January 14, 2015 - Msg 100466: POSSUM, where are you?

January 14, 2015 - Msg 100467: Sweep by someone !Well Rain here in ga...sure needs to dry out I got yard work to do...I will have to go back and read the archives....getting off work here at 6am...car hit a pole and broke it last night...Mrs Spot and I are gona head to Helen Ga (google it) this weekend relax....ok...hey to all...Breakfast at McDonalds on Boo....SPOT

January 14, 2015 - Msg 100468: Floyd, I just got to looking at the archives and realized it'd be nice if there was a link on that page to the current porch. I guess you can keep hitting the back arrow or go back to your bookmark but it'd be a bit of a time saver. Not that I'm in a hurry or anything.

Saw the comments on the old aluminin ice cube trays. I hadn't thought of them in years. Had to lift that little lever thing and hope you didn't break it in the process. They was always one or two cubes that didn't come out and you had to hold the tray in the sink under hot water for a bit. I used to think if you were doing that anyway, you might as well forgo the handle thingy.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 14, 2015 - Msg 100469: Helen, Georgia. I had a look. Interesting place. I wonder how many other towns are named after TAGS characters.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 14, 2015 - Msg 100470: Billy Ray.... I always thought they should have continued with Dub Taylor's character as the postman. I think he would have been a good addition to the cast. You know someone had to deliver the mail to Mayberry each day, why not him? I suppose Barney nixed the deal so he didn't have competition with posting the crimiminals on the bulletin board is what i'm thinking.

I think everyone must be frozen in, where's Sterling & Possum been? I figured since Green Bay won he may pop his head out for a little, but I suppose after "The Non-Touchdown Call" he may be a little scared of Romeena?

SPOT, What's the Brook Benton song..."A Rainy Night in Georgia"? At least you don't have to shovel it...haha


January 15, 2015 - Msg 100471: Good thought Billy Ray...You should POST a "Mayberry towns " contest...Im the First entry.."Helen Ga"..very neat german town..lots of walking distance shops...SPOT

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100472:
Saw the baseball game ep on ME-TV tonight.
I had forgotten about Goober's line,
"go out there and win one for the ol' Goober." ha
I swept with that APB for possum, but I closed the
computer right after that, so i didnt even realize that I had done it.
Prayers continue for all.

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100473: 5:30 am EST ...lets get out there and act like somebody ! SPOT

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100474: Happy Thursday porch, hope all is well.

its chilly on my end of the porch, 30 degrees, still dreary and cloudy. hope to see some sunshine in the next couple days.

been busy at work this week, working long days so coming to work in the dark and then going home in the dark. making me a tired ole Maude.

Patrick is back at school and Beth will go back next Tuesday. Patrick travels from Cookeville,TN to Birmingham Alabama this afternoon. His graduate research program has is about biomedical engineering. He is researching joint replacements and how to make them better. So he will be watching an actual joint replacement surgery to understand the process. should be an interesting experience for him. Please pray for safe travels for him and those traveling with him.

lunch menu will be: tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwhiches, brownies. tea or lemonade to drink.

prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100475: I'm right here! I wondered who put that APB out on me, MDC-thanks!

Just been busy around my rock,other than that I'm doing fine & hope all my Porch buddies are too. I have to do a few days of reading to catch up on things.

I'm wondering if the sun is ever gonna shine in my back door again,though-2015 sure is off to a gloomy start. Can't remember the last time I saw some sunshine. This is getting old! At least it's not terribly cold right now,no ice storms or anything,so I'm grateful for that at least!

Thanks for that fine lunch, Maude-that'll hit the spot. (Sorry Spot! LOL)

Y'all take care!

possum under a rock

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100476: Good morning, porch. It's 48 here, bright sun, high hazy clouds, very pleasant. I just got home from taking my car to the dealership in response to a recall notice. Big tempest in a teapot, in my opinion, but it's free, so I did it. It's that deal where presumably the ignition key can "somehow" back out of its slot, shutting the engine off and disabling the airbag - or some such as that. Apparently some people load their keyring down so heavy that if you hit a bump and cause the keyring to swing, the weight can pull it out. I've been driving the car for nearly nine years now and have never had a problem. Of course, I don't hang monkey wrenches or bowling balls from my keyring either, so maybe that's why. Anyway, it's done, and my car is clean (complimentary wash whenever it goes in for anything at that dealership), so I'm a happy camper. Toye Starr went along, and I let her lick the foam from my complimentary latte - off my fingers, of course. She loves to go there! Everyone pets her - staff and customers both - and she holds court like a little princess.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. Maude, the tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds really good! --Romeena

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100477: Ro, Sean told me a year or so again to keep my keyring light for that very reason..seems it happens on other cars, too.

Possum, we are starting to see a little sun here but it has been cold and gloomy for a week (I love it). Kinda hate to see it get into the 50s and 60s again.

Not a lot of news around here. I am still waiting to hear about the job at the rehab. I spoke to someone there who told me that the person who does all the background work and orientation is out after knee surgery and I guess there is no one who can take her place?! Suppose I will wait a little longer since it is my first job choice. I did send in an application to do some PRN work at a nursing home up the road. Hvent heard anything yet.

Back to the chores!


PS-For those of you on facebook, Homemaker started a closed group just for the porch. Check it out. :)

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100478: Scared of Romeena, G-F? Perish the thought. ...ok, she can be a bit intimidating, but that's only because she's sure of herself and her opinions, and that's a good thing.
I went back and read your comments, and though I am a Packer fan, even I thought that call was sketchy. But apparently there was some "rule", so what do I know, I just watch the game.
And then I heard that in the previous game, Dallas had some questionable call go their way, so I don't feel so bad. ;-)

Nah, the reason I haven't been around is just the usual, "don't have much to say" reason. In reading the archives - once I found the 2015 ones... I scrolled down instead of looking up in the left hand-corner - it is nice to see Hodie and our illustrious Mayor pappa-bear coming for a visit. Hope you are both well and had a Happy Christmas and New Years.

Have a great day everyone!
-Sterling Holobyte

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100479:
RO--"monkey wrenches or bowling balls..." I LOL'd!!
:) MDC

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100480: Sterling, that call of Andy the ump was pretty controversial too! ha

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100481: Good evening, porch. Sterling, I didn't see the previous game, so didn't see the call you mentioned, but I'll be the first to agree. It's a lot easier to see something wrong with a call that goes against you, and hard to find fault with one that helps you. As for the call at the end of the game with the Packers, I know they explained about the "new rule", and I guess they were right, since the ruling went that way, but even the commentators were questioning it. As somebody said, that was a call that will be discussed for a very long time to come. Still, it is what it is. That's football, and at the end of the day, it's just a game.

Also, I certainly hope you "ain't a-skeered" of me! I'm opinionated, I know, and I speak my mind, but I figure at my age, I'm entitled. Nobody takes me seriously, anyway!

David came by this afternoon and got all the Christmas lights down off the house. I collected all the twinkles out of the shrubbery, so the front of the house is now back to normal. The twinkles in the back are still going strong, however. I'm not ready to take them down yet. They're pretty, I can see them from my window, and am enjoying them immensely. According to my calculations, it costs about 50 cents a night to run them, and believe me, I get 50 cents worth of enjoyment out of just looking at them out there. So pretty! They operate for about a tenth of what it costs to run the incandescents. Next year, the lights in the front yard will be LEDs as well. True, they cost more per strand, but since their average life span is 20,000 hours, compared to 2,000 hours for incandescents, I'm still money ahead on the original cost, and have saved a lot of energy. I found a really neat website (HolidayLEDs.com) where I can buy them in lots of 24 strings, for about 12.95 per string, compared to $20 at Sam's. They're very sturdy and well made, too. Sometime this year, I'll order a case of 24 for the front yard. The icicles have already been replaced by LEDs, and that just leaves the roof lights. I'll probably get one more year out of my incandescent roof lights. David has some pet light-holders that work well with my shingles and allow him to install them in arrow-straight lines. He's very much a perfectionist when it comes to those lights!

Well, time to rustle up some supper. I had a Sonic "Little Doggie" for lunch. Not bad. Tiny, but enough for lunch. I had the chili/cheese one, and added some relish and mustard. Pretty good, and cheap!

Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

January 15, 2015 - Msg 100482: Good Evenin' Porch!

