August 22, 2016 - Msg 105554:
Asa, don't you fret none. Say the word and I'll send you three of the best doctors that ever doctored.

Boo, have you heard any news yet about the future of your job?

TOM, thank you for the uplifting prayer that you posted. How is your sister feeling?

from Poor Horatio

August 22, 2016 - Msg 105555:
It's been a long time since I swept the Front Porch. I'm glad I still remember how.

from Poor Horatio

August 22, 2016 - Msg 105556: Good afternoon, porch. TOM, thank you for that prayer. I needed it this morning. Not that I have such heavy problems, because I don't, but I just needed the assurance that God is near. I received a phone call this morning, telling me that a dear friend of many years had passed. She had been battling cancer for about eight years, had been pretty sick and miserable the last few months, and was ready to go. She and her husband were my parents' closest friends, though they were about 10-15 years younger than my parents. They were about ten years older than Dale and I, and we three couples did a lot of things together and had loads of fun. We tubed down the Frio River in the summer, celebrated holidays together in the winter, and generally ignored our age differences. Tom will be lonely without Faye, but I know he's happy she's out of pain. She will be missed. If I had to choose one word - and that would be hard - to describe the two of them, that word would be "gracious."

Asa, I'm sorry the A-fib has returned, but it's true, it does often take more than one correction to really fix it. It's also true that the risk of a clot rises considerably when you have A-fib. The clots that form are called "mural clots" (think of a mural that hangs on a wall) because that's exactly what they do. As the atrium is fibrillating (heart chamber just quivering rather than exerting a rhythmic contraction), the blood that's just sitting in that chamber will start to clot along the chamber walls. Then when the heart starts to beat normally again, the strong contraction can loosen a clot, or a part of it, and free it into the bloodstream. Obviously, that can be a problem. I have A-fib, but it's not frequent, and never lasts more than 3-5 minutes, as recorded by my pacemaker. Therefore, my doctor doesn't worry about it. I do take one of the "restraining" meds to keep it from going too fast, but may not even need that. Also, I only take a couple of baby aspirin, don't need the heavy-duty thinners. The cardio doc says those infrequent, short runs of A-fib are not clot-builders. My pacer is there to fix the occasional slow-downs, when my heart rate would sink into the 30s. Trust me, when that happens, you're not moving, you just sit and pray that it will come back up. The first few times were pretty scary, but then I sort of got used to it. Now my pacer kicks in when it drops below 70, and keeps me going at 70 until the natural rhythm resets itself. I can tell when that happens, because my normal heart rate is in the high 80s, so 70 feels a little slow, but I remain functional.

Boo, a while back I bought a book that contains the complete works of Josephus, and have not gotten into it. You have inspired me! That will be my winter reading project.

I'm glad Erin's teeth are getting less painful. I remember what my kids went through with their braces. The girls had to have palate spreaders, and both said they felt like their noses were caving in. Yuck! I wouldn't know. I was born in the days when, unless you could eat corn off the cob through a picket fence, you didn't get braces, you just had crooked teeth. Mine aren't terribly crooked, but they're not straight, either.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. I've got a ripe avocado - maybe I'll make some guacamole. I've got the chips to swing it. --Romeena

August 22, 2016 - Msg 105557: LOL PH, I think I'll let them Doctors go on by. Nice sweep.

Good to see you posting Tom. I pray your Sister is doing ok.

Well I just got back from the Doctors office. What I had Saturday was Atrial Flutter and not A-FIB Ro. After looking at my history he is recommending I have another ablation done. He said because it is A-Flutter, he could go up the right side and do the fix. And he said that even though it has only been 3 years since I had the last ablation done, that with the new technologies out there, he could suggest this time the fix would be permanent. If that is true, I guess I'd be a fool not to have it done. He said going up the right side was a very small and quicker procedure, probably less than an hour, and was an outpatient event. He hade it sound like a very small deal. Ro, and Boo, I'd be interested in your thoughts. I told him I would most likely do it, but I wanted to discuss it with my Wife first. She, and the rest of my family are in favor. I know I don't want another Saturday like last Saturday. I think I'd rather go visit my girlfriends Mother than do what I did last weekend. LOL

Hey GF, You been watching any of the preseason games? How about you MDC.

Well I need to rustle up something to eat. I just realized I haven't eaten yet today. Shame on me.


August 22, 2016 - Msg 105558: Asa, sorry your heart is all aflutter. ;) Seriously, though, my advice is to treat, as the doc suggests. A-flutter can cause the same clots as the a-fib, plus, if it goes untreated it can cause the ventricles to over-work and that can lead to cardiomyopathy. So, if your heart's all aflutter, best to treat. :) Keep us updated.

