gazebo at night to watch episodes,trivia & personal TAGS experiences. Great stories! Yes Romeena, I passed your HEY's to your cruise buddies Mr. & Mrs. Floyd, Otis, Kathy & Steve. Tim was not able to come at the last min.
We had a GREAT time especially at the Gazebo! (I got down there and did a full search & destroy mission under it for Spiders!) There must have been some BATS in the area, because..."NO SKEETERS"! Hope ya all acted like somebody...Floyd will post pictures on the imayberry site when he gets home. He interviewed Thelma Lou for his pod-cast, I'll let you guys know when it will be aired. Wow, Betty Lynn sure did have a huge crowd for her autograph session!
Yes, She is Mt.Airy's "Rock Star" such a sweet person. Yes, I did indulge in some N Carolina BBQ too. Just so ya know if you look up "family" in the dictionary is says:..See..Mayberry Friends... I'm just sayin'.....


July 21, 2013 - Msg 94211: Welcome back G-F. Gosh, sounds like y'all had a good old time. I hope someday I can attend one of them events. Would love to meet Miss Lynn and others. But I'm just gonna let the "bat" comment slide on by. Need I remind you, the only bats in Mayberry was in them caves. So a feller had to go out of his way to encounter em. And that works just fine for me buddy. :)

Sorry your computing machine bit the dust MDC. I'm using an old Toshiba laptop that I think is about done. But I'll say on it till it gives up the ghost.

And Happy Birthday to Mr. Knotts, and I think Wednesday is our beloved Romeenas Birthday, so early happy birthday to Romeena.

Had some good preachin and lessons at Church today. Sure enjoyed it. Next week I have to teach a lesson on obedience. Hope I'm up the task.


July 21, 2013 - Msg 94212: Oh yea, I couldn't agree more with "The Open' Champion MDC. Great to see "Lefty" win. A good a decent man as opposed to.... well I best hush.


July 22, 2013 - Msg 94213: Boo,
I think that "Delaware" Punch was out-sourced to China, I think they call it "Kung-Foo Dew" now..he,he,yuck,yuck!! Just when you guys thought it was safe to come back posting on the porch..Got Ya!....

By the way Romeena, your Cruise Buddy's told me to remind you..."What goes on during a Mayberry Cruise stays on a Mayberry Cruise"! hummm...peculiar...;)

G-F again....

July 22, 2013 - Msg 94214: Will hello
I heard a bird song a song to HOMEMAKER wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope it a good one.


July 22, 2013 - Msg 94215: Happy Birthday to homemaker! Make sure to stop by the Porch and blow them candles out on your cake-make a good wish-hope it comes true!
Y'all grab some cake before the icing melts!

Birthdays coming up are Ro on the 24th, Possum on the 30th, and Boo on the 31st. Might be a few more July babies out there ,but those are the ones I'm sure of.As usual, Boo & I will be celebrating at the Gigolo Club over in Yancey-y'all be sure to drop by! Maybe Asa will be doing his act onstage-what a birthday treat that would be! LOL
possum under a rock

July 22, 2013 - Msg 94216: The Royal Baby has arrived-it's a BOY! Ya think maybe they'll name him Otis or Opie?? : )

possum again

July 22, 2013 - Msg 94217: You didn't forget, Possum! Pick me up on your way to the Gigolo Club. I don't think we can count on Asa this year..because of his gout and all. :(


Ellie to Barney: "You're the man I want...and with your hair the way it was yesterday..."

July 22, 2013 - Msg 94218: I think Mayberry is just too nice for "skeeters", G-F. Thems are nasty little critters, and they don't thrive in a good place like Mayberry.

The Royal what-now, possum? Sorry, I don't keep up on the happenings over at the kingdom. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 22, 2013 - Msg 94219: Hey Gang I just got the scoop on what the Royal baby will be named...Malcom Merryweather the Duke of Heckmondwike. Just so ya know it is a small industrial town in West Yorkshire, best known for it's famous Mayberry son & is known for making blankets, which will come in handy for the "New Duke".(They may have to retool to making diapers).
They say he's a real "Bobbiedazzler & looks a lot like Grandma Diane....NOT GRANDPA CHUCK! thank goodness...