Hi Billy! I don't believe we've mey. I'm also in GS about 45 minutes from Spot.
Spot, y'all have fun in Helen. I haven't been there in years.
Possum, glad you're doing well!
Big Maude, how neat! Your children seem to be doing well. I had 5 ankle surgeries at USB, which I presume is where Patrick went.
Romeena and Boo, my car was recalled and they put a smaller key ring on my unlock thingy. My check engine light came on and it needs a new thermometer. Ugh. It's 11 years old so I anticipate more issues, but I'm not ready to buy a new car.
Homemaker, thank you for starting the group. Fun!

We found out that Nick will be in the States for awhile. He'll be stationed 5 hours away! Hes been gone for a year so it will be nice to see him. He comes home and Michaela leaves the next week for the west coast. At least Bryson will be home for 2 years (he's a Junior). Oh how strange it is when they leave. Nick and Michaela haven't always lived with us but it feels like it.

I hope everyone is having a very blessed week!
Lucy Matthews

January 16, 2015 - Msg 100483:
MAUdie, I may be up for a new hip this year, so is your Patrick up for doing it! ha

January 16, 2015 - Msg 100484: Thought I'd do some"troublecheck" posts today!

January 16, 2015 - Msg 100485: Ro, are those LEDs in your backyard white or colored lights? I like the colored LEDs but cant seem to get used to the white ones.

The weather here today is absolutely wonderful. Sunny and cool with low humidity. I am loving it. Hope the rest of you are having good temperatures. How about you, Asa, are you freezing yur toolbelt off??

I watched an epeisode of TAGS last night on MeTV and didn't care about it much. It was the ep with Aunt Bee and the wig. I always kind of assumed that Aunt Bee might have had hair like that in real life, but when I saw her in an interview years after TAGS, she looked exactly like Aunt Bee on the show, bun and all.

Took Mom in law to the doc today and all went pretty well until she started talking about buying a car again. Remember she was the one who was having wrecks and running people off the road so her kids made her stop driving. She is trying to blame it on me, five years later. She is getting so out there. I just smile and ask God to keep me nice. :)

Well, better get a few more things done around here. Hope you all have a great Friday.


January 16, 2015 - Msg 100486: Good evening, porch. Well, I guess I'll try it once more. I've tried twice to post in the last half hour, and both times I've hit something that has just made it all go away. Very annoying. I just wish I knew what I'm hitting!

Boo, my outdoor LEDs are colored. They're the 5mm, little flat button bulbs, and do they ever put out the light. The colors are bright, crisp, clear, very rich colors - red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and warm white. I'm glad they used the warm white, because the bright white would have stood out too much, I think. Honestly, they're really nice, and I will be ordering more to put in the front yard next year. I need to order a couple of strings of white lights too. I have two big globe-shaped lights on stands out back - one next to the pond, and one in the end of the rose island. They're lighted with strings of Christmas lights looped and hung from a hook inside the top and they're very pretty. They look like big jars of fireflies! However, since they come on every night, year-round, the incandescent lights burn out quickly. With an advertised life of 2000 hours on those lights, that's about six months, and that's just about what I've been getting. The LEDs offer ten times that. The fixtures are poorly designed for light replacement (it's a boogerbear). Pretty fixtures, poor design - so I'd be happy to reduce the frequency of that little chore.

Oh, my. MIL is wanting to drive again? Not a good plan, I'm thinking. I went through that with my dad. He turned his keys over to me and told me to sell his car when he moved from his home to the retirement residence. However, in a year or so, after his mentation had declined a bit more, he started hinting about getting another car. In fact, he called the salesman he had always bought his cars from and asked him to bring him a car and the papers, said he would pay cash. He even told him what car he wanted, and yes, he could have paid cash, except that I had his checkbook! The savvy salesman, who knew the situation, called me and tipped me off. He told Daddy they didn't have that car in stock, and it would take a while to order it, as the model year was changing. Daddy accepted that, it gave me time to reason with him a little bit, and he eventually gave up the idea. As for MIL, maybe if all else fails, maybe you could convince her she would have to take a driving test to "renew" her license. That alone would probably scare her off the idea, but if not, let her take the written test. She'd never pass it.

