February 04, 2016 - Msg 103808: Where'd that "take" come from? Wonder what I was thinking? --Romeena

February 04, 2016 - Msg 103809: Oh, for pete's sake! That swept? Oh well, I didn't have anything important to do anyway, but I didn't dust the rockers. I'll get that later. --Romeena

February 04, 2016 - Msg 103810: Don't worry Ro, I'll hit I them with my "Swifter" thing before I start dinner... G-F

February 04, 2016 - Msg 103811: FOR SALE (1) slightly used QB.... Contact the Cleveland Browns...( he comes with his own blonde wig) too!
That Boy is a hot mess....G-F

February 04, 2016 - Msg 103812: I hear ya, G-F. I'm a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of guy. And if it does need fixing, and has always worked well for me up until then, I am a "just fix the little stuff" kind of guy and get it going again.
But in this case, "the man" is totally within reason suggesting that I replace the furnace. He is not the first to do so, by the way. I have just always put it off because I am that "just fix the little stuff" kind of guy. And fix the little stuff is exactly what this same guy did the last time he was here last year. That time he put in a new capacitor, which did quiet down the furnace, for a while. It had steadily gotten louder recently though, and then this morning, it stopped blowing all together and just made this really loud noise like the motor wasn't even moving.
Now, the guy said that I could plunk $400 down for a new motor, if he could find one for it(more on that later), but he and I both knew that I probably would be plunking down a lot more just trying to keep the thing running and it would be a continuous problem.
You should see the thing. You can tell it is old. I did some research and found that they don't even make this kind of furnace anymore and the brand name merged with another company... back in the 70's. Does that give you more of an idea of how old this thing is? The model is Greenbrier, and it was made by Friedrich. If you've never heard of that kind of furnace, I don't blame you. He said it was about 40 years old, and by the looks of it, I can believe it.
A new one is going to cost around $3000, and the guy said if I put a down payment of $500 on it I can pay the rest in installments. So obviously that is what I am going to have to do. This company has always been understanding about when we are able to pay things off, so I don't expect a lot of pressure from them. They are a nice little family run business, and if they could have had a replacement water heater sooner, I would have bought that from them as well when I needed it this past Christmas.

Thanks for the information and the links, Poor Horatio. I am hoping to make use of some of the rebates. Just have to find out if we qualify financially.

MDC, I made the crock pot pot roast today, and it was delicious. The meat and potatoes were perfect.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 05, 2016 - Msg 103813: Did someone say Vicks?! Homemaker, is that you??..

Just checking in. Hope u r all well. I have been up helping Sean study for an English test tomorrow. Can't figure out why he needs college English to get a certificate in automotive technology. Good part is he will learn to make a good resume. He has to tak welding class, too. Why? Who knows..

Erin has a school sweetheart dance tomorrow evening and a boy asked her to be his date for the dance. Of course she will meet him there and her dad will take her and pick her up. Folks, its getting to be scary territory having a teenage daughter..wonder if I'll survive?! ;)

I better get some sleep. Have to work tomorrow.

Love to.all,

February 05, 2016 - Msg 103814: Good morning all. Another snowy morning on my porch.

Boo, my gout is all gone now, but I messed my back up on Monday at work and have been layed up all week with that. I feel just like Wheeler, just when I was itching to get some work done! I declare, this getting old stuff ain't for sissy's!
Good to see you posting a little bit more. And yes, it is tough watching the young-uns become teenagers and start dating and what not. But you are raising her right. She will do well I am sure. It is probably driving Bruce nuts though. I know when my Daughters started dating, I was a basket case.

Thanks for those cooking tips Romeena. I really do appreciate them. I am becoming more and more confident in the kitchen, thanks to you and others coaching and tips. Not ready for prime time or anything like that, but it is kind of fun to experiment with different things. I have learned to not get so upset when the experiments don't turn out so well.

Sterling, I sure agree with GF and his comments on replacing parts and not the entire furnace unless it is the heat exchanger. But your last post indicating how old the unit is suggests maybe it is time. It sounds like the company you are dealing with is a good one though. I guess if it was me, I would change out the motor myself, because a new motor at cost is about 1/3 of what they quoted you. But if it's something you are not comfortable doing, and don't have the tools to do it with, I wouldn't take it on either. If you are planning on staying in the house long term, it may be time to upgrade.

GF, You sound like a proud grand pappy. Ain't it great? We should count our blessings. I have a friend from church who just became a new grandpa back in October. Sadly they recently discovered the granddaughter has a rare liver problem. They operated on her 2 months ago, uncertain if it would help. It looks like it has not. She is going to have to have a transplant it looks like. They live in Spokane where the Dad is enrolled in Law school at Gonzaga. But they are flying her back here to Utah where she will be treated at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake, one of the best Children's hospitals in the country. If you could all keep the Jones and Melaney families in your prayers, I know they would be thankful.

