November 12, 2015 - Msg 103210: Hear, hear! Good observations and good advice, Big Maude. You are sooo right! The conflict between mother and daughter is classic, and definitely spills over into the father-daughter relationship as well. Ha! When my youngest daughter was thirteen, I told her that I would sell her to the gypsies if I could find one dumb enough to buy her! I wasn't kidding, either. You, as a parent, often have to just let them have their tantrum, leave them alone for a while and wait. It's like a pot that's boiling over. You can keep stirring it, but it will usually boil over anyway, or you can turn down the heat and let it settle down. You absorb and deflect a lot of the things she says, but you don't become a doormat. At some point, you become the parent again, and treat her like the child she still is. You say, "Enough!" and send her to her room to cool down. She needs boundaries, and if she doesn't meet some control, she will spin out of control. Give her those boundaries, those controls, but wrap them in love. --Romeena

November 12, 2015 - Msg 103211: A-whooosh! Quickly dusted the porch, and now I'm off to get things done. --Romeena

November 12, 2015 - Msg 103212: Good job Romeena, I don't have to worry about sweeping today, we are expecting up to 60mph winds today.

Sterling, if it is any help my 33yr old Daughter is realizing my sometimes hardline fathering in her drama years has paid off. She is dealing with some of the same drama with her step kids.... Gee Dad wasn't so tough after all!. Just wait until her baby comes in
Don't know if that's much help Sterling, but "He who waits" just keep telling yourself that... Like last nights dinner... This too shall pass!.... G-F 👍

November 12, 2015 - Msg 103213: Indeed, good advice, Big Maude, and quite helpful. I didn't know you were a therapist. I wish I lived closer to you, I could bring Kai in to talk to you. And your "two cents" are welcome anytime, as are all porchsters'.

Thankfully, Kai went into school today without any trouble. She surprised me by telling me she wanted to go to the Ho-chunk youth group after school today as well.
I was initially going to go to the school counseling office to see what they could do, but I was worried that they would bring her in to talk today, and since she went in without any trouble, I didn't want her to feel embarrassed and then get mad and possibly not want to go in tomorrow. I still need to talk to them sometime, at least to find out what some of their suggestions would be, even if I tell them not to bring these concerns to her right now.

I did stop at the church and talk to the Pastor again. We talked for a while and he gave me a new devotional for Kai. He asked me about her friends, and I have to admit, I don't know who her friends are except the one girl who also goes to the Wednesday youth group at the church.
Romeena, by plan was to see if the Pastor was going to be around after school, and bring Kai in to talk to him. But as she is going to the Indian youth group after school, that plan had to be delayed. The Pastor himself said that I shouldn't force her to see him, but if I asked her and she agreed, he would always be happy to talk to her. I did ask Kai last night if she wanted to talk to him, and since she didn't give me a "No" right away and not a definite one anyway, I told him that was probably as close to a yes that I would get from her. But he said to ask her anyway.

Knowing her as he does from her days in the Christian school, he doesn't think her anxiety is of the "clinical" nature yet, but more "circumstantial", as well as other factors, like hormonal, even though he does know there is a "school phobia" that has run in my family.

Yep, G-F, I told Kai that she may not believe me now, but things will look better. I also told her maybe she should volunteer at a children's cancer ward, to give her a better perspective on her troubles.

It was so much easier when she was young. I would tell her matter-of-fact what was going to happen and what she was going to do, and she would compliantly do it. But yes, Romeena, she still does need those boundaries. And I think I may have tapped into that a little last night when telling her to go to bed and not give me any trouble about it the next day. Maybe it worked, again, like it used to in the old days.
Or maybe it was just the prayer. I did that last night too. A lot of it. Even found out there were websites where you can ask others to pray for you anonymously, so I did that too. Read some others prayer requests and prayed for them too.
Nobody's anonymous to God.

Thanks for the comments and prayers, friends.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 12, 2015 - Msg 103214: Oops, that's supposed to be "MY plan" not "by", Romeena.


November 12, 2015 - Msg 103215: Sterling--As you know I taught Jr. High kids for many years back in the '70s and '80s, and yes, I know that things are very different today, but one possibility that no-one has yet addressed specifically is could some older guy at the high school have approached her in a you-know-what sort of way?? The only reason I mention this is because it DID happen to a student that I had in class. None of us could understand why this girl was so "bi-polar" for lack of a better word, until she finally told the school nurse that and older guy had been taunting her about doing the you-know-what with him. I PRAY indeed t hat it is NOT something like that, but maybe your wife could sit down with her and have a good mother/daughter talk. For about 16 school years i dealt with the "hormone train full steam ahead!!" True, once I was off campus, it was sort of out-of-mind, but from 8 to 3 I had 150- 13-14 year olds in and out of my classroom!!
Your whole family will be in my prayers!

