January 01, 2015 - Msg 100340: 🎉Happy New Year Porch🎉

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2015! May God bless us all and protect us. Thank you all for being such sweet friends.


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100341: Happy New Year porch family!!


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100342: Happy New Year, Y'all! Looking forward to another BOLD (I couldn't resist!) and exciting year here on the Porch-love each & every one of you rascals! Ok, Ro's not a "rascal",but I love her too!

possum under a rock

January 01, 2015 - Msg 100343: This is how Aunt Bee rolls in the NEW YEAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G86rf-0DEO0

I'm with Romeena, I feel better about "Possum Drops" now but I suppose the Possum would rather be hiding under a rock tho....

MDC...Man, 2014 went Sooo fast, it seems like it was here just yesterday...haha

I think the cider they were serving at O'Malley's last night had turned Hard! TOM, Asa & I behaved, except for that one thing with his tool belt, he kinda looked like Gene, Gene, the Dancin' Machine from the Old Gong Show days....A few folks complained I made the burgers to hard, but we had plenty of cider to wash them down, and we all made our full water line mark on Ro's cookies. Possum kept runnin' around yellin' "MILK!" I guess they do go down better with a tall glass of Cold milk!....End of Report


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100344: Ohhhhh what a mess I've made of my life! To much of Possums punch. To many of GF's hamburgers. To much gyrating with the tool belt. I need one of them elixir drinks Andy made for Otis, minus the raw egg.
I'm gonna ease myself into my "Wheeler" and contemplate what a mess I've made of my life.


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100345: HI ALL.
All Asa a little sick today? will with all the burgers and punch not to good for you!

Now you and G-F come to the PORCH to CLEAS IT UP?

everyone have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOD bless us all!


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100346: Happy New Year to the Front Porch sitters!


January 01, 2015 - Msg 100347: Everything is okay...in Mayberry.....

January 01, 2015 - Msg 100348: I was just organizing the Porch archives and wow...we have 15 years of archives. That's every post here on the porch plus archives of some of the post going all the way back to 1997. What amazing memories we have created here in Mayberry. --Floyd

January 01, 2015 - Msg 100349: Good morning, porch! It's a brand-new year, and it's raining here on my end of the porch. I'm taking that as a good sign. We need rain so badly, and if the year starts out with rain, maybe it means our drought will break. So come on, rain, let 'er rip!

Floyd, you're so right. We have so many wonderful memories on this porch. Some sad, of course, like losing our dear REV, and Millie, but we've had happy times too, many more of those. People who aren't on the porch don't understand how a group of people who have never met can mean so much to each other, but we do. The day I first met REV, he swept me into a big old bear hug, and I felt like I had been reunited with a brother. We clicked immediately, because we had such a background here on the porch. I think it would be that way with any of us who happened to meet. Mayberry people just "get" each other. Thanks, Floyd, for making this possible for us.

Well, I'm supposed to be at Eloise's in an hour, and I'm still in my jammies. Guess I'd better get moving. I'm a sight! Right now, I'd scare small children, and Toye Starr tries hard not to laugh. So, have a great day, everyone! --Romeena

January 01, 2015 - Msg 100350:
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Oh, sorry, too loud eh? ha
Slow day here, so I guess you all have an Aunt bee hangover. ha
Floyd--thank you for keeping this porch going!
I know there are fees because i run a high school alumni website. So, much appreciated! God bless you and yours!
I saw a little of the Rose Parade this morning.
I saw it once "live" in the late '80s,
and ever since then, TV is a poor substitute!
The floats are humungous, the flowers are amazing,
and the 20-some marching bands all went to cymbal-city before coming to Pasedena, if you catch my drift. Gimme a little skin. ha
ASA--so sorry to hear about all those winds...hope
there were no injuries. We got rain, lots of rain, but it has now moved on. (to TX apparently)
LUCY--thanks, same to you. And my, a good clean sweep for the new year too!

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100351: Good morning, y'all! Remember me telling y'all I met our Floyd earlier this year? I finally got the pics posted,so check them out on my FB page if you'd like. Got some of David "Barney Fife" Browning & Briscoe too!
Y'all have a good Monday!

possum under a rock

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100352: Make that LAST year-2014!

possum again

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100353: Blah blah blah SEC blah blah blah SEC. I figgered Ohio State would win when the team that beat Bama lost by 40 points. Then the team OSU beat last week by 50 won against another SEC team that was supposed to be good and I knew it was a sure thing. I'm a little worried about those Ducks, though, them boys are FAST! I sort of feel bad for TCU, who clearly should have been in the final 4 instead of Florida State.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100354: Yep, It was a good game last night, The Buckeyes came to play even with their 3rs string QB. Now they can roll into the BIG "D" and see who's the best....A DUCK or a NUT! Romeena, I hope the "Buckeye Nation" folks behave themselves and "Act Like Somebody" while they are visiting your town, but remember at the end of the day, a Buckeye is STILL a NUT!..haha

Going to make a big pot of chili now, Man does not live by sauerkraut alone ya know!

MDC, I watched some of the parade too, it looked good on my HD TV, vivid colors.


January 02, 2015 - Msg 100355: Good afternoon, porch. Cold and rainy here, but I refuse to complain. We need the rain too badly. Without it, our spring and summer will be dry and colorless. Gotta have that rain!

A member of my SS class passed away this morning. Her husband said she left the breakfast table, said she was going to get dressed for the day, and went into the bathroom. At some point, he heard a little cry and a thump, and went to see about her. She had fallen, hit the bathtub face first, broke her nose, and was unconscious. He called paramedics, but she was gone by the time they got to the hospital. They aren't sure yet whether she slipped and fell and the blow from hitting the tub killed her, or whether she just died on her feet, and fell. Her husband is disabled, uses a walker and/or wheelchair, and I don't know what he'll do now without her to help him. They have extremely limited financial resources. He has a small SS check only, and she had SS and a part-time job as a hairdresser in a tiny shop. Without her income, all he'll have is his SS, and let me tell you, friends, you can't live on that. Things get tough for a lot of people. I'm sure we'll be taking up some money for them on Sunday morning, but that will only help a little, temporarily.

My landline phone has been out of order for several days. It's a Vonage phone, works through my computer, and I was blaming it on my ISP, because the service from it is spotty when it rains, or in a high wind. There's a loose connection somewhere between me and the provider. Everything is fine at my house, all new wiring and connectors, but it still misbehaves. Anyway, the internet is working fine, so that wasn't the problem this time. I went to the Vonage website, followed the troubleshooting instructions and guess what? My phone now works just fine! That fix-it-yourself stuff really works! I feel so tech-y! All I had to do was disconnect the power cord from my modem and my Vonage device, wait a couple of minutes, then reconnect the modem, then the Vonage thingy, and all the lights came on, I got a dial tone on the phone and it's done! Woohoo!

Well, it's bunco night. Got to take a folding table and chairs to Eloise's, as she's hosting it this time. I'd better go put them in the car, or else I'll forget and go tootling over there without them, like a dummy. Debating whether to take Toye Starr. She's always welcome at Aunt Eloise's house, but a couple of the girls don't care much for dogs. When they come to my house, they have to just put up with her, because she lives here and I will not lock her up. She loves a party! However, since she would be a visitor at Eloise's, that might be just a little bit in-your-face. Or not. She is my sidekick and companion, after all, and usually goes with me wherever the law allows. Got to think about that one.

Got to run. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100356: RIP Elly May...storms here...whew....SPOT

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100357: Hey Gang, Here are some pictures of when "Ellie May" visited Thelma Lou at the Andy Griffith Museum back on August 2013.... Is Possum hiding in those pictures somewhere?

Romeena, Sorry about your friend.. Does your puppy have her own party hat? You know she can't go unadorned....


January 02, 2015 - Msg 100358: Aww.. that is so sad,Ro. I'm sorry to hear that and hope the husband gets along okay somehow. God bless him.

Nope, I didn't get to meet Elly Mae, G-F. Wish I had. Rest in Peace, Elly May.

possum u.a.r.

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100359: Hi All.

There is a patch of brightness
that lightens every day;
it shines when skies are bluest
and too, when they are grey.
It warms my inner being
and dissipates the cold;
This little patch of brightness
Is God's sunlight in my soul.


January 02, 2015 - Msg 100360: Wow, Tom. You always have just the right verse to post, at the right time. That's beautiful!

Had fun at bunco tonight, as always. What a sweet group of women, so loving toward each other, so caring. Plans being made to minister to Carolyn's family (the one who passed this morning.) Food has already been taken to them, more planned for tomorrow, and another meal will be taken on Sunday. Services will probably be on Monday or Tuesday, and a meal will be provided at the church for the family afterward. Any leftovers will be prepared for take-home, in freezer-safe containers. Carolyn was not a member of our bunco group, but was an active member of the Sunday School class, as are most of the bunco girls. The class membership is round 35 or 40, I think. As I've said before, we've all known each other for about forty years, and that includes Carolyn. We had a little time of prayer tonight for her family, and we will be sure to look after them in the days to come.

Looks like I've got another connection that's affected by the rain. The GFI that controls most of the power in the back yard has tripped again, so my pond pumps and much of the low-voltage lighting is off, as well as my beloved Christmas twinkles. I'm not going to try to do anything with it tonight. The rain is supposed to stop tomorrow, so that's plenty of time to fix it. Robbi and Richard are coming on Wednesday, I think, so I want to keep the lights up until they've seen them. I'm never in any hurry to take the outdoor lights down, and even less hurry to dismantle the indoor decorations. I just love all the light, the color and the joy of holiday decorations. I'm convinced that the Lord would enjoy it too, if He were here to see it, and I suppose He is!

Well, guess I'll go snuggle with Toye Starr for a while and watch a movie if I can find a good one. If not, I'll watch some TAGS. We might just stay up late and then sleep late in the morning. I just love being retired! --Romeena

January 02, 2015 - Msg 100361: Thanks for the poem, TOM!

Wanted to check in on everyone. Sorry to hear about your friend from ss, Ro. Very sad for her husband. I am glad he has a church family to help him through.

It has been chilly and rainy here all day and I have been catching up the laundry and enjoying the fire. Hope you are all well and warm.


January 03, 2015 - Msg 100362:
RO--so sorry to hear about the passing of your friend. At least she went quickly. may she rest in peace.

January 03, 2015 - Msg 100363: Thanks TOM, another good one, makes you think of "Sonshine"..
Romeena, I suppose you have the "Lady's Model" of the "Wheeler"...Right?......G-F

January 03, 2015 - Msg 100364: Would that be called a "Wheelerette GF?


January 03, 2015 - Msg 100365: Asa!..I guess you recovered from the toolbelt dancing..*snicker*


January 03, 2015 - Msg 100366: Yes Boo, finally recovered and trying to forget it lest I be turned into a pillar of salt (Remember Barney telling Mrs. Lesch, "Don't look back"). No Lot's wife here! :)


January 03, 2015 - Msg 100367: Good evening, porch. The rain has ended here, the wet connections on my outside lights have dried out, so I reset the timers and now all my lights are on and still looking pretty. I'm leaving them up until next weekend, so Robbi and Richard can enjoy them. Those LEDs run for just pennies, and that's so nice! I just got an electric bill that covers the time the lights have been up, and it was just $5 more than last month. Can't beat a deal like that!

G-F, I'm not sure what you'd call my chair. It's not a recliner, it's a big old deep faux suede armchair, and an ottoman. The arms are wide and soft, and it's so comfortable. However, it's about 16 years old, and starting to get deeper and deeper, as the seat part is breaking down. I had the cushion rebuilt a couple of years ago, and it helped, but I think the springs in the chair itself are sagging. I've got to decide whether to spend the money to have the whole thing rebuilt, or just buy a new one. It matches two 3-cushion sofas, one of which has another ottoman in front of it. The other one has a coffee table. I'd never find the same chair again, but I could get something that blended or contrasted. The pieces are a light buckskin color, so I could get a brown/beige plaid, maybe. I don't know. I'm going to have to think about it. It's very good furniture, I found it on a close-out for half price, and jumped on it. The fabric is marvelous. It resists soiling, and when necessary, stains will wash off. Sugarplum chewed up a ballpoint pen on the back of one of the sofas, and had blue ink all over the top of sofa's back. I got some clean white cloths and some gentle fabric shampoo, and every smidgen of that ink came off! After it dried, the area was sort of stiff and flat, not soft and suede-y. I just got the Plum's little wire pin-brush, and brushed the area very gently, and soon you couldn't tell where the spot had been. I'm not too sold on getting a recliner, because Toye Starr likes to lie on the floor in the little space between my chair and the ottoman. That puts my knees above her head, and my cuddly blanket drapes down on the sides and makes a little hidey-hole for her. I'm afraid I might hurt her somehow, bringing the footrest of a recliner down. Like I said, I've got to think about this.

Well, I think I'll go heat up a can of soup. A good hot bowl of soup just sounds good. Maybe I'll grill a cheese sandwich, too. Yep, that's what I'll do. Soup and sandwich, that's what I want. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 03, 2015 - Msg 100368: Well bummer MDC. I was hoping to see your Cards advance. Just to many injuries to overcome I reckon. Still had a great year though.

I know what you mean about the recliner Ro. I always have to make sure Barney isn't under mine when I lower the foot rest. That does remind me of something though. Barney's favorite toy is a squeaky hamburger and his favorite thing to do if I won't throw it for him is to push it under furniture and then work to get it out. It's kind of funny to watch. Well one day I had noticed he was being very quiet and that is always a concern. I called his name a few times but no Barney. So I went looking for him. Still no response, but I thought I heard something in a spare bedroom that I call "manland". In there I have a Berkline recliner (one of those massage chairs). After several minutes of hollering for him I finally heard him let out a small little yip. I looked, and sure enough, somehow he had gotten himself stuck under the lowered footrest on the recliner, and was stuck. I still don't know how he did it, but I got him and his hamburger out of there. Silly dog!

Well gotta teach the mens group at Church tomorrow, so I better go put the finishing touches on it. Don't wanna be as dry as dust.


January 03, 2015 - Msg 100369: Prayers Romeena...well im on my last weekend working for a few months...But..may get bad here after midnight..storms in Bama...hey Tom,GF,Asa,Boo,possum and all...well let me get this radar up and runnin...any leftovers?...SPOT

January 04, 2015 - Msg 100370: Yup Asa, so many injuries and a third string QB make it tough to win games in the play-offs.
Maybe next year, but we may not have Fitz.
Fun night this evening at a Railroad Themed park
here. Rode the train, and walked thru the huge indoor model railroad exhibit. i will try to post
some pics on FB tomorrow.
ASA- I'll be praying for you.
God's blessings upon all on Epiphany and for 2015!

January 04, 2015 - Msg 100371: I think we are getting those winds Asa had a few days ago, it's bringing the cold front in and it's suppose to drop 40 degrees by the end of the day... Auh2o get ready it's coming.

MDC, Sounds like a fun time, those model train exhibits are neat to see all the time and detail that goes into them, The model train club here in town has a great display in the old train station, they restored it and make it their club headquarters. They let us common folk visit it twice a year over 3 week-ends. I think you have to know a secret word and handshake to get in tho. haha


January 04, 2015 - Msg 100372: HI ALL.
G F keep all tat bad weather right in Cleveland!


January 04, 2015 - Msg 100373: Good Sabbath Folks. I hope you are all well.

Hey Floyd, I just noticed the archives for the last 6 months of 2014 are missing. I see a few posts from the last page that swept, but the next page is from June of last year. Just thought I would pass that along.


January 04, 2015 - Msg 100374:
OK all of you on FB, I just posted my railroad park photos. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I am a big model RR fan, and have a layout in my garage.
Had such a fun time last night as Cecile and I took in the whole place. God bless America! :)

January 04, 2015 - Msg 100375: Hey Asa, Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the archives. --Floyd

January 04, 2015 - Msg 100376: I just posted the latest Mayberry Bible Study Podcast episode. It's from the 2014 Mayberry Cruise. I hope you enjoy it. --Floyd


January 05, 2015 - Msg 100377: Good Morning porch and a Happy New Year to all. It's back to work for me :( I was off work most of last week.

Spent the week being with my kids and some of their friends. When my kids were growing up our house tended to be the gathering place. We usually had 1 or 2 extra kids most week ends and even on vacations. Since they both graduated highs school and are now in college most of their friends have scattered here and there. So it was great fun having some of them back at the house last week, cooking for them, watching movies with them and re connecting. they are all young adults now and seem to be doing well for the most part.

supposed to turn cold on my end of the porch mid week. supposed to be down to about 7 on Wednesday.

Lunch menu will be: potato soup, grilled cheese on sourdough bread. chocolate chip cookies for dessert, tea or lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

January 05, 2015 - Msg 100378: HI ALL.
Big Maud this time of year January is the colder of all. For this week we well be in the 30 for high to 20 in the day and a night low of 20 3.

Floyd the King of the porch are handed men of fixing things.

TOM time for coffee

January 05, 2015 - Msg 100379: Burr-r-r-r

January 05, 2015 - Msg 100380: Thanks Floyd. I hope you didn't find any spiders down there under the porch. I enjoyed the podcast very much also.

Sounds like a nice weekend Big Maude, for sure. It's hard to see the young-uns grow up, but it's good to see when they do they have some depth to their being.

Well after last weeks bitter cold and crazy winds, we are supposed to be in the 40's here today. That'll be nice.

I wish I was on Facebook so I could see your pics MDC. But I'm not so I'll just have to picture them in my mind.

Well better get back to it. I just passed my 30 year anniversary for work on the 2nd of January. Sure has gone by fast it seems.


January 05, 2015 - Msg 100381: Hey Asa, you're like me, the closest I get to Facebook is when I have may face IN a book while I'm reading... Good on ya for making it 30 yrs. Time for goes by fast for sure, I can still remember my 1st day at work back in "75" I cut grass ALL day, the older guy I was working with at the time told me "Brother we don't work that hard around here"! (Good thing I did not take his advise). Years later, I worked with his Son and told him that story, we both got a big laugh from it.

PH, Pop in and say "Hey" so we know your still here, don't worry we will be like Tom Bodet and leave the light on for ya when your ready!

I just came back from the WalMart and stocked up on some things for the cold week, because of the weather my "Wheeler" will get a lot of action too. My hip is singin' to me, man this cold really makes it hurt, better grease it up with some of that Miracle Salve. I guess I'll have to give Opie Taylor Sr. or Dr. Pendyke a call and get me some....

Better get my critters fed, before they start knocking at my door. I feel sorry for them when it's this cold out, 10-4 Romeena?


January 05, 2015 - Msg 100382: 10-4 for sure, G-F. I always try to put out something that contains a little fat for them when it's so cold. Suet, leftover buttered toast, even just some bread with bacon grease on it. They love it! Seeds, of course, and some fruit now and then. Sometimes an apple will hide in the bottom of a fridge drawer, and when I find it, the skin is wrinkly. I don't like them like that, I want my apples to be snappy-crisp, but the critters don't mind at all.

It's 38 here today, bright sunshine but still cold. This week is supposed to be fair and not terribly cold. Sounds good to me!

Well, better run. Blessings, folks - stay warm! --Romeena

January 05, 2015 - Msg 100383: Hey Lucy, that's a great top post for the New Year!

Romeena, every time I read about your "Christmas Twinkles" for some reason I read "Twinkies".

Gonna be cold here as well, below zero cold. Ah well, at least we got that good amount of snow I was hoping for. Hey, if you're going to have cold....

-Sterling Holobyte

January 05, 2015 - Msg 100384:
A belated Happy Holidays, Porch.

I haven't been online much lately but I think of you folks often.

G-F Right you are about those temps. It is C-O-L-D!


January 05, 2015 - Msg 100385: Hi
All this nice warm temp is good!

Look like we will have to get the vicks in blue guy out for every one who is fighting the flu and a cold.


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100386: Brrrr! It's only 41 right now - not too bad - but will get colder. We're going to be down in the 20s at night for part of the week. For Texas, that's cold! We won't get any snow to show for it, either. Just cold!

auh2o, it's nice to see you. We miss you when you're not around.

I went to the visitation at the funeral home for my friend this evening. I don't like those things, but I know it's helpful for the family. They feel the love and support.

The service is tomorrow at 3pm at the church, and our SS department is providing lunch for the family beforehand. The sign-up sheet looked a little sparse on the meat side, so I'll take a couple of roast chickens from Boston Market. Then tonight I remembered being at the table with Carolyn and her husband at a meal at the church a few weeks ago, and recalled how Ron was bartering with the others at the table to get extra deviled eggs. Apparently, he really likes them. I had two dozen eggs in the fridge, so when I got home, I boiled them. They'll cool overnight, and in the morning I'll make a bunch of deviled eggs, I guess! I figured since I had the eggs to swing it, why not? Easy to make, and Ron will like them.

Incidentally, I'm happy to report that our SS department collected over $1300 for the family yesterday! They were short $700 to cover the funeral, so that took care of it, with plenty left over. God is good!

Well, there's only one other house on the street with their Christmas lights still up. I guess David will take mine down this Sunday afternoon. Robbi and Richard will be here, will have seen them by then, and Richard will help Dave take them down. As for the "twinkies" in the back yard, I put them out and I can take them down, and I'll do it when I'm ready! Right now, I'm really enjoying them. They're just so pretty!

Well, guess I'd better turn in. Got to get up early and get after those eggs. They're easy, but time consuming. It will take a while to stuff 48 little egg halves! Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 06, 2015 - Msg 100387:
Looks like most of you porchsters are gonna have another "polar vortex" commin' at ya.
Tom-baton down the hatches, and stock up.
Looks like any place east of thr Rockies will be
darn right COLD! ASA-at least you dont have to deal with the generator. International Falls = -7 with windchill to -45 !! My dad used to drive his '52 Plymouth onto a frozen Minn lake to ice fish. I asked him, "why?" "Nothin' else to do" he said. lol
GF--my dad worked 30 years for our local newspaper. Went from apprentice to journeyman to foreman of the composing room when the type was hot lead. He got a great early retirement package and pension at 62, and now he's 96! ha
ASA and GF--here is the railroad park website
that will give you a bit of an idea of the place.
I have a layout in my garage that folds up against the wall when not in use, but is about 1/10,000th of theirs!
POSSUM--I like to see the "old" streets of LA on
Emergency, but why is the fire station driveway always wet? ha
Speaking of fire stations...I think I saw the ep today where PH said a fire dept is mentioned on TAGS. Floyd mentioned it in the Clarence Earp episode tonight on ME-TV.
Well, look at me ramblin' on. I guess i'll leave a few bytes for the rest of yas.

January 06, 2015 - Msg 100388: HI RO--you sneaked in there.

January 06, 2015 - Msg 100389: Good morning all. I hope the new day finds you all well.

Cool place MDC. Thanks for the link. What scale is your set? That stuff sure looks like it would be fun to build. Looks like it could get pricey also, if you let it. lol

Ro, my family (especially my son in law) thinks I make the best ever deviled eggs. I think they just say that to boost my ego, although whenever we have a get together they request my deviled eggs. I think I use the same things that most folks use. Mayo, some mustard, a little dill pickle juice. One thing I add to mine that may be a bit different is a small amount of sugar. I know that sounds odd, but it does seem to work. Then of course dust them with some paprika at the end.

Yessir, we be on the right side of the rockies for this arctic blast. Mid 40's today they say. Can't beat that for early January here. It would be even warmer but we are in an inversion. I'll sure take it over what we had last week.

GF, So you're all loaded up for the cold snap? Got the "Wheeler" all lubed up and ready for action? Fresh batteries in the remote? You must be prepared you know. He who is prepared, need not fear. :)

Well back to my wheeler for me. Pulled an upper back muscle yesterday and now I'm waling crooked.


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100390: It's so cold in Wisconsin Sterling is changing his name to Sterling "Frostbyte"...It's so cold in Upper New York, Auh2o is being referred to as Au"frozen"h2o...And I am going by Goooburr Frrrife!...

MDC, Cool train site, we had a near by Family Amusement park "Kiddie Land" that had one of those scaled down trains that you could ride around the whole park, great memory's.

Asa, Deviled eggs & gravy.. Can't beat those. And yes, I'm prepared for the cold, I still have to shovel my snow sometime today...when I'm good and ready to...haha! You better call Dr. Ben Gay or Dr. Absorbine Jr. to help you with your back.

Romeena, I can picture you trying to stuff those tiny little egg halves, a lot harder to stuff those than when they are full growed..haha So I guess the egg does come before the chicken! But wait, how do you get the egg if you don't have a chicken to lay it at the start? WoW that is DEEP, better study on that one for awhile. Sounds like a emaculated eggsecption to me!

...One more thing, Asa, do you use Miracle Whip, Helman's or Duke's on those eggs... (sorry could not help myself)....


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100391: Hope you in the north are staying warm! I is sunny here but still pretty chilly for Texas (should get all the way to 60 today, though).

Good to see Auh2o on the porch! Hope things are holding their own with you, friend.

Plenty to do today so got to get moving in that direction. Hope you all have a great day.


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100392: PS-Good for you on the deviled eggs, ASA. I usually use miracle whip instead of real mayo (that's the way mom always made them) and that adds some sweetness. Everyone always likes them.


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100393: Hi
All Mr. Goooburr stop crying about the cold from that opne lake there

Romeena maybe you can save two of the deviled egg
for me Please!

Boy that ben gong for years rememory peppr had cupons for half off.


January 06, 2015 - Msg 100394: MDC, Here is the link to the model railroad club here in my town. They sure have many, many hrs. tied up in this. there are some great videos too.



January 06, 2015 - Msg 100395: Good evening, porch. We had a mild, pleasant day. Sunny, in the 50s, no wind, and gonna go waaay down tonight. Brrr.

I went to the funeral of my friend this afternoon, and just as the pastor was about to offer the opening prayer, an earthquake passed through. Not a big one, but it did rattle the stained-glass windows. Nothing broke or cracked, but we could hear it. Didn't feel the tremor, probably because the building is large, solid and I'm sure very heavy. A lighter structure, like a house, probably would have been shaken a little. Actually, these quakes don't really "shake" anything. There's just a little "bump", like a car hitting a small bump in the road.

About these quakes. The government and all concerned are reassuring us that they have "absolutely nothing" to do with the fracking that's going on in the area. I'm not buying that. It would take more trust than I can muster to accept that. First of all, the area of the quakes is directly over and in a line with the area where the fracking is being done. On a map, the fracking is happening less than a mile from my house. The impact of the quakes is felt in several nearby areas, both north and south of the fracking zone. You can draw a straight line connecting those areas, and it passes directly through the fracking location. Also, we had never - never - had earthquakes here, until the fracking started. Now we have them several times a week, and we are not the only area where this has happened. Fracking involves pumping millions of gallons of water (while I'm not allowed to water my lawn more than once a week) into the ground under high pressure, until rocks "fracture" or break, releasing pockets of natural gas. These fractures lead to shifts in the earth's crust, and the escape of the gas alters the pressure balance underground. Would any thinking person not be able to deduce that this could cause a rise in seismic activity (earthquakes)? Ya think?? No earthquakes - fracking starts - now we have earthquakes. Hmmm.

Tom, those deviled eggs were pretty good, though not the best I've ever made. I would have saved you some, but couldn't figure out how to get them to you before they got, uh, over-ripe?

Well, guess I'd better go see about some super. I've got some leftover bacon, and everything else needed - maybe a good old BLT. Yep, that sounds pretty good. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 06, 2015 - Msg 100396: Super? Make that "supper." --Romeena

January 07, 2015 - Msg 100397: Update on the quakes. Until today, the biggest one I had felt was a couple of months ago, measured at a 3.3. This evening at 6:53 another one passed through, which felt a lot stronger than that 3.3. About an hour later, there was another one, with a double hit about two seconds apart. Shortly thereafter there was one more, very strong. The news report said the first one was a 3.5 and the last one was 3.6. One description of the Richter scale says anything in the 3-4 range is comparable to a passing truck. Well, all I can say is for a 3.6, it would have to be a pretty big truck! That rascal sent ornaments on my Christmas tree swinging! Very strange and unsettling feeling. The city of Denton, about 30 miles north of me, has outlawed fracking in their area, and I'm thinking Irving may just do the same thing. We have some old fault lines that have been there forever, but we've never had any tremors until the fracking started. I'm not really worried, this house is solid as a rock, and I have insur@nce that would repair damage above $3k, but I don't want the ceiling falling in on me. However, I'll sleep well tonight. Nothing I can do about it, and staying awake worrying won't change anything.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 07, 2015 - Msg 100398:
G-F---thanks for the link. Some great photos!
My layout is HO scale.
WOW RO, maybe you should move to the caves.
That is pretty scary. With that many earthquakes happening,
and right under the fracking area, that must be the cause. Here's a weird thought: When Jesus spoke of earthquakes in diverse places, it doesnt
specify natural or "man-caused," so maybe it is developments like
this that will bring about more and more in various places. Again, just a thought.
Prayers for 2015 and the new Congress, the country, and the world!

January 07, 2015 - Msg 100399: Romeena, I think you are spot on about the fracking & quakes, we have had the same quandary in my neck of the woods, but closer to Youngstown.
Since the Cowboys are in the play-off's make we can rule out Tom Landry shaking in his grave. haha
How does one have left-over bacon? Usually it gets all eatin' up, but a BLT sounds good as long as you put Miracle Whip on it too ;)...lol

MDC I tried to post some video of the train stuff but the link was to long for our porch site. (I guess there is a limit to how long the porch is able to handle) if not, you'd fall off...

Asa, how's your back? Hopefully your not as crickety today...


January 07, 2015 - Msg 100400: Good morning, porch! G-F, you asked how one manages to have leftover bacon? Well, it's not easy, but here's how I do it. I fry a whole pound at one time (just one mess to clean up instead of three or four) and then exercise super-human restraint and will-power, eat only a reasonable amount (I know, define "reasonable") and put the rest in a ziploc in the fridge. From there, it's available as seasoning for veggies, or crumbled into a salad, or stacked generously in a BLT. Within about two days, it's gone. And yes, Miracle Whip on the sandwich. I think that's about the thirteenth or fourteenth commandment, isn't it?

There was another quake at 1 a.m., a 3.1 on the Richter scale. I had just gone to bed, not quite asleep, when it hit. It didn't feel as strong as the earlier ones, and the report of 3.1 this morning bears that out, but it's still a bit unnerving. You can't help wondering if it's just gearing up for a really big one.

Well, gotta run. Got ESL class at 9:30 and a routine doctor appt at 11:00. I don't know how I EVER had time to work! Later, taters. --Romeena

January 07, 2015 - Msg 100401: BRRRR G F keep the cold right there


January 07, 2015 - Msg 100402:
I guess we are all pretty stunned by what happened in France today. It is very hard to comment on... but
tho we are stunned we shouldnt be surprized. That's all I'm gonna say. Lord help us.
TOM--keep warm. I hope you had Gomer chop some firewood for ya!
It was 81 here today. Very strange for this time of year.
God bless,

January 07, 2015 - Msg 100403:
No, I will say something more. Freedom was attacked today. Cartoonists have made fun of every religion, the pope, evangelists, even Jesus; but for one religion to react this way is sick and inexcusable. I am sick.

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100404: Wow...hey Gang...8 degrees on my dog back porch...COLD....well home from a busy night at the power company worked the hoot owl shift...bed for me...SPOT

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100405: It's DANG cold!!

possum under a rock

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100406: Good Morning Porch,

As spot said, it sure is freezing here in GA. I need to run some errands but I think I'll wait until we reach the "high" in the 20's later.

I don't know the last time that I swept. Glad I could help.

MDC, yes, it is sad about what happened in France. I hope the murderers are captured. By the way, I enjoyed your railroad park pictures.
Tom, another great poem. Thank you for sharing!
Ro, I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but am glad that the funeral is paid for. That must be a relief.
Possum, yes, it is! Are you still in SC?
Asa, have you tried adding meat to your deviled eggs? I've put in chopped up chicken in mine. I always put in relish.
Boo, how are Sean and Erin doing?
Auh20, I don't think I could live where you do. 16 is cold enough. Forget the negative!
G-F, my FIL lives outside of Mansfield. Do you happen to know anyone there that would hook up a VCR?

Hey to everyone that I may have missed! I need to get the quinoa made (yuck) so that I don't have to do as much for supper tonight. Y'all have a great day and stay warm!