December 04, 2013 - Msg 95665: Thanks PH, I knew you could do it.
I saw that reversed "b/" but I didn't know how to fix it, apparently. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 04, 2013 - Msg 95666: I do, however, know how to sweep.
...apparently. ;)


December 05, 2013 - Msg 95667:
Yes Romeena, Sterling, ASa and others, it was indeed the TOP of the ladder, (only a 5 foot, but still) and yes, I know that I should have known better, and yes, there is indeed a warning sticker, and yes, there is no excuse, BUT it was one last light on the string to place on a pre-existing hook up the eve. I did not even tell my wife, because I am definitely OK, or SOMETHING would be hurting by now; but I promise I will NEVER do that again! It's like when Andy put his foot in his mouth, you think "why in the world did I just do that?"
OK, on to other things...GF and Mr Sawyer, thank you for those stories. Very cool. We have told Christmas stories here in the past, but I think we
have told them all, so it's neat to hear about yours.
RO- thanks for mailing a sheet to pappabear. he will be happy to get it. His only internet is at the local libray. I hope your ladies party went good.
God's blessings on all,

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95668: BTW, I swear that that hook for the last light was LOWER last year! :) Oh no, is that "senior shrinking" happening already!?

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95669: SPOT

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95670: test

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95671: Shucks....

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95672: test

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95673: well soneones gona have to spell it out for me to help

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95674: MDC...Maybe next year SPOT can call one of his counterparts at the power co. and get ya one of those "bucket trucks"? Don't punish yourself, we all have overextended ourselves (especially us short guys) glad only your pride got hurt and not you!...Remember those famous words....
"Just Call the Man"!!

p.s. Thanks Romeena for "the list"...

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95675:

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95676:
Testing again...

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95677:
One more time....

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95678: Hey, Spot. You were on the right track, you just needed to do it a couple more times. For every "b", you need a "/b". Note that the / is before the b, not after. You did it right, but you needed more than one, that's why the first "fix" didn't work. Then I came along and thought I was fixing it, but my sticky keyboard left out one of my slashes, so I inadvertently told it to "bold" again. When I'm trying to fix one of these hairballs, I usually do a "/b" about three times, just to be sure. However, if you want to check out what happened, in most cases you can just right-click anywhere on the page and it will bring up a little box. Somewhere in that box you'll see the option "View Page Source." Click that, and it will bring up the current page, only it will show all the html symbols in use - the things that control what the page looks like, like bold or italic or whatever. Just mouse around with it - you'll find lots of interesting things. --Romeena

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95679: Well, brrrrr! It's 36 outside right now, and going to get colder. I still don't have my twinkle lights out. Drat! I sure do wish I had gotten them out yesterday, because I'm going to freeze my tushie off out there now. I could just forget it - I've got roof lights and icicles out front, and six deer and three little spiral trees out back, but I want my twinkles! I can't do it this morning, because Eloise and I are going to get pedicures (my parrot toes need attention!) and we may have sleet by this afternoon, soooo - guess we'll see whether I have twinkles or not. The cold is supposed to be here for several days. Wish I hadn't been so lazy yesterday. I had time, too, just didn't do it. Oh well. --Romeena

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95680: Thank you,Ro and I hope you feel better fast!

Hey to everybody rocking on the Porch today!

MDC, you stay off them ladders!!

possum under a rock

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95681: ok gona try this bold thng...SPOT

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95682: did I cut it off?

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95683: got it, thanks Rommena...the Queen of the porch...Lunch?...

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95684:
Romeena, good thing you showed up to set things straight. And although Romeena offered a great explanation, here is a quick solution for anyone to use without having to examine the page source. Next time you see bold text turned on, just post a string of < / b > one after the other (I have to use spacing to illustrate the command so be sure to leave out the spacing when you post it). That is exactly how I quickly turned off the bold before I took the time to examine the page source. It does not hurt to post multiple off commands. Any excess off commands are ignored.

MDC, be careful when using tools that help you move up in this world. Now you know the meaning of topsy turvy ;) LOL

from Poor Horatio

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95685:
HI, aren't we all BOLD this morning! ha
Yes indeed PH, Ro's "elbow" analogy was spot on!
Well, I saw our Miss Peggy (Joanna Moore)on Daniel Boone this morning. She guest starred as a not-so-nice girl!
Am finishing up my decs today, but all at GROUND level! :)
Possum, glad your life is so much better these days. God is good. see you at the CB.
Only 55 for the high for the next few days, but I hear that
the northern states are VERY cold, as in 20 below.

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95686:
I just realized I could make my explanation in Msg 95684 more clear. When I say post a string of < / b > commands one after the other, I would post no more than five in a row. If after you post the bold is still active, then post five more in a row. Just don't forget ... no spaces between the characters.

from Poor Horatio

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95687:
Romeena, with your weather turning colder and slippery, and you really want to put up those twinkles, why not install them inside ... like around the windows? This way they can be seen from outside and inside.

from Poor Horatio

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95688: I think G-F will stay with the regular way...To confusing, I like to keep things simple...