November 12, 2015 - Msg 103216: P.S. - There is actually a book called "How to Teach Junior High and Live to Tell About it!"
I'm sure that is way out of print, but it sure helped me stay afloat when I dived into that gene-pool! ha

November 13, 2015 - Msg 103217: That is a scary thought, MDC. Was the older guy a student or faculty? I don't think that is the reason for Kai's attitude, and I pray that it isn't. Though the thought that she was conversing with some pervert and that was the reason she took off in the rain did cross my mind as I was looking for her last night.
She tells me she is not stupid, and I hope she is not THAT stupid.

You must have seen it all, MDC, in your years as a teacher. Hopefully most of that was good.

Kai was in a better mood tonight. I was thinking as I was cooking supper and listening to her as she and her mom were watching their Korean shows, about how much I love hearing her laugh.

Thanks again for the prayers and comments everyone.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 13, 2015 - Msg 103218: Sterling, oh no, it was a student, but two years older. It was much different for sure. No cops at the school, none of the diversity stuff, no cellphone etc. But my point is that the guy may be harassing her, and she is trying any and all ways to avoid it with all her actions. I just thought a good talk with her mom might help. Prayers for sure!

November 13, 2015 - Msg 103219:
Sterling Holobyte, in a considerate manner and without sounding like you are preaching to Kai, remind her how her troubles are affecting the whole family. Kai also needs to be reminded that by confiding in someone who truly cares about her welfare may allow her to solve any problem issues sooner instead of allowing it to fester and negatively affect her life. Also inform Kai about some of the troubles and mistakes you experienced as a teenager especially those that you regret for not having confided in someone to help resolve it sooner.
Below is a link that also might help you:

Finally, I have one more point to make that may not be related to Kai's current problem, but might help prevent any future problem. When posting personal information anywhere on the internet, the poster looses control of that information as soon as it is posted. While it may be possible for the poster to remove any previously posted information, the data may have already been copied by other people, or have been saved on a routing server or by a web site archive service. This applies not only to computers but also smart phones.

from Poor Horatio

November 14, 2015 - Msg 103220: Praying for France tonight. Lord be with us!
It looks pretty slow here today. Hope everyone is OK.

November 14, 2015 - Msg 103221: Good morning all.

Yes indeed MDC. Terrible thing going on in France. I hope our "leaders" are taking note of this. Hopefully this can become an issue in the current election cycle and we can begin to separate the wheat from the chaff in the candidates so to speak. The threat is real, and yet so many seem to get it. What we saw in France yesterday we will see here tomorrow if we stick our heads in the sand.

Been a very busy and stressful week for me. And a sad one as well. My ecclesiastical leader was at work Monday morning (he is a building contractor) and started having bad chest pains. He was rushed to the hospital and endured 12 hours of surgery, but on Tuesday morning passed away. It was not a heart attack, but rather some type of aortal rupture he suffered. The Doctor said it was amazing that he lived as long as he did as this is usually instantly fatal, but also it was unusual that he would have this happen at such a young age. He was only 40. 5 young kids, one with Down Syndrome. I feel so bad for his dear Wife and those children. His funeral is today. If you could remember Ruth and her family in your prayers the next few days, I know they would be appreciated.

Hang in there Sterling. You have received some wonderful advice. Those are trying years for child and parent for sure, but you will get through it ok. You are a wise feller and desire to do right. Just stay on that path and it will all work out. Prayers for your family friend.

We have a nice weekend on tap here weather wise. Supposed to be in the 50's today and tomorrow. So after the funeral today, I am trying to get all the outdoor stuff around the house done.

Stacey and I are going out first thing this morning to buy Christmas presents for the grandkids. It has become our tradition. She goes with me and helps me select what her kids like. Then we stop at a small Diner and have breakfast. It makes for a fun Daddy/Daughter date and we both look forward to it.

Well with that in mind I better get ready. Picking her up at 6 A.M. sharp.

Prayers for all for a good day.


November 14, 2015 - Msg 103222: Asa, Sorry for your loss, prayers to the family...... Try to have a good with your daughter, you're like me, I like to get a jump on the holidays too, it gets plum crazy out there.... Funny thing Asa, I'm seeing my daughter today too, I'm taking her some drawers I refinished for the baby's room, and a corner shelf I built for her.... Dang, couldn't wait until Christmas! I know she is anxious to get the babies room "set-up"... That's my excuse and I'm stick in' to it!

G-Frah rah rah rah rah!

Yep, A lot of crazyness going on right now for sure all over the world.

