September 02, 2016 - Msg 105642: Hey MDC & everybody- Yep, I'm ok, MDC-for now,anyway. Miss Hermine is paying a visit to our state & I'm afraid she's going to leave one nasty calling card. It's as gloomy as night right now with some wind and moderate rain. The worst is to come early this afternoon. Could get around 8 inches of rain in this area. I think they aren't sure of the track,and it all depends on that. We have a front sitting on us that will cause this storm to dump copious amounts of rain on the Midlands,which is where I am.Sure don't want a repeat of the October flood. Thankfully,my rock and where my loved ones are should be fine,but I just hate to see SC hit with this mess. Prayers appreciated & I'll check in later if I'm able. Love to all!

possum u.a.r.

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105643: Hope I swept hard enough to sweep this danged ol storm back out to sea!!

possum again

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105644: Batten down the hatches, possum. And prayers for your safety, as well as everyone else in Hermine's path.

I was just watching Howard Morris being "almost" very Ernest T. Bass-like as he tries to get Josh Randall to help his girlfriend escape from her father's house so that they can elope. Light-hearted episode of Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Well folks, I really didn't want to have another rant right after my last one, but I am still reeling from something I was told last night. Once again, it involves my MIL.
She joined us at Noah's Jiu-Jitsu class last night, because Noah was to receive his first "stripe" on his belt. While there, I heard my wife and her mom talking but the only words I heard that caused my ears to perk up were the words, "school" and "him".
At the time I figured she was just ranting about Noah's school, and/or trying to persuade my wife why it is a bad idea to be sending him there, because she was like that when Kai was going there.
Now, I wish that's all it was, because the reality of the situation is crazy.
As it turns out, and as my wife told me as we were driving home, MIL is planning on finding out about working at Noah's school as a helper. Apparently there is some Ho-Chunk Indian program where older folks are paid(by the Ho-Chunk Nation) to help out in schools. I know of one lady who does that, at Noah's school and also the public schools, but she also goes to our church and is a good Christian lady.
I was floored when my wife told me what her mom plans to do. I mean, that lady HATES the school but she wants to work there??!
If you didn't believe me when I said that my MIL is obsessed with our children and tries to influence them however she can, I hope you can believe me now. Keep in mind this is the same lady who thinks Kai is going to move in with her so that Kai can take care of her.
I thought of warning the school about her, but I don't want that to get back to my wife. I think my wife knows my thoughts about this whole deal by the look on my face when she told me. Being a good daughter though, she tried to rationalize her mom's idea by telling me that she is just "looking for work".
Well, the public schools are always looking for helpers, and I see the ads in the paper all the time, but then she wouldn't be around Noah to influence him and be in his mind.
I am hoping the school has enough discernment to see through her, although I am pretty sure she knows what to say to "look" like she belongs at a Christian school, and won't be telling them that she doesn't believe in the Trinity and thinks Jesus was a "hippie". And yes, I have heard her say those things.

Once again, sorry for the rant, but that woman drives me nuts.

Ro, that's one thing I was wondering about, if the bathroom thing is where our administrator's talk of not wanting any students to feel "left out" is heading.

Boo, sorry about your job situation. Hoping things work out for you, and those kids.
It is nice to see Erin understand your reference to the pickles, isn't it?!

-Sterling Holobyte

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105645: Sterling, sounds like MIL has MBS...."Marie Barone Syndrome" (Everybody Loves Raymond)... G-F

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105646: Maybe that's one reason I don't like that show, G-F. Reminds me too much of my life. Only it's not funny and in half-hour increments.


September 02, 2016 - Msg 105647: Good morning all.

I declare GF, We must be twins. As I was reading Sterling's post, I was thinking Marie Barone also. I hope it works out ok Sterling.

Possum, bless your heart, stay dry Dear, and I hope it doesn't get to carried away.

I hope Romeena's test goes ok and they find nothing wrong.

I sure will amp up the prayers for Tom and his Sister.

I went and picked some more peaches. And yep GF, They are fuzzed up good. There are some that could stand a little more time on the tree, so I am trying to pick just the real ripe ones.

GF, I have been recording a lot of Everybody Loves Raymond off of TV Land. I like it. I just could never figure out how Frank Barone didn't weigh 500 pounds. Seems like all he ever did was eat.

Well I think I'll curl up with a book and read for a while. Been watching to much television.

