January 22, 2017 - Msg 106621: Good Sabbath all.

Wow Boo, 92? In January even. That's crazy. But the 70's don't sound so bad. Although it has warmed up here the least few days. We got 12 inches of snow yesterday, expecting at least that much tonight and tomorrow. I wish I could send you some.

GF, Glad you are staying warm. You getting any quality Wheeler time?

Romeena, That is nice that you go the extra mile with Eddie. I agree, It's good to help out folks who are making the effort to help themselves.

I sure wish MDC would check in. I hope all is well with him.

Well I am taking the day off of Preachin. Although much improved, 3 hours if sitting in Church is still a bit much for it. I was really hurting last week afterwards. Still putting heat and ice on it.

Prayers for all for a wonderful Sabbath.


January 22, 2017 - Msg 106622: Oh my, I'll give you a break Romeena and sweep the porch, achy breaky back and all.


January 22, 2017 - Msg 106623: Asa, ain't that the way it always is... You shovel 12" of snow and ya still have to sweep the porch!...Hopefully you used your leaf blower...The next sweeping is on me!...As long as it's before February 7th I'm having my hernia surgery then and may be laid up for a bit!... Speaking of surgery I sure hope MDC or Mrs. MDC check in with us, he's been prayin' on my mind, hopefully no news is Good news....

Hey Boo, we may not have had your heat, but today is supposed to be another 60 degree day here..CRAZY


January 22, 2017 - Msg 106624: Well, it did cool off some but we have had 50 MPH winds and two fires near me today. One was near the harbor, though, so the fire had nowhere to go once it reached the water. Sadly (I guess), the "Handsome Sailor Tiki Bar" is no more. It was tacky little bar on the harbor. Sorry for the owner, though.

It's been a good day, all in all. I have felt better today than in 2 weeks. Not so many aches and pains today. Sean, however, has the allergy attack of the century (the front and high winds blew in something that is really bothering his alleriges).

My Erin got her learner's permit a couple of days ago and has been driving here in town. She has not gone near the highway yet, thankfully. She has some anxiety about it and there's no need to rush her. She is doing well for a beginner so far. Can you all believe she will turn 16 in 6 months? Time flies.

Today the kids and I (Bruce is still working out of town) drove to a small town about 15 minutes from us to a small sandwich shop/bakery for lunch. What we had was so-so but I bought a pack of homemade cinnamon rolls that were probably the best I have ever had. Man, are they good. I wish I could share them with you all.

Hope MDC is doing ok.

Better go make sure Erin is going to bed. Tomorrow I have to clean out the refrigerator, do several loads of laundry, get rid of some old clothes in the closet and dresser, and come up with something for dinner. I have some leftover spaghetti I can probably do something with.

Goodnight All,

January 23, 2017 - Msg 106625: Morning porch,a rainy and cool morning on my end of the porch. supposed to rain all day

Hope everyone is doing well.

I am back in the grove at work, staying busy and out of trouble. which is good for ole Maude.

Boo: I need to clean out some kitchen cabinets and other closets too but seems like my get up and go to do that has got up and left me. I generally take things to the Community Clothes Closet where they sell things to folks for little of nothing.They will also give things to folks who may have lost things to fire. They do a good service for the little community we live in. I also have donated to Habitat for Humanity who have a resale shop a few blocks from my office. Pass it on is my motto as another man or woman's junk is often another mans or woman's treasure.

Please say a prayer for Patrick and Daysie. She learned on Friday that her job may be phasing out or at least relocating to another hospital. They have been in the process of trying to buy their first home and this may make some changes to that plan. Hopefully her employer will work something out for her.thanks in advance.

better get things ready here at work.
Lunch menu will be: potato soup, bacon and cheese toast. oatmeal cookies for dessert. tea to drink

prayers and blessings to all
Big Maude

January 23, 2017 - Msg 106626: Mornin' Y'all- I'd like to get an update on MDC too,and sure hope he's coming along ok. I've checked his FB page,but no news there either.
Boo,when you're finished with all of your chores,ho about head over here and help me tidy up my rock! You can have Erin drive you!
Prayers for Patrick & Daysie,Maude-hope things work out for them.
Y'all have a great Monday & remember to Act Like Somebody!

possum under a rock

January 23, 2017 - Msg 106627: Oops,that's supposed to be "how",not "ho"-LOL

possum again

January 23, 2017 - Msg 106628: Good morning, porch. It's chilly here at 44°, but there's no wind and the sun is out, so it's actually pretty nice. Sure has been some nastiness across the country, though. Those tornadoes through the deep South were just awful. Spot, check in! Are you okay? I know Georgia was hit.

