March 24, 2014 - Msg 97174: Agreed John Masters and Romeena.
Putin is arrogant and egotistical and has a spine.
Ours is arrogant and egotistical and spineless.
And both combinations cause me worry.


March 24, 2014 - Msg 97175: And WHOOSH! Nice sweep, Asa!

Thought I would bring a big pitcher of tea for all! I'll leave it here on the Porch table. Cups underneath and sugar and sweetener next to pitcher.

Must be going! Must talk to Eleanora Poultice about Barney's "talent."

John Masters

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97176:
Thanks for the poem TOM!
Asa--you sure know how to sweep!
Too bad we cant sweep BOTH those men under the porch!!
You all have a good day in the Lord.

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97177: Asa, Good sweep... It come from cleaning all those evaporator & condenser coils...

Thanks TOM glad to see your post, hope all is well..GF

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97178: John Masters, you know Barney might be another Leonard Blush. Elanora just gave Barney a "A" in breathing. Maybe that will help his modulation. Howie Fice

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97179: Hey TOM! Sorry I missed you! Good to see you again too!

Howie - Barney's nowhere near a Leonard Blush or even a Morton Downey!

Anyone have the tea yet? I'm gonna grab me one with a spoonful of sugar to make the catterwalling go down!

John Masters

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97180: I'll take some sweet tea myself, John Masters, thank you very much! :)
Even though it is not exactly the optimum weather for sweet tea, 24 degrees and forecast for a 70% chance of snow later today. But I will drink it anyway. And dream of warmer weather.
-Sterling Holobyte

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97181: Well folks....gonna wrap it up for the day. Hope you all have a great night and I will see you tomorrow! I'll bring the tea again, dontchuworry! Believe I might relax tonight. Yes sir...gonna sit back, read the Geographic and just take it easy!

Take care!
John Masters

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97182: Good afternoon, porch! I just found a recipe in the newspaper for a Clementine cake. It contains nothing but eggs, sugar, almond flour, baking powder and clementine oranges. You cook the oranges in boiling water for two hours, then drain them, remove the seeds, and put the whole thing, peel and all through a food processor. Mix it all together and bake. Sounds wonderful to me. I already ordered some almond flour from Amazon, and will try the recipe when it arrives. I'll let you know how it turns out. Huh. I didn't even know there was such a thing as almond flour, but sure enough, there is. Gluten free, of course, since it's not made from grain.

I'm so sorry for you folks who are still enduring cold weather. We're at 66 here, at least right now. As I said earlier, the mesquites haven't leafed out yet, so I don't trust it. My plumeria tree is still in the garage, and will stay there until I'm sure we're not going below 40 anymore. It can't take anything lower than that. Sure is pretty out there today, though. Birds and squirrels are everywhere. One squirrel even came up on my window ledge and looked through the glass at me. They do that now and then - so cute! Years ago, there was one that would come and actually scratch on the glass when the feeders were empty. Smart little thing.

Well, TAGS is on TVLand, so guess I'll go watch. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

March 24, 2014 - Msg 97183: I appreciate it, and good night! (:

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97184: Goood morning, Porch! How is everyone doin' today?

A bright sun and blue, blue sky out my window today. Too bad it's colder than Andy's new freezer outside my window!

Ro - Here in Independence, MO., we have had a couple, three days in the 70's. I cant believe my wife, father-in-law, Grandmother-in-law and myself had a hamburger cookout and ate on FIL's back porch just a week or so ago!! It was great! No wind nor breeze, just nice and warm without being too hot. Ordered through God perfect weather! But.....not so much anymore.

Good to sit a spell here for a bit and make sure the ol' rocker isnt squeaking. Will see you later on with a big pitcher of tea!

Hey to Maude,SPOT,TOM,Howie,MDC,G-F,Boo,Lucy,Asa and everyone!

John Masters

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97185: Well, it's about that time. Hope none of us here have low sugar blood content so you're not good for anyone!

Here's that pitcher of tea! Cups still under the table and sugar and sweetener next to the pitcher. I'm taking me a cup to go. Thinking about sending away to New York for more sheet music. Just not sure what to order yet.

Have a great lunch, folks!

John Masters

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97186: Thanks for the lunch, John Masters. I was wondering what I'd do for lunch today. I've got dinner covered. I ordered Chinese delivered Sunday night, had some of the leftovers yesterday for lunch, and still have enough for dinner tonight. Three meals out of one delivery - can't beat that!

It's beautiful here today, too. Clear and sunny, light breeze, birds and squirrels zipping around and acting all twitterpated. Temp in the 50s, but still very pleasant.

