November 15, 2013 - Msg 95442: Good morning all.

Dagblamit! Yesterday I had a nice long post all made out and when I went to post it... poof, it was gone! I didn't have time to do it again, so I just walked away from it. Some of my best work too. :) Oh well, such is life.
I wanted to thank all who offered suggestions on my vertigo question. I will do some digging on the interweb this weekend if time allows. I never had dizziness issues until about 7 years ago when I slipped and cracked my head open at a swimming pool while on vacation in California. Got a bad concussion from that and since then have had recurring problems with vertigo. Seems like everytime I have a little bit of sinus problems the vertigo hits me and hangs around for weeks, sometimes months. Thats the case here. Sure makes it hard to work.

Prayers for Lucy. Is it her ankle again, or did she say? Poor dear has been having a time with it I know.

MDC, there was also Morreli's, although I'm not sure it was actually in Mayberry. But it did seem to be a favorite. You know they'll let you take a bottle in there. But be sure to watch out for the gypsy violinist. They're moody. I gave him a quarter tip and he got even moodier. Guess they don't like tips. (shrug my shoulders)

Prayers for all for a good day.


November 15, 2013 - Msg 95443: Wow, I swept up. Ain't I a tresah? lol


November 15, 2013 - Msg 95444: Asa, That happens to me too, some times my best work too. I guess we never know when the "censor" doesn't like some things. (Maybe it was the "Dagblamit" that got ya?) Don't mess around with your Vertigo, in our business that & ladders don't mix! So take my advise..."Call the Man!"....
And stick to sweeping the porch, that won't get ya hurt!

Boo, My spies tell me "Bernie has been slipping out and visiting the neighbors next door, you better watch that boy, I say: Son, I don't want you falling into the spells of a whiley woman, I say: Son better watch out for those "sirens" they are trouble! We don't want ya turned into a TOAD!


November 15, 2013 - Msg 95445: Howdy Asa..sorry you lost your post. Lucy had an abdominal hernia repaired...ouch.

MDC, I continue to have a few problems since my surgery...nothing terrible but just still having some pain in my right side...have contacted the doctor twice but they are telling me to see another doctor. We'll see what happens. I just never have gotten back to 100%...less energy, get tired, etc. Thanks for asking.

Can you all believe Christmas is only 40 days away??!! yikes


November 15, 2013 - Msg 95446: Hey G-F, indeed, ladders and vertigo don't make for a good marriage. So I try and limit my ladder climbing. The thing really hits me when I'm looking up or down, especially if I do it fast. So I try to do those things slowly. Folks think I'm nuts but if they only knew. So Bernie has done got him a wandering eye huh? Tsk tsk, that old boy better be careful.

Boo, sorry you're still not feeling top notch. We just don't bounce back from things like we used to huh? At least that's the case for me.

I'm getting a new bed delivered tomorrow. Our old one sprung a leak (water bed) and so we bought a new regular bed with the memory foam top and all that stuff. I want my wife to be comfy in it because she is in it most of the time. Mercys sakes, them things ain't cheap, are they? Oh well, you can't take it with you so you just as well enjoy it here. Am I right or am I right?

Christmas is getting close. It's snowing here right now and I have Mannhiem playing on the C.D. at work. Doing some paperwork today so all in all it's a fun day.

Yes Boo, time to start our Christmas movie quotes. G-F came up with a good one a few days ago.

"That blankety blank Olds would freeze up in the middle of July on the equator"


November 15, 2013 - Msg 95447: Boo you need some chicken soup?...lets do that ...Chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.....SPOT

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95448: a friend in the blue jar VIKS VICKS

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95449: VICKS! BATS! MAYO! Sorry, I just felt like having a tantrum. --Romeena

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95450: Hello front porchers: TV Land is running the color versions of TAGS. After all these years of watching this show to me it just seems that Andy Griffith didn't seem to enjoy himself as much as in the black and white shows. It is just my opinion. What do you all think? Mrsawyer

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95451: OK, now I feel better. Asa, you will love that memory foam bed. I bought one about eight or ten years ago, and have loved it. Still do. Before I got it, I had a lot of problems with my neck getting stiff, sometimes I could barely turn my head. That all disappeared and never returned after I got that bed. Every night, when I get in it, I thank God for such a comfortable place to sleep! Yes, they're pricey, but they're worth it. That would be doubly true in your case, since Mrs. Asa must spend so much time there. Bless her sweet heart, the two of you are in my prayers all the time.

Lucy, I'm sorry you're having pain control issues after your surgery. That's not uncommon after that kind of surgery - lots of work done on muscles to close the gap, and anytime you mess with the muscles, they're going to be insulted and will hurt for a while. Skin and fat tissue usually closes and heals quickly, with very little pain, but muscles hurt, because they're always moving. Even breathing uses the abdominal muscles to some extent, and it hurts. Time will fix it, but right now, that's small consolation.

Boo, your muscles should be healed by now. I wonder if you've got some adhesions forming? You know as well as I do that they can be painful. That's a tough call to make, too, because they don't show up in x-rays. Keep after the doctor, if the pain doesn't resolve.