Asa, I could do nothing else but go that "extra mile" for Eddie. He's my friend, has looked after my yard for about 18 years now. When my Dale passed, a young man from the church kept it mowed (I've probably told y'all this story before) and then a neighbor took over the job for a while. When he was planning to move away, I was looking for someone to replace him. One afternoon, I noticed a limb lying on the roof, so I got a ladder and was climbing up with a broom to snag it and pull it down. Eddie was mowing across the street, saw me, and came hurrying over, saying "Ma'am, don't go up that ladder! Let me do that for you." Since ladders aren't my favorite thing, I got down. He got the limb, and then went up and swept off some debris that had accumulated in a roof valley. I thanked him and offered to pay him. He refused, and said his daddy would have gotten up out of his grave and "whupped" him if he had just watched and let a lady climb that ladder. I asked him if he had time for another customer and would he be interested in taking over my yard. He was happy to do it, and it's been a good arrangement ever since. He does several yards on this street, and usually leaves the final cleanup on mine until last. When he's finished, we sit out on the driveway and talk while he's resting and cooling off, and drinking something cool. We've had lots of good conversations, and as I said, Eddie is my friend. I don't mind at all picking him up from the train station. He's a good guy.

I need to go through closets and cabinets and drawers around here. Landry helped me a lot but we only scratched the surface. I'll bet I could find as much as we got rid of again, at least twice. Maude, I know exactly what you mean. I know I should set aside even a half hour every day, and do one drawer, or one closet or whatever, but I just find other things to do! I'm not sure whether I'm old and tired, or just plain lazy. Maybe a little of both.

Well, guess I'll go feed La Starr. She hates it when I stop off at the computer before I go to the kitchen in the mornings. Blessings, friends. --Romeena

January 23, 2017 - Msg 106629: Good evening, Porch

Sorry so long since I stopped in. Hope MDC is doing OK! I have been giving the porch a "little look see" when I get the chances and saw he was heading for surgery.

Boo - I am a veteran of REALLY bad allergies. My record for sneezes in a row is 14. I'll never forget that attack. I used to have allergy shots in the arm when I was a kid. My sympathies to Sean for his sufferings. Sometimes it's sniffles. And other times, you wish you could just vacuum your sinuses!

Big Maude - Prayers for Patrick and Daysie. My wife and I are in a current state of limbo with a house we are in. It's no fun being up in the air!

Asa - How 'bout them NFL championship games?! Stinkaroo! You watch that back now! I would say have cousin Virgil help since he is always wanting to help out, but maybe have him just carve ya' something instead.

Hey to Ro, SPOT, G-F!

I don't know if any of you are authorized to hand out "trained noticer" badges. But I thought I would take two cracks at it. In "Opie and the Bully", something hit me while watching it. First, the name of the "nickle bully" is Sheldon. The same name as Sheldon Davis, the pickpocket from "Guest of Honor." Secondly, from "Opie and the Bully", the first time Sheldon appears, he is at the store fronts on Main Street. The next time he appears, he comes out from hiding between two rock walls where there's steps. When Andy and Barney know that Opie is going to confront Sheldon, they make the remark "Just three more blocks." How do they know "three more blocks"? How do they know Sheldon isn't showing up in a third hiding place? What makes them think three more blocks? Either the writers didn't pay attention to the location inconsistency or they wrote it without really thinking about it.

Okay, folks, time to call it a night! Hope you all have a great night and find tomorrow a welcoming day!

John Masters

January 24, 2017 - Msg 106630: Hey John Masters..... You may want to check out this issue of the eBullet newsletter http://tagsrwc.com/the_ebullet/ towards the end it has a article it has a article "Odd Facts Known by Few (Or Fun in the Garage on a Snowy Day)" with some odd facts about the show you may find interesting.....

Also it has a real good article about Bernard Fox (Malcome Merriweather) too!