July 22, 2013 - Msg 94220: You still got me rolling on the "Kung Few Dew" comment G-F :)

Boo and Possum, I ain't gonna retire the toolbelt yet. Gout or no gout, my public, my adoring public demands the show must go on! ;)


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94221: "Shocking, just shocking, don't ya know?"

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94222:
Boo, since you are asking about RV experiences, allow me to share you ours. Back when my sister and her family lived near Dallas, my mother and I decided to make one of our regular visits more interesting. We scheduled it for when my brother-in-law was on vacation so we could rent two 25' RV's from Cruise America in Dallas. They were not towed trailers, they were RV's with an attached truck cab. One was for my mother and me, and the other was for my sister and her family. We spent ten days driving from Dallas to San Antonio to Houston and back to Dallas. We traveled mostly on country roads. It was a fantastic experience. The only problem we had was trying to find a parking space in the major cities. We ended up looking for grocery store parking lots and then walk to the sites. Now if we had brought along some bicycles, we could have visited more attractions in the cities. The RV parks we used each night had great amenities and hookups and cost about $30 each day for each RV. The locations we enjoyed the most was San Marcos and San Antonio.
So if you and your husband are considering purchasing an RV or towed trailer, I would suggest that you rent one for at least a weekend to experience it first.

MDC, sorry to hear about your computer dying. But unless you run your computer 24/7, five years is a very short time for hardware to fail. I always suspect the software before the hardware.
My first recommendation would have been to try a RESTORE. Click on START and type RESTORE. Then click on SYSTEM RESTORE and follow the instructions. This will convert your hard drive back a few days or weeks, depending on the restore point that you choose. Your computer automatically creates restore points at various times as you use it. You can also manually create a restore point at any time. Just don't create one when you are experiencing a problem.
If the RESTORE does not fix your problem, then you can try a RECOVERY. Click on START and type RECOVERY. Then click on RECOVERY MANAGER and follow the instructions. This will return your entire hard disk back to the day you purchased it. In fact, I do a RECOVERY about twice a year to clean up everything on my hard drive. I just did it this week.

from Poor Horatio

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94223:
ASA-just be sure to do a BACK UP, because if the hard drive starts to deteriorate, it doesn't take long to stop completely and it is then extremely hard to pull anything off of it. The only thing I don't like is that I have still have to re-load the cds for my printer, scanner, etc, so don't ever lose those!
Also, I agree, lefty is a great guy compared to..ahem.
HAPPY upcoming birthdays to homemaker, Romeena, Possum, and BOO!
G-F--Glad you had a good time. I hope to make it to the 'reglar mayberry Days some year. Thanks for saying HEY to everyone.
Congrats to them Engishsters! :)
Say folks, help me out here, that episode that I made reference to above about Barn driving the trailer all over, what is the name of that episode?? I guess a few of my brain cells went with the harddrive!

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94224:
PH- I just saw your post and I did do a RESTORE, as my Dell automatically asked me to do one, but it didn't help, and it started getting harder to even get in. I did not know about recovery however. Doesn't that cause you to lose files, etc?

Oh, and RO, so sorry to hear of the tragic accident at your 6 Flags. Am praying for her kids and family.


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94225: MDC the trailer was great...hey gang...gosh WE NEED no raid....wow...hey possum,Boo,Tev...how bout them braves Rev...7 up...well let me get my wk night started.....food?....porayers...SPOT

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94226: That's a great idea, PH (about renting an RV for a weekend first). Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks for the early birthday wishes, MDC.


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94227: Good mornin' Mayberry! Thanks for the early b-day wishes.
Yay! I knew Asa wouldn't let us down! Ha!
I'll bet yer right on the royal baby name, GF!
Hope everyone has a great day-good to be rockin' again-love to all!

possum u.a.r.