PH, I haven't heard any news concerning the job. The census is still lower than normal and state licensing is still on top of us daily, but so far we are in operation. No telling what tomorrow will bring.

Better go..Erin wants me to dry her hair for her. Drying her hair is a major undertaking because it is so thick. She wants it to look nice for her first day of highschool.


August 22, 2016 - Msg 105559: HI ALL, settling down in our friend's cabin in No. AZ pine country...yup, GF, lots o' knots!( or is it nuts?) ha
I posted a few pics on FB for those of you who are on it.
As you all know, I am in A-fib 24/7. It started back in the early '80s when they didnt have a lot of good procedures. They got it converted a few times, but it kept going back, so now I just live with it. I take coumadin for thinning, digoxin to help with rhythm, and metoprolol for BP and rhythm. My normal BPM is about 52. I do get winded easily, but it is what it is, and I have just learned to live with it. It actually goes way back to high school when a really fast beat would kick in during basketball games, but I would signal to the coach, he'd get me out, and it would convert in about two minutes. In those days no one thought for me to check it out
because it always converted back quickly to nsr.
BOO--my prayers continue for you and the fam.
Will you get to Colorado this year?
TOm--great prayer! thanks.
ASA--are those timers the kind with the metal 'pegs' that have to be moved to the new time?
Well, you all hang in there as I enjoy these cool days this week! :)
Nice, real nice. (59 right now at 9:45 pm)

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105560: Nice sweep, Poor Horatio. You even got all the corners.

Asa, prayers for your health, and for the decision you have to make.

Well, Noah starts his first day of kindergarten on Wednesday, at Kai's old Christian school she used to go to. Tomorrow night is orientation.
I have the same melancholy feelings that I felt when Kai first started school. Already missing him, and worrying about him, and he hasn't even started yet.
I wish those melancholy feelings were all I had to think about though. I also have the dread of what this year at that school might dredge up. While we were shopping for some school clothes today, my wife once again brought up the Hello Kitty incident that happened when Kai brought that lunchbox to school, and the turmoil that happened after that. She also said that was the main reason she wanted to pull Kai out of that school.
Ridiculous. On both sides, I feel. She bought a lunch box for Noah with some drawn-on robots on it, and I am hoping that having it there isn't opening a powderkeg, again. See, they have a policy against having characters on clothes and other things, like lunchboxes apparently, and while that Hello Kitty wasn't really Hello Kitty, but was one of those Sanrio characters(the company that makes Hello Kitty junk), someone made a stink about it and that is what started what I like to call, "Hello Kitty-gate".
But these robots aren't specific robots. They aren't Star Wars, or some other known robots, just look like hand drawn pictures, so I think they will be ok. I am praying they are anyway. That and the principal back then during Hello Kitty-gate was new to the town and the church, and was just starting as principal and he really seemed to want to go by the letter of the law, with no real flexibility. Pretty strict.
I have met and talked to the principal they have there now, and he is a younger guy and seems more laid-back, so hopefully this isn't going to be an issue. I don't know if I can take another idiotic event like that.
So I know there are a lot of people needing prayers, and for more important things than this, but if you have any spare ones, I will take them. I am really praying that my wife sees some good things come out of Noah with him being at the Christian school.

Have a nice night everyone.

Btw Boo, I liked your little good-hearted joke(see what I did there?) to Asa to try to help him feel better.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105561: I should have specified that the school "has a policy against having KNOWN characters, like Spiderman, Superman, Hello Kitty, etc. on clothes...."
But you probably all knew what I was talking about.


August 23, 2016 - Msg 105562: Morning all.
Thank you for the prayers and advice. I am pretty certain I am going to go forward with the procedure Boo. I know if I don't, these events are going to continue. And where this Doctor said he could give me a permanent fix for the flutter issue, I reckon I need to proceed. I have a calmness about it, which I think is the Lord confirming my decision. And the Doctor told me this procedure was a much quicker and smaller deal than the last one where they did both sides of the heart for both a-fib and a-flutter. From what I have been reading on this interweb thingy, that seems to be a true statement.

Sterling, I hope the school year works out well for you all. I reckon at times the rules seem silly and overblown. But it is usually because someone is trying to bend the rules as far as they can for who knows what reasons.

MDC, Sounds like you are having a grand old time up there. You showing your pioneer moxie? Just remember, any thing cooked with a fire that was started the old fashioned way, is gonna cook a lot faster because the pioneer started fire burns a lot hotter. I know, I don't need to tell you that. But I just thought I better remind you just in case.

