October 03, 2013 - Msg 94896: At least REV & SPOT your Braves are in the show... The Indians went out went out with a BIG fizzle...We tried to tell them didn't we TOM....


October 03, 2013 - Msg 94897: Whoooo.....I'm supposed to be retired, but I still have time to sweep!...G-F again

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94898: GF good sweep...and yep our braves start in just a bit..hey possum,Boo,Romeena and all....gona get work done and will be back in just a bit...any leftovers?...SPOT

October 03, 2013 - Msg 94899: Going to bed with a splitting headache and and ice bag. :(


October 04, 2013 - Msg 94900:
G-F--Look at it this way, you swept BECAUSE you are retired! ha
Well, as "porch teams" go, the Braves are the only ones still in it. What do you guys think of those "one game" playoffs? Should at least be three, but that's me.
BOO- prayers for your head and for Sean.
Yes, Sean should indeed speak up! "Sir, I'm doing a good job, right? And you told me that I would not get all the real bad ones, or would at least be paid more, right? Well, that is not what has been happening." Hard to do, but worth a shot.
Sweet dreams all,

October 04, 2013 - Msg 94901: Good evening, porch! Boo, MDC is right. Sean should muster up his courage and his most respectful and tactful manner, and present his case. It may work, or it may not, but if it doesn't, it's better that he finds out now, before he invests any more time and sweat in the job.

Now, about your headache. We may have discussed this before, but if we have, I've forgotten. (Imagine that!) My question - how much artificial sweetener do you consume, if any? I'm asking because a number of years ago, I decided to force myself to "learn to like" the miserable things, in the mistaken idea that it would help me lose weight. I drank diet sodas for almost a year, and had the first migraine headaches I'd ever had in my life - about two a week - the whole time. I ditched the diet sodas and any and all forms of artificial sweeteners, my headaches disappeared completely, and I haven't even had a plain old headache since then. You could not pay me to use an artificial sweetener. And of course, it has now been proven that they don't help with weight control either, in fact they work against it. Miserable stuff! Maybe you don't use them either, but if you do, they could be the problem.

Well, I'm off to bed. Blessings, all! --Romeena

October 04, 2013 - Msg 94902: Thanks, MDC and Ro. I am encouraging Sean to do as you say before he starts getting discouraged enough to try to find another job. I am sure that if it was brought to the owner's attention, he would do the right thing. He's a good, christian man and probably doesn't realize what is going on. Sean's immediate superviser is always nice to him and compliments him on his work, so I expect if Sean brings it up, they will compensate him...if not, he can find something else.

Ro, thanks, but I don't use artificial sweetners, either. A headache like I had yesterday is rare, thankfully. I have mild headaches, mostly from stress, but rarely migraines. Last night was tough...nausea, too!

Better get!


October 04, 2013 - Msg 94903: ....Day 3 in the outside world. Going to take G-daughter to a Mayberry event/car show at a senior center in Canton this evening, should be fun...
Boo & Romeena...H2o all the way! NO diet soda for G-F either...speaking of H2o where has Auh20 been? Time for the weather alerts. Old Man winter cometh...and cometh soon..I do love Fall though the smells colors ect. (not raking leaves) I just mow them over! The leaves are just starting to change, give it 2 more weeks and they will peak.


October 04, 2013 - Msg 94904: Ha ha! Great minds think alike, I guess, G-F. I mow my leaves as well. Just set the mower to be a "mulching" mower, and there you go. That's one reason I can like winter better than summer. At least with snow you only have to shovel the sidewalk and driveway, and it is pretty straight-forward. With mowing I have all these trees, shrubs, and other obstacles I have to maneuver around.
Otherwise though, I'll take summer. :)

I can't imagine having a headache that bad, Boo. Sorry you have to suffer through something like that, but I am glad it is temporary and rare. I knew this guy long ago who I worked with at the grocery store who used to get terrible migraines all the time, and he was always going home. He could hardly even see when he would get a bad one.

Yeah, I try to stay away from Aspartame or any artificial sweetener. I even try to stay away from corn syrup, which isn't easy. It's real sugar for me, or nothing.

Still no report on the MRI results yet.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 04, 2013 - Msg 94905: Hi All.
Just a nice wram day here.
G-F how did the brown game go last night? I just was the 1Q and the 2q just start wend I last powr for 1 hr and a half by the time it can back on the game was at 5 min it
Spot did not do his job to good here

Sgt TOM :(

October 04, 2013 - Msg 94906: TOM...They won, but lost their Quarterback for the season. The Indians tanked on their only play-off game...Did you get your Mayberry souvenir? I was thinking of you....


October 04, 2013 - Msg 94907: TOM...They won, but lost their Quarterback for the season. The Indians tanked on their only play-off game...Did you get your Mayberry souvenir? I was thinking of you....


October 04, 2013 - Msg 94908: G-F sorry to that lost the Quarterrback for the season but won the game.
Yes I do Mayberry souvenir . THANK YOU.