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95689: Howdy Porch. Boy oh boy, had another nice post ready to go and blewie, it's gone with the wind.

Anyway, colder than I need it on my porch for sure. Afternnon highs in the low 20's for the next few days at least. BLECH!

Romeena, sure sorry to read you are still suffering pain. Glad it's at least managable for you.

Good to see you Possum. Hope you are doing well.

I saw Helen Crump playing as Pete Malloy's girlfriend on Adam 12 the other day. She must like badges or men in uniform or some such I reckon.

I have been watching the first season of "Dales Eyes" (otherwise known as "Pery Mason" lol) on dvd. Sure am enjoying seeing all the TAGS folks on there. Saw one of the Walleys on a couple of them, and Miss. Mayberry has been on one. Saw Uncle Ollie last night on one. He played a sheriff and arrested Mr. Wilsons wife from Dennis the Menace for murder, of all the nerve. She wasn't guilty of murder, but she lied to Perry to protect her daughter, and Perry got right upset with her. Acted like a beast in fact. Had me right on the edge of my seat. Well actually I was in bed watching it, but if I'd been sitting, I'd a been right on the edge I tell ya. Anyway, Perry got her off in the end and they all had a good laugh about it. I love how all the Perry Masons end with some kind of a laugh at the end.

Well better get. Got things to do.


December 05, 2013 - Msg 95690: Good evening, porch! Boy, is it ever cold! It's 32 right now, which is certainly cold enough, but there's a strong north wind, and it feels much colder. I see some roses out there that will definitely not make it through the night, so I'm going to go cut them right now, before it gets completely dark. Back in a minute!

OK, I'm back. Bleeding hands and half-frozen, but I got my roses. Also a couple of irises. They're all trimmed and placed in vases, warm and secure. They'll last three or four days in here, and outside, would have been ruined by morning. Those thorns are wicked! On a warm, bright day, I can take the time to nip the worst ones off with my clippers, and handle the cut stems carefully, and I don't get poked or scratched too much. Today, I was just mowing roses in the almost-dark and the freezing wind, so I got stabbed a lot. No problem, I heal fast. They sure are pretty. I got one big vase full, and two small ones. I took pictures, maybe I'll put them on facebook, if I can figure out how to do it. I think I can.

On the way home from pedicures and lunch with Eloise, I stopped at Big Lots and bought eight strings of outdoor twinkle lights. Why I didn't put them out when it was warm, I'll never know, but now I have to pay the price. I put out three strings as soon as I got home, nearly froze, and came in the house! I've got about 25 more strings of older lights, in various stages of work/won't work, and the remaining five new strings. I figured out how I'm going to get them put out. Tomorrow, I'll run out and set up a timer, then come in and get warm. Check out a string of old lights and get it working or throw it away. Take a working string out and hook it up, come back in and warm up and check more lights. Repeat, until I'm done. Yep, that'll work! Good suggestion, PH, but you don't realize how many lights I put out, and I only have two windows visible from the front of my house. Also, I put at least a third, maybe half, of them in the back yard where I can see them from my window. I have twinkles everywhere - in the shrubs, twining through flowerbeds - if it's dark, I light it up!

Well, now I'm hungry! Got the last of the turkey (no, not from last Thursday, I cooked on Saturday, remember?) so it's still fine. Come share it with me! --Romeena

December 05, 2013 - Msg 95691: Someone's got to say it, Poor Horatio; Your education was worth every penny! :)

Took the kids to see the "holiday" train as it stopped here in our little town. Noah liked seeing all the lights, and I think he also enjoyed the music. But with that big snowsuit we had on him, who could tell?!
I was kind of disappointed that the band didn't play any traditional Christmas tunes(read: non-secular) this year. They did a couple really nice ones last time and it pleasantly surprised me then. The performance this year was the kind of thing I expected for that first time we went to see it LAST year after hearing a "holiday" train was coming. Last year it was great though, because it was also snowing, so that added to the Christmas atmosphere. This year it was just cold. Everyone enjoyed it though.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95692:
ASA, I have accidentallly clicked on "reset" instead of "Post Your Comments." That will sure make a post go bluey! ):
RO- do you have any garden gloves? I admit, not as lethal as a ladder fall, but they may save some blood! :)
Did anyone watch "the Sound of Music" tonight. Carry Underwood did a great job.
Sterling- I hear ya buddy. But as the ending of SofM just showed, (tho not on the same scale) we must still continue to fight the stupidity!
Even my brother who is running for Congress was going to have a "holiday gathering" and fundraiser, but I said 'what?' and he changed it to Christmas. Each little victory helps. Write to the people who did your train thing, and tell them that you'd like to see it as a Christmas train. They'll listen! But we must not just sit back. OK, soapbox finished.
Have a great evening all, love ya,