Prayers for all.


September 02, 2016 - Msg 105648: To not be such a downer, wanted to tell you all about a sweet thing that happened last night.
My wife has been sleeping downstairs the past few days because of her coughing(her idea, I didn't kick her out), so I have been going to bed early with Noah. We have been letting him sleep in our bed for a while, since we just moved everything around in there and because mommy is sleeping downstairs right now.
Anyway, so last night after we turned off the light he was whispering to me how he was scared, and I saw him looking around the room(we have a night light on in there for him... and me - heck, I like to be able to see something at night, ok?!) so I put my arm over him to try to reassure him. Not wanting to fall asleep like that and risk suffocating him with the weight of my arm during the night, I waited a little while and then moved my arm off of him.
Well, he didn't like that, and he took my arm and placed it back over his stomach.
So I again waited a little bit longer. Longer this time, until I could tell he was falling asleep, and then I lifted my arm off of him and placed at his side, just so that he could feel it against him.
He didn't grab my arm and put it back this time, but he did gently reach over and put his hand on my arm to hold it. He did that again when I lifted my arm to scratch an itch I had and then I put my arm back alongside of him. But he waited until I put my arm back down at his side when he reached over again. I think he was even pretty much asleep at this time.
Those times can make the tough times worth it.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105649: Asa, Great Minds think Possum better be sure the sump pump is hooked up at your rock, sounds like you're gonna need it!...⛈

Continued prayers for TOM..... G-F again

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105650: Weathering the storm ok,y'all. Rain hasn't been too heavy here,but the winds are beginning to pick up a lot. As long as we don't have downed power lines & other damage from any fallen limbs,we'll be ok. I'd rather have rain than wind,but it is what it is. Hermine should be out of here in a few hours. Sure do appreciate the well wishes & prayers.

possum again

September 02, 2016 - Msg 105651: SPOT--Are you doing OK, saw the path of Hermine was
also thru GA.??
POSSUM--glad you are 'weathering the weather' OK, hang in there. Hope your rock aint flooded.
BOO--your FB photog was a rare classic! ha too funny with
the '4 eyes.'
RO--how did all your testing go?
Sterling--such goings on, such goings on.
My life is soo freaking boring compared to yours! haha Never a dull moment.
Many prayers for many porchters, and that includes TOm and his siter.

September 03, 2016 - Msg 105652: Good morning all.

Thanks for checking in Possum. Glad it isn't getting to wild for you. I hope Spot is ok.

The Grandkids came over last night and we got all the peaches picked. The tree was a producer this year for sure.

Not much else going on here I reckon. Recovery is going well. I have some deep purple bruising from the two entry points, but that was expected. My heart has been thumping along nicely with a regular steady thump. That makes me happy.

Guess I'll go see what looks good for breakfast.

Prayers for all.


September 03, 2016 - Msg 105653: Hermine got out of here around 9 o'clock last night and only knocked a limb or two down behind my rock.No damage at Laci's place,so we all weathered the storm good.Prayers for the folks that Hermine wasn't so kind to and thank y'all for your prayers for me & mine.

Have a good Labor Day weekend!

possum under a rock

September 03, 2016 - Msg 105654: Hey Asa, I remember the scene where Forrest & Bubba were on their hands and knees discussing all the different ways to make shrimp?... You and the GrandKidders can do the same for ways to make peaches 🍑 Peach cobbler, jelly, ice cream, just to name a few to get ya started Buddy!.... Bet SPOT being from Georgia could help ya too!..... G-F

September 03, 2016 - Msg 105655: Good afternoon, porch. Ah, the ways of using peaches are many and wonderful! When I was a kid, we had three peach trees and one apricot tree. Daddy planted a pear tree as well, but my uncle's dog chewed it down to the ground and we never replaced it. I recall one year when the peach trees just simply went overboard, and Daddy was wedging 2x4s under the limbs to prop them up to keep them from breaking! The peaches were huge, sweet and juicy and absolutely delicious. Freestone, too. We ate them, gave them away, made jam, and froze them by the bushel! Anyone who dared walk into the kitchen was handed a bowl of peaches which had been blanched so the skins just slipped off, and a knife. They were also given a smaller empty bowl, to receive the pits and the skins. The "skinners and slicers" would return their bowl of sliced peaches to my mom or my aunt, whichever was presiding over the kitchen that day, get another bowl to be processed, and continue slicing. Mom or Aunt Evelyn would then stir a little sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice into the bowl of sliced peaches, and ladle them into plastic bags. No ziplocks in those days, they had to be closed with twist ties. Then they were stacked in the freezer. We had a very large standing freezer, and when it was full, Daddy went into town and bought a second, slightly smaller one! We filled it too. We made peach ice cream all winter, and all summer, after lunch my brother would get a bag of peaches and put them in a bowl to thaw a little. Then he'd go play a while, and when he was all hot and tired, he'd come in and eat those partially frozen peaches. I guess you couldn't find a more healthful snack.
I've got a half-bushel of frozen peaches in my freezer right now! This winter, we'll have homemade peach ice cream.