Oh my. Aging parents are a trial at times, and I'm well on the way to being one! My poor kids!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 17, 2015 - Msg 100487:
Just stopping by to say a quick hello.
Ya all have pleasant dreams. :)



January 17, 2015 - Msg 100489: You're right, Tom. It's a beautiful, sunny day here in the Dallas area, with a temperature of 69. I'm loving it, except that it may bring on another upsurge in bulbs pushing through the ground, buds appearing on everything, and then there will come a freeze that will nip everything back. Now, if it will just do what it did to the cottonwood trees last year, I'll be fine with that. They had budded, the cotton beads were there but not nearly ready to open, and we had a hard freeze. It froze every one of those evil little things, and there was no cotton last spring! And I didn't even have to pay the tree man to come and prune the stuff out. Saved me a hefty little bundle.

I've been doing a little writing today, got to do a lot more. I've got a little book almost finished. I need to get it done, and see about getting it published, maybe through "Guideposts" division, called "Inspiring Voices." This is a journal of my journey from the time of Dale's death, until I finally reached acceptance and peace. It's my hope that it could help someone else who is walking the same path. I guess time will tell.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 18, 2015 - Msg 100490: Do I get a prize for being the only one rocking on the Porch today?!

possum under a rock

January 18, 2015 - Msg 100491:
Good evening.
Why all the empty chairs?
I guess everyone was watching the games today; but
the two teams that i was hoping would win...didn't,
so here I am! ha
Possum, your prize is a "rock wash!" lol

January 18, 2015 - Msg 100492: Hey to Possum and MDC. Its been a busy day for me, so just now stopping by at nearly 11pm.

Bruce went hunting this morning so I taught his Sunday school class and the church, took. His mother to church and out to lunch, went into Corpus Christi to run an errand with Sean, stopped by to visit Susan, came home, went grocery shopping, put away the groceries, took a shower and am now in bed...whew...I should have rested on the Sabbath.

The weather here was gorgeous today! Hope you all enjoyed good weather.

Tuesday will be Sean's first day at the college. I pray all goes well for him. If will let you all know. I think I will get some sleep now.


January 19, 2015 - Msg 100493: Well, thank goodness somebody showed up. I was beginning to think the rapture had come and I'd been left behind!

Absolutely beautiful day here today. Sunny and mild, light breeze, just so pretty. As much as I'm enjoying this warmer weather, it can cause a problem. I didn't plant my tulip bulbs between Christmas and New Year - too much company. So now the bulbs are still in the garage fridge, and it may be good that they are. If they were in the ground right now, they'd be trying to come up, and you can bet we'll get some hard freezes before long. We've still got February to get through, and it's typically our coldest month. So, I'm going to watch the forecast, and when it looks like this warm weather is leaving us, I'll plant them. However, right now it looks like warm weather for the next ten days. I'm not sure what to do, maybe I'll call my garden center friend and ask him.

Boo, you're a great DIL. As unpleasant as your MIL is to you at times, still you take her to church, and then out to lunch, yet! You'll have stars in your crown, girl.

Well, guess I'll turn in. I've already put Toye Starr on the bed, as she was standing in there looking up, obviously wanting some help. Poor little thing just can't even dream about jumping up there. With the floor being wood, she would have no traction at all, and even if she was on carpet, she'd never make it. She's just too short! She's only 7.5" at the shoulder.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 19, 2015 - Msg 100494: Aw, heck, MDC- I was hoping for a ceramic pelican or a Kewpie doll,at least!


Y'all have a good day-gotta tackle a few chores around this ol' rock,so better get to it!

possum under a rock

January 19, 2015 - Msg 100495: Hey gang..possum don't work to hard under that rock...Prayers for ya Sean buddy ...you will be fine at the College..hey Boo,Romeena,TOM....I had on Christmas card returned to me...wrong address...will have to check into that...well Its a 16 hr shift for me today..plus Holiday pay..plus the main office is closed....hope its a quite shift from 2pm to 6 am...will keep in touch..anything on the supper menu?...SPOT

January 19, 2015 - Msg 100496: Car auctions are now all done here. Next is Pro Bowl, Phx Open, and Super Bowl. But i try to keep it all in perspective. These things shall pass, but with the world the way it is today, our eternal "super bowl" is MUCH more important!!
Boo-- ditto, you are a great DIL.
Possum-no pelican because you bent the gunsights! ha
Weather here is great.
Prayers for all.