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94228: Glad to hear you haven't retired the toolbelt yet, Asa. Just be careful. ;)

PH, we are thinking of getting the kind of camper you pull behind the truck, not the RV kind that is bigger. I can't afford that kind of luxury! ;) I am thinking that it is probably fairly easy to detach the campers once you park them, so you can drive into town if you need to.


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94229: St. Susan just called me and told me that her son, Matt is going to the ER with left arm pain and weakness. He is in his 30's and has been smoking since he was 16. Hopefully its nothing, but please remember him in your prayers today.


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94230:
MDC, while RESTORE does not erase any files, RECOVERY does erase everything on your hard disk. But it will prompt you to perform a backup before starting the RECOVERY. I keep copies of all my data file on three flash drives so I always have multiple copies. After performing a RECOVERY, the applications that came with my computer get loaded from a separate partition. As for other applications I use, I either have their installation CD's or I can download them from the internet. Then after loading my data files from one of my flash drives, my computer is ready for use. Over the next few days, updates will get loaded for Windows, Flash, Java, etc. I will also run free software that checks all my hardware drivers and update them as necessary.

Boo, a towed trailer is not that difficult to detach. You can find trailer towing information on the internet. One example is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3XnYPDhvKs

from Poor Horatio

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94231: Well, I don't know what happened. I wrote a post just after lunch today, and thought I sent it. However, it's not here now. I wonder if I hit reset instead? Entirely possible.

Anyway, here we go again. Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. I no longer deny birthdays, in fact, I embrace them. Twice in my life I wasn't sure I'd see another one, so each day is a gift, each birthday a very special gift. I'm 74 tomorrow, and I don't care who knows it. I'm creaky, and sometimes cranky, and that's okay too. I'm still here, I can still laugh, and appreciate flowers and the softness of a baby, and I can still make a mean stack of pancakes. So, life is good. God is good.

Boo, the idea of renting a camper before making an investment in one is a very good idea. I've sometimes given that idea to someone who is relocating to a different city. Rent for a year, then decide what and where to buy.

PH, what's your take on Carbonite for computer backup? I subscribe to it - started after my computer crashed a few years back - and have never needed it. The price is right - $55/yr for basic backup, $99/yr for "mirror image" backup, which would include everything - programs, system, data and all. At least that's my understanding, and that's what I have. As I understand it, if my computer crashes, I get another one, contact Carbonite, and they download everything that was on my old one so the new one is just like the old one was before the crash. Do I have that right? I do wonder what happens if my old programs are not compatible with a new computer, which likely has a newer version of Windows.

Well, Toye Starr is asking for some supper, so I guess I'll go feed her, and see what I can find for myself. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

July 23, 2013 - Msg 94232: Hey Boo, Have I got a solution for you! Here is the camper you need, it comes with a shoe horn and a jar of Vasline for problematic exiting's. Just what ya need to pack all the in-laws into when they come to visit. Except for the signature "Cousin Eddie" port-o-potty, it is a extra add-on expense. Yes it is made by Amish craftsmen in Amish country just to the south of me, and yes you too could be a proud owner of the "Little Guy Camper". When it is not in use it can double as a play house for Bernie & Thelma Lou...(Batteries not included!)


Happy Birthday to Romeena...Do you get a watch with a 74 on it?


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94233: Wow, G-F. That's crazy! Bruce and I couldn't fit in that thing at the same time.

Well, Ro, how did you get to be 74?? Seems like just the other day you were 64. I am going to turn 51 on the 31st.

Thanks for the info, PH!

