August 02, 2013 - Msg 94330: Ro, that is so touching how you and Eloise so lovingly remember Logan that way. Such good grandmas!

It is HOT here!'s that time of year, though. It is always really hot here in August and September, and the humidity makes it so much worse. I am so very thankful for air conditioning!


August 02, 2013 - Msg 94331:
And you even swept the porch in all that heat.
Thanks, looks great, and you even put out a pitcher of ice cold sweet tea! (Or is that for Mr Wheeler?) ha
This is our "humid" month too. We usually get some kind of storm build-up or dust/rain storms in the evenings of August. Maybe I should set out a few pennies? Or head back to Flagstaff!
More later,

August 02, 2013 - Msg 94332: I was trying to find a clip of Andy on Mod Squad, on youtube, but no luck.

August 02, 2013 - Msg 94333: Andy on Mod Squad, was he helping Link on a case? Andy with long hair or a afro? Did he have a flower shirt and bell bottom pants too...
That Just Ain't Right!! I won't be able to sleep tonight with that vision in my head...Almost as bad as seeing your Grandma naked...

I have a Peach Cobbler in the oven as I speak, who has the Homemade Ice Cream?


August 02, 2013 - Msg 94334: ...or Elaine Bennis dancing! (:

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94335: Well gang had a great week of camping..boating and fishing..Hot Boo?..we are also still in the low 90"s...lake was hot..hey G-F,possum,Tom,Romeena you on the night shift?...I am back on weekends starting wed and thu and nights on weekends...well let me read the mail...lets eat at waffle house in the morning...large corner booth..I will bring a paper!..praayers to all in flood areas....SPOT

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94336: Good morning, porch! It's beautiful here, 84 at 10:45, so guess it's going to be another hot one. My cottonwoods are starting to drop big old leaves. I'm always amazed at how God has endowed the natural world with the ability to preserve itself. Those trees put on so many leaves, many of them as big as dinner plates, so they can absorb as much sunshine as possible in the spring, to help them grow. Then when it gets hot, the process of transpiration through the leaves starts to deplete their water reserves, so they start releasing some leaves to slow that process down. Amazing.

Spot, I'm not back to work yet at all. I'm still on long-term disability, until December. It seems so strange, to say I'm on disability, when I can do just about anything I want to do. The catch is, I can only sustain an activity for a very short time, then I have to stop and sit down for a few minutes. That's going to have to improve!

Well, better get busy. I've got some writing to get done. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94337: LOL@ G-F! Yeah, Andy & Mod Squad just don't seem to go together,do they?! If y'all find that clip,I'd like to see it!

Hope everybody has a nice weekend- I'm just happy they aren't calling for rain today! Yay!
Take care,all!

possum under a rock

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94338: Boy, I wish they'd call for rain here Possum. I'd be right out there in it!


August 03, 2013 - Msg 94339: Me too, Asa...there isn't a cloud in the sky here. Hot, hot, hot...and more hot to come...for at least 2 months straight. I hate it...really hate it. It seems like it jsut gets hotter every summer. At least we haven't had any hurricanes yet.


August 03, 2013 - Msg 94340: Asa Boo & Romeena, Did that band of Gypsies (Vito Scotti & Jamie Farr) come thru your towns and put a rain curse on you guys?
Them Gypsies sure can be a real problem at times..


August 03, 2013 - Msg 94341: I haven't seen any gypsies, G-F, but if I do, I have an incant for getting rid of them. You don't start out by putting a buckeye in your pocket, like you do for a sore foot. For gypsies, you start out by putting a shell in your 12-gauge, and you say "Run away, gypsy! Back where you came! Go a-way and let it rain!" I don't know if it works, but it's worth a try.

Something had better work, because I really dread seeing my water bill this month. It's going to be a doozy. I've created a monster with this yard. It takes a lot of water, and a lot of work, but I can't just let it all dry up and die. I've got too much sweat, effort and money invested in it to just give it all up. If we can just get through the next couple of months, the heat will be over, and the rain will come back, and it will be okay. Just hang in there!

I just turned Zone One on with my little sprinkler remote that Joe gave me, so the big raised island and its new plantings is getting watered. There were about a dozen birds in and around the zone when I turned the water on. It startled them and they all flew up into the trees, but they've all come back down now and are just strutting around in that spray, really enjoying it! There's a big old boattail grackle sitting on a boulder, just fluttering and splashing. I declare, I wouldn't be surprised to see him bring out a loofah and a bar of soap! A dove is sitting on the lowest branch of the plumeria tree, just sitting there with the spray falling on her, eyes closed, just blissfully enjoying the cool water. Poor little things, they need the moisture as badly as the plants do, I guess. They look like kids at a water park right now.

Well, guess I'll go heat up some leftovers, and I've got a little watermelon just begging to be cut. Come on over, and we'll share it! --Romeena

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94342: Romeena...NO SOUP FOR YOU!! Thanks for the bumper sticker ;).....G-F

August 03, 2013 - Msg 94343: This is what ya'all missed in Mt. Airy

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94344:
Very cool GF. Thanks for sharing. Are YOU in any of the photos?
I see our fearless leader Alan. Maybe you could describe what you have on.
Possum, I'll keep looking for a clip, meanwhile send us some rain.
RO- good for you giving drink and fun to the birds! As for the the judge! ha
I heard from Pappabear with a letter yesterday.
He sends his love, just been busy and a few health problems.
Good Sabbath,

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94345: Good Sabbath porch family.
Sitting here this morning, watching the sun getting ready to peak over the Wasatch mountains, and enjoying the coolness and freshness of a new day. I just love mornings. I can hear roosters crowing as the new day begins.

Romeena, we are fortunate here in that we have pressurised secondary water. If I had to water my place with culinary water, I'd hate to see the bill. But if we don't have a wet winter this year, we are gonna be in big trouble they say. Last winter was odd. We had plenty of snow down here in the valleys, but the mountains didn't get much at all. We really depend on our snow pack.

Boo, how is Sean doing with the job? Well I hope. I'm sorry it's so hot and humid for you all. It's been so hot here. July was the hottest on record in fact. And we have had 19 days over 100 so far this year. Two more and we break another record. But I have noticed a very subtle change in the weather here the last few days. I'm not sure what it is, but you can just feel it in the air. Just a change that's hard to explain. And as September gets closer, that change becomes more and more evident. The days are getting shorter, and nights longer. And in just a couple of weeks I'll begin the process of getting things at work ready for winter.

G-F, Thanks for sharing those pics. Looks like a good time was had by all.

MDC, We often time get some of that monsoon rain up this way also. Much needed for us, as long as it don't get carried away, right?

Well better get thinking about moving. Our family is fasting today for the safe arrival for another addition to our family. Allison is about 2 weeks from arrival, and we are all very excited.

Prayers for all to have a safe and blessed Sabbath.


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94346: MDC...My cover is blown, I would be the one holding the cake we made for Maude & Jelsic, (the couple who met on the pod-cast site and who's wedding we were celebrating). Another hint...the one wearing the orange Goober-Fife shirt.
I look a lot like Rock Hudson only different.. (More like Mayor Pike)... haha!!
Yes, We had a GREAT time just like a big Mayberry Family reunion where you meet your kin for the first time! Check out the picture of the Gazebo at night. Yes, we truly had 2 nights of "Relaxing with T.A.G.S. Under the Stars"...End of report.

Well, if any of you are football fans we have been in full blown mode the past week here in Canton. Folks come from ALL over to celebrate the HOF induction ceremony, parade, ect. And the 1st pre-season game of the year. Having grown up there and still work there, I have been to the Hall of Fame Museum only once when my Son was small for a autograph session. I'll be glad when they all "GO HOME" so things can get back to "Normal"? It is great for the local economy though, it brings ALOT of $ in. (I know how Mt.Airy feels after Mayberry Days is over and all of us NUTS go home)!


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94347: Oh, Asa, how lovely! Another grandchild! I know you must be very excited, and happy. Certainly I'll pray for safe arrival, for both mom and baby.

I think I understand what you're saying, regarding pressurized water and culinary water. I gather that you have a filter on the water you use inside the house, and use unfiltered water outside? We don't do that here, at least not as a matter of routine. A few people do put purifiers/softeners on their household water, but it's really not necessary here. Also, we often see immigrants buying case after case of bottled water, because they're afraid to drink the tapwater. Where they come from, I suppose, the tapwater isn't drinkable, but it is here. I feel bad for them, because it's usually those who can least afford it who are buying all that expensive water. In your area, do you have separate lines for household water vs exterior water? Or do you have to buy bottled water for household use?

Brittney sent a picture of Landry, lying on his bunk in the team dorm in Cooperstown, NY. That is one excited little ball player. I declare, if his smile gets any wider, the corners of his mouth are going to meet behind his head! This is the experience of a lifetime for that kid, and I'm so grateful that he got to go. She sent a picture of him with his team as well, and a couple of those boys are significantly bigger than Landry is, so I'm sure the same will be true on the opposing teams. That won't bother Landry, though. He's lanky, but he's got a fastball that hitters hate, and he can catch like his glove was sticky. He's really good with making double plays as well. Very fluid motion, good fast reflexes and a good eye. Can you tell I'm proud of him? All of that is fine, but the main thing is, he's learning teamwork, he's having fun, and he's not particularly interested in having his nose stuck in some little game thing.

Well, guess I'd better get ready for preaching. My friend LaRue and I are responsible for the donuts before Sunday School in our department. I ordered them and will pick them up before church. (We have preaching first, then Bible Study.) The donut place is just across the street, so it's no trouble. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94348:
G-F--I should have spotted that Goober Fife T- Shirt. You are a pretty big fella, almost like a singin' Rafe! (or we can go with Rock.) ha
It must have been a "magical" time sitting in that gazebo. Did they show that "Sermon for Today" episode?
Yup, that and/or Mayberry days and/or the cruise are definitely on my bucket list!
To me, that looks like a real God Bless America moment! :)
GF- glad that AZ State's Curly Culp will be inducted this year.
ASA- I like your fasting idea. Jesus often spoke of its importance and impact. My prayers are with you, Allison, and all.
Have a good day all,

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94349: Morning Porch. :) Can't visit long...have to get ready for preachin', then to a birthday party for niece, Emily who turns 6 today. Wow, time flies.

Wonderful about the new grandbaby, Asa..I will throw my prayer in there with you. Please let us know when she arrives.

Wow, sounds like it is even hotter in your area than in mine, Asa. We are pusing 100 but not quite there. Of course, if you factor in the humidity, the heat index is well above 100. Last summer we had a record stream of temps above 100 in August...expecting the same this year, unfortunately, and we won't see a break in it for months yet.

Sean is doing fine on the job, Asa, thanks for asking. He told me yesterday that it was his busiest day yet and he thinks he got overheated gathering carts in the parking lot at 1pm. I had to have a talk with him about it. He is the kind that tries to be the hero and pick up the slack for everyone. I guess that's ok unless you end up with a heat stroke. Sean lost his job cleaning the little church near here. They hated to let him go but they just didn't have the funds to pay anyone to clean. The pastor put off telling him for three weeks because he kept hoping something would happen and they wouldn't have to let him go. They felt terrible about it but assured him that if they can afford him after summer and attendance picks up, they will hire him back. It was an extra 200 dollars a month for Sean, which really helped, and he enjoyed the job. He can always pick up extra hours at the store if he chooses. They seem to be very flexible with the employee hours, too. If your request something off, you get it (so unlike when i was a nurse! You practically had to get an act of congress to take a day off).

G-F, thanks for posting the pictures! You look like a great guy, for sure, and I thought that t-shirt was very interesting. :) Glad you went and had a good time.

Wanted to drop a little prayer request this morning. Bruce is struggling right now because his hearing is getting so much worse. We just spent the 7,000 on new hearing aids and they just aren't doing the job. It seems like there is so much miscommunication going on and it is causing frustration and anger. Twice in the last month he has been really angry and had outbursts toward the kids that really hurt their feelings. If you have ever been close to someone who is deaf or severely hearing impaired for long, you will know that they tend to get into their own little world and sometimes their imagination is bigger than reality. If they think on something, it becomes their reality in a sense...hard to explain, but sometimes they assume we know something that they have never told us, or there is a kind of paranoia in their thinking and its hard to convince them that they are wrong. I have seen this kind of thing in Bruce's mom and sisters for years and now I am seeing it in him and it scares me. They are in their own head so much, their reality becomes gospel, even if it isn't true. I know that is must be very difficult to struggle to hear in a hearing world and it makes Bruce grumpy sometimes, but that doesn't bother me as much as his seeming inability to think rationally about some things, or to see that what he is doing is hurting his family. We all need more patience and understanding. Bruce is a good man and I hate to see this happening to him. I can only imagine what kind of stress he must deal with over it in his very demanding job. Thanks for letting me vent a little. I am particularly concerned about Bruce's relationship with Sean, which has always been rocky, but things have been so much better until lately. I am trusting God to work things out and hoping that he will consider getting some good counseling (maybe all of us as a family). This is a tough issue to deal with. I am also hoping he will consider learning sign language. He and his family were always opposed to it because they believed it would handicap them and keep them from being forced to function in a hearing world. They mostly read lips but I think it was a mistake to not learn sign language and I think we need to learn it as a family to help aleviate the frustration. What ends up happening is that the kids start to avoid trying to talk to him and he withdraws even further into his own thinking, oblivious to much of what is going on around him.

Well, I said I wasn't going to talk long but I did. Better scoot and get ready...


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94350: Oh, my goodness! Boo, that has to be so frustrating for you and Bruce, and the whole family. With the relatively minor hearing loss I have, I still have a small insight into what he must be going through. When you don't hear clearly, or hear only part of what's being said, it's very easy to fill in the gaps with your own imagination, and being the perverse creatures that we humans are, we usually imagine the worst. When the deficit is severe, I'm sure that only compounds the problem, making it much, much worse. The person involved is bound to feel left out of things, will surely believe people are making fun or criticizing, or even just ignoring him.

I'm watching this happen to a dear friend. Her deafness is definitely getting worse, even though she has expensive aids in both ears. To make matters worse, she has a fear of speaking too loudly, as the deaf will sometimes do, so she softens her voice to the point that one can't understand her, even just sitting across a table in a restaurant. At first I thought my own deafness was the problem, but then I noticed that others who hear just fine were asking her to repeat. I spoke to her about it, blamed it on my deafness, and asked her to speak up. She did - for about five minutes. Oh well.

I think sign language would be a must. In fact, I think it should be offered freely in school, maybe even required, for everyone. Certainly a deaf child and his/her parents should know it. It could save a life. When a child is in danger, it's imperative that the parents be able to warn that child by some means. Also, when a deaf child is brought up with a combination of lip reading and sign, mixed with a positive attitude, many times that child will teach sign to his friends, and it's amazing how quickly they learn.

Brittney was a special-ed teacher, and one of her skills was a good working knowledge of sign language. So, when Landry was born, she was in the habit of signing along with her speaking, and that little rascal learned a good bit of sign, and would use it, long before he began to speak verbally. Before he was a year old, he would use the signs for "hungry" and "more", and "thank you." His day care teacher was astonishe4d. He has forgotten most of it now, but it was so funny to see this tiny kid in his highchair with an empty juice glass, tapping his grouped fingers in his other palm, clearly asking for "more."

I don't know why some families resist using sign, or won't allow their children to learn it. It's just another language, and can be so very helpful. I remember that movie that Marlee Matkin made, where her parents disagreed about it and almost split the family. Her father felt it was a sign of weakness, and insisted she "talk like everyone else." I wonder if he would have refused to let her have a wheelchair if she couldn't walk, and insisted she'd just have to walk like everyone else.

Well, that's enough. I admire your patience, Boo. It has to be frustrating, but as much as it may be for you, it has to be much worse for Bruce. In a way, he lives in his own little private h*l1, and it's to his credit that he does as well with it as he does. Hang in there.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94351: Hey Boo, I'm sorry you're having those challanges with Bruce right now. I can't say I understand the frustrations you are dealing with, having not dealt with anyone who is hearing impaired. But I can imagine it must be frustrating for all involved. But I would like to say this concerning his relationship with Sean. In fact we discussed this a bit today in our mens group at Church. I think it's not terribly unusual for Father-Son relationships to struggle some. I think often times it's because both are a lot a like in personalities. Also I thin fathers want their kids, especially their sons to do better and reach further than they did. And when the son isn't doing that (even if it's just the perception of the father) he can get pretty frustrated. The boy can often sense that, and feel like he will never live up to his dads expectations, and sometimes just quit trying. That of course just magnifies the problem. Then mom is always there as the buffer. It's not uncommon I believe for Moms and Sons to be closer, and for Fathers and Daughters to be closer. You may find as Erin gets a bit older you just can't communicate with her like you use to, but Bruce may be able to better. I think it's why God created the family the way he did. With a Mom and a Dad to balance things out.
Anyway, that's kind of been our experience, for what it's worth. I know each family is a bit different and has to be dealt with a bit different. Anyway, I hope that helps, and I will include you guys in my prayers.


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94352: Asa, your wisdom, insight, and ability to communicate absolutely amaze me sometimes. God has blessed you, and I'm glad He did. --Romeena

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94353: This is a neat site. My first visit to site :Aug. 4 I like the
Mr. Mc Bevee episode. Stan Varnon Bham , AL

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94354: Romeena, Asa's wisdom comes from being a HVAC man, He's a "Trained Listener"...When you are a good listener, it makes you a good advisor! He's like a Barber with a tool belt...I'm just sayin'.


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94355:
Night porch family......Sleep good and have a Jesus filled day tomorrow!
Love and prayers

August 04, 2013 - Msg 94356: Welcome to the porch, Stan. Come back and rock for awhile. :)

Thank you for your kind and wise words, Ro and Asa. Asa, you really nailed it. The problems began between Sean and Bruce because Bruce was in denial about Sean's issues early on. It didn't help that Bruce was the fair-haired son of his family. Growing up, he was the A student, star athelete, and the kid who never messed up. I personally think that had something to do with his unbalanced mother potty training when he was 12 months old because she was pregnant and didn't want 2 in diapers. No telling what she put him through at that age. He has always had an absolute phobia about failure. He had a hard time coming to grips with his son being the opposite of him in so many ways, I was the buffer...still am, I guess. Bruce and Sean have made huge strides over the past couple of years but this weekend they had a big blow up, and honestly, poor Sean had done nothing wrong. I guess it was just Bruce's mounting frustration, but I hated it because it set things back. Oh well..prayer, prayer, prayer.

What you said about moms and dads was true...I did NOT get along with my mom once I was a pre-teen. It was pretty terrible sometimes. I remember being so angry once that I punched a hole in the wall in the laundry room (I guess it was better than punching her). My mom (or Marie Barrone, as I like to call her), was a challenge for sure, and I know I was, too. She is no longer like Marie, though. Her personality changed after her stroke. Growing up i did have a fantastic relationship with my Dad, though.

I think I am most concerned because twice, within the last month, I have found myself in a situation in which he has lost his temper with both the kids, resulting in them being hurt. One evening I had to hold Erin while she wept. It puts me in a hard place because as the mom, I want to tear his head off at a time like that. I never let him off the hook, and when he had calmed down we did some serious talking. It is out of character for him, so I am concerned. The only other time i saw something like this was several years ago and he was under alot of stress. We got into a disagreement that escalated into a shouting match and I left and stayed with St. Susan overnight. The next day, Bruce was beside himself with remorse and promised me he would never lose his temper with me like that again, and he never has. I don't like what i have being seeing recently, though. I am wondering if it is a form of dementia starting or something. His mom is not a nice woman sometimes and she has dementia. Her dad died from Alzhiemer's.

Well, enough of this cheerful topic!

Thank you for your prayers, Asa. I had some prayer time this morning in church for the arrival of your newest grandchild.


August 04, 2013 - Msg 94357: Let me clarify..when I said Bruce had lost his temper, resulting in the kids being hurt, I meant emotionally, not physically. He never touches them in anger, ever. He hurt their feelings, though, and sometimes that hurts much worse.


