May 21, 2016 - Msg 104736: Good Saturday morning all. Sure glad the weekend is here.

Thank you for all the prayers for the Ricks family. They are dealing with this very well, and I am certain that your prayers in their behalf are part of the reason for that.

PH, I think the authorities are being careful not to assume to much. It was several days before there was any mention of a connection of their crimes and the missing UTA worker. But now that the body and the work truck have been found, I am sure they are putting the events together. The Centerville Utah Chief of Police said it would be highly unlikely that the two captured men were NOT INVOLVED in the death of Kay Ricks. Centerville is the City in which the mother and four daughters were restrained.

Thanks MDC. It is a bit difficult to lose a co-worker like that. Although we did not work together, all of us realize how it could have been anyone of us in that position. Kay was just a few years older than me, and had three kids, as do I, and six Grandkids, as do I. It really hits home.

Prayers for your Sister Tom. As Ro mentioned, they seem to have these heart operations down pretty good anymore. There is a man in our Church about a year ago was feeling some chest tightness when he worked out on his treadmill. He is in his upper 70's and has always been active and healthy, so he didn't think much about it. But his Wife insisted he get it checked out, so he did. Initially his Doctor thought it might just be asthma, but decided because of his age he should go see a cardiologist. The heart Doctor did a stress test on him and thought he detected a problem, so he was scheduled for a angiogram. Well when that procedure detected much bigger problems, they stopped, and told him he was going to need by-pass surgery. That was performed a few days later. 6 by-passes were done. But he came through it just fine and is living a good active life once again.

Boo, that is an interesting thing you were talking about Fred Phelps. It sounds like he got the ball rolling and then it rolled right over him. Ye reap what ye sow comes to mind. That is neat to still be in contact with one of your childhood friends. Very special Boo.

So glad that you and the Mrs. have come to terms Sterling. I hope this is a sign of more good things to come for your situation.

GF, I hope you have a grand time in the meet up. I just wish I could be there. Maybe one of these days.

Well better get rolling. Need to do my grocery shopping and then all my Saturday chores around the house, including porcelain polishing. Yea buddy, it's a fun time.

Prayers for all.


May 21, 2016 - Msg 104737: Oh, and sweep the porch as well.


May 21, 2016 - Msg 104738: Good morning, porch. Sterling, I'm glad that the issue of Noah's kindergarten has been settled, at least for now. I would bet that some of the insanity that our incompetent, reactionary government is imposing on our schools right now has gotten through to her. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of a ridiculous dream, and can't wake up. Just in terms of dollars alone, can you imagine the cost of the latest Obamalaw? Women will start demanding, and rightly so, that the stall divisions be floor to ceiling, rather than the little panels that exist in most places right now. Any man over 5'8" can see over them, and they will. And that's just for starters. Wait until the attacks begin, and lawsuits are filed against Target or whoever, for failure to provide protection. Maybe they won't win, but they'll sure cost some companies a lot of money. This is absolutely the most twisted, ridiculous, totally out of reason thing our Fearless Leader has done, and that's saying a lot, because he has pushed some outrageous agendas. OK, 'nuff said.

Asa, I'm so sorry for you, and for the Ricks family. What a terrible thing. I hope the guilty parties are identified soon, and receive the punishment they deserve.

Does anyone besides me watch "The First 48"? It's very interesting, very well done, and gives you a new respect for law enforcement. Those guys seem to really care, and have all sorts of wonderful support available to them, while conducting an investigation.

Tom, hang in there. I know you're worried about your sister, and I know how much she means to you. Just trust the Lord, and the doctors, and try not to worry. I know it's hard not to worry, but when it comes over you, just pray.

Well, got errands to run. Blessings, porch. --Romeena

May 21, 2016 - Msg 104739: Hi, porch. Well, I finally saw the duck leave the nest box - or rather, I saw her return. Barely. I didn't see her leave, but I was at my desk when she returned and I barely saw her dart into the entry hole, just got a flash of her little buff-colored rump as she dove through the hole. In a couple of seconds, she ha turned around in the box and poked her little head out through the entry hole. So, at least I know she does leave, presumably to eat and drink. I was getting concerned! --Romeena

May 21, 2016 - Msg 104740: Glad you saw mama duck leave the nest, Ro. Sweet little thing. I hope her eggs all hatch and nothing gets the babies.

Had a good day visiting with friend, Donia. Tired but wanted to check in.

I fixed fried chicken tonight, with oven fried potatoes and green beans. I made a lemonade pie for dessert. I wish you all could have been here, too. That lemonade pie is good and easy. Y'all might wanna try it some time. All you do is mix a small can of frozen lemonade (thawed) with a can of eagle brand (condensed milk), then fold in a container of cool whip and put it in a grahm cracker crust and chill.


May 22, 2016 - Msg 104741: If you are looking for an argument, Romeena, you'd better change the subject. I agree with everything you said about the latest "transformation" that dear dictator has shoved on us.

Boo, I love lemonade and lemon juice on fish, but I just could never get around lemon pies, cookies, cakes, etc. Something about those things mixed with lemon just doesn't do it for me. Oh well, to each his own. Glad you had a good day with your friend.

Noah has had a bad case of "the runs" today, mostly because I had to start putting miralax in his juice again. Poor little guy. I hope he is done for the day because he is exhausted. I will have to see how he is tomorrow and decide if I want to take him to church. He loves going to his little "children's church". Well, he always says he doesn't want to go, but never gives me any trouble once we are there, and you should just see his joy when we look in on him before we pick him up.

I think I mentioned that I just recently started the color episodes of TAGS, and of course, right off you notice the difference(not just the color difference) in the "feel" of the show, and of course Andy's increasing sighing and bad moods.
But it just got me to thinking, has anyone ever tried watching the color episodes in black and white to see if that would make even a modicum of difference in how WE feel about them and how they seem? I thought of trying it but I never like to mess around with the color on my tv sets once I have them looking pretty good because I am afraid I will mess it up and won't be able to get it back to how I like it. If there was a "black and white" switch I would try it in a second, just for a silly experiment.

Well, I'd better get back to my "color" episodes. I am at the episodes where Andy, Opie and Bea go to Hollywood to watch the making of "Sheriff without a gun". I have noticed so far that Andy is a lot more relaxed in these. Maybe getting away from Helen is all he needed.

-Sterling Holobyte

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104742: I should clarify, Boo, I do not like lemonade ON fish. Lol. Kind of looks like that the way I wrote it.


May 22, 2016 - Msg 104743: Good Sabbath all.

Hey Boo, The pie sounds good to me, and easy. That is a combination I like. And I would be interested in learning about your "oven fried potatoes". I love taters and am always on the lookout for new ways of cooking them. I cooked a roast in the crock pot yesterday. It came out pretty good. But I over salted the mashed taters I made with it. I like salt, but these were disgusting. Is there anyway of tempering over salting things when cooking Boo or Ro? Just curious.

Sterling, I agree. The entire nature of TAGS changed, and not for the better IMNSHO, when it went to color. And the very first color episode demonstrates it. It didn't help having Barney gone, and add insult to injury have him replaced with Warren. That just didn't work out. But I still watch them, and enjoy them for the most part.

Oh, and a question for Boo, Ro, MDC, or anyone who might know. I do try and take care of myself by staying active and eating right. But lately I have seen my blood pressure become elevated a bit. Enough so that my Doctor is suggesting I may need to go on medication for it. He and I prefer that not happen. He has mentioned the "DASH" diet to me. And I am trying to be more mindful of how I eat (in spite of over salting my mashed taters). But do any of you have any thoughts of more natural methods of lowering my B.P.?

I bet GF is having himself a grand time at the get together. I heard he was practicing playing the TAGS theme using "armpit music". He was going to debut it at this event if he had perfected it. He is a very talented feller. :)

Prayers for all.



May 22, 2016 - Msg 104744: Whoops, I hiccupped.

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104745: Reporting Live from the Mayberry in the MidwestFestival, what a Great day it was yesterday.

I have to admit, I'm beat to the socks!... We finished the evening with a tribute artists vs the Hometown boys in a basketball game. We are in the heart of "Hoosier" country here, so it was a real fun games to watch, a lot of shannagan's going on.
I bet Floyd and the boys are beat this morning, he and his boys put on a GREAD show!... I think they had to have Dr. Ben Gay make a house call this

Another full day today, so if any of you have Facebook check it out I'm sure there are pictures posted there. I wouldn't know cuz I'm not on

End of Report... One tired G-F

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104746: (GREAT show that is)....To tired to type I'm guessing... Asa, I don't know about the "armpit" thing but I have been known to do some "picking" on occasion... Lol.... Lord I apologize....G-F

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104747: G F YOU ARE NOT TO HAVE FUN

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104748: Aww, lighten up, Sheriff! How can you expect G-F to go to a Mayberry get-together and not have fun? It's just not possible! Give him a break! He'll be good when he gets home.