Well I better go get my ice pack. I much prefer heat on my back, but ice seems to do better.

Prayers for all


February 05, 2016 - Msg 103815: Well let's see. . .my Casey is now 19 and walking tall and proud at 6'5" and NO limp. We still battle circulation problems but he has flown tbe coop to Mississippi State. Jesse just got accepted to Ball State.
Have a beautiful day.

? The Vicks Lady ? Love in a little ue jar!

February 05, 2016 - Msg 103816: Hey Possum did you see this article about the guy who opened "The Loaded Goat" in Mt. Airy? He's from up by my neck of the woods... I thought you said you guys ate there?


February 06, 2016 - Msg 103817: ROMEENA--it is so uncanny some of the similar things that we experience. My wife and I have been helping a widow from our church for about 10 years now, and her house was as you describe, except no bugs, but she was a bit of a hoarder. After falling several times we finally convinced her to sell the house and move to an assisted-living apt. But first her only child, a daughter, plus her husband and two sons came from Virginia to help clear the house! Oh my, we filled THREE of those huge dumpsters that are about 20 ft long and 6 feet tall! Old newspapers, (no Opie ones tho) magazines, books, old furniture etc etc etc of stuff. She sold it to Homevestors who then did the same thing as your patient's house, cleaned it, carpet, paint, roof, etc, and it sold two weeks after being listed. Her and I also got to see it fixed up, and what a difference! They put about 30 thou into it, but still made 20 thou; so i can
see why people do that.
ASA--I had to get up on my roof today to install some "pigeon-deterrent spikes" and I heard lots of creaking bones. I said to myself, how did I ever come up here so much in my younger days!!?
And your friends are indeed in my prayers!
HOMEMAKER!!! That IS you! The mention of Casey did it! ha Nice seeing your posts on FB too!
STERLING, glad you are going to get a new unit!
Glad the post roast was good.
BOO-as a former English teacher, I can see merit in doing well in it! ha Plus Barney will tell ya that 'rithmetic is important too. :)
Panthers or Broncos??
Jesus loves us!!:)

February 06, 2016 - Msg 103818:

Boo, regarding the questions you posted in Msg 103813, automotive technicians not only need mechanical and computer skills to work on vehicle engines, they also perform body repairs. This requires welding skills when dealing with such repairs as:
- removing badly damaged sections of vehicles (such as roof, quarter panels, bumpers, etc) and welding in new sections, and
- repairing and/or replacing interior and exterior components such as instrument panels, seat frame assemblies, carpets and floorboard insulation, trim panels and moldings.
And as for English skills, automotive technicians must be able to not only write repair reports describing the work that was performed for their customers, but also write comprehensible reports for insur@nce companies and lawyers. I suspect that a college English course would provide a comprehensive review of high school grammar as well as teach report writing skills.

Am I the only person who will NOT be watching the Super Bowl this weekend?

from Poor Horatio

February 06, 2016 - Msg 103819: Good Saturday morning all.
We have clear skies this morning, and cold. Brrrr.

Thanks for those prayers MDC. Makes me want to hug my Grandkids hard, and thank the Lord for his blessings. My heart just breaks for this family.

Good to see you Homemaker. You have been missed. I hope you will keep posting.

MDC, I am pulling for the Panthers I reckon. I have not watched a Denver game in years. Well I take that back. I watched them in the Super Bowl game 2 years ago get demolished by Seattle. The only reason I watched it then was because the family came over for a Super Bowl party. Since we don't have a pro team here in Utah, the powers that be decided we must all be Bronco fans because they are the closest. For as long as I can remember, they show every bronco game here in our market. Has long caused me heartburn, so I just turn it off when they come on. It has really caused me to despise the team. Ain't that silly? But it is what it is. GO PANTHERS! lol

I reckon there will be plenty of folks not watching the game PH. Probably more wont than will.

Well I need to get the house cleaned up for our party tomorrow. Where is Clara Edwards when I need her?


February 06, 2016 - Msg 103820: Good morning, porch! It's a chilly, gray, cloudy day here in north Texas. Just 43, but it feels colder. There's a light wind blowing, but with the gray skies, damp air, and relatively low temperature, it just goes through to your bones! I'm ready for spring, and we haven't really had winter yet! What a mess.

