February 02, 2015 - Msg 100603: HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWmbuKSWLDE
Yep, that about sums it up around here....

Good thing the chess championship match was over in time last night, I got to catch the best last few minuets of the game... Now MDC's town can get back to Normal?


February 02, 2015 - Msg 100604: I got you babe, I got you babe, I got you babe... lol GF. Nice sweep buddy.
Yes sir, that was a game for the ages indeed. Kept me right on the edge of my seat right to the end, and with my back being so sore, that wasn't comfortable.

Go back in to see the Doc again for another "adjustment". Man this is getting old.

Prayers for your job Boo. It sounds like you have wrapped up, unless your past catches up with you. ;)


February 02, 2015 - Msg 100605: Asa, since you don't seem to be getting too much relief from your back problems with the chiro this time, have you considered seeing a neurologist/spinal surgeon? Depending upon what's wrong, they may be able to work wonders. My dad suffered with his back for years and my mom kept telling him to see a back surgeon. He would refuse, saying he wasn't going to let anybody "go cuttin' around on my back!" The doctor told her to just leave him alone, if it got bad enough, he'd change his mind. Well, it got bad enough, and he changed his mind. Turns out he had a bulging disc, they made a 1" incision, removed that disc and fused the two vertebrae, and he woke up pain-free. Two hours later, he was up and walking in the halls, and the next morning, he went home, still pain-free. He said he really regretted waiting so long to get it done. Of course, I don't know what's wrong with your back but it's just a thought....

Beautiful day here. A little chilly, but clear and pretty. Lots of critter traffic out back. I've seen a red-bellied woodpecker, a little ladder-back flicker, a pair of cardinals, two bluejays, and all the usual, resident birds, in addition to several squirrels. The feeders and stones are picked clean, guess I'd better go put out some groceries. Such fun!! I love to watch them.

Well, wonder what's for supper around here. Either I open a can of soup (again) or call a Chinese delivery, or make a run to a burger place. Or maybe Taco Bell. Decisions, decisions. Soup - boring! Chinese - pricey! Burger or taco joint - got to get dressed and go out! Maybe just a PB&J. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 03, 2015 - Msg 100606: Asa, you sure gave me a chuckle with that one. You are the cats, you know that? :) Thank you for those prayers. When I think about the things you all have prayed me and my family through, I have to count my porch friends among my greatest blessings. So many of those prayers have been answered.

Im up late tonight doing some laundry. My dryer was out for a couple of days and Bruce replaced the belt that turns the drum tonight, so I am having to wash underwear and work clothes for Bruce tonight. You all know how out of sorts I get when I cant wash clothes. I am looking into a support group to help me work through my addiction. ;)

Well, it is pretty chilly here but that is subjective, I know. You poor folks in the north must be freezing your fannies off. Try to stay warm. Cuddle up with a friend/sweetheart/pet.

Im still trying to take good care of myself and get my liver back to good health. I am still losing weight, slow and steady. I am feeling better.

Better think about going to bed.


February 03, 2015 - Msg 100607:
BOO--are you "the spy who came in from the cold?" ha Have I ever mentioned coconut oil to you?
Walgreens has it as gel caps, and it should not bother you like garlic or fish oil or oregano, and it is a great immune helper, and a
side benefit can be weight loss. Just a thought for you.
You should try a laundromat sometime and dump everything into one of those "10-load" washers and dryers! ha
Well, all the SB is coming down pretty quickly.
Well, it was a good football game and i think our area was showcased pretty well. Only one problem...more will now
want to move here! ha But it is also nice to have traffic back to "normal" again. Too bad that amazing catch was for naught.
I can almost compare it to ASA's SLC during the Olympics!
ASa--take care of that back buddy. Ro may be on to something.
Prayers for all!

February 03, 2015 - Msg 100608: Loaf day for me and the Wife !...dollar stores and Longhorn to eat !..yall need anything? SPOT

February 03, 2015 - Msg 100609: MDC, I know how you feel, it is good when the football Hall of Fame stuff in Canton is done. We can get back to all the REGULAR bad drivers in town and forget about the out-of-town rookie wanna-be bad drivers...haha But we are glad they left their $$$ behind...

