December 25, 2015 - Msg 103484:
Merry Christmas Porch! A green one on the Great Lakes edge of the Porch.

Peace and Prayers friends,

December 25, 2015 - Msg 103485: Swish auh2o ! Merry Christmas porch ! SPOT

December 25, 2015 - Msg 103486:
Merry Christmas to everyone.

Every year when Christmas approaches, multiple Trans-Siberian Orchestras travel the world to perform their Wizards of Winter concerts.
Below is a link to a California neighborhood that uses the Wizards of Winter music synchronized to their Christmas light displays.
Below is the same neighborhood synchronized to a more recent Christmas song. The viewing is better since it is later in the evening.

from POOR

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103487: Asa, our water heater is about 10 years old. I have been searching online for a good, cheap, gas water heater and there are so many choices. Do you or G-F have any recommendations and/or what I should look for in a water heater for a family of four in a 2 1/2 bathroom home?

Your Christmas Eve dinner sounded so good. I have never had Cornish game hen. What does it tastes like, chicken?

Sorry you didn't get any of the white stuff, auh2o. Unless you like it that way. Good to see you and I hope you had a good Christmas!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103488: Sterling, if you followed our water heater discussion early in the year there is no longer a inexpensive water heater. With government standards getting involved the prices jumped sky high! That is the main reason I bought one for "reserve" before they jumped in price. As for the "brand" most of them come off the same line in Tennessee, they just put different name stickers on them. As for me, I bought a Bradford/White, Rheem is good, just stay away from the ones Lowes sell. (Whirlpool), I had a lot of problems with mine. A lot of the problem comes from the technology they have to put on them now. It adds more maintenance to them, but it is what it is so we have to deal with it. The Home Depot sells Rheem, I would not put less than a 40gal in though. The hey sell one for about
$450.00 (in my area) and about $600 for a 50gal this is for the tank only!... If you can not install it yourself, you may have to "Call the Man" to install it which probably will tack on another couple hundred bucks!...Depending on who you get. Home Depot contracts with local plumbers for installations but remember they usually have to charge "Union Labor" cost.

Good luck, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hopefully Santa brought you a Home Depot gift card?...

As Asa and I discussed, since the Government got involved there is no such thing as a "simple" inexpensive water heater anymore,
Do you concur Asa?....


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103489:
Sterling Holobyte, while you are waiting for Asa's and G-F's replies, check out the following:

from Poor Horatio

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103490: Yessir GF. And they are only going to get more expensive for sure. Sterling, do you have a jetted tub or hot tub? If so, you would probably want a 50 gallon unit. Otherwise a 40 gallon is most likely sufficient. I agree totally with what GF said about staying away from the big box store units. They typically sell cheaper made items, that will not last as long. I think it is worth the few extra dollars to buy through a plumbing supply house. They are not to difficult to replace, but if you are not confident in doing some plumbing, it is best to hire it out. Especially in dealing with the gas line (if yours is Nat. Gas.) Once you have it in though, I would suggest you set it up for regular maint. Flush it out once a year. Trip the PRV once a year. Check the anode rod every couple of years. Those simple things will extend the life of your unit quite a bit. Boy howdy, do I sound like a maint. man GF? lol

Those game hens are good Sterling. Much like chicken, but a bit tastier I think.

I pray everyone had a great Christmas. We sure did. The Grandkids had a great time. They love the gift getting for sure, but have been taught well by their parents on the true meaning of Christmas. They put on a small Nativity play on Christmas eve, while I narrated from the book of Luke. So delightful to watch.

Well not much to do today. Going to take it easy I reckon. To dang cold to work out in the shop. I think the "Wheeler" and I are going to get to know each other well today. Can I get an Amen GF? BTW, how is your Daughter doing? Is her leg ok?


