November 17, 2016 - Msg 106141: A Crummy Commercial?..$&@%!.....

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106142: Good afternoon, porch. I just got home. Had that CT scan done, and this time they were able to use contrast, as my creatinine had gone down to 1.3. Then I dropped off a car full of nice cardboard boxes and assorted packing material, at the mailing store. I save the boxes that come to me with stuff I order, and take them by that store now and then. He reuses them, and in return, when I bring in something to ship, he packs it for me and just charges me for the shipping, not the packing. Then I went out to the DFW Animal Shelter, and dropped off a trunkful of bags of newspapers. I don't put them in the recycle bags at home, I take them to the shelter and they shred them for pet bedding.

Tonight I'm going to the JOY dinner at church. It should be fun. We meet once a month for dinner and entertainment. That's the thing that REV used to come here for every October. I sure did miss him last month. Anyway, sometimes it's potluck (lots of good food) and sometimes it's catered. Tonight will be interesting. It's being catered and served by the kids from the cooking school at the Irving Academy. I've heard that they turn out some fantastic meals, as they're learning to be chefs. I just hope it's real food, not a little cube of tofu with some parsley stuck in it, or some such!

David and Brittney and the kids came last night and put up most of my Christmas lights! We couldn't put up the icicles, because I can't find them! They were in the garage, and now they're not. Either someone passing by just helped themself, or Eddie's helper took them by mistake. I had told Eddie to take a couple of boxes of lights that were out there, but I didn't mean those. I'm giving away my incandescents, and going with all LED. I told Eddie, but I'm not sure he told his helper. I called him last night, and he said he didn't think he did make that clear, so he's going to the helper's house to look at the lights and see what he's got. If he's got them, Eddie will bring them home. If not, then I guess I'll have to get some more. Sure do hate to do that, those things aren't cheap. They are, in the long run, but the initial cost is high.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TV and catch my breath and strength. I about wore myself out. The mail store guy came out and got the boxes (five trips) but I carried a lot of those heavy bags of newspapers. Toward the last, a worker there noticed and brought a rolling table out for the rest, but I was pretty tired by then. Drat! I hate this getting old stuff. I get tired entirely too easily, and I'm getting tired of that!

Blessings, porch. --Romeena

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106143: But I didn't say ain't... Since I'm all warmed up from working in the yard I'll go ahead and sweep the porch too!..G-F

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106144: G-F, are you havin' a spell? --Romeena

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106145: No Romeena, I was just responding to Asa's last post before it jumped into the archives....

(By the way TOM, Dick Goddard is retiring on Tuesday it will be his last weather forecast) I hear he is predicting sunny and warm weather in West Virginia this winter just for you Buddy!
I hope he is right....G-F

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106146: Evening all. RO-sounds like you had a pretty busy day, yet you had time to sweep the porch too!. I am assuming that you remove or blot out your name and address on those boxes. Just sayin'.
GF and ASA, our leaves are just now starting to fall. Our cat used to LOVE to run thru them and roll around on her back in them. I will miss that this year, but life goes on. In fact, RO's mention of REV made me think of how much I miss HIS words of wisdom.
BIG Maudy, good to hear from you. I hope you and Mr. Maude have a great Thanks giving with the kids.
Later folks, prayers,

November 17, 2016 - Msg 106147: Oh ASA, good one there! :)
(Just saw the 'hip' thang in the archives.)

November 18, 2016 - Msg 106148: Great sweep Romeena .. wow 78 here in ga and sun also almost 35 days sincw rain...we are in a full outdoor water ban..what yall want for supper ? SPOT

November 19, 2016 - Msg 106149: Good morning, porch! Brrrr! It is 46 outside this morning. It's 71 in the house, which is too cool for me, but it's supposed to warm up some today, and I just hate to switch over to heat just yet. I know, for my furnace and a/c unit it's just a matter of moving a switch, but I just hate to confuse the issue until it's ready to settle on one thing. Still, I guess I'll have to do it. It's going to be too cold, getting out of the shower later on today. Boo, I hope some of this is getting down there to you, on the coast.

Dave and Brittney and the boys came by last night, on their way to the Alabama coast. They, along with Brittney's family, have booked a condo there. Why? I have no idea. They'll be there all of next week, it's bound to be getting pretty cool there too. I can think of lots of things I'd rather do than sit on a cold beach, wrapped in a blanket or big towel, trying to keep sand out of my wrinkles. So, though I was kindly invited, I chose to stay home.

Instead, I'm going down to Fredericksburg to spend Thanksgiving with Heather and Robbi and their families. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to see me, when I arrive with two dogs and all their accompanying paraphernalia. Yep, two dogs. I've got Diesel! The Alabama condo wouldn't accept dogs, and none of us wanted to put him in a kennel for the week. He'd have grieved his little self to death. So, right now he's making an incessant racket with a squeak toy, and annoying the heck out of Toye Starr, pushing the toy in her face. She'll get enough of it in a minute, and will square off on her little six-inch legs, get in his face and yell at him, Toye Starr-style, and he'll back off. Oh, it's a circus around here!

Yep, MDC, I "sanitize" those boxes! My friend at the mail store catches any I miss. Like he said, an unwanted label can cause a mis-delivery, among other hazards.

Spot, does that offer for supper include tonight? I'd just purely love a big old mess of fresh veggies from your garden, with a stack of sliced 'maters alongside! Yum! Those veggies can be steamed, boiled, roasted, grilled or just anyway you want to serve 'em up. I just like veggies!

Well, better get busy. I've got a little laundry that needs to be done, have a home health call to make, and have to get a haircut. Better get to it! Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 19, 2016 - Msg 106150: HI All, Did prison ministry again today. Very fulfilling. I hope we touched some souls. Very disconcerting tho when that iron door slams shut,
and we're right there in it with the guys!
RO--sounds like you will have a nice Thanks giving in Fburg with the kids and the dogs. So great that you can do that.
SPOT--nothing like good organic collard greens!
Ya all have a good Sabbath.

November 20, 2016 - Msg 106151: Thank you for ministering to those in prison, MDC. God bless you and them.

Worked this evening and then ran by walmart for a few things since not many people there that late at night. I am making a turkey and dressing for the church supper tomorrow night so had to pick up a few things. I always look forward to this church fellowship more than the others so glad I am not working.

Yes Ro, it is nice and cool outside and I am loving it. It was hard to be shut up at work this evening but I managed to sneak outside a few times and enjoy it. Im glad you will be going to Fredricksburg to be with your girls for Thanksgiving.

Better go cut up some onions.


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106152: Good Morning gang down to almost freezing here in Ga. I'm headed to work to battle the wind...lets meet at I-HOP on Boo and I...Prayers SPOT

November 20, 2016 - Msg 106153: MDC.... Why can't those guys have peanut butter in prison?..Maybe next time you can take 'em a peanut butter sammich and a carton of milk? But you may want to leave the cowboy outfit at home, that may get ya beat up....

Maybe you can also teach them about rehabilitation, I think I have a wood carving set and a Mr. Potato set I can give ya!

I looked outside this morning, SHAZZAM a coating of ❄️ Snow!..
.....TOM, I'm trying to hold it back at the river for ya Buddy!...


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106154: GOOD DAY


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106155: Uh-oh GF. You better keep that Mr. Potato set for yourself. Tom has inarculated you. I hope he will let "school" out for Thanksgiving.

Prayers for your testing tomorrow and Tuesday MDC.

Boo, glad you are enjoying some cooler weather. I hope you and your family have a delightful turkey day. I miss your Christmas movie quotes.

Romeena, drive safe and have a good time.

Spot, don't get to cold there buddy.

Well I best get going. Didn't sleep to good last night and I am really dragging this morning. I may end up pulling a Gomer and snoring during preaching.

Prayers for all.


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106156: Ya know you can't get away from the long arm of the Law for long!. I bought a new bag of taters, so I can swing it!

November 20, 2016 - Msg 106157: Glad yer prepared GF. I'll bring you some chicken with a crust over for Sunday dinner, that is if Sheriff Tom is ok with that.


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106158: NO PEANUT BUTTER?


November 20, 2016 - Msg 106159: HI Folks! I don't know if any of you saw the ending of the Sprint championship race in Miami, but it was pretty intense! Jimmy Johnson ended up being the winner!
ASA--thank you for remembering my tests tomorrow and Tuesday.
Still praying for you and your heart!
TOM--the guys that I minister to, DO get peanut butter and jelly! ha
BOO-- glad it is getting cooler for you, and that the facility made it thru the summer. You may want to ask them to fix it NOW so it will be ready to go when needed. I hope the food is better there these days too!
Prayers for all,

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106160: MDC.. Hope your tests go well, and yes I saw that race yesterday. It was a nail biter to the end, a lot of twist and turns LITERALLY!....

Asa, you doing Ok?... Hopefully you too can get a good report and they were able to monitor you to a "T".....

Since I'll be in the Big House over Thanksgiving at least I don't have to cook the TGD!....Thanks TOM, this way maybe Aunt Bee will bring me. Leftover Turkey 🦃 leg or something....

Possum... Asa went to the trouble of coming up with a good incant, and that didn't work so it looks like we may have to get the stick out after ya girl!

Everyone have a Great Week...

G-F..... From Cell #2. ( is that on the right or left? I can't remember! )

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106161: Who says there aren't any good Cowboys left? This guy MUST HAVE been from Texas... G-F again...

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106162: HI

I give thank because us all was here for me when thing was bad. It may me fine like we was a family.


November 21, 2016 - Msg 106163: PS G-F YOU ARE FREE FROM THE BIG HOUSE GO HAVE A PB &J

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106164: TOM--you are a treas-a! (As big maude would say!)
Yes, we are INDEED a family here. Glad we were able to help you thru this year with your sister passing and all.
God bless you and yours,
MDC :)
PS--after GF harvests his crops, he'll be back in cell #2 :)

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106165: Thanks TOM... Yes we are like family here, there are GREAT folks on the Porch and yes we are blessed... As stated, a person who has friends is rich, that's makes us millionaires!....





November 21, 2016 - Msg 106167: Hi TOM. I am very thankful for all my porch family. We have been through so much together, good and bad. You are all very high on my list of things I am grateful for, for sure. :)

Well, the church supper last night was not what I had hoped but the food was really good. Bruce and I kind of got stuck at the kid's table, but that's ok. Bruce's ss class was in charge of the clean-up so I spent a considerable time in the cafeteria kitchen washing serving utensils, but I had a very nice friend to talk to while we cleaned up. Mom in law went with us and she barely made it. She is having so much trouble getting around now.

I had a long work day today but it was productive. I am pretty tired but contemplating making a pie and going ahead and baking the cornbread for the dressing tonight. I like to bake it ahead so it can dry out some.

Better get going. Hope you all have a great evening.


November 21, 2016 - Msg 106168: "Handsome is as handsome does. Handsome, handsome, handsome!" :)
Guess what ep I saw on ME-TV tonight? But i was really disappointed because they left out the whole conversation about the gas-works!
TOM--Now I see what you mean. Yes, a big Thank You to Floyd for all his hard work and to ALL of you here, for your prayers and companionship.
The first nuke test went good today, except that suddenly my shirt is splitting and I'm turning into Lou Ferrigno! haha Tuesday they will put the "Rocky" med in me to mimic a workout.
BOO--May i ask WHY you got stuck at the kids table? Just curious.
"Merry Christmas Mr. Potter!"

November 21, 2016 - Msg 106169: I'm thankful for this porch, for so many reasons. Most of you folks were here when my beloved husband passed in 1996, and you held me up and prayed for me when I couldn't even pray for myself. You have listened to some of my over-the-top comments and forgiven me for them. You have made suggestions and offered advice, and asked thoughtful questions over the years, and made me think, helped me stay on track. You have cooperated in endeavors to reach out when someone had a need. Yep, that pretty much sounds like a family to me, or at least what we would like for a family to be. We stick together, warts and all. I'm especially thankful for Floyd, who keeps it all humming along. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

November 22, 2016 - Msg 106170: Finally cool weather here in Georgia ! 32 this morning I have to get some pipes at garden wrapped ..gona cook up a big pot of chilie for lunch..will somebody put together some grilled gheese sandmaches ! ok coffee time SPOT

November 22, 2016 - Msg 106171: MDC.. Did you say... "You won't like me when I'm ANGRY,".. lol... Puts a whole new meaning to it now when you say you're going to "Nuke" something in the microwave don't it?

...Family... People you love and love you back, not neccessarily blood or biological, but you trust them and they trust you, and they take care of you and you take care of them.
Yep, it's like that!....Amen?..

I have a plaque in my workshop that says:... Friends... People who know all about you and still like you anyway....
.... As for Floyd.. He's our Father figure 👍 ..G-F

November 22, 2016 - Msg 106172: Amen! (:

November 22, 2016 - Msg 106173: A father figure has to rap your knuckles before he can really be a father figure.

Billy Ray the Postman

November 22, 2016 - Msg 106174: Good evening all.

I will agree with all the comments concerning our little porch family. We have shared good times and bad, sweet and sour, highs and lows. Y'all are delightful to me. And a big thanks to Floyd for giving us this venue.

MDC, I hope your testing today went good. Are you glowing in the dark?

GF, Thanks for asking about my heart. It seems to have calmed down. I am still wearing this contraption for another couple of weeks, but it's not to big a deal.

Well I finally got all my big wiring job wrapped up today... I think. More like I hope. This job has really been a challenge, in more ways than one.

Well off to watch some TAGS. Last night I watched the episode where Barney keeps inviting all the women over to Andys house so he can pick one. Hah, he picks old lady Crump. Sure was a lot of purty single women in Mayberry. I kinda thought Blanche (she was the 4th one to show up at Andy's door) was kinda cute. And I bet a kiss from her would feel better than a mules nose.

Prayers for all.


November 22, 2016 - Msg 106175: This is for TOM....

The end of many many years of Cleveland weather forecasts...

November 23, 2016 - Msg 106176: Yes, all went well today. Four injections in my arm. First was the 'glow" stuff, then some sodium chloride to dilute it a bit, then they injected Lexiscan, a stress agent, and more sodium chloride, then within a couple minutes my heart was at about 190 BPM. That really floored me how fast that drug worked! I felt like I'd just done cardio for an hour! Then I laid on the scan table and they did the scanning for 15 minutes, heart had slowed to 95, then pretty quickly back to my normal 70. Then I could take my metoprolol. THANK YOU for all your prayers!
Turned out the tech has my same birthdate of 12/26 and also named for St. Stephen, so I took that as a sign from the Lord. He works with me in those little ways. Dear Lord, please be with all the porchsters, past and present, with our country, and the world! Amen

November 23, 2016 - Msg 106177: Happy Thanksgiving Eve porch! posting from work this morning. working til about noon today and then taking off til Monday.

Going home to start my Thanksgiving meal preparations. cooking for the usual crew tomorrow so figured I better get started on the deviled eggs, broccoli salad and maybe the pies. I tend to get overwhelmed with things if I don't get a head start. All the cooking is mostly up to me with the exception of some help with set up from the kids.

pretty chilly on my end of the porch. a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. hopefully it will settle some of the smoke and air aftermath from some of the wildfires.

*Happy your test is behind you MDC, sending prayers your way.
*Prayers for you too ASA, hope your tests are AOK as well
*Thinking of you G-F and your family as your grieve the loss of your brother especially with these first holidays coming up.

Prayers and blessings to all my porch family. I feel very Blessed and am THANKFUL to share this place with each of you. You all are the CATS!

lunch menu today will be a grilled hot dogs with chili, chips and Mr.Cookie Bar for dessert.

Prayers and blessings to all
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you
Big Maude

November 23, 2016 - Msg 106178: Good morning, porch! Just have a minute to visit, then got to start loading the car and getting ready to leave for Fredericksburg. I absolutely MUST get there before 4 pm, 4:30 at the latest. The stretch of highway between Johnson City and Fredbg is about 30 miles, due west, looking directly into the evening sun, and it's like a laser. It's just almost impossible to drive it. I don't want to be driving after dark either, because the deer are thick as fleas down there, and at least one gets hit almost every night. So, I need to get out of here by 11 am.

Holy cats! The sun is getting lower in the southern sky, and it's shining on my big ol' window, and boy, is that thing ever dirty! It doesn't show up so bad unless the sun is hitting it, and then you can't even see through it. I think I'll get Landry and Hudson to clean it for me on Sunday.

This is going to be a busy weekend, and I wish I had more energy to call on, but I don't. I haven't even packed for myself and two dogs - my clothes, dog dishes and beds, leash for Diesel, dog food, piddle pads, groceries for the fruit salad I'll make for tomorrow, whatever. Also, have to stop at the pharmacy and pick up a prescription, and gas up the car. By 11:00. OK!

Asa and MDC, still praying for things to go right for you and all issues to be resolved. Take care of yourselves.

Well, better get moving. I just wish my "can do" would catch up with my "want to do." Guess I'm just feeling my age. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

November 23, 2016 - Msg 106179: Romeena...Drives like a Dream.... And it takes you to ALL the right places...
Have a safe trip!...G-F

November 23, 2016 - Msg 106180: Romeena, sure hope you made it to Fburg OK. Youseemed a bit like Aunt Bee on elixer in this morning's post.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you wonderful 'porchsters!' You're the 'cats!!' Not a single Ben Weaver amongst ya.
Prayers for all,

November 24, 2016 - Msg 106181: Just checking in before bed..tired tonight after working and trying to get as much done as possible before we have our thanksgiving on Friday. I will be working tomorrow but that's ok. I hope all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving.


November 24, 2016 - Msg 106182: Love you back Boo.
Happy Thanksgiving to all you porchters!
Drive safe Romeena. If your driving, I hope you're in the front seat.
Our storm hit last night. Snowed hard for a while, but the ground was so warm it didn't stick much. Supposed to be sunny today.

Well TV Land has reached a new high in lows for me. Maybe this has been going on for some time and I just haven't noticed it because I rarely watch it. But yesterday I was installing some new shelves in my laundry room. I had the tv on, and was listening to TAGS on TV Land as I was working. But it seemed to me the voices sounded weird. So I stopped what I was doing, and stepped in to the family room to see. It dawned on me that the have not only chopped segments of the show out (to squeeze in more ads) but they also have increased the video speed (again I suppose to get more commercials in). I have heard about stations doing this, but this was so evident by the voices. They were almost Mickey Mouse sounding they had been sped up so much. Very annoying. Maybe I am just sensitive to it because I am watching it on my DVD's. But this was silly. Anyone else noticed this? Oh well, I guess that's life, through and through

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend.


November 24, 2016 - Msg 106183: Hope everyone has Wonderful Thanks4Giving... We have much to be thankful for!...
Thanks for giving us family and friends.... Have a Great day and don't have Turkey overload.... Just watch out for those "Bumpas Hounds"... Maybe they only invade at Christmas dinners?..... G-F

November 24, 2016 - Msg 106184: Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving! I count all of you among my many blessings.

possum under a rock

November 25, 2016 - Msg 106185: RIP...Momma Brady Florence Henderson..

November 25, 2016 - Msg 106186: Yes, just heard about the sudden passing of Florence Henderson on Thursday. "Here's the story of a lovely lady..." ): May she rest in peace.
Well, we had a full house yesterday, but so much fun with family. We have had for many years a 'no politics' unwritten rule during our family gathereings, so all went well. Just a lot of great old stories and lots to eat.
ASA--wow, i can't believe what TV Land is doing now. Glad i dont have cable. Hope you had a good thanksgiving.
POSSUM--Good to see your visit to the porch!
I am providing hot chocolate and lap blankets.
so come and set for a spell.
Prayers for all,

November 26, 2016 - Msg 106187: Well its almost 5am off to work for me today ..prayers to all.. will check in when I arrive SPOT

November 26, 2016 - Msg 106188: Aw, thanks Asa. Hope you had a good thanksgiving with your family.

As far as TVLand goes, my cable company doesn't carry it and I'm glad. MeTV does and so far, they aren't speeding up the voices. I mostly watch TAGS on Netflix now.

Well, I had a slow day at work on Thanksgiving and they served us turkey and dressing. It was surprisingly good..certainly better than they used to give at the hospital I worked in.

We had our family thanksgiving meal on Friday (yesterday) and we are eating leftovers today. It was good, but I am about done with turkey and dressing after having it last sunday, Thursday, Friday and today...gobble gobble! I have been enjoying the heck out of the homemade cranberry sauce I made this year, though. I put it on turkey sandwiches and it is so good. I still have enough of it left for several more sandwiches in the future. :) Anyway, the day was calm and everyone got along fine because none of Bruce's family was there. One of my friends from work, Sheri, came and ate with us because she doesn't have any family near her. That was really nice. After lunch, I got to get a nap and then we loaded up the suburban with erin, her friend, susan, sean, matt, and little Emily and we drove and hour and a half north to Cuero to see the lights in the park, as is our custom now on the Friday after thanksgiving. It was the perfect weather for it..about 60 degrees so we were able to walk through the park and see the lighted displays.

Today I didn't do much other than finish cleaning the kitchen and I went to Susan's to help her put up a few of her Christmas decorations. Its been a pretty good day.

Glad you had a house full, MDC, and glad you had a good time.

Hope all of you are having a good weekend. I have to go back to work tomorrow afternoon but that's ok. Better go get a few more things done before I turn in for the night.


November 26, 2016 - Msg 106189: HI All, Today was a 'slow' day for us after all the cleaning up and
a little shopping that we did on Friday. I really don't like the term
"Black Friday." I know it means stores receipts are in the black that day instead of in the red,
but then how about "Fun Friday?" When I was a kid the Friday after T-day was to go see Santa arrive at Phx's only mall! Now That was fun! :)
I hope TOM and others will check in!! Unusual that they did not do so for thankgiving.
BOO-glad you had a good day yesterday. Sounds like a nice drive! You didnt smell gas did you? haha
And did you sing John Jacob JingleHeimer Schmidt? lol As for turkey...IThinkIveHeardJustAboutEnoughAboutTurkey!!
Prayers for all,

November 27, 2016 - Msg 106190: MDC, your post about having enough turkey got me thinking about Forest Gump & Bubba on their knees and toothbrush scrubbing floors, and coming up with all the ways to make turkey leftovers....I'll leave you all with that


November 27, 2016 - Msg 106191: Good morning, porch! I got home from Fredericksburg yesterday about 3:45. Made the drive in 4 1/2 hours, as usual. It's 250 miles. Both dogs (Toye Starr and Diesel) were exhausted after the weekend, and they slept, actually snored at times, during the drive. I had Diesel because his family had gone to Alabama to spend the week at a beach house there, and no pets were allowed. So, I took him to the burg with me. Heather (my daughter) has two dogs herself (Max and Teeny), and when Amanda (my granddaughter) got there, she has Wiley, so we had wall-to-wall dogs. Mind you, these aren't little dogs like Toye Starr. They run from about 30 lbs to around 50 lbs., and they are all house dogs. They're all neutered males except Starr, and they were like gang of big-footed teenage boys! Wrestling, running through the house, bumping into things, just big old rowdy boys. No fighting, all was friendly, but if they charged too close to Starr, she would rise to her full 7" height, square off on her little 4" legs, get right in their faces and yell at them! They would immediately calm down, retreat to neutral corners and pant for a while, then they'd go at it again. Oh, it was a circus! We tried scolding them for a while and finally realized we were making more noise than they were, so we finally just got used to it, and let the games go on. Add to that, my 9 yr old grandson, and two of his cousins, plus the little girl next door, and the front door was opening and closing constantly, and everyone would yell "grab Diesel" because we weren't sure whether he'd stay in the yard or not, and I couldn't risk losing my granddog on that trip! Darn it, I wish I had lined the Katzenjammer Kids up and got a picture, but I didn't! Shoot!

Heather cooked a wonderful meal, and did it so effortlessly (seemingly). We had turkey, and a big baking pan of chopped, seasoned and roasted root vegetables, a wonderful salad, cranberries, a great dish made with potatoes, onions and ground deer sausage and baked. Very good! Both my girls are wonderful cooks, and are very organized and efficient in the kitchen. Heather made it all look so easy. After some debate with her, I finally managed to establish my place at the sink and I kept things washed up for her as she cooked. After the meal, most of the pots and pans were clean and put away, and the men came to the kitchen and finished the dishes and cleanup, while the women went to the living room and tried to avoid being run over by the dogs.

When I got home last night, I made my cranberry sauce and fruit salad, and went to bed! I slept like a rock, and feel great this morning. Now I'm about to hit that kitchen, and get my turkey in the oven and everything else going, because everyone is coming here around two for our own little Thanksgiving. There will be 13 of us, but everyone is bringing a veggie dish, so basically the turkey and dressing is all I have to make today, and that's so easy. Still, guess I'd better get at it.

It's good to be home, and it sounds like everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As I sit here at my window, and look out over my untidy back yard, I'm reminded of a little blog I wrote a few years ago. Forgive the length of this post, but I'm going to insert just the last paragraph from that blog here, because it, well, fits!

I love this time of year. Spring, I guess, is my favorite, when the yard has been cleaned up and groomed, and new bloomers planted, and all is bright and colorful and tidy. Summer is a struggle, with the heat, but the roses and lantana and a few other things thrive in it. Winter is a time of rest and repose, with only a few things popping up with a bit of color here and there. But Fall, that transition from summer's heat to winter's chill, is such a lovely, carefree time. Weeds have given up, neatness doesn't seem to count anymore, and the yard is just a somewhat untidy place of leaves and random flowers, where kids and dogs can romp, squirrels can dig with impunity, and the gardener can just relax and enjoy the casual beauty of it all. God is good!

Happy Sabbath, all! --Romeena

November 27, 2016 - Msg 106192: I was watching the movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I had forgotten who all were in it.... I guess Floyd and Ellen Brown must have had time off to go to the bottom of the sea.


November 27, 2016 - Msg 106193: ....And Frankie took some time away from surfing and Annette too!....

November 28, 2016 - Msg 106194: Well, SPOT's Falcons tore up my Cards! Not a good year for them.
Saw a neat Christmas show today, but I'm beat. more on Monday.

November 28, 2016 - Msg 106195: Good morning, porch! It's absolutely beautiful here today. One of my "green and gold days" that I love so much. I wish the whole country, especially the porch, could have this weather today.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. The turkey was absolutely delicious, and the dressing was equally good. I ended up with thirteen people, everything went smoothly in the kitchen, everything was ready at the same time, and we ate at my target time - 3 p.m. I had planned on making my own pies, but was so tired Saturday night when I got to town, I was dreading it. When I stopped at Tom Thumb (a very nice grocery chain in this area) to pick up the fresh turkey and extra thighs I had ordered, I passed through their bakery department and spotted pumpkin and cherry pies. They looked wonderful, so I just bought two cherry and one pumpkin, and they were as wonderful as they looked. I can bake a mean cherry pie, but if mine is a 10, those two "store-bought" pies were about a 9.8. Close enough that I was just "right proud" to serve them. With a little real whipped cream on top -- Yum! The pumpkin was good too, about an 8.5, I'd say.

My 13 yr old grandson, Hudson, brought his bassoon (at my request) and played for us for a little while after we ate. That kid is getting so good on that extremely difficult instrument. He's in the seventh grade, placed third in the state in a state-wide competition. The instrument is rare, very few people play them, and his school has to hire a teacher for him two days a week, because none of their band staff know anything about it. His parents have been assured that if he continues to improve as he has been, that he will be a walk-on for a full scholarship at just about any school in the country. He's also a scholarship candidate academically, makes straight A's in everything, and most of his classes are AP classes. He scored the highest in his school district on a recent SAT. We don't know where he came from, we think the angels left him on his parents' doorstep! (ha)

On top of it all, he's a great little baseball player (catcher), and is as sweet a kid as you could hope for. Last night, without being asked, he found my shrubbery twinkle lights which I hadn't gotten put out yet, and spent nearly two hours in the front and back yard, stringing about 1600 feet of colored lights in the hedges and shrubbery around the house. He put them a lot more concentrated than I usually do, and they're just gorgeous. However, of course they didn't cover as much territory as they do when I spread them out more, but they're a lot prettier. So, when he realized he was out of lights, he told me if I'd just get him some more lights, he'd make them "look fantastic!" Well, guess what I'm ordering today. OK, enough bragging on my grandson. Besides, he's got an older brother who ain't no slouch, either! I'll give him equal time very soon. Add to their credit, both boys are kind-hearted, respectful, polite, and funny as all get out! David and Brittney are doing a great job raising them. God may have chosen to take their middle son back home when he was born, but the two He left with them are Grade A, for sure.

Well, I've got a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so guess I'd better get busy. Blessings, porch! --Romeena

November 28, 2016 - Msg 106196: Romeena, Your GrandKidders came from good stock is why... Just Sayin'....

MDC....Look on the sunny side... at least you ain't a Browns fan... That's REAL HEARTACHE.....

PRAYERS for all involved in the Ohio State campus attack...
I'll just say the OSU police officer involved did his job, and saved lives too!... And I'll just add, he was a good shot!....


November 28, 2016 - Msg 106197: Ro, so great to hear about how Hudson is doing! Blesses my heart. I'll bet it's great having grandkids...someday I will know first hand, I pray. :)

I worked today but it was slow. Our census is down to 52, from the usual 90-plus. I don't know how much longer that place can stay open. I'm not working much in the month of December and I'm going to be looking for a home health job during the month.

I am getting tired and need a break. I still have to start decorating soon. The tree is in the box in the living room but I just keep looking at it. My heart just isn't in it this year. I think Bruce has decided not to do lights on the house this year because of his busy work schedule and frankly, its just hard to do with the deceased neighbor's dark house next door. I am going to do some decorating inside but just not in a hurry to do it. I don't think I have ever been this unmotivated about it. Not sure what that is about...just been a rough year, I guess.

Well, hope you all have a good evening and day tomorrow.


November 28, 2016 - Msg 106198: Good evening, porch. Awww, thanks, G-F. You're very kind. As for me, I'm just grateful. My own kids are such a help and a comfort to me as I'm getting older, and they're raising theirs to be the same. They're modeling what they learned from their father. I get nothing but respect from all of them, even Heather's youngest, who will be nine next week. They're helpful, attentive, and affectionate. I'm so grateful.

Boo, I can well imagine that you'd be less than enthusiastic this year, and I hear what you're saying about the dark house next door. I wonder... How do you think you and the kids - especially Erin - would feel about hanging a few pretty lights on that house? It could have the opposite effect, but it just might break the shell of gloom over there, and maybe Erin would feel like she was doing something for her friend. You'd probably need some long extension cords, but that's do-able. Just a thought....

Well, I saw the pulmonologist today, after having that repeat CT scan last week. The mildly enlarged lymph node in my chest hasn't changed from the scan done three months ago, and the PET scan found nothing questionable anywhere else. So, he thinks it's nothing, but will do another CT in six months. He did tell me, however, that on the "deep breath and hold it" parts of the CT, it indicates that I have about 50% of expected lung function. It's due to the shifting of my rib cage from the scoliosis, and there's really nothing to be done. I'm not going to worry about it. I function as well as I need to. I won't be taking long hikes or going to high altitudes, but I hadn't planned on that anyway. With my history, to feel as well as I do today, I consider myself blessed.

Well, guess I'll go cuddle Toye Starr. She's still a little miffed that I went off and left her this afternoon, but doctor's offices just really won't let you bring your dog with you. Kinda narrow-minded, if you ask me! --Romeena

November 28, 2016 - Msg 106199: Hi All.
G f, lusting is how it go for them
Maybe one of two thing (1)send them back to football school or(2)for every last game give a half a pay and wind start wining full pay,


November 28, 2016 - Msg 106200: Good Idea TOM....That might work...G-F

November 29, 2016 - Msg 106201: Hello all. We saw a neat Christmas show at a restored old 1929 theater (The Orpheum - ) in Phx on Sunday afternoon called Christmas Wonderland put on by one of "them travelin' religions." ha Actually by a touring broadway group. I was expecting all secular songs but was pleasantly surprised when a whole segment just before intermission were all Christian carols!
ROMEENA--glad your test results were pretty good. I go in Dec 7 to see my nuclear results. So you are not planning any trips up Pikes Peak? ha
BOO-- what a seesaw year you have had with the facility, the tragedy, etc.
I think a lot of people are a bit edgy this year with the election, and now
this attack at OSU! Amen GF, so glad the officer had good training!
TOM--my Cards not doing much either this year. Very disappointing.
ALL- also please pray for Allepo, things are on the move there, many displaced yet again. Lord Jesus be with us.

November 29, 2016 - Msg 106202: Good morning all.
Cold morning on my porch. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday and now it is colder than a well diggers hiney. I don't know how cold a well diggers hiney gets, but I know it has to be colder than that. Brrr!

Sounds like y'all had a great Thanksgiving. We did too. Turkey, with all the fixins, Prime rib, plenty of pies for afterwards. I was a glutton I am ashamed to say. Glutton, glutton. glut-on! Oh well, I burned it off yesterday moving snow.

Glad all looks well for you Romeena. Sorry you have diminished lung capacity, but as you said, after all you have been through, you are blessed indeed.

MDC, Yea buddy. What is going on with the Cards? I heard Ariens was in the hospital with chest pains, but I have not heard anything more about his condition. Was he on the sidelines Sunday?

Boo, sure is good to see you. I am sorry you are so down. That's not like you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers dear.

GF, Sure glad that police officer happened to be close at hand to take that evil guy out. Probably saved a lot of lives.

Well better get moving. All the warm weather has spoiled me. It's 22 this morning, and I feel like I am living in Alaska. I don't know what I'll be like in January when it really gets cold.

Prayers for all.