July 03, 2014 - Msg 98372: PS...one of the songs he sang was "Front Porch Prayers".


July 03, 2014 - Msg 98373: Morning porch, thanks for sweeping BOO.

Hope everyone is doing okay today. I am working today but off tomorrow for the holiday.

Mr. Maude is actually off for the 4th and the entire week end! We will have a cook out and maybe go watch some fireworks.

not much exciting to report from my side of the porch other than my washing machine is not working. I called the man this morning and they are sending someone out on Monday. It is not draining properly and therefore not completing the spin cycle. very aggravating. Mr. Maude was wise enough to purchase the extended warranty so they should fix it at no cost to us. I may have to make a trip to the laundry mat to do some towels and other stuff over the week end. for some reason the four of us generate a lot of dirty laundry.

Prayers for Pappa Bear and everyone on the porch!
well guess I need to get to work.

lunch menu will be: grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, pickle spear, chips. homemade peach ice cream in a waffle cone for dessert.

prayers and blessings to all. everyone have a great day and a happy 4th.
Big Maude

July 03, 2014 - Msg 98374: Shoulda had Gomer look at it first Maude! Just "CALL THE MAN"!!....G-F

July 03, 2014 - Msg 98375: Hey, porch. I just forwarded an email to those of you who are on my list. I would imagine some of you have grown weary of my frequent forwards, and might be just deleting. That's fine, that's your right and privilege in this country that's still fairly free, and I'll never know the difference anyway. However, I hope you'll open this one. The subject is "If the Statue of Liberty Could Sing." You're going to want to hear this, and you might just find yourself forwarding it too. I hope so. This is a keeper. --Romeena

July 03, 2014 - Msg 98376:
Thank you Jesus,

July 03, 2014 - Msg 98377:
Romeena, it was great timing to send out that video on the eve of America's Independence Day.
Just a few days ago (July 1st), Canada celebrated Canada day, marking the 147th anniversary of the founding of that country. And on July 4th, Americans will celebrate the 238th anniversay of the founding of the United States.
Although I call Canada my home today, it still is hard to celebrate along with my fellow Canadians. After all, I was born in the USA, grew up in the USA, educated in the USA, served in the US Navy and US Army, and retired from an American civilian career.
So folks, enjoy your picnics, parades, visits to the beach, and fireworks. All I ask is to please try to take a little time out of your busy schedules to show some American pride.

from Poor Horatio

July 03, 2014 - Msg 98378: Ro, I have a new email address now so I texted it to you. I am still trying to figure out how to send emails using this phone.

I feel your pain, Maude. I do laundry for four and when my dryer went out, it really piled up. Bruce fixed it last night and I have been doing laundry all day.

We are having some family over tomorrow for BBQ and it should be nice. Hope you all have a good fourth.


July 04, 2014 - Msg 98379:
Andy: and then they fired the shot heard 'round the world!
Barney: Get out!

Hey gang we got rain on my end of the porch tonight! Yippie! I got soaked to the skin and loved every minute of it!

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98380: Congrats, MDC! Glad you got your rain. You can have it. ;)
No, really, I am glad you finally got some. I know you were really needing it.

Boo, hope you and Sean are both feeling better.

I want to wish everyone a great Independence Day. And I think Poor Horatio's last sentence in his post above is an important one. Thanks, PH. I think we can get caught up in the "mechanisms" of holidays, and forget the deep down meanings that make them important in the first place.
Though I don't really think that happens too much on this porch. Too many good, thoughtful people.

Again, have a great 4th, everyone.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98381: I guess those gypsies were right MDC! Glad you got some H2o....Speaking of H2o wonder how Auh2o has been?

Romeena, What video?
Boo, A fixed dryer?...Sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for..haha



July 04, 2014 - Msg 98382: Good morning, porch! What a beautiful day! Clear sky with just a slight haze, no wind, and everything is green. Crape myrtles are beginning to bloom, plumeria has several big bloom clusters, a few roses are still braving the heat and blooming, big old dinnerplate hibiscus blooms are decorating the island, and it just looks so pretty. Eddie did a fine job of mowing this week, as always. The pond fountains are running well, and it just looks so pretty back there. God is good.

G-F, check your email. You should get that video now. Sorry! How it happened that you weren't on my email group list, I don't know, but I've fixed it. You may wish you hadn't said anything!

Well, the family is coming here around 1 pm for hotdogs. Guess I'd better get myself up from here and dressed, and make a run to the grocery store. The grandsons won't be here, they're at camp, they're coming home tomorrow. They've had a great time, though I can't say the same for their mother. She has been miserable without them. That girl has a very highly-developed maternal drive. Personally, when mine went off to camp, I breathed a big sigh of relief and enjoyed my "vacation." Shame on me. Not that I didn't love them. I did. It was just that I enjoyed having a few days of not hearing my name (Mom) called nine thousand times, hearing the screen door slam every thirty seconds, and finding petrified banana peels beneath some kid's bed. Still, I was happy to see them when they came home, dirty laundry and all.

