May 18, 2014 - Msg 97903: Hey Gang...Possum any takers on yer home post on FB?..looks good and a great price..hey Romeena Aussie my 13 yr old cat will eat lima beans,okra,cabbage...just a nibble if you are on couch eating and she jumps up...but little green at a time she is ready...hey Asa,MDC,Tom,Boo,Gf...Happy birthday Beth !..sure a lot of porchsters that have drifted away...yall come back...well work for me so I will catch a sermon on the tube...oss the next 3 days...gona get yard work rain....they say..high of 90 by fri...ok..great Sunday to everyone and prayers for fire victims in sad..back in just a bit...SPOT

May 18, 2014 - Msg 97904: and away we GO!..SPOT

May 18, 2014 - Msg 97905: Hey Spotty! Thanks-I tried to keep the place in good shape over the years. I have a young just-married couple very interested in it,so hoping that will work out.
Did you check out the link I posted? It's a Mayberry Rap- funny!
Well, goodnight Spotty.. goodnight Mayberry!
possum under a rock

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97906: I saw that Mayberry Rap, Possum. Very funny! Thanks for posting it. And how about that cat, Tara, that chased off the dog that had attacked the little boy? No excuse for that dog's behavior, the kid was minding his own little business. The cat was flat serious, and came at that dog like a missile, knocking him flat. Very unusual for a cat to be that protective, but he was definitely protecting the child. May his tribe increase! Poor little kid ended up with stitches in his leg, but it would have been worse without the cat

They're not running my beloved Hyacinth "Boo-kay" on PBS anymore, and no one is running TAGS, either, at least not in this neck of the woods. Have they just completely lost their minds?

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. I haven't done a thing all day except empty and reload the dishwasher, which took about ten minutes. Don't know why I'm so tired. Maybe from thinking about going back to work! Hahaha! Seriously, that won't be bad, probably less than ten hours a week, but it will fill a financial gap for me, so I guess I'll do it, at least for a little while.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97907:
Good sweep SPOT, work, work, work! haha
Possum, that couple aint named Wakefield and Carter
are they?? ha If so, look out for buckshot!
And yes, very funny rap and i aint into rap!
RO--I too saw the cat video. That was pretty amazing loyalty from that little critter!
BOO--maybe you should start slow, like Ro, and
work only a few hours a week for a while.
I've done my share of caregiving, as you all know,
but I could never do it full time, meaning even 40 hours a week. If I go back to work ever, it will have to entail a LOT of sittin'!! lol
Jesus loves you!

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97908:
PS--Cal Chrome takes the Preakness!

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97909: I don't like rap either, MDC, but this one was pretty good! And no,not gonna put no Carters or Wakefields (or Pikes & Carps!) in my place! Hopefully will get some good tenants in there soon.

Oh,yeah,that cat meant business,Ro! He sure protected his little human pal,didn't he?

Well, got a few chores to do,so better get to them! Y'all have a good day,and remember to "act like somebody!"

possum under a rock

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97910: Good Morning porch! checking in from work. a busy day on tap for me.

Beth and I went to Sunday School and preaching yesterday and then for a quick lunch to Hardee's (it is right on the way home for us.) then spent the day being kinda lazy. I did go on my usual walk last evening. I have a walking partner that is actually one of Beth's friends Mom. We started walking at the local park about 3 weeks ago. We walk 5 miles which sounds like a lot but not really when we are talk all the way around the track. Makes me feel better and sleep better as well. we generally go about 5 nights a week.

not much else to report on my end of the porch. a nice spring morning here.

lunch menu will be: roast beef sandwhiches on sourdough bread, hashbrown casserole, SLAW. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97911: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, cool but sunny and very pretty. I love days like this.

I just watched a couple of YouTube videos of the Preakness race from Saturday. California Chrome has won two of the Triple Crown jewels now. Beautiful race, beautiful horse, and a very skillful ride by Victor Espinoza. I'm not a serious track follower, have actually never been to a real horse race, but I do love to watch the big races and study the performance of the great runners. There have been many, of course, but none will ever have the impact made by my favorite, Secretariat. Now that was a horse! Watching California Chrome just now, I have to say it - there's no comparison. He's a beautiful horse, and a fine runner obviously, but in the final stretch, he had a horse right on his tail, and he was working at it. Secretariat ran like his feet had wings, and he never seemed to be exerting much effort. He just floated along, and he had an "overdrive" that he could shift into when necessary. His run in the 1973 Belmont was unbelievable, and his record is unbroken. Every time I watch that run, I have the feeling that he could have given more, but didn't feel the need. At that point, 25 lengths ahead of the others, it would have just been sarcasm. So, I'm happy for California Chrome, and I hope he wins the Belmont to secure the Triple Crown, but there'll never be another Secretariat. Riding him must have been like riding a hurricane. When I get to heaven, maybe I'll be allowed to sit on his back, just once, just for a minute.

