August 28, 2013 - Msg 94570: Romeena...LET IT OUT SISTER! AS Howard Beale (Peter Finch)in the movie Network said: "I'm MAD as **** and I'm not going to take it any more!!
Ok,...You feel better now?
Or as Radar O'Riley would say, h-e double hockey sticks;)

Possum, I was just about to give you a shout out. Good to see ya checked in.


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94571:
ROMEENA- I feel your pain, I really do. I think I told the porch about our "audit" a few years ago,
the "lovely" time we had with three of the IRS's "finest." Nuff said, except that I think it is time for you talk to a tax lawyer who can get a PI to stake out that house, and collect some real evidence to build your case. Some will do such things very reasonably. You watch PM, time to get a Paul Drake involved and get it done once and for all, especially with what you have already I bet it would be pretty elementary for them. Just sayin.
G-F, REV--Dbacks have a chance for a wildcard, but we really need to buckle down.
G-F--Is this your first sweep? About time we got ya working. ha
POSSUM- good to see you. Love your little "thought" posts on FB.
TOM-same with yours.
I got a letter today from Pappabear. He says Hey!
Prayers for the world,

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94572: Wow, Romeena. Sorry about all the trouble you are (still) having with the IRS. I do like your comment about what the letters mean. Gave me a laugh. I know for you it is no laughing matter, and I hope something is done about those fraudsters(yeah, the IRS AND the people using your name ;)).
Still say someone in the IRS got wind of your "conservative" leanings and so they just don't care, or like you said they are just incompetent. Either way, it's a disturbing mess.

Well, Kai started school this past Monday. She seems to like being in the "upper" classroom with the bigger kids. So far, anyway.
And Noah is growing by leaps and bounds. Forgot to tell you guys that my wife started a Youtube channel for him(yes, already). Not much in it so far; just one short video of him walking in the mall dragging his balloon puppy behind him that we had just bought for him. It is here if you'd like to see it: Just copy and paste to your address bar.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94573: Oh, well, looks like you won't have to copy and paste it, just click on it. I forgot it did that automatically when you put an address on the porch. This porch is getting really "ept".

-Sterling Holobyte

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94574: Finally a chance to check in...yesterday was a full day.

Ro, I don't even know what to say! Grrrr!! How incredibly frustrating, especially when you thought things were taken care of. The response you got from people yesterday seems to say that this kind of thing must happen alot. Horrid situation. You tried to do the right thing and be a good citizen, now maybe you can let go of some of the anger and focus on what makes you happy. I'm glad you can let out some of your frustration here on the porch.

Possum, what kind of "drive-by" posting was that?! You come back and rock for a bit, ya hear? We want to know how you are doing. :)

Hey to Sterling!! I'm ending this so I can go check out Noah's video.


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94575: Oh how cute, Sterling! hehe..made me chuckle.


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94576: MDC, Not my first sweep, but thought I'd get a sweep in before the Braves did their sweeping with the Indians!...ha G-F

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94577: Good morning, porch! Thanks for your comments about my fight with the IRS. It's frustrating, and beyond irritating, but I've put it behind me. I'm not concerned about getting my money - never was. I got Sen. Cornyn involved last time, and had my money within three weeks. I have no reason to think this time will be any different. I'll get my money. The fight was never about that. I just want somebody with a little backbone and the authority to go with it, to bust these people and put their sorry hides in jail. No one seems to be interested, everyone passes the buck. So, like I told the Travis county sheriff's deputy - there's the information. Do with it what you will, and I'm outta here. I'll just wait to hear from the senator, and meantime, the scammers roll merrily along. Unfortunately, Perry Mason and Paul Drake exist only on TV.

Sterling, it's good to see you. That clip of Noah and his "doggie" is adorable. He's really growing, and is so cute. You have every right to be proud.

Well, better run. Dale, Jr. will be here tomorrow morning, and I have only gotten half of the house cleaned. The front part, including his bedroom and bathroom, are spic and span. Can't say much for the rest, though. I've still got my bedroom and bath, the office, the living area, kitchen and sunroom to do. Yuck. Wish I had some help. That bloomin' vacuum weighs a ton, and just wears me out. If my son knew what I'm doing, he'd tell me to leave it and let him do it when he gets here, but no way will I do that. When he comes home, I like it to look like home, not a rat's nest. So - one room at a time, rest a bit after each one, and I'll get it done.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94578: "No one seems interested."

Sounds familiar, Ro. You have to remember though that you are dealing with a government agency.
It's kind of like when I discovered I had a tax lien from the state of Indiana - which actually was paid right away - but I couldn't get credit for anything with that thing hanging over my head. That went on for years, with me getting nowhere in dealing with the various people I was told to talk to. It was finally immediately cleared when I had a lawyer send them a letter. One letter.
It's funny what a simple clubbing over the head will do to get things done with these people.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94579: Aw, sure wish I was there to help you, Ro.


