August 22, 2014 - Msg 98829:
A quick hello from me tonight. My sister is in town
to visit dad, etc, so we are entertaining her.
More later,

August 22, 2014 - Msg 98830: Wow, I swept again!

August 23, 2014 - Msg 98831: Good sweep MDC..well here at work for the night...will have breakfast in the morning...say ..umm...around yall can sleep in a bit...was up to 98 here in ga...whew..afternoon thunderstorms are reall get us here at power company...all caught up now...hey possum,Boo,Tom,G-F and all...let me run the midnight reports here...and read the archives...SPOT

August 23, 2014 - Msg 98832: MDC....Just let your sister read some of the Porch Archives...She'll be entertained for sure! That will keep her busy for along time, and she may learn something she never knew before. She can even chime in on important stuff like the great Mayo vs Miracle Whip debate. If Romeena did not already send it to you, have her e-mail you the "Kilroy was Here" story. It was really cool!

Have a GREAT day Folks....


August 23, 2014 - Msg 98833: Good morning, porch. G-F, I'm glad you liked that "Kilroy" story. I thought it was very interesting, and it brought back a lot of memories. "Kilroy" was everywhere, back in WWII! It was fun to learn that he still appears now and then, especially in the military.

Looks like it's going to be a scorcher today. It's already 90, and it's only 11:00 a.m. Today is my assigned watering day, so the sprinklers ran last night after midnight, and will run again this evening, but by tomorrow afternoon, things will be drooping again. I'm considering squeezing another cycle in on Saturday mornings. I'm running 25 minutes on each zone right now, so it takes five hours. If I cut it to 23 minutes on each zone it will let me get two cycles in between midnight and 10 a.m., with a little leeway to avoid time overlap. Then another cycle can run after 6 p.m., like it does now. That should get water down deep enough to help the grass and trees, and the shrubs. The flowers will still wilt in the heat, but I can legally hand-water them anytime. What we need is rain, lots of it. We had a little bit a few days ago, actually about an inch or more, but in this brutal heat, things dry out fast.

Well, I think I need to go take a look at the swimming pool next door. The house is vacant, has been for months, and the pool was not looking good the last time I peeked through the fence. I'm thinking it's probably dark green by now, and full of mosquito larvae. I know the mosquitoes are in the millions out there, and they're not coming from my pond. The fish take care of that. I hate to do it, but if the pool is the source, I'm calling the city. That's a health hazard, besides being a big nuisance. I can't even go outside without becoming lunch for a horde of skeeters. I'm not fond of using repellents - those chemicals are absorbed by our skin, and that can't be good. So, I cover up with clothing when I go out there, and just sweat a lot!

Blessings, porch! I guess I can still say that here, without getting "suspended"? --Romeena

August 23, 2014 - Msg 98834: ...Just throw a few "Bat fish" into the swimming pool, that should do it.

August 23, 2014 - Msg 98835: Howdy Porchters.

Wow, we had a cool front blow in here last night and got some much needed rain, and believe it or not, some of the higher mountain peaks got some snow. Very comfortable and cool out there. Our temps will be in the 60's all day. I can give my a/c a rest for a few days.

I enjoyed the Kilroy e-mail also Ro. I had no idea that started back in WW2. Very interesting. It could have been a Paul Harvey now you know the rest of the story stories.

Well I see MDC has been sweeping again. I declare he keeps a clean and tidy porch.

Been enjoying corn out of my garden for a couple of weeks now. Delicious. It's that time of year when I have melted butter dripping off my elbows. My peach tree is full and will be ready for picking in a few weeks. Just gotta love harvest time.

Speaking of such I reckon I better get back out and finish my Saturday chores. Much nicer doing it today because it so cool. (sorry Boo, Ro, and MDC, you will get even with me in January)


August 23, 2014 - Msg 98836: Asa, Just be sure you don't pick those peaches before they get "fuzzed up" good.. As Andy would say. I agree the corn (around here) has been great too, came in a little late but it is Good! It could have used more of those hot nights to get the sugar in them to rise more, at least that is what the farmers say...


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98837:
Is the corn as high as an elephant's eye? ha
SPOT--now you are our lone night shift worker,
unless BOO starts them as a re-certified RN! :)
All of a sudden every Kroger (Fry's) store around here
is getting a Starbucks. They are like every other corner now!
Night racing in Bristol! Neat outcome.
I wonder if our Mavis saw it.
GF--My Rattlers beat the Gladiators in the ArenaBowl! Well, there's always the Browns, as
Cards just lost Darnel Docket for the season. Torn ACL.
ASA--hope the latest pipe patch is holding.
Good Sabbath to all,

August 24, 2014 - Msg 98838: Well MDC my shifts change each month...Now "this day" im here for the 6am to 6 pm shift....breakfast will be at I-Hop on Boo and Asa....yall let me know what time...Boo I will pick up a local newspaper...or 2...SPOT

August 24, 2014 - Msg 98839: Yep, MDC I guess those "indoor rattlers" bite pretty hard Ha! And the Browns found out Rams hit pretty hard too.. But the Indians faired much better! It was a busy night in the Big City last night with all 3 teams playing at once. They say the parking scalpers were sure busy and getting top $ for parking. And as far as Bristol goes, you'd think those guys would get dizzy going around that little oval 500 times...
Stay Cool...I hear it's gonna be a HOT one out yours and Boo's/Romeena's way today, we are to get to the upper 80's..(cool day for you)....


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98840: Good Sabbath my porch friends.

Beeuutiful morning here. Cool and crisp. Very much a taste of Fall in the air here this morning. That should help my tomatoes to start ripening finally.

Thanks MDC. So far the repair is holding. I'm still trying to figure out why I have been having all these problems. I'm thinking there has been a pressure increase somehow. I may have to install a pressure regulator on the system. Maybe this next week I can get a gauge on it and see what the pressure is. I know when I turn on the stations it seems to have tremendous pressure.

GF, No sir. Them peaches won't be picked till they are fuzzed up good for sure. I need to see if I can sweet talk one of my Daughters to put up some jam with them. My wife used to do a peach/raspberry jam that would just make your toes curl when you ate it, that's how good it was. I have the jars to swing it. :)

Guess I better go get ready for preachin'. I don't know what the sermon will be about, but I suspect sin will be in there somewhere. Maybe I'll see the Beamons there. I'll recognize them from their over bight.

Prayers for all for a great Sabbath.


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98841: Asa, Just a thought about your pipe problems. At a couple of my Apartment complexes we had a lot of problems with pin hole leaks in the copper pipes. We made MANY MANY repairs to them over the years. When you would look inside the pipe it looked like termites had gotten to it, we had thought it may have been faulty copper piping. It started happening in one of the buildings where the piping was relatively new. Come to find out it was due to a "vortex" phenomenon of swirling of the water from having to use booster pumps to push the water to the extremities. I don't know if that happens in plastic pipe or not (around here not much plastic is used for domestic water)but you may want to look into it...Not being pushy, but it may save your back from all that digging you have to do.


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98842: I dunno GF. It is really odd. It's a 2 inch line that runs almost the length of a city block. And it that run it has "tee's" that are 2 inch and they run over to control valves for the individual zones. Every failure has been in those 2 inch tees that have had small cracks in them. I have never seen this kind of failure in pvc pipe or fittings. I have to think it's a pressure issue or perhaps a bad run of pipe fittings were made back in 2000 when this system was installed. It just seems odd the failure would be in all the same fittings on the same line.


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98843: ...It probably was fittings "Made in China" back then.. I think you are on the right track, or those "T"s could have made by Ernest T. Bass The "T" may have stood for "tensile".. Thus the problem, Yep, the problem is the "T"...TERRIBLE!!


August 24, 2014 - Msg 98844: Howdy, porch! MDC, it fits! The vacuum hose fits! I am just thrilled!! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you're the cats! As you said in your email - what a wonderful place this porch is. I say, where else would someone go to such trouble to help someone they've never actually met? Where else would two people feel like such good friends, even though they have never actually met? This porch is a social wonder, and I say hooray for Floyd who keeps it running for us. It's really a blessing, in many ways.

Oh, and yes - I can still get the bags for it. I think I'm going to order a good supply though, just in case. I am sooo happy to have my little Dirt Devil back in service. It's one good little workhorse, and I'm so glad I don't have to replace it.

It is hotter than Hades here today. It's 94, heading for 100, and the humidity is 41%. It feels higher than that. The air is so heavy, it's hard to breathe.

as for tomatoes, the only ones around here are either imported or hothouse-grown. The temp doesn't get low enough at night to set the blossoms, so the vines aren't producing. That will change around the end of September, and we'll start getting some of the "winter" crop. I can remember my grandmother sending me to the garden to pick tomatoes for the meal on Christmas Day, in San Antonio. Oh my! They were so good!

Well, I'm heading over to Eloise's for dinner. Jerry cooked a brisket in his smoker, and it will be falling-apart good! I'll stop and pick up a couple of watermelons for later, and it will be a good day. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

August 24, 2014 - Msg 98845:
RO---cool! :)

August 24, 2014 - Msg 98846: No, RO is Just messin' with ya MDC, I ain't cruisin' for no bruise'in haha!... G-F

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98847: Morning All... Yep, Romeena is right...You folks are the cats! You ALL are very special folks. Yes it is great when a vacuum hose brings us joy. Yep, Sometimes life IS just as easy as a new vacuum hose. Now, if Asa could just get some "T"s that don't leak!....


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98848: Indeed GF. No leak "T's" is what I am in the mood for. I'm glad MDC was able to get Romeena hooked up with what she needed.

Speaking of such, I saw an add on tv yesterday that caught my fancy. Anyone seen the add for "The Eggstractor"? Better yet, anyone here own one? Just curious if the thing really works as well as they claim. The ad sure made it look like a breeze. But I have my doubts for sure.

Well I best get rolling. Monday morning sure got here fast. I wonder what causes that.


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98849: The "eggstractor" question answered? haha

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98850: ...LoL **Your results at home may vary**....

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98851: That's not eggsactly what I was hoping for. I was eggstremley eggcited before I saw that video. :)


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98852:
PRAYERS for all in the Napa region of California hit by the quake and aftershocks! There was also one in South America. Lord be with us as we begin this new week.

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98853: Asa, This is EGGsactly the video you were hoping for...

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98854: Well, good morning, porch! This day is shaping up to be a fun one. As usual, Toye Starr and her silliness had me laughing before I even got up, and then I saw the Eggstractor video. I hope the inventor didn't invest too much money in that thing. Oh, my goodness. The commentary I could write! But I won't. Well, maybe just a little. Let's see. I'm 75, I've been peeling boiled eggs since I was about three and was allowed to peel some Easter eggs. In all that time, I don't think I ever made as big a mess as the Eggstractor makes. Also, in the time that woman spent fooling with that contraption, I could have peeled the whole pan of eggs, deviled them, and washed the dishes. I'm quite sure, some long-suffering moms will get one of those for Christmas this year, and some people will order one for themselves, and all of them will be used once, then gradually pushed to the far-back corner of an under-counter cabinet before Easter. The Easter eggs will be peeled by hand and the Eggstractors will never be seen again, until about fifteen years from now, when they will begin to appear on flea market tables. Watch for them, G-F, and let us know when you see one. Too funny!

Well, I guess I'd better see if I can find something constructive to do around here. Right now, I'm watching three silly little squirrels as they revel in the bounty I put on the feeding stones last night. They share peacefully for a few minutes, then evidently one of them crosses some line in the sand, and the battle is on. All three go dashing around the yard, up the trees and down, round and round the trunks, then suddenly they return to the stones. When they arrive there, they evict the birds who have moved in during their absence, and there's much fluttering and squawking, and indignant protesting.

The grackles have started to molt, and as always, there's one male who has just one feather left in his formerly-glorious tail. For once, the feather is still straight, but it will surely be bent before the day's over. They look so funny when all their tail feathers are gone. Usually, they strut around the yard, proudly displaying that ten-inch tail. When it's gone, they sort of scuttle around, apparently hoping no one will notice them. They look like the tractor of an 18-wheeler, with no trailer attached. Funny stuff! I could spend all day at this window, and sometimes - I do!

Blessings, y'all! --Romeena

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98855: Oh, that "Batman" video is just hilarious! Don't you know they had fun filming that? Imagine getting to crack eggs over someone's head, and get paid for it? --Romeena

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98856: Why, oh why do you want to hurt me, Asa..every year it's the same thing! It is near 100 here with high humidity. I just went out to give some apple cores and peelings to the donkey and felt like I was melting! Yuck! Well, I'm glad you are having nice weather before winter hits ya. :)

I have been using that pressure cooker, Ro, and I dig it. It takes some experimenting, though. I over cooked some chicken and dumplings in it the other day. I am going to try a roast this afternoon.

Today is Erin's first day of school and she looked so cute when she left this morning...very much like a girl starting junior high. She wore s new pair of jeans, a school t-shirt and new high-top tennis shoes that Aunt Suzie bought her. She was a little nervous, but I know she will do fine.

I made an apple pie and it is in the oven..sure smells good! I thought I would do it for Erin since she went back to school today.

Ro, please do call the city about that pool nextdoor. I am beginning to think that Sean may have been sick from a mosquito bite last week. He had been outside before that and had been bitten several times. He got so sick and none of the rest of us got it. Makes me wonder.

MDC, I sure hope I don't have to work any night shifts! It is hard enough to concentrate and remember things during the day. ;)

Better check on that pie..


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98857: PS- Sean will have three days of vocational testing this week to try and fit him with the right career/job. He is nervous about it..he has so many insecurities because of his learning issues. Please remember him in your prayers. He needs God's direction.