November 14, 2015 - Msg 103223: ....good (Day) that is....With your Daughter

November 14, 2015 - Msg 103224: Good afternoon, porch. That mess in France is indeed heartbreaking, and it's a warning to the rest of us. The Democrats are not listening. Anyone and his brother can enter the U.S. from the South, and Obama is busily importing thousands and distributing them all over the country. What on earth makes him and his party think there would be no terrorists in that group? Of course there are! He's importing jihadists, and planting them like weed seeds all over America. Good Lord, how much more of that man can we stand??? Why is he scattering them all over the country? If all we're doing is trying to "rescue some poor, persecuted Syrians", then open an abandoned military base - we do have a few - and house them there. Maybe it won't be in high style, but if these people are truly running for their lives, I'd think a pup tent in a safe area would be welcome. Keep them together in supervised groups, where they can be monitored. This business of planting little cells all over the country is playing right into the hands of the jihadists. As many have asked - where are the women and children? Did the men run out and leave their families behind? This stinks to high heaven. Mark my words, we will regret this.

Asa, I am so sorry to hear about your friend's death. If his aorta dissected, that doctor is right. For him to live more than a couple of minutes was very unusual. I will pray for his family. How distraught they must be right now!

The shopping trip - what a lovely tradition to enjoy with your daughter. My Dale used to take the grandchildren to breakfast whenever he got a chance, either one at a time, or several, however it worked out. They're adults now, and they still talk about those times. Traditions matter! Oh, and a small gift suggestion - for the three and older crowd, a real flashlight (not a kid-style one) and some batteries makes a hit. Dale did our Christmas shopping one year, and among other things, he got the kids flashlights. I wasn't impressed, but let me tell you - the kids were! Sure made a believer out of me. They used them to read under the bedcovers after bedtime, they played flashlight tag, they did all sorts of things with them, and one of the kids still has his. He got them the real thing, Mag-lites, the two-battery size. Not too heavy, but very durable.

Well, off I go. Errands to run, then will finish up at Eloise's for the evening. Dave and Brittney are there with the boys, so we'll have a pleasant evening. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 15, 2015 - Msg 103225: Just sick over what happened in France. God help them...and us.

Saying a prayer for Kai. I feel your pain, Sterling. These are tough years.

Please pray for Sean. His Tourettes is getting much worse and he really doesn't want to take more medicine. The extra meds make him so tired.

Better get to to all.


November 15, 2015 - Msg 103226: Hey Asa & All, Soup's on!. Bring your spoons... We have home made chicken noodle...( Is that "I" before "e" except after "C" in Chicken?... I keep forgetting that rule.) and warm cornbread too.... Don't worry it was one of our chickens (like Brisco said)


November 15, 2015 - Msg 103227: Good afternoon, porch. Our SS lesson this morning had to do with Abraham's disobedience to God, his doubt when God told him Sarah would bear him a son. You can imagine where that lesson led, after what happened in Paris, and threatens to happen here.

On a lighter note - did I ever tell y'all about my grandson signing up for band, when he entered the sixth grade this year? Well, he did, and you'll never guess what instrument he's playing. Of all the unlikely things, he chose the bassoon! You know, that five foot long thing, with the little brass squiggly pipe sticking out of it. And get this - he can play it! The band teacher told my son and DIL that it's extremely difficult, and not to be too disappointed if he can't play it. Well, he's playing it, and rather well, too, after eight weeks of instruction! Who knew? The teacher said if he reaches band and orchestra level, and she now thinks he will, he will have a walk-on for a scholarship at just about any school he chooses, because NOBODY plays the bassoon! He brought it over here a couple of weeks ago, when he'd just been playing for six weeks, and he played about six songs for us, very nicely. Again, who knew? Besides being a very good baseball player, he plays the bassoon?? I think it's hilarious!

Well, I just unloaded a carload of groceries, guess I'd better go get them put away. Argh. I hate that job! Just wears me out. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 15, 2015 - Msg 103228: Good Sabbath all.

Ro, I bet that was a lively lesson. We were studying out of the book of James today. I love his writings. Some verses are a bit proverbial like. And I love the Proverbs. Good on your Grandson. Maybe Freddy Fleet will sign him up.

Het GF, Chicken noodle soup buddy? I'm all in on that. It'll be great tomorrow when it's supposed to get cold and snow.

Thanks for the prayers for Ruth and her family. She is a woman of strong faith, but I an sure the next few months are going to be very hard for her. On top of everything else, her husband has 5 homes at various levels of construction that is going to have to be dealt with. But we have several contractors in our congregation that I am sure will step up and help out. With all she has going on right now, she really doesn't need to be dealing with that.