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94580: You're so right, Sterling. I think you just have to get their attention first, and it takes a senator or a lawyer to do that. Sad.

Thanks, Boo, I appreciate that. I wish you were here too, but just so we could visit and sit on the porch for real.

Gotta run, still in house-cleaning mode. Not much left to do, though. I'm hoping to get in bed a little earlier tonight, so I can get up about dawn-thirty. He should be in here around nine. I'm looking forward to this - gonna have a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoy flying with him, and each flight will be just a little over an hour, so it won't be too tiring. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 29, 2013 - Msg 94581: Well Ro, in mid October I think I am going to have to go to Austin for a lab day at the college so I am thinking of having Sean go with me and then driving up to Waco to visit my aunt and uncle there. I can't see going to Waco without coming on up to Irving to have lunch with you. I will let you know when and if. :) I hope we can work it out.


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94582: Boo...Go to Austin...Go to Waco....Go to Irvine...Go see Romeena...Go do Lunch...Just DO IT! For the Love of Mike Just Do It!!


August 29, 2013 - Msg 94583: REV & SPOT...I think it is time to dump the bags on your Braves Sweepers, I think they are full up with Indians is what I'm thinkin...
Where are Bob Feller, Rocky Colivito,"MudCat" Grant when ya need em'...We tried to tell em' didn't we TOM....Same old song just a new crop of singers...G-F again...

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94584:
OK, soapbox for a bit...I heard on the news tonight that Iran has said that if we (US) do ANYTHING in Syria, they will blow Israel off the map. Very scary stuff. Please pray. Thanks, MDC
Wish I could think of a good tags quote for the situation, but this is just too real.
ROMEEna- one more piece of advice for you: "Tax Resolution Services." We finally turned to them during our audit a few years ago. They may not be able to help in your situation, but the call is free.
BOO- how is the home schooling going?
REV- hope the concert went well.
Hey to Spot, Possum, Sterling, Maude and all!

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94585:
OH, and happy birthday Betty Lynn! You're the cats!

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94586: Thanks, MDC. I feel sure that Sen. Cornyn will do whatever he did before, and I'll get my refund, but if not, I'll surely keep that idea in mind. Truly, what I really want is for someone to get interested in this and pursue it. Our tax money is being paid out to these thieves by the multiplied thousands, probably millions. The IRS can nitpick us for every last dime, but then just sit by and do nothing when they know there's theft going on, no question about it.

Boo, I would be absolutely delighted if you'd come for a visit. Stay over, if you can, there's plenty of room. That would be just great!

OK, I'm off to bed. My son will be here in the morning, and believe it or not, I've got the whole house pretty clean. Maybe not as perfect as it used to be kept, but it's pretty good. (As long as he doesn't open the closets, except in his room.) Blessings! --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94587: Good morning, porch! It's 6:45, and I'm up! Ready to get in the shower, do a few last-minute things in the house, and be ready to go meet my son. I'm tracking him online, on Flight Aware, and it appears he left a little later than he expected to. He has crossed a little piece of the gulf, and has just gotten back over dry land on the coast of the Florida panhandle. His flight plan indicates he's heading for Natchez, so he's probably going to land and refuel there. He said he thought he'd have to, as there's a headwind. Anyway, looks like he's a bit later than he planned to be. No problem, that gives me a little more time. I love this Flight Aware thing, it's neat to be able to track him. I just type in his plane's tail number, and it pulls up a map with a tiny plane, showing exactly where he is! We've come a long way from horses and covered wagons, and no idea where anyone was, haven't we? --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94588: Ha! He's halfway through the bootheel on the bottom of Alabama, headed for Mississippi. He'll land in Natchez, then Flight Aware will show the next leg of the flight plan, from Natchez to Dallas. I love this program! --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94589: OK, he's now over Mississippi, about a third of the way across. I know y'all aren't as interested in this as I am, but I just think it's so amazing. The big jets do it all the time, and I accept that and think nothing of it, but this is my son, my firstborn, in a light plane, just chewing up the miles at an amazing speed. He's turning a two-day drive into a five-hour trip - leave the Orlando area around dawn, have lunch in Dallas. Amazing. And I can follow him on this little screen in front of me. Boy, was I ever born at the right time. I got to grow up in the 40s and 50s, (A teenager in the 50s? It doesn't get any better than that!) and I've made it into this age of computers and other technology, and I love it! --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94590: Just talked to him, he's in Natchez, has refueled and is about to (as he put it) "climb out of here and head for Dallas." He'll be here in about two hours. I repeat, amazing! --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94591: He just crossed from Louisiana into Texas, will be here in about 45 minutes. Guess I'd better get ready to head out to Redbird airport to pick him up. This is so much fun, but tomorrow will be even more fun, when we fly to Fredericksburg. --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94592: He just crossed from Louisiana into Texas, will be here in about 45 minutes. Guess I'd better get ready to head out to Redbird airport to pick him up. This is so much fun, but tomorrow will be even more fun, when we fly to Fredericksburg. --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94593: Why does it do that? I hit "post" and nothing happened. Waited about fifteen seconds, decided my "hit" was a "miss" so did it again. There it is, two posts. --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94594: This is exciting Romeena...You tracking your Son is like the Weatherman tracking Santa for the kids on Christmas Eve...Do we get to track YOU when you go on your "Sky Queen" Adventure?? Just be sure you go to the Army surplus store and pick up those 50 cal.'s first..Ratattatttat!
Looking back, it was not that long ago the best we could do was talk on the C/B radio! 10-4 Sky Queen? Goober-Fife over & out!...

