June 05, 2014 - Msg 98097: Big freeze is on. SPOT, good to see ya.
Dont work too hard, but we do appreciate the lights!
70th Anniversary of D-DAY tomorrow. For those on FB,
I posted my dad's recollection of the day. He was 26, and his two gunners were 16 (lied about his age) and 18!!
Those men, and the whole concerted effort, changed the course of history that day! Hitler was on a roll, even on the Russian front, but the invasion was too much for him to handle. Outside of the 1776 revolution, I think 1944 has been the toughest in US history!

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98098: Hahaha! Thanks, Floyd. Folks, the middle two erasures were mine, and I asked Floyd to remove them along with the first one, which I had seen. The fourth one was evidently a response to mine, which isn't surprising. I'm sorry, I know we're not supposed to engage these drive-by pestilences, but I couldn't resist. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. Anyway, to quote the Fun Girls, "Who cares? They're gone!"

Again, thanks, Floyd. --Romeena

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98099: Thank you all for your kind and wise words, and for sharing your experiences.

It's now about 4am. Mom went home to heaven at 12:30am tonight. She simply stopped breathing and passed peacefully with her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren at her bedside comforting her. The Lord has been good to us. Mom is free from her pain and suffering. We are ok because now she is ok. Thank you for your prayers. I had so much peace today and had come to acceptance and was able to do for Mom what she needed me to do today. Love you all.


June 06, 2014 - Msg 98100: I'm so sorry Boo, for your loss. But I also rejoice with you in her graduation. At least that is how I see it. She is now home and reunited with so many others. I am so happy you have the peace of spirit about this that you are experiencing. I think that is indeed the Holy Comforter sent to you. I know the coming days, weeks, months, and even years will be hard for you. But you will keep on going. Your Mom would want that. You have my prayers Boo, and the prayers of us all.


June 06, 2014 - Msg 98101:
Boo, I'm glad to learn the end came peacefully for your mother and what appears to have been with a minimum of discomfort, exactly how I requested in my prayers. And I'm glad to hear generations of family were present. She now can rest in peace.

from Poor Horatio

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98102: Boo, I too am sorry for your loss, I think Asa & PH said it well. Know that there is joy in the morning knowing she walks with Jesus today....


June 06, 2014 - Msg 98103: Boo- My heart goes out to you, sweet friend. I'm sorry for the loss of your mom. I'm glad she passed peacefully and with her loved ones surrounding her. You have done well,daughter, in caring for your beloved mom. God bless you & the family. I love you.

possum under a rock

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98104: Good morning, porch. A special good morning to you and your family, Boo. Everyone has said it so well - there is no need for grief. Remember what Paul said in I Thes. 4:12 - "But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope." Hope. That's the key word here. Yes, there will be grief, but it will not be that heavy, painful, pitiful, hopeless grief that comes to those who do not have the Lord.

On the night my father passed, I don't recall shedding a tear. He had prayed for release, and when it came, I could only rejoice on his behalf. I cried later, because I missed him, but in that moment when he "graduated", as Asa, put it so beautifully, I could only be grateful. Well done, my friend. You and your sister have behaved admirably, and I know your mom is so proud now, and so happy. Joy does, indeed, come in the morning.

Blessings. --Romeena

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98105: Thank you, friends. You are all so precious to me...would love to respond to each of your comments but just too tired to today. I will say that, Ro, I know exactly what you are talking about. Yesterday was peaceful and when Mom was leaving, I had my fingers on her neck and could feel her sweet heart doing what hearts do at the end. I remember the feeling of joyful anticipation as it stopped beating and I felt her leave. I had a smile on my face and I can honestly say I felt joy. That's just how love is, I guess...always yearning for the best for the loved one. I didn't even shed a tear when it happened. After I was alone with her, I reached my arms under her frail body and held her as close to me as I could..I could finally do that without hurting her...I just held her and cried on her shoulder like I used to when I was little, and then I was finished and all was well. Even in death, Mama's body comforted me for one last time. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you all for your prayers...


June 06, 2014 - Msg 98106: Back at work...more storms headed our way...update soon...SPOT

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98107: Beautifully done, and beautifully told, Boo. May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, be with you and those you love, now and in the days to come. --Romeena

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98108: Boo you and one more porchster have been the greatest to me on here in the yrs past...prayers My true Friend...SPOT

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98109:
Boo, when my parents passed away, there is a particular passage in the Bible that brought me comfort. I offer it to you in your time of need.
Before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he spoke to Martha, the sister of Lazarus.
"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." John 11:25 & 11:26 King James Version

from Poor Horatio

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98110:
Amen to all the wonderful sentiments here. BOO, I also offer my deepest sympathies. I am glad that family was with her, and that the Lord took her quickly. God bless you and yours during this time.
The picture that you posted of her is so beautiful!

June 06, 2014 - Msg 98111: Boo, I am sorry to learn of your Mom's passing. I have been away from the porch today and just checked in. My prayers for you and your family. Please know that we are all here for you.

Big Maude

June 07, 2014 - Msg 98112: I am getting ready to go to bed for a good sleep, I hope. I need it so badly, but I wanted to stop in for a minute to thank all of you again. I am having a hard time finding the words to express how I really feel about my porch friends...what a loving support system you are. Thank you for helping me when I really needed my friends.

SPOT, you are important to me and I will always be your true friend. Thank you. :)

PH..wanted to tell you that on the day Mom had her stroke, that morning before I got her up, I grabbed my little devotional book and said a brief prayer to the Lord that he would show me what I needed to read that morning. I opened the book and my eyes fell on the verse you shared. I read it, closed the book, and went about my day, unaware that I would go over that verse over and over during the next few days, as I helped mom finish up her last days. Thank you for sharing it here. I needed to read it again.

Thank you MDC..mom was beautiful and very humble..she never thought she was very pretty for some reason.

Thank you Maude, I know you are all here for me, and WHAT a BLESSING that is. :)



June 07, 2014 - Msg 98113: Boo, Couldn't help but to think REV was there waiting for your Mom, "Howdy Ma'am let me show you around"...That's my pew..(one of REV's songs). Yep, that's what I'm thinkin'.....


June 07, 2014 - Msg 98114: Oh, G-F. What a lovely thought! It wouldn't surprise me one bit. I realize that we actually have no idea at all of what heaven will be like, but until we get there, and experience the reality of it, I find great delight in visualizing my own ideas of it. I picture reunions with loved ones, just sitting and talking and laughing about our times together on earth. Other times, I'm on the back of the horse from my teen years, and he's no longer a rough-gaited mustang, he's a glorious creature, Secretariat on steroids, and we race along a beautiful beach, free as the wind. I guess we all have our dreams of heaven, and it amazes me to think that no matter what we envision, it's going to be absolutely nothing, compared to the reality, which is completely beyond our imagination.

Boo, get plenty of rest. Eat well. Drink a lot of liquids, and get a little exercise as well. Find time to sit down and just let your mind and heart dwell on your mom, and the good times you had with her. Engrave those memories deeply now, and don't hesitate to talk about her. Talking about her will keep her alive in your heart.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 07, 2014 - Msg 98115: Boo, Here is one of my favorite songs by Rhonda Vincent, I hope you find some comfort in it. It's called "Homecoming".....


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98116: Beautiful song, G-F. Thank you for sharing it!

Ro, I don't know if I ever shared this, but one time when Bruce and I were driving Sean to Houston to see a specialist there, I was looking out the window and just thinking about heaven...picturing what heaven would be to me and I imagined a farmhouse with a big front porch. It was night and I could see the big windows illuminated on the front of the house. I could see loved ones who had gone on to heaven and they were inside the house waiting for me to come in. As I made my way to the house, here came my favorite childhood dog and cat to greet me. It was such a comforting thought. Well, later while we were waiting to see the doc, I picked up a magazine and flipped it open...I was shocked because my eyes landed on a full page add with a picture of the house I had imagined. I tore it out, took it home and kept it in my keepsake box for year...I've since lost it, but I never forgot about it. Maybe that is what Jesus is preparing for me. We'll see. :)

Thank you for the advice. Today was a good day. I had a leisurely morning and then went out to lunch in Rockport with Sean and one of his friends. They made me laugh so it was very "ther-a-petic"... Later in the day, I went and picked up Susan and we took a long drive and talked, then when I got home we all drove to Rockport to the little beach that is there...it was at about 7-thirty so Bruce and I sat on the beach watching the sunset, feeling the gentle breezes and talking. It was so good to do that.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98117:
BOO--so glad you could get out like that knowing that your mom is now safe in her new home.
Hope you find comfort and are doing OK. Prayers continue.
I watched the Belmont Stakes race today, and it is amazing
to see those beautiful animals run like the wind.
Too bad Cal Chrome didnt win tho.
GF--I like that song too. In fact my dad picked it out for his own funeral's opening song!
We have worked out all the songs and readings that he wants about two years ago. HE wanted to do it,
so we said sure.
Only 105 here today, but 110 on slate for Sunday.

June 08, 2014 - Msg 98118: Good Sabbath porch family. I pray you are all well.

I am glad you had a good day yesterday Boo. And found some time to smile and laugh. I know you have a void right now, but also know that you have a peace in knowing that your Mom is ok and at peace. It's a great blessing having faith in the Master and in His great plan. I am so happy that you have nurtured that faith to a point that it can now carry you through the rough patch you are currently experiencing. Prayers continue dear.

110 MDC? Mercy sakes, you folks take summertime right serious, don't you? I think we have seen the low 90's twice so far. We are supposed to be in the 70's today. But in the 90's next week. We have really had a wonderful spring this year. One of the joys of living here is that we usually get to experience all four seasons. I enjoy all four although I wish the winter months weren't so long and so harsh. Now if they were all like last winter, it wouldn't be so bad. Boy, listen to me. Here it is early June and I am already boo hooing about winter.Ain't I a sight?

Well I best get ready for preaching. Romeena, are you going today? I hope you are feeling better and are able to go.

Prayers for all.


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98119: Romeena, The weatherman says you are going to have some bad storms today, hopefully you'll only get the rain to keep your pond full. Storms my way today too....

MDC 110? Hopefully your new A/C will keep your beans cool!

Asa, I guess if you worked out MDC's way you would be busier than a one toothed man in a corn-in-the cob eating contest...

SPOT, You get thru your storms ok? Just checking, my Goobtracker Dopler Radar....


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98120: Thank you for your kind words and prayers, MDC and Asa. I appreciate it more than you know.

Well, I am now ready to share a funny story with you..it happened on our worst day with mom this week. It was the day when I was the most afraid and the reality of the situation was really hitting me and I guess the Lord knew I needed a chuckle. I have told stories about my cooky little mother-in-law and how difficult she is sometimes. Bruce and I decided that he would go tell her about mom, bring her to the house that morning to say her goodbyes, and then get her out of here fairly quickly. Now, I don't want to sound cold, but she has a way of making a difficult situation much more difficult, because of her self-centerdness and need for attention. After she got here and saw mom, expressed her sympathy for me, she walked into the living room and immediately began asking Bruce about what cable company she should be using or something...not a lot of sensitivity there...she just seems to lack a sense of propriety. So, Bruce took her and dropped her off at the senior center where she eats lunch and plays bingo or cards with the elderly folks there. About 2 hours later, I got a phone call from her saying, "Julie, you need to tell Bruce to come over right away. Something happened and it's urgent". I asked if she was ok, and she said she was so I gave bruce the message and off he went. My sister asked me if I thought something was really wrong and I said, "She probably just got into another conflict with someone" (which is happening more and more, and she expects Bruce to put out the fires for her). After awhile, Bruce returned and told us that she told him that she had been assaulted at the senior center. It turns out that she was offended because they didn't want to include her in a card game because she couldn't hear well enough to play that particular game. She always has a chip on her shoulder, anyway, but she was so angry she went to the director of the center demanding that he make them let her play, He told her that he couldn't make them play with her and so she went to the group gathered around the table, got in each of their faces, demanding answers and being ugly. Well, there is one old lady there that is younger than her, and big. She had enough and stood up to stop MIL from what she was doing and MIL started to in on her. The woman grabbed MIL by the shoulders and started shaking the tar out of her. After that, someone drove her home and she called me. She told Bruce that she wanted him to take her to the police to make an assault complaint and he told her, "Mom, do you really want to file a complaint because some old woman shook you at the senior center?!"....Boy, that did it...I had to crack up. My MIL has a big loose screw and is often in trouble because of her treatment of others, which isn't funny, but it sure gave me a laugh when I needed it on that day!


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98121: Where is everyone today...hopefully taking it easy.

Hate to be such a chatterbox, but wanted to tell you that I had a couple of long talks with my mom's only living sibling. Her name is Linda and she is 70 and lives in Michigan. I have always been close to her but haven't seen her since Sean was about 4 and she is not in great health and cant afford to come down. I decided it is time to go for a visit and spend some time with her while it is still possible. She knows so many things about my relatives and even about my mom..things I didn't know. I cant wait to spend some time just sitting and talking with her. So..we are planning to take a long road trip and drive up to Howell, Michigan, probably the first week in August. We are way overdue for a family vacation and this will be a great way to be with the family and see my relatives in the North. I cant wait to show my kids where my grandparents lived and where I spend the best times of my childhood the summers I spend there. It is something that is making this time easy for me, to have something so wonderful to look forward to.

Howell is a neat little town, surrounded by country...really pretty.


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98122: typos!...meant "spent", and "easier," not "easy"


June 08, 2014 - Msg 98123: Good evening, porch. Boo, that story about your MIL is hilarious. She's lucky she didn't get in a tussle with the old fellow who stabbed my dad in the hand with a table knife. Daddy had left a piece of candy at each person's place at the dining table. He noticed that the other man's candy was hidden beneath the edge of his plate, so he reached to move it where the man could see it. The man grabbed a knife and stabbed his hand. Seems he had hidden the candy there so no one would get it! (His Alzheimer's was even worse than my dad's.) The cut could have used a stitch or two, but we closed it with steristrips in the ER and he was OK. The other man was transferred to a different facility. So - warn MIL. Know whom you're confronting - they might just be meaner than you are!

So glad you're planning that trip. Sounds like just what your family needs - a good break, and some time away. Where is Howell - what part of Michigan? That's where Dale's family is, mostly around Kalamazoo.

Yes, Asa, I made it to preaching, and am so glad I did. Our pastor was really wound up today, and preached a wonderful sermon. Of course, he always does. Seems he's just becoming bolder all the time. About time somebody did!

Next week should be interesting. Our Vacation Bible School will be every morning, Monday through Thursday. I haven't worked in VBS for years, but have volunteered this year. What was I thinking!!

Dale's great-nephew was drafted by the Chicago White Sox a couple of days ago. He's the one that refused a draft offer from the Rangers three years ago, and took his fully-paid scholarship to OSU instead. He's finished his junior year now, and the White Sox drafted him this year, so he took it. I'm sure he'll be on a farm team for a few years, but at least he's now in the hopper. He'd still like to play for the Rangers, or Seattle, but he's happy with Chicago too. Depending on where he ends up, on which farm team, he may be closer to his parents, who are in Michigan. His name is Zach Fish, and he'll pop right up on a Google search.

Well, guess I'll go find something to eat. Not very hungry, maybe just some soup. I like soup. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

June 08, 2014 - Msg 98124: Me again. Here's a link to Zach:



June 08, 2014 - Msg 98125: Just for the record, he's not only a darn good baseball player, he's a very nice young man. Polite, pleasant, funny, good to the little ball players (David's boys) and all-round nice guy. --Romeena

June 08, 2014 - Msg 98126: MESSAGE REMOVED

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98127:

Well after three weeks in the service shop, my vehicle has finally been repaired. The cost? More than half of what I paid for the entire used vehicle. Yikes! Then after one week of road testing, it was a long drive back to Canada (approximately 500 miles).

Boo, during my drive, I passed near Howell.

Romeena, during my drive, I passed through Kalamazoo. Also, Howell is in the south eastern portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan, about 50 miles northwest of Detroit.
Congratulations to Zach on the start of his professional baseball career. Unfortunately, that brought back an unpleasant memory for me. As a young kid, I had my path to a professional baseball career all laid out. From little league, to high school or American Legion baseball, to college baseball, to a professional minor league farm team, and finally, the professional Major League. I even used to practice signing autographs that I would be asked for after I joined the Major League.
My love for baseball began by watching games on television and playing baseball with the neighborhood kids. Then I moved on to organized baseball by joining the local Little League. It was composed of a minor division for younger age boys, and a major division for older boys. I was over joyed when I made one of the minor teams and actually played in games. But the next year, my advanced age required that I apply for a major team with the older boys. Even though more kids had applied than they had spots to fill, everyone was assigned to a team so they could be tested and evaluated during the one month of pre-season practice. Then just before the regular games began, I was one of a few boys who were cut from the team. My heart was broken and my dream to play professionally had vanished. Although the little league field was only a block away from my home, I still remember how crushed I felt making that long walk home and having to explain to my parents that I didn't even had the necessary talent to play little league baseball. I basically lost interest in baseball because my self-esteem was severely damaged. As a result, I finally realized that although I always got to play baseball with the neighborhood kids, I was always one of the last boys to be picked when they chose sides before each game. The only time I did play baseball later in life was with my nephews to train them as they were growing up. I am proud to say that one of my nephews played on his high school baseball team that won a state championship. Did I help? I can't prove that I did, but I like to think I had some kind of positive affect.

from Poor Horatio

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98128: Good evening, porch. I didn't get to watch the Belmont Stakes race yesterday because of Landry's baseball game, but I recorded it and watched it tonight. Of course I already knew that California Chrome didn't get the Triple Crown, but I still wanted to see the race. It's a shame he lost, he's really a good horse, but I think his owner is right, he was tired, running a third race in just five weeks, and a mile and a half at that. I thought it was too bad that his owner said some of the things he said, because at that moment it sounded like sour grapes, but I do agree with what he said. I think the rules should be rewritten so that if a horse isn't entered in both the Derby and the Preakness, then he's not eligible for the Belmont. This has happened a lot - they hold them out of one or both of the other big races, then they hit the Belmont all fresh and full of energy, and take the win from what may well be a better horse. The Belmont is definitely a gut-race, and it's a shame that a good horse like California Chrome was beaten. You could tell he just ran out of steam in that last quarter mile. I can well understand his owner's disappointment and even anger, but I do wish he had chosen softer words at the time, and then work behind the scenes to get things changed for the future. That horse can't enter the Triple Crown again, but he'll be throwing good colts for the next few years.

You know, I was just thinking. Back in 1973, Secretariat not only won all three races, he set track records that are still unbroken in all three races. He ran the 1 1/2 mile Belmont track in 2:24. If Chrome's owner's complaint is valid, and I believe it is, I can't help but wonder what Secretariat's time would have been in that third race if he hadn't run in the Derby and the Preakness beforehand. He sure didn't seem to be tired, because he was 31 lengths ahead and still widening the lead when he crossed the finish line. Of course, that was Secretariat. Comparing him to other horses is like comparing apples to oranges. They just aren't the same thing. That horse didn't just run, he flew. Still gives me shivers every time I watch one of his films. Absolutely beautiful, one of God's most perfect creatures.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Got to be up early to go help corral a couple of hundred little part-time angels in the morning. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98129: Aww, PH, that must have been tough. I'm sure it's a situation that plays out quite often. Sometimes it's just timing. Kids develop at uneven rates, especially boys. My youngest son's birthday fell at a time that allowed us to choose whether we wanted to put him in kindergarten, or first grade, and we put him in kindergarten. That ultimately him almost a year older than the other kids in his class all the way through school. It's a good thing we did it, because he was a late bloomer. He was quite tall - he's 6'5" now - but he was so uncoordinated he could trip over a shadow. He loved basketball, and could shoot the ball pretty well, but he had NO moves on the floor. Freshman year, bench nearly the whole time. Sophomore, still lots of bench time. Junior year - better, but not great. That would have been his senior year if we hadn't held him back. Then in his real senior year - it all came together and he played very, very well. He loved it, just reveled in it!

For you, it might have been that in even a few months you might have tried again and been surprised at how much better you would have done.

Another thing that complicates it, a kid can be good now and terrible in six months, then get good again. Growth spurts happen, the muscles are stretched tightly along fast-growing bones and the nerves driving those muscles have grown but the myelin sheath on those nerves is incomplete, so their signals aren't consistent. Once it all settles in and comes together, a big gawky kid suddenly develops grace and coordination and it's beautiful to see. Girls experience some of this, but it's more pronounced in boys, because they generally have more dramatic growth spurts, and they do it a bit later than girls. Girls grow, they're just more sneaky about it, I guess.

I'm sorry you didn't get to realize your dream. My son didn't either. He had dreamed of playing pro basketball, but that one senior year just wasn't enough to attract anyone's attention, not even a college. I'm just grateful he's not trying to live his sports dream through his boys. He's supporting and encouraging their baseball activities and some of it is expensive, being select ball rather than Little League, but he doesn't push them, and they know if they get tired of it, they can tell him and he won't be upset with them.

OK, this time I'm really checking out. --Romeena

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98130: MESSAGE REMOVED

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98131: Boo, Sounds like a road trip to Michigan is just what the Dr. ordered. I have many fond memories too of spending summers at my Aunt & Uncles cabin in the northern part, I like the UP too.

PH Glad to hear you got your vehicle repaired, the high repair cost, was that American or Canadian dollars?? Shoulda taken it to Wally's except he don't work on Sundays....haha

Going to Gettysburg for a couple of days with my buddy who is a Civil War re-enactor, so I will learn a lot about the battle from a Southerner's point of view. Looking forward to it. You know that history stuff, there's so much more of it these days...


June 09, 2014 - Msg 98132: Boo, I could not help myself... Here's a song to get you inspired for your trip, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-QhAqWd_KQ now all you need is a Griswold family truckster to get you there...haha

G-F again....

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98133: Yep...thanks, G-f. That put a smile on my face when I needed one. :)

Its been a tough morning...I guess with Bruce and Sean going back to work and things carrying on the way they usually do, I am feeling the loss. I opened the pantry this morning and saw the potatoes I bought to make fried potatoes for mom and I just lost it...standing right there in front of the pantry. Its funny the things that make you sad. I guess that is just part of it. Most of the time I am just fine, so I am thankful for that.


June 09, 2014 - Msg 98134: You are welcome Boo, That's my job!.. Just think of memories as snap shots of joy, I won't tell you it gets better, but you can keep all those snapshots logged into that flash drive between your two ears, and just click "download" from time to time... Sometimes, it's just that easy! :)

G-F third time....

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98135: He's right. --Romeena

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98136: Sure has been quite here today. If you haven't seen it...this was a fun episode of the Two Chairs No Waiting podcast, "Mayberry on Record, Reversed." http://youtu.be/eAQTp8aZZF0


June 09, 2014 - Msg 98137:
Boo, when I read your posting about how you reacted when you saw those potatoes, I can understand. There are certain things that also make me think of my mother and makes my eyes tear up.
I would like to offer my favorite Il Divo song for both of our mothers.
I would recommend you cue it up to about 1:30. This is the best version that I could find that also had the lyrics.

from Poor Horatio

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98138: Back here at work for the night...storms on the way....back in just a bit...SPOT

June 09, 2014 - Msg 98139: Hey to Floyd! Thanks for keeping the porch nice and tidy!

Storms here,too,Spotty. I wasn't out there in 'em,like Ernest T. might be,but sure heard it coming down.

Boo,you & MDC have the makings of a great new reality tv show right there-ha! " Keeping Up With The Nursing Home Gang"!

Y'all have a nice night-love to all & continued prayers for Boo & family.

possum under a rock

June 10, 2014 - Msg 98140: Thank you for those prayers, Possum.

Beautiful tribute for our Mothers, PH, thank you.

Getting to be time for bed. Today was kind of tough but maybe tomorrow will be better.


June 10, 2014 - Msg 98141:
Floyd, thank you for that podcast, very interesting.
By the way, our Pappabear is OK Floyd. Thanks for your help.
BOO--my prayers continue for you. I kept a few special blouses of my mom's. It may sound silly for a man to do this, but sometimes I just hold them close, and think of her, and thank her for all her love and care that she bestowed upon all of us eight kids.
Boo-that trip sounds good. As Sean gets older he may not want to go anymore, so this would be a perfect family time for many reasons.
Have you seen the next door girls recently?
SPOT-I saw your big boy toys on FB-very cool.
PH--Have you ever seen The Natural? One of my fav baseball movies.
Nite all,

June 10, 2014 - Msg 98142: Thanks PH for the video...So many true words...
MDC, SPOT Has "Big boy" toys? What, does he have a chemistry set or the Deluxe erector set...haha

Off to Gettysburg, See ya'all in a couple of days....


June 10, 2014 - Msg 98143: Gettysburg GF? Well have a good time. Lot's of history there.

I hope you have a better day today Boo. I totally understand your emotional outburst at the sight of those potatoes. I think the most difficult thing for me to deal with after my Dad passed, was going through all his things. Very challenging. My Dad, very typical of a child of the depression, never threw anything away. I was surprised how hard it was for me to dispose of things that most folks would consider rubbish, but that he had held onto because you just never knew when you might need it. Probably doesn't make sense, but I know I held on to a lot of stuff that I should not have. In time I have disposed of some of it. But I still have a lot of other things that I will never use, but just can't bring myself to sell or give away. You have my prayers as I am sure you will be dealing with some of the same issues in the coming weeks and months.

Great podcast Floyd. You da man!


June 10, 2014 - Msg 98144: Thank you for those prayers, MDC. I think the way you keep the blouses is really very healthy, actually. I see the girls next door often and they are doing ok. Stepdad is s firefighter and has been away from home working for a few days.

Asa, so far today has been a much better day, thanks. I know what you mean about finding things sentimental and there is just such a finality in disposing of our loved ones things. As crazy as it sounds, yesterday I was going to wash the pillow case that mom had her head on when she died, and I had to pull the stray hair off of it and set it aside. I couldn't just throw it away. I put it in a baggie and kept it. I did finally manage to throw away the oxygen and suction tubing that was in the room she was but even that was hard. I guess that is just the way it is. We'll get through it.

Sean is having a tough time. Please remember him in your prayers. He was close to Mom, and he is having a struggle with some other things in his life right now, too.


June 10, 2014 - Msg 98145: Thank you, Asa...and others that said they enjoyed the podcast. I thought it was an interesting one.

June 10, 2014 - Msg 98146: G-F prayers for safe travels...WOW..this rain has to stop...my garden is gona rot...well they are here again for the night...I am headed to work to battle them...these 70hr weeks got to stop...send food !..SPOT

June 10, 2014 - Msg 98147: Put me on that list, Floyd. I thought it was great.

Boo, I kept things that belonged to my parents, and I kept quite a few things that belonged to Dale. We do strange things. There was a hand-smudge on the closet door facing, too high to have been mine, and it was a very long time before I cleaned it off. His toothbrush is still in the holder in our bathroom, after 18 years. I rinse it off now and then, because it gets dusty. I still have a bottle of his favorite after-shave. I never open it, because the fragrance would probably make me cry, or else it has changed and wouldn't smell right, so either way, I don't open it. I just remember. There is nothing wrong with these little quirky things. They harm no one, and they bring a bit of comfort, so they're okay.

Sean may need a little project, something to direct his feelings. Perhaps he could volunteer somewhere for a while, even just an hour or two now and then, in her name. Could the cemetery use a little sprucing up? Would they need any help?

VBS is going well. One thing for sure, I now remember why God gives children to young people. We had 22 kindergartners this morning, and five workers. Folks, if we had 22 workers we would still be outnumbered. They're not bad kids, in fact they're really quite well-behaved for the most part - they're just BUSY! If I could bottle a little of that energy, and offer it for sale, I could make a bloomin' fortune! There's one tiny mite, a little girl with a nose about the size of a bean, and a pair of large round glasses perched on that nose. Her little jeans-clad hips are about five inches wide, and you wonder how a creature so tiny can function, but believe me, she does. Smart as the proverbial whip, finishes all projects far ahead of the others, then slips up beside a teacher and whispers "Can I help with something?" Cutest thing you ever saw. Then there's my friend Fernando. Little knot-headed boy, multiple cowlicks in stiff black hair. Has that slightly-potato-head shape often seen in children with a lot of Maya blood still circulating. Speaks great English, thinks it's hilarious when I use a little Spanish, and just laughs his head off when I call him "Ferrrnahndo" with my very best rolled "r" and deep, dramatic "ah" sound. Lots of giggling and snuggling close if we're sitting on a bench pew. Cute kid! I asked him this morning if he was my friend, in English of course, and to be funny, he replied "Si', su amigo!"

I've got a white hibiscus blooming out back, and I count seven flowers on it right now. That may not sound like a lot, but each flower is as big as a dinner plate! Snow white, with a ruby throat and yellow stamens. Really striking. It's loaded with more buds. There's a pink one budding out by the pond, and a red one in the raised island, but they haven't bloomed yet. I love hibiscus.

My plumerias have finally leafed out, once we got them out of their wintertime prison in the garage. They try to bloom, but the squirrels have decided the flower buds are tasty, and the little brats climb up and nibble the buds off before they can open. Not sure what I can do about that. Nothing, I guess. I may try some cayenne pepper. Can't hurt.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some supper. I'm hungry, maybe Ill actually cook something tonight. Getting a bit tired of soup! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

June 10, 2014 - Msg 98148: Ro, I don't think I could have ever cleaned that hand smudge away. So sad...

Glad you are having some fun at VBS. :)

Sean is doing better today..there have been some developments but I am just too tired to share them tonight. The clean sheets on my bed are calling me...


June 11, 2014 - Msg 98149:
Floyd--I always thought that the "rewinding tape" was just a sound that they "dubbed in," and not of an actual recording of what was said. And then, why not just use Barney's voice of what he actually said? ha
BOO--prayers for Sean, you bet.
RO--Sounds like the kids are keeping YOU busy! ha
I never could get the rolling R thing down pat.
Everyone--looks like 109s for the next 5 days or so, after 109s for the past three. I fill the bird bath three times a day! Poor little things fly down with mouths wide open, then they splish splash around, drink their fill, and move on.
SPOT-hang in there with the storms, sure wish we had some of that rain, as we are parched out here.
GF--have a good time.
Prayers for all,

June 11, 2014 - Msg 98150: Pray for us to get rain! thanks. mdc

June 11, 2014 - Msg 98151: Boo, I really never did actually clean that smudge off. It finally wore off, I guess, from me touching it all the time, because it just went away. Fortunately, memories don't do that. --Romeena

June 11, 2014 - Msg 98152: Well hey gang...prayers for safe travels G-F..holler when you can...Hey Romeena,Boo hope you are doing ok...hey possum..MDC,Floyd,PH,Asa YOM?...Lucy?...well got a few chores to do and back to work on the hoot owl shift this month...bbq,baked beans,slaw,Texas toast for supper...get a carry out plate...got plenty...SPOT

June 11, 2014 - Msg 98153: Oh, MDC, I can roll my "r"s with the best of them! Takes practice. I can even differentiate between a single "r" and a double "rr." Same sound, just rolled a bit longer for the double. I love Spanish. It's a very musical, pretty language, also very expressive. There are some words in Spanish that can't be directly translated, they can only be defined. An example is "macho." That's why the word has moved into English as it is, not translated. You can say, "He's very macho." Everyone understands you, but to try to say it without using the Spanish word, you'd have to say something like, "He's very much a man who wants everyone to think he's tough and strong and very manly." There are no single words that would work, or if there is, I can't think of it.

Well, day three of Bible School is finished. We had 27 kids today, and it was a very busy morning. Just getting them still long enough to count them is a challenge, and that has to be done often. We change areas often. We start in the worship center, then move to the children's building for crafts, a different room for storytime, then snacks, outdoor play time, and to the dining hall for lunch. Then back to the worship center for the goodbye, and parent-get-your-kid time. Every time we relocate we have to count them. It would be easier to count baby ducks.

I finally had a small brainstorm this morning. Each child has a plasticized name tag, hanging from a lanyard around their neck. The tags are invariably turned backward, so you can't see their name. I got a Sharpie, and moved through the group turning tags over and writing the name on the back as well! Why didn't I think of that before! Sure did help.

One little girl, very busy, very smart, fell during outdoor play and skinned her elbow. It hurt, it bled, and she wailed. I took her to our craft room, put a cold wet paper towel on it, which helped to dull the sting. Then I wet a small folded piece of towel, put a folded piece of dry towel on top, and used some of our bright red plastic tape to anchor it all down. Beat the socks off a dull old dry bandaid. She was quite pleased, and now thinks I'm the cats!

Well, I'm ready for my chair and a little TV. Blessings, folks! --Romeena

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98154:
RO--love it...plasticized! Otherwise know as laminated. haha
In fact that reminds me of a time, a few years ago,
when a parishioner was reading the passion in church and when he came to Luke 23: 27 instead of saying "the women laMENTED Jesus" he said "the women LAMINATED Jesus." Needless to say, that sort of broke the mood!
And, by the way, how is your cold/throat condition? Those summer colds are the worst.
BOO--I saw your post on FB about spreading the ashes of your mom and dad together. I think that will be very nice and meaningful.
The heat "broke" a little today...only 105. I'm ready to drive up to the generator with ASA, however, and cool off! ha
God's blessings all,

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98155: "Rrrberto" (:

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98156: Hola, Esteban! ¿Como estas?

Yeah, laminated! That was the word I wanted, but "plasticized" came to mind first, and it worked, so I just used it. Actually, I'm not sure in this case that "laminated" was really right. The tags seem to be made of thick white paper that has the slick coating more or less processed into it. In other words, it wouldn't peel off. Believe me, if it would, the kids would have already peeled them. All of them. Their little fingers, for the most part, can't tie their shoes or use scissors - one little boy uses both hands on a pair of scissors, like he's clipping a hedge - but they could peel the eyebrows off a gnat if they thought it was something they shouldn't do. I know now why God sent my first child when I was 19, and the last when I was 30. Any older, and I would have been just a crazy dog lady, no kids. Our lead teacher, who happens to be my SS teacher as well, is just three months younger than I am. She has been a kindergarten teacher in the public schools for over 40 years. Today, she was just as frazzled as I was. I asked her to do me a favor, and just slap me next year if I started to volunteer. She said, "I can't promise. I plan to be out of town during the week they're organizing and assigning classes." When I asked her where she was going (she's always tootling off to the Holy Land or somewhere) she said, "I don't know, but I'll think of somewhere!" She talks big, but trust me, she'll teach again next year. Me? Maybe. I'm glad I got to meet my friends, Ferrrnahndo and hedge-clipper boy.

Well, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is our last day. My SIL is having back surgery in the morning, so I'll be going by the hospital after Bible school, then have to be back at the church at 5:30 for Family Night, when all the parents come to see what wonders their child has created, and to get a glimpse of what they've learned. It will be a full day. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98157: Hey gang I'm back.... Looks like ya'all behaved yourselves. What can I say, a very humbling couple of days. No matter how you feel about the politics of the Civil War it was a very eye opening experience to think what happened on those 3 days in July. The carnage, suffering and losses were overwhelming to think of. My buddy being the "expert" on the subject was awesome in explaining everything. I got to walk 1/2 mile of the battlefield where Picket's charge happened, it put chills thru my body just to think about the THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of men from both sides who lost their lives there. The evening of the first night we went to "Round Top" where the Yankee's had held the "high ground" and there was a re-enactor standing on a rock dressed in full uniform who was playing Taps on his bugle at sunset. Man, I had to tell ya all it sent chills thru my body as the sound went out over the valley.
Being from the North you were taught certain things about the battle but hearing the South's side of the story from my buddy gave things a whole new perspective. As Paul Harvey would say: "And now you know the rest of the story"....


June 12, 2014 - Msg 98158: Check this out...Awesome! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGjnuD0kkcY#

G-F again....

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98159: Welcome home GF. I missed ya buddy. Glad you had a fine time and got to reflect on things. You didn't fall down and scrape yer knee did ya? Cause Miss Romeena is a dandy scraped knee fixer upper. Just ask Karen Faulkner.

MDC, I heard about the horrible shootings of those two Priests down your way. What is this world coming too? Oh, also I saw Luke Comstock on another Adam-12 last night. This time he was the owner of a scrap steel place and got busted for stealing cars and shredding them up. That boy just can't seem to stay out of trouble. I declare. Anyway he wasn't limping in this episode, so he's quite the actor. I enjoyed reading about his like on the Wikipedia link Ro provided. Very interesting.

Yea Floyd. That was a great episode of your podcast. I also figured those noises was just something the producers dubbed in. I'm just glad there wasn't no hidden message in that like "I buried Paul" or some such. HA! Anyone remember all the speculation back in the 60's about Paul McCartney being gone? It seems like the deal was when one of their songs was played backwards you could here someone utter that. I had quite forgotten about that until now.

Prayers continue for you Boo.. :)


June 12, 2014 - Msg 98160: Rrrrrruffles have Rrrrrrrridges Practice that one MDC it my help....haha

June 12, 2014 - Msg 98161: I forgot to mention on post #98157 about the "smell" of the battlefields, there was honeysuckle plants everywhere making the air smell so sweet and bringing beauty to a area where so much death & horror was. God has a way of making things right out of what was a wrong, just my thought on the subject. I just can't seem to get the buglers sounds out of my mind either...

Sounds like Romeena has a lot of Clara Barton in her too. Back in they day they had to use what ever they had to treat the wounds too. Just think what they coulda done with a roll of "Duck Tape" back then, it could have been a whole different outcome....
Sorry, I could not help myself again...