September 23, 2014 - Msg 99138: Good morning, porch. Going to be a busy day. I have a home health visit to make at 10:45, then have to pick up a big box of fried chicken strips and take them to the church, for a meal to feed the family before a funeral, which is at 2. A woman I've known for over 40 years passed on Saturday. She wasn't in my SS class, but her class is small, so our class has offered to help feed the family. They're expecting about 75 people! She has a very large family. Anyway, my default contribution to such as this is 30 fried chicken tenders. A place called "Chicken & Rice" is about a block from the church, I can get 30 tenders for $15, and they're very good, about the best in town. We'll serve the food, then attend the funeral, then return to the fellowship hall and clean up. It will be a long afternoon. Then tomorrow, there's another funeral, but we haven't been asked to help with the meal for that one. The man who passed, and his wife, belong to a SS class that is large enough to handle it.

We've had entirely too many funerals lately, and there will be many more. Our church started in 1954, as a mission, meeting in a donut shop. Irving was a small town, lots of young families joined, and the church grew rapidly. Many of those young couples are still with us today, in their 80s, and we are losing them fast. Dale and I joined there in January of 1974, along with lots of couples our age. Many of those couples are still there, and are the core of my group of friends in the church. Many of the women have been in the same SS class all these years. I was out of the class for a few years when my dad was ill, as I went with him to his chosen class, but when he passed, I returned to my class. Eloise is in another class, because Jerry prefers a couples class, but she's on our email list, and participates in a lot of the things we do. I honestly don't know what I'd do without the support of my church and my SS class. We have seen each other through a lot, and there's more to come.

Well, better finish getting dressed and be on my way. Oh, about the rat. I never picked it up, I just swept it to one side on the driveway, feeling pretty sure about what would happen. Sure enough, next morning, it was gone. I don't know what carried it off, but some critter did, probably a wandering cat. That's precisely why I won't use poisons. First, poisoning causes a slow and awful death. Then, if a cat finds and eats the poisoned rat, the cat is poisoned as well. I guess getting your head squashed in the wheel and track of a garage door isn't very pretty either, but at least it was quick. I still can't believe that actually happened! Weird.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99139: I had a few minutes, so thought I'd sweep. Enjoy! --Romeena

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99140: Why Romeena, you even got the rat droppings.


September 23, 2014 - Msg 99141: You Gotta watch for Romeena, she has to be behind one of those 50cals. somewhere! lol

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99142: If anyone is interested, here is the downloadable copy of the Mayberry Days paper/schedule...G-F

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99143: Asa, believe me, the term "rat droppings" has taken on a whole new meaning for me, after that critter almost landed on me from above. I still get shivery when I think about it. I'm not normally a squeamish person - can't be, and be a nurse - but to have a dead rat fall on my head would be just a bit much. I'm so glad it missed me.

I'm marking time, waiting until it's time to head back up to the church. We have our Women's Ministry dinner tonight. It's always nice. Good food, and a guest speaker. The woman scheduled to speak tonight is well-recommended, so I'm sure there will be much to be gained.

Toye Starr doesn't think it's such a hot idea, but she'll get over it. One thing about her, she doesn't hold a grudge. Sweet little old thing. --Romeena

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99144: Ro,I don't mean to laugh,but oh my goodness! I can just envision that rat dropping down and your reaction-LOL I'm glad it didn't land on you and glad it's gone!

possum under a rock

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99145: Evening porch. Just checking by on my way to the ironing board. It's been a long day for ole Maude. Just wondering if there are any plans for a meeting of the porch folks that are able to make it to Mayberry Days on Saturday I can't get there til Saturday so was just checking to see if I had missed the announcement.
Everyone have a blessed night.
Big Maude

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99146: Possum, you go right ahead and laugh. I have! So has my whole family. They all think it's hilarious, and actually, so do I. I'm not afraid of much - my mom used to say I would fight the devil with a flyswatter, if necessary. I wasn't afraid of that rat, either, but if it's little corpse had fallen on me, I would have been, uh, what's the word? Disgusted? Nah - too mild. Grossed out? Closer, but still not quite there. Revolted comes close. One thing for sure, I wouldn't have been standing still, and the rat would probably have landed on the next street over. I guess truthfully, there would have been an element of fear involved as well. You don't expect to have something warm and furry drop on you from who knows where, when you're just standing in the door to your garage. Anyway, as you said, I'm glad it's gone. Now I just have to be sure it didn't leave any offspring behind. I do have to make this observation regarding rats. They'd be a lot less objectionable if their tail wasn't completely bare-nekkid. Nasty looking tail!

The Women's Ministry dinner was lovely. Great food, and lots of good fellowship. About 250 women there, much laughter and fun.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle little Toye Starr. She has been very patient with my frequent absences today, and tomorrow is ESL class, so will be leaving her again. Poor baby. I think she spent less time alone when I was working! Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99147: Oops. "Its little corpse." I know better. I just taught that rule to my ESL class last week! --Romeena

September 23, 2014 - Msg 99148: Sterling, I would go with math, science and geography online. English/literature, spelling, and history per book. Erin liked using something called "Time 4 Learning" for math and science. It has a cheap monthly charge and I thought it was ok..took some patience waiting for each page to load when you wanted to move forward, but overall good instruction and Erin has a high 90 average in math now that she is in public school. Of course, Bruce tutoring here is probably the reason for that. He has the math gene, I do not!

Thanks Asa, Erin is doing alright. I let her sleep too long without making her get up and go last night, though and we had some trouble this morning. She was finally able too, though. She goes back to school tomorrow so I am hoping...

Ro, I guess as we get older, we can just expect to know more folks who pass on. I received the news today that my brothers in California lost their mom. Remember my brothers and I share the same father but have different mothers. Their mom died early this morning in her sleep, apparently. She was not doing well and was expressing that she was ready to go.

Better get to bed..


September 23, 2014 - Msg 99149:
possum, I'm not having much luck trying to identify that calliope music from the Aunt Bee's Medicine Man episode. I even listened to an entire interview with Earle Hagen, the musician who composed the theme song and all of the short music pieces (except for the well established songs like Toot Toot Tootsie) for The Andy Griffith Show. I suspect that because the calliope music is so short, Earle composed it without giving it an official title. Or he gave it a generic title something like "calliope music" or "Medicine Man music". I was hoping to confirm this, but I failed.

Romeena, are you sure that rat did not leave behind any hidden damage? Check out the following videos:
You might want to have a mechanic examine your car. That's better than having it fail somewhere on the road.
Also, have you considered taking Toye Starr along to your ESL class? Show and tell so they can learn animal words.

from Poor Horatio

September 24, 2014 - Msg 99150:
RO--sorry about the loss of your friend of 40 years. My dad has experienced the passing of so many of his friends, that he asked one time, "when I go, will there be anyone at MY funeral?" At least he has a good sense about it.
On Bonanza today, Slim Pickins played a small town sheriff, and he made muskrat stew!!! I thought of you and the rat! haha
Maudie--GF is going.
Sterling--I would say history on-line. Course, I'm bias as it was not exactly my fav subject. But look how Andy brought it alive! Also, a while back Focus on the Family made a series called Drive-thru History. I really enjoyed watching and learning from those.
BOO-prayers continuing for Erin!

September 24, 2014 - Msg 99151: Oh, and ASA, yes indeed---3-0, but we call them the "Cardiac Cards" due to so many come from behinds. BTW-is it a big apt complex that you care for?

September 24, 2014 - Msg 99152: Maude, Floyd was setting up a meet-up on Friday after the trivia contest. Since you are not getting there until Saturday, maybe any porch folks that come could meet @ 12:00 noon at the marquee sign at the Andy Griffith Playhouse? They are having a silent auction set up there, so I will be learking around there anyway.... Be sure to try and catch the parade @ 9:00 it's a hoot! Hope to see you there, I don't think Possum is coming due to family things, SPOT talked about coming but I'm not sure....To bad Asa & MDC can't come that would be fun except TOM would phone the Sherriff there and warn them in advance. haha! It's a FUN time, much better than going shopping with your Mother-in-Law...ha

Boo, Good to hear Erin is doing better...Romeena I too am sorry for the loss of your friend.


September 24, 2014 - Msg 99153: Good morning gang..quick trouble check..busy here at work...any breakfast left over? Prayers Romeena...SPOT

September 24, 2014 - Msg 99154: Leftovers? (gulp) Sorry Rock, I just ate the last bite. :)

Romeena, I'm glad you got my "pun" with the "droppings". We have had a pheasant hanging around in our back yard the last few days. Not sure why. I suspect he is gathering up any corn that might have been left behind. Had I known, I'd have left more for him.

All of you going to the big weekend event, have fun, be safe, and act like you got some smarts.

MDC, It's not apartments I do work on in my regular job. I am a facilities electrician/technician for a State agency. I do have numerous properties I take care of for them. I at one time did take care of apartments as a side business. But with my wife taking ill, and old age creeping up on me, I pretty much quit doing that several years ago. Who knows, maybe when I retire I may do a little of that on the side. Hard to say. I am a State Certified Backflow technician and I will do testing on those units when asked. It's usually pretty easy money, and there are not very many certified techs out there. But that is pretty much all I do on the side anymore.

Boo, I hope Erin does ok going back to school.

And Possum, I hope Laci is still recovering nicely.

Best get moving I reckon. Still working on "exterior illumination". (in other words, pole lights)


September 24, 2014 - Msg 99155: Mornin' Y'all- Thanks for trying to solve the mystery of the music, PH- I figured it would be a hard task. I will pass on the info you gave me regarding what you did figure out.

No,I doubt I'll make Mayberry Days this year-hope the Porchsters that do attend manage to meet up and have loads of fun together!

Asa, Laci has come through this whole surgery thing like a champ! She hasn't fussed or even once acted like she was in pain. She'll be returning to school on Monday. Thank you for the kind thoughts & prayers. We are all so proud of her & relieved she did so well.

Hope Erin is coming along ok, Boo and prayers for all who are in need.

possum under a rock

September 24, 2014 - Msg 99156: "Exterior illumination specialist".... Asa that puts you right up there with Clark W. Griswold for the "King of Illumination" title. But maybe we should call you the "Soul on the Pole" being you're so Po-lite? (thought I'd better get a couple of good ones in before I leave for MD's).

OK TOM, Give me a "mulligan" on those since I won't be around for a few days... ;)


September 24, 2014 - Msg 99157: Good afternoon, porch. Home from ESL class, and yet another funeral. This time it was another long-time church member, though not as well known to me as the woman who was buried yesterday. I knew the man, but our families weren't close. As I've said before, it's a big church. Still, we've lost one of our own, again.

PH, your warnings are well taken. Rats can do incredible damage. However, In this case, I don't think there's any cause for worry. For one thing, rarely does a day go by that my car isn't in use, so a rat wouldn't see it as a stable place to hang out. Also, I've seen no signs at all of any damage in the interior, and no shreds of insulation or anything else on the garage floor beneath the car. One more thing - he had plenty to eat and keep him occupied in the garage, without venturing into the car. No, I think this rat was just a wayfarer who happened to wander in at some point, found a stack of stored stuff to hide out in, sacks of dry molasses and bird seed to eat (until I bought a metal can to store the seed in) and shelter from cats. Speaking of cats - old Shamu from next door came prowling through my yard again this morning. Dumb cat. He never learns. As soon as I saw him, trying to look all stealthy like a mighty hunter, I turned on the appropriate sprinkler zone, soaked him fairly well, and sent him scrambling over the fence, dragging the shreds of his dignity behind him. Cats just ask for it! If he didn't try to look so haughty and superior all the time, it wouldn't be nearly so much fun, but I just can't resist puncturing his balloon when I get the chance. It's just hilarious to see him panic and start scrambling this way and that, to try to get out of the spray. If he's just be calm, and walk about three feet deeper into my yard, he'd be out of the water, but no. He bolts for the fence, which puts him in the direct line of the spray, and it squirts him all the way up the fence. So funny! It's just water, but you'd think it was fire, the way he scurries to get away. I thought about locking him in my garage with the rat last week, but decided the rat would probably just bite his nose off. He's a sweet cat, but pretty useless.

Well, guess I'll go check the mail. Probably nothing but bills, but you never know. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99158: Thank you to all who chimed in with their suggestions regarding the homeschool curriculum.
I agree with you on most of your suggestions, Boo. Though I thought math might be better where you can write it out on paper. Not that you couldn't do that even with an online course. Is there a special reason you think Erin did well with the online math? And do you think she would have been as motivated to do it and have liked it if it was in textbook form? Sorry for all the questions, but the decision on math is a hard one.

I have most of the other subjects worked out, and MDC, I agree with you with the online history; a decision that was made after going through history lessons with Kai in the present book form she is using. I just think it would be more interesting for her and she may be more motivated to learn about it on the computer.
I am not definitive yet on literature. I have to do more research on the paper versions, but I would like that to be one that is not online.

Prayers for Laci, Possum. And I am glad she is doing well.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99159: Good morning all.

Hey GF, You get the prize for getting my "exterior illumination" movie quote correct. Well done feller. Don't be surprised if your "major award" is a bowling alley. :) Have a good time at M.D. Tell them Asa says "hey". Maybe you and Big Maude can hook up. She might even cook you up something good for eating.

Well back in the bucket for me. I have got to get this project done by tomorrow. They say we are going to have big changes in the weather by Saturday. Even calling for snow up in the mountains. Here we go!


September 25, 2014 - Msg 99160: Sterling, the reason online math worked for erin is that it explained everything step by step and built on what was learned. I thought it was great because I learned it along with her. I couldn't have done it on my own.

Erin still having some problems, especially with bladder spasms at night. Still waiting on appointment with urologist. Please remember us in your prayers. we are tired and she is missing too much school.


September 25, 2014 - Msg 99161: Good afternoon porch, just checking in from work. Apparently my 2 pm appointment decided they had better things to do today than to come see me 9no phone call to cancel either)so here I sit waiting for my 3pm. I hate when that happens.

Boo: prayers for Erin. hopefully they will be able to get an appointment soon.

the weather here is beautiful. about 81 degrees and sunny. nice fall like day.

G-F: Mr. Maude and I are hoping to drive over to
Mt.Airy/Mayberry Saturday morning. There are a couple of things that have to be worked out but I am hopeful

Prayers or everyone on the porch.
Big Maude

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99162: Hey, Big Maude. I am so envious. I wish I could even consider going to Mayberry Days, let alone actually do it. Unfortunately, it just doesn't fall within my three budgets - time, energy and money. I could work out the time part, and I'd rake up the strength and energy somewhere, but the money is another story. It's about 1150 miles for me, so would require a night in a motel each way, and at least one night there in Mt. Airy. Gasoline would be around $350 total. Two days driving each way, at least three motel stays, high gasoline cost, nearly 2500 miles put on my car (which is about to need tires), and the fatigue factor of those long drives - nope, it's just not in my budgets. Also, I probably wouldn't attempt such a trip alone. Eloise would go with me, I'm sure, and would want to share in the cost, but I wouldn't feel right letting her pay, since she would never make the trip by herself, she'd just be going to keep me company. So, I guess it's pretty much out for me. Sure would be fun, though.

Fall is on the way to Texas. The temp right now is 85, which is warm, but still beats the socks off 103. Feels wonderful out there! It's not just the cooler temperature, though. There's just a different feel to the air. I've never been able to define or describe that feeling, but it's unmistakable. The air doesn't really smell any different, but sometimes it seems like it does. It just seems softer, somehow. It just feels, well, different. Not a very good description, but I'll bet you all know what I'm talking about. I love it!

Well, guess I'll go tidy the kitchen, and watch a little TV. Toye Starr might get a bit of cuddling, too. She loves that. She likes to drape herself across my chest when I'm watching TV, and she falls asleep. So there I sit, with a limp, very softly snoring little dog laying on my chest. I can't even change positions, because it wakes her up. And some people say she's spoiled! I can't imagine why they'd think such a thing. --Romeena

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99163: Laying? Lying? Lying. Yep, lying. Hmmm. --Romeena

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99164: Any way you say it Romeena she is conserving her energy, yep dogs sure are smart!....It probably was the sammich on salt risen bread that did it, haha.
Maude, If you get there in time they will be selling NC BBQ sammiches from the cook-off contest from 10:00 until they are gone (usually by noon).
Hope to see ya there!


September 25, 2014 - Msg 99165:
Romeena, I believe you would have enjoyed attending Mayberry Days. I wonder if your son could have flown you there and back and attend the festivities with you, and maybe his family, for that weekend. If I had a pilot's license and access to a private plane like he does, I would have gladly done that for my mother. All she would have to do is ask me.

from Poor Horatio

September 25, 2014 - Msg 99166: Prayers for Erin....hey Big Maude...gosh been so busy here at work...let me make this quick...Prayers and thoughts to the porch!...will read in morning bed for the dog...breakfast? SPOT

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99167:
HI ALL, sounds like Mayberry Days will be another
good one! PH--That plane trip would be cool.
RO--fall does have that certain smell of "turning"leaves, if that makes sense.
ASA--thanks for the clarification. Plus I just remembered that an apt building
wouldnt have a generator half way up a mountain! ha Time to get out the Cyclone Rake!
BOO-prayers continue for Erin.
Sterling--for you and kai too.. Check out "Drive Thru History online... Christian based.
Maybe Kai could start a Minuteman club. ha
It's Rosh Hashanah ,

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99168: You know what, MDC, you may have just nailed it. The smell of "turning" leaves. Although, there's not much turning happening around here, not for a few more weeks. I don't know, it's just hard to describe, but there really is a different "feel" to the air.

PH, if my son lived here, there would be no problem. He'd do exactly what you described, but he doesn't. He lives in Mt. Dora, FL, which is just about 30 miles north of Orlando. So, he'd have to fly 1130 miles (about 7 hours, with one refueling stop, with a $50 landing fee every time he sets the plane down) and pick me up. Then we'd fly another 1100 miles to Mt. Airy, and spend a day or two there. Then we'd reverse the process, so all in all, he'd have flown 4400 miles or so and spent $350 in landing fees alone, let alone the fuel cost. I have no idea what that would be, I don't even know what aviation fuel goes for. Actually, we've discussed it in the past. We thought about having me fly commercial to Florida, and then take his plane the 620 miles from Mt. Dora to Mt. Airy and back, and then I'd return home commercial. That was before commercial rates got so high, and now with the jammed-up seats and all, and charging $125 each way for Toye Starr, I just don't think I want to do it. Airfares are just horrible, for the ticket alone, and then they want $25 for this and $50 for that, and $125 for Toye Starr, and cram you into a seat that doesn't let you even move, and all in all, it doesn't sound like a very fun day.

Well, guess I'll turn in. It's late. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow. The house is messy, needs to be tidied up a bit, and I'm cooking dinner for my other son and his family tomorrow night. He just had a birthday, but has been out of town, so we're doing it tomorrow night. I'll fry some pork chops, and make good milk gravy, and have noodles and a veggie. He'll take a picture of the chops and text it to his brother in Florida, just to be annoying. Last time I was in Mt. Dora, I fried round steak and made gravy for that son, and he sent a picture back to David. It's a little thing they have going. I love it when they can actually get together. They're 11 years apart in age, so weren't particularly close when they were young, but are much more so now, as the age gap narrows. They're alike in a lot of ways, both kind and gentle men, both very funny and have a great sense of humor, and are good husbands. They both treat their wives just like their daddy treated me. They married sweet girls, and I love those girls like my own daughters. No complaints here!

OK, I'm off to the ironing board. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99169: Good Friday morning all.
My goodness, It's only six 0'clock in the blessed a.m. and you got my mouth watering with that talk of pork chops and gravy Romeena. I love pork chops and gravy. And I completely understand the challenges you mentioned about getting to Mayberry Days. Just not an affordable way for me to do it for sure.

Boo, I'm sorry Erin is still having problems. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers for sure.

Well had a challenging day yesterday. I had just replaced a 1,000 watt metal halide bulb in a 40 foot pole light at one of our distant parking lots. I moved the boom truck over by the control area and turned it off while I turned on the lights to make sure they were working. Well when I went to leave the truck wouldn't start. Battery is ok, but nothing out of the starter. After fiddling with it for a while, I finally had to call a tow truck to come. It's a good size truck so it needed a good size truck to haul it. So it's at the dealer now getting repaired. So I had to change gears and do some other work duties. In the process of doing so, I noticed a wet sidewalk near where all my water line problems have been, and sure enough, another leaking line. So I had to get that water turned off. I reckon I am going to have to install a pressure regulator on that line. We are so close to the end of the watering season, and I have so much winterization work to do, it may not all happen this year. I guess we will see.

I know exactly what you mean about the change of season Romeena. I wonder if it has to do with the sun going further south and the days getting shorter. We hit 90 yesterday, but a 90 degree day in late September just doesn't seem as hot as on in July. Next week our highs will be in the 60's.

Better get working instead of sitting around here and whining about it.

Prayers for all.


September 26, 2014 - Msg 99170:
Romeena, I'm glad to learn that you and your son have considered what I proposed. And I agree with you about reasons for not flying such as:
- rigid schedules that can be difficult and expensive to change;
- extra security procedures that increases the travel time;
- the ever increasing air fares, baggage fees and airport transportation (parking, taxi or bus) involved with flying.
These are the reasons why I stopped flying about 15 years ago. Instead, I now drive over 1000 miles on my trips each year between Canada and the USA. For me, the cost of driving is about $250 round trip for gas, food and tolls (no lodging). And my departure times are very flexible because I can change them in the last minute without any additional cost. Also, I have access to all kinds of traffic and road condition information through my auto club and the internet.

Asa, the changing seasons are not determined by the "sun going further south". The sun does not move relative to the earth. It is the earth that is moving relative to the sun. Because we use the earth as our reference, it does appear that the sun is changing elevation. Rather than post a more detailed explanation as to why winter is colder and has less daylight, hopefully the following 3.5 minute video will explain it better.

Maude, what is your policy for missed appointments? Do you still charge the patient?

MDC, that is a very interesting middle eastern history video. Now I don't need to take and expensive trip to the mideast.

from Poor Horatio

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99171:
Ha, our "Galileo" of the porch has spoken!
Just ribbin' you PH!! :) I fogot that Aussies' winter is approaching!
GF must be on his way to Mayberry Days!
ASA--glad you called the man! My wife's SUV
just stopped in a parking lot the other day.
I also came and "fiddled", but no luck.
Turned out to be a cable from the gear shift
to the automatic tranny. Strange.
PH--I can't get audio on that DTH sample video, can you?
Oh, and RO and all...still 103 here yesterday and today!
Our "turning leaves" aroma comes around November! ha
Big Maude...have fun at MD. Hope you can meet GF.

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99172:
MDC, I also think it is strange that I don't hear any audio when I click on that link you posted. But if I click on the SERIES tab at the top, then select one of the three listed, then click on the play arrow, I can hear audio with the video. Unfortunately, these three sample are less than 4 minutes long. I guess that you have to purchase one of the DVDs to hear the complete audio.

from Poor Horatio

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99173:
MDC, I also discovered that if you click on MEDIA tab up on top of the home page, and click on one of the pictures, then click on the Play arrow, you can listen to many other short video clips with audio that are less than 4 minutes long.

from Poor Horatio

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99174: Hey, where are the porch ladies? I'm tired of the guy talk about cars a and such. ;)

Thank you for your prayers, As a. Erin is having her best day today. I was able to go to my skills lab and finish in half a day what was supposed to take 2 days. Yippee! Now I can move on to clinical work next week, hopefully.

St. Susan and little Emily are coming over for a sleepover tonight. Should be fun.


September 26, 2014 - Msg 99175: Good for you, Boo. Those skills labs can be a real pain at times. Your rapid progress through it is a testimony to the quality of skill you have retained, even though you weren't working as a nurse. I expect you'll have an easy time in clinicals as well. The basic principles don't change, though the approach sometimes does. The principle of reducing pressure on soft tissue to prevent ulcers doesn't change. First rule, turn the patient frequently and that hasn't changed. However, you may have used sheepskin or eggcrate pads, like I did at first, and now we have air-flotation mattresses, gel pads and other fancy little devices. Principle is the same, approach changed. The IV pumps have changed dramatically. There are pumps now that can handle not only the primary line, but have multiple ports in the main cassette where you can connect several meds for periodic delivery. You just program the pump, and it handles it. You don't have to be running back and forth, trailing piggyback lines and punching into a port to deliver them by freeflow. You'll have those pumps under control immediately. It's all digital and very user-friendly. Unfortunately, NG tubes and foleys haven't changed much, they're still a pain to place, for the nurse and patient both. Ha! Listen to me. I guess the truth is, I envy you just a bit. I'd love to be back on the floors again, and I would be, if my body was as willing as my mind and heart are, but it isn't. It's your turn now, dear. Enjoy!

Guess I'd better go get supper started. David and Brittney and the boys, and Jerry and Eloise will be here soon, and all I've done is clean the kitchen, to be ready to start cooking. Oh well. It's a familiar routine, won't take long. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

September 26, 2014 - Msg 99176: Uh... what?? NG tubes... foleys...

Can we go back to talking about cars, please? ;-)

-Sterling Holobyte

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99177: Sorry, Sterling. Just a little shop talk between nurses. Just be glad that I was aware this was a public forum. The conversations that nurses share when others can't hear (or read) are not for the faint of heart.

Hey, folks! Have you seen that commercial on TV, advertising the Dump Cake book? Well, finally one night, in a moment of weakness, I gave in and went to the website and ordered my book. It arrived and I put it in the cookbook cabinet in the kitchen, and forgot about it. Today in the store I was thinking about dessert for tonight, when I remembered the book. I knew I would need a yellow cake mix, so got one, and trusted that I'd have the rest of the ingredients. I made a cherry/pineapple dump cake, and it was delicious. Actually, it's more like a cobbler than a cake, but instead of pastry, there's a cake-like layer. I buttered a 9x13" glass pan, spread a can of cherry pie filling in the bottom, then added a can of crushed pineapple with juice (not syrup) and spread it over the cherries. Next, the cake mix (Duncan Hines Butter Yellow) and spread it out dry, using a fork. Then I melted one stick of real butter and drizzled it over the dry cake mix, getting it distributed as evenly as I could. Baked it at 350 for 45 minutes, until it was golden brown. It was still slightly warm when I served it, and it was really, really good. A little whipped cream would have been great on it, but I didn't have it, and it was still very good. Sooo easy, and just delish. Yummy, too. Try it. Asa, this is definitely something you can make.

Our Bentley was here, and he and Toye Starr played until they were both worn out. The vet told us he would have about 4-6 months to live after his surgery for the cancer in his spleen. It has been a little over 4 months, and he's still going strong. Please keep praying for him, friends. He's really a special dog, a very nice little fellow, and we all love him so dearly. I'm just determined in my heart that he's going to make it, that the surgery got all the cancer, and we'll have him for a few more years. He's eight years old, and should make it to twelve or thirteen, if the cancer is gone.

Well, guess I'll turn in. Got to turn the a/c temp back up, my polar bear son has it too cold in here! It felt good while the kitchen was warm from cooking, but now I'm too cold. Good night, and blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99178: Nice, real nice! (:

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99179: Good Morning Porch !Cool morning here in Ga..nice real nice..gona stay in the 70" to keep lights on till 6pm today...breakfast will be on me at Good ole Waffle House...Boo I will bring a local news paper...prayers all...let me get logged in here and then to read the archives...SPOT

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99180: Good morning Porch dwellers.

Alright Spot, I come here this morning, hungry as an old buzzard, and you came through for me.

Woke up to a heavy cloud cover and pouring rain this morning. We need the water for sure, and they say we will be getting snow up in the higher elevations this weekend which will be very good for an early snow pack. I missed watching my typical usual "sunrise" though. Oh well.

Romeena, Prayers for Bentley for sure. I am glad to read he is doing so well. I know if love has medicinal value, he will live to a ripe old age.

Well I did all my mowing last night in anticipation of the storm, so I guess I'll turn my attention to the insides today. Where is Malcom when you need him? I can assure you, I wouldn't feel threatened by him atalll. :)

I see the Ryder Cup is on so I can watch that while I am being all domestic.

Boo, praying for Erin still, and also for Laci Possum. I'm glad she is recovering so well.

Prayers for all. Hope GF is having a good time.


September 27, 2014 - Msg 99181: Heehee, are so funny. OK, let's see. I could talk about the oil leak in my Yukon, if you prefer. :)

Thank you for the prayers for Erin. She is doing just great. Not even any problems during the night. We have our follow up appointment with the urologist on Tuesday, and hopefully no further testing needed.

Thanks for the info, Ro. I think you are exactly right..principles haven't changed but some procedures have. I am looking forward to getting back into it, I have to admit. Your statement about wishing you could get back into some of it but your body just wont cooperate with your heart and mind made me cry. Not sure why it hit me that way but it did. I will get in that nursing home next week and do it for both of us! :)
PS-I knew that dump cake book on tv was something you would get...haha...funny how we get to know our friends here so well over the years!

Prayers for dear Bentley, for sure!

ASA, we got some rain here today, too. Actually sat on the front porch in the rocker for an hour and enjoyed it.


September 27, 2014 - Msg 99182: Asa rider cup has been great..How Bout then Ga Bulldogs!..sorry Tenn fans...great game..slow day here at work...prayers for Erin..Laci also...well gona wrap things up here around 6...will check back with supper menu....SPOT

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99183:
Romeena, I never heard of Dump Cakes until you mentioned it in your posting. Regarding cookbooks, I have purchased a few in the past. But since the internet now offers a wide variety of recipes, I no longer purchase cookbooks.

SPOT, the Toronto City Hall could your help. A few days ago, they had an electrical fire that knocked out all power. Since then, they brought in five generators, but they still don't have the electrical power restored. Have you any spare electricity you can send up north over the grid?

Glad to learn that Erin, Laci and Bentley are doing well. Boo, do you have an update for Sean?

from Poor Horatio

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99184:
Hmmm, I seem to have lost a word in one of my sentences above. The correct version is "SPOT, the Toronto City Hall could USE your help. A few days ago, they had an electrical fire that knocked out all power. Since then, they brought in five generators, but they still don't have the electrical power restored. Have you any spare electricity you can send up north over the grid?

from Poor Horatio

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99185: Hi Poor Horatio. I think Sean has decided to pursue a associates in auto mechanics at the local junior college. They have a good program there. He won't be starting until January and still needs to take a college entrance exam and possibly some remedial classes. Thanks for asking. Right now he is detailing cars now and then.

I am sitting in an airport, waiting to pick up Bruce. He has been in Seattle all week to obtain some kind of certification. Its rainy here and I hop his plane is on time. There's nothing to do in this little airport. Not even a place to get a cup of coffee on a Sunday.


September 27, 2014 - Msg 99186: Good Evening porch! Hope everyone is having a good week end.

Mr. Maude and I traveled to and back from Mayberry Days today. We had a grand time and had the privilege of meeting
our own G-F. Such a nice and welcoming man. Also met Jim Clark the head master of the. TAGS website. We also met the other Big Maude. Such nice folks. It was a good day all around.

Hopefully we can go again next year and maybe more of our porch family can attend as well. It is fun to put faces with

Everyone have a great night. Off to the ironing board.
Big Maude

September 27, 2014 - Msg 99187:
PH--maybe they need "bigger wires!" :)
Boo and Ro--I bet you two do indeed have some good stories.
On the other hand, a caregiver and I gave my dad an enema today, as he was a no-go for 7 days. Tried colase, miralax etc etc, but no luck! He was having terrible cramps, so we did the deed.
This POA thing aint all it's cracked up to be!
I'll spare you all the details however! ha
MAUDE--faces with planes?? long trip, eh.
So did you meet any other Girl Campers of America? ha They're CONS! Glad you had a
good time, and that you met up with GF!!
BOO- you may get more rain! We got 2 inches today and it'ss heading south east!
ASA--I enjoyed some Ryder Cup too!
Good Sabbath!

September 28, 2014 - Msg 99188: Awww, Big Maude, I'm so jealous! You got to meet our G-F! Good for you, and for him. I know you two had a nice time. Sure wish I could go sometime, but it's just so far. Not really very likely to happen for me, but who knows? Maybe some day. Anyway, I'm glad you got to go.

Boo, that's good news about Erin. I hope she continues to do well, with no more problems. As for Sean, I think his decision to pursue automotive repair is a very good one. I have the impression that Sean is a self-starting young man who loves technical things, and prefers to work alone, or with very little interference from others. Once he gets his skills built, he should function very well in a good repair facility, and those mechanics earn a good solid living.

OK, I'm off to dreamland. Church comes early in the morning. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 28, 2014 - Msg 99189: Good Sabbath porch friends.

Very wet and cool on my porch this morning. Rained almost non stop yesterday and more expected today and tomorrow. Much needed moisture.

Hey Big Maude, how cool you got to MD and got to meet GF. I too am envious. Maybe someday.

Well Spot and MDC, I wish we were being more competitive in the Ryder Cup. Oh well, it's still fun to watch the different formats.

Well MDC, Did your efforts with your Dad produce good results? Hope so.

Boo, sounds like Erin is doing well. So glad to hear that.

Was watching the episode last night when Howards mother gets hitched and moves away and then Howard turns it into a "bachelor's pad". Poor Helen ended up being the only gal at the first party he threw and they about danced her right into the ground. And I don't know who decided on her dress for that episode. I'm guessing it wasn't a friend though. Sheesh, talk about a blue tent.

Well better get off here and go get prettied up. Going to my Daughters Church today. My Grandkids are doing a program in Sacrament meeting and Stacey and Matt are singing a duet. Matt sings quite a bit in public, but Stacey doesn't, so she's pretty nervous. I told her that maybe they will give her one of them real sensitive mikes. She is a TAGS fan and got a good laugh out of that. But she will do great.

Prayers for all.


September 28, 2014 - Msg 99190: Good morning porch...getting settled in here at work...gona find a sermon on TV then Racing at Dover and Falcons..!..hey Asa,Romeena,possum,G-F,MDC,PH,Boo, big maude and all...boiled two eggs for breakast...ate them...sorry yall are on yer own !..will have a nice lunch in a bit...prayers...SPOT

September 28, 2014 - Msg 99191: (:

September 28, 2014 - Msg 99192: (:

September 28, 2014 - Msg 99193: Hello?

September 29, 2014 - Msg 99194: To the person who entered the last three posts - if you'll identify yourself, you might get a response. --Romeena

September 29, 2014 - Msg 99195: We can talk about your oil leak, Boo, but don't expect me to be able to fix it. Better call the man.

Yeah, I too wish I could go to Mayberry Days sometime and meet up with some of y'all(there, I am not even from the South and I can write in a Southern accent; I'm ready for the trip to North Carolina). Glad Big Maude and G-F got to meet up. Sounds like you had a great time!
If I had a million dollars, I would treat everyone to a trip there.

I have an interesting observation. Or at least, it was interesting to me. Sometimes, Noah and I will take the bicycle on the trail by the lake, usually on our way to the park or to a playground. And since we usually go after supper, and given the time of year, by the time we take the trail by the lake back home, it is dark or getting dark. The neat thing I have noticed is that in the daytime the sparrows, or swifts, are darting around all over the lake, usually near the shore, catching bugs. But at dusk and later when all the birdies have gone to bed, the bats are out at the lake, doing the exact same thing. They skim the surface of the water just like the swifts do catching the bugs. It is a neat sight to behold, especially when it is darker and you can just make them out by the light of the moon. And there are usually hundreds of them darting all around. I swear, they fly just as skillfully as the birds do, and probably better, since they have that echo-location thing going for them.

Well, that's my "wonder over God's creation" for the night. Still can't get how some people don't believe when you can witness all the remarkable animals and things in the world and beyond.

Have a good night, everyone.
If you can after all that talk about bats. ;-)

-Sterling Holobyte

September 29, 2014 - Msg 99196: Good morning porch...busy here at work...lets all get out there and act like somebody today !...SPOT

September 29, 2014 - Msg 99197: Heee's Back! Got back late last night. Yep, a good time was had by all. My childhood buddy got to go with me this year for his first M/D's. He got to experience Mayberry and got to meet my "Mayberry Peep's" as my Granddaughter calls

Yes, I was able to meet up with Maude & Mr. Maude, very nice folks, I complemented her on her "viral" cooking posts that always make me hungry. Maude is as sweet as sourwood honey, she needs to change her name to maybe "Big Maude's Nicer Sister" or something...haha But it was great that we got to meet up. We had perfect weather and it was a nice size crowd.

I still am on MST..."Mayberry Standard Time" now it is back to the "REAL" world :( After M/D's it's a let down, like summer IS now over and fall & winter are coming. It is like a BIG "Family Reunion" where everybody "gets" it! And it feels like Summer Camp as a kid and you had great fun and can't wait for next year to come so you can see your friends again...Right Maude?

Better go, I'm still tired from the drive, I will read the archives & check back later and fill you in with more M/D's news...


September 29, 2014 - Msg 99198: Mornin' Dears.

Welcome back GF. Glad you and Big Maude had a good time. Can't wait to read your report on the festivities. Did you get a sunburn?

I tell ya what Sterling, your description of all them bats flying around is eery to my ears. Land sakes, I wouldn't last 2 seconds there. But I agree with your statement all of Gods remarkable creations and some folks refusing to believe it all happened by accident. Go figure.

Low 50's on the porch this morning. Supposed to be a cool wet week here. Looks like it's Fall for sure.

Well I'm off to slay the dragon.

Prayers for all.


September 29, 2014 - Msg 99199: Low 50s Asa? Sounds wonderful. We have had some cooler days in the 80s with some clouds and rain, which has been a nice break. I think we are expecting a cool front this weekend which will only give us highs in the low to mid 80's with 60s in the evening but Ill take it! To a Texan, 60 degrees is practically winter.

So, we are back on the subject of bats. Its the right time of the year for it, I guess. I hear what you are saying, Sterling. Seems like some people just don't have the eyes to see (kind of like those who don't have the ears to hear, as Jesus put it). So many wonders and miracles in every second and we often go around with our heads down, plowing through life unaware.

Erin went off to school this morning and has been fine all weekend. Thanks again for the prayers!

Already doing laundry, but it really needs doing. Hope you all have a good day.