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94595: 10-4, G-F. He's here, worn out and about to fall asleep on the couch. It's not so much the trip that has tired him out, it's pain. He slipped on his pool deck almost two months ago, and fractured his heel. There's nothing to do for that but to wait for it to heal, and it's very painful. Unfortunately, he's like me, and can't take pain meds. If he took a pain pill it would just make him sick and he'd throw it up. That's what happens to me, so we both just have to tough it through surgery or accidents.

He has his little c@cker spaniel, Abbie, with him. She's such a beautiful little dog, 15 years old and still gorgeous. She's moving a bit slow these days, is deaf, and has a cataract on one eye, but she lives a good life. Toye Starr is pestering her to play, and she keeps looking at my son like "Will you please make this kid go away?" We'll go out to David and Brittney's tonight though, and Bentley will play. Abbie will probably find a soft spot and just observe.

So - I'll be out of pocket for a few days. Probably won't get to the porch, so y'all behave yourselves. I'll check in again before we leave tomorrow. --Romeena

August 30, 2013 - Msg 94596: We gotta behave?
Well there goes my plans for the weekend, right down the drain!
Have fun Romeena.
And my Daughter has a Doxie named Abbie also. And she too is getting up in years. Going a biy deaf and losing her eyesight. But she is spoiled rotten, bless her heart.


August 30, 2013 - Msg 94597: Asa...Porch Mom's gonna be away for a few days, how about we call up Daphnie & Skippy? and see if they have Prince Albert in a can...

Going to last home ball game of the Season tonight(Indians Minor League Team) it's cheaper and fun to watch, (better than driving a hour to Cleveland and watch them lose!) Maybe there will be some big leaguers there since SPOTS & REV's Braves put a 3 game sweep whoop'in on them! They may have to sweep the field between innings as a punishment for losing...ha! I'm just say'in that's what I would do if I was the Mgr.


August 30, 2013 - Msg 94598: Fun girls, huh g.f. Might work.:) I get Skippy, ok?


August 31, 2013 - Msg 94599: All right, boys, I'm warning you. I've got my informants, and if you start messin' around with those "fun girls" I'll know it! You'd better watch your step while I'm gone! Don't make me report you to REV.

We spent a fun evening with David and Brittney, and had a good meal. I just took my skillet and we cooked out there, because the grandsons needed to be in bed, since they have baseball practice tomorrow. David likes pork chops, Dale Jr. likes round steak, and they both like my fried chicken, so I did a little of each! Made a big batch of noodles, and a full skillet of milk gravy, made with whole milk, none of that wimpy blue john stuff. Those boys ate like they were starving, and I had fun cooking for my sons. Brittney had made a wonderful cake, so we enjoyed that, too! Then we sat and talked for hours, and just got home.

My worn-out son has already gone to bed, and I'm about to. Blessings! --Romeena

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94600: Got one for Boo & Asa...

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94601: That Turtleman,...He's a NUT! Boo, just be sure you don't get your hair done in THAT solon! But now if that was Romeena, she'd take Turtlemans bait buckets home with her and let them loose in her garden she likes'em!

Last nights ballgame? Well the Little Indians mirrored the Big Leaguers with a loss...The fireworks were good tho...

Oh by the way, Asa I did get a kiss from Daphne in real life, I met her at a Mayberry event back in "03" I got a picture made to prove it! She asked me if I wanted the "Money" shot and I had to oblige her...I even got a "Hello Doll" to boot! She was a sweet lady...I met her Son a few years later, and gave him a picture I took of him escorting his Mom into that event, it was a nice picture he liked it. I have a lot of good stories & memories with cast members stored up in this head of mine, (It's a active place ya know! haha) I beat ya all to it..tehehaha

Romeena,....Have fun with the Son, don't overload him to much with your cook'in, or the plane won't be able to get off the ground!


August 31, 2013 - Msg 94602: MDC...The Indians just acquired Kubel from your D-backs who did HE make mad? We got him for a hot dog & player to be named later...It took Coney Sauce & Onions to seal the deal!(I think the player to be named later is the kid I saw playing center field last night)...The one who dropped a routine fly ball allowing two guys to score! ha

G-F again....

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94603: Up and at 'em this morning, but my son is still sleeping. He was really worn out when he got here yesterday, and we were up late last night, so I'm just leaving him alone and letting him sleep as late as he needs to. We're under no time constraints, ticketed flight to catch - the plane doesn't leave until he's at the controls!

I just had a call from my sister-in-law in Michigan. My mother-in-law is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure, not doing well at all. Bless her little heart, she's about to be 96, so that complicates the decisions. They needed to transfer her to a bigger hospital, and presented my SIL with two choices. Send her with O2 by mask only, and she might not make it through the transfer. Intubate her and put her on respiratory support, and she'd probably make the trip, but very likely would not be able to come off the tube. Wow. The decision was to go with just the O2 mask, no tube, and I supported the decision. She's probably not going to come out of this anyway, so why force her to spend her last days with a tube down her throat, and under so much sedation she wouldn't know anything or anyone. Prayers for her, please, and for the family. It's a tough time.

Well, I hear stirrings from his bedroom, so guess my pilot is getting up. We'll probably be in the air in an hour or two. Toye Starr is all a-twitter, she sees my suitcase and knows something's going on. Thank goodness, she loves to travel, and is a very good little traveler. Quiet, well-behaved, and doesn't get sick! Abbie, of course, will fly right seat with her dad, and Starr and I will sit in the back. Suits me, I can stretch out that way.

Blessings, everyone! All you boys behave now, and don't make Boo and Maude and Possum and the other good ladies of the porch have to get after you. --Romeena

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94604: Uh, that's "NO ticketed flight to catch." --Romeena

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94605: Hi All.
Romeene go have some fun and do not thank about thing here.
G F will be good or I will send him all the rain and snow wend it come .
I may not be here but I and send all the bad thing back to him.

August 31, 2013 - Msg 94606: Ok TOM, I'll try to be good or you will put the curse of Rocky Colivito on me right?

Romeena, Be careful have fun but be sure to stay out of Cuban air space, we don't need another Francis Gary Powers incident on our hands!


August 31, 2013 - Msg 94607: Fun video, G-F. I like to see a bat now and then. :)

Sorry to hear that you mom-in-law is not doing well, Ro, and I agree with you. I believe that if I was 96, I wouldn't choose to be put on the respiratory support. She is probably so ready to go on and be with the Lord. I pray she gets better or goes peacefully on to be with her loved ones who are waiting for her. Please let us know how things go.

Have a great time with your family!

I have been busy peeling and deveining a bunch of gulf shrimp for mom-in-law's birthday supper tomorrow. I'm frying shrimp, flounder, and hushpuppies. We are also having baked potatos with all the trimmings, and cole slaw. Wish ya'll could be here.

Better hit the ironing board for some sleep...have preachin' and then frying tomorrow :)


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94608: shazam

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94609: Sorry about your MIL, Ro. Prayers for her and the family.

Boo, I believe I'll just let the shrimp crawl on by. Bugs of the sea, I call them. :)

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94610: By the looks of Msg. 94608, Gomer Pyle just paid us a visit. Hey, Gome.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94611: Boo, Boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp chowder, shrimp kabobs, grilled shrimp,sautéed shrimp, baked shrimp, shrimp c@cktail, popcorn shrimp, stuffed shrimp BBQ shrimp, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Sometimes there just ain't enough shrimp! Hope you got them from Bubba Gumpps...Gotta keep Forrest in business ya know! Be sure to throw in a ALOT of Dr. Peppers too! (then everyone will have to say: "I gotta pee"!)...Sounds like a good time.


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94612: I know, Sterling...I don't eat them, either. Cleaning them was bad enough. My MIL loves them, though, so I did it for her. I also bought some fresh flounder filets for myself. :) We have a great little fresh seafood market right down the street and they have some really nice fresh seafood. The last time I got flounder there it was fantastic. It cost me 8 dollars a pound, but was worth it. Other than flounder and trout, I don't eat any other seafood. Kind of a pity, living right here on the coast. The town I live in used to be a shrimping port...they still have an annual festival called, "Shrimporee" and have shrimp-eating contests in 100 degree weather...can you imagine? Yuck! Well, that's about the most i have ever said about shrimp, or ever will. Don't have to call me "Bubba," right G-F? PS-I bought Dr Pepper yesterday.


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94613: Good Sabbath porch.
Trying to post this on my kindle. Not sure I like the touch screen. I suffer with fat finger syndrome.
I like shrimp but they are on my do not eat list because of gout.
I think we can let our hair down with Romeena out of town. GF,I bet we can even talk Boo, Possum, and the other girls to join us in whooping it up. I have the toolbelt to swing it. :)


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94614: Yea Asa,...But TOM has threatened to rat us out if we act up. ha And Boo, as Forrest also said: "That's all I have to say about that"!
Ya'll know how "Seafood" got it's name? A fisherman's wife cooked up a bunch of fish one day and put it on a plate, her family looked at it puzzled and she said: See,..Food! I think it lost something in the translation...(good thing I have a day job!)....


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94615: Asa I get my eye on you and GF !
Thattoolbelt is for working not for fun , so just keeping or I will called your guy boss
have a nice day.


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94616: See...Asa I TOLD YOU TOM WAS WATCHING! haha....G-F

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94617: Hey gang!..gosh been wrapped up in football...and not the Atlanta Race is on!.. Rommena prayers,hey G-F,Boo,possum,sterling,Rev and hot wings and pizza here at work...yall come on by! SPOT

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94618: Toolbelt?!....I'm in!!

"Hey" to SPOT.


September 01, 2013 - Msg 94619: How Boo do not get Asa and GF

September 01, 2013 - Msg 94620: start it
you are to help keep thim in long to ROMEENA COME BACK


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94621:
Hi all. Been busy with family. Anyone have Dr. Breen visit your church today?
Still praying concerning world affairs.
God bless,

September 02, 2013 - Msg 94622: Happy Labor day porch.
Have not seen Dr. Breen here mdc. But then again I have been to busy trying to avoid Toms watchful eyes. I knew Boo would be on board the minute I mentioned toolbelt. Thats her weakness. :)


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94623: Hi All
Now Asa there no way you can avoid me !
I have my little guy watch everything this porch and it is being tap so wind Rom come home she can see what you all have dong


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94624: Spot I think is sleeping in today, It took a lot to keep the lights on for the Atlanta race last night. But Kryle Bush the winner? I'm thinkin they should have had a "Power Outage" during the last couple of laps. Remember it almost worked for the Super Bowl last year! ;) Humm curious, where & what was Spot doing during that game? Curious, Just Curious. We better check SPOTS NASCAR affiliates I pegged him to be more of a Dale Jr. fan than a "Bush Whacker". I better stop there folks a serious about their drivers. At least Mark Martin got Tony Stewart's car to drive.

Asa, here's what we do...We order a LARGE pizza and have it delivered to TOM's house, while he is eatin it we slip out and pick up Boo & Possum and go to the Kit Kat Club? (as long as we get pepperili & extra cheese on it for him). It will keep him busy for awhile.


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94625: Thank for the pizza GF and now guess where you and Asa well be going to Rom git back two weeks in jail.
I told you my spy was watching


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94626: No more carefree days, No more doing what ya wanna do when ya want to do it. No more peanut butter & jelly sandwiches...

Why can't ya have peanut butter in prison????
That's ok, Asa doesn't like peanut butter anyhow! TOM....Asa gets the Mr. Potato set and I get the leather making set. So then we can get on the road to rehabilitation....G-F

September 02, 2013 - Msg 94627: No more carefree days you two are going to the big house to work on the rock.
and all you going to get to eat are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Maybe you will keep your min on your jobs and not slip away


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94628: Alright Lefty,you and me are busting out tonight.


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94629: there no way you are going to busting out.


September 02, 2013 - Msg 94630: Not Bloody Mary....Bloody Tommy!...They should have named the episode "Tom the Warden" speaking of that episode TVland just showed it...

September 02, 2013 - Msg 94631: OTIS!!!

September 02, 2013 - Msg 94632: all you to hit the bed light out in 5im

hope every one had a nice day.

September 02, 2013 - Msg 94633: "I'll take the Mr. Potato set"...


September 03, 2013 - Msg 94634: Well about got the night shift done for tonight...hey Boo,Possum,Tom,Rev....Asa ya need bigger wires !..A friend and I are gona head to Gatlinburg for a couple of days Friday...walk the streets..Lordy Lordy! hope this old bad foot from wreck holds up...ha ha! does real well as long as I walk on level ground...git sidways makes it a bit sore at end of day..guess it aggravates the plates and stuff...gona ride a go cart or two also...Shades Of the Past Car Show will be going on also...well let me get the reports ran...head home to snooze...prayers to all...breakfast is where ever person buying tells me to be :)...SPOT

September 03, 2013 - Msg 94635: Well Spot,CD and me are doing breakfast in jail. Sure hope Aunt Bee is cooking. Maybe Tom will release us for good behavior right after we eat. How about it Tom? We learned our lesson.


September 03, 2013 - Msg 94636: CD? That was supposed to say GF. This dang kindle likes to change my typing.


September 03, 2013 - Msg 94637: Hey Asa, maybe TOM will throw us a bologna samich and a new set of prison clothes when he releases us, I need a new suit....Could we get that bologna samich fried on toast with a mater on it + some Miracle Whip too? And one of Miss Clara's pickles too? And a Dr. Pepper to wash it down.


September 03, 2013 - Msg 94638: Hi.
No you are not getting out to
Rom get home.
Now for breakfast bread & water.


September 03, 2013 - Msg 94639: NO MORE CAREFREE DAYS AT THE ROCK!!

September 03, 2013 - Msg 94640: SORRY NOT FOR YOU TWO GUYS

September 04, 2013 - Msg 94641: Glad I brung my harmonica GF. At least I can play some tunes for us. How about something from the light classics?


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94642: Glad I brung my harmonica GF. At least I can play some tunes for us. How about something from the light classics?


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94643: Glad I brung my harmonica GF. At least I can play some tunes for us. How about something from the light classics?


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94644: Whoops. Sorry for the triple post. This kindle is a hard to get the hang of.


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94645: Wow, you chewed yore cabbage three times, Asa!

Hope Ro is having a good time with her kids. We are off to river bend to camp tomorrow, so lots to do today. I'll check back later, though.


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94646: Have a safe and fun time Boo. You deserve it.


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94647: Good morning, porch! Got in safe and sound last evening, about 5. We had a great time, spent two fun days with my daughters, one evening at Robbi's and one evening at Heather's, and a little time during the day with everyone at our B&B, which was lovely. On Monday we flew to Houston, landed at Hobby, and my cousin picked us up there. We spent the afternoon and night with him, then came back to Dallas yesterday afternoon. Had a great time visiting with my cousin. He's always been more like an uncle to my son, and they have the flying thing in common, so that was nice for both of them. My cousin and I got started reminiscing about family members who are long gone, and the fun and funny things that happened so many years ago. He's my dad's sister's son, and that whole side of the family is hilarious. My dad had a wonderful sense of humor, just like the rest of his family, and just being around them was fun. They laughed their way through the decade following the '29 crash, and right on into the '40s and the war years. They had losses and sadness, and were dirt-poor at times, but they never stopped laughing and having fun. I'm very grateful for that legacy. Oh, the stories I could tell!!!

Sounds like you folks, the boys especially, tried to get a bit rowdy, but Tom managed to keep you in line. Thanks, Tom. I would have hated to come back and find everyone in jail. Looks like your threats worked.

My MIL passed away last night. It was peaceful, her family was near, and now she's with the Lord and Dale's dad, and I'm glad it's over for her. At almost 96, she had lived a good long life, and was loved by many. She was my Dale's step-mom, having married my father-in-law two years after Dale's mom passed away. She died in her thirties, complications of a rheumatic heart. Naturally, I never knew her. The stepmom was in the family when I met Dale. She was always sweet and kind to me, and I will miss her.

Well, my son is out of the shower, and getting ready to head for Florida. We'll have a little breakfast, then I'll take him out to the Redbird airport, where his plane is. I love the sweet irony of all this. Redbird is the airport where he first flew solo, at age 17. It's a little bigger and more modern than it was then, but it's still a privately-held facility, used by light aircraft and corporate jets only. I love it. Much easier and more convenient than dealing with the big airports, you get on a first-name basis with the staff, and they meet you at your plane to help you get off, and hand you a bottle of cold water!

See you peeps later - it's good to be home. --Romeena

September 04, 2013 - Msg 94648: test

September 04, 2013 - Msg 94649: Well, he's in the air. Wheels went up at 12 noon, and I watched until the plane was out of sight, then drove home. We had such a great time. He's talking about coming back in October, when it's cooler. The plane is not air-conditioned, and the flights were a bit hot. Once he's in the air, overhead vents bring outside air into the cabin, but it's only as cool as it is outside, and in Texas in August and September, it's pretty warm air, even at seven thousand feet. He flew at 12,000 on his way here, and it was much cooler, but I get a little short of breath at that altitude, since the plane isn't pressurized. He's considering putting some oxygen equipment on board, and then I can go as high as he wants to go. Anyway, the flights were fun. Toye Starr did well, but was a little nervous. She wanted to be up on my chest and shoulder, and I literally "wore" her the whole way, like a little hot, steamy fur neckpiece. If I put her down on the next seat, in a few seconds she was climbing me like a cat, and wedging herself in around my neck again. She kept hitting my microphone, and tangling her little feet in the wire, which would pull the headset off my head and I'd have to put it back, again and again. I have to have the headset, because that's how I could talk to or hear my son. Normal speech is not possible in a light plane, too much engine noise. The headsets muffle that noise, and allow you to communicate.

Also, with the headset I can hear the pilot/controller chatter, and that gets interesting. You hear anything that's being broadcast in your controlled area, from other planes as well as your own. There's a very easy, friendly pattern to the talk, a few little jokes now and then, and it's fun to listen to. At one point I heard the controller tell my son "I'm passing you on to Blue Bell now, have a good day." My son's reply was "Thanks for your help, so long." Blue Bell? Turns out, that's pilot-speak for Brenham, Texas, where Blue Bell ice cream is made. There are a lot of those little nicknames used for different areas. Fun.

Well, I'm a bit tired. I think I'll just go find a nap somewhere. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 04, 2013 - Msg 94650: Hi All .
Srooy to heard about your m I l your family will be in my please.
Im happy that you have a time what all the family.
Yes G F and Asa want to go out being bad and you just leavet befor that, so I told thim to jail tpo stat to you came back home.
O K boys you are free to go back being bad ,because mom back and she well not sand for it.


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94651: Romeena.....Bulldog TOM was rough on us, we didn't even get any bologna samiches, only bread & water! I think TOM missed his calling...shoulda been a prison guard! There is no fun when that iron door slams shut at the rock.
As MLK said: "Free at Last, Free at Last!
Glad you had a good time! Did you guys do any strafing runs on the Wal-Marts? You coulda done some turkey drops aka WKRP on the parking lots.


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94652: I WATCHING YOU so be nice or it back to jail Mr. GF


September 04, 2013 - Msg 94653:
Welcome back Romeena, glad all went well.
I've only been in a small plane once, but I'm with ya about the noise. Sorry to hear of your MIL passing. May she rest in peace. My dad and I were talking today about his life accomplishments.
He wont really say it, but I get the feeling he's ready at anytime the Lord wants him.
I haven't been here lately, just depressed about the world situation and how you-know-who painted himself into a corner, and now wants the world to bail him out. Prayers continue.
I hope Boo enjoys her much-deserved vacation.
Hey to Spot, asa, sheriff tom, possum, GF and all!

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94654: Morning porch.
Good to see you back home Ro. Sorry about your MIL but as you said,what a wonderful reunion it must be.
Try and not let events get you down mdc. I know is a mess right now,but I also know who ultimately is in charge,and I know you do too. Stay strong brother.
Smell that GF? Freedom. Smells good,don't it? I don't ever wanna go back to the Rock again.
Better get moving though. Lots to do.


September 05, 2013 - Msg 94655: Thanks MDC, the prep it has taken to get us ready wore me out so now I really need the vacation! ;) Sorry you have been feeling down in the dumps and it is understandable.

Glad you had a great time with the family, Ro. Sorry to hear of your MIL's passing, though.

Wanted to stop in this morning while I am having my cofee. I still have some last-minute things to pack up and then get breakfast for everyone and we will be on our way. Please pray for safety and that it will be a good trip. Love you all.


September 05, 2013 - Msg 94656: Yep Asa I'm with ya! We need to be sure Mom stays at home, but what are we going to do when she goes on her cruise next month? Maybe REV can watch over the porch....TOM is a drill Sargent! I think he watches to much Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. you think that is it?


September 05, 2013 - Msg 94657: Hi All.
Now GF see here for that you go back in jail for three day. S

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94658: look here Asa and G F if Rom go on the cruise you are not going to be home
I book your act for a small city in Cleveland
that way I no you are not making trouble here .
Just think of all the fun there that your boss will see

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94659: Back at work till morning...then Gatlinburg for the weekend ....back in just a bit...SPOT

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94660: Good afternoon, porch! Boo, I hope you and your family have a wonderful time on the Frio. Even more to the point, I hope there IS a Frio! My son and I flew over several totally DRY riverbeds on our way to Fredericksburg. Of course, we were well east of the Frio country, but I've checked some websites and they say tubing is not recommended. Expect to walk 35% of the time. Still, the swimming pools are good, especially around Garner Park. I know you'll have a good time, whether you can find any rapids to ride or not. Are you taking an ice cream freezer? That was always the last hurrah every evening. Tube all day, then make ice cream after dark. Those were the days!

Well, guess I'd better get off this computer and go get something constructive done. I've been watching squirrels, a hummingbird, and other critters, and playing on the computer all day. Oh, I have to tell you about a spider I've been watching! There is a windchime hanging outside my window, and the spider lives up inside one of the metal tubes of the chime. No web is visible, he just hangs out in that tube. However, on some mornings, he emerges, and throws a webline over to the hummingbird feeder about three feet away. He crawls out on that single webline, and throws another one up to a small nail in the back of the fascia board above, and secures that to the line he's on, as a support. Then he starts weaving a network of webbing in one of the 45° angles created by the support line. He makes a network about the size of a small plate, then returns to his windchime. Over the next few hours, that web catches several small insects. In late afternoon, the spider emerges again, rolls up the webbing, bugs inside, and takes the little bundle to the windchime. He comes back out, yanks the line free of the nail and the hummer feeder, and eats those lines. He goes back into the chime, and nothing is left. No spider, no web, and no bugs. Amazing. I love this window!

