April 07, 2014 - Msg 97400: Thought I would drop in to set a spell in the dark. Kinda crisp here, but nice to sit in the darkness and listen to the ballgame!

Wife and father-in-law just got back from seeing Dakota and she is skiddish in getting used to her new digs. She is shy-ish and seems to be lonely to the extent that she had other horses in her last place and was with several horses and her former owners for many years. So, poor thing, is feeling a little overwhelmed I think, but we were told she'll be fine and will get used to her new home with patience.

Ok, folks...you guys have a good night and hope you get good sleep! See ya' tomorrow!

John Masters

April 07, 2014 - Msg 97401: Whoosh! I guess Barney the Rabbit (or Peter Cottontail as Andy called him) swept up pretty well here!


April 08, 2014 - Msg 97402:

RIP Mickey "let's put on a show" Rooney!
Loved all those Andy Hardy movies. Of course I didnt see
them in their first runs, but in plenty of re-runs on TV. "That's it kids, we can gather an orchestra, and put on a show." "Let's get everyone together, big party right here on the block." "You get the group together, I'll talk to the city fathers; this will be big. We'll do this thing..." Young Mickey and young Judy Garland were quite a pair!
Well guys, UCONN brings home the trophy after quite a hiatus!
Was the race ever run? Anyone know?
Good sweep John! Thought maybe one of those Quantril
canyon balls hit the porch! ha
Prayers for all,

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97403:
OH, and PH, thanks for all the cool suggestions for the "old folks!" :)

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97404:
And speaking of the good old days...if any of you have never seen this tap dance by Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell, YOU SHOULD! Quite an amazing routine!


April 08, 2014 - Msg 97405:
Romeena and John Masters, the link below is the Nicholas Brothers performance from the movie Stormy Weather that the legendary dancer Fred Astaire considers to be the best dance performance ever filmed. It includes a musical introduction from the Cab Calloway Orchestra.

Romeena, you mentioning how difficult the trombone must be to learn brought back a memory for me. While I was in high school, my father took trombone lessons from my music teacher. I remember him having difficulty trying to produce clear notes as he practiced at home. It was hard not to laugh. Positioning of the slide is critical.
As for me, I believe that string instruments, that have no fret bars or other markings on their necks, are the most difficult. Us guitar players use fret bars, and other markings, to guide our finger placement. But violin, viola, cello and floor bass musicians don't have any fret bars or other markings on the necks.

MDC, speaking of Lawrence Welk, I was fortunate to have met him before I worked with Paul Harvey. I was a technician assigned to record a lengthy interview with him at an outdoor location for a local television program. After we finished the recording assignment, I asked Mr. Welk for an autograph. I will never forget how excited he became to have a youngster like me express an interest in him and his music. My only regret is that although I did send for tickets, we never attended one of his show tapings in Los Angeles.

from Poor Horatio

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97406:
One more amazing fact. I heard a television announcer claim that Mickey Rooney worked 88 years in show business. While other entertainers have lived longer than Mickey's 93 years, can anyone top his performing record?

from Poor Horatio

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97407: Wow! I'm sore and out of breath, after just watching those two clips. I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to do the things they did. Thanks for sharing both of those, MDC and PH. Some very, very good stuff there.

Well, got to get dressed and be ready to go when my phone rings. My sister-in-law is having cataract surgery this morning. My brother took her to the surgery center, but then he had to get to their jewelry store. They never have it open unless one of the owners is present. So, when she's ready to come home, they'll call me. She was the first case, so it won't be long.

I remember when I had my cataracts removed, I was awake and ready to leave just about two hours after they began. It's amazing, how far that surgery has advanced. I remember years ago, taking care of cataract surgery patients. It was a very big deal! After the surgery, they had to lie very still, on their backs, eyes bandaged. We had to remove the pads every two hours and put a whole arsenal of eye drops in their eyes. They weren't allowed to have their heads elevated at all, had to lie flat. The next day, they were allowed to sit up, and if they did well, they could go home, but couldn't lift or bend down for a week. Lots of restrictions. It's different now. After my surgery, Eloise and I left the building, and went to lunch and did a little shopping in the mall across the street, then returned after two hours, the doc looked at my eye, said "see you next week" and off we went. I had a patch to wear at night to keep me from rubbing my eye, and some drops to use every few hours, but that was all. After both eyes had been done, my vision tested at 20/20, and still does. It had never been that good, ever in my life! I can thread a needle unaided, and I can spot a four-inch lizard on a limb of a tree on my back fence, about sixty feet away. I am so grateful.