Still, there's beauty out back. The nandinas next to the arbor are just loaded with heavy clumps of red berries. So pretty, and there's a rose bush sort of tucked in among them, that consistently bears one big yellow rose at a time. Sure is pretty against those red berries. Several of the rose bushes around the yard are blooming, but generally just one flower at a time, for some reason. The bushes are spindly and straggly, badly need deep pruning, but I hate to do it when they keep producing those big beautiful roses. There's a "Peace" rose beneath my window, and it has a big 6" flower, just one, nodding in the wind. Oddly, it blooms more in the winter than in the summer, because in the summer it's almost completely shaded when the trees leaf out, but it gets sun after the leaves fall. It's protected from the cold to some extent, being close to the south side of the house, and that's when it gets the sun, so it has just adapted. Amazing.

There is a field of pansies in the smaller, lower tier of the flower island, and their little faces are so bright and colorful. There's nothing in the upper tier, because I haven't decided what to put in it. Since I retired, I can't afford to put tray after tray of annuals in there anymore. It would swallow twenty trays (flats) easily, and even with the discount my neighbor gives me at his garden center, that's just more than I can spend. I used to just fill it up with a riot of snapdragons, petunias, dianthus and such, but no more. I'm thinking of going to seeding it, instead of ready-grown plants. I could start the seeds in the house, but I need so many plants that it would take up a whole room just to accommodate the seed trays. Hmm. Is a puzzlement.

Well, guess I'd better get moving. Toye Starr is hungry, so am I, and there's lots to do around here. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 06, 2016 - Msg 103821: https://m.facebook.com/dylanrossart/ Check out this guys artwork on his garage..That's a Big Nip It!...G-F

February 06, 2016 - Msg 103822: Nice Andy and Opie, but his Barney looks kinda deranged.
-Sterling Holobyte

February 06, 2016 - Msg 103823: SH--I think that look was when Barney got flustered about Blackie not being a real horse! haha

February 07, 2016 - Msg 103824: Well hello gang ! Gosh been busy here at work...get off at 6 and whome to the Mrs SPOT to watch the big game...gona do wings on the grill ! hey Boo,MDC,possum,SH,Romeena,HM,GF and all my friends .. we are having a smoked pulled pork butt also...yall stop by ...prayers, SPOT

February 07, 2016 - Msg 103825: Hey Friends, I guess most people are watching the superbowl but not me. I have never really liked watching football.

PH for the info concerning automotive tech work, it is good to know.

MDC, Sean made a B on his first English test, so that is good. I think it gave him a little confidence. He is doing well. He sang his first solo in church this morning and got a standing ovation from the congregation. Can you believe that? I was so thankful to the Lord and since all of you helped raise him with your prayers and advice, wanted you to know.

I had a heck of a night at work on Friday night. I was in charge with 2 rather new nurses and all hades broke loose. We had to send two kids to the emergency, one with a broken hand from punching the wall repeatedly, and one threatening to kill himself and ingesting something that made him sick. Around the same time, we had what is called a restraint. It means a kid is out of control and has to be restrained and medicated...the kid hit his head on the wall so I had to monitor him by doing frequent neuro checks and that is just some of what was going on. It was pretty stressful..the worst night I have had there, but they are not very bad most nights, anyway. The paperwork is the worst part. Mountains of it.

Well Asa, I am sitting with the heating pad and a bad back, too. I hope you are feeling better and you are right about getting old! Very sad about your friends grandbaby. Saying a prayer. I have a friend who's grandbaby needed a liver transplant and got one lst year. He is two and doing pretty well,

Well, not much else to talk about. I watched tags today and saw the ep with the pretty lady prisoner. I just died when Andy shoved Barney out the courthouse door to drive a drunken Otis home!


February 08, 2016 - Msg 103826: >

February 08, 2016 - Msg 103827: Good evening, porch. I just got home from meeting my new grandpuppy, young Master Diesel. He's a fluffy little ball of light brown fur, with the black facial markings typical of a Wheaten terrier puppy, and some of the black body markings. His coat is lighter brown, whereas a purebred Wheaten is a rich mahogany color that lightens to wheat color as an adult dog. His face looks a lot like Bentley, and he has the same cute, sturdy little body. As I mentioned before, he's a Whoodle - half Wheaten, half poodle. Back in the day, he would have been a mutt. Today, he's a "designer breed", if you please. Still, he's cute as a bug, full of himself, very free with his sharp little puppy teeth, but he'll learn. Toye Starr quickly put him in his place with a growl and a harmless snap. It's amazing how being able to speak "dog" can accomplish so much, while people saying "No, no" makes not even a dent. He's about her height, but nearly twice her weight, yet he quickly learned to address her as "ma'am" and to stay out of her reach. As his puppy hijinks subside a bit, they'll become good friends. She and Bentley were serious buddies. Anyway, he's fluffy, warm and wriggly, full of kisses and finger nibbles, and altogether adorable. Our beloved Bentley now rests in a little cedar box on David and Brittney's mantleboard, but he is no less loved. And sorely missed.

