June 16, 2016 - Msg 105009: Peanut butter in anything makes me gag. I am not allergic, and in fact when I was growing up I used to eat it by the spoonful. But now I can't stand peanut butter, unless it is that fake stuff in Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I know you stated that you can't taste it in the chili, Ro. But just knowing it is in there, yuck.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Ro, that on the day of Noah's "big event", I had finally found a store that carried that Fletcher's Laxative For Children( Fletcher's Castoria, formerly). Bought it but never got to use it. Kind of glad I didn't have to, though.

Just got back from the doctor with Noah in fact. He had been having a cough lately, something that Kai is still getting over and has seen the doctor for as well, and it would wake him up but wouldn't last too long, but last night he woke up at 4 am and was up coughing at least for an hour. Figured it was time to get it checked out after that. They figure it's just something viral, and he is in good health otherwise, but they gave him a whooping cough test anyway just to be sure. That's where they take a long Q-tip and stick it up both nostrils for a swab. Needless to say, he didn't like that. The nurse at first tried to do it slow, but we both learned that was a mistake, and it took a little while to calm him down enough to do it again(and to get him to face the nurse). The second time the nurse did it real quick, and he did pretty well all-in-all.

Tom's right. I don't know how you guys can talk about making chili when the weather forecasts are predicting pretty hot temps everywhere. Which makes you wonder, why is such a hot dish called "chili?"

-Sterling Holobyte

June 16, 2016 - Msg 105010: Man, it's not like I have a busy enough day, but now I have to sweep the porch as well?! Oh well, no rest for the weary(from being up at 4am).


June 16, 2016 - Msg 105011: Sterling... The word "hottie" was already taken I guess...lol I think in Mayberry they may have been referring to the manicurist Miss Brown?... Nature was REAL good to her as Andy said..... G-F

June 16, 2016 - Msg 105012: Good evening all.
Romeena, I remember you mentioning about using peanut butter in your chili. I will have to give that a try. I have heard that elsewhere also.

GF, If you can fix my cooking you deserve a gold star buddy.

I read yesterday that the actress who played Millie on the Dick Vandyke show passed away. She was in one episode of TAGS. Was the reporterette looking for a story in the episode where Bradford Taylor comes to visit.

I've been mowing pastures today at work. Not a bad job, but it does get the allergies kicking in.

Well my oldest Daughter took me out to dinner for Fathers Day tonight. Had a great visit with her, and some good eating to boot. Now I'm off to watch some Perry Mason.

Prayers for all.


June 17, 2016 - Msg 105013: Hey Tom, hot here for sure. More of a watermelon weekend for us!
Yes GF - Lookin' is OK, but nothin after ring a ding ding! ha
ASA--speaking of 'retirement jobs,' a friend of mine is a parking lot exit booth person. I was thinking that i may try it. Sit in a little A/C'd booth, tho that could get boring.
ALL--my 40th wedding anniversary is coming up on
Saturday! For those on FB, i posted a few photos of my wedding day there under the name of Steve Radar At The Home Station, if you catch my drift.
Night honeys, night dears.

June 17, 2016 - Msg 105014: MDC, since I don't do FB I'll just say "Good on You Guys" for 40 years!... Hopefully you both will get watches with "40" on them buddy.... (Make sure they are stainless steel)...ha!


June 17, 2016 - Msg 105015: Good morning all.

Congrats to MDC and Mrs. MDC. 40 years. Good job on both of y'all's.

So GF, What kind of determination did you come to on your bush trimming? Or are you still pondering? We all know a good job requires plenty of pondering before, during, and after. 10-4?

Going to do some floor painting today. 2 part epoxy paint. You ever used that GF? It goes down pretty decent. The manufacturer says on new concrete there has to be a 28 day cure time or they will not guarantee the product. So we have given it a little extra time to make sure. We have one guy "cutting in", one guy rolling, and one guy doing the mixing. I think I'll be doing the mixing. You mix the base and activator and then have to let it sit for 20 minutes before applying. So to keep them in paint means I have to be thinking ahead. Hmmm, maybe I better be the roller. Thinking ahead sounds a bit trying for me. :)


June 17, 2016 - Msg 105016: Haha Asa...I opted for just "lopping off the tops"... It gave me more time to to do the important things in life... MDC was pondering a retirement job, at least with a name like Asa you know you will ALWAYS have a job in the exciting world of bank security.... Just Sayin'.....

