June 04, 2016 - Msg 104894: Correction: I meant to say my sister has her blood work done every three months, not every month.


June 04, 2016 - Msg 104895: Thanks for that correction. I was trying to figure out why they would be doing it monthly, and thinking "I'm glad that's not me!" :) --Romeena

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104896: Good sweep Boo! But my goodness, I hope you are doing OK dealing with all those drug issues with
the teens. So sad that so many of them are into that in their young
Well, we did NOT hit the predicted 117 today, but it did hit 116 !! Whew, felt so much cooler! haha
BOO- please send us some of that much needed rain!!
115 is predicted for the next few days.
As pappa bear would say, 'it's so hot here that the dogs are still chasing cats, but their both just walking!' ha
Have a great Sabbath day all,

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104897: Stay cool, MDC. And thank God for air conditioning.

Watched the episode where Aunt Bea(Bee) learns to drive. It's funny watching that episode knowing now that the driver is a man and being able to see him better on the newer television technologies. Even so, they did a pretty good job making him look like Aunt Bea, I thought. Except for the 5 o'clock shadow maybe.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104898: Good Morning Gang !..MDC we got plenty of rain to send you..wow 116 and we think this 90 degree stuff is hot...whew..hello Sterling,Boo,Romeena.Lucy.Maude.SH and all..well I'm here at work for my last weekend shift for a few months gona get logged on..its a little after 6am...find me a sermon mid morning and watch it rain !..egg and ham sandwiches for breakfast...grab 2...SPOT

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104899: Good Sabbath all.

Well MDC, it's a dry heat. (sorry, someone had to say it) Stay hydrated buddy.

Hi Boo. Glad your Sister finally got on some medicine. I am taking it serious. If I can't get it under control soon, I will go on medication.

Thanks for them breakfast sammiches Spot. I'm fasting this morning, but I'll have them later after Preaching.

Sterling, I always chuckle with that episode because Andy thinks his running into the rear bumper the way he did would smash in the rear quarter panel. Being a lawman, he wasn't very astute as an accident investigator was he?

I have been watching some old Perry Mason episodes as of late. It sure is fun to see so many TAGS folks on them. I saw one last night that had Barbara Eden in it. Her Momma was played by the same woman who played Mrs. Wilson on Dennis the Menace. I don't know her real name, but she got arrested for murder by the Sheriff (who was played by Uncle Ollie) and Perry was her lawyer. But she got off at the last minute when Perry got another neighbor to confess doing the crime. But I gotta tell ya, it had me right on the edge of my seat. To much drama for just before bedtime.

Well guess I better get ready for preachin.

Prayers for all.


June 05, 2016 - Msg 104900: What?!? Aunt Bee was a man? So - a transgender? Which way was she going? Laawww - the things you find out these days! --Romeena

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104901: On that same subject... I think Aunt Bee had a stand in when they pushed "Barney's First Car" when it broke down..G-F

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104902: Hello Front Porch: My that reverend could sure talk. On and on and on. Put me to sleep. Gomer had to elbow me to wake me up. Speaking of that new term widely used in these times. Anyone remember "Pat" from SNL years ago? Have a very relaxing Sunday. Wally wouldn't have it any other way. Ritchie Ferrara

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104903: The first transgender character in Mayberry...wouldn't you know it would be Aunt Bee. ;)

Wish I could send you some of this rain MDC. It cut loose again this afternoon and Im sure there will be more.


June 05, 2016 - Msg 104904: ASA--I have seen Uncle Ollie on the Rifleman, and Wanted Dead or Alive. He was as busy as Alan Melvin!! ha
On Antenna TV channel last night they had a johnny carson ep with Ali, may he rest in peace, as a guest. A lot of funny banter between them and the interview was about 15 minutes long.
RO-- I think you mentioned Barney Miller. i also see that on Antenna TV channel. As I re-watch them, I really am re-enjoying the 'dry humor' of 'Detrich.' It really was a well-written, and well-acted show.
Ritchie--Maybe we all need to heed the advice of Dr. Breen. As for me, just a little nap, then a bottle of pop, and a little TV with my wifey. :)

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104905: For the love of Mike MDC, Do it! Take a little nap. Have a bottle of pop. Watch a little tv with the wife! JUST DO IT!!! :)
Yes, I have seen Ollie on a number of 60's shows, most of them westerns. But he never carried on about not having his goose down pillow. He must have gotten soft in his old age.