Boo, it sounds like you had quite a night. I admire you very much, you know. You have chosen a difficult place in nursing, but those kids need you, and you have what it takes to work with them. Your strongest asset is your strong faith, and I know you'll manage to share that where it's needed. It may be difficult in today's political climate, but you'll find a way.

I love that ep you described! That little terrified scream Barney gives as Andy shoves him out the door is just priceless! What a talent.

Well, guess I'd better turn in. It's past midnight, I've been up since 7, and on the go constantly all day. It's been a good day, though. Blessings, all. --Romeena

February 08, 2016 - Msg 103828: GrandDoggie, GrandDoggie, GrandDoggie... As Goober would say.... Good on Ya Romeena!...
Miss Olivia is suppose to go and get pictures taken today, they are suppose to take some shots with her Mayberry "Goob Gear" too. But we are suppose to get some of the white stuff today so Momma might opt not to take her out in it, so we shall see!.

Last night game, kinda dry as dust but happy for Peyton Manning, he can ride off in the sunset as a winner, he's a good guy and happy for him... G-F

February 08, 2016 - Msg 103829: Good morning all.

Back to work after a week of "Wheelering" my sore back. Still sore, but much improved from last week. Sorry you are nursing one also Boo. You might want to try ice instead of heat. I know heat feels a lot nicer, but I have found ice works better in healing. Sounds like an active night at work for you. At least it makes the time go by quick. That is cool to read about Sean singing a solo. That would terrify me. Probably because I sing like old Barney. The difference being that I know I can't sing a lick. :)

I love that name for your new furkid Romeena. Diesel. That is cute.

Hey GF,If you get any pictures with Miss Olivia in her beanie, post them if you can. Look forward to seeing them. I didn't watch the game at all last night. Just zero interest in it. Sounds like I didn't miss much.

They are calling for clear skies all week. That is a blessing for me. The last thing I need to be doing with a sore back is dealing with snow removal. The only bad thing for us, when we have a high pressure camp over us this time of year, we develop temperature inversions. Being surrounded by mountains, it is like putting a lid on a pot. Everything gets trapped inside the valleys. So we have issues with fog and smog. I had some fog driving into work this morning, and I hate it. I think I'd rather drive in just about anything but fog. And it gets dense sometimes. Oh well, spring is getting close with each passing day. That reminds me, I need to start getting my mower prepped and ready to roll for the summer. :)

Prayers for all for a great day.


February 08, 2016 - Msg 103830: Speaking of dogs, dogs, dogs(glad you got to meet the new puppy, Romeena), I had been neglecting my TAGS watching lately, so last night I watched that episode(mentioned above). So glad that Netflix shows the whole episode. I know Tvland and I think even MeTV cut out some of Barney's "Giraffe" speech; he never would get to the part where he talks about giraffes being selfish because they would just cut to him asking Andy if he was going with him to get the dogs. So I was waiting for that part to be cut out again, but thankfully they didn't. I don't know how you could even show that episode without showing the entire speech.

Congrats to Sean on his B, Boo. He should be proud, and so should you. And singing a solo in church? Wow, even better!

-Sterling Holobyte

February 08, 2016 - Msg 103831: Good morning, porch! Nice to see so many up and about this morning. Yep, that new puppy is adorable, and Asa, his name just puts the icing on the cake. Big tough-sounding name, and fluffy puppy. It's hilarious! He may "grow into" his name, size-wise, but he'll never be a tough guy. First of all, he won't be raised that way. He'll be brought up with nothing but love and kindness, and will develop a gentle and loving nature, just as Bentley did. Second, it's just not in his genes. He's a sweetie, and I love him already, but oh my, we all miss our precious Bentley.

Poor Brittney is worn out. Getting a new puppy is almost like having a baby. He's only ten weeks old, so she's having to take him out about every hour, because he's in intense potty-training! He's getting the idea too. Last night he went to the back door and scratched at it, she took him out, he performed, and came right back in. Score one for Diesel!

Boo, I wish I could have been in your church and heard Sean's solo. That's great! That takes a lot of self-confidence to do that, and it's wonderful that he was able to do it. And tell him congrats on that B in English. It's so important! Good English skills, both verbal and written, are crucial no matter what your occupation. For a lot of people, it can be the deciding factor in a promotion choice, or even influence whether you get hired in the first place. Not fair, perhaps, but true. Tell him to hang in there!

Well, guess I'll go round up a bit of lunch. I'm not particularly hungry, but if I don't eat something now, I'll eat too much tonight, and it'll lay on my chest! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 08, 2016 - Msg 103832: After yesterday's Super Bowl I think Cam Newton's being a poor sport and his attitude he should watch "Opie's Medal".....

For a mature human being....Cam's a SIGHT!

Yes, there is a Mayberry episode for ANY occasion..... I think that is the reason TVLand show that episode today.....lol..... Goob 👍
p.s. I think Johnny Manziel needs to watch the one about how to "Act like Somebody" too.....

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103833: Cam was a VERY sore loser, and he definitely lost
my respect. (Sorry Possum.) Certainly not role model material. The better team won, and he's too much
of a baby to just admit it. :(

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103834: Good morning all.

Well all this talk about Cam Newton got me curious, so I had to go looking for his post game presser. And sure enough, he didn't take it very good, did he? I have to admit, I only saw the Panthers play in the play-offs this year. And although he seemed to be a very gifted athlete, I was a bit turned off with all his silly gestures whenever he would make a good play. A lot of showboating that I just don't care for. But to be as sullen as he was at the post game press conference was sad. I can understand being a bit dejected and all, but mercy sakes, be a good sport, a gracious loser. You are correct GF, He could learn something from Opie and Andy. Hopefully he will learn something from this all. I mean that's part of life, learning and growing.

Romeena, I guess I'm like Goober. Ain't nothing much that lays on my chest. Corn starch lays on my head, but my chest seems ok.

Sterling, did you get a new furnace installed? Tell us all about it. Me and GF wanna hear all about it. I hope it doesn't break the bank.

Well better get moving. Plenty of stuff to do.

Prayers for all.


February 09, 2016 - Msg 103835: They are here installing it right now, Asa. Well, actually they just ran out to the hardware store. Hopefully they won't be long, since I am probably paying them by the hour.
I'll let you know how it goes, and how the furnace works.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103836: Good morning, porch! Gorgeous day here, 49 at 10:30, with a slight breeze, but the strong winds of yesterday have ceased. It's beautiful out there! I just pushed my little magic button and turned the sprinklers on!

I only watched little snatches of the game on Sunday. Even the men in the family watched only half-heartedly. We were all too busy playing with Diesel, and weren't that interested anyway. We did watch the very end, and were glad that Denver won, for Peyton Manning's sake. As for Newton, since he's not eight years old he can't be sent to his bedroom to think about his behavior. However, I still think a couple of days alone in a hotel room with the film of his behavior playing on a continuous loop on a TV and no way to turn it off might be a good idea.

Manziel is another story. His behavior off the field is a liability that no team can afford. Check it out: http://tinyurl.com/ha3vfx9. This is disgraceful. This sends a message to impressionable young boys - "be tough, be mean, beat up women and you'll get your name in the papers and a big contract to play ball, and lots of money." Granted, the woman is no angel either. All that bar-hopping and sleazy behavior - you reap what you sow. However, that doesn't excuse his violence. He needs to be checked daily for drugs. His behavior reeks of steroid abuse. That stuff will make you mean as a snake, and twice as aggressive. If he's not full of steroids, I'd be very surprised. I know, the NFL says they test routinely, and I'm sure they do, but enough money under the table to the right people and you can get any lab result to be anything you want it to be.

Well, guess I'll go make a sandwich, and have a little lunch. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103837: HELP WANT SOME WARM SUNY DAY


February 09, 2016 - Msg 103838: I am with ya on that TOM snowing now but I really can't complain only had 1 snow I had to shovel..G-F

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103839: Well, the furnace guys finally left at around 2:45pm. Boy, they said it would take about 5-6 hours and they weren't kidding, were they?!
But everything is functioning properly now and the house is warming up(heat's been off all day of course). The furnace they installed is an Amana. I hope it is a good one. It does have a 10 year parts and labor warranty so that's nice and the guys said that if anything starts acting up on it don't hesitate to call because it wouldn't cost me anything(we'll see about that). I asked how to light the pilot and they said there isn't any. Forgot what he called it, but he did show me how it worked. Then there is a little red light that should stay constant and if it flashes there is something wrong.
So I have a water heater with a light that is supposed to flash when things are working right, and a furnace with a light that isn't supposed to flash when things are working right. Yeah, that won't confuse me at all. Haha!
One thing they did different for this furnace is put in new exhaust and air intake pipes running out of the house. The old one used a shared pipe with water heater that ran to the chimney. They said the reason for doing it this way is because sometimes if there wasn't good airflow it could cause problems and come out the open pipe above the water heater. At least I think that is how they explained it. I am not very "ept" when it comes to this mechanical stuff.

Hope you get some warm weather, Tom. We are in the midst of a cold spell this whole week so I can empathize with you.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103840:
Sterling Holobyte, new furnaces today have electronic ignitions instead of pilot lights. When your thermostat determines you need heat, contacts close to send a d-c voltage to the electronic igniter module in your new furnace. The igniter takes up to one minute to heat up a resistive heating element up to over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. At that high temperature, the gas valve opens allowing gas to reach the main burner. With the heating element exposed to the flowing gas, ignition of the main burner occurs and the igniter is turned off. If the main burner does not ignite within a short amount of time, the gas valve is closed automatically to prevent a build up of gas in an enclosed area.
As for the exhaust and air intake pipes that were installed, they are required for the newer high efficiency furnaces of today.
Older, less efficient furnaces use natural draft to aid the combustion process. When combustion gases heat up, they expand and decrease in pressure. The higher pressure intake air pushes these combustion gases out the flue through the chimney. Unfortunately, the combustion gases that are vented outside by an older, less efficient furnace still contains a certain amount of heat that is wasted after venting. However, high efficiency furnaces extract that extra heat with a second heat exchanger. The remaining byproduct becomes a mixture of carbon dioxide and water, which requires a different type of venting system because it contains acidic water that would damage normal vents. As a result, instead of using a conventional vertical venting system through a chimney, a high efficiency system uses PVC pipes that are connected to your furnace and horizontally vent out of the side of your home.

from Poor Horatio

February 09, 2016 - Msg 103841: Good evening all.

Rough day at work. GF, Them pin holes bit me hard today buddy. I got a call first thing this morning with complaints one of our buildings had no hot water. So I arrived at the property and went in the mechanical room to find water running off the roof and everywhere else. Sure enough, I found a small hole in a copper line. The problem with this one is that it soaked a boiler right under the leak, that ruined a electronic boiler control, saturated a circulation pump motor and ruined it. Found a new pump and got it replaced, but the boiler control module had to be ordered in. Almost $700.00 in parts all together. What a mess.

Sterling, I don't think they make furnaces with standing pilot lights anymore. They all have some type of electronic ignition system. Either hot surface igniters or spark igniters. And they typically have enclosed combustion systems for efficiency reasons. Did they tell you what % efficiency rating it had? I am not at all familiar with Amana brand. The flashing lights you are mentioning are used to give the technician a code that will assist him/her in troubleshooting. I hope it is a good one for you. Just keep the filters changed and you should be ok. Most of these units are direct drive so there are no fan belts to worry about. And the nw motors have sealed bearings or bushings that require no oiling, so there isn't much P.M. to do other than filters. I like the fact that they ran separate venting pipes for it. It sounds like they know what they are doing. 10-4 GF?

Sorry about the cold and snow Tom. Spring is getting close buddy. Hang in there.

Romeena, I couldn't agree more about Johnny Football. That boy is simply a mess. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. He is a talent, but has way to much baggage I think. But no doubt, someone will take him.

Well gonna but some ice on my aching back. It is screaming at me from standing on a ladder all day pretending to be a plumber.



February 09, 2016 - Msg 103842: Whoops, you snuck in on me P.H.
And I had the hiccups.


February 09, 2016 - Msg 103843: Glad it all worked out for you Sterling, one bit of advise, keep the area around the intake and exhaust clear of any debris. That goes for grass, leaves and especially snow!. If there is ANY debris sucked into it, will shut down the furnace due to incomplete forced draft. You have to watch also for ice build up around the exhaust pipe since it puts a lot of water out due to the combustion. Did I say it right Asa & PH?
That is the reason I'm babying my 70's vintage furnace until the exchanger wears out.

Asa, I'm sorry for both your work and body woes, sometimes those pains go a bit lower in the back(side) sometimes too...lol

TOM stay warm Buddy, "they" say coldest temps of the season this week....

Romeena, folks around here are counting the days until they can send Johnny packing... Hope the boy gets help tho.

Wher's Possum been? She's hunkered down under her rock I suppose....G-F

February 10, 2016 - Msg 103844: PH, GF and ASA, your educations were worth every penny! That's EXACTLY what I was going to say! (Haha, per Barney's line in the council meeting.)
I have what is called a gaspak, one unit that has both my AC and gas heater, and it sits up on the roof. In the "old days" I had to go up on the roof every fall and lie in a very awkward position to lite the pilot; but the new unit that we got a few years ago has the 'lectronal ignition of the gas. BTW, I smell gas! ha
ROMEENA, ASA and all--- about Cam and Johnny...way overpaid babies IMHO!
ASA--so sorry about the misery in your back and those darn pinholes! Bet they make darn doorbells seem pretty easy-peezie! lol
Praysrs for all! Love ya all,

February 10, 2016 - Msg 103845: Happy Tuesday afternoon porch, hope all is well.