In 1981, about two years after the radiation treatments to the right side of my chest, I began to have pain in that whole right side. Breathing was uncomfortable, laughing hurt, and the only way I could sleep comfortably was on my left side, leaning back against pillows. Even then, it hurt. Just about any position change or sudden movement hurt as well. The doctor said he thought adhesions had formed around my lung, in response to the radiation. The treatments went deep enough that they actually damaged the right upper lobe of my lung and left it scarred, not much function in that lobe. Anyway, the doc said there really wasn't much they could do about it. OK, I'll live with it. Then one day I had a sudden, violent sneezing attack (never knew what triggered it) and I had pain like I couldn't believe in my right chest. It left me gritting my teeth and fighting tears. It felt like something was ripping my lung out of my chest! The intense pain subsided a little in about ten minutes, and gradually calmed down. I was sore for about two days, didn't want to cough or sneeze, but when that passed, all the previous pain and sensitivity in my chest was gone. The doctor said I had torn those adhesions free with the sneezing, and they likely wouldn't return. They haven't! Weird, but I'm grateful.

Asa, what you describe regarding what triggers your vertigo sounds very much like an inner-ear thing. It may be related to your accident, or it may not. At any rate, it would certainly be worth checking out that method we were discussing earlier. It worked for my cousin, and he was nearly incapacitated with the vertigo. You, of all people, need to get it fixed. A fall from a ladder or worse could be disastrous. Don't delay - get on the web and learn about that treatment method, then find someone that can do it. Actually, my cousin did see some sort of practitioner who walked him through the maneuvers in the office, then gave him an outline to follow so he could do it himself at home.

Well, off I go. I need to go feed my fish. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95452: I agree, Mr. Sawyer. Of course, by that time, Sheriff Taylor was raising a teenage boy, and that can make you a little testy at times! No, seriously, you're right. We've discussed this in the past. Personally, I think some of the fun went out of the show for him when Don Knotts left. In fact, he indicated that in an interview at one time. The two of them were just a magic combination, and while both were fine actors in their own right, there was just a chemistry between them that made funny things happen. I suppose, as King Solomon said, "To everything there is a season." --Romeena

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95453: Hey y'all! Been fighting the flu all week and still not totally well,but guess what?
I'm going to Mayberry tomorrow!!
Yep, I had the opportunity to go up to NC with somebody on a business deal tomorrow about 20 miles from Mount Airy. We will swing by there & have a look-see! Sick or not,there was no way I was going to pass that up!
Will carry all of y'all with me in heart & promise to take lots of pics. Possum's going to Mayberry-yippee!

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95454: So excited I forgot to sign off,but y'all know it is me~ possum under a rock!

P.S. Boo, sorry you're sick too-get well-stick with the Vicks!

possum under a rock

November 15, 2013 - Msg 95455: Possum...Be sure to stop by the Snappy Lunch and Mayberry on Main tell'em G-F say's hey!...

Vicks,Bats,Mayo, like Lions,Tigers,and Bears? Oh my!

November 16, 2013 - Msg 95456: Ro, I've thought of adhesions...the only thing that worries me is that the discomfort seems to happen at the same time each month...phantom ovary pain?? Who knows? Maybe I just need a good sneeze attack. ;)

Have fun in Mayberry, Possum!!! Post pics on facebook.


November 16, 2013 - Msg 95457: Where is everybody? Did the dam bust, and everyone ran for the hills? --Romeena

November 16, 2013 - Msg 95458: Hello Romeena: I think Laura Lee Hobbs spilled the beans on the gold truck. Everybody is waiting for it outside. Mrsawyer

November 16, 2013 - Msg 95459: Boo, Maybe you could check out this link for Bernie. Maybe you could adopt a few "Mature Hens" for him to run with? This way you wouldn't have to worry about him wondering over to the neighbors house so much. Just don't want to see that boy get himself in any kind of trouble...


November 16, 2013 - Msg 95460: I think Romeena is training Otters in her pond, this fella seems REAL laid back...Hope her squirrels don't get mad!


November 16, 2013 - Msg 95461: Good evening porch, been busy today but rocking for a minute.

I made a pot of potato soup and a pan of Mexican cornbread if anybody is hungry.

Ben doing household chores today. Took my Mom to the grocery store and then fixed supper. A warmer day on my end of the porch but rain coming my way.

Patrick took the GRE today in Nashvile. He says "just in case " he decides to go to graduate school he will have the test behind him. I can 't believe he will graduate with his 4 year degree in May. He drove from Cokeville to Nashvile today, made it safely both ways. He wil be home for 4 days fior Thanksgiving. Looking forward to having him home. Beth is going locally to college for now so she is still living at home.

Well, let me know if you want some soup and cornbread!

Prayers and blessings,
Big Made

November 16, 2013 - Msg 95462: Sorry Should be Big Maude

November 16, 2013 - Msg 95463: Quiet on the porch today. Been a pretty uneventful day here today...was way too warm and humid. :(

G-F, I think we will probably have to kill off some hens, eventually, but they arent much good to eat when they are older...not worth the plucking, I dont think.