Hey GF, You doing ok? Being kinda quiet buddy.

Well better get to work I reckon. Much to do.

Prayers for all.


August 23, 2016 - Msg 105563:
Sterling Holobyte, would it not be funny if the school had a namesake and your child had something with a photo of that person on it? From what you have described, technically this violates the school's policy against having depictions of KNOWN characters. Therefore, any references to such a person, especially photographs, paintings or statues on display at the school, would have to removed.
Hmmm, maybe it's time to consider home schooling.

Boo, your posting about Erin made me recall when I made the transition from grammar school to high school. It was quite traumatic for me. At that age, nearly all of my neighborhood playmates and grammar school friends had moved on to develop new relationships. And I was very uncomfortable with meeting and being surrounded by these new strangers even though they were my peers. As a result, my entire high school experience was not as great as it could have been. You might want to talk to Erin about this.

from Poor Horatio

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105564: Good afternoon, porch. PH, my high school experience was a little weird, too. I was only 16 when I graduated, so always at least a year younger than everyone else, a little immature, etc. I'm a pretty sociable person though, so I just forged ahead anyway. I'm also quite content to be by myself, so when my school friends all took off in cars to go to the lake unchaperoned, and my parents refused to let me go, I was actually pretty happy to just spend the day with my horse, roaming the roads and fields. I could drive, and got my license when I was 14, but that didn't mean my parents would let me go on a trip like that, driving or not.

The worst part about being so young came after graduation though. I enrolled at Trinity University in San Antonio, just barely 17, and immediately realized I didn't fit in. Most of my classmates were at least two years older than I was, many were mid-to-late 20s, military guys who had been in Korea. I was just a dumb, naive little country kid. I was fifth in my graduating class (only 51 kids), within two-tenths of a point of valedictorian, and I finished my first and only year at Trinity on scholastic probation! That's how comfortable I was there. I didn't go back. Thus, I was 37 when I finally tackled nursing school. With Dale's support, I graduated in the top 3% of my class. Age and maturity make a big difference.

Sterling, in order to avoid any possibility of causing a problem, could you maybe find a lunchbox that doesn't have pictures? Just a solid color or something? I don't know, maybe there's no such thing anymore. I understand why they have such a rule. While Hello Kitty and such is innocent enough, there will always be some kid who shows up with some demonic figure or whatever, and then the school is placed in the position of having to decide what's acceptable and what isn't. You can't depend on some parents to use discretion anymore, they think some demented-looking rapper is funny. So, they just outlaw any pictures, problem solved.

Asa, if you trust your doctor, and it seems that you do, then by all means, go for it. I will definitely ditto what Boo said. She's absolutely right. Keep us posted! --Romeena

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105565: I want to share a food idea with you, especially you guys who like to cook.

I made a little pan of nopalitos stew last night, and there's enough left for lunch. Most of you won't know what nopalitos are, but I'll bet Boo does, and MDC might, also. For those who don't, here goes: Nopal is the Spanish word for the pr#ckly-pear cactus, the one that forms the flat "paddles", and bears the pretty flowers now and then. The Mexican people cut those paddles when they're fairly young and haven't gotten tough, strip the thorns off of them, slice them up and cook them. They're really quite tasty. Sometimes they cross-slice the slices, to make a coarse dice. I'm not about to go through all that processing, getting thorns in my fingers, but I don't have to. The stores around here sell them already processed. I buy a bag of the diced cut, boil them in plain water for about ten minutes, then rinse, rinse, rinse and drain. The nopalitos (little nopal) will be slick like boiled okra if you don't do this. Put some olive oil in a skillet, slice an onion and start it sautéing. Add the well-drained nopalitos. Continue cooking on low heat for about ten minutes. Add a can of diced tomatoes, a squeeze of lime juice, and a couple of blurps of a garlic-seasoned vinegar and keep slowly simmering until the liquid is well-reduced, but don't let it get dry and stick. That makes the basic veggie stew. Season it any way you like - salt, pepper, garlic, Tajin seasoning (another Mexican favorite), anything you wish. Also, as I said, this is the basic stew. You can add anything to it. Last night, I had three ears of corn that were starting to shrivel a little and wouldn't have been very good to eat from the cob, so I just cut the kernels off and added them to the stew. I also remembered I had a couple of Italian sausages, so I skinned them and pinched the sausage off in bite-size pieces and added it. If I had thought of the sausages earlier, I'd have cooked it first, with the onions, but they were a last-minute thought. I also had one zucchini, but didn't remember it until I had already eaten most of the stew! It would have been good in it, too.