Boo and Ro, I hope you folks get some relief from all that moisture. I bet you will have a huge skeeter population after all this water.

Hey GF, What is your favorite brand of power tool? I am in love with Bosch tools, although they are pricey. But they sure seem to be the best I have used. I have a Bosch Bulldog hammer drill that is probably half the weight of a Hilti, and I think twice the machine. Amazing what it can do.

Well I guess I'll go hit the sack and plug in a Perry Mason. I hope tonight's episode isn't so intense. I have to get up and go to work in the morning.


June 05, 2016 - Msg 104906: Asa, when I was running service calls I had a lot of Milwaukee tools, some Dewalt. As for my personal tools, mostly Sears Craftsman.... But I still have some of my Dad's tools, they may be older but still get the job done.. Even the "Monkey Ward" electric drill..... Hard to believe how far they have come with the cordless tools, we wonder how we did work with out them sometimes 10-4?... (Especially the Sawzall).... G-F

June 05, 2016 - Msg 104907: Dry as dust, huh Ritchie? ;-)
I remember that "Pat" character from SNL. What a weird looking(& sounding) thing he/she was.

Especially when the rear quarter panel was BEHIND the tree, Asa. Something about where the damage was, even when Aunt Bea did it, just didn't add up.

I saw that Johnny Carson episode, MDC. Did you see Steve Landesberg on it after Ali? I think I mentioned before that I did an essay in high school on Steve Landesberg because I also loved his dry humor.
Saw Carl Sagan on after them two. I liked watching Cosmos when I was younger and I admired Carl Sagan at the time, but I am saddened knowing that he went to his deathbed never accepting, or believing in, Jesus. That's what I read anyway.

Don't let Perry Mason get you too worked up, Asa.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104908: Good Monday morning all.

Well Sterling, last nights episode had Aunt Bee in it. Seems odd to see her in a different show, although in this episode she was playing the part of someone's Aunt. I think this was a late 50's episode so this was before Mayberry. Once an Aunt, always an Aunt I reckon.

GF, I have used Milwaukee tools at work and they seem to be pretty decent also. And yes, the new generation of drills are amazing. I also have a Bosch impact driver. The silly thing is so small you can't believe it can do much. But mercy sakes, it's a workhorse. I am a tool hoarder I suppose. I have more tools than a man should have. I just can't get rid of them, no matter how used they are. I may need professional help. I wonder if there is a "Tool Hoarders Anonymous out there? Hi, I'm Asa, and I am a "toolaholic". :)

Speaking of such, I better go make mine do something.


June 06, 2016 - Msg 104909: I'm with ya Buddy..I guess our generation, as did our Fathers also realized the importance of having the right tool for the job!
...(And a back-up or two if one went down)..lol So I FULLY understand where you are coming from Brother...🛠🔧🔨
Funny tho, when people have a problem, who has the tool for the job?... Yep, "Call The Man!"... We won't EVEN start with the number of jelly jars and baby food jars we have filled with the miscellaneous nuts, bolts, screws, and everything thing else we "may need" in the future... But when we do need them our hoarding is.... "PRICESS!"....10-4?... Now-a-days no one wants to maintain things, they just pay high prices for "New".
Yep Asa you ARE one of my kind!.... G-F

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104910: I don't care much about the tools, but toolbelts, well that's another story. ;)

Hope you all had a good weekend. We got more rain last evening but not a lot and yes, ASA, there so many mosquitos it is like a scene from African Queen (remember that one?). I figure they will be around for months to come, judging from all the standing water in the area. Oh well. People are trying everything around here because they say the skeeters are becoming immune to DEET. Yesterday a friend rubbed Listerine all over themselves, and one even tried VICKS (it's been too long since anyone mentioned VICKS around here).

The sun is out today and should be for a couple of days and then rain is predicted by Thursday AGAIN. I don't like to complain about it, though, considering the horrible drought we have seen in recent years. Everything is so pretty and green..of course, the skeeters prevent anyone from going outside to enjoy nature unless one has a bee-keepers suit.

I am working evenings tonight so I guess I will try to take a catnap before getting ready..it's what us old ladies do. PS, I will turn 54 next month. groan.


June 06, 2016 - Msg 104911: Good morning, porch. Well, "the best-laid plans of mice and men" (and naive old ladies) sometimes don't work out as intended. The ducklings hatched yesterday, as I suspected when I saw the mom appearing in the doorway much more often than usual, and acting nervous. This morning, when Toye Starr and I emerged from my bedroom and settled at my window on the world, the mama duck was perched on the rim of the door of the little house. I had never seen her do that before, so I got the binocs and brought her in close. She sat there just about a minute, then took off and dropped to the ground - another first. Immediately, a tiny head appeared at the door, and a minuscule duckling hopped up onto the rim and leaped out into space. This one was promptly followed by another, in very rapid succession, so fast that I couldn't really count them, but I think there are seven. I grabbed my camera phone and headed out there, got to the back of the yard just in time to see Mama Duck's tail disappear into a thick stand of Shasta daisies, black-eyed Susans and hydrangeas. Less than a foot behind her, there was a tiny flock of little black and yellow fuzzballs, that appeared to be on wheels, they moved through the grass so fast and so smoothly. Within less than ten seconds of my arrival back there, there was nothing to be seen, and nothing to be heard except an occasional tiny "peep."

There is not a way in this world that I'm going to be able to catch those little things. I can't believe how mobile they are! So tiny and fragile, and buried in all that vegetation, if I try to go in after them I will surely step on some of them, and that just won't do. So, I pulled the net back from part of the pond, and will watch and hope she takes them there. I'll stand some chance of catching them, if she does.

I'm going to put out some feed for her - I've learned that in addition to what they can find in the water with their "dabbling", they also eat seeds, grain, small fruits and berries and such. Cracked corn should be acceptable, and a few blueberries, and maybe just regular birdseed.

I've also learned that my fence is not as secure as I thought it was. The babies can easily get through it in a lot of places, and I found one hole behind the hydrangeas where the bottom 6" of the slat appears to have been chewed away, probably by a critter trying to establish a trail. Mama Duck could get through there, so I blocked that. If Mama Duck's homing instincts are working, she may try to lead her babies back to the Trinity River, which is where I'm sure she came from. They'll never make it. The first obstacle is Loop 12, a major thoroughfare, with access roads along both sides, heavy traffic, big trucks and all. From there, it's another half mile or so to the river, which is at flood stage right now, not a good place for baby ducks.

So, it appears I've got my work cut out for me today. Somehow, I need to round up those ducks, but I'm less and less confident of getting it done. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104912: ....Boo... "54" is just a number that comes after "53" that's all.... No worries.. G-F

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104913: Oh, please, Boo, spare me your groans about being 54. You're a mere child! :) I'll be 77 next month, and let me tell you, THAT one is hard to believe! The only thing that makes it bearable is considering the alternative. Viewed from that perspective, it doesn't sound so bad. Add to that the memory of being 40 and having every reason to believe I wouldn't see 45, and 77 sounds better all the time! --Romeena

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104914: Lol... Yep Romeena... Time to get your ducks in a row as they say....https://youtu.be/w2YDf7TBo44 G-F again

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104915: https://youtu.be/_fI5z-bPvsg

June 06, 2016 - Msg 104916: HAHA...I knew you were going to say something like that about me being 54, Ro!

Wanted to mention that today is the 2nd anniversary of my mother's death so I decided to go into the archives and read about the days surrounding her death and I was so blessed. I'll never forget what a support and comfort my porch family was to me at that time. What a wise and loving group of friends. Thanks again!


June 06, 2016 - Msg 104917: Here ya go...


June 06, 2016 - Msg 104918: Baby Duck update - Joe was here today, doing some work in the yard, and this aftrnoon, he found one of the baby ducks in the pond! I don't know how or when it got in there, but there it was. It was all tangled up in a piece of the net, so I got some scissors and we cut him free. After making sure the net was clear of the water everywhere, we put him back in the pond and he immediately swam like a little motorboat, and went under the bridge stone. I guess he's still there. I plan to go out at late dusk, when the mama would normally be settling in for the night, and see if she's in or near the pond. If so, I may be able to catch them. If I can get her, the babies will try to get to her, and will be easy to catch. Wish me luck! --Romeena

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104919: HEY HEY


TOM :)

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104920: Hey Y'all- Just checking in to let everyone know my rock didn't float away with Tropical Storm Colin! Got a lot of rain,but everything is A-OK at possum's rock.
Will catch up on the archives later- hope all is well with each & every Porchster. Y'all take care!

possum u.a.r.

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104921: Good morning, porch! Beautiful day here, but getting very warm. Skeeters out in droves, but I've got a new can of repellent, so that's tolerable. Joe and Jorge are here, pulling weeds and trying to get the explosion of growth under control out there. I go out and help a little now and then, but I've got a chemical stress test this afternoon. I can't eat, but can have juices and other liquids. Got to watch my blood sugar, since I can't eat. Also was told to "take it easy" this morning, don't get tired or overheated, just light activity. So that means I can't do much in the yard, and it's really not making me happy. Oh well. This too shall pass.

Tom, that's very good news about your sister. I pray that she continues to improve, a bit better each day. And she has a new grandbaby? That's wonderful! What a great motivation to get better.

Very late yesterday evening, Mama Duck came out of the thicket of daisies and hydrangeas in the back corner of the yard. That's where she led the babies when they first jumped from the nest, and it looks like she's going to keep them in there. She just walked around in the yard for a minute, then went back into the flowers. I called a rehabber and asked for advice. She said to just leave her alone, not to try to catch her. She said Mama will keep the babies in there, well hidden, until their feathers grow in and they can start flying. They'll eat small bugs and tiny seeds. I did pull the net off the pond, so they can get in there if Mama chooses to do so, but last night, they didn't do it. I guess I'll leave the net off, and risk the big bird coming in. I haven't seen him in several weeks, so maybe he's given up on my pond. Anyway, the rehabber said that as the babies get bigger, they will be a bit easier to catch, and less risk of hurting them by trying. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can manage to catch them and take them out to David and Brittney's neighborhood pond. So, the duck story continues.

Possum, so glad you didn't wash away! I love the rain, and we need it so badly, but when it all comes at once, it can be a problem.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104922: I agree TOM, that is good news!. I know you are ready for some of that. "Good News" but it will a slow process, one day at a time Buddy!...

The Mayberry Meet-Up is coming up fast... July 8-9 sure wish some of you folks could make it... Hey Big Maude how about you & Mr. Maude? I know you know the way.... G-F

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104923: Great news, TOM!!

Hope those baby ducks stay safe..Let's hope for the best.


June 07, 2016 - Msg 104924: Romeena: They say everything is big in Texas so I guess the Skeeters are too. I am trying a different approach this year. I purchased a few bars of Carbolic acid soap. I use that to bathe. Seems to keep the mosquitos at bay but the season is still young here. I like to be outside in the summer months and I find the repellent annoying because I don't want to spread that odor on everything in the house. The old Lifebouy soap did contain carbolic acid. But the new lifeboat does not. I bought some "Island Pride" soap off of Ebay. It is made in Indonesia. It is a very good germicidal soap. I just am not sure how it will affect my skin over a long period of time. So far so good. But we shall know more in a month or so. Have a good day Porch. Ritchie Ferrara

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104925: Tough to get old. I was thinking Lifebouy and typed lifeboat. RF

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104926: Hey gang with all the talk about the "skeeters" we may have to revive the "BAT" dialogue?.... Ritchie where do you stand on the subject?... PH may have to bring you up to speed on the subject in the archives.... Lol
Lifebuoy soap for skeeters?... I think it's used more for those words ya ain't suppose to say... Just ask Ralphie...haha


June 07, 2016 - Msg 104927: http://www.redriderleglamps.com/products/a-christmas-story-lifebuoy-soap Here's a link to the real McCoy...G-F

June 07, 2016 - Msg 104928: G F SEND MY ONE OF EVERY THING ON THE FLYER


June 07, 2016 - Msg 104929: TOM... Did you say onetime that you lived not far from the Christmas Story House whe you grew up in Cleveland?
I thought you had said that... It's located on West 11th St. off of Clark Ave..... G-F

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104930: GF: I am a little confused. Are you referring to the bats in the cave that Barney was explaining to Thelma Lou? "Now is the time for all men to come to the aid of their neighbor". Ritchie Ferrara

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104931: Ritchie--GF can confuse us all ever now and then! haha
RO--operation duck seems to be going pretty good.
POSSUM-glad you are doing OK. Prayers for that whole area.
TOM--great news! Jesus be praised.
ALL--This is kind of a 'lull week' on the remodel...next big thing is a new shower(next week). Went to Lowes today to get some plywood to go next to the firring strips once the old shower and blue board is taken off. We are installing "old folk grab bars" and the screws will dig into the wood once they go thru the cultured marble and new blueboard.
STERLING--I didnt even know Detrich's actor name was Steve Landesberg until I saw it on the credits the other night. I guess I just never looked. Wonder what he's up to these days?
All for now folks!
MDC (For Ritchie = Mr Darling's Cuz)

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104932: No Ritchie, the discussion about bats started from how many "skeeters" a bat can eat in a night.. I think it's upwards of 1,000 if I remember. If you want more facts here is a link to facts about bats. http://www.batrescue.org/batfacts/batfacts.html

Just don't get Asa started about bats, he's scared of them ( Except for "Larry" the Christmas bat!).. Long story...ha

As For Romeena, she a tough girl, she is kinda partial to them because she is wise to the benefits of having those guys around, and she is a lover of ALL animals..( especially of the squirrel variety).

Hey now MDC... Sometimes people just don't get my Jethro Bodine sixth grade higher education thinking is all....lol
Glad your project is progressing tho, it's wise to think ahead on what your future "needs" will be by installing the grab bars.
We wouldn't want you to fall and not be able to get up!...

....Going to the Cracker Barrel with my Buddy today.. I bring back a bunch of biscuits for y'all.... G-F

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104933: Good Morning Gang !...mid 90"s here in Georgia camping in two weeks for 10 days...ok let me get logged in here ..prayers...SPOT

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104934: Happy Wednesday porch! I have been trying to post for a couple days now and each time I started typing I would get interrupted with a phone call or question or one of my clients would come in. hopefully this one will not get waylaid.

A beautiful day on my end of the porch so far. sunny morning with white puffy clouds and about
70 degrees.

10 days til the wedding ..Patrick and Daysie are excited and making final plans for the big day. he starts his job on June 30th so another milestone for him. Beth is still looking for her post college job. Hopefully something will come her way soon.

summer is rolling on by seems like. Hard to believe it is all ready June.

Beth and I have been watching Andy on TV Land in the evenings. Its good to see the black and white episodes back on and the first seasons starting over. I switch over to Me TV at 8 and get another hour of Andy. A good way to end my evenings and go to bed in a uplifted and peaceful way.

Better get to work mode now.
Lunch menu will be: chicken salad sandwhich, chips. a bowl of sliced fruit with watermelon, catalouple, blue berries, strawberries and pineapple.

Prayers and blessings to all.

Big Maude

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104935: Good morning, porch! The chemical stress test went well yesterday. At least I tolerated it well, but of course no results are available yet, and probably won't be until next week. It took all afternoon. We began at 2:30 and finished at 5:50! I was pretty glad to get out of there.

No news on Mama Duck. Everything I've read supports the advice the rehabber gave me - leave her alone and don't try to catch her or the babies. One article even said she might abandon the babies if she feels her life is being threatened. Instinctively, she knows she can produce more babies, or something like that. So, we're leaving her alone. Quite honestly, I'm not even sure she's still here. I think she's holed up back in that corner, under the hydrangeas and daisies, but that's a big, well-grown area and I would surely terrify her if I started pushing through the bushes to find her. I realize this may not end well, but if the worst happens, I don't want it to be because of something I did. I can't believe I was so naive as to think I was just going to walk up and herd them all into a dog crate! This situation has given a whole new meaning to the funny comments about "herding baby ducks."

Big Maude, I'm glad your area got all that rough weather out of the way before the wedding! What an exciting time. I remember those days, with my own kids. Those chicken salad sandwiches sound good - what do you put in your chicken salad?

I had a surprise waiting for me when I got home yesterday. David and the boys were here, to stay for the night. Their a/c went out at home, and the three polar bears weren't about to sleep in that "hot house." Brittney stayed at home, as she has jury duty this morning, and she doesn't mind if the house is a little warm, as long as she has a fan. It would have been a long drive from my house to downtown Ft. Worth for the trial. She's on a jury.

Well, the boys are getting up and stirring around, so guess I'd better put in an appearance. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104936: Oh, and with all these ginormous mosquitoes around here these days, I'd just love to see a bat! --Romeena

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104937: Whew! The storm has passed, the house is quiet once again (too quiet!) and Dave and the boys are on their way. Toye Starr is greatly relieved that Diesel went with them! He keeps her water bowl drained and licked dry, and we have to separate them for meals. Bentley would step politely back and let her have not only her own food, but his as well, if she wanted it, and if I didn't catch her. Not Diesel! With him, it's "Outta my way, Sunday driver!" as he shoulders her aside and gobbles her food. He especially covets her Beneful, the kind in the little tub, but he'll inhale her kibble as well. There's no fighting or growling from either of them, but he will definitely hog the food. He's just a pup, just six months old, and hasn't learned many gentlemanly manners yet. We're making progress, though. His "play" behavior is not as rough as it used to be, and Toye Starr responds by playing with him, instead of running for my lap like she used to. He's a very sweet little guy, he's just still a rowdy kid.

David went to McDonald's and got breakfast for everyone! I was planning to make pancakes, but he needed to get on the road. He has to pick up a compressor for his a/c, and will spend the afternoon installing it. The old one was not quite a year old, so it's well under warranty, but that doesn't cover labor. We're all thankful that he can do that part himself. Actually, David can do just about anything he sets his mind to do, and he's willing to try. I know he sure comes in handy around my house at times!

He and Brittney are raising those boys well. While they were here, the living room was chaos. Gym bags, enormous shoes, a big old dog crate, the piano bench and a music stand, a case containing Hudson's bassoon, ALL of Starr's toys (compliments of Diesel), the stuffing out of two of the toys, a Wii game, a box fan, pillows, and two big lanky boys - the room looked like a rummage sale blew up. After breakfast, David just quietly said "Boys, we need to get on the road. Get your stuff together." Within fifteen minutes, it was all in the car, the living room is straight and neat, throw pillows in proper place on the furniture, can't tell two boys slept on the couches last night. Yes, I have two empty bedrooms besides the one David slept in, but the boys prefer to sleep on the couches. Since I used to do the same thing at my aunt's house, I understand. I still like to sleep on a couch, can't tell you exactly why.

So, car loaded, Diesel pottied and loaded, hugs all around, and a precious part of my life drove away, leaving very little evidence that they were even here last night. It's always that way. Landry actually apologized for not vacuuming the living room and office before they left, but there wasn't time. He usually does that, bless his sweet little heart. As I said, his mom and dad are doing a good job. Thank you, Lord! --Romeena

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104938: Oh man, Romeena, your narratives are great. Humorous and your powers of description! I feel like I am right there seeing things with my own eyes. I hope someday you will consider writing a book..maybe a devotional type book using stories from life. I would love that! I was thinking about the duck situation. What if you were to quietly go out a safe distance from where the mom duck is hiding the ducklings, and spread some goodies on the lawn (Like I assume you are already doing) and just give the duck a chance to get used to you being there. I think that she might learn to trust you while the ducklings are growing. It would make capture and release much easier later on.

I have been on the heating pad for two days with my back but hopefully will be going to be able to go back to work tomorrow. The rain seems to have stopped but I see some clouds approaching from the northwest.

Sounds like exciting times, Maude! Keep us updated on events.


June 08, 2016 - Msg 104939: Thanks, Boo. Your words are very kind, and encouraging to a writer's soul. I love to write, and am considering taking a creative writing course at the local senior center. I've been told not to do it, something about "stifling spontaneity" or something, but I still think there's always something to be learned. Meantime, I have the lovely outlet of writing little "reminiscent" stories for the magazine that our own Charlotte Tucker edits. She publishes five or six of them a year, and it's always fun. She just emails me a topic, and I dig back over the last 76 years of memories, and can always find something that applies. I'm not sure that every word would hold up in court, as Andy said, but it's at least based on a true event, and it's fun to write. Of course, some of it is true, every word. I wrote one story about my horse and something rather heroic that he did, and it was true, every word.

Three weeks after Dale died in 1996, I started writing in journal form, just to unburden my soul. That continued for several years, and finally, as healing came, the form changed as well, and it's now more story and less bare-bones journal. It has morphed into a small book, and probably will be published through LifeRich, a book-publishing branch of "The Reader's Digest."

Also - this is fun - my little wood duck out back has become Mrs. Dabbleduck, and I'm writing the whole event as a story, third person voice, documenting the whole thing from her first realization that she was carrying an egg, right up to where we are today, with the little family hiding in my shrubbery. I don't know how the real story will actually end, but I'm in control of the one I'm writing. If it ends well, I'll tell it like it is. If not (predators, etc.) then I'll edit it until it's suitable for young readers. Also, I may use it in my ESL class when we start again in September. We read through a simple version of "Heidi" and one from "Huckleberry Finn", and they loved it. I let them each read a paragraph, around the table, then we stop and discuss what we've read. This tells me how their comprehension is coming along. It spotlights problems with pronunciation of certain sounds, and gives them a chance to ask about the meaning of various words. They really seem to enjoy it, and I think they'll like "Mrs. Dabbleduck." I probably won't tell them that I wrote it, I think that would distract from the whole purpose of the exercise.

Anyway, thank you. I often wish I could just pop in and comment in the easy, breezy style most people use, but I always seem to end up being far too verbose. Now, there's a good word - verbose! My first nurse manager once used that word to describe me. She said it with a smile, so I wasn't sure if she was saying she liked the way I expressed myself, or if she was calling me a motormouth! I'm still not sure, but I suspect I'm a motormouth.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104940: Oh, and thank you, Boo, for the suggestion on how to win Mrs. Dabbleduck's trust. As you guessed, I have been putting out feed for her. Cracked corn, some blueberries, such as that. It disappears at night, but could be a possum or raccoon that eats it. Of course, if I put it out in the daytime, the squirrels get it. I'm not sure if a duck would feed at night, but I'm putting it out all the same. Maybe if she gets up really early, she'll get it before the squirrels wake up. Poor little mama, she's got her work cut out for her. I know! I'll just toss some berries and corn into the flowerbed, just scattered. I don't think the other critters will find that, but she will, especially if it practically hits her on the head! Yep, that's what I'll do. Thanks, Boo! --Romeena

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104941: You are welcome. I would love to read anything you wrote, Romeena.

Speaking a writers, my dear Aunt Linda, who was a published author (but only once), died unexpectedly this afternoon from a heart attack. She died in the ambulance en route to the hospital so it was quick. She is my mom's only living sibling, and her youngest. I have mentioned her several times here on the porch and she is the mother of Dan, who I have asked prayers for several times. Dan is a juvenile onset diabetic who just survived a terrible bout with aspiration pneumonia and was in a coma several months ago. Dan was able to go home and my Aunt has been caring for him but worrying about his tooth infections because he needed oral surgery. He had lost weight down to 130 lbs but finally had the needed surgery, is on the mend and getting stronger each day. Aunt Linda was a diabetic, too but she cared for Dan until he was in a place of getting much stronger and able to make it from here. I am very proud of her. She was a good mama. She is the aunt I told all of you about who was going to be a nun until I was born and she fell in love with me the minute my very crafty mom put me in Linda's arms. She decided right then and there that children would have to be in her future. She and I had a very close bond and she was the nearest thing I had to a mom left in this world after my mother passed. I will miss her. Please remember her family in prayer tonight, especially Dan.

Thank You,

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104942: So sorry for the loss of your Aunt Linda, Boo.My heart goes out to both you & Dan. I will certainly keep y'all in my prayers.I know you're hurting and I'm sorry. Love you,friend.

possum under a rock

June 08, 2016 - Msg 104943: Oh, Boo, I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious aunt. I had a couple of "second moms" myself, and it hurts to lose them. I'm glad it was quick and she didn't have to suffer. I will remember you and Dan in my prayers. This has probably already crossed your mind, but it occurs to me that you are now the nearest thing Dan has to a mom. Wow. God has blessed him twice.

Love you...--Romeena

June 09, 2016 - Msg 104944: Prayers Boo..Hey Big Maude !..hello possum,MDC,Tom,PH,Romeena and all...gona be mid 90"s for a few days here in Georgia..no rain..Garden doing well...have to keep the water to it..well I'm here for 16 this morning till 10 tonight...egg and bacon sandwiches this morning SPOT

June 09, 2016 - Msg 104945: Good morning all.

Hey Boo, so sorry to read about your Aunt. That is sad. I hope her Son will be ok. And I hope your back improves. You are a nurse, and probably know better than I, But I swear by ice instead of heat for a cranky back. Just a suggestion.

Romeena, I agree with Boo on your writing talent. You are very gifted. I don't know if I would pursue any other means of enhancing your gift. I agree, it might stifle your God given abilities. I don't know, but I am pretty sure "Alf Wright" (James Herriot), an Author we both love, didn't receive any formal training. Anyway, that's my thinking.

Big Maude, It sounds like things are going well for your family. Sounds great.

Possum, glad you didn't get to wet.

MDC, Good to hear you are mounting those grab bars into something solid. Good planning buddy.

GF, Yea buddy, we seem to be brothers. Tool Brothers. The company I work for gives us a tool allowance every year. I for sure will miss that when I retire.

Well I best get rolling. Lots to do today.

Prayers for all.


June 09, 2016 - Msg 104946: Boo, Sorry for your loss, I agree Aunts and Uncles are a special gift to us.... G-F

June 09, 2016 - Msg 104947: just stop to said hello


June 09, 2016 - Msg 104948: Thank you for the very kind sentiments. I love all of you! Ro, I didn't consider it (my being a motherly influence in Dan's life) but I certainly like that idea. I plan to keep in touch and try and help all I can. It is hard being down here and unable to be there and help the rest of her family. I am praying for them and trying to decide what to do for her memorial service. I am thinking it might be best to make a contribution to a charity for her.

Today is a much better day. I think the shock of the news yesterday was very upsetting but today I am feeling at peace with things. I am concerned for her boys and grandchildren, though. I have heard that they are taking it fairly well. Linda's middle son, Mark, is the one I mentioned a year ago, who's wife had a brother who was shot and killed during a road rage incident. So, they have been dealing with all of that, too. Very sad.

My boss told me to take off today so Sean and I went to Corpus to run a couple of errands and we had lunch at the newest Chik fil a in town. We did not know it was opening day, though, and talk about a lot of folks. We had to sit outside and eat in the heat, but the food was good. I like that they have a healthier menu there that you can choose from.

Well, Erin has been spending the week with a friend and doing projects to help out for VBS this year. I miss her but things have been very peaceful and quiet around here.

I think I will go watch a little TAGS and get unwound for bed. I have to work in the morning.


June 09, 2016 - Msg 104949: BOO-so sorry for the loss of your aunt. I know this must be a tough time for you. You, Susan, dan, and all involved will be in my prayers. RO is right, it may be your turn to be a mother figure, if I may quote tags.
I saw Sean on FB. He looks good!
ASA-GF--I have had a Makita drill since 1999, and it is still going strong! I have had to replace the battery once, and i do only use it around the house. I think if I had a tool allowance tho, I'd end up like Tim Allen! ha
GF-- You mentioned the grab bars as good planning for the future... I'm afraid the future is HERE! lol
MAUDIE--so glad all the plans are going well!
All-On June 18 I will be married 40 years! Yikes!
Y'all take care. Prayers!

June 09, 2016 - Msg 104950: Oh RO, I must say that couch sleepin sure beats ironing board sleepin! :)

June 10, 2016 - Msg 104951: Good Morning! hey Tom,Boo,Romeena,GF,MDC,possum,Maude,RF and all of the porch...whew garden doing but sure could use rain !..ok heer till 10 pm to try to keeps lights on !...I-Hop on Tom and I this morning SPOT

June 10, 2016 - Msg 104952: IHOP sounds Great!.... Thanks Guys... Asa said he wants waffles so I guess he's outa luck... Sometimes we can't always get what we want... I suppose he will just have to wait until a Waffle House trip... For now he can just draw those squares on his pancakes....lol


June 10, 2016 - Msg 104953: Oh no GF, I am fine with IHOP, just fine! (burp)


June 10, 2016 - Msg 104954: ASA and GF, you 'bill' yourselves as HAVC guys, but from you posts I would say that you are jacks of many trades in all that you have to do/did. Am I right? I used to be more of a DIY'er when I was younger, still try to do some, like the new shower backing boards, when I can. .. eg: Just bought orange peel texture in a can and did a bit in the bathrooms before painting them last week. :)
SPOT--the 'farm' is lookin good! (per FB)