Asa, I have a recipe that you have to try. It is good eatin'! The kids and Bruce love it. I got it off Pioneer Woman website. It is a sloppy joe recipe and its easy but delicious. First you get 2 or so lbs of lean ground beef and brown it up. Drain any fat off, then add a half of a chopped onion, a small bell pepper (or half of one), chopped into small pieces, 4 gloves of minced garlic, 1 and 1/2 cup of ketchup, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, 1 tsp of mustard, a couple dashes of worchestershire sauce, a cup of water, and salt and pepper (don't be afraid of the pepper...I added about a teaspoon) to taste. I also added in a pinch of red pepper flakes, but that is optional. You stir it all together in a pot, and let it simmer for an hour or so on low heat. When its ready to serve, butter your buns (no wiseCRACKS now!), and grill them on the griddle until they are slightly browned, spoon on the sloppy joe, take a bite, and be ready to experience something great! :)


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94234: Oh, and I made a dr pepper cake for Sean, since he loves dr pepper. It was really good but too sweet for me. It didn't taste like dr pepper but the texture and moistness of the cake was really wonderful. All you do is mix a yellow cake mix, a pkg of vanilla instant pudding, 4 eggs, 3/4 cup of oil, and a can of dr pepper. Mix it all up with a mixer for 2 minutes and bake at 350 for 25 minutes. Make glaze by mixing a cup of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and enough dr pepper to make a glaze, then spoon over warm cake. You could also use a chocolate cake mix and chocolate pudding mix instead and coke could be subsituted for dr pepper. I am going to try that one of these days and will add a little cocoa powder to the glaze.

I am still putting up okra! Put up a bunch in the freezer today. I think we are seeing the last of it, though.


July 23, 2013 - Msg 94235:
Romeena, after investigating Carbonite, it seems to have good reviews. My investigation reveals that Carbonite backs up everything on the hard drive automatically while the customer is online. This includes the operating system, applications, drivers and data files. So you don't need CD's or have to download files to return your computer to normal operation. And after you use the service to reload all of your files, there should be no compatability issues.
Carbonite is only a backup service, not a storage service. Files that aren't updated in 30 days get removed from their servers.
Also, your statement about getting another computer if your computer crashes surprised me. I tried to confirm this but all I could find on their web site is "If your computer crashes and you need to get up and running again quickly, you can use your Mirror Image backup to restore your entire computer – operating system and all – to the way it was before the crash." And if you have their premium service, they will send you your Mirror Image backup anywhere in the USA. But there was nothing about getting another computer.
I sill prefer to use the RECOVERY function because it also cleans my hard drive of all kinds of unwanted and unused files that even cleaning software leaves behind.

from Poor Horatio

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94236: Ro, I thought you were in your 40s and only use peroxide for garglin'! ha

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94237:
David Browne: “Well, sheriff, maybe I do look at things differently than other people. Is that wrong? I live by my wits. I’m not above bending the law now and then to keep clothes on my back or food in my stomach. I live the kind of life that other people would just love to live if they only had the courage. Who’s to say that the boy would be happier your way or mine? Why not let him decide?”

Andy: “I’m afraid it don’t work that way. You can’t let a young’un decide for himself. He’ll grab at the first flashy thing with shiny ribbons on it. Then when he finds out there’s a hook in it, it’s too late. Wrong ideas come packaged with so much glitter, it’s hard to convince them that other things might be better in the long run. All a parent can do is say, ‘Wait. Trust me.’ And try to keep temptation away

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94238: Morning all, and Happy Birthday Romeena.

That sounds like a good recipe Boo. Thanks. I'll pick up the ingrediants on my next shopping trip and give it a try. Buttered buns and all. :)

MDC, I think the episode you were asking about is the one where Barney pretends to be a prisoner to try and find out where "Malloy" has hid the money, but Malloy recognizes "Puddintame" as a Deputy and uses him to break out from jail. The title escapes me, but I think it is from season 3. Hope that helps.

State Holiday here today. And glad about it. I tweaked my back somehow and so a day's resting it will work out good. Plus I need to rest up for my gig in Yancey for Possum and Boo. ;)

Good to see you posting Possum. Hope ou are doing well.

Oh, and prayers for Matt Boo. Is he ok?

Might rain later today. Sure hope so. We need it bad. Been drier than a reverands sermon this summer.


July 24, 2013 - Msg 94239: Happy Birthday, Romeena!!

Let's all meet at Spot's doghouse later for ice cream & cake-to celebrate Ro's 74th!

possum under a rock

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94240: Prayers for Boo's nephew.