Since I retired, I no longer have my Aetna group insur@nce policy, which was primary and had only cost me about $140/month, leaving Medicare as secondary. Now Medicare is primary, and I've signed on with Aetna ($242/month) as a Medicare supplemental. Also had to sign on with a Part D prescription provider, at $17/month. I have faced some sticker shock. I had always just signed for my prescriptions, didn't even have a co-pay. Now things are different. Without that Part D policy, my glucometer strips would cost me $189/month. My two insulins would be $778/month. $778!! My remaining meds, which are all heart meds, would be about $75/month. Obviously, I cannot afford this, especially since my income has been reduced by about half.

With the policy, my strips cost $20/month, and my insulins will run just under $200/month. The heart meds will be about $30. So, what would cost me $1000/month without insur@nce, now costs about $250. That's just for medications. I'm not sure how much that Aetna supplemental is going to help. I think it will be about a break-even between the cost of the policy and the benefit it pays (whatever Medicare doesn't pay), as long as I stay healthy. The benefit will come if I get sick and my medical expenses rise, or if I'm hospitalized. I don't anticipate that, I seem to be doing very well, but at my age, anything can happen, and eventually will. Oh well. Today is a good day, I feel fine, and I'll let tomorrow worry about itself. God is good.

Blessings! --Romeena

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97187: Better call it a day. Time to think about dinner. Maybe a pizza pie with pepperelli....or maybe a chili burger with piccalilly and a chocolate shake?? Dont know if I want to go to all that trouble. Maybe just some weenies and beans.

Ro - Here's to you goin' on, rollin' right along!

You all have a great and happy night and I'll see you tomorrow!

John Masters

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97188: Romeena, Speaking of sticker shock I got the bills from my kidney stone episode Yeeooowza! Sure miss my "Old" policy from work, we had a third party rider that took care of most of the co-pays... At least both my BP meds are "Free" (at least for now).. Wonder if Colonel Harvey's elixir is still just $1.00? Maybe that's the direction to go Ro... Tootoo tootsie tootoo! ;)


March 25, 2014 - Msg 97189: Hello Porch: I was just watching TAGS on TV Land. Uncle Ollie is packing up the car and hurrying home. He says he left the gas on and the radio. I hope he at least calls the fire department first before he gets home. Unless his town has a fire department like Romeenas where they just look in the window and leave. Howie Fice

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97190: Me again. Still watching TAGS. It's the one with Ernest T looking for a education and he mentions Romeena and Possum under a rock. Funny stuff. Howie Fice

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97191: Good afternoon, porch. Howie, you're right, Ollie should have been calling somebody in his town, and the fact that he didn't should have tipped Nora right off that he was, er, not exactly telling the truth. That particular ep also brings up a question that has been mentioned here before. Whatever happened to the Taylor's guest room? I know they had one, because Aunt Bee was going to "freshen it up" when Malcolm came to stay with them. So, why on earth didn't Andy put Ollie and Nora in that guest room? Even if there wasn't one, I can't imagine Andy sleeping with that obnoxious old guy. The first time that arm came across his chest, Andy should have retreated to the sofa in the living room. I have one more question, too. Why on earth didn't Nora smother Ollie with a pillow years ago? The world would have thanked her!

Wait a minute, G-F. Do you mean to tell me that you didn't get to keep your "old" policy? Really? But "he" promised........!

I don't want to start a political thing, but I think this is worth telling, because it's going to affect us all eventually, and probably has already. My daughter works for a hospital in the Texas hill country. I'm not sure of her official title, but she is the person responsible for marketing the hospital's services, and has to be very aware of the financial health of the hospital and is involved in long-range planning. She told me what's happening, regarding the "Affordable" Care Act. People are signing up, and scraping up the money to pay the first premium. Once the have the card, they go to a doctor for whatever pre-existing condition they may have, enter the hospital, have surgery, whatever. The next premium is never paid, and they knew they wouldn't be able to when they signed up. OK, they got taken care of and that's a good thing. However, when that second premium is not forthcoming, the government cancels their policy - back to the beginning! The doctors and the hospitals are never paid for the services rendered. She said her hospital is losing money like a flood, and unless things improve, they may not be able to stay open. What now, Mr. President? Be ready, folks. Something has got to give, eventually.

Well, guess I'll go heat up that leftover Chinese food. I do this about once every six weeks or so. It makes for some pretty cheap meals, and I don't have to leave the house. After dinner, I need to decide what to cover with my ESL class in the morning. They're such nice folks, fun to be with. Did I mention that the church is considering offering a class of Spanish as a second language to our members? I don't expect anyone will become fluent in the language, but at least maybe they'll be able to direct a visitor to a bathroom or the offices. It seems like the friendly thing to do.