August 05, 2013 - Msg 94358:
STAN- Welcome to the Taylor porch. We talk about everything under the sun here, but we do try to keep politics to a minimum.
As for Mr McBeevee, I agree, it is definitely one of my favorites!! :)
BOO- I think you are right, counseling is now in order. Perhaps you could bring some lightheartedness to it, and show the "Marriage Counsoler" episode with the "Mornin Honey and Dears." Then perhaps say that as a whole family counseling may be a benefit to help bring back the
Also, perhaps Bruce would qualify for one of these hearing studies using implants. Just a thought. Ro and Asa's education were worth every penny as well! :)
This may help:
REV- good to see ya. Man those Braves are hot.
Prayers for all,

August 05, 2013 - Msg 94359: Good evening, porch. Stan, welcome to the porch. Just pick out a rocker, and drop by and rock for a spell whenever you can. As MDC said, our conversations range far and wide, but we do try to avoid politics. As far as religion goes, we do speak our own convictions at times, but we avoid comparisons or criticism. It's all kept on a positive, loving level.

Boo, you didn't really need to clarify that statement earlier, though I understand why you did. There's not a soul on this porch who would have thought you meant that Bruce had physically hurt one of the kids. We all know better than that. You know, I'm curious about something. I know that some of Bruce's family have hearing issues as well. What about his dad? Did he have any impairment? If not, what was his attitude toward Bruce's problem? Also, at what age did Bruce's deafness begin? I think there may be some clues regarding Bruce's reactions, buried in the answers to those questions. Or not. Just wondering....

I've gotten several pictures from Brittney, of Landry and his environment in Cooperstown. What a beautiful place!! He's really having a wonderful time.

Hudson gets home from church camp tomorrow, and Eloise and I will be going to the church to pick him up at 11:30, then will probably take him out to lunch somewhere. Landry and Brittney don't get home until next Sunday, and David will be out of town part of the week, so Eloise and I will tag-team with Hudson, and I guess I'll keep Bentley. Toye Starr will be thrilled. She loves Bentley, and he's so good to her. I don't know why, she bosses him unmercifully, but he just puts up with it. It's so funny. He's literally ten times her size, almost to the ounce, but she's in charge.

Well, I'm off to the ironing board. Or maybe I'll skip the ironing board and sleep in my bed. It's a lot more comfortable, and Toye Starr keeps falling off of the ironing board. (heehee) Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 05, 2013 - Msg 94360: Morning porch, Monday all over again. just checking in from work. kinda quite around here. trying to catch up some on some paperwork.

We have had some lovely days around Northeast TN the past week or so. limited rain, low humidity and temperatures in the low 80's. my kinda weather.

most all public schools started back today around here. seems like it is earlier and earlier. prayers for safety for everyone

Our pastor and wife celebrated 30 years of service at our church yesterday! A major accomplishment for a Southern Baptist pastor and church. he has been a great asset to our church and our community. he is most certainly a Barnabas! we had nice service and music program then a luncheon afterwards. I have been a part of that church since 3rd grade so it makes me realize I am getting old but feel blessed to be part of a church where the motto is "Where love is practiced as well as preached".

Patrick will be home Thursday for a couple weeks. We are looking forward to that. Both he and Beth will start a new college year the end of the month.

Well guess I had better get back to that paperwork.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

August 05, 2013 - Msg 94361: Hey Maude! Good to see you. That is really something about your pastor being there 30 years. It's been 16 years for our pastor, which is pretty good, too (since it is a Southern Baptist church...hehe). We had 215 people in church yesterday, with 35 in our children's church. It was a record day for summer. We baptized a family of 4..a really nice couple with 2 teen daughters, and two young women came forward to pray for salvation. :) Things are healthy and growing in the church, thank the Lord. PS-I LOVE your church motto. Glad Patrick is coming home for a couple of weeks. I know how much that means. I have been thinking about what it will be like when my nest is empty (if it ever is!) haha. Erin turns 12 this week and already she is talking about wanting to go to college and Sean is so motivated now that he was telling me last night that he has decided he doesn't want to bag groceries all his life so we'll see where that leads. We are really lucky that we have two good colleges within easy driving distance...a community college called Del Mar, and Texas A&M has a campus near us, too. That should help keep down the expense and keep the kids home a bit longer so they can mature. ;) What is Beth studying in school? Has she chosen a career path or getting basics done?

Ro, those are some interesting questions concerning Bruce's history. He began losing his hearing when he was 18, and he lost it very quickly. He had 90+% loss within about a year. He was pretty devastated and being away at college escalated the problem. After getting hearing aids he could function much better, of course but he had to grieve the loss of his hearing. He went on to graduate from East Texas Baptist University with a good GPA, but it took him a little while to adapt to getting into the work force because of his hearing difficulties. He never gave up and was able to get a good job in civil service and work his way up to a GS 13, which is pretty amazing.
As far as the family and hearing issues, his mom, both sisters and his brother all inherited the heriditary nerve deafness. His sisters began losing hearing in grade school, so I guess Bruce thought he was out of the woods by 18, but not so lucky. His brother is only mildly effected in his 60's. Bruce's dad had no hearing problems. His dad was a nice man and seem pretty patient and accepting of things. He was a pretty tough disciplinarian, I hear, but certainly mellowed with age. I never took the opportunity to talk with him about how the hearing impairment in his family effected him and he wasn't much of a talker. When he said something, it was usually worth hearing, though. I do know, that he was a very supportive dad when bruce was going through his hearing loss. He and Bruce had a very close and special relationship and they were good friends as Bruce grew into adulthood.

I talked with a hearing impairment specialist who goes to our church yesterday. She is also does sign language as a career...interprets for trials, etc. She wants to come and talk with me and share some things that might help. We'll see where that leads.

Ro, that was a pretty funny mental image of you and Toye on the ironing board. It made me smile this morning. :)

Better finish the coffee and get going...


August 05, 2013 - Msg 94362: Stan, Welcome to our nutty porch, yes we talk all gambits, but I try not to talk to much about BATS, it kinda makes Asa scared...As for me I like'em they eat my mosquitos.

Romeena, I've thought this, but never spoke on it. When you speak of your Grandkidders "Landry" & "Hudson", I just think they are coolest names!
It just blesses my heart to hear you speak about them. We are proud of all our Grandkidders it's different than raising your own, I think it's the whole spoil em' and send em' home thing that makes it fun....Why??? Because we can!


August 05, 2013 - Msg 94363: Thanks, G-F. I like the boys' names too. They're both very handsome little boys, with eyes like their dad's, and his eyes are like his dad's - my Dale. Dale had the most beautiful eyes (think about a young Raymond Burr), and David's are very much like them. In fact, David is a lot like his dad in so many ways! Even-tempered, kind, funny, though Dale was a little more quiet than David. Dale was always the champion of the underdog, and David is as well. Neither would tolerate a bully. David used to insist that the older kids (his age) in the neighborhood allow the little kids to play with them, and if they wouldn't, David would abandon the older kids and go play with the little ones. He'd teach them to catch, or help them learn to ride a bike, just whatever. I've always been proud of that.

Also, I agree with you. As you know, sometimes I like to see a bat!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 05, 2013 - Msg 94364:
As long as they don't throw any "opie trantrums" on the courthouse floor! ha! mdc

August 05, 2013 - Msg 94365: Landry and Hudson? Not a chance. They know their daddy would never tolerate such a thing. However, I definitely did admire the way Andy handled it. --Romeena

August 06, 2013 - Msg 94366:
BOO- I went to a CC for two years. It was great, and MUCH cheaper than ASU, yet got the same basic classes for my first two years. Only then did I transfer to ASU.
I am praying for your whole family. Glad you made some contacts Sunday.
MAUDIE - That is so neat about your pastor, congrats to him and you all. I would sure like to visit north eastern Tenn. some day. Maybe on my way to Mayberry Days! ha
Strange thing about all our embassies in 21 countries being shuttered for a week. What the heck is going on?
May I ask for everyones' prayers. I have been having tremendous sinus problems this spring and summer, and docs cant figure it out. I even had a CT scan of my sinuses, but it shows no infection, only inflammation, but it is just driving me batty, trying not to take too much advil etc, but it seems to be the only thing that helps a bit. Thanks.
Prayers for TOM and family.
Nite all, love ya,

August 06, 2013 - Msg 94367: Good morning porch dwellers. Hope the new day finds you all fine and dandy.

You got my prayers MDC. Them sinus ailments can be a pain for sure. Please though, don't let it make you go batty. I'd hate to lose a good friendship. :)

Thanks for the compliments on how I express myself here folks. You are all too kind. I'm kind of a shy and reserved person in real life, and because of that I struggle expressing myself with words. I'm not sure why I get so nervous, but I do. When called on to teach a class at Church or something, I really get uptight about it. Maybe it's a phobia. I bet G-F can even come up with a name for one if one doesn't already exist. Anyway, I'm glad I can "talk" here on the porch at ease. Unless we got bats on the porch. Then I will not relax.

Welcome Stan. Hope you pull up a rocker and stick around. Mighty fine folks here. Many of us have been a rockin and a talkin for over a decade now. But we must know, where do you stand on the great bat debate? Before you say anything, let me remind you they WILL lay eggs in your hair and make you go crazy. I just want you to make an informed choice.

I hear someone say one the reason grandkids and grandparents get along so well is they share a common enemy. I thought that was kinda funny.

And thanks for the prayers for my daughter Stacey and her soon to be Allison. They are going to start her on the 22nd of this month if she hasn't arrived by then. So we are all getting pretty excited.

Well better get this old body moving. It takes me a while to get going anymore. I must be a Ford. ;)

Prayers for all.


August 06, 2013 - Msg 94368: Asa, I think getting started in the mornings is more like trying to start a Chrysler on a wet day. I'm basically a Chevy, guy but at this time I drive a Ford which has been a good car for me.

Funny thing as you express about expressing yourself is exactly how I am too. Maybe our thoughts come out better thru our fingers, ya think?....Curious
"Expression Constipation" is what I think we suffer from...Maybe we just need to eat more prunes!


August 06, 2013 - Msg 94369: this porch is suffering fro to much heat.

August 06, 2013 - Msg 94370: This porch is too much fun! You folks come up with the funny lines faster than a pregnant widow woman can find explanations! That's one reason I've always felt so much at home here. My family - my cousins, and my own sons - are hilarious to be around, always making people laugh and never taking anything, or anyone, too seriously.