Sure is cold on my end of the porch. Its about 22 degrees now but the sun us finally shining so maybe tomorrow will be better. We have had ice and snow the past couple days. enough already!

Been busy at work past couple weeks and also helping Daysie and Patrick make wedding plans. Patrick and Beth are finishing up their last semester of college and looking forward to graduation. Time has flown by seems like.

Enjoyed the super bowl and was Happy to see the Broncos win. Their defense was too much for poor Cam seems like. We have been Peyton fans since his days at the University of Tennessee. Even though he has not had his best last couple of seasons on the field he is a class act overall and glad he got to enjoy the Super Bowl and the victory.

Guess since its close to dinner time I will cook for us: chicken pot pie, side salad. warm apple cobbler with ice cream. sounds like comfort food on a cold day to me.

Everyone have a good evening.
Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

February 10, 2016 - Msg 103846: The guys did suggest to me to keep that area around the pipes clear, G-F. But it is nice to have educated people on the porch who are in the know in case something was forgotten.
I can't say I like the new piping setup with the pipes so low right outside the house. I know you said if something clogs up the intake pipe the furnace will automatically shut down, but what if a squirrel or something decides to climb into the exhaust pipe and clogs that one up, will that automatically stop the furnace? I am more concerned about that one since that pipe releases gases, correct? Don't want to be gassed during the night. And I don't mean the Otis kind of gassed.

I didn't watch the Super Bowl or anything before or after it so I can't really comment on it, but from what I read in the news is sounds like that guy Newton was being a sore loser. Then I hear on the radio today that he is unapologetic about it. Seems like someone wasn't taken out to the woodshed enough as a kid.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 10, 2016 - Msg 103847:
Sterling Holobyte, I believe that the new high efficiency furnaces have pressure sensors that monitor the exhaust pipe (not sure about the intake pipe). When the pressure builds up due to a partial or complete blockage, that will prevent the furnace from operating. And according to some HVAC tech's, partial or complete blockages are the most common service call for them. That is why homeowners need to check these pipes outside for snow, leaves, dirt, insects, hives, animals and food stored by these animals. Perform this check at least once each year. Also, some homeowners choose to cover these pipe openings with things like hardware cloth (http://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/61023_hwrcloth.jpg) or screen vents (https://www.diamondventscreen.com/). But be careful if you do use any kind of screen material. If the hole openings are too small, the moisture in the exhaust can cause them to freeze up in the winter time and block these openings. That will stop the furnace from working. While large openings are less prone to freezing up into a blockage, in the summer, they can allow insects to build nests in the pipes. To prevent this, some homeowners cap these openings during the summer when the furnace is not needed.
No matter which method you want to use, you need to check with your local code enforcement people because in some places, any modifications you want to make to the furnace intake and exhaust pipes can be illegal.

from Poor Horatio

February 10, 2016 - Msg 103848: PH you are right about the screening, in the early days of the high efficiency units people have tried that ( including me!) but found it compounded the problem especially on the exhaust side as you said with ice build up. My biggest problem was KIDS!... once they found if they held something up to the intake, it would MAGICALLY disappear... It is not easy to get the debris out of the pipe because it is sealed up going into the furnace. Sorry Sterling, don't want to stress you out but make you aware of the problems so you don't have to "Call the Man" all the time. Those high efficiency furnaces are real efficient right up to the point when they quit working....lol

The reason I did not replace mine back in 2001 when we added on to our house were for those very reasons, plus all the noise they make with relays and fans and igniters and such. I took Mrs. G-F to one of my company's houses that had the new units, she heard all the noises and wanted no part of it.... She hates all those "noises".... So that's why we didn't get one.... As I said..... Good Luck!....G-F

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103849: Well, as Andy would say, "Why don't ya just use chicken wire?" "Chicken wire? Well, I'll be, that's why you're the sheriff."
BIG MAUDE--keep warm there. Wish I could bottle up
some of our 82 today and send it to you
and TOM! In the 80s all week. Must be fun helping with the wedding plans!
BOO--I forgot to tell you, "Good on Sean" for making a B in English!
Ash Wed for me today. We start to remember and thank Jesus as he started out his ministry with his fast in the desert.
God bless,

