September 28, 2013 - Msg 94841: Good evening, porch. To all back pain sufferers, let me say that any suggestions I may offer are to be taken for just that - suggestions. Every case is different, and what works or is necessary for one person may not apply to the next one. In my case, no amount of therapy was going to help, and may have made it much worse. The "sacral plate" is that triangular, or butterfly-shaped bony structure at the lower end of your spine. The coccyx, or tailbone, descends from the bottom of that structure, and the lumbar vertebrae arise from the top of it. A quick Google of "sacral plate" will give you a good overview. In my situation, that structure had basically shattered, and there were loose shards of bone just floating, and occasionally wedging against a nerve. The good doc put it back together like a jigsaw puzzle, and had to discard one bone sliver because he couldn't find it a home. So I have screws and "straps" holding it all together now, and I have zero pain in that area. I did have two bulging discs as well, and he just fused the three vertebrae involved so those discs are no longer a problem. Had the discs been the only problem, we might have pursued therapy a little more, and it might have worked. Since he was already in the neighborhood that day, he just did the fusion too. End of problem. So, as I said, everyone's situation is different. I knew this surgeon was good, and I went with his advice. Since I couldn't stand up without help, I pretty much had no choice. In fact, when he said I needed surgery, I asked him for directions to the table! I've had no regrets.

Well, I can't say it's cool here, but it's not quite as hot as it was. I think today's high was in the mid-90s. That beats 105 any day. I'm ready for cool weather too. I want to get some pansies in the ground. Joe and I planted more irises this week, and I just received six more rhizomes that I had ordered. I'll get them planted, and they should bloom next spring. I have about fifty tulip bulbs that I'll put in the fridge in a couple of weeks, chill them for a while, and plant them right after Christmas. They'll make a beautiful show in the spring. I ordered them online, but will probably go to a garden center and get another fifty or so. They're such beautiful things. There are so many fancy varieties now. Some are huge, with blooms 6 or 7 inches tall. Some blooms have frilly fringe on them, and there's one variety that looks like a fluffy scoop of white ice cream in a red cup-shaped dish. You'd never dream it was a tulip. I've got a dozen of those, can't wait to see the real thing. So far, all I've seen is a picture. Spring is always such a joy. I have daffodils in all the front yard beds, and they multiply and come up thicker each year, bless their little hearts. Now and then something will bloom that I forgot I planted, and that's always fun.

Well, better get to bed. Landry has two baseball games tomorrow, and I'll be going. so need to get some rest. Eloise and Brittney are in Michigan visiting Brittney's brother. Landry's games are here in Irving, and David called to arrange for me to go to the games with him. Usually Eloise and I go together. It'll be fun, I haven't seen him play in a few weeks.

Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

September 28, 2013 - Msg 94842: Ha! I couldn't have swept like that if I hadn't gotten my back fixed. Now I can just sweep all I want to. --Romeena

September 28, 2013 - Msg 94843: Good morning! Am I the first one up today? I'd have slept a little later on this Saturday morning, but Landry's first game is at noon, and Dave will be here shortly after eleven, and I had a few things to do. It really, really looks like rain, so there may not be any games, but I want to be ready if they do play. If they don't, I guess David and the boys will just hang out here for a while, and maybe I'll cook them something good. Roll with the punches, that's my motto.

OK, you lazy people, hit the deck. This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! --Romeena

September 28, 2013 - Msg 94844: Well, I am jealous Asa, because it was terribly hot and humid here today. ;)

Sterling, I remember that I had a nurse friend who worked for years in the newborn nursery and had some pretty serious disc problems from the constant bending forward at the waist to tend the babies. Changing diapers is hard on the back. Try laying Noah on something higher like a bathroom counter or put a towel over the kitchen counter. It might be less strain on your back, and please try and keep your body straight and bend with the knees when lifting Noah.

I have been feeling crummy, still. I never have fully recovered from that last cold and now I just keep having body aches and am so tired. I pray I get over it once and for all. We are all getting old and seem to have so many aches and pains, don't we? From back pain to name it. At least we have each other to complain to. ;)

Ro, that shattered plate sounds like a real booger. I don't think I have ever know anyone to have that. Awful...! Thank God they could fix you up.


September 28, 2013 - Msg 94845: One more thing...please remember Federal workers. Bruce might be going on furlough on Tuesday if an agreement isn't reached on this budget issue. He could be without pay for awhile. What a mess things are in this country.


September 29, 2013 - Msg 94846: Boo, I try not to lift Noah anywhere right now. And the couch he gets up on when I change his diaper is just high enough where I can bend at the knee and don't have to move my back.

Sorry about your cold. Sometimes those buggers just seem to hang on forever, don't they?!

Prayers for Bruce and other Federal workers. Hopefully they can continue to fund the workers who need it while not funding the healthcare scam that doesn't.

Have to see if I feel good enough to go to services tomorrow. Otherwise, I will watch it on the computer since they do stream them live. Ain't technology great?! :)

-Sterling Holobyte

September 29, 2013 - Msg 94847: I wish our church did that....I am not feeling up to going this morning. Thanks for the prayers, Sterling. Hope today is a good day for you.


September 29, 2013 - Msg 94848:
Good Sabbath to all! My prayer today is that the good Lord heal us of our aches and pains, either thru His miraculous ways, or thru pointing us toward a good doctor! Either way, He's involved! (:
Also, my prayer(related to above) is indeed that this whole thing regarding OBC wiil be delayed at least, because now we "know what's in it", and it smells like Barney's cologne! ("You been fishin' Barney?") I've written to everyone I know to write to, my prayers rise to the heavenlies, hopefully our country is in repentance, and God hears our pleas.
Slow down, drink in the day, and give thanks to the Lord for he is good! Amen (:

September 30, 2013 - Msg 94849: Good morning, porch! What a beautiful day!! It's just 69, clear blue skies, no wind, lots of sunshine. I see buds on some of my roses - they're going to put on a final show, I guess. I love that they do that! I prune them about a third of the way down in early to mid-September, which reduces the stress on them while it's so hot. They immediately start putting on new growth, and in most cases, will flush out with new blooms. Smaller than the spring blooms, and not quite so many, but still very pretty. Then in February, we'll prune them waaay down, to about a foot tall, and strip the remaining foliage. They sit there, looking like a bad dream while it's cold, but in late March, here they come! New red leaves appear, then new canes start shooting everywhere, and before I know it, they're three or four feet tall and covered with blooms.

I've got a lantana in the crescent bed, just off the back patio, that's just going to have to come out. It's a volunteer that a bird planted, I guess, and I moved it into that bed, placed it between two boulders. It has grown, literally like a weed. Blooms a little bit, but not enough to merit the space it's taking up, and to give it the right to completely overshadow and hide my beautiful boulders. Nope, it's not earning its keep, and it has to go. It may be getting too much water where it is. I might try a drier location for it, and see if it will bloom better. They bloom best when under a little stress, the perverse things. At least that's been my observation. Butterflies love them though, so I try to give them every chance.

Well, I need to go to the grocery store. Haven't been there since before the riverboat trip, and I'm about scratching the bottom of the barrel around here. I found a bedraggled potato in the bottom of the fridge drawer last night, so I baked it and that was supper. It was enough. Not very interesting, but enough, and I was grateful for it. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

September 30, 2013 - Msg 94850: Heeee's BACK! Had a GREAT time at Mayberry Days, Romeena, Floyd said HEY! and he will see ya on the cruise.
I tried to behave...but there was that one J-walking incident. The crowds were down from past years but the weather was great.

Well gang guess what?....The Goob retires tomorrow w/38+ years, not quite sure how I feel yet all gambit of emotions running now.

Sorry Asa to have beat you to it, but it's time. Keep me in your prayers sorta strange when that day comes...But as promised...I will quote Dr. Sydney Freidman from M*A*S*H..on my way out: "Ladies & Gentlemen, take my advice, pull down you're pants and slide on the ice!"


September 30, 2013 - Msg 94851: I seriously think that today is the hottest day I have ever experienced in my life. We had rain last night and today it is absolutely sizzling. The heat index is over a hundred and humidity is 98%. Hate it! Cannot wait for cooler weather!

Yep, Bruce will find out if he will be going to work tomorrow. Crazy times.

Glad you had a great time at Mayberry Days, G-F, and congratualtions on your retirement. Prayers...


September 30, 2013 - Msg 94852: Well, congratulations, G-F. I hope you enjoy retirement as much as I do. At least I guess I'm retired. I see the doc again in December, and he'll make a final judgment then, but based on how I feel, right now I can say there's no way I can sustain a twelve-hour shift.

Hey to Floyd, but I won't be on the cruise this year. Eloise and I did the riverboat thing instead. I can't afford both. Also, to get the most out of a cruise, there's a lot of walking involved, and I just don't have the stamina for it anymore. Too bad, I really enjoy those cruises. Oh well, to everything there is a season...

I had a mess to deal with this afternoon. I got in the shower, washed my hair, was in there about ten minutes. Unbeknownst to me, the sewer line was clogged, so the water just came up under the commode and ran all over the bathroom, out into my bedroom, under a dresser and a nightstand, and under the bed. That's the floor I had put down a while back, an engineered wood laminate floor. Anywhere water gets on the seams between the planks, it soaks down and will raise the laminate along the seam. So now I have puffy seams here, there and everywhere on my nice new floor. I mopped all the water up, which was no small task, and managed to get the dresser and night stand onto towels, as their bottoms were wet. The plumber is here now to open the drain, and he gave me the name of a company that says they can flatten those seams. I guess we'll see. I'm not going to call them yet. I'll wait until I get the room straightened up and see whether it really needs to be done or not. Grrrrr.

Well, I'd better go pay the plumber. He's got things running again. I'm so blessed to have dependable service people, who do a good job, and charge fairly. God is good. Blessings! --Romeena

September 30, 2013 - Msg 94853: Oh no!! So sorry, Ro!...what a mess to have to deal with, and on your nice, new floor.

Well, looks like we are headed for a government shut-down. Obama isn't going to budge. Hopefully it won't last too long.


September 30, 2013 - Msg 94854: Well, Bruce received news from his boss this evening that he is exempt from the shut-down and will continue to work with pay. Thank the Lord. I feel very sorry for the families who will be effected by this, though.


October 01, 2013 - Msg 94855:
RO, so sorry! At least you had the compelsion to call the man! Sure hope it dries right. How is your humidity right now.
BOO- so glad to hear of Bruce's job. We've been thru shutdowns before but never with such melodrama that this man can come up with referring to his gloom and doom speech today.
G-F -- wow, congratulations! You never let on about your impending retirement, even to the point of asking ASA about getting certain winterizing going. You sly one! ha I too had those emotions in May of 2012 when I retired, and they lasted about 3 days...until I realized...I'm FREE! lol
Hang in there gang, Jesus is still in charge.

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94856: Thanks, MDC...yep, I heard that speech today. He might have well have just said, "I hate the republican party and they are responsible for every evil woe in the entire country". That's what he said, if you read between the lines.

But enough about that. I don't mention politics often and i probably shouldn't start now. ;)


October 01, 2013 - Msg 94857: Morning Dears!
Well G-F. Yer gonna retire and build yerself a treehouse and hermatize huh? lol Thanks for the card buddy. And congrats on the retirement. 38 years. Good for you. I imagine it is a hard thing to really do it, after dreaming about being able to do it for years. I'm glad you made it, and hope you have a long and happy, healthy retirement. Ya done earned it. Same goes for Ro and MDC. I'm still 5 to 6 years out, if I want to get my full benefits from my work retirement. Not sure my tired old aching body will allow me that or not. Some days I feel I'm good for a lot longer. Other days I'm feeling like I should have retired years ago. But I'm grateful for the health I have because I know I could be a lot worse off. As Ro always says, God is good.

Boo, so glad Bruce wasn't furloughed. What a mess our system is. These weenies in washington, telling us this is the best thing to come down the pike since running water, have exempted themselves and their staffs from it. I honestly don't know how these two faced hypocrites can show their slimey faces in public! Boy is my jaw muscles working right now.

Ro, hope your mess isn't as bad as you first thought it might be. Lovely little surprizes happen when you own a home, don't they?

Well better get. With G-F retiring, my work load is gonna double.

Prayers for all and prayers for our Nation to start acting like we got some smarts.


October 01, 2013 - Msg 94858: I know what you mean, Asa...I was just telling Erin that my old body feels like an old car in need or repairs. I kept waking up last night..between carpal tunnel pain in my wrist and hot Poor Bruce tells me he will never be able to retire, and here I am getting my RN license updated so I can WORK again?! What am I, a nut? ;)

Wonder if Ro is still mopping up water...

I am trying to get Erin ready for the state test for placement...trying to fill in any gaps she might have and it is going to take a little while. We'll get there, though. Better scoot on off the porch...


October 01, 2013 - Msg 94859: Hi Porchers ! I'don't write often, and rarely get a reply because of that i'm sure, but I have some pix from Mayberry Days if anyone is interested go to Local doin's page to avoid the business stuff

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94860: Hi All
What a way to start the day off with bad new!
G-F retirement who going to do all the work, and now with all the free time on your hand.
Thank for the card.
Ro hope everything come o k for you.


October 01, 2013 - Msg 94861: oops spelled it wrong

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94862: Good morning, porch! What a lovely day the Lord has given us!

Boo, I'm so glad Bruce wasn't hit by the furlough. I know you're both very relieved. This is a lot of nonsense. I'm sorry, but I have to say it. This is a failed president, who is desperately trying to make a disastrous program fly, because it's his "signature" piece of legislation, what he sees as his biggest claim to fame, and he is still clinging to hope that it might work. It won't. Just wait until all those people who thought they were going to get "free" healthcare discover that they are going to be forced to shell out a minimum, on average, of $300 a month for that "free" care, or face a whopping fine. Where are they going to get that kind of money? And what about the people who lined up at our ED doors in the past and actually did receive free healthcare? Now they're going to be fined if they don't enroll in ins#rance? Look out, folks. We could be in for some rough road here, as a lot of voters realize they've been "took." OK, enough said. Too much, maybe.

Daphne, I tried that link, but couldn't find a "local doin's" page. What am I missing? Also, don't forget that REV will be at my church on October 17. It's potluck, and as guests you don't need to bring anything. There will be plenty of food.

The bedroom floor definitely has some damage - raised ridges alongside seams in quite a few places. I did have the floor-drying people come out, and basically, the man said there's nothing that can be done. Once that composition material beneath the laminate gets wet, it swells, and causes those ridges and there's no way to flatten it again. Actually, it doesn't look as bad as it sounds. Anyone walking into the room might not even notice it, but I know it's there, and my eyes go to those spots immediately. Dadburn it, my pretty floor! Oh well. It's just a floor, and it's still a far sight better than it was, with that stinky carpet. I'm going to ask Ted what it would take to repair at least the worst areas, but I think I know the answer, and I will probably end up leaving it alone. Ten years from now, it won't matter at all!

Asa, I wish you could retire! I know what Boo means about feeling like an old car that needs repairs. Sometimes my motor takes a while to get started, but it always eventually does, and I rattle and creak through the day, and I'm grateful for that. I know you've got your own challenges, and climbing around on roofs and handling heavy a/c units can't be easy. Weather extremes don't help any, either. Hang in there, buddy. Your day will come. G-F, I know you'll be busy doing fun things, and will love being retired. Oh, and thanks for that card. What a beautiful place!

My own retirement, if indeed that's what this is, just sneaked up on me. It wasn't planned, it just evolved through the back surgeries. I still don't know if I'm really retired, never had an official "retirement party" (thank goodness!) or anything, but I really don't see going back to work, at least not full time. When the disability runs out in December, I may try to do a few home-health visits a week, and make a little extra there, but we'll see. Also, I'm doing a bit more writing, and enjoying it a lot. It doesn't pay much, but it's quite fair for what I write, and it's fun. I'm working on a small book, and if it flies, it could pay enough to really help out. Or it could pay very little, but it won't matter. It's something that's been on my heart and mind ever since Dale died, and I just need to get it down on paper, so I'm doing it.

Well, Joe will be here shortly to deal with some things in the yard, so I'd better get away from this computer. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94863: just checked it. all is ok, please try again

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94864: local doin's is the 4th area at the top, home/soap & such/handmade & artsy stuff then Local doin's

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94865: Nice pics, Daphne. Thanks for sharing!
One question though for all our porchsters about one of the pics; What does Morgan Brittany have to do with TAGS? I can't seem to recall the episode she was in.

As a guy who is married to an American Indian and gets insur@nce through her work, I wonder what effect this Unaffordable Health-don't-care act will have on me, since Indians are one of the "exemptions" and don't have to sign up. The insur@nce we get through her tribe is really good, so I hope I am not expected to sign up for Obama's trillion dollar baby when I go in for my MRI on Thursday.
Yes, I did request an MRI when I went in for a re-checkup with my family doctor, contingent on insur@nce paying for it. I hope they do, as I would like to have a definite answer as to what is going on with my back. Especially after talking to my SIL about my brother's back, and how it has degenerated so much that they can't do anything for him surgically anymore.
My doctor put me on some new medications when I told her that the other ones weren't working very good, but I think I am going to stop them and go back to the old ones because these pills just wipe me out, and they don't do much for back pain either. So I guess I would rather be awake and in pain than be sleepy all day and in pain. The pain has subsided somewhat(and was on my old medication also), except in the morning when I am more stiff.
Have a good day all!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94866: Morgan was Opie's first love i remember a scene where they were in the back seat of the Sherriff's car coming back from a party or dance ?
Glad you enjoy the pics

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94867: ok got it, "poie's first Love" aired 9-11-1967
Arnold hadhis 13th Birthday Party. Morgan Brittany played Maey Alice Carter.

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94868: oops...Opie's first Love
ovbviously, i don't type well heehee

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94869: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... Mary Alice Carter

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94870: geez, i think i need some coffee

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94871:
Romeena, Morgan Brittany played "Mary Alice Carter" in "Opie's First Love (1967)". I believe she is listed in the credits as Suzanne Cupito (her birth name).
If I remember correctly, this episode is where Opie has a crush on Mary Alice and asks her to be his date at Arnold's party. Mary Alice accepts since Opie is the first to ask her. But later when a more popular boy asks Mary Alice, she breaks the date with Opie. Opie attends the dance party all alone where he notices Mary Alice sitting by herself on a couch and not appearing to be very happy. It turns out that her date is so popular that he spends his time with his other friends and ignores Mary Alice. Opie decides to approach Mary Alice where she explains to Opie how she got dumped. Opie swallows his pride and asks her to dance. He gets the girl he wanted.

from Poor Horatio

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94872:
Romeena, I could not find the video of "Opie's First Love", but I did find a screenshot of Opie and Mary Alice sitting on the couch.'s_First_Love?file=OPiesGF1.jpg

from Poor Horatio

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94873:
Hmm, it appears that the apostrophe terminated the link I posted above. Here it goes again.

Romeena, I could not find the video of "Opie's First Love", but I did find a screenshot of Opie and Mary Alice sitting on the couch.

from Poor Horatio

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94874:
Oops again. My last two postings were meant for Sterling Holobyte, not Romeena.

from Poor Horatio

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94875: Don't you hate when that happens, PH? I do that a lot, get the wrong person in my mind, and address a comment to them. Oh, well, it keep us on our toes!

Good pix, Daphne. I saw several people I know from the cruises - Howard Sprague, and Andelina, for example. Those tribute artists are just great, and all are such nice people. Our own Floyd does a superb job - you'd think for sure the original Floyd was standing right there!

Sterling, I'm glad to know that the Native Americans have a good insur@nce package. They should. Talk about a group that got a bad deal! The European settlers blew through this country and literally stole the land those people were occupying, killed many of them, and lied to them every step of the way. There was nothing fair about it, and no amount of sugar-coating or history re-writes can change that. I'm sorry for them, and I'm sorry it happened. However, I do not feel guilty. I didn't do it, nor did my parents or my grandparents. What's done is done, and no guilt need be applied. However, some consideration still should be given to their descendants, because their land, which would have been the heritage of generations to follow, was taken from them. So, insur@nce and education consideration seems quite fair to me.

Well, it's been a long day. Joe was here most of the day, and Ted was here from about noon until around four, and while they did all the work, I didn't spend any time in my chair, and I'm used to doing that, at least an hour or two. I guess I'm spoiled. Toye Starr missed her cuddle time, too, but she just marched in and demanded it while the guys and I were sitting in the sunroom talking. Just hopped up and plopped her little self down in my lap and dozed off. The guys thought it was pretty funny. They're both dog people, so we all get along fine.

Blessings! --Romeena

October 01, 2013 - Msg 94876: Sterling, I thought of you when I was listening to the news yesterday and wondered how this would effect Native Americans. Let us know how things go. If you aren't uncomfortable telling me, what medication did the doc give you? When Bruce was having problems with his back, they gave him narcotic meds and M0trin...the M0trin worked better due to the anti-inflammatory effects. After he took the narcotic pain meds, his plumbing started to get sluggish (if you know what I mean), and he was miserable. Just sitting on a toilet was almost unbearable, but to have to sit there a long time and put some strain into just about did him in. Just saying that to say that if you are taking narcotics, eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of water, and get an over-the-counter stool softener. :)

Bruce came home from work today and told me that he was the only person from administrative staff that was exempt from the furlough! Thank God. He is the one keeping the information sytem and computers up and running and so he is a very important guy to have around.

Better go..Ihave some studying to do. I have to take the pharmacology/dosage calculation test this week. Pray for me!!! :)


October 02, 2013 - Msg 94877:
At least he didn't do it at Lowes! (: Phantom Poster

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94878: Boo, you definitely have my prayers! I remember those pharm/dosage tests very well. I did well on them, but I absolutely hated them! It had been a long time since I had seen a classroom, and I was never strong in math anyway. I knew the formulas (they had taught us, of course) but somehow I could still get a wrong answer, so I always double-checked my answers using my own little home-made system. That's the only thing that saved me! My system sometimes didn't work out either, but when I applied both methods, and got the same answer, I knew I was right. If the two answers didn't match, then I re-worked it until they did. Fortunately, in actual practice, a lot of dosing is pre-figured in Pharmacy, and quite often, the dose comes to you already drawn up and labeled. I still checked those doses, though. As for IV drip rates, you'll almost never have to figure them anymore. It's all about pumps and standardized tubing these days.

You are so right. Narcotics - any of them - will definitely slow your digestive system down, and causes problems. Your suggestion to consume a lot of fiber, lots of liquids and take an over the counter softener is spot on.

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. I hate to even walk in the bedroom and see that floor. It's really not as bad as I'm making it sound, I guess, but it looks awful to me. I have to keep telling myself - it's just a floor! No one's life hangs in the balance.

Blessings! --Romeena

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94879: Well Ro, we differ a bit in opinion about Affirmative Action, if that is what you were referring to when you mentioned education consideration. I personally think that is no longer needed. Everyone has the same ability to get into college with student loans and such, and if you want to work hard at getting an education. Just because you are another race, color or creed you shouldn't be given a free pass.
My wife's tribe has just tightened their "Native preference" for working for the casino and for the tribe, which means a department has to consider, even more now, hiring a native for a position over non-natives, even if the non-native is more qualified and a better fit for the job.
A lot of natives, including my wife, disagree with that. My wife says that is because many natives have the entitlement mentality, like they "deserve" this and that. And people like that are not good workers.
I am glad you don't feel guilty though. You shouldn't. Just as the entitlement-minded natives shouldn't keep using their ancestor's suffering to further their wants while widening the divide between the races.

Boo, no problem. Do you have a pen, and a lot of paper to write these medications down? ;)
At the hospital, they sent me home with these meds:
Tramadol - for pain
Robaxin(aka Methocabamol) - for muscle spasms
Naproxen - for larger pain
Magnesium Oxide - for muscle spasms
And then they told me to take Tylenol in between.

The new medications were:
Cyclobenzaprine(aka Flexeril) - for muscle spasms
Diclofenac EC(aka Voltaren) - for pain
Hydrocodone(aka Lortab) - for moderate pain
Then they told me to keep taking the Magnesium Oxide above as well. But no Tylenol with these.

But anyway, yeah, I switched back. Got tired of being so tired. And the first set of medications are easier to say. :)

Glad Bruce still has his job!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94880: Wow, no wonder you are tired, Sterling. Just the muscle relaxers alone will make you tired..add in the pain meds and you might feel like the walking dead (I would...wait, I already do). ;) Let's see...the muscle relaxers will make you feel tired and could cause problems with the plumbing, too, but the Magnesium Oxide might give you the runs, so it may not be an issue! ;)... I certainly hope you are better soon and will no longer need them. Hang in there.

Thanks for the prayers Ro!...and sorry about your bedroom floor. :(

I am tired this morning...was up late. Sean is allergic to peanuts and accidentally ingested a little peanut butter in something at a friend's house yesterday. Luckily, no reaction, but I kept a close eye on him until he finally fell asleep at around 2am. He had taken Benadryl and i had the epi-pens on hand. Good grief!

Well, I think I might lie back down fr a little while before Erin gets up.


October 02, 2013 - Msg 94881: Well gang G-F is in his 1ST day of retirement...Went to G-parents lunch at the school, it was fun to spent time with grandkidder at lunchtime. Now a little caulking, and some dirt work at home then a's a fun day 1.


October 02, 2013 - Msg 94882: Woohooo! G-F is officially one of the leisure class. Personally, the longer I'm off work, the more I'm enjoying it. I don't understand these people who say they're bored with retirement. For pete's sake - use your imagination. Make something! Break something! Volunteer! Go for a walk! Get a dog! Volunteer! take a trip - doesn't have to be expensive! Volunteer! Read a book! Volunteer! Now, if you notice a certain repetitive suggestion, think about it. Chances are that whatever you did in your working life can be transferred somehow into a volunteer activity. Maybe not directly, but there will be some things you know how to do that can be useful to someone else. You might be a mentor at a training center for the physically or mentally challenged. You a/c guys - lots of places could use your expertise. Habitat for Humanity comes to mind. So - what do I do, you might ask? Well, so far, not much, but then, I'm not bored! Hahahaha! Seriously, I do a little bit here and there, and once my connection to my employer is officially severed, I will do more. I know I can be of service in nursing homes, and perhaps even in my own hospital.

Sterling, you make excellent points, and they are very well taken. I tend to think more with my heart than with my head, and I've always felt that the Native Americans were robbed, and they were. However, other than losing what might have been passed to them through inheritance, today's generation has not been personally mistreated. You are right, the same opportunities exist for them as they do for everyone else, and by continuing to offer them freebies, we are keeping them on the reservation, so to speak, just as generational welfare has kept other minority groups on the plantation, as it were. Neither is fair to the minority involved, in the long run. Like a recent circulating email said - why do we hand out billions in all kinds of welfare programs, to able-bodied people, and then post signs in national parks which warn against feeding the wildlife, lest they become dependent? I do hope that by now everyone knows when I speak out against welfare, I do not refer to assistance offered to those who truly need it - the elderly, the ill, the handicapped - anyone who for whatever reason cannot work. I'll help anyone with a genuine need, but I try not to fall for scams. Another thing - I'd really like to see the government reinstate the old WPA, and take able-bodied people from the welfare rolls and give them a job rebuilding the infrastructure of this country - roads, parks, whatever - and pay them a decent wage for it. It would drastically reduce unemployment, would reduce the welfare expenditure, and would give the recipients a chance to feel proud of themselves, while improving the country. Most of our most beautiful park facilities were built by the WPA, or the CCC. It worked very well after the depression. Oh well. It's not going to happen, so that's that.

I just talked with my son, who has had some experience with the flooring I have in my bedroom, and he says I will have to replace the damaged area. He says the moisture that got into the seams and under the planks will eventually cause mold, which will smell bad and the floor in time will start to break down. Oh goody. I have a $1500 deductible on my insur@nce, so that repair will be on my nickel. Again, oh well. It is what it is, and it will get done, probably when the IRS comes through with my tax refund.

Well, gotta run. Blessings for all!! --Romeena

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94883: Well, what are you doing working on your first day of retirement then, G-F? Aren't you supposed to be sitting on the porch, rocking in your rocking chair?! ;)

I heard from the hospital, and my MRI is a go tomorrow. I really am glad I am getting this done, so I can find out what is going on back there and if the things the physical therapist is having me do are the right things to do for the condition.
I've never had an MRI before, and the person who called me didn't mention any restrictions like fasting or anything I have to do. Does anyone on the porch who has had an MRI know if there are any things you are supposed to do, or not to do?
My brother who had one said they are pretty noisy, but that they give you earplugs for that, or some even give you headphones with music to listen to. But my brother said he was pretty relaxed and he fell asleep during his.

Your comment about Sean's allergy reminded me, Boo, of a letter we received from Kai's school. It was a reminder not to send anything with peanuts in our child's lunch. Since I was under the impression that a peanut allergy is only dangerous if the person who has the allergy actually consumes the peanut, I asked Kai about this and she told me that there is a student who can't even be NEAR peanuts. I don't know if she heard wrong or if she was exaggerating, because I have never heard of an peanut allergy that strong. Has anyone heard of anything like that? Kai was pretty adamant that the person couldn't be around peanuts, not just forbidden to eat stuff with peanuts in it.
Personally, I think she's a nut. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94884: I am glad you didn't take offense at my comments, Ro. I didn't really like how I put some of it but I didn't know how to say it differently(I was writing it at about 12 midnight besides). I like your idea about the WPA. It would be a sensible and fair solution, which also means our government would never do it. I don't think the unions who get gobs of money to handle the road repair would like it much either.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94885: SH....Yes I did do some rocking on our front porch as Mrs. G-F and I were figuring what $ we will have coming in and $ going out...$ going out was greater than coming in...but I always have learned to live within my means even back when I started working for $2.24/hr back in "75". I guess they paid more up in Raleigh back then....

Romeena, Yes they do need folks to help keep the bolts on the wheel chairs @ the hospital tight. (I have the wrenches to swing it!) Or I could be funny like a clown at a nursing home. I will miss servicing my Senior residents, so that is a direction I may choose to go. I think I will apply for the position of "Dr. of Resident Fulfillment" We will have wheelchair races, Homemade ice cream nights, crafts..I'll need a lot of Mr. Potato sets, leather sets, metal and wood sets. Every night "Andy Griffith" reruns! once a month "Dancing under the Stars" at the gazebo (weather permitting)....

p.s. Sterling...Hope you are not claustrophobic that's the worst part, just keep your eyes closed and listen to the music.


October 02, 2013 - Msg 94886:
Howdy porch family.....well baseball fans....October is here with the playoffs.
Ro...I thought the Rangers would pull it out but just couldn't get it done.

Congrats G-F....I know you'll enjoy your time retirement!

Daphne....hope you can make it to Ro's church for the concert....would love to see ya!

You all have a good night and remember Jesus loves you!
Love and prayers

October 02, 2013 - Msg 94887: Good evening, porch! Sterling, I work hard at NOT taking offense to things people say, though sometimes I fail. Most of the time, it wasn't meant the way it sounded, so the high road is always the best way to go. However, in response to your comments, it took no effort at all on my part. There was nothing there to cause offense. When you're right, you're right, and I also admire your wife for the opinion she holds. The sense of entitlement that prevails in America today is like a poison, and it is bringing us down, a little at a time. I know I've mentioned this before, but when a 23-yr old girl who has just produced her fifth or sixth child can proudly tell me that she's the "breadwinner" for her family, by producing children, and she truly sees absolutely nothing wrong with that, then we are on the wrong track. I don't know if it occurred to her to wonder why I was standing there at her bedside on my tired 73-yr old feet, at 3 a.m. Maybe she figured I didn't have a fertile granddaughter to support me. Or maybe she thought it was just my hobby, that I was just up there for the fun of it! At any rate, that's what "entitlement" looks like.

Now, as for that MRI, there is no prep for it. You can eat, though I'd recommend a very light breakfast if you're nervous. You won't feel a thing, but the procedure is noisy. It used to be much worse. You would lie on a movable padded table, which would be slid into a tunnel-like machine. It was a close fit, with the top of the tunnel just inches above your face. The noise was very loud clanking, as though someone were beating on the tunnel. These days, most MRIs are done in a more open machine, where your table slides through a large ring, and stops as the machine takes the "pictures" of the area in question. So, for a back procedure, your head would be outside the ring. The noise is much reduced also, more like loud thumps. I think the closed machine is still used in some cases, but my guess is yours will be open. Just relax, close your eyes, and go with the flow. They'll be in constant communication with you through a sound system, so just follow their instructions and take it easy. There's really nothing to it.

Well, guess I'll go watch Perry Mason. Tomorrow will be a bit busy, several errands to run, and I need to get my bedroom put back together. Actually, I may wait for that, and get David to help me get those towels out from under the furniture. I still don't know where I got the strength to get them under those heavy pieces, but I did. I have good "pinchin' toes", so was able to manipulate the towels while holding up corners or sides of the furniture. I know I was sweating rivers and breathing very hard when it was all done. All I could think of was trying to save that floor, and still it was damaged. Oh well. As I said, it's just a floor, so it's all right. Blessings! --Romeena

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94888: Thanks for the information on the MRI.
G-F, I used to be kind of claustrophobic when I was a young kid, but I cured myself of that by having my brothers lock me in this old chest we had(yes, it was my idea - my brothers weren't THAT sadistic). I had decided that I had enough of irrational "fear" and wanted to be rid of it. It must have worked, because I have been in narrow caves, small spaces, and even a tour of a submarine with no problem whatsoever ever since.

But Romeena I think you are right about the more open machines though. I just had a look at the MRI machine on the hospitals website, and it did have a fairly wide opening. And the tunnel wasn't even that long by the looks of it because I could see through to the wall in the angled picture they had of it.

But even if it was one of the older models with a longer tunnel, that wouldn't have deterred me. I feel like nothing is worse than the debilitating severe pain I was feeling last Tues. Something I never want to go through again. If they said I had to sit underwater in a small pool filled with jellyfish and live squid in order to see what was wrong with my back, I would do it. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94889:
HI ALL! OK, I just gotta say this one thing, then I'll hush, but I am sure that by now you have all heard about the 80 and 90 year old WWII vets that stormed the WWII memorial. (Which, BTW, was built with private donations, and has always been open 24/7, but was "closed" by the OB admin because of the shutdown.) Anyway, I just love what one old vet said, "We stormed the beaches of Normandy thru a hail of machine gun fire; do you really think a little yellow plastic tape would stop us?" Ha, I love it! Also, as I viewed video of it on YT, you can see that no other memorial is barricaded, for example, one can see people walking up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
I've never wished ill will on anyone, but I have come very close to it these past few days! End of soapbox.
Sterling, you will be in my prayers that all goes well.
RO- love your "visual description" of your beautiful yard.
BOO- praying for you to make good ed decisions regarding Erin. Glad Bruce is OK. Great FB posts lately.
Prayers for all,

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94890: Amen MDC! The WW2 vets will fight for what is RIGHT until their last dying breath! AGAIN, that is why they are the GREATEST generation! Books should be written...."All I needed to know in life I learned from a WWII Vet", and one of those "For Dummies" books..."American freedom for Dummies".
I'm just sayin', but I just happen to believe I'm right!!


October 03, 2013 - Msg 94891: Hey folks & Happy Birthday to Mayberry! (The debut of TAGS happened on this date, FYI.)

What would the world be like had there been no Andy Griffith show? A lot less laughs,that's for sure!

Hope all the Porchsters are doing well-sorry I don't sit & rock as much as I used to. Y'all take care-love to all!

possum under a rock

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94892: Good to see you, Possum. Hope you are doing well. I didn't know TAGS debuted today. Makes you want to go back to that time and view the starting of what would become one of the most beloved shows on tv.

Well, I just got back from my MRI, and wow, that was nothing. The radiologist(I think that is who performs MRI's, correct me if I am wrong) said it took 25 minutes, but it didn't even seem that long. All I know is I had just finished listening to "Mr. Roboto" when he came on the intercom saying we were all done.
Now to wait for the results.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94893:
Howdy porch family. are so right about the vets....It tore my nerves up when I saw what this president was/is doing. But you have to realize that this pres has no concept of serving in military because he has never served in any thing or in any capacity. glad the MRI went smooth and praying for good results so you can get some relief.

Possum.....You sure are a smart little possum...thanks for the TAGS debut info:)

Folks I'm certainly not making light of the shooting today in DC because a person lost their life and what that poor child had to face....but....I wonder if they'll start hollering that we need to outlaw cars now?

Spot....Braves need to do it tonight!

I better get ready for the game so I'll get off here. Got the popcorn popping....I'm ready!
Love and prayers

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94894: Glad it went well, Sterling. When I had mine in April, it was about 45 minutes long and I had to have an IV so they could inject some radio isotopes. My head was out of the tube, so no problem. The worst part was the gross heavy metal music I was forced to listen to on the headphones. If I could have moved, I would have thrown them off and listened to the banging of the machine.

Happy Anniversary to the Andy Griffith Show...thanks for the reminder, Possum!

Well, I won't even comment on the frustration i feel over the current happenings in our nation. I just feel sick about it.

Wanted to mention that the Lord has been very good to my family and we are thankful that Bruce is continuing to work (might not get a paycheck for awhile, though). We were very thankful today that Bruce received unexpected back-pay from overtime that he had not received and it will compensate for now. God is taking care of us. Thank you for your prayers.

MDC, Sean is a little discouraged right now because he hasn't had much work this week and when he did work, he really didn't get paid fairly. They pay him 30 dollars for each car that he does but because he is doing such a good job, they save the really bad ones for him, which take him all day to finish and he only gets 30 dollars for a long, hard day of work. When they hired him they told him he would be paid more for the cars that needed more work but that isn't happening. He is going to have to say something but he is shy about it...probably because the owner is a family friend. I am praying that they will pay him what he is worth but I think he is going to have to say something. Its hard work and its in a very hot garage area. He gets so dehydrated and tired because it has been 90-plus with the heat index in the 100's. We are finally supposed to see a cool front this weekend.

Sean is also starting to have some more issues with anxiety and feeling a little depressed. I will be taking him back to the doctor soon to evaluate his meds, etc. Please pray that he gets what he needs and starts feeling better. Things were going so well.


October 03, 2013 - Msg 94895: Hey, Possum! Good to see you. Hope everything is going well with you. You've earned some peaceful time.

Fun, fun, fun! My surprise lilies have shot up practically overnight, with their tall, bare stems, and now the flowers are opening, looking like exploding firecrackers! I just love surprise lilies! They're well-named, because you're always surprised when they appear. For most of the last, hot part of summer, there's no sign of them. Nothing. Just bare dirt. Then this asparagus-like stem pokes out of the ground, grows in about three days to about 18" tall, and then the flowers start to open. Most of mine are red, slender, spidery flowers, about a dozen per stem, and they're grouped together so they look like a firecracker bursting. I do have a few of the variety commonly called "naked lady", which is a slightly heavier flower, not so spidery, and is a pale pink. Very pretty. After the flowers fade in a week or two, the stems gradually soften and fall over. You can cut them off after they shrivel, or just ignore them, and they just disappear into the soil. A few weeks later, green foliage starts to appear, looks a lot like liriope, or monkey grass. It just sits there through the end of winter, in a soft green mound, then when spring and the heat begins, it fades and disappears, leaving just bare dirt for a while. Then in the very late summer or early fall (like now) the blooms appear again. A very interesting plant, hardy in zones 5-9, and they multiply. Just dig up a clump during their dormant phase, separate the bulbs, and plant them anywhere, about five inches deep. They do prefer a loose, sandy soil, but will grow in about anything. I just love them!

My esperanza is putting on a show, covered with bright yellow flowers. It does very well here, I think I need to get a couple more. They really provide visual impact when placed next to anything dark green, or backed up by a knockout rose. That's where mine is, and it really is pretty.

Eloise and I went to lunch today, and I let her talk me into going to Hobby Lobby. Big mistake. I bought a vine wreath base and waaay too much fall foliage and flowers - so beautiful, and looks so real. I'm going to make a great big fall wreath, actually it will be solid, like a biscuit, not a ring like a doughnut, so I guess technically it's not a wreath. I'll have flowers and foliage left over and I'll just make a bouquet out of what's left and take it to the cemetery to put on my mom and dad's graves.
Anyway, I got some gorgeous wide ribbon to weave through it, and I think I'll tuck a few of my Halloween beanie babies in, just peeking out here and there. I'll hang it above the mantle board, on the face of the stone fireplace and it should look very nice. It can stay up until Thanksgiving, and David will take it down when he puts my Christmas wreath up there. I'm thinking I'll re-make the Christmas wreath this year, it's looking a bit tired. Thank goodness, I've got the "fixins" to do that, won't have to buy anything.

Well, I'm off to eat my supper. I brought half my lunch home, so guess that's what I'll have. Can't beat a free meal! Blessings! --Romeena