January 08, 2015 - Msg 100407: Yep, Possum I agree DANG cold is right, at least the winds died down so I can shovel my snow. I am making a cup of tea to warm up.

TOM, I called our Governor and asked him to have the National Guard put up a big wall along the Ohio river to hold back the cold.... He has not gotten back to me yet...

I hope Sterling "Frostbyte" is ok, we have not heard from him for awhile, hope he ain't frozed in.

MDC, 81 degrees? It must be the bomb... Send us some of that 81 degrees...

Romeena, I suppose the "Buckeye Nation" folks are rolling into town by now, hope they spend a lot of $$ while they are there, and behave themselves, as I said before their mascot IS a NUT!..haha


January 08, 2015 - Msg 100408:
G-F, you mentioned in Msg 100399 that you had tried to post a link that was rejected because it was too long for the Taylor's Front Porch. There is a simple solution.
Visit tinyURL.com where you will be able to shorten any long URL link.
In the rectangle box labelled "Enter a long URL to make tiny:" type, or copy and paste, the entire long link you want to shorten.
Then in the lower rectangle box labelled "Custom alias (optional)" type in an applicable name for your link such as "TrainStuff".
Then click on the "Make TinyURL" button.
That will create a shorter link such as http: // tinyurl.com / TrainStuff (without any spaces). If that name you choose has already been used, it will generate a random group of letters and numbers that you can use.
Post that shorter link here in the Comments rectangle and it should be allowed.

from Poor Horatio

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100409: Wow! What happened? I seem to be missing an archive or something. My computer has been offline since yesterday (TW Cable has a glitch, apparently) and just came back on this morning. The porch opened with message 100407. When I went to the last archived porch, it ended with 100339, so I seem to be missing about 68 messages. I know they were there, because I remember some of them. In fact, it seems I remember a comment about someone else having a similar problem, and Floyd had fixed it. So, if I fail to acknowledge something to which I should have responded, it may be because I didn't see it. Or saw it, it fell through one of the holes in my memory, and I can't retrieve it online now. That happens. My memory could drain spaghetti.

It's COLD here! Hanging around in the low 30s, which for Texas is cold. Dang cold! Has been down in the low 20s at night. I don't even want to think about that. I worry about all the pets that are left outside in such weather, and some of them are actually chained, or otherwise confined, and can't even seek shelter. I've been watching a dog in a yard beside a house on a corner which I pass on he way to Eloise's. I thought he was chained, because he was always in the same place, alongside the house, and no shelter there. I was planning to call Animal Control (yes, I'm one of those nosy old biddies), but yesterday I saw him walking freely in the yard. There is a little wooden stoop/porch on the back of the house that he could go under if he chose, so I guess I won't make that call, but I'm still watching. I think it's gross that the only apparent shelter he has is a porch, where he has to go under there with the spiders. Poor guy.

Well, better get busy. Robbi and Richard are coming tomorrow for the weekend, need to freshen up their room and bathroom, vacuum the living areas, scrub the sink (can't stand a dirty sink) and get ready for them. Also, will be going to a chili supper/SS class meeting tonight at a friend's house - need to see if she needs any help. So - off I go. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100410: Yep Romeena, something funny going on, I posted early this morning and now my post is at the top of the class, I guess the Count just needed some one to sweep the porch, that's ok I'm limbered up from shoveling the snow...

Thanks PH, Glad your back, yes that has happened before on long links, I'll try your idea next time that happens. Stay warm buddy I know it's cold up your way too.


January 08, 2015 - Msg 100411:
Romeeena, if you click on the ARCHIVES link and look in the far upper left hand corner of the archives page, you will see a small column 2015 where you can find just one archived page covering January 1, 2015 (Msg 100340) through January 8, 2015 (Msg 100406).

from Poor Horatio

January 08, 2015 - Msg 100412: That's right, PH. Thanks for pointing it out. I went in and was looking to make sure it was okay and everything IS okay in Mayberry. --Floyd

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100413: Good Morning Porch,

As spot said, it sure is freezing here in GA. I need to run some errands but I think I'll wait until we reach the "high" in the 20's later.

I don't know the last time that I swept. Glad I could help.

MDC, yes, it is sad about what happened in France. I hope the murderers are captured. By the way, I enjoyed your railroad park pictures.
Tom, another great poem. Thank you for sharing!
Ro, I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but am glad that the funeral is paid for. That must be a relief.
Possum, yes, it is! Are you still in SC?
Asa, have you tried adding meat to your deviled eggs? I've put in chopped up chicken in mine. I always put in relish.
Boo, how are Sean and Erin doing?
Auh20, I don't think I could live where you do. 16 is cold enough. Forget the negative!
G-F, my FIL lives outside of Mansfield. Do you happen to know anyone there that would hook up a VCR?

Hey to everyone that I may have missed! I need to get the quinoa made (yuck) so that I don't have to do as much for supper tonight. Y'all have a great day and stay warm!


January 09, 2015 - Msg 100414:
HI ALL, I copied and pasted LUCY's post from the archived area to here on the swept porch because she mentions a lot of us. I see her on FB, and asked her to stop by the porch.
I hope you are all dealing OK with the cold.
We were "down" into the 70s today!
God bless,

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100415: Thank you very kindly, PH. I pretty much figured I was missing a whole archived entry, but it didn't occur to me that it would be in a new column by itself. It should have, since this is a new year, but it didn't. I think my brain is drying up, like a walnut in a shell. Thanks again. --Romeena

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100416: Hey Folks

Prayers for the French...what a mess.

It is still cold here also, wind chill down to -30 and they are calling for 2 to 3 feet of snow today.

GF- Are you keeping warm?

Lucy-I'd bet you be just fine up here. There is some real beauty in a snow storm, just to watch it unfold is incredible.

Boo-Things are moving forward here but the anxiety brought on by the condition have been a battle for my daughter. She's gonna be fine though. We are working through it.

Keep warm, looks like everyone is in the freezer, everyone except MDC that is.


January 09, 2015 - Msg 100417:

Oops...MDC is cooling down.

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100418: HI ALL





January 09, 2015 - Msg 100419: Sorry to hear about your drop in temp's MDC, man that but be brutal having to deal with temps only in the 70's...haha

Auh2o, It's cold here but we don't have to deal with 2-3 feet of snow, only 4" which I already shoveled after falling twice! Man, I don't remember my legs being able to bend that way.. Ouch! Tylonol+Wheeler is my Rx today...

Lucy, I thought I was the only one that still has a VCR as far as hooking it up, I think it has something to do with video in & video out and having to be on channel 3, better ask PH he's back with his knowledge... Quinoa? What's that?

I think Romeena is out looking for "booties" for her animal friends, it tough for them too. It's amazing how stupid people are when it comes to their pets and leaving them out in the cold, yep I think the owners should have to spend a night out in the cold and see how much THEY like it...Shame, Shame!!


January 09, 2015 - Msg 100420: I think I've turned into an ice cube too, Tom! Boy,is it cold! Hey to Lucy! Yep,still in SC and we're not used to this extreme weather down south,are we? Good to hear from you-stop by the Porch more often!

Well,as much as I don't want to,I guess I need to throw off these warm covers and get up and going for the day. Y'all take care,stay warm,and act like somebody!!

possum under a rock

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100421: Well, Brrrr from Texas too! It's 35 here this morning. At least the wind isn't blowing very hard, and so far, we've had no precipitation. The sky is solid clouds, but the forecast doesn't call for any rain, so maybe we'll be okay. South of here, down toward Waco, is a different story. They're calling for freezing rain, sleet, and icy roads. Robbi and Richard are on their way up from Fredericksburg, so they may have to contend with some of that. They'll be a little bit west of where it's supposed to be the worst, so maybe they won't have any trouble.

I don't know what's wrong with my beautiful sycamore tree outside my window. It's the one that's been dropping so many huge branches in the past few months, and this morning there's another branch on the ground. It's not a big one, and it's still got a lot of dead leaves on it, so it may be a remnant of the huge broken limb that was hung up there for so long, until the wind finally blew it down. (Thank you, Lord. Saved me having to hire someone to come get it down.) Funny how the living tree has already dropped all of its leaves, but dead branches hold onto them.

I'm watching a real show out there. I mentioned earlier that David and Brittney had given me a wire-mesh bird feeder shaped like a snowman, which I had filled with sunflower seeds, and the critters just love it. Well, it's almost empty now, just about a tablespoon of seeds in the very bottom compartment. A squirrel is just tying himself in knots, trying to get those last few seeds out. They're lying on the bottom, and he keeps shaking and tilting the feeder, trying to get them to slide over against the mesh where he can snag them. What a little acrobat! Guess I'll go refill the thing, and put some mixed seed out on the stones and in the other feeder - some cracked corn, too. Right now, there are doves, a pair of cardinals, a bluejay, finches, a pair of blackcaps, sparrows, some wrens and some finches, not to mention several squirrels - all hanging around out there, looking hungry. I'd better get some rations out, before they form a picket line!

Blessings, friends. Stay warm! --Romeena

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100422: Ro,do you think the earthquakes have something to do with your tree being that way? Maybe they've shaken up the root system or something? Just a thought..

possum again

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100423:
Romeena, since you enjoy watching the squirrels romp on your property, check out https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=squirrels+obstacle+course
As for your tree problem, it might be a disease that is causing it. We have a large tree in our backyard that was almost entirely bare this past summer. I suspect it is dead and might need to be cut down. But I need permission from the city first, and that begins with hiring an arborist to evaluate its condition.

Ice Cube Tom, I like your new name. But don't blame G-F for the cold weather you are getting. I'm sending it to you from Canada because we have too much of it.

G-F, would you believe I have four VCR's that all still work?

Lucy, if you post the brand name and model of your Father's VCR and TV, then I could confirm if they have compatible inputs/outputs.

from Poor Horatio

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100424: PH, those squirrel videos are hilarious! I love the pesky little critters, and never get tired of watching their antics from my window. They're so smart, so creative, and such acrobats! It's a never-ending show.

I've considered the disease idea with my tree, and it may be true, but the tree looks perfectly healthy. It was full and green all summer, hung onto its leaves well past the cottonwoods (as it always does) and appears to be just fine. The limbs don't drop for no reason, it's always during a high wind, but it has not been prone to do this until this year. Maybe it's age. The tree is about 36 or 37 years old.

Possum, that's an interesting question, but I don't think that's the cause. Many tree-borne crops are harvested by using "shakers", devices that grip the trunk of the tree and shake it, causing the fruit or nuts to fall into nets. Also, if the quake was affecting that particular tree, I would think it would be bothering the others as well. I just hope I'm not going to lose it, because it's a pretty tree, with interesting deciduous bark, it holds a feeder and a squirrel nestbox, and its base seems to attract lovesick squirrels. Many a little squirrelly romance has been carried out on the ground next to the base of that tree.

Well, I'm off to the grocery store. Robbi and Richard will be here around 4, got to be back before then. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100425: Romeena, I'm thinkin' the reason you have so many squirrel romancin' under your sycamore tree is because of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgCk3bnvO5Y I think it must "Inspire" them..haha

Ice Cube TOM, I think there is one of those rapper guys called Ice "T" so you may not be able to use that due to copyright infringements..haha But if you go out MDC's way we can call you "Snow Bird TOM" I think that what they call folk who migrate to the warm weather...

PH, I still have a lot of things on VHS format so I still use them, when I go to the flea mkt. I can get a lot of VHS movies for only 50 cents, It makes for a cheap date...


January 09, 2015 - Msg 100426: Ro,I kind of thought the same thing about why your other trees weren't having the same problems,so I really didn't think that the earthquakes were causing the trouble. Just a thought,was all!

Oh gosh, now I've got "Ice Ice Baby",playing in my head-LOL I'm not gonna tease Tom though because it's too cold to get tossed in the clink!

I buy VHS tapes all the time, G-F. Somebody told me the other day that her kids wouldn't know what a VCR was,but Laci has enjoyed many Barney (the "other" Barney!) videos on one!

Hope everybody has a good evening-love to all!

possum u.a.r.

January 09, 2015 - Msg 100427: Romeena,I think I solved the problem with the ground shaking. It's Elvis! He's all shook up that he would have been 80 yesterday... Thank You,...Thank You very much!..lol

Funny story about VHS tapes, when my Mom was alive she made it her mission to tape all 249 episodes for me during the day when I was at work, it took her a long time but she did accomplish it, complete with edited out commercials + hand written episode guides. She got pretty quick on the pause button. What a MoM won't do for her Son... I miss her.. :(

By the way... Those tapes...Priceless! You won't find them on the 50 cent rack at the flea market.
Funny thing tho, when she FINALLY got them all done is when they started to release them on DVD. I would like to think CBS, VIACOM and Mayberry Enterprises collapsed under the pressure to release them all.

p.s. Possum, better not tick TOM off, take it from Asa & I, "It's NO FUN when that iron door slams shut"!..lol


January 09, 2015 - Msg 100428: Hi All.
Sorry Possum for the song to keep playing I your head!




January 10, 2015 - Msg 100429:
Did you all hear about the two big pile-ups in Michigan? Looks like that lake effect caused a white out! Scary stuff.
TOM--you're welcome anytime. We love our "snowbirds" here. They are a great boost to the economy. Isnt Ice Cube a rapper or some such?
POSSUM, love your recent FB posts! Where do u buy the VHS tapes? I still have my Go-Video machine! I taped a lot of Lawrence Welk shows for my mom, and now my dad watches them, as his place has one of those "transition" machines that were produced for several years that play both dvd and vhs.
Keep warm all,

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100430: I still have a couple of VHS machines hooked up, and one more stored away. I rarely watch anything on VHS, but it's nice to know I can when I want to. I have some tapes of the Christmas pageants my church presented each year for about twelve years, and my Dale was one of the kings in ten of those. Two of the tapes were professionally produced, because the pageant was televised locally. I watch them now and then, just to see him, so tall and handsome in his beautiful robes, so comfortable in the interaction with Mary, holding the baby up for the audience to see - all spontaneous and ad lib. Lord, how I loved that man!

Well, Robbi and Richard have gone to bed, tired from the trip, and I'm heading for my warm spot, too. Toye Starr has been hinting for a little while now. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100431: Well Possum, GF, Whoever else may get throwed in the lock up, just don't stick your tongue on them cell doors. As cold as they be, it'll stick for sure.


January 10, 2015 - Msg 100432: ..Is that a "Triple Dog Dare" Asa?..haha

Just what we need...imported snow & cold from Canada, wonder what the import tax is...G-F

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100433:
Ice Cube Tom, so you sent back my gift of Canadian cold weather? You should have saved it for when you have those hot summers!

MDC, I read somewhere that a good place to purchase VHS tapes is on eBay. Also, I have seen people posting on Craigslist they have VHS tapes they want to get rid of, and sometimes for FREE!
You mentioned about some pile-ups in Michigan. At one time, I could never understand why these types of accidents occur. I learned an important safety tip in the Navy where you should never travel faster than the speed that allows you to stop in half the visibility. In other words, if two vehicles are approaching each other in a thick fog, if they can both stop in less than half the amount of the visibility, there would be no collision impact. Drivers don't have to have stopping distance numbers memorized. Most experienced drivers should be able to estimate stopping distances. Once I was driving on a highway though a mountainous area in eastern California during a fog. As my visibility decreased, although I decreased my speed, I became very concerned about the possibility of someone crashing into my rear end. So I pulled over to the shoulder and waited for the fog to clear. I was shocked when other vehicles sped past me. That is when I finally realized just how those huge pile-ups occur.

Speaking of video tape formats, besides my four VHS vcr's, I also have a Betamax vcr. Unfortunately, my Betamax won't load cassettes so I can't view any of my Betamax videos. Remember when VHS and Betamax competed against each other and VHS won?

G-F, there is no import tax on the Canadian cold I sent to TOM. That's because I told Customs that the cold actually originated in Alaska and is being routed through Canada.

from Poor Horatio

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100434:
Romeena, since you posted about the earth tremors your area has been experiencing recently, I'm curious to learn just how Toye Starr has reacted when they occurred?

from Poor Horatio

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100435: Good morning, porch! PH, you've touched on something that always concerns me when driving on the highway - people drive too close to each other! When a car is following me so closely that I can't see his headlights in my rearview mirror, he's too dang close! I've learned how to give a quick "brake check", and I suspect I've sent a few drivers home to change their clothes. You just step on the accelerator and tap the brake simultaneously. Your car will not slow down, so there's no danger of being hit, but your brake lights will flash in the other driver's face and scare the bejabbers out of him. They get the message quickly and drop back. Way back. No doubt saying a lot of things about old biddies who shouldn't be driving, etc., but who cares? It gets them off my bumper. When you're driving 60-70 mph and some idiot is about ten feet behind you, there is no way he's not going to end up in your back seat if you have to stop suddenly, like if the car in front of you stops, or hits somebody. The old rule, and I guess it still applies, is to allow one car length for every ten miles of speed. At 60, that means six car lengths between you and the car in front of you. A car length is generally accepted to be twenty feet, I believe, so that means 120 feet between the cars. Actually, that's not enough in my opinion, especially if the streets are wet or, heaven forbid, if they're icy. The big danger here in Texas on icy roads is that many Texans think they can drive like they would in July, and will just zip around, fast starts and stops, and then stand outside their car looking around like a calf looking at a new gate when they get in a wreck. I spent two winters in Springfield, MO, so I learned a little about driving on ice. Dale used to say the safest way to drive on ice is don't.

Toye Starr does seem to feel those quakes coming. About five seconds before I hear the first rumble, she's on her feet growling, and when the shock hits, she barks and runs around the room a few times, looking up and all around, then as the final rumble fades away, she comes back to her perch with me, still spitting out little tiny woofs and growls. It's hilarious! I don't know what she thinks she can do about it, but whatever it is, she's ready to do it! All 4 1/2 lbs of her is ready to fight.

Ooh, what a breakfast I had this morning! Robbi and Richard brought some peppered bacon from Fredericksburg, from a place called "Opa's" (grandfather's), and it was wonderful. More ham than bacon, thick cut and just delicious. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes diced in, and a glass of juice, and I was in heaven. So good.

Well, guess I'd better run. Stay warm, everyone. --Romeena

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100436: PH I bought my Mom and Dad a VHS vcr for Christmas...they have had a ball looking at old tapes they had but with no Vcr for 20 years !..MDC 81 degrees?....we were at 5 wed night...I have been working a lot...cold brings brittle trees and "snap" there goes the power line...well hey all just got up from the hoot owl shift...let me get awoke !...SPOT

January 10, 2015 - Msg 100437: Its been cold here for days and I love it. Well, cold is relative. It never made it to 40 today with a windchill in the 20s...that is cold to us. It has been rainy off and on today and windy. I am trying to soak it up before we are back to 90s. Hope the rest of you are staying warm enough.

Nothing much to report about. Im about to take Erin to the movies to see something with her friends, and then to Susan's for her wonderful reuben sandwiches..only my will be made with turkey instead of corned beef.

Better get moving in that direction. Speaking of direction, I am still waiting to hear from the drug rehab, where I applied last week. Please say a prayer for direction. If they don't call me for a job, I have to keep looking and want the right job. Thanks.


January 11, 2015 - Msg 100438:
HI all, just a late-evening trouble check.
Looks like so far so good on the cold weather.
I hope Big Maude checks in, and that all is OK.
BOO- that IS cold for you so far south, wow.
RO--I agree with you on distance between cars,
but like we recenly discussed, some jerk always
seems to slip into that buffer zone. I try to drive in the far
right lane or the far left lane; that way I can move to the emergency
lane if I have to during a sudden stop.
PH--maybe some here would appreciate a gift of Canadian CLUB
along with the Canadian COLD!! haha
SPOT--where did you buy a VCR??
That's like trying to buy a audio cassette player! ha
Good Sabbath

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100439: Check eBay for a VCR. --Romeena

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100440: ..MDC Is Canadian CLUB their version of the Lodge where they sit around and drink "root beer" ;0 haha!

Boo, Continued good luck on your job search.


January 11, 2015 - Msg 100441:
Watch it G-F. I happen to like root beer. It never gives me any hangovers and I can drink it while driving.

from Poor Horatio

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100442:
For anyone who wants a free Canadian Club, just line up and watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZGNkoACCKc

from Poor Horatio

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100443: I bought a VCR at an auction a couple years back. Set me back $3. Would have payed for a night at the Raleigh YMCA, but it was worth every penny. I did get some strange looks from people, but I have a lot of old VHS tapes I enjoy watchin, TAGS and the Ken Burns Baseball series in particular.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100444: Hi All
G F watch out what you say.

Poor Horatio thank for Canadian cold but you can keep the club!

Asa it to warm in the jailhouse for some one to stick there tongue to cell door!

Will it made it up in the 40 degrees today so with out for a little time and to the store with be come a big mad house with every one coming out to shop.
All last week I stay In door and say no way Im going out there as temp in the teen for high?


January 11, 2015 - Msg 100445: ..PH,I guess they have different clubs up there than they do in Raleigh....lol

Billy Ray, I agree there are still a lot of good VHS movies out there, I got WW2 movie "Band of Brothers" collection for $2.00. At the time it sold for almost a hundred if I recall.. A lot of times I can get them for as little as a quarter pretty good bargain. I won't pay more than $3 at the flea mkt for DVD's. Funny how people pay so much for them new, and when they get tired of them and sell them for next to nut'in.

Now when I fill my Ice cube trays and put them in the freezer can't help but to think of TOM. When it gets warmer I hope you are you going back to Sgt. TOM so's Asa and I don't fall off the straight and narrow, speaking of Asa, where has he been today?


January 11, 2015 - Msg 100446: Well, hope you are all staying warm enough. It warmed up to 53 today and it felt like a heat wave. The sun actually peeked out for awhile this afternoon. I love this cool, crisp weather.

Busy day today for sunday. Sunday school, church...had a special gospel group sing and they were good, if you like that kind of music. I saw them perform last summer at Branson at Silver Dollar City, actually, and was surprised to see them at church this morning. It was fun, and a blessing. At three, I had to help with serving a family after a memorial service. One of my friends helped her children do a memorial service at the church for her ex husband (and their father). We served a luncheon afterward so people could stay and spend time with each other. I came home and curled up on the couch for awhile and just ate a salad. I am still staying on the good eating plan.

I see the cardiologist tomorrow for a check up. I don't have chest pain when I exercise but do have a kind of squeezing in my chest when I get very anxious. I have had that in the past and my stress tests are ok, but I noticed when I was goimg through the stress of erin being in the hospital, I had it but it felt different..kind of around the heart and a mild squeeze. My doc wants me to get checked out and I agree but hate to have another stress test. We will see. Prayer appreciated.

Better go get into some nice warm pajamas, so I can change into something cooler when I get a hot flash...it never fails.


January 11, 2015 - Msg 100447:
Boo, I had to have my first stress test performed a few years ago. At that time, I had a slight limp, so I brought along a cane. When the cardiologist saw the cane, he became worried that I might fall during the stress test. So he performed an alternative stress test that required an injection followed by me laying down on a comfortable mattress. I knew how strenuous a common stress test can be. But what surprised me was that I felt absolutely nothing out of the ordinary during the alternate test. No sweating, no shortness of breath and no other discomfort. In fact, when they told me they were finished, I thought they were kidding me and had not started.

from Poor Horatio

January 11, 2015 - Msg 100448: Hey to the front porch! It's been several years.


January 12, 2015 - Msg 100449:
GF--remember those aluminum ice cube trays, and when you pulled up the lever the sound was worse than fingernails on a blackboard! Oh, a chill just went up my back! haha
PH--did they inject some Canadian Club for that alternate test?? LOL
Boo- my prayers will be with you.
Hey to Hodie Snitch.
SPOT musta been bored at work, he emailed me thru FB tonight. ha
Have a great week all. May it be better than last week.

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100450: Will




January 12, 2015 - Msg 100451:
MDC, no, the cardiologist did not administer any Canadian Club in my injection. But my dentist uses Canadian Club on all of his patients. I had my wife video tape my last tooth extraction. Watch http://tinyurl.com/o3xjcgs
and cue it up to about 1:25 to see me get the Canadian Club. I didn't feel a thing!

Hello Hodie. Why the long absence?

from Poor Horatio

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100452:
Sheriff Ice Cube Tom, sometime before tomorrow, our temperature is expected to drop by 20 degrees. If you are going to send us your weather, try heating it up first.

from Poor Horatio

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100453: just a quick note to thank all my friends for their prayers and cards and letters i will be released on jan 30th again thank you your un my thoughts and prayers pappa bear

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100454: PAPPA BEAR!! :)



January 12, 2015 - Msg 100456: Well, who's it going to be tonight, a Duck or a Nut? Should be a good game..

MDC, I know what ya mean about the aluminum ice trays, I remember that sound, I rank it right up there with the sound of a vacuum cleaner on sounds I hate to hear.. Yep, when Mom fired up the vacuum we knew she was on her way to our rooms, so I can relate to the episode where Andy & Opie had to clean the house...

Good to hear from Papa Bear, I got a card and picture from him at Christmas. Keep in touch when you get home.

Boo, Hope your tests came out ok today...

Where's Sterling been? He must be happy with the Green Bay win yesterday...Sorry Romeena, about the Cowboys, to bad the game had to end on the controversy it did, but that's the was it goes sometimes...At least they MADE it to the play-off's unlike the Brownies....


January 12, 2015 - Msg 100457:
Papa Bear, I remember how frustrating it was for me to search the internet in hopes of identifying your contact information back when you had your heart surgery in the VA hospital. So I am glad to see you posting here, even though it was very brief. I pray that no complications cause your release date to be extended. I'm glad to learn you are able to take advantage of your VA benefits.

G-F, I still use those aluminum ice trays with the levers because the cubes are so much larger than with the newer rubber trays. And as for the sounds of vacuum cleaners, I loved it when my mother used our Hoover when I was laying on my bed resting. I found the noise they generated very soothing that helped me to fall asleep. I hated it when she finished.

from Poor Horatio

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100458: Good evening, porch! pappa bear, it's wonderful to hear from you. Sounds like you're doing well, and I hope you continue to improve. Please keep in touch!

Hodie, long time, no see! Thanks for stopping by. How about sticking around for a while? It's always good when folks come home.

Oh, those aluminum ice trays! How many fingernails did I sacrifice to those things? I remember that scrunching sound they would make when you lifted the lever, and the way the ice would shatter. There would always be several cubes that wouldn't turn loose, and in trying to get them out, I'd usually break a nail. I guess I've gotten spoiled to having an icemaker in my freezer. Now and then I have to slap it around a little, when the ice gets frozen together a little bit, and the auger that dispenses the cubes is just turning in an empty tunnel. I've learned to take hold of the front of the ice drawer and shake it, and the ice breaks loose and falls to the bottom of the drawer, where the auger can push it out.

I still get to use ice trays now and then, though. My daughters in Fredericksburg don't use icemakers, because the water there has a very high mineral content, and it takes just about a year for an icemaker to clog up and die. Replacing them so often becomes expensive, so very few people in the area have one. Usually those who do also have a house-wide water-softener, which is also expensive. Most people just use trays and empty them often, into a bowl or some sort of bin in the freezer. Since I'm a heavy "ice user", I usually assume that responsibility when I'm there.

That game was a heartbreaker. To refer to that call on the catch as "controversial" is to be kind. First of all, the "new rule" they were citing is highly questionable, and whether or not he had possession of the ball is debatable. He caught it, and he had both feet down before he went down. That should have been a valid catch, and it would have been ruled as such until whenever that rule was initiated. Obviously, as the debates afterward showed, no one understood that rule, and many didn't even know it existed. Also, he had his hand under the ball when he went to the ground, it popped up, he rolled and caught it, so it didn't touch the ground and he finished the play with the ball in his possession. I'm certainly no expert on the rules, and don't profess to understand the game perfectly. In fact, I'll usually refer to the "officials" rather than trying to remember whether it's "referee" or "umpire" (I do know, but sometimes the wrong word pops out). Green Bay whined and lodged a protest, the officials ruled on it, and that's the way it goes. I'm thinking that rule will come under some scrutiny in the future, but for now, it stands. I hope the Packers can find a way to feel like they really earned that victory.

Well, guess I'll go round up some supper. Robbi and Richard left early this morning, heading for Florida. They were hoping to make it to the Florida panhandle by tonight. That is one long trip. You drive all day, finally reach Florida, and then you have another day's drive to get to Mt. Dora, which is near Orlando. My son in Florida has a beautiful little red MG, a classic, and he's ready to sell it. That's what Richard does - buys, restores and sells classic cars, so he knows the routine. He's going to put the car in a Mecum auction and try to get top dollar for it for my son. Plus, the two couples will have fun just visiting. OK, I'm gone. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 12, 2015 - Msg 100459: Yep, Romeena I was trying to be kind, but it would be better said: They got "ripped off"! I hate to see games decided on bad calls on either side. I think the Dallas receiver will have bad dreams for a LONG time over that call...


January 12, 2015 - Msg 100460: Great to see Hodie and Pappa Bear!!

Thnks for the thoughts and prayers. Things went simply smashing at the cardiologist office. ;) He was very pleased at my weight loss and told me to keep doing what I am doing and come back in 6 months for a routine treadmill test (not a nuclear stress test). I was happy with that.

That is quite a drive for Robbi and Richard, Romeena. I once rode from Corpus Christi to Pensacola, non stop and it was one very long ride!

Its still pretty chilly here, and windy. Tomorrow will be cold for us, but I am still enjoying it. Hope you all are staying warm.


January 13, 2015 - Msg 100461: Great news, Boo! So glad things went well at the cardiologist.

I heard from Robbi - they're in Pensacola, will go on to Mt. Dora tomorrow. I was just looking through my pictures on the computer and found some of the little MG. Sure is a pretty thing, I'm surprised my son is selling it, but he said nobody drives it anymore and no use keeping it. Actually, he owned it in partnership with his father in law, and the FIL hasn't driven it in a long time. I guess "to everything there is a season."

My son's dog, Abbie, is nearing the end of her time. She's nearly 18, deaf, almost blind, and is pretty arthritic. She's totally devoted to my son, as he is to her, and when he has to make that big decision it's going to go hard on him. I wish I could be out there for him, but probably won't be able to do that. I was with them when they got her, after he had to give up his other dog, Piper. Age and a heart condition took her, but he immediately got Abbie. She was sooo cute as a puppy, and grew into a very beautiful dog. She and Sugarplum were friends. Oh my. How we do love our little furkids, and how hard it is when they leave us!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 13, 2015 - Msg 100462: I guess a NUT is better than a Duck....Just sayin'.. Sometimes you just can't say enought about a Nut!

Boo, Good to hear you got a good report...


January 13, 2015 - Msg 100463: MY COMFORT BLANKET




January 13, 2015 - Msg 100464: Beautiful, Tom. Thank you. --Romeena

January 14, 2015 - Msg 100465:
Well, I've been away for a day because I finally got caught up putting two years worth of photos into albums! When my dad had his stroke two years ago,
a lot of things got put on the back burner, so to speak. Now that my time is better "regulated" with it all, I had some time to "just do it!" (so I did) ha
Phoenix are is hopping this month with eight, yes eight, big car auctions, then comes the Phx Open and the Superbowl! The NFL experience starts soon too. We expect an influx of about 200 thousand over the next few weeks!!
GF--I guess the "Bucks stopped the Ducks"! ha
TOM--very nice poem, thanks.
Good to see PappaBear.
BOO--cold and rainy here today, but man I LOVED IT! :)
Prayers for all,