Hey Maude, potato soup sounds good but I just had a bowl of homemade beef vegetable and a grilled cheese for supper. I can't believe Patrick will graduate in May, either! Where on earth does the time go?

Ro, Robbi posted something on facebook about nearly being abducted when she was 4, but her brother saved her. Have you told us that story before??

Asa, I hope you (and the Mrs) enjoy the new mattress. Absolutely worth the money so dont think twice about it. Your wife needs a good mattress to prevent problems that can occur from immobility. Good for you for being a good husband. You are a big man in the eyes of your porch family.


November 16, 2013 - Msg 95464: Asa, here is my first Christmas movie quote: "Does someone need a hug?"...


November 17, 2013 - Msg 95465: Good Sabbath porch. I pray it will be a good one for you all.

Boo, thank you for those kind words. You are to sweet. I'm sorry your weather isn't cooperating. It snowed here all day yesterday. Fortunately it was warm enough that only a couple of inches accumulated on the grass. The roads were only wet.

Gosh Big Maude, hard to believe your young-un is graduating already. You must be proud. What is Mexican corn bread?

Hey GF, I thought of you on Friday. We threw a party for a coworker who is retiring. He was saying how the night before when he got home from work he found his wife hanging wallpaper. He said I thought we were not going to wallpaper this room, to which she replied that it wasn't wallpaper she was hanging but rather his honeydo list.

I think this weekend is the 40th year anniversary of the Heidi bowl that the Raiders and Jets played. LOL if you're not familiar with it, just Google Heidi bowl.

Well I guess I'll see what I can rustle up for breakfast before preaching. Don't wanna go to preaching on an empty stomach.

Prayers for all.


November 17, 2013 - Msg 95466: Is that made from Mexican Corn instead of just good old store bought corn?

November 17, 2013 - Msg 95467: Boo.. If I recall, Buddy the Elf said that to a squirrel? Do I get a "Major Award" for the right answer?

Asa, Hope ya had something to eat before preachin'.. if not when they sing: "When the ROLL is called up yonder" it will make ya want a nice warm roll with butter & jelly... Then it is hard to concentrate on the Sermon about "Sin"... I'm just say'in...

p.s. Auh2o, Batten down the hatches STRONG winds coming your way, suppose to hit here this afternoon so watch out late tonight!

November 17, 2013 - Msg 95468:
Asa, although I did not watch the Heidi bowl, I am very familiar with it since I had worked in television. In fact, this brings up a similar memory from many years ago. A co-worker of mine was working in the audio terminal racks when he accidentally killed the audio from the last 5 minutes of one of those prime-time network soap operas. Our switchboard lit up as the complaint phone calls poured in.
So since our local news followed the soap opera, the news director had someone type up a transcript of missing audio and read it during the newscast just so the viewers would know how it ended. Sacrificing reality (the news) for fiction (the soap opera); some people have their priorities screwed up.

from Poor Horatio

November 17, 2013 - Msg 95469: Howdy, porch. G-F, that little otter is adorable. They're among my favorite animals. As for the hens, that's a sad thing. I think it's awful the way some people treat animals like they don't matter. It happens every year around Easter, when people get baby chicks and bunnies for their kids. In a few weeks, the little things grow up, and then it's no fun anymore, so they dump them. So sad, and even sadder is what it teaches the kids. They learn that animals are disposable, and that commitment can be temporary, if it becomes inconvenient. Too bad.

Yes, Boo, Robbi did have a close call. She was four, and her brother was six. I wasn't home, but their dad was. We lived in a semi-rural subdivision, very quiet, almost no traffic on the street except residents. It wasn't a pass-through to anywhere. The kids played outside all the time, and wandered the area freely. One day, the kids were playing at the end of our short driveway, when a man in an old car pulled up alongside Robbi, opened the passenger side door, and called her over. Being a trusting four-year-old, she obeyed. He told her his little girl's kitten was lost and he was looking for it, and asked her to come and help him. In spite of the warnings we thought we had drilled into her head, she was going to get in the car. She was four, after all. They will all do the same thing, don't ever let yourself believe your kids won't, because they will. Her sweet little heart was touched by the man's story, and she wanted to help. Fortunately, her brother saw what was happening, and being older, recognized the danger. He yelled at her to stop, then yelled "Daddy!" at the top of his lungs. This scared the man and he floored the car, throwing gravel as he sped away. The forward motion slammed the car door, and that was all Dale saw as he got to the front door. He said his heart nearly stopped when he saw that door slam, but then he saw Robbi standing off to the side. Some trees blocked his view, so he couldn't get the license number or even a very good description of the car. Robbi, of course, was terrified by all the sudden commotion, and was crying when Dale got to her. It was a great object lesson, and made the point better than any of our warnings ever could, but I still get a chill when I think what could have happened.

Wow, Big Maude, I can't believe those kids are all grown up. It happens fast, doesn't it? I still have all the photos that were in our porch album, and just looked at Patrick and Beth. Just kids!