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95693: Just passin' by on my way to the ironing board. Yes, MDC, I have at least three pair pair of gloves, in various stages of wear, but I'm not sure how they got that way. I hate gloves. I try to wear them, because they really do save your hands, but they get in my way. Also, when I'm digging or planting something, I always manage to get a big plop of dirt down into a glove, it mixes with the sweat on my hands, and I've got mud in the glove! Yuck. I'd rather just take my chances, and wash up afterward. Some gloves this evening might have prevented some of those rose thorn attacks, though. You're definitely right about that. I was in too much of a hurry to hunt up gloves, though. The daylight was fading fast, and I really didn't want to be robbing rosebushes in the dark. Those roses sure are pretty, though. Imagine - roses in December!

Well, goodnight, porch. Blessings, and sweet dreams. --Romeena

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95694: hmmm - pair pair? Didn't mean to stutter. --Romeena

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95695: Hey y'all- Thanks,Asa & MDC for the well wishes. Yes,I walked through the fire and came out stronger than ever, thank God. Life is so good now-I am blessed. (I always have been).

MDC,I recorded "Sound of Music" last night & can't wait to see it.I am about to have a fit to watch "The Homecoming" (Walton's Christmas movie) but I've made it my tradition to wait to watch it on Christmas Eve,so will tough it out.Can't wait to "help" John Boy go looking for his daddy! LOL

Y'all wanna hear about COLD?? My sister who moved to Wyoming with her family several years back tells me they are about to freeze to death out there-said it got down to -22 last night! And she says that when they go out in the morning to start the vehicles,their fingers begin to burn! Can you say "Frostbite"? Wow-that is some extreme weather there,folks. I don't want no part of it,that's for dang sure!

Anyway,hope y'all stay warm-wish I could send some of this 80 degree weather to everyone in the deep freeze. Yep,I said 80 degrees- in December! Isn't that insane?? Gotta love Christmas in SC!

Y'all take care! And Spot,quit messing up the Porch- ha!

possum under a rock

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95696: I agree Romeena, I seldom use gloves when gardening, I sorta like to "feel" the dirt between my fingers.. But my toes are a different thing, wouldn't make a good Hillbilly, I hate going barefoot even as a kid I hated to have dirty feet.. Worried I might get a bee sting on my toe or step in the dog poop I guess...

Auh2o...Get ready, another winter blast coming, it started way back Ro's way and working it's way here.. Rain,Ice,Snow...Oh no!! And if the snow gets to deep...."Call the Man"! In my day we would be out shoveling snow ALL day and come home with our butts draggin' but a pocket full of dough, and I don't mean biscuits!

Asa...Keep those boilers stoked, speaking of that I stopped by work to see some of my co-workers yesterday and they were having boiler problems at one of the bldgs. The "bean counters" were balking at the repair costs of calling "The Man"! Gee, I hate it when that happens...Not my problem anymore.. That is why in OUR world P/M is KING and when you don't practice good P/M get ready to fork out the $$$... Right my brother?... My crib is nice & WARM, think I'll go downstairs and put a couple more drops of oil in my motor...

Stay warm Folks....GooberFife

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95697: Possum, it's 6 degrees here.

It's not too bad. When it gets below 0, that's when it starts to get cold. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95698: Well, its about 40 and windy (wind chill in the 20's) and I LOVE IT! I should really move to the mountains and get off this humid seashore.

Been a busy couple of days...been decorating the tree, studying for my final exam, etc. Have the deacon's party tonight and that is always fun.


December 06, 2013 - Msg 95699: Hello front porchers. My computer is in the shop. I have been monitoring from my phone. Too small though. Hard to read and write. After visiting the porch for a few weeks I notice most of you have talent in writing. Your posts are long. But funny too. I have not been out of the house much since the weather changed here rather abruptly in October. Chicago area. I expect to be in the house for 3 or 4 months. Just don't like being cold anymore. Mrsawyer

December 06, 2013 - Msg 95700: Good evening folks, on my way to the ole ironing board...
Been busy today, didn't work at work but worked at home .
Dusted, vaccumed, mopped, washed 4 loads of laundry and knocked down some cobwebs. Cooked supper and made some brownies. Gosh, just typing that makes me tired.

Beth and I had our 6 month detal cleaning this morning. Look no cavities!

I generally try not to complain around here but I have been aggravated. It's not a big thing and it will be taken care of but...
Mr. Maude and I recently bought a new car... A Dodge Journey. We have passed our mini van stage now and since we needed a new car we bought the Journey about 3 months or so ago. It's drives and rides well, gas mileage is pretty good. I am the principal driver of it. It has about 2,700 miles on it now. I say all that to say, last week the radio just stopped working. Mr. Maude checked the fuses and then called the dealership and took it in today. They said it was a complete failure of the radio/sound system. They have to order a new system and install it next week. I know it is a small thing compared to well just about everything else but it's aggravating. Thanks for letting me vent.

Cold and Raining on my end of the porch.

Please say a prayer for our Associate Pastor's 12 year old son. They have found a tumor behind his optical nerve. They are sending him to a specialist at Vanderbilt . They are very scared and understandably so.

Well, guess that is enough from my big ole mouth for tonight.
Thanks for the Christmas card list Romeena, you take good care of us .

Prayers and blessings

Big Maude

December 07, 2013 - Msg 95701: Antenna tv is running I DREAM OF JEANNIE. Still pretty cool. I think. Mrsawyer

December 07, 2013 - Msg 95702: I just saw ed munster.

December 07, 2013 - Msg 95703: Prayers for your pastor's son ,Maude.

I don't blame you for venting- I'd be mad if I didn't have my music too! Hope you get it taken care of soon.

Those are some good old shows you're watching, Mr. Sawyer. At least you've got good tv if you have to be stuck indoors as you mentioned earlier.

Rainy here today at my rock but at least we're not dealing with the snow & big ice storm that so many folks are. It's even snowing in Mayberry! Did y'all see the front page of this website?? :)

Y'all take care & stay warm out there! Happy Saturday!

possum under a rock

December 07, 2013 - Msg 95704: Been snowing here since early this morning. We have close to a foot of powdery snow. I'm sure the skiers are in hog heaven.

GF, I got your card today my friend. You sir are a treasure. I'm still giggling over it. Thank you. I am unable to open the attachment that Romeena sent out though. My computer died a while back so I am doing everything on this mobile device and I am having trouble getting everything figured out. I emailed Ro about it but I'm not even sure that it got through. HELP ANYONE!


December 07, 2013 - Msg 95705:
Great Christmas party at my dad's wonderful group home today! Here is a quick one minute video of everyone waiting for families to arrive, and the food preparations still going on.
Hope you all had a good Sat. and have a good Sabbath tomorrow. Jesus loves us this I KNOW!
Maude--prayers for sure.
Take care all,

December 07, 2013 - Msg 95706: I saw your pics on facebook, MDC...your dad looked just great.

Prayers for your pastor's son, Maude. Must be so scary for them. Please let us know how things go.

Its been a sad night here tonight. I left to attend a christmas concert and on the way got a call from a hysterical Erin. It seems that she and her two little friends from next door went out the front gate, left it open, and our dog Ollie followed them out. It was just getting dark, and a truck coming down the street, hit Ollie. The girls saw the dog hit and said he appeared to be badly injured but her ran into a vacant place across the street from us that has tall weeds. Bruce and Sean looked for him for hours with flashlights but never found him. I came home immediately and took our other dog out there to try to track Ollie but we never found him. I fear he is dead but hope and pray he is not suffering and we cant find him. It is going to be very cold tonight. Poor Erin is having a tough time. All we can do is wait until daylight and try again.


December 07, 2013 - Msg 95707: Oh my Boo. I'm so sorry to read that. I pray for Erin and Ollie both. Maybe he is ok and just laying low for a bit. I pray that will be the case.

I neglected to offer my prayers on behalf of your Pastors son Maude. But will pray for the entire family now.


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95708: Morning gang...well we just sent crews up to northern states to help with the ice storms...prayers for their trip...well im here to keep Church lights on...carch a sermon on the tube....sausage and gravy bisquits for all....ok....let me get started...SPOT

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95709: Thanks Asa...looks like your prayers worked. Last night before I went to bed I left the garage open a crack and when I got up at 5:30 this morning, Ollie was in his bed in the garage! He managed to get back to his bed and he seems ok...probably an injured leg but we will get him to the vet later. Right now Erin is out there with him and he is under a blanket and my heating pad warming up.

I got a text message from Ro this morning telling me she is ok and wanting me to let the porch know she is. Here is the text: "Hi-just wanted to let the porch know that I'm safe. Lights went off at 6:30 Friday evening and still off. no computer and no phone except cell. Charging it with car. Several huge limbs down, driveway blocked but doesn't matter. Can't open door anyway. food in pantry. Not hungry. Gas fireplace so not cold. Just bored. God is good. Please send Spot to fix lines!".

Poor Ro. Glad she is safe and hope she is able to get power soon. Praying for her and will update you as I hear from her if she isnt back on soon.


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95710: Sounds like Romeena is trapped on Gilligan's Island...She is a very resourceful and tough Texas woman, she'll do just fine! If she needs to eat she can make a fire pioneer style because we all know one made that way works much better than one made the regular old way. Remember how quick that pheasant cooked...

Boo, Glad your puppy is ok.. Erin can nurse him back to health. I bet Bernie got all the animals on the "Funny Farm" together last night, formed a "posse" and did a search & rescue mission while you all slept is what I'm thinkin'... That Boy!

Asa, Sorry, I meant to put a string on "Larry" so you could hang him from your Christmas tree!

SPOT, When you go to Romeena's to fix her power lines, be sure to take her a big plate of biscuits 'n gravy too....


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95711: I am glad ollie the dog came home. Mrsawyer

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95712: RIP Nelson Mandela and Paul Crouch :(

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95713: I was just thinkin' if we need to get in contact with Romeena while her power is off here's what ya do...Tell Winkin, he'll tell Blinkin, he will tell Nod, and Nod will tell Barney, and Barney will tell Romeena....Problem solved!....G-F

(or Boo could just call her on her cell phone!)

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95714: Thanks, G-F and Mr Sawyer. :) Ollie is sore but can get up and walk obvious injuries and he is eating.


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95715: Great news Boo. That makes me smile. :)

Sorry that Ro is having such a time. Our snow finally stopped this morning. Now the sun is out and I must admit it is pretty. The snow hanging on the Austrian Pine trees in my yard look so Christmasy.

GF normally a bat would never be welcome in my home, but in honor of you and your thoughtfulness, "Larry" will find a spot on our tree, not just this year but from here on. Your a good old boy. :)


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95716: Good evening porch, prayers for Romeena. Hope she gets power soon. Prayers also for Ollie the dog. Glad he came home. Hope Erin feels better.

Thanks for the prayers and concerns for my Associate Pastors son. I learned this morning he has an optical glioma (sp. ) he sees an oncology specialist this week as well as an ophthalmologist . The young man is in 8 th grade ( I think) and his name is Noah. Hopefully this is something that can be cured. I have known our Associate/youth pastor for 30 years, knew home when he was in middle school. I know this is very scary for them.

It is cold and rainy today, went to church, out to lunch and have been home all afternoon.

Safe travels for Spot.

Everyone have a good night. Prayers and blessings to all .

Big Maude

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95717: li'l Augie says hey! hello! and hiya! to all you nifty neato Front Porchers. I'm out here on the Pacific side of the porch. (man... this is some wide ol' porch... over 3000 miles wide!)


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95718: Well, finally! Howdy, porch! The lights came back on at 7:25, making it 49 hours without electricity around here. It has been an adventure, and I've missed y'all. My fireplace was converted to gas a couple of years after Dale passed (after I fell on the ice going out for wood, and decided I didn't want to do that anymore.) So, while it doesn't put out the heat it did when it burned wood, still it's some help, and is clean and safe. By shutting off all unused rooms, and keeping myself and Toye Starr in just the kitchen, living room, office and my bedroom, the temp in the living room has stayed at about 58. Not too bad. We slept on the couch in there, and stayed quite comfortable, with a couple of blankets. I've slept more in the past two days than I normally would in a week! I have not been hungry, though I've had food available - peanut butter, cheese, bread, some leftover ham - no reason not to eat, but I had no appetite. Now that the lights are back on, suddenly I'm starving! Gonna heat up some soup, and make a grilled cheese sandwich, and I will be a happy camper. Tomorrow will be a day of cleaning out two fridges and two freezers. All old stuff that needed to be discarded anyway, except for some new ice cream I got for the kids. Oh well. Small price to pay. I have huge limbs down in front and back, could have crashed through the roof, but all of them fell either in the yard or on the driveway. One relatively small one hit the edge of the roof over the front porch entry, took the gutter down, and may have damaged the roof edge a bit, but it won't be a big deal. The gutter leaked anyway, and needed repair, so now it will happen. All my Christmas lights came on when the power came back.

I have to say this to Spot. My friend, you and your fellow line workers are angels in hard hats, in my opinion. When that line of Oncor trucks came rumbling down the street this afternoon, I knew help had arrived, and life would return to normal soon. It did. When I think of those guys, climbing those icy poles, or riding a cherry picker to the top of a pole, in sleet and high winds, I can only say thank you, and thank God for inspiring men like you to do the job. I don't know what those men are paid, but whatever it is, it's not enough.

Boo, I'm so glad Ollie came home, and seems to be doing pretty well. I'm not only happy for him, but poor little Erin would have been devastated. I'll bet the girls will be more careful about that gate from now on.

Big Maude, I will certainly pray for the young man with the glioma. Please keep us informed on his condition.

Li'l Augie - welcome to the porch. Pull up a rocker and stay a while. We love it when newcomers visit, and sometimes they decide to stay, and we like that, too.

Blessings, all. I'm headed to the kitchen to make me some hot soup! --Romeena

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95719:
A howdy to li'l Augie. You claim that the porch is 3000 miles from west to east. Well since I'm near Toronto Canada and our most southern poster is near Houston Texas, that makes the porch about 1500 miles from north to south!
Although we have had other Canadians post on The Front Porch in the past, I seem to be the only one currently active here.

Boo, I'm glad to hear the good news about Ollie. He is one very lucky dog. I hope Erin realizes that her experience was a valuable lesson.

MDC, after viewing your video, I was impressed that you addressed everyone by their names. That alone had to make them all feel good, even if it was just for a moment.

Big Maude, I wish I could offer something more positive for your Associate Pastor's son. A serious illness is bad enough, but having it happen to a youngster really bothers me. It is one of the reasons why I have no children.

As for learning that Romeena is temporarily out of action here, I can understand why. This morning when I was watching the news, they showed videos of people sledding and playing ice hockey in the streets of Dallas Texas! Yet here near Toronto, we have no snow nor ice.

from Poor Horatio

December 08, 2013 - Msg 95720: li'l Augie, You related to Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy? Just thought I'd ask... I liked that cartoon....A blast from the past!


December 08, 2013 - Msg 95721: Mercy sakes, where are my manners.. Glad to have ya "Re-Electrafied" Romeena, did ya make your puppy some "smores" over the fire? That's right dogs can't have chocolate, maybe a weenie then?


December 09, 2013 - Msg 95722: Auh2o, I'm a good 3 hours south of Houston so I guess I'm the farthest from you...figure out those miles...from your neck of the woods to Corpus Christi. :)

Good to see you back, Ro. Yes, those girls will be more careful, I hope. Ollie is nearly his old self tonight but still sleeping more. He met us in the driveway tonight and was rewarded with the remains of an ice cream cone Sean was eating. Erin is a very happy camper to have her "baby" back..(that's what she calls him).

Welcome to Augie!

It warmed up to 48 here today so we are feeling like we can survive. These crazy Texans can't seem to bear cold weather for long..."cold" being a relative term, of course.

Poor Bruce has been out hanging lights and using the Light Pro gun.

I'll bet that snow is beautiful, Asa. It has been far too long since I saw snow. Stay warm and safe.

Thanks Maude. Erin cried herself to sleep last night and then woke up and was filled with joy at the sight of her dog. Reminded me of that well-known verse, "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning." :)

Better hit the ironing board for some adventure sleeping.


December 09, 2013 - Msg 95723: G-F, I remember the two Augey Doggies. Do you remember Tom Terrific, Clyde Crashcup, Heckle and Jeckle, Mighty Mouse, Huckleberry Hound and Tennesse Tuxedo? Mrsawyer

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95724: ROMEENA! Wow, you took "adventure sleepin'" to a whole new level! Glad you are OK, and power back on. 1800s only "fun" for a while! At least you didn't have a side of beef from Diamond Jim's to go bad. Just curious, do u keep a little emergency box? If not, just a thought, as we never know these days. I hope insur@nce will help out with the damage. And, arw your rentals OK? ASA- you hang in there also. My goodness, I been hvacs were as busy as linemen. My brother's crew went to CO to help out there. SPOT- congrats to your crews! Thanks PH and others! Being an old teacher, I got to know the names asap. The home is amazing, and the spread was amazing too. Plus the place is comparably priced. G-F--I bet you are glad to be retired, and not out working on units this time of year. Prayers, MDC

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95725: "bet" not "been"

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95726: Sorry for the one continuous paragraph above. I got "censored" because of "insur-ance", so I did a "highlite/copy," and glad I did because when I hit the back arrow the post was gone, so I did a "paste" and didn't re-paragraph the post! mec

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95727: sheesh! mDc

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95728: Boo, from Houston to Toronto is 1302 miles, so I just rounded up to 1500 miles. And between Corpus Christie and Toronto is 1486 miles. So my estimate of 1500 miles still measures our North/South distance.

MrSawyer, I do remember those cartoon characters you mentioned,, along with Beanie and Cecil, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dudley Do Right, Top Cat and his gang, Woody Woodpecker, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, The Jetsons, Mr Magoo, Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the cat, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Wiley Coyote, Yosemite Sam, Tweetie Pie, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Popeye just to name a few.

from Poor Horatio (not auh2o)

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95729: I remember all those cartoons, being a big fan of cartoons. Did anyone mention Tom and Jerry? The old ones, that is. The newer ones were pathetic. And don't forget Speedy Gonzales. He disappeared from the scene with the advent of Political Correctness, sad to say. The irony is, my Hispanic friends miss him very much. They loved him!

Well, the house is warm, I get to sleep in my own bed tonight instead of staying by the fireplace, and all is right with the world. I'm still surrounded by fallen limbs, but that will be taken care of in due time. Amazingly, when I opened the freezer, everything was still frozen. The fridge part was warm, because I had opened it, but the freezer was intact. I figured the icemaker bin would be a pool of water, but it was all solid ice cubes, no water even in the bottom of the bin. Hadn't even begun to thaw. Isn't that wild? Guess the seal on the door is pretty good. I still dumped the ice and started over. I like to do that now and then anyway.