Boo, Just tell Asa the statue of limitations has run out ;) after tomorrow, today will be the past, and you can start all over again! Pretty good advice.....


February 03, 2015 - Msg 100610: Hello, I'm here for the beauty contest. Hello? (:

February 04, 2015 - Msg 100611: MDC, I have recently started using some organic coconut oil in my diet. It is said to have many health benefits. :)

Slow day on the porch.


February 04, 2015 - Msg 100612: HI ALL




February 04, 2015 - Msg 100613: Lunch Menu ! cold cuts laid out...wheat and white bread..chips and pickels....tater salad....sweet tea....SPOT

February 04, 2015 - Msg 100614:
TOM--We had rain last week. Should be around 78 all this week.
TAGS ep tonight was about the Boones. I miss hearing
from jennie boone here. Wish we'd get some visits from the old timers.
SPOT--thanks for lunch. I saw your toys on FB.
Thank goodness gas prices are down! haha
BOO--good for you. Do you get the gelcaps from Walgreens? Has some of the same benefits as oregano.
Well, God bless everyone. These are trying days
as new hitler's seem to be running amok. Something needs
to be done soon. We said 'never again' back in '45, yet pure evil has again risen up. OK that's it for my soapbox. Lord be with us.
Love ya,

February 05, 2015 - Msg 100615: Amen, MDC. --Romeena

February 05, 2015 - Msg 100616: "GOOD MORNING PORCH" 6am shift for me the next 4 days...will try to keep lights on..breakfast at Waffell House on the Ladys of the porch and Im Buying.....SPOT

February 05, 2015 - Msg 100617: HI ALL.



February 05, 2015 - Msg 100618:
ICE CHILI TOM, I love your name.
In the Canadian province (state) of British Columbia, Family Day falls on the second Monday of February, which is February 9 in 2015.
In the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan, Family Day falls on the third Monday in February. Since I am in Ontario, that is February 16 in 2015.
National Flag always falls on February 15 everywhere in Canada since the national red maple leaf flag was officially approved on February 15, 1965.
So I get to celebrate three holidays in a row:
Valentine's Day on February 14
Flag Day on February 15
Family Day on February 16

from Poor Horatio

February 05, 2015 - Msg 100619:
WOw, PH has a straight flush! ha
One of your provinces reminds me of a cute joke.
Two boys are out fishing, and one of them is named "Sass". A man comes by and asks the other one if he has had any
luck? The boy says, "No, but Sass-catch-a-one!" LOL
TOM--sure, come on down...81 today!
Prayers for the world,

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100620: Good one MDC...You should get a job on one of those cruise ships as Barney said....

ICE CHILI TOM, I'll swing by and pick you up, we can go and visit MDC. Maybe he will even let us cut his grass!... Don't know about you, but I'm sure tired of the cold and snow. I had to shovel 3 times yesterday...Wait...The sun came out for a minute, ahhhh it's gone maybe it will come out again later, suppose to get to the upper thirty's...so THEY say!

Boo, Is that coconut oil part of the "New Gilligan's Island" diet? lol They say you can even have a coconut cream pie on that diet...Those "THEY" folks sure must be a smart bunch of folks!

Asa, Al Roker showed some real mild temps in your neck of the woods, is that true?

Romeena, Looking out my back window all I see is snow!....I'm trying to envision seeing Iris's & sunflowers....Someday.. "THEY" say...


February 06, 2015 - Msg 100621: good morning porch friends papa bear thinking about each of you as I approach my 70th birthday on the 16th soon I will be like old jed hollering at the top of my lungs or how about mr weaver good to read all the great posts papa bear

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100622: Wow slow porch Ok...Lunch Menu: Slaw Dogs,home cut fries,chips, pickels and soda....SPOT

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100623: Good to hear from ya Papa Bear, I put your picture you sent me in my Mayberry album with all my other Mayberry friends at the "statue". Hope your home and doing good....Did I tell you I got to meet Big Maude (& Mr. Maude) at Mayberry Days this year. You will have to send Romeena your new address when you get settled in, so she can e-mail it to us.


February 06, 2015 - Msg 100624: Hey, papa bear! So good to hear from you. Like G-F said, be sure to send me your correct address. Glad you're doing well.