That potato soup you mentioned sounds good, and I've got some potatoes that are looking a little shrivelly, need to cook them. Also have some sour cream, some cheese, and some leftover bacon. Oh, and some chives growing out back. Sounds like potato soup to me!

Would you believe it's 87 here, and I've got the a/c going? This time of year, it's not unusual to have the furnace on part of the day, and switch over to a/c later. Argh!

Well, I think I'll go start that soup. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 17, 2013 - Msg 95470: Oh, Asa, Mexican cornbread is basically just regular cornbread, but you add some well-drained whole-kernel corn to the batter, and maybe a little cheddar cheese, and the best part - add some chopped green chilies. You can buy them canned, and they don't drain very well, so you might have to decrease the liquid in your batter by 1/4 cup or so. I also add chopped pickled jalapenos, well-drained. They're a bit hotter than the green chilies, but not all that hot. If you really like the jalapeno flavor (I do) you can use a little of their juice for the liquid in your batter. Actually, cornbread is very forgiving, and you can add lots of different things to it. Just use your imagination.

Ditto to what Boo said. Kinda goes along with commitment, doesn't it? You're a good man. --Romeena

November 17, 2013 - Msg 95471: That is quite a chilling story, Ro. Thank God your son was there at the time! I'll bet poor Dale about passed out right then and there. I know I would have. I guess we have all had those moments when we thought our children were missing or taken and it is a terror like none other. I will always remember the time I took St. Susan's by, Matt, to the mall with me when he was about 5. I turned around in JC Penney's and he was gone. I panicked...I didnt know what I was more afraid of...him being missing or what my sister was going to do to me if he was missing! After about the longest minute on earth, Matt emerged from a clothes rack where he was hiding. I thought I lost Sean once too, and I died a thousand deaths until he showed up. It turns out he was out in the backyard hiding and wouldnt answer when I called. He was about 4 at the time and when i questioned him about it he told me that he didnt want to answer me because he was pooping in the yard like the dog does. Kids...objects of love and terror. ;)

It was hot and very humid here today..about 90 this afternoon but should cool off in the morning...not cold, but not so humid at least.


November 17, 2013 - Msg 95472:
ASA-what RO said, and if that don't work, hang your head in a sling by a closet door! (:
Also, I guess we could count Morelli's, and there was also Mom's Home Cooking at the start of Andy's Rick Girlfriend. He talks to hawks ya know! lol
BOO- Fra-gil-lay
Boo- those hens have done a lot of flyin'. :)
PH-good thing the news anchor didn't read War of the Worlds! ha
If any of you know anyone taking their GED, tell them to get it all done by Dec. 31. New rules starting Jan 1.!!
Hope everyone had a nice, restful Sabbath.
MR SAWYER, in color eps, first there was Warren, and he was dropped, plus they wrote out Thelma Lou, then as you say, Andy had no comic to his straight man, so I am sure he just muddled his way thru. Some I like, but not many.
Prayers continue for the Phillipines.
$4000 collected at church today.

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95473: MDC...Funny Barney quote to Boo about her hens, GED rules changing? I suppose it will cost more but it's still worth every penny! I'm thinkin' it's because there is so much more History to learn these days is why. And with inflation 25+25 may be more than 50 these days is why it will cost more for the class... And with everybody's "boundaries" changing all the time, it's hard to keep up with all the changes.
Let's just hope they don't have to learn about ObamaCare, I'm thing you'd need a PHD to take that class. But then again, even the ones that have the paper on the wall that say's they are smart can't figure it out either! ;)
I'm just sayin'.........

Auh2o Did ya make it thru all the winds ok? Was wicked on my end, but not as bad as Illinois had yesterday.


November 18, 2013 - Msg 95474: I almost forgot..."We're kicking off our fun old fashion family Christmas by heading out into the country in the old front-wheel drive sleigh to embrace the frosty majesty of the winter landscape and select that most important of Christmas symbols".

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95475: Good morning, porch. G-F, you're up early! It's only 6:30 here. I've been up all night. Got interested in a movie and watched it until nearly 3:00. Then I realized I wasn't going to get to sleep anytime soon, so I just got up and started writing. I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to get down anyway. I'm closing in on finishing my little book. Would like to get it done soon. Because of the nature of it, I'm having trouble finding the end! I think I need to just pick a spot, and close it there. I'll probably self-publish it through the Guideposts publications. Thousands of people write books every year, and the chance of getting one picked up by a publisher are very, very slim - kinda like winning the lottery!

Well, now the sun is coming up, and I'm getting sleepy. I wonder if I'll ever get turned back around, after working the night shift for so long. Oh well. If I need a nap today, there's nothing to keep me from taking one. Blessings! --Romeena

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95476: Yep, Rommenna I can not break my habit of getting up early for work, but I do love the morning sunrise sorta says: Yesterdays gone, we're going to start a fresh new day, hey,hey,hey! Mrs. G-F is nocturnal so she stays up all night sorta like a possum.

