April 12, 2014 - Msg 97506:
Quite a day on the porch...you are all great "noticers!" Welcome Curtis Phelps.
SPOT, so you did not stop at the JP's office in Cyler City?? ha
TOM--prayers, you bet.
Alan Melvin also played roles on Gomer Pyle USMC, and on the Dick Van Dyke show. He was a good character actor for sure.
Have a good evening all!

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97507:
All that talk about Fred Plummer, so I swept!
I also admit that I swept the dirt into the street! ha

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97508: Good sweep, MDC!

I remember meeting Alan Melvin in a dream. He looked like he did on Gomer Pyle USMC. He was a pretty nice guy... in my dream. Ah, I am sure he was in real life, too.
But it is weird the kind of people you meet in your dreams. I wasn't that big of a fan of the guy; just knew of him as that character actor. I am more of a fan of Jim Nabors, Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, etc. but look who shows up in my dream. Though after that, I became a bigger fan of his.

Good night, porchsters! Pleasant dreams. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97509: Spill the beans, Spotty!!!

possum under a rock

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97510: Hey Sterling- I like you dream story. I always hope that I will dream about certain people (not Alan Melvin-ha!) or places,but seldom do.

possum again

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97511: Sterling, Don't worry about having strange dreams, Mrs. G-F told me the other day she had a dream about a "Pot Roast"??....So I texted her a picture of a pot roast and put "SWEET DREAMS" on it! haha (I did make her a nice pot roast so her dream did come true!)...strange girl, but I guess at our age a dream about a roast is as good as it gets? (I didn't even put any onions in it for her Romeena) But I did put onion POWDER in it tho ;) I'm the cook, and a roast is suppose to have onions in it...and it didn't even kill her...haha

Bright SUNNY warm day forecast, so I'm off to the flea mkt. So have a GREAT DAY!!


April 12, 2014 - Msg 97512: Yea, SPOT, spill the beans...I'm kinda hungry for some good beans...G-F again....

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97513: Hello.
G-F why are you bying all the flea for(Mrs.G-F will not like all the flea running the house )
You right its going to be a warm day up in 70 and I for one we will hitt about for a day.


April 12, 2014 - Msg 97514: Good morning, porch! G-F, I wish I could tag along with you at a flea market. It's always fun to go with someone who knows their way around, isn't afraid to poke into grubby places in search of treasure, and who knows treasure when they see it. My beloveded wasn't a true flea-marketer, but he was always game to go with me. He described himself as the banker and the pack mule. He'd walk with me for a while, then would come across a bench, a tree stump, or even a (very) strong box, and would park himself there, as long as it was in the shade. Armed with an ear of roasted corn and a huge lemonade, he'd wait for me to circle back and deposit my purchases with him. I'd drop off my treasures, have a big drink of his lemonade, and head out again. He was a handy gadget, because mostly I was buying Fiestaware pottery, and folks, that stuff is heavy! Once, when I had bought way too much of it (it was cheap in those days) he bought a fairly decent old two-wheeler from a dealer for about $5, and used it to wheel those heavy dishes back to the car, a distance of at least a quarter-mile. He used that old dolly around the yard for several years.

G-F, are you familiar with the First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas? That's where we went most of the time. It's absolutely huge - sprawls all over hills and what used to be pastures. When we were going, in the 70s, it was rough, rural, informal and fun. Dirt lanes, vendors in the open air, sitting behind rickety tables, or selling off the back of a pickup, just very spontaneous and flea-markety. Now, they have paved the lanes, put up buildings, have a big front-entry gate, maps, all that stuff. We used to park in a cow pasture for $2, cross the highway and enter the grounds through a gap in the fence. I haven't been back since Dale passed, and probably won't ever go again. I don't like what I see on the websites (yes, they have websites!) so I won't make that trip again, most likely. It used to be fun. Now, I'm not so sure.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some grub. Maybe some peanut butter toast. As for dinner, I might just cook up a pot of beans. That sounds pretty good. A little pan of cornbread, and a big glass of tea - yep, that'll do it. Oh, by the way, G-F, good for you for sneaking the onion powder into that roast. I'll bet she liked it, too, and didn't even know why. Pot roast without onion is like, well, like a choir without a tenor, or a star without its glimmer! Dull, dull, dull! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97515: TOM is right GF, why do you want to buy fleas!? haha

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97516: TOM you realize what a pound of fleas go for these days? Man, I should have gotten more when the price was down. Guess I'll find a old mangy dog and raise my own!..haha

Romeena, Funny you should mention Canton Texas, yes I have heard of that town being it is a sister town of where I grew up and worked most of my life.. The "Ohio" branch of Canton has the Pro Football Hall of Fame and it is where President McKinley is from too. The flea mkt. I go to is about 15 miles north of Canton, it too started out as you described as a pasture & dirt lanes but now they moved it across the street and paved it all. Google it "Hartville Marketplace" it too is BIG!... The restaurant "Hartville Kitchen" is good eating too. Plus they just built a HUGE hardware store, yep you guessed it...Hartville Hardware...go figure! It is a popular destination for a lot of the "Senior" bus tours. You get to shop, eat, and buy yourself a hammer & nails all at one stop.. Yep, it's a fun day....

Oh, by they way... If (as Possum says in post #97509) SPOT spills the beans, you can use those for your supper ha! Put a lot of onions in with them too!


April 12, 2014 - Msg 97517: Boy, I would love to go to Canton trade days! Never been...quite a drive from home. Maybe someday. Bruce like flea markets more than I do, so I could probably talk him into it.

Been walking crooked today due to the old sciatic pain (just call me Gladys Kravitz). Not doing much today.

Hope you all are having a nice spring day.


April 12, 2014 - Msg 97518: Guess I won't be making beans for supper. I didn't have any bacon or other seasoning to put in them, so they'll have to wait until I get to the store. I didn't feel like dressing and going out today. I've got the makings of spaghetti, even have some frozen meatballs, so guess that will be supper. Not too shabby, I guess.

Boo, one of these days, you and Bruce could come up here the day before, and we could all go over to Canton the next day. I really don't know what to expect from the flea market these days, since I haven't been there in nearly twenty years. I simply can't believe my Dale has been gone almost 18 years. May 15 it will be 18 years. Doesn't seem possible, but he passed in 1996, so it must be true. Sometimes it seems like yesterday, and then other times it seems like a lifetime ago.

Things are getting very pretty out back. The irises have sent up a sea of buds, and some are opening. I'm seeing more yellow blooms than I would expect, which makes me think some of the hybrids are reverting back to original parentage. The big raised bed is full of petunias, blooming beautifully, and there are still a lot of tulips. I just love all the color at this time of year, and it's just getting started.

Well, guess I'd better go start the bisketti sauce. Why do kids have such trouble with "spaghetti"? Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97519: Just don't forget the "secret" ingredient Ro I can't tell, but it starts & ends with "O".....

April 12, 2014 - Msg 97520: Ahhh, You guessed it............OREO!...lol....

April 13, 2014 - Msg 97521: Gladys Kravitz? Isnt she in I Dream of Jeanne?


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97522: Gladys Kravitz is from Bewitched. She is a classic character. Did you guys and gals know that there were 380 episodes of My Three Sons? All over 12 seasons? I can't believe this. I think I should do some more research. Howie Fice

April 13, 2014 - Msg 97523: Asa... Just checking to see how your doing? Hang in there buddy!...
Suppose to be another beautiful day, that's *2* in a row whooohoo! How about you TOM, finally getting warm in WVA?..
How was the bisketti Ro? That secret ingredient sure makes it good...


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97524: Good Sabbath porch pals.

Hey GF, Thanks for the shoutout. And thank you all for the prayers for my neighbor and his family. It's been a tough time for them no doubt. But they are a family of deep faith and I know that will carry them through these difficult times. And your prayers are felt and appreciated.

I need to go back and read the archives. Sounds like there has been some interesting trivia discussed and something going on with Spot? Hmmm, this could be interesting.

Better get ready for preaching.

Prayers for all.


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97525: hello
G F we had two nice up in the 85.My siss did not
have the surgry friday because a little in there she will have it tues at 12 .


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97526: Good afternoon, porch! It's a beautiful, gorgeous, glorious day here in the Dallas area. The skies are gray and heavy, no sign of the sun, it rained last night, and it's going to do it again. Actually, a light drizzle is falling right now, but from the looks of that sky, we're about to get another good heavy rain. For us, right now, with the drought conditions we've been in, this rain makes the most beautiful day we can imagine! Thank you, Lord.

Tom, we'll be remembering Sara on Tuesday, and praying that all goes well with her shoulder surgery.

Now you boys leave Spot alone. If he's got a little thing blooming with Miss Martha, that's wonderful. Don't y'all go pickin' on him now, you hear?

Asa, it's good to see you back. Hang in there, my friend. You're very special to us.

I can't believe next Sunday is Easter! I've got to get hold of my carpet man and see if he can get the new carpet in sometime this week. He's been waiting for me to call, when I get the "stuff" sorted out and thinned down a little, but it doesn't look like I'm going to do it. I guess I'll just let him go on and install the carpet, and maybe I'll do the thinning out when I start trying to get it all back in the closets. I need one of my sensible daughters here to help me, because they're better at letting go than I am.

Well, guess I'll go eat the rest of the spaghetti. As usual I made too much. I don't think it's possible to make just a little bit of spaghetti. I always end up with a tubful. Oh well. It makes good leftovers. Fortunately, I love leftovers! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

April 13, 2014 - Msg 97527: Lots of discussion but no answers, Asa. :)

-Sterling Holobyte

April 13, 2014 - Msg 97528: ASA it back to the big houes or you


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97529:
I have to agree with Romeena about what she posted about SPOT in Msg 97526. SPOT has posted here even after the mention of a secret was posted, and he offered no details. There must be a reason. In fact, it might be possible that we are upsetting him with our teasing. As a result, I will not mention it any more.

from Poor Horatio

April 13, 2014 - Msg 97530: I know what you mean, Ro...Easter already! The children in our church did their easter play today, instead of next week, and it was really cute. So funny watching those little ones..nobody, and I mean nobody on that stage was still for 2 seconds. Really funny.

Good to see you, Asa, and I agree with Ro..you are very special to us.

Good to see each of you on the porch this fine sunday. The weather is great here in south texas. You are all having the same.


April 13, 2014 - Msg 97531: Boo, I think Thelma Lou & Hilda Mae need some new friends...http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20140411/BUSINESS/140419814 They say their fur is worth good $$ too....G-F

April 14, 2014 - Msg 97532:
To learn more about the advantages to selling Alpaca fur, visit http://www.alpaca.com/alpacafiber.cfm

from Poor Horatio

April 14, 2014 - Msg 97533: It wouldn't do for me to try to raise these animals. I'd spend most of my time just looking at them and laughing. Those two in that picture on that link are just hilarious. Dale had a secretary once that strongly resembled the red-haired one, and she was just about as bright as that alpaca appears to be. Sweet, funny and nice, but ditzy? Oh, my goodness! Dale, the weasel, told me to let her go because she made so many mistakes, and I refused. I told him she was his problem, he could do it. Guess what? He couldn't do it either, so we kept her and I put in a couple of hours every afternoon at the office, to proofread everything before it went out in the mail. About half had to be re-done. Oh well. Like I said, she was sweet, funny and nice.

Well, I feel better now. Toye Starr has been on the puny list all day. Refused to eat this morning, not even a taste. She's been very restless, wouldn't stay still more than a couple of minutes, then would get up and circle around and lie down again. Her little tummy was all tucked up, so I think she was having cramps. I tried to feed her some yogurt to soothe things a little, but she refused that too. Usually she loves it. She has moped and fidgeted all day. I was planning to call her vet in the morning, but tonight around eight, I put some fresh Beneful down for her and called her to the kitchen. She trudged in, looked at the food and turned away, but in a minute she came back, nibbled a bit, and finally ate it. It was just about two tablespoons. In a few minutes, she went to her kibble bowl and ate about a fourth of a cup of that, so I guess she's feeling better. Poor little thing, I just hate it when she's feeling bad. She's just so little, and helpless.

Well, guess I'd better hit the hay. Eloise made appointments for us to get pedicures tomorrow, and when I get back David will be here installing my new range hood. My old one finally died, even after Dave put the new motor in it a couple of months ago. He thinks the wiring is too old and maybe has broken inside the unit. It's about 25 years old, after all, so I guess it was time. I'm glad that motor was so cheap, since it's going out with the old unit.

Blessings, porch. Sweet dreams! --Romeena

April 14, 2014 - Msg 97534: Good morning, porch! Guess I'm the first one up this morning. I'm happy to report that Toye Starr is up and tootling around here like her old self this morning. What a relief! I just hate it when she's not feeling well. She's always such a merry little spirit, and when she's drooping, it just breaks my heart.

It is COLD here! 46°, of all things. Leaden skies, gusty winds, and cold! It's not supposed to get out of the 50s today, then gradually warming up through the week. I think that will probably be about all of our cold weather, finally. I hope so, anyway.

Well, gotta run. I just got out of the shower, sitting here with wet hair, and have to pick Eloise up in 45 minutes. I'm so glad my hair is "wash and go." A little mousse, comb into place (if the waves will behave) and by the time I get to Eloise's house it will be dry. When I think of the hours I used to spend sitting under one of those dryer-bonnet things, with everything from brush rollers to juice cans pinned in my hair - good grief! Then most of it fell out when I took chemo in 1979-80, and when it came back in it was wavy and behaves very well most of the time. Scared it, I guess!

OK, off I go. Gotta get my toesies prettied up. Blessings, all. --Romeena

April 14, 2014 - Msg 97535: Romeena, Sorry your little bundle of joy was under the weather, but I think I know what the problem was..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQhwNtY3N2k she snuck into you kitchen and had one of your meatballs. Atsa spicy meatball! ha
The smell was to much for her to resist is what I'm thinkin..

PH, I think you should change your handle to "WikkiRatio". Man, you are a wealth of knowledge, who'd of known alpaca fur was worth so much $$... Maybe Boo is missing out on a big cash crop here...I'm just sayin'....

TOM, Hope everything goes well for Sis tomorrow will keep her in our thoughts and for a speedy recovery...Guess what? They are talking SNOW flurries tomorrow...CRAZY! it got up to 79 yesterday but still in 60's now but front coming thru today, strong winds starting now....


April 14, 2014 - Msg 97536: Good morning, Porch

You'll forgive me if i dont catch up. I have a lot to get to today and feel like a car ran over me and backed up again. Hope you are all in good health and have a great day!

John Masters

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97537:
Happy Passover to any Jewish porchsters!
G-F---you made me LOL!! That was a classic.
I love those old commercials.
RO--glad Starr is better, musta been a touch of the pip.
Anyone see the "blood moon" tonight?
There is suppose to be something prophetic about
the next few. I'll do some research.
BOO- how's Sean's job these days?
and has Erin's attitude adjustment worked out?
Sunday we had "Jesus" ride in on thelma lou right in the courtyard of our church! It was a most interesting depiction! Brought that whole scene to life!
Asa- prayers continue.
God's blessings to all in this Holy Week,

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97538: Hello porch: That's it. I think I am done. I am going to tap out as they say. I am way too addicted to old time tv shows. It is 5 a.m. and on Antenna tv Hazel is on and in the opening of the show I could swear I seen our dog Blue and Spot in the convertible car they use in the opening. Howie Fice

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97539: It looks like they are filming colored scenes that are from the same set as Dennis the Menace's black and white scenes. Howie Fice

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97540: I just seen Clara Edwards Johnson on Hazel. Called "Hot Potato". I don't know what year. Howie Fice

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97541: Morning Folks! Rainy cold day on my end of the porch, MDC I don't think we will be able to see the "Blood Moon" tonight, too many clouds, clouds elusions I recall, But maybe I really don't know clouds aaat all!... But I've seen it from both sides now....win or lose...ha!

TOM, Thinking of you & Sis today hope all goes well..


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97542: Beat ya to it Poor Horatio...Ha!


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97543: Good morning porch family. I hope the day finds you all happy, healthy, and wise.

Thank you for the nice sentiments Romeena and Boo. And for all the prayers from everyone. The funeral for my neighbor is tomorrow. His wife seems to be holding up pretty good. I'm sure tonight's viewing and tomorrows service will be tough. But she will get through it I'm sure.

Prayers for your Sister today Tom. I think you said she was having surgery today.

Hey GF, I could sure use your a/c skills. Still trying to get everything ready for the season. I just installed a small split system in the guards office last week. A Mitsubishi unit. They seem to be pretty decent units.

Romeena, I am glad Toye Starr is feeling better. I know how hard it is to see them ailing.

Guess I better get. Lots to do.

Prayers for all.


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97544: Continued prayers for you and for your friend's family, Asa. So hard...Lord be with them and comfort them.

So glad Toye Starr is back to her chipper self..hope she stays that way and has no more tummy troubles.

It is pretty cool here this morning..in the 40's and you know I love it. I am not looking forward to summer.

MDC, Sean is hanging in there but the job is tough. One of the guys that works there is leaving, supposedly, and Sean is hoping they will give him the job of doing the inventory and care of the new lot, but he is their best detailer, so I think they might want him to stay where he is. I hope they will bless him by moving him up instead of hiring someone else. He has been a good employee. I hate for him to continue another summer doing what he does. It is so hot to be constantly working outside in the heat. Thanks for asking about him. :)

Well, St Susan and I have to go to an appointment with mom today to see the ortho surgeon (bright and early). Mom is leaving the rehab tomorrow and going home. We are all a little nervous about it because it is going to be tough. She never made it back to the level of functioning that she had before her fall so she will need more care and supervision. She will have home health for baths and some more PT, and we have a provider that comes in twice a week, but it is still going to be tough on my sister. I will help where I can, but she will have the biggest part of the responsibility and frankly, she has never been very tough. This might change that, though. You should have seen the way she was when mom needed something in the nursing home. I think the staff probably hated to see her coming. hehe

Better git goin'!


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97545: PS- I don't need no Alpacas, G-F! Mercy! All I need is another critter around here. ;)


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97546: Morning to all! a cool,windy rainy day here in Northeast Tennessee. Supposed to get down to 25 degrees tonight! a frost warning has been posted as well. guess this is our dogwood winter. when the dogwoods bloom it generally gets cold for a couple days then warms back to normal temps.

Things are kind of in a state of change at work right now. not sure what is going to take place but my business partner may retire within the next couple months which will leave me with some decisions to make. not certain what he will do at this point but it looks like he may wind his practice down. Praying that I will be able to make
the right decision for me.

anyway better get back to work.
lunch will be: chicken salad sandwiches, chips, pickles (not kerosene cucumbers). lemonade or tea to drink. oatmeal cookies for dessert.

Prayers and blessings all around!
Big Maude

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97547: Good morning, porch. I'm up bright and early this morning, because the men are coming to install the new carpet in the front bedrooms and hallway. Thank goodness! It has looked like Trash Heights around here, ever since the water invasion. Bare slab floors, tack strips waiting to stab unwary feet, stuff piled everywhere. I'm so glad to be getting this done, finally! Poor guys, none of the rooms are empty and clear, all the furniture is still in them, and stuff from the closets piled on the beds. The boss man tells me it won't be a problem. I hope not, but I'm sure the men would prefer empty rooms. Since there's no place to go with the furniture, and I couldn't move it anyway, it's all still there. I guess he knows what his men can do.

Asa, your neighbor's wife is riding a tide of adrenalin right now. People are around her, there is a lot of activity and things to be done. She knows he's gone, but in a way, she doesn't, really. The tough time will be after the funeral, in the days following, when everyone finally goes home, and she's alone. That's when reality sets in. I don't know if she's had family staying in the home with her, but she probably has. When Dale passed, and all my kids came home, they stayed here in the house. I had people sleeping everywhere. I insisted on my oldest son and his wife taking our room, and I slept in my big chair. I couldn't bear to try to sleep in our room.

Finally the day came when everyone left, and I had to try to get back to normal. I'll never forget the wave of despair and loneliness that came that first night. I absolutely could not sleep. Finally, I moved over onto his side of the bed. That way, it was my side that was empty, not his, and I finally got a little sleep.

So - just know that in the weeks to come, she is going to need your gentle, very gentle, support even more than she does now. Nothing big, just some food dropped off, or an invitation to a meal or a movie or whatever. Just understand if she refuses, because she probably will. It's not really the "going" that matters, it's just the expression of caring.

Well, the men are here, and things are flying out of those bedrooms like you wouldn't believe. Guess I'd better pen up Toye Starr before she gets squashed, and see if I can help. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97548: Remember today is the 15th....."PAY THE MAN!".....

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97549:
G-F, regarding the Joni Mitchell link you posted in Msg 95742, I thought that version was very somber and depressing to listen to. And speaking as a guitar musician, some of the chords she used sounded unusual.
I would have posted a more upbeat version such as http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7Xm30heHms
Sorry for upstaging you … again!

Boo, regarding Sean's situation at work, ask him to drop a few hints with his boss about the job opening. Ask the boss what are their plans for finding a replacement. Will they hire from outside or promote a hard worker from within? I would hate to see them hire or promote someone else because they did not know of Sean's interest.
Also, regarding your mother's transfer to home care, I hope it will be a safe experience for all of your. Allow me to relate an incident involving my own mother.
Although her doctor suggested that I put her in a nursing home, I informed him that as long as I was physically and mentally able, I will be her primary caregiver. So I began to plan.
Next to the bay window in the living room, I placed a small table with writing and reading material. Next to that was her lift chair. Next to that was her porta-potty. And next to that was her hospital bed. And next to that was another small table with the house telephone and her medications. Everything was within site of the remote controlled television. And attached to her walker, I had a plastic bag with a cordless telephone inside of it. And wrapped around the handle of her walker was a medic-alert pendant because she did not like wearing it around her neck. And the neighbor had our house key with permission to come over any time I was at work. I even notified our local ambulance supervisor about my mother’s situation and that if there was ever a call for help, they had our permission to break a window to gain entry. I thought I had thought of everything to keep her safe.
But then one evening while I was at work, she decided to take a walk to her bedroom without her walker. When it was time for me to leave work, I would always telephone to notify her that I was on my way. But this time, she did not answer. I phoned multiple times and the result was the same. I left work and drove as fast as I could safely do so. When I arrived home, I found her lying motionless on the floor in her bedroom. I knelt next to her and caressed her as I spoke to her through my tears. Then she shocked me when she opened her eyes. But she seemed to be in a stupor.
After the ambulance took her to the hospital, they discovered she had a broken arm. This incident made me consider taking a leave of absence from work so that I would never had to leave her side. But she passed away a few months later. So in spite of all my planning, I got the biggest scare of my life on that day.
So play it safe. If one person is home 24/7, that would help. Or you might consider wireless cameras that broadcast to your smartphone.
Good luck.

Speaking of strange weather, yesterday, it was 70 degrees here. And today, our lawns are completely covered with snow!

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97550:
Asa, I think Romeena explained it correctly in Msg 97547 about your neighbor's widow. Surprisingly, I was the same way. I could not understand why I did not grieve or even cry at my mother's wake. But a few days after she was buried, I would cry uncontrollably and began my daily visits to the cemetery. I even took the time to re-learn some prayers I had forgotten.

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97551: Hey, porch. I'm holed up in my office, door closed to keep Toye Starr from going up front and annoying the workmen.

PH, that's a sweet story about what you did for your mother. Obviously you loved her a great deal, and did your very best for her. You went to great pains to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for her. And still she fell.

As an old retired nurse, I have to put in a plug for my sisters (and brothers) who are still working. No matter how hard we try, what measures we take, patients still fall. When they do, families often get very upset and can't understand how we could "let that happen." Granted, in some facilities, the staff may be negligent. If they are, you will see signs of it - patient not turned often enough, allowed to remain soiled for a length of time, such as that. If that's not the case, and a patient falls anyway, please be aware that the staff is as upset as you are, and feels terrible about it. In addition, there will be reports and tons of paperwork to be done, documenting the event. Still, the fact is, in spite of the staff's best efforts, patients still manage to fall.

The one thing the staff can't control, is the impulse that pushes a patient to attempt to do something they shouldn't. The human spirit is such that sometimes we think we can still do something that we once did with ease, and find out the hard way that we can't. In your mom's mind and spirit, she really believed she could walk to her bedroom - a simple thing - but her weakened body betrayed her. It happens every day, and it's no one's fault, not even the patient's. They really believe they can do it, or maybe dementia prevents them from properly assessing their abilities. Either way, it's not their fault, nor is it yours, or a staffer's. It just happens.

Well, enough of that. It doesn't sound like you're beating yourself up over your mom's fall, and that's good. There was no way you could have prevented that, other than to sit beside her 24/7 and she wouldn't have liked that very much. Even someone in her condition likes to feel that they have a little privacy and independence.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97552:
Romeena, your wise explanation brought comfort to me. I want to add that I didn't want to make my mother a prisoner in her own home. So whenever I had some place to go (other than my job), I always asked her if she would like to come along. I'm glad she accepted most of the time.
Still, I wonder if I did enough or could have done something better.

from Poor Horatio

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97553: Poor Horatio, LoL I do like your version better, you being a trained listener in the business you're right, that's why I appreciate your knowledge and experience...As I do with all you folks here.... :)


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97554: Thank you, PH. There will be someone at home with mom most of the time. My husband and bro-in-law are working on getting a camera installed in mom's bedroom so that if Susan has to leave to the store or something, she can check in on her with her I-phone. I or another relative will come and stay there if my sister goes anywhere for more than an hour. My mom can't walk anymore, and she is in her right mind, so I don't think she will be falling, but you never know...the thing that concerns me is a fire, and her not being able to get out of the house.

We sat in the dr's office with her this morning for over 2 hours, just to hear a physician's assistance tell us everything was fine. Oh well.

PH, I will mention what you said to Sean, thanks. I agree that I would hate for him to lose the position because they might think he isn't interested. One thing I have found out about him is that he has found his voice in this job.

Good luck with the carpet, Ro.

Better go put the dishes in the dishwasher...


April 15, 2014 - Msg 97555: Whew! I need to sit and rock for a spell. The carpet men have finished and gone, and they did a very nice job. The seams are invisible and all is neat and secure. They replaced all the furniture and most of the small stuff, though some of it is just piled on a bed, which is where it was when they arrived! I've got a lot of sorting and culling out to do yet, but not today. Today I'm going to rest for an hour or so, then get dressed and be ready when "my" deacon comes to pick me up at 5:15. Actually, he's the husband of my SS teacher, but he's also a deacon. Since widows of deacons are still always invited to dinners and such, a deacon calls and issues the invitation, then picks the person up and escorts them. I usually sit with Pat and Robert at church dinners anyway, so this was a natural. It will be fun.

PH, don't go down that road - the "shoulda, coulda" road. You did your best, and I'm sure it was enough. Be proud, be content, and enjoy good memories.

Now, I want a nice shower, then get dressed and go eat some wonderful fried fish, then tomorrow is another day. After I teach my little English class in the morning, I'll have all afternoon to sort through "stuff." It's going to take days and days to get this done, so a little at a time, one day at a time - that's the ticket. --Romeena

April 15, 2014 - Msg 97556:
Howie...perhaps yer in the Twilight Zone, but it's all just an illusion because of too much witch Hazel, and Spot remover, and Dennis weaver and Clara are
married and going from color to black and white
and that stranger in town is from the supernatural... haha!! lol...do do do do do....

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97557:
This talk makes me think of my own mom, gone now for
6 years already. many here may remember her passing. I too had "delayed" tears, and I think RO is right, once all that adenaline calms down, then it all catches up with you. It was before
smart phones back then, and cameras werent as
sophisticated, but i sure would do that today.
I'm OK with dad's care, as the group home is wonderful,
one could eat off the floor of that place, and he's always
clean etc, which says a lot compared to some situations that i found with mom's nursing home.
Prayers and God's blessings on you all as we
approach these holy days!

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97558: Hey al.
Thank you for the prayer My siss is doing o k from the surgery and she will stay for two or three


April 16, 2014 - Msg 97559: Good morning porch.

Tom, glad your Sister is doing well. I hope she recovers fully and quickly.

Romeena, great advice on the delayed reaction. I also remember when my Mom passed away in 1978. Looking back I can now recognize that for a week I was kind of in a daze. But just as you experienced, when life got back to normal it hit me like a ton of bricks. Funny how that happens. I and many others will be there to help her through it. And she is a woman of deep faith and I know that will be her greatest support. Thank you and PH for sharing your experiences.

Prayers for your Mom Boo,and for you and your Sister. Not an easy thing you are dealing with. But you are doing so and good on you.

Well I best get. Gotta hit the grocery store before the funeral.

Prayers for all.


April 16, 2014 - Msg 97560: Good morning, porch. I slept so well last night, was actually in bed at 11:15 (very early for me) and slept very well until 7:30. Amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you. I was really tired.

I'm so glad the carpet is in, and they did such a nice job. Now, I face sorting out and putting away all the stuff, and I don't know when I'll do it. This morning I have my ESL class, then this afternoon am taking a friend to the doctor, which may take a little while. By tonight, I'm not going to want to tackle that pile. I guess I'll see what I can get done tomorrow, but honestly, it's just such a mountain of stuff, it's going to take several days.

Most of it is Christmas stuff, believe it or not. I had a lot, and then I ended up with many of my mom's things as well. My kids took some of it, like the ceramic Christmas village I had made for her over the years, but there was still a lot. The majority is my own, though - the accumulation of 56 years. My kids don't want it. Both girls' houses are small and they just don't have room. My oldest son and his wife took that village and a few things. David and Brittney have taken a little, but Brittney is like me - an enthusiastic decorator, and already has quite a collection of her own. However, even though they don't want it, they don't want me to trash it, and I don't have the heart to do that anyway. So, it's a problem. I'll figure it out though. If I was willing to put it in the attic, the problem would be solved, but the attic is the place stuff goes to die. The heat ruins anything you put up there. I learned years ago not to do that. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

Now I need to get dressed and get up to the church for the ESL class. I heard last night from another teacher that two of my ladies had told her how much they're enjoying my class! I was so thrilled. I'm a nurse, not a teacher, and had no idea even where to begin. I didn't know if they were bored, or not getting anything out of it or what, but they told the other teacher that they really enjoy it, so that made me very happy. All I can say is, they're easily pleased! I'm having a wonderful time myself, so am very glad they're enjoying it too. That definitely makes it worth the effort. --Romeena

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97561: Now Romeena since you got "New" carpet you can vacuum and get those vacuum lines in it, like mowing the grass lines. I had a MIL who was obsessed about having "straight" vacuum lines in her carpet after vacuuming. We like to kid her about it, and she took it in fun. I think it was a compelsion thing ha!

Thanks guys about sharing "Mon" stories, It was good to hear I was not along in the feeling that way... I miss her strength & wisdom. :(

TOM, Glad to hear you sister came thru the surgery ok, hope for smooth recovery as well.


April 16, 2014 - Msg 97562:
OH Big Maude, I keep forgetting to ask you, how
many miles is it from Tenn's north border to south border? seems like such a "skinny" state.

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97563: Hey GF. You didn't take me up on my offer for work. You must be taking this retirement business seriously. Well I don't blame you.

Just got back from the service. Went very well. Merlene is holding up exceptionally well. But she is surrounded with family right now, and most of them from out of State. But she has a very strong Church family around her and I know that will be a great blessing to her.

I'm sitting here, and decided I'm starving. I realized I have not eaten since lunchtime yesterday. So I better change that senerio. Good thing I went shopping this morning.

Big Maude, I pray you are lead to make the right choices concerning your job situation. I'm sure you will.

Prayers for all.


April 16, 2014 - Msg 97564: Good Wednesday porch, chilly today but sun is bright and beautiful.

Asa, thanks for the encouragement. not sure what is going to happen but keep those prayers going.

MDC: near as I can tell it is right about 450-455 miles to the south border... guess Tennessee is a little skinny compared to some.

have a blessed day.
Big Maude

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97565: Hi, porch. Speaking of the size and geography of states, there are some very interesting facts about Texas at this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geography_of_Texas

Got to run now, will be back later this evening. --Romeena

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97566:
I wonder how many Tennessees would fit in Texas? ha

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97567:
MDC, the average dimensions of the state of Tennessee can be confusing. And I believe Maude's answer is an example of this. That is because sources, such as http://www.dimensionsinfo.com/what-is-the-size-of-tennessee/ and http://www.netstate.com/states/geography/tn_geography.htm , list the dimensions as 440 miles in length and 120 miles in width. What makes this confusing is that we usually measure width horizontally from side to side. I suspect that is why Maude posted 450-455 miles as the distance between the north and south borders.
To avoid this confusion, looking at a map should make it obvious that the distance between the north and south borders is much less then the distance between the east and west borders. So although these sources list 120 miles as the width, it is actually the distance between the north and south borders. And technically, this does not make Tennessee a skinny state. It actually makes it a short and wide state.
Additional information follows. Because the shape of Tennessee resembles a parallelogram, visit http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/60794.html offers a very good explanation by a college math student (Dr. Math).
Finally, if there are no more questions, then class is dismissed.

from Poor Horatio

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97568:
MDC, Texas has a land area of 261,914 square miles. That converts to approximately 7,301,743,310,900 square feet. I estimate that the average human being occupies 3 square feet of land, excluding any personal space.
Therefore, you could fit 2,433,914,436,966 people into the state of Texas. And since the current population of Earth is estimated to be 7,046,000,000, there is enough space in Texas for the entire world with space left over!

from Poor Horatio

from Poor Horatio

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97569:
Excuse my hiccup in Msg 97568.

from Poor Horatio

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97570: Evening porch, on my way to the ironing board.

Poor Horatio, thanks for the geography lesson. I actually had no idea about the real answer to MDC's question. I was just guessing as to how far it might be from my northeastern tip to
Memphis, the end of the state near Arkansas. Not a real answer I know. guess that is why I am a therapist and not a geography or math teacher! Lol

Have a blessed night all
Big Msude

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97571: Guess I wasn't paying much attention in school pass Kelsey's woods....And that's why Asa & I went into maintenance work...How may pounds of refrigerant do you put in a 2 ton unit? Asa knows the answer. I know how may pounds of taters you can put into a 5 pound bag...haha

Hey Asa, How's about I take over your generator fuel runs, I'd kinda like seeing the scenery around your neck of the woods. Since I grew up around refuelin'... I'd be good man for the job. Don't worry, I'd check the tires and get the windshield too...


April 16, 2014 - Msg 97572: Good evening, porch. Finally got all my errands run, groceries put away, bit of dinner rustled up and eaten, and kitchen cleaned up. Somehow, I seem to be busier these days than I was when I was employed. I used to hear people say that, and never understood how it could be true, but I declare, I think it is.

PH, your education was indeed worth every penny. You say the entire population of the world could fit in the state of Texas? Well, I do believe they have set out to prove it. Everyone seems to be mighty anxious to come here, legally or not. Having lived here most of my life, I can't say I blame them. I lived in Missouri on two separate brief occasions, and just as soon as our commitment was completed, we skedaddled back to Texas, just as quick as we could. Nothing against Missouri, it's beautiful and we enjoyed our times there, but it wasn't Texas. I guess everyone feels that way about their home state. Dale was from Michigan, and that's another beautiful state. The trees are so different, and so pretty. To my surprise, I found that Michigan has one thing that's bigger than what we have in Texas. The mosquitoes! I never saw such mosquitoes. Those suckers are the size of 747s. One advantage to that - you've got a fighting chance at slapping them before they bite you, because you can feel the thump when they land! (hehehe)

Well, I think I'll turn in early, and try to get an early start in getting things organized and put away in the morning. I'm so glad the carpet is in and I can begin getting my house back in order. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

April 16, 2014 - Msg 97573:
G-F, as for how much refrigerant you can put in a 2 ton unit, I believe the general formula is between 2 and 4 pounds of refrigerant per ton. It also depends on the length of copper tubing between the condenser and the evaporator, as well as the size of the evaporator coil.
And as for how many pounds of taters you can put into a 5 pound bag, the answer is obviously 5 pounds.

from Poor Horatio

April 17, 2014 - Msg 97574:
PH--do you by any chance know a girl named Ginger, and another one named MaryAnn? ha Thanks for the info. I always wondered how the professor could make everything from radio batteries to a florescent Gilligan, but he couldnt make a glue to put the Minnow back together! lol.
RO--Minn. skitters are in that same size range!
When we'd go back on vacation to see all the rels,
those suckers would indeed do a six-point landing upon
us unexpecting Arizona kids. Ouch!
Prayers for all as we approach these great days of remembrance. I may be afk for a couple days.
God bless! Love ya,

April 17, 2014 - Msg 97575: Skeeters...I suppose that's why they have such large bats in those areas too....BATS! Oh MY!

Just wondering, if PH's calculations are correct, and you can fit all the people in the world into Texas does that leave any room for the Skeeters in the equation? Just Curious.....