March 07, 2014 - Msg 96921: Well, no I guess I don't NEED to use them, Don. But as Romeena pointed out quite rightly, emoticons can help express things that might not come across in text the way the writer intended were they said in person.
I imagine some of the things I've said over the years here might make me seem like an angry, curmudgeonly old fart if I hadn't made use of our friend, the emoticon. Just don't want people to get the wrong idea about me.
But if you really don't like them, I will try to not use them when referring to your posts.

Boo, I am no physical therapist, or nurse, but in doing my tons of research after my back "incident" in Sept, I have generally found that doing some core strengthening exercises is now recommended for back injuries over resting the back. Just because though it might make it feel better in the short term, resting does nothing to prevent more and more occurrences.
Again, I am not a professional and I don't know your particular situation, but I know from personal experience - and from my physical therapist - that simply stretching backwards can help get the spine more in line and prevent that pain down the leg.
I am working on doing more core strengthening exercises in addition to that, to build up those muscles around the spine, so that hopefully I will never have to go through that situation again. Good luck and prayers for you.

-Sterling Holobyte

-Sterling Holobyte

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96922: Sweeping wasn't one of those exercises I was referring to, but I guess any physical activity is good. :)


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96923:
G-F, where did you learn Morse Code? What you actually typed is "PDWSGSC".
The correct Morse Code for "Barney's in Jail" is
-... .- .-. -. . -.-- .----. ... / .. -. / .--- .- .. .-..
Years ago when I was an amateur radio operator (ham), I used to communicate via Morse Code on frequencies below VHF.

possum under a rock, I didn't realize those asterisks were your rocks. They look more like snowflakes to me. Why not use something that looked more like rocks such as ooooooooooooooooooo?

from Poor Horatio

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96924: Oops, I forgot to shut off the bold.

That should do it.

from Poor Horatio

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96925: Because I'm a girl possum and I like pretty rocks, PH! LOL

Sterling,we love you just the way you are! Don't go changing,you hear?

possum under a rock

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96926: LoL PH! I should have known I'd get busted by you. PDWSGSC is a secret code for "Barney's in Jail" or was it "Lefty you and me are bustin' out" I forget...

Possum, Some people see snowflakes other see rocks, now if they was BATS that would be something else... As cold and snowy it has been I'd LIKE to see some bats right about now.. ha!

Dinner is English pot roast with carrots & taters
(I'm not allowed to use onions per Mrs. G-F) but I sneak in onion power instead tho. That girl, sometimes she is a real long day!......


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96927: Wow, G-F. No onions in a pot roast? I hate to side against Mrs. G-F, since she's one of my own kind, but I can't imagine pot roast without some good chunky sweet onions. You know, I reckon you could cut up an onion or two in a small saucepan, and add some of the pot roast gravy and cook them in it. Might work...

Ted just left. That man worked around here from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m., got all my outside lights working by replacing bulbs, or fixtures, or repairing lines, whatever it took. He built the net system over the pond. Fixed a gate that was sagging and wouldn't latch. I helped a little, but very little. Mostly I went to the water garden store and got netting, and went to the doctor for a scheduled checkup. That doctor thing took an hour, so Ted did 98% of what was done here today. If I told you how little he charged for a whole day's work, you probably wouldn't believe me. God is good!

Well, gotta get dressed. Tonight is bunco night, got to pick Eloise up at six, and it's nearly 4 now, and I'm grubby after working outside all day. Blessings! --Romeena

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96928: Thank you all for your very kind comments. :) We are grateful for the Lord's protection. Sean is a bit disgruntled about the car situation now, though, as can be expected. As Ro said, life isn't always fair. Oh well..I am keeping my eyes on the good things and there are so many of those. Today I was reminded of how the glory of God is seen in his creation. I was driving down a country road near me and saw a mama hen with a brood of little chicks all around her and I cant tell you how happy it made me. Pure joy! God is good. :)

Thanks for the tip, Sterling. I will see what I can find about exercises related to sciatic pain. :)


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96929: Alright Bo ! That's it. Now you are going to start using the goofy punctuation marks all over the place?? :) :). Why don't you just stick to your constant complaining. Read the archives. You do nothing but report disaster here on the porch. You are like Mrs. Kravitz. By the way, last time I looked there are many books written that don't need emoticons to get the point across to the reader. Don Yelton

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96930: Another thing. I am going back to Marshall County. We have plenty of crime there. Don Yelton

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96931: You know what, Don? Until you said it I didn't even realize! HAHA...I think I need to slow down on those.