Asa, if you can find nopalitos in your neck of the woods, you might enjoy experimenting with them. Just remember they really do have to be boiled first, to remove the slickness, no matter how you plan to use them. Otherwise, they'll slime ya! An exception - if you're grilling the paddles, they don't have to be pre-boiled. Just paint a little olive oil on them, plop them on the grill for two or three minutes, turn them, grill two or three minutes more, and serve. Season any way you wish. Their taste is mild, a little bit like green beans, but with a firmer texture, and a little tangy. They can be sautéed in a little butter, then stir in some lightly beaten eggs, and scramble it all together, maybe with a little cheese. The challenge for most of the porch will be finding the nopalitos, but for those of us in border states, they're easily available. If your area has a Latino market of any size, they'll probably sell them. Here, they're everywhere, even in tiny markets. And they're goo-ood! Enjoy! --Romeena

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105566: Thanks PH. When I picked up Erin from school she was smiling and talking a mile a minute. She told me she was in a panic the first part of the day and actually felt like fainting at one point, but her friend, Nick, was there to meet her and show her where things were and she ran into some friends and was ok. Two of her good friends had lunch period with her, also. So, sounds like a positive experience and she is very motivated. As she was rambling on about her day, I noticed her using words like engaging, when speaking of one of her teachers, and she was talking about one of the students who "even answers the rhetorical questions". Hmm, I am thinking I have a smart kid here. She has full load this year, though, so I have my fingers crosses. She seems to think it is going to be fine and I hope so. I think her biggest challenge is going to be Spanish 2 and algebra. She told me her algebra teacher is a small Mexican woman who barely speaks English and has a thick accent. She said she began the class yelling at kids and I think part of it is a communication problem. Erin said she gave them an assignment and told them to ask each other for help and when Erin turned to help her neighbor, the teacher got on her about it. I am thinking Erin heard her wrong. Also Erin said that she was explaining something in Spanish to one of the students and of course, Erin couldn't understand so she asked the teacher to explain in English and the teacher gave her a dirty look. I hope Erin is exaggerating, as teen girls sometimes do, because I really don't want to deal with a teacher that is not doing her job. Its only day one and I am hoping for the best.

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105567: continued...
So far so good, though. We did have to go shopping for some school supplies and the algebra teacher wanted the kids to bring a certain kind of notebook that I couldn't find in either walmart near us. I did get some shopping done for mom in laws party, though, which is good. one less thing to do. I have to work tomorrow and Thursday so I will be busy this week.

St. Susan came by this afternoon and we had one of those rare visits in which we could drink coffee and visit for while. She and her husband are doing better and so is their son, Matt, but he is still drinking some everyday. We are praying. He is about to start barber school soon since he was laid off at the army depot, where he was a contract worker for year. Its been a rough couple of years for him.

Sterling, I am and have always been one of those people who didn't like rules. I understand that we have to have them but I believe in many more freedoms than rules. I guess it is necessary in a school but some of it is ridiculous. I hope this is a good year for Noah and your family, though, and that conflicts are kept to a minimum. I remember how upsetting that hello kitty thing was.

Asa, I'm sure you are going to be just fine and Im glad you are feeling peace in the situation. I forgot to ask you yesterday, do you have high blood pressure?..and have you been tested for thyroid issues?

Wow, that MDC is livin the life. Northern Arizona is amazing! The cool dry air, the pines..wonderful place to be in the summer, for sure. Hope he and the Mrs. have a wonderful time.
Someone asked me if I was going to Colorado any time soon. No...sniff. Too many other expenses right now. I am hoping to get away for a couple of days in December to Fredricksburg, but we will see.

Ro, thanks for sharing your educational history with us..very interesting. You are a Texas woman, that's for certain. As for the Naolitas, I have never had it but will be looking for it.

Been a full day so think I will shut it down and think about hitting the ironing board soon. Ya'll have a good evening.


August 23, 2016 - Msg 105568: Napolitas...sorry

August 23, 2016 - Msg 105569: Tried the homeschooling thing the year before last, Poor Horatio, but when Kai had such problems adjusting to public school last year, the wife basically nixed any idea of homeschooling ever again.
I don't blame homeschooling, but rather myself. I wish I had insisted that Kai go on more field trips with the homeschooling group, and I wish I had joined the homeschooling co-op that we visited once.

Romeena, yes I could have put the robot lunch box back, and probably should have, especially when later after we left the store my wife asked me if I had put it back(she was the one who put it in the cart and bought it - how she didn't see it while checking out is beyond me. But to be fair, we did buy a lot of stuff... too much). To not use it now would probably just set her off questioning why, and then I would have to go through that once again, since she had already dredged up Hello Kitty-Gate earlier that day and I was in no mood to do it again.
So I am just going to have to let the chips fall where they may. Darn the torpedoes, full steam ahead, and all that.