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103491: You snuck in on me PH. Good links you provided.
Sterling, the thing I wanted to express in my first post response and neglected to was concerning buying through big box stores. Even though they sell brand name items, they are often made cheaper then the usual product the manufacturer typically offers. For example, years ago I worked for a company that made stainless steel sinks. They made several different models under their own name, with the difference being in the thickness of the steel, the level of sound deadening sprayed on the underside of the sink, and the depth of the sink bowl. We also made sinks for Sears, that carried the Sears name on them. These sinks were easily the cheapest ones we made. The lightest gauge, the shallowest bowl depth, the cheapest finish. They were by far cheaper made than even the company's cheapest model. It taught me a lot about Sears. Years later, when I had my own small engine repair business, I discovered that mowers, tillers, snow blowers etc, all fell into the same category. For example, a John Deere riding mower bought at Lowes is not going to be the quality of a typical John Deere mower bought through a dealer. The big box stores items are built much different that usual. So there is the difference I guess. I hope that helps you out.
Also, the tankless water heaters can save a lot in energy costs, but with a family of four, it may not be the most convenient way to go. You can have hot water all day with a tankless system, but you can't run more that one hot water using appliance at a time. In other words, you could take shower after shower after shower, and have plenty of hot water. But if you have two showering at the same time, or showering while running laundry, you won't be happy. Plus there have been some issues I believe with mineral build up in tankless systems that require annual cleaning treatment, unless you have soft water. And tankless units can get pricey. I think Ro bought a couple of Bosch units for a pretty good price though. And I am a huge BOSCH fan. I think they make great power tools. Way better than anything else on the market, although not everyone shares my enthusiasm for their products. lol


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103492: Amen Asa!... Daughter is on the mend, she had to return to work but she is off working the floors at the hospital, they have her doing desk work until the baby comes in late January. Thanks for asking...
10-4 it's "Wheelertime".......
A guy has to do what he has to do!......G-F

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103493: Good morning, porch! I hope everyone had a perfectly wonderful Christmas. It was certainly nice around here! Unhurried, peaceful, just a more relaxed pace than one usually has at Christmas. It was great! Having good weather helped too. Driving didn't feel like a suicide mission, shoes weren't muddy on arrival, kids could get outside now and then and out from underfoot - all in all, it was just great!

Asa, you're right about my Bosch tankless water heaters. That has been several years now, and I still just love them. You scared me a little with the comments about things sold in the big box stores, though. I got mine at Lowe's, on a model year-end closeout, got them for $600 each, I think. I don't really remember for sure now, it may have been less, but am sure it wasn't more. Ted installed them for me, and he never charges me heavily for anything. Anyway, they're still perking along, and I really like them.

They were the only logical choice for me. Both bathrooms that serve the four bedrooms are on the west end of the house. The kitchen and laundry room and a half-bath are on the far east end of the house. Two water heaters are absolutely necessary, because of the distance, and when we built this house, we were a family of six, with all the showers, laundry, dishwashing and everything that goes with that many people. We had two 40-gal tanks of water, being kept hot 24/7, so the gas was running on one or the other almost all the time. Now, with just me here, that was a terrible waste. To keep 40 gallons of water hot, for one shower a day, and another 40 gallons for 2-3 loads of laundry a week, and a dishwasher every other day, didn't make sense. Now, it just turns on and heats the water when it's in use, keeps it hot while flowing, then shuts off when the job is done. My gas bill drops to the minimum charge of $18 in the summer, when the furnace isn't in use. To address your observation about two showering at once, I have to say that hasn't been a problem. Last weekend, I had that very situation, with somebody in the front bathroom showering, and I hopped in mine and did the same, and we both had hot water. Maybe it depends on the size and output of the heater??

I'm with Asa on liking Bosch products. My dishwasher is a Bosch, and it's wonderful. Absolutely silent! When the water is running in it, you can barely hear a little swooshy sound, but you have to be standing right there. When the unit is operating, it's quiet. My grandson went over to start it one night, thinking I had forgotten, and was very confused when he saw the lights and realized it was actually already running. He actually called his dad to come and listen! As for pre-washing - not necessary. I simply pass very soiled plates and things under the stream from the faucet to knock off the excess, and stick them in the dishwasher. They come out sparkling. It will clean casserole dishes and such, getting baked-on stuff off just fine. As with any dishwasher, you want to place the dishes so the soiled side is facing the water spray. Bosch rules!

Well, guess I'll rustle up a bit of lunch. I'm planning to stay home and just relax today. It's 78 right now, and very cloudy. Weather is supposed to turn bad starting tomorrow, with some freezing lows and highs in the 50s. Also, very heavy rain tomorrow. I'm starting to think about Spring! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103494: Greetings from the Mayberry Motor Inn! Spent the day after Christmas in Mount Airy and just got back from a bluegrass concert at the Earle Theater. Y'all should've seen those folks stomping! Possums don't stomp,so I remained in my seat during the show.LOL

Oh, G-F, we went to the Loaded Goat! It's pretty nice,and although it's a sports bar & grill,there were kids and all ages there. Food was all right,not very impressed with the servers. I think they were all from "off" someplace-just didn't get the hometown friendliness from the ones we dealt with.You'll have to check it out for yourself next time you're in Mount Airy.

Ro,hope you didn't get too much bad weather-heard reports of tornadoes out your way. Stay safe!

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas-y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103495: Thanks for the heads up Possum, I have eaten there when it was something else. The other new place, Granite City BBQ was very good and very friendly under new ownership.
Day after Christmas in Mayberry... Don't get much better than that!... G-F

December 26, 2015 - Msg 103496: Just watching the news about the bad weather in the Dallas area. So sad. Sounds like Ro should be ok where she is, though.

Today was a record 84 degrees here in south texas..too warm for me. Should be cooling off some tomorrow but not cold. I have not been able to put a fire in the fireplace at all so far this season. We had a nice Christmas, though. I did go in to work last night but the very kind nurse I was working with encouraged me to take off early since it was slow. I was home by 9 and able to spend some time enjoying the evening and the lights at home.

I just looked back and I sure thought I had left a comment here on Christmas Eve but I cant find it. I remember saying Merry Christmas to all of you..wonder where it went.


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103497: Went back to the archives and found it. I thought I was going nuts for a minute there.

Did most of you watch the color Christmas ep on CBS Christmas night? I really hated to miss it and now there is no way to see it unless I pay CBS and sign up on their site. Forget it.

Anyway, we are fine. I am trying to get over a cold and I feel like someone poured cement in my left nostril. I managed to hold the cold off with Zicam but funny how as soon as I got home from work and Christmas was over..wham. Guess Im lucky it waited. I have been resting and taking fluids and ate chicken soup for supper. Hoping to be better tomorrow.


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103498: Went back to the archives and found it. I thought I was going nuts for a minute there.

Did most of you watch the color Christmas ep on CBS Christmas night? I really hated to miss it and now there is no way to see it unless I pay CBS and sign up on their site. Forget it.

Anyway, we are fine. I am trying to get over a cold and I feel like someone poured cement in my left nostril. I managed to hold the cold off with Zicam but funny how as soon as I got home from work and Christmas was over..wham. Guess Im lucky it waited. I have been resting and taking fluids and ate chicken soup for supper. Hoping to be better tomorrow.


December 26, 2015 - Msg 103499: I really hate this laptop.


December 27, 2015 - Msg 103500: Merry Christmas a few days late and a few dollars short! I haven't posted on here in a month of Sundays, but I got to thinking about Romeena and Boo with all the bad weather in Texas, so I figured I'd rock a while on the porch and make sure everyone's alright! Up here in Michigan we've had a somewhat warmer than usual Christmas, but it's all good! Happy New Years and may 2016 be a Mayberry kind of year for all of us!
Mary Wiggins

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103501: Well, as I live and breathe, it's Mary Wiggins! So good to hear from you, and so kind of you to be concerned about Boo and me. I'm fine, and apparently Boo is too, other than her cold. A Merry Christmas to you too, love, and please come around more often!

The tornadoes passed about 30 miles northeast of me, just about wiping a the little town of Rowlett off the map. Other areas were hit as well, not just Rowlett. Whole apartment complexes are leveled, homes are reduced to their slab foundation, mobile homes are sitting in trees, and we're just starting to get a good look at the damage, since daybreak. So far, eleven people are known dead, including a newborn (so sad), but they don't expect the toll to rise much, as no one is reported missing so far. The police and fire crews are doing site-to-site searches. I suppose that's a bit easier here, since we don't have basements. Everything is above ground, no holes to crawl into.

In Garland (northeast Dallas) there's a big "high five" interchange, where I-30 and the Pres. George Bush tollway intersect. Five cars were picked up off the highest loop of that and dropped to the ground. Some of those eleven fatalities were in those cars. It's really weird and spooky what that wind can do. In Rowlett, they've shown pictures of houses just absolutely leveled, nothing over three feet high visible, and a house right next door totally untouched, not fifteen feet away, with tender young trees in the yard and everything, no damage. Amazing. One family came home from a Christmas party to find their mobile home had been picked up and tossed, upside down, about fifty feet away. Their two dogs were found inside, unharmed. One RV park was just about leveled, with the vehicles tossed around like toys.

The tornado warning has been lifted, but the weather is still very unsettled, still pretty windy and rainy, and dark. My twinkle lights in the back yard are still on. They're on a dusk-to-dawn timer and the light is not bright enough to turn them off. I think this old gal is just going to tuck in and stay home this morning. I think the Lord will understand. I'll drop my tithe off at the church on Monday or Tuesday. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103502: Hey to Boo & Mary Wiggins! Happy New Year to you too, Mary and Boo,I hope you get over that cold real quick.

G-F- where is Granite City BBQ? If you name something it's near, I can find it. Probably not open on Sunday-a lot of places were closed yesterday for the holiday weekend & that's why we ended up at the Loaded Goat.

Heading to Andy's childhood church for preachin' in a bit. I don't have any dangly earring to wear,but I suppose they'll let me in,regardless!

Good Sabbath,all!

possum again

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103503: Possum it is on Main Street, it use to be a Italian restaurant called Pandowdy's, kinda across the street from my friends @ Mayberry on Main....

Romeena, glad you are Ok....


December 27, 2015 - Msg 103504:
possum, the former Pandowdy's was located at 243 N Main St, Mt Airy, NC, which according to G-F is the location for the Granite City BBQ. That address is on Main Street, midway between Franklin Street and East Oak Street. And it's about 1/3 of a mile due north of the Andy Griffith Museum.

from Poor Horatio

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103505: Thank you for all your FB birthday wishes yesterday! It was a good one! More later. Good sabbath to you all!
MDC :)

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103506: G F it look like sad game I have every see
by him some glassit that may help

TOM ;(

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103507: Don't feel to bad Tom. KC is hot right now. I see Spots birds brought the Panthers down to earth today. Now I am settling in to watch the Cards and Packers. Should be a good one.

Well MDC, I don't do FB so I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy belated birthday to you.

Goodness gracious, Mary Wiggins, so good to see you. You've been missed. I hope you stick around.

Glad Ro and Boo are safe from the twisters. Ain't that a bit odd for this time of the year? Sunny and dang cold here. But it's almost January. It's supposed to be cold. It aint letting me down.

Hey GF, What you cooking up for the New Year? Anything special? Better make sure you keep the cobwebs cleaned off of that snow blower. :)

Well I'm off.


December 27, 2015 - Msg 103508: Asa, I'm probably making sauerkraut, Mrs. G-F usually wants sausage in it. Matters not to me, I grew up on the stuff. Dad made (2) 40 gal crocks of the stuff, so with 5 kids you can bet we had it often.....G-F

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103509: Hi o
Will here go a bad holiday that make three in a roll!
Sant muse have on his bad list?
I happy for you all for the things you git!

Sing to God, praise the divine
name; exalt the rider of the clouds.
Rejoice before this God
whose name is the LORD

TOM :(

December 27, 2015 - Msg 103510: Thank you both G-F & P-H for the directions and info on Granite City BBQ. I believe I remember seeing Pandowdy's right before they closed,so I think I know where it is now. Will have to check it out the next time I'm in Mount Airy-back home now.

Relieved to know that both Ro & Boo are ok after the terrible weather in their state. Prayers for those hit by the tornadoes.

And a good night to all.

possum u.a.r.

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103511: Wow, prayers for Texas... snow, wind, flooding, twisters! Praying for all you good folks.
Need to go back and read comments, heard Mary W stopped by!
STERling, I got a new WH about a year ago and got a Reliance. The one I rplaced had lasted 17 years! Also hear that A O Smith is a good brand.
God bless,

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103512: Yep, we've got it all. And down along the coast, it's 80! You name it, Texas can produce it, and sometimes all at the same time. It gets interesting.

It's been cold and rainy here all day, with occasional big old growly thunderstorms, and gusts of straight-line wind, but no twisters. They passed within about 30 miles of where I am, but we didn't get any of it. Weird things, tornadoes. The wind is blowing right now, but not too hard. My twinkle lights are still on in the bak yard, and they're beautiful, with the wind moving them around.

You know, sometimes it really pays to call the man. For years, I've had trouble with all the lights in the back yard, off and on. Every time it would rain, the GFI that rules over about 3/4 of the light circuits back there would trip. I never could figure it out. Tracked it back once to a faulty pump in the pond, and fixed it temporarily by replacing that pump, but that didn't explain why rain would cause it. I have sloshed around out there under an umbrella, trying to identify a connection that might be getting wet, couldn't find anything. Finally, when my Christmas lights started cutting out almost every evening this year, I got enough of it and called Ted. They were going off when it rained, and going off when the sprinklers ran, so obviously something was getting wet and shorting out. Ted walked around back there with me for a little while, and spotted one outlet box where the insulation on the cover was gone. He replaced that, and still they went off when I turned on Zone 1 on the sprinklers. All at once, he said "I see it!" and went over to the UV light that helps to control the algae in the pump. It's made to operate underwater, or outside the pond, either way, so I never suspected a problem with it. I had installed it outside the pond, and one end of it had gotten buried in a small pile of dirt, where someone had emptied a flowerpot - maybe me. Ted pulled it out of the mud, and sure enough, the wiring was cracked. When the sprinkler ran, or it rained, the water would soak through that little dirt pile and short out that wiring. We disconnected it, and have had no further trouble. The lights have twinkled merrily out there all through this rainy weather. I asked Ted how he knew that wire was cracked under that dirt, and he said he didn't, but we had checked everything else and that had to be it! No substitute for experience, I guess.

Well, guess I'll write for a bit, then hit the hay. It's been a do-nothing day, don't know why I'm tired, but I am. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103513: That should read "algae in the pond" up there. --Romeena

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103514: MDC, your Birds sent those "cheese heads" Packing...haha It looks like your boys are for Real!... Unlike our Browns who just are "boys"'!... A couple more got into trouble off the field. At least it wasn't "Johnny Football" this time...

TOM, I know the Holidays can be hard, but know you have friends and "family" here on the porch Buddy!... And every family has to have a " Big Brother" to keep us all in line!...

A lot of rain too on my end of the porch, at least it hasn't turned to snow.... Yet .... But my "Joe" is ready to go whenever, just have knock off a few cob webs first as Asa would say....

Did any of you catch the color episodes of TAGS Christmas night?... Those pickles looked a radio active neon green!..
The Christmas tree sure looked nice tho, but they did cut out a few good scenes to make time for more commercials, those dirty rats!


December 28, 2015 - Msg 103515: Good morning all.
GF, I have recorded those two episodes but have not yet watched them. Saving them until New Years eve I think. So don't tell me how they end. lol

Glad you found your wiring problem Romeena, and good for you for hunting it down. Way to often in the scenarios you just described I see people who get fed up with the tripping out and end up plugging their stuff into non GFI protected outlets. Very unsafe and unwise thing to do. Yes, sometimes they can be a nuisance, but their entire purpose is to save lives.

Yes indeed MDC, the Cards looked very good yesterday. I was stunned though to see how many CB fans I saw at the game. I know their fan base is huge, but even the commentators were talking about how the Cards were working on a silent count all week because of the expected noise that would be generated by GB fans. That is crazy.

Tom, as GF said, the Holidays can be real hard on some folks who are going through hard times. Just know we are here for you. I'll send you some of my world famous deviled eggs, and GF can send you some sauerkraut with sausage in it. That's some good eats there. I'll keep you in my prayers for sure.

Guess I'll go rustle up some breakfast. I want to try my hand at a frittata one of these days. Anyone ever cooked those? I am interested in what you put in them if you have.


December 28, 2015 - Msg 103516: Good morning, porch! Asa, I have never made a frittata, though I do like them. Can't help you there, my friend. I like deviled eggs too, so send a few my way, OK? Oh, and G-F, I really like kraut! With sausage, with pork in just about any form, or on a hotdog, or when I was expecting my babies, I ate it cold, out of the jar! Can you imagine? Probably wouldn't do that today, but I did it then. My poor husband would wake up, sniffing the air, and there I'd be, propped up on pillows with a book and a jar of kraut, just munching away. Most of the time, he'd just mumble "oh, for cryin' out loud!" and dive back under his pillows. Sometimes it would be a bit more colorful, but he was a very patient man, and he never actually swore. You know, it will be twenty years this May - I can't believe that, but it's true, and I still miss him so much.

Well, it's 36 this morning, very heavy clouds, likely will get more rain, and we've already had a bunch. I'm not feeling too well, think I've got a bladder infection, so am planning to stay in today. My doc will send me a prescription, and my pharmacy delivers, so I'm all set. I'm staying in, snug and warm, and will just indulge myself today. Come to think of it, I've got a jar of good kraut in there. Just wish I had some sort of pork to put in it. Oh, oh wait!! I have a package of pulled pork in the fridge, bought for when my daughter and family were here, and we never used it. I just checked the expiry date, and it's good until Jan 27! It won't be as good as baking some pork ribs and simmering them in the kraut, but it's here and it will do fine! Happy, happy me!

Tom, I'm sorry your Christmas wasn't as happy as you'd have liked it to be, but as I read the poem you posted, it made me think that you have Christmas in your heart. It's not the gifts and all the activity that makes Christmas. It's the sweet knowledge that Christ came, and lived among us for a time, and died for us, that we might eventually live forever with him. That's Christmas, and you have that.

Well, guess I'll go feed little Toye Starr. She has come in here, making big sighs, to let me know I've been on this keyboard long enough. Funny little thing. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103517: Romeena, I had to laugh at your kraut stories, it reminded me of our " family time" in making it. It is quite a process, (easy) but a long process in cutting,foreign, shredding and the ever fun "stomping" of it. Kinda reminded me of the "Lucy" episode where they stomped grapes. Whe we made it we all had our "jobs" Dad usually did the cutting & shreding my brother did the coring and my sisters & l got to to the stomping part with this wooden mallet like thing. But when my brother got older and went into the service I got promoted to "Head Corer" and even got to do some shredding too, with the antique kraut shredder ( which is about 200 yrs old ) and I happen to have!

My brother has the 2 crocks, he tries to make it, but it just isn't as good as Dad's. You have to have the right conditions and temperature for it to get fermented right. If you saw it or smelled it as it "worked" ya probably wouldn't eat it. But at our house that was not an option....haha. Thanks Romenna for the memory blast!.... G-F.
p.s. Just be sure you little puppy don't get into the kraut, the gas build-up alone would launch her like a rocket...haha!

December 28, 2015 - Msg 103518: Foreign? Was suppose to be "cording" dang spell check!

December 29, 2015 - Msg 103519: Spoiler alert: Clara's pickles win at the county fair! ha I did not get to see them either, darn, but I did hear that CBS made the sheriffs' badges gold instead of silver! I tried to tell 'em, but you know that story. lol.
So POSSUM was in Mt Airy again! Very cool possum she is!
Prayers continue for Texas. So many families lives completely changed now, just that quick. Lord be with them.
Asa, GF, yup Cards doing great. Bye on the playoffs achieved!
Five football games, all within 12 days,coming up in our stadium starting with friday's Fiesta Bowl, then reg NFL game, then a couple more, then College Championship! The field actually is on rollers, and rolls out of the stadium for maint.!
ASA--you have to remember that we get a LOT of Wisconsin snowbirds here, so their fan base was pretty much already here! haha
Jesus is born!

December 29, 2015 - Msg 103520: Thanks to you all for the suggestions about water heaters. I decided to "call the man" and forgo any more searching for a water heater on my own that may or may not be a good deal. And if it were a good deal money-wise, would it be worth it in the long run.
I am disappointed I am not going to be able to use the guys I use for most other technical maintenance issues. I called them first, but they quoted me $900(one of those Bradford/White ones you spoke of, G-F). No doubt it would be a good one, and I may have gone with them anyway despite the price, but they have to order it and can't put it in until next week. That's a long time to be lighting the pilot for hot water again and again.
So I went with another company that I have dealt with before, and I know they do good work. They quoted me about $200 less too, and they will be here tomorrow. Just better not be a Whirlpool. I saw a lot of complaints about them while doing my research(So, you are not the only one, G-F).

We'll see if the plumbers can even make it tomorrow. We got blasted by snow and wind today kicking up drifts. Had the snow blower out but I would have to be out there all night to stay ahead of it. Will have to redo it tomorrow after it lets up some more.
Be careful what you wish for. I seem to recall wishing for a white Christmas. Actually our Christmas snow was perfect... light and calm. Glad the Lord waited until after to give us this. But I didn't ask for a white New Years.

Romeena, glad the tornadoes missed you. I'm sure you didn't miss them.

MDC, Happy Birthday!

-Sterling Holobyte

December 29, 2015 - Msg 103521: Prayers to all in tornado path !..Boy are we getting rain here in Ga..flooding everywhere..the dog house is staying afloat .. well here at work..break from rain for today then more heavy for tomorrow ..Hey possum,Romeena,asa,MDC,Boo,SH,G-F,TOM and all...well let me get started here..pulling double shift today 6a to 10p...long day...Miss SPOT made me a good supper ! Roast and taters and lima beans, fried corn ! SPOT

December 29, 2015 - Msg 103522: Double Shift SPOT?... Sounds like ya have the vittles to swing it there buddy!.... Rain... Same story here..G-F



December 29, 2015 - Msg 103524: Y'all can play 'My heart bleeds for you' on your tiny violins as we are having our THIRD night in a row of 29 degrees! Ha! We should be back to 'normal' for the Fiesta Bowl tho.
SPOTTY--hang in there bro. Crazy weather all over the place.
Even Sheriff TOM has taken over as mayor!! TOM, I got a letter from PB today, and HE still claims to be mayor! lol God's blessings as we get closer to 2016 and even a leap year!! Gonna leap right over Possum's rock without any of my ameminies. :)

December 30, 2015 - Msg 103525: 29 MDC? That wasn't even our afternoon high. We got up to a balmy 23 yesterday for a high.

Hope you get hot water today Sterling.

Gotta get.


December 30, 2015 - Msg 103526: Actually, we got our hot water back yesterday, Asa(I posted that kind of late on Monday). After looking at the space needed in my basement for the water heater, the guys had to go back to the shop to get a different one. I don't know what kind that one was, but they brought back one of those AO Smith brands that MDC mentioned, so hopefully it will last a while.
After watching them take the other one out and put the new one in, I am glad I didn't attempt to do it myself. They flushed out the old water heater to make it lighter, and then had to cut down some of the pipes for the new one. But even with having to go back to the shop and then do all that, they still got it done in less than an hour.

Forgot to say hey, and Merry Christmas, to Mary Wiggins. Nice to see you.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 30, 2015 - Msg 103527: Unless you have expertise in any given field, it usually pays in the long run, to just "call the man." --Romeena

December 30, 2015 - Msg 103528: Yep....that's why there are all kinds of "Man's" & "WoMans" in the world... That is why they invented the telephone. So we can just call when we need help... All Gods children need to "Call the Man"... Right?...Prayers are like Calling the Man except it's a free call... Just sayin'... G-F

December 30, 2015 - Msg 103529: "Hey Culligan Man!" (:

December 30, 2015 - Msg 103530: Yes did you called for Culligan Man.
Go help Them out G-F and ASA,


December 31, 2015 - Msg 103531: Hi all, town is jumpin' ready for the Fiesta Bowl and other things like the parade. I have always liked parades, and will attend again this year. It is usually very good w lots o bands! Maybe the mayberry band will be there. ha
Prayers continue for TX and all.
ASA--yup, that's COLD my friend!!
STERLING-- that H20 heater should be a good one. Does it have the honeywell blinking thermostat on it?
MAUDIE?? Hope all is OK.

December 31, 2015 - Msg 103532:

All together now...Bye 2015, and hello 2016!!!

December 31, 2015 - Msg 103533: Maybe Freddy Fleet's band will be in the parade MDC. Be listening to see how quaint they play Stars and Stripes.

Glad you are back in the hot water production business Sterling. And good you didn't go the Diamond Jim's Water heater route. I have a co-worker who always, and I mean always is looking for the "killer deal" on everything he buys. And he almost always gets bitten right in the rear. I have a running gag with him because he is a TAGS fan also. He tells me of his latest adventure and I shake my head and tell him, "Randy, just call the man". Oh the stories I could tell you on some of his "deals".

Well only here till 11:00 today. Then home 4 days. Yea buddy. Maybe I can get GF to send me some of his fixins. Never been a big sauerkraut fan, but I suspect it's all about the preparation. Amen GF?

Guess I best get going. Gotta do my rounds and make sure my boilers are boiling, my air handlers are handling, and my pumps are a pumping.

Prayers for all for a happy safe and wonderful New Year.


December 31, 2015 - Msg 103534: Asa..Let's just hope your leaking pipes ARN'T We know you want to get off work whe you are "suppose" to!

MDC, hopefully my Buckeyes will whoop on those "Irishsters" it should be a good game.

I really don't get excited by "New Years" to me it's just another day... But we can only hope it will be a better year....

One good thing, we are getting together this week-end with my kids (and GrandKidders) for Christmas, my Son usually spends Christmas week with his wife's family in Michigan, so it will be nice for us to all get together....

G-F 🎉🎊. p.s. Good Guy Lombardo Video!..👍

December 31, 2015 - Msg 103535: Wishing you all a New Year full of blessings. Happy New Year!!

possum under a rock

December 31, 2015 - Msg 103536: Hi all.
Have a blessing new year!


December 31, 2015 - Msg 103537: Happy New Year, you wonderful old Andy Griffith Porch! I wish each of you the very best in this coming year! God bless you! --Romeena

December 31, 2015 - Msg 103538: Thanks Asa! And yes, MDC, the water heater does have a blinking Honeywell light on it. Ha ha!

I'm with you, G-F, about New Years. In fact, the family just took off to go to a New Years Eve pow-wow, and I am doing nothing. I may take a walk over to my parent's house just to see them and relive the nostalgia of when we were growing up and never did anything for New Years then either. :-)

Actually, they would make Chex mix every year, but really all New Years Eve means to me is the end of the Christmas season, so I always felt it was kind of a letdown.

But for those of you that celebrate it, Happy New Year, and I hope your "new year" is a blessing to you and those you love.

By the way, I was watching "The Class Reunion" episode of TAGS today, and I noticed that Andy's old girlfriend(who went away to the big city of Chicago) bears a pretty good resemblance to Thelma Lou. Or is it just me?

-Sterling Holobyte