Our weather has been a roller coaster ride. We've had cold nights (28 one night) and days in the 50s, and today it's 58 at 4 pm, but tomorrow is going to be in the mid-70s. Bulbs don't know whether to come up or not, shrubs are trying to bud out, but then stop when the cold hits again. The squirrels have decided it's time to pair off and make little squirrels - at least the boys have come to that conclusion. The girls - not so much. They're still running fast and far, none of the coy slowing down and waiting for him that usually occurs when they're feeling broody. I think they're still waiting to make sure they don't have babies when it's too cold. They're just so cute to watch. Beats the soaps on TV! In the spring, my back yard becomes like that Peeton Place that Barney mentioned.

The smaller birds still congregate in the shrubs beneath my window at night. Apparently it's warmer there. It's a south-facing wall, and during the day the sun heats up the bricks in the wall behind the shrubs, and I guess the bricks then release the heat at night. Anyway, dozens of small birds take refuge there every evening. I asked Eddie to leave the leaves that have accumulated on top of the shrubs, because they make a sort of roof that helps to turn the rain. The shrubs are low, trimmed to the level of the bottom of my window, so all in all, it makes a pretty good shelter for the little folk. There's a small birdbath in one of the spaces between shrubs, so they have water handy, and the feeding stones are just about ten feet away. They forage around those stones in the evening, until it gets dark, then two or three at a time, they flutter over and into the shrubs. Mostly sparrows, but a few others mixed in.

Well, gotta run. It's bunco night, and I have to pick up a couple of the women, so must leave a bit early. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100625: Romeena, You crack me up every time you mention playing "bunco". I don't know the game, but I picture a bunch of ladies sitting around a table with their green visors on playing cards and tossing chips around. haha I guess it's the name that gets me laughing. Anyhow, have fun and don't stay out to late... I know what you mean about the sparrows hiding in the bushes, mine do that too and when I come out to feed them the take off like a flock of grouse.


February 06, 2015 - Msg 100626: HI ALL! just a quick one today. For all who have "the list", just change PB's addy to "109 Townsend".
The city and zip are the same.
Hope everyone is doing well. More later.

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100627: Thanks, MDC. Address change noted.

G-F, bunco is played with three dice, and there is no betting. It's a very simple game, leaves room for lots of conversation as there's no strategy to it at all, just the roll of the dice. We each put up $6 at the beginning, and it's given away at the end, divided among the players based on several categories - most wins, most losses, most buncos, etc. Tonight I won my $6 back, so I came out even. It's harmless, it's fun, and we all look forward to it each month. We start at 6 pm, have dinner, then play two rounds, stop for dessert, play two more rounds, and are usually home before 9:30. Regular party animals, that's us!

Well, guess I'll go cuddle La Starr for a while, then turn in. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 06, 2015 - Msg 100628: Dadburn it!
There! --Romeena

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100629:
ME-TV ran "Dragnet" for a while, and when RO brings up that game, I always think of "my name's Friday, we're working the night watch with the bunco squad." haha
Can picture all the bunco ladies in cell number 2! lol
Not sure if I can take 23 more months of ob.
I cringe now every time the guy talks. Help me Lord.
I don't want to alarm everyone, but we put my dad under hospice care this week. It is not that he is
near death, (other than the fact that he's 96) but they come to his place twice a week now to help with bathing, take vitals, etc.
They also supplied a pressure pad for his bed, etc. Also, a doctor will come once a month to check him. It was time to get him a little extra care. His 02 was at 80, so now he get a few hours of 02 each am and pm, and he's up to 98.
I tell him it's just like when he flew in WWII.
(That also has helped in him not trying to remove the tube.)
Thanks for all your continued prayers; I keep you and yours in mine.
God's blessings,

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100630: Good Morning porch ! breakfast at Dennys on me and possum ! Boo will you pick up a local paper? SPOT

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100631: Morning all. Hope you are all well.

MDC, Prayers for your Dad my friend. You are a good son, watching over him like you do.

Yep GF, Unreal temps here. We hit 68 yesterday. We just never see that this time of year. It has been a very mild winter for us this year. But we desperately need snow up in them there hills for summer irrigation. I think they said my area is at about 78% snowpack right now. So we are hoping for a wet spring with rain down here in the valleys and snow in the mountains.

Romeena, I asked about having my back operated on years ago when I first injured it. My Doctor said I had a herniated disc. But he cautioned me about doing that. He said the of folks that have fusions, 25% improve after the operation, 25% are worse, and the other 50% are about the same. He strongly urged me to avoid going in that direction unless it got so bad I had no other choice. I guess I am like your Dad because I have pretty much said the same thing, ain't no one gonna cut on me back there. If I could be assured I would come out improved, I'd do it in a New York second. But we all know there is no such promise. I may get to that point sooner than later, and take the plunge. I went back in on Monday for my 5th adjustment in 2 weeks, and this one seems to have worked out better. I am finally seeing some improvement. So I am hopeful. I am diligently doing the mind numbing exercises they have given me. I just need to be patient.

Any news on the job yet Boo? I hope you get it. If not, that will be a prayer answered also. Sometimes the Lord has other plans for us than we expect. Prayers for you.


February 07, 2015 - Msg 100632: Romeena, Thanks for explaining "bunco", sounds like you girls have a real fun time. Wonder if Howard Sprague's Dad got started this way. haha (see what happen when a lady wins $6, she gets real "BOLD" about it)...haha

MDC, Prayers for your Pop's and as Asa stated your a fine Son! Glad to see it was not just me how I pictured Romeena & her friends playing bunko.

Have a great day..........G-F

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100633: Nice day here in Ga...gona be 60 and sun ! SPOT

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100634: Good afternoon, porch. MDC, hang in there. These are rough days, with your dad, but joy comes in the morning.

Asa, you said you asked about back surgery "years ago"? How many years? Please be aware that there have been tremendous strides in the technique and procedures in the last few years. In most cases these days, it's a day surgery, takes about twenty minutes, incision is an inch or less, and the success rate is extremely high. If you haven't seen anyone in the last five years, I'd strongly recommend that you at least check it out. If you were diagnosed with a herniated disc, there's a procedure called a microdiscectomy that would probably be the way to go. I'd suggest running that through Google, there's a lot of information there.

Boo, would love to know how things are going with your job, and with Sean's school. Check in, please!

Well, better run. I may be making burgers for the family this evening. Not sure yet, as there is one more basketball game for a grandson, and it's part of a tournament, so there could be another one. In that case, we'll do the burgers tomorrow. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100635: Wow what a slow porch...Romeena you and I are the only ones that have posted since early this morning when I got to work...hum...all must be having a good weather..well my work day is about done...all lights on will hand the job over at 6 to other team....anyone Cooking supper tonight?..Mrs Spot and I are pooped...she worked today also...ha ha...SPOT

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100636:
MDC, so sorry to learn your father is requiring additional medical care. Frequent visits by his family members will help him keep his spirits up and memories fresh.

Asa, if you are looking for a good surgeon to relieve your back problem, I highly recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=notKtAgfwDA
All kidding aside, the following videos might help you with some options

from Poor Horatio

February 07, 2015 - Msg 100637: Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Sorry to hear about your back issues, Asa. I hope and pray you can resolve them and feel better. Also glad to hear that you are having some nice weather.

MDC, your Dad will get even better care with hospice..good call. :)

Ro, I start my new job on Monday. I will be training on evenings with the nurse who is supposed to be the most skilled and knowledgeable, and then will be able to go to days, eventually. I will let you all know how things go on my first day.

Sean is doing well in school. He told me last week that he had to put something or other together in an engine and the instructor told him that his work was, "d@#* good". Guess he must be doing ok. He is sweating the math a little bit but otherwise doing well. Two of his classes on on the electrical aspects of engines but he seems to be getting it.

Well, preachin' in the morning and I have to leave a little early for sunday school to pick up two of erin's friends, so I am going to go to bed.

Be blessed,

February 08, 2015 - Msg 100638:
BOO-good to see you check in. Sounds like you are really looking
forward to working. I sure hope all goes well.
I know that you will have a good "bedside manner." :)
All the best to Sean. I've heard that most cars today have over thirty internal "computers," running everything
from air to gas ratios, to the GPS system on board. It's scary tho that someone somewhere knows where our vehicles are at all times. Shades of times to come are now HERE!
ROMEEna--you didnt burn those burgers did you? Big Maude
dont like no burned burgers! ha
Thanks to ALL for your prayers for my dad.
He has really slowed since Christmas. He really worked to make it thru Christmas, and now he seems to be wanting
to withdraw more. I go 4 times a week. A brother goes twice a week, and a sister once. It has been quite a journey
but he has led a rich full life. I was thinking about how his generation stood up to the menace of Hitler, and now will we stand up
to the latest menace? We cannot stand idly by!
Well, have a blessed Sabbath. You are all always in my prayers.

February 08, 2015 - Msg 100639: Good Sabbath friends.

Yeaa Boo, I am glad you got the job. I hope and pray it goes well for you. And good to hear Sean is doing well in school. Seems everything is going electronics anymore. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not in terms of reliability. For a technician it can be good though because usually he/she can plug the systems into an analyzer and it will tell you what's wrong. I know (and I think GF will back me up) in the heating and cooling equipment, the first thing you do on a call is check the "board" and see how many and what type of flashing lights it is showing (codes) and it helps greatly in troubleshooting. But often the trouble is with one of the added components it has on it that wasn't there before. But you have to roll with the times. Amen GF? I am sure Sean will do great.

Thanks for the prayers and concerns for my back problems. And for the links (well at least the last two you provided PH :) ). Romeena, you are correct in that the numbers I had got from my Doctor was 20 years ago. But it still concerns me. I know two people who have had the discomety (sp) procedure done recently, and both had to go back in and have fusions done within a few months. Both have said they wish they had never had the first procedure done. But I also know of 2 others who have had back procedures done and have come through it great. So I am kind of torn. I think it may come down to a point where I get so bad I may have no choice. I am really trying to approach this with a prayerful heart. Do any of you nurses know if they can sedate you for an MRI? I am terrible with claustrophobia and would have a bad time going in the "tube".

MDC, I appreciate your thoughts concerning how our generation is doing compared to our parents generation in terms of fighting for freedom. I was fortunate to see Vietnam come to an end, along with the draft just before I became of age. So I never served in the military. I came close to doing so to enjoy the education benefits that come from doing so, but was accepted as an electrical apprentice about that time. But I have great appreciation for those who serve today. I just worry how divided we are as a nation today, an how difficult it is for us to become united. This has come about by design IMNSHO, and it saddens and concerns me. The world is facing a menace that has to be dealt with, but few seem willing to deal with it. Maybe it's apathy, or intentional. I don't know. But the end result in either case is the same. Ignoring a problem and allowing it to get worse and worse usually will end up with a greater response to overcome it later. Oh well, sorry for rambling on.

Prayers for all for a blessed Sabbath.


February 08, 2015 - Msg 100640: HI ALL.



February 08, 2015 - Msg 100641: Good morning, porch. Boo, sounds like things are going well for your job, and Sean's report is very encouraging. The big key here for him is that he's so interested in the field. That makes all the difference in the world.

MDC, as Boo said, hospice was a good call. Those folks really provide a wonderful service. Their philosophy determines their goals in the care they provide, and they have a very accepting attitude about death. Their goals are to see the person as an individual, fulfill their wishes wherever they can, and keep them as comfortable as possible, while providing physical and emotional respite and support for the family. I admire those nurses very much, and often considered joining their ranks, but I loved the hospital too, so it never happened.

Asa, with your back, the most important thing will be in choosing where you go to have the surgery, if you do it. It has been my experience that most of the successes often are the product of the same provider, and the same is true of the failures. Do your homework. Talk to people who have had it done, ask questions and write down the answers, and look for trends. For example, I know five people who had surgery done by the doctor who did my very successful major rebuild of my lower back. Four of them did beautifully, one not so much. However, I know that person pretty well, and I've never seen her do well with any medical procedure she's ever had. Her cataract surgery had problems, her hip surgery took months to heal, and her back problems didn't improve. I think it's just her. Her body just doesn't heal well. She also has a very negative outlook on life. Regarding which trait is the result of the other one, who can say?