Well, I'm off to bed. It's very late, but since I slept most of the day, it's taking me a while to get sleepy now. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95730:
Romeena, yes I do remember Speedy Gonzalez. Watching that cartoon as a kid taught me my first Spanish words ... Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! And as you mentioned, at one time, it was banned about 12 years ago from American television because of the Mexican stereotypes it portrays. However, due to its popularity in Latin America and a strong active campaign from many Hispanics, American broadcasters relented and Speedy returned to American television a few years later.
On a related note, watch the following video
Although Mr. Gonzalez would probably generate a lot of complaints today in this world of political correctness, there is no need to feel sorry for him. Supposedly John Wayne watched this performance and hired Mr. Gonzalez to appear in some of his western films. And that lead to Mr. Gonzalez using his voice for other characters that appeared in the Speedy Gonzalez cartoons.

from Poor Horatio

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95731: PH: I have watched a few of the old You Bet Your Life's. But I never seen one as funny as this. How did you find it? I was laughing so much I could not finish the video. All you Porchers make sure and check it out. It is worth it. Mrsawyer

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95732: Morning Gang...Since we are discussing cartoons, How about Atom Ant? If you did not know, his voice is none other than our favorite rock thrower "Ernest T. Bass" Howard Morris. Howie did a lot of voice over work along with "Otis" Hal Smith, He started with Huckleberry Hound & Quick Draw McGraw and did a lot after that.

That was a a short Mayberry 101 history lesson. (Back in those days you could get alot for a penny).
Good thing Momma & Daddy had some extra pennies they could spare for me.


December 09, 2013 - Msg 95733: Good morning, porch! I feel wonderful! Toye Starr and I slept in our own comfortable bed last night, warm and snuggly. Sure did feel good, and we slept well. I'm rested and ready to get started decorating. Can't put the tree up yet, as that big heavy thing is still in its closet, and I can't handle it. Normally, my tree would have been up for two weeks by now, but with Thanksgiving being so late and David out of town, it just hasn't happened. This ice storm didn't help any, either. David was out in West Texas when it hit, and a drive that normally takes about four hours to get home, took him a full 24 hours! He was on that icy highway for 24 hours! He was one whipped pup when he got home Saturday, for sure. I insisted he stay home with his family and not come after me, because I was doing just fine. So - I will use today to get all the other decorating done, and when the tree finally gets rescued from the closet, it will be all I have to do. Better late than never, I always say.

PH, I love it that you found that clip of Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez. He got his start in San Antonio, where I was born and grew up. He was a regular on little local TV shows for years, and finally made it into the movies, evidently thanks to John Wayne. That appearance with Groucho Marx is credited as his first real public exposure, but we San Antonians knew him a long time before that. He not only appeared on a lot of local TV, but frequently appeared at local functions, like supermarket openings. He was friendly and would talk with anyone. All around, I think he was a pretty good guy. He took care of his mama and his family, too.

Well, guess I'll get that Nativity scene set up, finally. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95734:
MrSawyer, I have been a long time fan of Groucho's You Bet Your Life program. About 20 years ago, one of the cable channels I subscribed to aired the television reruns on a regular basis. And I purchased a DVD of some of the programs. Also, you can find the You Bet Your Life programs for free on the internet by:
- searching for the tv shows at
- searching for the tv shows at
- searching for the radio shows at

from Poor Horatio

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95735:
I know all of how about Ruff and Ready, Mighty Mouse, Tenn. Tuxedo and Underdog!?
PH -I also liked all the various cartoons on Rockys show... Mr Peabody, Fractured Fairy tales, Boris and Natasha etc.
I also liked the old game shows like Concentration, The Jokers Wild, Password, Hollywood Squares, etc.
RO, glad things are getting back to "normal."
How did the hospitals fare? I'm sure that they had generators.
We are expected to have a freeze here in Phx tonight! All the orange growers light their smudge pots and run fans all night to keep the air moving.
Take care all,

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95736: They just need to make fires "Pioneer" style then they would be ok...G-F

December 09, 2013 - Msg 95737: PH: I read today that John Wayne hired a writer for Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez in order to make a sitcom. But it never hsppenned. The article didn't say why. I think you have to be pretty funny in order for Groucho Marx to laugh the way he did on the You Bet Your Life show. Mrsawyer

December 10, 2013 - Msg 95738: G-F, I got you card in the mail today and I LOVED it! You really go the extra mile, friend. :) I loved the picture of Bernie's offspring. ;) I mailed my cards today.