Boo, sorry that Sean is dealing with that problem. I pray that things will improve for him.

Well I feel me a nap coming on about now. Sunday afternoon naps. Now that's Mayberry living.


November 15, 2015 - Msg 103229: Hey MDC, looks like everyone has their leaf blowers out drying off the track, looks like the boys are going to run today out your way.

Yep, Asa Sunday preaching followed up with a nap, there HAS to be some ice cream thrown into the equation too buddy! Now THATS livin'.....🍨🍦. G-F

November 15, 2015 - Msg 103230: I think I saw MDC in the crowd.... He was the guy with the rain parka on....🏁🚦🏁

November 15, 2015 - Msg 103231: Prayers for France...well gang i had some slick sole flip flops on...carport has a slick finish ... had mositure on it ..SPOT went down twisted knee..go for MRI tomorrow at 2...sure hope no torn ACL ... whew here at work till 6am will be on here all night ...SPOT

November 15, 2015 - Msg 103232: Ouch! Spot, sorry to hear about your knee, and hope it's just a simple sprain. When I tore my ACL back in 2005, it hurt terribly for a few minutes, then as the swelling increased and put back-pressure on the knee, the pain subsided. Very swollen, but not hurting. However, the knee was very, very loose and not trustworthy. In fact, it just gave way and dropped me flat on my back in the tunnel as I was getting off the plane. Does any of that sound familiar? The MRI is the best way to tell, so I'm glad you're doing that.

Boo, I'm so sorry Sean is having to deal with the Tourette's, and pray that it will improve. That has to be so difficult for a young man like that. It's hard for anyone, but for a young man, trying to find his place in the world, it's especially difficult.

Well, I think I'm going to head for bed early tonight. I'm usually up until all hours, but I'm really trying to get my internal clock turned around. You'd think after two years, I'd be off the "night shift", but I'm still turned around. I've been trying to shift it by just a few minutes every night, and that has helped a little but I'm ready to get in sync with the rest of the world, so tonight I'm going to bed at 10:30. I'll probably still be awake at 2, but I can try. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 16, 2015 - Msg 103233: HI ALL--Thought I would wait to see if my Cards would beat Seattle before I posted, and they DID!
GF--yup, the leaf blowers were out in force for the race. We average 340 days a year of sunshine, so who would have thunk it, right? Race delayed, but now running!
Well, our pastor talked about Matt 24 today "when you see all these things happening..." Wow, indded. Prayers for Paris continue! If we let any so-call refugees in here, then it's just craziness.
I saw on FB where our Possum found a wallet in a store and the owner came running back in looking for it. Good ol possum returned it fully intact!! She beats ever'thing! :) She get the "Opie's Fortune" ep award!

SPOT---You better check with Doc Andrews, you aint no spring chicken anymore!!!
BOO--yes indeed, prayers for Sean! God bless your whole family.
RO--Have u ever tried a 1 mg melatonin? Just a tought. Love to all,

November 16, 2015 - Msg 103234: Aw, thanks for those prayers for Sean. I believe and have faith that he will be ok and I know God has him in his hands but yes, it is a difficult trial for him at his age.

Hope all of you had a good Sunday. Mine was busy...Sunday school, church, luncheon, business meeting, revival meeting at my sister's church, a quick shopping trip to Walmart (been outta milk for a couple of days and needed food for dinner tomorrow). I bought some round steak to put in the slow cooker since I work tomorrow. I also bought a frozen turkey to thaw for the annual church Thanksgiving supper next Sunday. I'm not as tired as it sounds like I should be. ;) heehee

Do any of you have any interesting plans for Thanksgiving? I am cooking, as usual, since I don't have to work. We are having my sister and her family and Bruce's sister and her family. Mom-in-law is spending the holidays with Bruce's brother out of town. :)) Please don't think me mean, but as I have mentioned before, dealing with her is sometimes very trying and it is getting worse as she gets older.

So, lots to do around here but glad we are able to do it. I already put up my tree (or Bruce did) but it is only about a third of the way decorated, and I have started putting out my Christmas villages. I knew if I didn't get a good jump on it this year, I wouldn't be able to get it all done. I only work 30 hours a week most weeks, but I still have trouble getting everything done at home. I am getting to the point of not caring and it feels pretty least until I face the mountain of laundry. ;) I am still working on trying to get the kids to do more of it. They are both really busy, too.

I have an appointment with the cardiologist on Wed..prayers appreciated. :)

Well, I should shuffle off to bed..have to get up at 6am to get Erin to her basketball practice. Tomorrow is her first official game. I will have to miss it for work, which makes me sad. She doesn't seem to mind, though. She had to see a sports med doctor last week for pain in her knee and the doc said she could only play one half of each game this season and no squatting of any kind. We'll see how it goes. She said she wouldn't order physical therapy until after basketball season.