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97192: Wow. Freaky. I was just reading Romeena's post and didn't get past the fourth sentence before I had to stop and write. I was thinking the same thing about the extra bedroom but wasn't sure and didn't want to write and ask. Watching Andy and Ollie in the same bed was always kind of creepy to me. Howie Fice

March 25, 2014 - Msg 97193: Good Evening,

I hope everyone is doing well. I have a stomach issue that in 3 days has caused me to lose 6 pounds so at least that's a positive. I just want it to go away! I just got my husband, Bryan, packed up. He leaves tomorrow for Dallas. We are grateful of the employment but I miss him on his nearly weekly trips. He'll be home on Sunday but leaves 2 days later for NJ. After him being home for 11 months, this takes some getting used to. Again, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful.

Tom, that poem is just perfect!
Ro and Howie, ya know, that's a good point about the extra room. I mean, didn't Gomer and the visiting handyman sleep in that extra room?
Ro, you'd best watch your sodium content with Chinese food. It's really high! I rarely allow it in our house because of that.
Boo, yes, you're absolutely right that we have to always pray for our children and grandchildren!
Sterling, glad to hear all are alive, though freezing.
MDC, I was on Facebook long enough today to create a group page for work and then went back off. I felt so guilty for being on but I have to show my 40 hours while sick. I've enjoyed being off of social media outside of Instagram!
John Masters, nice of ya to sweep!

I have a question for y'all. My stepdaughter died her hair a very unnatural looking red and was sent home from work. She spent too much money at a hotel and can't afford the new hair dye to a natural color. We bought her some but her old one was too recent and she couldn't cover it. Should we pay for more so she doesn't lose her job even though she made stupid irresponsible decisions? She's 18. We went through so much with her brother, too easy on him, and now we don't have a relationship with him. I just don't want her to do the same stuff, we get tired of it and there's a blow up, then we don't have a relationship with her. I value y'all's opinions. WWATD


March 25, 2014 - Msg 97194: Hey Lucy, I think Gomer and Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction did sleep in the extra room. But not at the same time. Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97195: Watching MeToo T.V. Elroy Dockus left Mr. Crawford at the drug store for a job in Mt. Pilot or something. Opie got the job and broke a $64.00 bottle of Blue Moonlight perfume. I just love this show. Black and white and color. It's very therapetic for me. Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97196:
Andy's "cousin" Gloria also stayed in the guest room, in fact the ep starts with Andy moving the chair around in there. But maybe the guest room was full of Ro's stuff when Ollie's family came! ha Sorry RO, I couldnt resist.
HOwie-- ya think Opie would have realized that that "perfume" didnt smell when he broke it.
LUCY--good to see you, er, NOT "see you" (as opposed to pics on FB) ha
RO--I listn to a lot of talk radio as i travel to my dad's and back, and you are right, this thing is NOT going to "pay for itself" so something will have to give in the very near future.
God bless, and prayers,

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97197: Howdy again, folks. Just can't resist one last stop by the porch on my way to dreamland. You're right, MDC, if I could figure out a way to get my excess stuff into that guest room, I would - at least until I can get it sorted out and reduced in volume. By the way, I believe Otis was in that room when Aunt Bee was his warden. So, I think we've pretty well documented that there was a guest room in that house, so it was not necessary for Andy to put up with Ollie. Besides that, I'm pretty sure that Andy wouldn't have done it anyway, as picky as he was about his "rest" being disturbed. And yes, Howie, I thought it was kinda creepy, too. Also, if I was Andy, I'd have had Opie's smeller checked out after the perfume situation. You break a bottle of real perfume, it's gonna smell! For a long time!

MDC, what concerns me is wondering exactly what is going to "give." Granted, something is going to happen - Obamacare is either going to implode, crash and burn, or he's going to wave his magic pen and put us trillions deeper in debt to try to prop it up. Either way, it's going to be a disaster, and I wish I didn't have this creeping conviction that disaster is exactly what he's shooting for. OK, now I promise, that's the last I'll say. I realize I'm treading on thin ice here, but I am so worried for our country. Pray, porch. Pray, America! --Romeena

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97198: MDC, I never thought of that situation like that. That is a great perspective. He must have had a brain cramp or something there. Because he is a smart kid. Look at him now. Big time director in that Hollywood, Cali. Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97199: Good morning porch: I know how much you guys like to eat here. So how about for lunch we have some hogback? Hogback, hogback, hogback. That's all you ever cook is hogback. Maudie, Maudie, Maudie. Nailer, Nailer, Nailer. She through a chicken at him. Ya got chickens to throw, you got chickens to sell. Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97200: threw

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97201: Good Wednesday, porch. a very cold 22 degrees on my end of the porch this morning. we had a very light dusting of snow last night at my house. This March weather has been fickle!

well, I hate to complain to you all, but I am feeling down right yucky today. no fever but
stuffy and tired and kinda sicky in my tummy. not sure what is going on, maybe a touch of the PIP.
hopefully,my work day will go by fast and I can go home and get to bed early.

stay away from my end of the porch, so you don't get whatever it is I have. ya'll go to the diner for lunch and put it on my account. I will go by later and pay up!