January 24, 2017 - Msg 106631: I just want to thank all my friends, I have received The Bullett" since it was hard copy mail in 70's...I have Parkinsons, and as I am in stg 5 I just want to say thanks for amany wonderful laugh, happy Mayberry memories...I will watch and write when I can. Jerry Eads, mihirebel@comcast.net if you want

January 24, 2017 - Msg 106632: Jerry Eads, you "lurk" all you want to, and join us whenever you can. You're always welcome on this porch. I'm sorry to hear of your "Parky" troubles, I know from a friend how difficult that can be, but I sense in your words a wonderful attitude. That will take you far, and make the journey a little (or maybe a lot) easier. Incidentally, "Parky" is how my friend refers to the condition, as though it was a person, as in "Parky doesn't seem quite as grumpy today." Hang in there, buddy, and we'll add you to our prayer list. Anybody who loves Mayberry is a friend of ours. God bless you, friend. --Romeena

January 25, 2017 - Msg 106633: It was nice to dig around the METV site. I wasn't familiar with it.

Blessings to Jerry.

Billy Ray the Postman

January 25, 2017 - Msg 106634: Good morning gang! hey there Billy !Maude,Boo,Possum,Boo and all...well finally cool weather here in Ga..got a big brush pile to burn...just thinking were Fireman ever talked about in mayberry ?...hum...SPOT

January 25, 2017 - Msg 106635: Spot, to my knowledge I think the only mention of firemen was in the episode "Keeper of the Flame" when Juble Fosters Barn burned down and Andy asked if he called in the Volunteer Fire Brigade.... Just be careful, follow Smoky Bears safety rules and don't use the liquid Boy Scout fluid..lol 🔥


January 25, 2017 - Msg 106636: They were having a boiled dinner down at the fire station. I think it was the episode where Andy saved Gomers life.


January 25, 2017 - Msg 106637: Oh, and Hey to Jerry. Please jump in and hang on.


January 25, 2017 - Msg 106638: RIP Mary Tyler Moore.

January 25, 2017 - Msg 106639: Wasn't there a mention of a wreck involving a fire truck and some other vehicle, or am I just imagining that? --Romeena

January 26, 2017 - Msg 106640: Good morning all.
Been busier than a cows tail in fly season here. Snow, snow, and then more snow. I am sick of it! But we need the water so I best hush.

I am worried about MDC. I would have thought he would have checked in by now. I pray all went well and he is doing ok. Has anyone on facebook seen or heard from him?

GF, You guys still basking in them warm temps? Enjoy if you are.

Well as much as I would like to sit and chat, I have snow to move.


January 26, 2017 - Msg 106641: Yes Asa we have been enjoying some mild temperatures lately, but today the weather takes a turn for the worse and snow is on the agenda again. I know what it is like Buddy to get pounded day after day with snow ❄️ it SURE gets old real quick, prayers for you and your aching back...

Speaking of prayers, I too am concerned about MDC I'm hoping he is doing Ok and just busy rehabbing that hip.

Sad to hear about MTM.... "Mary" sure had "Spunk" we are losing a lot of our icons lately... Speaking of icons I found out from my sources our "Thelma Lou" has been under the weather too lately. We hope she gets better soon.Betty does monthly meet and greets and autograph sessions at the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy. She is such a sweet lady...Amen Possum & Maude?


January 26, 2017 - Msg 106642: Hey y'all and welcome to Jerry! Asa, I've been checking MDC's Facebook page regularly in hopes of some word from him,but there are no new posts. Hopefully,he is is doing well & will check in with us soon. If I see anything on FB,I'll let The Porch know.

Get well to Miss Betty- yep,G-F,she is a real sweetheart! Don't even want to think of losing her-sure wil lbe a sad day in Mayberry. Let's pray she feels better real soon!

possum under a rock

January 26, 2017 - Msg 106643: I just found this video that was taken from one of our local ski resorts that has received over 300 inches of snow so far this season. https://youtu.be/Ey76ik9RwG8

January 26, 2017 - Msg 106644: I guess if you love snow ❄️ it's a beautiful thing!... There's gotta a truck commercial in there somewhere.. G-F

January 26, 2017 - Msg 106645: HELLO ALL! I had my hip replacement last Wed. Jan 18, but there were some complications from a "bridge" drug called lovomax back to coumadin.
I just got out of the hospital today, and am doing pretty well. No chance to check archives, but thank you
for all your prayers. Back again soon.

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106646: Good to see you, MDC! I decided to check in before bed just in case you posted something..glad I did. Sorry you had complications but glad you are home now. Tell us more when you are feeling up to it, and thank you for checking in.


January 27, 2017 - Msg 106647: Good morning all.
Hey to MDC, Great to see you buddy. We have been worried. Sorry you had some complications, but glad you are ok now. Hope to hear more from you.

Yes GF, That video might make for a good truck commercial. I hope your storms don't get carried away. We finally have no new snow this morning. Shazaam! It has been a wild month I tell ya.