Publishing a article? Do we have to call you "Romeena Alexian Dubios?" I think "Sweet Romeena" still sounds the best! Good luck with your attempt. I tried once to get something I wrote published in Guide Post & the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, I guess they weren't ready for the Goob yet!..haha

G-F again....

p.s. Calling all cars for TOM..."Where are You"!

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95477: Happy Monday porch! Here at work and getting ready to begin my day.

A cool sunny morning,supposed to warm to 60 today!
It rained much of the day yesterday, so pretty much went to sunday school and preaching, out to lunch and home for the afternoon

I started reading a pretty good book some of you might be interested in " the first phone call from heaven" by Mitch Albom. I have read most of his other writings and think this is his latest. let me know if any of you have read it.

lunch menu will be: grilled ham and cheese sandwhiches, pickle spear, chips. tea or strawberry lemondade to drink.

everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95478: Good Morning Porch.

Sure hope you had a good Sabbath yesterday.

Gosh Romeena, you just make me wanna blush. Thank you for the compiliment. The Lord has blessed us greatly, and for that I am grateful. I look forward to reading your book. I think it will be a huge success. Your ability to express your thoughts and feelings in the written word is a real gift you have been blessed with and I am glad to see you pursuing that dream. Good on ya!

Glad you didn't get blown away G-F. Sure was sad to see all the destruction from the tornados. Awful late in the year for that stuff, ain't it?

Beautiful day here yesterday. After snowing all day Saturday, yesterday was clear and sunny and it even warmed up into the 50's. Supposed to push 60 today. And the mountains got a ton of snow. So this is great for us.

Well best get moving. Monday mornings can be a challange for this old body.


November 18, 2013 - Msg 95479: I know what you mean, was hard to get going this morning. Hope you have a good day.

Good luck with the book Ro! I would love to read it, published or not.

It is warm and yucky here this morning...humidity so bad that water is running down the outside of the windows. Where is that cool front we were promised?! I hate warm weather this time of year.

I am hoping today is a good day. Yesterday I just felt out of sorts and kind of light-headed off and on. I went to church without eating any breakfast and had to leave service, feeling like I was going to faint. I just had lab work done on Thursday, so will see what my blood sugar shows. I am getting old, doubt about it. The body doesnt bounce back like it used to. This morning I had a little breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries (no sugar), so hoping I will start out ok.

Better finish the coffee and get a load of laundry in the washer.


November 18, 2013 - Msg 95480:
Good morning all. I saw on the news this AM about the tornadoes. Pappabear lives in Danville which isn't too far from Washingtn, IL. I will try to call him todasy. Please keep the whole area in your prayers. Thx
God bless all,

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95481: Hey Y'all- First off-prayers for those hit by the terrible storms over the weekend.Hope Pappa Bear is okay.

Oh, Mayberry! Y'all, if you ever get the chance to go to Mount Airy,please do! You'll absolutely love it! Couldn't take photos inside the Andy Griffith Museum,but guess what I saw?

Barney's "Salt & Pepper" suit, the black coat he wore while riding the white horse in the "Divorce Mountain Style" episode, Goober's beanie (it was bronzed!), Goober's brown suit and shoes, Otis's jacket & hat, Andy's uniform, Andy's desk, gavel, telephone,Barney's chair from the courthouse..and the list goes on.

Then there was Historic downtown Mayberry-such a pretty little main street! Floyd's Barber Shop and Snappy Lunch were closed by the time I got there,and I didn't make it down to Wally's Service Station,but that just means I'll have to take another trip back there one day!

And I did make sure the Porch was represented,because in the guest book I signed "Possum Under A Rock" from the Mayberry Porch!

Oh, almost forgot- I met the guy who impersonates Otis during the Mayberry Days Festival! He knew Andy and talked about him a bit-interesting! He knows our Floyd too.

Well,just wanted to share a bit- I took lots of pics around Mt. Airy and outside of the museum & will get them on FB when I can. Still trying to knock out this sickness I've had,so not feeling like fighting my ornery computer & camera right now.

Y'all take care & MDC, keep us posted on Pappa Bear,please-thanks!

possum under a rock

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95482: Wow, Possum, sounds like you had a great time in "Mayberry." Sure would like to see all of that one of these days.

OK, folks - LAST CALL TO BE ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD LIST. If you haven't notified me that you want to be on the list, please do so. I'll be sending the addresses out by December 1. I'll only send the list to those who have said they want to be on it, and it will only include the names of those who are participating.

I wish you could see the roses in my yard. Big, beautiful things, some as big as saucers, and they are soooo fragrant! And would you believe, there are irises blooming? One big bright yellow one opened overnight, and I hadn't even noticed that there was a bud. It's so pretty. The azalea on the back fence is in bloom as well. I know, azaleas are a springtime bloomer, but this is that "Encore" variety that blooms pretty much all summer, and into the fall. Sure is pretty.