January 19, 2015 - Msg 100497: Quick trouble check...here at work...all lights on...Mrs Spot sent me some good pot roast and fresh lima beans...fixing to get that stuff ready...great weather here in Ga..35 low...58 high.."nice..real..nice!..Prayers...SPOT!

January 19, 2015 - Msg 100498: Thanks Ro and MDC..when it comes to MIL, I believe God gives me patience so I really cant take the credit. :)

SPOT, I forgot to tell you that when I got your Christmas card, it sprinkled red glitter all over me when I took it out of the envelope..was that your plan? hehe...pretty festive.

Well, I finally heard from the director of nursing at the drug rehab tonight and she told me she really wants me to work for them but the orientation person is out with surgery and would be calling me in a few days. I hope so.

Sean is looking forward to his first day of school tomorrow. I am excited for him.

Well, getting late so better scram. Hope you all have a good night. See ya tomorrow.


January 19, 2015 - Msg 100499: APB for ASA.


January 20, 2015 - Msg 100500:
The color ep that I saw tonight had Jack Nicholson
as Mr. Garland, husband of the mother who left her baby at the courthouse door. I thought his only appearance was when he was in the court case.

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100501: Look like the people of Mayberry has move OUT OF TOWN

TOM ;(

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100502: I guess folks are recovering from being off work yesterday. Too much to do at work to talk. --Floyd

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100503: Hey, Tom. I'm here. Just been a bit busy. We had another earthquake this afternoon, apparently only a magnitude 3.0 - smaller than some we've had - but it really shook my house. I think the epicenter may have been closer to me than the others were. I was sitting at the computer when it passed through, and watched my monitor sway on the desk. That prompted me to get up and do what I've been intending to do for the past couple of weeks. I went through the entire house and took pictures, of the ceilings and the spaces above doors and windows. I want evidence to prove that there were no cracks, so that if and when they appear, I can prove they weren't pre-existing. The insur@nce I requested is now in effect. I sincerely hope I never have cause to file a claim, but I have the policy if the need arises.

Boo, that sounds very hopeful, regarding the job at the rehab. I really hope you get it. You'd be perfect for that, and I feel sure you'd enjoy it. How was school for Sean today?

There's a hawk sitting in a tree in my back yard. He's just sitting there, scanning the ground and the trees, hoping for some hapless small critter to appear. Now he just took off and flew straight toward my window, veered off ab out fifteen feet out and flew into an area I can't see. I sure hope he didn't grab one of my squirrels! I know he has to make a living, but I wish he'd just get a job somewhere! Knowing he's out there makes me reluctant to put out critter feed. I'd hate to draw a little crowd out there on the stones and see him swoop in and grab one of my customers! It's fascinating, though. He sat in the same spot on that low limb for at least twenty minutes, and never moved a feather. At the same time, there was zero critter activity in the yard. Not a squirrel or a bird moved. They knew he was there.

Well, gotta go replace some bulbs in some landscape lights. Those doggone things sure don't last very long, and they're pricey! Nine dollars for four bulbs at Amazon, and they're even higher at Lowe's. If they last two months, I'm lucky. I'll be glad when LED really moves into that market. They have some out now, but they don't fit my fixtures. Of course, they'll be very expensive, but they'll last forever, so will be cheaper in the long run.

Have a great evening, everyone. --Romeena

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100504: Boo Mrs Spot did do some glitter thang with the cards...dont really know what...and you know this old dog cant write that good lol..Hey Romeena,possum,Asa,Lucy,MDC,GF,PH,Tom...APB for lots of the porch..Maude?...anybody got anyleft over supper for this old buzzard (dog)?..busy here at work..im here all night...SPOT

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100505: G-F checking in... Mrs. G-F's Mother passed away and it has been hectic around here for a week with family coming in and such.. She was a strong Christian lady, but the loss is still hard going through, please keep my wife in your prayers, It will be tough times as a lot of you already know.

Thank you My Friends!....G-F

January 20, 2015 - Msg 100506: WELL KEEP HER IN MY PRAYER


January 20, 2015 - Msg 100507:
G-F--so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law's passing.
I will keep you and all in prayer, you bet.

January 21, 2015 - Msg 100508: GF, I am sorry for your loss my friend. Prayers for you all.


January 21, 2015 - Msg 100509: Good morning, porch. G-F, so sorry to hear about your MIL. As you said, it's tough times. It's easier when you know their soul is secure, but it still hurts, and she will be missed. I know your wife is no young'un, but still, at any age, when you lose a parent, you feel like an orphan. I was 60 when I lost my mother, and I still felt like a motherless child. Then I was 64 when my dad passed, and even though I had been managing all his affairs and looking after him, he was my dad and I still looked up to him. It's just hard, but as the apostle Paul said, "We do not mourn like those who have no hope." We mourn, and we grieve, but it's not that horrible, empty, hopeless grief of those who believe it's just all over, nothing left. I will pray for your family, my friend.

Well, gotta get up to the church. It's ESL day, and I've got to print up some material to take along. Then this afternoon I have a home health call to make - then my time is my own. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 21, 2015 - Msg 100510:
G-F, I also wish to offer your wife, you and your family my deepest sympathies in the passing of your mother-in-law.
I have never met my own mother-in-law because she lives half way around the world in a country where I would not dare to travel to for fear of being imprisoned. And she can't visit us because of poor health. So you were lucky to have been part of her life.

from Poor Horatio

January 21, 2015 - Msg 100511: Thanks Gang, I will pass on your condolences to her. Yep Romeena, a lot of us are "Adult Orphan's" a few of my buddies have joined the ranks this year also, we can pray they are all together talking about what a study WE are.

My Granddaughter said: "Now Grammy's hangin' out with her "Hommies"... Kinda made me laugh but I hope it's true...(She loved music, so maybe she and REV can get a chance to hook-up and sing) is what I'm thinkin'...

We had a beautiful snow fall this morning, the kind that sticks to the trees and bushes, you know the Currier & Ives kind of picture.

Asa, Glad you popped in for a second, I was worried about ya buddy! It is so good that nobody moved out of town as TOM feared.... We are just hunkered down I guess.


January 21, 2015 - Msg 100512: Sorry to hear that, G-F. Your wife and family will be in my prayers. God bless..

possum u.a.r.

January 21, 2015 - Msg 100513: Very sorry, GF. I know how hard it must be for your wife. Praying for comfort.


January 21, 2015 - Msg 100514: Ro, forgot to say that Sean did well his first day in junior college and did well today, too. He doesn't seem overwhelmed so far. He knows a lot about engines so I hope he will be ok. He is worried about industrial math, though. I don't think he has to start that until next semester. He said there are only about a dozen other students in the program so he can get help from the instructor when he needs it. He said they had a test today but the teacher gave them the answers. Next week things will probably ramp up. The automotive program out there is supposed to be a good one and it is a very nice campus. The one thing Sean is not enjoying is having to get to class by 7am. It takes about 40 minutes to drive there from here so he has to get up pretty early. Welcome to college life. :)


January 21, 2015 - Msg 100515: Ha Ha Boo...yep welcome to College life Sean !..Prayers G-F and all of the family..well I get off at 10pm tonight and off till....ummmm I think next tue...Me and Mrs SPOT may take a little trip...she is off thu. thru Sunday...let me surf the ole net...SPOT

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100516:
Darn, I just lost a long post.
Oh well, I'm off to bed.

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100517: MDC, I think the NFL needs to come out to Arizona and "weigh" the air out there before the Super Bowl, seems like the air they put in footballs weighs differently in differ parts of the US. (especially back East) you know air from out West is a lot lighter than just regular old air...haha!
I suppose that is why the Ohio State QB could throw the ball so far...lol Maybe air isn't going to be free for SOME NFL team....Just Sayin'

Boo, Hope it goes well for Sean, maybe they will have "Wally's Son" teach about carburetors & fuel injector systems!

TOM, Better look out, it seems like there is a BIG storm coming out your way, better hunker down. I think it will track to the south of me.


January 22, 2015 - Msg 100518: Good morning, porch. Well, our little warm spell has fizzled out, and it's 41 here this morning, wet, windy and not very pleasant out there. Not complaining, just stating fact. We need the rain! Anyway, it's due to warm up again for the weekend. I'm just sitting here at my window, admiring the nandina shrubs back by the arbor. They are just covered with huge clumps of red berries. So pretty! Even on a dark and dreary day, those splashes of red are cheerful.

Glad to hear that Sean is liking school so far, Boo. The way he enjoys motors and such as that, I'm betting he's really going to do well.