October 05, 2013 - Msg 94909:
OK, I gotta get on that Christmas card list and see what G-F is sending out! ha
I hope all you folks are better tonight.
God's blessings,

October 05, 2013 - Msg 94910: Well Rev our Braves are back on track...hey gang...GOOD morning...cool here in Ga...hey Boo,ROmeena,GF,MDC,TOM,Auh20,possum and all...well here at wk till 6pm...frying sausage links and scrambled eggs with cheese and toast...yall are welcome to some....grapefruit juice...ok...let me get busy...prayers...hope storm Karen is not as bad as expected...SPOT

October 05, 2013 - Msg 94911:
Howdy porch family....gonna be a hot one here on this end of the porch. Been really nice but turning back to summer today.

Yep Spot....Braves back even now....let's keep it rolling!

My wifey and I are going out for the day. Will be gone on a tour after this weekend for 6 weeks so we're going to enjoy this weekend together. I better start getting ready....You all have a great day and remember to share the love of Jesus today!
Love and prayers

October 05, 2013 - Msg 94912: Good morning, porch! Well, our cool front has hit. It's a cool 62 here on my porch this morning. Cloudy, overcast and breezy and rain is predicted. It will be most welcome! However, (naturally) the annual Walk to Remember is scheduled for 1 p.m. This is the ceremony that Eloise and I attend, along with Brittney and David and the boys, to remember our little Logan, who died right after birth eleven years ago. The whole thing takes place on a beautiful hillside on the property of a large church on the edge of town. The group walks en masse from the main building, to the hillside, about two hundred yards. There will be about three hundred families there, each honoring one or more child lost to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. There is music, a sweet message, and each child's name is called out clearly. Each family, as their child's name is called, walks to a small tree that has been growing on the site since the beginning, and they hang a pretty paper and lace angel ornament on the tree. Then each person is given a balloon, a pen to write a message on it, and the group is led in singing "Jesus Loves Me." At the end of the song, the balloons are released. It's quite moving, to see those pink, blue and white balloons rising up, finally out of sight. Later, the family may retrieve their ornament if they wish. Brittney has each one of Logan's little ornaments. It's a beautiful ceremony, and helps to keep the child alive in the memory of their family, a reminder that every life counts, no matter how brief. So, Eloise and I will put on jackets, stash an umbrella, and will be there!

One year, it rained. Buckets. It poured. So, the church very kindly made their sanctuary available to us, and the ceremony was held inside. At the end, the balloons were transferred in large "bouquets" to the hands of some of the men, who went into the rain and released them. Love will find a way!

REV, I know you and your dear lady will enjoy this day together. This calling you have answered makes it tough on both of you, I know, but God sees and knows the sacrifices you make, and surely must be pleased.

Well, guess I'd better start getting ready. I have to pick Eloise up in an hour, and I'm still sitting here, all grubby and wild-haired. Not only that, but I still have to add the veggies to the soup I started last night in the crockpot. The meat has simmered all night, now I have to add the veggies. Should be good! Come by and have a bowl with me tomorrow. If Emma is ailin' again, maybe I'll take some over to her.

Blessings, all! --Romeena

October 05, 2013 - Msg 94913: REV, Make sure your darling person gets to order from the menu tonight...No pounded steak specials, it's soup & salad! along with a piece of pie WITH ice cream...Hey REV & SPOT did you hear that big fizzlepop sound coming from up Cleveland way the other night? It was the Indians going out with a fizz & a pop...sorta like a wet firecracker...Hope your Braves go all the way!

Where's Asa been? Hopefully he was not abducted by aliens while he was working on that roof-top unit the other day....


October 05, 2013 - Msg 94914: Howdy. I'm home from the "Walk to Remember." It was beautiful, as always. Cold, with the temp around 60, and the wind was pretty active, but it didn't rain. Dave and Brittney and the boys left for McKinney, since Landry has a baseball tournament there. They left Bentley with me, we'll all be together tomorrow and I'll return him. Meantime, he and Toye Starr are cuddled in a warm ball on the living room carpet. I can barely see Starr, she's up against Bentley's chest, with her head on his front leg. He's so good to her. They play tug o'war with toys, and he could sling her across the room, but he doesn't. He's very gentle, sometimes even lets her win! She, of course, just adores him.

That soup sure did smell good when I walked in the door a while ago. I stirred it up and (of course) tasted it, and let me tell you, it's some kinda good! It contains beef, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, onions, bok choy, green onions, zucchini, yellow squash, cilantro, red and yellow sweet peppers, celery, red cabbage and corn. Now how could it not be good? I'm going to stir up some cornbread, put on some warm jammies, put a TAGS DVD in the player, and have myself a lovely evening. I'm going to eat soup until I can't hold any more! Very few calories in that soup, but lots of nutrition. I should eat that way more often.

First, though, I've got to go fill feeders. Some hopeful little squirrels are investigating the feeders, and they're empty. Can't have that!

Blessings, friends1 --Romeena

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94915:
RO- that indeed sounds like a beautiful ceremony. Glad it did not rain. The "soup" also sounds, but it almost seems more like a fancy stew with all those 'gredients!
I know you are not a big football fan, but my Ariz. State team just played against Notre Dame a hop, skip away from ya in Arlington. But alas, we lost.
GF-How did Ohio state do.
REV- all the best to you on the long road tour. Should be fun at RO's again!
HI SPOT, sounds like our talkin' dog is eatin' well! Heard about storm Karen coming. Be careful.
Prayers for all,

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94916:
Howdy porch family.....just a quick check in before night night:) My wife and I had a great day together.
Ro....I'm thankful she understands my traveling.
G-F....it was the full menu bro...I didn't skimp a bit:)

Ro...you mentioned McKinney, TX....well a lady I went to high school with and grad together lives there. Hope it's alright but I've invited her to my concert. Not sure if she will be able to make it but I'll let you know as soon as she lets me know.

Well gang I'm heading to bed. See ya'll in church in the morning.
Love and prayers

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94917: Hey Rev,Boo,Romeena,MDC,GF...well back at work till 6pm...great weather hee...have not mentioned..(Rev knows) from FB..and a few othere...bought me a scooter...having a blast with it...well..gona try to keep the Church lights on till 6pm...and catch a good sermon on TV...prayers...SPOT

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94918: Good morning, porch! REV, how nice that you invited your friend to the concert! Of course it's all right. The more the merrier, and I'd love to meet her. It's potluck, but as a guest, she doesn't need to bring anything. That's the great thing about potluck vs a catered meal. You don't need an exact count, because there's always way more than enough, and everyone is welcome. Anyway, you are welcome to invite anyone you wish, and I hope she can come. I'll see to it that there's a seat at the table with Eloise and me.

Well, got to get in the shower and get ready for preaching. I forgot about having Bentley here, so it takes a little longer to do the morning stuff. He has to be let out, let back in, wipe his wet feet, give him water, dry his fluffy old face or he'll drip all over the house - such as that. Toye Starr and I have our little routine, not much to it, but another dog in the house changes things a bit. Oh well. He's worth it. He's such a lovable old mug. Such a big old galumph, but so cute and so very smart.

MDC, my mom always said the main difference between soup and stew was the thickness of the liquid! When you think about it, that's about right. If you thicken the broth in a soup, it becomes stew! Left without any thickener, it's soup. At least that's the way it is around here. My dad agreed with you though, and often called it "stoup." Anyway, whatever it is, it's good. All the ingredients except the corn and tomatoes were fresh, not canned. I usually put some fresh asparagus in as well, but that stuff was 4.99 a pound!

Well, off I go. See you folks later! Don't forget to go to preaching on this beautiful Sabbath day. --Romeena

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94919: MDC, Yep OSU won their game with Northwestern, but they did come to play so it was no laydown game. OSU should do good up till the "Mitchigan" game, that should be a good one this year.
REV & SPOT, good day for Georgia fans too. SPOT with a scooter? what's next a sidecar and hooping & hollering all around town like the "Wild Ones"?

Romeena...Pot luck dinners? There is always a lot of "Chicken ala King" at those events.. Be sure REV gets to his full water mark with "Babes Chicken" Man does not live by white beans alone ya know!


October 06, 2013 - Msg 94920: Good afternoo9n. What a beautiful day! Golden sunshine, blue sky, gentle breeze, temp is 72. It just doesn't get much better than that.

I stopped by Lowe's on the way home today, to pick up a yard light, and while there I thought I'd check to see if they had any Christmas yard decorations that reflect the reason for the season. I found one lighted angel. One. That's it. Oh, they have a ton of cute Santas and elves and snowmen and the like, but a nativity? Nope. One angel. So, I asked a man who was stocking shelves in that department if they planned to get anything else. He said, "No, ma'am. We tried last year, and actually had a few things, and corporate made us discontinue them because it might offend the Muslims in the community." Now how do you like that? Folks, how much more of this idiocy are we going to put up with? What about offending US? Every time I see some sad-eyed woman wrapped in a black bedsheet, dutifully trotting along two paces behind some arrogant-looking man, I'm offended. Every time the majority of us are prevented from doing something we've done for years, for fear of offending them, I'm offended. If the sight of a nativity yard scene is offensive to a Muslim, I would suggest they don't walk down the Christmas aisle! What are they doing in that aisle in the first place? They should just stay out of the holiday section completely, since we presume they don't celebrate Christmas. I don't go in their stores, where their burkas are sold.

Between them and the atheists, some of whom want every vestige of God sponged from the country, it's getting out of control. We hear a lot about tolerance. Well, I'm getting tired of being tolerant of their intolerance. Tolerance works both ways, or at least it should.

There, I've said it, and I ain't takin' it back. I don't mean to start a moulage. Everyone is free to agree or disagree. As it has been said, I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. All I ask is the same consideration. --Romeena

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94921:
I see a few people made some comments about the weather. Guess it is time for the weather report.

from Poor Horatio

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94922: Hey Romeena, Was that a basketball score in Irvine today? 99 total points WOW! Yes they do it BIG in Texas...


October 06, 2013 - Msg 94923:
PH--very funny video! Do you know what show he was on?
ROMEEna-- yes, I hear ya! But I want you to know that our local Sears just put up a Christmas section, and they have some nativity figures, lawn size and small for tree.
On the other hand, I got an email lately about a small college somewhere that is putting in foot baths in the restrooms for muslim foot washing. Really! OK, soapbox sliding back under porch.
Hope all are well. Pappabear says Hey!

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94924: Good evening, porch! Thanks for that weather report, PH. Old Don was a master at that kind of comedy.

G-F, wasn't that game pitiful? Of course, it might have helped if the refs had called some of the more obvious infractions, like horse-collaring, holding and the like, but even so, the Cowboys just blew it at the end, and that's that.

Eloise made peach ice cream, and it sure was good! Why is homemade ice cream so much colder than store-bought? Is it because they whip so much air into the store kind? I know I never get a brain freeze from the store kind, but I sure do with the homemade stuff. It's worth it, though. I can pass up bought ice cream, but if there's homemade around, I just have to have some.

Well, I may go to bed a little early tonight. Got a misery in my back. Maybe I should take some of Emma's pills. Reckon she'd loan me some? Blessings! --Romeena

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94925: Really, MDC? At Sears? OK, thanks - I'll have to check that out at our Sears. Or maybe I'll try online. Thanks for the tip. --Romeena

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94926: Ro, what a sweet mental image of Bentley curled up with Toye. :) The Walk of Remembrance is such a such a sweet way to honor those little ones.

We had a beautiful day here today...finally the temps dipped into the 60's for the first time since May! Went to preachin' and had a nice lunch...sat out on the porch swing...took a short snooze on the couch, and then went out back to do some cleaning up in the chicken coop. Let Big Berbie and "the girls" out to roam, which is always fun because my dogs are pretty darned scared of that big rooster. They sit down at least 10 yards away and just whine. So funny.

Well, tomorrow is a busy day. School work, laundry is behind, and the frige has GOT to be cleaned out tomorrow. I am going to pick up a church member from dialysis tomorrow afternoon, but that will be a blessing. Dudley is in his 70's and is the sweetest, most loving Christian man. People in our church family take turns driving him and they always walk away blessed from having spent time with him. Tomorrow is my turn and I am looking forward to it. Poor Dudley has been on dialysis for years not and is getting pretty weak...I don't think he has much time left, so it is all the more important that I spend some time with him.

That makes me REALLY mad about Lowe's Ro, and I am going to tell them what I think...going to the website now..


PS- Emma Watson said to tell you she doesn't want anymore soup! ;)

October 06, 2013 - Msg 94927: "Bernie'...not "Berbie"!!!

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94928: Wow my braves...wow...SPOT

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94929: Hi All.
Today will be a good time for soup, because we have a cold front here and it about 60% going to be the high for days brrr
Boo win you are do with your house come and help me due me. hehe
Will my brother Rich is doing good for now the is a photo of him on fb that his kids had on there.


October 07, 2013 - Msg 94930: TOM...Is that cold front blowing off Lake Erie and coming down your way? Dick Godards Wooll Bear festival was yesterday, wonder how bad of a winter it predicts for this year?...I bet we get snow and cold....

Romeena, I thought "horse collaring" was legal in Texas, so maybe that is why it wasn't called?
Now if it was a "concealed carry" run by the fullback, that would be a call to review fight! We will just call Tony's pass interception just plain robbery and leave it at that!
****Shout out for Asa********



October 07, 2013 - Msg 94931: That's Wollybear Festival.....


October 07, 2013 - Msg 94932: Good morning, porch! Wow, is it gorgeous here today! Temp is 67, sunny, clear skies, very light breeze - just beautiful! I enjoy this time of the year almost as much as I enjoy Spring. Everything is still green, many things are still blooming, but there's a feeling in the air, a sense of urgency - bloom now if you can, because the time is almost past! Many of my plants are responding to that call - there are a lot of roses, many buds, the pentas are covered with pink crowns, and even the reblooming irises are sending up a few buds. They finished that show a couple of weeks ago, but a few die-hards are still trying. Then, of course, the surprise lilies are just popping up everywhere and displaying their firecracker blooms on top of their tall, bare stalks. Amazing plants!

The pond needs attention, but today is the day Jamie usually comes by to tend to it. She's young, enthusiastic, enjoys her work, and does a great job, for relatively small pay. That pond, with its miserable algae was wearing me out! Jamie charges less than Eddie charges to mow and edge the yard, and the pond looks wonderful. She just comes once a month, and it's enough. The filters are clean, even the big external filter, which I can't even open with my arthritic fingers. Yep, she's worth it!

Boo, I'm going to email you some pictures of Toye Starr and Bentley. If you'd like to put them on Facebook, so others can see them, I have no objection. I'm not on Facebook, am considering it, but just not sure. Anyway, I'll send you the pix and you can do with them as you wish.

Well, it's approaching noon, I have a lot of that soup left, and even a couple of cornbread muffins. Sounds like lunch to me! There's a lot of soup, so if you're in the neighborhood, drop by! I can always make more cornbread. --Romeena

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94933: Hi All.
Rom is your soup mm good mm good as campbow

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94934: Back at work....hey Boo...Rev our braves are a mess....whew..Falcons tonight..hey possum,G-F...Romeena...ok...let me get started here...SPOT

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94935: Howdy Porch.
Sure been busy. Having to take on G-F's work since he retired I reckon. Thanks for the shout out G-F. Hope you are enjoying them laid back carefree days. Just don't get too bored and start growing whiskers and trying to sell a boat in a bottle now.

Friends, If I could ask for your prayers. Our little Allison (the newest Grandbaby) is going in for a hernia surgery on Thursday. Poor little thing is not even two months old. We are blessed to have one of the best Childrens Hospitals in the Country here in the intermountaim west. Primary Childrens Hospital is where she will be going to have it done. Your prayers for her, her parents and siblings (and for her worried old granparents) would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


October 07, 2013 - Msg 94936:
MDC, during my research of trying to identify what show it was where Don Knotts performed the television weatherman skit, in the comments section for that video, a person posted "Saw this on Steve Allen's Tonight Show!". Don was a regular on that show between 1956 and 1958 when it was known as The Steve Allen Show.

from Poor Horatio

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94937: Good afternoon, porch. Yes, TOM, my soup is every bit as good as Campbell's, and even better, if I do say so myself! I had two bowls for lunch! There's still some left, too. If I don't eat it by tomorrow, I'll freeze what's left, and have it later.

About the comment from the employee in Lowe's - I wrote the incident up in a letter to the editor at The Dallas Morning News, and today I got a response from them. They want to know which store, and the employee's name, so they can fact-check the story before running the letter. Of course, I declined to give them the information. I'm afraid it would cause the store to retaliate against the employee, perhaps even fire him, and I don't want that on my conscience. I suggested instead that they call or visit a few stores, ask the same question, and see what they receive as an answer. This could get interesting!

One other observation - while it's possible that this was an isolated case (how, in a chain store?), that the employee was misinformed or whatever, the fact remains that the only religious-themed decoration in the store was one solitary angel. Makes ya thank!

Asa, bless that baby's little heart! I'm so sorry she's having to go through this, and the rest of the family as well. It's hard on everyone. However, if it's any consolation, most hernia surgeries are relatively simple procedures, with a very high success rate, and the patient recovers rapidly. Especially little kids - they often act like nothing happened at all. I know how you feel, though. When my oldest son was five, he had surgery to correct a malformation of his chest and rib cage (funnel chest, or pectus excavatum.) I'll never forget how small and helpless he looked on that gurney, as they took him to surgery. Still, the next day, he was riding a tricycle down the hallway! So cheer up, granddad, she's going to be just fine! God will take care of her.

PH, I remember The Steve Allen Show very well, and I remember when Don Knotts was on the show. As I recall, Tim Conway, Louis Nye and Tom Poston were also on it a lot. I think it was on that show that Don did his famous "man on the street" interviews. Funny, funny stuff!

Well, I'm off to seek some supper. I'm thinking I may have those corn muffins and some buttermilk for supper. Memories of nights spent with my grandparents - we often had cornbread and buttermilk for supper. I love it! --Romeena

October 07, 2013 - Msg 94938: Prayers, please, for my son's mother-in-law. This is not Eloise, David's MIL. This is my Florida son's MIL. Her name is Kathy. She tripped and fell on a tile floor and broke her right hip and shattered her right shoulder. She had a hip replacement last night, and tomorrow morning will have a shoulder replacement. My DIL says she's pretty comfortable with the hip repaired, but not sure how the shoulder will be. Generally, that's a pretty painful surgery. She'll be in the hospital a week, then will go to a rehab/recovery facility for up to four weeks. Interesting - my son built that facility about ten years ago. It's very nice, and well-staffed, and they know a lot of the folks there, so maybe it won't be too bad.

I did have the cornbread and buttermilk for supper, and it was so good! There's one muffin left - maybe I'll do it again in the morning on a smaller scale. Tasted like home! I could almost hear my grandma calling out the back door - "Fritz! Fritz! Supper's on the table!" Then she'd grumble her way back to the kitchen, saying "I guess he's poked off somewhere." But my grandpa would come shuffling in, plop his greasy, tattered old hat down somewhere, and take his usual chair at the table. He rarely spoke, and when he was finished eating, he'd just push his dishes out of the way, light his pipe, then take out a stained deck of cards, shuffle them, and start playing "Sol", as he called it. He would play all evening, usually with his parakeet perched on his shoulder, and his grouchy, snappy little chihuahua under his chair, and then would get up and go to bed, all without saying more than three words to anyone. He worked hard, spoke little, never showed the older kids any sign of affection, but could cloud up and cry just looking at a baby. I could write a story about my grandfather. Maybe I will.

Well, I'm about ready to "mosey" (another of my grandmother's words) off to bed myself. I'll talk to Toye Starr, though! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94939:
Evenin' honeys and dears. Ro, she's got my prayers for sure! Good going on the Lowe's letter. You KNOW what I think of a good letter!
BOO- any update on Sean's job situation?
If any of you would like to see a list of "un-necessary govt. closures" see this link: unbelieveable.
Ariz even offered to pay to keep the GC open, but unlike the past shutdowns, has been told No. Lord help us!
ASA- good to see you. Sorry you have all the OT with G-F runnin off to Mayberry Days, and God-knows-where! ha
BOO- I saw your Lowe's FB post. Good going.
Prayers for REV as he starts his road trip.

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94940: This makes me want to throw up. --Romeena

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94941: Good morning! You know, I just re-read MDC's post, and suddenly, I just couldn't wrap my mind around what I was reading. The Grand Canyon is closed?? The Grand Canyon? That huge, magnificent hole in the ground, that's the size of a small country, and it's closed? Never mind all the other closings, they're ridiculous and insulting enough, but the Grand Canyon? Just who, in the name of all that is holy, does this man think he is? I would find it a lot easier to believe that the "savings" were necessary, if he and the rest of the overpaid fat cats in Washington had volunteered to forego their salaries for the duration of this debacle. A few did. I hope someone publishes a list, because those people should be re-elected. However, the majority are still sitting there, drawing their paychecks and enjoying their taxpayer-paid health benefits, while the rest of us are having to deal with furloughs, reduced hours, threats of fines for not buying expensive insur@nce, ruined vacations when faced with stupid "Closed" signs, and everything else that his little hissyfit has brought us. America! When are we going to wake up? --Romeena

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94942:
RO- I'm afraid its like trying to wake up Barney
to drive up to the Darlings house! BTW, AZ made the offer again yesterday, including private donations, plenty to the run the whole thing, yet got another "no!" But the dumbest thing is the
fencing around all these memorials. You'd think
the guy would see how stupid that is.
Well, back to Mayberry. I wonder what Andy would
say about this? I know what Barney would say, "take another bite outta old sucker Barney Fife." ha
Have a good day in the Lord,

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94943: Giraffes, Giraffes, Washington DC if FULL of Giraffes...Just thinking of #1...The White House chef still allowed to work? Let them eat TV dinners! What's wrong with TV dinners I like 'em!
With that cost alone we could reopen the GRAND Canyon! Time to break out the Govt. cheese & peanut butter so they eat like the rest of us!
Better quit there I have my boxers in a bunch already! "I want my pills!!"


October 08, 2013 - Msg 94944: Asa, that has to be scary. Not so much for a 2 month old who may not know what exactly is going on, though I am sure just being carried away from the parents is scary enough for them, but for the parents it can be a nightmare. My prayers for them as well.

Ro, I have more respect for those "I've fallen and I can't get up commercials" after my back incident, so my prayers to Kathy.

I can't believe they "closed" the Grand Canyon. Ridiculous. But MDC, narcissists rarely see how stupid something is that they are doing. There is a new term going around befitting this President and his administration to a 'T', and that is people are referring to the White House as the "Spite House", because that's what this is, pure and simple.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94945: When it costs more to close a facility than it does to keep it open, it can only be spite. Actually, in a perverse sort of way, I'm almost glad he's doing this. Maybe this little tantrum of his will be the thing that will open the eyes of some diehards who drank the Kool-aid way back when. --Romeena

October 08, 2013 - Msg 94946: Sickening (about the Grand Canyon). Just thinking about this mess makes my stomach hurt.

Asa, will be praying for little Allison and for your family. She will be in the capable hands of the Lord.

Ro, Bruce had a grandfather named Fritz, too...lived in Marble Falls (but I think we have talked about this before). ;)

Prayers for your son't MIL, Ro. Bless her heart, that is just terrible to take a fall like that.


October 09, 2013 - Msg 94947: Good evening, porch. Boo, I heard from my DIL. Her mom's shoulder replacement surgery was this morning, she did well, and was sitting up eating tonight. The doc made a print of the x-ray of her shoulder before surgery. There were ten pieces of bone fragments, just loose in her shoulder. She had totally shattered it. Wow. That had to hurt!! She's a tough gal though, and is in very good physical shape. Works out several times a week, and plays a lot of golf. She'll recover quickly, I'm sure.

Carrie sent me two cans of clam chowder! She knows I really like it, and this is a brand they found in Florida that just great. It's Tony's Clam Chowder. It's a concentrate, but you don't add water, you add half and half! Rich, creamy, and full of flavor. Very good!

I found some lycoris bulbs (surprise lilies) on eBay at a very good price, so ordered some more. I just love the things! They're such fun. I've got 40 of the firecracker red ones coming, and three yellow ones. The yellow and pink are not as plentiful as the red, so I was glad to get them. They had some pink ones too, but they were waaay too expensive, so didn't order them. I do have one little clump of pink that I planted a few years back. I'll dig them up after they go dormant, and thin them out a little, make another clump somewhere. How lovely that they multiply!

Well, I guess I'll go rewind the TV and watch Perry Mason. He's been on for half an hour. I do enjoy that show. Predictable, but I still like it, because I like Raymond Burr. Those eyes are so like my Dale's eyes, especially when Raymond Burr was young. (swoon!)

Blessings! --Romeena

October 09, 2013 - Msg 94948: sweet dreams to all.

October 09, 2013 - Msg 94949: Hi All.
Cold start to this morning 41% going to be in the 70.
Asa praying for your grandbaby and family.
Rom your just like my mother win it come to Raymond Burr she like him to,
Will it ben 11 ye so my mom pass away.


October 09, 2013 - Msg 94950: Morning all.
And thank you so much for those prayers. They are much appreciated and felt. Still don't know what time the surgery is tomorrow. They will call today and let us know.

Ro, I'm glad your DIL Mom is recoverying ok. She must have taken a hard fall for sure. I love clam chowder also. There is this place at Pismo Beach called Steamers that has the best clam chowder I've ever had. We make it a must go to stop whenever we go to California. Dang, now I'm craving some. DOG-GONE YOU ROMEENA! :) Campbells is a cheap imitation but I guess it's gonna have to suffice.

Been listening to all this garbage going on about this Govt. shutdown. Amazing how they were able to have their immigration rally yesterday, but we cant allow memorial tours? Yes Sterling, I think "Spitehouse" is a perfect title. Disgusting. And we are allowing this to go on.

I wonder ig Mr Wheeler aka G-F is getting blisters on his backside sipping his lemonade while I work my fingers to the bone? :)

How about them Browns Tom and G-F. 3 AND 2. Shazaam!


October 09, 2013 - Msg 94951: Glad things are going ok with DIL's mom, Ro. Several years ago my mom took a bad fall and had to have her entire shoulder replaced with a prosthetic shoulder. She recovered quickly and never another problem. She is a tough cookie, though.

Prayers continue for little Allison. :)

TOM, I would love that cool weather you are having. It is back up to near 90 again today here.

Nothing too exciting going on around here today. doing some laundry, as usual, a little cleaning, helping erin from time to time with her online math. She has been doing work during the day and then Bruce works with her in the evenings. We are trying to get her ready for the testing she will have to do when she goes to public. she is doing well so far.

I didnt tell you all about an experience I had on Monday when i went to pick my friend up from dialysis. He was very sick and his wife ended up coming and taking him to the hospital. While i was waiting for her to arrive i was sitting in the waiting room with three other women, all dialysis patients. They ranged in age from about 50 to 75...one hispanic, the other two african american and they were so, so nice. They told me they were like family because they spent three days a week together at the clinic. Each of them had dialysis for 3 hours three days a week. Since they were so open and friendly, I asked them if I told them that I was a nurse, currently getting my license current, and could i ask them some questions? They were happy to oblige and boy, did I get an education...and a talking to! One the women, who was about 75 had been on dialysis for 14 years after a failed kidney transplant!! Wow...that is a very long time. She said she had been diabetic for 40 years but took good care of herself. One of the african american women looked sad. I asked them if they believed in Jesus, and the woman who looked a little down told me that she did and that she had prayed many angry prayers about what was happening to her. She then went on to say that the Lord showed her how he had brought her to different crossroads in her life, up to that point, and that if she had chosen differently, she wouldn't be in the position she was in today. Her illness was the result of her choices. She also said that the Lord has allowed her to help others by sharing openly and honestly. I told her that I was type 2 diabetic and just couldn't seem to lose weight or stay on a good plan. She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Then you aren't taking care of God's investment". She talked about how often patients just start screaming during dialysis and demanding to be unhooked because they can't stand being in that chair another minute. Erin was with me, and the woman talked about how the example I set will influence how my daughter does later and that children are getting diabetes earlier than their parents did. I know these things but something about hearing someone in her condition say it, made it hit home like nothing ever has. Then, as they called her name to go back for her treatment, she said to me, "If you can't do it for you, then do it for her (pointing to Erin". Wow.. It felt like one of those divine appointments. I have been doing much better this week, needless to say and am trying to do without the sugar, altogether. Also started walking again.

Better get up and get something done...


October 09, 2013 - Msg 94952: Hey Asa....Ya know what you get when you work your fingers to the bone?

BONEY FINGERS!! Heheyukyuk!

Don't think G-F is sitting around eating Bon-Bons, Mrs. G-F is in charge of "The List"! I think "Aunt Bee the Warden" is her favorite episode...


October 09, 2013 - Msg 94953:
TOM--I did not realize your mom has benn gone so
many years. God bless you.
BOO--that is quite a story. I like the line about taking care of God's investment, the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we only get just the one! :)
ASA- I feel your pain, especially when there was absolutely no reason for barricades. I saw where some Vietnam vets were arrested for crossing at their memorial, yet as you say, the other rally went on. GRRRR! His latest line is : "vote to fund the govt and to raise the debt ceiling, then we'll negotiate." Well, at that point, what is left to negotiate? Bluey goes my soapbox.
G-F--Yes, the LIST, but think of all the trips to the hardware store that you get to make! ha I hope your's has coffee going like my local one does.
Prayers for all.
"Andy, what happened to your EEEYYYEEEE."

October 10, 2013 - Msg 94954:
Anyone up for a visit to the Remshaw place? mystery poster who likes mayo

October 10, 2013 - Msg 94955: Well the mystery poster can't be Me-they.


October 10, 2013 - Msg 94956: Speaking of the Remshaw place, did you ever take a look at that Opie pumpkin design up close? Click on the pumpkin to see it. It's pretty creepy actually. On the main page with the design on the pumpkin, it looks pretty good, as long as it is far away. But when you just see the design, Opie looks like he is possessed or something.
I swear, you could use that pic as wallpaper on your computer on Halloween as one of your scary decorations. Just don't look at it in the darkened room and before you have to go to bed. ;)
-Sterling Holobyte

October 10, 2013 - Msg 94957: I'm with ya SH, I think it's creepy too. I have carved the Barney & Goober ones but not the Opie. Enough creepy going on already. Not to be a prude or anything, but Halloween is not my favorite season of the year, except for the Bats, I like em' they keep skeeters away. Now if they was Zombies that would be something else, I have molded lead projectiles for that....As far as Fall goes, I do like that time of the year!
Just made me a batch of tater soup, I do like soup when it getting cooler outside. I also like stoup too as Ro calls it. Off to mow grass and mow over the leaves....It's a fun day!....


October 10, 2013 - Msg 94958: Howdy, porchsters! Yeah, that Opie pumpkin is a bit scary-looking. I think it's the eyes. Little beady-looking things! Make the eyes a bit bigger and it wouldn't be so scary.

I like soup, or stoup, but I declare I'm about to get tired of this stuff. Remember, I sauteed all those left-over veggies, and it made a bunch, so after I ate what I wanted out of that, I dumped the rest into the remains of the soup. So now I still have a big pot of soup! Had it for lunch, guess I'll have it for dinner, and probably for another round tomorrow. I thought about freezing what's left, but the veggies get all mushy when you do that, and I like my veggies to fight back, at least a little bit. I must admit though, that tater soup sounds good, G-F. Do you put a bit of sour cream and some cheese in it, and some chopped green onions?

Boo, that sounds like one of those wonderful moments that God arranges for us now and then - your conversation with the woman in dialysis. What an inspiration! Can you imagine, knowing that for the rest of your life, you were committed, obligated, no negotiation, to spending three hours a day, three days a week, sitting in a chair while your blood flows out of your body, through a machine and back into your body? Try planning a vacation. It can be done, I'm told, with a "guest" arrangement with centers around the country, but it has to be difficult. Imagine having kids in school, with all their events and requirements, but your requirement absolutely comes first. I've always held a great deal of respect for people who live on dialysis. Walk a mile in their shoes....

Well, guess I'll go snuggle little Whiffenpoof (Toye Starr). Poor little thing, she barely knows her name, I have so many silly nicknames for her. Sure do love that sweet little girl. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 10, 2013 - Msg 94959: Im up for the Remshaw place ...I aint skeered...got my mood ring on ...do they protect?..SPOT

October 10, 2013 - Msg 94960: No SPOT, you need a pennny that's been run over by a train. :)

So true, Ro...it would be a terrible thing to have to be on dialysis three times a week, but I guess it is better than death...maybe.

Well poor Sean is sick with miserable cold and cough. Please remember him in your prayers.


October 11, 2013 - Msg 94961:
BOO-RO--I think you guys recall that I worked in the corporate office of a dialysis provider for 9 years. Several times I had to go to some of the dialysis facilities on for various "corporate" reasons. One time, a pt's fistula got covered by a pillow, and the tubing started leaking under the pillow, so the tech didn't notice til there was you-know-what all over the place! The crash cart came out and everyone went into red alert mode!
Then one time there was a small fire in a facility and all the pts had to go thru emergency cut-off, and evaced. So, yes, it can be quite an ordeal in many ways! Usually I just saw pts reading, knitting, and watching TV as they dialized.
BOO- I saw the old photo of you and your nurse friends on FB. Very cool!
TOM, I like all the nice Jesus posts you do on FB.
Hey to Spot, Sterling, Asa and all.
PH--Canada's Thanksgiving coming up soon!
Well, hang in there all. I hope REV's tour is going well.

October 11, 2013 - Msg 94962: Good Friday morning porch family.
Thank you so much for your prayers for Allison. The surgery went without a hitch yesterday and they even allowed her to come home. Initially they said she would have to stay overnight for observation. But she did so well she didn't have to stay. Thank you all so much for your prayers.
I'm sorry Sean is sick with a cold Boo. I pray he will get better quickly. When does Erin start school? I bet she is excited.
Well today is Madison's birthday. She is two and full of life. Grandkids are the bomb.;)

Hope you all have a great day. GF try to not overdo it. To many bon bons will make the waist line go boom you know.

Hey MDC how are your temps? Sure been nice and cool here. Mid 50s today.


October 11, 2013 - Msg 94963: Thanks, MDC..those were some of my best nurse buddies, for sure. Great women. I don't miss the work and the stress, but I miss the nurses. I am still chipping away at this nurse refresher course. I passed another test last night on a review of body systems. I found out that Bruce works with a man who's wife has a home health company and he offered me a job already when I am done. Sounds very flexible and the pay is good. I won't able to work until the spring, though, and I am praying about where the Lord wants me..we'll see.

That is pretty scary about the "leak" during dialysis! Wow. I guess things like that are bound to happen at some point but sure is scary. I had competely forgotten that you worked for a dialysis company, MDC.

So happy that things went well with Allison, Asa!! Thank the Lord. :)

Not sure when Erin will start school. After looking into the state (STAAR) testing, we are going to have to do some catching-up with her. The curriculum we have been using is not the same as the test so we have to prepare her in math, reading/language arts, and science. We are debating about whether to put her in 6th grade, or to catch her up and make sure she has everything down solid and put her in 7th grade at the start of next year...not sure yet. I am going to sign her up for Upwards basketball this month, and that should help her. She loves playing basketball on a team. Do you all have Upwards basketball where you live?

Asa, it has been hot here again..in the 90's and humid until mid-next week when we get another front. Of course these fronts in October still have highs in the 80's, but at least the evenings are cooler.

Better finish the coffee and get going. I have been having to spend a good 3 or 4 hours intructing Erin on her math, alone! :(