I think I agree more with you, Boo, on this. I think this policy is/was(Don't even know if they are that strict with it anymore. It wasn't in the handbook) pretty ridiculous. Though my wife's reaction was also over-blown.
Ro, you mentioned something about the school "being put in the position of having to decide what is acceptable and what isn't". Well - and I actually argued this an email to the pastor - isn't that what the school officials are there for, to help decipher what is appropriate for the students and what isn't?
I mean, it is not like it is a big school and they would have to be constantly be trying to figure out items brought to the school were appropriate with hundreds of students. The last year Kai went there there were about 26 students total. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but with the dress code and the other basic rules in place, I don't really see the need for such extra stringent measures.
Besides which, they already had stated that pictures of general things, puppies, butterflies, etc were acceptable on school items like folders and what not. That is why I don't feel that generic line-drawn robots should be a problem. Like I said. Hope not anyway.

Sigh. Yep, should have put the dang thing back. Lol.

Well, thank you Asa, Poor Horatio, Romeena, and Boo for your comments on the situation. Your opinions are all valued by me.

Well, got a big day tomorrow. Should start getting ready for bed.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105570: HI ALL, a great day at a lake today. Posted pics on FB. Yup, this has been a good get-away. ASA--we're in a cabin with a built-in propane stove, so no boy scout
dutch ovens, etc involved! ha
STERLing--in my day, like on leave it to beaver, us kids just brown bagged it, so no issues.
Of course, those darn kids who had 7 reflectors on their bikes also had the Roy Rogers lunch box with a matching thermos! :)
RO--your education was worth every penny! BTW, a 'flauta' is pretty darn good as well!
Wed. a hike in the woods, so i'm off to bed.

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105571: Good morning, porch! Sterling, I'm thinking along with you, that the line-drawn robot thing won't be a problem. I hope not. Why is it always the little, piddly things that become such issues? I like what James Woods (the actor) said: "The world is dealing with Islamic terrorism, global warming, starvation - and the US is fighting for men to be able to use the ladies' room." So true.

Boo, it sounds like the algebra teacher should be teaching Spanish, and vice versa! It is ridiculous that a teacher in an American school speaks such poor English that her students can't understand her. Do you think a teacher in Mexico who spoke such poor Spanish would be able to get a job? Certainly not! Why does America always feel like we have to overdo the "equality" thing? If I couldn't have passed the state boards, I couldn't have worked as a nurse. If I wanted to work in a barrio clinic, even as an American, I'd have to speak fluent Spanish.

One night at work at the hospital, I had a patient who spoke no English. Her family was there, and none of them spoke English either, except one older man, who spoke just a little English. He watched as I managed to make myself understood in Spanish with my patient, then he tapped me on the shoulder. He glared at me, and said, "You should learn to speak better Spanish, if you work here." I smiled at him, and said, "No, you should learn to speak better English if you live here. This is America, and English is our language." It was funny to me, because actually I agreed with him, but not for the reason he gave. I do speak some Spanish, and am always learning more, but because I like the language, and I considered it a service to my patients. The right or wrong of it didn't matter, if it was helpful to my nursing practice and to my patients. Besides, the language is beautiful.

Well, guess I'll go hunt up some lunch. Blessings, all. --Romeena

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105572: I wish we were just using paper bags, MDC.

Yeah, James Woods is a good guy, and isn't afraid to say what's on his mind, no matter how it upsets some of those "higher ups" in the business he is in. I follow him on Twitter, in fact. A real common sense sort of guy. Kevin Sorbo, who played Hercules on the mid-90's tv series, is another one.

I can't believe that guy had the gall to tell you to learn better Spanish, Ro. I guess the fruits of liberal policies run deep in America today, and they're rotting it from the inside out.

Well, I decided to go in and ask the principal about the lunchbox, since I had to bring back some paperwork anyway. I figured I would try some pre-emptive damage control, hoping I wouldn't need it though.
I didn't get to speak to the principal as he was in a class, but I did talk to the guy who used to be the office secretary, and he said he doesn't see a problem with the lunchbox, but he would tell the principal and have him call me back. So now I am waiting anxiously for that call so I can hopefully, finally, relax about this whole thing. But I am thinking I will just have to talk to him when I go pick up Noah, as he even said that last night at orientation to not expect an answer right away if you call or email a teacher during the school day. That, and it is the first day of school and they are always hectic with many things going on at once. So I guess I will find out at 3.

I would try to take a nap since I didn't get much sleep last night, or the night before, but I don't know if I will be able to, waiting for that dad-burned call.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105573: Sterling, you just named another of my favorite actors - Kevin Sorbo. He's getting a bit older now, and maturity sits well on him. He's been in some of the Hallmark Christmas movies, and he's a delight. I looked him up online, read his bio, and liked what I saw. He's one of the good guys, and apparently James Woods is also.

I hope your call comes soon, and you get a positive answer. --Romeena

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105574: Sterling & Romeena... Kevin did not play a nice guy as the professor in "God's Not Dead"... Let's be thankful that is why they call it acting... Good movie tho!...

Asa, now you take care of that ticker ya hear, it's the only one you have, and a shot of freon can't fix the problem or soldering in a "T" either... Take care Buddy!....

Sounds like Mr. & Mrs. MDC are enjoying their whispering pines trip, if they listen real close they may even hear a squirrel talking about Johnsonville sausages.... G-F

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105575: I didn't receive the call, Romeena, because the office worker forgot to tell him. Well, like I said, it was pretty hectic today being the first day of school, so I can't hold it against him. But I did go in and speak to the principal after picking Noah up from his classroom, and had to tell him the whole sordid Hello Kitty-Gate affair. When I told him about the robot lunchbox, he kind of looked at me with this blank look on his face, like, so what's the problem?! Lol. He did go with me to the kitchen to retrieve the lunchbox, which I had to do anyway, took one look at it and said, "No, it's fine."
So, I sighed with relief. If he only knew what transpired back in the Hello Kitty h#ll days. I think I am going to like this principal.

Romeena, I liked that one Hallmark movie where he was a power-hungry CEO who looked like Santa to everyone else. Unfortunately I don't have cable anymore and don't get the Hallmark channel, but maybe I can view that again on Netflix or somewhere.

Don't worry, G-F, he is a stand-up guy. Yes, he is a good actor. I follow him on Twitter as well, and he makes no bones about his feelings on the elements that are destroying this country.

Have a good day everybody and be sure to act like somebody.

-Sterling Holobyte

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105576: Sterling, that's good news about the principal's reaction. Maybe better days have come.

The Hallmark movie you mentioned is one of my favorites. I've seen it about three times, will most likely watch it again this Christmas. He does a very good job in that role. The man who played the Santa alter-ego was no slouch, either. --Romeena

August 24, 2016 - Msg 105577: You are welcome, Sterling. I am glad the lunchbox isn't an issue. :) Sounds like this principal might be a breath of fresh air. I remember what it was like when Erin was in private school and attended a Fundamental Baptist school. Everyone was nice and her teachers were especially sweet, but the pastor/prnncipal left and the guy who replaced him was just plain mean. Everyone but two people pulled their kids out and the school closed.

We had a meeting at work today with the boss and she explained some things to us. It seems that the state is trying to close us down because of the Family First Act. The state is wanting to see CPS kids in foster care, not in residential facilities, which sounds good at first, but isn't realistic. The CPS caseworkers cant find foster placements for the kids and that is why we have them. So there was mention that if we get closed down, kids will be sleeping in the caseworker's offices (it happens). It's just plain crazy and they are out to get us. We are feeling a little like David facing Goliath, but all we can do is face the giant and do our best. Time will tell.

Better get to bed. I am so tired tonight and have to do it again in the morning.


August 24, 2016 - Msg 105578: Forgot to say, Ro, I thought it was strange about the algebra teacher but Erin said it was better today and she was able to understand her if she was speaking English..she didn't always, though. You know what I wish? I really wish it had been mandatory to learn Spanish in school when we were little so we could speak it now. It is hard not to be able to when you work with the public.


August 25, 2016 - Msg 105579: HI All, very nice day today! All going well with the vacay.
Very funny video GF, but nothing like that happened! ha
Heard about the two earthquakes! Pryaers for those folks.
Prayers for all, nighty nite,

August 25, 2016 - Msg 105580: Glad you are enjoying your vacation, MDC. Those cooler temps must be quite a nice change for you. Its great that you don't have to go too far from home to cool off. I am really looking forward to winter this year. This has been a particularly hot summer for us down here, and working where I do makes me long for winter all the more.

I finally got a decent night's sleep last night so am feeling better this morning. I thought I would sip my coffee here on the porch like I used to. I got out of that habit the past couple of years but am coming around to it again.

I have been spending some time this week in the archives, reading back to 2005. I am so thankful that we have the porch archives because its like keep a journal for the past 14 years. I can go back and see what was happening in my family on a daily basis. It's really priceless. Yesterday I was reading some very funny comments about Erin when she was many things I had forgotten by now. A BIG Thanks to Floyd for keep us up and running all these years!

