February 11, 2016 - Msg 103853: Hunkered down under my rock is right,G-F! It's dang cold (as Rev used to say) here in SC!! Plus,I've had some sort of upper respiratory thing for a few weeks now that just makes me feel lazy & trifling.

Well, yeah,the Panthers lost,and Cam acted like a big baby,but I believe there was more to that story. From what I've heard, the Broncos were being interviewed in the same area, well within Cam's earshot. He was naturally upset about the loss,but to hear one of the Broncos boasting & bragging about whipping up on him sure didn't help matters. I'm not into football at all,but being from Panthers country I have heard a LOT of good stuff about Cam Newton. So,I'm not going to judge him for the after game interview. Nobody seems to be talking about what Peyton said about him-how gracious and humble Cam was when he congratulated him following the game.No,because the media loves to crucify people.
Ok, I'm stepping off of the soapbox now!

Anyhoo, yep, we've eaten at The Loaded Goat, G-F. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the place. The food was so-so- ordered a club sandwich and got a big hunk of chicken on a bun. Huh?? And our server was not the friendly Mayberry type. Maybe we just hit it on a bad night,I don't know. May or may not go back there again.

Well, guess I've rambled on enough. HEY to everybody and hope y'all are staying warm-take care!

possum under a rock

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103854: Uh-huh- that's what I get for being away from the Porch so long..y'all make me sweep!
Not gonna help my sinuses any- just sayin' ;)

possum again

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103855: Thanks for the culinary review, we ate at the other new place Granite City BBQ and as Briscoe would say "It was Good" but thanks for the review. See what happen when you don't show up for awhile..... We put ya to work!... Thanks for the sweep! Hope you feel better... G-F

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103856: HI THERE.



February 11, 2016 - Msg 103857:
Ice Tom, maybe you need to spend winter with Romeena or MDC to keep warm. Or maybe Asa can send you a furnace igniter module to get your body heated up.

possum under a rock, I did not watch the Super Bowl. However, I did an internet search using "Cam and Peyton after the game" as my keywords. Then I then clicked on the IMAGES link so that I could view photos after the game. I found multiple images where Cam and Peyton were together on the field and they both were smiling at each other.
Also, regarding your visit to the Loaded Goat restuarant, I checked out some of the reviews on the internet. I was surprised to see they range from 1 star out of 5 (bad) up to 5 stars out of 5 (good).

from Poor Horatio

February 11, 2016 - Msg 103858: PH I suppose the different reviews depend if folks like their entrées concealed in a heavy sauce or not..haha G-F

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103859: PH, GF and POSSUM, also, can you get three vienna sausages there for only 80 cents?? haha
TOM--keep warm guy and dont take any wooden nickels. Canned heat on the way!
ROMEENA--did you know that Lowes sells "seed starter" trays all set to get your plants started from seed. Just a tought.
Friday is Honest Abe's Birthday. Hope he has a good one in heaven.
All for now my friends, catch ya on the flip-flop.

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103860: Good Friday morning all.

Possum, maybe that Loaded Goat sammich you ate is laying on yer chest, causing you those respiratory problems. I hope you get feeling better soon. Nice job sweeping.

Glad you got to use your machine GF. Sorry for the cold you and Tom are dealing with right now. They are calling for our inversion to lift this weekend and for the temps to get into the 50's next week here. That works for me.

I dunno MDC, If Tom took some wooden nickels he could burn them at least to stay warm. :)

And MDC, I gotta tell ya, that 16th hole at the P.O. is like no other in golf. lol

Well my vendor called late yesterday to tell me the boiler module was in, so I'm off to pick it up and go install it. The building in question has 3 low pressure boilers in it, and 2 of them keep up just fine with the demand, as long as it doesn't get to cold. But it will be good to have #3 up and running again, just in case. It'll be on a #3 amber alert. One awake at all times. 10-4 GF.


February 12, 2016 - Msg 103861: Yep, Asa in the HVAC world you are a GIANT!.... You are right, it is Always good to have a "back-up"... Funny you should mention being prepared, the other day one of my co-workers called to thank me for forever being prepared. They had the main boiler go out. "The Man" said he'd have to order the igniter and it would be a couple of days until it would be up and running. (In a 134 unit high-rise) But she knew "PoP's was always prepared and found my hidden stash with a brand new igniter!... "Who's laughing NOW you bean counters"....lol

My Maintenance Man motto: "The Cost of the Drama is FAR Greater than the Cost of the Task!"...... Amen Asa?... G-F

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103862: BWW Asa... Feel free to use that quote when trying to sell preventative maintenance to your bean counters...lol

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103863: BTW... That is...Sorry

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103864: Good morning, porch! I made that sausage/blackeyed pea soup yesterday, and it was gooood! Really good! It filled that crockpot to the top, and it's a big one. I took about half of it to my neighbor, along with a pan of cornbread muffins. I've still got enough for about four big bowls of the soup myself, and another pan of muffins. It does make a lot, and it's really good.

Tom, is your furnace working okay? Is your house staying warm? Don't want you getting sick now, you hear? I wish I could send you a big box of our weather. It's 62° right now, at just about noon. Will probably hit 70° before the day ends. This is really unusual for us, in February, which is usually about our coldest month. We have had ice and snow, and temps in the teens in February many times, but right now, it feels like south Florida! I keep waiting for the cold, but it just isn't coming. I fear that everything is going to bud out, bulbs are going to come up, and then the freeze will come and freeze everything back.

I've been looking at the twigs on the cottonwoods through my binoculars, and I can see small bulges on them, so they're about to bud out. That suits me fine. If they set their buds, the little green beads that open and release all the cotton, it could be good. If that happens, and then we get a hard freeze, there will be no cotton from the trees, which will save me a chunk of money. I won't have to have the tree trimmer come and send his climbers up to literally lop those twigs out before they can open. That happened one year, about ten years ago, and it was wonderful. The timing has to be just right though. I guess we'll see.

Well, I'm off to have some lunch. Guess what? Soup! Yep, more of that good soup. Tom, I'd send you some, but UPS gets mad when it leaks all over their brown trucks. --Romeena

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103865: Hey UPS Guy..... No Soup for YOU!.....lol

February 12, 2016 - Msg 103866: HELLO.
YES Rom the furnace is o k set at 70 it just to
cold out door at night down to 1gr and back up to 20 all day this weekend.


February 12, 2016 - Msg 103867: Mercy, that soup is good! After I sent some to my neighbor, I had room in the pot, so started tinkering with it. I added a can of regular diced tomatoes, another can of blackeyed peas (don't use Ranch Style brand, they're too mushy - use Trappey's or the Kroger house brand if you can get it). I also aded a few dashes of Tabasco, a couple of spoons of diced mild jalapeños, and a BIG handful of fresh baby spinach. Once that spinach cooked down into the soup - honeys and dears, it's wonderful! If anyone wants the recipe, tell me and I'll send it to you. It's truly very, very good, and it makes a lot!

Well, I think I feel a little nap calling me. Later, taters. --Romeena

February 13, 2016 - Msg 103868: Yesterday my 12yr. GrandKidder Brooklyn was over. I had to get on her for putting metal in the microwave. I told her rule #3 at "The Rock" was "No metal in the microwave". Crummy kid... She said: How would Barney know about microwaves he wasn't even allowed to use a hot plate!....lol

Just when ya think they weren't watching.....lol 😜 GF

February 13, 2016 - Msg 103869:
We are having some strange weather here in southern Ontario, Canada. On February 4, Toronto set a record high temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, just 9 days later, Toronto set a record low temperature of -15 degrees Fahrenheit. The good part is that we have had very little snow all season. In fact, I had to shovel snow only twice this winter. The first snow was a couple of inches and the second snow was less than a half an inch.

Romeena, one thing I could never understand about hot spices. When you add tabasco and jalapeños to your soup, doesn't that mask the flavors from the other ingredients making them unnecessary?

from Poor Horatio

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103870: Good evening, porch. I just got home from spending the evening out at Dave and Brittney's. Little Diesel is noticeably bigger, just since last weekend. He has gained nearly three pounds since they got him, weighs almost ten pounds now. He's a little chunk! He's also a wild man! A little fuzzy ball of energy and sharp little teeth. House-breaking is progressing slowly, but it is progressing. Preventing him from chewing things is not. They have just protected or moved things he can damage, and provided plenty of chew toys, until his baby teeth come out and his big teeth come in. Until then, it's a losing battle. He came charging up to Toye Starr again tonight, intent on playing, head-butted her and then got in her face. She responded with a growl and an air-snap, and once again, he backed down, said "Sorry, ma'am" and departed. Amazing how quickly he learns from her, but basically ignores reprimands from people.

PH, to answer your question - there are probably several factors. One being, I like hot spices. For those who don't, the heat would get in the way. For me, it doesn't. Second, even for my own taste, I don't use that much, not to the point of overwhelming the flavors of the rest of the dish. It becomes an enhancement, rather than masking them. The heat sharpens your taste when used judiciously. Too much, and obviously, all you get is a burning sensation. I stop well short of that, especially if someone is going to be eating the dish besides me. I'm more liberal with it for my own use, but temper it for others. For a large crockpot of soup, I would estimate I added about two tablespoons of Tabasco. The jalapeños I use are a diced and pickled preparation and are quite mild. I put them in tuna salad, chicken salad, potato casseroles, lots of things. You can get jalapeños that will set your tongue on fire, but these are nowhere near that hot. Don't get me wrong, I like and will eat the very hot peppers, but they wouldn't be appropriate for this soup, or for the tuna salad and such. The hot ones are more appropriate as a garnish along with other Mexican dishes, and are usually eaten when there's some form of dairy product to follow them, such as a bit of sour cream. That will extinguish the "flames" quickly. Water does NOT work. Only once have I tried to eat a pepper and found it too hot. That rascal actually made my nose bleed, so I jumped ship, ate some sour cream, and left the rest of the little green incendiary bomb on my plate. I may like peppers, but I'm not stupid. So, I guess it comes down to the old axiom - "Moderation in all things."

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103871: Sending some friendly possum love out to the Porch on Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

possum u.a.r.

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103872: Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! --Romeena

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103873: Good Sabbath porch dwellers.

Boy Romeena, I wish I could taste your cooking. Your explanation to PH on the use of spices just sounds so spot on. I know I am a complete novice in the kitchen, but one of the things I am learning is the use of seasonings judiciously. I learned that if a little of something tastes well, chances are that more of it will not. I have learned to add a little, taste, and adjust accordingly. I typically don't use much heat in my cooking, but am getting a bit more bold as I get more experience. I attribute much of my success to your advice and suggestions. Thank you.

Well PH, Last year we had the mildest winter I have ever seen. Last year at this time we were in the mid 60's. Unheard of here for mid February. This year so far we have struggled to get above freezing for afternoon highs. Our snow storms have been about normal in terms of amounts, although they have been much much wetter snows than normal. And we have had some rain this winter that is not normal for us this time of year.

Hey GF, sounds like Brooklyn is ept. lol The new module for the boiler they sent me must have an issue. When I powered it up, I had a steady green power light (good), but a flashing limit switch light (bad) that was not flashing a code. Just flashing non-stop. When I adjusted the stat for it to fire up, it immediately blew a 15 amp line fuse. I double checked all the components (circ. pump, induction fan motor, limit switches, igniter) and all was well. Finally I removed a module off one of the other boilers and put it on this one to try, and it fired right off. So either the module they sent me was defective, or it will not work on my model boiler. I took it back to the vendor, and he double checked his source, and said it was the right number. So I am supposed to get another one on Tuesday. Guess we will see. Are you familiar with Weil McClain boilers? These are GV6 units. About 25 years old, but never been a problem. The original module was a Honeywell, but was cross referenced to a United Technologies unit, by the factory.

Well better go hit the shower and purty myself up for preachin. Pretty much a lost cause, but a feller has to keep trying.


February 14, 2016 - Msg 103874: Oh Possum and Ro, you snuck in on me. Happy Valentines back at ya.


February 14, 2016 - Msg 103875: Yes Asa, we used Well McClain in most of our applications probably because geographically it was most popular. I know what you mean about the control modules Honeywell was most popular, but we used Penn Johnson too. Did not use United Technologies units much. I suppose it is a regional thing too, as I found with many plumbing fixtures and devices.
For instance Moen faucets are popular around here cuz they are made in Cleveland.and others not so much. Most boilers, water heaters around here come out of Johnson City TN.


February 14, 2016 - Msg 103876:
G-F, when we remodeled our kitchen, we installed a Moen faucet for the sink. What I did not realize at the time is that our old faucet had an adapter to clip the double hose for our portable dishwasher and the Moen faucet did not have such an adapter. And when I visited a few plumbing stores, I was informed that Moen does not make such adapters for temporary hook-ups. I tried jury-rigging a similar adapter that I could find, but it is not a very secure connection. I am considering buying one of those kits that converts a portable dishwasher into a built-in. But I need to figure out a better way to route the hoses instead of having to keep a cabinet door always open or cutting a hole through it. In the meantime, I'm the new dishwasher for our household (which I don't mind since it gives me a chance to listen to the radio).

from Poor Horatio

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103877: HI ALL, I'm at the library today writing this because my laptop crashed yesterday! Luckily I had just backed it up, but it looks like it may need a new hard drive. It is with the Geek Squad at Best Buy.
All well here, 83 today! Our normal for this time of year is 70.
Happy St. Valentine's Day to all! If nothing else, at least we know that Jesus loves us! :)
I guess you all heard about Justice Scalia's sudden death. Here we were concerned about someone retiring, but then THIS happens. May he rest in peace, but what is the future of the court now??
Prayers needed.
GF and ASA, interesting talk about boilers, I'm learning a lot! ha I have Moen faucets in my house BTW, and they have always worked great. good on 'em for keeping in USA!
ASA--as for the 16th, yes indeed! But one year old Tiger did not like all the noise and left the hole bitter, but then Tiger is Tiger I guess.
TOM-no big house please, I will box some heat for you like RO said, and send it to you.
And RO, Tabasco goes on a lot of what I eat! haha
Will try to check in tomorrow.

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103878: HI ALL, I'm at the library today writing this because my laptop crashed yesterday! Luckily I had just backed it up, but it looks like it may need a new hard drive. It is with the Geek Squad at Best Buy.
All well here, 83 today! Our normal for this time of year is 70.
Happy St. Valentine's Day to all! If nothing else, at least we know that Jesus loves us! :)
I guess you all heard about Justice Scalia's sudden death. Here we were concerned about someone retiring, but then THIS happens. May he rest in peace, but what is the future of the court now??
Prayers needed.
GF and ASA, interesting talk about boilers, I'm learning a lot! ha I have Moen faucets in my house BTW, and they have always worked great. good on 'em for keeping in USA!
ASA--as for the 16th, yes indeed! But one year old Tiger did not like all the noise and left the hole bitter, but then Tiger is Tiger I guess.
TOM-no big house please, I will box some heat for you like RO said, and send it to you.
And RO, Tabasco goes on a lot of what I eat! haha
Will try to check in tomorrow.

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103879: Opps!

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103880: Good afternoon, porch! Asa, I would bet that your cooking is a lot better than you think it is. Just hang in there, be adventurous and don't be afraid to try new things. If something sounds good to you, go for it!

Well, I'm hobbling around with my cane today, the one I used for a while after my back surgery. After church, a group of us went to Spring Creek for lunch. I was walking across the parking lot, not looking at where I was putting my feet (dumb). I stepped on a rock about the size of a small egg, my weak ankle gave way and rolled outward, and I went down like a sack of cement, making a one-point landing on my right knee, then rolled down onto one side. A friend was nearby and came to try to help me up, but she's a little bitty thing, and that wasn't going to happen. I asked her to bring her car up along side and she did. I was able to reach the door handle, and could pull myself up that way, with a little added help from my friend. Part of the problem was the adrenalin rush was fading, so I was very shaky. Anyway, once I was standing, my knee hurt some, but not bad and I walked on into the restaurant and enjoyed lunch. Came home, settled into my chair and watched a movie. When I tried to get up just now, my knee felt like somebody hit it with a hammer. It's all swollen up, bruising is starting, and it is SORE! I was supposed to go to a Valentine party for all the widows in my Sunday School class (taking the guacamole and picking up three other gals) but that's not happening now. I can barely walk on the silly thing, even with the cane, and it threatens to buckle and drop me in my tracks at any moment. Guess I'll get back in my chair, ice the knee, take an Advil and just stay off of it as much as possible. Maybe I'll put my little emergency bracelet on too, just in case I fall again and need help. Grrrr. I hate this!!! I feel ridiculous.

Well, blessings to you all. --Romeena

February 14, 2016 - Msg 103881: Romeena, sounds like a job for Dr. Ben Gay... Sorry to hear you are hurting. Just slow you're roll and take it easy for awhile.... Just do some Wheelertime, ya hear!..


February 14, 2016 - Msg 103882: Good evening, porch. Update on the knee - I guess I'll be seeing an ortho doc tomorrow. Something doesn't feel right. It feels a lot like the left one felt when I blew the ACL in it in 2004. It's very loose, and if I wasn't leaning on the cane, it would drop me to the floor. It just buckles, just like the left one did. It's hard to say for sure, it could just be a guarding reflex to the pain, but I'm going to get it checked. I landed right on the patella too, so it could have chipped off, and have a chip lodged in there somewhere. An x-ray will tell us a lot. I'm just glad I didn't land on the petula obondala. That would have smarted, for sure!

Guess I'll limp off to bed. Toye Starr isn't feeling well either. She hasn't eaten all day, not even her Beneful, which she loves. I can hear her little tummy growling and squeaking. She's done this before, and is always okay by morning. I just make her comfortable, be sure she's warm, and she sleeps it off. OK, nighty-night, all. --Romeena

February 15, 2016 - Msg 103883: Good Presidents Day Monday morning all.

Gosh Ro, I am sorry to read about your falling. I sure hope everything is ok with your knee. You haven't said if your ankle is alright. Usually when I roll it like you described, it's pretty sore also. I broke my right ankle years ago playing basketball, and it is a weak link for me for sure. Seems like any uneven surface I walk on I have to be extra careful with, because it will do just what you described. I'm glad you are going to get it looked at. I hope Toye Starr is feeling better this morning also.

Boy howdy we had some good preachin at Church yesterday. A lot on adversity, why we have it, how to deal with it, and although none of us can fully escape it, how we can avoid much of it. It sure was some things I was needing to hear.

Sure sounds like you folks in the east are dealing with some ugly cold. Stay warm and dry. I hope that new furnace is working out ok Sterling.

I am off work today for President's Day. Our inversion has lifted and we are supposed to be near 50 later. So I might get out and prune my peach tree.

Prayers for all.


February 15, 2016 - Msg 103884: Quick trouble check...prepairing for ice ...SPOT

February 15, 2016 - Msg 103885: Hey, porch. Just got back from the doctor. Eloise rummaged in my garage and found my old walker from my knee surgery, and it sure makes walking easier. Not easy, but better than it was.

After a series of x-rays, the doc says there is nothing broken, but the ends of the bones are "bruised" and as such will be quite sore for several months. I can handle that. I'm just glad there are no bone chips, the ACL is intact, and I don't need surgery.

Asa, my ankle is fine, much to my surprise. Both my ankles have been sprained in the past, one was sprained twice, so they're not real strong. I fully expected it to be sprained, if not broken, the way it rolled off that rock, but it's fine. There's a little bruising on the top of my foot, but it's not even sore. God is good.

Well, guess I'll see if I can rustle up something to eat. I've got one more big bowl of that soup left - sounds like a winner. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 15, 2016 - Msg 103886: Romeena, Glad ya got positive report.. But ya sill need some Wheelertime to mend completely... I know, I know it's hard to keep a good woman down. But as Rev, Breen says... "What's your hurry?"..... G-F

February 15, 2016 - Msg 103887: Here is a concert in a gazebo... Maybe not quite what ya had in mind, but you get the jest of it...lol. Relax... Slow down... Rest a spell... G-F http://youtu.be/UuFSNJWdU00

February 16, 2016 - Msg 103888: Help!... It's a mess on my end of the porch today many inches of WET HEAVY snow.... I don't think my "Joe" will be able to throw it... Oh my aching back! Where's the Tylenol?...

TOM you Ok Buddy did you get any of this?....G-F

February 16, 2016 - Msg 103889: Morning Dears.

Oh my GF, A wet and heavy snow. Not fun at all. Don't go giving yourself an achy breaky back buddy.

I am glad your knee is intact Romeena. Sounds like a bit of recovery time though. But at least no permanent damage. It could have been much worse. You take care of yourself.

Back to work today. I just found out I have to travel to Salt Lake today for a "bomb awareness" class. I had forgotten about that. Sad to think that such a thing needs to be, but it does.

I hope y'all have a great day, and GF and Tom, I hope you are dealing with these latter days of winter ok. We are supposed to be in the 50's today. Yabba dabba doo! :)


February 16, 2016 - Msg 103890: Good morning, porch. G-F, you take it easy with that snow. Who says it has to be shoveled, anyway? Stay in your wheeler, let the postman wear snowshoes, and wait for it to melt!

Yeah, Asa, my knee is a bit of a mess. It feels like one of those bombs went off in it! What amazes me is there is no external bruising. I'd expect it to be huge and purple, the way it feels. It is swollen, for sure, but nothing like you'd think, and there's just a little faint bluish tinge here and there. It's making me crazy, because there's so much to be done around here, and I just can't do it. I'm worn out and breathing hard just going from my chair to the fridge for a cold drink! I wish I had a little brown monkey that could fetch and carry for me, or a sturdy, well-trained dog. Toye Starr is neither sturdy nor well-trained. Mostly she just stands and looks at me, like "Well, are you going to get up and feed me or not?"

Well, guess I'll go feed her, bring in some more bottled water from the garage (she doesn't drink tap water), make myself a big glass of a little fruit juice and a lot of St. Croix club soda, make an icepack, big enough to last a while, and take an Advil tablet. As I've written in my little book, I learned to mold loneliness into solitude a long time ago, and it can be pleasant. Right now, however, it just feels like loneliness. If my Dale were here, he'd be spoiling me rotten right now. Or - and I have to keep this in mind - he could be in the clutches of Alzheimer's and I'd be trying to figure out how to keep up with him with my walker. "For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face."

Hmmm. I feel some writing coming on. Maybe I'll use this downtime to finish the book. Blessings, folks. --Romeena

February 16, 2016 - Msg 103891: RO-If that quote is from 'your book', I think it has already been written! haha, just a little jocularity
Sure hope you are on the mend.
Still at the library. There are 40 here in our library and all 40 are humming along. My computer should be ready tomorrow.
ASA--you keep well too.
More later,

February 16, 2016 - Msg 103892: Ha! Good one, MDC. Actually, in one sense, it is from my book, because I quoted it in there. There are quite a few scripture references in the book, because they had a lot to do with getting me through losing Dale. Not at first, but later, for sure, and now, they're my rock.

As for on the mend, actually my knee feels noticeably better now than it did this morning. I've kept it iced all day so far, and maybe it's just numb, but I can walk without leaning on that miserable walker. I'm leaving the ice off for a while, let it warm up, and see how it feels. When the doc said it would be sore for about six months, that was not what I wanted to hear. Maybe his definition of sore, and mine, are two different things. My pain tolerance is exceptionally high, which is a blessing since I can't take any kind of a narcotic, no matter how mild. So, I plan to be up and around in a couple of days, business as usual. Today, ice. Tomorrow, the world!

I managed to load and run the dishwasher - now I've got to empty it. Shouldn't be a big problem. My kitchen is well laid-out, with everything placed conveniently.

Would you believe it's 72° right now? This is February?? Amazing. I've got the furnace dialed down low enough that it won't come on, but I declare, I think I'm going to have to switch over to a/c. It's 76° in the house! The majority of the windows in this house are on the south side, and they're the largest ones as well, so the heat is building up. The sun will be down in a couple of hours, and it should cool down. I think I'll just turn on a ceiling fan, and leave the a/c off.

Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 16, 2016 - Msg 103893: Well Ro my Dear, If optimism = healing, I suspect you will be back on your feet in no time. Just don't push it to hard. You don't need to have it buckle on you and hurt it, or something else again.

Sure hope GF and Tom are surviving the big storm. We got to near 60 here today. Not a/c weather, but dang nice.

Glad you are getting bigger wires for your elctronal marvel MDC.

Well I am off to a meeting tonight. Dang, No Doctors show and fudge and Thel for me.


February 16, 2016 - Msg 103894: I guess it's the maintenance man in me, but I have to take care of the snow right away...( but I did wait until 10:00 to start tho ) Got-R-Done but spent the afternoon in the Wheeler, hit'in the rack early. May have to get some of those magic little pills from Emma Brand... I got my dime!...lol


February 16, 2016 - Msg 103895: ASA WHAT SNOW STORM IT STAY RIGHT UP ON TOP HILL


February 17, 2016 - Msg 103896: Sorry to hear about your knee, Romeena. Prayers for a quick recovery. I guess we never think about our knees(or any other part of our body that we take for granted) until we can't use them proper. I know I felt that way when my back gave out.

Yes MDC, I was saddened to learn of Judge Scalia's passing. Don't know what that means for America, but I don't think it is good, not with our lawless President still having time left and the GOP bending over backward to help him.

Well folks, tomorrow we take Noah to have his dental procedure(s). After talking it over with the wife, and at first thinking maybe we should go with the regular dental procedures, we decided to go ahead with the sedation method. I know that is not the tough parent thing to do, but I did much thinking and praying about it myself, and since Noah has quite a bit that has to be done to his teeth(the extent won't fully be known until they get him sedated so they can get x-rays) but I know the one tooth in back is pretty decayed and the dentist said he glimpsed what could be smaller cavities elsewhere, so we could get that all done in one fell swoop. That, and I think God answered me, by moving up Noah's appointment to tomorrow when at first he wouldn't have been able to get in until May.
Still don't like to have to have Noah go through this, but knowing him, we probably would have had to restrain him doing it the other way, which I don't think would be good for him, or the dentist or assistants. But this way, he gets to sleep through it and wake up with all his teeth fixed. My mom also reminded me that there are even some adults who need to be sedated in order to go through with dental procedures, so it seems a little less radical remembering that Noah is only four.

Will let you know how everything turns out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

Thank you, Asa, and yes, the furnace is working well. Probably won't need it as much this week since it is supposed to get much warmer here. Or at least, warmer than it has been.

-Sterling Holobyte

February 17, 2016 - Msg 103897: Best Buy called this evening saying that my computer was fixed, so went and picked it up. Well, the hard drive had to be replaced, so i had to re-install everything, but at least all had files, docs, pics etc had been on a back up.
But now I am having issues getting the scanner and printer to re-install! grrr. Well, I guees its
better than the sticky keyboards in the library!
ASA--sounds like you got a lot out of Sunday's preaching--can you tell us a bit about it?
RO--hang in there! Funny how the human body works. You enjoyed your meal with the ladies with
essentially no pain, but then later...yaazooo!
I heard on the radio today about as@as@ination possibility
talk regarding Judge Scalia!! He ate dinner, said he wasnt feeling well, went to lie down, found dead, no autopsy to be done, BIG SCOTUS decisions coming up soon, and it's an election year. Strange stuff!
STERLing, please let us know how the dental work goes.
To be NINETY here on Wed.!!!
Possum, Boo Maudie etc, APB.
Prayers for all,

February 17, 2016 - Msg 103898: Wow MDC, You turn 90 on Wednesday? Well happy birthday buddy. Seems like just yesterday you were in your 40's and not ashamed to admit it. Time just moves right along. :)

I had not read much about the passing of Scalia until yesterday, and I must say, very curious.

I hope all goes well with Noah Sterling. You are a good Father and I know you are doing what you feel the Lord is leading you to do. The world needs more God loving fathers like that. And I am glad the furnace is working well.

You walking cooked GF, after dealing with that snow? I hope not. I like your name for your snow blower. I need to come up with a name for my riding mower. It's a "Snapper" brand. Maybe I'll call her "Snappy" in honor of the Snappy Diner.

Well Ro is limping with her knee, GF and I are dealing with breaky achy backs, I tell ya, we are a mess on this porch. Where's my Geritol?


February 17, 2016 - Msg 103899: Actually Asa that is the brand name for the snow blower https://www.snowjoe.com/department/snow-blowers
Snow Joe actually did a good job. I know I pushed its limits on that wet snow, but it did pretty good. Luckily my wife's Uncle came by with his skid loader and did the worst of it. But I still had to do some by hand. It's supposed to be up to the 50's by the weekend.....G-F

February 17, 2016 - Msg 103900: Good morning, porch. Yep, we're a mess, with first one pain and then another! Actually, I've been feeling bad for about two weeks, but kept thinking it would clear up. I'm quite short of breath, no strength, have a dry cough that's about to drive me nutty. I can't take a deep breath without triggering a coughing spell. I've been trying to figure it out, and then yesterday, Brittney told me that Landry has "walking pneumonia" - same symptoms, also including chills at times and a low-grade fever. Click. It all fell into place. I checked my oxygen saturation with my little gauge, and it's about 89. Should be well into the 90s. So, I'll see my primary doc this morning, but I have to go by the hospital and get a chest xray first. I'm going to cop out, use the valet at the front door, and let him get me a wheelchair and somebody to push. I'm not about to walk all the way to xray. I worked there, I know how far it is! By the time I go through registration, and then to xray and back, it's about a 300 yard round trip. Not gonna happen. If the doc finds what I think she's going to find, she'll put me on antibiotics and in a day or two I'll be feeling better than I have in at least two weeks. Yippee!

Sterling, I think you made a wise choice with Noah. There will be a little skirmish to get him sedated, but it will be smooth sailing after that.

Hahaha! I just watered two cats. Shamu came strolling down the fence line first, all wrapped up in his dignity, but he threw that to the four winds when the sprinkler came on. Then a little later a big old gray fuzzy cat - don't know who he is - came wandering in, over-confident as usual. I'll say this for him, he can move when properly motivated! Such fun!

Well, better get dressed and amble on down to the hospital. I think Eloise is going to insist on going with me, and I guess that's okay. I just hate to take up her time. Blessings, everyone! --Romeena

February 17, 2016 - Msg 103901: Hi, porch. I'm home from the doctor, and I do indeed have pneumonia. I was so glad to hear that, because that's fixable with some antibiotics. If it hadn't been pneumonia, the next suspect would be my heart. I have two leaky valves, but I function. I was afraid one of them had gotten worse. Pneumonia I can handle! God is good! --Romeena

February 17, 2016 - Msg 103902: RO--I think Goober can fix those leaky valves, Wally for sure! Ha. But seriously, I am glad you are going to be ok, and had the where-with-all to have it checked out, and are now on the mend.
GF--wouldnt know what to do with a snowjoe here! ha It looks like high 80s will continue for another week! Yikes! Good one about the 90! Sure wish I could send some of this to TOM.
'Puter doing better today, but it still doesnt recognize the scanner! Darn Dell! :(
Have a good evening all,

February 18, 2016 - Msg 103903: Good Thursday morning all.

Well Ro, I am so glad your issue is not heart related. I pray you get feeling better soon.

Hey MDC, Maybe you could put bigger paddles on that snow joe and use it to fan yourself at poolside. :)

I heard you might be getting more snow GF and Tom. Old man winter is going to hang on for a spell. We are supposed to get a fast moving storm through here today. Some rain and snow, but be gone by tonight. A more spring like storm. I can dig it! I was going to tell you I received the second boiler module, installed it, and it runs like a champ. So the first one must have had an issue. I am seeing that more and more though, especially in lighting. I deal a lot with HID lighting and am amazed how many times a new high pressure lamp I install will not fire. Or they will work for a month or two and then burn out. The quality just isn't what it used to be. The same with the fluorescent bulbs and ballasts both.

Well speaking of such, I best get working on them. Much to do today.

Prayers for all.


February 18, 2016 - Msg 103904: Asa, That boiler modular must have been one of those units that was "outsourced" from somewhere's else...G-F

February 18, 2016 - Msg 103905: Good morning, porch. I slept extremely well last night, for the first time in at least two weeks, and it sure felt good! I only got up once, Toye Starr didn't ask to get up other than that one time, and we both got a good night's sleep. My O2 saturation this morning is 90% - still a bit low, but better than the 80s I've been running. I've only had one dose of that antibiotic, and already that much improvement. I can't wait to see how I'll feel after a week on it. I'm so grateful for that fall. This thing has been creeping up on me for several weeks now, I think. It took the fall to make me realize what a narrow margin I was living in. The added stress of moving around with the bad knee, and I just couldn't breathe, but already it's better. God is good!

Asa, what does a gouty toe feel like? My left big toe, in the main joint, is sore to the touch, feels hot, and when I walk it sends stabs of pain through the toe and the front of my foot. I'm wondering if it's gout, or if I might have wrenched that toe a bit too, when I fell. Trust me, I didn't fall "pretty." I went down like sack of potatoes! Kinda embarrassin'!

Well, guess I'll go find a little something to eat. Don't have much appetite, but Toye Starr is looking a bit hungry. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

February 18, 2016 - Msg 103906: Never thought I'd hear of anyone who was happy to have pneumonia, but considering the other possibility I guess I can see why. Glad it is not more serious and that you are on the mend, Ro.

Noah did ok yesterday at the hospital. He was naturally a little scared going in, but not too much drama. We tried to prepare him for what they were going to do, and the nurses and doctor did a great job with him as well.
We stayed probably a half-hour longer at the hospital than we should have after he woke up trying to get him to take some Tylenol, but he wasn't having it and was a bit cranky, but that was to be expected.
I thought he(and we) was in for a rough rest of the day and night, thinking he would be in a lot of pain, but he settled down not long after we left in the car, and was almost back to his old self by the time we arrived back home.
Ok, a breakdown of what he had done: Plugs, points, bearin's, valves, rings, starter switch, ignition wires, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, clutch bearin's, clutch plate, brake linin', brake shoes, brake drums, radiator hose and radiator hose couplin'...

Oh wait, that was for something else.

What Noah needed was two (silver)crowns on his left side lower molars, so now when he opens his mouth wide enough he kind of looks like a little "Jaws"(Richard Kiel) from that James Bond movie.
In addition, he had a little cavity in one of his front teeth, two cavities in his upper left back teeth, and a couple teeth on the right side that they said had "grooves" and needed to have some sealant added to prevent cavities in those. One of the teeth that had a crown added also needed a nerve treatment, which they said was kind of like a root canal. The other option was pulling that tooth since the root was basically dead, but if they did it could cause problems with his permanent teeth that would come in there later.

Now we really have to keep his brushing and flossing up. Don't want to go through that again. I don't understand it though, we didn't change much from how we raised Kai as far as brushing and stuff, but she never had any problems with her baby teeth having cavities and decay. But Noah had a mouthful. I tell you, Kai and Noah are really so opposite of each other.

Have a good day everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte