November 27, 2015 - Msg 103307: Possum, that's what's good about Mayberry friends we "Get" each Maybe that chair was one Otis worked on when he was furniture glue'er... G-F

November 27, 2015 - Msg 103308: Man, I swept last time too....Swwweeep!

November 27, 2015 - Msg 103309: Don't you love when TAGS interweaves into your life, Possum?

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I was going to go with the family to my sister-in-laws but there wasn't going to be room in the car for a nephew and niece that they were going to pick up, so rather than have MIL take her car as well I opted to stay home. I did go over to my parents' and they had some really good stuffing, which I got stuffed on, among other things.

I am thankful for all of you and especially to Floyd for making this porch, without which I wouldn't know any of you. It is truly a special place.

Good sweeping, G-F. If this keeps up you may get hired as the official porch sweeper.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 28, 2015 - Msg 103310: Well, good Saturday, post-Thanksgiving afternoo9n to you all! My new carpet is in, and my house is pretty much back in order. What chaos it was, from Tuesday forward. Naturally, my computer had to be disconnected and moved from this room, and I just got it all back together yesterday, and finally got the sound to work this morning. Amazing. When the line is plugged into the green jack, it works. Plugged in to the pink one - not so much! Details, details. It's just one computer, but so many things ride on it. There's a flat-bed scanner, and a modem/router from Time-Warner Cable, and a printer that's also a FAX, and my phone is also Time-Warner, so the phone lines have to be set up a certain way in order for the other phones in the house to work. My desk phone worked because it was connected to the computer, but there has to be another line going to a wall jack, to transmit to the other phones in the house (there are five others) and that took a bit of doing. When I tore everything down, I labeled almost everything before I disconnected it, but thought I would remember how the phone lines went. I didn't. Big mistake. However, it all works now, after much trial and error.

The new carpet is gaw-jus, soft and cushy, and CLEAN! The color is just a shade or two off from what was here, but it's creamier, less gray, and it's really pretty. I'm so grateful for that water damage! I think the best part of the whole thing is that the little piles of clutter that had accumulated in this room over the years are gone. True, much of it is stacked in my bedroom at this moment, but trust me, it cannot live there, and I WILL sort it out, dispose of it, and prevent its return. This room looks twice the size, and I'm surprised at how pretty it really is. I truly want to keep it this way.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day, but more about that later. I just wanted to check in and say howdy, after being AWOL since when? The 23rd, maybe? Nice to hear from Papabear - hope you continue to do well, friend. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

November 29, 2015 - Msg 103311: Hello again! ROMEEna--the carpet sounds great!
I am sure that it will bring you many years of "cozy" happiness!
Well, we had 28 people in our 1700 sq ft house at the shank of the evening on Thanksgiving! 20 family and relatives for the dinner, and then 8 more friends and relatives stopped by for dessert!
We had two turkeys, all the fixings and sides, four kinds of pie, oh my! I missed not having dad this year, but on the other hand, it was nice to do all the prep etc again, and not have to worry about his well-being at the home where we ended up
eating T day luncheon for the past several years.
As I have heard some people do, we had a chair set off to the side "for him." God's blessings abound. Of course, things like Colorado Springs
still happen, the wheat with the tares, but I thank God
everyday for His abundance, and pray that His protection will remain as Mr Bradford decreed in 1623!!
Prayers and take care friends,
Working on my Christmas decorations

November 29, 2015 - Msg 103312: Possum you the one with the smooth broom !..left overs today from a late Thanksgiving yesterday at my wifes sisters enough for all...SPOT

November 29, 2015 - Msg 103313: Hey Asa, since you are getting so good in the kitchen here is the recipe for Thelma Lou's cashew fudge. It sounds pretty easy. Just be sure you make it on a Tuesday, a guy has a standing date for fudge on Tuesdays, ya can't expect him to change!....

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, sounds like MDC sure did!... TWO birds... Good on Ya MDC.👍

Glad to see Romeena back up and running... And there is nothing better than the smell of new carpet in the morning, smells like carpet victory!...

Speaking of birds, and victory, Sorry SPOT your "Birds" aren't flying much these days, much like our Browns....


November 30, 2015 - Msg 103314: Had a busy, but good Thanksgiving. My sister helped me but I did most all the cooking, as usual. I think the food was probably the best I had done. Really good dressing this year, especially. I don't follow a recipe so don't know how it hit the mark this year, but it did.

We had my husband's sister and her son and his family with us, along with my sister and her family so had about 15 and it was so nice. No drama because mom-in-law and addict sister in law were not there. Very peaceful, blessed day. Guests were here from 1pm to 9pm, which is what I like. I even got to sneak off for an hour and take a nap.

Yesterday, my sister, her son and grandkids, and my kids drove to a small town called Cuero to see the lights in the park. It is becoming a yearly tradition for us to go the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year it was a bit too cool and wet, but we had fun anyway. The heater went out in my Yukon so we were already cold and we stopped to look around in an old cemetery and historic church out in the country. It was 45 degrees, which isn't really cold, but it was 80 the day before so we just didn't have time to get used to it. Had a good time, though. I always love doing things with the family.

Well, better get to bed. Have to go back to work tomorrow, then I am off for a few days since my heart cath is on Tuesday. Im not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to knowing if there is a problem or not. Thanks for the prayers!


November 30, 2015 - Msg 103315: Going from 80 to 45 degrees, Boo??! That's like the speed-trap we have here coming into town going from 50 to 25 mph. Quite a change.

Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Friday night the wife, Noah and I braved the cold to see the Christmas parade. Kai didn't go. She's too old for parades, I guess.

Made a deal with Kai about not having any drama this week if we went to an Asian store she wanted to go to after we ate at a Korean restaurant on Saturday. Traveled about two hours just to get there. We'll see how that goes. No problem taking her to school today. Just typical Monday blahs. That and the freezing rain. Thought they might delay school but they didn't.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 30, 2015 - Msg 103316: Good morning, porch! G-F, you're right about that new carpet smell. It's not at all unpleasant, just smells clean and fresh, really does smell like "carpet victory." It was a battle, for sure, but with the diligent help from my family, I won!

Sterling, I'm confused. I thought your wife's background included Native Americans. What is Kai's fascination with Asian things, specifically Korean? Is that also part of her heritage, or is she just "trying on" new things? Oh, and another idea occurred to me. Do you suppose she might be affected by SADD - Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder? Many people are, and the current timing seems right. Everyone gets a little "down" and moody when winter closes in, but some people really have trouble with it. It's a legitimate, documented disorder, and is often treated with the use of a light box for a couple of hours a day. Just a thought....

Well, got to run. I have a home health call to make this afternoon, followed by a routine visit with my cardiologist, so I need to get some things done this morning. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 30, 2015 - Msg 103317: Hey Romeena.
My wife is part Ho-Chunk indian and part Japanese, so I guess Kai has inherited some of her love of Asian things. Other than that, I think it is typical teenager stuff, like listening to boy bands(or groups, rather, since they normally don't play instruments). It is just in her case the boy groups are K-pop groups.

That's possible about SADD, I guess. Though Kai seems to be in better spirits on Fridays and weekends no matter what season it is. It is not an official light box, but maybe I should put bigger bulbs in the lights. I don't like it all dark and dreary myself. Especially now when it gets dark so early.

-Sterling Holobyte

November 30, 2015 - Msg 103318: Good Morning porch! hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday. Its back to work for me after being off since last Wednesday. Its a rainy and dreary Monday here but not too cold.

Well, Patrick proposed marriage to Daysie on Saturday and she said yes! It was all very sweet and exciting. He had been planning it for some time and it went off without any problems. He had made arrangements for a professional photographer to take some pictures of them for her for part of Christmas present. She had been wanting to do that for a while so he set that up as part of his plan. he then told her part of the deal was he got to pick the last place for the pictures. he then blind folded her and drove her to the elementary school where they met in Kindergarten. He had a friend of ours paint a sign in her favorite colors on old barn wood. one sign said
"will you marry me' and the other said "she said yes". He had Beth and I take the signs and set them up just before he got there. we also were in charge of handing him the ring just before he got down on one knee. He had talked to both her parents some time ago and got their blessing which she did not know he had done. Beth and I were hid behind a big ole bush so she had no idea were there. It was also so sweet to watch. we could not hear at all but I was able to see my son propose!and the photographer took pictures of them all throughout the proposal. he said she
kept saying "Are you serious?" I have no idea as to when they will set the actual date She graduates December 12th with her degree and already has a job in the lab at a local hospital and he will graduate in May 2016 so I am sure it will be after that. Just thought I would share that bit of news with my porch friends.

To celebrate lunch will be my treat the Olive Garden!

everyone have a blessed day.
Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

November 30, 2015 - Msg 103319: Big Maude, that's just wonderful! How exciting, and how romantic! I can't believe Patrick is all grown up now, but I guess he is, if he's graduating and proposing, and getting down on one knee and all that! That's just the sweetest thing ever. Please tell him that one of his porch moms says Congratulations!

Well, better eat a bite of lunch, and head out to my home health call. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 01, 2015 - Msg 103320: As Sargent Carter used to say: Asa, "I Cant Hear You!"... You Ok Buddy?... G-F

December 01, 2015 - Msg 103321: One word "VICKS!"

December 01, 2015 - Msg 103322: VICKS.... Smells like Victory!...
Prayers for my Daughter, she's 7 months pregnant and just fell and broke her ankle. She works as a phlebotomist, she has to work the floors to do her draws. I don't know how that is going to work out..... G-F

December 01, 2015 - Msg 103323: I'm ri-chere GF. Had 4 days off work and came back to a mess. I declare, sometimes I wonder if taking time off is worth it. It must be, because I still do it. Thanks for worrying about me, and I am so sorry to hear that about your Daughter. I hope it wasn't a real bad fracture. Poor thing. She is in my prayers for sure buddy.

Glad you got your carpet job done ok Ro, and got all your "stuff" hooked back up correctly. And glad you got help with it.

Prayers for Boo today that her procedure goes well and she is good for another 50 (or so). Check in when you can Boo and let us know all is well Dear.

Congrats Big Maude. I am sure you will be a great ma-in-law.

Well better get back to the grind.


December 01, 2015 - Msg 103324: Well gang good news about knee MRI. No tears. Severely strained MCL. Knee brace and 6 weeks time should do it ! Whew ok. Rain here and I got to get the tractor in barn ! Back in a bit ! SPOT

December 01, 2015 - Msg 103325: Hi, porch. Spot, glad the knee wasn't any worse. Good thing you've got a sit-down job now, not climbing those poles!

Anybody hear from Boo? I hope her news was good. I saw my cardiologist yesterday morning, he said all is well, no med changes, nothing. See me in six months!

G-F, I'm sorry your daughter broke her ankle. That's a painful, annoying injury, bless her little heart. Does she have any sick leave coming? Even if she does, she was probably planning to use it when the baby comes, unless her hospital offers separate maternity leave. Surely they'll work something out for her. My hospital used to have a motorized w/c that was kept for just such things, and one of our night shift house supervisors used it a lot. She was no spring chicken, and had arthritis, and some nights she just needed sit-down transportation, so with the hospital's blessing, she zipped around the halls in that bloomin' thing! She was worse than Barney with the motorcycle!

Well, gotta get my Christmas glad rags on. Our Women's Christmas Dinner is tonight - should be fun. Eloise was responsible for decorating a table, and she's saving me a seat, so I really don't have to rush, but I'll get there early in case she needs some last-minute help. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 02, 2015 - Msg 103326: HI GANG, well, the next day after Thanksgiving I got to work on my Christmas decorations! Finally got it all done and lit up tonite! No Griswald, but it does get the meaning across for all to see!! woohoo
I posted it on FB tonight.
MAUDE!!--Wow, that is so cool!! Your son has quite the romantic streak for sure!!
Not many moms can say that they saw their son propose!!! :)
BOO- I saw on FB that your cath went well!!! so glad to hear.
I think we need an APB for Poor Horatio, AUH20, LUXY, and others! We have plenty of hot chocolate and blankets on the porch for your chatting comfort!
Prayers for all ailing. Spot, glad you are going to mend well!

December 02, 2015 - Msg 103327: Home again, home again, and a good time was had by all. Good food, good Christian entertainment, and good fellowship. A lovely evening!

I have the best kids and kids-in-law in the world. My son normally would have gotten my tree out and set it up by now, but he had to leave early yesterday morning to make a working run down through the Texas Valley, and won't be home until Friday. That makes me late getting my tree up! So, tonight Brittney followed me home from the church dinner, and got that big old heavy, unwieldy thing out of the closet and set it up for me. That girl is in excellent shape, very strong, and so sweet. So now, after teaching ESL in the morning, I've got the rest of the week free to get everything ready for Christmas! I love it!