Sorry to hear Miss Lynn is ailing for sure. Will keep her in my prayers. She sure seems like a real wonderful lady.

How are you doing Possum? Is the new year treating you good? I hope so.

Hey Boo, what new years resolutions did you make? How is your family? Is Bruce going after that new job you mentioned?

How is your Son mending Romeena? I hope he is recovering ok.

Congrats to Spots Falcons. A trip to the Super Bowl.

Well I best get going. Glad it's Friday, and glad it's near the end of January. I don't know why, but January is just the armpits of months for me. I am almost always happy to see it come to a close.

Prayers for all.


January 27, 2017 - Msg 106648: Glad to see you checked in Buddy, we were getting worried about you. Sorry to hear you had some complications. But as Dorothy said:...."There's No Place Like Home!"...
Happy Healing ....


p.s. Asa..I woke up this morning...Looked outside... what did I see?....SNOW!! ❄️

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106649: Hey,there's MDC! Good to see you back on the Porch,friend! Sorry about the complications with the medications,but good to know you're home & doing well.

Asa,I'm doing pretty good-thanks for asking.I did something to my foot on Christmas Day-rounded a corner too fast & felt & heard a *pop* on the top of my foot,along with a sharp apin. Not sure what I did,but I must have sprained it or torn a ligament or something. And no,I didn't go to a doctor because what would he/she do but tell me to stay off of it? Hard to do when you live upstairs in a big old house! But it is getting easier to walk,though I'm still limping at times. Maybe somebody knows an incant for the foot misery or something?? How are you doing,Asa? I hope your back pain has eased up. Take care & thanks for asking about an ol' possum girl!

Keep that SNOW up there with you, G-F! Pretty to look at,but don't want it at my rock!

Y'all take care now- love to all!

possum again

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106650: that's sharp "pain"-not apin-good grief!

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106651: Anyone heard anything more from our TOM?... Hope he is doing Ok... G-F again

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106652: Morning, Porch!

Good to see you again, MDC! Here's to your recovery!

Try to check in with more, friends.

John Masters

January 27, 2017 - Msg 106653: Still hanging in there.
Will try to write more tomorrow.

January 28, 2017 - Msg 106654: Hey, MDC! It's good to hear from you. You're probably still fairly uncomfortable, but it's going to get better every day. Just keep moving and doing what your PT tells you to do. What you absolutely cannot do is let that hip freeze up - keep it mobile.

Possum, how's your foot? There are so many little bones in our feet, and if one of them gets upset, it tells its neighbors, and they all just have a pity party. There is an incant for a sore foot, but it doesn't work very well unless you have a buckeye in your pocket.

G-F, I haven't heard any more from TOM since his phone call. He's trying to get the money together to get his computer fixed.

It's beautiful here today. It's 52° - chilly but not all that cold - with blue skies and bright sunshine. The critters in my back yard are loving it! Squirrels are everywhere, chasing each other and playing, birds are active and busy. Guess I'd better go put some feed out. The seedheads on the flowers left from last summer are just about all gone. A little mama squirrel has been ferrying mouthfuls of leaves into the box right outside my window, so I should have a very entertaining show in a few weeks. Gotta love this window!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up some lunch. Nothing very interesting in there, but I'll find something. If all fails, apple slices dunked in peanut butter are always good. Honeycrisp apples are my favorite, and I've discovered that TreeTop brand makes a Honeycrisp apple juice that's just wonderful. It's not your familiar clear amber apple juice. This is the real deal. It's cloudy, and needs to be shaken up before you pour it. The flavor is just wake-you-up fresh and delicious.

Blessings, porch! --Romeena

January 28, 2017 - Msg 106655: Good evening, folks!

I had a serious question to ask to all of you. I was wondering if any of you had used much of the morals and lessons from TAGS in raising your kids? Did any of you use any one exact method that you saw on TAGS? I have seen "testimonials" for years about how people took some things from the show and used it themselves. Just curious. Thought I'd ask.

Hope you all have a great night!

John Masters

January 28, 2017 - Msg 106656: Well, John Master, I think mostly TAGS just reinforced what I was doing right. I know that spending the time watching it with the kids was good for them. When the kids were little, for years, every evening we would curl up on the couch and watch TAGS before bedtime. They don't watch it much anymore but they sure still quote from it from time to time. :)

Hope MDC is hanging in there. I'm sure this isn't an easy time for him.

