December 16, 2016 - Msg 106328: Oh, funny story, G-F. You boys are in a mood, for sure. :0


December 16, 2016 - Msg 106329: I remembered a Christmas story I could tell...its a Christmas time story, anyway. Way back when Sean was about 5, Bruce and I took him and my Dad on a trip to Colorado in December. One of the stops we made was in a little town called Pagosa Springs. It was already getting dark when we got into town and there was a beautiful blanket of soft snow covering everything. We found a very charming, older motel in town that had the old knotty wood pine walls and décor of the 60's...very warm and cozy. Once we carried our things in, we went and got something to eat and brought something home to dad. He seldom wanted to get out in the cold after dark. Well, as the evening wore on, we decided to go for a walk in the snow and Bruce, Sean and I put on our coats and snow boots and headed down the street to a cozy little restaurant about 1/2 mile away. Everything was so beautiful with the lights twinkling in the snow. We did fine getting there, sat in a booth and had some hot chocolate. It was a real Hallmark Card moment. We started back to the motel and instead of staying on the street, we did decided to walk through the yard next to the was nice until we got to the steep embankment leading back up to the road. Bruce and Sean didn't have any trouble but I slipped and fell, got up...took a couple of steps and slipped and fell again...took another two steps, and slipped and fell again....and again..and again..Bruce was laughing so hard he couldn't help me. He finally managed to get me onto the road but I was a mess. Its something I will never forget! ha


December 16, 2016 - Msg 106330: Where is the Queen of the porch?
For you three bad boy it two week in the big house
and no holiday light to look it?
I saw M D C and G F runnig around with girls at all the paarty and A S A stay back at the shop to do all the work!


December 17, 2016 - Msg 106331: Looks like TOM is going to throw the book at us!
We'll be good Tom, really! :)
That photo of the barber shop scene is interesting because the viewer is suppose to be visualizing an imaginary wall where that shelf and sink are.
They also did that is Bea's kitchen now and then
with the stove as the main prop in front like that.
BTW, about that Rx delivery car, it was so cool. It was a 1930 Ford Model A "coo-pay" with a rumble seat in back. "Smith Pharmacy" was on magnetic signs on both doors. It was fully restored down to the 4 banger engine, the 'ugga' horn, and the mechanical brakes. I loved driving that thing. The pharmacy owner even let me keep it at home at night! One time I asked him if I could use it for a date, and he said 'sure.' I took the signs off the the doors and showed up the the girl's house in it! The girl was not very impressed, but her dad sure loved it! haha It looked exactly like this one:
Well, one more week to go folks!!! Cant believe how fast the time goes by these days.

December 17, 2016 - Msg 106332: What an adorable little car! My dad had one very much like it - it was a '31 Chevy, and they always looked very much alike to me. My parents had some friends who owned a little Model A, like the one in the picture. One year while I was in high school, those friends decided to move to Oklahoma, but they had a problem. They had a heavily loaded trailer of furniture and stuff to pull from San Antonio to Oklahoma, and the little Model A just couldn't do it. My dad had a '51 Buick that I drove to school, and it even had a trailer hitch. So, he loaned it to the friends, and they left me the keys to the Model A, with permission to drive it while they were gone - for two whole weeks! Trust me, my popularity at school soared, and I had a regular route of kids to pick up and carry to school. Everyone wanted to ride in the rumble seat! I wasn't allowed to let anyone else drive it, so it looked like I'd never get to ride in that seat myself. Just before the friends returned for their car, my dad told me to round up some kids, and he drove and let me ride in the rumble seat. Boy, was that ever fun! And yes, it had the little ooga horn and all, plus the little engine ran like a fine watch. Good memories!

Well, gotta get busy. Getting my hair cut this afternoon (stuff grows sooo fast!) and I have to go in with it wet and clean. Since I had that neck surgery a few years back, I can't lean back over a shampoo bowl anymore. Hurts!! So, I wash it in the shower just before I go to my appointment. Cheryl has cut my hair for nearly forty years. Don't know what I'll do when she retires. Get shaggy, I guess.

Later, taters! --Romeena

December 17, 2016 - Msg 106333: hello here


December 17, 2016 - Msg 106334: Tom, it is about 76 with 99% humidity right here on the south texas coast. Ick. Not very Christmasy. It is supposed to drop to 40 tonight and by chilly tomorrow.

Well, well we had the family meeting today here with Bruce and his siblings, to discuss sending his mother to a facility near where Bruce's brother lives. It didn't go exactly smoothly but nothing terrible. The two sisters did have words near the end and I ended up driving on of them home, but all in all, it went better than I expected. The decision is made and only one of the siblings has issue with it and she is the one who is the least dependable and trust worthy, so, we have to do what we have to do. Bruce's mom wants to go up near his oldest brother so that is what they will do. Its a new, very nice facility with lots of activities and she will be near her favorite son...and believe me she plays favorites.

Well, I have most of my Christmas shopping done and now I have to focus on preparing for Christmas dinner. Have to make my list, do the shopping, and try to make some things ahead. I will make time for some fun things, too, like looking at lights around town. I feel like a lot of the pressure is off because the parties are behind me and the shopping. I didn't have to do much at all this year. Bruce took care of Erin's gifts and ordered the laptop she needs for school. We are giving Sean money, which is what he wants. My sister and her family did not want to exchange gifts this year due to a financial strain they are under until they sell their house, so we are keeping it simple. I like it that way..less stressful. We will go to our church's candlelight service and hopefully my mother in law wont set my hair on fire this year (you may remember my story last year). After that we will go to my sister's for awhile then to our house. Christmas morning we will have our few gifts and maybe go to church..not sure yet, and prepare Christmas dinner for everyone.

What are some of your plans, everyone?


December 17, 2016 - Msg 106335: HI all, I dont want to break the Christmas mood, but while flipping channels tonight I happened by SNL and they they were doing a skit making fun of midnight Mass in a very crude way! I thought to myself, would they even DARE make such light of
an islamic service that way? I think NOT. I want to respond to it with a holy anger, but who would i call, who would i contact i wonder?
Lord help us.
TOM--bundle up my friend! Some of that cold wave has drifted this far south now, to be freezing here tonight for the first time this year. I bet ASA and GF are pretty cold too!
BOO-- sounds like your MIL will be in a good place. Glad the meeting went "relatively" well! (Yes, that was meant as a pun.) (But maybe a poor attempt at one. ha) Me and my sibs cut out the gift-giving to each other about 5 years ago, and now give instead to orgs like Salvation Army, etc.
Good Sabbath to all,

December 18, 2016 - Msg 106336: Good frosty morning, porch! I'm about half-way ready to go to preaching, but just had to stop by the porch first. Friends, it is 19° here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, with a wind chill of 4°. That's four degrees. FOUR DEGREES! There's not a bird or a squirrel in sight, and likely won't be very many people either, when I get out on the roads. Four degrees! Oh, there's one little squirrel. He's come to investigate the feeding stones, and there's nothing out there. Guess I'll have to remedy that. Can't stand to think of the poor little guy being hungry and cold at the same time! He has a sort of stunned look on his face, like he can't imagine what's happening. Judging from his size, he's one of this past spring's babies, so he's never been cold like this before. Poor baby! Well, off I go, to put a small banquet on the stones, and then off to church. Blessings, friends! --Romeena

December 18, 2016 - Msg 106337: Storms moving in here....back in a bit SPOT

December 18, 2016 - Msg 106338: Romeena, Welcome to TOM's & I's world... A lot of folks are getting some of the chill...
I know what ya mean about the critters I feel sorry for them too, so I set out some pumpkin seeds I dried and some Cheerio's for them to snack on...

Hang in there SPOT hopefully the storms won't be to bad for you guys..

TOM, Stay Warm Buddy, I'll try to hold it off at the river!.🖐💨

December 18, 2016 - Msg 106339: Hello MDC, Romeena, Boo, Asa, TOM, and the whole lot of ya'!

Quick drop in to say Hi. Tryin' to keep warm here in mid south Missouri. Low for us tonight projected at -2! Hope y'all stay warm wherever you might be! Have a great night and I'll see you soon!

John Masters

December 18, 2016 - Msg 106340: Good evening Porch.
Y'all wanna hear me take off on Jimmy Stewart?
JULIE, JULIE, JULIE! LOL Well it's close. In this case Julie is our dear sweet Boo. She sent me two beautiful scarfs. And I do mean beautiful. One for me and one for the Mrs. Gosh Boo, I didn't think you had taken my request serious. And I can't imagine how you found the time with your hectic schedule. Yer the sweetest thing ever though, and I will cherish these forever. Thank you so much. :)


December 19, 2016 - Msg 106341: Wow BOO, very cool of you to do that for ASA! What a group we have! And BOO, i didnt react to your earlier story about your walk in the snow, so I will now. That sounds like a very funny situation indeed! I can see why you would remember that family moment together in the snow. Thanks for sharing. BOO, I also saw in our paper that Corpus Christi's water supply is having some issues.
Well gang, less than one week to go. Time just keeps flying by faster than a a rock flying thru a Mayberry window!
Hey to JOHN Masters, you can just keep your minus 2 right there in MO! ha It MUST reaaally be cold up north because we are seeing robins in our trees here, and we rarely see robins here! I suppose they could fly further south still, but it is neat to see them here.
Cecile and I saw the play "A Christmas Carol, the Musical" today
in a theater in downtown Phx. It was great and well-acted, but I actually miss the old downtown of the 60s with the overhead street decorations and stores like Woolworth's etc, with their lunch counter grilling cheese sammiches and so forth!
Well, here comes Christmas, ready or not... :)

December 19, 2016 - Msg 106342: Here's a good one... Hopefully to get Y'all in the moood... If you didn't get to see it last year try to catch the colorized Christmas Story & Pickle Story
Our Floyd sells it at the Weavers store site. I'm not isually in favor of messing with perfection, but in this case those two being colorized is Ok with me...


December 19, 2016 - Msg 106343: not ready and never will

December 19, 2016 - Msg 106344: Another good one, as told by Any himself.. G-F again

December 19, 2016 - Msg 106345: In my BEST Malcome Merriweather voice.... Boo, " Arn't Ya Kind..Arn't Ya kind!!... I went out in the freezing cold with out a coat on and found 2 warm scarves in my mail box!... They are just lovely AND WARM!!... It will match my gray coat perfectly!.
Mrs. G-F loves hers too!...I know our spouses and other don't "Get" our "bond" but as I try to tell them, Mayberry folk are just plain Good Folk who....Act Like Somebody and try to keep the Spirit of Mayberry alive for others...And I am BLESSED to call them my friends!....

I am blown away with gratitude, you ALL are THE BEST!.... Thank You Again for kindness to a stranger!...

Yes Virginia, there ARE Angles on Earth!.... Goober Fife 🎄

December 19, 2016 - Msg 106346: HI ALL


December 19, 2016 - Msg 106347: My goodness Asa and G-F, you all are making me blush! You are very kind and gracious and I am just "pickled tink" that you like the scarves. I know you two deserve a little something to keep you warm.

I wasn't able to send scarves to everyone, but tried to send to those who said they would like me to knit them one. I would be happy to send one to anyone else who would like one. I will have more time after Christmas to do some more knitting. I still have to finish mom-in-law's knitted throw I am making her before Christmas. I forgot all about it in the busyness!

It is still fairly chilly here in the 30s but I have had a fire going during the day and evening to warm the house and its been real cozy. I made cut-out sugar cookies today and have been decorating them with the royal icing that you make with meringue powder. The icing is good for decorating and it hardens as it dries, so it stays on the cookies where it belongs. I am tuckered out, though, from the baking and such. It has been pretty festive here with the cool weather, though. I just have a hard time getting into the Christmas vibe when it is in the 80s and balmy.

Took my black lab to the vet on Friday because she has been limping on a back leg...turns out she just sprained it but they checked her for heartworms and she was positive. I often forget to give the heartworm prevention every month and since she is an outside dog, I wasn't surprised she was positive. We are beginning the process of curing her by starting the steroids and antibiotics before they give her the actual med to cure the worms. I hate that it happened, but I know myself, and no matter how good my intentions, I sometimes forget. Maybe after going through all this, I will be better about remembering it. It isn't cheap, either.

Erin gets out of school early tomorrow for Christmas break. Yahoo! I will get to sleep in for two weeks. :) I always enjoy the week of Christmas once she gets out of school and most of the parties and shopping is all done and I can focus on just enjoying the season. I already went to the store and bought everything I need for Christmas dinner and food for Christmas Eve. Now all I have to do is bake and cook.

Thanks, MDC. The water crisis in Corpus Christi is now over. I think it was probably blown out of proportion but they have to be careful. We weren't affected by it here in my town because we are on a different water supply.

Guess I will get myself under a blanket and relax with a little TAGS before retiring to bed. Love to all!


December 20, 2016 - Msg 106348: Wow Boo, you are a 'tre-sha!' My address is... lol
Seriously tho, to do that for Asa and GF and still work and decorate, etc is amazing! You drinking some of that elixer or visitin the Morrison sisters? :)
Hey gang, i made Christmas cookies today, played carols
in the background and smiled up a storm! ha Finally gettin' into the spirit of the season.
Was on FB with BOO and she did the same thing
today, and as she mentioned above! Great Mayberry minds...!
Also had a chance to converse outside with some neighbors today. Everyone usually hides inside during our summers here, but today it was 72 out and more and more of us in this 'hood are retiring, so we are actually out and about a bit. A few of us exchange gifts, cards etc too.
GF-- are your Browns going to win ANY games this year? Have any NFL teams gone 0-16?? Wow! My Birds are out of it, just did not gel this year.
Hey right back at ya TOM. Hope and pray that things are going OK. I really
like your positive FB posts.
POSSUM , POOR HORATIO, BIG MAUDE, AND OTHERS, APB for you to set for a spell with some cocoa or perhaps a latte.
Jesus loves us! woohoo,

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106349: ho ho ho and a merry christmas to everyone. a christmas story we had been married for 3 years and my wife wanted to put up a christmas tree right after thanksgiving this year i waited till dec 3rd and she said honey when can we get a christmas tree unknown to her our neighbors good friends and i agreed to cut down a small pine tree in their front yard so i told her ok you want a tree now is a good time i got chain saw out went and cut the tree down drug it home she was shocked and scared our friendship would end then we let her in on it. pappa bear

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106350: Great story papa bear. I bet that did shock her. lol

Colder than a witches thorax here kiddies. Supposed to warm up some tomorrow. We hit 32 for a high yesterday. Were in the mid 20's all weekend for highs. Single digits at night. But THANKS to our dear Boo, I can face old man winter now, and laugh in his face! BTW, How did it become old "MAN" winter? I think "WOMAN with PMS Winter" is more fitting. Now there is a cold wind that will shiver your timbers. Can I get an Amen fellers? Fellers? Where did everyone go? lol


December 20, 2016 - Msg 106351: another ho ho story first year married wife asked for a nativety scene we lived in a 12 foot wide trailer so on way home this furniture company was selling a large window display nativety set i bought it and brought it home it was way too big we had it till she passed she was careful after that when she asked for something. merry christmas pappa bear

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106352: another ho ho story first year married wife asked for a nativety scene we lived in a 12 foot wide trailer so on way home this furniture company was selling a large window display nativety set i bought it and brought it home it was way too big we had it till she passed she was careful after that when she asked for something. merry christmas pappa bear

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106353: HAPPY HOLIDAY OR MERRY CHRISTMAS


Sweet baby Jesus, sent from above,
son of our father,gift of god's love.
in realms of glory, angels did sing;
heavens rejoiced as they welcomed a King.
SWEET BABY jesus, Mary' dear Child
BORN in a manger, with the smile of a child.
shepherds and wise men came from afar,
seeking a savior- they followed a star
sweet baby, Jesus, gently does lay
in swaddling clothes, in cradle of hay...
bringing salvation to all who believe;
Jesus, we greet thee- all glory receive.
sweet baby Jesus, send peace to earth,
help all dear children
through thy holy brirth.
innocent ones, with love undefiled,
let earth find joy in the smile of a child.