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98858: Just stopping by to say "Hey"!

And prayers for Sean...

possum under a rock

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98859: Romeena, Have you ever tried "Peanut butter suet pellets"? They are about pea size I bought a bag at the WalMart for about $3.25 a bag. The birds & squirrels are going NUTS? over them, I mix some in with their regular food. I'll have to get some more for the winter food mix. They are from C&S products here is a Amazon link to them...

Hey Boo, are you baking that pie on the hood of your car? Sorry that it is sooo hot out there. Prayers for wisdom & guidance for Sean's testing.


August 25, 2014 - Msg 98860: Supper Menu:Southern fried Chicken,greenbeans,fried squash,fried okra,boiled cabbage,cream taters with white gravy,little green onions,cornbread,apple pie and sweet tea....ready at 06:45...SPOT

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98861: "Peanut butter", G-F?
I can envision a bunch of birds and squirrels sitting around smacking their little beaks and mouths trying to swallow the stuff(you ever give the dog peanut butter? It's a sight to behold ;-)).

Boo, you said you used Sonlight for Sean. Did you happen to use the science part of it? Just wondering how you liked it. I know you said Sean was younger than Kai when you used Sonlight. But I am not too impressed with it. I am no science major, but I do have some understanding of the sciences. But I wish this was explained in a better way, with better and more examples. It's hard to explain to Kai what to do when I don't understand it myself. I can look the stuff up on the internet, but I would just think I should be able to use the program itself to answer those questions.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98862: Sterling, The only thing is, they have to bring their own jelly lol!

August 25, 2014 - Msg 98863: jail time for that

August 26, 2014 - Msg 98864: Or, anonymous poster, maybe they could take some peanut butter "sammich" eating tips from Leon. He is a pro, you know.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 26, 2014 - Msg 98865: Good evening, porch. Peanut butter nuggets, G-F? No, I haven't used those, but will order some. I rarely go to Wal-Mart - the one nearest to me is so filthy and crowded, and the nicer one is 13 miles away, so I don't shop there much. I do, however, order from Amazon a lot. Will probably get the nuggets there.

Sterling, I have given peanut butter to my dogs at times, and yes, it's hilarious. It's especially funny if you get a blob of the peanut butter on your finger and rub it on the roof of the dog's mouth. They will just about throw their tongue out of joint, trying to lick it off. Don't put much, just a marble-sized blob, and put it near their front teeth, or they could get choked. Just enough that they can taste it, is all you need. Toye Starr actually comes back for more!

Well, off to bed. I have three home health visits to make tomorrow, one quite early, so I'd better get some sleep. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

August 26, 2014 - Msg 98866: Man, That spread SPOT put out last night was GREAT! I'm as full as a tick! That boiled cabbage gives ya a bad case of the "winds" tho, but as Andy would say: It was Goood! He forgot, to mention he also had some sweet watermelon.
Growing up we had a Boston Terrier "Muggs" we would give him some peanut butter too, for a small dog he sure had a long tongue, I think it grew 3' long when he got PB. He too like Toye would always come back for more. Yep he was a good dog and man could he jump.....


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98867: Happy National Furkid day.

Sterling, I can envision you trying to teach science to Kai, about like Andy when he was trying to teach Opie about long division. When Opie kept asking Andy why, and Andy couldn't offer an explanation other than "that's how it's always done". And then tells Opie "we have probably done enough for one night. These things have a way of coming to you in time". Funny scene. Especially when Aunt Bea comes in and tells Opie to ask his Pa if he has any questions, and that he can be a big help to him. I just love the nervous smile Andy flashes Opie.

Huge thunderstorms rolled through here last night. About bounced me out of bed. Had one that was real close. Scared the snot right out of me.

Better get going. Lots to do.

Prayers for all, and especially for Sean.


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98868: Asa, Better not think the thunder storms are funny, cause they're snot!...( I suppose that one will get me thrown in the clink)...You will join me since you brought the subject up....Maybe TOM is napping and didn't catch it...I suppose all the talk about sticky peanut butter is why they don't have peanut butter in prison?
Going to take G-Daughter to a movie & lunch before I get enarculated...


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98869: Good morning, porch. I've already made two home health calls and am back home, and it's not quite noon. Got one more call to make this afternoon, and I'm done until Thursday morning.

G-F, I don't know what it is about Boston terriers, but they all jump like that. I have a friend who had one whose favorite toy was a half-deflated soccer ball. He loved that thing, dragged it everywhere, dropped it in people's laps, always trying to get somebody to throw it. Nobody wanted to handle the slobbery old ball, but he kept trying. One day my friend just put it in the kitchen sink, thinking she'd wash it, but stopped to answer the phone. That dog stood there flat-footed by the kitchen counter, then just as if he was on springs, he bounced up and landed on the counter, got his ball, and jumped back down. It was amazing! I know cats can jump up on a counter, but I'd never seen a dog do it. Cute little dog, but he sure was a little pest.

Well, guess I'll rustle up some lunch. I made some tuna salad last night, maybe I'll just have a sandwich. The Braum's ice cream stores sell a whole grain/nut/seed bread that's delicious, and is especially good with tuna or chicken salad. Oh, by the way! For those who like tuna or chicken salad, try using Marzetti's Sweet Onion salad dressing in it instead of mayo. It's wonderful! Very light, not oily, and adds a lovely zing to the salad. I never use mayo or MW anymore in tuna or chicken salad.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

August 26, 2014 - Msg 98870: Now Hi

Now for us too G F for saying that I was napping go gave you 50 peanut butter sandwich and no j on them.
Asa 1 hunderd for the joke.


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98871: What about milk Tom? Do we at least get milk?


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98872: Asa, I knew we couldn't get by TOM... When will we ever learn? He sleeps with one eye shut and I eye open, Yep, that why he's the "watch dog" of the porch. Maybe we could get 1% milk at least?


August 26, 2014 - Msg 98873:
Sterling Holobyte, thanks for the background info about the homeschooling. Since you and Kai seem to be having some problems with science, maybe the links below can help

Asa, regarding your leaky pipe problem, why not hire an expert? I recommend

from Poor Horatio

August 26, 2014 - Msg 98874: Hahaha! You could tell that one would be funny from the very first, when he knocked on the shower curtain. Utter nonsense, but still funny. To enjoy the Stooges, all you have to do is get over yourself, and just go with it. Genius. --Romeena

August 27, 2014 - Msg 98875:
BOO- that pie looked good enough to eat on Facebook! ha I hope it was good!
Good plumbing bit PH.
TOM--love all your Jesus posts on FB.
When we all get to heaven, Spot and Big Maudie will be in
charge of meals! ha
POSSUM--good to see ya, you groovy girl! :)
God's blessings,

August 27, 2014 - Msg 98876: Good morning porch. Hump day today.

Boy PH, That video was pretty close to my reality this summer. When you end up having to cut 2 good lines just so you can get access to the bad line, all of it 2 to 3 feet in the ground, well lets ju8st say there were times I was muttering to myself "what a mess I've made of my life". But I'm sure anyone who has ever worked has had those moments. Can I get an Amen from someone? :)

GF, I arranged to have a goat stationed just outside your cell window. You'll have ample milk to help down them sammiches. To think otherwise would be "udderly" silly buddy. I've got your back. :)

Gosh, hard to imagine we are staring Labor Day weekend right square in the face. The summer has just flown by for me. And now I am spending much of my days preparing for the winter season. Before long GF will be singing us Christmas songs again, bless his heart. I still have my "Christmas bat" ornament you sent me GF. I need to find a Barney ornament now with him covering up his head and hang it right next to the bat. Now that would be a sight. :)

Well off to get the day started.
Prayers for all.


August 27, 2014 - Msg 98877: Yep, Asa Sometimes you feel like that boy holding his finger over the leak in the dike. Yep, Been there done that! Curley had a lot of trouble with the "T"s too.
Maybe "Uncle Nate" could bring me a Coke, since he kinda looks like a goat.


August 27, 2014 - Msg 98878: Good morning, porch! I declare, you two boys sure do keep this place interesting. Christmas bat? Barney ornament? Oh, and "Amen" to your sentiment regarding work, Asa. Trust me, in my line of work, there were times when I might have preferred to be digging a hole somewhere. Oh well, somebody has to do it.

Joe will be here shortly, to do some major pruning and to put down corn gluten meal and dry molasses everywhere. Guess I'd better get La Starr fed, myself dressed, and do a bit of sprucing up in the kitchen and sunroom. We'll be eating lunch there later. Later, taters. --Romeena

August 27, 2014 - Msg 98879: Thank you very much for the links, Poor Horatio! I have just glanced at them but I am sure they will come in useful. I have already found some information relevant to the problems we were having on the SciencePage one. That one is like a gateway for any questions you may have about practically anything and steers you in the right direction. ...kind of like you do, PH. ;-)

File this one in the "didn't know mowing grass was such dangerous work" department. I was mowing next to the garage yesterday and stopped to talk to my neighbor, lamenting the fact that we probably wouldn't be able to mow for too much longer with summer fading so fast, when I felt a pinch at my left ankle. I bent over to swat it, thinking I just got bit by a horsefly or something, and instead swatted the bee that had just stung me. It was then that I noticed a hoard of other bees beginning to fly wildly about the mower. Well, I was out of there faster than Uncle Ollie being invited to help with a bust.
I stopped at the front of the garage - my neighbor asking me if I was allergic and if she should call the ambulance - not seeing any more bees and confident that I had given the rest of them the slip, when I felt another painful sensation on my right foot this time, inside my shoe. I took my shoe off and sure enough there was another bee looking for more places to sting me. Luckily that was the last one. I looked over at the mower to see a bunch of them still swarming around it. They can sting the mower all they want. It doesn't care.
Man, those things are vicious. I think they got in my shoes through the holes in them. And the neighbor said they live in the ground, which I never knew. So I imagine they crawled in through the holes. Time for some new shoes. I guess it could have been worse and I am grateful I wasn't stung anywhere else. And that I am not allergic to bee stings.
I went out later near dusk when it got cooler to retrieve the mower, with a bottle of bug spray in my hand, but they must have turned in for the night because there was no sign of them, the pesky critters.

Hope you all have a nice, bug-free, day.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 27, 2014 - Msg 98880: Sterling, Where is Mr. Wheeler when you need him? The same thing happened to me too, a lot of times those hornets make their nests in the ground. As kids we would find those holes and use firecrackers to blow them up. Back then we could run faster and usually out ran them. Not the case today...Today, CHEMICALS!.. We just don't have that kind of speed anymore...haha Glad you're ok, sometimes the results are not as pleasant, especially if you have the allergics to them as Opie would say.

Romeena, I need to try that corn meal on my "fairy circles" I have in my yard, (THEY) say it is suppose to help the problem... That "THEY" person is suppose to be smart, but so is the President, and we know how well that is working out for us... (Sorry I could not help myself)...


August 27, 2014 - Msg 98881: g f way gong for some help

August 27, 2014 - Msg 98882:
Yup, tom, GF is a little "batty." ha MDC

August 28, 2014 - Msg 98883: Taking the ink blot test, you guys see butterflies, Asa & I see bats.. Asa may not lik'em but he sees'em...LoL
Wonder what causes that?

Have a GREAT day, Beautiful on my end of the porch this morning..


August 28, 2014 - Msg 98884: TOM & MDC, I guess when I was a kid, I shoulda wore a hat when I went cave exploring? haha...G-F

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98885: Wow, you didn't get attacked by a whole hoard of bees..scary!

Thank you for the prayers for Sean. His testing this week is going well and he finishes up tomorrow.

Erin is enjoying school but athletics class is a challenge. She is sore, to put it moldy. She is getting into shape, though, so she can play basketball this year.

It is so hot here..were expecting rain but never got it..this drought is killing everything down here.

I am finally going to meet with the clinical preceptor next Thursday to begin my 80 hours of clinical so I can start working...finally.

Better get some sleep.


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98886: Moldy??! I'm the moldy one


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98887:
Moldy, ha, good one BOO.
Here's a little ssomething for our "groovy" possum summer girl :) enjoy

GF--I think with the heat this ssummer we are all a little batty! ha
STERLing--wow, you are very lucky to only get two.
We have these darn thingss here called digger wasps. They build little mud nests, but have a nasty sting! I always have a can of hornet spray ready.
I think our "rainy" season is over, but we actually did pretty well this year. Several good, much-needed
Prayers for the world situations that dont seem to simmer down. Lord be with us.

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98888:
Boo, I don't remember if I mentioned this way back when you first posted about having to return to work. Have you considered alternatives such as:
#1 Downsizing to a smaller residential home?
#2 Rent living space to tenants or space to people who need storage?
#3 Tutoring from your home?

from Poor Horatio

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98889: Well Asa, Study'in time is over, It was time to put porch painting into action. So I did! Job is 95% complete, only have the high ladder trimming to do, but have to wait for the Aleve to kick in first!...haha.....Know what I mean Vern???
(at least I don't have to dig any ditches)


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98890: Hi all.
ice day on my end of the porch.
It going to be a long weekend at labor day weekend!
G F just get the job done
Asa take the weekend off and go have some fun!
MDC have a nice time with here dad.


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98891: Well good for you GF. I'm mighty proud of ya buddy. I found another leak on Wednesday and have spent the last two days digging, sweating, and muttering to myself. Found another cracked tee on the main line. I'm about flummoxed I tell ya. I did put a gauge on the thing this afternoon to see what pressure we have. Pretty high at 90 psi. But still nothing that schedule 40 fittings should struggle with. I figure it has to be a bad batch of fittings they made back in 2000 or water hammer. I am considering putting a pressure reducing valve on the main line. But they are pretty pricey and will require a lot more digging. I'm hoping I can just nurse it through until the water season is over. About a month more. You got any thoughts GF? I have never seen such failure of pvc. None at the pipes. None at the weld joints. Everyone in a 2 inch tee. Tiny little hairline crack, that aint so little when it's got 90 pounds of water pressure behind it.

Well enough of my woes. I have a 4 day weekend staring me in the face and by golly, I hope to enjoy it.

I hope and pray you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98892:
Asa, I found a web site that might help you with your pvc pipe leak problem. The link below is a web site hosted by Plastic Failure Labs. There you will find an outline discussing "Why Do PVC & CPVC Pipes Occasionally Fail?". To read the entire 16 page article, you have to register, which is free. Registering will give you full access to all case studies, articles and future developments as it relates to pvc pipe failures.

from Poor Horatio

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98893: TOM...Job Completed! I don't waste time once I get started. I did most of it this morning, Mr. Wheeler or Mr. Dave would not have had it done yet! Just glad I didn't have Newton Monroe help.

Asa, I think you are right, it must have been a bad mold casting on those "T"s. I agree, you would think if it was a pressure or hammering problem you would have trouble in the joints to.
Must be the Count doing his tricks, now if you just had one of those magic lamps you might get 3 wishes, you could wish for a finger print kit or a jack knife....Or just wish you don't have to fix any more pipes!!....


August 29, 2014 - Msg 98894: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTY LYNN-88 YEARS YOUNG!!!

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98895: THAT WAS FROM ME. MDC

August 29, 2014 - Msg 98896: Wow great scooter ride today with my buddys....good food and great weather...ok...let me get to reading the mail here...SPOT

August 30, 2014 - Msg 98897: It's Me, It's Me, it's MDC....That has a nice ring to it MDC...ha

Asa, I hope you are firing up the old hammock and parking yourself in it for the long week-end. You deserve it buddy! A long week of digging ditches, fixing pipes, just let yourself drift off to sleep and dream about changin' those filters.. ha!

SPOT, As I said before, there is some good riding for your scooter up Mt. Airy way on the Blue Ridge Parkway... Just a suggestion

Have a GREAT Day.....


August 30, 2014 - Msg 98898: Happy Birthday Thelma lou. I hope you have many more.

Thanks for the link PH. I'll have to study on it. Just not this weekend. I am taking GF's advice and kicking back and relaxing. I got my Saturday morning chores all done and am just going to take it easy.

Guess I'll see what I can muster up for lunch. Might be a good old fashioned hot dog.


August 30, 2014 - Msg 98899: Come on Bulldogs.....SPOT

August 31, 2014 - Msg 98900: Good Sunday morning, y'all! How about us all heading out to I-Hop for breakfast? It's on me!

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend-be safe out there!

Might go shopping later today or tomorrow- Miss Laci has a birthday coming up! While she's not quite as old as Thelma Lou,she is in the double digits and getting up there-she'll be 11!

Y'all take care and if you go to preachin' make sure to wear your dangly earrings (not you,Asa!) and don't fall asleep even if the preacher IS dry as dust!
possum under a rock

August 31, 2014 - Msg 98901: Yep, SPOT Those Bulldogs did come, come to play they did! 45-21

Asa, You be sure to keep takin' it easy after preachin' maybe take in a good old fashioned band concert while you have another good old fashioned hot dog. Just don't put ketchup on that dog, that just ain't right! I make a good Coney sauce, a little onion and just a little stripe of mustard.
is the way to go. Then wash it down with a tall mug of root beer. Yep, sounds like a plan!
Don't let me hear that you worked on any carburetors or I'll have to report you to Sgt. TOM. He doesn't take kindly to doing any work to a carburetor on a Sunday....


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98902: p.s. Don't want to rat you out Asa, but the Bible teaches not to let a Brother stumble, so just doing my job....G-F again

August 31, 2014 - Msg 98903: Good Sabbath porch family.

Happy Birthday to Miss Lacey. Is she really 11? My goodness Possum, time just moves right along, don't it? Thanks for breakfast.

GF, you bet I'll be taking it easy. I have the family coming over for a bbq after preachin. I even tried my hand at making a tater salad for it. I hope folks will like it. I'm making some deviled eggs later. My kids love my deviled eggs. Makes a body feel good. And you like your hotdogs just like me. No ketchup for sure. Mustard, onion, and some diced pickles is how I crave em. And thanks for watching out for me Brother. I appreciate it.

Beautiful morning here. Cloud cover with a few sprinkles. 62 degrees with a high of 75. Sorry Boo. Not bragging, just enjoying. :)

Well better go hit the shower and start prepping for preachin. It's a long and tedious process and the end result would suggest it was a waste of time, but all you can do is try, right?

Prayers for all.


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98904: Asa, Hope your tater salad comes out ok, I guess it depends on if you use Miracle Whip, Mayo, or Duke's, or Romeena's Sweet Onion salad dressing recipe. Just be sure you follow the directions "eggsactly"! Hope you didn't get conned into buying one of those "Eggstractor" things, unless you want scrambled eggs.

Hope everyone has a Great Day!


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98905: Steaks on the bbq later today! Have a good holiday all...3 cheers for the American worker! :)


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98906: Hope you are all having a great weekend. we are having a good one!

Poor Horatio, thank you for those suggestions. Here is the plan that I am hoping will unfold... our house is worth a good bit more that we owe on it. Since we built it 5 years ago, the market in our area has changed and people are buying and paying higher prices. I am hoping to work as much as I can for the next year and pay off some bills, and begin some projects on the house that will increase its value even more. We still need to put in a sprinkler system, lay some pallets of grass, and finish the unfinished bonus room and bathroom upstairs. After that, we would be able to sell, if we choose and would get a good nest egg so that we could downsize and I could work less. This house really is a good investment because it is worth more than what we have invested in it. It seems wise to get it into the best condition for selling, to bring the most return. If we decide to stay for awhile, until Bruce retires, then we can pay down the mortgage on what I make, so that we will be in a better place to retire. I think it is going to be fine. I am at a point in life now that I feel good about working again. Erin is in school and Sean is working towards a career and another job. Anyway, that's the plan..we will see how it goes. :)

Hope you all have a great Labor Day.


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98907: Forgot to mention that Sean finished his 3 day vocational testing and says he has decided to pursue automotive engineer training (to be a mechanic). Its what I suspected he would end up doing because he is a whiz at engines already. He has been watching youtube videos of about car repair for years. He also has a friend that fixes cars and sean loves to just hang out at the garage and watch and learn. He knows it a tough job but its really the only thing he is really interested in doing. I pray he can stick with it and get it done.


August 31, 2014 - Msg 98908: Glad you are enjoying the weather, Asa. It is supposed to be 98 degrees here tomorrow with a heat index of 106 when you filter in the high humidity. I guess we will be staying indoors. We are having family over tomorrow to eat and my friend Elisa is here (remember Elisa is the young woman that I mentored last year). We had not seen her for a few months and decided to have her visit for the weekend. She is doing well and working on getting her GED.


September 01, 2014 - Msg 98909: Sounds like a good plan, Boo. I think you're absolutely right in waiting a few years to even consider leaving the house you just built. That house is pretty much home to Sean and Erin, maybe especially Erin. She was just a little kid when you moved in there, but she's done a lot of growing up right there, and I'm sure it would be traumatic to her to uproot her now, at such a vulnerable age. Sean might adjust a little easier, but actually, he has come into young manhood in that house, and might have a hard time leaving it. He will, before too long, but it's better if it's his choice.

I've considered downsizing, but when the idea crosses my mind, I just stand real still and let it pass on by. I even talked with my son about it, and he advised me to stay right where I am. Leaving this house, after 41 years, would be a very major undertaking, and I don't think I'm up to it, physically or emotionally. I wouldn't stand to gain that much. Yes, I do have a mortgage, because I've refinanced it twice. The first time, out of financial necessity. The second time, very recently, was to get a much better interest rate. My mortgage payment now, including taxes and insur@nce, is less than I'd have to pay for a semi-decent apartment, and I would shrivel up and die in an apartment anyway. I have to have dirt to dig in. It's also less than people pay in rent around here for a house half the size. To buy another house would just trade mortgage for mortgage. Then there are the moving costs, which would be considerable. Last but not least, this house would have to be sold, and that could take a while. It's not a potential rental property. The landscaping is extensive, including the fishpond, and a renter would absolutely not take care of it. It will be hard to sell too, for the same reason. Most people don't want all that work and responsibility. Quite a few of my friends have sold their homes and moved into retirement village-type locations here in town. They love it! They're the ones who hate yardwork, and don't want to have to fool with it. For me, I wouldn't trade the view from this window for all the "recreation rooms" on the planet. That view takes work, but it's worth it.

Well, back to my housecleaning. Robbi and Richard will be here tomorrow evening, and I have to make two home health visits tomorrow, so I need to get most of the sprucing up done today. Not that they care, and would probably tell me to leave it and they'll do it, but that won't fly with me. I like to have my house clean for company. At least reasonably clean, and right now, it's not! Blessings, friends! --Romeena