I don't have any reports back from the PET scan, and won't have until I see the doc in a week or two. I've just mentally put it on the back burner. I'm really not concerned. I do see my cardio doc on Tuesday, he'll probably do an EKG to see if any damage shows up from the little tantrum my heart threw on Saturday, but I don't expect anything. It's fine now, just clicking along, as long as I take my atenolol, and you can bet that's going to b e a priority.

Glad nobody had any bad stuff from the weather. It's always a bit scary when something like that is moving in, because there's not a bloomin' thing you can do about it, but just ride it out.

Lots of prayers for you, Tom, and all who need them. I guess that's pretty much all of us, to varying degrees. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 04, 2016 - Msg 105656: HI Folks,
Possum, glad you and yours are doing OK.
I sure hope SPOT, our talkin dog, checks in soon.
ASA--good to hear that your recovery and heart are both doing good.
We got some great T-bone steaks today for $4.97 a lb.(and they're NOT from Diamond Jim's either! ha) Had em tonight for dinner. good eating off the grill.
We havent mentioned nascar lately. Good race at Darlington. They will be doing some throwback paint schemes. The chase is on.
And football is back full throttle too.
Have a good Sabbath all. Prayers and God bless you, :)


September 04, 2016 - Msg 105657: Porch -- I had an email from TOM just now. His sister passed away at 11:30 this morning. He asked that I let you know, and said he will be back on the porch soon. Please pray for him, and his family. I'm sure we'll want to send cards. If you don't have his address (it's on the Christmas card list) email me and I'll send it to you. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

September 04, 2016 - Msg 105658: So Sorry TOM.... Prayers for you and your family, from your porch friends...G-F

September 04, 2016 - Msg 105659: Well, I am back home after a nice, relaxing anniversary weekend. We really needed to get away because it had been far too long. How nice to get away from the work and chores of everyday life now and then and reconnect as a couple. We saw some beautiful scenery and took some long drives in the country, visited some antique shops, ate some good food, and had some great conversation, a few laughs, talked over some things that needed talking over. We stayed in a new Best Western in Boerne (north of San Antonio). Boerne was beautiful. Everything was so green for this time of year. There was a nice main street for shopping, too. Lots of folks were in town for a rodeo so I only visited one Christmas shop and bought an ornament for my sister and one for each of the kids. It was nice, but it is good to be home and able to sit in my favorite chair and sleep in my own bed.

Thank you for the sympathy you have expressed concerning the job. I am just going to keep going to work for as long as I can. Have to be there early in the morning, in fact. Weekend over. :)

I just noticed the comment about TOMs sister. I am so very sorry. Thank you for letting us know, Ro. I will be praying for him and his family. Very sad.


September 04, 2016 - Msg 105660: TOM, praying for you and yours buddy. MDC

September 05, 2016 - Msg 105661: Tom, I am so very sorry for your loss my friend. You are in my prayers.

Boo, I am so glad you had such a nice weekend with Bruce. Whenever I hear the "Bruce", I think of ELO. :)

It has cooled off big time here this weekend. Only supposed to hit 70 this afternoon.

I feel very bad for a family in our Church. She was just weeks away from giving birth to their first girl. She woke up Tuesday morning and felt something wasn't right. So she got in to her Doctor right away, who discovered the baby had died. I can't imagine how devastating that was to her and her Husband. She is very strong in her faith in the Lord, but I know she has to be heartbroken. If you would, please add Lisa to your prayers.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day.

Prayers for all.


September 05, 2016 - Msg 105662: Sorry to hear about Tom's sister- praying for him & his family.

That's so sad about Lisa's loss, Asa-she & her husband will be in my prayers as well. I cannot imagine..

Wishing you all a nice Labor Day.

possum u.a.r.

September 05, 2016 - Msg 105663: Happy Labor Day gang...prayers Asa got my garden plowed up for Turnip Green planting..Busy here at work ..SPOT

September 05, 2016 - Msg 105664: Hello all. Just a quick note tonight. Still praying for Tom and family.
Strange as it may sound, I really miss tuning in to the Jerry Lewis telethon. We did so much for MDA as kids. It got us involved in other's troubles, we put on a carnival and we'd collect door to door, then took the proceeds to the local TV station airing the show.
Whole neighborhoods were involved.
Seems like things are more "selfie" or dare I say Sel-fish" these days.
Prayers for all,

September 06, 2016 - Msg 105665: Hello? Gomer, Gome... (:

September 06, 2016 - Msg 105666: Busy day for me but wanted to check in.

Prayers for Tom and for Lisa and families...very sad.

I am waiting to get "the call" from my cousin Debbie. She sent me a text last night telling me they thought Uncle Hobby would pass during the night. I hope and pray he is at peace and is able to go on to heaven very soon.

Thanks, Asa...I got the ELO thing and I never really thought of it but I will now. ;)

I went to work yesterday and it was slow since the census is still about half what it usually is. My boss informed me that she is on the list to be terminated but I haven't heard when. She is single with a mortgage and has a bad hip. She has faith that the Lord will provide but I know she is nervous, and a nicer person you never met, bless her. I think the RNs will be next to go, so I am already looking at job possibilities. Just don't know what is going to happen, yet, but am very thankful that my husband has a good job. some of the nurses are single-income and support their families.

Well, guess I will go finish the last of the chores and relax for awhile. It is still very hot here. Are the rest of you getting any fall weather? I was surprised that just 2 hours north of me, it was 20 degrees cooler at night. It is staying in the 80s here overnight. I hate it.

Talk to you all later.


September 06, 2016 - Msg 105667: Hey Boo & whoever may be "lurking" on the Porch!

Wanted to share a " Mayberry Moment" that I had yesterday- I was at a diner and these old ladies were sitting in the booth behind me,just yakking away,and loudly,I might add. They were getting on my nerves! One lady kept talking about the tv show "Everybody Loves Raymond" and was about to drive me crazy with all of the loud chatter. Then suddenly I heard one of them say: " I liked the Andy Griffith show!". Well,the "Raymond" lady chimed in with: " Oh yes, I loved Barney! And that one time that Barney & Andy went to that dance, & they were with those girls & that one lady had that deep voice.." Lots of laughter followed.

I should have turned around and said: " Hello Doll!" Ha ha

I got a big kick out of listening to that part of their conversation and it made up for all of the other noisy blather that was coming from that booth!

It's still hot here too,Boo, though it does cool down a good bit at night. Summer seems to not want to give up (I know that makes Sterling happy!) but I can definitely tell that Fall is about to make its debut-can't wait!! (Sorry Sterling!)

Prayers for your family, Boo, for Tom & his folks,and Asa's friend Lisa.

possum u.a.r.

September 06, 2016 - Msg 105668: Funny story Possum... Yes I did have the pleasure of meeting the REAL Hello Doll.. I even had my picture made with her.. I even got the "Money Shot" as she planted a big red lipstick kiss on my cheek!... But she did ask first if I wanted the Money shot!... I HAD to oblige and said: Why Certainly!.... And Yes, that deep voice was REAL!.....

Continued prayers for Boo and TOM....


September 06, 2016 - Msg 105669: ...Sorry, prayers for Asa's church family too!... Hope you are doing good too, Remember...You take it slow Buddy!..G-F again...

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105670: GF--I bet Mrs. GF didnt cotton too well to that pic with the fun girl! haha
Seems a little sluggish on the porch lately.
I am also a little concerned about pappabear.
Havent heard from him via snail mail either lately.
Possum--yes, bring on Fall! Lots of very hot days here the past few months!

