April 25, 2016 - Msg 104442: Good for you, Romeena! Enjoy your savings. I wish I could find another electricity provider around here so I could say "adios" to Alliant Energy. Who knows, maybe we'll get a Cirro here.

I was hoping I was going to be able to avoid the discussion(read argument) with my wife as to where Noah will be going to kindergarten next year for a little while longer, but it looks like it will be coming to a head soon.
My wife was talking to a lady at a run/walk this weekend who goes to our church and also does some work in the public schools, and the lady asked if we had registered Noah for school next year, so now my wife had been mentioning that on and off since then. I am pretty sure my wife wants to send Noah to public kindergarten, especially after her blow up when Kai was having problems adjusting to the public school earlier in the year, where my wife basically demanded that Noah would be going to public school.
I was hoping that she may have had a change of heart and is meaning that we need to register Noah for the Christian school, since the lady she spoke with helps out there as well, and I was hoping that she might say to me to pick up some registration papers while I was at the church today with Noah and Kai, but that didn't happen, and tonight she started to mention the registration as something I need to do this week, but she just kind of let it go. So I am wondering if maybe she didn't want to fight about it tonight. Which admittedly would be strange for her to not want to argue, but she also hasn't given me any indication that it is the Christian school she wants me to sign Noah up for.
I know I should bring it up and just get it over with, but like I said, I was hoping to enjoy some of the summer before this tsunami hits.
Personally, I don't think it would hurt if Noah went to the Christian school (at least) for Kindergarten, since they usually always have a good number of kids in it, which should be a good counter to my wife's claim that he wouldn't be "socialized"; they don't do the "learning through dvd's" like the upper grades do, so it's not like Noah would be sitting in front of a tv all day; and besides, it is very likely that Noah would go to a totally different school for kindergarten than the one he would go to for 1st grade and up if he went to public kindergarten which is what happened when Kai went to public, so he would have to get used to a new group of people and a new school no matter where he went.

Ugh. It is hard to want to bring your child up in a Christian learning environment when two parents are on opposite ends of an issue. She did say today that she wants to start taking Noah to Sunday school next week, but I feel that may be more because I started taking Noah with me to church(while he goes to the children's church program there), so she doesn't have the excuse anymore that she needs to stay home with Noah so she can't go to church. I pray, but probably not enough, that the Lord will soften her heart toward Him and toward a Christian education.
I could use some prayers for this as well if you don't mind. Even though I do not deserve to ask you all and I certainly do not deserve to ask God for anything after not keeping my promise to Him when going through this same type of thing with my wife with respect to Kai's Christian education. Which He answered most abundantly even after I had not kept my promise. I know God's grace covers this, and I shouldn't make it a "work", but it doesn't totally stop me from thinking I let Him down, after He was so good to me.

Well, that's all for now. I'd better go to bed.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 25, 2016 - Msg 104443: Oh boy, I hoped I wouldn't sweep with that moulage up there, but there you go.


April 25, 2016 - Msg 104444: Sterling, you indeeed have my prayers! Jesus will come thru for you.
ASA--I was just funning with you! it was either that or waxing the steps at the old folks home! ha
GF--I REALLY wanted to go see that show as AJ is only about 20 miles from here, but we are in the middle of our house remodeling, and just can't swing it. They are demoing our kitchen tile on Monday, and hopefully laying new on Tuesday! Our fridge is currently in the family room!
RO--here in Phx, we are stuck with our EP. We can't switch, a real bummer. We are offered 'off-peak' deals, but that means the house would have to be at about 82 on summer afternoons!
BOO--I'll put my two cents worth about H - E - double hockey sticks. Jesus mentions it 12 times. One strong one is Matthew 13:41-42. Another is his story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19 and following). And he tells it as a real story, not as a "parable." The rich man calls out and asks God to send Lasarus to cool his tongue with water "as I am suffering torment in these flames." Just a few things to think about on the topic. I wonder what Johnny Paul would say about that? :)
I hope ya all had a good Sabbath.
Prayers for all,

April 25, 2016 - Msg 104445: Good Monday morning all. Monday? Already? What happened to the weekend?

Prayers for you and your family S.H. I hope you guys can work things out. And I think you are spot on, Gods grace covers all, if we will allow it.

Hey MDC, You don't have Henry Wheeler, David Browne (with an E) Newton Monroe doing that remodel for you, do you? It might take a while. In the meantime, having the fridge in the family room sounds like a good idea. Just get it close to the "Wheeler" and you will be golden. 10-4 GF? :)

That is quite a savings indeed Ro. We have no options here. Rocky Mountain Power is our supplier, (they are an arm of PacifiCorp. But they seem to do a pretty decent job and the rates are pretty good I do believe. The one that has me concerned is our Natural Gas supplier. It used to be Mountain Fuel, and it was changed a few years back to Questar. Now another company from back east wants to buy them out. That does concern me.

I wanted to share a Mayberry moment with you. Yesterday we had all the family over for a b.b.q. for Stacey's birthday. We got a game of baseball going in the back yard. Well when it was my turn to bat, I held the bat on the wrong end, just for laughs. My 6 year old Grandson was playing catch, and when he saw me holding the bat that way, he very importantly calls time out, and quietly tells me I am holding the bat the wrong way. I think he wanted to do it quietly so as not to embarrass me. It was so durned cute. He was so serious, bless his heart.

Well I better get to it. Pulenty on my plate.


April 25, 2016 - Msg 104446: Asa your power company sounds like a new energy drink that Coor's would make... "Rocky Mountain Power 440" but it does has more kick than Mountain Dew!... Just Sayin'... Hopefully you didn't have to make any calls at the plate like Andy did!

Sorry MDC that you couldn't catch Karen's show, she does a nice job, she kinda wacky like her Dad....

I do know what you are going thru during your remodel... Back in 2000 we added on to our house I stayed in the house during the whole process even when we had no back walls, and had to live amungst the skeeters... As for Mrs. G-F and her 2 kids, they moved into her Mothers place during the process..
No sense of adventure!...

I did a lot of the finishing work so it made sense for me to stay on site. I'd be sanding and staining and finishing the wood work until the wee hrs. of the morning then go to work... It was a long summer that year!....

Gotta run, suppose to be up to almost 80 today so I have alota yard work to do, and get my composting bin started... Maybe it would be easier if TOM did inarticulate me!...lol

G-F.... ( and feed my birds & squirrels too! )....

April 25, 2016 - Msg 104447: Good morning, porch. Sterling, I'm sorry to hear you've encountered turmoil once again, with regard to your children's schooling. It sounds so complicated, and I have trouble keeping up with just what it is that your wife wants you to do. I have the impression that you have the same problem. It seems like she switches sides fairly often. I think all you can do is just keep praying, and stick to your guns. If you have to give in to her to keep the peace, then do so, but stay sweet. No "I told you so" if things derail at school. She would be expecting it, and when it doesn't come, it will "heap coals of fire on her head", as the Bible puts it. You have my prayers.

I have a bittersweet visit to make today. When my parents were living, they were friends with a couple (Faye and Tom) who were about ten or twelve years younger than they were. That makes Faye and Tom about ten or twelve years older than I am. Happily, the three couples of us (my parents, Faye and Tom, and Dale and I) were close and had a lot of fun together. We made trips to the river to float the rapids, and had many a burger night at one of our homes. They were very supportive and kind when Dale passed, and then when my mom passed three years later, they were there for me. As my dad's Alzheimer's progressed, and he went into assisted living, Tom was my ally. He would go pick Daddy up and take him to lunch, take him shopping (for the candy he passed out at the facility), or just spend an afternoon with him. Tom was retired, and had the time to do things that I couldn't, because I was still working full time. I have stayed in touch with them, and over the weekend, Faye called to let me know that they're closing out and selling their beautiful home (which my dad built) and moving across Dallas to an assisted living facility in Mesquite. Faye has been fighting colon cancer, and I think it's about to get the best of her. There's a tumor in her lung now, so please pray for her, for healing, or if that's not in God's plan, then for comfort and strength, and peace. They're strong, committed Christians, and are taking this all in stride, but it has to be difficult. I'm going by to see them this afternoon, and I think I'll take a big old bouquet of flowers out of the yard. I've got plenty of them out there!

I can't believe so many of you have no choice on your electricity provider. We've got a long list of choices, probably at least twenty providers. The actual, line maintenance provider is Oncor and that pretty much doesn't change, but we have a lot of choices of who does the billing. I don't fully understand how all that works, but I do know the rates vary considerably. As for the gas provider, that's pretty much one company - Atmos Energy.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TAGS. I'm glad Viacom and Dish Network reached an agreement, though I'm expecting my bill to go up. I think their big old dustup was a smoke screen, to hide the fact that they are going to raise rates. We'll see.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 25, 2016 - Msg 104448: Thank you for the prayers and advice. I really appreciate the encouragement I get from you, my porch friends.
I was kind of hoping my wife wouldn't bring it up today, but then again, hoping she would bring it up so I could get it over with.
Well, she did bring it up, saying, again, that we need to get Noah registered for school for next year.
Since she was in a half-way decent mood, I tentatively asked, "Which school?", fully expecting her mood to get angrier and say something like, "Well, definitely not the Christian school, if that's what you're thinking!" but instead, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, almost in passing, "I don't know."
Then we just kind of dropped it and talked about how Noah needs to learn to go poop on the potty(he is avoiding doing that), and I told her what I found out about the driving school we are thinking of signing Kai up for(can you believe she will be driving soon???)

So anyway, I am thinking that that could have gone a lot worse. I thank God it didn't. I know this issue is not over, but I feel a little better about it than I did yesterday.

Prayers for Faye and her family and loved ones, Ro. She has a good friend in you.

Cute story about the baseball game, Asa.

I watched the Count Istvan Teleky(by the way, the spell check says I spelled "Teleky" wrong. Nothing about Istvan, go figure) episode last night, and I was thinking, I thought that the Remshaw episode was considered the only Halloween type episode of TAGS, isn't that right? I would just like to say that I think that the Count episode could be considered one as well, it's kind of spooky in parts. The folks of Mayberry dabbling in witchcraft is spooky in and of itself. And the lighting and sound when Barney was doing his "incants" was pretty Halloween-y.

Or maybe I am just getting my episodes confused with the Christmas episode with old Ben Weaver because I know that one was the only Christmas episode made.

It was a beautiful evening here tonight. Weather was perfect, despite the threat of storms which we didn't get. Just some dark clouds rolling off to the side.

Blessings, friends.

-Sterling Holobyte

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104449: A quick hello tonite. It was a long day. Prayers for all the situations. Love you.

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104450: Good morning, porch! I just got home from taking Toye Starr to her vet to get her little teeth cleaned. She was not happy when I left her, but she'll be overjoyed when I pick her up. Poor little thing, I'm sure she wonders why I get a notion every now and then to just go dump her off with somebody who does unpleasant things to her, but it I didn't get her teeth cleaned at least once a year, she'd have no teeth at all. She's already lost several. They're so tiny, and barely have any roots, and she builds tartar at an alarming rate. Dr. Mike says tiny dogs like her have a "dry mouth" and tartar builds rapidly. She can't eat the hard kibbles that help to keep their teeth cleaned, she just doesn't have enough power in her little jaws. She tries, but ends up spitting it out. I don't blame her, the stuff is as hard as rocks.

Sterling, sounds like there might be a ray of hope on Noah's school choice. Hang in there, buddy. As for his poopy problem, just keep giving him a softener, like we've discussed before (Fletcher's?) and nature will take its course.

I saw the cutest thing yesterday. I was here at my window, and saw what looked like a big ball of brown fur, rolling along the pathway out back. It was the mama squirrel and those three juveniles of hers. They're almost as big as she is, but you can tell they're young. Slender little bodies, and tails not fuzzed up completely yet. Anyway, they were running along in a tight little knot, just shoulder to shoulder. Mama led them down the path, across a swath of grass, and straight to the feeding stones under the tree where the bird feeder hangs. She was showing them where the "fast food" can be found! I thought that was just remarkable, and so cute.

Well, Joe will be here shortly. We've got a maintenance day in the yard planned. All this rain over the last month or so, and the mild temperatures have produced a little forest in the flowerbeds. The squirrels have planted pecans, which have sprouted, and the elms and hackberries have shed their seed, and everything is growing just fine, thank you! So, Joe and I have some digging to do. They're too big to pull, most of them. Pecans usually can't be pulled up anyway, no matter their size. If they're tall enough to be noticed in the flowerbed, they've got a root about two feet long and you can forget pulling them up. They'll break off before they'll come up, and then in a few weeks they reappear as a pecan bush! Annoying things.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. --Romeena

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104451: Romeena...A drive up rock for squirrels... Who'd a thought!... Bet ya have a flyby feeder too for the birds... That way they can get their sack of sammiches for their trip!. You are a kind person to ALL Gods critters.... G-F

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104452: HEY,


April 26, 2016 - Msg 104453: So Romeena, How do you Texas gals pronounce pecan?
Is it pea-can or pea-cawn. The debate continues.

GF, You the K of C. (King of Compost) This calls for a crown or something. Maybe Tom will let you out early because your royalty now. Then again, he may just keep you there longer and charge folks 2 bits to come see you. If he does that, I think you should ask for royalties. Maybe 5 cents per gawk. Just sayin.....


April 26, 2016 - Msg 104454: Asa, actually I was surprised by the compost bin they gave us, actually it is pretty good. I looked it up on the net and they cost $98 at HD. The seminar was only $10 to attend. I think they were purchased by some Government grant money. (I thinking it was bought by all the $$ they saved on Obama Care!) lol
Sorry I could not resist.... But I do have it almost full already!.
I followed the "rules" so it's starting to "cook" now....
So as Stevie Wonder told Ray Charles when they got to heaven, "We Shall See"....

Hey PH, good to see you pop in the podcast last night, Floyd had a easy one last night, really he does not mind us messaging during it, we can multi task and both watch and type to each other. Don't know how long you stayed but he did talk about your question about the Porch issues....


April 26, 2016 - Msg 104455: Good afternoon, porch. Just got a minute, gotta leave at 5:30 to head up to the church of one of the Women's Ministry dinners. Always good food and a good speaker - very enjoyable.

As I feared, Toye Starr lost four more teeth. She's still got all her canines, but her lower incisors are gone and a couple of molars. One molar was pulled today - Dr. Mike said it was very loose and likely was painful, which would explain why she hasn't eaten well for the last few days. She should feel better now, after the initial soreness goes away.

Asa, actually neither of those pronunciations would fly in Texas. We pronounce it puh-cahn. Actually that "e" kind of drifts around depending on where you are in the state. It can be puh, or short e like in bed, or sort of a long e like in peanut, but more clipped off. The most widespread pronunciation, I guess, would be a short e, but personally, mine comes out more like "puh." As for the rest of it, nobody, and I mean nobody, in Texas would say "can" like a can of soup, and no one would use the "aw" sound like "aw, shucks!" It's more "ah", like "ah, that soup smells good!" Puhcahn. See how easy that is? (hehee)

OK, gotta run. My hair is still wet, too. Usually I just let it dry, but I hate walking in to the dinner with wet hair, and it won't dry in thirty minutes, so will have to help it along a little. A few minutes with the diffuser will do.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104456: HELLO.
Asa G-F is not in jail I told him to go help out Romeena with the year work.
and Asa can go to git some help on cooking!



April 26, 2016 - Msg 104457: Ro, I forgot to mention I will include Faye and Tom in my prayers for sure. And I am sorry poor little Toye Starr lost some teeth, the poor thing.

Well now GF, It would seem we are out on work release thanks to Sheriff Toms compassion. That looks like a dandy composter for sure.

What did Floyd have to say about the recent posting problems GF? I will declare it fixed. Have not had any problems getting on all weekend. I hope that's been the same for Possum. She seemed to be having a lot of problems also.

Puh-can.... Puh-con..... Puh... I can't do it!


April 26, 2016 - Msg 104458: Asa, he did not say much other than asked if anyone was having trouble getting on any of the main sites... Asa, just say..."NUTS" and leave it at that...lol.. Romeena, as for you, TOM said I can help... I have the composted to swing it!...lol


April 26, 2016 - Msg 104459: Dang spell check, putting in words I did not say... Composter that is!....

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104460:
G-F, I don't remember Floyd mentioning anything about the Front Porch intermittent problem during Monday's podcast. In fact, it was I who asked everyone present if they had experienced any problems accessing www.tagsrwc.com or www.imayberry.com. I was disappointed when Emmett Clark was the only one to respond.

from Poor Horatio

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104461: PH, I could be mistaken, maybe he only mentioned that there was a problem...

April 26, 2016 - Msg 104462: Asa, I say pecan like Ro does. PS-that sure was a sweet story about your grandson.

Sterling, I cannot believe Noah is big enough for kinder already! Where does the time go?! Wow. Well, I hesitate to give advice but I do know how it feels to have a conviction about Christian education. I was blessed to have a husband who felt it best for those years. I have to say, though, that Erin has done very well in public school. She has made a few good friends who are now coming to church with us and involved in youth group. They are kids that have troubled family lives and probably would not have gone otherwise. One girl has a mom but dad is in jail for drugs. I have tried to get the mom to come to church but she isn't there yet. Anyway, what if you were to ask your wife, "Choose where you would like me to have him registered". Im thinking she might just say at the Christian school. I feel for you on the guilt thing. When I was trying to make the decision about Erin, I cried for days. Everything worked out ok so far. God's grace, I think. I will pray for your situation.

That is sad, Ro, about your friends. Hard to see our beloved friends age and get to that point. Will pray for Faye and Tom.

I took Erin and one of her friends to see the remake of The Jungle Book at the movies tonight. I really enjoyed it and the animation was beyond amazing. Those animals were really talking it seemed. Go see it if you feel like seeing a movie.

Goodnight Porch~

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104463: You say po-ta-to and I say po-TAH-to, but only Dan Quayle spells it with an 'e' on the end. Poor guy will never live that down, especially when guys like me keep bringing it up! ha
TOUGH TOM is at it again! Well, actually he had a change of heart. But look out Doc Malloy! :)
GF--maybe take the composter to the Mayberry dump and compost Barney's girlie magazines! ha
BOO--I was wondering about the new Jungle Book movie. I may go see it now.
ALL--you know what they say about "best laid plans..." :(
When the guys came to demo our kitchen tile today,
they had in the back of the truck...the WRONG tile! Wow, Lord what did I do wrong?
I called the place we bought it from and someone there ordered wrong, so they are re-ordering and it will be here in ten days ore so. But we let them do the demo. We had taken the cat to the groomer to be away from the noise, and we had the kitchen pretty bare and ready, so now we have a tile-less kitchen, just concrete pad for a while.
But the fridge is back. They used these orange straps to go under the fridge and they grab them just so, and up off the floor it comes! AmazingI learn something everyday! Asa and GF have u used these? http://tinyurl.com/zadh2zf
Well, on goes the saga!!!

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104464: No MDC, I have not used those strap things, but when we got a new washer the guy who brought it used one, he took it to the basement and removed the old one all by himself!.. More power to ya!... My aching back!...lol

As for your remodeling woes, I know what you're going thru brother, ya try, and ya try... All ya get is HEARTACHES!.. The stories I could tell about our construction project. As much as I tried to have things go smooth, you are still having to deal with the human drama. I could write a book on the subject. People just don't care about their work and image anymore.

The plumbers did a great job, they were very professional and did perfect work, they were the only ones I didn't have issue with. I also had the Mrs. G-F factor, she had NO experience with contractors and their culture, she thought they worked 9-5 seven days a week....lol Wrong!... I don't know how I survived that summer plus working too.... Prayers Brother...🙏


April 27, 2016 - Msg 104465: I'm not sure it would go that way if I were to ask her that, Boo. But it would sure beat waiting for the axe to fall like I am now. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner on death row who doesn't know when his execution date is.
Yours might be a good idea. Would just have to wait for the right circumstances though. Thanks for the prayers.

Good luck on your remodeling plans, MDC.

I have just about had it with this cold weather stuff. We have one or two warm days, and then it is back to cold. I even had to turn the heat back on yesterday. Didn't think I'd be doing that again this year.
And these kids I see as I am dropping Kai off at school wearing t-shirts and shorts??! I saw one kid today riding his bike to school wearing a t-shirt. And as cold and windy as it is today... yikes!
I must be getting older, because I probably would have done the same thing back when I was young... and stupid. ;-)

My wife took Kai to see that Jungle Book movie, Boo. She said she is glad she didn't take Noah because she said it was pretty scary in parts. Did you think so?

-Sterling Holobyte

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104466: That probably should have been, "... these kids I see wearing t-shirts and shorts as I am dropping Kai off at school..."

Didn't want it to sound like I was letting Kai wear a t-shirt and shorts in this cold weather. Brrrr.

Hey G-F!


April 27, 2016 - Msg 104467: Good afternoon, porch. In all that awful weather that roared across the country last night, all we got here around Dallas was a lot of lightning, thunder, lots of rain, and a few gusts of high wind, but nothing damaging. Today, I cannot believe how beautiful it is in my back yard! Everything is washed clean, everything that can possibly produce a flower has done so, and there are a million shades of green out there, with a sky so blue it hurts your eyes. Absolutely gorgeous! Rain is a wonderful thing.

Sterling, Boo just might be right. Very good idea! The longer you let the question simmer, the more she's going to think of defenses and negatives. If you said something like, "I know you love Noah as much as I do, and you're a smart and thoughtful woman. I trust you to make the very best decision possible for his welfare, with all things considered, so whatever you say is what we'll do." It will surprise her for sure, and just might really make her think. Think of it this way. If you get in a head-to-head about it, who is likely to ultimately win? Probably she will, because you won't be willing to make a big fight of it, and you shouldn't. The kids don't need to witness that. You know you'll let her win, to keep the peace. So if that's the worst thing that can happen, and it was going to happen anyhow, then why not take a chance and see if she'll surprise you and go with the Christian school? What do you have to lose? Now, if you think you'd be willing to take it to the woodshed and fight it out, and possibly win, then that's a different story, but I don't think you'd really gain much by doing that.

Maybe Eloise and I will take the grandsons to see "The Jungle Book." I'd like to see it myself. If the animation is as good as it was in "Paddington Bear", then it's well worth seeing, assuming the story line is good.

Well, little Toye Starr is eating just fine, so guess her little mouth isn't too sore. Poor little thing, I was afraid she had a sore tooth, because she just flat-dog quit eating her hard kibble, would eat nothing but soft food. Sure enough, she had a loose molar, and Dr. Mike said it would have been painful. Poor baby, but it's all fixed now.

Speaking of "fixed", I don't know if any of you ever see my DIL Brittney's Facebook page, but she had a very cute post a few weeks ago. They had just gotten Diesel neutered, and she took a picture of him, curled up in his little bed, looking forlorn. She captioned it "I didn't even know I was broken, but I got fixed anyway." Poor little feller, he moped and drooped around for a couple of days. He would get up on the sofa next to Brittney, put his head in her lap, and make these tiny, soft moaning sounds. Trust me, he knows exactly how to push all her buttons! He got more treats doing that!

Well, I think I'll go cuddle my little baby, and have a glass of tea. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104468:
Today, I was flipping channels on the cable box and stopped on the BBC Canada channel when I saw Ron Howard, our Opie from The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS). The show was titled "Top Gear" which is a program about demonstrating all types of current cars and how they handle when driving on a closed track. To see Ron Howard on a car driving program was unusual. But something happened that was even stranger. When the British program host introduced Ron Howard, he wanted to remind the audience of how Ron became famous. I was surprised that the host only mentioned the program "Happy Days" and not "The Andy Griffith Show". And I was surprised that even Ron did not mention TAGS.

This reminds me of a story I read on the internet that involved a daughter talking to her father about Paul McCartney. She asked her father "Do you mean that Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings? (This is funny because some time after the Beatles broke up, Paul formed another band called Wings. And the funny part is that the girl was familiar with the lesser known Wings band and not the world famous Beatles band.)

from Poor Horatio

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104469: Yes, Sterling. I should have said that about the Jungle Book. I think it might be scary to little ones. There were two little boys sitting in front of me and they were about 3 and 5. The three year old was afraid and I saw his dad holding and comforting him. Noah is too young, I would think. It was the kind of movie in which things would happen suddenly and make you jump now and then. There was one tiger in the movie that was pretty mean and scary and so realistic.

Sterling, I am pretty sure most husbands feel like they are on death row at some point, my husband included. ;) It doesn't happen often and I am about as easy going as wives come, but there have been times that I got mad enough to scare him, I'm sure. I think it is sometimes very hard for men to figure out what is going on in the minds of women (ya think?!). Hope you can get things cleared up soon and get out from under the stress of it. Very uncomfortable place to be, waiting for the other shoe to drop, as my mom used to say. ;) PS-It was 91 degrees here in south texas today. I am wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Ro, I think you grandsons would really like Jungle Book. They are old enough that it wouldn't scare them and it has a good story line. There is a wonderful scene with elephants that they (and you and Eloise) would love. :)

I went with Sean to his phych appointment this morning and they put him on Clonidine at night, Ro. He has so much trouble sleeping because of the tics that we are going to give it a try and see if it doesn't make him too tired the following morning when he has to drive to school at 6am. He has to drive all the way in to Corpus Christi everyday and it takes about 40 minutes for him to get to school. I am really hoping the Clonidine will help so we can both get to sleep earlier each night. I had been contemplating sleeping in the darned attic or something to avoid being awakened by his screams. It like trying to sleep in the Remshaw house. Shazaam!


April 27, 2016 - Msg 104470: Boo & Sterling, Although both of my kids went to public schools and they had good experiences. Their Mother was very involved in their school and their activities.
We gave them the GIFT of a stay-at-home Mom, she was volunteering most of their elementary years so she saw what was going on and who were their friends. It was at NOT at all easy financially but we did it.... I think it helped that most of their friends were Church friends, so that helped the situation.

I applaud you guys who home school or put them in a Christian school environment.. It sure is a different world now a days so I understand your concerns... Tough decision, if you shelter them too much when the get out in the world it's difficult to adjust, or if you don't the world is cruel to them...

You have my prayers.... Tough...Tough!...


April 27, 2016 - Msg 104471: Wow, Boo. I had no idea the Tourette's tics continued even when the person is sleeping! Or did I read that wrong? Does it just keep him from getting to sleep, or does it also occur after he goes to sleep? A very strange malady, for sure.

We're at 82 right now, at 4:55 pm. Not as warm as you, but sure starting to feel like summer. Actually, I haven't worn shoes around home for about a month now, maybe just once in a while. I can't wear flipflops, they hurt my toes! The only time I wear them is to get home from a pedicure, so I don't mess up my freshly-painted toesies!

My little hummingbird appeared about a week ago. The old feeder was still out there, with old, nasty sugar water in it. It was cracked and sunfaded, so I tossed it and filled and hung a new one that the kids gave me for Christmas. The very next day, the hummer appeared, and he's been around every day since then. Pretty little thing.

Well, guess I'll go finish my movie. You gotta love a "pause" button! --Romeena

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104472: Them pause buttons are nice indeed Ro. Makes me wish I had one for real life sometimes. And a rewind. And a fast forward. But I suppose that would take all the spice out of it.

Boo, that is tough about poor Sean and his sleep problems. I hope the medication helps out. No shorts here. Been lucky to get into the 50's. Our local ski resort got 8 inches of snow yesterday, and more for tomorrow. But my Kentucky Blue grass just loves this wet cool weather. I just have to sneak out between storms to try and get it mowed.

GF, Gosh our lives are so similar. My wife also was a stay at home mom until the kids got into Junior High. Then she worked 1 day a week at a Bank until they graduated High School. Then she went full time for a few years working up to a Branch manager until she took ill and had to take a medical retirement. And yes, those early years were tight, but weren't they great? I do have good memories of them. Maybe selective memories also. Oh well, I'll enjoy the good ones. Did I ever tell you about the times I had to walk to school in 2 feet of snow, uphill, both directions? Boy oh boy, those were tough days. :)

PH, Your story reminds me of a few years ago when my Daughters were teenagers. I forget now who the artist was, but some country singer had released a redo of "Wichita Lineman". One day I was taking them somewhere and it came on and I started singing along. They were shocked I knew the song. They were even more shocked when I told them Glenn Campbell had done the song back in the 60's when I was not even a teenager yet. The same thing happened with the song "Something Stupid" that was part of a movie release. I had to go find the original with Frank Sinatra and his Daughter Nancy singing it before they believed me. Ha, silly kids.

Well I have me a good old headache so I am off to bed to nurse it. I must have got into some corn starch somewhere today. Durn stuff.


April 27, 2016 - Msg 104473: Good evening front porch. I enjoy reading the comments posted here once in awhile and I have a few questions. I was watching a Jack Benny episode with Muriel Landers. Is she the same actress who appeared in a episode of Andy Griffith when Barney cut his finger and a chubby girl was on the phone with someone exaggerating the situation? Also, what was the cause of death of Romeena's husband Dale? I mean no disrespect but it seems like he died too young. Ritchie Ferarra

April 27, 2016 - Msg 104474: Hope you feel better, Asa. I hate those headaches!

Ro, Sean doesn't have the tics in his sleep, but they usually keep him from falling asleep late into the night. When he lays down to sleep they seem to kick into high gear. He eventually manages to fall asleep, though. He told me today that he isn't going to start the Clonidine until finals are over next week, which I think is wise. He is probably fairly sleep deprived and needs to be awake as possible. He wants to start working right away and isn't taking classes this summer, but I am hoping he will take a couple of weeks off to rest and catch up on some sleep. Of course, I'm his mom so I think like that. :) He is only thinking about making some money and wants to work at one of the local auto parts stores.

Well, I took Erin and one of her friends to church this evening and got a call from one of my mother-in-law's neighbors telling me that MIL had fallen while outside trying to water her plants. They weren't able to get her up and she had fallen on the concrete so EMS was called. I left right away and by the time Bruce and I got there, she was up but still pretty shaky. Thankfully, she didn't break anything. It was the fourth time she has fallen this month and she was using her walker this time. I think we are going to have to do something. I hate it, but I think the time has come.

Well, been a long couple of days and have work tomorrow.


April 28, 2016 - Msg 104475:
Welcome Ritchie Ferarra. I believe your question concerns the Those Gossipin' Men episode of The Andy Griffith Show that you can watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UztdYeaS6w
I assume that the "chubby girl" you are asking about appears at 3:15 of that video.
I checked the credits for that episode (24:52 and 24:56) and searched the internet for photos of all the females listed in those credits and was surprised I could not find a match. When an actor has spoken lines, they usually appear in the credits. And the chubby girl does say "Did you hear the terrible news? Barney Fife shot himself in the chest!"
Although I had no luck identifying that chubby girl, I believe if you do a comparison of the two links below, you will conclude like I did that they are two different people.

from Poor Horatio

April 28, 2016 - Msg 104476: Good late evening, or early morning, porch! It's after 2 a.m. and I'm still up. Just one of those nights - not sleepy! I'll probably hit the hay soon, though. Tomorrow is another day.

Ritchie Ferarra, welcome to the porch. We're aware that lots of folks "lurk" around the porch from time to time, and we're always happy when you join us and "move to Mayberry", so to speak.

You asked about my husband. He was 58 when he passed, and it was a sudden massive stroke. Apparently he had an aneurysm in his brain stem, possibly since birth, and it chose that moment to rupture. Death was inevitable when that happened, there was nothing anyone could do. I was with him, and it took about a minute, then he was gone. It was terribly hard, but with God's help and the support of these good people here on the porch, I survived the loss.

Well, I'm off to the ironing board. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll sleep in my bed. That ironing board gets hard, and it's kinda narrow. Blessings, folks! --Romeena

April 28, 2016 - Msg 104477: ....The lady in question favors Arnold Ziffels mother in Green Acres? But I don't think it's her...
It could be one of those mysteries like who is Mr. Schwamp?


April 28, 2016 - Msg 104478: HI.


April 28, 2016 - Msg 104479: Yep TOM yes it is that too!... Alota good folks here!... Hopefully you are not getting this coolness and rain that we have here today.... Speaking of "House of Prayers" I don't know if any of you have heard the group "Taylor Fife" but here is their rendition of Momma's House of Prayer" I bought their C/D it's good!.... G-F

April 28, 2016 - Msg 104480: By the way Romeena, finding this group and their work was a "Godwink" in a time of need!.... Let alone having a cool name for their group.... Maybe it can be for others too!....G-F

April 28, 2016 - Msg 104481: G-F, thank you for that link. The song is beautiful, and reminds me of my own parents and the way they saw to it that God was the leader of our family. My dad was an early riser, and would get up at dawn, while the house was still quiet, put the coffee on, and sit down at the kitchen table with his Bible. He would read and pray every morning, always faithful. My mom slept a little later, and after a while, he'd go and wake her, with a cup of coffee at the ready, and usually a slice of toast, or a piece of lovingly prepared fruit, all peeled and sliced, ready to eat. Little Sleepyhead would follow him to the kitchen, and they'd sit and drink their coffee and share their thoughts and plans for the day. Mama was sort of a "pray as you go" person, with the lines of communication always open. Sometimes, standing near enough, you could hear a quick little "breathed" prayer. I'm a bit of a blend of both of them, and I thank God for them every day. They're gone home now, but they're still very much alive in my heart, and my memories. They brought me up in a loving Christian home, and there is absolutely no greater gift you can give your children. --Romeena

April 28, 2016 - Msg 104482: Cant sit on the porch for long..too tired tonight. Its been one of those busy days and I am already ready for the ironing board. I just wanted to check in, though.

Ro, now that my Bruce is about the age Dale was when he passed, I am realizing how young Dale was and how hard it must have been to lose him so soon. I know you never really get over it but I am so glad you have the faith to know that you will be with him again.

Well, I'm off to bed..another full day tomorrow.


April 28, 2016 - Msg 104483: Hmmm, I don't know, Poor Horatio. If you take that first pic of the "chubby girl"(the TAGS one), lighten up her hair a little, paint on some weird looking eyebrows, and take getting older into consideration, I could come to the conclusion that that IS the same actress. She has the same "look" in her eyes and shape of her mouth. I could be wrong though. I often am.

Case in point, my wondering if my wife meant if may be ok for Noah to go to Kindergarten at the Christian school by her answer of "I don't know" to my question of "Which school?"
Yeah, she brought it up again tonight and also mentioned that "open enrollment" could be ending soon. I actually think it has ended. So that kind of made me think she was just talking about schools in the public school district.
But anyway, I took the opportunity to ask, or start to ask, what she would think if we were to send Noah to....
And that's all the further I got, before she said "No!" With a frown on her face.
I plowed ahead anyway, telling her the good points that I mentioned in my other post above of why it wouldn't hurt to send him at least to Kindergarten there.
She didn't say much except to bring up something that Noah had mentioned earlier in the day, which I knew would come back to be used as an argument against sending him there.
He said that "the teacher was mad at him". My wife perked up and prodded him some more, and Noah said that the teacher was mad because he was next to her(or something like that).
Now, he could have seen something like this on one of his shows, or was just using his imagination, but to my wife, this instantly must have meant that the "teacher" at the church was mad at him when I took him to children's church last Sunday.
Even though when he first said this, he mentioned a "he" being mad at him. Well, for one thing, Noah's teacher for that day was a she, and she is one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet. I have talked to her plenty of times and I know her as a humble, kind, and friendly Christian woman, who is bringing up a nice little boy.
I told my wife who Noah's teacher was last Sunday, because she knows her as well, and she kind of dropped it after that.

I am getting a glimpse of how it would be if Noah does go to the Christian school, and I hope I am wrong, but it could be the same as when Kai went there, with my wife pouncing on every little perceived "wrong" that the school does. I don't even know what Sunday school has to do with the regular school!

I have asked her that he "at least" be allowed to go to Kindergarten there, and I don't think that is too much to ask. I would like Noah to have at least a little bit of a Christian school education.
But I am saddened by her reaction. I was hoping/praying that she would be a little more open to it. Hopefully she will think about it and the positives I have mentioned to her, and will at least give her ok this time. Then maybe during the year her heart will not be so hardened against the school when she sees Noah thriving and having fun, because I swear, I have never seen children who were so filled with joy, especially in those lower grades. That is something that attracted me to the school when we were looking into it for Kai.

Well, at least it is in the open now. I still pray God will soften her heart towards it and she sees the benefit in it.
After we spoke about it, she wasn't mad or anything for the rest of the night, so maybe there is some hope. Hey, I have to cling to it when I can.

Thank you Romeena, Boo, G-F, Asa, MDC and anyone else I forgot for your thoughts and insights on the matter. And definitely for the prayers.

-Sterling Holobyte