Well, better get dressed, so I'll be ready whenever they call. It just takes me about twenty minutes to get to where she is. I'll take her home and drop her off, because she's going to want to sleep this afternoon. Blessings, folks! --Romeena

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97408: Good morning to you, Porch family! Hope all is well with you!

MDC - Yeah, I believe some of the partisans raided the clean!

PH - I have to agree with Astaire! That routine is just unbelieveable to watch and they're so smooth. THAT, folks, is talent! I remember my grandparents having Welk on tv when I was a little guy. I believe he was on Saturdays around dinner time here in KC. I went out to play in their yard while it was on and the grownups all talked. Welk and Hee Haw were staples on my G'parents tv.

Ro - Prayers and best wishes to your sis-in-law. Hope all goes well for her!

Good morning to Boo,TOM,SPOT,Maude,Lucy,Asa,G-F and the rest of Miss Crump's class! LOL! Have a great day!

John Masters

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97409: raided the porch clean^^^^


April 08, 2014 - Msg 97410: Speaking of Miss Crump's class I just watched the ep about the history lesson. Miss Crump barged into the courthouse and just ripped into Andy. Then at the end she is nice as pie. This lady's a psycho. Howie Fice

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97411: TV's "Dancing with the Stars" Can't hold a candle to these guys.. Wow, those guys sure had talent! Bet it was great back in the day to see these guys perform in person... If they have dancin' in heaven I would kinda like to see that, when it's my time.. They can add Mickey to their roster now.

JM, Nice sweep to the porch... How are ya on cleaning up the yard? I could use you...

Asa, Where have you been? Check in with us before you make your generator fuel run...

Romeena, A for inch lizard at 60 feet? That's pretty darn good! Better watch out for those 60' lizards at 4' they call those kinds of lizards Godzilla's haha


April 08, 2014 - Msg 97412: Hey everyone,

Getting ready to wrap up the day! Heading to do more research on some Union soldiers, buried in NW Arkansas, that might have tangled with Quantrill, Bill Anderson and the like. Hope this is a productive trip!

G-F - You might get Otis to do it. We know he can chop wood and mow the lawn.

Howie - I agree. Helen Crump seemed to ride the emotional fence a lot! There was no middle ground to her emotions. They were very angry to pretty forgiving. Not much between.

Okee dokee, folks...y'all have a great night and I'll see you again tomorrow.

John Masters

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97413: Howie Fice, all this talk about Helen Crump reminds me why I didn't like her. She was quick to react after hearing just one side of the story. Then she would resist listening to the other side's explanations. As far as I'm concerned, she was destined to become an old maid. Why Andy Taylor married her is beyond me.

from Poor Horatio

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97414: But she DOES know about the Emancipation Proclamation...haha! The "Blob" slimed her is what I'm thinking... G-F

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97415: You guys just got to check out the scene. I mean she really flips out. It's real funny. She is mild in other episodes compared to this one. It's the ep where the kid's don't like history.

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97416:
I bet RO could shoot out the ace of spades at 60 feet with her Judge!! ha

April 08, 2014 - Msg 97417:
And PH, do you still have that autograph? That's neat! We HAD to watch Welk every week. My mom said that
it was our "culture" hour!
howie-she also lets loose on Andy when barn had spread the rumor of their getting married.
Have a good evening all.

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97418: Good evening, porch. Yep, Howie, Helen was pretty and all, and she could be charming, but she was a manipulative little brat at times, that wouldn't have lasted five minutes with my Dale. I think what I liked the least about her was the way she always flew into a snit and assumed the worst about Andy, without giving him a chance to explain. That's not the way love behaves. If you love someone, you assume the best about them, until it's proven beyond a doubt that your trust has been abused. I remember when Dale was sent to Korea, and I stayed home, expecting our first baby. I worked in a big office at Randolph AFB, one of four civilians in an office with about a dozen military staff, mostly men. One major for some reason decided to pick on me. He would make remarks about what Dale was probably doing over there, like "Oh yeah, he's got himself a 'steady honey' by now." Stuff like that. I never believed him, and finally quit even responding or denying what he was saying, but he met me every morning with some stupid remark. Finally, a kindly old sergeant got enough of it, and called him out on it. As I recall, he said something like "Hey, major. You seem to know an awful lot about how the guys behave over there. Didn't you do a tour? Are you speaking from personal experience? If so, you should know that not every man who goes over there is a cheating louse. Some men remain faithful to their wives. Just because you were evidently a cheater doesn't mean her husband will be, so lay off." That ended it, and the sarge became like a favorite uncle to me.

Well, MDC, I don't know about shooting out the ace of spades at 60 feet, but my eyesight is quite good, and I'm a pretty good shot, too. Of course, with the Judge loaded with shot, you don't have to be terribly accurate, just get in the vicinity. One of the four slugs in it will hit something vital, usually! Up close, say across a room, it will make a four-inch hole. I sincerely pray that I never have to use it, but if threatened in my home, I most definitely will.

Hahaha! I just thought - I'm so glad Helen didn't pack a gun! As mad as she could get, and so quickly, poor Andy would have been toast!

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97419: Hello Porch: I am currently on a Howard Sprague and Goober fixation in the "Colored Ones". Does anyone here know if Howard and Goober continued their roles in "Mayberry RFD"? I was doing some research on MRFD and could not find much. I think season 1 just came out on DVD. Also, is it me or are my eyes playing tricks on me. During some of the TAGS episodes it looks as though the camera is trying to film a night scene during broad daylight with some kind of dark camera lens. Howie Fice

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97420: Hey Porch.
Boy it's been a terrible night. One of my neighbors and close friends was flying an ultralight airplane last night and crashed and was killed. They are still trying to figure out what happened. I am just stunned. I feel so bad for his wife and kids. He was a good friend and a great neighbor. He loved the Lord and taught our mens group at Church. Please remember the Speer family in your prayers. So very sad. I'm running on just a couple of hours sleep and probably not making much sense. But I know my porch family will be there.


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97421: Asa, So sorry for the loss of your friend, we will keep him and the family in our prayers....G-F

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97422: Good morning porch, cool and a little rainy on my end of the porch.

Asa: I am sorry for the loss of your friend and neighbor. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and with you and all who loved and knew him. It is so hard to understand why these things have to happen.

been trying to get by the porch this week but seemed like every time I would get a post started I would get interrupted or distracted and have to stop.

hope everyone has a good day.
prayers and blessings
Big Maude

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97423: Oh,Asa, I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. My thoughts & prayers are with you and his family. God Bless and yes,we are here for you.

possum under a rock

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97424: Good morning, Porch family

Asa - So sorry for the loss. I know how it is to lose a friend unexpectedly. Prayers and heartfelt condolances to you, my friend.

Maude - Good to see you. I have had to miss Porch time myself with distractions and forgetting to do things.

Howie - Yeah, Goober and Howard were in R.F.D., although I dont know for how long because I didnt watch it, but I do know they were in it. Your eyes are not playing tricks. They did shoot night time scenes in the daytime with a special lens. I believe Hogan's Heroes did that sometimes too.

Did you all hear that Mickey Rooney's family is now fighting over his body?? SO sad that things like that happen! he left ONLY $18,000! That's it. Now, he is lying in a mortuary in L.A. while the family battles over him and where to bury him.

Research proved productive last night and I have some good information on Union soldiers that DID skirmish and fight Quantrill, so I better get to work on it. Y'all have a great day!