The mention of that miserable Westboro "Baptist" Church a day or so back, just demands that I say something. I know all of you are aware of who they are and the hateful things they have done. I just want to say this - don't be fooled by the name they have assigned to themselves. As a Baptist myself, I can tell you that they are NOT in any way affiliated with any known Baptist convention or alliance, they have simply chosen to call themselves Baptists. Their teachings, their bigotry, their hateful, spiteful, hurtful behavior toward others absolutely goes against everything the Baptist church teaches. I could give you several links, but you can find them yourself, because there are a lot. Just search "Westboro Baptist Church" and you'll find enough to keep you reading all afternoon. You will be amazed at what they believe, teach, and do. One outstanding belief is that you must be a member of their church in order to go to heaven, and even that isn't certain. Seems to me that would make heaven a pretty lonely place, since the church is quite small.

That "church" is a vicious, hateful caricature of what a church should be, and please, be very aware that it has absolutely no connection, nothing to do with the Baptist denomination. Apparently a church or an organization can decide to call itself whatever it wishes, but that doesn't make it so. I can put a Rolls-Royce emblem on my old Cadillac, but that doesn't make it a Rolls. OK, enough about that. It's just a sore point with me, to hear that miserable, devil-inspired group call themselves Baptists.

My back yard is just full of birds and squirrels. It might be because of the cracked corn, sunflower seed and birdseed I've put out, along with some aging strawberries. (Ya think?) Well, at least there WERE a lot of critters out there! There's not a single one visible right now. The hawk must have appeared. I don't see him, but I'll guarantee he's out there, perched on a wire or in a tree somewhere. All the local residents will remain hidden until he leaves. Amazing. I can see one squirrel, and he's up underneath the beautyberry shrub, invisible to anything up high. How do they know that? I'm so glad they do!

Well, guess I'd better get moving around here a little bit. My back was in a knot this morning, and I stayed home from church, but it's starting to relax a little now, so maybe I'll get dressed. Our pastor's sermon will be on Vimeo pretty soon, so I'll watch it. I'm so glad the church does that. He's a fine preacher, and I hate to miss his messages, especially when he's doing a series. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 22, 2016 - Msg 104749: Poor Noah. :( Make sure you get him hydrated to make up for the fluid he has lost or he will be feeling bad, Sterling. As for the color eps, I never wondered if we would feel differently about the color eps if they were black and white, but I have wondered if we would like the black and white eps as well if they were in color. I didn't get to catch the colorized Christmas episode they showed last Christmas Eve because I was working. How did everyone feel about it?
PS-I figured you wouldn't like lemonade on your fish. I like lemon in sweet and savory foods. I especially like it on chicken. My very favorite way to eat chicken is to roast one in the oven, slice off some of the breast meat and drench it in lemon juice and sprinkle on some salt. Yum!

Asa, you should try the pie. As for the oven potatoes they are really simple. I just used russets but you can use red potatoes, too. I scrub the skins well and then just cut them into chunks, throw them in a bowl with some olive oil or canola oil to coat and dump in a package of ranch dressing mix and shake. You can use anything besides the ranch dressing mix. I have made them with melted butter and grated parmesan cheese, garlic powder, whatever you like. Spread them on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake at 400 for about 30 minutes, depending on size of the chunks and your oven. Just test them with a fork. If you like them more browned and crispy, stir and leave them in longer.

As far as taking the salt out of something like mashed potatoes, I wouldn't know what to do. I know if it is something liquid like soup, you can throw in a peeled potato and it will help absorb the salt.

As far as the blood pressure, you can try less salt in the diet, reducing stress, some deep breathing techniques, etc, but in my opinion, as we age, it is probably best to start a low-dose med. I know nobody wants to start meds but blood pressure isn't something to mess around with at our age. Now, having said that, I am guilty of being really non-compliant with my blood pressure meds. They always made me tired but now I am on one that doesn't. Sorry, that's all I got for you. Maybe Ro can give you something more encouraging. I would try to discourage you from reading a lot about natural means to lower it that you might find on the internet. Some of those herbs and such just aren't safe.

Ro, from what I have read and seen about Westboro, they are a cult. Not much of anything Baptist about them, I agree.

Have fun, G-f.


May 22, 2016 - Msg 104750: Also wanted to say that having my friend, Donia here this weekend has been such a blessing. She is one of those sweet-spirited, animal lovers. She worked as a vet tech for years and has about 10 cats with "issues" that were impossible to find homes for. She's just a real good girl..Mayberry material, really. Her grandmother passed away during the night so she will be going home tomorrow morning. We were able to spend time having coffee and plenty of conversation, which was such a blessing. I think we both really needed it.

Guess what Bruce has been doing the last couple of days? Painting the front porch. Since the house is white, it has to be done every few years. It looks so nice. I am looking forward to putting the new cushions on the rockers and doing some decorating.

Well, the Texas heat and humidity has struck! Too hot already!


May 22, 2016 - Msg 104751: Whew 48 hrs in past 3 days for a few now !gona have a barn cleaning wed yall come...well Miss SPOT get us a little supper ...back in just a bit to relax SPOT

May 23, 2016 - Msg 104752: Asa, I agree with Boo. Some of the homeopathic remedies are benign, but unless you're working with someone who knows what they're doing, there is potential for harm. For example, my endocrinologist wants my cholesterol very low. My cardiologist scoffs at that, says my cholesterol is fine. Still, the endocrinologist insisted I take a statin, Lipitor - made me feel horrible. He changed it to Zocor - made me feel even worse. Personally, I think my body was trying to tell me something, but the doc doesn't listen. I mentioned it to a friend who sells herbal remedies, and she suggested I stop "the pills" and take extract of red yeast rice instead. It's natural, she said. No chemicals, she said. I went home and did a bit of Googling, and learned that red yeast rice metabolizes down to a statin substance, then becomes active. Translation: I might as well just take the statin drug. So, I'm not saying don't do the "natural" stuff - just know what you're doing. One thing you might try, if you can tolerate it, is a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a bit of water each morning. It won't hurt you, I promise, and it's good for several different things. Not sure about blood pressure, but give it a shot. Another harmless thing, that does seem to help blood pressure just a little bit, is garlic. Regular garlic, eaten with a meal, or the non-stinky garlic capsules, either will work. Other than that, please see your doctor, and if he or she wants to put you on a mild anti-hypertensive, you might want to do it. High blood pressure needs management.

Boo, the Westboro "church" is definitely a cult, a cult of people blindly following a vicious, hateful, mean old man, who ruled his followers with an iron fist. He died a year or so ago, and the heir apparent to lead the "church" is a man named Drain. I've done a little reading about him, and it appears he's a volatile, controlling man with his family, and will probably be as bad as Phelps, if not worse. He's apparently unstable, switching from one ideology to another as the wind blows. This could get interesting, not to mention dangerous.

Well, the family was here this evening. Brittney wanted to take some pictures in the back yard while it's in bloom, and the weather was good for that. The evening sun made some interesting light and shadow effects. She's such a good photographer!

Guess I'll mosey on to bed. Got to have an echocardiogram tomorrow afternoon - just a routine annual one, no problems. Nighty night, folks. Sleep tight. --Romeena

May 23, 2016 - Msg 104753: ASA-Try a salt substitute. It's in a little blue canister made by Morton, in the spice/salt aisle. It's potassium, tastes just like salt! Also there is a natural product called "Press-assure" which helps blood pressure. I admit that I have not used it, but know a man who does. It's a bit pricey, but no side effects!

May 23, 2016 - Msg 104754: Good Monday morning all. My goodness, what happened to the weekend? Here one minute, then poof, it is over.

Thanks for your feedback and thoughts on treating my B.P. I do appreciate it. And I will look for that salt substitute MDC. My cooking ain't pretty, but salt helps make it somewhat palatable. Take away the salt though, and the only thing it is good for is lining the garbage can. And I will do some looking into the Press-asure.

I don't know about anyone else Floyd, but I have noticed the last few days that getting on anything "imayberry" from home is getting to be a problem again. Not every time, but it does happen sometimes, and seems to be getting worse. I just thought I would pass it on. And it may be just me. I couldn't get on here last night at all or this morning from home, but was able to at work.

Well testing Fire Alarm systems today so I best get to it.


May 23, 2016 - Msg 104755: Yes, a fun time was had by ALL!... I did not get home until 2:30 this morning, construction traffic was horrible!. Traffic backed up for MILES! The got booted off the interstate and had to detour for miles too...

When Mayberry events are over it is like you felt after summer camp as a kid, having to go back home and the REAL world.


May 23, 2016 - Msg 104756: Weird, weird weather! We had a big old thunderstorm this morning right about daybreak. Then it cleared off, sun came out, clear skies, beautiful day. Now, at about 3:30 pm, it looks like it's clabbering up to rain again! (Clabbering up, that was my grandma's expression.) The sky looks like lead, the birds have vanished, just one dumb little juvenile squirrel poking around in the seeds on the stones. I think he's gonna get wet! Personally, I hope it does rain again. The more rain we get, the less I have to run the sprinklers, and the smaller my water bill will be! I like small bills!

Just got back from having an echocardiogram done. The tech said it looked like my worst leaky valve is leaking a tiny bit more than last time, but she can't be sure. I hope she's wrong. I'm generally not afraid of a necessary surgery, but a heart valve replacement is something I'd just as soon avoid, if possible. Oh well. What will be, will be.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 23, 2016 - Msg 104757: Hello Front Porch: Sorry to hear about the bad valve Romeena? What do you think contributed to this condition? I hope all the rest of you are in good health. Very slow day in the hardware store today. It is because of the Grand Opening of one of those big box stores in Mt. Pilot. And tells me it is a Menards. Andy and Barn stopped in to see it after visiting the State Police office to see their new heelycopter. They spotted Mr. Wheeler there. Enjoy your evening. (I just love TAGS). Ritchie ferrara

May 23, 2016 - Msg 104758: Praying that the valve is not a problem, Ro, but if it is, we will be praying about that, too. I certainly hope you are spared any surgery.

It is clabbering up here, too, Ro. Looks like we might get a good rain. The mosquitoes are merciless and very big, and there is still a lot of standing water around here so I am hoping it will pass on by.

My friend left early this morning to go back home and I will miss her. We had a very nice visit under the circumstances. She is sure a dear person.


May 23, 2016 - Msg 104759: Good evening, porch. The heart valve situation is nothing new, Ritchie. I've had a slight murmur all my life, and as I get older, it has gotten a little worse. Echocardiograms show two leaky valves, one more so than the other. Neither requires intervention right now, and I'm hoping they'll just stay the same. I'm quite functional.

Folks, I had a call today, from our Tom. He was very upset, and having a hard time even talking. He asked me to tell all of you what's happening, as he didn't feel up to trying to enter the message. I promised him I would.

Here's the thing - his sister, who had the heart attack, is failing fast, and the plan at this time is to discontinue her life support tomorrow, unless she improves, and that is not expected. Apparently the damage was too great, and she is being maintained artificially, which no one wants. Tom is very close to her, and now with his mom and stepdad both gone, he depends on her to be his emotional support. He feels he will just be lost without her.

I think we can all identify with him, to some extent, some perhaps more than others. He's in a very hard place right now. Please, those who are in the habit of doing so, pray for Tom at this difficult time in his life. There is little else we can do, but we can definitely do that. Tom is a kind and gentle soul, whose life has not been an easy one, from the beginning. He has received several devastating blows recently, and things are looking pretty bleak to him right now. Those of you who have the porch snail mail Christmas list, you have his address. A card or a little note would be a kindness, and would be appreciated, I'm sure. If you don't have the list, just contact me, and I'll send you his address. For now, he needs all the prayers we can offer.

Blessings, porch. --Romeena

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104760: RO--prayers for Tom and his sister you bet!
Glad he called you and glad you shared it with us here. Thx
GF and Ritchie--also glad that you made it to midwest Mayberry GF, and that Tags is a good part of your life too Ritchie. I think it helps all of us get thru these crazy days.
The Antiques Roadshow was from Cleveland
tonite GF.
RO--if you watch golf, the Byron Nelson tourney was in Irving this weekend. I enjoy watching, but cant play worth a darn
You and Boo be careful in the storms.
ASA--now you're being like Beaver's fireman friend(who was played by another tags character!)
checking those sprinklers.
May the good Lord bless all with his saving grace! :)

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104761: Good very late evening, porch. I'm up late, as usual, since I don't have to be up early in the morning. I've been watching some "Barney Miller" reruns on DVR. That was a very good show. The more I watch it, the more I appreciate it.

Oh yes, MDC, I'm well aware of the Byron Nelson. Most of Irving is all too well aware. My cardiologist's office is right across N. MacArthur Blvd from the country club where the tournament is played. The traffic wasn't bad when I went for my echocardiogram, but they surely do "ugly up" the place during the tournament. Normally, the golf course is open to view, being fenced by a low brick wall with a pretty black wrought iron fence on top of it, with beautiful climbing roses spaced at intervals. Through the gaps, you can easily see the links. During the tournament, they cover the fence with some very tacky plastic panels - looks like a junkyard. No, it's not to guard against any stray golf balls hitting passing cars, because people play on that course all the time and the panels are only there during the Byron Nelson. If they're worried about me catching an unpaid-for view of the tournament, they can quit worrying. I couldn't care less, and I think much of the city feels the same way.

Well, maybe I'll head for the ironing board. Let's all remember Tom and his concerns tomorrow, as his sister is removed from life support. This is going to be a very bad day for him. Please pray for comfort and peace of mind for Tom, and for release from pain for his sister. --Romeena

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104762: Prayers Tom...thinking about you all day..Boo watch the storms...Hello Ritchie,,possum,Ro and all..Lets hit I-HOP this morning SPOT

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104763: Good morning Porchters.

Tom, I am so sorry to read about your Sisters condition. That is a tough and difficult place you are at my friend, but please know that we all love you, and are praying for you and her. Be strong my friend, and trust in the Lord. Lean on Him. He will always be there for you, to share your burdens. My prayers for you and for your Sister. God bless.


May 24, 2016 - Msg 104764: TOM... Prayers for your Sister, we all feel your pain, but know we are praying for strength during there difficult times.
But know you have your Porch friends here to help you thru the tuff times.... G-F

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104765: Very sorry to hear what TOM us going through. Praying...


May 24, 2016 - Msg 104766: We are praying for you TOM and your family...

Smky Mtn Hillbilly (SMH)

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104767:
Romeena, when you commented about the proposed unisex restrooms, that reminded me of a shocking experience I had.
When I was visiting my sister when she lived near you, we all attended a Texas Rangers baseball game that was very crowded. During the seventh inning stretch, we wanted to use the restrooms. We were surprised to see long lines waiting to get in. But the shocker was that because the women restroom lines were much longer, some women came over to use the men's restroom. Remember, this was back in the late 1980s before gender issues were dealt with so openly.

I typed the above message before I finished reading the latest postings. I am totally shocked by our TOM's personal situation. To have his only surviving family relative on life support with a poor prognosis is very sad news for me. Prayers that are being offered are a nice gesture, but I am trying to come up with something more tangible that is on-going. Romeena, please send me his address. Once I receive his address, then I can search for some support services in his area.
TOM, hang in there buddy. I will try my best to find some kind of help for you. I admire you because in spite of all the bad luck you have experienced, it seems to me that your faith is still strong.

from Poor Horatio

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104768: Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen. A prayer for Tom and his sister and family. Ritchie Ferrara

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104769: Amen


May 24, 2016 - Msg 104770: PH--that is very nice of you to look for support for
Tom in his local area! thanks
And Ritchie, thank you for that prayer of support.

May 24, 2016 - Msg 104771: Good evening, porch. PH, I'm not surprised at your story about the bathroom lines at the ball game. There seems to be a lag in the understanding of their clientele, by the designers of venues such as ball parks. They do seem to realize that the crowd is going to be composed pretty much equally of men and women, because the bathrooms seem to be equal. These days, men don't necessarily outnumber the women, at least not by much. However, equal numbers being understood is not enough. They need to also understand that, well, it simply takes women longer in a restroom than it does men. Clothing design and anatomy conspire to make this true. Also, while the majority of women do wash their hands, I strongly suspect that most men don't. If they did, they couldn't walk in, take care of business, wash properly and get out in under a minute, but many men do exactly that. I'm just annoying enough to have timed it. There's not much else to do while waiting in a line of about a hundred women. I know it can't be done, because proper washing takes 20-30 seconds, and if they have those insane blow-dryers, it takes another 30 seconds at least to dry your hands, unless you wipe them on your jeans, which many of us do (don't tell anybody). I hate those things, but that's another rant.

I think I've told this before, but once at a Ranger game, when the men's line was nearly zero, and the women's line held about a hundred uncomfortable gals, my husband went into the men's room, made sure no one was there, then stationed himself outside the door to stop any men from entering (he was big enough to do it) and started waving the women over! Granted, with the scarcity of stalls in the men's room, it took a while but he got about fifty women through and on their way before he started letting men enter again. He got only one complaint from a man, mostly he got backup help from men whose wives were stuck in the women's line.

The point is, the women's restroom should accommodate more women, because it takes longer. Having more stalls would speed things up considerably. Have you ever been to a Buc-ee's when you're traveling? They have the right idea. I don't know about the men's room, but the women's restroom can accommodate about thirty at a time. (An estimate, I didn't count.) I've never waited in line there, and there are hundreds of people in the place at any time.

I'm not going to venture into the debate about the unisex bathrooms and changing rooms at this time (no promises about the future) but I'll just say this. The whole concept must be a Muslim man's nightmare! If they won't even allow their wives to see a male doctor, can you just imagine? Their heads must be spinning off their shoulders! --Romeena

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104772: Hey MDC.. It's suppose to get up to the 80's here today, finally we are getting some of your heat!... Hopefully your remodel project is wrapping up so you can get back to normal in your jazzed up crib!...

Continued prayers for TOM and his sister..You are in all of our prayers Buddy!..

Romeena, finally I'm getting my planting done, we appear to be jumping right into summer. My squirrel strategy seems to have worked, they quit digging in my flower pots once they realized I sifted out all their hidden nuts...

Asa... You have all those A/C's ready to go?... I still have to get mine fired up, I try to wait until the oak tree blossoms and the wirrley gig things from the maple trees are gone, they are such a mess!.. Luckily I don't have cotton wood problems like Romeena does, those are a HVAC man's nightmare....


May 25, 2016 - Msg 104773: Good morning, porch! Just got a minute to say hi - am off to ESL class at the church. This is our last session for now - we follow the school calendar, so we're out for the summer. Yay! I love doing it, but it does get old, every Wednesday morning!! I planned a light, fun lesson for today. Somebody sent me an email, listing all the ways we English-speakers use the word "up", so I copied and pasted it into a text file, and printed up a copy for everybody. I think they'll have fun with it, and we'll see if we can think of some more ways the word is used. The email didn't mention half of them! English is weird.

Looks very cloudy and like it could rain. Oh well, I haven't melted in 76 years, I'm not likely to do so today. My clothes are wash-and-wear, and my hair dries the way it wants to anyway, so I'm good to go. Toye Starr is feeling a little peaked today, just a bit mopey. She's always mopey when she knows I'm leaving, but today she's mopier than usual. Hope she's okay. I sure do love that little baby.

Wow! A demented little squirrel just shot across the yard like a rocket. Not sure why, no cat following him or anything, but he's halfway up the tallest tree now, just chattering away and swishing his tail around. He's all in a dither about something!

Haven't seen the duck this morning, but I've only been at my window for about five minutes. Maybe I'll see her this afternoon.

Prayers for Tom. Bless his heart. --Romeena

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104774: HI HERE.
Will some fair new about sis say she had pass and family was going life puge will lorg stop it .


May 25, 2016 - Msg 104775: Great news TOM! By the way, isn't today your birthday? :)


May 25, 2016 - Msg 104776: Happy birthday, Tom! And what a great birthday gift, to have your sister wake up! I'm so happy for you. By the way, how old are you now?

That's just great news. I'm sure there's still a long way to go, but for now, it's looking a lot better.

Blessings, porch. --Romeena

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104777: BOO YES.



May 25, 2016 - Msg 104778: Happy Birthday TOM!! had a barn cleaning out today boy was that a mess FB friends can see...its all clean now party for TOM tonight at the barn..I will get a couple of hams and get the smoker started !..yall figure out what to bring woo hoo SPOT

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104779: Happy Birthday again, Tom. Please keep us updated on your sister's progress, and we'll keep on praying.

Woohoo! My little mama duck just flew out of the nest box, flew over to a tree about thirty feet away, and perched on a limb! I declare, I really didn't know ducks could do that, and I think maybe wood ducks are unique in that respect. She stayed there just a minute or two, then flew off, straight as an arrow, in the direction of the Trinity River, which is a mile or less to the east of us. I read up a little on wood ducks, and learned they're "dabble ducks", which means they feed by "dabbling" their bills in the water, especially near the bottom, where they find little crustaceans and other critters. Still, I put a fresh pile of cracked corn out on the stones, just in case she's still hungry when she gets home. She left the nest at 4:20, and I'm watching for her return. I'm sure she's finished laying her eggs and is now brooding them, because she just leaves the house once or twice a day. Those eggs could hatch any time. I've got to be watchful. What fun!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some supper. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104780: Happy Birthday, Tom!

Praying for you and your sister and wishing you both peace.

possum under a rock

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104781: G-F,by any chance were you in the parade at the Mayberry in The Midwest event? I have seen lots of pics on FB & noticed one of a man who sort of resembled you walking a dog in prison stripes. (The dog was dressed in prison stripes-not you or whoever the man was). Yes,I said the DOG was dressed in prison stripes-guess you had to be there!

From the looks of things, I know y'all had a blast!

possum again

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104782: Lol Possum.... No it was not me... I got into town after the parade....I did have a good time though..G-F

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104783: Hello Porch: I have been wondering for many years about the boxes that appear in the courthouse at the bottom of the venetian blinds covering the windows. It looks like you can see the blinds cord go through the bottom. Any idea of the purpose of these boxes? Ritchie Ferrara

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104784: Well,that's a relief, G-F! I was kinda worried about ya- I mean, a dog in prison stripes?? And just what does that have to do with TAGS anyway? Somebody enlighten me,please! LOL

Hey Ritchie- sorry,but I can't help you there. Perhaps Poor Horatio can answer that for you-he's pretty smart for half a boy!

possum u.a.r.

May 25, 2016 - Msg 104785: I'm not sure what boxes you are talking about, Rithchie. I will have to put in a DVD and look for them. The only thing I ever noticed under the window is the gas heater.

Well, I didn't officially wish TOM a happy birthday so I will do it now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Been off for a couple of days and got some needed rest. I even did some porch sitting but the mosquitoes started biting through the repellant.

Not a lot of news. St. Susan and I drove Erin and her friends to youth group and then went for a drive in the country and had a good conversation. Her son, Matt is doing better since his divorce and is drinking less, thankfully. He is looking for a job right now because he was working as a contract worker for the army and all the contract workers were layed off. He is considering going to barber school because he has always wanted to do that and he has a friend with a tattoo shop that offered to let him put a chair in there and cut hair rent free. He found out that barber school will cost 10 thousand dollars, though! Can you believe it? Oh well. Maybe one day I will be calling him Floyd. :)

Ro, that is so neat about the mama duck. How fun watching all the goings on that will be soon coming.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow. I will be hitting the ironing board soon.

I have been trying to think of some interesting topics of conversation. Most of us have been her a long time and have heard each other's stories, but maybe we are getting old and forgetful enough, that we can hear them again. ;) How about we share some summer memories from know, drive-in movies, fireflies, popsicles, and staying out till the street lights came on. What are some of your favorite childhood memories/stories of summer?


May 25, 2016 - Msg 104786: Boo... Where do we start?... There are so many things, building tree houses, go-carts, playing anything you could imagine. Back in the day we didn't need to plug into anything to have fun.. And we LIVED to tell about

There was this Big Oak tree that had the softest grass ever under it, we would spend hours under it doing all kinds of things....

Kids nowadays don't have a clue!....

We educated ourselves on all kinds of things, if you could imagine it we could make it!
(Including blowing carbide off in a Prince Albert can).
I was lucky, I only a few "battle scars" to show for all the things we did over the years.....haha

As I shared before, we learned wisdom too... If you could NOT run fast you better not catch people's golf balls with your baseball gloves... Some people really don't like that and will chase you to get it back :(


May 26, 2016 - Msg 104787: Summer memories? Oh, they have to start with the ice man's mule-drawn wagon, soon replaced by a battered old flat-bed truck. He delivered ice on our pot-holed street three times a week. Why? Because people still had iceboxes instead of refrigerators, that's why! I keep telling you people - I'm old!

Anyway, we kids would hear the wagon or truck coming, and would be standing out in the front yard waiting for him. He'd deliver the ice to our house, according to the card our moms had placed in a front window, and then he'd hop up on the wagon or truck with the ice, and chop off some "icicles" for us. He could hit the squared edge of a block of ice with his pick, just right, and it would break off a slender piece of ice, about 8 to 8 inches long. We'd take it in our grubby little hand, and walk away sucking the cold water off of it, which rapidly became cold muddy water from our dirty hands, but we didn't care. Mothers today would faint and take the child to the ER immediately, but we never got sick. Kids today don't have much fun, at least not compared to the fun we had. Free-range kids? We wrote the book! --Romeena