Been a busy day today, and to top it off, this evening I found out that Erin picked up a case of head lice from the girls next door. Yuck! What a pain in the neck. I had to wash everything, all bedding, pillows, etc., then treat Erin's head, comb her thick hair with that little comb they give you, and it still didnt kill the lice. I had to do a second treatment to get them all. I'm exhausted and it is now 12:00 am and I am finally done and Erin is in bed. I absolutely hate dealing with head lice! Whoever heard of a case of lice in winter?!

Well, better head to the ironing board. I have a medication final test to take tomorrow so please send up a prayer for me. I will be finished with my course at the end of this week and still have a final assignment to do. Yikes.


December 10, 2013 - Msg 95739: Morning gang..hey Augie,mr sawyer,Romeena,possum,Boo,Lucy,MDC,asa,ph,G-F,maude and all...well one more day of rain here in yard is at work till 2...yall ate yet..Menu: 2 eggs yer way,country ham,bisquits and milk gravy,hasbrowns,grits with,milk....yall get a plate buffett style...prayers...watching the Mandela covering on the tube...SPOT

December 10, 2013 - Msg 95740: Boo, Glad you liked the card & picture, I came across the picture a few months ago and could not help myself! That is why I had been posting lately about "Bernie" roaming the neighborhood. Does this qualify you as "Grandma status"? haha

Romeena, They are showing video back here stories of your Ice problems...Big sheets falling on cars downed trees ect. You stay put, keep safe and sound right where you are. You have the soup & peanut butter to swing it!

MDC..LL Bean has a sale on "Long Johns" ;) Better check them out! (they carry the one that have the back trap door) too! Haha
Sounds like we ALL have weather challenges this year..Ya Think?

Asa, I have been thinkin', maybe it's time for us to get a little bit ornery and bring Sgt. TOM out of hiding?

PH...Good to see ya drop in on last night's pod-cast. You other guys should drop in too, Floyd does a good job with it I always look forward to it..By the way, today is Floyd's B-Day.


December 10, 2013 - Msg 95741: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLOYD! --Romeena

December 10, 2013 - Msg 95742: Good morning, porch! Brrr! It's 22 outside, the air is perfectly still, not a leaf moving. Squirrels are out, chasing each other through the icy piles of sleet out back, sending dry leaves flying. Haven't seen any birds yet, but will soon, I'm sure. The sun is out in a cloudless sky, and will soon have things melting and warming up. We're supposed to get to 35 today, and in the 40s tomorrow. Texas will be back to normal soon. The extremes of the last few days are not normal for us. It does happen, but not often, for which we're grateful.

Guess I'd better get dressed. Brittney is bringing the boys over for the day, while she goes to a MEND meeting, to prepare for a function they have tonight. She'll be back here for the afternoon, and will help me get the tree out and ready for decorating. Then she'll take the boys to Eloise, because I'm going to the Deacons and Wives Christmas party at church. The deacon board very kindly invites the widows of former deacons to the party every year, and they even send an escort to pick us up! It was several years after Dale passed before I could make myself accept the invitation, but they kept asking, and finally I accepted, and am glad I did. It's very nice, and the support and love offered is wonderful.

Well, off I go. You all be careful now! --Romeena

December 10, 2013 - Msg 95743: It is pretty cold here, too, Ro..not in the 20's, though. I love it, but we didnt get the ice and sleet like you did.

Forgot to mention that I took Ollie to the vet yesterday and he checked out fine. Lucky dog. I hope maybe he will be more careful about getting out of the fence now, but not counting on it.

Breakfast sounds great, SPOT!

Gotta get moving...still washing towels and such, and have to get ready for my test. Boo. :(


December 10, 2013 - Msg 95744:
GF-Thanks for the heads-up. It is snowing here today and we're suppose to get about 20 inches by Wednesday night but we shall see.

PH-I knew Texans always thought us Yankees looked alike. ha ha

Happy Birthday Floyd!

Just want to say Hey! to the new Porchsters, Mrsawyer and Augie!

I'll stop back later folks.


December 10, 2013 - Msg 95745: Hey to auh2o. Mrsawyer

December 10, 2013 - Msg 95746:
Mrsawyer, are you aware that your posting name might be confusing to some? The first few times I saw it, I did not know if you were Mr Sawyer or Mrs Awyer. I have two suggestions for you; either capitalize the 's' to appear as MrSawyer or include a space to appear as Mr sawyer. Either one would eliminate this confusion.
Also, I did more research on Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez. I was surprised to learn that because he left school at an early age to help support his family, he could not read nor write!

auh2o, I guess it must be the recent cold weather that affected Boo when she confused me with you.

G-F, I enjoyed last night's podcast because of the interesting trivia questions. Too bad I could not find answers for all of them.
But one thing bothers me; all the idle chat that is going on during Floyd's podcast. I don't mind using the chat feature to interact with Floyd. But I believe that talking about non-related subjects seems rude.

from Poor Horatio