Yes, I have done some epoxy floor sealing in our warehouse back in the day, it really worked out good and was easy to keep the floor clean after that... But... Be Careful, those fumes from that will give you a buzz that will make you feel like you were in Colorado for a week!.. 😳 tehehaha (so I have been told)

G-F again

June 17, 2016 - Msg 105017: Well I never tried peanut butter in my chili but maybe I will now.

Hope you are all well and blessed, and a big Happy Anniversary to MDC and the mrs.

Been pretty busy on my days off, catching up laundry, cooking, shopping, etc..not to mention running Erin here and there. She is pretty busy these days, helping prepare for VBS and getting ready for Youth camp. The kids do work for folks to help pay the camp expenses.

Sean is doing ok on the new job. He is getting pretty tired of sitting in the ferry line sometimes several times a day to deliver parts to the island. Each time, he has to sit in the ferry line for about an hour..sometimes each way. I remind him that this time last year he was working for a lawn service in the heat. :)

This is working up to being one very hot summer in south texas. The heat just feels intolerable already. I shudder to think about July and August.

Not much else to talk about but wanted to check in. I am working evenings tomorrow and sunday..just one other nurse and I. Prayers for peace appreciated. Thanks.


June 18, 2016 - Msg 105018: BOO-plus he is getting PAID to sit in that line! :)
Guess you could say that he is "right there in it!" ha
ASA-GF--I laid down that epoxy paint in my garage about 10 years ago. Had to let it cure 15 days,
but even after that, the 8 spots where the tires sit it came off. I think the tires get too hot!
ALL- have we ever mentioned Schlotzsky's eating place here? Not sure if they are nationwide or not, but their original sandwich on sourdough is a fav of mine.
Well, it is 'celebration time' soon, but we will be inside! 119 coming up! I guess we are still a hot couple! :)

June 18, 2016 - Msg 105019: Oh, APB for Poor Horatio and Big Maude!! Ya all check in.

June 18, 2016 - Msg 105020: Well MDC, Andy has hot knees. You have hot tires. When I mentioned cure time I was meaning for the concrete. We had to allow the new concrete 28 days to cure before we could paint. We are putting 3 coats on it, so hopefully it will last a while.

Boo, prayers for peace for your work situation for sure. Sorry it is getting so hot. It's supposed to be a hot one next week for us. I think my biggest dislike of the extreme heat is all the griping I get from folks in our buildings. Our shops only have evap. coolers and they can only do so much. A couple of years ago I had one guy, a chronic complainer (we have nick named him "C.C.") griping about the coolers not doing anything. It was over 100 outside, and 78 in the shop. That is the best you can expect from an evap. cooler. But he wasn't happy and said they were worthless. So I finally had heard enough, so I killed power to them and locked them out. Within an hour he was really bellyaching and asking why they were turned off. I said because you said they were worthless, so why run them? I think I made my point. But he is still a C.C. It's the same thing when it gets real cold in the winter. But I do plenty of griping about the cold my own self, so I best hush now. :)

Well GF, I bet them shrubs look fine and dandy. You ready to cook some chili? I got the peanut butter to swing it!

I was looking at my calendar at work yesterday, and between two holidays and use or lose vacation I have acquired, I will have 4 day work weeks all month. I can go for that.

Better get going. Lots of stuff to do today.


June 18, 2016 - Msg 105021: I'm ready Asa, bet MDC could use some "chill-e" weather right about now!... It's sooo hot in Phoenix, the roadrunners are being called "road walkers" it's just to dang hot to run!....

Well so much for my garden, a groundhog has taken up residency under my shed, it has damaged my garden so now I have to start eviction proceedings.... As Brisco said: Thought about killing him, kinda hated to go that far. So I think I'll try to trap it first... May have to get some pointers from Bill Murray in Caddy Shack.....


June 18, 2016 - Msg 105022: oh my G-F mine is doing good pulled green maters yesterday getting ready for a week of camping next week...breakfast will be waffle house on Boo and I...SPOT

June 18, 2016 - Msg 105023: Good morning, porch! Yep, it's hot around here, too. The humidity is so high, you feel like you could just eat the air with a spoon, like soup. Yesterday I walked out to the pond, about 40 feet from my back door, to feed the fish. I was out there less than ten minutes, and was sweating buckets by the time I came back in. I know - "horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow" - but honeys and dears, I was sweating. I think it's going to be a very hot summer. However, I don't want to complain too much, because it's the middle of June and just now getting hot. Usually we're miserable by the middle of May! Also, we keep having these little "drops" now and then, when it cools off for a day or so.

You boys make me so envious, talking about your gardens. I wish I could have even a tiny garden, maybe just some 'maters. It's hopeless around here, though. I tried once - put a couple of tomato plants in a flower bed. Never got a tomato. Oh, they came on, but between the birds and the squirrels, I didn't stand a chance. So, I just have to content myself with memories of our gardens when I was a kid, with buckets of squash and 'maters, green beans, corn, sweet onions, peas, and we had fruit trees too. Peaches, apricots, plums and a little pear tree. One year the peaches came on so heavy and thick that Daddy had to wedge 2x4s under the limbs to keep them from breaking. They were delicious peaches, and came on by the bushels, until Daddy had to go and buy a second freezer to hold them! It became a family joke that year - if you walked into our kitchen, no matter who you might be, someone would hand you a knife and a bowl of peaches and say "Start peeling!" We were grateful for those frozen peaches the next year. The trees bore, but very lightly. We could almost keep up with the crop just by eating some fresh every day. Not quite - we did freeze some, but nothing like the year before. Sometimes, I think back, and I really miss those days. What a wonderful childhood I had! God was very good to me. My parents were wonderful people.

Well, Eddie is here, working his magic in my yard. The grass is so thick and green, and now, freshly mowed, it's just beautiful. Smells good, too. Guess I'd better go pay the man who has made it look so nice. Eddie is a good guy. Been doing my yard for about 16 or 17 years now. We've watched each other's hair turn gray! He's not just my yard guy, he's my friend. --Romeena

June 18, 2016 - Msg 105024: SCREEEEEAAAAM! Argh! Yuck! Phooey! I have been working with some pictures on the computer, and am so frustrated with this idiotic "Picasa" handler that I could spit nails. Does anyone else use Picasa? It was pre-installed on my computer, and I absolutely hate it! I have never seen anything so complicated and difficult in my life. I used to have the neatest little program, called SuperJPG, and I absolutely loved it. Very intuitive, easy to use, and effective. Unfortunately, it's no longer in production, was not updated to work with the newer drivers, and therefore, it's useless. Even if I could find a copy of the program, it wouldn't work with Windows 7 or anything later. This Picasa thing would take a lot more time and effort than I'm willing to commit, to learn to use it - not to mention the patience it would require. It's unnecessarily complicated and I can about sum it up in about six words. Whatever you're trying to do - "You can't get there from here!" It's ridiculous.

OK. That's my rant. I'm going to go make a big glass of tea and maybe a sandwich, and settle down to watch a little Andy. Maybe that will let my blood pressure settle back down where it belongs. Stupid program. --Romeena

June 18, 2016 - Msg 105025: Round One....Groundhog (1) Goober (0)... Like our Old Exterminator used to say: "You want to get rid of the pest,.. Ya gotta think like that pest... Gee wonder how groundhogs think?
.....Help me out Possum, ya know they ARE one of your kind!
WWPD....haha.... Ernest T would know too.....

My research says to bait the trap with cantaloupe so I did that, plus I ate some too!.... Except I used a honey rock instead cuz it is sweeter.... Might Work..... Might NOT!.....


June 19, 2016 - Msg 105026: RO--I have what is called Microsoft Picture Manager that works well to crop, enhance color, etc for JPEGs when they open in Windows Photo Viewer. Across the top menu bar it says File , Print, Burn, Open.
I click on Open, then to Picture Manager, then to Edit Pictures.
Maybe the rel who is good at computers could set it up for ya.
GF--did you try the "garden hose down the hole" trick?
Sunday is to be our 120 day! Sermon Topic...sin! Oh oh :)
I'll give you a report Sunday night.
My dear wife and I had a great day today, and capped it with a nice dinner out to the Fish Company restaurant near the local Bass Pro Shop,
a fav. I normally hate shopping, but not there! :)
Prayers for all,

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105027: For GF- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbd-iH4aWxA

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105028: .....Good one MDC... Do they get a blow dry and style job out of the deal too?....ha

Your Preachers sermon..... Should be... "HELLO it's 120"... Take away the "O"..... Yep, it's like that down there!.....