John Masters

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97425: John Master-I don't think anybody watched it. I am only looking to expand my view on Mayberry. Being it was shot at Desilu. Hogans was shot there also. I noticed them using the booth curved lattice work from Morelli's and they also had a motor cycle with a side car. Speaking of side car, Barney stopped a truck driver trying to speed over on that hill on route 6. His name was Edgar G. Masters. Any relation? Prayers for a porch friend in need also. Howie Fice

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97426: Romeena, My 3 squirrels Larry, Curly, & Moe were dining on my bird feeder again, so I pulled a good one on them, I greased the shepherds hook I have the feeder on. They came back and tried to "shimmy" back up as they were used to, but guess what? They got pranked by the Goob! They did look like a Stooges routine like the one where they tried to get up a greased fire station pole. They probably will come back with their degreaser spray and clean it, you know those guys are real ingenious on their problem solving techniques. But, now I'll have to watch all the sunflower seeds I have started in my little planting containers. I put them out in the sun to get them started and put them in the garage at night. I know they are plotting R-E-V-E-N-G as Barney calls it ..haha
They already are digging in the 2 kettles I have my pansies in, they remember they put some of the nuts from my oak tree in them in the fall, even tho I went thru the dirt and took them out before I planted the pansies. I think I'm going to make them a feeding station and put it in my oak tree so the stay away from everything else.
Even though they can be destructive I still love watching their shenanigan's....


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97427:
ASA-so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend and church member.
My prayers are with his family, you bet.
Hang in there my friend, take it one day at a time.
God bless you and yours,
MDC :(

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97428:
G-F, that was a good idea to grease the hook. Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k-VzOVczNA
And regarding the problem of them digging into your pansies, why not cover the ground around those pansies with window screening material, preferably the metal kind?
You can view more ideas at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOwn-vwgtRQ

MDC, yes I still have Lawrence Welk's autograph. Although it's on a blank piece of paper that I had with me at the time, I keep it inside a hard cover book about Lawrence Welk.

from Poor Horatio

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97429: Asa, sorry about your friend and neighbor. How tragic. Prayers to the family.

Howie, I don't recall them filming night scenes during the day using a filter, but I will have to look more closely. Those were the color eps, you say?

Well folks, just had a shotgun medical clinic appointment. Been wanting to get this spot on my face checked out because it does seem to have changed size and color, so I called and they could get me right in so I took it.
I didn't expect them to do anything about it today; just expected them to refer me someplace else for a biopsy if needed, but they took the main offender right off and froze another minor splotch. The doctor I saw, who is also a surgeon, said they didn't look cancerous, more likely just some sun-damaged skin, but they are sending the main spot off just to be sure. And I sure hope he is right. Should have the results in about two days he said.
He was really good, and I didn't even feel it when he cut the one out. He said the other one that he froze will flake off in a few days. Yuck.

I think you all know how I feel about Helen Grump, so I won't even chime in on that discussion.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97430: Btw Poor Horatio, I think it is really neat that you got Lawrence Welk's autograph. I wasn't a real big fan of his, mostly because I was younger when my parent's would watch his show and wasn't into that kind of music, but I do appreciate him now. And to think that you worked with him as well. You really have worked with some good people! Must be a nice memory.


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97431: SH-The black and white episodes were filmed with a filter occasionally. I don't recall the colored ones being filmed this way. Howie Fice

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97432: Afternoon!

Thought I would drop by and drop off the pitcher of tea with what you want to sweeten it with. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Howie - Dont think Edgar was any relation. Not that I know of.

John Masters

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97433: Hi All
well it a nice day and warm.
I will prayer for your friend and you.
G F what new there in Cleveland?


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97434: Hi All
well it a nice day and warm.
I will prayer for your friend and you.
G F what new there in Cleveland?


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97435: Prayer Asa...we be back home...great day here in ga...its time for a short scooter ride...back for supper,,,,,SPOT

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97436: Gonna call it a day here, folks!

Good evening to Boo,Ro,SPOT,TOM,Lucy,Possum,MDC,Howie,G-F,Sterling,Horatio and the rest of Robin Hood's merry men!

John Masters

April 09, 2014 - Msg 97437: TOM, The Indians are looking promising hope they can hold on to the enthusiasm all season long.
I do like their coach he's a proven winner, hope he can do the same with this team.

Yes, we are getting some warmer weather at least it's in the 50's to 60's I'll take that, but you know Ohio that's subject to change at anytime....
Hopefully you're getting some sun & warmth too..


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97438: Hello.
G-F how min game have ben win?
The weather here has ben good for the pass
week or two, sun and warmth day up to 60-70 some days.

O K now you can have a P B J SANDWHICH.


