May 10, 2016 - Msg 104635:



TOM :(

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104636: Oh yes Romeena, 16 inch tall seats, AND grab bars in the new shower stall. (One reason why we had to look at so many is because both have to go under those 'banjo' countertops, and we have a 30 inch height limit to be able to still access the tank!) I bet ASA and GF have had to deal with those, and their other buddy, Justin Time. :) But, Jerry Rigg has visited my attic many times! ha. We are realizing that we are not spring chickens anymore, and thus making the changes to our home. Also are getting the elongated toilets, woohoo!! :)
Where is RITCHIE?? i hope we didnt scare him off with all this 'potty talk!' lol
BIG MAUDE, boy you were busier than a cows tail in fly season!! But glad all went well, and the kids graduations too. No trivial trivialities for sure. And thanks for the lunch. Love fried bologna!
BOO--glad Bruce got some work done and soon all that dirt will be lawn! I have seen ads on TV for this green stuff that you spray onto soil that has seed and fertilizer and something that makes it stick to the ground, and birds dont eat it. Have you considered that for seeding?
Also, that sounds like a good plan for your MIL, and she seems OK with it. Answer to prayer! Hang in there.
Later from the painting front, MDC

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104637: Howdy TOM, you posted and swept just before I posted. Glad your sister is doing much better!
Will continue my prayers. Nice sweeping job.

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104638: TOM that is good that your Sister did not haft to have surgery, continued prayers for her...G-F

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104639: Thanks MDC, I will ask Bruce about the seeds you mentioned.

Glad to hear things are improving with your sister, TOM! Thank you for giving us an update.

Tea and crumpets, Ro? I'm you watch Downton Abbey?

Well Maude, sounds like you are super busy these days! Did I miss something? Who is getting married? Patrick?

Sean made all A's in his college courses this semester; even English. :) Thanks for your prayers for him for YEARS. :) He has decided to take the summer off and get a job for the summer. He has a job interview at a local auto parts store this afternoon.

Erin will be getting out of school on May 20th. They have something here called flex days and if the kids do well and stay out of trouble all year, they get out earlier for summer. The other kids have to attend the flex days until June 2. I think its a pretty good incentive to do well.

It's a very warm day here in south texas and I don't know if I am ready for summer yet. I keep remembering how the air conditioning went out in the facility I work in last summer. I was a month without air conditioning in 90-100 degree weather and no windows. Yikes.

Been doing laundry today and still am not caught up. Made homemade beef-veggie soup and chocolate chip cookie bars. Mmm.


May 10, 2016 - Msg 104640: Hey to Boo: Yep, Patrick is getting married June 18th ! He is marrying a lovely young woman named Daysie, They met in kindergarten. They were very good friends through their public school years, had a lot of their high school classes together. They both were always dating someone else . They saw each other through break ups, advanced placement classes and
stayed in touch when they were a different colleges after high school. They started dating 2 years ago and got engaged
Thanksgiving last year. She graduated in December with a degree is hospital lab management and is already working in the lab at a local hospital. He starts his job June 30th. It's an exciting time for them and for us too. You musta missed the news back at Thanksgiving. So now your updated lol
Big Maude

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104641: Hey to Boo: Yep, Patrick is getting married June 18th ! He is marrying a lovely young woman named Daysie, They met in kindergarten. They were very good friends through their public school years, had a lot of their high school classes together. They both were always dating someone else . They saw each other through break ups, advanced placement classes and
stayed in touch when they were a different colleges after high school. They started dating 2 years ago and got engaged
Thanksgiving last year. She graduated in December with a degree is hospital lab management and is already working in the lab at a local hospital. He starts his job June 30th. It's an exciting time for them and for us too. You musta missed the news back at Thanksgiving. So now your updated lol
Big Maude

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104642: Thanks for the update, Maude! I am very happy for you and your family. Exciting times. :)


May 10, 2016 - Msg 104643: Hey gang...wewe done great at the Georgia linemans Rodeo ..won so many awards well recope from trip for Mrs SPOT and I ...prayers. Got my maters..cukes..squash..and peppers in today almost done...SPOT

May 10, 2016 - Msg 104644: I have a question for those of you who might be my age or older. Do you find it hard to read because you get too sleepy? About the past year or so, I had to practically give up reading because everytime I sit down to read, I want to fall asleep within about 5 minutes. Do any of you have the same problem. I am thinking it is just my age.