Well, goodnight porch family. Hope tomorrow is a blessing for you all.


PS- Cousin Dan is progressing, though still on the ventilator. Small steps but moving in the right direction. Thank yu for your prayers.

November 16, 2015 - Msg 103235: Ro, forgot to mention that I love the bassoon. When I was in high school, a friend named Pam was the only bassoon player in our school, and man, was she good! I loved listening to her. Hope your grandson continues to love it. :)

Very sorry about your knee, SPOT. Hope you heal quickly.

ASA, we doing Christmas quotes this year??


November 16, 2015 - Msg 103236: Ro, forgot to mention that I love the bassoon. When I was in high school, a friend named Pam was the only bassoon player in our school, and man, was she good! I loved listening to her. Hope your grandson continues to love it. :)

Very sorry about your knee, SPOT. Hope you heal quickly.

ASA, we doing Christmas quotes this year??


November 16, 2015 - Msg 103237: Boo, thank you. I know you have had your own sets of troubles raising your children, so you know what I am dealing with because you have been through it. I appreciate your input.

Thank you all for the prayers and suggestions regarding Kai. Tonight my wife was kind of getting on Kai because she was getting a little teary-eyed(well, it is Monday tomorrow).
I don't even know how they got on the subject. Kai had gone to a friend from high school's birthday party today so I hoped she would be in a half-way decent mood today and not worry so much about going tomorrow. So I don't really know if my wife started asking her questions if Kai was a little aloof or what(she tends to do that with me) and she dragged it out of her. Kai did volunteer after we kept talking about it that she has anxiety attacks just about every day. My wife just shook her head and said she didn't want Kai to be like my sister.
I tried to keep it light, but told my wife that she should be encouraging, not discouraging. My wife and Kai both lightened up a little after that since I tried to not be too serious. Even though inside I am still so worried for Kai. I want her to realize, and have told her, that I went through some of that school anxiety(I think everyone does to some extent) and put my mom through heck, but that with determination and time, it does get better, if you want it to. Me, I think I just got sick of being afraid, and my high school years were some of the best years. I still hated school, but it wasn't a problem to go through it.

Poor Horatio, I wish I would have remembered your suggestion about telling Kai that talking to someone who really cares would help resolve her issues sooner, when I was asking her, again, if she wanted to talk to the Pastor, or one of the church ladies he would recommend. I will have to remember that for next time.
I mean, I really hope there won't be a next time, but I won't hold my breath.

Ugh, I wanted start discussing different things, and not just my problems here. Like some observations I had about some of the TAGS episodes I am watching on Netflix, but here it is late again, and I have to get ready for bed. I will discuss next time, hopefully.

Asa, so sorry about your friend. Prayers for all involved. I remember when we lost the youth pastor of the church, who was also the pastor's son, in an auto accident. It was shocking, but also strangely glorious at the same time. And I remember the character and example that the pastor set as I watched him preach at the funeral; that here was a man who knew where he was going, and who was going to be there when he got there.

Goodnight all,
-Sterling Holobyte

November 16, 2015 - Msg 103238: Hey y'all- Have to get caught up on all the Porch "doin's"- hope everyone is well. I did see where Spotty fell and hurt himself-sure hope you'll be all right,old dawg!

And Asa, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.Prayers for his family and loved ones.

I spent the weekend in Mayberry!! Stayed at the Mayberry Motor Inn in the room dedicated to Maggie Peterson. Spent Sunday morning in Andy Griffith's childhood church- good preaching (not dry as dust!) and sweet folks in the congregation.

Hey G-F- did you know they have a news sports bar and grill downtown called "The Loaded Goat"? LOL I didn't stop in ,but will have to check it out next time. I said "Hey!" to the Miles' for ya!

I'll get caught up on the Porch after I get all my stuff unpacked & put away. I tell y'all- Mayberry is a special place. Wish we could all get together & spend some time there!

Y'all have a wonderful Monday-love to all!

possum u.a.r.

November 16, 2015 - Msg 103239: Hey Possum, thanks for giving the Miles's a shout-out from me, they are fine folk, just livin' the Mayberry dream. It's great that you got a "Mayberry Recharge" and got to see Alma and the boys too. They also are fine folk. Yes I did see the new "Loaded Goat" restaurant at M/D's but we ate at the new BBQ place on Main Street where Pandowdy's used to be. I think it's call Granite City BBQ or something like that, it was Good!

Sorry SPOT for your tumble.... Why do ya think they call those things flip-flops!.... Hope your tests come out ok...

MDC, a lot going on in your town yesterday, I thought the song Brook Benton sang was about a rainy night in Georgia, not in Glad the boys got to race, now on to Homestead for ALL the chips, kinda like to see Jeff Gordon take it all... Sorta a fitting end to a fine career.....

Boo & Sterling..... Hang tough!

Gotta run, a lot to do today, even retired guys have a lot to


November 16, 2015 - Msg 103240: Afternoon all. Cold and windy here, but so far the snow is up in them there mountains. Perfect day for a nice hot bowl of GF's chicken noodle soup for supper. The problem is he is there and I am here. I see a can of Campbell's soup in my future instead. Somehow it just won't be the same. Who knows though. Maybe Otis canned it and added some "preservatives" to it!

Hope the knee is ok Spot. You want Neil Bentley's card? I hear he is good and wears nice suits from Mt. Pilot.

Well better wrap things up and head for home.


November 16, 2015 - Msg 103241: Good one Asa...

November 17, 2015 - Msg 103242: HI All, looks like things got busy on the porch!
ASA- it was windy and rainy here today too. They finally called the race last nite after 214 laps-Ehrnhart won.
Folks, if I may just pull out my soapbox for a moment, things are a bit crazy after the Paris attacks, and we now know that cells will come here with the refugees, because it looks like BO will just do it according to his speech from Turkey. At the same time a thing called real id is also coming into existence. Remember years ago when the US proposed a national ID, even Reagan said 'thats the mark!' and it was shelved, then Clinton proposed it and got the same response, so now it is coming in thru "real id drivers licenses." An article in the paper yesterday said that New Mexico bucked it, and now the Feds said if they don't implement it, then no one with a current NM license can fly! Weird stuff! Well, just an observation to keep in mind.
POSSUM--It is nice you got to escape and live in Mayberry for a week! Sure wish we all could! :)
STERLING--hang in there buddy, I am praying for Kai and all.
Prayers for the world,

November 17, 2015 - Msg 103243: One more last day of good weather day on my end of the porch today, so I have time to finish all those outside jobs I was going to get to....haha Then Old Man Weather can comith hopefully not with a vengeance!.... My new snow blower is ready for him.

I hate to bring in the last of my plants, my citronella plants and geraniums did real good and have not been zapped by frost yet. I suppose since they are on the porch is why....

Well gotta a lot to do... Even retired guys have a busy at

Have a Great Day everyone!..... G-F

November 17, 2015 - Msg 103244: Old Man Weather?... Make that Old Man WINTER!....☃❄️🌬

November 17, 2015 - Msg 103245: Weather, Winter, let's call the whole thing off! LOL

Alright GF. I forgot you got a new snow blower. Pretty good insu ance if you ask me. You all need a mild one after last year though. How'd the soup turn out? I ended up baking a tater instead. I bought a 50 pound bag of Idaho russets last month, fresh out of the fields. They are delicious. Made myself a good old fashioned tater bar. Pretty good for a cold winters night.

Better get back at it.


November 17, 2015 - Msg 103246: A baked tater? Sounds good to me. Wish I could get a "fresh out of the field" tater, but guess I'll have to be content with a "fresh out of Kroger's produce department" one instead. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow night. Tonight, I have other plans. Sunday, I bought a roast chicken from Kroger's deli, and a big bag of fresh yellow and zucchini squash. Steamed the squash and put grated cheese and salt and pepper in it. Yum! Sliced up part of the chicken, and that was supper. Last night, I sliced off more chicken, sort of shredded it, added a little barbecue sauce, and heated it in the micro, along with a bowl of the squash. Also quick-sauteed some baby kale in olive oil and added some salt, pepper and lime juice. Delish! Tonight, I'll pull the rest of that chicken off the bones and add it to a can of Progresso Creamy Roast Chicken and wild rice soup. I've done it before, and it's really good. An extra dollop of sour cream stirred in won't hurt it a bit. That, and the rest of the squash will make a good meal. I also had a chicken sandwich for lunch, so four meals off that bird. Not bad for a $6 chicken, and I didn't have to cook it.

Well, better get back to clearing some of this clutter out of here. With any luck, the new carpet will be in by the end of the week, but it can't happen until I get this office clutter-free, and I have to unload the china hutch in the dining room, and clear all the table tops in the living room. Things like this were a lot easier when I had four kids to help with it! Toye Starr isn't much help. She's too short, and she doesn't have thumbs, so picking things up is hard for her, poor baby! I know she would help if she could, she's a good little girl. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 17, 2015 - Msg 103247: I have to comment on this, when we added on to our house 15 yrs ago, I installed a Price Pfister faucet in the kitchen. It was suppose to have a "Lifetime" warranty on it, usually it's about as good as the paper it's written on. But guess what? It's been leakin here lately so I thought I'd try my luck on the warranty thing. To my suprise, they said they would replace the thing at no charge!... Got the new one in less than a week... Now all I have to do is be able to still get under the sink to replace it.
No soldering involved 👍


November 18, 2015 - Msg 103248: Good, G-F. Nice to hear that their warranty is worth the paper it is writt... typed on.
I was going to suggest that you call the man to install it, but since you are the man, you would have to call yourself. Just don't call collect.

I agree with your sentiments, Asa. But "weather" we like it or not, winter is coming.
What has happened to me?! I used to love winter. It never even occurred to me to come in out of the freezing cold back then; in fact, it didn't even seem cold to me.
As I got older, I still liked it. I still remember walking around town on a quiet night, almost being able to hear the snowflakes as they landed.
Well, there are some things I still like about winter, I guess.

Thank you for the prayers, MDC.
Praise God that Kai has gone off to school with little drama so far this week. Oddly enough, I thought tonight would be one night I wouldn't have to worry whether I would have trouble with her the next morning. We just signed her up to take dance lessons today, at a pretty expensive studio(luckily though since she is starting late in the year we got the pro-rated fees). It was her idea because she wants to learn hip-hop dancing, even though specifically she wants to learn the K-pop style of dance which I think I mentioned before. They don't necessarily do that specific style, but I imagine they are pretty similar and they said they don't have a "set" style for hip-hop.
While I am not a big fan of dance in general, I realize that it is a discipline, and that I am hoping it will give Kai more confidence all around. But she starts that next Tuesday.
That, and tomorrow she and her mom are going to a movie marathon of The Hunger Games, of which they are both big fans.

So you would think that she should be in a pretty good mood and I shouldn't have reason to be concerned, right? I wish that were true, but before she went to bed tonight she mentioned how she "still feels sick", which she was complaining about today too. I am wondering how much of that has to do with her added anxiety over having a big test in History tomorrow. Which I don't understand her worry. She did so great on the pre-quiz, and in fact, was the only one who got a passing grade on it. She said the teacher mentioned that only one student got a passing grade, and while he didn't mention her name, she only got 7 wrong on a 49 question quiz. So unless he grades on an impossibly high curve, it was she who passed it.
She seemed concerned about passing the "big" test though as we went through everything she needed to know for it. I told her that she's got this, because she does. She did really well when we were studying it. I wish she knew how smart she is and would have some confidence in that.
Anyway, so I am praying the stress of thinking about the test doesn't cause her to want to miss the first half of the day.

Well, I am just running through these Andy Griffith Shows on Netflix like wildfire. Even though I am still on the first season. There were a lot of episodes.
Saw the one with Poor Horatio's namesake a few days ago. Still love when Andy tells Opie to forget about "the half a boy" and Opie tells him that it is pretty hard to "forget something like that."

On the subsequent episodes, one observation I had is in the character's changing feelings on things. For instance, in the episode where the Hollywood producer comes to town to make a movie, Barney is one of the people who wants to chop down the oldest tree in Mayberry, and Andy doesn't want to because it is a landmark.
Then in the very next episode with the cannon. Andy wants to get rid of it even though it has been in Mayberry for a very long time, and it is Barney who thinks they shouldn't get rid of it for that reason.

Well, just some ramblings.
You all have a nice night and a good tomorrow.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103249: Hey Sterling, maybe Barney was planning on blowing the oak tree up with the cannon. Just a thought.

I am glad they honored the warranty GF. Highly unusual, especially for that age. Changing those out can sure be a pain though. Good luck.

Boo, my Thanksgiving plans are pretty much standard. Will be going to Stacey and Matt's house, about 2 minutes drive. Will play with the Grand kids, and of course Matt and I will play a 9 ball world championship tournament of billiards. And will be stuffing ourselves. Then we traditionally watch Home Alone to officially kick off the Christmas season. And yes, we need to do our Christmas movie quotes.

I have a question for anyone who may have one. I have a front tooth that has had a cap on it for years. I guess the root of the tooth has now cracked and needs to be removed. My dentist is recommending a permanent bridge rather than an implant. I was curious if anyone has a bridge and if it seems to be working out ok. Any thoughts?

Well off to work. The company is supplying lunch today. Chili and cornbread. Made from scratch by our office coordinator.

Prayers for all for a great day.