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97439: TOM... Cleveland 5 wins 4 losses Thanks for the sammich I was getting hungry....G-F

Asa, How ya holding up Buddy?.....Continued prayers for the Speer family....


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97440: Asa, I am so sorry to hear about your friend and neighbor. There are just no words to make sense of it. My prayers for the family and for you and the Mrs.


April 09, 2014 - Msg 97441:
97 degrees here today!! Way too hot, way too early.
In fact, it's 20 degrees above normal for this time of year!

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97442: Good evening, porch. It's been a beautiful day here, finally made it to the 80s, and I turned the a/c back on. Got it set high, at 77, just enough to cool the house a bit but not run too much. It's been very dry, so it feels cooler.

We had a good ESL class this morning. Since our classes are informal, I often just let them take it and run with it. We start out by reading aloud a bit out of our workbooks. I let each one read a small paragraph, then tell me back, in English, what they just read. If they have trouble saying it in English, I let them say it in Spanish, so I can tell if they're understanding what they just read. A couple of them read and understand better than they speak. I can accept that, because I'm the same way in Spanish. I can read a book or a newspaper in Spanish, and understand what I've read, but my speech is by no means fluent. I'm proud of my little group, though. They're fun, and very interested in learning. Sometimes I just ask them what they'd like to talk about, and we go with what they want to do. Today we talked a little bit about how words contain parts that give us clues to the meaning. For example, in Spanish "mal" means bad, or evil, or threatening. That appears in a lot of English words, and I put some of them on the board for them. Malice, malign, malignant, grand mal seizure (very bad seizure), a malware program for a computer, and there were several others. Words have always fascinated me anyway, and I love to pursue their origins. It's coming in handy in this class.

Asa, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That's just terrible, and I'm sure it's going to be very hard on his family, and his friends as well. Some things just seem so senseless. From what I've read, the safety record of those aircraft doesn't impress me. I have flown in a powerless glider (with a pilot) and it was a great experience. I think they're probably safer than an ultralight because they're designed to float like a big kite, they don't depend on any power to provide lift. My son has flown gliders a lot, has stayed aloft for six hours or more. He says you just slip from one thermal to another, and ride them, like a buzzard, as he put it. It was a great experience, and I'd do it again, but I don't think I'd do an ultralight. Again, I'm so sorry about your friend, that's a real tragedy.

Well, guess I'll turn in. I've got a routine echocardiogram scheduled for tomorrow. No problems, just watching a couple of bad valves. The last one actually showed a bit of improvement in the function of one of them, to the doctor's surprise and pleasure. Mine, too! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97443:
Etymology knowledge is great to have RO, just don't flaunt it! haha

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97444: Romeena, Tell the Doc, just a shot of WD-40 and your good to go.....G-F

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97445: Good morning, Porch family,

Ro - Hope all goes well in your checkup! But if you find those valves going cha-weet, cha-weet, cha-weet or pucka,pucka,pucka like an ol' banty rooster, you better go see Goober!

Quick hello to all of you. Hope you have a bright sunny day and good health! Will see TOM,SPOT,Boo,G-F,Lucy,MDC,Maude,Possum,Asa and the rest of the Mayberry band later.

John Masters

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97446: I know a secret, I know a secret!!

Sworn to secrecy by a talking dog- LOL

*hint* (It's a good one, y'all!)

possum under a rock

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97447: What!!..have know Idea what you are talking about Possum...

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97448: oh...and the last post was from a walkie-talkie under my collar...

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97449: Yeah, right,Spotty...

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97450: Forgot to sign,but he knows that's me up there!

possum again

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97451: You see JM I was telling Ro the same thing. She needs a shot of WD-40 and she can get it at Wally's along with a bottle of pop...It's a lot cheaper than a Dr. call these days..Plus get air in her tires to boot caus it's FREE! But seeing Ro has better than 20/20 vision she doesn't need her windshield (glasses)cleaned, but I bet if Wally offered to send Gomer over to her house to clean her windows she wouldn't turn him down ;)

Speaking of Romeena, I built my squirrels a feeding station yesterday complete with corn (both kernel and crushed) to bribe the away from my bird feeder. Hope it works...Might not..as Barney would say.