It's another beautiful day here - hot, but beautiful. I don't know if I had mentioned it here, but one of my koi has been among the missing. It's the white one with the orange cap on her head, the one Hudson chose at the pond supply store. Landry had one already, it's about two or three years old now and is at least ten inches long, and beautiful. Hudson wanted one he could claim as his, so I let him choose one, bought it and brought it home. It was growing, and getting very pretty. Then about three or four weeks ago, I realized I hadn't seen it in a while, so started watching. No fish. I couldn't figure it out, because I've got a net over the whole pond now, so I know the bird didn't get it. I've never found it floating, so was really puzzled. I hadn't mentioned it to Hudson yet. Well, good news! The water garden lady called me this morning, and said Jamie, who cleans the pond once a month, saw the fish yesterday. I had asked that she watch for it. I don't know where the little rascal has been hiding, but she's in there! I'm so glad. I really wasn't looking forward to telling Hudson his fish was gone. He looked for her last week, and asked about her. I told him she was probably just hiding. Guess I was telling the truth!

My beautiful little Angel Face rose is blooming again. There must be at least twenty blooms on that little bush. It just confirms my conviction that "own-root" is the only way to go. That one was an own-root plant, not a graft, and it's thriving. I planted five more back there, which were grafts, and right now, only two are still alive, and they don't look too good. No more grafted roses for me!

Well, I need to make a bank run. My rent checks are here and I need to get them in the bank! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

August 06, 2013 - Msg 94371:
Howdy porch family...more rain.....they say we are 11 inches over normal. It is wet around here. But I was able to sneak in a grass cutting. If not I was gonna go buy a hay bailer.

Well sports fans....the Braves now have 12 straight they are playing some ball...loving it!

My wifey surprised me with hot peach cobbler and ice cream sure was good. Plenty left...ya'll come on over.

You all have a good night!
Love and prayers

August 06, 2013 - Msg 94372: Thanks for those prayers, MDC. I will pray for your sinus condition to get better.

Well, Sean is buying his first car tomorrow. He has been saving and after selling the van that he got from my dad, he has enought to pay cash for a car and be able to pay for his own insur@ance. He is buying a 2003 Buick LaSabre with 72,000 miles that was owned by an elderly man who kept it in the garage and didn't drive it much (I thought of Mrs. Lesh when he told me that). Bruce went with him and said the car is a really good deal and looks like new. I was proud of Sean for buying a nice, sensible used car instead of trying to get something that he couldn't afford and would have to make payments on (like his two best friends who bought brand new sports cars that they can't afford). He will have a nice, reliable car and no car payment, which is what he needs at his age. He will even be paying for his own insur@nce. He wants to be independant and not cause us any financial burden. Such a sweet kid!

Good to see you on the porch, REV! Glad you got some peach cobbler from your favorite peach. ;)


August 07, 2013 - Msg 94373:
HI all! Boo that is very cool. You'll have to post a pic of the car on FB.
Just to let you all know, I will be AFK Thursday thru Sun. as we have a chance to take another brief R and R, this time to Cal.
Prayers continue, I'll try to stop by tomorrow.

August 07, 2013 - Msg 94374: Good morning, porch! It's not often that I'm up and on the porch at 6:15 a.m., but here I am. I'm waiting for David to get here, so I can drive him to the airport. He'll leave his car here, as well as Hudson and Bentley. Landry is still in Cooperstown with his mom. Everybody will be back home by the weekend. David is working out of town, too far away to drive and still be back home by the weekend, so he's flying. They lead a busy life. Meantime, I'll enjoy having Hudson and Bentley, though I'll have to share Hudson with Eloise, since she's his other grandmother. We'll tag-team with him, but Bentley will stay with me. Toye Starr will be thrilled!

Well, I'd better get off the porch and back home, because they'll be here any minute. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 07, 2013 - Msg 94375: Will do, MDC. :) Have fun in California.

Have fun with Hudson and Bentley, Ro. Erin's little "boyfriend," Ronnie is coming over today and Erin wants me to take them to Whataburger for lunch. She asked me not to sit with them so it would be like a date! ha! Kids. I told her I would drop them off and go across the street to walmart for a little while is she promised to behave and not throw food at people or anything. The last time the two of them were together at Whataburger, she threw a french fry at Ronnie and his the guy in the next booth. He wasn't happy and I made Erin apologize.

Better get going,

August 07, 2013 - Msg 94376: "hit" the guy in the next booth, that is..


August 07, 2013 - Msg 94377:
Howdy porch family :)

Boo.....I'll have to remember that phrase "some peach cobbler from my favorite peach"....that might win me some good hubby have a good trip to Cali and get some good R&R!

Looking forward to my hometown concert this coming Sunday. Should be a fun time.

Praying that everyone is having a Jesus filled day!
Love and prayers

August 07, 2013 - Msg 94378: Hope the hometown concert is "a gas," REV! :)

R&R...that's what I need, R&R. I might be getting some in September. Some friends of ours are going to the river and invited us to go. They have a pop-up and we would have to rent a cabin, if they are available. Ro, we would be staying at River Bend, which I think you have been to before, if my memory serves me. Hope we get to go.

HOT outside today..we have some kind of high pressure area hanging over us but it should move out and we might get a little rain this weekend and I will be...wait for it...RIGHT OUT IN IT! :)


August 07, 2013 - Msg 94379: Boo....For the Love of Mike.. Just Do It! Go to the river, Rent a cabin, hang out with your friends...Just Do It!
Oh, by the way your Son sounds like a practical kid, much like my Son who's 1st car was a 4 door 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88. It was a BOAT like a big cabin cruiser it got him where he had to go didn't much care what others had, it was his and he paid cash for it!