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94661: Ok Asa, Since Sgt. TOM is booking us a act in Cleveland when Romeena goes on her cruise here what we do...We go to a Browns game, then to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, then to the "A Christmas Story" House Museum and see where Ralphie & his family lived (I'll even chip in for a "leglamp" to put in your front window. I bet you would be the only one in Utah to have one! We can rent some Red Ryder B-B guns and practice our trick shooting. Then we finish off with a BIG corned beef samich from Slyman's check out the link it's Famous! Sounds like a Great time, Thanks TOM! bout time Asa & I take our act on the road.....


September 05, 2013 - Msg 94662: SPOT, Bring us back some chicken dinners from The Old Mill Creek Restaurant in Pigeon Forge as you go by, that was some GOOD eatin! We went there a few years back...G-F again....

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94663: Hi All.
It a nice night just a little chill .
G-F I will tell you guy where the act is the day Romeena go ,
There well be no time for you two to play aroud.

September 05, 2013 - Msg 94664:
I bet that spider came out from under the old bandstand. (:

September 06, 2013 - Msg 94665: RAFE: I woulda greased my shoes, but when I do the cats all
follow me.

September 06, 2013 - Msg 94666: Keeping the lights on here at work...home to snooze in morning and then Leaving for Garlinburg for the car show and some R and R...SPOT

September 06, 2013 - Msg 94667: where is every one tonight

September 06, 2013 - Msg 94668: They heard Sgt. Tom was pulling Guard duty so they all went to bed early so they did not get in trouble with "The Sarg"! I know I am..."Move it! Move it! Move it"!....I cant Heeeear U!
Lights out!!....G-F

September 07, 2013 - Msg 94669: Hi All
It a little chill to start the day off.
No it just Asa and G-F that have to be nice good and do have thing the Sgt sat to do.
Will Boo & Spot are on R&R for the week have fun you two.


September 07, 2013 - Msg 94670: Good mornin' Porch! Are y'all ready for a party??

There's gonna be a big bash over at O' Malley's cabin tonight. Why,you may ask?

It's Laci's 10th birthday! Yep,our little porch baby has been around for an entire decade!

She sure has come a long way & I thank you all for the prayers and love shown to her over the years.
So... see ya at O'Malley's tonight!

possum under a rock

September 07, 2013 - Msg 94671: Possum. You better clear it with Sgt. TOM first or you may land yourself in the "Big House" too!
It's no fun when those iron doors slam shut!

On my way to check todays prices on fleas at the market.


September 07, 2013 - Msg 94672: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day! My Esperanza is a big yellow splash against the east fence, and the Sweet Autumn clematis is in full bloom! It's about a month early, don't know why it's blooming now, but it sure is pretty. There's a pencil-slender juniper there, about twenty feet tall, and the clematis has managed to snag it and has engulfed the middle third of the juniper. There's that dark green spire, with the white, very fragrant clematis wrapped around it like a fur stole on a tall woman's shoulders. So pretty! I'm not concerned about the clematis harming the juniper, because I plan to prune the vine back almost to the ground after it finishes blooming. It's never been pruned, and it should be, every year. As long as I prune only into soft wood, and don't cut back into any hardened wood, it will come back with a vengeance!

The butterflies are out in force this morning. There are at least six big old flying flowers out there right now. There's not much to attract them - not a lot blooming - but there they are! My original Angel Face rose is in full bloom - again. That makes about four full flushes of bloom this year, and if I prune it gently when this bloom ends, it will do it again before winter. I just love that little rose! It's such a faithful bloomer, and the fragrance is just out of this world'!

Well, guess I'd better wash the clothes I brought back from the trip with my son, so I'll have a full choice to pack for going to Michigan. I leave Monday morning, on Southwest, and will be in Grand Rapids in mid-afternoon. My SIL will pick me up and drive us back to Bangor, where my MIL lived with her. The funeral is on Tuesday, and I'll stay until Thursday, and come home.

Then on Sept. 18, Eloise and I will get on a bus with a bunch of other old biddies and head for Peoria, IL. There, we'll board the "Pride of Peoria", a paddle-wheeler on the Mississippi. Over the next three days, we'll go down the river to St. Louis. We'll make two stops, staying in hotels at the stops. In St. Louis, we'll get back on our bus and come home. Lots of interesting stops are planned along the way, the luggage will just be moved from hotel to hotel, so it's waiting for us when we arrive, and we don't have to deal with it. We've been paying on this trip since January, so it didn't hit us hard. Should be a lot of fun. Our bus driver, Dennis, has driven our group all over the country, for years, and is a great driver. It's a good thing I'm not trying to work right now, because I couldn't have done any of this if I was. I think God knew when to take me "out of service" for a while. I can do things like this, because I can stop and rest when I need to, even just to sit down for a few minutes, but to stay on my feet for a twelve-hour shift - not possible. Besides, at 74, I think I've earned the right to retire, even if it was more or less forced on me. God knows what He's doing!

Well, off I go. Got to get that washer running. Blessings, porch, and prayers where they're needed. You know who you are, and so does the Lord. --Romeena