Well, gotta get busy. It's nearly 10, and they'll be here by 12, and I still have to go to the store. Blessings, friends, and have a wonderful Fourth! --Romeena

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98383: Happy Fourth of July,y'all!

I'm off to check my email for Ro's video- hope everyone has a great day!

possum under a rock

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98384: You got it, PH.

Glad u got some rain MDC. Did you play in it?? I would have. Its sure hot here and I would love some rain.
Hope u all of enjoy your day. Bruce bbq'd q bunch of chicken and burgers and I made beans and a pats salad. Susan is bringing potato salad the way mom made it and some kind of shish kabobs. I made a couple of lemon pies and we will make ice cream later. It will be nice being with family...it's a little sad since this is the first holiday without mom.

Better get back in the kitchen.


July 04, 2014 - Msg 98385: Sorry for the typos...I am trying to get used to this phone.


July 04, 2014 - Msg 98386: HAPPY 4th OF JULY!..Im here working 16 hrs today for some of the younger guys that have small kids so they can take then to parades and fireworks...!..good money and I dont mind...Miss Martha and I are gona have us a big cookout tomorrow...great weather here rain gone and 87ish...get off in morning and then off for 5 days..Boo you dont worry about those typos...I sure make my share...but after yrs on the porch we can kinda read the minds of friends...ok...let me get busy around here...back in a bit...SPOT

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98387: In celebration of rain in Arizona, this one is for YOU MDC...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ZYhVpdXbQ ***G-F**.....

July 04, 2014 - Msg 98388:
I am watching a 4th of July special live from Washington D.C on PBS. Please join me.

from Poor Horatio

July 05, 2014 - Msg 98389:
Hey PH, I watched the whole thing; it's always a great show! Some guy even had a set of Andre Kostalantz marchers! ha
Then we went up on the roof and watched some local fireworks!
GF--thanks for the post,I love Gene Kelly in that routine. I have also read that he was fighting a flu bug when they shot it!
but here is how 9 out of 10 Phx storms happen. First comes a huge wall of dust as the winds pick it up from the desert floor, then that is followed by rain, and that is what
we got last night!
Today it was only 99!
POSSUM--how did you weather the Arthur storm?
Did ya stay under your rock?
SPOT--thanks for keeping Tom Bodett happy! :)
God's blessings all,

July 05, 2014 - Msg 98390: MDC, Those dust storms look ominous! A lot like the tornado forming clouds we get around here.

PH, I Watched the fireworks on PBS last night too, reminded me of some of the pyrotechnics my Dad used to do back in the day. All the neighbors would come over to watch. Dad would buy, or trade for gasoline for them so we had a lot!


July 05, 2014 - Msg 98391: Hey MDC- Arthur? Who's Arthur?! Nobody named Arthur came messing around my rock!
Seriously, that storm passed right by us-I think the Myrtle Beach area got some rain & it went by the Outer Banks of NC,but no problems from Arthur at all. Hoping the entire hurricane season goes this well! Thanks for your concern.

Y'all take care & remember to Act Like Somebody!

possum under a rock

July 05, 2014 - Msg 98392: Had a very nice day with family yesterday. It ended up being OK and not sad as I had feared. hope you all enjoyed your day.


July 05, 2014 - Msg 98393: Good morning, porch. Boo, I'm glad your holiday was a happy one. Those first milestones after a loss are always difficult. Having the rest of the clan around helps.

We had a nice day here. It was all a bit loosely planned, and last-minute, but it was fun. We decided, at around 10 a.m., that everyone would come here around 1 p.m. for hotdogs and watermelon. I had nothing here, not so much as a bag of chips. There's a relatively small grocery store within a few blocks, but I never shop there. It's dirty, and there's always a gang of scary-looking men hanging around the parking lot. It caters to the Hispanic trade, but most of my Hispanic friends won't go there either! Fact is, you could clear that gang off the parking lot in seconds by just yelling "Immigration." Sad, but true. Anyway, my next option is the Kroger store near the church, about three miles away, and I knew it would be packed. So, I remembered the Braum's ice cream store just about a mile up the road, and went there. They have a small market inside the store, and yep, they had it all. Weenies, buns, chips, relish, chili, even cold watermelons! They were small, so I got two. Jerry and Eloise brought another one, from the Aldi store here, and guess what. Both were good, but my Braum's purchase was best. Ripe, sweet and just tasted like summer! I still have the other one, I think I'll just enjoy that little rascal all by myself. Amazingly, the prices at Braum's are just about what I would have paid at Kroger. They don't have a lot of any one thing, but they have a lot of things! They even carry steaks and pork chops. And the place is clean!

Well, I have an admission call to make today for the home health agency, so guess I'd better get moving around here. Bentley is here, he stayed overnight with Starr and me. So far, he seems fine. He's playful, he ate his dinner last night, and we're just going to keep on praying that his cancer never returns. Everybody loves Bentley! Blessings, porch. --Romeena

July 06, 2014 - Msg 98394:
Glad all went well for everyone's 4th celebrations.
RO-we have a chain here that caters to hispanics,
and i have gone in a few times. But what I dont understand is why do they have to be dirty?
The Fry's (owned by Kroger) next door is clean as a whistle (a saying I dont get, but that's another story.) I just dont understand why purposely keep the other one dirty?
Our weather has settled down now, but lookss like more
storms coming up from the Baja penninsula.
Good Sabbath to all.

July 06, 2014 - Msg 98395: Same problem here. We have the "Fiesta" stores, and one small one called "Del Rancho." That's the one that's just about eight blocks from me, and has the gangs of young men hanging around on the parking lot all the time. The Fiesta stores are bigger, and do carry some things that I can't get in other chain stores, although that is changi8ng. However, as you said, they're just not all that clean. I don't know what it is, they just look dirty. The floors could stand a mopping, the lighting is too dim, and the meat market stinks to high heaven. They sell a lot of fresh (?) seafood, and it smells awful. I want to tell them to throw out their existing inventory, scrub the cases and everything else with baking soda, and start over.

I never understood the "clean as a whistle" thing either. I wouldn't think a whistle would be all that clean, considering it can frequently be found in somebody's mouth.

Well, guess I'll hit the hay. Preachin' comes early in the morning, and I'll be there. I missed last Sunday, don't want to miss again. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

July 06, 2014 - Msg 98396: Hi All
Hope you all had a safe 4-july weekend!


July 06, 2014 - Msg 98397: Hmmm... Don't have any Mexican stores around here, so I can't really comment on their cleanliness. Have a couple Mexican restaurants. Well, I know at least one is run by Mexicans. We ate there a couple times. Then one day we were eating there, and my wife found a big tendon(or some kind of vein) in her meat. Needless to say, it kind of ruined both of our appetites, and we haven't been back there since.
Now, I know that cows have tendons and veins, but you usually don't find them in your little cuts of steak fajita meat.

I guess the only stores around here that have cleanliness issues are the oriental grocery stores in the nearby city. They are usually small, cluttered, and just junky looking. I probably shouldn't, but I refer to it as the "stinky store" when my wife wants to stop in one of them. They seem to all have the same "old" smell to them. And yes, the floors could stand a little more mopping, I think. Or it could just be the dried calamari.

Hope you all had a great, safe Fourth Of July! Pastor had a terrific message on America and the founding fathers. And of course, sin. "That's one subject you just can't talk enough about - sin.'' ;-)

-Sterling Holobyte

July 06, 2014 - Msg 98398: Just came inside from watching Mother Nature's circus from my front porch. Funny thing about natures hierarchy, there are times when the squirrels rule, when the blue jay rules, when "Duke" the redheaded woodpeecker rules. But when "Coco" the Chocolate Labrador Retriever come over from across the street to visit she trumps them all!

Hope you all had a Great Day!.....


July 06, 2014 - Msg 98399:
SPOT--Your Braves took my DBacks to the proverbial cleaners last night, can you say 'bell rung, clock cleaned?' It wasnt pretty (for me)
Just a nice restful sunday for me and the missus today. Big bro is visiting
dad today. Weather pretty decent at 105 and back to low humidity. My back and hip have been acting up a bit, but doing OK, no doorbells to ring. HA Can't complain.
Hey, let's all meet at the Snappy Lunch, I hear they serve a good stuffed tomater...

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98400: hello?

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98401: MDC my braves are gitten it done....well gang Miss Martha and I are going on a special trip today....nuff said....Possum hush....SPOT

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98402:

Speaking of grocery stores, in the USA, I lived in an area with a large Hispanic population. So I did shop at some Super Mercados (spanish grocery stores) and did not experience any problems. They were clean and smelled no different than the non-spanish grocery stores.
However, here in the Greater Toronto Area, we have a large Chinese population. And the two different Chinese grocery stores that I have shopped at are another story. Although they were clean for the most part, the aroma was very unpleasant. Although I could tolerate the smell when I first enter, as I got near the fish section, the smell became very unpleasant. And when I brought along my wife on a visit, she would start to gag as soon as she entered the store. As a result, she refuses to shop at any Chinese grocery store again. I only go when they have something I want on sale.

from Poor Horatio

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98403: Bet SPOT & Miss Martha are going to Morelli's for the "pounded steak" is what I'm thinking ;) G-F...

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98404: I'm thinking a little differently. I'm just hoping he took his wallet along, so he's got money for a license.

PH, I would imagine that the circumstances would differ from store to store, and from city to city. If the area is predominantly Hispanic, but the residents are Americans, either newly naturalized or multi-generational, things are no different than any other store. The stores in San Antonio are fine, because the Hispanic population there is as old as the city itself. We have a fair sized Hispanic/American population here in Irving, and many, if not most of them won't shop in the Mexican stores any more than I will, and for the same stated reasons. Those stores are mostly supported by the very large population of illegals, uh, excuse me, "undocumented workers" - and I guess the stores are nicer than anything they were used to where they came from. They congregate there, hang out in bunches on the parking lot, and crowd the stores. No one shops alone, the whole family goes, and apparently their friends as well. One basket in the checkout line will clear, and nine or ten people leave with it.

They shop there because the store sells things not normally sold in grocery stores here, such as nopales (cactus), tunas (the fruit of the nopal cactus), tamarind, and a vast array of chile peppers, ranging from warm and tasty to blowtorch. The stores are dirty because management can get away with it. Their customers aren't going to make any waves, believe me. Like I said earlier, just yell "immigration" and the whole store would clear out. It's really sad.

Yes, I know what you mean about the Asian stores. They usually have a lot of dried fish for sale, and it reeks. They use it for soup stock and sauces - just break off a chunk and drop it in a pot of hot water, as near as I can tell. And if you think it's bad in the dried state, you should smell it when a dish made from it is reheated in the microwave in an employee lounge. Aack!

Well, I got my hearing aids today. I can hear myself breathe. I can hear every little click the car makes, and when my desk phone rang just now it sounded like a fire alarm. The doc said she knew it was set too loud, but wants me to go a week with it like this, then come back for more fine-tuning. Apparently this will be a process lasting several months, to finally get it right. This is why these cost so much more than the ones in the magazines, where they mail them to you and wish you luck.

Well, I'm ready for some supper, and it's not going to cook itself. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98405: Tell them, Spotty!!

possum under a rock trying not to spill the beans!

July 07, 2014 - Msg 98406: I wish you luck with the hearing aids, Ro.

Cant wait to hear more about the trip, SPOT.

We are doing our VBS at church this week, and as usual, I am helping out with the 5th and 6th graders. It was fun tonight.

I have never been in an Asian market..we don't have those here in south texas and there really isn't any difference in our grocery stores, much. They are all pretty much the same unless you go into the really dangerous part of town.


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98407: I'm still not saying a word,other than y'all need to look on Spot's Facebook page!

possum again

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98408:
YUP! He did it folks!! He just told me that I could tell!
Congratulations SPOTTY, the marryin' dog of this here porch!! Woohoo!

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98409: Congrats SPOT, I was hoping for the "Official Verification" first before I posted it on the bulletin board, then I wouldn't have to hear about it from Laura Lea Hobbs. Now do you have to add a MIL suite to the dog house?

Possum, I see you had to add a WHOLE LOT of rocks to hold you down so you didn't spill the beans... haha

Romeena, Glad you got your devices, I'm sure it will take some getting used to now that you are wired for Dolby sound. Now you can be like Sgt. Carter...."I CAN heear yooou!" So the church ladies better watch out talking about your dangly earrings at church now...haha


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98410: Good Morning Porch!

I wanted to stop by and say Congratulations to
Mr. and Mrs. SPOT! so happy for you both. This calls for a celebration party. lets plan one for the week end at O'Malley's cabin. lots of food, dancing and wedding cake.

everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98411: LOL @ G- F.

Ok, I can chime in now that Spotty has OKed it- yep, he's a married dog now! Wishing him & MRS. Martha man years of happiness!

Good idea, Maudie- I'll bring the wedding cake,since I was the "unofficial Flower Possum" at the nuptials!

possum under a rock

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98412: MANY, not man- coffee ain't kicked in yet! Ha!

possum again

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98413: SPOT, as GOMER would say: http://www.tagsrwc.com/trickytimers/wavs/Gomer/congrats.wav

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98414: Congrats Spot and Martha. I am very happy for you both.

Could I ask for prayers for my Mother in Law? She is nearing the end. Just pray for a peaceful transition for her if you would please.



July 08, 2014 - Msg 98415: Sorry, Asa,and my prayers are with you and your family as your Mother In Law journeys home.

possum u.a.r.

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98416: Wow! We had a wedding! Spot and Miss Martha done 'loped off and got married! That's just wonderful, and I'm very happy for both of you. It couldn't have happened to a nicer feller! I don't know Miss Martha yet, but as far as I'm concerned, any wife of our spotty dog is a friend of mine!

Asa, my prayers are for, as you said, a peaceful transition. When you think of what awaits her on the other side, it makes the loss on this side easier to bear. I attended the funeral of a member of my SS class yesterday morning. She had Alzheimer's, and for the last six years has not recognized anyone or communicated in any way, she just sat and stared into space. Her precious husband cared for her all that time, faithfully and tenderly. Yesterday he said, "I lost her six years ago. Now her body can finally get some rest, and so can I." Well said.

These hearing aids are a real trip. This morning, sitting at this keyboard, I kept hearing a musical, tinkling sound and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then I glanced up at my window, and spotted the wind chime that has hung from the eave outside for years. The wind was playing with it, and I could hear it! Through a double-pane, tempered glass window, I could hear it, for the very first time. It's amazing! However, there's a downside. I can also hear myself breathing. It's like being stalked by Darth Vader! I'm sure she'll lower the volume a little next week, and perhaps raise the filter on background noise. She said she always starts out near the max, and then dials it down gradually, until she reaches a level the wearer is comfortable with. I can tell her right now, this ain't it!

When I sat down to watch TV last night, it nearly blasted me out of my chair when the sound came on. I know all volume scales vary from TV to TV, and even from show to show on the same TV, but my comfort spot on my TV on Hallmark channel is usually about 55. Last night, I turned it down to 40! I think Toye Starr is going to be happier, too. Many times she just gets up and leaves the room when I'm watching TV, especially something that has scenes that get very loud. Poor little thing!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch, then I need to do some charting on the home health call I made yesterday. I'll be glad when I get comfortable with that charting program. It's a good one, but very detailed. Most of our calls are paid for by Medicare, so you can imagine what the charting is like. A lot of repetitive stuff, lots of coding and numbers, and forbidden abbreviations, even though those abbreviations are common and accepted in the medical community everywhere, and I've used them for 35 years. Government! Some twit with an MBA, sitting in Connecticut, dictates how medicine is practiced and charted in Texas. Go figure.

Blessings! --Romeena

July 08, 2014 - Msg 98417: Shazaam!! Ol' Spotty tied the knot. I wish him and the knew Mrs. Are very happy...she may have to teach him some mannerizin' but hopefully he won't get beat to death with no spoon.

Good idea, Maude...I was thinking the same thing..a celebration at the cabin. I'll bring the mulberry squeezins.

To you made me laugh out loud with that Darth Vader comment!! hilarious.

Very sorry your wife is losing her mom and you your mother in law, Asa. My prayers for you and your family.


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98418: Sorry about the typos! I me and Ro...this stupid auto correct is driving me nuts


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98419: Oh my gosh!!!...never mind!!


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98420: Romeena in her best Darth Vader voice: "Toye Starr..... I am your MOTHER"....hehe

Asa, Prayers for your MIL to pass in peace and no suffering....


July 08, 2014 - Msg 98421: Asa, I am wondering how things are unfolding with your mother in law. I am praying that the Lord would take her as peacefully as he did my mother and that he would give you what you need to comfort your wife and daughters. God's grace is so much bigger than any sorrow..it still hurts, but it doesn't destroy us. Thank God that he made grief a process...that we don't have to stay in the deep sorrow we sometimes feel. Love to you and your family.


July 09, 2014 - Msg 98422:
ASA, my prayers for your mother-in-law and for
your family and her's too. May God's true peace
be upon all of you.

July 09, 2014 - Msg 98423: Thank you all for the prayers. They are very appreciated.

Boo, she is 87 and is really ready to go home. She knows the Lord and is tired of being sick and tired. She is really struggling right now and two days ago kind of took a nose dive. She has a DNR card and so we are just trying to keep her comfortable. I really thought she was going last night. She had that horrible rattle in her throat. I am pretty sure it will be soon.

Anyway, thanks again all for your prayers.


July 09, 2014 - Msg 98424: Asa, one of my favorite little hidden reassurances in the Bible is in the 23rd Psalm. I say "hidden" reassurances for a reason. There are dozens, probably hundreds of open, outright reassurances, such as "I will never leave you nor forsake you", but some are like little buried treasures. In Psalm 23, we find "and yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." The hidden gem is in the word "through." It doesn't say we walk "into the valley", and end there. To me, the implication is that we may walk into that valley, but we don't stay there. We walk through it, obviously meaning that we emerge on the other side. I know that my Dale, and my mom and dad, aren't lost, stuck in some deep dark place. They walked through that valley, and came out on the other side, into the place God has prepared for us. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you...that where I am, there you may be also." I just love those little gifts God has left along the way for us to find. The scripture is full of them. --Romeena

July 09, 2014 - Msg 98425: Asa, my mom was87 too. We gave mom two different meds to dry up secretions so she never really had the rattle but I think most do. Sounds like she nearing the end...must be so hard for your dear wife. My prayers continue.


July 09, 2014 - Msg 98426: Asa, my mom was87 too. We gave mom two different meds to dry up secretions so she never really had the rattle but I think most do. Sounds like she nearing the end...must be so hard for your dear wife. My prayers continue.


July 10, 2014 - Msg 98427: Praying for Asa, his precious wife, and her mother. May the journey reach its natural conclusion very soon, in peace and comfort. --Romeena

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98428:
ASA--prayers continue for your mother-in-law
and all your families.
RO-that was a beautiful sentiment concerning
that simple word "through."
We have gotten a little relief from our super-hot
weather, only 102 today, but more humid,
as it rained again last night!
I wonder how our Spot and Miss Martha are doing?
RO--did the part for your vacuum arrive yet?
Prayers and God's blessing on all,

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98429: Good morning all.
My Porch family, you folks are so dear to me. Thank you for the prayers and kind thoughts. She is still with us, surprisingly, even has the Hospice nurse surprised. But I know the time is near. I know Boo, you having just gone through this and your tender feelings still very much close to the surface. Her nurse gave her something for the "rattle" yesterday, and it is gone. Her breathing is very erratic right now. She is on Morphine to keep her comfortable. Romeena, thank you for the thoughts on that scripture. We actually read that to her last night. You never know what if anything a person can hear or understand at this point, but she did seem comforted by it. Thank you all for your prayers. Debbie is doing ok. She just hates to see her suffering. She understands that her Mom needs to be released from her pains and strains of mortality.

Again, thank you for your kindness and compassion.


July 10, 2014 - Msg 98430: Asa, My thoughts & prayers are with you buddy...I agree with what Romeena said also. I think they are more aware than we think of what is going on around them, at least I hope so.....

Well gang, it's off to Mt. Airy in the morning. I will send Greetings & Salutations from the Porch.
Wish you guys could come, but I'll give a big "Hey" to Floyd from ya'll. It's great to get together with Mayberry folk! (Maybe Mr.& Mrs. SPOT will show up, and make a honeymoon trip out of it?)


July 10, 2014 - Msg 98431: Good mornin', Porchsters! Hope everyone is acting like somebody & doing well today.

Continued prayers & love being sent Asa's way and let's join together to lift Pappa Bear up in prayer,as I do believe he undergoes heart surgery today.

Enjoy Mt. Airy, G-F! Tell Floyd " Hey!" from possum & get him to tell you how he does that banana trick-LOL

possum under a rock

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98432: Good morning, porch. It's a beautiful day here on my end of the porch. Probably will be pretty hot, but we expect that in July.

Asa, I was just wondering. Has anyone, especially your wife, spoken to your MIL and given her permission to let go? As a nurse, I've seen this many, many times. The dying person just seems to cling to life, until someone they love tells them it's okay to let go and make the passage. Quite often, within hours, it happens. I experienced it with my own mother. She was in the hospital where I worked, had been there nearly two weeks. Her EEG had indicated that there was very little brain function, but she just kept hanging on. Finally, not knowing whether she had enough brain function to even understand me, I sat beside her and assured her that it was okay to go. I promised her we'd all look after my dad, and see that he was well cared for. I told her we would follow in God's good time, and asked her to be watching for us. It seemed to me that her body relaxed a little, and the little frown on her face went away. I had just gotten off work, so went home to shower and change clothes, and before I could get back up there, she had passed, very peacefully, my brother said. I think they just need that little "goodbye" conversation, in order to quit struggling. Just a thought...

Today is a good day. I have no home health visits to make, Ted is coming this afternoon to replace what appears to be a faulty GFI, Eddie mowed yesterday so the yard looks pretty, and life is good.

Yesterday I saw something very interesting. A big old crow had landed in my back yard, and seemed to be pursuing something. He caught it, and at first I thought he had found a worm, but soon saw it was a snake! The snake was fighting back, and the battle raged for at least five minutes. They were about thirty feet from my window, so I grabbed my binoculars and had a very close-up view. I think it was just a garden snake, but it was about 15 inches long. It would burrow into the grass, which is St. Augustine and is a deep carpet of interlaced runners, which he would tunnel under. The crow would find an exposed part of him though, grab him and pull him out of the grass. Then he'd peck at him, no doubt causing injury. If it had been one of my tiny snakes that I see out there, I'd have intervened, but this thing was a bit bigger than anything I might want to encounter in a flowerbed! I never saw it try to bite the crow though, so don't think it was dangerous. It just tried to escape. It didn't make it. Finally, after one more hard peck, the crow grabbed it about mid-length, pulled it out of the grass, and flew away, with the snake dangling motionless from his beak. I've never seen that little drama before, and while I do feel a little sorry for the snake, I'll admit I'm glad he's no longer in my yard.

Well, guess I'd better go put some peanut butter on a toasted English muffin, and call it "brunch." A cold glass of buttermilk will go well, too. Also need to put out critter feed. A little flock of tiny wrens has come into the yard. Cute little things, not much bigger than my thumb, and so sweet, with their little tails sticking up at such a jaunty angle. I love birds!

Blessings, porch. --Romeena

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98433: Asa, my heart is at once saddened about the happenings in your family right now, but also uplifted that your MIL knows and will soon see the Lord. My prayers go out for peace for her and your family during this time.

Thinking and praying also for Pappa Bear for his surgery today. May God guide the surgeon's hand and the skill of those assisting.

-Sterling Holobyte

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98434: I just had a nice phone conversation with one of my dear Porch friends- Boo! It was so nice to finally get together like that- love my Mayberry pals!

possum under a rock

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98435: Has anyone heard how Pappa Bear is doing? Unles we have a mutual contact, we probably won't know for several days, whenever he's able to check in himself. Definitely praying that all goes well. --Romeena

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98436: I've been wondering about Pappa Bear too, Ro. I know MDC usually stays in touch with him,so we'll have to see if he's heard anything.

MDC- Have you heard from Pappa Bear?

Ok, I've sent a shout out to him and will try to contact him over on FB. If I hear anything, I'll post it on the Porch ASAP. Praying all went well for our Mayberry Porch Mayor.

possum again

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98437: Im back...OK...Ok...yes I am very happy and married....Mrs Cantrell is a fine lady....been knowing her for over 40 yrs...lost in touch after HS then the ever famous FB brought us back together....she and her sisters lived just quater of a mile up the street...fought on the bus with her(well about setting next to each other)...at ages 12 and 10...but anyway,,,im gona get ready to head to work...they have trouble tonight...peace and love you porch...SPOT

July 10, 2014 - Msg 98438:
Very cool SPOT. Very happy for you! Great time at O'Malleys.
POSSUM--I do have his number, but was going to wait a couple of days for recovery to kick in before trying. I'll also send a card.
ASA- prayers continue buddy. Remember Ro's idea about music too. Something she likes, easy listening.
God bless,

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98439: Good morning porch.
Thank you all again for your prayers and kind words. My Mother-in-law made her journey home early this morning. She is now reunited with her husband and 4 of her sons who preceded her. 3 of her 4 sons were lost at sea back in 1974 after a tropical storm hit their boat off the coast of Baja California. The bodies of them and 8 others were never found. I know that left a huge void in her life, and I can only imagine the reunion taking place. If you google "Morning Star" you can read about what happened to her sons. Thank you again for your prayers.

I am so happy for you Spot. Sounds like she is a dandy woman. My prayers for you both for years of happiness.

And I join you all in prayer for our Pappabear.

Well I best get. Lot's of things to do.


July 11, 2014 - Msg 98440: Sorry. The name of the yacht was "Shooting Star". Not morning star.


July 11, 2014 - Msg 98441: My love and sympathies to you and your family,Asa. The loss of your mother in law's sons is so sad- I can't imagine how she held up under that tragedy. Don't you know she is rejoicing with her boys,though?! My heart is with you during this time of loss, Asa- God bless.

Thank you, MDC- keep us posted when you hear any "Pappa Bear news".

Y'all take care-love to all!

possum under a rock

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98442: I'm very sorry, Asa. My prayers continue for your family. I did a search for Shooting Star and read a very interesting article. Were the names of your wife's brothers Thomas, John, and Tim? Such a sad tragedy and certainly seems that there may have been some foul play involved. It must have been an unbearably painful time for your mother-in-law and the whole family.


July 11, 2014 - Msg 98443: Prayers Asa...prayers...hey Boo,possum,G-F,MDC,Tom...seems like there are so many porch friends that dont check in....sob...well back at work till 10 tonight...Miss Martha sent me a good supper...pork chops,taters,sweet peas,watermelon,fried okra...un sweet tea....ok...to work I get...SPOT

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98444: Wow, Spot, she sent you that for supper? You're one smart spotty dog, for sure, to marry a gal like that. So happy for you! Please tell Miss Martha how happy we are to have her as a porchster-in-law.

Asa, I'm sorry for the loss your family is experiencing right now, but I know from what you've told us that it is in truth, a relief for the lady herself, and ultimately for all of you. May God bring you comfort in the days to come. As Boo said, I can only imagine the joy that rang through Heaven when the dear lady saw her sons again after all these years. What a reunion!

G-F, I believe I failed to answer a question you asked of me earlier. No, I didn't receive the vacuum cleaner hose. Instead, I got an email from the company, telling me that they could no longer get that particular item, and verifying a credit back to my card. I think my next move will be to canvass some repair shops, or perhaps resort to Craigslist, as PH suggested. Grrrr.

Well, our little group plays bunco tonight, and I'm a tired troop right now. Think I'll catch about a half-hour nap before going over to my friend's house and getting involved in all that hilarity and mayhem. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98445: ASA--my prayers for you and yours as well.
May she rest in the Peace of Jesus. I bet Rev was
waiting for her too!
RO--that was me who asked about the hose. Too bad.
Maybe there is a similar outlet out there.
Maybe you could jury rig something from a piece of tubing of some kind. Check a hardware store.
God's blessings to all,

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98446: Hey Spot,time to start calling her "MRS." Martha now!

possum u.a.r.

July 11, 2014 - Msg 98447: Sorry, MDC. I should have gone back and checked to be sure. Anyway, maybe I'll find something eventually. If not, I guess I'll just get a new one. If I watch for a sale, it probably won't cost much more than running all over Dallas trying to find the part for the old one.

Now, possum, you know how it is in the South. "Miss" is a great term of respect, especially when it's used to address someone who isn't a "miss." When I was a child, there was a couple in our church, about ten years older than my parents, which would have made them around forty. For all the years I knew them, and I grew up in that church, he addressed his wife as "Miss Ruby", and she called him "Mr. Wagner." I never, ever heard her use his first name! I'm not sure I even knew what it was, because I don't think I ever heard it used by anyone. They were both very prim and proper. She always wore a hat and gloves, and he wore a suit and tie, even when it was 106 outside, and our church had no a/c.

Well, I played bunco tonight, with all three tables in the same room, and I survived. Twelve women can make a lot of noise, and I wasn't sure how my ears would hold up with these amplifiers in use, but it was actually pretty comfortable. I think I'm really going to like these things.

Well, I'm tired. Think I might turn in a little early tonight. Or not. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I can sleep as late as I wish. Guess I'll just let it happen, one way or the other. Gosh, I love being (almost) retired. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

July 12, 2014 - Msg 98448: Oh, I know,Ro- I was just teasing Spotty a little!

Have a good night..

possum again

July 12, 2014 - Msg 98449: Good Sat morning gang...yea you got me possum.."Mrs"...im back at work till 6 today...let me get started...its a bout 6:15 here...Boo ya wana take this bunch to I-Hop?...you buy?..I will bring a newspaper...SPOT

July 12, 2014 - Msg 98450: Good mornin' ol married doggie of the Porch!

guess who?

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98451:
Slow Sat. on the porch.
ASA I know is very busy. My prayers continue ASA.
Well, Good Sabbath to all!

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98452: Wow slow porch for sure...Im back hee at work...Mrs Martha fixed me a good to go breakfast...gona get into it soon...its 6:15 est here in Ga...gona be a nice day...gona catch a sermon on tube here at wk...let me get started here...morning Boo,MDC,"POSSUM"...ha ha...prayers...SPOT

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98453: That's MUCH better, Spotty! ha ha

Slow indeed! I looked in late last night & thought maybe the Porch was broken or something-couldn't believe that nobody posted after Spot & I did early yesterday morning!

Good Sabbath, y'all!

possum under a rock

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98454: Good morning, porch! Spotty, I'm so happy for you!

Asa, prayers continue as you and your family walk these final difficult days. So many things to do, decide, complete, and it goes on. However, easier days are coming. --Romeena

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98455: Wow ..home now....the porch is so slow.....we got left over meatloaf...if anyone need a sandwich for lunch tomorrow...brown paper sack?...SPOT

July 13, 2014 - Msg 98456: SPOT, Remember there is nothing wrong with a frozen TV dinner from time to time, I like em'....

Asa, Sorry for your family's loss. Remember there is joy in the morning knowing she now walks Jesus in heaven. I'm sure REV saved he a seat in the pew.

I just got home, we all had a good time with Floyd in Mt. Airy, and yes I did say "Howdy" for you Possum...

Pretty tired but just wanted to check in....


July 13, 2014 - Msg 98457: Sorry I haven't. Checked n but have had a bout with an intestinal bug since yesterday. Feeling weak but trying to rehydrate. I figure I picked it up from one of the many little ones at VBS.

Glad u are being well fed Spot. :)

Think I better go lie down for a bit.