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105671: Lol MDC... Funny thing about that pic, my GrandDaughter said: "Papa, is that yours girlfriend?" I think she was about 4 at the time.. We All had a good laugh!...
I had taken a picture of her being escorted into one of the events by her Son. After she passed away her Son came to Mayberry Days, and I gave him a copy of that photo, he got choked up and said: You Mayberry folks are the best! And thanked me for the photo, if I recall the local paper took a picture of him holding the photo... Pretty Cool I'd say!.. He donated her "Hello Doll" dress she was wearing in the episode to the Andy Griffith Museum that year too. They have it on display there....

Very HOT again today on my end of the porch supposed to be in the 90's.... Not normal for Ohio this time of the year...


September 07, 2016 - Msg 105672: Well,your "Fun Girl" story sure beats mine, G-F! That's so cool that you met her!

I hope pappabear is doing ok,MDC-let us know if you hear from him.

Y'all might find this as hard to believe as I do, but my Laci is now a teenager!! Yep,she turns 13 today!

Happy Birthday, Miss Laci!

possum again

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105673: Morning all.

Back to work today after a week and half of lolly gagging. Feel pretty good other than a bit tender in the Southern region. So I am going to try and do mostly desk work the rest of the week. Give me some time to heal up good.

We have been nice and cool here GF, but it is supposed to creep back up to the 90's by the weekend. Unusual for here also. I saw a video of her majesty speaking in Cleveland. Or trying to speak. Got one of her coughing attacks going on. I am starting to think she has a major health issue she is trying to hide.

I hope Tom is doing ok. And pappabear too.

Enjoyed your story Possum. And yes, I think that would have been very fitting to give them the "Hello Doll" line.

Boo, I sure do hope things will work out for you and your job situation. That is so sad to think of those nurses who are sole supporters and have kids they are raising. I'm glad your situation isn't that precarious. I hope you can find something suitable quick if the need arises.

Thanks for your prayers for me and for Lisa. She is doing ok I think, but I can't imagine how hard that has to be for her and her husband.

Guess I better see what kind of a hornets nest I am getting into. A lot can happen in a week and a half, and seldom is any of it good.

Prayers for all.


September 07, 2016 - Msg 105674: You snuck in on me Possum.
Happy Birthday indeed to Laci.


September 07, 2016 - Msg 105675: Possum... Your story we call Mayberry Moments... One of my other Mayberry friends called it that, she has stories much like yours and with her class, her being a teacher she has many Mayberry teaching moments if only they would let her...

Asa... Now you take it easy Buddy, don't overdo it with that paperwork... I know how that was trying to catch back up after being off....

G-F again

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105676: Good Morning porch, just a check point chickie from work today.

long day for me, got folks scheduled until 7pm tonight so keep me in your thoughts. I was off 3 days last week so guess this is the price I pay for not being here. I had taken off to do some fun stuff and to do some much needed catching up on chores at home. I woke up Tuesday (my first day off) with a cold and stomach upset so there went my plans.

was glad to get back to work after that.

Prayers for Tom and his family.
Happy Birthday to Miss Laci.

weather has not been too bad on my end of the porch. We had some cooler days last week but back up to 90 yesterday and likely today. the days are getting shorter tho as it is dark by about or so now and 8pm and dark when I get up at 6 am. I can tell fall is in the air.

Prayers for your job situation Boo.

Better get to work now.
Lunch menu with be: grilled cheese with a slice of garden tomato, mayo or miracle whip which ever you like. chips. chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105677: Asa, I can see why possum might not have wanted to turn around and say that line to those ladies. If they weren't big TAGS fans, who remember every line of dialogue from the show, they might have thought she was a little strange. HaHa!

It's ok, possum, eventually I am going to have to accept the arrival of autumn, much to my chagrin.
But right now it is hot and humid and almost August-like, so I'll take it. Not so much the humidity, but the warmth.

Hey Big Maude! Keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape. Can I ride along in the side car? (as long as it's attached to the bike)

Boo, wish your job situation was better.

G-F, you are a nice guy for what you did for that "fun girl's" son, giving him a copy of that picture. And yes, it is so cool that you got to meet and get a kiss from her.(Although I would have wanted one from Peggy). :-)

Well, both the kids are at school, so I guess I better get doing something. Like trying to figure out what to make for supper tonight.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 07, 2016 - Msg 105678: Btw, I saw Peggy in an episode of Wagon Train yesterday. A show I never watch, but just happened upon. I wasn't even looking at the telly at the time, but I heard that voice and had to watch after that.