Well, Eloise and I are scheduled for pedicures this morning, so guess I'd better get moving. I know that sounds like an extravagance, and in a way it is, but my hips and knees are so arthritic that it's very hard for me to get to my toes comfortably, and certainly not for any length of time, to file or apply polish or anything like that. Also, as a diabetic, I can't let any problems get started, so I just get pedicures. It's a "necessary luxury", I guess. I don't go for the fancy wraps and all that stuff, I just get the basic. Good enough.

Be good, everyone, and act like somebody! --Romeena

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100519:
Romeena, I'm not that familiar with foot care in the states. But here in Canada, we have Chiropodists. They are regulated primary foot health-care practitioners, who are trained exclusively to assess and treat foot problems, including simple tasks such as nail trimming. And if you are diabetic, it's covered under our health care so there is no charge. Why pay for a pedicure?

from Poor Horatio

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100520:
I might have a solution regarding the problem that MDC posted about in Msg 100516. Whenever you post something in the COMMENTS box here and then have it disappear before it can be posted, it is possible you may have pressed CTRL + Z which is Windows undo command shortcut. If that is true, then try pressing CTRL + Y, which is Window's redo command, that can correct that undo error.
Another solution is a preventive measure for those who use the Mozilla Firefox web browser. There is an add-on that stores everything you type so that it can be restored by you. It should be no surprise that this add-on is called Lazarus. That is the man that Jesus resurrected from the dead in the Bible. I currently have it installed on my computer but have not had the opportunity to test it because nothing has disappeared since I installed it.

from Poor Horatio

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100521: I can answer that easily, PH. The difference is - you're in Canada, and I'm in the U.S. I appreciate the suggestion, but your medical coverage there is vastly different from ours. Even though I'm diabetic, pedicures are not covered by Medicare, and they are significantly more expensive when done by a chiropodist/podiatrist (term varies from one country to the next, but are basically the same thing). The chiropodist/podiatrist has the title of DPM - Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. They are not MDs, as their training and practice is strictly limited to foot care. I have seen a local podiatrist for an ingrown nail, which he treated successfully.

I called his office just now, and learned that they charge $65 for a nail trim. Just a nail trim. No pumicing, no foot massage, no lotions, no polish, nothing but a nail trim. Medicare will only pay for it if the patient is diabetic AND has neuropathy in their feet, which I do not. At my nail salon, I receive all those extras I mentioned, she spends about 45 minutes making my feet and lower legs feel wonderful, and charges $25. With a $5 tip, I pay $30 for a very relaxing experience, and end up with pretty feet. Well, to the extent that feet can be pretty! The chairs are comfortable, with built-in back massage, and the foot tubs are deep porcelain affairs with plenty of hot water coming from massaging jets. At the podiatrist's office, I'd spend 5 minutes sitting on the end of an exam table while the office assistant clipped my nails! The salon is very clean. I've watched the cleaning process afterward, and it's meticulous, with disinfectant used liberally. So, I guess my question is, why would I pay $65 just to get my nails trimmed, when I can get the whole pampering works for $30? The pertinent variable is that you have socialized medicine, and we don't. I still have to pay, so I do what gives me the most return for the least money.

It's a gray, gloomy-looking day, at 41 and not a ray of sunshine to be seen. Heavy cloud cover, intermittent rain, and I'm grateful for it. We need the rain so badly. I don't know how much we have received, but whatever it is, we needed it!

Well, I'm going to go climb into a long, warm gown, put on some old socks, and curl up with a warm little puppy named Toye Starr in my lap and watch a little TV. I may make a big old mug of hot tea, too. It's a good day for it. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100522: PH, you posted 100520 while I was writing 100521. Thanks so much! I frequently have things just vanish, but I don't think I'm hitting Ctrl-Z. Could be, but I don't know how I would get that combination accidentally. Is there another combination that does the same thing? Also, I do use Firefox (love it) and am interested in the add-on you mentioned. Where do I find that? --Romeena

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100523: HI THERE.

You knocked at my heart,
I invited You in.
With love You took over,
Removed every sin.
You took away fears,
Replaced them with peace.
You gave me strong faith,
On my life a new lease.


January 22, 2015 - Msg 100524:
Romeena, thanks for that foot care explanation. You definitely have a better deal paying for the pedicure. So far, I have not used the services of a Chiropodist. But my doctor told me he would prescribe it if I need it. So far, I have been able to trim my own nails without drawing any blood.
As for the Firefox add-on I mentioned, click on the three narrow horizontal lines icon in the upper right hand corner of the Firefox browser. From the drop down menu, click on the ADD-ONS icon. When a new window opens, in the upper right hand corner, there is a SEARCH box. Type LAZARUS then click on the magnifying glass. Three or four add-ons should appear. Click on the INSTALL button for Lazarus.

CHILI TOM, good timing for a good poem. Besides ICE CUBE and SHERIFF, maybe we should start calling you POET TOM.

from Poor Horatio

January 22, 2015 - Msg 100525: Thanks, PH. I found it. Looks like something that could really come in handy at times, though I do wonder about the references to recovering forms I've filled out. Is it limited to forms? --Romeena

January 23, 2015 - Msg 100526:
PH--My posting problem was due to nothing more than my internt connection dropping during the middle of my typing my post. I use a 4G stick for internet,
and every now and then it will just drop off the grid so to speak.
Most of my post was about OB's dribble of a speech, so u didnt miss much anyways! ha
GF--Maybe I'll be in charge of Superbowl balls.
Well, nighty nite.

January 23, 2015 - Msg 100527: MDC, Are you saying the speech went kinda like, blah,blah,blahblah,blah,blah?...lol

I agree with you PH, TOM is a man of many names, I kinda like Chili TOM, It makes him sound like a chef who makes good soup! So maybe when we act up he can say: "No Soup for YOU!" before he puts you in the jail...haha

Speaking of soup, I'm making Vegetable Beef Soup, I have the meat and bones cooking now, nothing like a good homemade soup on a cold day... Maybe some cornbread too?...."SOUP FOR YOU!"....


January 23, 2015 - Msg 100528: Hook me up with some of dat soup GF. Not bad cold here, but sounds good, especially when you are talking bones.

Boo, prayers for Sean and his schooling. I am sure he will do great with it. I really struggled with High School but did really well in College. I surprised myself even.

I tell ya what, my back has really been jacked up the last month or so. Been to the Docs twice now to get "adjusted". Usually he has me feeling better in a day or two, but this one hasn't taken yet. And I ain't much for being patient when my back is growling at me. I tend to growl back... at it and anyone who is around me. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's true. Shame on me. I'm a beast is what I am, a real beast.

Boy this "deflategate" thing sure has the tongues a wagging, don't it? Hard to imagine with everything going on in this messed up world, 2 pounds of air pressure in a football has polarized the Nation. We are a mess!!

Prayers for all.


January 23, 2015 - Msg 100529: Oh, I also meant to ask if anyone here uses Triple A? I am thinking about going with them, but am interested in any experiences any have had with them.


January 23, 2015 - Msg 100530: Asa, funny you should mention you did poorly in high school but well in college. The same happened with me. I graduated from high school in the bottom third of my class and was admitted to college on scholastic probation. Then during the eight semesters I spent in college, I made the dean's list six of those semesters while studying engineering! Why the change? It was motivation! I didn't have it in high school but got it in college.
Also, I've been a member of AAA for about 15 years. But at renewal time, I will switch to CAA (the Canadian version).
You are allowed four free roadside assists each year. The longest I ever had to wait was 45 minutes.
Also, I was able to complete my collection of USA maps (all 50) and Canada maps since they are all free. Unfortunately, because they fit two states with each map, the maps are relatively small with not a lot of detail. In the past when they had just one state per map, the entire state would be on one side, and details for major cities in that state were on the other side.
They also offer free tour-books for large areas that includes all kinds of accommodation and attraction details.
AAA also offers free passport photos.
They also have free trip-tiks which provide trip directions and identifies possible delays and detours along your route of travel. At one time, you had to submit your request about a month ahead of departure in order to receive the maps in the mail. Now you can obtain this same information online at their web site.
Whenever you call for a jump start, they can test your battery and install a new one if you need it. Once when I needed a new battery, I thought AAA was a little expensive. But it was convenient since he had it in his truck.
Finally, I would suggest you visit http://tinyurl.com/pp68brx to compare AAA with other alternatives.

from Poor Horatio