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96932: But can't comply on the's what I do! :) :) :)


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96933: oops!

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96934: Oh, almost forgot, I wanted to give an update on our latest addition to the family...out little donkey, Betty Sue. She is really coming around and getting friendlier. I just love her..she honks and heehaws several times a day and it is so funny to hear. I wish I could post a picture on here for you animal lovers.


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96935: Boo. You have a great sense of humor. Don Yelton

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96936: Don't worry about it, Boo. You don't complain too much. Not any more than anyone else here, including me. Unless you are God and are perfect, having hard times and expressing them to people who care about you is a part of life.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96937: Thanks, guys. (I will skip the emoticon).


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96938:
One of the punctuation points censored is the exclamation point. I have been censored for more than three more than once!!! ha
BOO--Isaiah is right, we do so indeed have angels watching over us. Too bad tho that he only has liability, and no insur@ance company to go after of the other guy. One 75 legal in Texas? All our highways are 65, especially on roads that have side streets instead of controlled accesses. Very glad all are OK. He may have some sore muscles later.
PH--G-F was just using an acronym for "Putin Doesn't Worry Since Going (into) Southern Crimea." haha
DON, now you're going to be "emoticoning" all over town. :-)
We have a new channel here called "Movies!" Today I watched the original Nutty Professor with Jerry Lewis, and our own Ernest T played his father!
Well, have a good weekend.

March 07, 2014 - Msg 96939: MDC, Haha that one works too... Ya never know about those KGB boys, they may be watching.
How about this one? DMWTG answer tomorrow...


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96940: Yes, MDC, unfortunately, 75 is legal on most interstates...even 85 on some (at least one that I know of). Crazy, isn't it? We had a talk with Sean about his driving 75, especially at night. Just because the sign says "75" doesn't mean you have to drive that fast.


March 07, 2014 - Msg 96941: Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96942: 75? Yowzers! So I suppose everyone drives 80 to 85 right?
I know there was some talk of changing the speed limit here to 70, but I don't know where that talk has gone to. It's 65 right now. That's fast enough I guess.
I don't know what the difference would be if you hit a deer at 70 instead of 65. Probably not much to the deer. ;)

Good sentiments, Dr. Seuss. And how true.

I love it when I see an actor from a favorite show on a movie I am watching, MDC. Especially when I didn't know they were in it and get a nice surprise when I notice them.

Hope you all have a blessed night!

-Sterling Holobyte

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96943: I was just watching Howard Sprague's mother on Bewitched. She plays Darrin's mother. It is good to se SH here on night time early morning porch patrol. Don Yelton

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96944: Jerry Van Dyke is on a episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. He is bad. Playing that banjo again. Reminds me of Karen Knotts "All tied up in Knotts". Not funny. I shouldn't say that. I have not seen her act. She has large bosoms though. Hard to believe she comes from a squirt. Don Yelton

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96945: Don, I have met Karen Knotts and she is a very nice lady, and yes I have seen her "All tied up in Knotts" show in Morgantown WVA (Don's Hometown) at a festival in his honor. All though her brand of comedy is not like that of her father, she did a good job in honoring him in her show. She has been to Mayberry Days and performed there also. It would be hard to measure up to the comic genius of her father. Goes to show you can be a squirt and still be funny!....


March 08, 2014 - Msg 96946: Good morning porchters. ;) ;) :) You don't like it Don? Then I suggest you do move on to Marshall County. I take offense to you turning on Boo the way you did. Please play nice or move along. I don't mean to be unfriendly but when I see a friend being treated unkindly, I'm going to stick up for them.

Now that's out of the way, we have the start of a beautiful spring morning here. Cool with frost but supposed to hit the 60's this afternoon. Gotta love it.

I hope y'all have a great day. :) :):)


March 08, 2014 - Msg 96947: Okay Asa. Will do. Don Yelton

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96948: Asa, Know what the answer to DMWTG is? Don't Mess With Texas Girls....G-F

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96949: Good morning, porch! Cloudy and dreary here, about 55. Grandsons have ball games scheduled, but don't think I'm going. They may get rained out, but even if they don't, I think I'll stay home. Got much to do here to get this place fit for human habitation before my daughter and family get here next week.