November 18, 2015 - Msg 103250: Good morning, porch. Hey, Asa, are you sure you want to replace that tooth that;s going to be missing? The permanent bridge, or the implant, either one will probably work just fine, but I'm just thinking how much fine you could have with that empty space. You could spit watermelon seeds through it, and you could get a big mouthful of water and shoot it through that hole - I'll bet you could spit it at least ten feet! Or - and here's the best idea - you could get the dentist to take out the one next to it as well, and then put an implant right in the middle of that double space! A gold one, and you could have a little diamond set in the middle of it! It would really look cool, especially when you're dancing' - and wearing your tool belt! Think about it.

Seriously, I have no personal experience with either method of replacement. My son, David, knocked out a front tooth playing basketball (broke his jaw at the same time) and they put the tooth back into the socket and bonded it to the teeth on either side, hoping it would re-root. It did, partially, but a few years later it loosened, and he had an implant put in. The implant has held up well.

Well, gotta run. We're feeding our ESL students a Thanksgiving meal today at church. There are over a hundred of them, and just about fifteen workers, so we're all taking at least two large dishes. I'm taking a couple of potato/cheese casseroles, and a big bowl of peas. Since none of it is cooked yet, I guess I'd better get busy. I cheat a little with the casseroles. I heat them through in the microwave, then add the cheese and transfer them to the oven to finish baking. Sure cuts down on the cooking time.

Have a great day, everyone. --Romeena

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103251: Uh, make that "how much FUN" you could have up there. Every time I fail to proofread, I wish I had. --Romeena

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103252: Hey Asa, maybe you can do what Ernest T Bass did with his tooth. He went down to the sign company and they put gold leaf on it for a Dollar!. Can't beat a deal like that!... Then everyone can "catch the glare" off of it!....

As far as my faucet, there is no problem with my "ability" but I am concerned about my "flexibility" You know they make those kitchen cabinets sooo much smaller these days ;) lol

Don't know what was in my morning tea yesterday, but Man, did I get ALOT done! Everything outdoors is wrapped up even painted one of my steel doors that had some rust on it, mowing machine is officially in moth balls, and snow blower is ready for duty!...

I still have a parsley plant in a pot waiting to be part of the Thanksgiving stuffing, can't beat fresh parsley. I have a lot of it dried out already but I like to keep the plant going for as long as I can....


November 18, 2015 - Msg 103253: We defy the Mafia!! (:

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103254: Go this week for MRI Storms here. Let me get back to work. Prayers. SPOT

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103255: GF--Did you eat a "Mr Cookie" bar? ha That always helped Barney.
BOO- you had asked about Thanksgiving...well, for the first time in over 10 years Cecile and I are having a big dinner at our place. With dad now home in Heaven, we are having family and friends over. (He could not deal with "crowds" well for about the last 6 years). Should be about 20 of us! Maybe we'll have one of those "prop" turkeys from the tags Christmas show! LOL
God's blessings,

November 18, 2015 - Msg 103256: ASA--Chili and cornbread?? I'd walk a mile for that!! Mmm good!

November 19, 2015 - Msg 103257: Haha, Asa! I never thought of that about the cannon. I guess Andy would have to issue Barney his one cannonball. But where would he keep it?

MDC, that turkey would be a might tough, I imagine.

You know how I said that Kai was worried about that history test, and that I told her that she's "got this"? Well, I was right. 100% correct, in fact! And that was a big test. How big? Big. Big, big.
It was something like 150 questions. Naturally I told her how great that was, and bought her one of those carmel frappes that she likes so much.

Of course, her enthusiasm was brought down later somewhat by her algebra homework.
She told me about another algebra class that some of her friends are in, where the teacher goes over the material more. Kai is always complaining about how the teacher doesn't explain things well enough. This other class has the same teacher, but from what I hear she goes over things slower.
I hate to think of Kai taking a slower class, but honestly, I don't remember doing the kinds of things she does in that class when I had algebra, and doing so much of it, and I just can't help her the way I'd like to. Unfortunately, I think Kai acquired my genes when it comes to math, but she also seems to also have my genes in English, spelling, and most of the other subjects that have little to do with algebra, because she is doing great in those.

Anyway, so I told her I will go to the guidance office tomorrow to see about this other algebra class and see if she can transfer to that(after reviewing what it is all about) or if there is something else that can be done, like getting her a tutor. I have a feeling that if we could get her feeling better about algebra she would not be so stressed about it and in school in general.

I was watching the "Quiet Sam" episode tonight, and I couldn't figure out why, when Barney was exclaiming to Andy that he didn't have the skills to help with the birth of the baby, that Andy just didn't have Barney go get Aunt Bee to help, since he was going to bring her up there anyway when he was trying to make the call before he was interrupted by Sam. All Barney did was sit around waiting with the rest of them anyway.

Just another observation. :-)

-Sterling Holobyte