Meanwhile, back on earth, I guess I'll call my friend and see if she has a place for an old retired nurse who needs to make a few bucks now and then. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97912: Right, MDC..tht'a my plan; finish my vaccines, clinicals, go to work for home health and schedule as few hours as I want..yep, that's the plan for the love of MIKE!

Hope that works out well for you, Ro. Sounds like a good solution for you. I will tell you that since mom has home health again, some things have changed. There is no longer a nurses aid who comes out to help pts with baths, etc. The nurse comes and does her usual assessments, treatments, and does mom's bath, so might be a little more work involved than there used to be.

Well, I went to preachin' yesterday and because I had a meeting to attend at 1, I took Erin and her friend Caroline through the drive-through at taco bell to get them some lunch. While in the drive-through lane, there was a beautiful SUV in front of me. I happened to notice through the back window of the car, that there was a woman slapping the you-know-what out of a small child or baby. I immediately got out of my car and approached the passenger rear door of the SUV. The mom must have seen me coming and quickly opened the back door and got out. She looked worse than enraged and looked me square in the face. I told her I saw her hitting her child and she told me, "He hit his brother, so I was hitting him," and that it was none of my business how she treated her child. I remained calm but told her that it is my business if she us abusing her child. I managed to get a look at the child she was slapping and he looked to be about 6. It was horrible to witness because she wasn't spanking the child; she had her arm fully extended and pulled all the way back and was striking him in the face. While the woman was standing outside the car yelling, I could see her husband in the driver's side and he was looking me in the eye and smiling. It was the strangest thing, just chilling. Anyway, the crazed woman jumped into the passenger seat and slammed the door. I called the child abuse hotline and gave them the license number of the car and my description of the events. It was very creepy because they had obviously just come from church, were dressed well, and had the sticker of a local church on the back of their car. Yikes.

I understand how stressful it can get to be a parent. My daughter gives me fits, daily, but what I saw happening in that car wasn't an isolated event. I could tell by the reactions of all in the car, that it was nothing new. What man would sit and smile when his wife had just abused his little boy? I pray they get the help they need and that the boy is safe.

Better check the laundry.


May 19, 2014 - Msg 97913: Ooh, gosh, Boo, you were so brave to approach that car! People are crazy,and that lady could very well have come at you in a violent fashion. If she'd beat her child like that,who's to say she wouldn't have unleashed on you as well? I commend you for doing the right thing,though. I hope DSS investigates and they get some much needed help there.

Ro, Secretariat was trained right down the road from my hometown! I went to school with Lucien Laurin's nephews, Marcel & Jacques. I remember standing in the lunch line the day after the Triple Crown win and discussing Secretariat with Marcel. I never saw Secretariat race or anything, other than on tv,but I may have seen him on the training track and not known it. Oh,how I wish I knew then what I knew now! I could have probably had a hands on experience with that horse! Maybe! He was a masterpiece,that's for sure.

I did laundry too, Boo. Makes me think of Me-They-remember how he'd "sling" his dirty drawers for one of us to do on laundry day? Ha! I miss him on the Porch. Miss lots of folks who just drifted away from here. Wish they'd come back and "set a spell."

Well, y'all enjoy the rest of the day-love to all!

possum again

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97914: KNOW now, not knew now..I goofed!

possum once more

May 19, 2014 - Msg 97915: Wow, Boo. That took courage. I'm not sure I would have gotten out of my car, but I would have taken down the license number and reported what I saw. No excuse for that kind of behavior. So she said she was teaching her son not to hit his brother, by hitting him. Well, gee, that makes sense, doesn't it? I guess it does to her. And - the bumper sticker on her car just proves that some people really do "take the name" of the Lord in vain, in the deepest sense of the word.

Possum, how wonderful, that you knew Secretariat's "family." Oh my. What a horse he was. You said it perfectly - he was a masterpiece.

Boo, I think the services provided vary from one agency to another. The agency I'm involved with does have home health aides, and the nurses don't do personal care. Dressing changes, vital signs, blood draws, assessments, teaching, IV med administration, central line maintenance - things like that, but no baths or other personal care.

By the way, my CPR certification had expired, and the office told me to go online to renew it. I did. Cost me $25, took about fifteen minutes, and I printed my own card on my printer. I am now certified. Beats the socks off sitting in a hot classroom in the hospital basement for six hours, and crawling around on the floor with a mannequin, trying to make its chest rise with "rescue breaths", only to learn that the balloon in its chest had a hole in it and Superman couldn't have made the chest rise. Boy, things have changed!

Well, guess I'll go "set a spell" and watch a little TV. Been on the go all day, and I'm tired. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 20, 2014 - Msg 97916: Hello front porch: Have you guys checked out any Mayberry RFD videos? Goobers brother is a rocket scientist in a episode. It is still nice to see Emmett, Howard, Goober, and even Ralph. Luke Taft

May 20, 2014 - Msg 97917:
RO--here is something that you (and all) might enjoy!

BOO- that did take courage and a lot of Holy Spirit!! :) Sure hope that your CPS is better than ours. AZ is improving in that area, but now the VA here has been under fire for doing our vets a disservice. It
really frosts me to see such junk going on.
LUKE--I could never "get into" Mayberry RFD, sorry.
Maudie--wow, 5 miles is great! Tho I admit that
good conversation as you walk can "shorten" a walk, it's still 5 miles!!
god's blessings to all,

May 20, 2014 - Msg 97918: MDC, thank you for that link. Brought me to tears, just as watching the video of that Belmont Stakes race does. I just can't help it. The horse was a magnificent creature, perfection. I'm thankful that the jockey, Ron Turcotte, looked back at the clock, saw that they were in record-breaking time, and he heard the announcer call it a 25-length lead, so he just let the horse run, to finish with a 31-length lead. He just let him run right on into history. A magnificent animal, beautifully trained and skillfully ridden, a masterpiece.

Well, guess I'll head for bed, considering it's nearly 3 a.m. Wish I wasn't such a night owl. Blessings, folks. --Romeena

May 20, 2014 - Msg 97919: Well, concerning the abusive mom, the truth is that it appeared that she might be slapping a child in a carseat, so I was out of my car before I had any chance to think of fear, and Ro, I know you would have done the same if you had been there (any of you would). There isn't anyone here on this porch that would have given a second thought before stepping in if you saw a little one being beaten. There, I said it and I ain't takin' it back. :)

I'm glad to hear what you were saying about the home health, Ro. I guess I will try to find one that is less physically demanding on the RNs. Gosh, it has been so many years since I had to deal with a central line. I did some review during my refresher course, but will need more.

Been trying to straighten out some medical records for mom. Her medicare birthdate doesn't match up with the birthdate on all her other records so secondary insur@nce isn't paying her bills. Crazy mess...seems mom has been giving the wrong birthdate her whole life and I guess her original birth certificate has the right date, but she doesn't have one. I am having to try to get a copy of her birth certificate and change the birthdates on her medical records, insur@nce, etc. Pain in the royal neck. Better than paying thousands out of pocket, though, so has to get done. We had this problem in the past but the insur@nce and hospital took our word for it and just changed the birthdate...not any more. Things have changed. Time to get it straightened out now that she is 87 (or is it 88)? Guess we will find out when we get the birth certificate! ha


May 20, 2014 - Msg 97920:
For anyone who wonders what they could do if they witnesses a child being hit, just like in Boo's recent experience, I suggest you read
You have to be especially careful about personal confrontations today with so many people having access to, or are carrying concealed firearms. I know of an incident where three men were shot and killed coming to the aid of a lady who was being assaulted by a single man.

Boo, regarding your post about the legal mess with your mom's birthdate, I can sympathize with you. The sad part is that sometimes a birth certificate is insufficient because it lacks a photograph. So after you obtain a certified copy of your mom's birth certificate, consider applying for a photo state ID card by visiting

possum under a rock, although the singer of that rap song was surprisingly articulate, because of his rapid singing speed, I still could not comprehend many of the words. But thanks for posting it anyway.

Romeena, although I am not a horse racing fan, I knew very little about Secretariat. However, after doing internet research about his triple crown victories (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont), I understand why he is considered by some as the greatest in horse racing history. He set records in all three major events that still exist today, 41 years later.

SPOT, I agree with you about porchsters who have drifted away. If you click on the ARCHIVES link at the bottom of this page and look at years 2008 through 2013, it seems to indicate that there is a steady decline in the total number of yearly postings. And although there is one exception, the total amount for that year barely exceeds the previous year.

MDC, be sure to tell your dad that this veteran salutes him for his courageous combat service.
Also, isn't is shocking about the recent news concerning the number of veterans who have committed suicide while waiting for medical care at Veteran's Administration (VA) facitilies? Although I have read a few letters to the editor about veteran suicides waiting for treatment in the American Legion magazine, I did not realize how extensive this problem seems to be. And then to learn that VA management has received bonuses for falsifying reports about the wait times makes me upset.

Finally, although I was never a fan of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I have been enjoying videos that Jay Leno has posted over at YouTube. I particularly enjoy watching his "Best of the Tonight Show Headlines". They consist of people sending in newspaper stories and advertisements that have funny typing errors and double meaning grammar. Each video lasts just a few minutes. Watch them when you need a laugh. Check out his YouTube channel at and scroll down to "Best of the Tonight Show Headlines" to see what I mean.

from Poor Horatio

May 20, 2014 - Msg 97921: Thanks PH! Fortunately, my sister has recently gotten a photo ID Card for mom..whew! :)


May 20, 2014 - Msg 97922: Oh no. Mayberry RFD is a extension into the future of Mayberry. No harm done. Mayberry is awesome. Luke Taft

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97923: GOOD NEWS! PAPPABEAR IS ALIVE!!! :)
I got a letter from him today at long last!
He has been in and out of the hospital these past months,
and yup, he has had to move again, for, of all
things, to be closer to a VA hospital!
I will send his address to RO, and to some others
thru email or an FB message.
I think he would like getting some
get well cards.
Well, good night all,

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97924:
MDC, that is good news about Papabear. Your posting of finding a death certificate in his name got me worried. No wonder I could not find his obituary.

Welcome to Luke Taft. Tell us a little about yourself such as why you chose that posting name, what is your approximate location, and why you are here. Also, do you prefer Mayberry RFD to Andy Griffith?

from Poor Horatio

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97925: Heee's Baack! Had a good time at "Mayberry in the Midwest" for a first time event they did a good job. The concert by "Darling boy" Rodney Dillard & sister "Charlene Darling" was great! They do many events together, Charlene still sings those songs that'll make you cry.
Our Floyd and his gang of tribute artist did a great job of cuttin' up for the folks, (they did 4 shows). The guy who does Ernest T. Bass did a skit with him as "Elvis T. Bass" complete with jumpsuit, ET's vest, hat, and along with his bag of rocks. He had a good "Elvis" voice and went back and forth from Elvis to ET... Very Funny! (Did he do that skit at the Westminster event Possum?)
All in all it was a good time hanging out with the Mayberry folks there.

MDC, Good to hear PappaBear is ok, I met him once by chance at Mayberry Days, I sat next to him while we waited for the parade to start, we talked for awhile, if I recall he is from Indiana?

No sooner did I get home when Mrs. G-F said the clothes dryer broke down, it sounded worse than Gilley Walkers car...Pucka, Pucka, clunk, clunk! So I had to change into my "Emmett's Fix-It Shop" hat and tear into it. Now she runs Smoooth as a baby's behind, and all it cost me was $23.00!
Good thing she married a fix-it guy instead of one of the intellectual types..haha She didn't have to "Call the Man" cuz he was already here...


May 21, 2014 - Msg 97926: Here's a sample of one of the skits....

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97927: Here's our Floyd being interviewed for the event

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97928: Wonderful news regarding Pappabear!! Please send me his address, MDC.Thanks!

Glad you had a great time at the Mayberry in the Midwest event, G-F. Nope,didn't see the Elvis T.Bass skit. Bet that was a hoot! I did meet up with Ernest T. in the street,however and grabbed him by the shoulder & said I had to tell him something. I said " Now,you're not no account, Ernest T.,you're not no account.." He followed it up with "I'm just ignorant!" To that I said "I am too!" I'm pretty sure he thought I was a nut-

Guess I better get going around here. Y'all take care & Act Like Somebody,ya hear??

possum under a rock

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97929: Morning porch, passing by on my way to work.

glad to hear the good news about Pappa Bear. I would like to have his address as well.

Please say prayers for a family in my church. A long time church member who had been a blessing to
many over the years died yesterday. She had been in the hospital for heart valve repair and died about a week after her surgery. She was the children's choir director for many years at the church, played yhe organ and when needed filled in on the piano. She lead a women's music group and was loved by everyone in the church. I know this will be a challenging loss for her family as well as our church family. thanks!

Lunch menu will be: hot dogs with homemade chili.
SLAW, chips and banana pudding for dessert. tea and lemonade to drink!

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

May 21, 2014 - Msg 97930: Romeena, My faith in mankind is some what restored today. If you remember awhile back I posted about the McDonalds owner charging for a cup of water, and I voiced my opinion to the Mgr. Well, guess who I had a long talk with today? Yep the Owner! He said he had made a quick decision and it was not the correct one, so he implemented a compromise they now will give you one of the little child size cups for water. He also stated the biggest abusers of the drink stations were the adults! Go Figure, I thought it was the teenagers. He thanked me for my concern and I thanked him for the compromise.... (Now if only the boys in DC could learn to play nice and compromise about some things maybe we could get somewhere).
*Note*... I said: "Some things".. ;)


May 21, 2014 - Msg 97931: Good evening, porch. Such good news, to learn that Pappabear is still with us. MDC, don't forget to send me his address, so I can update our Christmas mailing list.

The main low-voltage transformer in my back yard has gone kaput, and I'm going to have to replace it. I realized it wasn't working a couple of weeks ago, when the lights it controls no longer came on at dusk. Then I saw drops of something black, which had dripped onto a surface below the transformer. Ted was here today, and just disconnected it. He said the black drippy spots were where wiring insulation inside the thing had melted. So, since I'm going to be replacing it anyway, I have a question for you electrical boys. What is the highest wattage (the biggest bear in the woods) that I can get in a transformer that steps line power down to low voltage? I'm tired of wanting to add a light, and having Ted tell me I can't put any more on it because the transformer is at the max. I know, I can start replacing some of the bulbs with LEDs, but they're expensive, and not yet available in all the kinds of bulbs my lights use. I think they're coming in wedge base and bi-pins now, but not much else. They will reduce the wattage load considerably, but I need the wattage room now. Besides, who knows what little goodies I'll run across that I want to use later on? The biggest transformer available at Lowe's is 900 watts, and I could max that out quickly. In fact, I think that's what the old one is. I have some 50-watt wall-washers down both sides of the house, and they eat up wattage allowances fast.

G-F, it usually pays to talk to the man in charge (or woman.) The key is in keeping your cool, never raising your voice above a conversational tone, and smile a lot. I'm quite sure you did all three, because you won. It's amazing what can be accomplished when you do that. Get mad and yell at somebody, and you'll lose every time.

Prayers for sure for your church friends, Maude, as they struggle with the loss of that special lady. Some people really leave a big hole in things when they pass on, don't they?

Possum, "Ernest T." would never think someone else was a nut, because he's too busy being one himself! On one of the cruises Eloise and I went on, Ernest T. (Phil Fox) was at our table in the dining room every night, and let me tell you, that boy is wild! He's got the energy of an electric Chihuahua, and constantly has something funny to say. He kept our group laughing all the time. He's also a very nice guy, has a sweet heart. Oh, in real life, he's an a/c guy. How about that?

Well, guess I'll think about turning in. I did a home health call on my own this morning, went well, I think. Then have been working around the house all afternoon, am a bit tired. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97932:
RO--I sent you Pappa's new address.
Would appreciate it if you could email it to everyone on the Christmas list. As I mentioned
above, he has been in and out of hospitals since around
Feb or so, so I know he'd like hearing from us.
MAUDie--prayers indeed for her family and you all
over the loss of such a good soul.
BOO--I saw Sean's dream car in FB. Yeah, like
THAT's gonna happen! ha
Possum--neat that you got to meet ET and the others. Charlene sure seems like a nice lady too.
Prayers for all that is happening around the world, flooding in Bosnia, etc.

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97933: Hey, porch. In order to respect the privacy of all concerned, I won't do a mass mailing of Pappabear's snail mail address. If you'd like to have it, just tell me here, or email me, and I'll send it to you. I think it would be great if we all sent him a card, letting him know we're happy he's doing well.

You know, I kind of miss the days when you didn't think twice about sharing someone's phone number or address. These days, you'd just better not do that! Not even an email address without permission. I think we've lost something. Innocence, maybe. --Romeena

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97934: Romeena, I would like to send a card to Papa Bear too so add me to the list. Funny description of Ernest T (Phil) except you forgot to add... The energy of a electric Chihuahua "Jacked up on Mountain Dew"!! haha... You gota see his Elvis T Bass skit it's a HOOT! I'll try to get it, Steve from my neck of the woods video taped it, maybe I can get it from him?


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97935: Morning all. Thanks for the APB MDC. Just busier than a cows tail in fly season.

Glad to hear Pappa Bear is sill with us. Blass his heart.

Good to have you back GF. Sounds like you hade a good time in Indiana.

Sorry for the loss of you friend Maudie. That is always hard to deal with.

Romeena, you can get a larger transformer at just about any electrical supply house. I'm guessing you are transforming from 120v. to 24v. Or maybe even 12v. I'm not sure what your low voltage lights are. But often times the industrial transformers have multiple taps for both the primary and secondary voltages. You just need to be sure you hook onto the right ones for your application. And if not already, I'd be sure to have an in-line fuse so that if you exceed your current capacity, you blow that instead of smoking a transformer. If you need more help, just holler. I'd be glad to walk you through it. But it's not very complicated.


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97936: Good morning, porch. G-F, I'd love to see Phil's Elvis T. Bass. I'm sure it's a riot. That boy is funny! He just seems to think funny. We really enjoyed sharing our table with him each night on that cruise, and he kept everyone at the table in stitches. That whole group of folks - all the tribute artists - are such nice people. Our own Floyd just IS "Floyd". His voice, his comments, the way he keeps fiddling with his tie - believe me, he's hilarious, and then he's just so nice, and fun to be with.

Well, I need to get moving. I have to go by a client's house and tie up some loose ends, and then go to the office for some more orientation/training on the charting system. It's a good one, not too complicated, very comprehensive, but lots of little tricks to learn. Once I'm "fluent" with it, it will be quick and easy.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97937: Oh, I'm sorry. Thanks, Asa. I think my transformers all step down to 12V. A lot of my lights are Malibu, though definitely not all. I think there's a GFI on the lines that feed them - is that what you mean? I'm not surprised at this transformer failing. It's at least ten years old. --Romeena

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97938: I prefer the expression, "an electric Chihuahua on crack". :)

Yep, MDC, those BMS's are too rich for our blood. Yesterday Sean took a beautiful one to town to have something fixed on it and on the way back, a dump truck that was ahead of him threw up some rocks and cracked the windshield in three places!

Let me know how you like the home health as you get more involved in it, Ro. I am especially interested in the charting system.


PS- very happy to hear that Pappabear is ok.

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97939: Very sorry about your loss, Maude...sending up a prayer for you and your church family.


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97940: oops...meant to type "BMW," not "BMS"


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97941: Good afternoon porch. hope all is well today.