We're at 69 here today, cloudy, and a brisk wind blowing. In fact, it's really beating those roses around. I think I'll go cut some of them and bring them in. They'll last for several days in a vase, and I enjoy them so much. I'll just get my little clippers and go cut myself a bouquet! Can't beat a deal like that. --Romeena

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95483: Hello Romeena: I bet the Morrison sisters wish they could grow roses like you. Do you have a special flower makin machine? :) Mrsawyer

November 18, 2013 - Msg 95484: Possum, Now you see why I have gone to Mayberry Days every year for the past 13yrs. Mt Airy is my second home! Snappy Lunch closes at 2:15 not 2:00 not 2:30. Little Richard's BBQ is very good too. Glad ya had a good time... Andy's friend Emmett Forrest collected most of what is in the Museum, he passed away last year, he was a special person very kind and a true Southern Gentleman, I was blessed to have met him. His Daughter Terry is the "Keeper of the Flame" now.

Maude, Mitch Albom is my favorite writer, I have most of his books, His new one is on my list, it just came out.. Let me know how it is. I'm sure it's as good as the others. I really like
"Tuesday's with Morrie" I have the DVD too. It blesses my heart when I watch it, as does the movie, "The Straight Story"....

Romeena....Bucket List---Mayberry Days, you would love it.. Mt. Airy has an airstrip, you could make it another "Sky Queen" Adventure.. I'm just sayin'....Just ask Floyd he's a Barber, I know you know Floyd he wouldn't steer ya wrong!

lol Mr. Sawyer (flower making machine)


November 18, 2013 - Msg 95485:
Well, I tried PB's cell a few times today, but got
a fast busy. I can certainly understand it as am
sure power/cell towers may be disrupted.
Plus I'm sure there's a lot of calls being made to those area codes. Will try again Tuesday.
With Friday being the 50th of JFK's death, if any of you are up to saying "where you were" I would be interested in hearing. No matter what our persuasions are, it certainly impacted the world
at that time. I was a freshman, in class at catholic school, when our stunned principal came in and told our class what had happened, and that we were all to go to the attached church for prayer. After that we were dismissed for the day, and of course we were glued to the TV for the next four. My dad, who worked for the local afternoon newspaper (remember those?) for 30 years, told me that it was the only instance, in that whole time period, that they actually "stopped the presses" , changed the whole front page, and got out the story in that day's paper.
He ran to the press room, saved a copy of the original edition that had started printing, and also saved a copy of the new edition, both with the same Nov. 22, 1963 date! They are now in my possession.
POSSUM- MA sounds very neat. It is definitely on my bucket list. Will look for your FB photos.

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95486: MDC, I just spent about ten minutes running back through recent posts, trying to find the one where I had already outlined what I was doing on the day of JFK's assassination, but couldn't find it. I knew I had written it! Then it dawned on me. I'm on a panel for the "Dallas Morning News". Once a week, we receive a question by email, and our response is published. That was the question, and I wrote a response. Rather than write the same thing over again, I just copied what I sent back to the newspaper. Here it is:

On that day, I was at work, as a secretary in a small office in San Antonio. A friend phoned me and asked if I had the radio on. In 1964, there were still many homes without television, and I didn't know anyone who had one in their office. We surely didn't, but we did have a radio. I turned it on, and heard the unthinkable news. I remember waves of emotion - disbelief, fear, confusion, grief, uncertainty. What would happen to the country?

We closed the office early so everyone could go home and follow the news on TV. I remember the next few days, days when most people stayed home if they could (I did) and kept their eyes on the TV. I recall the frequent repetitions of the films of Jackie Kennedy, looking dazed and fragile, led by Secret Service men to the various locations where her presence was required. She was still wearing the pink suit she was wearing in the motorcade, a suit now stained with the President's blood. Her husband's blood. I remember thinking that those stains were a badge of honor for her, a mark of shame for the force of evil that put them there.

Whatever one's political stance may be, I think we all must pray that such a thing never happens again.

To that, I would add - I recall watching the broadcasts of the funeral procession. Like probably everyone else in the country, I broke down and sobbed when the camera passed over the two children. Caroline was such a pretty little girl, and who could ever forget little John, Jr., standing there, so small, saluting as his father's casket passed by? That was a time of national grief, party divisions were put aside, and the whole nation grieved for a very popular president and his beautiful family.

It seems that grief has a way of unifying a family and causing differences to seem inconsequential, whether it's an actual family, or a national one. It's too bad that it seems to take something like that to pull people together. It happened for a while after 9/11, but we soon polarized again. I wonder if our national family is just too fractured to ever really heal. I hope not. --Romeena

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95487: Seems like so much tragedy in the Kenedy family. I alway felt very sorry for JFK's mother. Losing 2 sons the way she did is beyond horrible.

As to where I was when it happened...I was toddling around somewhere in a diaper. ;)


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95488: Good morning to all.

Hey to Boo this morning. Your story about Sean pooping in the yard like the dogs was a classic. lol. I hope you are feeling better this morning.

