February 05, 2014 - Msg 96483: I can see it G F living there away from all the bad spot and friend and family!
Romeena will have you at her house everything something have to be fix.
By the way you can keep the snow there and I will keep the flooding from the ice here.


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96484: Well, it was a good debate last night. Pretty cordial. Though sometimes I could just feel(and see) the disdain that Bill Nye had for Ken Ham and the Biblical viewpoint of creation.
And I thought Ken did a good job of answering Bill's questions he had for him. For Ken's questions to him, Bill didn't always have a defense and for a few of them would simply answer "I don't know. It's a mystery." Which got a few laughs at the church. I mean, here is a guy denying the mystery of God, yet admitting the mystery of God's universe. As long as He isn't included in the discussion, I guess.

I posted a short review of the debate on my Twitter account(yes, I know that pretty much makes me a "twit") which read, "At the creation debate, I saw one man trusting man, and one man trusting God. Being that man is inherently sinful and untrustworthy, which one do you think seemed more at peace?"

Of course, that is what I WANTED to write, but since on Twitter you are only allowed 140 characters, my post looked more like "@#creationdebate I saw 1 man trusting man,&1 man trusting God...." You get the picture, and the message is basically the same, just condensed.
But wow, you should see the mocking of Ken Ham and creationists going on on Twitter now.
Come to think of it, Bill Nye was doing his own mocking last night. Always reiterating of how important it was that "kids learn SCIENCE", feeding into and propagating the narrative that Christians are "anti-science". He kept referring to that during the whole night.
Ken Ham was ready for him though with that I think, because during the opening statements, Ken had video from scientists talking about how and why they believe in the Biblical view of creation.

I remember feeling sorry for Bill Nye last night, especially when he was standing up there directly and publically denying God and the Bible. Still praying he has a change of heart, and mind.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 05, 2014 - Msg 96485: Romeena, Many more snows like this one and I may just take you up on that... As for the fixin' things part, that's what I do. I'd have to brush up on the maintaining of a duck pond. I haven't had much call on those kind of repairs. Don't guess it would be any harder than being a pool boy. I bet the fishin' in good there though....
I'd be like "Wilson" on home improvement, except I'd be on the receiving end of the advice part.


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96486: Howdy ho neighbor G-F. I enjoyed that show. One of the funnier moments was when Wilson was asking Tim something. He asked Tim, "Tim, do you mind if I ruminate for a moment"? To which Tim replies "Go ahaed Wilson. Use that bush over there. That's the one I alwaya use". I know, bathroom humor. What can I say. lol


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96487: Pheewwww! I just got finished shoveling 12 inches of snow. Hey TOM, I have a present I want to send to you.

That was in interesting creation debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. I learned something interesting from both men.
I would love to start a discussion about this debate, but I don't believe The Front Porch is the place for it.
The entire debate can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mAyBwhiAJ8
Cue it up about 12 minutes in.
With the initial comments, rebuttals and questions from the audience, the entire debate lasts about 2.5 hours.

Sterling Holobyte, if you don't like the posting limits at Twitter, why not start a blog like Romeena did?

from Poor Horatio

February 05, 2014 - Msg 96488: Hey.
PH if I had your Email I wound send me address to you.


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96489: Pooor Horatio! I only had to do 8" haha "Where's the Tylenol!" as Clark W. Griswold would say...


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96490:
TOM, the "present" that I was referring to is the 12 inches of snow I shovelled. We get too much of it here in Canada so I am willing to share some with you.

G-F, I can split the delivery and send some of the snow to you since you only got 8 inches.

from Poor Horatio

February 05, 2014 - Msg 96491: P H keep all it right there G F and I are sick of looking at that stuff


February 05, 2014 - Msg 96492:
Well, I shoveled nothing today, but I did enjoy a sit out in the 65 degree sunshine with dad! Sorry,
just had to say that!:) PH and GF, my heart goes out to you, so send any amount that you like here,
MDC, Phx AZ, special delivery! ha Good sweep TOM! I guess that was your "shoveling."
Did anyone mention the super bowl yet? I watched the opening play, and then the last quarter. Yawn. Next year will be here.
Daytona 500 soon!
Funny ASA! did you get any snow?
Sterling and PH thanks for the debate info. I'll check it out.
Prayers for all,

February 05, 2014 - Msg 96493: Pitchers report tomorrow! Play ball! :)

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96494: I know I kvetch about the posting limits on Twitter, Poor Horatio. Maybe a little too much. :) It is just hard when you want to say something and need to write it "just so" to get the full effect, but can't do it exactly as you'd like because of the limitations.

Now, that said, I really just joined Twitter to "hob nob" with celebrities, after seeing examples of people writing to them and the celebrities responding. I've just always thought that is a neat idea. Just write, maybe they respond, and you say, "wow, my favorite celebrity(or one of them) just replied to me."
I guess it is that feeling of "connecting" with them on some level. But, you find out that it also makes you realize that they are just like any other person. A lot of them "tweet" about, well, rather boring stuff if you weren't interested in them as people.

As for your suggestion that I start a blog. Well, I do have a blog, though it is mainly a repository for my comic strips and some of the editorial cartoons I did when I was younger. I don't have all of them on there yet. I have kind of been sporadic in posting them, but I will get there. It's at www.saturdaymorningfunnies.wordpress.com if you are interested.

I did think about having a blog just for thoughts and whatnot when I first started looking into it, but I can't really believe anyone would be interested in that any more than I would be interested in doing it. I do manage to sneak some of my views into the descriptions for the comics though sometimes. ;)

As for the debate, I saw on Twitter that Ken Ham was having a live post-debate answer session today. So I clicked on it, but I only caught the tail-end of it. I guess he was answering some of the questions that he couldn't really expand on last night because of time constraints. I'll have to watch the full program from the archives sometime. I think it was at the same link I gave before. It was in the same place I know and on the same stage. You may have to go to the CreationMuseum site to watch it, if they have it archived yet and if you are interested.

Have a good night, everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96495: Hey gang....was it just me or has the porch been down?..have not been able to get on for a bit...well anyway...good morning.....SPOT

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96496: Morning Rock. Folks was saying it was down for a while a couple of days ago. I hadn't noticed it but then again I don't get a chance to get here every day nowadays. I noticed Tom swept up this time. He did a fine job too.

Hey MDC, just the usual snow here for us. But we are probably a bit better prepared for it I guess. They are calling for a warm front here this weekend with highs in the mid 40's and rain below 6,000 ft, and s wet heavy snow above that. Perfect kind of storm because we are at 5,000 ft here in the valley while the Wasatch mountains (where we get our snowpack for water) peaks at almost 14,000 ft. So the mountains should do well with this storm I hope. Although this type of snow dramatically increases avalanche danger. And without fail there are always those who feel they are immune and go skiing or snowmobiling in the back country where the danger is the highest. Then men and machine have to go tring to rescue the lucky ones.

Boo, Ihope your spirits are doing better. Yer awful quiet. You ok?

How much snow did you end up with G-F? How's the back doing after all that shoveling? I am starting to place orders for all the spring stuff I need for work. That always gives me hope. Kinda like going through all the seed magazines I get this time of year. Gotta get out to my shop and get all my yard equipment prepped and ready for another season. Yabba dabba do. :)


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96497: Aww, thanks for your concern, Asa. You're a good friend. :) I am doing much better and in much better spirits, just been pretty busy the last few days. I had catching up to do after the weekend, and other things that came up. Yesterday a close extended family member came to me to ask prayer for her husband who is an alcoholic and his drinking is escalating. This really concerns me because he is only in his 30's and they have three children. While she was here talking to me, the phone rang and it was my mom-in-law telling me she was at the senior center playing bingo when she became very ill. I had to go get her..she was shaky, pale, nauseated and barely able to walk so I took her immediately to the emergency center nearby. Turns out it was only a stomach virus but boy, was she sick. I am hoping and praying I don't get it and give it to the family. If Erin misses anymore school, the school will fine me.

It's in the 30's here and cloudy this morning, so Sean just left for work with his down jacket, hat, gloves, etc...you just don't see that very often down here.

I met Sean for lunch at the Dairy Queen yesterday and ate some spicy chicken strips...big mistake. They are trying to burn their way out this morning. Gotta go...


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96498: Asa, We ended up with about 8".. PH said he got 12", don't know if it was American or Canadian measurements tho. You know Canadian snow is colder cuz it's closer to the North Pole I guess!
We are suppose to get another blast by the week-end, they are watching how it's going to track. I hope we don't get it, I want to go to a big antique show and don't want the snow mess to deal with. (indoor show) kinda like looking at the seed magazines for me.
Think I'll make stuffed chicken breasts for dinner, gotta find me a chicken better R-U-N-O-F-F


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96499: Well, good afternoon, porch! Yep, the porch was down there for a while, and then this morning, my end of the porch was just gone, along with everything else, including my phone. Glad I had my cell phone, or I would have been totally isolated.

The problem this morning was with my cable. I use Time-Warner for my ISP, and because my home phone is through Vonage, which works through the computer, when I have no internet I have no phone. There's been an ongoing problem with the cable for several weeks. I've had service people out here at least six times, and still it continues. At first I thought it was a loose connection here, but that has been explored and no problems found. The service is intermittent, with very brief interruptions, maybe a second or a few seconds, then it connects again. Obviously, something is loose somewhere, but it has to be upstream from me.