June 19, 2016 - Msg 105029: Oh,....BTW everyone in Oakland is wearing Henery Bennett "T" shirts today for the NBA finals.....

As Stevie Wonder told Ray Charles when they got to heaven..."We Hall See"..... For those Believeland Fans..

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105030: I'm clueless, G-F! On second thought.. Maybe smoke 'em out or try jabbin' at 'em with a long poinky stick! Works for possums!

Happy Father's Day to all of our Porch Daddies!

And congrats to Mr. & Mrs. MDC!

Y'all take care-love to all.

possum u.a.r.

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105031: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you dads, step-dads, uncles and anyone who has been a positive influence on a kid along the way. Ol' Hillary was more right than she knew when she said "it takes a village." Of course, she meant that it takes government involvement to properly bring up a child, and I don't agree with that, but truthfully, everyone involved in a child's life brings some influence to bear on them and how they grow up. Friends, neighbors, extended family - everyone has the responsibility to be a positive influence on the children around them.

I must add - I think we've got the cream of the crop in dads and granddads on this porch! You are in my prayers - what a big job you have! My own husband and my father are gone now, but I still see my children and grandchildren receiving the benefit of the wisdom and experience of the men who do remain in their lives. And, I'm happy to say, I still see and hear the echoes of the influence of those who have passed. My kids quote their dad frequently, and I see both him and my father in their honesty, square dealing, kindness and love. I guess you can't ask for more than that. God bless you all. --Romeena

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105032: Romeena, that is about the ONLY thing she said that makes any sense..... Lol

June 19, 2016 - Msg 105033: Yes, hope all you dads had a good Father's Day, which is of course a full time job!
Well, it only hit 118 today, they're saying that maybe tomorrow we'll get the 120.
Road walkers, good one GF.

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105034: Oh man MDC, That heat is just brutal. Stay hydrated buddy.

GF and Tom, well you did it! Congrats on the Cav's big win. Great game it sounds like. I didn't see it. Way to go. The Browns are next?

GF, Great big gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts. lol

I had a wonderful Father's Day. Went to preaching, then went to Stacey's for dinner. Played with the Grandkids. Oh man, I am so blessed.

Well off to work. More paint to roll today. It's a fun day.


June 20, 2016 - Msg 105035: Cleveland fans have been hungry for a Championship for "52" years.... Now they are fed!.... Happy for them & the city.

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105036: Lol Asa...Yep, so far he's still winning the battle. Really don't want to have to whack him so I will continue to try to trap him alive in the trap...

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105037: Good morning, porch. G-F, good for you for going the live-trap route with your groundhog. Just one thought - when you catch him, be sure he's a "him." Make sure it's not a female, with evidence that she's feeding babies. You wouldn't want to leave a little family of nursing babies underground, and take their mother away. This time of year, that's a possibility. There now, I've given you something to keep you awake at night! You're welcome. By the way, exactly why do you have to get rid of him/her? We don't have groundhogs around here, so am not familiar with their habits. Do they tend to eat up your garden?

It's shaping up to be a hot one here today. Sky is perfectly clear, not even a wisp of white, tiny vagrant breezes now and then, but nothing strong enough or frequent enough to do any cooling. I think summer is here! I don't know what our predicted temp is - my weather gadget that came with Windows 7 has been taken down. Anybody got a suggestion for another one? I like one that just puts a little icon on the desktop, that displays the outside temp. Then if you click on it, it opens to a full weather rundown.

My old one was The Weather Channel, but for whatever reason, they took that down, or at least removed it from the gadget box on the computer. Maybe I'll do a little noodling around this morning on the computer and see if I can come up with something. If not, I'll bet David can help me.

My hibiscus plants are blooming like mad out there. So pretty! I can't believe I paid less than $4 for each of those plants, and they will come back like that every year. Amazing. Well, off I go. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105038: One for MDC.... https://youtu.be/PPdklH6t7dI ....If he catches you you're through!.....ha....

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105039: Well, my weekend at work was ok, thanks for the prayers. Saturday night was hectic, but not terrible, and last night was right peaceful. :) I haven't had an evening like that in months. Our census is still low so less problem kids to deal with.

Romeena, Robbi posted a picture of Dale when he was very young on facebook yesterday. Wow..he was a very purdy man for sure. What an amazing influence he has been and continues to be.

Asa, the only experience I have ever had with the evaporating coolers is when we went to central texas to the river and stayed in some very rustic cabins with them. The humidity was low enough there that they worked pretty well, especially at night. You never see one in south texas, though, due to the humidity. They just wouldn't work here. If your friend CC worked with me,he would do a whole lot of complaining. It stays around 78 in our facility because the air conditioner cant keep up.

Happy Anniversary to you and Cecile, MDC..an accomplishment to be proud of.

Lots to do on my day off. I just got a renewal slip for my nursing license and realized I have only one continuing education credit. Groan. Guess I will spend a lot of time online this week.


June 20, 2016 - Msg 105040: Hey, Boo, do you not get the catalogs from Western Schools? They offer CEU courses, usually contained in the book they send, and all you do is send them their $29.95 or whatever it is, and they send you a certificate. They're fully accredited. It used to be that you had to take a test, but they don't even do that anymore. It's an honor system thing. Just run a search on Western Schools Nursing, and you'll find links to their website. The courses are interesting, informative, and best of all, you can pay their fee right now, get your certificate, and then read the material at your leisure, if your license is about to expire. I've used them for years. Then of course, as you mentioned, there are lots of online courses, and they're fun too. I've done quite a few of them, but the CEUs are usually just 5 or 10, while the Western Schools courses are usually 20, and sometimes more. Just a thought...--Romeena

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105041: Good Monday porch. stopping by to rock and rest this morning.

been a very busy past few days for ole Maude. The wedding was Saturday and according to Daysie she had the "perfect" wedding. The weather was very cooperative given it was an outside affair. No rain, just beautiful sunshine, a very slight breeze, low humidity and temperature stayed about 77. She looked beautiful in her dress. Food was good too. The wedding was held at a place called The Millstone and is located in Limestone Tennessee. Someone turned an old retired Mill in an events venue. it was a bit out in the country but a lovely place for the wedding.

now lots to catch up on at home and to sort things back into some order.

I need to read back and catch up on everyone but better get to work now.

Prayers and blessings to all.
Big Maude

June 20, 2016 - Msg 105042: Sounds like a beautiful wedding, Maude. Wish we could see some pictures. :)

Thanks Ro, I think I may have used the Western schools before. The online one that I use now is user friendly and, while they do give quizzes, I find them to be fairly easy and short. All you have to do once you have done the hours is print the record on the computer, if you need to. There is a small yearly fee, but it isn't much and renews automatically, which is a good option for absentminded me.

I'm making beef tips in the pressure cooker, Asa. You can easily make them in the slow cooker, though. I just brown some stew beef, throw in a can of cream of mushroom soup, a package of onion soup mix, or just chopped onions if you prefer. I add about a cup and a half of beef broth or red wine if you have it, and I always throw in a couple of beef buillon cubes. It makes a good meal served over egg noodles or mashed taters.

I also made some chocolate chip cookies. Ya'll come on over!


June 20, 2016 - Msg 105043: Hey, Ro, when I mentioned that picture of your Dale, I was throwing you an opportunity to brag on him a little bit...did you catch that? ;)


June 20, 2016 - Msg 105044: Hello Maude ! Boo the pressure cooker at the dog house is used a lot !Hey MDC,possun,GF,Asa and congrats to Cav"s !..long time coming ..well one more work day the headed to the lake wed for a week of fun..just Miss SPOT an I gona have a few friends and grandkids up sat but that's it...friend bringing boat up Sunday...well let me get ready to wrap this night at work up..SPOT

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105045: Thanks, Boo. Yes, I caught that, but I hadn't seen the picture yet, so didn't know which one it was. I just visited the porch on the fly this morning, as I was leaving to go somewhere else. Now I've been there - saw the picture she posted. Yes, he was a good-looking rascal - well, dang gorgeous is what he was. Big guy at 6'4", with a big frame, wide shoulders, very muscular, and strong as a bull. He had a sweet, kind, soft heart, loved kids and animals, and was always quick to defend the underdog. His children all inherited those qualities, and now I see it in his grandchildren. It came shining through one day on the baseball field, when Hudson physically defended a smaller, weaker child. Such a "Dale" thing to do! I'll never really understand why he was taken from us at only 58 years of age, but as I grow older, I can remember him as he was then, and don't have to see him age and grow old and dependent. He would have hated that! God always knows best. --Romeena

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105046: HI ALL-
Maudie-so glad that everything went so well, and that Barney did not
end up in the wedding dress! ha. Sounds like it was a beautiful affair!
GF--congrats to James and the Cavs! What a great final game! Thank God there was no rioting, etc, that CAN happen at times like that. At least i havent heard of any happening there.
ASA, GF, PH, etc, been meaning to mentions that we have an Ace Hardware about 3 blocks from my home. I always go there first before any of the big boxes. They KNOW me, always friendly, and I can buy ONE bolt, not a pack of 50! An Amen on that?
Ro--you brag on Dale anytime you want...he sure sounds like he was a great guy! I want to meet him in heaven!
ALL--our record heat has taken 5 lives, and all were preventable! I just don't get these people who want to hike desert trails when it's 118. So crazy.
God's blessings on you all,

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105047: Thank you, MDC. You're very kind. By the way, you asked earlier about Schlotzsky's sandwich shops. Yes, we have them in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, for sure. One of my favorite places! Those sandwiches are great! The secret is in that bread they use. I wish they would sell it - I'd buy it all the time. I suppose if they started that though, they'd soon be in the bread business full time. You know, I've never eaten the "salt-rising bread" that Barney talked about, but I just imagine it would taste like Schlotzsky's bread, don't you think? I've seen some pictures that accompanied recipes for the salt-rising bread, and it looks quite a bit like it. However, after reading the recipes, I don't think it's anything I'm going to try anytime soon. Very time-consuming, and generally requires more effort than I'm willing to invest in it these days. I can make bread, have done so many times, but with yeast! This stuff doesn't use yeast, it depends on the fermentation that begins in the cornmeal it calls for. Sounds like making sour mash for moonshine! Nope, I think I'll just go get a Schlotzsky's sandwich when I get a cravin' for that bread. I just wish we had a Schlotzsky's a little closer to me. There are two in Irving, but they're both in far north Irving, about 8-10 miles from where I live. There was talk of building one in central Irving, but so far, it hasn't happened, and likely won't. Ever since they developed North Irving, all the good stuff has moved out there.

I agree, why on earth anyone would want to hike in that heat, I can't imagine. Sometimes I think people just don't recognize their own limitations. Were these young people, the kind that still think they're bullet-proof? That's really very sad.

Well, it's very late, guess I'll turn in. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105048: MDC.. I think Clint Eastwood said it best... https://youtu.be/_VrFV5r8cs0 Whe it come to making decisions about things...... G-F

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105049: Amen MDC. As much as I love going to Hardware stores, I detest the big box stores with a purple passion. I hate crowds. I don't mind small groups, but I hate crowds. (I hope I sound like Lydia) You try to go to one of these stores on a Saturday afternoon to pick up one little item you need, and you will kill 2 hours. It takes me a half hour drive to the store. It takes forever to find what it is you're looking for, a half hour to go through a checkout line. Another half hour driving home. We have a small Farm and Home store just down the street from us a bit. And they seem to have what I am needing 90% of the time. I am in and out in just minutes, unless I bump into someone there I know and stop and chat with them for a bit, which happens a lot. But I love that part of it. So yes, a big AMEN!

When I was younger the heat never seemed to bother me. In fact the hotter, the better. I would go do 5 mile runs in triple digits and it really wasn't all that bad. But I was in great shape, and would pace myself for sure. But now, the heat bothers me more and more. Must just be an age thing. I'll still take it over the bitter cold, but it still wears on me after a while.

Sounds like a nice wedding Maudie. Congrats.

Ro, I do love to read your posts as you share your memories about Dale. And your bright outlook on life. You focus on how blessed your time together was rather than on why he passed so early in life. You are a "glass half full" kind of gal, and an inspiration to me.

Boo, thanks for sharing the recipe. That sounds just like my kind of cooking. And with the hot weather here, the crockpot is a blessing to use. Do you add anything to the liquid to thicken it up? I can't do corn starch. And how long do you leave it in the crock pot?

I guess I better get moving. I feel real tired this morning. Not sure why. I thought I slept good. But sure wish I could go back to bed for another hour or two. Usually this time of day I am very energetic. Must be the heat.