Well, gotta run, or I'll be late for preaching. Oh, I didn't burn the burgers, because we postponed the burger-making until this afternoon. Everyone was too tired yesterday, so all stayed home and rested. Today's the day!
Blessings! --Romeena

February 08, 2015 - Msg 100642: Amen Asa, You weren't ramblin' just tellin' what God loves the most...THE TRUTH! Also, I'm with ya on the analyzer codes, not many tech's out there that have "real" trouble-shooting skills anymore, so they have to have flashing lights "TELL THEM" what's wrong, I suppose it's because the flashing light look like a video game, so it can be familiar to them. haha
What will happen when the remaining WW2 generation (and those of us who THEY showed things to) are gone. I think it will be like the "Planet of the Apes" where monkeys rule, because you can train monkeys to follow flashing lights....Do I get a Big Preachin' Day AMEN?

Romeena, I'm not like Al, I like mine kinda on the soft side. Yep, that sounds good, a good burger on the grill, some tater salad and a tall tea...Sign me up!

MDC, I pray that the WW2 generation realize there are "some" of us who realize & appreciate all they have done for our country, and freedom wasn't "FREE", but because of them WE ARE FREE!!... I pray for him, and may his caregivers keep him comfortable, and give you and your family the continued strength.....


February 08, 2015 - Msg 100643: Amen, G-F. --Romeena

February 08, 2015 - Msg 100644: AMEN TO THAT G-f.

February 09, 2015 - Msg 100645: Amen G-F !
Also, this video has been out there for a while, but if you have already seen it, it is well worth another
look. What a generation!!!
Dear Lord, please inspire our current generation to rise up as the one did in 1941. Thank you Jesus!

February 09, 2015 - Msg 100646: Lunch? SPOT

February 09, 2015 - Msg 100647: testing

February 09, 2015 - Msg 100648:
Wow, very slow porch today.
It seems like some are snowed in again, and here it
continues in the 80s!!
Prayers for all,

February 10, 2015 - Msg 100649: Todays Forcast.....Cold and then, MORE Cold...We need to fire up good Old 14-A.....

Guess who I am going to see in April? Jay Leno is coming to Cleveland, my buddy asked me to go with him, should be a good show. Maybe he will do some "Jaywalking" in town while he is there.

Floyd did the Monday night pod-cast on Mitch Jayne, one of the Darling boys there were some pretty good interviews and great stories he told, maybe check out "Two chairs No Waiting" site and give it a watch. Or stop by on Monday nights 8:00pm ET and give it a try, PH has popped in a couple of times, it's a fun night with other Mayberry folk.


February 10, 2015 - Msg 100650:
G-F, too bad I missed Floyd's weekly podcast last night. I used to live near the city where Mitch Jayne was born. And one of my nephews once served as a police officer in that same city. As a result, I have always wondered how long Mitch's family lived there before they moved.

from Poor Horatio

February 10, 2015 - Msg 100651: Sorry you folks in the east are suffering so bad GF. This has been the mildest winter I can ever remember here. It was pushing 70's over the weekend. Had a small rain storm yesterday that has cooled us a little bit, but they are calling for 60's again by the weekend. We are going to be in trouble with water if we don't have a wet spring. But worrying about it won't change it, so I am going to enjoy it. 10-4? Plus the last thing my back needs is dealing with snow. It does seem to be slowly improving a bit. Day by day. So I am hopeful.

So GF, You are gonna see Jay Leno. Cool. I like him. Seems like a decent guy. Makes you wonder how he survived Hollyweird all those years.

So MDC, Superbowl is over. The golf tournament is over. It's back to drinking cider and counting cars that drive by for you buddy. :)

Romeena. Glenn Beck who is located in the Dallas area now spent a good part of his program today discussing the things going on in Irving. Hard to imagine. WAKE UP AMERICA!

I better get before my blood pressure gets higher.


February 10, 2015 - Msg 100652: just a good morning from papa bear see he doesnt hibernate all winter ha i hope everyone is doing well my thoughts and prayers are with each of yopu papa bear

February 10, 2015 - Msg 100653: Good afternoon, porch! papa bear, it's good to see you out of your den. These freq

February 10, 2015 - Msg 100654: Well, drat. Anyway, as I was saying, these frequent visits from you are nice!