All your stories about losing kids reminds me of one. My wife had gone to a Ladies church meeting at someones house one night. We only had our first child at the time, Jared. He must have been about 3. I was deeply involved in studing for a test (I was working full time and going to school full time) when it dawned on me it had gotten very quiet. I hollered for him but no response. Then I went looking for him, and hollering. No response. Horror quickly took over as I raced through the house yelling his name. Finally I had to call my wife and tell her Jared was missing. She said she would be right there and left her meeting in tears saying our son was missing. I went back to looking for him. As I looked in his room for the 4th time, I felt to look under his little bed, and there he was, sound asleep. That kid could sleep through anything. I was greatly relieved when my wife comes tearing through the front door, with a group of about 20 ladies following her, ready to start a search party. Boy did I feel like a dope as I told them where I found him. Whew, what a night. To this day that kid can sleep like no one I have ever seen. He reminds me of Barney when Andy is trying to wake him to go up to the Darlings. He didn't get that from me. A butterfly flying a block away will wake me up.

Well I was in third grade when the school custodian came bursting in and telling the teacher to turn on the tv, that the President had just been shot. And I do remember seeing Oswald getting shot on live tv if I remember right. I do remember thinking even at that time the whole thing seemed set up or staged. Very sad time for our nation.

Well better get. Lots to do today.

Prayers for all.


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95489: JFK was in 1963

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95490: Thanks, Masked Poster. That was a typo up there - should have caught it. --Romeena

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95491: Ooops! I REALLY should have caught it. Like before I sent the response to the newspaper. That post up there was copied and pasted, so that's what went to the paper. I hope they catch it and fix it. --Romeena

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95492: Romeena, Tell Masked Poster #95489 that is what they make "Proof-Readers" for haha! I think it must have been a Miss Crump spy?....

"Win with Lawson"!....


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95493:
GF-Thanks for the warning. Yes we did get some mighty strong winds. I guess up in the Niagara Falls area had it quite a bit stronger.

Asa-We had the "Heidi Bowl" on 40 years ago. Could you imagine the stink these days if the NFL was cut away from like that?

Romeena-Thanks for sharing that.

MDC- I was 2 years old when JFK was shot. I don't recall where I was. However, when President Reagan was shot I can remember exactly where I was.

Peace friends,

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95494:
Shortly after President Kennedy was shot, I was watching television while eating lunch at my grandmother`s apartment. She lived across the street from the elementary school I was attending. Then after I returned to school for the afternoon session, I was in the gymnasium when it was announced over the public address system that President Kennedy had died.
It affected me more because just seven months earlier, my family had visited the White House and were hoping to meet the President and his wife. Unfortunately, they were at their vacation home in Hyannis Port Massachusetts for Easter. Now I would never be able to meet him. However, we got to meet President LBJ the following year.

from Poor Horatio

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95495: Hello Front Porchers: What time does Weaver's department store open on Black Friday? Does anybody know if they have leaked their Black Friday add online? Mrsawyer

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95496: Same time as Wal-Mart....

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95497: Black Friday On-line add for Weavers...The Beer Can opener with the little umbrella... Marked down from $1.25 to just $.25 so better get there EARLY!!


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95498: Hello G-F: That would make a great Mothers day present. I just hope that Ben Weaver does not follow some of the greedy merchants we have in America that will open on Thanksgiving day. I hope future generations still will be able to appreciate all that Thanksgiving day has to offer. Mrsawyer

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95499: Makes you kinda wonder why they never did a Thanksgiving themed episode on TAGS. Maybe we ought to do one here like we have done in the past. Everyone just adds a scene or even just a line or two (keeping it Mayberryish of course). You guys game? Can I start?
It was the day before Thanksgiving in Mayberry and folks was doing their last minute grocery shopping. Inside the Courthouse,Andy and Barney sat in their usual spots in a slightly heated, but very respectful discussion.
BARNEY: Now listen Andy, I still don't know why you won't let me go out on patrol today. The stores are busy and there is bound to be some problems arise.
ANDY: Barney, I already told you that folks will be just fine with out us getting in the way.Sides that I don't want a repeat of last Christmas when we had prisoners to deal with. No sir Barn, we are just gonna stay right here while I finish these here reports and we listen to the Leonard Blush Thanksgiving special on the radio. Now hush and turn the radio up.
Suddenly the door opens and there stands........


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95500: You got to meet LBJ, Poor Horatio? Cool. I have been in his childhood home in Johnson City, Texas.

We should absolutely do a Mayberry Thaksgiving episode, Asa. The last time we did that I laughed my socks off at some of your stuff!!LOL
Here goes...."Suddenly the door opens and there stands...," the fun girls!! A look of shock and horror pass over the faces of Andy and Barney.
Andy: "Oh no!..not this, anything but this!" (Daphne sidles up to Andy, looks up at him and smiles) "Hello Doll". (Skippy bounces toward Barney giggling all the way, chewing her gum in an exaggerated manner) "Hi Bernie! Aren't you happy to see us?...huh, Bernie?".


November 19, 2013 - Msg 95501: Otis. BARNEY: Ya see Ang. It's only Wednesday and Otis is drunk. ANDY: You might be right Barn. I think it's that new fangled drinkin day on the day before Thanksgiving. Mrsawyer

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95502: Otis. BARNEY: Ya see Ang. It's only Wednesday and Otis is drunk. ANDY: You might be right Barn. I think it's that new fangled drinkin day on the day before Thanksgiving. Mrsawyer

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95503:
Oops...looks like we got Otis AND the fun girls in the courthouse!