MDC is you happen to see the former Governator, tell him G-F says a big Howwdy Hey...So you are going for R&R? I take it that means...."Ribs" & "Rootbeer" Right?


August 07, 2013 - Msg 94380: G-F, my first car was a Delta 88, too, only it was a 1970 or so! Huge, white car with a black top and white leather interior...groovy.


August 08, 2013 - Msg 94381: River Bend? Oh, Boo! I'm trying very hard not to be jealous. I learned to swim in the Frio River, at Neal's camp, downriver from River Bend. Then later, my family discovered River Bend, and we never stayed anywhere else after that. I have many, many wonderful memories of vacations spent on (literally) the Frio River. Get up in the morning, quick breakfast, then grab a tube and hit the river. Spend all day either tubing downstream, or in a car heading back upstream so we could get back in the water and do it all again! Driving into Leakey for supplies, burgers and/or hotdogs on the shaky little grills outside the cabins at River Bend. Weathering a terrible rainstorm, everyone stuck in the cabin, eating whatever we could find in the pantry and playing cards and dominoes until the weather settled - took two days! The morning the sun came out, we grabbed tubes and headed for the river. Found the "getting in" place was about a hundred yards up the highway from the regular crossing, but we got in anyway, and rode a raging torrent, at least fifteen feet deeper than normal. We dodged floating trees, logs and even a small chicken house with a rattlesnake coiled on top, just riding along. I got thrown off my tube at one point, and very nearly drowned, but Dale was there and hauled me out onto the big old tractor tire tube he always rode. After I coughed up about a gallon of river water, it was fun! We retrieved my tube, and carried it with us to the getting-out place, got on somebody's pickup and rode back and did it all over again. We were out of our minds! But we had fun. Actually, that little episode will be part of a chapter in the book I'm writing.

Hudson is with Eloise tonight, and I still have Bentley. I'll get Hudson back tomorrow, he'll stay with me tomorrow night, and then we'll get him back to his mom late on Friday, when she and Landry get home from Cooperstown. It's been fun. He's a good kid.

OK, Perry Mason is on TV, and you know I can't miss that. Raymond Burr - whooee! Those eyes! Memories.....

August 08, 2013 - Msg 94382:
OK, G-F, I'll say hey for you. I just got boarding passes. Sure saves a lot of time.
Flying direct to beautiful Santa Barbara on early Thursday flight. Dad will be visited by MY saint brother!
Remember when people dressed up to fly, and the meals were hot and good? OK, I'm asking too much, ha.
Boo- so cute about Erin and friend. Isnt she still afraid of boy cooties? :)
My prayers are with you all,
and thank you for yours,
Later gators,

August 08, 2013 - Msg 94383:
you may get a smile out of the above!

August 08, 2013 - Msg 94384: And WHY did we watch that? hehe...I couldn't help but wonder if he mixes the Jack Daniels with the instant tea he makes...

No, MDC, Erin has never been afraid of boy cooties. ;)

Ro, River Bend is not a done-deal yet. I am trying to work it out so we can go but there are still some things that have to fall into place before I'm sure. I hope it works out, though. I haven't been to River Bend since I was about Erin's age.

Better get to bed.


August 08, 2013 - Msg 94385: Sounds like a good time Ro and Boo. Better do it Boo. You need a vacation don't you?

Have a safe and fun trip MDC. Santa Barbara is beautiful. Lot's of left leaners there, but a very nice area. I have family there, and in Ventura, and.... well all over So. Cal. They all hate the political atmosphere there but love the climate. My one Uncle in Ventura was thinking of moving here a few years back, but he visited in Janurary and changed his mind in a hurry. lol

Hope your concert goes well Rev. You want me and G-F to make up some signs?
Concert tonite.
Under the stars
What's yer hurry?
Be glad to do it if G-F will let me use his paint brush. But I ain't family so I dunno.

Hey G-F, My Ford comment was going back to the 60's. They where famous for being cold blooded. Took em a while to get going, kinda like me these days. I'm sure the newer ones are great. Why I even heard the new ones have built in heaters on the rear bumpers and trunk lids. That's so yer hands stay warm when you gotta push em. :) (jk ford fans)

Well best get moving before they decide to put me in a museum or something.
Prayers for all to have a nice day.


August 08, 2013 - Msg 94386: Asa, when I was growing up, the most sluggish care we ever owned was a Chrysler. Stupid thing would quit every few minutes if the temp was below 50 degrees. How's your gout, by the way?


August 08, 2013 - Msg 94387: Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily.. Badda Bing Asa....Sure I'll share my paint brush Asa, Porch Family counts as Family in my book! I'll even bring my paint by numbers set too. If ya want I'll bring my Mr. Potato set, metal working set, leather making set, and my wood carving set too just incase we run into any criminals that need to be rehabilitated. Maybe Otis will loan us his mosaic set too.

MDC...If you pack a salami sandwich with limburger cheese on it you won't have to worry about crowded seating...Just a thought!