Prayers and blessings.
Big Maude

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97202: LOL: The only account you have is in prison. I don't think we are going there for lunch. Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97203: Oh, no, Howie. Our Big Maude is fully rehabilitated, and does wonderful work helping sick folks. She left all that other stuff behind her. --Romeena

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97204: A bright good morning to all of you!

Did any of you catch the flaw in Uncle Ollie's visit? When the Felch brother's escape on announced on the radio, it mentions three of them. But when Andy gets the call in his office that they were caught, Andy says "Caught BOTH of them, huh?" And I never thought of the whole "guest room" subject.

Lucy and Maude - Ewww, here's hoping you get over this! I feel for both of you. Blessings for a speedy recovery!

Ro - I agree with you about our "President." You're not the only one that feels impending doom! My father-in-law is ALL about Obama sending this country by way of the Titanic.

Howie - Naw, I'll pass on the hogback. Maybe I might have som Tor-tee-uhs!

Maude - Thanks for lunch!

Be back later with some tea, folks! Good morning to Boo,Asa,MDC,G-F,Sterling,SPOT,TOM, and the rest of you Minutemen.

John Masters

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97205: ^^^^ IS announced


March 26, 2014 - Msg 97206: I got that Romeena. You know the ep "Barney's bloodhound"? In the first minute or two is the announcer at the radio station WMPT and the voice of Leonard Blush the same person? That being Ernest T. Bass? Howie Fice

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97207: Mornin' Y'all! Will somebody give Mother Nature a remedy for her hot flashes? She's turned the A/C on again here-boy,it's cold out today! This weather is just ridiculous!

Lucy, I guess I'd pay for her hair color to be fixed,but make her pay you back when she is able to.

About the perfume bottle breaking.. I always wondered the same thing- if it didn't smell,that should've clued Opie in! Geesh!

And when Ollie & Nora visited, I think Aunt Bee should've given up her room & slept on the ironing board! LOL

Maudie,hope you feel better fast!

Well, y'all take care & remember to act like somebody today!

possum under a rock

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97208: LoL Romeena, about me keeping my "old" health care policy. I think the Geico commercial should have said: "Why Pinocchio wouldn't make a good President" instead of why he would be a bad motivational speaker, it would have been much more accurate...

Folks, I hate to bring this up, but I woke up to 2 more inches of snow AGAIN! Will this ever end?
better call the Waahambulance for G-F ha!

Thanks John Masters for the pitcher of sweet tea, at least that helps me "think" of warm weather...


March 26, 2014 - Msg 97209: Here's a good link of why we are who we are when it comes to Mayberry...G-F again

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97210: Hey
G-F keep that there.
I just a little of that stuff here hehe.
I in joy all the warm days we had.
G-F keep the snow snow snow.


March 26, 2014 - Msg 97211: Hey G-F, good to see you're drinking what I left yesterday. I believe Aunt Bee must have put it in the fridge.

Possum - We go from cold weather to a new forecast of severe t-storms tonight. I think Mother Nature is toying with us.

Here's a fresh pitcher of tea. Cups, sugar and sweetener are all rightchere with it.

Have a great day, folks!

John Masters

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97212: TOM, I have written a letter to the Governor about putting up a snow fence along the Ohio river for you, but he hasn't responded back yet.
I suppose he's busy with catching chicken thieves and such.....ha!

John, can a guy get a piece of pie to go with that tea too?.... G-F

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97213: G-F Will the Governor is not going to help you so just dry up the river and the snow will not come across.


March 26, 2014 - Msg 97214: Well porch, I decided to come home for the day! Just not feeling up to my usual self and for some reason my schedule was really light today. I have a very full day tomorrow so I thought some rest would do me good. Got home about 3pm so that was only about 3 hours earlier than usual. I seem to be really good at taking care of others but not so much taking care of me. Anyway, that is all for now.
Big Maude

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97215: Maude - You rest up and get well! You make sure that Howard, Emmett and Goober don't go waking you up and disturbing you!

G-F - I just provide the tea. You might just take a cup with you down to the diner for some pie.

Gonna pack it in for the day. May the entire Porch family have a great night, be safe and I'll see you tomorrow!

John Masters

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97216: Hello Porch: Why does everyone seem to view me unfavorably? I seem to be discussed in the same way the colored ones are. Helen Crump

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97217:
Howie...that was his cousin, Ernest T. Trout! :)
John M...sounds like that last pitcher of tea froze out on the porch! ha
MAUDie--yes, rest and sleep and try to shake it.
My prayers are with you.
G-F--that was a very cool blog. Thanks for sharing.
We are getting dust storms and winds the past few days here. It really messes with my allergies, but it also
clears out the pollution.
How about we all meet at Cracker Barrel for breakfast.

March 26, 2014 - Msg 97218: Good evening, porch. Our ESL class got interesting this morning. I decided to tackle personal pronouns, both subjective and objective, and discovered that the whole idea is very confusing for those learning the language. English, by the way, is very confusing, period. I never realized just how difficult it is until I started trying to teach it. First of all, I'm not a teacher, I'm a nurse, but I have a decent understanding of the language, so decided to give it a whirl. It's all very informal, so I can get away with it. Anyway, I found that they have a lot of trouble keeping the subjective and objective personal pronouns separate - knowing when to use which one. Our discussion got lively, but I was armed with some printed handouts I had typed up last night, and I think they found it helpful. I hope the class is enjoying it as much as I am. They're all so nice, and it's really been fun.

Howie, to answer your question, Helen's attitude and poutiness are the biggest complaints about her, along with her jealousy. She pouts and gets in a snit, to manipulate Andy and get her way, all the time. That would never have worked with my husband. He was too much of a man to be pushed around that way. He was generous and usually did whatever I wanted, but it was because he wanted to, not because I was pouting. I could have pouted until doomsday and he would have ignored it. Helen never seemed to understand that, and spent a lot of time with her nose out of joint.

As for the colored episodes being less popular, I don't think it really had anything to do with the color part. I think it was coincidental, because we lost Barney about the same time, and it was the wonderful relationship between Andy and Barney that worked so well. When he left, the show was never the same, and Andy knew it.

Well, I'm ready for the ironing board. On second thought, I've got a very comfortable bed, maybe I'll just sleep there instead! That ironing board gets pretty narrow, and doesn't have much "give" to it. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97219: Just studying on something here regarding the Taylors guest room. I don't think they had a guest room in the episode with Mr. Tucker did they? Because why would Opie get to sleep on the ironing board. Howie Fice

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97220: Gooood morning, Porch!

Woke up to a few rumbles and rain, but nothing severe. Believe it's supposed to be rainy and rumbly the rest of today.

Ro - I agree with your assessment of Helen and the colored shows. But....I would like to add, and I have brought this up before in the past, Andy was a lot meaner and tense in the colored. I wish I could have asked Andy GRIFFITH why his character changed so much. One thing sticks out in the way Andy TAYLOR changed. Remember how he used to come in and ask "Where's Opie?" when he was mad or angry? There was still a concern in his voice and it wasnt too overbearing and mean. In the colored ones, I cant remember exactly which episode, but there was one where he was mad and he asks Aunt Bee with almost distain in his voice, "Where's the boy?!" he seemed constantly irritated and even when he was smiling or in a relatively good mood, he seemed uptight. IMO, I think he got way more angry and bent at Warren than he ever did Barney! If Andy GRIFFITH was so unhappy, he still should have played the part of the B&W Andy or just gotten out sooner. I love the B&W Andy shows, but there are a scant few of the colored ones I will watch

Howie - They could still have the guest room with Mr. Tucker. Opie just wanted to do "adventure" sleepin'.

MDC - Are you here? Sittin' at Cracker Barrel and waiting to see if everyone else shows up for breakfast. if not, I guess I might grab something.

Good morning to Possum,Boo,SPOT,TOM,Asa,G-F,Sterling,Lucy and all the other nuts out there. Have a great day and I'll see you at lunch!

John Masters

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97221: Morning all. Rainy morning on my porch with just a few smatterings of snow. Not bad atall all in all.

John Masters, I believe you're right on the mark concerning Andy's grumpiness in the color episodes. And the episode you are thinking of is in fact the very first color episode. Andy gets home from work, tired and grumpy because Otis had wrecked his car earlier that morning. And when Aunt Bee responds to Andy's question "where's the boy", he is not nice how he says it and she almost seems to be cowering away from him. A very peculiar and uncomfortable scene for Mayberry and Andy in my opinion. And like I say, it was at the very first part of the very first color episode. I guess it just got off to an eery start. lol
As far as Andy getting annoyed with Warren more than Barney, well I can see that. I applaude Andy for not shooting Warren. I'm pretty sure I would have.

Concerning the question of Helen Crump, I think Ro's take on it was spot on. The way she used her pouting and attitude to manipulate Andy was very annoying. That, plus I think many of us felt that Peggy was the perfect female for Andy, and he let her get away. For a wise Sheriff, he sure was lacking in the woman selection area. Well at least that's how I see it. The scene with Andy and Peggy and Opie sitting on the front porch singing "Down in the Valley" just sets well with me. One of them magical Mayberry moments. Oh well. Maybe Andy should have taken Uncle Ollies advice and run with Racine. You know what they say about skinny widders. (shut up Ollie) HA! Still my favorite non Barney episode. I thought the scene with Andy and Ollie in bed was hilarious. And the fight between Nora and Ollie about the goose down pillow, with Andy trapped in bed between them, the look on his face was just priceless.

Sorry you're still getting winter G-F. At least you ain't gotte be working in it all the time now.

Well better get. Gotta meeting in Salt Lake this morning. I could do without the meeting, but the donuts are usually pretty good.

Prayers for all.


March 27, 2014 - Msg 97222: Morning folks, well, I am at work today, running about 1/2 of my usual functioning though. I had a busy day scheduled so felt like I need to be here. My schedule is pretty full for the next couple weeks so I knew I would have no where to reschedule folks if I had to cancel them today. I would of if I really felt I was contagious though. just feelings tired and stuffy. I will be off tomorrow so I can rest up the week end. I generally am not one to get sick so I get frustrated when I feel bad.

Hope you catch a lot of fish SPOT! would love to have a fish fry.

A cloudy day on my end of the porch, but it is supposed to warm up to about 60 today.

well guess I had better get to work. have a blessed day.

Big Maude

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97223: Hey, with all the talk of Andy and Helen, I think I just made the connection of why Andy seemed so unhappy in the colored episodes! Hmmmm.

-Sterling Holobyte

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97224: My opinion of the color episodes, not only was there a huge loss when Barney's character left, but there also was a big change in the writing.
Harvey Bullock told us once at Mayberry Days, that the writing changed form one or two writers working on story lines to a "team" approach. I feel the show lost a lot of that "personal" touch by the writers having to team up. Harvey was a great writer, his writings were some of the best shows, as with Everett Greenbaum & Jim Fritzel who were a great team too. Which I believe, they went on to do writing for the Gomer Pyle series. I think some of the directors moved over there too.
At that time Howard McNeer had a stroke and was not in many of the episodes after that. (Our Floyd did a great pod-cast on him Monday nite).
So, to get back to Andy being sorta "Grumpy" I suppose losing your best friend and having to change barbers when Floyd left, It was probably was those little hairs down his neck that were keeping him agitated is what I'm thinking!
And who wouldn't be agitated by a Deputy saying: Ahha,ahha,ahha all the time! Just my opinion but life was simpler in black & white. Sorta like Asa's "Down in the Valley" moment...Or he could have married Charlene and listened to her giggle all the time, at least he could have picked with his "Inlaws" and been happier. But he would have had to learn to love "Hoot Owl" pie and fish muddle. Unless Aunt Bee was part of the deal too haha!


March 27, 2014 - Msg 97225: Good morning, porch. Sterling, you may have something there. He was getting older, knew he needed to settle down, and Helen was the only woman on his horizon. Maybe he knew he could have a decent life with her, but just would have to get through her moody times. Maybe he was trying to accept the inevitable and just go on and marry her. Also, anyone who has ever lived with teenagers knows why he might have come in the house and said "Where's the boy?" with something less than a smile in his voice. Someone has wisely said that grandchildren are the reward God gives you for not killing your kids, or giving them to the gypsies. Now as for a good match for Andy, I've always thought he made a mistake in letting Miss Ellie get away. She was smart, sweet, sensible and fun. Sang a mean "Away in a Manger", too. Yep, he missed a good one there. I liked Miss Peggy too, but Ellie was more down to earth.

About the elusive guest room, throughout the show there were times when it was obviously there, and times when it didn't seem to be. I think the person responsible for continuity in the scripts just missed that little detail. Oh well, it makes for good porch conversation.

There is a very fat, very determined squirrel IN my bird feeder. He has lifted the lid where the seed is poured in, and gotten down inside the feeder, tail tucked in and all, and is just chowing down on the contents. Every now and then, he pops his head out and looks over here at the window, to see if I've noticed him. Funny little critter. I think he's the same one that was scratching on my window yesterday afternoon. He has a small patch of fur missing on his tail, probably a close encounter with a cat, or maybe a duel with another squirrel over a pretty little lady squirrel. That goes on all the time out there. Cute little things.

Well, need to get busy around here. Maudie, I hope you get to feeling better. It's always such a drag, when you have to work and don't feel like it. Get yourself a cup of hot tea, love. Maybe that will help. --Romeena

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97226: Oh, hi, G-F. Ditto to everything you said. Warren would drive a saint to murder, I think. The writers wrote him as an annoying character, and Jack Burns played it to the hilt. If you think about it, several shows have used that angle - put a character into the mix that just drives everyone nutty. On "Barney Miller", the little uniformed cop, Levitt, had a knack for saying the very thing that would get on Capt. Miller's last nerve. On "Gilligan's Island", Gilligan himself was the annoying one. Sweet, but would make you crazy. On "Gunsmoke", Festus had Doc Adams in a state of irritation constantly. Come to think of it, that's just life. I'll bet everyone on this porch can think of someone in your orbit who just drives you nuts. A relative, a friend, a neighbor - whoever, but I'll bet there's someone. I can think of one woman right now. She's in my Sunday School class, and she's actually a good person. She's active in a lot of things, always shows up when volunteers are needed for a project, and hangs in until the work is done. At the same time, you never know when you're going to get hit with a comment from her that feels like a slushy snowball. Let me put it this way. Our class was planning an overnight trip somewhere one time, and the teacher was making up the rooming list. I quietly told her not to put me with that woman, because if I had to spend a night in a hotel room with her, one of us would not be coming out alive the next morning.

One thing bothers me. I wonder who, in my circle of acquaintance, thinks I'm that one? Scary thought. --Romeena

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97227: Ah, Warren could get a littel nerveracking, couldnt he? Huh? Huh? Huh? Sure he could. But he meant well and was a good guy though, right? Huh? Huh? Huh? Sure he was.

Sorry folks....I couldnt resist. LOLOL!

John Masters

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97228: ^^^ little


March 27, 2014 - Msg 97229: LOL: Yeah-Huh, Yeah-Huh, Yeah-Huh. That was a big bit with Warren when he teamed up with what's his name on the old Ed Sullivan show. Howie Fice

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97230: Avery Schrieber, that's it I think. Howie Fice

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97231: Hmmm. Avery Schreiber. Chubby guy, round face, big black mustache? --Romeena

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97232: Yeah, thats him. You see him occasionally on ME TV, ANTENNA TV, or TV LAND in the real old Doritos commercial. Howie Fice

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97233: Gotta go, folks!

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

John Masters

March 27, 2014 - Msg 97234: Where did John Masters go in such a hurry? Maybe he had enough of Barney's voice. Hope everything is okay. I watched the "Farmer Takes A Wife" episode. What I seen at the beginning was difficult for me to understand what was going on with Barney in the Courthouse. The show opens with Jeff Pruitt pulling up to the Courthouse in his pick up truck and hollering out at the Courthouse for Andy and Barney. They cut away to inside the Courthouse and that is when you see Barney doing something. What is he doing? Pleas help Porch. Howie Fice

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97235: Cleaning out the crock. MDC

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97236:
Here's for those of you who miss Paul Harvey as much as I do...


March 28, 2014 - Msg 97237: good morning porch !...had a good day of crappy fishing got um in freezer...well rain here today...let me get coffee made....back in just a bit...SPOT

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97238: Spot, they say a crappy day of fishing is still better than a great day at work. :)


March 28, 2014 - Msg 97239: Spot, I like Crappy, they taste a lot like fish, I like them breaded with some flour & cornmeal you know if you order them at a fancy restaurant they call it... crape' it sounds fancier. Just as long as you made some coleslaw & hushpuppies to go along with it.


March 28, 2014 - Msg 97240: Good one Asa...Baada Bing!

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97241: MDC... Yes Paul was one of the great ones "So God made a Farmer" Yep he speaks the truth about the will of a farmer... Now you know the rest of the story! Thanks for that post MDC...G-F again

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97242: Gooood morning, Porch folks!

Blue sky on this Friday to start the weekend! Wife and I are celebrating the 10th anniversary of when he became boyfriend and girlfriend. Gonna see a movie tonight and binge on popcorn and candy!

Howie - Everything's ok. Thanks for the concern. No, just time got away from me yesterday and had a lot to do. Took a look at the clock and went "Whoops!"

SPOT - Mornin'! looking forward t fishin' myself as the warm weather approaches!

Will see you around lunch. Dont know if I'll bring tea. Might bring something different.

Hey to Ro,Boo,TOM,Possum,Asa,G-F,Lucy,Maude and anyone I left out!

...................................Good day! (wink MDC)

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97243: ^^^^John Masters

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97244: Sorry for the long entries today, folks, but something has come to my attention and I wondered if any of you could give insight. My wife wants to see one of three movies, "Son of God", Noah" or "God's Not Dead."

First, let me say I am jaw droppingly stunned that there are THREE religious movies out at the same time! AND...let me add that I am jaw droppingly stunned that Hollywood MADE three religious movies at the SAME time!

THAT is nothing short of....well,.....a miracle!

John Masters

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97245: Hi John: Mayberry after Midnight gave all three movies you picked three and a half clovers. Howie Fice.

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97246: Good one, Asa! :D

John Masters, "Son of God" looks like just a re-edit of "The Bible" mini-series that the History Channel was showing just a few months back. I watched a good portion of it(mini-series). It was ok. In some of the scenes though it seemed like the Jesus character was looking like some sort of rock star or something, smiling with a big toothy smile and waving to the people coming to hear him talk. It wasn't too bad though. I don't know that I would spend money to see it.

One movie I definitely am not spending money to see is "Noah" with Russell Crowe. If you want to see The Creation Museum founder Ken Ham's impassioned review of it right after he saw it, it's here:
He was really upset by what they did to the Noah of the Bible, and to the story itself.

As for "God's Not Dead", I haven't seen that one either, but that is the one I would support at the theaters. It is supposed to be really good, and at least I know the actors and producers are actually Christian(well, I know Kevin Sorbo is since I have been following him on Twitter and he has been talking about it) and are not looking for some sly way of sticking their own secular viewpoint into a religious film for their own gains like the director and actors of "Noah" are.