The weather here is wonderful. It's 71 at this moment, the sky is absolutely clear, light breeze blowing and the critters are out in force. Eloise and I went over to our friends' food truck (they only operate the truck on Tuesdays) and got reuben sandwiches and bread pudding. We brought it back to my house to eat, and sat at the little table in the sunroom. From there, we could see most of the back yard, watch the squirrels romp, and enjoy my orchids. They're just blooming up a storm! I'm amazed at how long orchid blooms last. There's one that still has blooms on it, that opened in the middle of October. Those blooms are four months old. That pretty much justifies the fact that they're a bit pricey. I buy them at the Kroger flower section, $10 for a small plant, $20 for a big one. And - not only is it still displaying those original blooms, but there's a new bloom stalk developing. Amazing.

Yes, Asa, what's going on here in Irving is pretty sickening. America has a serious, serious problem, and most people aren't even aware of it. Because we have been taught be tolerant of others and their beliefs, we assume that they will do the same for us. Not true, not when it comes to Islam. They do not want to assimilate, they want control. Absolute control, and they will settle for nothing less. They talk a good and peaceful game, because of their principles of "taqiyya" and "kitman." If you don't know what that is, Google those two words. You'll be shocked. All will be well, and fairly peaceful here, until the population percentage reaches a certain point, then we will see demands being made.

It has barely begun in Irving. Right now, all they're asking for, and have received, is the right to settle personal matters between two Muslims in a Sharia court, presided over by their imams and others that might be appointed. This would be in place of going to civil court to settle a difference, and the parties involved would accept the Sharia court's decision as binding. Doesn't sound too bad, does it? Let them settle their little disputes and don't clog up the courtrooms.

Well, that's fine, until one day when the dispute involves a non-Muslim, or a Muslim is accused of a crime or misdemeanor, and they insist upon trying the case in their court, rather than submitting to local law. That has already happened in Dearborn, MI, and is rampant in Europe. If their request is denied, we will begin to learn what Muslim tantrum is. They're past masters at it.

Folks, I'm not trying to start a moulage here. The problem is in my back yard, and I simply want everyone to be aware of what's coming. Forewarned is forearmed. There's no need for discussion here. Just know what's happening around you. It's subtle, it's quiet, and it's deadly. Like a cobra.


February 10, 2015 - Msg 100655: Well,heck! I was reaching for a pen & piece of paper to write down Pappa Bear's new address,and knocked over a glass of water! So, instead of chit-chatting (sorry, Lydia,if you're looking in!) I'd better get busy cleaning up my mess.

Prayers for your dad, MDC.

Y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

February 11, 2015 - Msg 100656: Hello everyone. Its late but wanted to check in. Been working the last two evenings and I really like the job so far. I am being trained by a nurse who is an Uncle Sy/Willie Nelson hybrid who looks like he was pulled out of a dumpster, but hes nice and knows his stuff. Lots of nice nurses and I like the kids so far. So much paperwork but it isn't a hard job. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the prayers.

Asa, Sean is doing great in school. Passed all tests so far and is hanging in there.

Better get to bed.


February 11, 2015 - Msg 100657:
WOW Romeena, I had no idea! Your one simple phrase is chilling! ("and have received..") What? they can do that? What would be the reaction if two catholics said they would like a vatican court representative to settle their dispute?
Everyone would be crying "separation of church and state!" "Those two catholics don't have special privileges, they must be tried in a state court like everyone else!" Unbelievable!
Who gave this OK?? Why arent there protests?
This is how it happened in germany in the '30s, the
citizens just "let it happen." Well, THIS citizen has attended many a council meeting, etc, and I will
never stand idly by and just "let it happen."
I would at least run up an alley and holler "fish." :)

OK, I'm already fuming about the young lady's death in those evil people's hand. I wish our well-trained, fully-equiped special forces
would swoop into those towns and go full bore against this pure evil. Lord be with us!
Sorry, soapbox now sliding back under the porch.

February 11, 2015 - Msg 100658: Good evening, porch. Boo, nice to read the good report. You may have just found your calling, for sure. Also, I've known a couple of those unlikely-looking, but really good male nurses. Good friends, both of them, and really handy when push came to shove with an unruly patient. And you're right - they generally really know their stuff. Many times they're experienced EMTs who went on to nursing school, and they have some serious experience. You can learn from them. I did.