May 11, 2016 - Msg 104645: Yep, Boo, you nailed it. It's yer age! At least it's not yer shocks! You'd have to fix those. The sleepiness you can let go unfixed. Don't try to fix it, just enjoy it! --Romeena

May 11, 2016 - Msg 104646: Speaking of fixing things, David came over this afternoon, and that boy spent all afternoon working on my car. The rear passenger window's lift motor has been disconnected because I didn't want to spend $300 at the shop to have it replaced. The front passenger window will go down, and usually will go up, but sometimes it won't, so I just try to remember not to put it down. Also, the a/c "actuator" thing growls and sometimes works, sometimes not. When it won't, I get cold air blown on me, but the passenger gets heated air! Then next time, it will work fine. Ditto with the lock mechanism on the front passenger door. All of this together, at a shop, would run me at least $1000. David has fixed the actuator, it's working fine now. We think he fixed the door lock as well, but can't be sure because he still has the door torn down, working on the window lift motor. The parts stores here don't have what he needs, so he's ordered the two lift motors, and it will be two days before they get here. So, my dash is back together and the a/c works right now, but the front passenger door has all its innards hanging out, and the interior panel is sitting in the garage! He hasn't started on the rear passenger window yet, but the part is ordered. Anyway, all this will be fixed, and it will be about $300 to me for the parts, and he probably won't even let me pay that. Happy Mother's Day to me, indeed! I take very good care of that car, and hate it when things need repair, but I just haven't been in a position to put it in the shop and shell out $1000 or more. David to the rescue!

Brittney and the boys came here when the boys got out of school, and we had such a lovely evening. Landry vacuumed the living room and office for me - he loves to vacuum, and does a great job, bless him! Just as we sat down to a dinner of hamburgers and fries, the power went out! It was our whole grid, I guess, because you couldn't see lights anywhere, no street lights, nothing. The boys know where I keep my candles (I have oodles) and they got busy lighting them and positioning them around the living area and kitchen. We shined a flashlight onto the kitchen ceiling, and the white ceiling reflected the light back down, so along with the candles, we could see our dinner quite well. We ate and had a good time, and the boys cleared everything away and loaded the dishwasher.

Then we gathered in the living room and Hudson got out his bassoon and played for us, by candlelight. That kid is getting darned good on that very difficult instrument. His teacher says it usually takes about three years to get to where he is in his playing, and he just started it in October. After about half an hour of his playing, the power came back on, and has not gone off again. The kids went home, and it's just me and Toye Starr now. Guess we'll head for bed soon. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

May 11, 2016 - Msg 104647: BOO--Here is a link to that seeding method. Tell Bruce to give it a look-see:


May 11, 2016 - Msg 104648:
TOM, I am glad to learn that your sister is making progress, even though it might be slow. We will keep up with the prayers for both her and you. Be sure to tell her we are thinking about her.

BOO and MDC, that Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn product looks great in the advertisement. However, when I searched for it over at and skimmed though the over 400 reviews, I was surprised to see so many low ratings.

from Poor Horatio

May 11, 2016 - Msg 104649: Romeena, sure is good to have such handy kids... He's got you back to "Cool Running" like the movie...Ha!... And ya even got a candlelight serenade to boot!... Yep it was a Good Day!...

Boo, as far as the reading thing goes, I'm with ya, it does the same thing to me too!... That is why I like books with short chapters. I've been reading some of SQuire Rushnell's "Godwink" books it's taking me time to get thru them for that very reason... We ain't "Spring Chickens" anymore... I think Doc Edwards said that!

Congrats to Maude... Sounds like he's marrying his best friend! Those kind of friends you have for life...Amen?..


May 11, 2016 - Msg 104650: Good Morning all.

Sure glad to read that your Sister is doing better Tom. Prayers continue my friend.

Romeena, that is so nice to have your Son so handy, and so willing to take care of those problems on your vee-hickle (my Rizzo tip of the hat). I was surprised back a few years ago to hope into my Jeep one day and notice the rear drivers side window down. I never use the rear windows at all. And nothing would happen when I tried raising it. So I tore into it and found a plastic clip that attaches from the operator to the window mechanism had broke. Cheap junk that even made me more upset when I found out I had to replace the entire operator. I could not just replace the garbage plastic piece. Well two days after repairing that side, the passenger side rear window did the exact same thing. I was really ticked off because 1. These things were designed so cheap, B. I never even use them, and 4. the Jeep was not that old. I tried to see if the warranty would cover these, but it would not. I did some research and found out this was a common problem on the 2006 and 2007 Jeep Liberty's. So I called the manufactures customer service line and vented on them. They asked me if I would send them a letter explaining in detail what had happened. I did so, explaining that I was not happy with an obvious design flaw, and felt they should own up to it and make it right. They called me back and offered me a check that covered about 80% of what I had spent for the two new operators, so I guess I did alright by them. Still though, I told them I was calling there vee-hickle a "Cheap Liberty" instead of a "Jeep Liberty" because of such poor components like that.