I've talked with so many service people, that I've become pretty familiar with how it all works. I told the last service tech, on the phone, what I've concluded. There's a loose connection between me and the main trunk. I base that on the fact that when the air is very still, everything works fine. If there's a little wind, it's spotty. If there's a strong wind, it goes off and on constantly, and the "off" times are longer. Also, a heavy rain or ice will knock it out. He agreed with my conclusion, and opened a ticket to bump the investigation to the next technical level, involving a crew that has more access to specialized tracing capability than he has. We've been just chasing our tails at the local level.

So, this morning, the entire thing was out. Offline completely. Nothing showing on the modem but the power light. After an hour, I called Time-Warner. Got an unimaginative, go-by-the-script girl. Told her the history, and gave her the latest ticket number, which should have told her a lot. Her: "Yes, ma'am. Now if you'll just unplug the power cord from your modem, wait ten seconds and plug it back in, it may restore your service." Me: "I did that before I called you. Please read that service ticket." Her: "Yes, ma'am. I'll arrange an appointment for a service person to come out tomorrow and see if they can fix it." "Me: "please read that service ticket." Her: "Ma'am, our technicians are highly trained, and it's very likely that he'll be able to fix the problem." Me: "PLEASE READ THE TICKET." Her: "Oh. You've already had a service call." Me: "Thaaat's right!" Her: "I'll have him come out anyway." Me: "Fine. I'll give him a cup of coffee, let him warm up a little, and then he can go on his way." Her: "Oh, I'm sure he'll be able to help you." Me: "Thanks. Goodbye." Me: Aaarrgghhh!

Two hours later, service has miraculously returned, but I'm waiting until tomorrow to cancel that service call. --Romeena

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96500: Me again, this time with real news! We have snow! Yep, real snow! Probably about 3/4", but it's snow. Sure is pretty. The temp is 22, so it's staying. It has gone from big flakes to "sugar" sifting down, back to big flakes, and everything n between. There's no wind, so it really doesn't feel all that cold. I went out to get the newspaper in just a gown and a light robe, wasn't bad at all. Birds and squirrels are out and about, guess I'll go put some feed out for them. They've been all over the feeding stones, I can see their little footprints everywhere.

I'm loving this. I have nowhere to go, bought groceries yesterday, house is warm, and Toye Starr and I can just sit at the window and enjoy the beauty, or snuggle up and watch TV, whatever. And I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK! I'm liking this "retired" stuff pretty good! --Romeena

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96501: I love watching(or I should say, Noah and I love watching) the big, puffy snowflakes as they float silently to the ground. Enjoy your snow, Ro. (Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't know it.)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96502: Romeena.... I'm thinking Time/Warner may have mergered, and is part of the McDonald's group now... That's what it sounds like to me! Or at least the lady @ Warner cable may have worked at McD's before.
Better build those squirrels a little campfire to huddle around...just my birds eye opinion lol...

Sterling, Do you do "Rose" poetry too??


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96503: Oh gadzooks, G-F. Valentine's Day... Don't remind me. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96504:
SPOT, regarding the Front Porch problem you asked about, I remember seeing Msg 96465 here on the evening of February 4th just before I lost access to The Front Porch. After The Front Porch returned to normal the next day, possum under a rock was the first to mention it in Msg 96467. Then G-F mentioned it in Msg 96471 and MDC mentioned it in Msg 96473. And I provided more info about it in Msg 96475. So you were not alone.

TOM since you don't want our snow, then I'm sending it to MDC since it seems like he wants it. It makes snow difference to me ... LOL (this was an intentional typo)
I sent a little to Romeena. I see from her post that she has received some of it.

Romeena, I've had a similar problem with my cable service. It involved intermittent video breakup. When I telephoned the cable company, it would be two days before they could come out. Unfortunately, they could not find any problems because the problem cleared up by itself. After a few service calls with nothing could be found, the more I though about it, I began to think it was probably weather related. That is when I noticed that if it drizzled or rained, the problem would slowly appear and get worse. Then when the rain stopped, the problem would slowly disappear. That made me believe that water was leaking into equipment that is exposed to the weather. The next time I telephoned the cable company for service, I explained to them that if they didn't check it when it was wet, they would never find the problem. So when they showed up a few hours later and checked the equipment at the top of my power pole, they found the problem and was able to correct it.

from Poor Horatio

February 06, 2014 - Msg 96505: Hey, have I got a story for you. You may remember that about a year or so ago, I was upset because Sean was spending a lot of time at the home of his then girlfriend. The family was allowing a friend to live with them who was a drug addict and just bad person..don't know how else to say it. I was very concerned for their daughter being around such a man and him living there. When I found out he was using drugs, I told Sean to stop going over there. I was the bad guy in their eyes for doing such a thing. Well, guess who was featured this week in an episode of Cold Justice on TNT? The guy that lived with them. He was in a Texas prison on capital murder charges. It looks like he killed his cousin and cousin's wife back in '96 by beating them both together with a hammer. Good grief! To think he might have killed the family he was living with here. He was often drunk and high and they still continued to let him live there. He finally went to far and was being verbally abusive to the wife of the family and was asked to leave. I am now very thankful that he didn't kill her with a hammer. Crazy!