December 20, 2016 - Msg 106354: Good morning, porch. Our temp is 45° right now, heading for the 50s. Looks like the forecast for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is warm (60s and 70s) with thunderstorms! Doesn't sound very Christmassy, but what can we do? Just be thankful we're getting the rain, I guess.

Asa, like most married men, you have a good grasp of what PMS involves. A PMS-ing woman would be praying for an ice storm, and causing one if she could. She would be the one who approaches the thermostat and without even looking at the setting, just shoves it as far down as it will go! She's the one who stands in front of the open freezer door with her shirt unbuttoned! She's the gal who will demand that you "move, you're blocking the flow from the a/c vent!" She's the one who keeps four layers of covers on the bed, and though she usually just uses the sheet, she can pull up anything from a light blanket to a thick quilted comforter during the night as her internal thermostat runs up and down the scale. She also has a remote control for the ever-present ceiling fan, and turns it off or on about every ten minutes. He often said it was like sleeping next to "a windmill in a tornado." And there you thought Andy coined that phrase! Pity my poor son. He installed one of those thermostats that you can control with your phone, and made the mistake of putting the app on his wife's phone as well! Big mistake. Now she doesn't even have to get up - just changes the setting from her chair, bed or wherever she may be.

Well, I got my Scottish shortbread made yesterday, and a big batch of butter pecan cookies, and today I'm going to make the sand tart cookies like my mom always made. It's just not Christmas without them. Heather and her family are planning to come up next week, and she has already reminded me that they'll be expecting them. The dough is simple and easy to make, but the rolling out and cutting is tough. My back will be in a knot by the time I finish, but they're worth it. My favorite cookie!

My Sunday School class party is tonight. We're supposed to bring a homemade snack and a homemade gift to exchange. I filled a pretty Christmas tin with shortbread for the gift, and will make a large bowl of guacamole and take some chips and crackers for the snack. I make a wicked guacamole! As a child, I wouldn't touch an avocado, couldn't see how anybody could eat that thing, and now I love them! Chunked up into a salad, or combined with grapefruit "jewels" with a dash of sea salt, or sliced on a burger - you name it, I like it. I'll have to pull the punch a bit, and limit the tabasco I put in it, or some of our little tender-mouth ladies won't touch it, but that's okay, it's still good.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106355: TOM, that poem is just beautiful. Thank you so very much. I think I'll just copy that and take it with me tonight to the class party, and read it to the ladies. Just lovely. --Romeena

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106356: I got a lovely scarf in the mail too! Oh my gosh,is it ever gorgeous?! I love it,Boo-and I love you too. It means so much that you took the time to make something so nice for me. I'll sure treasure my gift.

Merry Christmas, Pappa Bear-good to see you on the Porch!
Love to all!
possum u.a.r.

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106357: Where has Sterling been?... Is he frozen in already up there in Wisconsin?..
. As MDC said already where's the rest of you guys and gals...TOM thanks for the poem yep that's what it's REALLY ABOUT...Great stories too!..papa bear 🐻


December 20, 2016 - Msg 106358: Asa.... is this your site?

Haha.... G-F

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106359: Hey MDC, you're starting to get to me...

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106360: This holiday season may we each spend time with the lonely and make them feel loved and needed - before they begin singing 'Away in a Manger' through a jailhouse window. Merry Christmas to you and yours,

Nate Bracey

December 20, 2016 - Msg 106361: Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey, Nate Bracey! I always said you had a very musical name. Nate Bracey! And I think your suggestion is a great one. The loneliness that so many deal with is certainly magnified this time of year. And I bet we all know someone who is in that condition. Great suggestion.

GF, Thank you for your card. Not the Facebook one though. :) I guess I deserve that after my "tipping a dollar" comment. lol

Mine may be a little late getting out.

Boo, I have received numerous compliments on my scarf. And Debbie loves hers, although she seldom gets out. Thank you again dear.

Thanks for the lovely poem Tom. As Mr. Wheeler would say, "it just hit's the spot"!

I have never seen a possum in a scarf, but I bet you look purty Possum.

Well I better get.


December 20, 2016 - Msg 106362: Wow, lot's happening on the porch! To message 106359... ya gonna keep me in suspense? ha
Pappa Bear AND Nate Bracey both in one day. Welcome back to the porch. I'll get you a cocoa and a lap blanket! :) We are indeed blessed!
A Possum with a scarf on, now there's a sight to behold! :)
More later,

December 21, 2016 - Msg 106363: bth_squirrelchristmas.jpg. For Romeena

December 21, 2016 - Msg 106364: Sorry it did not work....

December 21, 2016 - Msg 106365: Happy Wednesday Porch! hope all is well

Today is Patrick's 26th birthday! Wow, where in the world did the time go. I am very blessed to be his mother. He has truly been a blessing to our family. Going out for a family supper tonight and then back home for his favorite cookie cake.

been busy with work and such so not much time to sit and rock. going to be off some next week so hopefully I will be able to rock more then.

good to see everyone dropping by for the holidays. lets plan for a New Years Eve party at
O'Malley's cabin. I hear he is going to be in
Detroit for a few days so we will have the place all to ourselves.

Today's lunch menu will be: ham and cheese sandwich, creamy tomato soup. oatmeal cookies for dessert.

Prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

December 21, 2016 - Msg 106366: I'm around, G-F. Thanks for asking.

I am just waiting for the holidays to end. Starting with Halloween and ending with New Years.
I guess I am the Scrooge of the porch this year.

-Sterling Holobyte

December 21, 2016 - Msg 106367: Glad you poped in Sterling... I know this time of the year is hard, it is for me too, a lot of melancholy moments and memories to process. But as Andy advised..."Shoot for the Good Feeling"... Knowing our Porch Friends are here!....


December 21, 2016 - Msg 106368: Asa, instead of old man winter, I think we should call it, "Old Helen Winter" (same as woman with PMS). Glad your scarf is helping to keep you warm and that Debbie likes hers. I thought she might not get out a lot and wanted to knit her a throw, but ran out of time. :( Good description of PMS (and menopause, I might add), Ro. Lately I sleep with the house in the 60's, two blakets, three pillows, a heating pad on my feet, and one foot out of the covers...go figure.

Message 106359 wasn't me, MDC..I'm a happily married woman. :)

Thanks for the beautiful poem, TOM!

Trying to get over this blasted cold. It seems like it is getting better because I don't feel any aches, just a stuffy head and weakness. I just took a decongestant.

Happy Birthday to Patrick!! Its been a pleasure hearing about on the porch as he has grown up. Thanks for lunch, Maude, and count me in for the New Year's party at the cabin. Lets make hambugers. I'll also bring some mulberry squeezins.

Well, where ya been Sterling? We've been missing you. Sorry you are feeling like a Scrooge, but I understand. I have been having to really work at Christmas this year.


December 21, 2016 - Msg 106369: Hey, do you all want to try to watch the TAGS Christmas ep together this year? We could coordinate a time.


December 21, 2016 - Msg 106370: Why that's a lovely idea Boo. It is gonna have to be sometime Saturday for me though. Just too much going on the rest of this week at work. Had to go in at 4:00 this morning. I'm pooped! And Old Helen Winter works fine, just fine. OHW from here on. :)

Good to see you Sterling. Sorry you're not in the Holiday mood. Hang in there buddy.

Happy Birthday to Patrick. Yes indeed, time just moves right along.

MDC, It wasn't me either. I'm a happily married man. :)

Well better get. Lots to do.


December 21, 2016 - Msg 106371: Heehee...glad it wasn't you Asa...


December 22, 2016 - Msg 106372: Hey....Hey...Looks like Christmas is just around the corner, isn't it? Huh, huh, huh? Sure...lookin' at the gifts under the tree and singing the Christmas carols makes ya' feel all warm, doesn't it? Huh, huh, huh? Sure it does. Well, dont you worry, I'll be watchin' Otis and makin' sure he doesn't spike the egg nog so you can just put your mind at ease, right? Huh, huh, huh? Sure. I'll keep the peace and see that Mayberry is secure for ol' Santa, right? Huh, huh, huh? Sure I will!

Deputy Warren
a.k.a. John Masters (Yeah...had to break out the Warren imitation again for the holidays, LOL!)

Have a good night, all!

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106373: ASA! Me too! ha (and..."Old Helen Winter!" LOL, it just 'took' in my brain!)
Well, sterling and ALL, I'm sitting here at 11 PM on the shortest day of the year, a cup of hot chocolate next to me, and my Goodyear and Firestone albums playing in the background. Yes, time moves along, but as St. Paul said (to paraphrase) 'I've lived in all kinds of places and conditions, but i keep my eye on the Prize!' For we go from the darkness to the Light!! I do my best to start and end each day with prayer, while I'm still laying in bed, saying "This is the day the Lord has made, let us be glad and rejoice in it! :)
Big Maude, I'll join that party too! Sounds like funs-ville. In fact, if too many show up, I'll yell out "There's nobody here!" haha HAPPY Birthday to Patrick! Seems like he was about 14 when you first started sitting on the porch. Wow!
I'm not sure if you all got the nice email from RO speaking so g-o-o-o-d of this here porch! Thanks Ro.
TOm, Cards and Browns not very good this year.

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106374: Hey, good job John Masters!! mdc

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106375: Good One John Masters... Warren.... What can you say about Warren?... His character was like one of those obnoxious co-workers who just gets under your skin. Kinda like nails on a chalkboard... I think the main problem was you just couldn't replace perfection after Don left the show, so Warren's character didn't have a chance.

I would have liked if they kept Dub Taylor as Billy Ray the Postman, his bantering with Barney was funny in my opinion.
Dub was a great character actor and would have been a good fit in the cast of odd characters in Mayberry...

What are your folks opinions? Who would you liked to have seen more of on the show...(We know you gals think us guys would have like to have had more of Ellen Brown) she and Floyd could have had competing businesses???
Now put that bucket on your head and give it a think!!....🤔


December 22, 2016 - Msg 106376: Morning dears!

Hey GF, I wish we could have had more of Emma Brand. She was just darling. And I enjoyed Mayor Pike a lot. I also wish they could have made Henry Wheeler a regular. And of course anyone who knows me knows my love of Peggy. I thought the arguing Billy Ray and Barney had over their respective bulletin boards was hilarious.

Well off to work. I got my cards off yesterday. I hope they get to y'all before Santa does.


December 22, 2016 - Msg 106377: HEY ALL.


December 22, 2016 - Msg 106378: Good morning, porch! TOM, I've always heard that the first year counts as 12, and the rest are 7 to 1, so that would be 12, plus 7 times 56 (392) for a total of 404. I know you're not 57, so you must be trying to figure someone else's age in dog years. Trust me, if that person is a woman, don't tell her she's 404 in dog years! You might get a few knobs pounded on your head. -- Romeena

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106379: Hello gang gosh so sorry for no post...whew been a Holiday mess here ,I mean a good mess..I go in at 2 today for 16 , I promise I will catch up..prayers to all Lunch will be Taco Bell on me ! SPOT

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106380: I'm pretty sure I know why Tom asked that question - today is our very own talking dog's birthday! Happy Birthday, Spot!
He's pretty old,be it his regular age of 57 or in dog years! LOL

We'll celebrate Spotty's birthday at our Christmas Eve bash out at O'Malley's cabin- someone be sure to swing by the Morrison sister's for some celebrating elixir!

possum under a rock

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106381: Sometimes the math is just that simple...Happy Birthday SPOT..🐶....G-F

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106382: HI



December 22, 2016 - Msg 106383: Aw,Tom,we've got to have our Christmas cheer! Don't tell me you took an ax to the Morrison sisters' still and went *pow* *pow* *pow*!
Well then..maybe Otis will spike the eggnog!
Please don't lock me up for wishing! Ha ha

possum again

December 22, 2016 - Msg 106384: NOW POSSUM THIS IS DRY STATE I M GOING TO KEEP IT



December 22, 2016 - Msg 106385: Just checking in...trying to get over this cold but I think I am getting there. Trying to get some make ahead stuff done for Christmas. I am baking my cornbread ahead and making the pecan pies this evening. I may make some more fudge..chocolate and peanut butter.

Happy Birthday to SPOT


December 22, 2016 - Msg 106386: Oh, and thanks for the Christmas cards, friends. I loved the squirrel card, Ro! So fitting. :)


December 23, 2016 - Msg 106387: Hi, just a quick hello from me too this evening.
I was at the mall today. Yikes, what was I thinking!
Possum's drinking all the evidence Tom! ha

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106388: "On the 1st day of Christmas,my true love gave to me.. a POSSUM in a pear tree"

Sing it,y'all!

Guess who ran into Colonel Harvey? TOOT TOOT TOOTSIE!!

Hee hee

possum u.a.r.

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106389: Our Possum was caught on video too!

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106390: She was doing the new dance..."The walk around"...Not to be confused with Ray Charles's "The Mess Around"... tehe haha Possum....G-F

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106391: hi..
Men what a mess up possum, now G F and M D C go help her out.


December 23, 2016 - Msg 106392: Mayberry is getting real high tech with those video cameras, G-F!

Dirty me,dirty me,I'm disgusted with myself- now I'm gonna end up in the Mayberry After Midnight column!

What a mess I've made of my life..see what happens when you let that FREE WILL get the best of ya, G-F?! Ha!

the walk round possum

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106393: sounds like this christmas everyone i meet is feeling a bit down i quess we all could use a bottle of uncle harveys elixer or two look what it did for aunt bea. happy birthday spot, later pappa bear

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106394: a special thanks to floyd for all his hard work . isnt it amazing the cast of the show doesnt age a day no matter how many years we watch on the other hand no i am not going there, ha pappa bear

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106395: Good evening, porch. I just had to drop by and tell you what a blessing occurred in my life. Most of you know that my oldest son has a private pilot license, and owns a Beechcraft Bonanza, a 6-seat, single engine light plane. He has been flying for 40 years, having gotten his license when he was 16. Over the years, he has told me many times that many light plane disasters could be avoided or at least reduce the damage if the pilot will not lose his or her cool, and "just fly the plane and look for the safest place to land it." That's what Capt. Sullenberger did when he landed the airliner on the Potomac. All his engines were out, but he drew on his experience with gliders from years back, and just flew the plane with what little control he had, looked for the safest place, and put it down.

Well, my son got to do exactly that. He was flying at about 1200 feet, not very high, "just tootling around" as he put it, near Daytona. Suddenly, the engine just quit. Thinking it might be out of gas, he switched to his reserve tank and tried to restart it, but it was dead. Nothing. So, he fell back on his own experience with gliders, and flew his plane. He knew he was going down, with a dead engine, but he managed, with glider technique, to keep it in the air until he saw an open field, and headed for it. The field was soft, recently plowed, so he kept the wheels up, knowing they would just dig into the soft dirt and flip the plane. It came down at a shallow angle, skidded on its belly and didn't flip or cartwheel. However, there were several piles of cypress stumps that someone had cleared from the field, and the plane plowed through them. The plane is basically demolished, will be a total loss, but my son is alive. He has bruised ribs, stitched cuts on both knees and one above his eye, and numerous bruises everywhere. No broken bones, no internal injuries, no head injury. He said even his hair hurts, but it will all heal well. He's like me, and doesn't handle pain medication very well, so he's not taking anything for it. His biggest complaint is a sore throat, which he already had, caught from his wife's little niece!

So, I am seriously thanking God. This could have been a really sad Christmas for our family, but all I can do is rejoice. He'll replace the plane, it was insured, but we couldn't replace him. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! --Romeena

December 23, 2016 - Msg 106396: TO THE THREE BAD BOYS


December 23, 2016 - Msg 106397: Hello Porch family,

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi on this eve of Christmas eve, LOL! Hope you and yours will enjoy the spirit that IS Christmas and build even more memories for years to come!

Romeena, I am so happy your son escaped tragedy! Musta' been an angel on either wing guiding him down. Guessing the family will be hugging him, as Andy would say..."extree" close, THIS Christmas!

Have a great night, folks! Take care, be safe!

John Masters