I was 4 hours late to work this morning. My end of the porch has some really bad storms last night and our power went out before 4am. It was off until about 10:40 am. I was not able to take a shower or dry my hair etc. I would not want anyone to see me unless it was an emergency situation before I am put together. lol I look pretty scarey. I had taken my work schedule home with me and used my cell home to call the morning folks to cancel them and called to rescehdule once I came in at noon. I hate days like that. lots of outages and trees down on my end of the porch.

Thanks so much for the prayers for Mrs. Katye King. She was a blessing to so many. We will miss her. I figure she has probably already met our Rev. and they are forming a duo to sing in heaven.

RO: please send Pappa Bear's address to me as well. I will happily send him a card. I am looking forward to hearing about your home health experiences. I have thought about doing some home health work as well. Not sure if they have a need for LCSW's (licensed clinical social workers)or not. I am a provider in most commercial insur@nce plans and a medicare provider. not sure how that fits into home health these days.

supper menu will be: spaghetti with meat sauce or just regular sauce, salad, french toast with out without garlic. lemon cupcakes. tea or lemonade.

Better get to work.
Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97942: Maude, what a great idea that would be to have LCSW's who did home visits! I know my mom could certainly benefit from it...and there are so many that could. Sorry about your power outage..I know what you mean about not seeing folks until you have fixed up a bit. I am quite a sight, myself, first thing in the morning. I never go anywhere without a little makeup. My eyelashes are so thin and pale that it looks like I have bald eyes!

Well, got to get ready to go to Erin's school. She is in a drama class and they are performing a play they have been working on for months. I am anxious to see how she does. I always thought she had a flair for acting.

Don't know if I mentioned that Erin is doing just great in public school. She is finishing with A's and B's and passed her standardized testing. Best of all, she loves it and has made some nice friends. There are some problems with public school, and I won't whitewash them, but I have been amazed at how well Erin has adapted and seems to be making very good choices. She seems to love trying to do well...something I lacked as a child. I was the kid who made ok grades, but never tried hard at much of anything. That's not Erin. I guess she is more like her father..he was a big achiever in school and college...always the athletic star of the team. I cant even fathom what that was like, always being the last one picked on any team! :)

Better git!


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97943: Yeah, Ernest T./ Phil Fox is a live wire,that's for sure! Would've loved to have had more time to spend with him,and Floyd too. The guy who impersonated Colonel Harvey is a mess as well-he singled me out during his act and later ran into me in town & told me he "couldn't help it" and gave me a big hug! They all seem like a bunch of fun loving nice people.

Sorry for the loss of Mrs. King, Big Maude. My thoughts & prayers are with you & her loved ones.

Romeena,please send me Pappa Bear's address- thank you!

Yay for Erin! If they give her a certificate/diploma for those good grades,make sure she goes and slicks down first-ha! I know her "Mother Figure" must be so proud of her!

Well, gonna scoot- y'all take care!

possum under a rock

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97944:
Yes RO, I agree, if they ask for it here, then send it. Good idea. and Thanks.

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97945: Yes MDC, That's why Romeena is our "Mother Figure", she has the right ideas and the best advise for us here.... Just sayin'


May 22, 2014 - Msg 97946: Good evening, porch! Just came back in the house after doing some necessary pond maintenance. Acquired water-soaked jeans (dratted leaky hose nozzle), muddy feet,sweaty shirt and five mosquito bites. I hope those little finny ingrates appreciate what I did. The temps are staying up above 80 now, the water is warm, and the algae is proliferating. It clogs things, and my little brass fish, who spits water back into the pond to provide aeration, was just dribbling water down his chin, which then ran onto his belly and out beneath and behind him, out of the pond. Give him enough time doing that and he can lower the water level significantly! I back-flushed his lines, and he's now sending a stream out into the middle of the pond, like he should. I need to treat the water, but squadrons of skeeters were descending, so I left! I'll go out in the middle of the day tomorrow. Hotter than Hades, but the skeeters won't be bad, and I'll get that water treated. Will also unearth the big old umbrella from the garage and put it in place in one of the PVC-in-the-ground holders placed for it. The shade helps some. I have a young lady who comes on the first Monday of each month and does the heavy maintenance around the pond. I just can't do it anymore, not like I used to, but she won't be here until June 2, so I figured I'd better do something.

Those miserable hose nozzles. I'll bet I've bought a zillion of those things, and they always leak and spray you in the face, or send a stream all over your jeans, or something. Sometimes they leak around the threads, where they're attached to the hose, but this one is leaking from joints in the nozzle itself. It's trash. And I paid $10 for it! One of these days, I'm going to find a good one, and when I do, I'll buy four, to have some in reserve.

I got my new transformer, a 900 watt unit from Lowe's. Ted will install it in the next few days. I also bought two LED bulbs, which presumably will fit two of my existing light fixtures. They're meant to be used in a 50-watt fixture, and I have several. One bulb is a bi-pin, and the other is a wedge base. I've got both kinds. They use 2 watts of power, but produce the same lumens as a 50-watt incandescent bulb. At least, so they say. They're pricey little cusses, at 9.95 each, but they are supposed to last for 30,000 hours, vs about 300-400 hours for the other bulbs, which cost about $2 each. If true, that's a huge savings over the long haul. We shall see. I only bought one of each, just to test them.