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96506: "to death with a hammer," I meant.


February 06, 2014 - Msg 96507:
ASA, seed magazines? really? Are the 15 cents or a quarter? :)
RO--I knew that the "retired" thing would grow on ya. For one thing, you deserve it, and if you want to, you could perhaps volunteer at parkland, but no 12 hour night shifts! ha
BOO- prayers for your MIL, and for Sean and all involved in that whole mess. Glad you had the presence of mind to do what you did.
My dad is pretty much back to 'normal' for a 95 year old i guess. I got a call from the hospital today to apologize about the whole ER deal.
I said thank you and it would be nice if you picked up some of what his medicare doesnt cover.
She said "Hmmm, (hesitation), I have to talk to someone on that."
G-F -- ya think the hospital also merged with McD's and Time Warner?? ha
Have a good evening all,

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96508: Wow, Boo. That's scary. Just goes to prove that what Dale said so many times, is true. He often told our kids "if something feels wrong, it probably is. Get out of the situation. Call me at any time and I'll come get you." This was from the time they were pre-teens and doing the sleepover thing, right on up until they were young adults, ready to get out on their own. Even after they left home, they knew they could call us if they needed us. One daughter called once and asked to be picked up from a sleepover. She was about 13, and the dad in the home had come in half-drunk, and was hanging around where the girls were watching TV, and making little "jokes" with them. My daughter was pretty disgusted, so she just said she wanted to go home. Would you believe that idiot offered to drive her home? Naturally, she refused, and called us. I still thank God when I think what might have happened that night.

MDC, I'm glad your dad is doing better. Incidentally, don't hold your breath waiting for a discount on that bill. It won't happen.

Speaking of things medical, I just heard that another well-respected doctor in our community has opted to retire early. He's the third one, just from the doctors I know. He says the Obamacare debacle is the reason. It seems they get new rules and regs sent out nearly every day, everything is constantly changing, and if they don't comply with policies that they don't agree with, they can be hit with fines and penalties. He says he just hates to go to the office anymore, because he never knows what new idiocy is waiting for him, and medicine just isn't rewarding anymore, so he's going to drop out and just go fishing. I predict he will be one of many thousands, in the next year or two. I can't imagine where it's all going to end.

Well, I'm off to bed. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96509:
MDC and Romeena, before I became eligible for health benefits here in Canada, I spent a week in a Canadian hospital for an infection. Although my total bill was over $12,000, I was able to negotiate with them to reduce it to a little over $8,000. So it does not hurt to ask.
Or you can claim to be an illegal immigrant and have the bill reduced to zero!

Romeena, regarding your posting about doctors leaving medicine, click on http://tinyurl.com/lxelbcp

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96510: Ro, I know sleepovers are all part of growing up, but I don't like them. I have allowed ERin to stay over at a couple of friend's houses over the years but it has been rare. I have really only let her go to family. If I don't know someone well, she is not going to stay the night. I am finding that too many parents drink..alot in the evening. I cant imagine someone getting loaded while they were responsible for children, but it happens often.

I am really hoping my family doctor doesn't decide to retire. He has a lot of patients for a small town doctor but he has a very modest office and it seems there isn't a lot of money to go around. He is only in his 50s but I hope he can hang in there because he is a great guy and has been a good doctor for us. I think he is kind of a rare find for a small town doc. You can tell he is in the business because its his calling from God, not because he wants to gain prestige or wealth.

Well, better get Erin to school. Its 34 degrees and rainy. I LOVE IT!!!


February 07, 2014 - Msg 96511:
For those of you who would like to learn why America's internet service costs more for less quality when compared to other countries, watch http://tinyurl.com/a8rs32t

Here in Canada, there is a campaign in progress to regulate the few wireless companies in hopes of increasing the competition in order to decrease costs and increase quality of service.

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96512: MDC...Yep, sounds like the hospital is part of the McD's conglomerate too. Boo.. That's scary stuff! Enjoy your rain...a few more degrees lower and you may be like Romeena and get some snow? I hear she is knitting sweaters and booties for her little squirrel friends.."that's our Romeena".....


February 07, 2014 - Msg 96513: There is a book on the subject of skiing squirrels, maybe our Romeena is a "Ghost Writer" too?.....

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96514: Here's a cute one, I got to see this squirrel perform once at a boat show in Cleveland.. G-F

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96515: Hummm, Squirrels, Romeena's duck pond, All you need now is a R/C boat. This could add to your retirement fun sitting on your porch skiing your squirrels around, something to study on Romeena...

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96516: I don't know, Poor Horatio, if a doctor says he is leaving due to the ever-changing rules and regulations of Obamadoesn'tCare, I'd tend to believe the doctor rather than a reporter. Not that reporters tend to slant the news or anything. ;)

Our insur@nce isn't changing or being cancelled... for now, probably only due to the fact that we get it through my wife's indian tribe. But who knows what else will "change". I do know however that our premiums are going up a lot. I wonder what causes that./s

Goodness, G-F! That book on skiing squirrels just confirms my theory that a race of super-intelligent squirrels on skis are coming to take over the world. And here they laughed me off the stage at the U.N. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96517: Puts a whole new meaning to getting your meal "To Go"!

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96518: Good morning, porch! Thanks for the laughs this morning. I love the little water-skiing squirrel. Her attention span is a little short, didn't take her long to get enough of the skiing, but I loved that she seemed so comfortable going to her trainer for safety. And that life jacket! That's just hilarious! Thanks, G-F.

Oh, and thanks for the link to the book as well. I've already ordered it from Amazon, and it's on its way to my grandson in Fredericksburg. He's reading now, and I'm sure he'll enjoy that little story. Too cute!

Boo, your sleep-over concerns are valid. We always avoided it too, unless it was with a family we knew very well. The one time we bent that rule was the one time she called for help. The girl was one she had known for years, and while we only knew the family from school functions, they seemed solid enough. Surprise! We never did that again. Unless the family were close friends of ours, there were no sleepovers.

Sterling, I'll read that book next time I'm in Fredericksburg, and see if I can find any hints in it that might confirm your suspicions about a squirrely takeover. It's possible, I think. The day I watched a gang of six of them systematically and methodically strip my little pear tree of every single pear, I realized they are indeed capable of organized mayhem.

Well, I'm off to get some pictures of my icy koi pond. It's pretty spectacular. We've been below freezing for at least two days now. The snow has mostly evaporated, because the air is so dry, but nothing is melting. It's supposed to get to 36 this afternoon though, so we'll see. Blessings! --Romeena

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96519: Hi All.
Romeena now you know how I feel with tep like that all this winter


February 07, 2014 - Msg 96520: Well, it's 5 p.m. and we're still at 31. I don't know what happened to the 36 that was predicted, but I don't really care. Either way, it's cold.

I wish I could figure out how, and why, some of the images on TAGS eps are reversed. I notice it when Andy's hair is parted on the wrong side. At first I thought maybe he changed the part sometimes, but that's not it. Today, in the ep where Barney buys a car, I noticed it again, and got a good look. When Mrs. Lesch is leaving, walking down the sidewalk, the camera closes in on Andy and Barney standing on the porch. Andy's hair is parted on the right, rather than on the left as it usually is, and the confirming thing is, both his and Barney's shirts are buttoned right over left. Men's shirts button left over right. (We nurses are trained noticers.) I've tried to check that in other scenes, like when Andy is sitting on the edge of Opie's bed, talking to him, and his hair is clearly parted on the right, but the camera angle is such that you never get to see how his shirt is buttoned. The whole scene in that ep looks funny - too dark, just looks dubbed in, and I'm sure it was. Anyway, I'd like to know how they got the shot of Andy and Barney standing on the front porch, looking to the right, as they should be while watching Mrs. Lesch walk away, and yet, the shot is obviously reversed. Some things are just a mystery, I guess. --Romeena

February 07, 2014 - Msg 96521:
RO-can you say Twilight Zone? ha You are indeed a noticer! I never looked at the hair parts quite that closely I guess.
RO--I did get video on my phone of the nurse wiggling the monitor wires, and you can hear her say to another..."see, Ive been having trouble with these all day today!"
TOM--please send me some snow!! thanks.
SPOT--how goes it these days? better I hope.
APB for AUH20 and Maudie!

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96522:
Romeena, you are correct about Barney's First Car episode. I viewed it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-HuJzk7-bQ and found the reversed scene at 09:38.
Not only is the part in Andy's hair reversed, so is the shirt Barney is wearing. And when I compared that scene with the scene a minute earlier, I noticed reversed items in the background as well. The hinges on the front door to the house flip from the right side of the door to the left side. And the porch light flips from the right side of the door to the left side of the door. This seems to confirm that when that scene was spliced, it was reversed. Was this an error or did they do that intentionally? Notice that when Mrs Lesch leaves, she walks to our left. In the reversed scene, both Andy and Barney are also looking to our left. Could it be that when they shot this at a different time or day, they made a mistake and had them looking to the right? That would explain intentionally reversing the film during editing. Nice catch old eagle eye!
I do remember a scene in another episode where Barney's badge jumped to the other side of his shirt. I need to search for that episode so I can see if the shirt and background was reversed as well.

from Poor Horatio

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96523: I'm thinking Romeena & PH, that maybe the set & prop directors had that condition that makes you see things backwards Dyslexia I think it's called.
Or maybe the cameraman just put the film in backwards... Man, you guys are sharp to notice those things, maybe you two can get jobs down at the furniture factory as quality control inspectors!
You could catch the mistakes Otis makes on his gluing jobs. I'm just sayin'.....


February 08, 2014 - Msg 96524: p.s. I'm with MDC on the APB's & how about Mr. Sawyer too.. The rockers are getting dusty.
G-F again..

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96525: PH, I think you probably solved the mystery. I'll bet that's exactly what happened. I was going to go back and review that scene myself, to check the placement of things on the porch and such, but you already did it.

As for the scene with Andy sitting on the edge of Opie's bed (can't remember the ep, there were several where he did that, to have a talk with Opie), there's nothing to compare. The scene is a tight close-up of Andy, the background is basically a blur, and his shirt collar is just out of view at the bottom of the screen. It's definitely cut-in piece, though. The lighting is all different, and I'm guessing they filmed it so close in order to avoid showing the background, for obvious reasons. It probably wasn't even shot in the bedroom set. I wish I could remember which ep it is. There's a project for you, P-H.

We are at 38 this morning, so guess our little icy spell is ending. There was a large, beautiful curtain of ice around the fountain rock out back, and it just turned loose and fell in the pond. I'm sure the critters will appreciate it. Now they don't have to cling to ice when trying to get a drink. I see about twenty doves searching the ground beneath the feeder, and some even trying to perch on the feeder itself, but they're really too big - it doesn't work too well. The ground is picked clean, so guess I'd better go put so more seed out. Poor little things need plenty of food to fuel their bodies and help them keep warm.

Well, I need to get busy around here. The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, therefore dirty ones are beginning to accumulate in the sink, and I can't stand that. Guess I'd better unload and reload, and the sink needs cleaning. I like a shiny sink! Blessings, porch. --Romeena

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96526:
aneemoR retfa rehtruf noitagitsevni, I dnuof gnihton gnorw htiw taht enecs taht uoy mialc si desrever.

morf rooP oitaroH

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96527:
oᴉʇɐɹoH ɹooԀ ɯoɹɟ

˙ɯǝlqoɹd ʎuɐ puᴉɟ ʇ,uɐɔ llᴉʇs puɐ pɐǝɥ ʎɯ uo ƃuᴉpuɐʇs pǝᴉɹʇ uǝʌǝ I 'ɐuǝǝɯoɹ

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96528: Show-off! (heehee) How'd you do that with your writin' there? I think I've found your problem, though. You have inverted dyslexia. --Romeena :)

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96529: You guys are funny...you should join a circus or something.... PH I think is going batty due to the cold weather, a bad case of cabin fever is what I'm thinking... I cant' stand on my head anymore, but I think it's funny tho!....G-F

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96530: PH your should be in the funny papers...right next to snuffy smith !...hey Romeena,MDC ...yea the cold and snow gone for now...in fact it got up to 57 today...got the Harley out and went around the block....But stil to cool for that...ok...let me get the frill started for all of us...grilled baby back ribs...yall bring a side....prayers...very nice post on FB of Rocky (Rev) for all u FBers....SPOT

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96531: Hey, that upside down writing is really cool, PH!

Just finally checking in at almost 8pm today. My mom took a fall yesterday and broke her hip. St. Susan and I have spent hours in the ER, on the ortho floor and lots of waiting. They are planning surgery to replace the ball part of her hip (at the top of the femur) with a prosthetic one but at age 87 there are some other issues that are making it impossible to do the surgery yet. Poor mom wants it done right away but she was in atrial flutter with a heart rate of about 130 and the meds they have tried haven't done anything to bring down the heart rate. She's now in atrial fib but the heart rate is the same. They are moving her to a telemetry floor and giving her something via the IV to try to correct the problem. They said they wouldn't possible do the surgery until Tuesday because of a blood thinner that she was on. So mom is in pain but they are giving her morphine. As a nurse, though, I see her lying there for days and I imagine her lungs filling up with fluid, and other hazards of immobility at her advanced age. Please remember my mama in your prayers. It is hard trying to go back and forth and be with her. I have to go back early in the morning to see the cardiologist. St. Susan and I are really wishing we had more siblings at this point. ;)

Better finish my supper and go rest for awhile.


February 08, 2014 - Msg 96532: MDC, I am right here! Been busy this past week and I have been too worn out to rock . I started to,post a couple of times
But seemed to get distracted.

Prayers for your Mom, Boo.