November 19, 2013 - Msg 95504: The fun girls like the chubby drunk. BARNEY: Hi Aunt Bee, what can I do for you? AUNT BEE: Oh Barney, can you give me a ride home? I just finished shopping at Foley's for tomorrows dinner. You better be careful Barney I just seen Thelma Lou and Juanita in Foley's and now here you are with the fun girls. Mrsawyer

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95505: Boo, For a minute I thought the "Fun Girls was rite cheer! Can you do a take-off of Edward G. Robinson too?

....Just then Floyd enters...Ouu,ouu, I see the "Fun Girls" are back in town Ouu,Ouu, Andy TROUBLE.. I Just say Helen & Thelma Lou heading this way...Ouu!....Goober comes bustin' in saying "Alright you guys, Come on you guys, beat it you guys"!! as he hauls them out the back door with Skippy saying: "You're no fun Bernie......


November 20, 2013 - Msg 95506: Just as the Fun Girls exit through the back door, Helen and Thelma Lou enter through the front door. Helen, looking rather miffed, gives Andy a scowling glance, and then with a stern voice says "Sheriff Taylor, If you desire to spend your Thanksgiving with those women, then do so, but please don't expect me and Thelma Lou to stand and watch your shenanigans. We will make other plans! Come on Thel, let's get out of here"!
THEL: Now wait Helen. I'd like to hear the boys side of this. They have a right to tell us what's going on. How about it Barney? What are those women doing here?"
BARNEY: "Well.... uhh... Thel... uhh... you see... it's like this....."


November 20, 2013 - Msg 95507: BARNEY: Thel. These girls just dropped off some canned goods for the food pantry. They are from the Mt. Pilot community services agency. Mrsawyer

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95508: Helen: "I'll bet! Just what kind of community service are we talking about?..hmmm??"
Andy: "Now, Helen, don't get your nose out of joint. They just showed up. What do ya want me to do?"
Helen, "Well! If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you. I just wonder when it will ever end! C'mon, Thelma Lou." (both march toward the door with their noses in the air).
Barney is still standing in stunned silence. Andy: "Now wait a minute...don't leave. You are being unreasonable...(under his breath):but then again, that is what you are best at.". Helen and Thelma quickly turn and Helen is very angry, "Just what do you mean by that Mr. Taylor?!". Andy in frustration, "Never mind..just never mind! You beat everything, you know that? Where's Peggy?!"


November 20, 2013 - Msg 95509: (Enter Peggy in Courthouse) PEGGY: Hiya Ande, just wonderin where you and Opie are eating Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? Oh, I didn't know you fellas had company. ANDY: Hi Peg. Oh no no. They are not company. They are just from the Mt. Pilot food pantry. They are just leaving. Bye girls see you next time. DAPHNE: Bye doll. Happy Thanksgiving. SKIPPY: Bye Bernie, Happy Thanksgiving. ANDY: Well Peg, Aunt Bee's baby sister Nora called her out of town at the last minute and Aunt Bee asked Mrs. Magruder to come over and cook for us tomorrow. BARNEY: Ang, we better go on that manhunt now for Ralph Henderson...

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95510: Sorry. The above was written by Mrsawyer

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95511: Peg: " Oh, Aunt Bee will be out of town? But what about you & Opie, Andy??? Y'all have got to eat! I'll tell you what- let me come over and fix you up a big Thanksgiving feast!"

Barn pulls Andy aside (before Andy can reply to Peg): *Whispering* "Ang, Helen will slay you,oh she'll just slay you if she finds out that Peg will be at your house on Thanksgiving! And what if Helen decides to show up after all? Oh,it'll be a moulage,that's what! A great big moulage! Whatcha gonna do, Ang ??"

Andy shakes Barney off,turns to Peg and says...

possum under a rock

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95512:
Andy: Ahhhh...
Just then the door opens again, and there stands ELLIE!
Ellie: Surprise! I know it's been a couple of years, but I was in the area, so I thought I'd drop by and surprise you!

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95513: Oh what a wicked web we weave....Sounds like a real Peaton Place to me....G-F

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95514: Just then Clara Edwards stops by the Courthouse......CLARA: Oh hi Ellie, nice to see you. (Clara whispers into Ellie's ear-I wish you would have stayed in Mayberry. Andy has been courting Helen Crump. Nobody likes her.) Oh say Andy, I just stopped by to bring you a jar of my pickles and to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

November 20, 2013 - Msg 95515:
ANDY: Ah...Peg, Clara, Ellie, Daphne, Skippy, Helen, Thelma Lou, Aunt Bee... it's real nice to see all of you, just real nice; but right now we have to deal with Otis, and there's a lot, and I do mean a lot, of plannin' to do for tomorrow's big dinner. Then there's preachin' in the morning, and actually, Barn and I have to go out on
patrol. Lots doin' over at Weavers and so on...