September 07, 2016 - Msg 105679: Thanks Maude for lunch good maters SPOT

September 08, 2016 - Msg 105680: Good to hear from MAUDIE and SPOTTY!
Glad you two are OK, tho a cold aint much fun!
STERLING--I think I saw that same episode of WT a
while back. She definitely had a mesmerizing voice
and smile!
Did ROMEENA say she would be away for a while? Hope all is OK.
Maude, funny, we were 89 today due to tropical storm Newton (Monroe) coming up from Mexico.
The big T did a good speech on our military today,
but I did not watch the town hall this evening.
ASA--go easy now bro, ya don't want to open anything up!

September 08, 2016 - Msg 105681: Good morning gang ! been so busy trying to get winter garden planted ...prayers to all...I GOT to read back on the archives ! Let Boo and I take care of breakfast at I-HOP...SPOT

September 08, 2016 - Msg 105682: I'm rightchere, MDC. Just been busy. Our ESL classes started yesterday, and I'm about to buzz out of here right now, to be at the hospital with the family of a dear friend who is having big, major surgery. Please pray for Donna, and for the surgeon who will be performing the surgery. Donna has been in a very bad way for several months now, but this surgery should fix everything up good as new. Donna is one of God's "funny angels" on earth, who can make you laugh even when you don't want to. We need more people like Donna.

I'm enjoying my morning glass of V-8! I used to love the stuff as a child, and only recently rediscovered it. It's delicious! Only about 50 calories or so to a glass, but packed with nutrition. I start almost every morning with a glass of it now, and find I have more energy, and yet it doesn't make me feel full. Good stuff! Sometimes, just for fun, I'll put a dash or two of Tabasco in it! I guess it's the Texan part of me.

Well, gotta run. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

September 08, 2016 - Msg 105683: Thank you all for all the good wishes concerning the job. Actually looks like things might be looking up, for now. The big boss is supposed to come back and my supervisor has not been laid off, so maybe there is hope. We admitted four new kids this week, so that is encouraging.

Great to see Maude on the porch!

My Uncle passed away yesterday morning and sounds like it wasn't easy for my cousin. He was not getting enough oxygen and became combative and not in his right mind. I am glad he is now at peace. We will be driving to Waco on Sunday for the funeral on Monday, then back Monday afternoon. Everyone has to be back on Tuesday for work and school.

Please remember Sean in your prayers. He is getting so stressed and tired and I think he might have to make a decision about his job because he is not handling jobs and school well at this point. He has an industrial math class that is going to take all his effort to pass.

I just got back from running errands and it was so hot here today..96 with a heat index of 106 and 97% humidity! Oh my gosh, I am so sick of it.

Think I will kick back with some ice water.


September 09, 2016 - Msg 105684: BOO, so sorry about your uncle, but it also sounds like it was his time to go on thru the veil to the other side. As i 'age' I have begun to think more of my own mortality, and what I have done or havent done to help make the worrld a better place.
That is GOOD news about your job. I pray everyday for porchsters. Maybe there was an influx of funds. The state must be paying the place something when a person is admitted, right?
SPOT and Boo, thanks for the pancake breakfast.
I saw the tags ep on ME-TV tonite of BARNEY's plans to take out Ellie! Some great lines in that one like about the "Johnny-come-lately" pick-pockets!" :)
ROmeena, glad you are OK. So you are back in the "Spanish Club.' Si. So good of you to help them with english.
You drink V-8, and I just started Ensure Enlive! ha

September 09, 2016 - Msg 105685: Morning all.

Boo, so sorry for your loss. I think he is at peace now though. And I am glad your work situation is looking more promising. I will certainly add Sean to my prayers.

MDC, It sounds like you are getting some rain buddy. I hope your temps have dropped. We are supposed to creep back up tp 90 on Sunday, and the cooler wetter weather for next week.

Romeena, Prayers for Donna and for her surgeon for sure. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

Where you be GF? I hope all is well with you.

Continued prayers for Tom. I hope you are ok buddy.

Well off to work. TGIF!

Prayers for all.


September 09, 2016 - Msg 105686: Hey Asa... I'm still kicking... Boo, sorry for your loss, Uncles are a special gift, hang in there!... TOM that goes for you too, stop by when you feel up to it Buddy....

Where has PH been? He's on a walk-a-bout I suppose..

Maude & Possum, you guys coming to M/D's? It's coming quick, it will be here before ya know it!....

MDC, I know what you mean, feeling melancholy myself, but when we look back on ALL we've been thru in life, we have seen, done, and experienced a lot of things we can be happy and proud of. But along with that much sadness too!...
But as Gomer said: " That's Life!... Through & Through!...

Everyone have a Great Mayberry Day..... G-F

September 09, 2016 - Msg 105687: HI THERE,


September 09, 2016 - Msg 105688: Boo, sorry about your Uncle, and for Sean's troubles. Praying he can get things squared away and back on track.

Well, after two days of rain earlier in the week, and one day of beautiful weather yesterday, it looks like we are back to it raining all day. Yuck.
I think I'll move to Spain. But I won't live on the plain, since that is where most of the rain falls in Spain.
So that must mean that it is pretty dry elsewhere there.

Hey there, Tom! Hope you are well.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 09, 2016 - Msg 105689: Sterling, I've never been to Spain, in dry or wet weather, but I have been to Oklahoma!.

September 09, 2016 - Msg 105690: "I've never been to England, but I kinda like the beatles..." :)

September 10, 2016 - Msg 105691: Thanks G-F(I'm guessing it was you who posted msgs 105689 and 105690 anyway).

Noah had picture day at his school today. I hope he didn't make a face or anything. LOL.

-Sterling Holobyte

September 10, 2016 - Msg 105692: Hello, just a quickie tonight!
Sterling-hope he didnt make any of those faces that Opie made to Ellie in the window! ha
TOM--still praying buddy. Keep the faith.
Really tired tonight.
god bless,

September 10, 2016 - Msg 105693: Sterling, Sorry I forgot to sign off my one post (the other may have been MDC) but your comment made me think of that song, don't know why, was not much of a TDN fan but it just caught me funny..l guess I just look at things different then most people... Go Figure!


September 10, 2016 - Msg 105694: Headed to watch soccer !! Send lunch. ! SPOT

September 10, 2016 - Msg 105695: Lunch on the way Spot. Snails and brains. Enjoy.

Sterlings post made me think of this song.


September 10, 2016 - Msg 105696: By George I think she's got it!... Good one Asa!.... G-F

September 11, 2016 - Msg 105697: Remembering all who died on this day 15 years ago.
Like Pearl Harbor, we must never forget. My thoughts and prayers are with all those families today. Good program today on pbs about the Pentagon attack! God bless America.
Also, please keep me in your prayers as i am going with a prison ministry to visit with prisoners in the Arizona State Prison.
Yup, the big house for sure and for real, and we all need
the Lord's guidance and protection as we'll be right in there with them. thx
Good Sabbath,

September 11, 2016 - Msg 105698: 🇺🇸 .....MAY WE NEVER FORGET.......🇺🇸

September 11, 2016 - Msg 105699: HI


September 11, 2016 - Msg 105700: Hang in there TOM... Your Porch family will continue to have you in our prayers.... G-F

September 11, 2016 - Msg 105701: Well, all went well at the prison today, praise the Lord. But it was quite disconcerting when we were brought into the 'airlock' when one door opened to let us in and then slammed shut behind us. Then the other door opened to enter the 'cell block.' We had a good service in a day room, did some preaching, talked about 9-11, listened to them,etc. We did not pick this day 'on purpose,' rather was just the day the prison set up for us.
One Mayberry moment even happened. There were about 6 vending machines in the room from which we could buy snacks for the prisoners (they are not allowed near the machines) and one of the snacks was those round peanut butter and jelly sndwiches! I told one guy they they werent supposed to have those in here, and he gave me a grin and said, 'have heard that one about 20 times. You mayberry people are crazy!' ha
TOM--my prayers continue. God bless you and yours!
BTW, on FB, I forget which one of you porchsters is 'Duane?'
I was pretty disgusted with the NFL players today who did all the defiant gestures before the games! i think I am done with the NFL spoiled brats! :(

September 12, 2016 - Msg 105702: Good evening, porch! Yep, MDC, I agree. Their "protests" against the "oppression" in America would come off a lot more convincing if they weren't pulling down millions every year. I find it hard to conjure up much sympathy for their sad state of affairs. To Kaepernick and the rest, I would say - if you don't like it here, just buy yourself a ticket on the Concorde out of your millions, and leave. Go somewhere else, wherever you think things might be better. I'll help you pack.

Folks, I'm tired, my back hurts, and I'm just in a mood to unleash my feelings about this kind of manufactured anger. Here's how it is, as I see it. The issue seems to be about black-white relations, and what is probably a relatively small group of black citizens who have bought into the rhetoric of Sharpton, Jackson and the rest. So - black vs white? There are black thugs, and there are white thugs. There are black cops and there are white cops. There are fine black citizens and fine white citizens. In other words, whatever you can find in one group, you can find a counterpart in the other. Yes, a few white cops out of the thousands out there may have overreacted and used deadly force unnecessarily, against both black and white thugs. We just never hear about it when the thug is white. That's because Jackson and Sharpton and even Obama remain silent in those cases. They don't care about those. They were also silent when a black thug in Georgia shot a young white mother because she wouldn't hand over her purse, then he shot her 13 month old toddler, who was sitting in his stroller, and he shot that baby in the face, killing him. Did Jackson protest? Did Sharpton shed a tear? No, they offered no comment. The thug got a life sentence, and he should have. Who wants him loose on the streets? Had the thug been white, and the baby and his mom black, the race baiters would have been screaming about the brutal crime committed against a helpless baby. True enough, but it was brutal, regardless of color.

Black lives matter. Yes, they do. White lives matter, too. Cops' lives matter, even the five who were murdered on the street in Dallas a few weeks ago, as they were guarding a "peaceful" Black Lives Matter protest march through the downtown streets. Yep, a black guy, from a perch in a parking garage, murdered five white officers and wounded about a dozen more, as cops scrambled to cover and protect as many of the marchers as they could. He told negotiators that he was there to "kill as many white cops as I can."

I'm convinced that the trouble lies in just a relatively few people. Some whites hate blacks. Some blacks hate whites. That's a fact, and most of those folks aren't going to change, but most of us don't feel that way. I have some dear black friends, and they don't hate anybody. We socialize, we go out to eat together, we worship together, we work together. Color doesn't matter.

Thugs who have committed a crime, are resisting arrest, refusing to obey an officer, pulling a gun or a knife - well, how would anybody handle it? I've got my gun, and I will use it if I'm threatened, and I don't care of the intruder is black, white or green. Some say they don't agree, that they could never pull the trigger, but I wonder what they would do if actually faced with a threat? Natural instinct is for self-preservation, and that applies to cops as well, I think.

Well, sorry for spouting off, but those ungrateful wretches and their little protest gestures just annoy me to no end. Turns my fur backward! Shame on them! --Romeena

September 12, 2016 - Msg 105703: Funny Mayberry moment MDC... Another good example if you "Act Like Somebody" you CAN have peanut butter in prison, hope you saved a nickel for milk!....

Romeena...Preach it Sister!... I'll even donate some luggage to the cause!....

p.s. MDC, sorry about your Birds, the Browns did their part to NOT win their opener for the past 12 years!...... G-F

September 12, 2016 - Msg 105704: Hey, porch. I just talked with my friend Donna on the phone - her surgeon just left, said she has "a touch" of pneumonia, so will have to stay in the hospital at least two more days. I would think, and hope, more like a week. I hope they don't send her home too soon. She's her usual chipper little self, funny as all get out, but I could tell by her voice she had been crying. Please pray for her. I'm not surprised that she has pneumonia - her lungs have been assaulted, insulted, manhandled and abused, and the natural response is to exude fluid - therefore, pneumonia. She's on antibiotics and O2 of course, and she will be fine, but she's got a few rough days to get through. She's leaning on the Lord.

Praying for you too, TOM. These are hard days for you, I know. Hold on tight, my friend. God is with you. --Romeena

September 12, 2016 - Msg 105705: Prayers for Donna for sure. And continued prayers for Tom.

Sounds like you spent a Sabbath doing good MDC. Did you wear the old salt and pepper and try to get inside information from anyone? lol Call yourself Puddintame?

Sorry about those opening day losses. I love football, but as already expressed by MDC and Romeena, I've about had a gutful of the athlete's and the way they are carrying on. So very well put Romeena.

We are supposed to get some rain this week. That'll be a nice thing if it happens, and happens within reason.

GF, I can use some help getting all my boilers ready for winter. You got game buddy? :)