Sorry about your foot, Possum..that sounds pretty painful! Hope it is soon healed.

Took the kids to the movies tonight and saw the movie, Hidden Figures, and boy was it good. It was about the African American women who worked at NASA and helped put humans in to orbit and on the moon. REally, really good.

Well, it will soon be time to turn in..preaching in the morning.



January 28, 2017 - Msg 106657: Good evening. John Masters, that's a very interesting and intriguing question, and it merits an answer. I can't honestly say I ever had an "aha" moment while watching TAGS and then applied what I had seen. However, my children were definitely raised with the ideals and methods that were employed on the show. The difference is that my children were raised by the same standards and methods with which my parents raised me and my brother. Therefore, what I found in TAGS was reinforcement and validation of what I was doing naturally.

My oldest was born in 1959, just before the show began, with the other three coming over the next eleven years. So, TAGS was a part of life in our house. In fact, I clearly remember what my son said while we were watching the show where the boy pitches a fit over his bicycle, and slams his fist down on Andy's desk. My son, big-eyed, said "Boy, he's gonna get in trouble for that!"

Children were valued and treated with respect, and were expected to be respectful to others, particularly to adults. They were taught "Ma'am" and "Sir" and were expected to use them. I used the terms as a child, and was still using them with my parents when they passed, and I was in my 60s. My Michigan in-laws laughed at us for that, said it made the children sound like servants, but Dale agreed with it and stood with me on it. I'm not sure whether his family's opinion was an individual family thing, or if it was a geographic custom. Basic manners were taught from babyhood. Truthfulness was expected at all times, no exceptions. Actually, it bothered me a little when Aunt Bee would lie to Miss Peggy when Andy didn't want to talk to her, or some such. Yet, Andy did handle the "horse-trading" issue well, when he was thinking of selling his house, and finally did the right thing.

A tantrum didn't get a child anything but more trouble. It surely didn't get them what they were hoping for. When we had adult company, the children could be present and involved for a short time, but then would get the signal from their dad, and would go outdoors or to their rooms, and leave us in peace. They expected to attend services on Sunday, and usually on Wednesday nights as well. They were taught to tithe their allowances. At meals, if they served their own plate, they were expected to eat what they took. At the end of the meal, they cleared the table, and as they got older and could reach everything, they loaded the dishwasher and did it all. All of this is the way I grew up as well. They have all raised their own children with the same standards, and my grandchildren can be counted on to behave very well. The end result is respectful, responsible adults. They're people I love, and very important, they're also people I like and enjoy being around.

I'm not sure that's what you were looking for, John, but that's the way TAGS fit into our household. It was a confirmation, and it made the show all the more enjoyable to see that our methods were repeated there. --Romeena

January 28, 2017 - Msg 106658: Hey, Boo. We must have been typing at about the same time. What a contrast. It took me a whole page to say what you said in about three lines. Wish I could do that! I guess it's just the writer in me. I can't resist expanding everything into a story. --Romeena

January 29, 2017 - Msg 106659: HI ALL! After my surgery, they started me on a drug call Lovimax which is a 'bridge' drug before going back on coumadin. Well, something happened and caused a subdural hemotoma (Blood forming under the skin around the incision area.) The doctor tried to extract it with a syringe in his office last Monday, but it was too jelly-like, so he re-opened me on Tuesday and got it out, plus put in a drain tube, letting any more excess thinned blood come out. They pulled that on Wed. and I came home on Thursday. Now my left leg is very swollen above the compression stocking, and it seems like elevating that leg is not doing much, so I am going to call his directory on Sunday to see if I can get in to see him. Please keep me in your prayers. Very much appreciated!
Love ya all,
Good Sabbath,

January 29, 2017 - Msg 106660: Good Sabbath all.

Hey MDC, For sure you are in my prayers buddy. I'm sorry about the setback, but I am sure it is minor and you'll be good as new soon. Hang in there friend.


January 29, 2017 - Msg 106661: As for the moral side of TAGS, I've always been intrigued by the obvious fact that spanking was a given. In Opie the Birdman, that point is made loud and clear. I think people today feel they are too advanced for such a primitive act, but the behavior of children today tells you the results of that mindset.

I was on my way home from work at 3 AM early this morning, and one of possum's cousins crossed the highway right in front of me. I was doing 60, the possum much less than that, but I am happy to report no tragic consquences.