The good news is, when we plugged the lights in, every single one is burning. I expected that, because it was restrung last year with LED lights, but still, it was a relief when they all came on. With the incandescent lights, I'm used to having at least two or three strings not working every year. That should no longer be a problem. Gotta love those LEDs. And did I tell you? With about 40 outdoor lights burning from dusk to dawn every night, my most recent electric bill was only $183. Adding all those lights didn't even register as a hiccup on my bill. In fact, it might have gone down a little. When I put the LEDs in, we eliminated seven regular 65-watt lights and one 150-watt light that burned all night. They're gone, and replaced with about 40 LEDs, that burn 3.5 watts or less, each. That's equivalent to about two of the 65-watt lights which are now gone. Yep, LED is the way to go.

Well, it's late, and I haven't even started a lesson plan for tomorrow. Maybe we'll just read some stories, and work on comprehension and pronunciation. They seem to enjoy that. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 02, 2015 - Msg 103328: Yes indeed Ro. LED's are the real deal. And slowly their prices are coming down to more reasonable levels.

I sure wish Boo would let us non facebookers know she is ok. Thanks for the update MDC.

GF, So how is your Daughter doing? Like I said earlier, I hope it wasn't to bad of a fracture.

Well I am going to see the Dentist today to start the work on my bridge. Today involves removing the cracked root. Sounds like a fun day, don't it?


December 02, 2015 - Msg 103329: My Daughter, they are kept her overnight to be sure the baby was ok, she was having some small contractions, and with her being 7-8 wks. early they just want to be "sure" things are Ok. She sees the orthopedic Dr. tomorrow. To see what they are going to do for her ankle. Thanks for asking.....

Asa, I hear there are some good sign company's in Utah just incase you want to go Ernest T's

Didn't hear it on Facebook about Boo's results, but heard it from MDC instead... I trust his reporting more!

Well off to the store, going to make my Daughter a BIG batch of my tater soup, should help!... At least her stomach it will!...This way baby "Olivia" can get some
A Grandpa has to to do, what a Grandpa has to do....Right?


December 03, 2015 - Msg 103330: Happy for your good results, Spot and Boo!

Prayers for you daughter, G-F. And that tater soup sounds mighty good. Talk about a comfort food. That is one of the better ones.

Kai is doing well with school this week. Her attitude has been brighter about things. I just hope it is a more permanent change in her attitude and she's not just cheerier because she made a deal with me about not causing any drama for the week.

She did bring me a paper home from the health teacher of the sort that I really didn't miss not receiving when Kai was homeschooled or in Christian school.
It was to inform us that in the next quarter they would start discussing the Human Growth and Development unit.
Yeah, that one.
The letter confuses me, though. Because it states the subjects that will be discussed, but some of them aren't even that objectionable, like "development of an infant" for one. I am not sure about how to feel about "review of puberty" and "anatomy", though I figured she already has learned that in biology.
She mentions some others, like STD's, with it stated that abstinence will be taught as the best choice compared to other forms of birth control, and dating, and refusal skills(Don't know why that is needed to go into in depth. I'd just tell Kai to say no if a guy gets fresh, and if he continues, kick him in the groin.)

The teacher does make it a point a couple times to say that the curriculum is abstinence based, which I do appreciate.
She goes on to say that if we prefer to not have our child discuss any of the subjects stated in the letter, we could indicate it below and she will provide an alternative assignment form.

Now, I would prefer that Kai not be taught any of that kind of stuff in school(excepting maybe the infant development stuff) because I do not know what the instructors world view is, but I am just wondering where all the "alternative lifestyle" junk is, because it was not mentioned. Or maybe that comes later and I will receive that letter at that time. Or maybe now that same s#x marriage is the "law of the land"(Pffftt!) they don't even feel that they have to mention that they will be discussing everything that goes along with that with your child.

I also am kind of confused as to whether the teacher wants us to indicate specifically which subjects she mentioned that we object to, or are they all included?! I also wonder what the "alternative assignment form" is, since this one doesn't delve into the really weird stuff(or doesn't seem to anyway).

I guess this is stuff I will have to call and ask her about, but I am also wondering if any of my porch pals with kids who are or have been in public high school have any info on this and what you decided to do.

Right now I am leaning toward keeping Kai out of that kind of stuff, because I do feel that stuff is best taught at home and in its own time, no matter how awkward the parents are in explaining it.

Interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 03, 2015 - Msg 103331: Sterling--I remember when your biggest issue with Kai was Hello Kitty! My how time changes things.
I am quite sure according to the ACLJ (note, NOT ACLU)states that any parent can keep their child out of any such classes. You can check their website and even call if you get any pressure from the school.
GF-- glad your daughter is doing better. Thanks for the update info.
ASA--I know what you mean about taking a few days off. The stories I could tell, but won't! haha
ROmeena--glad the LEDs are working for ya. Once again when I took my big c-9s out for the roof,
about 5 lights did not work even tho they were all fine when I stored them in January! I have plenty of replacements, but I wonder why they do that! I am goint to put up our tree tomorrow. It has been in storage for
about 8 years, but I have time to get it out and up this year! I'm going to make Christmas cookies too!!
PRAYING for San Bernadino! I have a theory as to why this is all happening, has to do with the SCOTUS decision, but wont bring it up here.
RO--that is so nice of your daughter in law!
God bless,

December 03, 2015 - Msg 103332: I know, MDC. I guess those were the good old days. At least I didn't have to worry about getting these "warning" letters from the school back then.

Well, I emailed the teacher and she attached some of the alternative assignments, and they are pretty innocuous. There is one on illegal substances, but it is just doing a report on one of them and the consequences of using it.

In her reply she said to feel free to ask her any questions about the (original) topics and said, "If there is just one topic we can do an Alternate assignment for that day or days." so I guess she meant that we had to pick the one or ones we didn't want taught. I was hoping there would be an "all or nothing" option, because the only one right now I don't have too much of a problem with would be the infant development one, but I don't want Kai to have to be in the class for just one topic for the day/days they discuss it.
I hate how they make the parents jump through hoops on this kind of stuff. I probably shouldn't say that. They are being nice enough to let us know and give us options at least. And I know the head guidance counselor/scheduling coordinator was very understanding when I brought up the topic of having Kai not be in these type of classes at the start of the year. So, I am not anticipating any pressure from the school, MDC. We'll see.

I am "almost" all LED lights in my house. Just regular lights, not just Christmas ones. Finally found some LED's with the candelabra base higher than 25 watts equivalent for my stupid living room lights.

Well, better go pick up Kai from school.

Talk to you all later.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 03, 2015 - Msg 103333: Forgot to add. I watched "Guest Of Honor" last night on Netflix, and I think they cut out a large section of it. It ended with the boys(Andy and Barney) just hauling pickpocket/thief Sheldon Davis to the slammer.

I seem to recall, or I think I recall anyway, that they worked out something to keep the town thinking he was an "honorable" guest of honor, and he drives away in the end.

Or am I thinking of another episode. The ending I saw was pretty abrupt. But Netflix has been pretty good about keeping the epilogues on the episodes, as far as I know.


December 04, 2015 - Msg 103334: Sterling, the only thing you may want to check out regarding the "infant development" class is is it from conception or not. If it is from conception, how does the curriculum present that? Does it say it is just
tissue, or does it say that it is a developing child? You ARE allowed to see the curriculum! If I am not mistaken, you can request just a study hall, and not
even have to do the "alternative" class. Know your rights.
My 7 ft tree looks wonderful! so neat to see it out in the living room
again. I know my dad understands, I'm sure he is happy to see
me truely enjoying the season again.

December 04, 2015 - Msg 103335: troublecheck

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103336: Good morning, porch! It's a perfectly beautiful day here in the D/FW area. Clear blue sky, golden sunshine just starting to soak through the cold of the night. It's 37° right now, but should reach 60° by the afternoon. Eddie came on Thursday and raked up the excess of a thick layer of leaves, then ran the mulching mower over the rest of them, so the yard looked great. That's the past tense, because it's well on the way to looking just like it did before he came! The leaves are falling thick and fast, too heavy to mulch them all. The crape myrtles are done, the three cottonwoods and the elm are about half finished, and the sycamore hasn't begun. It's a prima donna, and prefers to drop its leaves after everyone else has finished, just to be annoying.

I finished decorating the main part of my tree last night, and rolled it into its corner. The top section is partly decorated, and waiting for David to come and set it in place. It's an 8' tree, on a 10" rolling platform, so it's nearly 9' high, and I'm not about to teeter on a ladder to decorate that top. I get as much on it as I can, David puts it in place, and then he finishes decorating it, at my direction. I can't tell what it needs until it's in place. What would I do without that boy? The troops are gathering here tomorrow, to get that done, and the grandsons will put my twinkle lights out in the shrubbery, front and back. The roof lights are already in place, and David will hang the icicles. He can stand on the ground and do that, if you can imagine. So, by tomorrow night, all will be done. Today, I'm going to set up my traditional Nativity on the credenza in the dining room, build Snowman Row on the fireplace mantleboard, and put all the little sit-arounds (as my mom called them) in place. Candles, little ceramic figures, all those sweet little friends that peek from shelves and tabletops. There are a few more tree ornaments to be hung as well, the special ones that are stored in coffee cans on a closet shelf. Landry will get them down for me.

Well, better get busy. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103337: Good Saturday morning all. I hope you are all well and happy.

GF, I hope your Daughter is doing ok buddy. She is still in my prayers.

Been busy as all get out. It seems I just can't get caught up at work anymore. Been kind of stressing me out. But I have decided to change my thinking about that. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and burdened by it, I just figure I am needed and in high demand. I guess I would rather feel needed than not. And to be blessed with full employment in these difficult times is a real blessing. So I hope that can change my thinking and attitude some.

Had another Grandkiddy birthday the other night. Amy turned 8 and is really excited about that. She is such a cute and sweet little spirit. But I admit, I am biased. Such is life.

Just got back from my Saturday morning shopping. Got everything put away. I have to run the Wife up to the hospital in a little bit for her infusion. Then back home to do some laundry and other things around the house.

Sterling, you got me wondering about the end of that episode now. I guess I'll have to plug in my dvd and see how it ends. I know the cut version ends with Andy holding a lighter to Davis' cigarette while reciting the poem about deception. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when once we try to deceive or something along those lines. But I know there is an epilogue to it.

Well better get cracking. Maybe I can get a load of laundry started before I go.


December 05, 2015 - Msg 103338: Getting ready to head out to see my Daughter. I have my Dr. bag all loaded up.... (Pot of tater Soup & loaf of French bread)
Who says Doctors don't make house calls anymore! Lol

Romeena, good to hear your getting your Christmas things set up, bet it all looks good on that "New Carpet"...

MDC, you'll have to post the link again with your display, it was nice to see a display from Arizona we don't see much greenery this time of the year.

I have a 4' tree set up in my Mayberry room all year long to enjoy. All adorned with my Mayberry decorations that I have made. I have a set of ornaments made from acrylic that have been laser etched with the faces of all the Mayberry gang.... I even have a mini brick that Ernest T Bass actually signed for me years ago!...

Mrs. G-F decorates the one in the living room the "regular" way, and I have to put out my Charlie Brown tree too.. To make it complete.

Cleveland is doing "A Christmas Story" 5 & 10k run to kick off the season, it finishes at the actual Christmas Story House.
I'll try to find a link to post....

G-Frah rah rah rah rah ra...

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103339:
Keep in mind these are Clevelanders... You can sorta see why the Cleveland Browns are they way they're...haha

G-F again

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103340: Whooeee! Looks like fun, G-F. I couldn't take part in the race (I'd drop like a rock after about 50 yards) but it would be fun to watch. Happy people, being silly and having a good time, and apparently, all good clean fun. It's nice to see that things like that still exist in America. I'm not sure they're all Clevelanders, though. I thought I heard a mild Texas drawl at one point. The tall guy, wearing glasses, with the floppy khaki-colored hat, at around 4:00 or so. It wasn't a heavy drawl, so I'm not sure, but he sounded like a Texan to me.

Got my Nativity all set up, looks great! The figures are ceramic, done by me many, many years ago. They were done in a process called "fired stains", which has sort of fallen out of favor in the ceramics world, but I still like it. It produces beautiful colors, true to what you see when you apply it (doesn't change with firing) and the finish is very soft and matte, no shiny at all. I entered it in the ceramics competition in the State Fair one year, along about 1980 or so, and took a blue ribbon with it! Was I ever surprised! I just entered it on a dare from my SIL, and didn't expect to win anything. That same year, she entered a fancy baby quilt in the needlework class, and also won a blue ribbon. She does beautiful work.

Well, guess I'll go build Snowman Row on the fireplace, after I eat a bite of lunch. Maybe a tuna sandwich. I've got the tuna to swing it! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103341: Maude maw n law ...woo hoo !well got tree up and my famous 20 ft crosses lite on my pasture fence ! they look so good if i say so myself will have a pic on FB for my FB friends well here at work gona get logged in and try to keep the lights on for the night back in a bit...hey anybody got any supper? SPOT

December 05, 2015 - Msg 103342: SPOT running Electricity for Christmas lights, sorta like putting Willy Wonka in charge of making Christmas candy...
Be careful the planes may think they are on final approach to Hartsfield/Jackson ✈️.

Romeena, your right all kinds of folks like The Christmas Story House.. They have a big event on Thanksgiving weekend embracing the movie, yep it's BIG!...

Just think if that city won a championship... They would go plum CrAzY!.... Christmas wishes fall on deaf ears on that subject!...Just sayin'.......G-F

December 06, 2015 - Msg 103343: Anybody want to buy My Atlanta Falcons ? whew ..Im back here at work till 6am gona read and get logged on ...back in just a bit ...prayers SPOT

December 06, 2015 - Msg 103344: Don't feel bad SPOT, maybe they can do a buy one get one free deal with the

December 07, 2015 - Msg 103345: Good Sabbath evening to you all.
My, it looks like folks are out shopping lately.
I hope everyone is doing OK.
Woohoo, Spot, GF, my Cards keep rolling along!
Fitz now in record book with 1000 receptions.
SPOT--glad to see you have the crosses up. How about a FB pic if you get a chance.
Got all the ornaments on my our tree now.
I'll even set up a freshly cut doug fir on the porch! Smells so nice.
C and I went to a holiday pops concert today by
our Phx Symphony. Very nice, many Christian songs too!
Prayers for all and for all your families too!

December 07, 2015 - Msg 103346: Hey MDC, It looks like our Ohio State Buckeyes are going to play those Irishsters out you way in the Fiesta Bowl... Should be a good game... Unlike watching the Browns or Falcons, Right SPOT?


December 07, 2015 - Msg 103347: Check out this video you'll never look at the check-outs at the grocery store the same again!..G-F

December 07, 2015 - Msg 103348: That's a winner! I love those "flash mob" things, and this is a new twist on it. So wonderful to see that the German people have a playful side! I think it's cool that "Jingle Bells" is apparently known world-wide, too. Such a fun song, and they gave it a whole new spirit. Thanks, G-F. --Romeena

December 08, 2015 - Msg 103349: Oh, at the symphony concert, a pianist did 17 versions of Jingle Bells!! Very cute, from a "piano recital" Jingle Bells to an Elvis version!
GF-- if you want to come out for the Fiesta Bowl or the Championship game, I'll rent ya a room real
cheap...7 dollars, plus we serve snails and brains! mmm, good! ha
Our Cards will also be on Thursday football this week.
ROMeena, could you possibly post a pic of your house lights on FB. Thanks.
Weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately, about 40 nights and 70 days!!
I miss our movie quotes or Tags quotes that we would
do from time to "that's the actor of the man."
Prayers for the world!
Happy Christmas season to you all!!

December 08, 2015 - Msg 103350: 17 versions, MDC? Reminds me of the 3 or so versions of Jingle Bells that Schroeder played for Lucy on "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Did the pianist do that last one that Schroeder plays, plunking down on the keys with one finger? ;-)

We are just starting to get our decorations up. Put up lights on the tree outside our house last night. It looks nice but it is a bear trying to wind it around the branches with all the little twigs sticking out from everywhere.

Kai starts her "Alternative classes" for health class today. Praying that goes well and she doesn't feel like she is being "ostracized". I wrote to the teacher yesterday asking about the infant development topic and it seemed like nothing that Kai wouldn't have learned in biology, but/so instead of keeping her out for just that one subject, I decided to just have Kai stay out of all of the subjects.
The teacher seemed glad that I was even taking an interest in what my child was learning. Makes me wonder though if Kai will be the only one to not do the regular classwork. I hope not. It would be better if she would have someone she could sit and study with in the library, and then wouldn't feel "odd". I know as Christians we are supposed to be different, but I realize that things like this can be especially hard on a teenager.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 08, 2015 - Msg 103351: Good morning, porch! Yep, MDC, I'll be glad to post those pictures. I've got one more section of twinkles to put out first - will probably get that done today.

Sterling, when the family was here over the weekend, a discussion arose about those classes, and just how effective they might be, vs how harmful. My son offered an interesting observation. He said instead of debating abstinence vs protection vs abortion vs all the other options, maybe we should show a "reality" series. Begin with a teenage couple "making out" and let the boy, who is about 19, offer all the standard persuasive lines. The girl, who is younger, falls for it and the inevitable happens. Cut to about six months later, when she's getting big and a little uncomfortable, but still basking in her "grownup" condition. Meantime, boy is getting much less attentive. Next, we're in the delivery room, with much screaming and distress. Show a little blood, or be truthful and show a lot. Then we're at home with girl and new baby. Girl wants to sleep in one morning but can't. Wants to go out with friends, but mom won't babysit. Baby's dad is nowhere to be seen. Baby is colicky and cries all the time. Girl finally reveals name of baby's dad to her dad, who has police pick him up and charge him, since it turns out that girl is only 15. Show him sitting in jail. Or, if girl is 16 or older, he simply goes to court and is ordered to pay child support, out of his paycheck from McDonald's. For the next 18 years! At the end, girl is seen trying to cram her no-longer-svelte body into some of her clothes, but nothing fits anymore, and she can't afford new clothes because the baby needs diapers and clothes and formula and there are doctor bills, etc. Well, you get the picture. I just have to think, maybe that would reach at least a few girls. It might not keep them from fooling around, but at the very least, maybe it would cause them to use protection, and in today's world, that just may be the best we can hope for, in many cases. Not all, of course, but for that minority, they're going to do right anyway and really don't need education.

