October 02, 2014 - Msg 99253: ...But if you shoot straight and ring the bell 3 times you just might win that electric razor! That is if the sights aren't bent!...ha! G-F

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99254: ...Since I just finishing mowing the grass and sweeping the grass off the driveway, figured I'd do the porch too!!

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99255: Yippeee! Thank you, Lord! It is pouring rain on my porch at this moment. I mean, it is a down-pouring, wind blowing, frog-strangling rain storm! I am so glad to see it! There's distant thunder, but I haven't seen any lightning. The wind is really blowing hard though, whipping the trees around something fierce. I expect I'll hve some broken limbs - these cottonwoods = uh, strike that. Three huge limbs just fell in the back yard. Big ones! I've heard a thump or two on the roof, but they didn't sound like very big ones. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, unless one drops in to visit in the living room. I'm not about to go out there right now to see what has happened - nothing I can do about it anyway. I guess Starr and I will just go hunker down in the middle of the house, away from glass, and ride it out. Later, taters. --Romeena

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99256: Yep Possum, Noah's 3. Actually he just turned three at the end of August, but he is still 3. You should hear him count to twenty: http://youtu.be/OQOxW-8nYZE
Kai just turned 14.

I know, scary, isn't it?!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99257: Well, that didn't last long! It's now about thirty minutes later, the storm has passed, and there's just a light rain falling. Still very cloudy, thoiugh considerably lighter than it was. I went out to check the damage, and there is nothing serious to the house, but the trees lost a lot of limbs. There are at least eight limbs down, the smallest about three inches at the base, the largest at least six inches. That's a big limb. One of them, a middle-sized one, fell between my house and my neighbor's, and grazed my gutter, but just put a small dent in it, didn't pull it loose or bend it down. There are three limbs on the roof, but no apparent damage. Two of them are small, and were dead, so are very light. Dead cottonwood limbs are almost like balsa wood, very little weight. The third one was a live limb, but is just about two inches in diameter at the base, and appears to have landed leafy end down, judging from the angle it's resting in right now. One that went down out back took a squirrel box with it. It's lying on the ground, entry hole downward. I hope no one had taken refuge in it, but I can't get to it, as the limb is on top of it, and it's a big one, lots of branches blocking the way. I may try again later. The wind was from the northwest, and must have been almost straight-line at one point. My house faces north, the front porch is about six feet wide and eight feet deep, plus a three-foot eave, and the front door is wet. The rain blew in that far.

I'm going to have to have help with these limbs, they're too heavy and big for me to drag to the street. I think David is in town. If so, he'll come and move them for me. If we get them to the curb, in any condition, the city will pick them up. They don't have to be cut up.

Just talked to David - he'll get them moved this weekend. The boys will help him, and they'll make a game out of it, if I know the three of them. He's such a good dad.

So - all is well. Guess I'll go see if anyone was in the squirrel box. I sure do hope not. --Romeena

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99258: Me again. I just checked the squirrel box, and there was indeed someone in it. When I turned it over, I felt weight shift inside it, so knew there was a critter in it. I turned the entry hole to the top, and could see a ball of fur. However, my squirrels are brown, with cream colored bellies, and this critter was more gray, with longer fur. It didn't move. I moved the box around a little to see if it would respond, and suddenly what looked like a gray snake popped out of the hole. A second look told me what it was. The critter is a small possum (sorry, Possum,) and the "snake is its tail. I don't know if it wasn't moving because it's dead or injured, or if it's just doing what possums do - pretending to be dead when threatened. I left the box where it can get out easily, which it probably won't do until tonight, as they're nocturnal. I didn't see any blood, but it fell (inside the box) about fifteen feet. I sure hope it's not hurt, and will be okay. There's a very good chance. Years ago, the tree trimmers knocked down another squirrel box, containing five little baby squirrels, and they were unhurt. I kept the babies in the house as it was cold outside, while the men finished their work, then they put the box back up for me, and put the babies back in it. I watched that evening, with my binoculars, and about dusk, the mama returned, and one by one, she moved them. I don't know where she took them, as she disappeared with each one, running down the top of the fence line out of my sight, and returned for each one until she had moved them all.

I can't see today's box very well, as it's still in the tangle of branches, but I can see that the possum's tail is no longer visible - guess he pulled it back inside the box. He'll probably sleep there until tonight, then leave. Won't he be surprised to find he's no longer up in a tree, but is on the ground? Poor little thing, I hope it's okay. --Romeena

October 02, 2014 - Msg 99259: Wow...that video of Noah was awesome, Sterling. What a handsome little boy!!

Ro, we are supposed to get that storm late tonight. It was in the 90s today with an index of 107. I cant wait for things to cool off a little this weekend.

Erin is doing ok (this part is for Ro), but had to do a lot of talking to get the drain removed today. She was so afraid of any more pain, and of course there was nothing to it. She had a little packing, though, that the doc said might fall out on its own, and apparently it did last night and she flushed it. Now there is that little element of doubt that it is actually out..I cant see a string anymore and she has more fluid drainage so Im sure its out, I am just a little nervous about it.

Well, better go finish up the kitchen and relax for a bit.


October 02, 2014 - Msg 99260: Aww..Noah is the cutest thing, Sterling!! Was he referring to Howard Sprague,by any chance? LOL
Kai is older than Boo's Erin,then. Wow..

Boo, I hope things get better for Erin-she has certainly had a time lately.

Just got back from the county fair and didn't win any prizes,but I saw some 1st prize kerosene cucumbers!

Y'all have a good evening & Ro,be kind to my possum cousin!

possum under a rock

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99261: Thank you, Boo and possum. He gets his looks from... someone.
Actually, I can see the combination of my wife and I. And maybe a little Campbell Soup Kid thrown in for good measure.

I guess we can say yes, he was referring to Howard Sprague, possum. It's a lot better than the Howard(Stern) who shows up after the video as "recommended videos".

-Sterling Holobyte

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99262: Romeena, Glad you made it thru the storm ok, TV showed it, and it looked pretty intense. Possum in a box? I thought they hung out mostly ***under rocks****..haha Is that anything like a jack-in-a-box, or more like pop goes the weasel?
Watch for the new TV show..."Romeena's Wild Kingdom" she has new guests every week...lol

Sterling...Cute video.. Campbell soup kid material for sure! Which reminds me of the one where the kids comes in the house like a snowman and "melts" back into a kid. My buddy is like that when we would go to the cracker barrel for breakfast, he would get his coffee and food and you could see his grumpiness melt away.. I guess a good biscuit & jelly will do that to a guy haha!

Have a good day everyone....Asa, got those filters chanced yet???


October 03, 2014 - Msg 99263: ...CHANGED Sorry...

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99264:
Climbing on my soap box in preparation to make a speech.
I saw on the news this morning a report that three high school athletes have died this week as a result of injuries sustained while playing tackle football for their schools. Although that should be shocking news, it does not seem to generate enough public interest like a school shooting would.
Just before I began high school, one of our upperclassmen football players was tackled hard by one of his own teammates during a practice session. He was knocked unconscious, rushed to the hospital, then died a few days later. This made me not want to try out for football even though a coach asked me.
And in spite of all the improvements that have incorporated in the protective gear players wear, kids are still dying or being permanently disabled. The National Institute of Health reports that between 1990 and 2010, there have been an average of 12 high school and college football deaths each year. A football-related fatality has occurred every year from 1945 through 1999, except for 1990. And from 1984 through 1999, 69 head-related injuries resulted in permanent disability in high school and college football. Most of the fatal head injuries happened while the participant was tackling or being tackled in a game. They also estimate that 250,000 concussions occur every year in high school and college football. And repeated concussions can be fatal. Even former NFL players have complained how their health has been affected from the impacts they received and dished out during their careers playing football.
Personally, I would not mind if tackle football was eliminated or at least changed. Why not replace it with flag football? That is where each player had a strip of cloth (called a flag) dangling from the left and right sides of their belt. Instead of tackling the ball carrier, all the defender had to do was grab hold of the cloth and pull to make it separate from the ball carrier. With the strip of cloth removed, the ball carrier is considered to have been "tackled". I myself have played flag football.
Unfortunately, judging by the popularity of tackle football, I don't expect such a drastic change will happen. What do you folks think?

from Poor Horatio

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99265: Good morning, porch. PH, I couldn't agree more. I enjoy a good football game as much as the next person, I guess, but I cringe when the tackles are made, and nothing is sadder than seeing a man carried off the field with injuries.

The statistics speak for themselves. If one fault in a particular automobile was shown to be responsible for the same number of deaths or injuries as the stats you quoted, that car would be recalled, redesigned, or discontinued. Yet we send men out there every weekend to face potential death or serious injury, and call it sport. Worse yet, we send our immature young boys, in high school and middle school, into the same risk pool and we stand and cheer on the sidelines.

My 13 year old grandson is now playing football in middle school. He's a skinny, lanky kid who is growing very fast (5'8") but has just barely hit puberty and still has the muscle structure of a child. His neck is slender, his shoulders are wide but still bony - he just doesn't have the beef to withstand a hard hit. His parents aren't thrilled that he's playing, but he wanted to try. He's a gifted baseball player, and that's his first love, but he wanted to try football. We're all praying that he'll drop it after this year, and I think he will.

I hear what you're saying about flag football, and I agree, but the chances of ever eliminating tackle football and switching to flag in America are probably less than zero, if that were possible. Unfortunately, as a nation, our values are badly skewed, and maybe we're just not that bright.

I just checked the little box out back, and am very happy to report that it was empty. Apparently my small possum friend was just, uh, playing possum. I suppose he might have been a bit stunned as well, but at any rate, he appears to be mobile, and has left his "flying box." Poor little thing, he must have been terrified. When David comes to haul all those limbs to the curb, he'll put the box back up in the tree for me too, but I seriously doubt that little possum will occupy it again. I wouldn't!

Well, gotta run. One home health visit to make, a quick stop at the store and the bank, a cake to bake and then must be at a friend's house for bunco at six. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99266: Well PH, I tend to agree, these days football has become such a cash cow it sorta takes away from the whole game. Agreed there is danger everywhere and in everything. I for the most part quit watching or at least getting into the game a long time ago. (the Browns will do that to a guy you know..haha) I guess I am more against the commercialization of sports than the possible dangers at least at the Pro level. As far as HS ALL precautions should be taken to keep the kids safe.

Cold and rainy all weekend on my end of the porch Yep, fall is on it's way. I cut down all my sunflowers yesterday, will dry out the stalks and make hiking sticks from them. The Barney Fife one I made for the Mayberry Days auction brought in $69.00 so maybe I'll make more for next year.
They are surprisingly strong and very light, I stain and varnish them and they turn out quite nice.


October 03, 2014 - Msg 99267: Asa, You gotta look into getting some of the "Alure" sweet corn for your garden next year. I am having some now. The farmer is finishing his last field, and the next couple of days will be the last of it for the season. As I said he plants several fields to stretch the season out.
Goood Eatin'....


October 03, 2014 - Msg 99268: Here's the link, https://www.harrisseeds.com/storefront/p-14493-sweet-corn-allure-insect-guard.aspx Maybe SPOT can check it out too....

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99269: Good evening, porch. Well, David and the boys hve been here and gone, and all the limbs and fallen debris in my yard has been cleaned up and stacked at the street. It would have cost me at least $200 to get that done, but the three of them wrapped it up in about two hours, and appeared to be having fun doing it. I watched my patient son teach his sons how to use a saw, and an ax, and how to stack small stuff on top of a big limb and use it like a travois to drag the little stuff out of the yard. He taught them small principles, such as - drag a limb stump first, don't try to push the leafy end through a gate! That seems so obvious, but it's not to an 11 yr old. He did it so patiently, too - "Try going through with the stump end first, son. It's easier." Much laughing and joking, and gentle teasing. They're a joy to watch, and David is so much like his dad. Makes my heart happy.

Well, my cake is in the oven, just need to wash up a bit, get the cake out when it's done, and go pick up Eloise and head over to bunco. Should be a fun evening. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 03, 2014 - Msg 99270: Wanted to check in. Erin is doing well today but Sean has a cold virus and sore throat and now I do, too. Oh well, that's life, but if you don't hear from me for a day or two I will be in bed coughing and honking. :)

Please say a prayer for St. Susan's family. Her son Matt and his wife have seoerated for the second time in two years and this time they seem set on divorce. Its a sad situation due to their three children.


October 04, 2014 - Msg 99271:
Hello all! At dad's again today. He's still stopped up. Trying another enema on Sat. Please
keep him in your prayers.
GF and ASA, that is quite a coincidence about your jobs and your spouses! Prayers for them.
RO--glad you made it thru the storm. Always smells
so fresh after a storm. I posted some photos on FB of our mountain in a green blanket. We dont see that very often. Hope the vacuum is still OK.
I am very concerned about how the CDC is handling (or not handling) the ebola mess.
I have to read more entries.

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99272: Geeze Boo, when it rains it pours, huh?! Hope you all get well, and stay well, for once. ;-) Prayers also for Susan's son and family. Not fun for all involved.

Poor Horatio, I have a question I would like to ask you if you don't mind, since you are mighty "ept" with electronics and computers.
We recently put our trusty old Linksys router out to pasture because it had started dropping the signal frequently and I would have to reset it to get it to work again.
Well, I went and bought a refurbished Apple Extreme 5th generation router from the Apple Store(didn't want to pay $300 for a new router) based on reviews that said that even refurbished stuff from the Apple store was usually good.

Anyway, hooked it up easily enough, but now have to deal with quite a bit of lag. I know some of the Korean dramas my wife watches over the internet sometimes lag so bad the video just freezes, while the audio goes on though. That, and some of the sites I go to seem to take long to load as well, while other sites are pretty normal.

Just wondering if you thought this is because of the router or do you think it could be something else? I should tell you our setup. We have the cable modem plugged into the router which is then plugged into the desktop(imac). Then we have the laptop and a couple other things which use the wireless signal. The lag is on all of the computers, whether wired to the router or not. Not sure if it lags on the little gadgets, because I don't use the little gadgets.

Our Linksys router didn't have this problem, and we had the same number of things using the signal. I am starting to regret ever buying this Apple thing and wishing I would have stuck to a product at least I know has worked in this capacity. Unfortunately, I am over the only 14 day return policy that Apple has, so I am stuck with this thing, unless I can sell it, or use it as mini hotplate(that's what it kind of looks like).
But I would be interested if you have any learned opinions on this before I go buy another router. Thanks!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99273: Hey MDC. Will say a prayer for your dad.


October 04, 2014 - Msg 99274: MDC, Green Mountain? Does that make you one of the "Green Mt. Boys"? I'm sure Ethan Allen coulda used your help. Except I thought when I learned about that in history class, they were from what is now Vermont. You know there is so much history these days I could be wrong ;)... I hope your Dad has some intestinal stimulation and "movement" towards success. Nope, that is not a fun thing to have to go thru.

Asa must be enjoying his long week-end or is just too busy to post.

Boo, Ditto on what SH said! Girl,...You sure need a bigger plate!! (maybe I could loan you the big one we use to put the turkey on at Thanksgiving)


October 04, 2014 - Msg 99275: Good morning, porch. Sterling, I'm sure PH will be able to shed some light on your problem, but I'll offer one small, very UN-learned comment. I have Time-Warner cable, for the computer only. My TV is on Dish Network. My house phone is on Vonage, and operates through the computer. I used a D-Link router for several years, and it worked well, to supply the things that the TV requires from the internet now and then, and to allow internet access for my cell phone and the devices guests bring in with them. Then a few months ago, I decided to upgrade my cable package, to take advantage of their highest-speed transmission. That required a new modem, which they brought out and installed, and guess what? The router is built in, and I was able to disconnect the little D-link. This new thing talks to my TV and my family's laptops and whatever. If you're on Time-Warner, ask them about it, or if not, probably any of the cable suppliers have the same thing. Just a thought....

MDC, my prayers for your dad. What a miserable, nerve-wracking experience for him, and for all concerned. I pray something will bring him some relief, very soon.

Would you believe, the brush trucks came by about an hour after David and the boys left yesterday, and picked up all the fallen limbs they had stacked by the street. There was a pile of limbs about thirty feet long and at least five feet high, and now it's all gone. Nothing but a few twigs left. We didn't pick up the really little stuff. Eddie will use the mulching mower next Thursday, and just mow over it. The mulched stuff is good for the grass, and mowing it is much easier on the St. Augustine than trying to rake it up.

Well, gotta run. Today is the annual Walk to Remember, with the MEND organization, honoring all the babies lost to miscarriage or neonatal death. It's a support group, it helped Brittney and David a lot when we lost Logan, and Brittney now serves on the board and remains quite active. She no longer needs the support herself, but is there to offer it to those who do. They expect about 1200 people at today's event. That will be a lot of balloons released at the end of the ceremony! It's such a beautiful thing to see.

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99276:
Sterling Holobyte, routers have the ability to use different rf channels (frequencies). I suspect your Apple router is using a different channel than your Linksys router. Routers are given this capability because we own so many different electronic devices that our homes are filled with many radio frequencies that can interfere with each other.
Since you mentioned you have an iMac, check out the instructions at http://tinyurl.com/l53ojuk/
If your MAC Operating System is 10.8 or later, then hold option key and click on the wi-fi icon on the menu bar and choose wi-fi diagnostics.
To manually change channels, click on the link in the CHECK THE CHANNELS paragraph. Make a note of where the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels are set to. Then click on each down or up arrow to change them to a channel recommended by the wi-fi diagnostics. Then test your router operation to see if the video improves. If not, try a different channel, then test. Keep repeating this until you are satisfied. Let me know what happens.

from Poor Horatio

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99277:
Sterling Holobyte, I need to make my instructions above a little clearer. When you choose wi-fi diagnostics and run it, it will notify you what router channels don't have any interference on at your location. Then use these channels to manually set up your Apple Extreme Router by following the link in the CHECK THE CHANNELS paragraph.

from Poor Horatio

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99278: Thank you, Poor Horatio. Your information is I think even clearer to understand than the stuff in the link.

I don't have wi-fi set up on the desktop since it is directly wired to everything, and the laptop isn't 10.8, but I am updating that to 10.9 right now since it is a free upgrade. Just never needed to upgrade before now. Then I will go through the steps on that one.

Thanks again. You really are a treasure trove of information. And in plain English to boot.

-Sterling Holobyte

October 04, 2014 - Msg 99279: MDC, I want to work on strengthening our immune systems and read that oregano oil should be taken as 200mg three times a day. Does that sound right to you?


October 05, 2014 - Msg 99280: SUCCESS!! I was praying all the way to dad's place this morning, had the enema with me, but asking God if there was ANY other way... Well, when I got there, his care giver had the idea of trying a warm shower. Dad uses one of those plastic pipe shower/potty chairs for his showers. Anyway, during the shower it started coming, and boy do I mean... OK, I'll leave it at that!! :) But it worked! Thank you for your prayers, I know they hit the mark!
BOO-- wow, you mean I am winning you over to OREGANO??! ha
At first sign of sniffles, I place about 3 drops of oregano oil (150 mg) in some juice, about twice a day. I also have oregano capsules on hand. Check out www.oreganol.com
In Corpus I see a place that has it. Max Life Super Nutrition. Sure hope that helps you all.
GF--Sounds like MD was "profitable!" ha
Good Sabbath

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99281: I should have added RO's line..."God is good!"

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99282: Glad to hear your dad is doing better, MDC!

Have a nice night and a blessed Sunday!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99283: Good Morning Porch!..hey PH,MDC,Romeena Boo,Possum,Gf,TOM,Sterling,PH,Asa and all...wind has been giving us fits here at work..rain and then wind = trees falling on lines...but seems to have died down this morning..My LAST weekend day at work for 2 months..little info for yall..Mrs SPOT and I will be flying to Kansas to the International Linemans Rodeo in two weeks..I usually drive a truck and pull the equipment trailer but this year im flying for the FIRST time...yep the ole dog is gona take to the air..will give updates closer to the date. Well I will whup us up some sausage and eggs...find a sermon on the tube...and get ready for football and nascar...prayers to all...back in a bit...SPOT

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99284: Good Sabbath Porch.

MDC, I am sure glad things are moving once again. I'm sure your Dad is too.

Romeena, I'm glad your house didn't suffer any significant damage from that storm. I am always amazed at how light those cottonwood tree limbs are. And I am glad you have familt who are able and willing to come and help you out like that. I feel so blessed to have my children live so close to us, and their willingness to help us out. They are a true blessing to us.

Boo, sure am happy that Erin is doing well. Get on them supplements, get plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated.

Hey GF, I would love to see your finished product with those walking sticks. That sounds pretty cool.

Sterling, just use bigger wires! :)

Thanks for breakfast Spot. Have fun at the rodeo and I hope you have a good and safe flight.

Sure has been nice here weather wise. Low 40's in the mornings and upper 60's in the afternoons. I have not had to run either the a/c or the furnace for over a week. Now that makes a tightwad like me smile big. (remember, I have British blood flowing in me) :)

Prayers for all.


October 05, 2014 - Msg 99285: My walking stick and other donations went to the "Arts Council" who puts on the events, if you want to see my walking stick there is a picture of it on the iMayberry site. Plus you gotta check out the quilt a lady from Ohio made, it brought a whopping $6,200.00 for the Arts Council. There must be some Rockefeller's in Mt. Airy. It sure was a nice quilt, it was made from the "event" t-shirts from the past 25 Mayberry Days.

Come on over after SPOTS breakfast, I'm making stuffed pepper soup fresh from my garden (except the meat it was store botten) haha....

Very cool on my end of the porch, yep good soup day..."Does a body good"....especially the stomach!


October 05, 2014 - Msg 99286: Good afternoon, porch. MDC, that's good news for sure. I'm so glad things finally, uh, "went well" for your dad. We can make our little jokes here on the porch, but when you're the one in the situation - well "'tain't funny, McGee."

Does anyone else remember Fibber McGee and Molly, on the radio? Funny stuff. Corny, but funny. I just Googled "Fibber McGee and Molly" and found a world of links. Here's a good one: https://archive.org/details/FibberMcGeeandMolly1940. It has a list of audios of some of the old shows. I listened to the first one, and boy, did it bring back memories. Even the old Johnson's Wax commercials were fun. Remember when the kitchen floor was "linoleum" - not vinyl or tile? You'd better keep a good coat of a hard wax on it, or it would wear through pretty quick. My mom even had an electric buffer to shine the floor (she wasn't using Johnson's Glo-Coat in those days.) She let me try to run it once, and that infernal machine threw me all over the kitchen!

Well, I may have to go lie down again. I missed church this morning because I was feeling dizzy and was a little afraid to drive. It passed off, but seems to be coming back. It's a chronic thing, happens a couple of times a year, and I can usually control it well with meclizine, but I'm out of that. I'll get some tomorrow.

Blessings, porch! -- Romeena

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99287: ...Take it easy there Romeena, Get some rest! "Hope they don't bring any more soup"!...haha

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99288: Hi All
G F going to the Big House and all you going to is SOUP of RAT AND BAT AND THE COLD CELL TO STAY IN.


October 05, 2014 - Msg 99289: Good to hear from you TOM....I like soup, could ya throw in a blanket tho? Barney mended all the holes....G-F

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99290: no blanket

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99291: I'll bring you a cake GF (hint, don't eat it)


October 05, 2014 - Msg 99292: cot, blanket, and a cracked mirror...(:

October 05, 2014 - Msg 99293: Asa the cell nexet to G F will have you in it bring the cake with the saw in it..


October 06, 2014 - Msg 99294: Oh Tom, I wasn't sneaking a file in to GF. Just a blanket. The thought of him laying around in that cold cell, shivering, just about brought tears to me. I was just trying to make his stay a little more enjoyable.

Hope you dizziness went away Romeena. I get those spells also, although mine sometimes will last for months. Mine are a direct result of when I slipped at the pool in California a few years back and got a bad concussion. I just ain't been right in the haid since. :)


October 06, 2014 - Msg 99295: ...Thanks Asa, I was I was hoping for one of those Aunt Bee breakfasts too! Yep, it's NO fun when that iron door slams shut! If I were more of a football fan, TOM and I would have to debate about the Browns vs Steelers game next week IN Cleveland, but I'm not that interested. I just hope Goodyear brings some better tires to Charlotte next week...Right SPOT??

My lawn is full of leaves, or better known as "paying for the shade" better get the mowing machine out and grind them up...Humm, might rain...Might not!...better study on it more..ha
Ya'll have a good Mon-Day, if you run into any "MON"s thank them for the day... :)


October 06, 2014 - Msg 99296: Trouble Check ...prayers to all on the porch
SPOT, MDC ..Nascar is already 4 races into the chase ,seems like we just got started

October 06, 2014 - Msg 99297: Hey to Mayberry Deputy. Long time no see.

Boy GF, My leaves are just now starting to think about falling. The Silver Maples and Red Blaze Maples first, followed by the Cottonwood out in the pasture. Then the 4 Quacking Aspen are last. It's always a race to see if they will drop everything before the snow hits. Them Aspen have got to go.
Hey Tom. I have an idea. How about letting GF come out on work release. Then he can come over and rake my leaves to pay his debt to society. Deal?


October 06, 2014 - Msg 99298: Hi All.
Angel Wings

I am a guardian angel
Of all that Heavven brings:
Although you cannot see me
You'll feel the brush of wings.
I am the courier of faith,
Together we have flown,
And when your wings grows weary
You'll never be alone.
I am the lamp unto your feet,
The shield from dark and fear;
Know that you are safe
As long as I am near.
I am the messenger of God;
The shepherd of your care,
And when you need my hand-
You'll find that I am there.


October 06, 2014 - Msg 99299: Maberry Deputy yep Nascar is gona be good these last races...Jimmy and Jr are in a bad way...GOT to have good finishes or a win...hey TOM,Romeena,asa,possum,GF,Boo...hey im covered up here at work..hate to say it but all lights are not on...working on it ...im here till 6am...can somebody bring me a plate...any ole thing will do..I have bottle water...SPOT

October 06, 2014 - Msg 99300: Well, I'm crabby and have a miserable cold..lying hee gripping my bottle of Vicks...(honk!).

Glad your dad is doing well, MDC. I'll have to remember that trick when I start my clinicals at the nursing home.

Erin went back to school today and did just fine. Thank you for your prayers.

I have my annual waffle iron and check up tomorrow and really dont feel like going. If I cancel it might be a long time before I can go. Please say a prayer that all goes well because I can't afford another setback. I need to start working soon.

SPOT, sounds like an exciting time flying to the lineman's rodeo. Hope you and the Mrs have fun.

Better get some rest. Thanks for the oregano info, MDC.


October 07, 2014 - Msg 99301: tick a lock (:

October 07, 2014 - Msg 99302: Well, at least you've got your Vicks, Boo.
Sorry you are ailing. Praying for a quick recovery for you.

Poor Horatio, I did the diagnostic on the laptop, but all it gave me was a report with a bunch of gobbly-gook that is probably going to take me some time to sift through to make sense of it(I thought Apple was supposed to be simpler - I never believed that anyway, not from my experience). Will let you know when I find out something relevant.

Have a great night, everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

October 07, 2014 - Msg 99303:
Sterling Holobyte, maybe the link below can help you with your wi-fi diagnostics:

from Poor Horatio

October 07, 2014 - Msg 99304:
It is good to see that our Sheriff TOM has returned. Things were getting a little rowdy while he was gone.

from Poor Horatio

October 07, 2014 - Msg 99305: Feeling a little better this evening but saw the dr because of a terrible pressure in my right ear. he ordered some steroid ear drops that the pharmacy is out of. maybe tomorrow.

Are any of you going to get up early to look at the blood moon in the morning? My brother in law claims it has prophetic significance of some sort due to it falling on Yom Kippur. Know anything about that, MDC?

Better go...having a coughing fit.


October 07, 2014 - Msg 99306: Here'a a poem for TOM from G-F http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehUGgQO7psU

October 07, 2014 - Msg 99307: Boo hope you get to feeling better...here at work till 6am...all is quite..Sterling good luch on yer lap top...I think PH is a whiz with them...as for this old dog...well just the basics for me...can get around a little bit on one...got plenty of computer brains here at work...well gona get a bowl of apple jacks...back in a bit...SPOT

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99308:
BOO--this link explains them a bit:
But, yes, I really think that things are falling into place.
Look at ebola in the US now, and that enterovirus thats killing children. Then there's ISIS on the march, major cyber ID breaches,(and I'll just say it..gay marriage is just about to become the law of the land), big typhoons in Japan this week, 10 trillion now owed to China, and they now have a 200 million man army ready to attack anywhere, etc. Remember, Noah worked on the ark for 125 years as warnings were given to the people. Have oil for your lamps.
Back to mayberry, good ep tonight about Aunt Bee, the warden! OTIS! back to work! :)
My dad seems to be slipping. Those of us who have lost loved ones know what I mean
when I say that. Tho his bowels are moving again, he seems to be "giving up" a bit.
I'll keep you all posted.
We are supposed to get more rain on Wednesday, but not sure where its going from here.
Hey to SPOT, PH, TOM, SH, and all
Prayers for all,

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99309: Good morning all.

Hey MDC, I am sorry to read that about your Dad. I know just what you mean though. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Hi Boo. I saw the eclipse this morning. Wow. Very cool for sure. I hope you are feeling better. My daughter is sick as can be with a cold also. Too durn early for that stuff if you ask me. I still need to get my flu shot.

Hey GF, I slipped you a blanket in through the window of you jail cell. I hope you are in cell #2. If not at least Otis will be nice and warm. :)

Spot, I haven't eaten Apple Jacks in ages. Now you got me fancying a bowl. Guess I better buy a box on my next grocery trip. Better yet maybe I'll buy that variety pack. The one that has all them small boxes of different cereals. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do, and don't no one try stopping me! :)

I hope Romeena is ok. She mentioned she was having some vertigo issues and we haven't heard from her since. Check in Ro, when you can.

Well GF, I am blowing down sprinkling systems for the rest of the week. I have about a dozen different properties to do, and some of them are huge, so it takes a while. All in all it's a fun week.

Better get. I have to go pick up the screw compressor and get to it, as Aunt Bee would say.

Prayers for all.


October 08, 2014 - Msg 99310: Thanks, SPOT, I feel better today. Ear still buggin me, but everything else is getting better.

Thanks for the input, MDC..it certainly does seem like things are lining up. I am sorry to hear that your dad is in the state he is in. I know what you are talking about. Bless his heart. Saying a prayer for him today.

Asa, if Ro doesn't show up on the porch soon, I will give her a call.

Well, hate to rush off but have to take erin to her follow up appointment with the doctor today. Hope you all have a good day.


October 08, 2014 - Msg 99311: Good morning, porch! I'm fine - sorry to have caused concern. I've been rightchere, just didn't have anything to say, for once in my life.

I'm glad Erin is better, but now we have Boo ailin'. I declare, we just can't get this porch well! If it's like this now, what's it going to be like when the weather starts turning bad? Guess I'd better call my doc and arrange for a flu shot. Maybe I'll get that pneumonia shot as well, and come to think of it, my tet@nus shot is ten years old, so guess I'd better get one of those, too. Mercy! After all of that, I'll practically be bullet-proof.

MDC, I know exactly what you mean about your dad. I watched my dad do the same thing, and "slipping" is a good description. It just seems like they're gradually turning loose of life, and as I get older, I'm beginning to understand how that can happen. He's tired, and he wants to go home.

I didn't get to see the moon last night - we've got a heavy cloud cover. Would have been difficult anyway, as my eyes had a heavy eyelid cover as well. Yep, slept right through it. After looking out at the cloudy sky now, I'm glad I didn't get up, because there would have been nothing to see anyway.

I don't know what's wrong with my hair lately. It just looks awful. Dry and fly-away, straight, and frizzy. Usually, it's pretty wavy, even curly sometimes, and I just wash it, mousse it, push the waves in and let it dry. Here lately, it looks fine the day it's washed, but the next day, it's all frazzed, standing on end, and looks just awful. I'd just wash it every day, but when I tried that, it got so dry it wouldn't even look nice the first day. I wonder what causes that? Well, got to get busy.

Today is ESL day at the church, and I don't really have anything prepared for my class. No problem. We have a workbook, I'll get them to read some of the little stories in it, and as they read, problems will come to light, which we can work on. Pronunciation, comprehension, colloquialisms and such. Pronunciation will be the biggie. There are just some sounds in English that the native Spanish speaker has trouble with, just as we have trouble with the rolled "rr" in Spanish. In English, "b" and "v" have distinct, different sounds. In Spanish, while the two are seen in the written language, they are pronounced almost exactly alike in Spanish, and the pronunciation is a blending of the two, leaning strongly toward the "b". There is a very tiny difference, but only a very discerning ear can catch it (I usually can't hear it), and actually, only a very careful speaker even makes the distinction. Most casual speakers pronounce them both alike. So, for a Spanish speaker, our "v" sound is very frustrating. That's why you'll hear a Hispanic person say something is "bery good." If you listen closely, you'll hear that the "b" in "bery" is just slightly softer, a hint of a "v" in it. That's the sound that's used for both. Sorry, I don't mean to bore you, but the whole thing just fascinates me. I'd love to have been a linguist.

Well, gotta run. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99312: Glad you're doing OK, Romeena.
I did see the eclipse because for some reason I woke up at four thirty and couldn't go back to sleep. We could see it clearly enough.


October 08, 2014 - Msg 99313: Boo I was headed home from work this morning at 6am and the eclipse was great...glad you feel better....supper menu: Fried Porck chops,fried okra,butter peas,corn on the cob,salad with real bacon bits..sweet tea and apple pie...ready at 19:00est...prayers to all...this is my friday..will be off till Monday !..wii hoo...gona go fishing one day...SPOT

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99314: Floyd had the questions from the Mayberry Days trivia contest on his pod cast last night, man were they HARD. I was there AT the contest, and did not get any right, I replayed the podcast and still could not get them right on the "rerun" that shows how hard they are, you can't even remember them in re-runs....Or maybe I'm not a very good trained listener...I think the latter. I think Mrs. G-F would agree. lol I usta could be good one, I think I just need to have the volume turned up some..haha

I don't know SPOT, but your "viral" menus are getting as good as Maude's! That Mrs. SPOT must be a real good cooker....

Romeena, Your ESL class, have you taught them the "I" befor "E" except after "C" in chicken rule yet?? Just wait until the geography "boundaries" lesson...I'd like to hear that one! Would that be the Obama version?...Sorry once again I could not help myself...I know TOM, 2 more days in the "Big House", at least someone slipped me a blanket ;) Right? (Don't ask don't tell);)
[___________] ^ FREEDOM
===============My tunnel=========^ is not Free!
G-F...(under the jail)

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99315: Didn't turn out quite as I typed it, but you get the jest of it...haha

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99316: HHHHHH
=========My tunnel=====> Freedom is not free!
That's better?

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99317: Rats! I 'll quit....

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99318:
G-F, if you examine adjacent horizontal lines of text in the posts here, you will notice that none of the characters line up vertically. Some characters are wider than others. That is because the font family being displayed here is not a monospaced font (I believe here it is NEW TIMES ROMAN). A monospaced font is composed of letters, characters and numbers that all occupy the same horizontal space. A monospaced font will line up vertically. Probably the most common monospaced font is COURIER. So before trying to line up characters, you have to change the font to COURIER with an HTML command.

from Poor Horatio

October 08, 2014 - Msg 99319: Huh? I couldn't even figure out what he was trying to do, exactly, and here you are explaining how to do it. I need to go back to school. --Romeena

October 09, 2014 - Msg 99320: Five

October 09, 2014 - Msg 99321: Thanks PH, spoken so eloquently, all I was trying to do is show my tunnel under the jail and the direction out to freedom...haha I'm sure TOM will discover my tunnel and fill it back in with cement anyhow! Can't get much past him!

SPOT if you happen to catch "Old Sam" just throw him back, you know all the trouble Howard got into. Hope you have a "crappie" day fishing, you know they are a good pan fish and will give you a good fight for their size. Just stay away from them "Bass" fish they are just plain crazy...lol

Boo, Hope everything is calming down and everyone is getting back to normal.

MDC, Continued prayers for you Dad, I'm sure he is getting just plain tired from a long life, but it is hard for us to watch when the time comes.

Asa, Got those pipes drained out yet? The "Old Man" is knocking on the door!....

Romeena, I know this Month is rough, isn't about now when REV would make it down your way to your church? Hard to believe it has been almost a year already since he passed... When I ran into Maude @ Mayberry Days, she said she & Mr. Maude got to hear and meet him when he was in their area. I listen to his music all the time, so he is still blessing us.. Amen?


October 09, 2014 - Msg 99322: Morning Dears.

Hey GF, Your digging reminded me a lot of Newton Monroe digging to plant the tree. Did you hit any water pipes? :) About half way done with the blow downs. Going fairly smooth. Still beautiful weather here. Low to mid 70's in the afternoon and upper 40's at night. With not having to run either a/c or furnace, the power and gas company are probably fit to be tied.

Glad to see you Romeena. I hope your dizziness went away.

Glad you are feeling better Boo. I thought we was gonna have to loosen something on you for a minute. :)

Have fun fishing Spot. Don't forget your license.

Prayers for all, especially for MDC and his Dad.


October 09, 2014 - Msg 99323: Good morning, porch. Yes, G-F, it's been almost a year since our REV went home to be with the Lord. His concert was on Oct. 17, he stayed over and spent Friday and Friday evening with me and my family, and left on Saturday morning for his next concert, which I believe was in Shreveport. He passed away there on Sunday. I never saw any actual details, but my impression is that he was found in his motor home on Sunday morning, before the concert. It was as he would have wanted it to be - called home while serving as his Lord led him. He is missed by a whole host of people across this country, and my family and I are just a small part of that great company of friends.

I think a card, maybe with a kind note, to his wife at this time of year would be appreciated. I plan to send one. You can find the mailing address here: http://www.rockymorrismusic.com/ His CDs are still available at that site as well. I think I have them all, but am going to double check the list, just in case I missed one.

Asa, yes, the dizziness is gone. I didn't have any meclizine (well, I did, but it was over a year expired, so didn't take it.) I did have some Lasix, and took that to unload any excess fluid I might have been carrying. I guess it helped, because the dizziness left. I wasn't aware of any fluid load, no swollen feet or anything, but sometimes it doesn't take much. Anyway, I have some meclizine now, so no worries. That stuff works wonders for dizziness, at least for me, and it's available over the counter, as "Antivert."

Eddie's here to mow today, which will clean up all the litter that was left when David and the boys hauled those enormous limbs out of here. I told them to leave the little twiggy stuff, as Eddie will just mow them and mulch them in. The grass will love it. It's clouding up out there though, looks like we might get a bit of weather again. I hope no more limbs come down! There's one pretty big one that broke off the sycamore last week, but didn't make it to the ground. It fell into the cottonwood next to it, and appears to be well and truly caught. I'll probably have to have it removed in the spring, when we cut the cottonwood blooms out.

Well, guess I'd better get busy around here. Got to get caught up on my home health charting - I've made three visits that I haven't charted yet. Blessings, friends! --Romeena