Possum, that address is on the way. Did someone else ask me for it? Seems to me someone did, but I looked back on this page, and can't find it. Anyone who wants Pappabear's snail address, let me know and I'll email it to you, if I have your address, and I probably do.

Well, I'm off to the shower, to get the pond off of me. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97947: Thanks, Ro! Maude was the other person who asked for it. ( Msg 97941)

possum again

May 22, 2014 - Msg 97948: Romeena, You must have a Male brass fish in your pond, sounds like a "flow" problem to me. You know they have a Rx for that problem now... Also sounds like you better call that bat back on duty from his winter hiatus and get him busy!
As far as the bulb problem, is that the 2 watt kind that is the same as a 50 watt incandescent bulb that you can no longer buy anymore? Maybe ask MDC I'm sure he is stocked up on them...haha

Where has TOM been? Have not heard from him lately, everything ok buddy? How's your Sis doing?


May 23, 2014 - Msg 97949:
Maude and Boo, your postings about not wanting to meet people until you look decent reminds me of an extreme incident. I overheard a lady talking to another lady about an injury her young daughter received at home that required an emergency room visit. The mother complained that before they left the house, the daughter kept on nagging her mother to hurry up. The mother explained that she could not leave the house until she applied some makeup to improve her looks. After all, she explained, you never know who I might meet at the hospital. I was shocked to hear this mother more concerned about her looks than getting prompt treatment for her daughter's injury.

Romeena, G-F asked for Papa Bear's address in Msg 97934 and Big Maude asked in Msg 97929. I also would like the address.

from Poor Horatio

May 23, 2014 - Msg 97950: Good Friday morning porch. Three day weekend on tap and boy am I ready for it. Good to get away from work for a few days and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Romeena, please include me on the list. I meant to ask that in an earlier post but I guess I forgot. Also I think you're going to like the LED lights. Unlike the fluorescent lights, they seem to live up to their claims of long life. They burn extremely cool. And it is heat that eventually causes electrical failures. They are pricey though.

Hey GF,are you missing the spring rush of a/c preparations? My guess is not.

Good to see you Boo. Glad that Erin is doing so well in school. I know you had a lot of concerns about that. And I am glad Sean is doing so well with his work.

That was a terrible story you told us PH,about the vanity of that Mother. But I suppose it works both ways. Some of the stuff I see folks wearing out in public anymore is terrible also. Yikes!

Better get moving. Still have tons of work to do. That two week layoff when I threw my back out could not have come at a worse time.


May 23, 2014 - Msg 97951: Asa, Your guess of NOT would be correct! haha The only A/C unit I have to worry about now is mine, only 1 size of filter to worry about is a 16x25. I have not removed the cover from my unit yet, I'll wait until the tree blossoms from my oak and the whirly gig seeds from the maple are gone. It has not be to hot yet so I have time.

PH, Your story about the girl is sad... I agree with Asa about how people dress in public, the sad part is they THINK they look good.

Better run, todays project....Mulch the flower beds, it's a fun day..."I love the smell of mulch in the morning, smells like weed victory"......


May 23, 2014 - Msg 97952: Yea Papa bear..well hey all...let me get started here at wk...SPOT

May 23, 2014 - Msg 97953: Thanks, folks, for catching me up on who asked for Pappabear's address. Watch your emails, I'll send those when I leave the porch. Don't know why I overlooked so many, but at least I did know that I'd seen some!

I cannot imagine a woman taking time to pretty up before taking an injured child to the ER. Put on some clothes, don't leave anything showing, but get the kid to the ER! Nobody cares if the mother is wearing make up or not, they're looking at the child. Once when my dad fell at his retirement residence, I did take time to dress and put on some lipstick before going to the ER, but he was already on the way, in an ambulance. I knew we'd be there for several hours, and then either admit him or send him back to Twelve Oaks, but either way, he was already in good hands. I also knew his condition wasn't serious, because I had spoken to the nurse at Twelve Oaks. He had no broken bones, just a couple of scrapes and injured dignity. So I spent five minutes improving the landscape before I left. I also needed that time to settle down a little before I drove the car. Those 3 a.m. phone calls will rattle your nerves just a bit. But an injured child, needing attention? That's another story.

OK, the address is on the way to G-F, Asa, and PH. Anyone else?

Well, gotta run. Eddie is here, mowing and making the yard look pretty, and I've got about $15. That won't pay him, so guess I'd better go cash a check! I meant to do that yesterday, and forgot. He does such a nice job, pays attention to details, and when he's finished, the yard looks so nice. He's taken care of my yard for a very long time, about fourteen years, I think. I consider him a friend.

