May 31, 2016 - Msg 104847: Lunch menu: Hot Roast beef sandwiches, potato salad,pickels and baked beans...sweet tea !SPOT

May 31, 2016 - Msg 104848: Thanks Spot.
Well Ro, that sounds like quite a duck operation. Godspeed. :)

Well, yesterday Bruce barbequed some good chicken after the rain stopped. we had a great lunch and he even made ice cream but I had to go in to work by one. It was a busy evening as usual but never boring. We have people from state licensing crawling all over the place so everyone is on high alert and all the paperwork has to be meticulously done. It is stressful when you add in the kids always needing something.

I was so tired this morning that I had a cup of coffee and went back to bed for an hour or so..of course, the phone rang twice so I only got a catnap. I decided that today was going to be a restful day for me. I am learning to take the rest I need when I need it. We still have leftovers so all I will do is a load or two of laundry today and maybe find a good book to read. Sounds like a plan, for the love of Mike!


May 31, 2016 - Msg 104849: Boo.....BBQ Chicken?... 🐓🐓🐓 Hope for Bernie's sake, it was store bought! ..... G-F

May 31, 2016 - Msg 104850: Don't worry, G-F. No way is Bernie in any danger. Boo is too smart for that. Can you imagine how tough and stringy old Bernie would be? It would be like eating a hiking boot, laces, cleats and all!

We've got a powerful rainstorm going on here. It's really coming down, lots of thunder and lightning, and some moderate winds. All my outside lights are on, and have been on since about 4:30. I just hope those little ducklings haven't hatched. I'd hate for them to start parachuting out of the nest box in this storm! I wouldn't mind going out in the rain to retrieve them, but would prefer not to with the lightning going on. I'd rather not be standing on wet ground at a time like that, and I wouldn't be. The ducklings would just have to survive until the storm goes away.

Well, have a good evening, folks. Tom, check in with a report on your sister, please. --Romeena

May 31, 2016 - Msg 104851: Afternoon all.

Thanks for the shout outs GF. I have not been able to get on here all weekend from home until tonight. Don't know why. Same problem a few of us were having a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Thanks for the dump cake ideas Boo. I'll have to give them a try. They have the two things most important to me, easy and tasty. I just made some spaghetti tonight and it came out pretty good I thought.

Your job sounds so much like mine. We are heavily involved in becoming ISO certified in several different levels. And so we are audited regularly, and those audits look at our records in depth. I am finding much of my time anymore is in keeping records and designing PM programs for different equipment. Oh well, that's life.

My last blood pressure readings were down quite a bit, so I am hoping the changes I am making are the reason. I get it checked each week, so we will see.

It looks like our beautiful spring weather is coming to an end. Been in the 70's for some time now, but supposed to be in the 90's by weeks end. But I just about have all my a/c's good to go, so hopefully all is well.

GF, I watched a "Timeline" program yesterday about the 95 Browns. Belechik had that team right on the threshold of greatness it seemed, and Modell kind of pulled the rug right out from under them, didn't he? Sad thing for a storied franchise. And just added insult to injury when the "Ravens" won the Super bowl just 5 years later. I remember watching them under Ratigliano, and then with Schotenhiemer. I know I probably didn't spell those right, but you know who I am talking about. And the interception Oakland made in the play-offs, The Drive, The Fumble. Oh man, so close, yet so far away. Bless their hearts.

Well better go clean the kitchen. I tend to clean as I cook, so I don't have as big a mess to deal with after I eat. Is that weird? I read a messy kitchen is a sign of a good cook. If that's true at least I have an excuse for being a bad cook. :)


May 31, 2016 - Msg 104852: Glad you checked in Asa, I was hoping someone didn't leave you on a rooftop and took down the ladder...

Yes the Browns story is a sad one. Everyone HATES Art Modell for moving them to Baltimore, but as they say there's more to the story, they built the Indians a new stadium and Art wanted a similar deal but the city Niped it in the Bud... So Art took his ball, bat and glove and went to Baltimore, they welcomed him with open arms!... Most folks think he put a hex on the city when he left... Shoulda called the Darlings to do a incant, maybe they could have done some winning

Cleveland.... The Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame......G-F

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104853: RO, So maybe THAT's why Barney wanted to go to the duck save ducks! haha
ASA--glad you checked in.
Our weather in for big changes too! We have been blessed (I know, I know) with a long stretch of only 90s here, but suddenly by Friday it may hit 117! What, not even a 103 or 4, right to 117? Yup, so says the weather lady.
BOO- glad SW TX is getting rain. I saw your pic on FB. Very cool!
This week I am painting the bathrooms. Anyone want a brush?
SPOT sure fixed up his barn, so I am just trying to do the same with my house. Ha

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104854: GF--so... not so "hot in cleveland, eh?" Think the Cav can beat the warriors? mdc :)

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104855: Good late evening, porch. Asa, I tend to clean as I cook also, and I think I'm a fair-to-middlin' cook, so don't worry about that. Besides, I'll bet you're a pretty good cook, better than you think you are. I cannot stand to sit down to a meal with a piled-up, messy kitchen to have to face later. All it takes is a little organization, and common sense.

My kitchen is pretty big. It's about twelve feet from my stove to the fridge, so if I need something from the fridge when I'm cooking, I glance over the counter to see if there's something that needs to go back to the fridge, and take care of both things in one trip. Saves both steps and time. I keep the condiments that I would use while cooking in a cabinet next to the stove. When I need to salt the gravy, I get the salt from the cabinet, use it, and put it back!

Here's my favorite idea. I keep a small trigger sprayer by the sink, filled with a 1:1 mix of dish soap and water. When I empty a pot or pan, or a mixing bowl, anything that probably won't go in the dishwasher, I take it to the sink right then, squirt a couple of shots of soap into it, and swirl it with hot water, into the disposer. That gets the bits and pieces out of the way, and the soap breaks down any grease so it doesn't clog your drains. Then - my favorite thing - I have one of those little round, hand-held brush thingies, which you can fill with soap if you wish. It looks a lot like the little Scrubbin' Bubbles guys. That is one handy little gadget. While the pot I just rinsed out is still warm, and has a little warm soapy water still in it, I just scrub it out with that little brush. It will come clean easily, I rinse it and put it on the drain rack, and it's done. I never have to make up a sink or dishpan full of nasty dishwater. By the time the meal is over, the big things have dried and I just put them away. The brush, incidentally, can go through the dishwasher if you think it's getting dirty, but actually, it will rinse clean if you do it immediately. I hate sponges, they harbor all sorts of bacteria (I know, you can microwave them, but I still don't like them.) I do keep a dishcloth at the sink for wiping counters and tables, but I buy those heavy-duty Handi-Wipes and use them instead of a real cloth. They're strong, last about a week, rinse out easily and dry in minutes, so they don't get stinky as quickly as cloths do. When they do get tired, you just toss them and get a new one. When mine is ready to toss, I use it to scrub out the sink, and then throw it away.

There are a few cardinal rules for cooking. First, cook what you like - you'll do a better job.
Don't try new dishes for special occasions. Test it out on a plain old Tuesday night first.
Don't be afraid to improvise. If you're following a recipe, and you think "Oh, I'll bet some (whatever) would be good in that", try it. You're probably right. I do that all the time. Makes Eloise crazy.
Unless you've got strict medical orders that must be followed, use real stuff. Real butter, real sour cream, regular milk, real sugar. Trust me, you CAN tell the difference!
And my favorite rule of all, and one I absolutely do follow - have fun! Cooking should be a pleasure, and if it is, you'll be a good cook.

Well, I'm scheduled for a pulmonary function test tomorrow at noon, so guess I'd better get to bed and get a little rest. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104856: Oh, I have to share this. About using "real" ingredients -- I make a killer Scottish shortbread. So good you could just hurt yourself with it. A friend from church asked me for the recipe, and of course, I gave it to her. It calls for real butter, real vanilla, and real granulated sugar, among other things. She made it, and asked me later if I was sure I had given her the right recipe, because hers didn't taste like mine. I repeated it to her, and she said that was exactly what she had used. However, I know her, and have watched her put artificial sweetener in a glass of tea, so I questioned her as to whether she had used the real stuff for everything. She looked a little sheepish, and confessed that she had used I Can't Believe It's Not Butter instead of real butter, had used vanilla flavoring instead of real vanilla extract, and (believe it or not) had used Splenda instead of real sugar. And she couldn't figure out why her shortbread didn't taste like mine? I just suggested she try again, and use the real things, not the substitutes and see how it worked out. She never mentioned it again, so I don't know if she did it. --Romeena

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104857: MDC, I hope they can, that is if they can contain Steph Curry and his 3 pointers!. But on the other hand they too have guys that can hit those shots, (as they showed in earlier games) it should be a good series.

BTW MDC... I may be retired, but I can STILL paint with the best of them!... I just came off a painting gig at my daughters place. She was surprised by how well I can trim, my lines are still sharp as masking tape ones!... I'm not bragging.... Oh Wait,...Yes I At our age we gotta brag about SOMETHING right?.. Cuz there are so many things we CANNOT do anymore.... The mind is willing, the body, not so much.....haha. But I suppose I'm preachin' to the

Romeena, sometimes ya can't say enough about "real"... Ya shoulda put a disclaimer in the recipe, "Your results may very"...Ha.
Asa, I'm like you, I have to clean as I go when I cook too, I suppose I learned that from Mom. How that woman cooked in that tiny kitchen for 5 kids is beyond me but she did it every day.... With great results!... G-F

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104858: Thanks for the cooking tips Ro. I need all the help I can get. I guess I am not a terrible cook (way better than I was a few years ago), but not great. Most things I make are ok. But they just seem to lack the pizazz that I have tasted in others dishes. One of the things I have learned to do is not get so flustered when cooking and things are not going smooth. It used to be the smallest little mistake would set me off. I am ashamed to say more than once I have dumped an entire dish in the garbage with some anger, because of some dumb little thing I had done wrong. I have learned if things are not going well, to keep my temper in check, take a deep breath, and "work the problem". That has paid off for me in the shop over the years and is doing so now in the kitchen. And I use real ingredients also, other than I am going to try a salt substitute. My oldest Daughter is a health nut, and one day while having dinner at her house, she told me to try I can't believe it's not butter. So I did. She asked me what I thought. I said that I can't believe that they can't believe it's not butter. Yuck! I am sorry, but I can't think all the crud in margarine is better for you than the fat content of real butter. I just try to use it in moderation. Probably my biggest problem is trying to time my cooking right. If I am cooking several different items, and want them to all come together at the same time to bring the meal together, that is when I still get mad sometimes. And I think that is just plain inexperience. But I have gotten better at it, and imagine will continue to improve. Like last night, my noodles and sauce finished cooking at just about the right time, and the end result was pretty good. Again, thanks for the tips. You and Boo have been a huge help.

MDC, I ain't sure what end of a paint brush to hold. LOL I hate painting. But I hear GF is a giant in the painting world. Actually, we have two entire repair bays to paint. We have been installing two new lifts, and need to paint the floors with an epoxy paint. The actual painting is not that bad. It's the preparation that I don't like.

Speaking of such, back to work today after a 4 day weekend. Much to do, but it makes the day go by fast. So I best get to it.

Prayers for all.


June 01, 2016 - Msg 104859: Hey GF, You snuck in on me. I knew you could paint! :)


June 01, 2016 - Msg 104860: Remembering Andy Griffith on what would have been his 90th birthday.

Because of him,we all know each other-isn't that something?!

LOL @ G-F and his "figure" comment- I think it was the green shirt that made me wonder if that was you in the parade. You had on a green shirt when we met,and I thought maybe that was your "official" Mayberry outfit or something!

Happy first day of June! Somebody swing by the Morrison Sisters' place and pick up some celebrating elixir!

possum u.a.r.

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104861: Good morning, porch! Here I am at my window, on Duck Watch, but haven't seen Mama Duck yet this morning. I'm just watching for her little head to appear in the doorway of the nest box. If I don't see her soon, I guess I'll have to go out there and make sure she and the babies aren't huddled in a flowerbed somewhere. By my reckoning, I'm expecting them to hatch this weekend, but it could be sooner. I'm not sure exactly when she started brooding those eggs. All I'm sure of is, it was sometime before the 12th. I hope I get some reassurance soon, because I've got to go get that pulmonary function test done at noon.

Asa, you're right, timing in cooking comes with experience, but there are a few principles that help. One is, think the meal through before you begin, and arrange the preparation order in your mind so that you start the one with the longest cooking time first, but I'm sure you already do that. Then decide if anything can be made ahead - like spaghetti sauce. Generally, the longer it sits, the better it is. I've been known to make it the day before! So - sauce takes a while and improves with time, pasta cooks quickly and doesn't like to wait, so sauce is first, and pasta can cook while you get the garlic bread ready to toast!

That "pizazz" you mentioned is usually in the seasoning. Don't be afraid to try new seasonings. Smell them. The aroma alone will often give you hints as to what they might pair with. I smell fresh rosemary, or a cut lemon, and think of baked or broiled chicken. Fresh basil conjures up Italian dishes. Water chestnuts - the almost tasteless, crunchy little things - for me, they go with almost anything, but definitely work in any oriental-style dish. I chop them into tuna or chicken salad, too.

There's a new Mexican seasoning out - called Tajin seasoning - and it's great. It has a bit of a Tabasco flavor, without the heat. It's good in soups, stews, tuna salad, and of course, any Mexican dish. Does wonders for guacamole. It's a dry sprinkle, so is easy to use.

One little hint I learned from my mother (one of many) is to add a wee bit of sugar to just about anything. I put a pinch or two in green beans, in pinto beans, spaghetti sauce, and in pan gravy! Eloise about fainted when she saw me put a couple of pinches in some gravy I was making to go with fried pork chops. Said she didn't believe she'd ever eaten sweet gravy before. I said, "No, and you won't be eating it tonight either." You don't put enough sugar to make the dish taste sweet, just a literal "pinch" or two. It accents and brightens the flavors of the dish. Same with a dash of lemon juice. Not in anything containing milk, of course - it would curdle - but for veggies, soups, and most chicken or fish dishes, a little lemon is like sunshine!

Well, there's Mama Duck, peeking out the door of her box. Guess I can get dressed and head to my appointment now. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104862: Hello Front Porch: It seems to me Between reading the Porch and viewing water forecasts it is raining more often than not in Texas this spring. Asking Romeena, do basements flood there or are homes built on slabs? How many inches of rain have you had in your area this Spring? Your garden is enjoying it I'm sure. Ritchie Ferrara

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104863: It was supposed to say weather forecasts. RF

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104864: Ritchie--I think "water forecasts" is actually more accurate for TX right now! ha

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104865: Happy belated Memorial Day, friends, and God Bless those who gave all for our country.
The wife and I took Noah to the zoo in Madison, and he had a great time. While Kai went with MIL to the Memorial Day pow-wow that they hold every year.
Sad and disgusted to hear of the creep(s) who vandalized the Vietnam War memorial, as well as the ne'er-do-well who drove over the Memorial Day cross display in Kentucky. What a bunch of disrespectful ______! I can't say it or the censor will get me.

Tom, glad to hear of the good news regarding your sister. Hope she is continuing to do well.

Asa, what changes did you make regarding your BP? I would be interested to know, given that I have been told I also have "elevated" BP at times.

I just finished watching the "Barney returns" colored episodes of TAGS. Boy, it was nice seeing Barney again, and in color. But his visit was too short. I know he does show up in more color episodes though, so I can't wait for them.

Today was Kai's last day of school, so she was happy about that. I do need to find her something to get involved in, because I don't want her moping around the house all summer. She did ask about getting a job earlier in the year, so maybe I should bring that up before she gets into the habit of having a lazy summer and not wanting to do anything.

Well, I'd better go see what's for supper. As in, what am I going to make for it.

Have a great day, everyone!

-Sterling Holobyte

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104866: Hello Front Porch: Possum UAR, I was just reflecting on your post. Look at all the good Andy Griffith still brings out in people. All these TAGS fest and so on. Good clean living. He is definitely doing God's work. He is what the world needs more of. Because the place is a mess lately. Overtime I watch a TAGS episode it just puts me in a zone for a few minutes. A good place. Except when I watch TAGS on TVLand. Seems to me there are missing scenes and way too many commercials. Probably why I watch more on YouTube. Ritchie Ferrara

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104867: Good evening, porch. My pulmonary function test went okay - the tech is an old friend, so she told me a little about the results. Apparently, my performance was "marginal" in spots, but generally not considered too bad for a woman my age. About what I expected, nothing alarming. I think the little persistent dry cough, the somewhat weak and tremulous voice, and the feeling of being short of breath when my O2 saturation is perfectly normal at 97% - all may be related to being on a certain low-strength antihypertensive medication for too many years. It may simply be time for a change. This is a conversation to have with my cardologist. Anyway, I seem to be doing okay.

Mama Duck apparently is still brooding her eggs. I'm just keeping a close eye on her, expecting something to happen by the weekend.

Ritchie, you probably couldn't find five home basements in the whole city of Irving. Some homes are on pier-and-beam foundations, but the vast majority are on concrete slabs. Big buildings have basements of course, as they are necessary to stabilize the building, but homes generally do not. You may find a semi-basement (I think they're called walk-outs) if the lot is on a sharp slope, but as a rule, basements are as scarce as hen's teeth around here.

I agree with your comments regarding Andy Griffith and the influence his work has had on America. Around here, we summarize that by saying "Mayberry is a state of mind."

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some supper. I'm not very hungry, I can probably piece together some tidbits of leftovers and do quite well. I like leftovers, always have! Blessings, porch. --Romeena

June 01, 2016 - Msg 104868: Eeek! I'm sorry, Floyd, I thought I had deleted all of that! My apologies! --Romeena

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104869: RO--do you take metroprolol or cozaar by any chance? They indeed cause a dry cough in me.
RITchie--yes, many of us find this porch so nice because we can talk about many things, but always get back to Mayberry things! :)
STERLINg--good to see you. How about a week at summer camp? For Kai of course, not you! haha
POSSUM--yup, elixer for those 'pecial occasions!
GF--you are just the guy I need! I am terrible at 'cutting in.' Thank God for the new frog tape!
Prayers for all,

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104870: MDC, I suppose a guy can get skills with practice, Lord knows I have had enough "practice" in renovating apartments over the years, (especially in my earlier days). I had a Boss who was a really nice guy, he hated to trim so I trimmed and he rolled. We were quite the team, we could knock out the painting pretty quick. When it came to the cleaning and repairs we would switch off on the nasty tasks like the bathrooms and cleaning the stoves, so neither would have to do the same thing in every unit.

He was a good man, I learned ALOT about being a good Boss from him, which helped me become one later on.. I suppose that is the good part about starting out you D and on the bottom rung of the ladder, makes a guy appreciate what he has achieved.

BTW, I can clean a mean stove too!... Another card I played waaaay to soon when I met Mrs. G-F. Yep, another full time job.. I got the title...Head stove cleaner!... I had her stove looking like new again, I always dismantle them to clean them.

The stories I could tell, it was disgusting the way people would leave their apartments. I always said I could write a book that would make War & Peace look like a comic book. The life of a maintenance man is not pretty.....Amen Asa?
But after the jobs are completed it made a guy feel a great sense of accomplishment!.... Funny how life is, I started out wanting to be a "Printer".....But the "I" befor "e" except after "c" in chicken thing always gave me trouble... tehehaha

So,...Asa when you retire, you can sit back in your "Wheeler" and remember.... "The Glory Days" (I think there's a song about that)
And I'm sure all you others have your stories to tell too... They make us who we are.... Do I get a Amen?....
(Sorry for my rambling).......


June 02, 2016 - Msg 104871: Good morning gang ! hello Ritchie,Romeena,possum,GF,MDC,Maude,Sterling,Lucy and all...very nice day here in Georgia...prayers for Texas flood areas....waffle house this morning on Me...prayers SPOT

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104872: Triple Amen GF. I wish I could write, because I would love to tell some of my adventures. I'd be the "James Herriot" of maint. men. LOL Met plenty of characters and have found unbelievable things over the decades. But the Lord has blessed me and kept me, so no complaints.

Sterling, the changes I have made have been to try and get at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises 5 days a week. Cut back on my salt intake. And drink a lot of water. I have been a devoted runner for years, but my aging back has fought me in recent years. I finally had to give up running, and so do some walking. But it's not the same, and it was not giving me a real cardio workout. So I now get on my treadmill and walk on it. The thing with it is I can put it on an incline and really get my heart rate up, while still walking and thus not hurting my back. It can be boring, but I wear my headsets and listen to music or other things that interest me and the time goes by quick.

Romeena, I am so happy your test went well and it sounds like a valve job will not be needed? Great news.

Tom, I hope your Sister is doing ok. Prayers continue my friend.

MDC, Yes, GF is your painting pro. I am too much like Newton when it comes to painting. I must confess, some of it is intentional. HA! Shame on me.

Thanks for the waffles Spot. You are a good pup.

Ritchie. I sure do think TAGS brings a wonderful spirit into our lives. I think a lot of folks wish their lives were TAGS like. Sadly, it is a different world today, although it was pretty harsh in the 60's also. But TAGS ignored the harshness and stayed true to kindness and gentle humor. So I try to make my little corner of the world as TAGS like as I can.

Well I am off to slay the dragon.


June 02, 2016 - Msg 104873: HI THERE.



June 02, 2016 - Msg 104874: Great News TOM..... Continued prayers for recouping....

Finally finished getting my plants in the ground this morning... I can taste those green beans and Towmatter's now.. G-F


June 02, 2016 - Msg 104875: I don't know, MDC. A week at summer camp might be good for me, too.
I am trying to convince Kai to volunteer for VBS at the church again like she did last year. Though she did it then because I gave her the option of finishing our homeschooling a few days early or working the VBS, and that is what she chose. I couldn't say when to finish school this year since she went to the high school.

Thanks for describing the changes you made in your life, Asa.
I know what you mean about walking. I hate to walk, but that is why I ride my bike. And Noah doesn't mind the ride in the back, either.
I probably should cut down on my salt. I tend to like salt. I guess I am like Goober in that I judge a restaurant by how great their salt is. ;-)
I have taken a step in reducing my salt intake by getting some Mrs. Dash. It is pretty tasty on fries.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104876: Good morning, porch! Looks like it's clabberin' up to storm around here this morning. Mama Duck is still in the nest box, and I see no signs of little duck heads at the door, so maybe it won't happen today. I hope not. I'd hate to be out there in the rain, trying to herd baby ducks!

MDC, I do indeed take Losartan, which is Cozaar. I've taken it for about ten or twelve years, it has never bothered me, but that's not to say that it can't start. Years ago, I took Altace for about two months, and nearly coughed myself to death. Finally told the doc, he stopped the Altace, put me on Atenolol, and I've been fine ever since. The current cough thing is a bit different, not exactly a tickle, like the Altace was. This cough just bursts out whenever I take a deep breath, or laugh. Very annoying, but we'll get to the bottom of it, I'm sure. Meantime, life goes on.

Tom, that's good news about your sister. Sounds like she's hanging in there. Keep us posted, okay?

Well, guess I'd better get moving around here. Sure does look threatening outside. It's very still, not a leaf moving anywhere. The sky looks like it's about to come down and swallow the trees, and all critter traffic has disappeared. I think it's "gonna come a-somethin'" for sure. Please, little ducks, don't hatch today! --Romeena

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104877: Lisinopril did the same thing to me too!. Coughed a lot, Losartan works vine for me G-F

June 02, 2016 - Msg 104878: Fine that is....

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104879: HaHa... has it come down to discussing our prescriptions and heart meds?? Next thing ya know, we'll work on a trip to Canada or Mexico for cheaper ones! :) I take coumadin, losartin, and digoxin each morning! But I also say a hearty Thank you Jesus! :) RO, I have that same issue with deep breaths causing a sudden cough. I found a lung helping herb capsule at Hi Health called Clear Lung. You may want to check it out.
APB for BIG MAUDE! I know you have been busy with the kids grads etc. Hope all is well.
STERLING, as I told ASA, try Morton's potassium.
Tastes just like salt, and it's the "OK" stuff.
Surprised they just don't make that, but then the salt miners would be out of work!
Also ASA, I have heard that after 60 you should cut way down on cardio as our blood vessels get 'old' and can anyurism! (sp). Careful bro.

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104880: MDC... It's Sooo hot in Phoenix... You finish the rest...haha or as Rev used to say..."Dang Hot"....G-F

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104881: Good Friday morning all.

Well MDC, I surely don't work out like I use to. I use the old formula of subtracting your age from 220 and then multiplying that number by .60 and by .75 to give me my heart rate at work out. I hope that is not pushing it to dangerous levels. I need to find that Morton potassium product you mentioned.

Sterling, one other thing I have done and neglected to mention was cutting back on caffeine. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy an ice cold Pepsi too much. So I have cut those down to one or two a week. Hard to do in this summer heat, but I sure don't need the empty calories it brings either.

Tom, Glad to read your Sister is doing better. That makes me smile.

Guess I better get going. Tons to do for sure.


June 03, 2016 - Msg 104882: Asa, I cut out caffeine, and pop(or soda, etc) altogether a long time ago, when I found out it was a big cause of my stomach troubles. Both the caffeine and I think the bubbles too.

I will have to look into that potassium, thanks MDC.

Went to the park with Noah after taking him to his ju-jitsu lesson yesterday. There was another mean kid there, who kept trying to push Noah and just being obnoxious to him. I just kept thinking, you know, after Noah gets more adept at his ju-jitsu, some kid is going to push Noah too far, and WHAMO, that kid won't be bothering Noah again. Although I am confident that Noah will learn the lesson of not going looking for a fight(he has good instructors), there is only so much one is expected to allow an opponent to do.

G-F, those aren't Twin Falls Beefsteak Tomater plants, are they?(Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. reference)

-Sterling Holobyte

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104883: Good morning, porch! It's sunny here right now, but lots of high clouds, and the prediction is for more rain this afternoon. Little Mama Duck is still in her box, no sign of baby ducks yet, but I'm thinking it can be any day now. Their incubation period is 28-32 days, depending on whose article you read. I know she was brooding on May 12 for sure, so today would just be day 22. However, I also know she had been in that box for several days before I figured out what she was. How many days, I'm not sure, maybe about four, but could have been longer. So this could be day 26, or even more. Therefore, I'm saying it could be any day now. She's definitely in there right now, I've seen her poke her little head out several times this morning. She doesn't seem to be easily spooked, because Eddie mowed and edged and used the blower back there earlier this week, and she just stayed hunkered down in her box. She is moving around more today, though. Usually I don't see anything but her little head, but this morning, her tail poked out the door briefly, and once the whole underside of her little white rump was against the doorway - she appeared to be head-down in the box, maybe rearranging the eggs.

This has been so much fun, and so interesting, but it does keep me pinned down at home a lot. I'm scared to leave, because if those babies come tumbling out of that box and there's no one here to round them up, the cats will make short work of them. (Why don't people keep their cats at home??) I haven't seen the hawk in several days, but that doesn't mean he's not here.

You boys be careful, using that potassium salt-substitute. It can be a good thing, but check with your doctor. Some of the meds you may be taking could be potassium-sparing diuretics, which means your kidneys won't release potassium, and if you add more, you can get too much. Specifically, there is a warning if you take Losartan, to check with your doctor before taking potassium supplements. Whether a little potassium shaken on your food in the form of a salt substitute would be a problem, I don't know, but your doctor would.

I don't wish to sound like a wet blanket here, but folks, please - check with your doctor before taking any kind of supplement - herbal or otherwise. The control and regulation on herbal supplements is very loose, and there are many that can cause mild-to-serious side effects if taken with certain prescribed meds. I'm not saying don't use them, just be sure to run it by your doctor first. I take a couple myself, but my doctor is aware and approves. Just don't rely on the advice of the kid behind the counter in the herb store. He's there to sell the products, and I'll guarantee you he doesn't have much understanding of what works well with your meds and what doesn't. It was one of those "kids" who told me I should take red yeast rice to lower my cholesterol, since I can't take statins. They make me feel horrible. So, I bought a bottle, but read up on the stuff before I took any of it. Sure enough - red yeast rice metabolizes to a statin in your body! For all I know, it may be the source of the statin drugs, like foxglove used to be the source for digitalis. Just be careful.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104884: Yep Boys, we better listen to our "Mother Figure" she knows what she speaks.... Salt is one of my hardest things to cut back on, I think we are programmed for high salt content since their is so much of it in things.. I was watching a show yesterday I think, it is amazing the "hidden" salt in things.

Sterling, my Son took Karate when he was young, he is not a aggressive person so it was a good discipline for him.
The instructor was a stickler in learning kata's, he always emphasized skills and not the fighting part of the art. Karate do yes, Karate do no.... Karate do guess so, get squished like grape!... As far as the Tomaters, I planted Early Girl this year, I didn't remember Gomer's reference to them but I still have more seasons to watch in my set.... G-F

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104885: ka·ta
a system of individual training exercises for practitioners of karate and other martial arts.
an individual training exercise in karate and other matial arts.
plural noun: katas

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104886: Btw, I meant that the mean kid was at the park, not at the ju-jitsu lesson. That wouldn't be tolerated there. Just wanted to clarify that.

G-F, the episode is "The Price Of Tomatoes", episode 25 in Season 4 of Gomer Pyle. I especially like that one because Denver Pyle(Briscoe Darling) plays the tomato farmer in it. I have that season on dvd as well.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104887: Sterling, funny thing I'm on Season 4 right now, I'll look out for that one.. Now that it is nice out, I don't watch them as often as I did when it was cold out... G-F

June 03, 2016 - Msg 104888: Better be careful GF. Yer "Wheeler" is gonna feel neglected. I got my maters and cucumbers and cantaloupe planted this week also. Hopefully we are past any late frosts, but around here, you never know.

Ro, Thanks for the warning, and those are wise words you offer. About the only thing I take are the "Hall's" drops that have vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea in them. And only when I feel a cold coming on. I swear by them things in the cold season. I try taking a multiple vit. every now and again, but all they do is give me bellyaches and turn my wee wee bright yellow. I figure my body is saying knock it off.

I am not on any regular medicine, other than what I take when I have a gout flare. So I hope that can stay that way. My readings this morning were a bit high again, which really surprises me, but my nurse said not to fret. With blood pressure reading you are looking at longer term trends because little things can really change the numbers.

Well I am done for the week. And that is a-ok for me.

Y'all be blessed.


June 04, 2016 - Msg 104889: Good evening, porch. Asa, you're exactly right about the blood pressure readings. One reading that's higher than usual is no cause for alarm. Check again in a few hours, or the next day, and try to check when things are just "normal." That is, not after a squabble with your spouse, or just after a hot shower, or when you've just finished spading the garden. The term you used - "trends" - is absolutely right. That's what you're looking for. When you get a high reading three days in a row - that's a trend.

I have a two friends - one with blood pressure issues and one who is a newly-diagnosed diabetic. I cannot seem to get either of them to grasp the concept of trends. The diabetic will call me to tell me her blood sugar was 119 in the morning one day, and 128 the next, and then 104 the next, and why does it go up and down like that? Telling her that it has to do with what she ate and how much she exercised the day before is like explaining it to the cat - useless. The other one will call me all in a panic because his blood pressure an hour ago was 130/80, half an hour ago it was 122/78 and just now it had "shot up" to 132/84! Home BP monitors are a wonderful thing, but they can sure cause panic in some people. Again, trying to make him see that just walking across the room will cause a fluctuation in his blood pressure is futile. Talk about Nervous Nellie! "Trend" is the key word.

Well, better hit the hay. Mama Duck could put my weekend into an uproar at any point, I'm thinkin', so guess I'd better get some rest. Blessings, porch. --Romeena

June 04, 2016 - Msg 104890: So RO, that 6th toe that I grew may be a side effect!? ha Just kidding, and yes I agree with what you said, and my doc told me that using the salt substitute on some dinner items was OK for me.
Weekend is upon us once again!! Bathrooms painting is done, now just waiting on the new shower!

June 04, 2016 - Msg 104891: Asa, since you are now "trendy" you may have to pull out the old bell bottom pants and platform shoes so you will be ready when that "trend" comes back in style...haha

Romeena, sounds like you are more nervous about the ducks than the mother is. When the ducks hatch does that make you their "Mother Figure" too... Are you thinking up good duck names?... I'm sure you will protect the from the perils of the mean world.


June 04, 2016 - Msg 104892:
Asa and Romeena, my current Canadian doctor hooks me up to a machine that measures my blood pressure every 30 seconds for 5 cycles. Then it automatically calculates the average of those 5 readings and reports that to him. So it takes about 3 minutes to measure my blood pressure.
I also once had a doctor who took my blood pressure from both arms. I was surprised to learn that the readings vary.

Romeena, if you decided to take those baby ducks to a veterinarian to have them checked out, will you refer to the veterinarian as a "quack"?

from Poor Horatio

June 04, 2016 - Msg 104893: Well, its still raining in Texas and I am anxiously awaiting things to dry up so I can get the top soil delivered and start planting grass seeds...this is getting old!

Glad your pulmonary function status is still ok, Ro. What you said about blood sugar is so true. The thing that seems to determine my blood sugar so many times is exercise. It makes a big difference when I get on that elliptical and when I don't. The problem is, though, that my knees are starting to hurt from it.

Weighing in on the blood pressure issue. I remember when I was trying so hard to get my sister to take blood pressure medicine. Now consider that her blood pressure was alarmingly high in her early 20's, consistently high and she had constant tachycardia. She still was in some sort of denial in her 30's that she needed blood pressure medicine. It wasn't like she was taking any other meds but she just had a real issue with taking a regular medication. She tried to reason herself out of it by checking into herbal substitutes and lifestyle changes but nothing worked. It didn't matter what I, as an RN had to say about it. It really concerned me but eventually she did listen to her doctor and start on a medication. It worked great and she has been on in for over 20 years without any negative side effects. She has her blood work done every month to be sure. I can tell you for certain that blood pressure medication saves lives. High blood pressure really is the silent killer. My own mother didn't realize she had it 19 years ago when she had her first major stroke that left her an invalid until she died 17 years later. If she had known and had been treating the problem she would have still had many productive years left. Its really very sad. If I'm not wrong, I believe tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. She has been on my mind a lot this week.

Yesterday was a tough day at work. They are cutting back on staffing and it was just one other nurse and myself which is hard when there are multiple things going on. The phychiatrist was there seeing clients and someone has to assist him in getting the kids in and out and dealing with the new orders, and in the meantime, kids are getting into fights, hurting themselves, having meltdowns (we had a girl in the nursing station screaming the worst profanity you could ever imagine until someone got her calmed down), and that is all besides the many headaches, sick stomachs, and fake illnesses. Stressful. I decided to sleep in this morning and I even watched some TAGS. Bruce is taking me out on a date this evening so I had better go get ready.

Have a great evening.