Just reading back over the posts since last night, and it occurred to me that motive, or intention, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. For example, it has never entered my thoughts that Boo complains, or "reports disaster." Perhaps that's because I know her, and understand how involved she is with trying to help people who are in desperate need of help. She isn't "reporting disaster" here, she's seeking our prayerful support. I realize not everyone subscribes to the idea of prayer, but those of us who don't just "keep good thoughts." Those of us who do, pray. We've had that worked out on the porch for many years.

Another example of motivation being in the eye of the beholder, so to speak, would be the uncertainty I experience toward some of the things you say, Don. I'm sure you're not aware of it, but some of your comments come across pretty sharp-pointed, even critical and harsh. That leaves me, a beholder, trying to figure out whether you really meant it that way, or if it was just intended to be funny.

You suggested to Boo that she should go back and read the archives. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to do the same, and go waaay back, before you joined us. I think I suggested that to you in the very beginning, and I still think it would be a good idea. Read, learn our ways, and get a better idea of how our porch family speaks to each other. Kindness has always been one of our models. We're a fairly unusual forum here, not like most of them you might visit, where just anything goes. We've all been together for a very long time, and have a lot of respect for each other. I personally go back to the original porch, as do several others. Some of us have met in person. Boo and I spent a day together in Fredericksburg, TX, several years ago, and I've been on five Mayberry cruises with Floyd and his family. Our REV, who passed away in October, was an annual visitor to my church, and became a good friend. I loved him like a brother.

If I'm misjudging you, and I very well may be, Don, I sincerely apologize. That's easy to do when all that's available is the printed word. True communication involves so much more than words.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96950: Hahaha! Old gal takes five paragraphs to get it said, Asa puts it in one succinct sentence. "Play nice or move along." I love it! 96945 was the last thing I had read before I posted. I figured there would be some good stuff in between, and sure enough, there it is. Good for you, Asa. As G-F put it, DMWTG. There are at least three of us on the porch, you know. Not only will the Texas girl get on your case, but her friends will rally as well.

Once again I have to say - if we've misjudged our newcomer, there's always room for reconciliation and a new start. If we haven't, he knows it, and I think will seek other outlets. Meantime, we'll just remain PFFs. (That's Porch Friends Forever.) :) --Romeena

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96951: What Asa & Ro said, Don.

possum under a rock

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96952: Hmmm. I just realized, the Texas girl who was seemingly under attack did NOT "get on his case." No, she did the Christ-like thing, didn't strike back, and turned the other cheek. Her friends, however, well, not so much! --Romeena

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96953: I never have been real good at that cheek-turning thing. I try, but usually fail. Just don't mess with someone I love. --Romeena

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96954: Hehe..I have awesome friends. LOVE you all! <3 (that was a heart emoticon).


March 08, 2014 - Msg 96955: Sterling, yes, I would say the majority of folks on the 75mph interstates drive 80 or more. I try to stay around 70 and people always pass me. I always remember the things my dad taught me on all those trips to Colorado..he would tell me about what happens when losing control of a vehicle at high rates of speed. He taught me to back down a few mph and I would find that people would speed ahead of me, leaving me in the clear most of the time, which is much safer. I don't drive in "clumps" of vehicles and I stay as far as possible form the big semi-trucks. We have a big problem with those here in Texas. There are so, so many of them on the roads and with those speed limits it can be pretty scary. I have only been on the 85mph interstate once and I went about 70.


March 08, 2014 - Msg 96956: I am sorry guys and gals. I will behave. Don Yelton

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96957: Emmett the fix it guy is also Burt the barber on Petticoat Junction

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96958: Good sweep sterling...Romeens I like the "PFF..ha ha...well great weather here in Ga...sunny and close to back on the night shift on weekends this month so yall keep me company...hey asa,Boo,possum,don,G-F,...gang recon what happened to all the "Long time ago" porchsters went...gizz mo...irishster...cant remember now...need to go back and look at the archives from about 4 or so years ago...ok....let me get things rolling here at work...peace and prayers...SPOT

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96959: Romeena reminds me of the lady version of the Dos XXX guy. The one who does the Mexican beer commercials. Don Yelton

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96960:
Don Yelton, when I first read your Msg 96929, I was shocked. I had to read it again.
Is that what you truly believe or are you kidding again. In the short time that you have been posting here, this is the second time I have been unsure of your true meaning.

Romeena, I once got into trouble when I tried turning the other cheek. They thought I was mooning them. LOL

from Poor Horatio

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96961: I'm not surprised. This whole place is easily shocked.

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96962: Happy Sabbath porch. May your parsons sermon be short so it will not put Gomer to sleep. Don Yelton 10-4 4-10 er I'm outta here

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96963: Thank you, Spot! I try my best. Though I don't always know what to do with the dust. Don't tell Aunt Bee(a?) I just sweep it under the rug.

Ha ha, Poor Horatio. Yes, wrong kind of cheek.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96964: Don, we're not that easily shocked. What usually does it is rudeness, bullying and sarcasm. I hope you find a forum that appreciates those tactics - elsewhere. --Romeena

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96965: Well. I never.

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96966: Amen, Ro. Seems like we've got a "Hodie Snitch" on the Porch. Let's just keep in mind how things turned out for him,shall we?

possum under a rock

March 08, 2014 - Msg 96967: Possum, Tell us what happens when you try to agitate a Possum with a stick....It's not pretty they are feisty critters, I'm just sayin....G-F

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96968:
Hello porch! Another sunny day here with temp of 79 and high clouds. Hope you are all well. I may have mentioned it before, but i always remember all of you and your families in my morning and evening prayers.
BOO-- while on one of our freeways yesterday, a Ford Focus in front of me blew her right front tire ( powerful blow-out), causing her car to suddenly spin a 360 right in front of me as I slammed on my brakes!!!
She then crossed the lane next to me and slammed head-on into the center concrete divider, coming to a sideways stop in the HOV lane, but miraculously did not hit any cars! Several of us pulled over into the center emerg lane to help.
Amazingly, her seat belt and air bags did the trick, and she walked away like a nascar driver.
Yup, I think 65 is fast enough! :)
Good Sabbath,

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96969:
PS: ya all have fun adjusting clocks!

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96970: MDC, As they would often say about Guilley Walker...Speed, Speed, Speed....(Was it Danica Patrick?)
Better go wake-up Otis, he lost a hour of sleep last night due to the springing forward thing. Now we have more daylight to burn Yaah Hooo!!
If you go to preachin' and the REV has already talked about sin by the time you got there, maybe, just maybe, you forgot to set your clocks?...


March 09, 2014 - Msg 96971: Wow...I agree, MDC. 65 is fast enough! I had a blow out in my suburban going 65 once and I hate to think what it would have been like at 75. Thank you so much for those daily prayers, by the way. I appreciate it so much.

Time change is not my favorite thing, but it wasn't really hard to get up this morning since I usually get up at 6:30. It will get tougher when Erin is back in school. This week is spring break, so we don't have to worry about getting up so early for a week. We don't have any plans except to hang around town, sleep in, and take it easy. I am still working on my continuing education credits for nursing (have to have 20 hours before I start the clinical part of my nurse refresher program). I have been enjoying it, though. I like brushing up on things and am learning much.

I went to see Mom yesterday and took her some supper. She was looking great! I helped her up to a chair and we visited, and I read her a chapter from a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book. She didn't want to stay up long and I had to put her back to bed, but she did really well. She still is not putting weight on the right side (where the fracture was) but that will come. She gets good PT everyday and should be able to go home before too long, I would think.

Well, guess I will finish my coffee and start getting ready for preachin' soon.


March 09, 2014 - Msg 96972:
There goes MDC bragging about his mild weather again while the rest of us still have snow or ice or both.
Your posting of that Ford Focus doing a 360 incident reminded me of something similar I experienced. Many years ago during winter, I was proceeding downhill on an iced over bridge when a car in front of me began skidding out of control. I could not stop or swerve due to the icing. However, I was far enough behind and driving slowly that the skidding car was able to perform a complete 360 before regaining control and resume driving normally. I came within about three feet of hitting that car.
Speaking of car crashes, apparently there are some foreign countries where dashboard cameras are mandatory in all vehicles. As a result, many crashes and near crashes have been video taped and can be viewed at YouTube. If you are interested, click on

All this talk about speed limits reminds me of what Deputy Barney Fife once said "It is time we nip crime in the bud. Anj (Andy) you know, if we give them 25 then they will want 30. If we give them 30 then they will want 35."

from Poor Horatio

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96973: Good morning, porch. PH, that's so true. I've found that if I drive the speed limit, I'm usually all alone on the road. Like Boo said earlier, a big group of cars who are going about five miles over the limit will catch up and pass, and move on, and once again, I have the road to myself. I don't like to be driving in a herd like that. People tailgate as they try to pass other cars, and if someone had a blowout at that time, there would be a serious wreck.

Most of our highways have a 70 mph limit, and that's quite fast enough. There are some that are 75, and I usually just stick with 70 on those. Of course, there is that ill-begotten 85 stretch that Boo mentioned, but I haven't had occasion to drive on that thing. If I do, I'm just pretty sure I'll look like a roadblock, because 85 us just too fast for me. I had a blowout once, coming home from Fredericksburg not long after Dale died, and it was very scary. It was a rear tire, and it still threw me around a little bit. If it had been a front tire, I would think it would be easy to lose control completely.

I don't like driving on ice, either. I recall a time when Dale and I were driving from Springfield, MO to St. Louis. On that road, there's stretch where the highway is widely divided, with a median of a hundred yards or more, and it passes through some rolling hills. On the eastbound side, there's one place where it's a long, shallow downward slope, for nearly a mile. We were on a business mission, had no choice but to travel that day, and the road was under about an inch of ice. We had been having sleet storms and temps below 25 for over a week. Anyway, we topped the hill and that slope stretched out in front of us, a solid sheet of ice. I saw Dale's hands tighten on the wheel, but he never said a word. Neither did I. He was an excellent driver, and I had faith in him, and in the Lord. I just sat very still and kept quiet.

The car never wavered. He didn't accelerate or brake, and held the wheel steady. We traveled that whole distance without even a little skid, and when we got to the bottom and the road started upward again, the surface had been sanded and we climbed it easily.

I told him he had handled that very well, kept the car in good control. He just smiled and said, "Honey, I wasn't in control of the car from the moment we topped the hill. That was one long uninterrupted skid. If anyone was in control, it was the Lord."

Boo, I'm glad your mom is improving. It's so hard when our parents get old and start to decline. MDC, glad to hear your dad is doing well, too. Bless their hearts, both of them.

Well, guess I'd better get busy and get dressed. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96974: Good morning,Mayberry!!! No time to rock,but wanted to wish all the Porchsters a nice Sunday!!!

Be happy!!! : )

possum under a rock

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96975: Boo, Good to hear Mom is doing better, It must be the "Chicken Soup" Books... I love'em I have most of them (That pertain to Men), they are good snippets that administer just the right amount of Rx to make you feel good when you need it most.

Romeena, I think my birds must be on a Pre-Spring growth spurt! Man, they cleaned me out AGAIN! They sure have been hitting my suet blocks too, that's Ok, I buy them for (3) for $2.00 at a local Close-Out store. They are fun to watch even when the "Punk" Blue Jay's come and bully the others out. They are beautiful birds, that's Ok, there's enough for everyone. I grew my own sunflowers and dried out the seeds I save those for the squirrels, and a occasional skunk that like to stop around to torment Mrs. G-F (I think they do it on purpose just to tick her off!) since she is mostly a nocturnal person too! It's the "Skunk Factor" that made up finally get whole house A/C last year. I do miss the evening fresh air tho. But the A/C is better in keeping out the heat & humidity... WHAT IS HEAT & HUMIDITY? I FORGET!!!

As our REV used to say: "Have a Jesus filled Day!".....G-F

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96976: Oh another thing...For you dog owners..

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96977:
Romeena, I also prefer to drive no faster than posted speed limits. In fact, while travelling the speed limit on one interstate in the US, a stream of vehicles in a funeral procession passed me! Also, when my wife is in the car with me, she sometimes asks me why is everyone passing me. I tell her that is because I'm doing the speed limit and they are not. Sometimes when I'm driving the posted 55mph, I get a strange feeling that I'm not going that fast. I guess that is why I rely on cruise control so much.

Boo, it is good to learn that your mother's health is improving. As someone whose mother was in a similar situation, please keep her active as best you can to prevent those blood clots.

from Poor Horatio

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96978: I hope you know who does not show up today.

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96979: Good Sabbath afternoon porch family. I hope you are all having a restful day.

I am required to have a CDL for my job, and having any moving violations makes renewal a big pain so I really try to obey the speed limit. But we do have significant stretches of interstate highway here that go through very lightly populated areas and they have bumped the limit up to 85. I admit I do it and feel comfortable with it. The roads seem engineered to handle it ok. And yet even at 85 I am the slow poke. It seems no matter what the speed limit is, most folks want to do 10 to 12 mph over it. Speed, speed, speed, a bunch of Gilly Walkers out there. :)

Glad your Mom is doing so well Boo. You're a grand daughter.

Romeena, you are so diplomatic. I have been accused, rightly so, of being MR. Cold Shower. When I get my dander up I speak my mind. And it has gotten me in trouble more than once. You on the other hand have that ability to get your point across in a very gentle but meaningful manner. I once heard this definition of a diplomat. One who can tell you to go to he## but do it in such a nice way that you look forward to the trip. Lol Maybe you could run a refinishing school for me and knock off my rough edges. :)

Hey Possum. Good to see you. Hope you are warming up.

CD I am in training all this week to recertify for Backflow testing. Oh boy, what fun.

Hey PH, good advice to Boo about the blood clot concern.

Well better go see what I can muster up for dinner. Was going to my Daughters house but Mariah has strep throat and I don't need that nor does my wife. So when you see smoke bellowing out on the porch, don't fret. It's just me cooking.


March 09, 2014 - Msg 96980:
PH--I noticed that most of those wrecks were with snowy conditions. Our rates are pretty cheap here,
and i think I know know why! :)
Hope everyone is have a nice s-l-o-w Sabbath day.
APB for BIG Maude. Where are you?
Ya all act like somebody,

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96981: To 96978 (Don) - just how dumb do you think we are? Didn't your mama teach you that spying on people is rude? If you're going to continue to show up, at least have the grace to sign your posts. We know it's you. The fact that you seem to be unaware that we can identify you anyway tells me a whole lot about who you really are. --Romeena

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96982: Hee hee..U go Romeena our Queen of our Porch...well race fans a Great race today in back at work...good worship today at Church...any food?...I did not have any leftovers...SPOT

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96983: Alright. Mrs. Clara (Romeena) Edwards. Please tell me who I really am. I have been trying to figure that one out for years. Don. Wouldn't ya know it would be Don

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96984: And another thing. I don't remember to good anymore, but I don't think I accused anyone here of being dumb. Just goofy. To me it's funny the way you all just carry on everyday about just anything. Don (Mr. Marshall County) Yelton

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96985: Asa, didn't you know that Romeena was voted, "Most Likely to Become Charmin'"?? By the way, maybe you don't see yourself as diplomatic, Asa, but I really appreciated you sticking up for me the way you did. You're a good friend. All of you are the best!

Thanks for the kind words concerning mom, everyone, and we are trying to prevent the blood clots, PH, thanks. They have her on a different blood thinner too.

Ro, that would be a pretty scary thing driving downhill on that ice. I had some similar experiences in my trips to the mountains in Colorado in December. Sometimes I think back about it and its a wonder I didn't get into trouble. Dad had me driving in some very precarious situations.

MDC, I noticed that in the link that PH shared. The worst of the wrecks seemed to occur when the roads during snowy conditions. One reason you and I should be thankful we don't deal with snow.

Its a lazy day here today and kind of chilly and cloudy today. Preachin' was wonderful and after that I came home, made tuna sandwiches, read, took a nap, and yes, by golly, I did it for the love of Mike!


March 09, 2014 - Msg 96986: No, my momma worked for the C.I.A.

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96987: Does that comment sound familiar to anyone? Think back .... --Romeena

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96988: No, Don, you didn't accuse anyone of being dumb. You just apparently assumed it when you posted 96978. I think you're out of your league, kid. Don't mess with old people. Also, if you think we're goofy, and you think it's funny the way we "just carry on everyday about just anything", I can't help wondering why you keep hanging around. No one is holding you here. Move on, and find people who aren't so "goofy" to play with. Seems to me you're just trying to stir up trouble. --Romeena

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96989: George Lindsey once said of his character "Goober", he said he thought that Goober would be the kind of person who would go into and restaurant and say: "Great Salt"! Simple as that... If that's dumb or goofy? Guilty as charged! Think about that for a minute, it's pretty deep if you study on it for awhile... G-F

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96990: I am trying to leave. You are all nice people. But this place is like its own sitcom. And you get to interact with the players. Don Yelton

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96991:
Don Yelton, in Msg 96984, you stated "To me it's funny the way you all just carry on everyday about just anything."
Scroll up to the top of this page and you will see a heading where it states "Have a sit-down an' shoot the breeze with us.". Then click on to learn what "shoot the breeze" means.
Any questions?

from Poor Horatio

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96992: Trying to leave??? For the love of Mike,do it! Just do it! Nobody is holding you here,Don. Geesh..
Now go ahead and make some lame remarks about me. * YAWN *

possum under a rock

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96993: Well all, the weather seems to be getting nicer and nicer. At least the temperature is. Still have a lot of snow left to melt here though. And I guess I wouldn't mind another Big Freeze. I am goofy like that though. ;)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96994:
Yes, Don, now you are understanding us!
We ARE like a little soap opera with "actors" from all around the country. We have even created our own TAGS episodes, or continuations of actual episodes with everyone adding a line or two.
There are lots of chatrooms on specific topics,
but as it says on the header here, "have a sit down, and shoot the breeze," so that's pretty much what we do. Only thing we ask is that you sign your posts. Sure IP addresses can be checked by
Floyd, but as it also says on tags, "we didn't want to go that fer." lol :)

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96995:
Ha, PH, you beat me to it! Ya'all are in such a hurry. What's your hurry Possum? :)

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96996: You people are unbelieveable. You never stop. It's just that Msg after Msg here is funny. For instance, the above post from PH. It states that Don should "learn" what shoot the breeze means. Are you kidding me? He actually said this. And Msg96989. This guy looks to "Goober" as a philosopher. He probably just got done watching Goober the thinker. The ep where he comes back from hunting with a beard and thinks he's intelligent. Don

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96997: Okay. Possum under a rock. Yours is a silly name. You should be a character from the show. MDC. Last time I looked I live in the United States. Go threaten somebody else. Don

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96998: I'm with Sterling on the BIG FREEZE!

possum again

March 09, 2014 - Msg 96999: Hi Possum: That was a good ep. Didn't the big freeze backfire on Barney? Anyway. Like I said earlier, I am trying to leave. You all have a cool thing going here. I don't belong here. I think Mr. Harmon was just making fun of your town and your chubby little mayor. Don Yelton

March 09, 2014 - Msg 97000:
I tried to be nice, like Ben Weaver, a real sweetheart, but he didn't see it I guess.
Well, it takes all kinds to make the world go
Prayers for all,

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97001: Don, leaving is easy. You don't need a divorce, or a lawyer, or anything. Here's how you do it: You open your browser, and you don't click on "The Front Porch." Simple as that. --Romeena

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97002: Oh, MDC, I don't mind at all "going that fer." No need to bother Floyd with it. --Romeena

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97003: Good bye you crazy porch people. This is Don Yelton signing off. Sweep the porch. Don

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97004:
Goodbye Don Yelton.
To answer your question from Msg 96996, no, I was not kidding you. I wanted to make it clear that you understood what "shootin' the breeze" meant because that is what we do here. Making assumptions sometimes leads to misunderstandings.
Because you claim to be leaving us, I do hope you do find somewhere more to your liking. However, it was not a total bad experience for you here. After all, we did answer your various questions about The Andy Griffith Show.

from Poor Horatio

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97005: As to the comment about thinking Goober was a philosopher, I have been fortunate to have met and spoken to George Lindsey, when he made the comment about the "salt" he was merely stating the about the kindness and simplicity of his character. This is why we here on the Porch treasure the "Spirit of Mayberry" so much and are protective of it. As PH has stated in the definition of "shooting the breeze"! Yep, that's EXACTLY what we do here.. I'm just sayin......


March 10, 2014 - Msg 97006: Okay....everything will be okay in Mayberry. -Floyd

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97007: I need to check the coding for the site to make sure it will keep working when we cross the 100,000 comments level. We're less than 3,000 away. I think I fixed it back when we went to 5 digits but I'll have to make sure. - Floyd

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97008: Looks like we'll be fine even after we get to 100,000 posts. Y'all keep talking and don't let folks get to you. By the way, Don Yelton is the name of a North Carolina GOP precinct chair who was forced to resign because of racist comments he made. I would assume the "Don Yelton" visiting here was/is a troll just trying to make trouble. Please do NOT feed the trolls. They just keep coming back if you do. He's not even in North Carolina. He's in or near Warrenville, Illinois and just trolling the porch. - Floyd

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97009: Thank you, Floyd!!

possum under a rock

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97010: Glad to help out. I hope things settle down a bit now. - Floyd

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97011: OPIE: It ain't easy gettin a peanut butter and jelly sandwich down dry. Yesterday, I almost choked.