Blessings, all. --Romeena

May 23, 2014 - Msg 97954: Oh, and of course, I already sent it to Big Maude. Did I miss anyone? --Romeena

May 23, 2014 - Msg 97955: I love cell phones! David just called me, he was just east of Austin, heading for home. We talked for a long time, just rambling about nothing in particular, and when we hung up he was almost in Waco. I love conversations like that with my kids, and David does that a lot. Dale, Jr. often calls me late at night - he knows I'm a nightowl and will be up - and we talk for an hour or more. Actually, my boys call more than the girls. I love it! --Romeena

May 23, 2014 - Msg 97956: Yes, his phone is hands-free. He can even text hands-free, he has that voice thing on his phone. --Romeena

May 24, 2014 - Msg 97957: Thanks, Asa..glad to be here on the porch. :)

That is pretty crazy, PH (about the mom putting on make-up before taking her daughter to the ER).

Well, today was Erin's last day of school. She came out of school wearing a medal around her neck for A-B honor roll and when I asked her how many kids made A-B honor roll, she said 25 in the school of 6th, 7th and 8th grade (probably over 300 students)? That's pretty crazy...makes me wonder about the school. Seems like there should be many more. Don't you all think?...or maybe its just me. Maybe I over-analyze the school.

Better hit the hay. Bruce left the bedroom door open last night and my 20 lb cat jumped on me at 4:30am. I wasn't able to go back to sleep before I had to get up at 6:30. Makes for a long day and I promised Erin I would make pizza for dinner. I made the dough and everything. Mom-in-law came for dinner and behaved herself, so all-in-all, it was a good evening. (YAWN)...goodnight, Mayberry.



May 24, 2014 - Msg 97958:
RO--thanks for sending those emails out.
I sent him a letter today.
BOO--Is Sean now working at another dealership??
I guess I dont recall it being a Beamer place.
Spot- good to see you check in. Saw a photo of your
"toys" on FB...nice, real nice.
Tomorrow we get our new AC unit!!! yea!
Prayers for all, and remember that three cuts of pie is my high water mark. :)

May 24, 2014 - Msg 97959: Good morning, porch! Just have a minute, Heather and Edwin and Trip are on their way up here for the weekend, and I have errands to complete before they get here.

Boo, your "20 lb cat" jumped on you? What is he, a mountain lion? Must be at least a Maine Coon. That's a big cat! Does everyone else say "Yes sir" to him?

G-F, to answer your question about the bulbs - yes, they claim to pull only 2 watts, vs the 50 watts of the incandescents. However, the little low-voltage incandescent lights are still available. I guess the light police don't figure they do that much "harm." I haven't used any yet, don't know how I'm going to like them. I prefer the warmer light of incandescent, am not a fan of that icy/blue LED light, but we'll see. I do know, if I like them, I'll be replacing my incandescents only as they go out, after I use up my remaining reserves. Those LEDs are pricey! Actually, they're cheap if they really do burn for 30,000 hours as it says on the package, but I'll have to see that to believe it. Ha! That's a little over eight years. I wonder if I'll still be here when the first one burns out??

Hahaha! I just got one of those "lower your credit card rate" phone calls. Usually I just hang up, but decided to play along this time. He gave me the pitch about how I had been chosen because of my good payment history, and then asked me which of my credit cards carried the higher balance. I said "probably the Visa." That's the only card I have, but he didn't know that. Then "to confirm" he wanted the expiration date from the card. I made up a date. Then he asked me to confirm the card number!!! Yeah, like I'm going to give him that. I just said "I wish you could see me through this phone, because you would see that it does not say "idiot" across my forehead. If you think I'm going to give you, a total stranger, my credit card information, you must have just arrived from another planet." By now he's sputtering and almost yelling at me. I just hung up. I guess they do get the information from some people, otherwise they wouldn't be still calling people, but my mama didn't raise any fools, and he got nothing from me.

Hey, where is Tom? He hasn't been on the porch in a while. Tom, check in, please!

Well, better run. Got to go by the pharmacy and pick up meds, then to the store for groceries. Gotta shower and wash my hair first. I think I'm going to be busy. The kids should get in by around three, so I've got a little time. Blessings, all. --Romeena

May 24, 2014 - Msg 97960: Hey, porch. Tomsent me an email, says he's okay, just having a hard time with the weather. He says his sister is improving, can move some now. I'm sure we'll all be praying for his sister to get well, and for him to be able to adjust to the weather a bit better. --Romeena

May 24, 2014 - Msg 97961: To Poor Horatio: Do you know who Luke Taft is? Luke Taft

May 24, 2014 - Msg 97962: Happy Sat gang !..took a scooter ride this work all night now..hey Boo,MDC,Possum,Romeena,Tom?,asa,gf,Ph and all...ell get off at 6 in morning and snooz then Big cook out at the dog house..Miss Martha"s sons birthday...all kids and my mom and pop gona be all grass cut and all fields bush hogged...long hot day yesterday...ok..let me get logged in here..prayers !..SPOT