Prayers for all.


June 21, 2016 - Msg 105050: HI ALL.


June 21, 2016 - Msg 105051: BEIN ON TOP OF ALL THE TEAM


June 21, 2016 - Msg 105052: Hey TOM these links are for you Buddy!.... Enjoy... It's been a looong 52 years.... They are having a HUGE parade tomorrow in downtown to celebrate the end of the jinx!... G-F


June 21, 2016 - Msg 105053: Good morning, porch! What? Is this our Tom, actually asking for rain? I never thought I'd see the day! I know how you feel, buddy. I'd like to see some rain around here, too.

Asa, thanks for the kind words. I guess I learned from my parents that it's best to meet life head-on and just deal with it. As children of the Great Depression, they both had wonderful attitudes. My mom was frugal and could stretch a dollar a long way, but was also very generous and would share with anyone in need. Both attitudes were survival tactics during the depression. My dad was a product of a family that had a wonderful sense of humor, which was fortunate, because sometimes that was ALL they had! He had two favorite philosophical sayings: "Don't worry about anything, because nothing is going to be all right" and "If you have a problem that has no solution, you don't have a problem." Both of those require some time to sink in, but eventually the truth will come through. The first one sounds very negative at first, but it isn't. It's about attitude. Life is tough at times, but it's not what happens to you that matters, it's how you meet it and deal with it. So don't spend your time wondering what's next and dreading it, just live your life as it comes.
The second one is pretty much saying the same thing, just a little different approach. My parents were the most genuinely happy people I've ever known. I was blessed to have them for parents. I grew up knowing nothing but love.

Then along came Dale, and I moved right into marriage with a man who well and truly loved me, and whom I loved like life itself. The day we met, I was 17 and he was 19, and we fell in love that day. What does a 17-year-old know about love? Not much, of course, but God was in it, and we had 38 years of fun and work, laughter and tears, kids and dogs, sickness and health, success and setbacks, but most of all, we had love and we kept God as our guide. I realize that not everyone in this world is so fully blessed, and I don't know why I was chosen, but I'm grateful.

Well, gotta run. The laundry is pushing the hamper door open, and I've got some writing to do, Joe is coming to dig up some giant, sprawling lantanas for me and the day is moving along fast! I've got the sprinklers running - keep praying for that rain, Tom, and put in a word for my area while you're at it! --Romeena

June 21, 2016 - Msg 105054: Where has PH been? Maybe we need to have a roll call shout out for him...https://youtu.be/3oXig8-B8CA G-F

June 22, 2016 - Msg 105055: Thanks for sharing those family memories and saying, Ro..very special indeed. While I had a loving home, as a child, we did have our problems, as I have mentioned before. I would not describe my parents as happy a lot of the time, well not mom, anyway. She suffered with depression and she and dad didn't have a close relationship until they were much older.

I took Sean and Erin to see the movie "finding Dory" tonight and it was just ok to me. When we got to the parking lot, my car wouldn't start because the battery was dead. I didn't leave anything on it is just a bad battery. It took awhile to get someone to jump it for us, but we were able to drive home.

Please pray for Sean. His Tourette's is really bad this week. I guess it has something to do with his getting less sleep with the new job. When he gets tired, it is worse and he is getting really frustrated with it. It is painful to him sometimes because it makes his throat hurt because the tic he has is a forceful sound that sounds something between a bark and a scream. He hates it more than any of us can imagine and nothing seems to help. He used to go in and out of remission but this has been going on for over a year without any remission this time. We have tried some different medications without success and I fear we will have to start him back on some of the stronger ones. It's hard to see him going through it because fighting the tics makes him tired and miserable.

Well, tomorrow is another day. Hope you all have a good one.

Oh, Asa, to answer your question, I coat the meat in some flour before I brown it and that helps thicken up the gravy. I cook it all day on low.


June 22, 2016 - Msg 105056: Romeena, did you ever find a replacement for your photo-editing projects? I used to use Picasa too, and I agree with you. I did not like it. Now I use a program called Pixlr. It is a simple little program and I like it. I use the free version here https://pixlr.com/express/ Don't know what the paid version is like, but the free one is good for the things I use it for.

Clint Eastwood sure has a lot of good quotes in his movies, doesn't he, G-F?

You know what? In my TAGS on Netflix viewing, I got up to the "Old Sam" episode; you know, where Howard catches that legendary silver carp, when I suddenly realized, "Hey, where in the heck did Warren go?"
They didn't even mention him leaving or why he left or anything.

I don't know what I am going to do once I get done with the series. I have come to enjoy settling back after everyone else has gone to bed, and visiting Mayberry once again.

-Sterling Holobyte

June 22, 2016 - Msg 105057: Hey GF--Maybe this one would be better for our PH:
"Come on Pyle, move it, move it, move it, get the lead out; my grandmother moves faster than that!" :)
Do any of you porchsters like to SWIM? I have been swimming like a fish since my first lesson at 6 years old! I've never had a backyard pool, but have always lived close to public ones,
and where I live now there is an indoor pool about a mile away. At 5 pm, they empty out all the kids and then set it up for lap swimming. Still a great form of exercise for me.
OK, another little heat joke...I needed some boiling water the other day, so I just turned on the cold water tap! harhar. On the serious side, to answer a question... Only one of the deaths here was an older person, the others were 20 to 40 years old who thought they could still hike in this heat! It is to be 113 or so for the next 10 days!! We will usually have 3 or 4 days of such, and then a let up, so this is very unusual. Please pray for rain!! TOM, we need rain too! ASA, thanks for your prayers, much appreciated. And here's to small hardware stores! woohoo.
Just watch from 1:30 to 2:30 , and you'll get my drift Lydia! :)

June 22, 2016 - Msg 105058: Nice link MDC... Out hardware store here in town opened in 1899 and is still going strong. They have a lot of those old hard to find things... I think they still may have some of those left handed monkey wrenches in the back of the store...tehehaha!




June 22, 2016 - Msg 105060: TOM, I was SMART and stayed at HOME!... I'm not a big basketball fan, but I am glad to see a Championship in Cleveland... As you know, there has been a lot of sports sadness in that city... The Jinx is Broken!... G-F



June 22, 2016 - Msg 105062: That's Right TOM!... Like the 3 wishes for Opie episode. First the Cavilers, next the Indians, then the Browns!....G-F

June 23, 2016 - Msg 105063: Gomer, Gomer, Gome...? (:

June 23, 2016 - Msg 105064: Good morning porch, very humid and warm on my end of the porch. just came back from the bank and it looks like rain could start anytime.

thanks for he congrats and comments about the wedding. will try to post a link to the wedding pictures once they are ready.

lunch menu will be: grilled hot dogs with chili and slaw,chips. oatmeal cookies for dessert. tea or lemonade to drink

everyone have a great day.
Prayers and blessings to all

Big Maude

June 23, 2016 - Msg 105065: Good afternoon, porch. I can't say it's warm here - it passed warm on the fly about 10 a.m. and right now it's just plain old hot! Eddie just finished mowing and edging the yard, and it looks so nice. How on earth he does it in this heat, I don't know, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

Asa, I made something really good for supper last night, and it came right out of my imagination. It's easy, and I think you'd like it. I KNOW you can make it. I just happened to have the ingredients on hand, and it sort of "happened." Here goes: Fry up about four or more strips of good thick-sliced bacon. Take it out of the pan and put in several chicken breast tenders. I used a whole pack (about 12 tenders) because I was planning for leftovers, but you don't have to cook that much. Fry it gently until lightly browned on both sides, but don't overcook. Best if there's still some pink showing here and there, so it doesn't dry out.

Now remove the chicken and pour off most of the grease, leaving a couple of tablespoons. Stir in a good tablespoon of flour, and stir until well blended, to make a light roux. Put the chicken and bacon back in the pan, and put a full can of crushed pineapple (in natural juice, not syrup) over the whole thing. Let it simmer very gently for about a half hour, and serve over rice. I snipped a couple of sprigs of mint and rosemary from the yard and pushed them down into the simmering liquid, and added a good twist of sea salt from my grinder, but that's all the seasoning I added. It was really, really good and I'm about to have a late lunch of the leftovers. Probably enough there for supper, too. Fortunately, I love leftovers and don't get tired of them easily. Anyway, try it. It's so easy, and really very good.

Maude, I'm so glad the wedding went well. Please give the kids my very best wishes!

Blessings, porch! --Romeena