One more thing - show a video of some sonograms, in various stages of development. Almost from conception, the beating pulse of a developing heart can be seen. At three months, the fetus is clearly human, and at six months, you just might see it sucking its thumb. Then, show a few real abortion procedures, no holds barred. I'll promise you, very few women or girls would have one, if they truly knew ahead of time what was going to happen, especially if the remains of the baby were shown. Truth is, this will never happen, because it would be considered too harsh for young eyes. Better to just let them experience the real thing, I guess.

OK, enough of that. We all know it will never happen. Something to think about, though. --Romeena

December 08, 2015 - Msg 103352: True Romeena, they would never show an abortion, or the results thereof, but not because it is too harsh for young eyes. But rather because it doesn't fit the narrative, that abortion is all about the woman's "right to choose" and that nobody gets hurt.

About Kai's classes, I just told the teacher that I feel that those types of topics(of the ones covered in the original curriculum) are best discussed in the home.
What I didn't tell her is that I also feel that I don't really want those topics taught to my daughter from a person who is operating in a different worldview than the one I try to teach Kai in.
Because I don't think the public school, for some reason, would be teaching those things from a Christian perspective. ...For some reason. ;-)

I'd better go. I have to pick up the Christmas picture card that my wife ordered online from Walmart. I also have to figure out what I am going to do with the outdoor Nativity scene this year. Well, by "Nativity scene" I am just referring to the plastic Mary, Joseph, and Jesus figures that I always use. Had a nice stable I made out of wooden pallets, but that eventually started falling apart because it wasn't very stable(pardon the pun).
I wanted to do something different, but I may end up putting them under the bushes again since the branches are jutting out at the top as I forgot to trim them back, and that acts as a nice little shelter. Well, I'll figure something out. Hopefully before Christmas.

Talk to you all later.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 09, 2015 - Msg 103353: Thanks to that El Niņo guy, we still have not had any snow here yet this year. The "snow belt" area north of me has got some of that "lake effect" action but not us. How about you Auh2o?... Really as I said, it's because I bought that snow thrower. Temps in the 50's-60's I'll take that for December.

Where is PH?...Missing his wisdom, and Possum, and all the others who have not been rocking lately. I know everyone is busy. But if ya got time to shop, ya got time to Rock! that even kinda rhymes too....


December 09, 2015 - Msg 103354: Hmmm. We haven't had any snow here in the Dallas area either, but then we never do. I wonder what causes that? --Romeena

December 09, 2015 - Msg 103355: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do not say snow

December 09, 2015 - Msg 103356: Saw the ep today on local TV of Floyd the deceiver. I forgot about great lines like when Andy told him that he looked good enough for the JC Penny window! ha I hope all are well. We continue to have marvelous weather.
I hope PH, Lucy, Boo, Possum and all at least stop by for some hot cocoa or hot spiced cider.
When my wife was dressed up for the concert Sunday, I told her that she looked good enough to take uptown! ha
Prayers for all in our crazy world.

December 09, 2015 - Msg 103357: Hey MDC, You should have told her she looked good enough to take to the fireworks display. Ain't much higher accolades a man can heap on a woman than that. :)

GF, I knew that snow blower was a good investment for you. We have had only one storm here that has brought out my snow blower, and it really wasn't more then 4 inches. Supposed to get one in here on Friday. But suppose to rain tonight. Rained like mad here Monday night. Weird weather. Rain in December for us is like a smile on old lady Crumps face. Rare and a bit scary. lol

I like the idea of showing them kids the real story of getting themselves in a motherly way before they ort to Ro. Including the full graphics of an abortion. But heaven forbid, we may ruin their psyche.

Better get back to work. GF, remind me later to go on my crying jag about photo electric cells. It's a good one.