Boo, yes Ma-am, I tend to fall asleep at night when I read. Your question brings to mind my favorite non Barney TAGS episode though. "Family Visit". And the scene when Andy and Ollie are in bed, and Ollie and Nora are exchanging words about his goose down pillow, with Andy stuck between the two of them. Then Ollie going on about how she always does this, gets him all worked up at bedtime and how he now won't be able to sleep a wink. Andy reaches down and gets a magazine and is telling Ollie that he just reads for a bit and he nods right off. As he turns back to hand the magazine to Ollie, Ollie is fast asleep already. HA! Always makes me LOL. Great episode.

Well better get off to work.

Prayers for all.


May 11, 2016 - Msg 104651: LOL, yes, I feel like Ollie sometimes, ASA! lol

That part that makes the windows go up and down is called a regulator and certain vehicles have cheap ones, as you said Asa. Sean drives a Buick LaSabre and he has replaced four window regulators on it (in one year).

Ro, so glad David was able to save you the cost of repairs. isn't it great to have a son that can do that kind of thing? Last week Sean replaced the blower motor on my air conditioner. That would have cost me a fortune at the mechanics. Sounds like you had a terrific time with your family. I saw a picture on facebook that Brittany posted of laundry with the candle. I couldn't tell that he was playing the bassoon, though. That is really neat. I had a friend in highschool that played bassoon really well and I just loved the sound of it. I was already invested in the French horn or I probably would have switched to bassoon.

Erin had STAR testing today but it was history and that is her best subject. She has a 99 average right now in that class. I struggled through history as a young'un and hated it until I was well into adulthood. She really loves history, though, and I'm glad.

Im having a little coffee break and contemplating what chore I will do next. Guess it will be more laundry, as usual. I just had a scary thought..Christmas is only 7 months away! heehee


May 11, 2016 - Msg 104652: Good afternoon, porch. Boo, that's Hudson in the first picture, playing the bassoon. He's 13. Landry is in the second picture, with the two candles. He's 15, and 6'2", still growing! Great kids, both of them. Hudson is quiet, an introvert mostly, though he has his moments. Landry is a bit more outgoing, very neat, likes things clean and organized. He ran the vacuum for me last night, and seemed to enjoy doing it. David and Brittney have done an excellent job with them, have a good, loving parental relationship with them, and best of all, they keep them in church. To me, it looks like they just do everything right, and I think they should write a manual - "How to Raise Good Boys."

Well, got lots to do - better go. Hang in there, Tom. Blessings! --Romeena

May 11, 2016 - Msg 104653: I thought I was typing Landry and auto correct got me and it turned out laundry..figures. Sometimes I confuse Landry and Hudson, sorry. :) such cute young'uns.


May 12, 2016 - Msg 104654: Prayers for Oklahoma today. My goodness, terrible tornados!
PH--thanks for the tip. I was just going by the commercials on TV. Those reviews are good tho, have read many concerning things with my remodel!
Tile guys will be here today! Thursday, better hit the ol' ironing board.

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104655: ...."Cheap Liberty".. Good one Asa... Is anything like "Found On Road Dead?...FORD...LOL...G-F

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104656: Good afternoon, porch. Well, I had an interesting night! About 10 pm, a big old thunderstorm rolled in, lots of lightning, wind, hard rain. I was sitting here at my window, just watching the show, when suddenly fireworks started erupting from the power line that runs along above my back fence. It shot sparks several feet high, from two locations on the wire, for about thirty seconds, and then the power went off. I waited a bit, then called Oncor to report it. Of course, it's one of those automated things, so you can't tell it any details, which is too bad, because in this case, the details would have been helpful. Anyway, it was off all night, and every time I called the recorded thing said they were unable to give me an estimate on when it would be back on. This morning David came to finish fixing my car, and he was able to open the door manually, which I never could have done. Finally, at 11 a.m. (exactly 12 hours since it went off) I called one more time. That time, it said something like "We have repaired several service breaches in your area, restoring your power, and your service ticket has been closed." Uh, no. I don't think so. I just called and entered another service request. About an hour later, the Oncor guy appeared, I told him what I had seen, he went straight to the problem and fixed it. You see? It's all about communication, and we just don't have much of that anymore. Makes me crazy.

Now, at this late hour, with power to work with, I'm going to get some laundry done, and pack a few things. Going to San Antonio in the morning, with a group from church, will be back Sunday. A friend is staying here with Toye Starr. Blessings, porch. --Romeena

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104657: Romeena.. I'm betting SPOT's crew coulda fixed it faster you know his guys are freaky fast like Jimmy John's! G-F

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104658: Omigosh! I am so excited! I knew something besides a squirrel had nested in one of my nest boxes, but wasn't sure just what it was. I've seen a small gray face at the little round door, but it's always back in the shadows and I can't tell what it is. I thought it might be a possum. Well, it's not! Today, the face popped out of the little hole for a few seconds and I had my binoculars, and I'll be dogged! It's a duck! A wood duck, I'm almost positive. A little gray/brown duck with a dark gray bill and white eye rings. I'm sure she's got a clutch of eggs in there, could be as many as ten or fifteen. When they hatch, she'll fly to the ground and call to them, and one by one, they'll perch on the doorstep, then leap into space and plop on the ground! She'll then lead them to my pond, planning to take up residence there! Not. At that point, I'll gather them all up and escort them to our local duck ponds, where they'll be far better off. My little pond will not support a family of ducks, and cats would get them for sure. How exciting though, to have a wood duck nesting in my back yard! --Romeena

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104659: How exciting about the ducks, Ro!! Hope you have a great trip to San Antonio. Be safe.


May 12, 2016 - Msg 104660: Boo I think Bernie may have invited them, he needed some new friends....G-F

May 12, 2016 - Msg 104661: I think Bernie is pretty content with his girlfriends here at the coop. The hens must be happy, too, because they have started laying some big eggs. They had stopped laying for almost a year and I told Bruce to go ahead and chop their heads off..I guess they heard me cause, darn if they didn't start laying like crazy again. It's true. :)

I would like to have a duck but I know it would hang out on the back porch and poop all over it like the chickens used to do when I let them out. The duck would spend the day looking in my back windows waiting for a treat.

I watched to "Call the Man" ep tonight on MeTV and that ep used to get under my skin because of Bee being so hard headed, but this time I was struck by how sweet the scene is between her and Mr. Foley. I love the way he is so kind to her and mentions that she has been such a good customer. He really showed Christian charity and a loving attitude.


May 13, 2016 - Msg 104662: Hi All, just another quick hello. Tile guys were here today all day, but going well.
RO--you see, you change power companies, and POW! ha Was that on the same pole that was 'leaning' a few years back? Have a nice trip!
Prayers for the world!

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104663: Asa...You getting all those A/C filters changed?... The HVAC guys around here don't know what to do, mostly been cool lately but was warm and muggy yesterday, but back to cool today and talk of frost on the weekend.

I have many plants to get into the ground but still too risky yet. So I guess I'll just have to play musical plants and keep moving them inside at night.... That's how it goes here in Ohio.


May 13, 2016 - Msg 104664: Happy Friday morning all.

My goodness Boo, your threats on them chickens worked it sounds like. I guess they would rather produce Sunday breakfast than to be Sunday dinner. Have you ever had duck eggs? I have not, but I hear they are quite good. I always enjoyed the "Call the Man" episode. I have a co-worker who is always (and I mean always) looking for a killer deal on anything. And he almost always gets burned in the end. He is a TAGS fan also, so when he starts telling me about his latest scheme to try and save some $, I just tell him "Call the man Randy, just call the man". He would be the first to admit his plans seldom work out, but he is almost possessed to keep on trying. I imagine we all know at least one person like that. As Gomer would say, "People sure are funny".

Hey MDC, Maybe you could commission Otis to do a mosaic tile scene on your bathroom walls. lol

Glad you got your power back on Ro. Those small isolated outages seem to take the longest to repair sometimes.

Hey GF, The a/c work is in high gear now buddy. Dust off you gauges and come give me some aid. "NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR NEIGHBOR"! :)

Speaking of such, I better hop to it. Another 3 day weekend as I have Monday off on use or lose. Yippee!

Prayers for all.


May 13, 2016 - Msg 104665: Asa, I'm thinking Boo did her best "Ruby Thewes" impression to get those chickens "Right". "Let's put him in a pot!"..... Her best Scared Straight threat.

Sorry Asa, I had to leave my gauges at work, they belonged to the company, but I make up for it by being real good at soldering! For when you get those leaky "T's"... As they say in the soldering world, "Cleandlyness is nex to Godlyness"

Where's Sterling been?...Hope everything is Ok buddy, and to TOM, how is Sister doing?..... G-F again

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104666: Hey gang, tile guys here again...ASA, no wall tile tho, only floors, but maybe over the fireplace! ha
Funny story to tell you all about isolated power outages. A few years ago we had power go out about 5 times a few months apart, and it always ended up being the transformer box in our alley that serves 4 houses. (We have underground utilities in our 'hood) and it would take them FOREVER to come out. Finally, the 6th time I called about it going out again I said, "Look, I have a bolt cutter, and I have watched the guy flip the big breaker in the box 5 times now, what if I just cut off the lock, flip it myself and save you all a trip out here?" The reply, "Oh no sir! Dont do that, we'll be out shortly!." Well, they did come pretty quickly, and this time they had a new transformer with them, changed it out, and all has been well since. I think I SCARED them straight! ha
ASA-thanks for the prayers. I know that you are a "doer of the Word!" :)
Well, tile guy has a question...

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104667: MDC: I am lurking around the front porch as usual. Just so many things to do outside now that winter is gone and summer on the way. I do try and read everyones comments though. I just don't have much to say. I kinda don't fit in except for funny TAGS stuff. I swear, Romeena knows everything. She's better than Google. I do try and picture her garden. Then there is the one guy who always seems to be climbing walls to maintain rooftop HVAC units. All in all very interesting reading here. Ritchie Feraara

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104668:
Have you folks read about the mother goose in Cincinnati Ohio who summoned police to help rescue one of her babies? The baby was tangled up in a string attached to a deflated balloon.
The mother goose walked up to a parked police car where an officer was sitting inside. The goose began to peck on the door of the squad car. The officer thought it was hungry so he tossed her some food. But when she ignored the food, the officer got out of the squad car. The mother goose began to walk away so the officer followed her. She led him to where her tangled up baby was located.
Because Cincinnati has been experiencing problems with aggressive and over-protective geese attacking other humans, the officer requested assistance from animal control. Unfortunately they were not immediately available. But then a female officer arrived, who just happened to be a mother herself. After a few minutes of trying, she was able to free the baby.
Watch the rescue in the following video

from Poor Horatio

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104669: STERLIN-The directive from the White House today may help your wife make up her mind about public vs private schools!! :(
Just sayin',

May 13, 2016 - Msg 104670: Pretty amazing PH, I thought it was going to be a joke, or going up an alley and hollerin' fish!
Hey to Ritchie.

May 14, 2016 - Msg 104671: If anyone is bored tonight and don't have anything to do, they are showing "Believeland" on ESPN's 30 for 30 show tonight at 9:30pm ET. It is a documentary about the struggles of being a Cleveland sports fan. It kinda say's it all!...Heartaches, nothin but HEARTACHES!.... Right TOM?...


May 14, 2016 - Msg 104672: Things seem pretty relaxed here on the porch this weekend.

I ended up getting called in to work today to cover for someone during the day. It was fairly easy money, so now complaints. I am jus tired and didn't get as many chores done as I would have liked to.

Im glad tomorrow is Sunday. I am ready for preachin'. Been going through a bit of a faith struggle with somethings, so am seeking truth from the Lord. Please shoot up a prayer for me that the Lord would give me wisdom. Thanks! :)

I think I will take it easy and relax for the rest of the evening. Pass me a moon pie..


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104673: Good Sabbath to all! Boo, will be lifting you up in prayer.
Friends, we really need to pray for our country,
I'm afraid of what other 'directives' will be coming out of the WH in these last few months of
their 'power play.' I feel very strongly that the push is on to transform this land, and must stand strongly and boldly for right and good!
Just my humble opinion. I love tags and this porch, but I also love a right and morally directed country. OK, soapbox is put away.
The remodel is going well. The tile is finally all installed and grouted, so that phase is done! woohoo :)

May 15, 2016 - Msg 104674: Perhaps I just need to "quaff some ale." :) mdc

May 15, 2016 - Msg 104675: Good Sabbath porch pals.

Boo, I would be honored to offer prayers for you dear friend. I am glad you asked.

MDC, It is interesting you mention prayers for our Nation because of the transformation that is going on, and then talk a little about your remodeling project. It kind of fits in together in my view. This Nation has been going through a transformation for some time, and this administration seems to be putting a lot of the final touches on it, like grouting the tile. Sad to see, but I think the America we once knew is history. I have long felt that the silent majority were being led by the vocal minority. But the last few election cycles has changed my thought process. We have voted in to office those who have campaigned to transform America. One thing I can say for the current leader, he told us his desires for change, and he didn't lie about it. It has been a hard pill to swallow for me, and I am sure a lot of folks don't share my thinking. But if you look back at how we have become so divided in this Nation, you can see how it is happened. We are divided by race, by gender, by gender confusion, by religion, by social status, by income, by just about anything you can think of separating people by. A community used to be a neighborhood. It today is any of the things I just mentioned. And I can't help but think of the old saying, "United we stand, divided we fall". Well, united we are not, in my view. Wow, I surely didn't mean to go off the rails like that. Sorry. Just an old man rambling on I reckon. Did I ever tell you about the times I had to walk 20 miles in 2 feet of snow, uphill both ways, to get to school every day? :) When I mention to folks my thoughts, they tell me I am negative and/or cynical, and I must see no hope for our future. But that isn't the case a-tall. I know who is in charge, and I will follow Him down whatever path He leads me. That doesn't mean I should be passive and silent, and I am not. But it does leave me with a sure knowledge that in the end, all will be well, as long as I stay true to Him till the end.

There, you just got your sermon for the day, and you didn't even ask for one. lol

Prayers for you all.


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104676: MDC... Maybe you can "quaff" some Dr. Pepper and have a Moon Pie with Boo to relax instead...

Good Sermon for the Day Asa!...I think there are alota people who are questioning their vote for "change". It's another example of what you get (or don't get) for FREE... Better be careful what ya ask for, ya just may get it!... As Forrest says: " That's all I have to say about that!"....

Burrr it's cold here today, was in the 30's last night and again tonight with talk about some SNOW flurries... Welcome to Ohio!.... Have a Great Day....


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104677: Wow just a quick trouble check..Cobb EMC took home 23 awards from the Georgia Linemans Rodeo !..several 1st place...more than any other Power company !...and I have been bushoggin all work today to have a break !..ok...let me read the archives !..SPOT

May 15, 2016 - Msg 104678: CLEVELAND SPORTS IS A BIG CRAZY JOKE.

:( TOM :(

May 15, 2016 - Msg 104679: Well Tom, there are some good things to come out of Cleveland. :)


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104680: Thanks for those prayers, I really appreciate it!

Asa, I know it seems like the culture is turning upside down and most of the changes are positive ones. I have been pretty silent on the issue of public restrooms and I see the problem with the changes being made. It is scary, but I have also been kind of appalled at the attitudes of some of my Christian friends when it comes to the transgender issue. There are a lot of mean-spirited comments going around on facebook, etc. I know people are frustrated but I think we need to be careful. From what I have studied, I believe transgenderism is a mental disorder, falling under the category of body dysmorphic disorders. Many Christians are treating it as a heinous sin. Being plagued with unwanted feelings that weren't chosen by the individual is a very lonely, painful place to be. Many kids with this disorder are depressed and many commit suicide while much of the church is labeling them as sinners and I think that is wrong. Of course, that is my opinion and I don't resent those who differ, but I do wish people would educate themselves before judging. The truth is most of us are going to have to face (if we don't already) the struggles of someone very close to us and we need to be ready for it. I know I tried to avoid certain subjects because they were uncomfortable, until I had to face them because someone I love very much came to me because they were living with such shame and heartache over their s#xual orientation..begging God everyday to take it away. The pain and isolation is hard for anyone to understand unless they have been there. In the meant time, so many Christians are holding up a bible between themselves and those hurting and isolated. I am one of those Christians who believes that some people are born that way. That is not a sin. How they choose to live their lives will determine that. There, I said it and I'm not taking it back.


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104681: I meant to say most of the changes are NOT positive and my comments were in no way directed at you Asa, or anyone on the porch. :)


May 15, 2016 - Msg 104682: PH, as I said I'm not really into basketball but I hope the Cav's "Act Like Somebody" while they are up in your neck of the woods...

Asa... Remember to Relax Tomorrow.... What's You're Hurry? Enjoy your day off, just make one of those crock pot meals and let the pot do the work... G-F

May 15, 2016 - Msg 104683: Good evening, porch. Just got home a couple of hours ago from our trip to San Antonio. We were 39 happy wanderers on a big old bus, with a friendly and capable driver, and we had a great time. We stayed at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, a very historic and lovely old hotel. It's right next door to the Alamo, so we visited there, and then the bus took us to four of the missions located in San Antonio. Beautiful, peaceful, serene places. At one in particular, I just wanted to stay there, very comfortable on a bench under a shade tree. I could just almost feel the spirits of those who lived and worked there, both missionaries and Indians. Beautiful.

Boo, and Asa, I hear you both. My take on the issue at hand is that it's not something that can be legislated. It's true, as Christians, we need to relate to these folks with love and kindness, not isolation and name-calling. I agree that in many, if not most, cases the problem is not something they've sought, it has confronted them. Working in labor and delivery for many years, I saw three babies in that time who were born with "ambiguous genitalia", which is medical-speak for having the physical characteristics of both genders. Imagine the misery of new parents who, when asked "What did you have?" are forced to reply, "Well, we're not sure yet." Years ago, parents just decided, and surgery was done to "correct" the problem by eliminating one gender manifestation. What if the parents chose wrong? Now, we have DNA testing to help guide the parents, but still there's a time lapse before the results come back, and the parents still have to face family and friends without a concrete answer. Wow.

My point is - if that visible physical anomaly can occur, then what other confusion can there be, that isn't so obvious? Things go wrong in the developing stages - babies are born with all sorts of problems, as we all know. Perhaps some of these questions of orientation or self-identity are quite real. I think they are.

However, I also believe that there are those who have tried every other trick in the book, now let's try this. Without question, there will be boys and men who will suddenly decide to "feel like a female" just to gain access to places previously off-limits. If you think that won't happen, just hide and watch. When I was in high school, back in the dark ages, some boys took a brace-and-bit (anybody else know what that is? It was a drill before we had electric ones.) into the boys shower room in the gym, and used it to drill a dime-sized hole in the wall between the boys' shower and the girls' shower on the other side. No one knows how long it was there before it was discovered, and plugged, but the point is, peeping is nothing new, and now we're giving men license to do just that. They don't even have to hide it. They just say "I feel like a woman" and walk in. Ridiculous!

My father used to say "You can't legislate morality" and he was right. The laws need to be based in common sense, the miniscule minority need to understand that they ARE a minority and laws shouldn't be made to accommodate them at the risk of everyone else. Accept the single-stall bathrooms that are appearing everywhere, and be grateful for them. As for the rest of us, be gentle, be kind, and compassionate. Live and let live. --Romeena

May 16, 2016 - Msg 104684: Have a good week all. Tom and GF...90s here! mdc

May 16, 2016 - Msg 104685: Absolutely, Ro. I agree on every point.


May 16, 2016 - Msg 104686: I don't know, MDC. My wife doesn't keep up on the news. We will also have to see what our schools around here do and what policies, if any, they put in place. If they do start letting the boys go into the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, that is a deal breaker. I am hoping my wife feels the same way.

Boo, I agree with some of what you say, but other stuff, not so much. I agree that transgenderism is a mental disorder, but moreover than that it IS a sin issue. Is it worse than any other kind of sin? No. The problem comes when the world tries to put that sin into law, as they are doing now. And putting the people who actively practice that sin up on a pedestal and making them a protected class of people. Less than half of 1% trumping the common sense measures that the other 99.7% want to live by. Crazy.
I hear so much about how someone has changed their attitude and beliefs about such matters just because someone close to them is involved in that certain lifestyle, and it just boggles my mind. I will not compromise my principles and begin believing that evil is good and good is evil just because a family member or beloved friend is afflicted by an immoral lifestyle. I can feel sorry for them and I can pray for them, but I can't blame God for their sin. That blame is totally on Satan.
You can still follow God's laws and principles, and you can talk about them. Doesn't mean you have to be cruel to do it, and you shouldn't be. But we are to be SALT and light. Not just light. Being salt means sometimes the truth hurts, but it hurts more to let someone descend into the depths of depravity and eternal damnation never hearing the truth. If someone was drunk and wanting to drive home, would you hold their hand and comfort them as they drove, or would you take the keys away from them?

I will never believe that someone was "born that way" especially with so many that make that claim today when so much of that is influenced by the culture and decades of behavior modification through the media and schools. People born with physical abnormalities excepted, but even that is the result of sin; The sin that started all the death, and illness, and depravity that exists in the world to begin with. You can read about it starting in Genesis, but you already know that.
I believe we are living in perilous times, when compromise of God's word is an almost daily occurrence. And as Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative says, "Crack, crack, crack." goes the foundation of God's word with every compromise.

Sorry for the "fire and brimstone" speech, but it is what I think. I may have even damaged some friendships here by some of the things I said, I don't know, but I don't want you to think I am singling you out on this, Boo. This is bigger than all of us. And there is only One who can change it.
And I am not talking about Donald Trump.

Ok, back to some pleasant stuff. I just began the first color episodes of TAGS on Netflix last night. I have to say I was glad to see them arrive. I have to admit I was getting kind of tired of watching them in black and white, and it is nice to see Mayberry in brilliant color.
Though in the first part of the first color episode, Andy is pretty gruff in it(a preview of things to come perhaps?), but I suppose he had to be that way to set up the story of Opie needing the job to fix his bike and learning the value of a dollar.

90's MDC? Night before last here it was down to 35 at night. Yuck. Sunnier and nicer today. I hope to be able to put away the coats and turn the furnace off for good soon. Wishful thinking?.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 16, 2016 - Msg 104687: Good morning, porch. Sterling, you need not apologize for speaking your mind and expressing what's in your heart. Everyone has a right to do that, when it's done with respect, as you did, and not allowed to descend into meanness. These are sensitive issues, and we're all coming from differing positions of experience.

I cannot disagree with a thing you've said, in principal. Sin is sin. However, I will question the challenge to whether some are "born" that way. I used to say that. Then, my life experiences have taught me to temper that statement. When we moved into this house, there was a family across the street with two little boys. One was a typical rough-and-tumble boy, the carbon copy of his dad, and the other was different. He had a delicate build, he walked and moved like a little girl. At the age of three, it was quite evident. When the kids played Batman and Superman, he was always Wonder Woman! True story. As they grew up, it continued, and the last time I saw him, going into a restaurant, he was about 35 and it was quite plain what his lifestyle was. Those two brothers were raised the same way, in a Christian home, with love and equal experiences, but one was gay, one was not. I can't explain it.

Also, at my church, there is a man who is gay, but does not practice the lifestyle. He works hard at the church, is a friend to all, volunteers, has a little "route" he follows on Sunday mornings, to bring elderly or disabled people to church, lends his beautiful tenor to the choir, and lives alone. He has acknowledged his orientation to a few trusted people, and has clearly said that he doesn't practice it. As he said, his celibacy is his sacrifice to God.

My husband used to say he thought there were three kinds of homos3xual people. First, a relatively small percentage who are ruled by inborn traits that would require a great exercise of will to control - such as the man at my church. They are the quiet ones, who live their lives, usually with an equally discreet partner, and don't make waves. They just want to be left alone. Second, a group who may have been pushed that way by traumatic experiences, abuse, or just poor parenting. They're often quiet too, but sometimes there's a little anger that makes them a bit more vocal. They may be defensive, and a little angry at whatever influenced them. Third, a significant, larger group who have tried every other wild thing life has to offer, and just decide to do that, too! They are the "flamers" you see in the parades, on the streets, all around us. They not only live the lifestyle, they flaunt it, push it, and want to grind it into every aspect of American life. They're the ones causing all the trouble.

As for transgenders, the situation is much the same. I believe there are people who truly have a mental disorder, who have a sense of being in the "wrong" body. I have to remember those three babies and the questions raised by what I saw. I also remember a woman who worked in chart review at the hospital. She had a somewhat masculine build, but dressed and presented strictly as a woman. I had known her for over a year and never thought a thing about it. Then we had a big ice storm that kept everyone at the hospital for several hours past the end of their shift (nothing was moving outside - nothing!) and I suddenly became aware that the woman had a five o'clock shadow! A significant one! No one ever mentioned it, but as I think back, I'm certain she was a transgender. Whether she had undergone any surgery, I don't know. So, as I said, they have been among us and caused no trouble for years. Now we have a bunch of sick agitators, voyeurs, "peeping toms", and others with a personal agenda, and that's where the trouble is coming from. And the left sees a big bloc of voters, so they're getting on their bandwagon and pushing their issues, in the name of "equality." It seems to me that most of the agitation is coming from the politicians, rather than the people themselves.

I think we're all pretty much on the same page here. However, one thing comes to mind that might be worth mentioning. Many years ago, a group called The Kingston Trio recorded a song called "Coplas!" It contained a lyric that has always stuck with me. It was "Tell your parents not to muddy the water around us; they may have to drink it soon." Life can sometimes throw you a curve ball you don't expect. It has happened to me, more than once.

Peace, and blessings, porch. --Romeena