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103850: LOL @ MDC. Chicken wire, good line. I have some high efficient boilers at work, and I have actually clamped window screen over the intake tubes to keep the birds and debris out. Works great Sterling. I have never had a problem with anything in the vent pipes. I am guessing their is enough residue from the acidic water left over it keeps the critters away at least. If you try screening those you would have issues with ice for sure. But as PH and GF explained, there is a purge fan that kicks on when a call for heat takes place. On the ones I deal with there is a pressure differential switch that monitors the purging, and any obstructions on either the intake or the exhaust vent will cause this switch to prevent the furnace from firing. You will wake up cold, go down and look at your furnace, and see a red light flashing. You count the number of flashes, then look on the legend on the door of your furnace and it will say something along the lines of "Purge Failure" or something like that. Then you go looking to see if there is an obstruction. You can reset the "lockout" condition simply by turning the power supply to the furnace off and wait for 10 seconds and then restore the power. Then you can actually watch the furnace go through a firing sequence. It is possible the purge fan could be bad, so you need to go through this process to make sure it's not the purge fan motor. Just one other thought, and I am sure GF has seen this. The vent piping should be installed on the horizontal runs at a slight angle to allow condensate water to drain off. The is critical. I had a situation a few years ago when I had a boiler that would run fine for several weeks, and then shut down on a purge lock out. I would look for any obstruction but couldn't see anything wrong. Then magically a few days later when I would try it, it would run fine. Then a few days later, back into a lock out. Drove me nuts, until I finally discovered what had happened. The flue pipe on the boiler went horizontal through a suspended ceiling area before exiting the building. Well in that confined area I discovered a hanger on the flue pipe had come undone allowing that section of pipe to sag. What was happening was as the boiler would run, condensate would accumulate in that sag to a point it was affecting the purge process. After sitting for a few days, the water would evaporate enough to allow purging to take place again, and we were back in business, for a few days at least until that water dam built up again. I gotta tell you, I was elated when I finally found the problem. I only share all this with you, to show you how the newer units are a bit temperamental, as GF has alluded to. Bottom line is they have more components on them for a reason, but as we know, components can and do fail. And they never seem to fail at convenient times, like right at quitting time on a Friday afternoon. Amen GF? LOL


February 11, 2016 - Msg 103851: AMEN Asa,... With the exception of my furnace and a few friends and family I help them on their furnaces, the units I had to maintain in the past, l just grin and say: "Not my Circus not my Monkey" anymore....lol

Asa, I did have to make my "Snow Joe" earn its keep this morning, only for the second time this year!... The rest of the week is going to be "Dang Cold" as our Rev used to say...

Possum, check in girl, at least pop up and say Hey!... TOM you keep warm too Buddy...I bet Auh2o got some of that lake effect snow too.... But MDC, be sure ya have your sunscreen on....😎 G-F

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103852: Good morning, porch! I feel a little guilty and apologetic saying this, but it's 66 here, at 11:15 a.m. We'll be in the mid to upper 70s before this day is over. It's sunny and beautiful. There's a big gray cat that's wondering about the sudden rain squall that hit him a few minutes ago, but he left the yard, so the "rain" stopped. Dadburn cat. I haven't seen my little gecko friend for a few days, sure do hope that stinkin' cat didn't get him. Miserable wretch!

Wow! All this furnace talk is impressive. You fellers are talking way above my pay grade, for sure. I can place an IV in a vein in a baby's scalp or in a 95 year old person's arm, and I can calculate dosages of medication down to the fraction of a minim, but I sure am glad I don't have to try to keep a cranky furnace running. Also, it sounds like the furnaces you folks in the frozen north use are different from the little old furnace in my house. The whole thing - heat exchanger, air handler for the whole a/c system and all fits in a small closet, inside a box about two feet by three feet, by four feet high. The a/c compressor, of course, is outside. There's a pipe on the roof, wearing a little metal hat, and as far as I know, that's the only vent. There's nothing at ground level, that a critter could get in, or leaves blow in or whatever. Ice dam? Purge fan? I suppose there's a big difference in the components of a simple single-family home system, and a system for a big building, but still, it sounds like Sterling is dealing with some of the same problems with his home system as you do with the big buildings. All of this is why I just "call the man." My Dale was smart enough to be a "call the man" kind of guy, too. As he said, "Why should I pay for two jobs? I'd rather just pay him to fix what was broken, instead of paying him to do that, and to fix what I broke trying to fix what was broken."

Well, I'm going to make some of that sausage and blackeyed pea soup. Got all the ingredients, got my trusty crock pot, and away I go! Yummy! I may even make some cornbread to go with it tonight. Then if there's leftover cornbread, I can have it with a big glass of buttermilk tomorrow. Now that's good, country eatin'!

Big Maude, congrats on all the goings-on with your family. I can't believe everybody is all grown up. We've been knowin' each other for a long time, haven't we? I love this porch!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena