November 20, 2014 - Msg 99807: Wow Romeena 53 and sunny...good for you ! Im gona have a big pot of chilie ready for lunch...will just need plastic spoons and crackers and something to drink...SPOT

November 20, 2014 - Msg 99808: "Hark how the sailors cry,
Joyfully echoes nye.
Santa Lucia, San..ta Lu...cia."
Luther Heggs

November 20, 2014 - Msg 99809: Thank you, everyone, for your prayers on Eloise's behalf. After a "red flag" test today identified the source of the bleeding, an endoscopy gave the doctor access to the site, where he was able to clip a small vessel that had ruptured, and was steadily leaking blood. There was no sign of any malignancy. She will get another unit of blood tonight (her fifth) to "top her off", and will probably go home tomorrow. Her spirits are good, she was laughing and joking, and as near as I can tell, everything will be fine. God is good. --Romeena

November 20, 2014 - Msg 99810:
My wife is a blood donor. Thank God for people who do that.
I am on thinners etc, so they wont take mine.
So glad Eloise is doing better Ro.
Luther--doesnt Gomer sing that so beautifully?
73 and sunny here. Wish I could send some to y'all.
ASA-so sorry about the misery in your back. You
ringing doorbells again? :)
Prayers for your missus.

November 20, 2014 - Msg 99811: And good sweep Spot. Hot Chocolate all around.

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99812: MDC, Gomer sings just about everything beautifully. Ok, well, maybe his Marine Hymn could use a little work.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99813:


November 21, 2014 - Msg 99814: Good morning all.

Great news about Eloise Romeena. I am so happy to read that. And thank you all for your prayers on our behalf. They are much felt and appreciated.

Well I can't compete with MDC's 73, but we did get up to 50 yesterday and are supposed to today. I like it. But they are calling for rain on Saturday and snow on Sunday with a cool down. But back to the mid 40's by Thanksgiving. So not bad, especially compared to New York. Them poor folks are supposed to get rain now on all that snow. Mercy sakes, I hope they have the drains to swing it.

I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas groove this year so far. I know it's early, but I typically start early. But just not there yet. I'm not sleeping well right now though, and that has me grumpy. Oh well.

Prayers for all for a blessed day and weekend.


November 21, 2014 - Msg 99815:
Morning Porch,

We got a couple more feet of snow here last night, still way behind the folks a bit north of us.

Thanks for concern expressed. I'm hoping to stop by more frequently again. The last couple years have thrown me off my game a bit but we all have "times" in our lives.

Asa-Prayers for you and your wife.

Asa, GF, PH, MDC, Romeena, SPOT, possum, Sterling, Boo, and Tom, great to see you all again. Luther, I don't believe we've met but Howdy.

Peace & Prayers,

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99816: Great news Romeena, Continued prayers for Mr. & Mrs. Asa, hope you can get your groove back. I know it's hard when you have health issues hanging over you. It's takes a lot out of you.

Well, I did something I thought I'd never do, I went to the Wall Mart @ 6:00am and wait in line to get one of those flat screen TV's that they had on the pre-Black Friday event. Now I can watch TAGS on the "Big Screen"..haha

Asa, I'm getting ready to go back out to order my "Wheeler"... Yep, it's a fun day!


November 21, 2014 - Msg 99817: Good morning, porch! So nice to wake up to friendly chatter, comments from grateful hearts and helpful friends, and everything that this community represents. We are blessed, folks.

I also wake up, every day, to a comical little face peering at me from about six inches away, topknot drooping over one eye. She's just waiting for a hint that I might be awake. As soon as any hint of eye contact is made, she races around the bed, practically turning flips, jumping over me and ricocheting off me, just absolutely rejoicing that it's morning and we're getting up. Obviously, I start every single day with laughter (who could help it?) and that, my friends, is a gift from God. I can't imagine life without her. Gotta love her!

David is on his way here. My Christmas tree is ready over at the Christmas store in Dallas. You may remember, I had removed all the incandescent lights that were on it, because every year, from the first year of its life, I was faced with several strings that were completely blown, when I was ready to decorate it. That will try your patience after a while, and there was no end in sight. So, I removed all the lights, working or not, and took it back to the store. This will just be its fifth Christmas, so it was a bit early for ALL the lights to be going out. I ordered some multi-color LED lights and got a wholesale price on them. I gave them to the store to be put on my tree. It took 24 50-light strings! They re-strung it for a very reasonable price, and now I'll be able to just decorate my pretty tree, without a two or three-day hassle, trying to put those lights on it. Not too many years ago, I would have definitely done it myself, but these days, I just don't have the physical strength and dexterity to do it. A job like that would have caused the arthritis in my hands to get so bad I would have been in trouble for days! So, I made an "executive decision" and left it for them to do. The price was right, and besides, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if David pays the bill when we get there. I don't expect it, but he often does things like that. That boy was the best "snap decision" his daddy and I ever made!

Well, better get dressed. He'll be here in about an hour. After we pick up the tree, we'll go up to the hospital and see Eloise. I love that gal. Not only is she a good friend, and a fun runnin' buddy, but she's good to David, too, and he loves her. If I leave this planet before she does (likely, I'm four years older), I know she'll look after him for me.

Asa, dig a little deeper and find your Christmas spirit. It's there, it's just buried under all the challenges you face every day. Find it, free it, and share it. Especially share it. It's like love - when you divide it, it multiplies! And Christmas is a time for love, joy and celebration. After all, it's the birthday of a King! --Romeena

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99818: ASA-the true meaning of Christmas is there hidden
amongst the trappings. You'll find it. God bless.
A Friend

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99819: Romeena, Are you saying it's time to get your inner Clark W. Griswold on? Good on ya, just be sure to check the tree for any squirrels that are hiding in the tree. And just be sure you have Tylenol on

Asa, Hang in there buddy, as I have said, you are one of my kind and I know somewhat you are going thru. Oh by the way the "Wheeler" coming Tuesday morning, wonder if they'll throw in a free bug sprayer as part of the deal.....


November 21, 2014 - Msg 99820: Auh2o nice to meet you.
MDC, Gomer does have a beautiful voice.
Oh well, I was off today. Enjoyed a beautiful 56 degree day with my dog, Little Petey.Got a few chores done. Getting ready to watch the Packers on Sunday. Everybody have a good weekend.

"Huh?" Oh yeah, gas and radio, gas and radio."
Luther Heggs

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99821: Good evening, porch. Just got home. It's been a long and enjoyable day. David got here around ten this morning, and did a couple of little things in the house - replaced a high-up light bulb, and carried a too-heavy recycle bag to the street. Then he realized that my car's front passenger door lock and window weren't working. He replaced the fuse (located under the rear seat!) but that didn't fix it. So he took the door panel off, fiddled with some wires and it started working again. Put the door panel back on and it looks and works like new. Handy little gadget, that boy.

We went to the tree store over in Dallas and picked up the tree after stopping for a Schlotzsky's sandwich (I love 'em!). Got home and dropped the tree off. I managed to free the cord on one section and plugged it in, to see how those LED lights look on the white tree. They are Gaw-Jus! I can't wait to see the whole tree assembled and decorated. It's really going to be pretty. We picked up Toye Starr and went on over to Jerry and Eloise's house, where David stayed for a while and helped Jerry with something. Then he had to go home, as Landry was leaving for a week-end church camp thing and David had to help him get ready and take him to the church. I stayed with Eloise while Jerry went to do an a/c repair. We don't want to leave her alone for the next couple of days, just in case. This evening we all went to dinner, and now I'm back home. As I said, it was a good day, spent with my son and my good friends. You just can't beat a deal like that. We missed Brittney, but she was working on a photography job at a big gala fund-raiser for the school system. She's a very talented photographer, does some beautiful work.

OK, time for jammies, a glass of fruit juice with club soda in it to reduce the total glucose, and a good Christmas movie on TV. I'm loving all the Hallmark movies! I know, they're predictable, and so sweet I need extra insulin, but I enjoy them very much. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 21, 2014 - Msg 99822: This is unbelievable. Parents, do you really know what your children are being taught in school? I challenge you to do a search through Google or whatever you use on the following: "La Plata High School teaching Islam." I think you will be shocked at what you will find. --Romeena

November 22, 2014 - Msg 99823: Hi all
G F I m doing ok from the cold for now
and for you new play toy have it come to the jail house!
Thank for painting the cell!


November 22, 2014 - Msg 99824: Hey Asa, TOM says I can bring my "Wheeler" to the jail house when I get in trouble! Good deal!...

Sherriff TOM is tough sometimes but he's kind behind the eyes, and has a soft spot just like Old Ben Weaver. I'm trying to be good so's I don't get inarculated for the Holidays. If I stay in my Mayberry Man Cave I just may be able to pull it off!! tehehaha Hope Mrs. Asa is doing better, and you hang in there too!

Romeena, Sounds like you had a good day yesterday...


November 22, 2014 - Msg 99825: Wow! I just experienced my first earthquake, about five minutes ago. I heard it and felt it, both. We've had tremors here before, but I never knew about them until the news reported it. This time, I was "right there in it!" We had a thunderstorm much earlier today, and when I heard the first rumble, I thought it was distant thunder. Then in just a bare second, it was much louder and the tremor hit. It felt like a big thump, like something had hit the house, making it shake a little and I heard pipes rattle in the bathroom. Then the rumble continued, and faded into the distance. I called Eloise, who is about five miles north and slightly west of me, and they had felt it too. Jerry thought Eloise had bumped the back of his recliner. That's kinda scary!

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 22, 2014 - Msg 99826:
Romeena, after visiting and noticing the seismic activity for your area in the recent weeks, that would have you concerned.
Do you remember the major earthquake that struck the San Francisco area back in 1989? I was there about two months earlier and experienced some of the minor quakes that warned me about the possibility of something stronger might follow. Little did I know just how much stronger it would be.
If I were you, I would do some searching of the internet to learn what action you need to take if something stronger does occur. is just one example.

from Poor Horatio

November 22, 2014 - Msg 99827:
Wow, the grammar in my previous post has some major problems. That is what I get for not proof reading after editing.

The correct posting should be:
Romeena, after visiting and noticing the seismic activity for your area in recent weeks, that would have me concerned.
Do you remember the major earthquake that struck the San Francisco area back in 1989? The total damage was estimated at 6 billion dollars. I was there about two months earlier and experienced some of the minor quakes that warned me about the possibility of something stronger that might follow. Little did I know just how much stronger it would be.
If I were you, I would do some searching of the internet to learn what action you need to take if something stronger does occur. Be prepared before the shaking starts. is just one example that can help you.

from Poor Horatio

November 23, 2014 - Msg 99828:
Prayers for Dallas!
BOO--where are you?
I hope everyone is taking it easy
and not going into pre-thanksgiving
hyper-mode. Try to take it easy.

November 23, 2014 - Msg 99829: Good Sabbath dear friends.

Mercy sakes Romeena, an earthquake? I hope any damage was minimal. We live close to a major fault line. Very worrisome. But we try to be as prepared as we can. I hope we never have to use it though.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thought and comments. I didn't mean to sound so down. I'm really not that bad off. I have been very blessed indeed. I guess at times things just seem to overwhelm me. But all is well. Thank you all and msg #99818, whoever you are.

You better make sure that Wheeler your order is on castors GF. I have a feeling you'll be moving it to cell #2 a lot. :)

Well I better get rolling. We have a special Church Conference this morning. I don't know if the preacher is from New York, but it's gonna be BIG! lol

Prayers for all.


November 23, 2014 - Msg 99830:
Hey Folks

Yes indeed, Prayers for Texas.

Asa-I know what you mean about being overwhelmed and being blessed. I need to find a balance here also, every light at the end of the tunnel is not a train.

It's good to be rocking again.


November 23, 2014 - Msg 99831: Wow Romeena, Shake rattle & roll... Stay alert!

auh2o, That's a good piece of advice, about the light at the end of the tunnel not always being a train.

SPOT, Tell your Falcons to go easy on our Browns today..


November 23, 2014 - Msg 99832: Sorry SPOT.......Wasn't pretty but it was a win.

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99833: G-F I cannot understand the clock managment of the Falcons...just unreal..they dont desirve to win....well got camper ready...Mrs SPOT and I will be bulling out for camp site in morning for a week...lots of campers going...well let me get logged in ...SPOT

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99834: Good morning all.

I didn't see the Browns/Falcons game GF and Spot. Sounds like it must have been close though. That NFC south conference is a tough one. lol (jk spot)

I hope you all had a great weekend. We were supposed to get a bunch of snow here. The mountains got a lot, but we just got a skiff on Sunday morning. I like that. Now they say temps will be near 50 by Turkey Day. I can dig that for sure. Might even be able to get a round of golf in on Friday.

Hope you are surviving all that snow auh20. Now they are talking flooding for you guys. Crazy winter for you thus far.

Someone needs to check on Romeena. I fear she may have gone into diabetic shock after over doing it watching those Christmas movies on Hallmark. lol. I agree Ro, they are so predictable, but I enjoy them also. But don't tell anyone. I don't want to diminish my manly status here on the porch. :)

Well only 3 days of work this week. So I better get to it. GF, I am troubleshooting a direct fired make up air handler today. It has a Maxitrol system on it. Sure could use your help. I don't wanna become like Gomer and be overcome with gas. Then I will need a lifesaver man.

Prayers for all for a good day, a good weekend, and a blessed Thanksgiving. We still have much to be thankful for.


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99835: "No hunt beware open and close no credit."
Luther Heggs

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99836:

I'm worried about Romeena. The news is reporting her area has experienced three earthquakes in the last three days (including today). And she hasn't posted in the last three days if you include today.

from Poor Horatio

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99837: I checked her FB page, PH,and she hasn't posted there lately either. Her daughter in law posted something to her page on the 21st,and you'd think if something terrible had happened to Ro,she wouldn't be posting "jokey" stuff.

Perhaps Ro has lost communication due to the earthquakes. Hoping & praying that's all it is.

Check in when you can, Ro!

possum under a rock

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99838: Just checked my email and found an email from Ro dated Nov. 22nd. So, that narrows it down to yesterday & today that nobody has heard from her.

possum again

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99839:
possum, I also checked my email and found the last email from her dated 11/22/14. Lets keep our fingers crossed as well as pray.

from Poor Horatio

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99840: My goodness, folks! I feel so blessed, to have so many folks expressing concern, and looking out for me. However, I'm rightchere! Just been busy. As for the earthquakes, the only one I felt was the one I mentioned here, on the 22nd. I checked that site you gave, PH, and it does look a bit scary. However, since there's not one single thing I can do about it, I refuse to be concerned. I know the basic principles of seeking shelter in the event of a quake, and that's about all I can do.

I think we shouldn't be surprised by these earthquakes. Matthew 24:7 says: "For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places." ("Divers" is an Old English spelling of "diverse.")

This is Jesus speaking, and he's telling the apostles what to expect in the end times. Actually, pretty much the whole of Chapter 24 is on that subject, and it's some pretty interesting reading. Most of it sounds frighteningly familiar. It's what's happening today. I think if anyone is not prepared, and not confident of their ultimate, eternal destination, now would be a good time to fix that.

The epicenter of that 3.3 quake on the 22nd was just a stone's throw from my house. Really, it was practically under my house. Reports here have said it was located beneath the old Texas Stadium site, and in the glory days of Texas Stadium, friends would park their cars on our driveway and walk to the stadium. It's about a half mile away. However, I've walked through and around my house since the quake, and can find no sign of damage. There is a tiny hairline crack in the plaster above one doorway, but that's been there for years.

This house is very solidly built. When my dad was building, the city code called for the studs to be on 24" centers, but my dad always built on 16" centers. He put more reinforcement in the concrete foundations, too, and insisted on the highest grade of cement, and poured the slabs a little deeper than code required. It cost a little more, but his houses don't move. He always said his wish was that all the houses he built would still be standing firm after he was gone from this earth. Well, they are, including mine. This house is 41 years old, and still stands straight and true.

Well, guess I'd better go clean out the fridges and pantry. I like to do that at this time of year, so I don't have a bunch of old stuff taking up room that will be needed to store leftovers. I'll bet there are at least ten half-empty jars of pickles, relish, jelly and whatever in those fridges, and that's just for starters. There are probably a few things with fuzzy beards, too. Yuck. They get pushed to the back and forgotten.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99841: Good to see you Ro. I was worried you had O.D.'d on Hallmark Christmas movies. :)

And yes, I agree with all you have said concerning Biblical warnings. To take a line from Barney, "It's gonna get tough, then it's gonna get tougher"!


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99842: That's true in Matthew 24:7 when he talks about pestilences, we know there a lot of them around!

Romeena, In my opinion, I think the earthquake under the old Texas stadium was really Tom Landry turning over in his grave while the Cowboys were playing, is what I'm thinkin'...Just a observation....Getting rid of them just when your pickles were getting all fuzzed up? Wait I think you want you peaches that way not

Let's have a party tomorrow to dedicate my Mayberry Man Cave.. The "Wheeler" comes @ 11:00am I have the floors shining, door knobs polished, everything hung up TAGS DVD in the player, all ready to ROLL! Root beers & Huckleberry Smashes are iced up... Everyone's Welcome! Asa, You can even give the "Wheeler" a drive too...


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99843: Ro, as Asa, I was very concerned that you may be in a diabetic coma from the Hallmark movies. *snicker*. I watch them, too..I'm such a sap.

Sorry I have been absent so much. The holidays get so busy for me, but its a pleasant kind of busy. We had our annual thanksgiving dinner at church last night and what a group turned out. We have outgrown our church and will start building a new one in 2016, so when we have a church-wide fellowship, we have to go to the highschool cafeteria and hold it there. It was nice to get together, though, and so many cute little young'ins to look at! I cooked a turkey and dressing for the event and still have two more turkeys to cook this week. I am having thanksgiving for bruce's family, then eating again with my family on Friday. My poor nephew who is going through the divorce is pretty down in the dumps and really doesn't want to be a part of a big family gathering on Thursday, and I understand that. He will have the kids on Friday so we can get together then in a smaller group.

Im trying to recall what I have told all of you over the last couple of weeks. I have been on a very healthy eating plan for the past 3 weeks and am walking. I am feeling so darned good that I really am motivated to keep it up. Its hard this time of year but God is helping me and after three weeks, the sugar cravings are gone. My sister just found out that she has type 2 diabetes and her cholesterol is bad, even on meds. It surprised me because she is very petite and not overweight like me. I guess its just a genetic thing. She is off sugar and we are walking together and trying to help each other. God will help us. We don't want to get sick and end up being a burden to our kids. They still need us. I have some labs pending next week because I had some strange results a week ago. I don't want to go into any details but it is a bit concerning. Prayers appreciated.

Asa, maybe we need to get back to Christmas movie quotes to brighten us up. I will to come to the porch at least once everyday to cheer ya up. :)

Better git...TAGS is about to start.


PS-SO happy to hear the great news about Eloise!

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99844: Almost forgot!...A big welcome home to Auh20!!


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99845: First movie quote:
"Where are the nuts? I cant see the nuts!"


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99846: There's our Porch Mama! Glad you're ok,Ro.

Hey to everybody else!

Watching "The Voice" so gonna scoot. Take care,y'all!

possum under a rock

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99847: Awwww Boo, I luv ya. So good to see you. I'm glad you are doing well with your diet and exercise, and you bet I'll pray for good lab reports. I believe yours is a Christmas Vacation quote. How about this one? "Don't want to waste electricity".

Hey GF, You get me driving that Wheeler and I just might stay there for a spell. So I better let you break it in. But I'll sure be there for the unveiling.

Oh Boo, have you seen the movie "4 Christmases"? I don't know who all stars in it, I don't really follow the hollyweird folks. But it is pretty funny. Not you typical feel good Christmas movie, but a pretty good laugh one.

Been listening to Christmas music today and it has got me more in the mood. But I took a muscle relaxer last night for my back and I slept like a rock. I don't think I moved a muscle all night. Don't remember waking up one time. I can't tell ya the last time that happened. But sure made for a nice day today. Feeling great! (in my Tony the Tiger voice)


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99848: Hi All
G F hold the opening the new room because you to be in the jail house all day tomorrow
you miss some spot with the paints.


November 24, 2014 - Msg 99849:
G-F--here's a good one for you (and anyone else who wants to check it out) Watch the first 2:20 of it. I always liked this scene...
"No ladies in my den!" ha
BOO--glad to hear the good report on your health.
Am praying about your labs. I had my annual physical, and turn and cough test, and doc andrews says I'm in pretty good shape for a newly
christened "senior" 65 in Dec. Good discount at z-z-z er, Denny's. Those short naps are great. ha
ASA-- I had one of those "all-nighter's" last week too! I had taken some melatonin and benadryl,
and next thing i knew it was 8 am!
I usually wake up about every two hours.
BOO--You know my fav quote "He's making violent love to me, mother." :)
Low key Thanksgiving for us this year. Will spend time at dad's of course, then dinner at our house with C's sister and husband, and two of my brothers and wives. Everyone grown up and scattered these days.
APB for LUCY!! Sure miss her on the porch, see her sometimes on FB tho.
No word from Pappabear lately. Hope all is OK.
GF and TOM--Browns last second field goal! Wow. Spot, your Falcons and my Cards...not a good day!
LUTHER---Salve night on ME-TV. Anyone seen Pembroke, good for the mainge? ha
Prayers for all continue,

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99850: Oops, make that Pendyke and mange!

November 24, 2014 - Msg 99851: Hello Front Porch: Is there a particular reason Allan Newsome is photographed in a white Floyd the barber jacket instead of the one I see Floyd wearing on TAGS which is a light grey? Thanks and have a great evening. Happy Thanksgiving. Dick Rennicker

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99852:
Dick, maybe grey ones aren't available these days? Just my guess.

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99853: Good evening, porch. Boo, it's good to hear from you. I figured you'd been pretty busy. Sorry to hear that St. Susan has diabetes now. It should be pretty manageable, with her being a lightweight. Just watch the carbs and free sugar, and get some regular exercise - walking is wonderful - and she should do fine. As for you, prayers for those questionable labs. You have my email if you want to use it.

I am so mad at myself. I had lost my sunglasses a couple of weeks ago, and had about decided they were gone for good. Then last Friday, David found them for me, way back under the seat in my car. I was so thrilled to get them back. They're Maui Jims, not cheap, and were a gift. The difference in them and the $15 glasses is amazing. Well, guess what? Once again, I can't find them. I know I had them on Friday, and I missed them on Sunday morning when I got ready to leave for church. I didn't leave the house on Saturday, so they have to be here somewhere, but where??? I guess I'll have to put David on their trail again.

I saw my doc this morning, going back tomorrow for routine labs and a bone density test. My age is the reason for that test. She said I'm fine, and I expect the labs tomorrow to prove that. I have my aches and pains, but who doesn't at this point in life? I'm just glad I'm here to experience those things, and glad I've got enough brain cells working to even know the difference! Now if I could just find my shades....

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99854: Dick Renniker, you will probably have to ask Allan/Floyd that question. He may pop in here and give you an answer.
Btw, welcome to the porch!

Romeena, glasses are like that. Easy to misplace. That's why I usually just buy the cheap ones(well, other than the fact that I am a cheap guy).

Boo, good to see you and glad you are feeling better and taking better care of yourself.

Asa, your back bothering you? Maybe something is catching because mine started bothering me again, and I can't figure out why because I haven't really done any heavy lifting or anything recently. I am just hoping I can keep it subdued enough so a trip to the hospital won't be necessary, again. Especially since they didn't really do anything for me except feed me a lot of pills that didn't really work(or didn't seem like they were working). I do have some pills from the last time but I don't know the expiration date because it seems the only date on there is the one when they were given to me. Hoping to get better because I want to be able to help decorate the church for Christmas on Wed and Fri. I enjoy doing that. Funny thing is, I hate decorating the house. Wonder what causes that?! ;-)

-Sterling Holobyte

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99855: SH-I hope he does pop in. I have something to discuss with him. Dick Rennicker

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99856: Diabetic coma from Hallmark movies......I recall watching a Christmas movie, not sure if it was Hallmark, but it was beyond horrible. Some story about a woman who works at a perfume counter and her life is so bad and Christmas comes and everyone is happy. I was forced to watch it with my teenage nephew at my niece's insistence, since we'd made her sit through football. She sat entranced by the cheap romance of the movie, while my nephew and I never stopped complaining how cheesy it was. 5 years on, my nephew and I only need to say "Perfume Lady" to set us to giggling. And any bad TV show or movie is sure to be compared to "The Perfume Lady" movie, eg "This is almost as bad as The Perfume Lady".

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99857: Whoops, Billy Ray the Postman reporting on The Perfume Lady. We get mighty busy this time of year and I get a bit forgetful.

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99858: Thanks, Ro. I might email you when I know a little more.

Sterling, we are doing our church decorating next wed. We always have a little service and time of fellowship and its enjoyable. I am SO not into decorating this year. Not going to do a lot..the tree is already up cause we bought an artificial one this year and I love it. 9ft with over a thousand whit lights in it. I will decorate the mantle after Thanksgiving, and out out just a few things, but that's it.

Asa, I think four Christmases is the one with meg IS funny.

Well, st Susan is coming over to walk..gotta get my shoes on.


November 25, 2014 - Msg 99859: Not Meg Ryan, but Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn.


November 25, 2014 - Msg 99860:
Glad to see the earthquakes have not affected Romeena and that she is prepared.

And also glad to learn Boo has taken action to improve her health.

Dick Rennicker, regarding your question about Floyd's jacket, according to the first sentence in the Character Traits section of , it states "Once McNear took over the role, Floyd had a mustache and wore thick glasses and usually a white barber jacket."
Also, if you examine the photograph at you can see that his shirt is obviously white and the jacket looks like a darker shade of white known as off-white. And according to , off-white is "...a color that is close to white but that has a grayish or yellowish tinge".
Finally, if you still wish to discuss this with Floyd, rather than wait for him to make a rare appearance hear to ask your questions, just click on the LET ME KNOW IF THE PORCH NEEDS A SWEEP link at the bottom of this page to contact him. I have done this on a few occasions to ask him questions about topics other than sweeping and he has responded within two days.

from Poor Horatio

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99861: Asa, I believe your quote is in reference to leaving the "leg lamp" light on?

TOM, Good thing I saved some paint for touch-up's haha! Now, if I am inarculated do I STILL have to cook the TKSgiving meal? Mayed Asa could step in and make the turkey? come on, we know ya can do it Asa. New TV show..."Cooking with Asa"...


November 25, 2014 - Msg 99862:
Oops. "make a rare appearance hear" should be "make a rare appearance here". How did I miss that?

from Poor Horatio

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99863: Good morning, porch. Interesting question about Floyd's jacket. PH, in that picture where you can see the two shades of "white" - Floyd's shirt and jacket - are we positive that's his barber jacket? I notice he appears to be wearing a vest beneath it. Maybe that's not unusual, I haven't had time to watch any episodes to check it out, but am just wondering...

Well, gotta run. I have to go get some lab work done, have that bone density test done, go to the bank, go to two grocery stores, and make a home health visit. Then this afternoon I'll finish cleaning out the pantry, take excess stuff (no, not anything that's expired) to the food bank, and begin preparation for Thursday. It won't be hard, I'll have a lot of help. Eloise and Brittney and Terri are all bringing something, and mainly I'm doing the turkey and dressing, and fruit salad, cranberries, and a peach cobbler. For the bread, I may just pick up some croissants! Who doesn't like croissants? Besides, they make wonderful turkey sandwiches the next day.

OK, off I go. Eddie will be here soon to clean up the yard, and I have to be home to pay him, which I can only do after I've gone to the bank!

Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99864: p.s. Good clip MDC...O'l Barn describes it quite well. Speaking of Hallmark movies, I bought a "value pack" of 8 Hallmark movies at the Walmart they had it in the $5 bin. They are pretty good Boo & Romeena. Ro might O.D. if you give her the whole set to watch tho... lol

G-F again

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99865: Good Morning porch, hope all is well with everyone.

looks like everyone is getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will take off work at noon tomorrow and go home and begin my preparations for Thursday. As usual, the Thanksgiving meal will be at our house and we will have about 10 folks for lunch. I plan or having things ready to go about 1 pm.

Patrick will get home tonight! will be happy to see that little face. well he is not so little at 6 feet and about 200 pounds but you all know how us Mom's are. guess he will be home until Sunday.

lunch menu will be BBQ sandwhiches, SLAW, chips.
brownies for dessert.

everyone have a blessed day.
Big Maude

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99866: So GF, You saying your cave smells like a dog? :)

Sounds like a dandy lunch Big Maude. I love me some good slaw. I have very few victories in the kitchen GF, but cole slaw is one of them. I got the recipe off the interweb for KFC style slaw, and tried it, and by golly, it was a hit. In my book KFC is the gold standard for cole slaw. So if my tv cooking show is about nothing but slaw, I'm your man! lol And yep, you got the correct quote. I always laugh when every other light in the house is on when they leave to buy a tree, but she turns off the leg lamp because she "doesn't want to waste electricity".

I think it is Vince Vaughn and Witherspoon Boo. I guess you have seen it.

Hey Dick, maybe Floyd just had dingy whites and didn't know any better. lol That does remind me off a boo boo they made on the show though. I can't remember the episode now, but Andy and Floyd go over to the filling station to check on Goober. When they come pulling up in the squad car, you can clearly see Floyd in his white barber smock, but when they do a close up with them in the car, Floyd is wearing a suit jacket. Unless Floyd took a change of clothes with him, and became a quick change artist, they had a little editing issue there. But I enjoy looking for those little mistakes like that. Kind of fun. I just wish I could remember what episode it was so I could reference it for you. Maybe PH knows.

How is your BIL doing PH? Good I pray.

Well better get back to work. GF, I think I get my burner issue resolved. $800.00 for a new 1&1/2" gas valve and just under a thousand bucks for a new Maxitrol valve. Whew, stuff ain't cheap when you get into the bigger industrial stuff.


November 25, 2014 - Msg 99867:
Romeena, you brought up a good point about Floyd's jacket.
Watch and cue it up about 7:10 in. A closeup begins at 7:23 and 8:13.
Even though he has a tie and vest on, he is wearing an off-white barber jacket. Notice the tools in his breast pocket.

from Poor Horatio

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99868: hi friends it has been a long time since I have been on the porch. So good to read the comments agaon.You all have a blessed holiday I miss you all-ky girl

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99869:
Hey Folks

Thanks Boo

Floyd-And thanks to Floyd for posting about the "Ghost and Mr Chicken" the other day on FB. I got it DVRed.

Romeena-Glad to hear all is well.

Big Maude- BBQ and Slaw...that's show stopper here. It sounds great.

G-F A Mayberry "man cave" sounds nice.


November 25, 2014 - Msg 99870: I thought this was a pretty neat picture. About 100 local Amish men travel to the city to help with the recent snow storm.

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99871: "That'll be all 3. I think I've heard just enough about that tomato!"

Luther Heggs

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99872:
Asa, regarding that TAGS boo boo you mentioned, I found it in the Goober's Replacement episode. Click on and cue it up about 5:40 in. When Floyd and Andy arrive in the squad car, you can see Floyd through the front windshield wearing a dark suit coat over his white shirt and tie. Then when they switch to a car interior shot, Floyd is wearing his off-white barber's jacket over his white shirt and tie. Great catch! I never noticed that before.
Regarding my brother-in-law, I should be receiving an update in a day or two.

from Poor Horatio

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99873: Good evening, porch. ky girl, it's nice to see you! Don't be such a stranger. Auh2o, I'm glad to see you coming around the old home place, too. That's encouraging - maybe more of our old friends will come home for Christmas.

Well, we had another one. An earthquake, that is. It ran right through the same area as the others, basically right under my house. This one was a little lighter, at 2.7, but I still heard and felt it. Very strange feeling.

I forgot to get cranberries today at the supermarket, remembered just before I got home, so I stopped at a market near my house that caters to Hispanic trade. I couldn't find them, so I asked the young man who was stocking the produce section if they had cranberries. He just looked at me like a duck looking at thunder. I figured he didn't speak English, so I asked "Tienes arandanos?" Still a blank look, so I asked him if he spoke English. "Oh, yes, ma'am, but I don't know what cranberries are." ??? I guess it was my turn to look blank, because he started explaining that he thought he might know, but wasn't sure. "Do they look like red grapes?" "Yep, and they bounce like little rubber balls if you drop one." "Oh - now I know what you mean, but we don't carry them." Once again, I was mystified, so I said, "Do you mean to tell me that during Thanksgiving week you don't have cranberries?" He said they used to get them, but usually when they order them, they don't get them. Seems they only fill the order in the fall, and so they forget to order them. Naturally, being a busybody, I just had to point out that the order is never filled except in the fall because that's the only time cranberries are harvested, and they don't store particularly well. Get 'em in the fall or not at all! So, I drove a bit further to another store, and got my cranberries. Finally.

Well, off I go. Blessings! --Romeena

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99874:
Romeena, doesn't "¿Tienes arándanos agrios?" translate to "Do you have cranberries?" and what you posted, "Tienes arandanos?" translates to "Do you have blueberries?".

from Poor Horatio

November 25, 2014 - Msg 99875:
Since it is a color episode, it is obvious that the barber smock is an off-white, or a very light pastel blue.So was he wearing it in the B/Ws?
MAUDie..looks like you will have a good one with the kids!
KY-girl--what a pleasant surprize to hear from you!
ALL-I got a letter today from pappabear. He moved again, and this time to a VA care home. he said it's his last move. He's had health issues as you know. Please keep him in your prayers.
I'll send his new addy to ROmeena.
ASA--"parts is parts." ha But I dont want to hear about $600 hammers. :)
For LUTHER--"soda crackers, soda crackers, soda crackers...I found the soda crak--ers."

November 26, 2014 - Msg 99876:
MDC, if you cue up to about 0:25 in, you will see the black & white version of Walter Baldwin's only appearance playing Floyd. His shirt appears to be white and his barber jacket appears to be a darker shade of an unknown color.
And if you cue up to about 9:30, you will see the black & white version of Howard McNear's first appearance playing Floyd. His shirt is white with lines and his barber jacket appears to be a darker shade of an unknown color.
And if you cue up to about 9:40 in, you will see the last black & white episode that Howard McNear wore the barber jacket. Wait for the closeup and you should see him wearing a white shirt and barber jacket with a slightly darker shade of an unknown color.
CONCLUSION - It seems obvious that Floyd's barber jacket is not the same color as his shirt.

from Poor Horatio

November 26, 2014 - Msg 99877: Hey, PH. Your comment intrigued me, because I had always heard arandanos for cranberries. Once in a while someone would say "los arandanos rojos" but usually they weren't that specific. Also, I have never heard the modifier "agrios" used. So - off I went to search a bit. I guess I had never heard anyone use a Spanish word for blueberry, because it's only been in the last decade or two that blueberries have been widely available here, especially in the southern part of the state. You could get them, at times, but they were very expensive and rarely, if ever, appeared in our house, and I'm pretty sure very few Hispanics were eating them. They're actually grown in Texas now, with the development of some heat-resistant cultivars, so they're relatively plentiful and fairly reasonably priced.

Still, the fact remains that "los arandanos" is the commonly used term for cranberries in south Texas, where I grew up. The most interesting thing to me in this whole discussion is the fact that the local Hispanics apparently do not observe Thanksgiving Day, or if they do, they don't serve the traditional dishes. If they did, that grocery store would darned well be carrying cranberries, by any name. In south Texas, the Hispanics I grew up with were at least second-generation, and most were multi-generational Americans, and almost everyone spoke fluent English. When we moved to Irving 41 years ago, there were very few Hispanics here. With the current influx of illegals, it's a different story. Our school enrollment is now 70% Hispanic, and they speak little or no English. Imagine being an English speaking child trying to get an education in a classroom where the teacher has to try to accommodate a majority of children who do not speak the language. Imagine being the teacher!

Obviously, someone who has just swum the river, or has been here even a year or two, is not likely to have adopted many American customs, and usually none at all. Hence, no observance of Thanksgiving, and therefore, no market for cranberries, by whatever name.

Incidentally, kudos to you for using correct Spanish punctuation and special characters. I have a chart somewhere that tells me how to make them, but I'm actually just too lazy. If I was writing to a Spanish speaker, I would use them, out of respect, but I figure the home folks here will give me a break. About the only special character I bother with is the degree symbol, as in 58°. I have it memorized, so it's easy.

OK, enough of that. I'm off to the ironing board. See you folks in the morning. --Romeena