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97012:
Ain't it comforting knowing we have Floyd in control and watching over us?
Thank you very much Floyd

p.s. And if I stop using "ain't", would you give me some free ice cream just like Ellie gave to Opie for not using "ain't" no more?

from Poor Horatio

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97013: Thanks, Floyd! You're the cats! --Romeena

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97014: Thank you, Floyd, for keeping things tidy on the porch, and for letting us visit here.

I would call you a "bird in this world" in keeping with the TAGS theme, but I don't know if Andy meant that as a compliment to Barney or not. Because I still don't know what it means. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97015: Y'all are welcome. Please let me know if there's any more trouble here on the Front Porch. - Floyd

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97016: You're a prince Floyd,a real prince of a man. I'm glad we don't have to bother you often with this kind of problem.
Thank you for keeping this venue open.


March 10, 2014 - Msg 97017:
Who wrote 97011 ?
Possum, I liked your underground railroad via FB. ha
It's nice to know that ever now and then Floyd varnishes
the porch planks for us. Thanks

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97018:
MDC, as far as I can tell, 97006, 97007, 97008, 97010 and 97011 were posted by the same person.

from Poor Horatio

March 10, 2014 - Msg 97019: Yep. That was Floyd, guess he couldn't resist getting into the spirit of the porch. --Romeena

March 11, 2014 - Msg 97020:
Well, as Andy once said, "that was a whole lot of fun." It was interesting how we all took different approaches, and how PH mentioned, we did answer all his tags questions, but then he changed his tune. Too bad.
To answer Spot's remark, yes, that was a good race on Sunday.
Prayers continue,
MDC :) :)

March 11, 2014 - Msg 97021:
Since you all sprung forward, and I didnt, I guess ya all went to bed already. MDC

March 11, 2014 - Msg 97022: Hey MDC. Is Arizona the only State left that doesn't do the DST thing? I know Indiana just recently started observing it. There is a bill in our State legislature right now that they are trying to get passed to eliminate here. I doubt it will pass. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the long late sunsets in the summer. I always kind of look forward to the spring change and dread the fall change. But I suspect that has more to do with looking forward to spring in general and despising the thought of winter coming in the fall. I'm a very conflicted man as you can see. :) (I guess we can do the :) thing now, right :))

Well better get. I am in backflow recertification training this week GF. All in all it's a fun week.


March 11, 2014 - Msg 97023: I was wondering that, too, Asa...wonder which states don't spring forward? I guess we could google it. I sure would like it if things would stay just as they are right now, so we could get used to it. I was planning to sleep in this morning since I stayed up too late watching Little House on the Prarie episodes on DVD with Erin last night (since she is on spring break). I woke too early, though. I forgot to tell you all last week that one of my dogs got out of the fence and bit a neighbor who was passing in front of our place. It was a very small bite, barely anything but he called animal control and we have to keep the dog contained for 10 days, so I have to let her out of the garage in the morning and put her on a chain. I hate to do it to her but have to. She is a very good-natured dog and has never bitten anyone, but this particular man kind of taunts my dogs when he goes by. He yells at them because they are barking at him (like good dogs are supposed to do), so my dogs perceive him as a threat. I was responsible for what happened, though, because I had gone to get Erin from school and left the gate open. Can't be doing that anymore, even for a minute. I had a talk with the neighbor who was bitten and told him we should work on getting the dogs familiar with him so they wouldn't see him as a threat, but he said he would "think about it". He prefers to carry pepper spray and some sort of weapon. The dog barely nipped him but I guess he has a right to complain. Dogs can be a blessing but they sure can be a difficulty, too. I imagine that these dogs have been a deterrent to anyone coming on the place that shouldn't, though, and that is important out here.

Good luck with the training, Asa. Sounds like fun..not. ;) I am still working on my continuing education hours and its not fun. I just hope when I get done with all of this, I can find a part-time job that I like. I am praying.