Thanks,Asa. I am doing pretty good,thanks,friend.

possum again

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94241: Hi All
Where is the QUEEN of the day at
The one who have a helping hand to all who can used it! A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ROMEENA are friend


July 24, 2013 - Msg 94242:
Asa, I believe the episode involving the trailer was "Jailbreak" from season 2. You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RomvnZ87aZ0

from Poor Horatio

July 24, 2013 - Msg 94243: Matt is ok, thanks for the prayers! He just injured his arm somehow, apparently, or he might have a pinched nerve along the spine.

I guess Queen Romeena is out celebrating her birthday, TOM. :)


July 24, 2013 - Msg 94244:
Well, it looks like George is the new royal baby's name! At least it isn't DON! ha
ASA and PH, yes, that's it! I just looked thru my dvds. I love that look on Barney's face when he's in front of the car, and the lady starts the engine! ha
ASA and Romeena--don't end up in the Yancy jail! (:
REV- where are you? Busy with concerts, I know, but please check in.
God bless,

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94245: Howdy, porch! Thanks for the concern, and the birthday wishes. It really means a lot.

Today I've been here part of the day, and wrote another post that didn't make it to the porch. This time I know what happened. I had to leave the porch to secure some information for someone who called me, and had the presence of mind to copy the post because I knew it would disappear. Then I tried to open a link, which caused my computer to hang up, (I hate when that happens) and I had to shut it down to release that bad connection. Of course, that also lost the "copy" I had made. Eloise was waiting to take me to lunch, so had to go. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes, they're appreciated. Especially you, Mr. TOM.

Eloise and I went to Big State Drugs and had a good old burger and some fries, the best in town. I love that "drug store" - soda fountain, lunch counter and all. Great place. They also have a neat little section that sells "doodads" - costume jewelry, Beanie babies, perfume, Christmas items, whatever. There was a really different wrist watch, and Eloise got it for me for my birthday. It's a regular watch face, rhinestone trimmed, and it's set in the middle of about 20" of narrow, pink leather strap, with little rhinestone studs. You wrap the strap around your wrist - it goes around three times, then snaps back onto itself on the underside of your wrist. Really cute, and different. Great with my ever-present jeans and t-shirts!

Eloise and I often choose our Christmas and birthday gifts for each other like that. We'll be out shopping together, and just watch to see what the other one likes, and usually just buy it on the spot. Sometimes we do it secretly, but not always. One year, we were in Hobby Lobby at Christmas, and found a beautiful Christmas plate we both really liked, so we each bought one, took it home and wrapped it, and gave them to each other on Christmas Eve, even though we already knew what they were. We made a big joke of being all surprised and delighted, and our families think we're nuts. We may be, but we have fun.

Opie: "Aw, Paw, she'll give me grits and prunes." Andy: "Young'uns in Norway eat hardtack and raw fish." Opie: "I'll take grits and prunes."

Hahaha! I just love the way Opie delivers that line.

Looks like the re-finance on my smaller rent house is going to fly. I'm paying 7.5% interest right now, and Quicken has locked 4.7% for me. All the heavy lifting was done in securing the re-fi on this house, so this next one should be a shoo-in. It's going to save me about $150/month, so it's well worth doing. I'm working with the same team that I worked with on the first loan, so that's good. They were fun, very nice people, and we got on a quick, first-name basis right away.

Well, guess I'll head on to bed. I'm trying hard to turn myself around and not be such a nocturnal creature, but it's hard. Seventeen years of night shift will do that to you. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94246: Congratulations on the re-finance, Ro. Glad you had a swell birthday with Eloise. :) Hey, I need a pal to go shopping with who will let me pick my own gifts...that's a good deal! ;) St. Susan and I used to do that back in the days before we had all these kids in the family. Each of us would always buy something for mom and dad and then susan and I and our husbands would exchange names...yeah, right...what that meant was that I bought for her, her for me, and bruce and pat bought for each other. Susan would tell me what she wanted and I would tell her and it worked out just fine. We always loved our gifts! ha. Now days we all spend on the kids since there are several young ones to buy for and the adults buys something for each other that is thoughtful but inexpensive. Susan almost always gets me something from Bath and Body Works, and Amy puts thought into her gifts..usually something creative or something she might make herself, which I love. Wow..this has got me thinking...Christmas will be here before you know it! I am already thinking about Thanksgiving and planning some things in my head. I am going to try to have some of the girls from the rehab here for Thanksgiving, if possible.