I purchased Mayberry RFD yesterday at the Wal-Mart started watching a few episodes, It started with Andy getting married to Miss Crump (Ok,Ok, I won't start with the Helen thing, I know it's a sore subject here) They did throw Andy a Bachelor party (Mr. Schwamp was there too). Andy did not seem all that happy, I think he kinda knew what he was getting into... Haha!... Wonder why Ellie, Peggy, Sharon, Daphne, & Charlene didn't come? Curious, just Curious....


April 10, 2014 - Msg 97452: Hummmm Possum, Could it be related to the last paragraph from my last post???...G-F

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97453: and SPOT, I don't mean the part about buying the Mayberry RFD C/D ;)....G-F

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97454: Barney said he saw SPOT going into Sterling Jewelry store and he was talking to Fred Sterling...Possum, don't worry I didn't hear it from you..G-F

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97455: ....better tell Opie the news so he can get it in his paper...

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97456: Only one word for it.... BIG!!!

possum once more

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97457: Ha- you're on the right track, G-F!

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97458: ???? C'mon, Possum, it's bad to hold things in like this. You need to let it out. It's therapetic.

Hope y'all having a good lunch!

John Masters

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97459: lol Possum, Who say's you can't trust what Barney say's.....Better get started on that Mother-in-Law suite addition onto the Dog House for her. SPOT first you gotta go shopping with her...It's a FUN Day...

G-F (Cub Reporter)

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97460: SPOT's pregnant!! ???


April 10, 2014 - Msg 97461: Y'all have a great night! Gitcha a bottle of pop, listen to music under the stars and just relax! Will see you tomorrow!

John Masters

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97462: Thanks, JM...it is just the kind of evening that is good for porch-sittin'. I think after dinner, I will get me a glass of tea and swing on the porch swing. Will think of you all and say a little prayer as I commune with the Lord. Love to all.


April 10, 2014 - Msg 97463:
WOOO, why do i think that there might be a big barn dance in the future!!! :)

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97464: HA! good one BOO!

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97465: MDC...Barn Dance? Boo has the livestock to swing it!!........G-F

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97466: Hello Porch: In the episode The education of Ernest T. Bass Andy and Barney refer to Ramona. Ernest T. says his Romeena. Are they speaking of the same person here? Howie Fice

April 10, 2014 - Msg 97467: Same person, Howie- Ernest T. always mispronounced the name " Ramona" and said "Romeena" instead.

Our talking doggy is pregnant?? Boy,oh,boy! That means I get to be Auntie Possum-LOL
Nah, I don't believe that's the secret,but I'm like Opie with the secret club..

I can't tell ya!

Y'all will just have to wait to hear the news straight from the horse's (uh,make that dog's) mouth!

possum under a rock

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97468: Hello Porch: Did you guys and gals know that Ernest T. did the voice of Mr. Peebles and Alan Melvin was the voice of Magilla Gorilla? Howie Fice

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97469:
What is all the excitement on the Front Porch? Did someone win the lottery or did someone get engaged? Since it seems to be a happy event, it must be a lottery win.

Howie Fice, no I did not know that about Ernest T. and Alan Melvin.
In the Andy and Helen Have Their Day episode, they meet up with a man named Peterson who is the local game warden. You can view that episode at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1hqPOMRcoU and cue it up to 18:50. Listen carefully and see if you can recognize where have we heard Peterson's voice before. I'll give you folks a chance to guess before I post the answer.

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97470: Funny, PH (about the lottery). Let's hope it's a happy marriage we are wishing for. :) It can happen...I've had a happy marriage with a few bumps in the road, of course.

I'm going to watch that clip now to see if I can identify the mystery voice...


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97471: ok...I have no idea where I might have heard that voice before...maybe someone else can solve the mystery.


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97472: Also, Ernest T. Bass was the voice of Atom Ant, and in this clip is Alan Melvin voice also...



April 11, 2014 - Msg 97473: The "Game Warden" is the voice for the opening credits of the show...G-F again

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97474: PH, Howard Morris did a "Atom Ant" voice for me when I met him at Mayberry Days. If you recall my post before about meeting Howie, that was a welcome gesture.... I have a great picture of him sticking his tongue out at me...He's one unique individual, just ask his Son David, which I have met and talked too also. He has a lot of funny stories about his Dad... G-F again & again....

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97475: Gooood Morning, Folks!

What a nice, pleasant morning on my end of the porch! Birds chirping, nice sunny dawn that's breaking! That's some KIND of pretty!

I knew the Game Warden was the opening voice of TAGS too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt Howard Morris play two roles on TAGS? Naturally, Ernest T., but he was also Helen Crump's TV repairman too. Was that it? We know Allen Melvin played, what?.....about 60 roles? LOL!

I sincerely hope you all have a great start to your weekend! See y'all later on!

Morning dear, mornin' honey to Boo,Ro,TOM,SPOT,Asa,MDC,Lucy,Possum,Maude,Howie,Sterling,Horatio,Oh,...and Mr. Schwump.

John Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97476: Just saw on facebook that Homemaker's mother passed away. Prayers for the family...


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97477: Prayers going out for Homemaker and her family..

possum u.a.r.

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97478:
I was hoping my trivia question in Msg 97469 would last a little longer. But G-F and <>John Masters<> posted the correct answer.
The man who played Game Warden Peterson is really named Colin Male. And for the first five seasons of The Andy Griffith Show, we heard his voice during the opening credits say "The Andy Griffith Show ... starring Andy Griffith ... with Ronnie Howard ... also starring Don Knotts".

John Masters, funny you should ask about Howard Morris playing two roles in TAGS. Once again, view the link I posted in Msg 97469 and cue it up to 17:40 for the answer. It occurs about one minute before Game Warden Peterson shows up.

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97479: Condolances and Prayers for Homemaker and family.

PH - Yep, that's what I thought.

Johm Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97480: Good morning, porch folks!
Just got a call from the doctor who(no, not Doctor Who of the sci-fi series) removed the spot from my face, and he says the tests came back as non-cancerous, so Praise The Lord for that!
That's what he thought from the beginning, but I was still a little worried waiting for the results.
He said what is was is more commonly referred to as an age spot. I told him I could live with that(quite literally).
An age spot might worry someone else about getting old, but I think it is much better than the alternative.

Yes, it is always weird when an actor shows up on the same show as a different character. Especially when they go on to become a regular. Same thing happened to Jack Dodson(Howard Sprague), I believe.

So sorry for homemaker's mom. Prayers.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97481: Oops, that should be "...what IT was...".


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97482:
Sterling Holobyte, to be safe, I would get a second medical opinion regarding your skin condition. After all, Doctor Who is on first.
I highly recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uOfr2r3g6M

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97483: Yuk, Yuk, Yuk.. Wise Guy...ha! And if the procedure doesn't come out right and you have to sue.. Call the law firm.."Dewey-Cheatem & Howe"..G-F

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97484: Hello.
It a raining day here.
Prayer for Homemaker and family at this time.
My siss can used some prayer she fall broke her shoulder and now she is in surgery.


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97485: Ha ha! Nice play on words there, Poor Horatio.
And you've got to love the Stooges! I don't know that I would go to them for medical procedures though. Ouch!

-Sterling Holobyte

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97486: JM, Sounds like you have our tomorrows weather today, hope it stays that good for TOM & I tomorrow, but today it's wet so we'll wait for tomorrow and try to forget today, with full hopes of tomorrow being better than today....Ok?....G-F

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97487: Good morning, porch. Yep, Jack Dodson was at first the insur@nce agent that Andy called when Aunt Bee's brooch disappeared, which she later found in the pocket of her painting smock. Then he appeared as Howard Sprague, the county clerk, and of course that became a recurring role. As for Allan Melvin, he played eight different characters TAGS! Without going to Google, can anyone name them all? I'll start it off - he was Fred Plummer, who worked for the grocery store, and Barney gave him a ticket for littering. There are seven more. Next?

Homemaker, if you see this, please know that our prayers and sympathies are with you today. I'm so sorry, wish I could bring you a meal to help out.

TOM, I'm sorry your sister had such an awful accident. A broken shoulder is very painful, and her recovery will be inconvenient, to say the least. Prayers for her and her family.

Well, I'm off. I'm going to go pick up a new koi for the pond. That wretched bird managed to get my pretty little white one with the gold/orange cap on its head. That's what I get for thinking the thing had flown south for the winter. Apparently, they don't. I took the net off the pond, and shouldn't have. Anyway, it got the fish that Hudson had chosen as his, so I'm going to pick up one that looks a lot like it, and the kid probably will never know the difference. If he asks, I'll tell him the truth. Otherwise, why should I tell him a bird ate his fish? If he doesn't ask, I won't volunteer the information.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97488: Sorry TOM, You popped in while I was telling JM about tomorrows weather. Hope your sister's surgery comes out ok, my sister had the same operation last week, she is doing ok, so hope yours does ok too...G-F

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97489: Allen Melvin:
Fred Plummer, Army sergeant, hotel detective, roadside vegetable seller, Malloy, convict Andy chained to the tree.....and I cant think of the seventh! Dog gone it!

Prayers and healing for TOM's sister!

Have a great lunch, folks!
John Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97490: I GOT IT.....Boyfriend of Howard Sprague's girl, Millie!


John Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97491: He was one of the "vegetable stand" guys that Barney has to tell to shove off. Don't remember if they ever had a name for him in that one.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97492: You beat me to it, John Masters. But then, you beat everyone to it also because you got all of them. :)

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97493:
G-F, glad to hear you received a private performance from Howard Morris. Unfortunately, I don't recall ever watching the Atom Ant cartoon. Also, isn't it true that Howard directed a few TAGS episodes?

So sad to learn about Homemaker's mother. It has been about a year since Homemaker last posted here. I would offer her my sympathies if she were here where she could see my post.

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97494: Forgot "Jake" in Barney first car too...

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97495: Ohhhh...*cue the losing "Price is Right" music.

Yes...I forgot Jake with Mert in Barney's first car.


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97496: The porch really has it's thinking cap on today. Can anyone tell me if the Fleet's had two bands? Bobby and Freddy? Howie Fice

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97497:
Howie Fice, Bobby Fleet appears in The Guitar Player and The Guitar Player Returns and was played by two different characters.
And Freddy Fleet appears in The Mayberry Band played by a different character than the two Bobby Fleets.

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97498:
Howie Fice, you can watch all three Fleet band episodes at

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97499: Hey Porch!

Since we are playing trivia today, how about this... I dont know the actor's name, but one actor played two police officials. Seems like he played more roles, but I can come up with them. Anyway, he was the officer or detective in charge where the escaped convict took Andy's rowboat out and Andy told him if he marched his men down that trail, he'd come right to them. Then he was the detective in charge of finding Malloy.

John Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97500: but I CANT come up....^^^^


April 11, 2014 - Msg 97501: Time to go here, folks! I will try and drop by the porch over the weekend if I can. Gonna go see Dakota, do some antique and rummage shopping and maybe sit out and enjoy the weather! Y'all take care, have a great weekend and mull over my entry just above here.

John Masters

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97502: John Masters- That would be Ken Lynch for Msg 97499. Let me ask you. What are the things you type that look like Homer Simpson's hair? ^^^^ Howie Fice

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97503: Boo yer a sight. !..im here at work..hey Romeena,John,possum,horatio and all....baked chicken tonight !..sweet peas...Miss Martha and I had a good trip to Tenn just to hang out..checked out the Tenn river...good food...well let me get some things done here....im here all night...prayers...SPOT

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97504:
John Masters, Ken Lynch appeared in four TAGS episodes:
Andy's Investment as Mr. Rogers, head of the State Bureau of Investigation;
Jailbreak as Mr. Horton, a state police investigator;
The Manhunt, as Captain Barker of the state police; and,
A Black Day For Mayberry as an FBI agent.

from Poor Horatio

April 11, 2014 - Msg 97505: They cut back my hours at the Ticonderoga Pencil Co., so I thought I'd save a few pennies by buying some unlabled canned goods from Foley's Market for my supper. Not a good idea. I ended up with cans of wadded beef, creamed eel, potted meat, and cling peaches in heavy syrup. To make a long story short, I ate the peaches and threw out the rest. I'm hoping I still have a box or two of Froot-Loops or Trix in the cupboard 'cause I'm still hungry.

Curtis Phelps