At least, it's been a quite day today. Did some cores, walked on the treadmill for an hour and cooked supper. Mixed up a meat loaf for tomorrow's supper. I will put it in the oven about
5 pm tomorrow evening, mash some taters, cook some peas and Mr. Maude will have supper ready for him when he gets home about 6:15. Ya'll are welcome to join us.

Well, on my way to the ironing board.

Good night all.

Big Maude

February 08, 2014 - Msg 96533: Sorry Boo, Hope your Mom does well. We'll lift her up in our prayers for sure. Lady, you need a larger plate for all you have going on, but know that God puts those "invisible sideboards" on our plates during tough times so you will be ok....

Maude, Save some meat loaf & taters for the Goob, but eat up those peas... They just don't go down my neck.
What kind of "frill" do you have start SPOT? haha


February 08, 2014 - Msg 96534: Prayers for your Mom Boo.


February 08, 2014 - Msg 96535:
Prayers for BOO's mother. Ouch, that must really
smart, morphine or not. Praying for her and all of you for sure. Hope your ER experience was OK.
SPOT- glad that you are getting a break.
I saw the FB things about REV. Very, very nice.
MAUDE--good to hear from you. I'd love to try that meatloaf! :)
Anybody watching the 'lympics?
Good Sabbath to all,

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96536: Enough, is Enough! I just got done shoveling 6" of what was suppose to be 1-2" Can I get my Aleve back yet?....Waaah! Waaah!...G-F

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96537: stop crying about it and go do it .
I going to send all that come here back MDC.


February 09, 2014 - Msg 96538: Thank you for your prayers for Mom. They were able to do her surgery this morning and everything went smoothly. :)


February 09, 2014 - Msg 96539: Oh Boo, that's so good to hear. Was they able to get her back into a regular heart rhythm?


February 09, 2014 - Msg 96540: Well, not exactly regular, but they slowed it down considerably. I am very relieved that they were able to get the surgery done. Poor mom was in pain, even with the morphine. Its going to be a tough recovery but she is a tough old girl and I think she will do ok.

I just got a shower and am getting ready to go back up this evening and stay the night with her. St. Susan and her husband are there now.

MDC, our ER experience was a good one. Mom had a really good and informative nurse who was really on the ball. Our experience so far at the hospital has been a very positive one. Interestingly, we have no yet seen one Anglo-American nurse. All nurses except one are from other countries and they are very good.

Better get going...thanks for the prayers and concern.


February 09, 2014 - Msg 96541: That good new to heard BOO
will keep praying for you all.
G F :( unhappy today will someone may have start a snowball fight with you.
Here come one now look out it a big one!

TOM :)

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96542: I just came fro fb where mavis (ANGIE) is assing for prayrt for your cousin Danielle Whittaker who had about 24 hr to live.
So all us who no say a pray for the family


February 09, 2014 - Msg 96543: DUCK! I missed it TOM, it was that ping pong quickness that helped me dodge your snow ball ha..G-F

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96544: Funny story about snow ball fights, when my Son was small we'd have snow ball fights, he liked to use the garbage can lid as a shield. One time I threw one and it hit the edge of the lid and the lid hit him on the bridge of the nose and laid it open. Even tho it was a small cut he bled like a stuck pig and we had to run him to the ER.
Yep, I was not popular after that stunt for along time with his Mother... I got my Grandson one of those "Disc" sleds for Christmas... I put a warning label on it that this was not to be used as a shield... Everyone got a laugh out of it.
The kids & I always did "snow sculptures" in the front yard, yep that was fun times.. G-F again

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96545: Thank you, Tom. I'm sure we will all be praying for Danielle.

Boo, that's really good news about your mom. I take it they were able to get the A-fib under control? At least they got the V-tach slowed down, that was the biggie. V-tach can go into V-fib so easily, especially when A-fib is already present.

A 93-yr old woman from my church, a recent widow, fell at home and broke her hip yesterday, had surgery within about four hours, and is doing well today. She's a trooper.

Since my mama didn't raise any dummies, my newspapers lived out on the driveway for two days, while we had all that ice. There's absolutely nothing in that paper that was so vital for me to read that I would walk on that ice to retrieve the thing. My driveway is made of extremely smooth-surfaced concrete, and it's like wet glass when there's ice on it. I finally realized I could toss an old rug on the little stretch between the garage door and the edge of the driveway, and walk on that to get to the grass alongside. I carried a pushbroom with me, and used it to snag the papers and pull them to me. Even though there was ice on the grass, the grass was tall enough that it wasn't slick. Worked pretty well!

Hey, G-F. I have what I believe might be a snow shovel. It's plastic though, so I'm not sure. It's a big, wide shovel, at least 18" wide across the leading edge. Around here, we use it to help pick up raked leaves, and other debris that gets swept up. Sort of like a giant dustpan, I guess.

The TV people keep saying it's going to be very cold here, but so far, it's still in the 40s, and there's very little wind. I'm planning to stay in the house, stay warm, do a little writing, and maybe, just maybe, get my Christmas tree taken down. I never get in a rush to do that, because I enjoy it, and it's nobody's business but mine, but I'm about to get ready to get it done.

Well, I just got a story idea in mind, so I'm off to visit MS Works. Writing is so much more fun than in the old days, with a pad and paper, or even a typewriter. I love being able to correct on the fly, and move sentences and even whole paragraphs around to improve the effect.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96546: Correction - make that Microsoft Word. Haven't used Works in years. What was I thinking? It was a good program, but Word is what comes on the computers these days. --Romeena

February 09, 2014 - Msg 96547:
TOM- I too will be praying for Mavis' cousin.
and yes, send me all your snow as it is suppose to be 80 here by Tuesday!
RO and PH--one other thing I caught while watching
Mrs Lesh walk away...Andy and Barney say good-bye to her at the top of the steps, and a second later they are by the DOOR watching her go! Must have really been
a messed up production week! ha
Happy to see the American take Gold in slope snowboarding.
BOO-- glad your mom's op went well, now recovery and rehab!
Will have your whole family in prayer.
P-H--can you tell us how you did the "reverse" thing?
God's blessings,

February 10, 2014 - Msg 96548: He can tell us, but then he'd have to kill us. --Romeena

February 10, 2014 - Msg 96549: For all you frozen critters - you would really get a laugh out of our weather forecast people on TV. It's evidently supposed to get colder in a day or two, and they're just making a big old deal out of it. They're predicting 31 for a low tonight, so there are dire warnings about icy roads in the morning. By Tuesday, some freezing precipitation is predicted. So - one station treated us to a list of the precautionary measures that are being taken. There was a list, including how many sand trucks are loaded and waiting, how many chemical de-icers are available, how many road crews have been placed on standby, and on it goes. You'd think that the Great Blizzard of '14 was about to hit. Honestly, it's even funny to me, and I live here!

However, knowing how clueless people around here are about driving on even a little bit of ice, I really do hope they have all that stuff available. Up until now, I've been under the impression that we had a pickup truck full of sand, and some poor guy with a shovel riding on the tailgate. Actually, I think the danger is greater when there really is just a little bit of ice. People drive much too fast, and then when they get to a bridge, and realize it's icy, they hit the brakes to try to slow down, and naturally, they spin out, and take three or four cars with them. When the roads are really iced over everywhere, people at least slow down some and drive a little more carefully.

Well, we shall see what tomorrow brings. For now, I'm going to watch the dog show. I can't believe that Portuguese water dog won his group. He was a nice dog, but there were some really gorgeous dogs in that group, that I thought were better than he was. Of course, I'm not very familiar with the standards for his breed, so maybe he was a perfect PWD. Maybe the others weren't as close to their standard as he was to his. Hard to believe, though. There was a Siberian husky, and a stunning black Great Dane, that were spot on, or at least I thought so.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

February 10, 2014 - Msg 96550: Good morning gang...well packed clothes for work for a few days...dont think I will be going home...major storm headed this way next few days...will check in when I can...hey MDC,Romeens,possum,Maude,TOM,Boo and all...ok let me get crews jobs and duties for the storm...prayers....SPOT

February 10, 2014 - Msg 96551:
MDC, your catch about Andy and Barney shifting position from the porch steps to being in front of the front door is correct. That seems to prove that the "reversed" scene had to have been filmed at a different time or day just like I had suspected. Otherwise, a blatant error like that would not have occurred. And since the "reversed" scene is so short in duration, I'm surprised they spent the extra money to film it.

MDC and Romeena, since you asked, here is how I did that posting trickery.
You can use Microsoft Word to reverse text or have it flip upside down. There are also web sites that will allow you to type in a message and then have it reversed or flipped upside down for free. http://www.textflip.org/ is just one example. I used such a site to flip the text upside down. But for the reverse text, I did that manually just like this:
Example: to type "Front Porch" in reverse, I began by typing Front Porch as it normally should appear. Then looking at my normal message, I typed each letter in reverse like this:
I first typed uppercase F,
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase r to give me "rF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase o to give me "orF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase n to give me "norF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase t to give me "tnorF",
then pressed the left arrow key twice to move the cursor two spaces to the left,
then pressed uppercase P to give me "P tnorF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase o to give me "oP tnorF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase r to give me "roP tnorF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase c to give me "croP tnorF",
then pressed the left arrow key once to move the cursor one space to the left,
then pressed lowercase h to give me "hcroP tnorF".
Finally, I erased the normal message before I posted the reversed message.

SPOT, winter storm after winter storm in your area? Is this a sign of the future? I'm so glad I'm retired from my commuting job and now work at home.

from Poor Horatio