MDC, the way that Sharia thing is working right now, they're just settling disputes between Muslims, no criminal charges have been filed. The imam who spoke here about it said they would be taking the role of "arbiter", and both parties agree to abide by the arbiter's decision. Technically, it would be about the same as if two church members had a disagreement, maybe over a piece of property or whatever, and they went to an elder in the church and agreed to abide by his opinion. No harm, no foul, right? Right. As long as that's as far as it goes. However, therein lies the rub. As I said, with them, that's just the camel's nose in the tent. Once he gets that far, he'll move on in. http://camelphotos.com/tales_nose.html That's what they've done all over Europe, and in Dearborn, MI, and will eventually be trying to do here. I know, this sounds like hate speech, but it's reality. I don't hate them, I just hate what they do. I have Muslim friends. I have a Christian friend whose son is a covert missionary in Arab lands, trying to minister to them. I would love to make them welcome here, and would, if they would come here and be a part of us, and not have taking us over as a hidden agenda. Once more I say, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do. And remember their Quranic principles of "taqiyya" and "kitman." Look them up.

I have been shuddering for days, thinking about what ISIS did to that poor Jordanian pilot, but his horrible death may just be the catalyst that was needed. The whole world was horrified, and Jordan is retaliating, in spades! ISIS is paying dearly for that stunt, and it looks like Jordan is going to keep hammering them. I hope so. It's all they understand.

Well, on that unpleasant note, I guess I'll turn in, and I will sleep well, because God is still in control. "If my people, who are called my my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land." II Chron. 7:14.

Blessings! --Romeena

February 11, 2015 - Msg 100659: Morning porch friends, just stopping by on my way to work. hope everyone is doing well.

been busy on my end of the porch.

would appreciate prayers for my Mom. She is 84 and we found out she has A Fib. Cardiologist prescribed a blood thinner, scheduled the echo cardiogram which she had last Friday, We have not heard anything from that test. She has an appt back with the cardiologist on March 4th. Hopefully they can treat this with medications. She had bypass and a mitro valve repair about 15 years or so ago. I am not sure due to her age she could undergo surgery. She lives alone and has since 1988, is a retired LPN. most of the looking after things is left up to me (I have a brother who is not a lot of help unfortunately). I would appreciate your prayers.

well better get to work.
Lunch menu will be: grilled ham and cheese, tomato soup. chocolate chip cookies. tea or lemonade to drink.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

February 11, 2015 - Msg 100660: Afternoon all.

Prayers for your Mom indeed Big Maude. I was dealing with bouts of that a couple of years ago and they finally did an ablation on me. It seems to have worked wonders thankfully. But her age may not make her a great candidate. But prayers for her and you for sure.

Hey GF, with all that cold you're getting is the "Wheeler" getting a good workout? Mine sure has with my gimpy back. Maybe we could motorize them and have races. Last one to cross the finish line wins! :)


February 11, 2015 - Msg 100661:
Maudie...I have been in a-fib for twenty-eight years. Take my meds each day and live a pretty decent life.
They didnt do ablation much 28 years ago, and now it's too late
for me, but like I mentioned, I do OK with it.
Hope that helps, and you got lots-o-prayers! :)

February 11, 2015 - Msg 100662: Prayers for your mom for sure, Maudie. I too have A-fib, but it's intermittent, rarely more than once or twice a day, and the runs are always less than five minutes. The doctor mentioned coumadin, I told him I preferred not to take it, and he didn't push. He said my A-fib runs were too short for a mural clot to form anyway, and I could just take baby aspirin and would do fine. So far, I've had no trouble. Is your mom's A-fib intermittent or sustained?

Well, our false spring seems to be breaking up. A cool front moved in this morning, and we're heading for the low 40s tonight and through tomorrow, moving back into the 50s on Friday. I know, to you poor folks in the frozen North, that sounds like a day at the beach, but to us Texans, it's a bit cool. Not cold, really, but I'll wear a jacket if I leave home tomorrow.

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some grub. Not very hungry. Saturday is Eloise's birthday, so I took her out for lunch today. We went to Red Lobster, and was it ever good! I'm not very hungry now, maybe just some soup. I like soup, fortunately. Blessings, friends! --Romeena