One more day of work today and then I am off for a couple. I am looking forward to it. I still love my job, but I much prefer evenings to day shift. I get terribly bored sometimes on days and am sleepy a lot because of it. I am used to and prefer a fast pace and evening shift provides that..more activity, people, and things to do.

Ro, Erin brought home a paper from school yesterday about a club called HOSA. It is for kids who want to participate in health science projects and competitions. Last year the group actually competed in California and it sounds like a good thing for Erin to be in..helps them obtain scholarships, etc. Are you familiar with it? I had never heard of it until yesterday.

Better finish the coffee and get my backside in gear. Have a great day, everyone!


August 25, 2016 - Msg 105581: hey all.



August 25, 2016 - Msg 105582: TOM, I'm sorry to hear that your sister is not doing well. Just keep praying, and we'll pray with you, that God's perfect will for her will be done. Hang in there!

I just watched the TAGS ep where Gloria comes to visit after her broken engagement. That episode shows Helen at her pouty, controlling worst. I declare, I don't know how, or why, Andy put up with such immature, petulant behavior. Dale would have set me straight in a heartbeat. "Do you trust me, or not?" That would have done it. Now, I'll admit, Andy could have been a little less friendly with Gloria. Not rude, I don't mean that, but he could have shown a little affection toward Helen - just a little, enough to make it plain to Gloria that they were a couple. Still, though, Helen's behavior was that of a jealous teenage girl, and he should have first apologized for his behavior, and then called her on hers. Jealousy is never, ever, attractive. Never. Dale was protective, but never jealous. We had a little thing we did, back when we were young, and did more socializing. If some guy was paying me a little too much attention, Dale would just happen by, put his arm around my shoulders and ask if I was having fun, and did I want anything? I would move closer to him, and say something incredibly brilliant, :>) like "Nope, I just got it" or something equally sappy. On the other hand, if I saw some woman playing up to him, (and believe me, that happened a lot) I'd just walk by, near enough for him to reach out and catch my hand and pull me up close, and then - same scene. It worked every time. However, if I'd had a little hissy fit like Helen did, he would not have appreciated it and would have let me know in no uncertain terms that I was acting like a child.

Well, I've got to go to Faye's funeral tomorrow. It seems impossible that she's gone. She was such a positive force, in every life she touched. She had a deep, throaty, chuckling laugh that was just a joy to hear, she cooked unbelievably delicious meals, she was generous and open-handed to everyone, and she could find humor in just about any situation. Laughter was her trademark. David and Brittney are going, and will pick me up, so I don't have to drive into Dallas and try to park down there. Faye and Tom were members of First Baptist Church of Dallas, which is right on the edge of the heart of downtown Dallas, so the service will be there. They will need that big venue, as Faye knew just about everyone in the world. She was much loved, and she will be greatly missed. There's more laughter in Heaven now, though, and that's a lovely thought. --Romeena

August 25, 2016 - Msg 105583: Dirty me,dirty me,I'm disgusted with myself! I need to spend more time on the Porch! I'll try to do better. Hope everyone is getting along ok-will catch up on what I've missed & jump back in with y'all soon.
Y'all take care!
possum u.a.r.

August 25, 2016 - Msg 105584: Well friends spending a week at the lake hot got to hit the ironing board...prayers FB friends will post pics ! SPOT

August 26, 2016 - Msg 105585: Hey SPOTTY, u and me is simpatico. I'm enjoying the same thing. Isnt that amazing! ha
Today was one of those near perfect days. We did some hiking in the woods off an old forest road using a compass. I learned 'compassing' real good in scouts, and can go off the beaten path into the forest a ways. (Even my back was good without any 'miseries.') After about 45 minutes tho, we heard a clap of thunder in the distance, and things clouded up. We started back, and just as we got back to the car
the rain hit, we ate sandwiches in there, then took off for the cabin and spent a lazy evening listening to the rain on the roof. As RO says, 'God is good.' This is our first 'real' vacation in a long time, with mom, dad, and our kitty gone now, we have had a chance to have a really good, much needed respite.
Now I know why even Jesus 'retreated' from the crowds now and again. :)
GF and ASA--prayers for your wives continue.
TOM--my prayers are with your dear sister again buddy.
BOO--good to see you back on the porch more.
POSSUM--I saw some of your 'cousins' amoungst the trees today!
No TV this week so far, but we did hear on the radio of the quakes. Lord be with us.
Be good,

August 26, 2016 - Msg 105586: Thanks MDC, I don't post much about it but I do appreciate the concerns for her. MS is a challenge for everyone, but we try to do the best we can, some days are better then others. So "One Day at a Time" as they say...Right Asa?
Glad you and the Mrs. are having a good time with Mother Nature... Just remember it's not nice to fool Mother Nature!...


August 26, 2016 - Msg 105587: p.s..... Sorry TOM to hear of your Sisters set-back, prayers continue, Hang in there Buddy..G-F again

August 26, 2016 - Msg 105588: Good Friday morning all.

Tom, I am sorry to read that your Sister has had a set back in her recovery. I pray she will get on the mend and be alright. Hang in there friend.

Romeena, So sorry for your loss. Your description of her makes it sound like earth has lost a Gem, but Heaven has gained much. Prayers as you mourn.

Possum, I am glad you have seen the errors in your ways of not rocking enough, and are going to change that situation right now! We need you! :)

Boo, I second MDC's comments about seeing you back on the Porch more. We need you too, and I am always happy to read your posts. I also like to go and read the archives at times. It is fun to read some of the older posts. It does sadden me to see how many have left or quit posting for whatever reason though. And I second your salutations to Floyd for making it all possible.

Sounds like you are having a much needed vacation MDC. Good for you buddy. I just hope if you go hiking again, you keep an ear out for them Lake Loons.

Yep GF, That MS stuff is no fun for anyone. But we all have our burdens to carry. So we just have to get on our knees and pray for guidance, then get on our feet and go to work. 10-4 buddy? I always find it amazing how much you and I seem to share, in our occupations as well as our personal lives.

Well I am scheduled for Tuesday for my procedure. I wish I wasn't having to do it, but I have prayed on it and feel it is the right thing to do. And I am so grateful that the technology exists that can hopefully correct the problem. I ask for your prayers friends. Thank you.

Well off to work. It is going to be in the 90's here next week. and here I am prepping things for winter. Crazy!

Prayers for all.


August 26, 2016 - Msg 105589: Thank you Asa, MDC. It has been very good to really come back home again and make the porch a priority. You all are worth it.

I think it is very likely that God brought Asa and G-F to the porch at this time in their lives to be a support to each other. :) I wish we all actually lived closer together so we could be a physical help as well as moral support.

Asa I saw a simple recipe on Facebook yesterday that I thought you might like if you haven't tried it already. You just coat a dish (9x13 or so) with non-stick spray, put in some chicken breasts down the middle of the dish and put chunked up potatoes on one side and green beans on the other (canned, fresh or frozen). You sprinkle a packet of dry Italian dressing over it all, then pour over a stick of melted butter. Cover with foil and bake for an hour at 350, uncover the last 10 minutes. I haven't tried it yet cause I never seem to have potatoes around. I am also out of green beans but they said you could use any veggie you want. I think carrots would be a good choice, too.

I will certainly be praying for your procedure on Tuesday, Asa. I am praying things go as smoothly as possible and you are running around feeling top-notch very soon. Don't overdo that first week, please. I learned after my heart cath that it is very important to get the rest after. Let your daughters help you out for awhile, ok?

It was so hot here...(I'm trying to think of a funny saying, but nothing comes to mind that I haven't already said)..I got out of work and it was near 100 and when I got into my car at 2pm, wow!...I felt like chichirones. Ro will kow what that is. :)

Well, bro in law came in last night for mom in laws birthday party tomorrow. He kept me up talked until after 12 but that's ok. He is pretty interesting most of the time. I found out last night that he is into opra. I couldn't have been more surprised if I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet (remember that one, Asa?). This is an ex-marine, very redneck-ish guy who carries a pistol all the time. Whaaa?? He spent an hour last night talking to me about an opera that Pavarotti did and how he cries everytime he hears it. It was a surreal experience, in which I felt like I was staring at him in a daze, as my mind reeled with questions; "Has he always been this way and hid it all these years? Does he have low test@sterone? Is this why he has moobs?...". Just kidding, of course. I guess music really is the universal language.

Well, better get bac to the chores. Praying for your sister, TOM.


August 26, 2016 - Msg 105590: I make that recipe,Boo! I would advise you not to use the non-stick spray,though,because there's plenty of butter in that dish as is.Also drain your cans of green beans (I use French style) and I keep it covered for the entire hour & it turns out fine. Another suggestion would be to use chicken strips or tenderloins because the thick chicken breasts tend to get a little "chewy". Try it and let me know what you think. It's one of my favorite dishes to make.

Prayers for Asa. I hope all goes well for you with that heart procedure.

Prayers for Tom's sister too,and all who need them.

possum under a rock