Those are my picks anyway. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97247: Good morning, porch. John Masters, I wish I had a valid opinion to offer, but I don't. I haven't seen any of those movies, though I probably will at some point. I'll be interested to hear what others may have to say about them. I agree, it's amazing that there are three religious movies out at once. The question is, how true to the scripture will they be?

This weather is just ridiculous. Yesterday, it was in the 50s outside, and I had the furnace on, set at 72. This house is tight, so it was only kicking in once in a while. I hadn't been outside, and as evening came, I naturally thought it was getting cooler outside. Along about bedtime, I noticed it was quite warm in here, but the furnace wasn't coming on. Checked the thermostat, and it was 81 in the house. That's because it had risen to 80-something outside. I was determined not to turn the a/c on, so Toye Starr and I slept with the ceiling fan on, and were quite comfortable. It's 71 outside now, very comfortable in the house, and nothing is running. I'd like to keep it that way for a while, and get some lower utility bills.

My range hood quit working a few days ago. David had put a new motor and fan in it after the smoke episode a while back, and it worked fine. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed even on the high setting it was running very slowly, and then one night, it just quit. I called David to see if he could try to fix it, and he suggested just getting a new one. This one is about 25 years old, after all, even if it does have a new motor. I was really surprised at how cheap they are. So, I'm going by Lowe's today and get one, and Dave will install it for me this weekend. I'll give the old one to the ARC of Texas. That will give one of their clients a job, repairing it, and then they can sell it. I hope they bring a big truck when they pick up on April 4, because I've sure got a big pile of stuff for them. I'm really happy to be getting this clutter out of here, and hope someone else can make good use of it.

Well, guess I'd better get moving. Toye Starr just nudged my ankle, reminding me that she hasn't eaten yet. Oh, the poor little thing fell off the bed last night! The bed is pretty high, 31", so that was quite a drop for such a tiny girl. She has never done that before. I was almost asleep, heard a small "plop" and the scrabbling of her little nails on the floor. I looked over the edge of the bed, and there she stood, looking a little confused and a lot unhappy. I got up, picked her up and made sure she wasn't hurt, and put her back on the bed. Once I got settled in again, she got very close to me and far from the edge. She wasn't taking any chances! Funny little thing.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97248: Wow. Thanks for that link, Sterling. I won't be spending my money to see that misbegotten film. Also, I've shared the link with my general email list, so many of you will be receiving it. Nope, I don't need that movie. I have better places to employ my money and my time. --Romeena

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97249: Thanks for the insight and opinion, folks! I surely do appreciate it. Not sure what the verdict will be, but have a feeling God's Not Dead" will be what we see.

Decided to go with the pitcher of tea. Cups, sugar and sweetener all here too.

John Masters

March 28, 2014 - Msg 97250: When you started talking about fish I just remembered that yesterday Bruce told me a friend from work is giving him some fish to bring home. I guess I will be frying fish tonight...groan.

Enjoying these TAGS-related discussions and all I can say about the guest room is that one exists in my imagination, and I am often a guest there. ;)

Ro, I found out this week that I wont be able to get my temporary license yet to do my clinicals because of being non-immune to Hep B. Bummer. I surely thought I would be. Now I have to get another one in a month and hopefully it will raise my level immunity enough that I wont have to wait for the last vaccine six month later. Please pray! I really want to be able to start work soon but I am praying over the situation and trying to keep the faith, realizing that God has all things in control.

Well, been a nice, quiet day here. I gave up tv viewing a week ago...I like to do that for periods of time..sort of a tv fast. It kind of forces you to think more of your own thoughts and read more, etc. Its a good thing. I didn't do it for lent, specifically, but I guess it fits in.

Found out sis-in-law with the drug problem moved in with her son in dallas..which is where she needs to be right now. She is no longer living with the poor, elderly retired pastor and his wife. That is an answer to prayer. She was just in the hospital with some kind of infection and they told her she has 25% kidney function and will be on dialysis soon if she doesn't change her lifestyle. It is really very sad, but I guess we saw it coming. I keep praying for a miracle, and we all know God is able to do anything. I pray she will finally reach the point of wanting help to kick the addictions.

Well, just had a good lunch...a grilled meatloaf sandwich..sounds strange, but really good. Think I will rest for a bit and then got to see my mom-in-law. Yep, that's the plan...


March 28, 2014 - Msg 97251: PS- John Master, I skipped seeing "Son of God" because I heard there was some non-biblical stuff in it. I did see "God's Not Dead," and thought it was pretty good. I think it appeals more to the younger generation and my kids loved it. I found it fairly predictable and you will see what I mean. I do think it is worth going to see, though. I have not seen "Noah"...I didn't know it was out yet.