Better finish the coffee and get going with the chores. :)


July 25, 2013 - Msg 94247: My goodness, you girls are already talking about Christmas! Summer is only half over with, and winter comes way too quickly as it is around here. And I am not even in the mood for fall.

Hey, I was watching a 1964 movie called "Bikini Beach" today - I was watching it for the social commentary, nothing else ;) - when I came across a familiar face. I looked up the name to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough, it was our own Flora from the diner. Yep, Alberta Nelson. She played one of the girls in a motorcycle gang who didn't like the surfers. Come to find that Alberta was in a whole slew of beach movies it seems(I wonder if Goober knows about this).

-Sterling Holobyte

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94248: You are too funny, Sterling. :) "...I was watching it for the social commentary, nothing else"...hehe

Well, as far as Christmas and winter, sometimes the thought of winter is all that gets us through this horrible Texas heat and humidity!

Ro, I read an interesting article today about your current mayor. Why is she opposed to the entertainment complex? Is it morally questionable or something?


July 25, 2013 - Msg 94249: You'd probably like Wisconsin, then Boo. Winter comes way too soon for me. It seems like just when I am really beginning to enjoy the warmth, the leaves start falling and the cool air comes in.
Summer lasted such a longer time when I was young. Or at least it felt like it.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94250: Hey gang...first day of NO rain here in Ga in a long time...whew...well the day aint over...hey SH,boo,Romeena,asa u can have all the rain u want from here...ok...let me get logged in here at work...all nighter for me....SPOT

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94251: Yes Sterling, I would like Wisconsin. :)

Here is a video of Christmas in Romeena's girl's town of Fredricksburg...We love to go there for the Christmas festivities.



July 25, 2013 - Msg 94252: Where is the snow?? You need a snow plow in the parade....
Sterling, I remember that movie, she was one of "Eric Von Zippers" Rat Pack girls. Wonder if he showed her how to do the "Himalayan Suspension Technique"?....I bet Asa knows how to do it...


July 25, 2013 - Msg 94253:
Sterling also gets that magazine that Andy found in the dump...for the articles! ha
Oh, and Sterling, the gals are only enjoying "Christmas in July!" lol
SPOT-thanks for all your hard work!
RO- here is the website for big state-looks neat!
I hope everyone's summer is going good.

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94254: Oops, I meant to put this one up for sterling...
mdc (:

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94255:
Oh, and I loved the "rooster-mobile" in the parade!

July 25, 2013 - Msg 94256: Wow! Big State has their own website. Who knew? That's it, for sure. Yesterday, I was sitting exactly where the man in the red shirt is sitting in one of the photos. Our burgers were cooked by the man in the black shirt, and served by the woman who is standing next to him. She's very nice, friendly, and works very, very hard.

That video of the Fredbg Christmas parade is very neat! I've never been down there at Christmas - getting time off work in a hospital is almost impossible in December. Maybe this year, I'll make it! Looks like fun.

Boo, I haven't followed the big dust-up over the entertainment center very closely, so I'm not really qualified to respond. I suppose we could use a convention center, but we have some very large hotels who can handle large numbers of people. One thing we don't need is another entertainment venue - we have several, all within a half-hour drive from just about anywhere in Dallas. One major one, the American Airlines Center, is even on the DART train line. Still, like I said, I'm not well-educated on the subject, so there may be more to it than I know.

Well, I think I need to go to bed. I've had a busy day! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 26, 2013 - Msg 94257: Ro, alot of folks in Irving think your mayor has gone and flipped her lid. Oh well...hope it all works out.