Billy Ray the Possum Avoiding Postman

January 29, 2017 - Msg 106662: Billy Ray you are a Champion in the Possum World.... You must have a "Possum Track Differential" lol. G-F

January 30, 2017 - Msg 106663: Good VERY early morning, porch! I haven't gone to bed yet, not sleepy, so no point in it. I'll mosey on in there in a little while. One of the joys of retirement - I sleep when I'm sleepy, stay up when I'm not, eat when I'm hungry, and skip it when I'm not.

Billy Ray, I'm glad there were no tragic consequences of that little possum's bad judgment. Bless the little critters, they just don't seem to get it. Squirrels are even worse. I dodge them all the time, and have never hit one. I think it would just break my heart if I did.

Here's a funny story. A little while back when Robbi and Richard were here, their little dog, Bexar, was sniffing around in the back yard late one evening, and suddenly found her little self nose-to-nose with an enormous possum. It hangs around here all the time, I see it often, but usually it's late at night. Well, naive little Bexar approached, curious and wanting to say hello, and the possum reared up, mouth open, hissing, front paws waving around. Bexar stopped cold, stared in disbelief, and backed off a little. The possum realized it had established its superiority, dropped to all fours, turned its back and slowly proceeded to climb a nearby tree. It then sat on a limb and hissed insults down at Bexar, who was looking quite sheepish and came slowly trotting back to Robbi. The closer she got, the more the trot became a strut, and by the time she reached her mama, she was prancing like she had just vanquished an army. Funny little thing.

Well, guess I'll go see if I can get to sleep. I'm still trying to get used to that wretched CPAP machine. So far, I'm not a big fan of the thing. Guess I'll give it a little more time, but it had better start performing a bit better, or I'm going to abandon it. --Romeena

January 30, 2017 - Msg 106664: Hey gang...bed for me and will catch up In the morning...work at 5am....Prayers ...SPOT

January 31, 2017 - Msg 106665: Good morning, porch. Another very cool but very beautiful day here on my end of the porch. I just counted nine squirrels running and climbing around out there. One came trotting into the yard with a pecan in his mouth, and I was watching him, to see which of my flowerbeds was going to be sprouting a tree in a few weeks. Nope, he carried it up into a tree, sat on a limb and ate that pecan. Bless his little squirrelly heart!

MDC, I'm sorry you've had that setback, with the incisional hematoma. Those things can be painful, slow to resolve, and hold a potential for infection. Your doctor did the right thing by just being proactive and going in and removing it. He was also wise to put in a drain, because there will probably be more free blood in the area. When you're on a blood thinner, whether it's coumadin, heparin or Lovenox/Lovimax, you're going to have some seepage. The doc can tie off or cauterize most visible veins, but the tiny capillaries are impossible to close off. Normally, the body takes care of that without assistance, but when you're on a thinner, it can't do that. Eventually, they'll close, but you need the drain in place until they do. You should be feeling much better, very soon. Hang in there!

Well, guess I'll go rustle up something to eat. Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. Hmm. What shall it be? Maybe some peanut butter toast! I've got a jar of homemade spiced pumpkin butter that is so good, compliments of a friend. Yep, that'll do it! Blessings, friends! --Romeena

January 31, 2017 - Msg 106666: ROMEEna--after going back in for the hematoma removal, the doctor covered the wound with a negative pressure Pico pump. I go see him on Thursday to have that removed. The hole where they had the drain continues to 'weep', and hopefully he can take care of that soon.
Thank you to everyone for your prayers, and of course you all are always in mine! :)
All the best,

January 31, 2017 - Msg 106667: The Lord Jesus Christ is in charge of the whole thing! :)

February 01, 2017 - Msg 106668: Hey MDC... Good to head the Doc has you on the right path for recovery. You truly have been in our thoughts and prayers Buddy... Yep Doctor Jesus is overseeing the whole situation!

One of my favorite songs by Randy Travis speaks on the subject https://youtu.be/gO4w8v0llk0 don't know if y'all have heard it or not but give it a listen....
Hang in there hopefully you will be able to catch some of those games at Goodyear.


February 01, 2017 - Msg 106669: Good morning all.

Good to see you MDC, and prayers continue for your full recovery my friend.

GF, When did you say you were going in for repairs? Prayers for you also friend.

Well I must say I am impressed with the Presidents pick for the Supreme Court. Now let the wailing and gnashing of teeth start by the opposition. I bet they even find the time and means to throw in a protest march or two.

We have been stuck in one of our nasty inversions for the last week. Very miserable. But they are calling for a storm to come in on Saturday to break it. We have been hard pressed to get to 30 degrees for highs. Saturday is supposed to rain and in the 40's. Welcome February!

Better get rolling. Have to rewire some door controls today. Yesterday I was up in our boom lift repairing a light and the hydraulic pump went blewie on me. I had to call my co-worker to come and crank me down by hand. He couldn't get it to work at first. So I was stuck up 30' in the air. Wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been so cold. Glad I had my carharts on.


February 01, 2017 - Msg 106670: Oh yes, Asa, there will be much hysteria over that choice for a Supreme Court Justice. But not to worry, Papa Soros will reach into his extremely deep pockets and fund enough marchers and protestors to make an embarrassing spectacle of the whole thing. Makes you wonder just how long that evil old fossil is going to hang on. He looks like he's decaying already, but I suppose he still has a pulse.

I have a feeling the demonstrations won't work, though. Trump just doesn't seem to be intimidated by such spoiled-child antics. --Romeena

February 01, 2017 - Msg 106671: By the way, I'm thinking the conservative Justices should be very careful, perhaps be given protection. I still don't believe the story they gave about Justice Scalia. Why would a man such as he have gone to one of the most remote locations in the country, far, far away from any medical care, on a "hunting trip"? Then he has a "cardiac event" or whatever and is found dead, apparently having passed in his sleep? How convenient for the left! Nope, not buying it. --Romeena

February 01, 2017 - Msg 106672: Asa, I go in on Tuesday to get my "outie" fixed back to a "inie" hope it goes well!.... I'm sure as you are in the same position being the "caregiver" it's hard to be on the other side of it.
I have been shopping and cooking up things that will be easy to heat up for meals. Yesterday I made a batch of stuffed green pepper soup and today I'm putting some chicken breasts and noodles in the crock pot for some more meals.

Think I'll bake her some cookies 🍪 too to get her by for awhile! I got the dough to swing it!..

Sorry you were left out there hanging...But as Gomer says..."That's Life.....Through and Through"....

G-F again

February 01, 2017 - Msg 106673: Hi all-- GF-thanks for the song, very uplifting!
ASA--glad you got down from the lift OK. Sounds a little scary.
I guess I just have to hunker down for my recovery.
In reading several sites, it said that full recovery can sometimes take a few months.
Well, God bless you all! :)

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106674: Brrrr! It's 44° here on my porch, with a fairly brisk wind blowing. I know, 44° is balmy compared to what some of you are experiencing, but when it's been in the 60s and 70s for the last week or so, 44° is a big drop! The sky is like a pewter bowl turned upside down overhead - not a trace of blue showing, not a ray of sunshine getting through. One of those days where you want set a pot of stew or chili to simmering, crawl back under your blanket and wait for a brighter day. I'm not complaining, sometimes I love a day like this, now that I'm not obligated to get dressed and go out in it. I can just settle in, cuddle my little furkid, and let the world take a turn. Ahhh, retirement! I love it!

I had a good supper last night. About once every couple of years, something will fling a craving for oysters on me, and I just have to scratch the itch. I'm not a big fan of oysters on the half-shell, though I have eaten them, but I love them fried. Rolled in cornmeal and fried! Dipped in some homemade red sauce (catsup, lemon juice, Tabasco, horseradish and a dash of salt), they're delicious. One of our local markets sells them by the pint, and a pint of them is what I ate! Big green salad alongside, and that was all I needed. So good! I won't do that again for a year or two, but when I do, I'll enjoy it. I love seafood, but I do want it cooked. Most native Texans will tell you - we love sashimi, but we want it rolled in cornmeal and fried! (That's a joke, son!)

There's a little squirrel sitting out there on the feeding stones, tail all frazzed out and wrapped around him. Poor little guy looks so cold, and the stones are bare. Guess I'd better go remedy that situation. I've got a fresh bag of seed, some dry bread, and some shelled pecans that taste a little fridge-y. He won't care about that, but I do, so they're about to become his.

Have a good day, everyone. MDC, just have patience. You'll make a turn-around one of these days and will be surprised at how good you feel. Blessings, folks! --Romeena

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106675: Me again. I kept thinking about that notion of something good simmering on the stove, and remembered something! David and Brittney had the family at their house on Christmas Eve, and they had one of those wonderful honey-baked, spiral-cut hams. There was a good bit of ham left on the bone. Brittney said she would never make anything with it, but knew that I would, so they sent it home with me. It's been in my freezer ever since. It has been simmering for several hours now, along with a bag of dry pinto beans, a couple of onion, a good bit of garlic, and a mild jalapeņo pepper. I like hot peppers, but prefer mild in something like this. I just want the flavor, not the heat. Wish I had some cilantro, but the last freeze got what I had growing. Anyway, I tasted those beans just now, and they are seriously good! Normally I would add a tablespoon of sugar, but the brown sugar and honey on that ham took care of that, so all I need now is a small dash of salt, and they'll be perfect. Just the thing for a day like today, and cost me less than $2.00. Can't beat that, especially when I'll get several meals out of them.

I just ordered a book from the National Geographic store. I've subscribed to the Geographic for years, but only recently discovered their store. I ordered a book of pictures of animals, taken by their official wildlife photographer, and accompanied by whimsical poetry, written to fit the picture. Gotta be a winner! The store's prices are extremely reasonable, and I think I have just decided where I'll do my Christmas shopping next year. My family are all readers, and like imaginative things. All in all, this has been a good day!

Blessings, friends. --Romeena

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106676: ROMEENA- I saw the surgeon today for a follow up,
and he put me on Lasix for a few days to get rid of water buildup in my legs.
I have heard some things about Lasix, do you think a few days on it will be OK?

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106677: Sometimes the best meals are made on a whim from whatever is on hand I have found that too Romeena...G-F

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106678: A whim GF? You mean you don't put on clean underwear? lol


February 02, 2017 - Msg 106679: Asa your funny for a HVAC guy stuck up in the air on a lift bucket...lol...G-F

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106680: Good evening, porch. MDC, I see no reason why you shouldn't take the Lasix, especially if it's just for a few days. Lasix (Furosemide) is an old-time drug, been around for decades, and is a big gun in a doctor's arsenal. It's especially useful for cardiac patients, but it has other applications as well. With my cardiac issues, I sometimes have a problem with my feet and ankles swelling. It's mild, and doesn't happen often, but I feel draggy and tired when it does. I take one Lasix, make many, many trips to the bathroom, and the swelling disappears. I feel much better all over when my heart isn't having to deal with that fluid load. I take it maybe once or twice a month, but I know many people who are on a daily dose. So, yes, take the Lasix. It won't hurt you.

Well, guess I'll go watch a little TV. Maybe I'll even go to bed before midnight tonight. Blessings, everyone. --Romeena

February 02, 2017 - Msg 106681: Thank you Romeena!

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106682: Good Morning Gang !..been here at work since 2pm yesterday.. come on 6am ready to go home..well this is the big weekend for my Falcons ! Lets Rise Up ! Hey MDC,Romeena,Boo,possum,maude,Asa,G-F,billy ray and John and Floyd !..well in the 30"s here..not bad..made 12 quarts of my special salsa Wednesday !..people requestion it for super bowy parties !..good stuff..well lets have a quick breakfast at McDonalds on the way home to snooze for a bit...prayers to all ! SPOT

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106683: Good Luck for your boys SPOT...In the world of Salsa you are a GIANT!...G-F

February 03, 2017 - Msg 106684: Good morning, porch! Well, today looks like a repeat of yesterday. Cloudy, 44°, slightly windy, just a cold, gray day. However, next week we'll be hitting the low 80s, and my daffodils are pushing their little noses up out of the ground, so I think spring is on the way. I'm ready!

SPOT, I'd love to try your salsa. I love salsa, and homemade is the best, if the maker knows what they're doing, and I suspect you do. I'm sure you use fresh tomatoes from your garden, right?

MDC, I hope you're feeling better. Just keep on doing what your doc says, keep moving, and don't slow down. That's no small surgery, and you had a setback with the hematoma, but it sounds like you're heading in the right direction now. Allow me to really annoy you with a little true story! A couple of years ago, a woman in my SS class had a hip replacement. This woman was about 72 at the time, one of those skinny, wiry people who make "fluffy" people like me want to force-feed her with a chocolate malt. She came home from the hospital and rehab on a Wednesday, just ten days after her surgery. On the following Sunday, she showed up at church, using a walker part of the time, carrying it the rest of the time. The next Sunday, she came in using a little cane. When she entered our classroom, she stood the cane in a corner, and proceeded to twirl like a dancer across the room! Three of our "new hip" class members had to be restrained, so they couldn't do her bodily harm. Her comment? "I don't know what you girls were moaning about. This was a breeze!" Seems like there's always someone like that, doesn't it? Just to annoy everyone else.

Well, better get moving. Blessings, friends! --Romeena